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Cricket World Cup: England v Netherlands as it happened

  1. 0830 Commentary  

    Ah the Dutch and their World Cup pedigree, you just can't ignore it. Three finals, inventing a whole new sporting philosophy, fervent orange-clad fans, inevitable internal team bust-ups, genius shotmakers - Cruyff, Gullit, Van Basten, Robben, Sneij...oh hang on.

  2. 0833 Commentary  

    No need to adjust your tinternet sets, the Netherlands, the penultimate-ranked one-day team in the world, take on the mighty England, fresh from two warm-up victories against Canada and Pakistan, in the Cricket World Cup. This encounter is the third 50-over affair between the two teams\u00a0- and unsurprisingly England have won both matches in 1996 and 2003.

  3. 0835 THE SUN IS OUT  

    Toss time - and Netherlands captain Peter Borren has won the toss and elected to bat first in blissfully sunny Nagpur, located in central India in the state of Maharastra. For all you Dutch fans, it's an apt location - it's known as the city of oranges. "It's important we strike with the new ball," says Andrew Strauss.

  4. 0842 Commentary  

    Just one change for England from the team that beat Pakistan in Fatullah\u00a0- in comes new-father Graeme Swann, proud parent of baby Wilfred, with left-arm dartsmeister Michael Yardy making way while Ravi Bopara returns once again to the middle order. The England batting line-up has undergone something of a renovation with Kevin Pietersen opening the batting alongside Andrew Strauss, with Matt Prior charged with the "finisher's" role with Eoin Morgan missing because of injury.

  5. Twitter  

    From Michael Vaughan: "Watched a cheetah hunt down and catch a springbok this morning.. Sharp movers.. now time to watch Englands WC campaign get on the way.."

  6. 0848 Commentary  

    The teams - England: Strauss, Pietersen, Trott, Bell, Collingwood, Bopara, Prior, Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson

    Netherlands: Kervezee, Barresi, Cooper, Ten Doeschate, Zuiderent, De Grooth, Borren*, Bukhari, Seelaar, Loots, Westdijk

  7. 0853 Commentary  

    You don't need the memory of Raymond Babbitt to remember the Netherlands' last-ball victory against England in the opening match of the World Twenty20 in 2009. Our very own Mark Mitchener has just gone through the events of the last delivery nothing but a remote control as his sole prop, venting his still-bitter ire towards Stuart Broad, the man whose shy at the stumps led to the winning overthrow. It wasn't particularly convincing, unlike an excellent Pietersen impression from another colleague. Slighty camp, South African-tinged, it's a winner.

  8. Commentary  

    From Trev, Kent, TMS inbox: "Appreciate all of your references to oranges this morning, but I just hope the England bowlers send a few jaffas down today."

  9. 0859 Commentary  

    Oh dear, Ricky Ponting turned all rock star following a quality tantrum after his run-out dismissal against Zimbabwe on Monday. The Australia captain was so incensed, he smashed a television set with his bat. Mr ICC is not best pleased. Keiths Richards and Moon would be impressed. In fact, the man sat behind me is currently reading Keith Richards' autobiography. He describes it\u00a0as a "cautionary" tale. The teams are out, openers Alexei Kervezee and Wesley Barresi are set for the first ball, to be bowled by James Anderson. Game on...

  10. 1 over Commentary Ned 7-0  

    The huge, bowl-like Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground is almost empty, save for a large number of schoolchildren who have been admitted for free by organisers. BBC commentator Jonathan Agnew comapres the noise inside the stadium like a swimming pool in half-term. Anderson's line errs on leg stump and\u00a0Barresi nibbles the ball down to fine leg, where Tim Bresnan misfields to deflect the ball over the boundary for the first runs of the day. The big lad from Pontrefact apologises for his aberration but it looks like we've got a flat-track of the highest order. No lateral movement, no swing, slogtastic.

  11. Commentary  

    From Stuart, TMS inbox: "I'm following the website in Haarlem, Netherlands. My co-workers, normally rabid Holland supporters, had no idea that the match was on. As a matter of fact, they had little idea that the Netherlands fielded a team. Or what cricket is, for that matter."

  12. Twitter  

    From Big_Bala: "Could England give the Dutch a battering? Revenge for the last time? Lets hope so."

  13. 2 overs Commentary Ned 12-0  

    Stuart Broad has had a right old ding-dong with the clippers, sporting either a number two or three, give or take a milimetre or two. A picture on the England Facebook page of the Nottinghamshire seamer prompted on young lady to flail herself in horror, demanding he grow his blond locks back instantly. His line needs a tweak too as Alexei Kervezee, who has made waves at New Road for Worcester, tucks into a leg-side gimme for the second four of the day. Confident start for the men in orange.

  14. 3 overs Commentary Ned 17-0  

    Kervezee languidly swipes through the line of the ball and plants James Anderson for a one-bounce four over long-on, a lovely clean hit straight out of the screws. Jimmy retorts\u00a0with an expression as if he\u00a0has\u00a0just sucked a rather tart lemon. Very easy so far for the Dutch openers, it's up and down with\u00a0no give for\u00a0England's two seamers.\u00a0\u00a0

  15. Commentary  

    From Greg from Blyth (Tom\u2019s line manager), TMS inbox: "Can you tell Tom sitting next to me that he needs to improve his screen-minimising technique. I have caught him four times and the coverage is only minutes old, its going be a long World Cup if things don\u2019t improve\u2026.maybe some readers have tips for him."

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    \u201cI\u2019m worried about England\u2019s lack of variety. If you get two right-handers in, it would be nice to have a left-arm spinner like Michael Yardy to get them thinking a bit. Broad looks a lot quicker than Anderson today.\u201d

  17. 4 overs Commentary Ned 17-0  

    Normality is temporarily restored as Stuart Broad sends down a maiden, although Kervezee attempts a right ol' mooey with the fifth ball, shifting to leg before a mighty swipe. However, he completely misses the ball as it thuds into the gloves of Matt "The Finisher" Prior. Even I would fancy knocking up a laboured 20-odd on a track like this.

  18. 5 overs Commentary Ned 21-0  

    Strauss rings the changes early doors with big Tim Bresnan coming in for a joust, another unremarkable over with four singles taken. Seriously, KP could knock up a ton with the proverbial stick of rhubarb/celery/toffee on this track against this bowling attack, who no longer boast the alacrity of Dirk Nannes after his redefection back into Australia colours.

