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Cricket World Cup - India v England as it happened

  1. 0820 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - we're starting slightly earlier than planned to bring you some breaking England team news for today's game with India (which starts at 0900 GMT). Pace bowler Stuart Broad has revealed on his Twitter feed that he's been ruled out by the stomach upset he suffered a couple of days ago. He tweets: "Good luck lads, gutted I'm not there. Will be watching from the bed I've not left for\u00a0two days.... Never felt worse."

    And some interesting news from Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell on a possible replacement, also on Twitter. "Broad out, but handshakes all round for [James] Tredwell in the huddle just now". We'll bring you the confirmed teams as we get them - and TMS will be on air at 0850 GMT.

  2. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "BBC's Rahul Tandon reports huge queues outside stadium.Thinks it will take people at least an hour to get in so many will miss start of game."

  3. 0831 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Andrew Strauss calls "heads", it's tails and India captain Mahendra Dhoni opts to bat first.

  4. 0834 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    India make one change from the team which beat Bangladesh - leg-spinner Piyush Chawla replaces pace bowler (and pantomime villain) Sreesanth.

    Captain Strauss admits England would have batted first if he'd won. They bring in Ajmal Shahzad and Michael Yardy for Stuart Broad (ill) and Ravi Bopara (omitted). No Tredwell.

  5. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Scorer Danny reveals James Anderson's last ODI wicket in India was Oct 2006. Since then 0 wkts in 45 overs for 302 runs (6.7 per over)."

  6. 0838 Commentary  

    Here are the full teams:

    India: Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Yusuf Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Piyush Chawla, Munaf Patel.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood, Matt Prior (wk), Michael Yardy, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ajmal Shahzad, James Anderson.

    Umpires are Billy Bowden (New Zealand) and Marais Erasmus (South Africa), with Rod Tucker (Australia) on TV replays and Aleem Dar (Pakistan) as fourth ump. Match referee is Sri Lanka's Roshan Mahanama.

  7. SMS  

    From Aneesh, Waterloo, London: "Bit harsh to leave Bopara out, no?"

    A couple of colleagues in the office think so, after his batting helped England win a game they were threatening to lose against the Dutch?

  8. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Happy to be proved wrong, but dropping Ravi Bopara looks a poor move. He is our finisher in the absence of Morgan, Bell should have made way."

  9. Commentary  

    From Matt Bailey, TMS inbox: "As Aggers is being so positive, might I add... India to score 300, England to slump from 75-0 to 183 all out in 43rd. I hope I'm wrong - I usually am."

  10. 0850 Commentary  

    Keep your radio tuned to Test Match Special - they're on air now. If you missed them yesterday, you can watch highlights of Pakistan's win over Sri Lanka on the BBC Sport website. Other videos you may take a fancy to are interviews with Andrew Strauss, Paul Collingwood, Ravi Bopara and Geoff Boycott ahead of today's game, as well as an audio interview with Mahendra Dhoni.

  11. 0853 Commentary  

    National anthem time. The male and female singers' harmony needs a bit of work on "God Save The Queen", but the Barmy Army seem to be in good voice. The Indian anthem is stirring stuff, the Bangalore crowd go wild as the\u00a0TV cameraman passes along the line of players and finishes on their idol Sachin Tendulkar.

  12. 0856 Commentary  

    It's been a breathless start with the Broad news and everything, but just to remind you, if you want to get in touch with us today, you can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - this is important today as we share the inbox with football and rugby), or if you're on Twitter, tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup. Sounds a cracking atmosphere at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, we're almost ready to roll.

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I don't think Yuvraj is in great nick - I think he's overweight, but Yusuf Pathan is\u00a0[a big hitter]\u00a0to watch out for. But it's really important they get Tendulkar early."

  14. 1 over Commentary Ind 8-0  

    James Anderson takes the new ball, Virender Sehwag edges the first ball and it sails agonisingly just out of the reach of Graeme Swann at second slip, and disappears for four. Third ball, Sehwag gets a leading edge as he tries to force him to leg and it loops just over Ian Bell at backward point! They run two. I won't be able to take the tension if the whole game's like this... Jimmy strays with a legside wide, then Sehwag chips a lofted drive over the bowler's head and just over Anderson's fingertips! Five legitimate balls, and Sehwag could have been out three times! Indian idol Sachin Tendulkar defends the last ball to end an incredible first over.

  15. Twitter  

    From biwotkibet: "What an over!"

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  16. 2 overs Commentary Ind 16-0  

    Ajmal Shahzad takes the second over, and Sehwag cracks his first ball through the covers for four! Ladies and gentlemen, if you were planning on doing anything else this morning, you ignore this match at your peril! A brutal square drive brings "Viru" four more - he has 15 from 11 balls, Tendulkar has nought from one.

    And TMS's Alison Mitchell has discovered the reason for the Tredwell handshakes which made us think he might be playing - it's his 29th birthday. Happy birthday, Tredders.

  17. 3 overs Commentary Ind 18-0  

    Tendulkar usually makes batting look easy to us mere mortals, waiting to steer Anderson for two through extra cover. "England need wickets, as if these two bat for a long time they can be very dangerous," notes Aggers on TMS.

    And apologies to those of you who have pointed out that Pakistan beat Sri Lanka yesterday (see link to the highlights at 0850), not the other way round. Mea culpa.

  18. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Long tail. Let's hope we bowl them out in less than 50. Strange decision to drop Bopara, who is one of the few who can hit out. Then again, they bowled Pietersen instead of him in the last match, so he wasn't being utilised fully anyway."

  19. 4 overs Commentary Ind 21-0  

    Sehwag swats Shahzad over mid-wicket for one, the Yorkshire seamer tests Tendulkar with a bouncer which the "Little Master" evades. Tendulkar leg-glances a two to fine leg where Kevin Pietersen does the fielding. England have put the brakes on a little, but the Indian crowd are still loving every ball.

  20. Twitter  

    From rawdude87: "I sense a serious spanking awaiting England. Eight an over seems ominous."

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  21. Commentary  

    From Oli, leaving his half-term work to the last day, TMS inbox: "Everyone's talking about 300 but with this start it's probably going to be closer to 400! Having said that, maybe the negative attitude will jinx this innings and they will be all for 180. Then I will wake up."

  22. 5 overs Commentary Ind 28-0  

    Anderson drops short to Sehwag, who curbs his attacking instincts to carefully upper-cut a single to third man. Tendulkar is hit on the pad, England stifle an lbw appeal, then Jimmy finds a bit of movement as he has Tendulkar playing and missing. Fourth umpire Aleem Dar is stalking round the boundary - Aggers thinks he's going to have a word with a man standing next to the sightscreen.\u00a0 Tendulkar tries to force to leg... but it doesn't quite carry to Tim Bresnan at mid-wicket and they run one. The crowd are on their feet again as a controlled square cut brings Sehwag four. He tries to repeat the shot off the last ball, but Jonathan Trott\u00a0at third man cuts it off for a single.

  23. 6 overs Commentary Ind 33-0  

    Sehwag (whose shirt does not bear a number on his back) pokes a single to mid-on, Tendulkar helps one down the leg side but KP at long leg does well to turn a likely four into two. The Bangalore outfield is pretty quick, Tendulkar steers two more backward of point - he has nine, Sehwag has 23.

  24. Twitter  

    From DaveB1953: "Come on England, Sunny morning here in Scarborough. Jimmy will get the breakthrough soon."

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  25. 7 overs Commentary Ind 44-0  

    Sehwag flicks Anderson off his hip, Shahzad runs round from long leg and looks set to cut it off, but misjudges the diving stop and lets it through for four.\u00a0I'd hoped\u00a0England had got all their "comedy fielding" out of their system with their display against the Dutch... Two singles bring Sehwag back on strike, he flat-bats one back straight and it sails over the bowler's head for four, before he nicks the strike with a single to fine leg.

  26. Twitter  

    From shai_p23: "Come on Team India! The game every indian fan has been waiting for! Great start!"

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  27. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "When Sehwag's batting like this, the fielding captain must feel like he wants 20 fielders out there."

  28. 7.5 overs WICKET Sehwag c Prior b Bresnan 35 (Ind 46-1)  

    England make their first bowling change as Tim Bresnan replaces his fellow Yorkshire right-arm seamer Shahzad. Sehwag steers a two to move on to 35 - then he tries to run one down to third man and wicketkeeper Matt Prior silences the M Chinnaswamy Stadium by taking a superb diving, one-handed catch!

  29. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Every side in the world breathes a sigh of relief when they get Sehwag out. Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir are very good players, but they will treat each ball more on merit than Sehwag."

  30. 8 overs Commentary Ind 46-1  

    Left-handed Gautam Gambhir plays and misses at the last ball of Big Tim's over.

