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Cricket World Cup: S Africa v W Indies as it happened

  1. 0830 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - on the menu for you today is South Africa v West Indies from New Delhi, with play due to start at 0900 GMT. It's both teams' first game of the tournament - and the start of a busy few days for us, with five live text commentaries in the next four days. South Africa will start as favourites, but you underestimate anyone in this tournament at your peril...

    If you were early to bed last night, you can watch highlights of yesterday's Pakistan-Kenya game on the BBC Sport website (if you're in the UK) - Kenya really didn't help themselves by sending down shedloads of wides...

  2. 0834 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    South Africa win the toss and elect to field first - while Windies skipper Darren Sammy says he would have wanted to bat first anyway.

    I remember during the last World Cup, someone e-mailed in suggesting that South Africa be docked 50 runs every time they failed to field a spinner (it happened several times in that tournament). But they have no fewer than three front-line twirlers in their line-up today, including Pakistan-born Imran Tahir who makes his international debut.

  3. 0841 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers (wk), JP Duminy, Francois du Plessis, Johan Botha, Robin Peterson, Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn, Imran Tahir.

    West Indies: Chris Gayle, Devon Smith, Darren Bravo, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy (capt), Devon Thomas, Kemar Roach, Sulieman Benn.

    Umps are India's Amiesh Saheba and Australia's Simon Taufel, with Sri Lanka's Asoka de Silva on TV replays. Kiwi Jeff Crowe is match referee, while flying the flag for England (apart from us and TMS) is fourth ump Richard Kettleborough.

  4. Commentary  

    From Steve, Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Early to bed and early to rise? Watch the Kenyans send down shedloads of wides!"

  5. 0845 Commentary  

    The Test Match Special team are on the air - while as usual, we want you to get involved and let us know your thoughts on the game (and the World Cup as a whole). You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK\u00a0(with "CRICKET" as the first word), or if you prefer Twitter, please use the hashtag #bbcworldcup and it'll reach us here.

  6. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Kevin Howells nearly had his pen confiscated at the media entrance!"

    (You can take a look at Kevin's encounter with Delhi security here on Twitpic)

  7. 0855 Commentary  

    One rather disturbing news story you may not have seen is that\u00a0in Bangalore earlier today,\u00a0fans queuing to buy tickets for Sunday's game between England and India clashed with police, who used their large sticks to control the crowd. All tickets have now gone, and TMS's Alison Mitchell described it as "quite unnerving".

    Teams out for the anthems. The West Indies tune (not a national anthem per se, given that they're not representing one country) is quite a jolly Caribbean-style number, while the SA anthem is sung by what sounds like a women's chorus. Plenty of their players with hands-on-hearts like American sportsmen.

  8. Twitter  

    From JakGarner: "Got my new PC delivered to the office today so I can view your coverage not on a tiny phone screen. Best news of the week!"

    Send us your tweets with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  9. 0859 Commentary  

    Chris Gayle and Devon Smith striding out to begin the Windies innings. And while we await the start,\u00a0if you want to read a little more about how the first week of the World Cup has been for the TMS crew, you can take a look at producer Adam Mountford's blog.

  10. 0.3 overs WICKET Gayle c Kallis b Botha 2 (WI 2-1)  

    Off-spinner Johan Botha to open the bowling for South Africa - a bit of a novelty for them. Gayle nudges a two off his legs - but then nicks one to slip and the WIndies danger man is back in the hutch already!

  11. BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa  

    "What was it Hannibal Smith used to say? 'I love it when a plan comes together!' A bold move to start with Botha. That's a big wicket, as the Windies always look to Gayle to get them on their way."

  12. 1 over UMPIRE REVIEW WI 3-1  

    Botha quickly through his over, pinging down a wide to new batsman Darren Bravo. Big shout for lbw against the left-hander, umpire Taufel shakes his head, and SA call for the review!

  13. 1 over NOT OUT WI 3-1  

    It's a tight one - but it's marginal over whether it hit him in line, so the on-field umpire's call is upheld and Bravo survives.

  14. 2 overs Commentary WI 14-1  

    A more orthodox opening bowler is Proteas speedster Dale Steyn, who takes the second over. Devon Smith turns his first ball for a single to leg, while Steyn strays with his line to Bravo, who tickles a four off his legs. Smith pushes a two which bisects backward point and cover, then another looser delivery is guided for four through square leg by Bravo, who has 10 from eight balls.

    Incidentally, the pioneers of handing the new ball to a spinner were probably New Zealand at the 1992 World Cup, when skipper Martin Crowe (brother of today's referee Jeff) would often start with Dipak Patel's off-spin. It's been imitated many times since then - not always as successfully as today.

  15. 3 overs Commentary WI 16-1  

    Having removed danger man Gayle - and with about 30 overs of spin to get through in this innings - South Africa persist with Botha, who sends down three dot balls to Smith before he can pierce the infield for a single. Bravo, who looks very confident playing anything off his legs, dabs a quick single to keep the strike.

  16. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Just looking at the pix for today's game and was wondering where Jacques Kallis's new hair came from and can he point me in the same direction?"

    You're right, Kallis certainly has a suspiciously fuller hairline than he did a year ago. I'm sure there are several hair-hat manufacturers out there, the cricket world alone must keep many of them in business.

  17. 4 overs Commentary WI 16-1  

    Steyn's second over is tighter than his first, and it's a maiden as Bravo has to go on the defensive.

  18. Twitter  

    From dejigbenro: "Taking the prized wicket of Chris Gayle early in the game will no doubt boost the morale of the Proteas."

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  19. 5 overs Commentary WI 22-1  

    It's a brave man that cuts a spinner, but Smith carefully guides Botha for four past backward point, before pushing a quick single to Morne Morkel at mid-on. Bravo moves onto 12 with a careful push for one, and Botha must be great for South Africa's over-rate as that's another rapid over - he has 1-11 from three.

  20. Twitter  

    From jamosomerset: "Heading home from long day in sunny Sydney. Loving text updates and digital radio. How many wides can you fit in a shed [see 0830]?"

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  21. 6 overs Commentary WI 28-1  

    Bravo whacks Steyn for an off-driven four which ex-Zimbabwe bowler Pommie Mbangwa describes as "Lara-like" - praise indeed for a Trinidadian. Steyn sends down a wide, while more determined running from the two left-handers brings Bravo a single.

  22. SMS  

    From Luke in Durham: "Darren Bravo has the look of a young Brian Lara."

  23. 7 overs Commentary WI 29-1  

    After opening with three overs of spin, South Africa make their first bowling change and turn to lanky paceman Morne Morkel, who's bowling round the wicket to the two left-handers. (I'm quite surprised the Proteas feel they can do without his brother Albie in the World Cup squad, given that he can hit the ball for miles...). Bravo keeps the score ticking with a single, but that's the only scoring stroke from Morkel's over.

  24. Commentary  

    From Aleem Jetha, TMS inbox: "Harbhajan Singh opened the bowling for India in the World T20 last year against Australia and bowled a maiden over! India still went on to lose the game though, a sign of things to come?"