  19. 6 overs Commentary Ned 34-0  

    The first streaky shot of the day as (Franco) Barresi scythes a thick edge just past the outstretched right hand of wicketkeeper Matt Prior and down to the boundary for four off Broad. The big Notts seamer's next delivery stinks like week-old mackerel - wide and short outside off stump - allowing Barresi to guide the ball down to the deep point boundary for his second successive boundary. And he follows that up with his third four of the over,\u00a0advancing down the\u00a0track and hitting Broad on the up through cover point. Awesome shot that as\u00a0Barresi shifted to leg and Broad followed him, but he hit the ball inside-out, keeping his body on the leg side.

  20. 6.2 overs WICKET Kervezee c Prior b Bresnan 16 (Ned 36-1)  

    Bresnan makes the breakthrough as Kervezee's attempted pull skims off the top edge of his bat and into the gloves of Matt Prior.

  21. Commentary  

    From Tom, TMS inbox: "For Greg in Blyth - my tip would be, if you're serving your notice, as I am, and you manage a team, as I do, you can get away with BBC website up pretty much full-time, which is nice!"

  22. 7 overs Commentary Ned 41-1  

    New man is Tom Cooper, or Tom Kuiper as he would probably be known in his adopted country. The Australian-born batsman has a Dutch mother - and no doubt she would be pleased as punch as her son nudges a leg-side delivery through midwicket for a confident-looking boundary with his very first delivery. Meanwhile Franco Barresi is\u00a0clattered\u00a0by a short Bresnan delivery which rears alarmingly off the so-far placid turf, hitting the opener in the\u00a0neck. He's OK though, hoorray.\u00a0\u00a0

  23. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Greg from Blyth - Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights is quite clear on Tom's rights: 'Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.' If Tom says he follows cricket religiously, there's nothing you or any of his bosses can do about it."

  24. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "I think Tim Bresnan has a big part to play in the World Cup for England. They were desperate to get him fit. He has good pace, can swing it and can bat too."

  25. Commentary  

    From Stan, TMS inbox: "@Stuart (1st over), I live in Haarlem but work at the Prime ministers office in The Hague. I can definitely tell you we are listening in (or rather: reading in) the cricket here. Wearing my orange suit today!"

  26. 8 ovs Commentary Ned 46-1  

    Four dot balls from Stuart Broad are utterly ruined when the fifth is edged fine through second slip for four by the spritely Barresi. Phil in St Andrew's says this pitch is as "flat as the Netherlands".\u00a0I would\u00a0say\u00a0the track is akin to the comedy of Duncan Norvelle.

  27. 9 overs Commentary Ned 47-1  

    Better over from Bresnan, leaking a solitary single.

  28. SMS  

    From Anon: "Tom in Blyth, over the years\u00a0I have found the best way to hide avoidance of work on the PC is to gain a few stone and block visual access of the screen. This World Cup should be long enough for mass weight gain."

  29. 10 overs Commentary Ned 47-0  

    The sky is currently the colour of the Coventry City shirts of the John Sillett era, although it contrasts starkly with the multi-coloured vacant seats all around the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground. Broad sends down a maiden over without too much concern for the Dutch second-wicket partnership.

  30. Commentary  

    From Ben from Swansea but living in Dhaka, TMS inbox: "To Greg from Blyth. Tell Tom to also have a work document open and just hit [alt] + [tab]. Once you get the technique you can switch look like your working very quickly at the first sign of the boss. Also, developing a \u2018concentration\u2019 pose is useful to add to the deceipt. I find elbow on desk, chin on palm works well."

  31. 11 overs Commentary Ned 57-1  

    More fortune for Franco Barresi, squirming a thick outside edge through the slips for the second time during his innings for four before Tom Cooper arrogantly dismisses an attempted short delivery from Bresnan through backward square leg for his second boundary. Confident start for the Dutch, cue slightly concerned expressions from Andrew Strauss - don't think this start was part of the plan. Also, let me take this opportunity to shamelessly plug Sam Sheringham's thoroughly insightful article on Andy Flower.

  32. BBC Test Match Special's Glenn Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Glenn Mitchell  

    "It's almost like England against England, with so many South Africans in the Dutch team."

  33. 11.4 overs WICKET Barresi st Prior b Swann 29 (Ned 58-2)  

    Time for Swannage - and just like most of his first overs, the tweaker has made things happen as Barresi is fooled by an arm ball, tentatively pushing outside off stump but making no contact and Matt Prior whips off the bails in a flash. Time for the third umpire - and he's a goner! The opener''s right foot is bang on the line when the wicketkeeper breaks the stumps - and the line belongs to the umpire. Tight, but the right call. Yet another example why England's hopes of lifting the 50-over trophy for the first time depend on Swann's threat.

  34. 13 overs Commentary Ned 59-2  

    Slightly paraphrasing that famous song from a syrupy musical featuring John Travolta, "Tweak is the word" for England as Paul Collingwood and his off-cutters are summoned, a wise move considering the lack of incision\u00a0by the trio of seamers. Good start from Colly, who leaks a solitary single.

  35. Commentary  

    From Mark Owen, TMS inbox: "Don't knock Duncan 'Chase Me' Norvelle - I once went to a friend's wedding and nearly collapsed laughing when Duncan appeared to serenade the happy couple 'in the round' with a spine-tingling rendition of "Love Changes Everything". That's proper use of New Money."

  36. Twitter  

    From Tomhue1: "Swann you legend! Wicket in first over again! Franco Barresi is out! Bit more like it England!"

  37. 14 overs Commentary Ned 60-2  

    The brake pedal is well and truly engaged as new-man Ryan ten Doeschate, one of Oliver Brett's six to watch for the tournament, is yet to score while Cooper knocks a drive to mid-off for a single.

  38. 15 overs Commentary Ned 65-2  

    After 11 frustrating dot balls, Ten Doeschate delicately turns a Colly off-cutter past Matt Prior's left pad and down for a very fine boundary. Still no fireworks but it's all very rosy for the Dutch, playing confidently and risk-free. So far.