  31. Twitter  

    From Jimmy_Wolf83: "Wish the Liphook Travelodge had Sky Sports, refreshing the BBC live text every 30 seconds on my phone might wake the missus up!"

    Maybe today is the day to convert her to become a cricket fan? Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  32. 9 overs Commentary Ind 54-1  

    Tendulkar steers a full delivery from Anderson through mid-wicket for four, before clipping one past Strauss at short fine leg for another boundary. He's doing very well at finding the gaps in the field during the first (compulsory, 10-over) powerplay when England are only allowed two men outside the circle.

  33. Twitter  

    From kentonye: "Top class Tim Bresnan does it again! Sehwag had been living dangerously from the first ball."

  34. 10 overs Commentary Ind 58-1  

    Gambhir is watchful at first against Bresnan, dabbing a single to get off the mark. Tendulkar bunts one to backward point, then Gambhir guides Bres off his legs and Shahzad makes his second fielding fumble of the day, which allows the batsmen to come back for two.

  35. 11 overs Commentary Ind 60-1  

    Umpire Marais Erasmus, wearing mirrored sunglasses, smiles as he signals the fielding powerplay. Off-spinner Graeme Swann to bowl, his hair looks a little ruffled. Tendulkar carefully turns a single off his legs - Vic Marks on TMS wonders whether at this World Cup\u00a0he's targeting the three centuries he needs for 100 international hundreds. Gambhir steers a single - he has four, Sachin has 20.

  36. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I reckon that if Chris Tremlett had been in the squad, he might have played today. Yardy's quite good at keeping a lid on things, but he hardly ever bowls in Championship cricket - he's not an attacking bowler."

  37. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "The hosts have a supreme grip against England if their recent one-day record in India is anything to go by. Of England's previous 13 encounters against the current best Test team in the world, they have won only once (in Jamshedpur in April 2006) and lost 11 times, with one match abandoned. In total, England have won 13 of their 35 one-day internationals played in India."

  38. 12 overs Commentary Ind 66-1  

    Bresnan bangs in a short one against Gambhir, who unleashes a tennis-style forehand smash for four through cover! The left-hander then guides a single to the mid-wicket boundary, where Swann has replaced Shahzad. Tendulkar adds a single off the last ball.

  39. SMS  

    From Noel, Woking: "Jimmy [9th over] - shield your phone by lying on your side, and turn to silent... works every time."

  40. 13 overs Commentary Ind 77-1  

    The BBC's Rahul Tandon reports that some people have taken three hours to get into the stadium, while Simon Hughes and Vic Marks on TMS agree that noise is a factor for the fielding side in an enclosed stadium like this - I heard Graeme Swann mention earlier that even the slips have trouble making themselves heard when talking to each other! Tendulkar and Gambhir push Swann for a few singles, before the southpaw Gambhir gives Swann the charge and hoists a four over mid-on. Swann spins one in which is missed by both Gambhir and Prior and shoots through for four byes.

  41. Commentary  

    From Allan, TMS inbox: "Jimmy_Wolf83, Re: Liphook Travelodge [9th over], is that Little Chef still there? For all my sins, I worked there for a few months many years ago. A long way from Hampshire to southern Japan. Enjoying the cricket."

    Other hotels and restaurants are available...

  42. 14 overs Commentary Ind 77-1  

    Bresnan keeps Tendulkar tied down.. and some nice pressure from England allows them to complete a maiden over. Well bowled, Big Tim.

  43. Twitter  

    From vishnusuresh: "With Sehwag gone, things are a bit calmer. Refreshing the page every 5 seconds is not exactly fun."

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  44. 15 overs Commentary Ind 84-1  

    Swann bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Gambhir, who gets the scoreboard ticking again by stepping back and whacking a four over the infield and down over the extra cover boundary. The Indian pair exchange singles, then Swann loops in a legside wide which Prior does well to take. A single off the last ball of the fielding powerplay takes Gambhir to 23, he's nearly caught Tendulkar who has 24.

  45. 16 overs Commentary Ind 90-1  

    Tendulkar waves at the dressing-room, it looks like he's calling for a new bat. He works a single, Gambhir dabs one to third man, while on TMS, Aggers is teasing Geoff Boycott by offering him some World Cup-themed crisps. They're quite spicy, and Aggers mischievously plans to leave some around the box. There's some debate about the condition of the ball - umpire Billy Bowden snips some loose bits off with a pair of nail-scissors (Aggers thinks the ball looks like it's been bitten by a dog), and India add some more ones and twos.

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I can't believe we put men on the moon, the ICC gets millions of pounds from television revenue but we still can't get a proper white ball!"

  47. 17 overs DRINKS BREAK Ind 96-1  

    Swann to continue, backed up now he no longer has to bowl to a powerplay field - he spins one down the leg side, Prior appeals for a thin edge behind but Aggers thinks he's trying a bit of kidology to persuade Mr Erasmus not to signal a wide, but Mr Erasmus isn't fooled. A single takes Gambhir to 26, then a powerful lofted drive by Tendulkar threatens to decapitate Mr Erasmus but he ducks in time and the crowd cheer Tendulkar's four. Time for drinks.

  48. Twitter  

    From tweets_by_ian: "Remember the days when Richie Benaud used to say 50 runs off 15 overs was a decent start?"

  49. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Swann's not bowled badly at all here, but whatever they've tried here, like Jimmy Anderson's swing early on, it's not gone for them. This team showed in the Ashes that they have good character - and when the ball starts disappearing in about an hour's time, they need to keep their heads and give themselves a chance by holding India to a total that's gettable, as we've got a good batting line-up and it's a good pitch."

  50. 18 overs Commentary Ind 104-1  

    Bresnan takes a break with impressive figures of 5-1-18-1 and medium-pacer Paul Collingwood enters the action as England's fifth bowler. He'll hope for a better day than his beloved Sunderland had yesterday.\u00a0After a single from Gambhir, Tendulkar sends the crowd wild by launching a huge, effortless six over long-off to bring up the hundred for India! Incredible shot! Colly tries to switch to his cutters, Tendulkar scoops a single to rake his score to 39.

  51. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Boycott tells us how he was taken to the wrong stadium in Delhi and had to try and flag down a car to get him to the cricket ground on time."

  52. 19 overs Commentary Ind 108-1  

    A double bowling change as slow left-arm "dart" merchant Michael Yardy replaces fellow spinner Swann. Tendulkar and Gambhir seem comfortable against the Sussex skipper, knocking singles at will - taking five from the over without any trouble. (The "Take Five"\u00a0jazz tune goes through my head briefly).

  53. 20 overs Commentary ind 111-1  

    Colly keeps Tendulkar tied down for three balls before the "Little Master" can rotate the strike with a single, while Boycs and Simon Mann on TMS are concerned about the apparently\u00a0low proportion of tickets at these World Cup games which have been made available to locals. "If we put them online, we're said to be elitist, if we put them on the gate we get crushes," ex-India star Javagal Srinath told Simon. A single from Gambhir takes India to Nelson - 111.

  54. Commentary  

    From Tahir, London, TMS inbox: "Mark, I've seen this Indian team for the past two years. They will need 300+ to win this as their bowling attack is not as frightening as their batting."

  55. SMS  

    From Darren, Plymouth: "Looking like England will be chasing 380 if this carries on. Time for Messrs Pietersen and Bell to step up me thinks."

  56. 21 overs Commentary Ind 116-1  

    Better over from Yardy, a single apiece from the second-wicket pair before Gambhir pushes a gentle two through the off side. Yardy darts a wide down the leg side, Prior's kept well today.

  57. 22 overs Commentary TENDULKAR FIFTY - Ind 126-1  

    Simon Mann on TMS has been told that some people are still waiting to get into the ground after queuing for three hours. (Presumably the same security are on duty who tried to confiscate Geoff Boycott's sandwiches the other day). The singles keep flowing against Colly, then Tendulkar heaves a six over cow corner to bring up his fifty from 66 balls. It's his 94th ODI fifty - he has 46 tons. Two more singles, Colly is getting a bit of punishment here - three overs for 20.

  58. Twitter  

    From hejmadv:\u00a0"Slow and steady India, set it up nicely for Pathan and the Turbanator. Such a shame Yuvraj won't see Broad. Tendlya gets 50!"

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  59. 23 overs Commentary Ind 131-1  

    Gambhir whacks Yardy for a two through the covers, India are comfortably milking the singles against England's support bowlers and this second-wicket stand is now worth 85 from 91 balls.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "India have been trying to play sensible cricket, they've not got carried away with the occasion and these two are creating just the sort of platform India need. 280 is the minimum they should be scoring after this start."