  25. 8 overs Commentary WI 39-1  

    It's a double change in the bowling as the burly right-arm seam of Jacques Kallis (and his aforementioned suspiciously full head of hair) replaces Steyn - his first ball is short and Bravo, cross-batted,\u00a0cracks it back over the bowler's head for four! Another glorious flashing drive from Bravo brings him four more through point. "The future of West Indies cricket has to be built around this young man," notes ex-Windies paceman Ian Bishop on TMS. Bravo goes aerial this time, chipping a two over extra cover but it falls safely - we're still in powerplay mode here, with only two men outside the fielding circle. Very good over for the Windies, who won't mind the fact that Bravo is hogging the strike - he has 28 from 31 balls, while Smith has seven from 14.

  26. 9 overs Commentary WI 42-1  

    Morkel appeals for lbw against Smith, that looked like it was missing leg stump... with only one review left, the Proteas decide against it. But Hawk-Eye shows it would have hit the top of leg stump - so if they'd reviewed it, Smith would be on his way... The left-handed duo exchange singles, Smith prods one to third man, but Morkel gets a bit of bounce with his last delivery as Bravo has to sway out of the way.

  27. SMS  

    From Steve in Lincoln: "I'm a bit worried... the Australian opposite me at work has gone to the canteen for his early morning scone. There's a big TV set in there that may be in danger if they have 'run out'..."

    If you're not aware, Australia captain Ricky Ponting was reprimanded by the ICC for damaging a TV set after being run out against Zimbabwe.

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Ponting re\u00a0'TVGATE' - 'Some of the stories I've been reading have been a long way from the truth... But it's not acceptable, I accept that'."

  29. 10 overs Commentary WI 44-1  

    A better over from Kallis, just one single apiece for the Windies second-wicket pair who have added 42 together.

  30. 11 overs Commentary WI 49-1  

    South Africa take the fielding powerplay immediately (as 99% of fielding sides do for overs 11-15), and it's Morkel to continue, watched by plenty of fans in the crowd\u00a0wearing the SA World Cup kit. If you've not seen it, the usual green is augmented by yellow sleeves - making it a sort of anti-Norwich City (yellow with green\u00a0sleeves)\u00a0kit. Bravo moves on to 31 with a single, Smith rocks back and carefully strokes a four through the covers.

  31. SMS  

    From Andy, Cheshire: "Is snicko being used in the DRS? If so, can it be used to see if Kallis has had the Doug Bollinger treatment?"

    No snicko, no Hotspot in this World Cup I'm afraid, so JK's new hairline may slip under the radar.

  32. 12 overs Commentary WI 58-1  

    Bravo knocks a single to third man to take West Indies up to 50, Smith is happy to give the strike to his partner and when Kallis bangs one in far too short, Bravo\u00a0pulls it through mid-wicket for four. The free-scoring Trinidadian moves on to 37 with a single, while Smith, who hails from Grenada, dabs another one to third man. Bravo nicks the strike again (Windies fans won't mind), that's nine runs from Kallis's over.

  33. SMS  

    From Gary, Durham: "I think that Kallis looks very 'rugged' with his new hair. He will be trying to 'weave' some magic with the relatively new ball. (Sorry)"

  34. 13 overs Commentary WI 62-1  

    Glorious from Bravo, hoisting Morkel back over his head for four through long-on! The stadium DJ celebrates with a burst of Chumbawumba - West Indies may have got knocked down early on, but they've certainly got back up again.

  35. 14 overs Commentary WI 64-1  

    Imran Tahir, the Pakistan-born leg-spinner who will be familiar to English county cricket fans following his spells with Hampshire and Warwickshire, has now qualified for SA following his marriage to a South African - and he's into the attack for the first time in international cricket. His first ball is guided to leg for a single by Smith, but Tahir keeps Bravo tied down until he works the last ball for a single. (And for those of you who note such things, Tahir is wearing ODI shirt number 99).

  36. BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin
    Contributor BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin  

    On Twitter: "Really disappointing to see ground third full for start of SA v WI. When was last time WI started WC game with just one genuine paceman?!?"

    Send us your comments on Twitter with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  37. 15 overs Commentary WI 72-1  

    A thumping straight drive from Bravo brings him four against Morkel, who then fires a wide down the leg side. After a single takes Bravo to 48, there's a moment of panic for the WIndies as Graeme Smith's underarm throw nearly runs out his namesake Devon at the bowler's end when he attempts a quick single. A firm cover drive from Bravo looks like four until Robin Peterson makes a great diving stop at mid-off to restrict them to a single.

  38. Twitter  

    From HardmanCWC: "Faf du Plessis used to open the bowling for Lancashire in the T20 competition successfully , did he mention something to SA?"

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  39. 16 overs Commentary DARREN BRAVO FIFTY - WI 83-1  

    Bravo brings up his fifth with a two through the covers, then hitting with the spin, hoists Tahir high into the sky over mid-wicket for our first six of the day! Geoff Boycott on TMS thinks these two left-handers won't mind facing\u00a0the leg-spinner at all, with the ball turning into them. A single takes Bravo to 60.

    And if you've been following the story from earlier, with fans and police clashing in the ticket queue in Bangalore, you can watch\u00a0Rishi Persad's report, including\u00a0video of those scenes, on the BBC Sport website. (Just for once, it's not UK-restricted - anyone can watch).

  40. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "More from Ponting: 'No one is really talking about us as contenders which rather suits me... Nice to see pressure on teams like India'."

  41. 17 overs DRINKS BREAK WI 86-1  

    Slow left-armer Robin Peterson (recently a Kolpakker at Derbyshire but now back in international cricket) is South Africa's third front-line spin option - Bravo and Smith manage three singles between them, and it's time for a drinks break.

  42. Commentary  

    From Dom Gillan, at work in London, TMS inbox: "Exciting to have a top-class leg-spinner in Imran Tahir playing international cricket, and as a Hampshire fan, very much excited to have him AND Afridi playing for us next year; when Tahir played for us\u00a0two years ago he was absolutely superb!"

    As a fellow Hampshire fan, I just hope Afridi turns up this time! We thought we'd signed him and Ajantha Mendis last year but didn't see either of them...

  43. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "Whatever happens from here if you're a WI fan you must be encouraged by Darren Bravo. Classy and composed. As a fellow Trini, I'm proud."

  44. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Rather than just trying to get through several overs of spin, getting wickets is the key, as if you get wickets you get new batsmen in, and they don't find it as easy to score."

  45. 18 overs Commentary WI 89-1  

    We're back - and off-spinner Botha is back into the attack for South Africa. Although he starts with a wide, he does slow the scoring rate with just two more singles added.

  46. 19 overs Commentary WI 97-1  

    After a couple more singles, Smith gives Peterson the charge and lofts him over his head and onto the triangular advertising signage which covers the rope\u00a0- is that four or six? Bit of a delay, but it's eventually signalled four. A fierce cover drive is smacked through the circle for two more by Smith, who has 27. His partner Bravo has 64.

  47. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "The security people\u00a0tried to take my sandwiches away from me today - I can't eat curries because of the spices in them from when I had [throat] cancer.\u00a0I had to speak to their superior, who was a brigadier or a general or something.\u00a0They took my plastic fork and knife from me too."