  39. Commentary  

    From the very busy Greg from Blyth, TMS inbox: "Re: Mark Owen: When you say friends wedding were you referring to Robbie Williams recent nuptials? Good to see Duncan Norvelle received an invite\u2026I wonder if Bob \u201cSpit The Dog\u201d Carolgees did as well."

  40. 16 overs Commentary Ned 70-2  

    Four singles from Swann's third overs as Cooper and Ten Doeschate, fresh from a not-so-successful jaunt\u00a0in the Aussie Twenty20\u00a0Big Bash,\u00a0manipulate the singles around the park.

  41. 17 overs Commentary Ned 79-2  

    Ten Doeschate turns all VVS Laxman, leaning on his back foot before carressing a beautiful drive on the up through cover for four off Paul Collingwood, shot of the day by a distance. Sir Geoffrey of Boycottshire says the Dutch are playing confidently and "it's all too easy" for them at the moment. Can't disagree with that. I wonder if England are lamenting dropping Michael Yardy right now... Good over for the Dutch, nine runs from it.

  42. Commentary  

    From Andrew Butcher, TMS inbox: "I wanted to mock the the Netherlands for having a Saffer as their best player, until\u00a0I realised that would be the pot calling the kettle orange."

  43. SMS  

    From Steve67: "Ok ,enough jokes about our South African contingent...I am getting de boer-ed of them now."

  44. 18 overs Commentary Ned 82-2  

    The single-fest continues as Cooper and Ten Doeschate milk three like a pig-tailed Bavarian maid off Swann.

  45. Commentary  

    From Tunkx, TMS inbox: "Please can you clarify if Tom Cooper is wearing a fez?"

    I can't believe I missed that. Talk about open goal.

  46. Commentary  

    From Ben, Lincoln, TMS inbox: "I once played a charity game of cricket with Duncan Norvelle as my local side in Nottingham had a grand open day for our new pavillion. I had the fortune to open the batting with him. Being a young naive lad of 17 at the time I was reluctant to run anymore than two runs at a time for fear of my team mates heckling from the boundary. 'Oh Ben, chase him chase him."

  47. SMS  

    Alex, working in the quietest office ever in Caernarfon: "Doesn't bode well for England when a former Italian football legend can nearly score 30 runs against us! Come on the Ingerland."

  48. 19 overs Commentary Ned 88-2  

    The spin/cut-fest is broken up as James Anderson returns for his third over. The Lancsman is bowling more attempted inswingers and off-cutters, but the pitch is refusing to provide any sort of assistance as the Dutch duo add six runs to the total, with Ten Doeschate providing four of those including a gimme from some sloppy fielding.

  49. 20 overs Commentary Ned 90-2  

    A huge roar erupts around the ground, not quite sure what that was about, maybe Duncan Norvelle has just taken his seat. He might be huge in India - like the late Norman Wisdom was huge in Albania.\u00a0Two more runs from Swann's fifth over, it's all\u00a0very unexciting on the field right now.\u00a0

  50. 21 overs Commentary Ned 94-2  

    Cooper looks very organised, presents a straight bat and manipulates the ball in the gaps as he moves to 30 from 49 deliveries. Matt Prior opts to close off the second-wicket duo's plans to bat outside of the crease, standing up to the stumps to Anderson, which goes to show just what a superb wicketkeeper he is nowadays. Four singles from over.

  51. 22 overs Commentary Ned 95-2  

    Very comfortable for Ten Doeschate and Cooper, pipping a couple of singles to move closer to their fifty-run stand off Graeme Swann.

  52. 23 overs Commentary Ned 101-2  

    With Aggers and Boycs still discussing the merits of comedian/magician Tommy Cooper, Anderson gallops in for his fourth over. Some sharp running gets Cooper (tha batsman) a quick single to Strauss at short extra cover. These two are looking quite settled as another single takes them past the 100 mark.

  53. 24 overs Commentary Ned 109-2  

    Kevin Pietersen says he is in love with the game again, but he doesn't look too enamoured with that as Cooper chops his\u00a0second ball\u00a0to the fence. Eight runs from the over.

  54. Commentary  

    From Steve Bennett, TMS inbox: "Concerned. Very good gameplan from the Dutch. Have a go in the first few overs to get some runs on the board, then milk the middle overs with the best batsmen, having enough wickets in hand to really boost the score in the last dozen overs."

  55. 25 overs Commentary Ned 119-2  

    Collywobbles, sporting a new-look ginger beard,\u00a0is back and Ten Doeschate hoiks his first ball over midwicket for a one-bounce four. A wideish long hop is delicately cut to the fence to another boundary. The partnership is up to 60 now. Both of these batsmen average over 65 in ODIs by the way...

  56. 26 overs Commentary Ned 130-2  

    The tournament six counter turns to 22 as Ryan ten Doeschate waltzes down the track and absolutely wallops a juicy Kevin Pietersen full-toss, complete with napkin, fish knife and glass of Chateauneuf, is marmalised over the deep midwicket boundary, following that up with three runs down towards the deep point. England look bereft of inspiration right now.

  57. Commentary  

    From MJF, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "The Hubble telescope found some new distant galaxies recently but they are still not as far away as the end of this tournament."

  58. 27 overs Commentary Ned 132-2  

    Martin Grayling says the Dutch boys are "seeing the ball like an Edam - after all they are red and shiny". The partnership extends to 74 in 102 deliveries with two singles of the reliable Collingwood, who will be concerned about the nascent threat of the third-wicket duo, who could switch to ballistic mode at any opportunity.

  59. Commentary  

    From Jamie, TMS Inbox: "Fish knife and Chateauneuf? Red wine with fish? I thought better of you."

    See what happens when a vegetarian starts talking about culinary matters way above his station...

  60. Twitter  

    From Michael Vaughan: "Yardy has been a invaluable member of the side for a year or so now..Arrive at the WC and see ya later.. Why oh why..."

  61. 28 overs DROPPED CATCH Ned 136-2  

    Bresnan returns and bigs in a short ball for Cooper, who gets a little too much top edge for his liking, sending the ball down to long leg where Kevin Pietersen drops a tough catch low to his right. KP doesn't look best pleased, nor do his team-mates.