  61. 24 overs Commentary Ind 133-1  

    Shahzad returns in place of Colly but opens with a legside wide, it's not been a great day for the Huddersfield Hero, who made a couple of\u00a0errors in the field\u00a0- but he redeems himself somewhat with four dot balls before Gambhir clips a single to the mid-wicket sweeper. Gambhir has 40, Tendulkar has 53.

  62. Twitter  

    From andybrown755: "Looking ominous for England here... Tendulkar is such an elegant player to watch - much better than that slogger Sehwag."

  63. 25 overs Commentary Ind 140-1  

    India reach the half-way point of their innings with more careful ones and twos against Yardy. Simon Hughes on TMS wonders whether with Kevin\u00a0Pietersen opening,\u00a0India could give Yuvraj Singh a couple of overs early on - as KP has been vulnerable to left-arm spin of late, and had an entertaining duel with Yuvraj a couple of years ago when he called the India star a "pie-chucker"!

  64. Twitter  

    From AmethystTweet: "What is it with England and the 50-over game? Great Test side, great Twenty20 side but never seem to shine in this format."

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  65. 26 overs Commentary Ind 144-1  

    Gambhir knocks Shahzad for a single, Tendulkar glides one to third man and then Gambhir's hit on the pad, Shahzad appeals for lbw but the Indian pair scurry through for a leg bye. The deftest of delicate dabs brings Tendulkar a single, he now appears to be calling for a drink. This stand is now worth 98.

  66. SMS  

    From Vik Aarella: "Watch the match or study for the exam in\u00a0two days' time? Match I guess."

  67. 27 overs Commentary Ind 159-1  

    Swann returns, Tendulkar blasts him over wide long-on for six to bring up the century stand. The second ball is hoisted over mid-wicket for six more! Will he go for the Garry Sobers/Ravi Shastri/Herschelle Gibbs/Yuvraj Singh record of six sixes? There's a palpable sense of disappointment around the M Chinnaswamy Stadium\u00a0as he only steers the third ball for a single. He's on 72, a two takes Gambhir to 46 and India are really cooking here.

  68. Twitter  

    From hejmadv:\u00a0"Strange that Boycs was not recognised and mobbed in Delhi when he was looking for a lift [see 19th over]. He spends a lot of time in India."

  69. 28 overs Commentary Ind 165-1  

    Former India captain Sourav Ganguly, the "Prince of Kolkata", joins Aggers on TMS, but his ex-team-mate Tendulkar is giving a batting masterclass here, working Shahzad around the park for a four past third man\u00a0and a two to leg -\u00a0and leaving England captain Andrew Strauss scratching his head as to where to place his fielders.

  70. Twitter  

    From nachiket_t: "Sourav Ganguly in the commentary box... can we have a 'shirt off' celebration if India win please?"

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  71. 29 overs Commentary GAMBHIR FIFTY - Ind 179-1  

    England turn back to James Anderson as Cap'n Strauss rotates his bowlers. A single by Gambhir brings Tendulkar on strike, and Tendulkar beautifully cover-drives for four ("shot of the day" contender in terms of artistic impression) before chopping his sixth four through point. A single takes him to 87, then Anderson - who nearly had Sehwag three times in the first over - is out of luck as Gambhir gets an inside edge which scoots past the stumps and away for four more - that's his fifty. 14 from Jimmy's over.

  72. SMS  

    From Ade: "Ever noticed when England are bowling you never get that '100 balls since last boundary' line flash up on screen?"

  73. 29.4 overs WICKET Gambhir b Swann 51 (Ind 180-2)  

    Gambhir changes his bat between overs, having been offered a choice of four or five by the 12th man. Tendulkar steers Swann for a single, then finally England have the breakthrough as Gambhir is bowled by an absolute beauty from Swann!

  74. 30 overs Commentary Ind 181-2  

    New batsman is Yuvraj Singh - India have an array of hitters they can bring in, perhaps they want to keep the left-hand/right-hand combo. Yuvraj is off the mark with a single - and as samyooell points out on Twitter, the "double the score after 30 overs" theory looks very ominous for England.

  75. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "That ball really turned. Good for England in one sense...Gambhir out... but not good in another with a target of 320+ likely."

  76. 31 overs Commentary Ind 190-2  

    Anderson is struggling here, India help themselves to five singles while the left-handed Yuvraj - who towers over his batting partner -\u00a0blasts a four through long-on.

  77. Twitter  

    From maytokun: "The 12th man should have brought a wider bat for Gambhir."

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  78. 32 overs DRINKS BREAK Ind 190-2  

    Swann regains some control with a maiden over to Yuvraj - hitting him on the pad, Prior appeals for lbw but Swann, a little less frenzied with his appealing than the keeper, decides against a review. The ball-tracking system suggests it may possibly have brushed the top of leg stump - but it was "umpire's call", so the on-field decision would stand, and it wouldn't have been out. Yuvraj has eight, Tendulkar has 90.

  79. SMS  

    From Aneesh, Waterloo, London: "Jimmy Anderson looks like a broken man out there!"

  80. Twitter  

    From Cricket_Ali: "Sachin Tendulkar effortlessly switching between surgeon-like precision and sheer brutality."

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  81. 33 overs Commentary Ind 197-2  

    I know it'll upset a few of you that they've taken a drinks break, yet after 34 overs we'll have the compulsory ball change so play will be held up again... Yardy returns in place of the beleagured Anderson, and Tendulkar creeps ever closer to his 98th international century with a delicate leg-glance for four. A single takes him to 95, and there's a hint of turn for Yardy (ominous considering India'a array of spin options) as Yuvraj works a single. Tendulkar pushes a single through the covers, the crowd won't mind him nicking the strike.

  82. 34 overs Commentary Ind 200-2  

    Tendulkar, on 96, guides Swann for a single. Yuvi clips one off his legs, and Tendulkar keeps the bowling again - India have 200, and their hero has 98. Time for the compulsory ball change.

  83. 35 overs THAT'S 100 Ind 206-2  

    Yardy's off after a one-over spell and Tim Bresnan returns - he's comfortably England's most economical bowler so far, and also took the valuable wicket of Sehwag. Tendulkar glances the first ball of the over down to fine leg for four, and that's his century! Tendulkar removes his helmet and holds his bat to the sky to celebrate his 98th international ton (51 in Tests, 47 in ODIs). Tendulkar dabs a single, Yuvraj clips a single to fine leg.

  84. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "The great man Sachin -- proved that he want to lift the World Cup before he leaves the show of cricket."

  85. Twitter  

    From barney1991: "Can see a special innings from KP this afternoon, with England chasing down 330. Wishful thinking?"

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  86. 36 overs Commentary Ind 219-2  

    Swann serves up a full toss to Yuvraj, who dismissively flicks him for four wide of mid-wicket. Tendulkar goes aerial again, that's a huge six over cow corner and Jonathan Trott on the boundary just watches it sail over his head and land several rows back! Two more singles added - Sachin has 110 from 108 balls, Yuvraj has 17 from 21.

  87. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Of Sachin Tendular's 47 ODI centuries, and counting, this was only the second scored against England, the previous one coming in 2002 at Chester-le-Street in a day-nighter that was rained off. England's entre team have only 21 ODI tons between them, with Kevin Pietersen leading the way on a modest seven, and Matt Prior yet to reach three figures."

  88. 37 overs Commentary Ind 229-2  

    This should be fun - India have taken the batting powerplay. I heartily applaud the tactic of taking it when two batsmen are well set like this, rather than waiting too late and having your tail-enders at the crease (otherwise known as "the England tactic"). Bresnan's first ball is a bouncer and Yuvraj dents his figures by whacking him for four through square leg. He swings and misses with another big glast, it hits him on the pad and they trot through for a leg bye. Strauss completely switches his field for the right-handed Tendulkar, who can't beat the man at cover. Bres tries a slower ball, Tendulkar waits and helps it to fine leg for four. A single takes him to 115.

  89. Twitter  

    From ricky_kanani: "It will be a sad day for cricket when Sachin Tendulkar hangs up his bat. Genius!"

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  90. 38 overs Commentary Ind 232-2  

    Michael Yardy to bowl. In a powerplay, no less. Tendulkar singles, Yuvraj turns one off his legs, Tendulkar misses with an attempted sweep and they run a leg bye - just those three runs from the over, England would have settled for that.

  91. SMS  

    From Conor, Portsmouth: "This match is just proving how far this England team is from being the best in the world."

  92. 38.2 overs WICKET Tendulkar c Yardy b Anderson 120 (Ind 236-3)  

    Jimmy Anderson back on, it's been a luckless day for him - can his luck change? Tendulkar helps himself to four down the leg side, then Tendulkar steps to leg, gets a leading edge and he's pouched at cover on the edge of the circle! A slightly bizarre way to end a superb innings.

  93. SMS  

    From Sreejay, Chennai: "A \u2019demoralised\u2019 Aussies smashed them, the Dutch scared off their pants - And England still thought they could win? Eat less lotuses!"