  48. 20 overs Commentary WI 102-1  

    Bravo and Smith keep the scoreboard ticking, milking Botha for five singles. Meanwhile, Boycs on TMS still isn't happy with the ground security. "There were some people from South Africa who couldn't take their little cameras in. I spoke to a guy I know at the ICC, who had to take their bag in for them."

  49. Commentary  

    From Steve Unsworth, TMS inbox: "Really hope WI do well in this competition... it's been too long since they were a force to be reckoned with. A great start!"

  50. 21 overs Commentary WI 104-1  

    Just two singles from Peterson's third over - Bravo up to 68, Smith on 30, this pair have now added 102.

    Have to say I've been impressed with SA's over-rate today, these spinners are racing through their overs. Certain other international teams who always seem to take forever to bowl their overs (such as the one captained by someone whose name may or may not be an anagram of Picky Ronting) should take note.

  51. SMS  

    From Chef, London: "I'm completely confused. In the same day I'm looking at an half empty stadium and angry fans trying to get tickets! In a nation that loves cricket should this be the case?"

    Chef? You're not Alastair Cook by any chance?

  52. 22 overs Commentary WI 109-1  

    Well-run quick single from Smith, then Bravo works Botha for a couple of twos. He's still dominating the strike - having scored 72 from 80 balls, while Smith has 31 from the 49 he has faced.

  53. 23 overs Commentary WI 113-1  

    AB de Villiers is very chirpy behind the stumps (virtually a compulsory requirement for wicketkeepers it seems) - having him keep wicket helps the balance of South Africa's side, although it does also deprive them of their most athletic outfielder. Smith and Bravo continue to prod ones and twos against slow left-armer Peterson, who whips an arm ball past Smith's outside edge - he has 0-17 from four overs.

  54. 23.1 overs UMPIRE REVIEW WI 113-2  

    Big appeal for lbw, Bravo's trapped in front and umpire Saheba's finger is up like a quick-on-the-draw gunslinger. But after a chat with his partner, Bravo calls for a review...

  55. 23.1 overs WICKET Darren Bravo lbw b Botha 73 (WI 113-2)  

    Not a lot wrong with that one... Windies lose a review and Bravo loses his wicket.

  56. BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa  

    "That's a big wicket for South Africa.\u00a0I think it'll be\u00a0difficult for batsmen to come out and start quickly on this pitch."

  57. 24 overs Commentary WI 115-2  

    New batsman is Ramnaresh Sarwan, who bangs a bail into the crease when he takes guard (as he and fellow Guyanese batsman Shiv Chanderpaul invariably do). He's off the mark with a single, Smith will have to shoulder more responsibility now and he moves on to 35. Botha has a very creditable 2-26 from seven overs.

  58. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Geoff Boycott, 20th over\u00a0- I know that there are obvious issues with security in certain parts of Asia but what do the guards think a 70-year-old man is going to do with a plastic fork? Ludicrous!"

  59. 24.4 overs WICKET Smith c and b Tahir 36 (WI 117-3)  

    Tahir back into the attack, after a couple of singles Smith pops back a simple\u00a0return catch and Tahir has his first international wicket! He's loving it!

  60. 25 overs Commentary WI 118-3  

    The Guyanese pair - who have had to rescue West Indies from a few scrapes in their time - are reunited as Shivnarine Chanderpaul comes in, immediately marking his guard with the same bail-bashing method as his mate Sarwan. The left-hander is off the mark with a single.

  61. SMS  

    From Chef, London: "Re: 22nd over - am I Alastair Cook?!\u00a0No. A bemused Indian chef from London. Not enough space for my full name!"

  62. 26 overs Commentary WI 120-3  

    Graeme Smith rotates his bowlers as Botha's off despite taking a wicket in his last over, and spearhead Dale Steyn returns to the attack. He puts the brakes on, Chanderpaul adds a single and Sarwan trots through for a leg bye.

  63. 26.1 overs UMPIRE REVIEW WI 120-4  

    Tahir screams another lbw appeal, Sarwan is given out but\u00a0stands his ground and signals for a review...

  64. 26.1 overs WICKET Sarwan lbw b Tahir 2 (WI 120-4)  

    Is that going over? It's close, so it stays with the on-field umpire's decision and Sarwan must go!

  65. Twitter  

    From dward56: "Finally an evenly matched contest in this WC? Are WI dark horses for the WC? Good batting line-up, not sure about the bowling though!"

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  66. 27 overs DROPPED CATCH WI 122-4  

    New batsman Dwayne Bravo will hope to carry on his brother Darren's good work from earlier. He's off the mark with a single, Chanderpaul turns one off his legs but then\u00a0Tahir nearly has a third wicket as he dives low to his right but can't hang on to a one-handed return catch from Bravo.

  67. Commentary  

    From Gareth, Woking, TMS inbox: "Re: 'what do the guards think a 70-year-old man is going to do with a plastic fork?' (24th over) - knowing Sir Geoff probably a forward defensive. Has anyone informed Sir Geoff about the merits of uncovered sandwiches?"

  68. 28 overs Commentary WI 124-4  

    Steyn in for his fifth over, WIndies are trying to rebuild and Chanderpaul is in "crab" mode (as he often is in Tests), scuttling through for a single while Steyn's only other blemish is a wide.

  69. 29 overs Commentary WI 126-4  

    Tahir keeps Chanderpaul tied down until he manages a single off the fourth ball of the over. Hashim Amla is summoned in to field at forward short leg for Bravo, tucking his beard in place under a green Proteas helmet - Bravo doubles his score with a single.

  70. Commentary  

    From TC, Hull, TMS inbox: "Re Boycs - the key question is have the authorities taken his legendary stick of rhubarb?"

    And could the security area where they check your bags be classed as a "corridor of uncertainty"?

  71. 30 overs Commentary WI 129-4  

    Slow left-armer Peterson back for a second spell, quickly through his over which yields two singles and a leg bye. Boycs on TMS thinks Bravo should be playing his natural game - more positively.

  72. Twitter  

    From nonetooserious: "Re: dward56 [27th over] - 'Evenly matched'? Did you not watch England v Netherlands the other day?"

    If you didn't, you can watch highlights on the BBC Sport website. Warning, contains scenes of bad fielding that may distress viewers.

  73. 31 overs Commentary WI 140-4  

    That's more like it from Bravo, launching Tahir over mid-wicket for a big six! As if they heard Geoff Boycott's encouragement after the last over, they push singles off each remaining delivery - 11 from the over. Tahir has 2-30 from six overs.

  74. 32 overs Commentary WI 143-4  

    Peterson quickly through another over, just three singles this time, although Bravo has to get a bit of a shift on with the last one after he sets off late. These two have added 23 in six overs - and still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves, although I don't think we'll see it yet.

  75. 33 overs DRINKS BREAK WI 152-4  

    Bravo goes for the big one against the recalled Botha, that's six over cow corner. "He's hitting with the spin," notes Geoff Boycott on TMS, pointing out that off-spinner Botha would probably rather be bowling to the leftie Chanderpaul.\u00a0The Windies pair plunder two more singles apiece, and the players have earned another drinks break.