  62. 28.1 overs WICKET Cooper c Anderson b Collingwood 47 (Ned 136-3)  

    Fresh from a dropped catch the ball before, Cooper sends a simple catch to James Anderson at mid-on off Collingwood's bowling three runs short of a deserved half-ton. He will be kicking himself - a big score\u00a0was there\u00a0for the taking.\u00a0

  63. 29 overs Commentary Ned 137-3  

    New man at the crease is Bas Zuiderent, short for Bastiaan, not Barry, who has spent time down at Hove with Sussex in the County Championship. The right-hander is off the mark with a simple single, the only run from a very much-needed 29th over from the ever-reliable Colly. If he was a car, he would be a VW Golf. No frills, excellent for short journeys and sometimes comes with a CD player.

  64. 30 overs Commentary Ned 142-3  

    Ten Doeschate moves to within five runs of his a half-ton with a couple of Brez. My wingman Sam Sheringham, who has moonlighted for a few overs while I wolf down museli during this innings, doesn't like England's body language. I have to concur. Not much chat, lots of pensive staring and not very much encouragement. Some\u00a0condolences from the ICC following the earthquake in Christchurch today. "At times like this, sport can only offer its support and its deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones during such a tragedy," said chief\u00a0executive Haroon Lorgat.\u00a0

  65. 31 overs DROPPED CATCH Ned 147-3 TEN DOESCHATE FIFTY  

    VILLAGE! The only word to describe what would have been a simple catch as Ten Doeschate sends up a lofted drive with plenty of hang time, allowing Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson to get under the ball for the catch. Except both leave it for the other, stopping dead in their tracks as the ball plonks down neatly between them. Graeme Swann's stare could cut through bank vaults. Furious - and he has every right. And to really rub the sodium in the fresh wounds, Ten Doeschate nudges a single to bring up his 50. Oh dear. Worth watching on the highlights later today because it's a shocker.

  66. 32 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Ned 148-3  

    Review time as Bresnan has a caught behind appeal turned down with a delivery that bisects Zuiderent, but replays show the ball is a good distance from the inside edge, so umpire Asad Rauf's original decision is upheld. Good over from Bres, leaking just a solitary single.

  67. Commentary  

    From Paul,Sunderland, TMS inbox: "I like the car comparison for Colly. Suggestions for the rest of the team?....KP an Alfa Romeo,looks good but not reliable."

  68. 32.5 overs WICKET Zuiderent c Collingwood b Swann 1 (Ned 149-4)  

    Zuiderent loops a top edge to midwicket off Swann and the proverbial mother's pinny comparison could be used as Paul Collingwood snags the easiest catch of his respledent career.

  69. Commentary  

    From Andrew, London, TMS inbox: "Rubbing sodium into the wounds? Really, I do hope you mean sodium chloride and not sodium as the latter would become rather incendiary with the moisture from the wound. I can't help but feel this would only make this dire performance worse!"

  70. 34 overs Commentary Ned 152-4  

    Ten Doeschate brings up the Dutch 150 with a push to leg for a couple of the Bres. The lights at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground have burning bright, the Coventry City-blue sky will turn to black in no time.

  71. SMS  

    From Tan, Birmingham: "What are we doing, are we saving our best performance for the big teams? I'm risking my job to listen/read this well below average performance from England."

  72. 35 overs Commentary Ned 162-4  

    Swann beats Ten Doeschate with a ripper of an arm ball - but the Essex all-rounder rams it back into the bowler's face as he skips down the track and lofts the ball effortlessly between deep midwicket and long-on for his second six of his innings, taking him along to 62, his highest one-day score against a Test-playing nation. Alongside him is Tom de Grooth.

  73. Commentary  

    From Cat, TMS inbox: "Just had an email from a friend listening on the radio to ask if there is really a cricketer called \u2018TenderSkirt\u2019."

  74. Commentary  

    From Ian B, TMS inbox: "Continuing the car comparison - Bresnan is a Skoda; good engine, strong chassis, but a Skoda nevertheless."

  75. SMS  

    From James, Warrington: "Trott must be a 1975 Land Rover, looks awful, takes forever to get 60, but never fails."

  76. 36 overs Commentary Ned 166-4  

    More conventional beauty from Ten Doeschate, punching a gorgeous back-foot drive through extra cover off the returning Broad, but only gleans one for his efforts. If the name De Grooth rings a bell, it's probably because it was his innings\u00a0that ensured the Netherlands beat\u00a0England in the shock Twenty20 win at Lord's a couple of years. RTD is\u00a0manipulating the strike with ease right now.

  77. 37 overs Commentary Ned 171-4  

    A deft reverse sweep from De Grooth runs down fine for four off Swann, although Geoff Boycott isn't best pleased with the full delivery outside off stump from the new-dad\u00a0tweaker. Swann finishes\u00a0up his 10 overs and finishes with figures of 2-35, which really should have been 3-35 were it\u00a0not for a Benny Hill-style comedy routine between Pietersen and Anderson. Stick Yakety Sax on that and you'll have a sure-fire video-sharing website success story.\u00a0

  78. Commentary  

    From Benjamin, Cheltenham , TMS inbox: "RE: Bresnan a Skoda: Having lived in Prague for two years, I can tell you that Skoda in Czech slang means 'that's a shame'. Make all the Bresnan-performance jokes you can out of that."

  79. 38 overs Commentary Ned 178-4  

    De Grooth moves to 16 as he rolls his wrists and eases a boundary through backward square leg as Broad attempts to dig the ball in short, but there's no pace in the pitch, allowing the Dutch number six to rock on to the back foot with little trouble.\u00a0 De Grooth is looking healthy with the blade in hand right now.

  80. Commentary  

    From Dave, Qatar, TMS inbox: "Mike Yardy would be a battered family estate car, with a 'My other car is a Ferarri' sticker on the back. You'd drive him most places, but take your other car out for special occasions, for example, a World Cup."

  81. 39 overs Commentary Ned 186-4  

    DILSCOOP! De Grooth shuffles across his stumps and plants his right foot down before paddling the ball over his left shoulder for four off the returning Collingwood. The shot so beloved of dentists across the country on Monday mornings following aborted village attempts on the Sunday. De Grooth is 23 from just 20 deliveries. And the batting powerplay is still to come...