  94. 39 overs Commentary Ind 242-3  

    Captain Mahendra Dhoni is the new batsman, he's the non-striker for now. Yuvraj pulls a single, Dhoni steers his first ball for a single and Yuvraj carves another bouncer for four.

  95. Twitter  

    From TR0v:\u00a0"If anyone beats Tendulkar's records for amount of runs/centuries etc, he is gonna have to be\u00a0some player!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  96. 40 overs Commentary Ind 247-3  

    A fierce square cut against Yardy brings Dhoni four, then he tries to force a quicker ball to leg and nearly plays onto his stumps.\u00a0Just one more single is added. And the TV camereman in the crowd picks\u00a0out a familiar face... it's former England and Warwickshire spinner Ashley Giles, now the Bears' director of cricket. Ganguly may be the "Prince of Kolkata", but Gilo will always be the "King of Spain"...

  97. 41 overs Commentary Ind 251-3  

    Bresnan returns in place of Anderson for the final powerplay over. India are a little subdued, only four singles from the over. But make no mistake, India have wickets in hand and plenty of big hitters still to come in...

  98. SMS  

    From Brian from Grimsby: "How can people\u00a0criticise England before we even bat and see how the wicket really is. As far as I'm concerned it will only be over when I see Dawn French at the crease singing!"

  99. 42 overs Commentary Ind 262-3  

    Yardy quickly through his eighth over, four singles and a two from it before the sprawling Swann at short third man hands Yuvraj a four off the final delivery. Yuvi has 37 from 39 balls, Cap'n Dhoni has 10 from 11.

  100. SMS  

    From David, Essex: "I can't believe Strauss said the pressure will be on India! It will be very tough for England."

    I presume that's David, comma, Essex rather than David Essex? Is having your comments published on the live text "gonna make you a star"?

  101. 43 overs Commentary Ind 277-3  

    The light's starting to fade in Bangalore, but the crowd are still in good voice as Dhoni steers Shahzad for a single before the Yorkshireman sends down another wide. Yuvraj brutally pulls him for four, a rather predictable outcome when Shahzad bowls a short ball. A single brings Dhoni on strike, allowing him to club another telegraphed short ball, before powerfully square-cutting for four more. Dhoni and Yuvraj exchange a few words after Yuvi turns down a single off the last ball. Not Shahzad's best day in an England shirt.

  102. Twitter  

    From IsmailMulla: "Tendulkar. What a legend! You never hear of any shenanigans off the field, just gets on with the game. Class act, class player."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  103. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "TMS behind the scenes photos now available from Bangalore - including Ganguly on TMS debut."

  104. Commentary  

    From Kevin, TMS inbox: "It is actually a little known fact that David Essex's middle name is 'comma', and he often writes his name as 'David, Essex'. The use of symbols replacing names is not unknown in the artistic world, evidence 'the artist formerly known as Prince who is now known again as Prince'."

  105. 44 overs Commentary Ind 281-3  

    Yuvraj guides Yardy for a single, Dhoni threads one between the cover fielders for one. An effortless single to deep mid-on takes Yuvraj to 44. Dhoni up to 21, Yardy has 0-51 from nine overs but will be happy to have avoided any boundaries this over.

  106. 45 overs Commentary YUVRAJ FIFTY - Ind 292-3  

    Dhoni is pushing the singles well, Yuvraj whacks Shahzad for his seventh four, this time wide of mid-on. Couple more singles added, then Yuvraj confidently clips a four off his hips to bring up his 46th ODI fifty from 46 balls. He swings and missed at the last ball, Prior appeals for a catch behind, largely in vain. And yes, India still have five more overs to face...

  107. SMS  

    From Alex, London: "Mark,\u00a0I had a dream England chased down 332 last night with Strauss getting a ton! Looks like it could happen. Belter of a track!"

  108. 46 overs WICKET Yuvraj c Bell b Yardy 58 (IInd 305-4)  

    Dhoni wallops Yardy back straight, and umpire Billy Bowden has to duck for cover. A single is the result. Yuvraj helps himself to a single, then Dhoni launches a huge maximum over cow corner to bring up 300 for his side. The India skipper guides a single to the square leg boundary, and the mayhem continues as Yuvraj smashes another four through mid-wicket. But when he attempts another big blast from Yardy's last ball, he picks out Ian Bell running in from the mid-wicket fence.

  109. SMS  

    From Olly, Newport: "Why all the negativity about England? We as a nation just have to accept what England are. A fine Test team but a run of the mill one-day team. Despite our shortcomings in this World Cup we still beat the Aussies in Australia to retain the Ashes. Good winter's work in my opinion."

  110. 46.1 overs WICKET Dhoni c sub (LJ Wright) b Bresnan 31 (Ind 305-5)  

    Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman, but he can only watch from the non-striker's end as Dhoni holes out at deep mid-wicket, to sub fielder Luke Wright who's on the field for Yardy who I think had a finger problem.

  111. 47 overs Commentary Ind 314-5  

    Exciting young talent Virat Kohli is the new batsman - suddenly India have two new batsmen in, and neither has faced a ball. Pathan and Kohli are both off the mark wtih singles, Pathan pulls and not even the athletic Wright can stop that going for four. Pathan knocks a single, Kohli is denied a boundary by a great stop from Ian Bell, but they run two. Bres has 2-46 from nine overs.

    Meanwhile, some news for the ICC - Pakistan were fined 10% of their match fees yesterday for maintaining a slow over-rate against Sri Lanka, with skipper Shahid Afridi fined 20%. And England could be facing something similar, we're already past the scheduled interval time of 1230 GMT.

  112. 48 overs Commentary Ind 327-5  

    Anderson returns - Pathan glides a single to mid-wicket, Kohli rotates the strike, Pathan whacks a straight, flat six over the bowler's head - the 50th six of the tournament. An incredible hit, that was nearly a\u00a0yorker. Pathan carves a single to mid-wicket, it looks as though he's broken his bat. Kohli guides a single to short fine leg, but some awful fielding by Swann, diving over the ball, allows it through for four. His Twitter mate Jimmy Anderson isn't happy. Swann the new Panesar?

  113. 48.1 overs WICKET Pathan c Swann b Bresnan 14 (Ind 327-6)  

    Pathan goes for another big hit, and is caught by Swann running back from mid-off and taking the catch over his shoulder.

  114. 48.2 overs WICKET Kohli b Bresnan 8 (Ind 327-7)  

    Harbhajan Singh the new batsman, but Kohli misses a low, straight ball from Bresnan and is bowled! Big Tim's on a hat-trick!


    Zaheer Khan to face the hat-trick ball, which he forces to backward point for a single, although Harbhajan dawdles and would have been run out at the striker's end if Collingwood's throw had hit the stumps. Harbhajan hit on the pad, that's got to be out, but Bhajji's reviewing it!

  116. 48.4 overs WICKET Harbhajan lbw b Bresnan 0 (Ind 328-8)  

    That's clearly out, it hit him on the back foot just in front of the stumps and Big Tim has a five-for! Three wickets in four balls!

  117. 49 overs Commentary Ind 329-8  

    Piyush Chawla is the new batsman, he smears his first ball for a single. Zaheer digs out the last ball, and Bresnan finishes with 5-48 from his 10 overs. That's not only his best ODI bowling figures, it's his best limited-overs bowling figures, he's never taken five wickets for Yorkshire in limited-overs cricket.

    That Bresnan over in full - Wicket, Wicket, single, Wicket, single, dot. Take a bow.

  118. 49.5 overs WICKET Chawla run out 2 (Ind 338-9)  

    Anderson takes the last over, Chawla and Zaheer help themselves to ones and twos before Anderson sends down a no-ball (as it's a chest-high full toss) which Chawla slashes past the keeper for four. Chawla tries to dig out the fifth ball and is run out at the bowler's end - a rather\u00a0narrow victory.

  119. 49.5 overs WICKET Zaheer run out 4 (Ind 338 all out)  

    Zaheer and last man Munaf Patel try to run a suicidal second run off the penultimate ball of the innings, and Zaheer is easily run out at the striker's end - while Umpire Erasmus signals one short, so in effect India gained nothing from that last ball.

  120. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "England will need to complete their best ever run chase in ODIs to beat India now. All hope is not lost - in 2000, in Karachi, they reached 305 to beat Pakistan with 16 balls to spare against a side featuring Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. A young Andrew Flintoff, playing as a batsman only, hit 84 off 60 balls."

  121. 1256 Commentary  

    As Vic Marks points out on TMS, England's slow over-rate means that not only are they facing a likely over-rate fine, they'll only have about 20 minutes before they're due to start their innings, rather than the usual 45.