  76. SMS  

    From Andy, Notts (and many others): "Why did Boycs need a fork to eat a sandwich anyway?"

  77. Twitter  

    From matthewgscott: "Shiv Chanderpaul still looks about 19 years old, maybe Kallis has been taking tips."

    Tweet us\u00a0with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup

  78. 34 overs Commentary WI 156-4  

    Peterson has been the Proteas' most economical bowler today, Bravo steers a single but "The Crab" is still rather becalmed. After three dot balls, he finally manages a single and the field scatters for Bravo, who aims a big blast but doesn't quite get hold of it and they run two to long-on. And it's time for the compulsory ball change - the ball is replaced by a cleaned-up and whitened ball of similar age.

  79. 35 overs Commentary WI 157-4  

    Morne Morkel back into the attack against Chanderpaul - who, like Kallis, is playing in his fifth World Cup. (Several people have played in five, Javed Miandad and Sachin Tendulkar are\u00a0the only ones to have played in six). Again, Chanderpaul takes four deliveries to find a single to bring the more aggressive Bravo on strike. But he can't get Morkel away - great over for the Proteas, just one from it.

  80. 36 overs Commentary WI 167-4  

    Peterson, left-arm round to the left-handed Chanderpaul, who guides a two and a single off his legs. Bravo frees his arms to loft his third six of the innings over long-on - he's been better value for money today than he was for Essex on T20 finals day last year... A single takes him to 31 from 30 balls.

  81. 37 overs Commentary WI 175-4  

    Bravo has a big swing at Morkel and gets an edge over the vacant slip cordon for four. ("I'm not being critical of Twenty20, but that was a Twenty20 shot," says Tony Cozier on TMS). The Windies pair work the singles, Morkel sends down a wide, and that's a profitable over for the men from the Caribbean.\u00a0Tony and Bish on TMS think the Windies will wait until the big-hitting Kieron Pollard's in before taking the batting powerplay.

  82. Twitter  

    From Coxio: "Enough of this! Drinks Break - 33 overs... Mandatory ball change - 34 overs! Combine the two? Ball change at drinks break!"

    Good point, it would get my vote!

  83. 37.5 overs WICKET Dwayne Bravo run out (Morkel) 40 (WI 178-5)  

    Bravo smears Peterson for two, a single takes him to 40. Chanderpaul, as fidgety as ever at the crease, reverse-sweeps to backward point but it's straight to Morkel at short third man and Bravo is easily run out as they attempt a single that was never there.

  84. 38 overs Commentary WI 179-5  

    Interesting - the new batsman isn't Kieron Pollard, it isn't even captain Darren Sammy, it's wicketkeeper Devon Thomas who's only batted once before in an ODI, both of his previous appearances came in July 2009 as part of Floyd Reifer's "Volunteers XI" that played against Bangladesh while the first-choice players were on strike over a pay dispute. He's off the mark with a single.

  85. 39 overs Commentary WI 181-5  

    Tahir back into the attack, Thomas eventually gets him away for a single, there's a big lbw appeal against Chanderpaul as they scamper a single - there was enough of an inside edge onto the pad\u00a0there for it not to be even called a leg bye.

  86. Twitter  

    From 1andonlyzim: "As a Zimbabwean I have to cheer on WI, but I can't help but feel SA will make it to the finals."

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  87. 40 overs Commentary WI 190-5  

    Finally we get a boundary from Chanderpaul, after scoring 18 from his first 41 balls he hoicks Peterson over mid-wicket for six.

    And apologies if I misled you earlier - Javed Miandad is no longer the only man to play at six World Cups - a certain S.R. Tendulkar joined him by taking the field against Bangladesh in the opening game of this tournament.

  88. Commentary  

    From Andrew Gell, Leeds, TMS inbox: "Trying to explain this to our American owners. Their response at the moment to the competition is \u201cWhoever stays awake longest wins the World Cup. Is that the idea?\u201d

  89. 41 overs Commentary WI 192-5  

    That was the last of Peterson's spell by the way, he finishes with 0-49... Still no sign of the batting powerplay as Tahir is given his second warning for running on the pitch - one more and he's off, although he's into his eighth over. Just a single apiece for Shiv'n'Dev.

  90. 42 overs Commentary WI 205-5  

    Botha replaces Peterson, his first ball sails down the leg side past batsman and keeper for five wides. Right-handed Antiguan Thomas works a two and a single to take West Indies to 200, Chanderpaul moves on to 27 with a single, and a delicate dab brings Thomas four through third man. Eight overs left.

  91. 42.2 overs WICKET Chanderpaul c Peterson b Tahir 31  

    Tahir tosses it up to Chanderpaul, who dances down the pitch and lofts him for four through extra cover, before attempting something similar and sending it straight down the throat of the man at long-off. 31 from 51 balls for "The Crab".

  92. 43 overs Commentary WI 212-6  

    Huge cheers for the big-hitting\u00a0Kieron Pollard's arrival into the gladiatorial arena - as Simon Mann mentions on TMS, the last many of us saw of him was when he was smacked in the face by a Dominic Cork bouncer in the T20 Cup final at the Rose Bowl last year. Thankfully he looks fine now - he's the non-striker as they ran on the Chanderpaul catch, and Thomas guides Tahir for two before steering a single off the last ball.

  93. Twitter  

    From rawdude87: "Taking bets on how many sixies The FINISHER aka Kieron Pollard will smash today. Am going for 6 big ones..."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  94. 43.3 overs UMPIRE REVIEW WI 214-6  

    Steyn back into the attack, a single from Thomas brings Pollard on strike for the first time - after he emulates Sarwan and Chanderpaul by banging in a bail to take guard, he's hit on the pad, SA appeal and they run a leg bye. But SA call for a review...

  95. 43.3 overs WICKET DUCK - Pollard lbw b Steyn 0 (WI 213-7)  

    It hits Pollard on the knee-roll, but Hawk-Eye suggests it would be hitting the middle of middle stump... and after all that build-up we (and everyone else) gave him, Pollard is out first ball!

  96. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "My Nagpur hotel is hosting a '2 day National Seminar on Electricity Regulation, Policy and Commercial issues'. Wonder if I can get in?"

  97. 44 overs Commentary WI 213-7  

    The new batsman is St Lucia's finest, captain Darren Sammy. Steyn's tail is up after that wicket, Sammy keeps the rest of the over out.

  98. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "That's exactly what this review system is for - it's not for when you think something might be out, it's for when there's a genuine error."

  99. 45 overs WICKET Thomas c Duminy b Tahir 15 (WI 213-8)  

    Tahir into his last over, he's having to be really careful here not to run on the pitch - so much so, he has to stretch his hamstring between deliveries. The Hampshire man whips through five dot balls before Thomas has a big heave-ho, skies it into the air and is caught by the diving JP Duminy! So Tahir finishes with a wicket maiden and figures of 4-41.