  82. Commentary  

    From Mark, Lee on the Solent, TMS inbox: "Poor Jonathan Trott. To be compared to a 1975 LandRover is a little unfair surely. I\u2019m convinced he won\u2019t need an endless supply of cheap parts from strange back-street suppliers, have numerous websites devoted to how to keep him going and have many, many devoted fans, all with beards, trying to convince anyone who\u2019ll listen that he\u2019s still a reliable alternative to proper cricketers."

  83. 40 overs Commentary Ned 188-4  

    If you're feeling a tad disheartened, this might cheer you up - the Netherlands have only played one ODI under floodlights, back in 2002 against Sri Lanka, and they were all out for 86 batting second.\u00a0However, they are batting first...\u00a0Matt Prior takes a smart leg-side catch standing up to Anderson off RTD, but umpire Asad Rauf is unmoved. Strauss considers the possibility of a review, but decides against it. \u00a0

  84. 41 overs Commentary Ned 199-4  

    Wallop! Ten Doeschate clears the ropes with a lusty six between deep midwicket and long-on off Collingwood's second delivery of his eigth over. Beautiful shot, hit with venom and placement. More shocking fielding from England - as village as it gets - as Bell's attempted slide to prevent a double only kicks the ball a further 10m. An attempted\u00a0slower ball goes horribly wrong for Colly, serving up a\u00a0full-toss of the mouth-watering variety, only for RTD to drill the ball straight to a fielder for a single. However, the Essex all-rounder is now on 77 and a good bet for three figures.\u00a0

  85. Commentary  

    From Martijn Verbrugge. Amsterdam, TMS inbox: "In reply to the shotmaker jibe at the start of the report. How are they doing today? The best team to never win the World awake now, won't happen. but the thought of yelling 'they think it is all is now' and seeing a orange army invade a cricket pitch?"

  86. 42 overs Commentary Ned 209-4  

    RTD stands tall in his crease and hammers Anderson through midwicket for a mighty boundary before doubling up with a well-placed glance through the leg side. My colleague Oliver Brett suggests the Essex all-rounder is the best player outside of the Test-playing nations. I think he's right. Another fruity over for the Oranje.

  87. Commentary  

    From Bad Mick (disgruntled Gooner), TMS inbox:\u00a0"Ref you opening gambit at 0830 - how can honestly put Robben and Sneijder ahead of Bergkamp. Shame on you."

  88. SMS  

    From Liam, Reigate: "Swann would be a Lancia Delta - rare, unique, fast and clinical. But try getting a spare part to replace him. Impossible."

  89. 42.5 overs WICKET De Grooth bowled Broad 28 (Eng 213-5)  

    Powerplay - and about time too, although play is held up for a couple of minutes because of a sightscreen problem. The usually sanguine Asad Rauf is blowing a gasket shouting at the operators to sort it out - imagine a man having an argument with one of those self-service supermarket checkouts following an "unexpected item in the baggage area" warnings and you're getting there. But Broad makes the vital breakthrough with a beauty of a yorker, right in the blockhole as De Grooth attempts to make room to the leg side to hit through off. Top innings from the number six though.

  90. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Poor 1975 LandRover. To be compared to Jonathan Trott is a little unfair surely..."

  91. Commentary  

    From Mark, apparently working, TMS inbox: "Paul Collingwood would have to be a bit like my P reg Fiesta. Would always eventually get to 60, no matter how long it took. Has seen better days, currently isn\u2019t performing how I know it can and is currently with the mechanic."

  92. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Ian Bell is the sort of motor you'd catch Jez Clarkson driving in a Top Gear special - an elegant old classic that comes unstuck if it hits a bump at about 30."

  93. 44 overs Commentary Ned 225-5  

    RTD moves into the 90s as he picks a Bresnan slower-ball bouncer, rocking on to his back foot and slamming the ball behind square leg, following that up with a punchy straight drive past Bresnan's left hand for a straight boundary, which takes him five runs short of his fourth one-day ton but more tellingly, his first against a Test-playing nation. A single takes him a boundary away from a thoroughly deserved three-figure score. Three more overs left of the powerplay to go and Peter Borren is the new man at the crease.

  94. Commentary  

    From PeckhamSteve, Kennington, TMS inbox: "Ricky Ponting is a Ford Transit. Years at the top but over aggressive in traffic, and a bit too scruffy to keep outside the front of your house."

  95. 45 overs THAT'S 100 Ned 239-5  

    Heart-in-mouth time for RTD as a top-edged pull off Broad gets some serious hang time, but fortunately for him it lands just short of Ian Bell running in from the boundary, picking up two runs\u00a0in the process.\u00a0And he brings up the ton courtesy of\u00a0yet another\u00a0fielding mishap when Jonathan Trott's direct hit deflects off the stumps, past the despairing dive of\u00a0Andrew Strauss and\u00a0down to the deep point boundary for\u00a0four overthrows. Not that\u00a0Ten Doeschate cares as he lofts his arms in\u00a0the air, shortly\u00a0before pummeling a\u00a0rank long-hop through midwicket for an imperious four, his 107th run from just 100 deliveries.\u00a0You really have to hand it to the Dutch, they are playing a fantastic game here.\u00a0

  96. SMS  

    From Al in Chelmsford: "Those who have seen RTD at Essex know this display is completely expected. Let him have his cameo....but unfortunately he can bowl, too!"

  97. 46 overs Commentary Ned 253-5  

    Anderson sends down a dangerous waist-high full-toss to RTD, rightly called a no-ball by umpire Rauf. The England players go up for an lbw appeal as Borren plays a sweep from outside off stump, but the Pakistani official turns it down. Strauss isn't convinced and calls for the review - only for the replays to show\u00a0the biggest nick you will\u00a0ever see coming off the Dutch captain's bat. Anderson is losing the plot here - he sends down another dangerous overwaist-high no-ball and to really compound England's woes - and there are plenty from this insipid display so far - it whizzes down leg side, past the sprawling left glove of Matt Prior for five no-balls. Shocking. Only a superb sliding stop by Bell on the deep square leg boundary saves another four runs. England are in pieces here, 14 from that over.

  98. Commentary  

    From Craig, Blackpool, TMS inbox: "Has RTD not lived here long enough for us to have stolen him and welded and England badge to him yet ala Trott, Pietersen, Morgan, Kieswetter, Lumb etc??"