    Play is due to restart at 1315 GMT - keep listening to TMS for the usual goodies during the interval, but you'll forgive me if I dash to the canteen for a sandwich as it's my only chance in potentially 100 overs of text commentary...

  122. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "James Anderson's figures are a truly hideous 1-91 from 9.5 overs, but do not go around thinking he should be dropped. He is a genuine wicket-taking threat and will bounce back."

  123. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Well done to Bresnan, but the Indian batters really went for it! So they were always open to wickets. England, however, will need a miracle."

    If you're texting in on 81111, do put your name on it - and more importantly now the football live text is under way, please stick "CRICKET" as the first word, as otherwise your comments will be swamped!

  124. Commentary  

    From Sahibqiran Siwum, Shahjahanabad, TMS inbox: "Now that India have so effectively chopped, curried, munched and swallowed this very mediocre English attack, I shall retire to my room, patiently let my digestion do its work and save an imperious burp for late in the evening when The King's Speech bags a very, very well deserved Oscar... wake me up, Mark, if Strauss and co. manage to get within 100 of this mammoth total."

  125. 1312 Commentary  

    While Jonathan Legard brings TMS listeners the latest World Cup news, I can direct you to a couple of things you may have missed - last night saw the publication of our first Tillakaratne Dilshan column, as the Dilscoop innovator is going to be giving us his thoughts\u00a0during the World Cup, courtesy of the BBC Sinhala Service. We've also got a column from Ireland's Andrew White, while you can also read India legend Kapil Dev's thoughts on his old team's chances in an interview with BBC Hindi, and Alison Mitchell's blog on the crowd trouble in Bangalore that surrounded the ticket sales for this game.

  126. 1315 Commentary  

    India and England are ready to begin England's run chase, but the first over is delayed while Stumpy the blue World Cup elephant mascot has to be helped off the pitch. Only at the Cricket World Cup...

  127. 1st over Commentary Eng 8-0 (TARGET 339)  

    Wily left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan takes the new ball for India, and his first ball is guided off his pads for four by England captain Andrew Strauss. He also square-cuts the last ball for four. So at this stage, they're ahead of the asking rate (ho ho).

  128. 2 overs Commentary Eng 19-0  

    Despite rumours and theories of forcing Kevin Pietersen to face his erstwhile nemesis Yuvraj Singh's left-arm spin, it's orthodox right-arm seam from Munaf Patel first up, and his first ball beats Pietersen's forward prod. The new Surrey signing guides a poor delivery down the leg side for four, the next one is also down the leg side and that's signalled as wide. KP is cut in half as Patel whistles one between bat and pad, then a single brings skipper Strauss on strike and he steers a loose one through the covers for four, before chopping a single to third man. Not a bad start if you're chasing 339.

    By the way, if you're waiting for news of the Carling Cup final, you can follow Chris Bevan's live text on that and the rest of the afternoon's English football, while David McDaid will keep you up to date with the Scottish action. The Scotland-Ireland rugby will follow later...

  129. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "I believe England's one-day outfit do rather well seeing as they are missing the two best players of this generation -\u00a0Freddie Flintoff\u00a0and Trescothick."

  130. 3 overs Commentary Eng 23-0  

    Strauss is watchful before guiding a two off his legs, and then repeating the shot - with the same outcome - as Chawla fumbles at short fine leg.

  131. 4 overs Commentary Eng 25-0  

    Pietersen jabs a single, England are playing positively so far but Strauss can't connect properly with a big slog aimed at mid-wicket. He manages a single off the last ball, that's more like it from India - just two from the over.

  132. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "England need to take a look at the way Tendulkar batted - he didn't do anything outrageous for the first 40 or 50 runs, just quietly accumulated them."

  133. 5 overs Commentary Eng 28-0  

    The TMS commentators seem to think Strauss is trying to hard, he aims another big hit to leg but it only brings him a single when it looked like he was trying to hit it out of the ground. He has 19, his partner KP moves on to seven with a single, another firm Strauss pull brings him a single to deep square leg.

  134. SMS  

    From Sam, in Sandhurst: "KP needs a big score this innings for us to stand any chance! Not entirely confident we can chase down over 300 without Morgan!"

    My colleague Oliver Brett is also despairing about the absence of Bopara from the "finisher's role"...

  135. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Bresnan only the second Eng bowler to take five wickets in a World Cup match after our own Vic Marks!"

    Vic took 5-39 against Sri Lanka in a 1983 World Cup group match at Taunton.

  136. 6 overs Commentary Eng 36-0  

    There's a bit of a disagreement between India captain Dhoni and umpire Bowden about the placement of one of India's compulsory close catchers, but Strauss is still trying to force the pace, pulling\u00a0a two through mid-wicket before he on-drives, Harbhajan dives to his left and goes for the catch one-handed. He misses it though, and that's four. Two more singles move Strauss to 27 and KP to eight.

  137. Commentary  

    From Greg, Niigata, Japan, TMS inbox: "I have to say that the boy Bresnan is winning me over. When I first saw him in the England set up I thought he'd just be a tubby bits-and-pieces player. Hope he can do something with the bat when/if called upon today too!"

  138. 7 overs Commentary Eng 49-0  

    After the England opener exchange singles, Harbhajan has to do more diving in the field, but can't stop a firm, straight-driven four by Pietersen. Another, even fiercer, straight-driven four has India legend Sunil Gavaskar purring with admiration in the TMS box. Zaheer fires a wide down the leg side, Pietersen clips the last ball for a single to take the strike once more.

  139. Twitter  

    From DipeshVaru08: "KP and Strauss look all set for england, dhoni needs to bring his spinners on... Brilliant straight shot by KP."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  140. 8 overs Commentary Eng 51-0  

    Strauss grits his teeth after guiding a loose delivery from Patel straight to the man at short fine leg. Strauss tips and runs a single, Kohli throws from the covers and KP only just makes his ground in time - that's the fifty stand, and the batsmen shake hands rather than the modern "glove-pump". A single takes Pietersen to 20 from 16 balls.

  141. Twitter  

    From ZakkyMill: "The Indian bowling attack is very average and the pitch looks a road. England can get this."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved\u00a0

  142. 9 overs Commentary Eng 63-0 (TARGET 339)  

    Zaheer takes more punishment from Pietersen as he fiercely cuts for four, before guiding another boundary off his legs. The England opening pair milk the left-armer for more ones and twos - Zaheer has 0-40 from five overs. Time for a bowling change?

  143. 9.3 overs WICKET Pietersen c and b Patel 31 (Eng 68-1)  

    Strauss tickles one for four leg byes, a single takes him to 31 but then Pietersen hits a return catch to Patel - I think he was trying to take evasive action, as he pushes the ball into the air, but it sticks in his hand as he\u00a0sits on the ground, having tried\u00a0to get out of the way.

  144. 10 overs Commentary Eng 77-1 (TARGET 339)  

    Jonathan Trott is the new man - after his usual taking-ages-to-take-guard-and-get-ready routine, he's immediately off the mark with a firm off-driven three. Strauss helps himself to two, then perfects the flick for four past short fine leg that he attempted\u00a0a couple of overs ago.

    Apparently that's the highest score after 10 overs by any team in this tournament so far...

  145. Twitter  

    From Daubergine: "Following online is like watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa. Flick back to screen dreading the Pink Box."

    By "the Pink Box", I presume you mean the red background that appears in the live text when wickets fall? I've not seen a Pink Box in Doctor Who, unless it's some new disguise for the Master's Tardis that I'm unaware of? Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  146. 11 overs Commentary Eng 83-1  

    Having just taken a wicket, India have no hesitation in taking the fielding powerplay. Trott excavates the Trott Trench at the other end, obsessively marking out his guard, and it's our first change of bolwing as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla is into the attack - England plunder five singles.

  147. 12 overs Commentary Eng 86-1  

    Off-spinner Harbhajan Singh into the attack, Strauss sweeps a single to take him to 4,000 ODI runs. Trott angles a single to long-on, Strauss keeps the strike with another swept single and that's just three from the first over by "The Turbanator".

  148. Twitter  

    From ChubMolony: "Jonathan Trott needs 80 runs to become the fastest player to reach 1,000 ODI runs, from 20 innings - we need that and more!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  149. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly  

    "I opened for about three-quarters of my one-day career, and it's the best place to bat in one-day cricket. You have to hit the ball over the top in the powerplays, but you play to your strengths - you look to build an innings, pace yourself and then take the spinners on the way Tendulkar did with Graeme Swann today."

  150. 13 overs Commentary Eng 93-1  

    Strauss and Trott try to keep the scoreboard ticking with singles, while Chawla finds the edge of Strauss's bat with his googly but it scoots past slip and over the boundary for four. A single takes the skip to 48 from 48 balls.

  151. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly  

    "It was disappointing to lose this game from Eden Gardens, with 90,000 people there it would be louder than this ground. But I hope Eden Gardens will get more international cricket soon."