  100. Twitter  

    From PAGreenwell: "Funniest thing I've seen in a while. Huge cheer from the crowd for Pollard, only for him to be out first ball!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  101. 45.1 overs WICKET DUCK - Sammy lbw b Steyn 0 (WI 213-9)  

    Batting powerplay now being taken as Windies have left it until the last five overs - Steyn traps Sammy lbw first ball of the new over, it's the old calypso collapso from the Windies!

  102. 46 overs Commentary WI 214-9  

    So, West Indies have their last pair (Sulieman Benn and Kemar Roach)\u00a0together in the batting powerplay - maybe they've been taking lessons from England, for whom James Anderson seems to bat in batting powerplays more than anyone else. Steyn has Roach in all sorts of trouble, and the number 11 is happy to poke a single to third man to get off strike. Benn, the 6ft 7in left-arm spinner, defends the last ball.

  103. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Is our commentary going to the West Indies? I hope not, because they're going to be very disheartened by this. Tahir's done the damage, they've not been able to pick him."

  104. Commentary  

    From Jack Austin, TMS inbox: "Rawdude87 called\u00a0Kieron Pollard\u00a0the 'Finisher' and he has lived up to his name - the West Indies are now finished."

  105. Twitter  

    From olliedavies3: "Contender for anti-climax of the World Cup so far? Pollard getting out first ball after all the build up!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  106. 47 overs Commentary WI 220-9  

    Morkel returns as the Proteas look to knock the last wicket over. Roach swings and misses, a fumble by ABDV behind the stumps allows them to run a bye. Big Benn has a swipe and it sails out of the reach of backward point for four. The tall spinner steers the last ball for a single.

  107. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "Familiar scenes for WI supporters. All good early work undone by moments of madness. It's been like this for over a decade."

  108. 47.3 overs WICKET Benn c Morkel b Steyn 6 (WI 222 all out)  

    Get your Boycott Bingo cards out - the Yorkshire legend is already talking about how the best way to play fast bowling is "from the other end". Benn and Roach manage a single apiece before Big Benn skies one to short third man, and the Windies have lost their last five wickets for 13 runs.

  109. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Is Imran Tahir the final piece in the jigsaw to make SA one of the favourites for\u00a0the World Cup? Is he the top class spinner they've craved?"

  110. Commentary  

    From Wizard, Grays, Essex, TMS inbox: "I can\u2019t believe these South Africans. Fancy getting in people born in other countries to play for the national team. Disgraceful."

  111. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Unless South Africa do something daft they're going to cake-walk this, but we all know they have done daft things in the past. I don't want to use the word 'choker', but they have made cock-ups."

  112. Commentary  

    From Michael Turner, TMS inbox: "Stuck at work watching the wickets tumble, seems to be a World Cup dominated by spin thus far, but can Big Benn do the damage for the Windies?"

  113. 1229 Commentary  

    Right, thanks to South Africa's brisk over-rate we're going to get a proper-length interval between innings - but there's plenty to listen to on TMS as you'll be able to hear the latest on the ticket shenanigans in Bangalore, as well as interviews with Graeme Swann, Ravi Bopara, Niall O'Brien, Daniel Vettori and Ricky Ponting.

  114. 1235 Commentary  

    If you're a fan of Ed Joyce, you might also like to read a feature by BBC Northern Ireland's John Haughey about Joyce's return to the colours for Ireland - we're going to take a quick break for a sandwich, by my calculations they should be starting again about 1305 GMT...

  115. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "Former India batsman Navjot Sidhu on local\u00a0TV says of WI batting 'I've seen better organisation on a farm full of headless chickens.' Genius."

  116. Twitter  

    From andyj247: "Yet again another immature batting performance from the Windies, i just get so fed up but it's same story for the last 20 yrs. Michael Holding speaking the truth about Kieron Pollard, his average is 18.8 - what is all the hype about? Is there a email address to WICB so I can register my disgust at that batting performance and their running of cricket?"

    Imran Tahir is trending on Twitter, but if you want to tweet us with your views, please use the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  117. 1303 Commentary  

    We're about six minutes away from the start of the South Africa innings.

    And for those of you furiously emailing about Wizard from Grays' comments earlier (about South Africa picking players born in other countries) and complaining about Pietersen, Trott, Prior etc in England's XI... I think he was trying to be ironic, or at the very least had his tongue firmly in his cheek!

  118. Twitter  

    From ChamDesilva: "Here you go my friend, andyj247:"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  119. 1309 Commentary  

    We're almost ready to go again. Don't forget you'll be able to watch highlights of this game at 2200 GMT on the Red Button and the BBC Sport website, then on BBC Two from 2320.

  120. 1310 Commentary  

    Hashim Amla and Graeme Smith opening for South Africa - and like the Proteas, the West Indies are going to open the bowling with a spinner - tall slow left-armer Sulieman Benn.

  121. 1 over Commentary SA 1-0 (TARGET 223)  

    The right-handed Amla gets forward well against Big Benn, steering a single to mid-off. Just the one from the first over.

  122. 2 overs Commentary SA 8-0  

    We're opening with the spin/pace combo as the second over is bowled by Kemar Roach, the only outright quick bowler in this Windies side (with apologies to messrs Sammy, Pollard and Bravo, none of which you'd want to face unhelmeted). Amla turns him for two before smacking a four through mid-wicket. A leg bye brings Cap'n Smith back on strike, he's yet to score. His bearded partner already has seven.

  123. Twitter  

    From benjaminat: "If we don't knock off this run chase every one of the boys deserves a whipping..... and I am going to eat my Proteas shirt."

    We'll hold you to that. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  124. 3 overs Commentary SA 15-0  

    Amla slashes Benn for four through third man, he works the ones and twos well and has 14 from 12 balls. Smith is yet to score from six...

  125. 3.3 overs WICKET Amla c Thomas b Roach 14 (SA 15-1)  

    Amla gets an inside edge and is brilliantly caught by keeper Thomas... but hang on a minute, the umpires are checking to see if it's a no-ball... it's marginal, Roach is very close to the line, but Amla is on his way.

  126. 4 overs Commentary SA 16-1  

    New batsman is Jacques Kallis, playing in his fifth World Cup and his 308th ODI. He has to dig out a yorker, before he's off the mark with a single - already outscoring his skipper, who's yet to score.

  127. 5 overs WICKET Kallis c Sammy b Benn 4 (SA 20-2)  

    Kallis guides Benn for two through mid-wicket. "Come on Benny boy" yells the helmeted Thomas, standing up to the stumps as Kallis rotates the strike. Graeme Smith is finally off the mark with a single to his namesake Devon Smith at long-on. But then Kallis edges to slip... and waits until the umpire raises his finger. Having only bowled three overs, it's fair to say Kallis has been on the "fringe" of things today.

  128. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "West Indies are going to have to work very hard here to win, but it's still a working total. The bowlers will have to bowl straight, and they're going to have to catch everything."

  129. 6 overs Commentary SA 25-2  

    New batsman is AB de Villiers. Roach bangs in a legside half-tracker which is meat and drink to Smith, who knocks it past square leg for four. He guides a single to the same area off the last delivery - ABDV is yet to face a ball.

  130. Twitter  

    From ShilliToon86: "Can't wait for Chris Gayle to come on to bowl. The laziest run-up, if you can call it a run-up, in world cricket."