  99. 47 overs DROPPED CATCH Ned 259-5  

    Peter Borren survives a tough chance as he sweeps Bresnan to short fine leg, where Warwickshire's Jonathan Trott\u00a0makes an excellent diving attempt to his left but can't quite cling on to the ball as the sixth-wicket duo run through for a double. Six runs from the over and if RTD selects destruction mode, the absolutely-impossible-to-think-of scenario of a Dutch 300 is on the horizon.

  100. Commentary  

    From Celine, TMS inbox: "Hup Holland Hup!"

  101. 48 overs Commentary Ned 274-5  

    Geoff Boycott is spitting venom right now in the TMS commentary box, describing Anderson's bowling as "tripe"\u00a0as he concedes three successive boundaries to Borren. The first\u00a0two\u00a0are\u00a0casually dispatched over third man for four while the\u00a0sixth delivery, a slower length ball on off stump, is sent high above his head for a straight boundary. Fifteen from the over.

  102. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "This is rubbish from Anderson. We talk him up when he is bowling well but this is absolute tripe. He's trying to bowl slower balls and off-cutters and it's not working. Just keep it simple, full and straight. His last ball was right in the slot - if you had one eye and a patch you couldn't miss that!"

  103. 48.1 overs WICKET Ten Doeschate c Bopara b Broad 119 (274-6)  

    Ten Doeschate's superb innings comes to a close as he top edges a Broad short ball to Ravi Bopara, who takes a safe catch five metres from the boundary.

  104. 49 overs NOT OUT Ned 284-6  

    Borren hits his fourth boundary with what can only be described as a top-spin forehand smash to a short Broad delivery, only to edge the ball over Prior and down fine for four. But Broad hits the timbers again with another exemplary yorker. IT'S ANOTHER FARCE! Looks like the third umpire has spotted a no-ball and Borren has returned to the crease. Borren looks as confused as everyone else. Turns out there weren't four fielders inside the 30m circle. This is one of the most surreal England performances I have ever seen - I think plenty of you will concur with my assessment. Some well-judged doubles and the Dutch glean 12 from the penultimate over.

  105. 50 overs DROPPED CATCH Ned 292-6  

    FARCICAL! Village does not even come close to describe this England performance. Borren top-edges Anderson to short fine leg, where Graeme Swann proceeds to drop a catch actually impossible to miss. He looks ashamed as he pelts the ball back to Matt Prior, I would do too. A body language expert would have a field day with what's going on at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground right now. New-man Mudassar Bukhari does a sterling job to keep the scoreboard ticking, but can't pierce the field for the boundaries. That, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the worst England one-day bowling performances in history. This is a seriously tough challenge for England, who need 293 to beat the Netherlands in Nagpur.

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "England have been like a club third XI on a Sunday afternoon. Some of the spectators are laughing - goodness knows what India are making of this."

  107. Commentary  

    Ryan ten Doeschate: \u201cI\u2019ve worked really hard in the last two weeks and it was one of those days when everything comes naturally. Hopefully the scoreboard pressure will tell \u2013 it\u2019s a decent score and hopefully if we bowl well we will have a chance of winning the game.\u201d

  108. Twitter  

    From InfostradaLive: "Only three countries have scored more than 287 batting first in a #cricketworldcup match and gone on to lose (ZIM 1992, RSA 2003, WIN 2007)"

  109. SMS  

    From Anon: "That level of performance, against a team of journeymen with a few talented individuals, is shameful. There will be harsh words exchanged in the Netherl ands changing room."

  110. Commentary  

    From Tom, TMS inbox: "Re Simon Mann\u2019s 'England have been like a club third XI on a Sunday afternoon'. As a 3rd XI player in the Essex League, I am enraged. We are much better than England."

  111. 1309 Commentary  

    On TMS right now we have the International Cricket Council's general manager of cricket talking to BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew. The decision review system is currently being discussed...

  112. 1315 Commentary  

    For those of you keen to see how Kevin Pietersen adapts to his new role up the order, this is quite possibly the best example of batting for the team you will ever see. Having browsed his stats through batting positions, he averages a whopping 116.33 batting at five (from 12 innings ), which drips considerably when he comes in at three to 27.38 (23 matches). Anyway, he's out in\u00a0the middle with Strauss and Mudassar Bukhari will open the bowling for the Netherlands. Game on.

  113. 1 over Commentary Eng 12-0  

    Strauss is off the mark with two successive boundaries, one through fine leg while another flirts with the outside of his off stump as he chops the ball from wide outside off stump. Superb comeback from the bustling seam of Mudassar Bukhari, who beats the outside of Strauss' bat with a beauty which nibbles off the seam, possibly for the first time in this match. However, the England captain collects his third boundary of the over as he turns a leg-side half volley off his pads and down to deep square leg.

  114. 2 overs Commentary Eng 16-0  

    Say what you like about Pietersen, but when he plays one of those front-foot drives through the covers for four, it could send the most red-blooded of males weak in the knees. Berend Westdijk, making his international debut, is on the receiving end of one of those beauties, although the former England captain wafts expansively with no result outside off stump, a delivery you would usually expect him to dispatch to the boundary.

  115. Commentary  

    From Mischa Oostendorp, TMS inbox: "Am a Cloggie in India who normally only watches football. Am loving the turn of events at the moment though at the cricket! Maybe World Champions Cricket rather than football..."

  116. 3 overs Commentary Eng 22-0  

    Bukhari has a touch of the Suresh Raina about his features, bowling a disciplined off-stump line to both men, but nothing too probing to worry the three-time Ashes winners. Both men milk singles, with KP doubling up with a push to midwicket.

  117. 4 overs Commentary Eng 32-0  

    Imperious from Pietersen, standing tall inside his crease and drilling an on-drive on the up through mid-on for four beautifully crafted runs. He should have collected a second boundary with a thumping straight drive, but the ball clatters off the right leg of umpire Asad Rauf and spinning out to the leg side.\u00a0Westdijk then serves up a short and wide pie outside off stump and KP gratefully tucks in, chopping the ball behind square for his third boundary. Confident start\u00a0by the World\u00a0Twenty20 champions. \u00a0

  118. SMS  

    From Steve, Lincoln: "There is nothing worse than sitting opposite a gloating Australian with a drawer full of tangerines that keep appearing."