  152. 14 overs Commentary STRAUSS FIFTY - Eng 101-1  

    Strauss steers Harbhajan for a single, Trott blasts a four through mid-wicket. Two more singles bring up three figures for England, and Strauss's fifty from 50 balls. Trott carves the last ball for a single - he has 14.

  153. 15 overs Commentary Eng 107-1 (TARGET 339)  

    Chawla is quickly through his overs - with the majority of their overs set to be bowled by spinners, India are unlikely to bowl as slowly as England. Strauss sweeps his seventh four, before he fails to read another googly and the ball brushes his back pad, a half-hearted lbw shout but it looked like it was going over. A single takes him to 55, that's the last scoring stroke of the fielding powerplay.

  154. Twitter  

    From HardmanCWC: "The time I was most fearful of the Pink Box was when we were batting to save THAT Cardiff Test. Always seemed to be one!"

    Ah, the day the Aussies reckoned without Monty Panesar's match-saving batting! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  155. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 110-1 (TARGET 339)  

    More careful accumulation by Strauss and Trott against Harbhajan, just three singles from the over this time. Time for drinks. If you're interested, England's current run rate is 6.87 and they need to score at 6.73.

    While you're taking drinks, rugby fans may want to open up a second internet browser for Mark Orlovac's live text on Scotland v Ireland.

  156. SMS  

    From\u00a0Tim, currently in Horsham: "Stuck at mother-in-law's, kids playing wii, no internet, poor phone reception, may have to go into town and buy the old dear a\u00a0DAB radio then go to spare room. Going home is not an option."

    You could always try Ceefax? Latest scorecard on page 341

  157. 16.4 overs WICKET Trott lbw b Chawla 16 (Eng 111-2)  

    Chawla bowls, Trott is trapped back on his crease, there's an lbw appeal, Billy Bowden raises his finger and Trott walks. Nelson has struck.

  158. 17 overs Commentary Eng 111-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Bell is hit on the pad by his first ball, India yell an appeal, Billy B shakes his head - it was a quicker delivery but clearly going down leg. Chawla spins a leg break past Bell's outside edge, Dhoni whips the bails off more for effect than in genuine expectation, and that was a big over for India.

  159. 18 overs Commentary Eng 118-2  

    Harbhajan in for his fourth over - no sign of a fifth bowler yet (which could be a combination of Pathan, Yuvraj and Sehwag). Strauss and Bell plunder a couple of singles, Strauss chips a four over the ring of cover fielders. Strauss makes sure he retains the strike, he has 64 from an even 64 balls.

  160. Twitter  

    From SirBlimelyWindy: "The curse of the Nelson - how many ODI wickets fall on 111, 222 etc?"

    Probably no more than any other score - we just notice it more because of the superstition! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  161. 19 overs Commentary Eng 128-2  

    Strauss and Bell keep plodding along, Strauss attempts one of his big hits to leg but it's straight to the mid-wicket sweeper and they can only run one. Bell tickles a two to fine leg,\u00a0a single advances his score to five and Strauss sweeps the last ball of the over for four.

  162. Twitter  

    From midnightphilos: "Just when I was beginning to loose my superstition, England loose a wicket on a Nelson..."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved\u00a0

  163. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Dhoni posts a long-off to Ian Bell. Has Bell ever lofted a spinner over mid-off in early stages of an ODI?"

  164. 20 overs Commentary Eng 132-2  

    Four singles added against Harbhajan, there's a half-hearted lbw appeal against Strauss as they run a leg bye, but the lack of a DRS review by India suggests they weren't convinced it was out.

    And on the Duckworth-Lewis sheets, England are\u00a010 ahead of the par score (122-2) after 20 overs. Geoff Boycott on TMS suggests a rain dance...

  165. 21 overs Commentary Eng 138-2  

    Slow left-armer Yuvraj Singh - famously dubbed a "pie-chucker" by KP a couple of years ago - is India's fifth bowler, and Strauss steps back to smash his second ball for four through wide mid-wicket, but there's a sharp intake of breath all around as he tries to late-cut the next ball and misses. A single through square leg takes the skipper to 76 from 76 balls, Bell is increasingly confident and dabs one himself.

  166. 22 overs Commentary Eng 142-2  

    Harbhajan wheels away for his sixth over, four singles from it. He has 0-28 from six - England need 197 from 28 overs, required rate 7.03, current rate 6.45.

  167. 23 overs Commentary Eng 149-2  

    Aggers reminds TMS listeners that they can watch highlights of today's game from 2200 GMT (on the Red Button and the BBC Sport website) and from 2345 (on BBC Two) - advising viewers to watch out for Geoff Boycott's colourful jumper. Strauss whacks Yuvraj for his 11th four, another three singles mean they're up with the theoretical seven-an-over rate.

  168. Twitter  

    From phileastodd: "We moan about Pietersen getting to 30 then getting out but if he can open & get us a good start is it really a bad thing?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved\u00a0

  169. 24 overs Commentary Eng 156-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Yusuf Pathan into the attack for India - Aggers on TMS compares his bowling to Chris Gayle's, while Geoff Boycott calls it "off-spinning tripe"! And we have a collector's item of sorts - Strauss reversse-sweeps Pathan for four! He's really motoring now, England rattle through three more singles and Strauss is up to 90 not out - this is his highest World Cup score, beating the 88 he scored against the Dutch a few days ago!

  170. SMS  

    From Tim in Horsham: "Re: 16th over - Good call about Ceefax but only\u00a0one\u00a0TV and the control has been hidden from me. You couldn't keep us up to date with footie scores also? Takes ages flicking between commentaries!"

    I daren't give any scores as I'll be in trouble with plenty of people who email in insisting I don't "spoil" them if they want to watch Match of the Day 2 later without knowing the scores! But I can direct you to Chris Bevan's text commentary if you want to find out.


    Strauss and Bell rack up a few singles against Yuvraj, while Bell\u00a0finally finds the boundary for the first time with a square cut. India appeal for lbw as Bell sweeps, ump says "not out" and the Indians call for a review!

  172. 25 overs NOT OUT Eng 163-3  

    This is bizarre - Bell walks halfway\u00a0off, before Billy Bowden gives the "not out" signal! It looked out from here, the ball-tracking system suggested it was going to hit the stumps, halfway up middle and off, but because there was more than 2.5m between impact and the stumps, somehow third umpire Rod Tucker has gone with the on-field decision! So Bell survives, but please don't ask me to explain why as I'm not entirely sure myself!

  173. 26 overs Commentary Eng 167-2  

    So, if you get more than 2.5m down the pitch, you can't be given out even if the ball would have hit the stumps? Answers on a postcard please, to ICC HQ, Dubai.

    The match continues, with all of us rather stunned, as Strauss and Bell add four from Pathan's second over.

  174. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "We have a missive from David Richardson [the ICC's general manager of cricket] - apparently 'on those occasions [when the batsman is more than 2.5m down the wicket], it will be a team effort between on-field and off-field umpires'. But I think Bell was at fault for walking off."

  175. 27 overs Commentary Eng 172-2  

    Five singles from Yuvraj's over, the spinners are rattling along here but we're still trying to take in that third umpire decision!

  176. 28 overs THAT'S 100 Eng 182-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Bell works Pathan for a single to reach 24, Strauss cracks his 13th four before a single to the cover sweeper brings up his sixth ODI hundred from 99 balls. Removing his helmet to reveal a new, close-cropped haircut, he punches the air with delight. Bell lofts Pathan over mid-wicket for a first-bounce four, this stand is now worth 71.

    And especially for Pattie from Leek, I can tell you India were 165-1 at this stage.

  177. 29 overs Commentary Eng 190-2  

    Dhoni persists with his second-string spinners as England have rather quietened the Bangalore crowd. Strauss feasts on the tiring Yuvraj, tucking into a few short balls with a four and two twos - he has 108 from 105 balls.

  178. SMS  

    From Andy in Taunton: "If India had\u00a0two world-class pace bowlers then with their batters and spinners, they would be unstoppable."

  179. Commentary  

    From Owen Vickery, near Paris, TMS inbox: "Just a quick thought re Ian Bell being given not out and the crowd not understanding why: in rugby, the referees are wired up to microphones & the TV audience can hear what the refs are saying. Would that be possible for cricket umpires?"

  180. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Biggest prob with Bell decision was fact that crowd didnt understand 2.5m rule. Need a graphic on screen + needs to be applied consistently."

  181. 30 overs Commentary Eng 196-2  

    Zaheer Khan returns to the attack, that puts the brakes on England a little - just two singles added, but then Bell\u00a0nicks the last ball of the over through the vacant slip area for four. 143 needed from 20 overs. And if it were to rain now, England are considerably ahead on Duckworth-Lewis... it's not going to rain, but it's a pretty good guide as to how far ahead/behind you are.