    Gayle's bowling reminds me a little of ex-Hampshire batsman Chris Smith, whose occasional off-spin was probably the slowest bowling I've ever watched in pro cricket. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved.

  131. 7 overs Commentary SA 27-2 (TARGET 223)  

    Smith and ABDV exchange singles, but Smith looks a little tentative against Benn's left-arm spin at this stage, he's beaten by one in the flight which Thomas does well to take behind the stumps.

  132. 8 overs Commentary SA 40-2  

    The right-handed\u00a0De Villiers\u00a0delicately pushes the ball into the covers, and it's a sign of his class as a batsman in that he doesn't need to whack the ball with any strength but it still scoots away to the boundary, where Dwayne Bravo gets entangled in the rope. Kevin Howells joins Geoff Boycott on TMS ("Two Yorkies!" says an excited Boycs) as ABDV unleashes a more powerful square cut for his second four of the over - and a third boundary follows when Roach sends one down that's short and wide. A single ensures ABDV keeps the strike, he already has 14 from seven balls - he looks a class act.

  133. 9 overs Commentary SA 45-2  

    No bowling changes yet as Big Benn enters his fifth over, ABDV pushes a two and a single before Smith chances his arm with a quick single, keeper Thomas's throw to the bowler's end just misses - he would have been out by yards. There's a half-hearted lbw shout against ABDV for one that was clearly going down leg, but the right-hander keeps the strike with another single-off-the-last-ball ploy.

  134. 10 overs Commentary SA 49-2  

    West Indies make their first bowling change as the fast-medium Dwayne Bravo replaces Roach. "Shot of the day" is the cry as ABDV unleashes a textbook cover drive for four, which Geoff Boycott compares to that of Barry Richards. (Clearly high praise - my dad still maintains Barry Richards was the best player he ever saw).

  135. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Quiet day for us in Nagpur. Brief sightseeing outing. Ready for Aus-NZ tomorrow (day game so 0400 GMT)."

  136. 11 overs Commentary SA 54-2 (TARGET 223)  

    Cap'n Darren Sammy takes the fielding powerplay (Power-Play It Again, Sam!) and introduces his own right-arm medium-fast seam into the attack. Smith is really scratching around here as he smears a single to bring up his side's fifty, in contrast to ABDV who is fluency personified at the other end. Four more singles added, the required rate is not much above four an over in any event.

  137. Commentary  

    From Peter, Bristol, TMS inbox: "I was just wondering if the team can think of any reason, when this opening with a spinner tactic seems to be working so well, why England aren't using their 'best spinner in the world' to open the bowling?"

  138. SMS  

    From Tim Mirando: "Chris Gayle is so laid back, he's almost falling over!"

    I believe it was the writer Frances Edmonds (wife of ex-England spinner Phil) who wrote that it was "difficult to be more laid-back than David Gower without actually being comatose"!

  139. 12 overs Commentary SA 62-2  

    Some easy singles from Smith and De Villiers, while Smith whacks a loose delivery from Bravo through the covers for four. The Proteas don't need to move out of second gear at this stage.

  140. 13 overs Commentary SA 66-2  

    ABDV seems to have so much time to play his shots, it's as though he's operating on a different time zone to the other players. (I'm not trying to commentator's-curse him, he just looks in superb nick). Just a couple of gently-caressed twos from the over.

    And a report from the Associated Press reveals that South Africa's team management have received an apology from the ICC over the playing of their national anthem, which was apparently cut short before today's game. Well, if the ICC can apologise for that, what about an apology for confiscating Geoff Boycott's plastic fork (see earlier)?

  141. 13.1 overs OUCH! SA 66-2  

    Bravo falls over as he bowls the first ball of his over to Smith, then falls very awkwardly and looks in a lot of pain as he appears to have gone over on his ankle. He's going to get some treatment from the Windies physio, and the players will take drinks while they wait.

  142. 1408 OUCH!  

    Bravo is helped to his feet by the physio, but can't put any weight on the injured ankle. I think we'll need someone else to finish the over for him.

  143. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "Alison Mitchell has just sent a video from Bangalore including chaotic scenes outside the ground."

  144. 14 overs Commentary SA 69-2  

    After Bravo is helped off the field, Kieron Pollard will finish his over. Smith and ABDV help themselves to three more singles, these two have added 49 in nine overs and the Proteas need 154 more from 36 overs to win.

  145. 15 overs Commentary SA 73-2 (TARGET 223)  

    Smith brings up the fifty stand when he pushes Sammy for two and substitute Nikita Miller does the fielding. Proteas skipper Smith is looking slightly more fluent that earlier, dabbing a single to third man. He has 22, a single takes ABDV to 32 and that's it for the fielding powerplay.

  146. 16 overs Commentary SA 75-2  

    Former skipper Chris Gayle (the self-styled coolest man in cricket) to come on to bowl his gentle right-arm off-spin. Having lasted only half an over with the bat, Windies fans will hope he can make up for it by breaking this partnership. A tidy over yields just two singles. But with Bravo having gone in the fetlock, Gayle may well have to bowl close to his full allocation of overs today.

  147. BBC Test Match Special's Kevin Howells
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Kevin Howells  

    "They want to get me involved with Twitter and stuff, but I don't know how people find the time for it, unless they extend the day to 26 hours or something."

  148. 17 overs Commentary SA 81-2  

    Smith steers Sammy for a single, De Villiers gets a thin edge down to third man and they run two. We're into middle-overs-nurdling time, three more singles and that's six runs from Sammy's over - he has 0-19 from four overs.

  149. 18 overs Commentary SA 84-2  

    Young Devon Thomas is still chirping away behind the stumps, I don't envy who has to monitor the stump microphone if he ever plays in the same match as Pakistan stumper Kamran Akmal... More singles are exchanged as ABDV tries a big heave towards cow corner, but it falls agonisingly short of Sulieman Benn running round from long-on. My initial impression is that Big Benn, all 6ft 7ins of him, could have dived for that... mind you, the Windies wouldn't want two of their bowlers crocked.

  150. 19 overs Commentary SA 90-2 (TARGET 223)  

    Another gorgeous cover-driven four by ABDV, get that man in the next edition of the MCC coaching manual. (Presumably they'll have to produce it in HD, 3D, 5D or whatever). Steady progress from the Proteas, two more singles added and Cap'n Sammy's bowling options are rather limited.

  151. Commentary  

    From Richard, Oxford, TMS inbox: "A Windies total of 260 would have made it interesting; as it is, this is yet another boring, tensionless game. Lets hope NZ v. Aus can light the tournament up tomorrow..."

  152. 20 overs Commentary SA 94-2  

    Bit of a comedy moment as Gayle trots in to bowl, Smith pulls away as there's a problem with the sightscreens, and Gayle continues his run (still at his normal, slow bowling speed)\u00a0until he's halfway down the wicket and looks as though he's going to bowl the ball at Smith at point-blank range (or play him at Dodgeball). The offending sightscreen is eventually fixed (it's one of those with rotating adverts, which frequently cause trouble). After a couple of singles, Smith gives Gayle the charge but it's a flat hit and once more it's well short of Roach at long-on.