  119. 5 overs Commentary Eng 34-0  

    Pietersen retains strike when he squeezes a single down to fine leg as Bukhari gets a ball to keep low, only the second run conceded from a useful over.

  120. 6 overs Commentary Eng 38-0  

    Dismissive from Pietersen, a semi-flamenco, or more of a front-foot pull, as the dibbly-dobbly\u00a0pace of Westdijk drops short, allowing the Surrey batsman to loft the ball to long-on with ease. \u00a0More than a run-a-ball start for England, whose run-rate of 6.33 is well ahead of the required rate of 5-79.

  121. SMS  

    From Alan, London: "KP at his arrogant, dismissive best, hogging the strike, strutting like a greased-up street hoodlum. Just hope he goes on and on."

  122. 7 overs Commentary Eng 44-0  

    Bukhari ruins what had been a good over with short delivery which Strauss dispatches over square leg for his fourth boundary, moving on to 19. England looking untroubled right now. No doubt thousands of you have taken a sharp intake of breath following that comment...

  123. 8 overs Commentary Eng 48-0  

    Pietersen absolutely leathers a Westdijk half-volley right back at the bowler, who wisely decides to retract his left hand as it might not be attached to his wrist had he made an attempt to catch it, for four, his fifth of the tournament. KP remains patient for the rest of the over, content with his authoritative boundary.

  124. 9 overs Commentary Eng 52-0  

    The new man at the ramp is Bernard Loots, another military medium seamer with a Jason Gillespie-lite bowling action. Strauss brings up England's 50 in exactly 50 deliveries while a rank ball outside off stump flirts outrageously with the stumps courtesy of a thick outside edge off Pietersen's bat.

  125. 10 overs Commentary Eng 53-0  

    Westdijk, described by Aggers as a "lively medium pacer",\u00a0is\u00a0neat and tidy here, putting the brakes on England with a\u00a0probing line outside off stump. A quick single to mid-on is\u00a0the only run\u00a0from the over.\u00a0

  126. 11 overs Commentary Eng 63-0  

    England, chasing 293 to win,\u00a0jog a couple of singles before Loots, bowling his military medium, drags a wide down the leg side. Strauss tickles one away\u00a0on the offside and the batsmen almost collide as they\u00a0scamper a\u00a0second run. The England skipper has to sprint to beat the throw but he's in by six inches. A long hop outside off stump is given the treatment by Strauss - that\u00a0is meat and drink to\u00a0a man who could hit square cuts in his slumber.\u00a0

  127. 12 overs Commentary Eng 72-0  

    KP stoops to get the toe of his bat on a low full toss and one more is added to the total, before Strauss\u00a0flicks two identikit boundaries off his hips.\u00a0Aggers and Boycs reckon the Dutch bowling is about minor counties standard and that may be a touch rude to the Buckinghamshires and Devons of this world. England have started well but a couple of wickets could set the nerves jangling here.

  128. 13 overs Commentary Eng 83-0  

    Loots opens up with a wide, which beats the keeper and rolls to the fence. KP is looking a touch frustrated here as he struggles to beat the infield for a couple of balls. Meanwhile, Strauss is dining out on some wayward bowling as he turns one round the corner for another four - 42 off 26 for the skip.

  129. Commentary  

    From Steve Musson, TMS Inbox: "The Economists Cricket Club from Manchester have toured Holland 10 times in the last 11 years. We have played all over the country and found the standard to be very high - bettered only by the hospitality at the clubs!"

  130. 14 overs Commentary Eng 85-0  

    The last few overs have been beautifully handled by Sam Sheringham while I nibble. Time for tweak and the left-arm spinnery of Pieter Seelaar, no doubt Kevin Pietersen's pulse quickens a notch as his bete noire (left-arm spin, not Seelaar) makes an appearance. A man waves one of those on-the-hoof placards they love writing in the subcontient, urging Pietersen to score lots of runs in very bad biro ink. Not a bad start by Seelaar, conceding just two runs.

  131. 15 overs Commentary Eng 92-0  

    The Netherlands' batting maverick Ryan ten Doeschate gets his first joust of the day, bowling his slingy medium pacers, but his length isn't quite right - not that Strauss gives a full-toss as he flays a rank long hop through midwicket to move to 49 from 33 deliveries. Straussy eh? Who would have thought it three years ago?

  132. SMS  

    From Anon: "Currently working with a Dutch man who has taken it upon himself to start asking me questions about cricket and how it's played. Has anyone ever noticed just how complicated this game is?"

  133. 16 overs Commentary Eng 99-0 STRAUSS FIFTY  

    Strauss turns a Seelaar delivery off his pads to bring up an electric 50 from just 34 deliveries, although he is fortunate to remain at the crease following a tight single to Ten Doeschate, whose throw isn't quite what it should be to give the England captain a run for his rupees. A big lbw appeal from Seelaar as Pietersen attempts to turn a straight delivery through leg side, turned down by umpire Rauf. The left-arm mystery hoodoo sort-of continues... Three wides to the sundries and England are one run short of three figures.

  134. Commentary  

    From Adam, Milton Keynes, TMS inbox: "I never thought I would say this but will Pietersen stop nicking the strike from Strauss, its damaging our run-rate."

  135. 17 overs Commentary Eng 99-0  

    Good over from RTD, offering nothing to plunder and it's the first maiden of the England innings.

  136. 17.4 overs WICKET Pietersen c Borren b Seelaar 39 (Eng 105-1)  

    The left-arm spinner hoodoo strikes again - Pietersen plays an uppish drive to short cover, where Peter Borren takes a really good catch to his right. The Dutch captain goes crazy, bearhugging his bowler before hoisting him high into the air.

  137. Commentary  

    From Smudge, TMS inbox: "For Anon on SMS here is a suitable description for a foreigner. You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that's in the side that's in goes out, and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out. When they are all out, the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in, out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out. When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out try to get him out, and when he is out he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in. There are two men called umpires who stay out all the time and they decide when the men who are in are out. When both sides have been in and all the men have been out, and both sides have been out twice after all the men have been in, including those who are not out, that is the end of the game."