  182. 31 overs Commentary Eng 200-2  

    Strauss and Bell help themselves to a few singles against Yuvraj, but substitute fielder Suresh Raina makes a couple of good stops in the covers - we're not sure who's off the field, but Vic Marks on TMS immediately asks "where's Sehwag...?" 200 up for England...

  183. Commentary  

    From Chris in Hull, TMS inbox: "Mark - I think you should wake up Sahibqiran Siwum as this could be a very entertaining run-in. Still a long way to go and I am not counting my proverbial chickens but could it be possible?"

    Mr Siwum told us between innings that he sensed a foregone conclusion

  184. 32 overs Commentary Eng 207-2  

    Bell dabs Zaheer for a single to third man, Strauss rotates the strike, Bell expertly threads a four between extra cover and deep mid-off, before pushing an easy single down the ground. Strauss can't get the last ball away, he has 112 from 111 balls - Bell has 41 from 40.

  185. SMS  

    From Phil: "Busy doing the ward round on the medical admissions ward at Bradford. Got the live text minimised for viewing between X-rays on the ward computer. Think England are on the verge of something special, my Indian consultant colleague disagrees."

  186. 33 overs Commentary Eng 216-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Bell paddle-sweeps Yuvraj for a single, then Strauss launches him high into the crowd at long-on for six! Is this the same Andrew Strauss we know and love?! He's got a great big grin on his face, that's for certain. Two more singles added. At this stage India were 197-2.

  187. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "According to Aggers, 3rd ump has told him that if it was predicted to hit middle of middle stump they'd have ignored 2.5m and given it out. However it showed hitting middle and off, so they took the distance into consideration and effectively gave Bell benefit of doubt."

  188. 34 overs DRINKS BREAK BELL FIFTY - Eng 229-2  

    Zaheer's off and Chawla returns for the last over with the old ball. Bell and Strauss plunder a single apiece, then Bell launches a huge six of his own over long-on\u00a0to bring up his fifty! The Warwickshire man works a single off his legs, and Strauss back-cuts, sending the old ball on its way for the last time with another four. He now has 124, this is his highest ODI score away from home. "The Force is with England at the moment," says Simon Mann on TMS - and\u00a0it's time for drinks.

  189. Twitter  

    From stu_boy: "Strauss you Middlesex (and England) legend! Keep going, keep going! Whisper it, but slowly starting to believe!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  190. 35 overs Commentary Eng 237-2  

    Yuvraj is off after bowling seven wicketless overs for 46, and paceman Munaf Patel returns with the replacement (cleaned and whitened) ball. Bell jabs a single, Strauss finds the gap again with another pulled four through mid-wicket. That's his 16th four. A single takes him to 129, Bell moves to 53 with a dink into the covers, but the skipper pinches the strike.

  191. 36 overs Commentary Eng 246-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Strauss slashes at the recalled Harbhajan, fortune has favoured him today and that disappears to third man for another four! Dhoni is shuffling his bowlers but can't seem to stop the flow of runs as Strauss and Bell keep pushing the singles, while Strauss is even attempting reverse sweeps now. No joy for "The Turbanator" as that's nine from his over. "It makes a huge difference if you can get a boundary off the first couple of balls," remarks Geoff Boycott on TMS.

  192. Twitter  

    From OriginalAitchy: "England have finally worked out how to swing a bat, shame bowlers have forced such cavalier batting by not restricting India."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  193. 37 overs Commentary Eng 250-2  

    Aggers has heard from Stephen Fry, who is "biting his nails on a train between New York and Washington". If he's somehow following TMS there, is it too much to hope for that he might be following us too? Slightly better over from India, Patel gives up two singles and a two. 90 needed from 78 balls.... India were 229-2 at this stage.

  194. 38 overs Commentary Eng 255-2  

    Harbhajan begins his eighth over, England are still playing risk-free cricket, you can sense the tension around the ground as Bhajji tries all his tricks of flight and guile, but Bell and Strauss manage five singles from the over. 84 needed from 72 balls.

  195. 39 overs Commentary Eng 263-2 (TARGET 339)  

    England keep the scoreboard ticking against Patel, Bell edges a slower ball over backward point... but safely, and they come back for a second to bring up the 150 partnership. Patel, right-arm fast-medium, rolls his eyes as a misfield at extra cover allows a single. Lots of deft dabs bring England plenty of ones and twos, and somehow they manage eight from the over without scoring a boundary. 76 needed from 66 balls.

    The elephant in the room (as Stephen Fry's QI would put it) is this: England still have to take a batting powerplay. And they normally mess them up...

  196. SMS  

    From Andy in Bournemouth: "This is fast becoming\u00a0one of the best games i've ever seen, the highlights show tonight could be six hours long."

    If you're not aware, highlights are at 2200 GMT on BBC Red Button & BBC Sport website, then from 2345 on BBC Two.

  197. 40 overs Commentary STRAUSS 150 - Eng (TARGET 339)  

    More rotation of India's bowlers as leggie Chawla replaces offie Harbhajan.\u00a0 A slip in place, India are desperate for a wicket - but it's more slow, careful accumulation of singles\u00a0by England. And Strauss clears his front leg to blast a four through mid-wicket to reach his 150 from 135 balls\u00a0- and he barely seems to have enough energy to celebrate, apart from lifting his bat to the crowd. Nine from the over. And it's 67 to win from 60 balls...

  198. SMS  

    From Tom, on train from Banbury: "I've spent the day following the updates in my breaks from being dressed as a giant orange horse. On the train back to Birmingham now, will I make it back in time for what I really hope is an exciting finish?!"

  199. 41 overs Commentary Eng 278-2  

    Strauss blocks the first ball of a new over from Harbhajan. The Bangalore crowd cheer the first dot ball for the best part of three overs. Strauss sweeps the off-spinner for two, two more singles are added before Strauss has to get back and defend a "dart" from Bhajji. He steps back and back-cuts a two to third man, although Harbhajan appears to be unhappy with the speed of the fielders. Just six from the over -\u00a061 needed from 54 balls.

  200. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Strauss is a fit individual, but he's going to be very weary by now. You can tell he didn't really want to run that second one."

  201. 41.3 overs DROPPED CATCH Eng 278-2  

    Chawla bowls, Bell edges, and is dropped at slip by Virat Kohli! Bell then drives and misses, but appears to have injured his leg. Physio runs on, while someone else runs on with a drink for Cap'n Strauss.

  202. 42 overs Commentary Eng 280-2 (TARGET 339)  

    Simon Hughes on TMS thinks this may be a historic injury of Bell's - anyone else remember him coming out to bat at 11 with his leg all strapped up, with a runner, in that ODI England lost to Bangladesh? He's fit to continue, but can only manage a single off the fifth ball - Strauss cuts a googly for two to the backward point boundary, just two from that over so it's 59 to win from 48 balls.

  203. Twitter  

    From phileastodd: "If we do win it will make up for the NatWest Series Final in 2002. We scored 325-5 that day & India still won. Come on boys!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  204. Commentary  

    From Jtids, TMS inbox: "Quoting Sreejay, Chennai: "A \u2019demoralised\u2019 Aussies smashed them, the Dutch scared off their pants - And England still thought they could win? Eat less lotuses!" @39th Indian over... maybe Sreejay may be eating his words later and some more :)"

  205. 42.4 overs WICKET Bell c Kohli b Zaheer 69 (Eng 281-3)  

    England take the batting powerplay (maximum three fielders outside the circle), Zaheer Khan to bowl. Indian fans are cheering every dot ball now. Strauss heaves a single to the mid-wicket sweeper, but the wily left-arm seamer Zaheer snares Bell when he skies one straight to the man at extra cover on the edge of the circle! 58 to win from 44 balls.


    Zaheer raps Strauss on the pad, Billy Bowden raises his finger, and unsurprisingly, Strauss calls for a review...

  207. 42.5 overs WICKET Strauss lbw b Zaheer 158 (Eng 281-4)  

    Not a no-ball, that looks like it's hitting middle and off most of the way down... and the England captain, halfway back to the pavilion, departs.

  208. 43 overs Commentary Eng 281-4 (TARGET 339)  

    It just shows how Geoff Boycott's "add two wickets to the score" scenario can come true... England have two new batsmen (Paul Collingwood and Matt Prior), neither of whom have faced a ball, and Prior digs out the hat-trick ball. A game-changing over for India, England need 58 to win from 42 balls.