  153. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Phil Tufnell presents a World Cup special on BBC Radio 5 live from 2000 GMT. Guests are England's 2007 World Cup keeper Paul Nixon and 1992 finalist Allan Lamb."

  154. BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa  

    "South Africa are going along well at the moment - they don't want to lose a wicket and\u00a0have to build another partnership ."

  155. 21 overs Commentary SA 96-2  

    Change of bowler, same action as Pollard replaces Sammy. Smith removes his helmet to wipe his furrowed brow. Couple of singles added, and Pollard dives well to field off his own bowling and preserve a dot ball. The required rate is now 4.37, and Graeme Smith takes on a couple of tablets from the Proteas physio.

  156. Twitter  

    From FinlayJones: "England need to pick Yardy, and then Swann can open the bowling, with enough overs of spin to play with later on."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  157. 22 overs Commentary DE VILLIERS FIFTY - SA 105-2  

    More gentle off breaks from Gayle, ABDV's speed between the wickets brings him a couple of singles, before a carefully measured loft over mid-wicket allows him to bring up his 26th ODI fifty from 54 balls.

  158. 23 overs Commentary SA 114-2  

    A precise check-drive from Smith brings him two as the fleet-footed ABDV was running to the danger end. These ones and twos are rather tiring the Proteas skipper, but De Villiers helps himself to his sixth four with a slightly fortuitous edge - he has 59 from 56 balls, Smith is the support act with 36 from 60, and they're more than half way towards their target.

  159. 24 overs Commentary SA 117-2  

    West Indies replace their slowest bowler with their fastest as Roach returns in place of Gayle. Smith turns a two off his toes as Sarwan - who recently had issues with the West Indies Cricket Board over his fitness - pulls off a tumbling stop on the boundary. A single takes him to 39, that's a better over for the Windies but with this stand now worth 97, they need a wicket - and fast.

  160. 25 overs Commentary SA 121-2  

    As we reach the halfway point (in terms of overs) of the Proteas innings, South Africa continue their steady accumulation, bringing up the century stand from 118 balls, while on TMS Simon Mann laments the fact that England's game with India on Sunday is going to be played at Bangalore rather than Kolkata's famous Eden Gardens.

  161. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "Local news in Bangalore says that only\u00a06,000 'local' Indian fans will be at Sunday's game. There'll be\u00a010,000 England fans. Locals complaining that too many tickets allocated to sponsors and corporate partners. 3 KSCA officials caught wrongly in possession of tkts."

  162. 26 overs Commentary SA 124-2  

    After a single from ABDV, Roach goes round the wicket to the left-handed Graeme Smith, who straight-drives back past the stumps for two. Roach as 1-31 from six overs, and Pommie Mbangwa on TMS wonders if the Windies should ring for Big Benn to bowl another spell. (Otherwise, South Africa will be going like the clappers by the time he comes back on).

  163. 27 overs Commentary SA 126-2  

    Pollard's over is interrupted as the ball appears to have gone out of shape - fourth umpire Richard Kettleborough is swiftly on with his box of replacement balls. Just two singles from the over.

  164. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Tim Peach at the World Cup: "Zimbabwe's minister for Education, Sport, Art and Culture, David Coltart, has confirmed to me that Zimbabwe are going to return to Test cricket later this year. They'll play Bangladesh first, then Pakistan and New Zealand. Zimbabwe have been out of Test cricket since they withdrew in 2006."

  165. 28 overs Commentary SA 138-2  

    Pommie on TMS called it right a couple of overs ago - Big Benn's Back. But the unflustered ABDV chips him over extra cover for four, then comes down the pitch and blasts him for six over wide long-off!

  166. Twitter  

    From jay_241: "AB de Villiers has got to be one of the most consistent ODI batsmen in the world right now. Pure class."

    Tweet us\u00a0with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved

  167. 28.3 overs WICKET Smith b Pollard 45 (SA 139-3)  

    Pollard makes the breakthrough as the tiring Smith aims a big drive, is bowled through the gate and loses his off stump.

  168. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "You don't throw your wicket away, you don't let the opposition in like that. If South Africa lose from here, Smith has got to carry the can for it."

  169. 29 overs Commentary SA 140-3  

    New batsman JP Duminy is off the mark with a single. 83 needed from 126 balls.

  170. 30 overs Commentary SA 147-3  

    Roach replaces Benn after the slow left-armer conceded 12 off his last over. De Villiers opens the face to steer another fluent four through point, and this is looking all too easy for the Proteas.

    And if you've not seen them yet, do take a look at BBC World Service's enhanced scorecards and statistics which are available for all World Cup games - not just those we're doing text commentary on.

  171. BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier  

    "Substitute fielder Nikita Miller was named after former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev - not the Elton John song 'Nikita'. I've checked."

  172. 31 overs Commentary SA 157-3 (TARGET 223)  

    Duminy steers Pollard for four through square leg, Darren Bravo on the boundary can only help it over the rope as he tries to make a diving stop. Duminy and De Villiers are taking ones and twos at will, West Indies look to have run out of ideas.

  173. 32 overs Commentary SA 166-3  

    Duminy hooks at Roach and umpire Simon Taufel at square leg has to duck out of the way to avoid possible decapitation. Roach fires one down the leg side, JP tries to help it on its way and it sails to the boundary for four leg byes. Roach's line is all over the place here - De Villiers has 83 from 78, Duminy has 13 from 15 and South Africa need to score 57 from 108 balls to win.

  174. Twitter  

    From cibriddon: "Why is everyone keen for Swann to open bowling v India - Sehwag ducked every short ball v Bangladesh so Broad will be good."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  175. 33 overs Commentary SA 173-3  

    Cap'n Sammy rotates his meagre bowling resources as Benn replaces Pollard, but ABDV and JPD add three singles and two twos between them - 50 needed from 17 overs. As Tony Cozier alluded to on TMS a few minutes ago, at the risk of alerting the ICC anti-corruption unit, I think the result of this game is swiftly becoming a foregone conclusion (if there can be such a thing in cricket).

  176. Twitter  

    From McGowanS90: "We knew about WI batting but bowling was the unknown quantity, think we have found out today that both are a tad shoddy."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  177. 34 overs DRINKS BREAK SA 181-3 (TARGET 223)  

    More rotation as Sammy replaces Roach but strays down the leg side and it brushes ABDV's thigh, zooting past bare-headed keeper Thomas for four leg byes. The usual ones and twos are added. Time for drinks - and the compulsory ball change. Coxio [see 37th over of WI innings] should be pleased.

  178. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "De Villiers is playing superbly - I think all you can do as a captain is to keep swapping the bowling around and hoping for a miracle as you don't have enough runs to play with because the batsmen didn't do their job."

  179. 35 overs Commentary SA 185-3 (TARGET 223)  

    Benn to continue for his eighth over, he doesn't look particularly happy (but then again, he rarely does). Two singles apiece for ABDV (89 from 87) and JPD (22 from 24).

    And a couple of you who live near the stadium\u00a0are emailing in, saying it's raining where you are. I can only assume SA are a country mile ahead on Duckworth-Lewis, but we don't want to be here all night...

  180. SMS  

    From David, Devon: "Cibriddon [33rd over] is right but fails to mention Broad cannot open from both ends... Swanny is canny for getting early wickets so why spare the openers?

  181. Commentary  

    From Nikita Leigh, TMS inbox:\u00a0"I'm pleased there is someone else out there that knows about Nikita Kruschev of Russia! I am fed up being told I have a girl\u2019s name and I always have to explain that I was named after Nikita Kruschev as Tony Cozier just commented on. Phew!"

  182. 36 overs Commentary SA 193-3  

    This is a walk in the park for De Villiers and Duminy, who tuck into Sammy. They're only hitting ones and twos rather than boundaries - but with a required rate of 2.14, the only urgency they may have is to win the game before any rain arrives so they can get back to the hotel and put their feet up.

  183. Commentary  

    From Sharon Stephenson, TMS inbox: "Dayz like these I miss Courtney Walsh and Curtly Ambrose. That's when our bowling attack had a backbone."

  184. SMS  

    From John, New Milton: "There is not a cat in the floorboards' chance of Swann opening the bowling."

  185. 38 overs Commentary SA 196-3  

    Benn's penultimate over yields three singles. Don't forget, you can watch highlights of this game tonight at 2200 GMT (Red Button & BBC Sport website) or 2320 (BBC Two).

  186. 38 overs RAIN STOPS PLAY SA 199-3 (TARGET 223)  

    Uh-oh - the ground staff, all clad in waterproofs, are getting ready to pull the tarpaulin on if needed. Light drizzle can be observed under the lights. Three singles added from Sammy's over - 24 needed. But the umpires confer - and the covers are coming on. Just when we thought we'd be getting off early...

    Safe to say I don't think even Duckworth and Lewis would set South Africa 22 runs to win off one ball again...

  187. Twitter  

    From Crag1892: "De Villiers is a class above, he's like a gazelle between the wickets."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  188. Commentary  

    Umpire Simon Taufel: "I think the rain's stopping now, so we should be able to get the covers off."

    Good times!

  189. 1552 Commentary  

    While we're waiting, if you didn't hear on TMS earlier, I can confirm that West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo is going to have a scan after he injured his knee while bowling earlier.

    And the covers are literally being dragged off now, so we should resume imminently.

  190. 1555 INSPECTION  

    We're going to start play again at 1600 GMT.

  191. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Swann has opened the bowling before in a Test match - against WI he memory serves. So why not in the World Cup?"

    You remember correctly - he took the new ball against the West Indies at Lord's in 2009. And it wasn't a "bad light forcing fielding captain to bowl a spinner" scenario, like the one which once forced England to hand the new ball to Panesar and Pietersen in fading light.

  192. 39 overs THAT'S 100 SA 205-3 (TARGET 223)  

    We're back under way - the South African pair push some singles against Benn, and that's 100 for AB de Villiers, from 97 balls - that's his 10th ODI century, and the fastest World Cup century for South Africa. A very fluent innings by a very talented player.

  193. 40 overs Commentary SA 208-3  

    With 18 needed from 11 overs, West Indies throw the ball to Chris Gayle again but they're rather going through the motions here. Three singles - Duminy has 33, ABDV has 101 and the Proteas need 15 from a mere 60 balls.

  194. 41 overs Commentary SA 213-3  

    Pollard has a bit of a stretch in the field before breezing in for his eighth over. More delicate dabs bring South Africa ever-closer to victory. (They still have a batting powerplay available, yet are unlikely to need it, although they'll be forced to take it if they reach the start of the 46th over, which is also unlikely). 10 needed from 54 balls.

  195. 42 overs Commentary SA 218-3 (TARGET 223)  

    Duminy drives at Gayle, the batsmen are jogging every single now and SImon Mann on TMS reckons half the crowd have left as the Proteaas slowly creep towards the target in singles. Duminy's not going to reach 50 so they have no advantage in trying to manipulate the strike. Five runs needed to win.

  196. 42.5 overs Commentary SA 223-3  

    Devon Smith on as West Indies' seventh bowler - bowling style appears to be slow right-arm pies. He only has two first-class wickets and has previously only bowled one over in international cricket. South Africa take up the offer to end the game quickly, steering ones and twos to bring the scores level before Duminy whacks a single past mid-off to wrap up a comfortable win - South Africa win by seven wickets with 7.1 overs to spare.

  197. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "De Villiers has played some glorious, textbook shots - so while he was there, South Africa were never in any danger. He didn't slog once, didn't have to reverse sweep, hardly missed a ball and he should be proud of that."

  198. 1617 Commentary  

    ABDV finished unbeaten\u00a0on 107 by the way, with Duminy on 42. "It's always good to start a tournament with a win like this," Duminy says. "We only needed about four, four and a half an over when I came in as we knew when AB hit that first four today that he was on song."

  199. Twitter  

    From benjaminat: "I think it's fair to say my Proteas shirt will live to see another day [see 3rd over]... and my stomach as well for that."

  200. 1623 Commentary  

    We're just going to hang on for the presentation. Meanwhile, also available for you to listen to is Adil Ray's interview with Bollywood actor Rahul Bose, who explains how\u00a0India's love of cricket has developed since the IPL began.

  201. Commentary  

    West Indies captain Darren Sammy: "We could have posted more runs, but none of our batsmen who got in went on like AB did for South Africa. Every time it looked like we were getting on top, we lost wickets in clusters so we'll have to correct that. Dwayne Bravo will have a scan tomorrow, he's an inspiration for us so we want to have him back but we'll wait to see the extent of the injury."

  202. Commentary  

    SA captain Graeme Smith: "Winning the toss was good, Darren Bravo batted well for them but we managed to peg them back. I was a bit ill coming into the game, but I just tried to knuckle down and build a partnership with AB, hopefully I'll hit the ball better as the tournament goes on. We've got eight days until our next match so I think we'll enjoy a few days off."

  203. Commentary  

    Man of the match AB de Villiers: "It was amazing how calm Imran Tahir was for a debutant. I know the ground quite well because of the IPL so I knew we should bat second."

  204. 1640 Commentary  

    We're going to wrap it up here - you can watch highlights of today's game at 2200 GMT (Red Button & BBC Sport website) and 2320 (BBC Two), and don't forget Phil Tufnell's show on BBC Radio 5 live from 2000.

    Then it's a rapid turnaround for us as I'll be here in the live text chair in the\u00a0wee small hours of tomorrow morning to bring you Australia v New Zealand (play starts 0400 GMT, with TMS on air from 0345), and as soon as that match finishes, I'll be handing the baton to Pranav Soneji who'll bring you Bangladesh v Ireland. Until then, take care and see you tomorrow!

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Live Scores - South Africa v West Indies


  • South Africa beat West Indies by 7 wickets
  • South Africa: 223-3 (42.5 overs)
  • West Indies: 222 (47.3 overs)
  • Venue: Delhi

South Africa Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 3 223
Amla c Thomas b Roach 14
Smith b Pollard 45
Kallis c Sammy b Benn 4
de Villiers not out 107
Duminy not out 42
Extras 1nb 10lb 11

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