  209. 44 overs Commentary Eng 283-4 (TARGET 339)  

    Legspinner Chawla to bowl his ninth over, Collingwood facing - we don't need Collingwood to be his\u00a0"Brigadier Block" persona, we need "Sergeant Smash" on parade straight away! Colly can't get Chawla's first two balls away before carving the third ball for a single. Prior plays and misses at one, then can't connect with a juicy pie down the leg side which is signalled as a wide. The fifth legitimate ball is square-cut straight to cover point, dot ball, then he drives the last ball straight to the man at extra cover - he nailed that, but it's a dot ball. England need 56 to win from 36 balls.

  210. SMS  

    From Ken in Dunfermline: "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.....good ol England."

  211. 44.3 overs WICKET Collingwood b Zaheer 1 (Eng 285-5)  

    Crowd on their feet, Zaheer to bowl his ninth over, the third of the batting powerplay. Collingwood can't make contact but scampers a leg bye, Prior drills one of Zaheer's yorkers to long-off for a single. Zaheer covers the ball as he runs in, and he knocks Colly's off stump over! England need 54 to win from 33 balls.

  212. 45 overs Commentary Eng 287-5 (TARGET 339)  

    Zaheer Khan has turned the game on its head with these last nine deliveries of swing bowling. Michael Yardy is the new batsman so we have a left-hander in. The Sussex skipper dabs a single into the off side, bringing his Hove team-mate Prior back on strike. The England viewing area is silent - no-one is saying a word to each other. Prior on-drives, just a single. "Forget the powerplay, without boundaries they won't win," says Boycs on TMS. Last ball of the over is a yorker, Yardy digs it out, dot ball. England need 52 from 30 balls to win.

  213. SMS  

    From Rob, London: "We should just politely decline batting powerplays. All we ever seem to do with them is lose a couple of wickets early on and then grimly struggle on until they're over."

    But it's not as if they're a novelty in ODIs? Surely England should have found a way to bat in them by now?

  214. 45.2 overs WICKET Prior c sub (SK Raina) b Harbhajan 4 (Eng 289-6)  

    Prior smears Harbhajan for two, then he skies a slower ball into the air and is easily caught. Another one down... England need 50 to win from 28 balls.

  215. 46 overs Commentary Eng 297-6 (TARGET 339)  

    Yardy plays at one that might have been a wide if he'd left it... but he and new batsman Tim Bresnan get back for two. Yardy comes down the wicket and punches a four between short third man and backward point. He jams his bat down on the fifth one to run a single, and Big Tim is on strike for the first time. He pokes a single into the covers, four overs left, 42 to win from 24 balls.

  216. 47 overs Commentary Eng 305-6 (TARGET 339)  

    Zaheer in for his last over - good news for England is that it's the last over of the batting powerplay, which always seems to undo them. Bresnan works a single, Yardy paddles a single to fine leg. Bresnan can clear the ropes at times, how England could use a couple of sixes... Zaheer bowls a slower ball, Bres pulls it through mid-wicket and they run two. He swings at the fourth ball and can't connect, is hit on the body and they run a leg bye. Zaheer charges in, Yardy square-drives and they hurry, hurry, super scurry back for two. Yardy tries to pierce the infield with the last ball but a great stop by Yuvraj, of all people, restricts them to a single. England need 34 to win\u00a0from 18 balls.

  217. 47.3 overs WICKET Yardy c Sehwag b Patel 13 (Eng 307-7)  

    Munaf Patel to bowl the 48th (and presumably 50th) over. "This over is probably the one that has to go," says Aggers on TMS. Third man and fine leg are up, with long-on and long-off back. Yardy square-drives a single, Bresnan drives hard down the ground but a fast throw by Kohli dissuades any thought of a second. Yardy tries to flick the ball to fine leg, and picks out a delighted Sehwag on the edge of the circle! England need 32 to win from 15 balls.

  218. 48 overs Commentary Eng 310-7 (TARGET 339)  

    Graeme Swann is the new batsman, he taps his first ball to long-off but again, India's fastest fielders are down at long-on and long-off and England can only run one. Bresnan slogs one to long-on, another single. Swann digs the last ball out, runs through for a single and Patel intelligently holds on to the ball, happy to concede a single rather than risk overthrows. (Please compare this with Stuart Broad's actions on the last ball of their World Twenty20 defeat by the Dutch in 2009) England need 29 to win\u00a0from 12 balls.

  219. 49 overs WICKET Bresnan b Chawla 14 (Eng 325-8)  

    Swann swishes and misses at Chawla's first ball, then gets down on one knee and swings a six over mid-wicket! That's more like it! Chawla goes round the wicket, Swann goes for another big hit but gets an edge down to third man for a single. Bresnan heaves to leg, they run two after a fumble at mid-wicket. Big Tim hoists one over long-on, that's a flat six! Chawla back over the wicket, Bresnan swings, misses and is bowled. England need 14 to win from six balls - and with the hope that the improbable could happen (remember Mike Hussey in the T20, or Allan Lamb in Australia?), I'm going to go ball-by ball!

  220. 49.1 overs Commentary Eng 327-8  

    Ajmal Shahzad is the new batsman but it's Swann on strike, facing Patel. Swann carves two into the off side - 12 needed from five.

  221. 49.2 overs Commentary Eng 328-8  

    A boundary would make it interesting... good length ball but Swann can only dab it for one to third man. 11 needed from four.

  222. 49.3 overs Commentary Eng 334-8  

    Shahzad hits down the ground, and his first ball goes for six! Five needed from three - GAME ON!

  223. 49.4 overs Commentary Eng 335-8  

    Swing, miss, they run a bye. Four needed from two.

  224. 49.5 overs Commentary Eng 337-8  

    Swann hits a two - two to win, one to tie from last ball!

  225. 50 overs CHAMPAGNE MOMENT Eng 338-8  

    Dhoni puts some fielders back on the edge of the circle, as if he's prepared to concede a tie. Swann\u00a0drives to extra cover, they run one, IT'S A TIE!!!!!

  226. 1707 Commentary  

    Wow. You write off 50-over cricket at your peril. This game swung both ways, we've seen 676 runs and it's finished in a tie.

    Both sides take one point from the tie. Be warned: if any matches are tied in the knock-out stages, we get a Champagne Super Over. But I'm not sure if any of us could cope with that!

  227. Commentary  

    India seamer Zaheer Khan: "It was a great game of cricket, a close contest between bat and ball. Powerplays can go either way - we got wickets in quick succession - a win would\u00a0have helped, but we've got a point out of this game\u00a0and it's a long tournament."

  228. SMS  

    From Anonymous (though several of you make similar points): "How big was\u00a0that short run now at the end of the India innings?!"

    Indeed. If they'd run one properly\u00a0and not bothered about trying to run a second that was never there... they'd have won the game!

  229. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Hard to work out who threw that game away."

  230. Twitter  

    Stephen Fry: "What. A. Match!! Kudos, glory and honour to all. Especially the ODI format - reports of your death were exaggerated."

  231. 1717 Commentary  

    You really do not want to miss the highlights of that incredible game. They're available on the Red Button (not Freeview) and the BBC Sport website from 2200 GMT, then on BBC Two from 2345. You'll also be able to download Aggers and Boycs' TMS podcast later on as well.

  232. Commentary  

    England captain (and man of the match) Andrew Strauss: "It's been a great game of cricket and a great advert for the 50-over format. You'd back yourselves to play better than we did in the batting powerplay - we're disappointed in some ways, but in others it's a privilege to play in a game like that. Some good performances, some less so - Tim Bresnan bowled brilliantly at the end, and Graeme Swann and Ajmal Shahzad did well to get us the tie. Both sides will take some positives from it and some negatives. We're excited by what's to come and hopefully we can go on from here."

  233. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "How many times will Sachin Tendulkar have scored a hundred in a one-day international in India and NOT been man of the match?!"

  234. 1725 Commentary  

    Right, Aggers and Boycs have begun their review of the day, which will be available as the TMS podcast later. Don't miss the highlights from 2200 GMT.

    After a rather manic five text commentaries in four days, the next "live BBC" game - with TMS commentary and live text coverage here on the website - is England v Ireland on Wednesday at 0900 GMT - Oliver Brett will be in the live text chair, make sure you join him then. But there are three matches to be played before that - Zimbabwe-Canada and West Indies-Netherlands tomorrow, and Sri Lanka-Kenya on Tuesday. Highlights each night on the BBC. But they may struggle to match today's epic game. That's it from me. Phew!

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Live Scores - India v England


  • India tied with England
  • India: 338 (49.5 overs)
  • England: 338-8 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Bangalore

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 338
Pietersen c and b Patel 31
Strauss lbw b Z Khan 158
Trott lbw b Chawla 16
Bell c Kohli b Z Khan 69
Collingwood b Z Khan 1
Prior c Sub b Harbhajan Singh 4
Yardy c Sehwag b Patel 13
Bresnan b Chawla 14
Swann not out 15
Shahzad not out 6
Extras 3w 1b 7lb 11

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