  138. 19 overs Commentary Eng 108-1  

    I'm thinking, judging by the number of emails of very similar content, that Smudge's email has been lifted from somewhere else. Come on, own up - who wrote it? New-man at the crease is Jonathan Trott, the only England batsmen inside the world's top 20 one-day willow wielders, averaging an impressive 53, who applies his usual assurance at the start of his innings, pushing into the covers to get off the mark as Ten Doeschate wangs down his third over.

  139. 20 overs Commentary Eng 112-1  

    Seelaar rifles through his fourth over, conceding four runs as Strauss continues his campaign for his sixth one-day century.

  140. Commentary  

    Dr David McArdle, TMS inbox: "For Smudge\u2026yes, I\u2019ve got a tea-towel with that written on it too. If one of my students did that, I\u2019d have them for plagiarism."

  141. 21 overs Commentary Eng 117-1  

    Strauss doubles up as Den Doeschate strays with his line, the first down to deep point and the second through the leg-side with a well-controlled paddle pull. It's all looking terribly comfortable right now. The atmosphere is distinctly lacking - the excited schoolchildren have returned home and everyone else is wondering whether that third onion bhaji was a good idea at the interval.

  142. 22 overs Commentary Eng 121-1  

    Seelaar's run-up is a\u00a0dainty affair, hopping and skipping to the crease with verve, looping six deliveries in and around off stimp to both men, leaking four runs from his fifth over. It's all very unglamorous right now.

  143. 23 overs Commentary Eng 125-1  

    More singles than a night out at Stockwell's most salubrious nightspot, The Swan, right now, nudge, nurdle, sashay, you name it, Strauss and Trott have scored unglamorous runs off RTD in that manner.

  144. Commentary  

    Dr Will Bowden, TMS inbox: "Re: Dr David McArdle, If one of my students plagiarised a tea towel instead of Wikipedia I might let them off for using such initiative."

  145. 24 overs Commentary Eng 131-1  

    Time for Tom Cooper's brand of off-spinnery, conceding six from his first over, Jus' lik....NO!!! DON'T DO IT!

  146. SMS  

    From Anon: "I am a tea towel collector. The cricket description is my pride and joy!"

    I'm not saying anything.

  147. Twitter  

    From Michael Vaughan: "England should stroll the game.. good to see the Dutch have been watching the Aussies.. Bowling over the wicket to Strauss.. Madness."

  148. 25 overs Commentary Eng 136-1  

    If this is the best the Netherlands have to offer with the ball, then England really have nothing to fear.\u00a0 Ten Doeschate is doing a very good Collingwood impression, cutters and slower balls but nothing to disrupt the rhythm of this second-wicket partnership.

  149. 26 overs Commentary Eng 141-1  

    England gently nudge the scoring on by another five runs from Tom Cooper's second over of the evening, including a double for Cap'un Strauss. Apparently Dirk Kuyt reckons Liverpool's renaissance is down to plugging his MP3 player into the dressing room stereo. I wonder which England player's awful music made them produce that rabble of a fielding display?\u00a0

  150. 27 overs Commentary Eng 147-1  

    Straussy quietly moves to 82 with a nudge down the ground for a single while Trott collects his first double with a typical leg-side clip off his pads to move to 16.\u00a0

  151. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Tom Cooper is one of the best Australian spinners I have seen for a long time. Where was he during the Ashes?"

  152. 28 overs Commentary Eng 159-1  

    Trott deftly turns his bat around and plonks a cute reverse sweep fine past the vacant first slip region for four, following that boundary up with a spanking drive through the off side as Tom Cooper's figures take a battering, 12 runs coming from the over. In the bag, surely?

  153. SMS  

    From Anon: "Weirdly I have the 'Rules of Drying dishes' printed on my cricket jumper."

  154. 29 overs Commentary Eng 165-1  

    Strauss milks Ten Doeschate for a couple of doubles and a single, merrily making his way towards 88 from 82 deliveries.

  155. 29.2 overs WICKET Strauss c Cooper b Bukhari 88 (Eng 166-2)  

    Just when his sixth one-day ton was on the horizon, Strauss meekly surrenders his wicket has he top-edges a short delivery to Tom Cooper, who takes an excellent low catch on the run to the jubilation of Bukhari.\u00a0Surely not, surely? Your commentator feels like a prized celeriac following his 28th-over comments. Please do not\u00a0send bounty hunters in my direction...\u00a0

  156. SMS  

    From Anon: "I'm one of Dr Bowden's students, has the tea towel collector got any with advanced astrophysics that I could borrow?"

  157. 31 overs Commentary Eng 172-2  

    Bernard Loots returns for his fourth over, good to see an international cricketer called Bernard. There aren't enough Bernards in the media spotlight these days since the sad passing of Matthews. Cribbins, Nursey off Blackadder II, eerrrr, George Shaw... New man Ian Bell plays a couple of elegant singles as the Warwickshire duo add four runs to England's total.

  158. 32 overs Commentary Eng 176-2  

    "A minor squeeze is being applied," says TMS commentator Simon\u00a0Mann as Bukhari concedes three singles from the over. The required run-rate is 6.55 and England's current rate is 5.46. Not quite code red, more a light rose.

  159. 33 overs Commentary Eng 180-2  

    I would like to assure all Bernard Cribbins fans the great man is still alive, it's just all the other Bernards I listed happened to have passed this mortal coil. Meanwhile Bernard Loots ensures England are still below the required run-rate, leaking five from his over.

  160. Commentary  

    From Michael, Higham Ferrers, TMS inbox: "You're right about the Bernards. But there's no room for them in cricket, due to the surfeit of Grahams (and Graemes). In what other occupation do you see so many of them? If you want your child to have a head-start on the road to professional cricket, you could do worse than calling him/her Graham (or Graeme)."

  161. 34 overs Commentary Eng 185-2  

    Pieter Seelaar's back (no, please no - surely Tom Cooper's enough for the one legendary English comedian per Dutch team quota) and concedes five as Trott moves towards the late 30s (run-wise, not age-wise, although this match is enough for most English cricket lovers to go searching for the Elixir of life). \u00a0

  162. 35 overs Commentary Eng 189-2  

    The run-rate is nearing seven-an-over, so surely it must be time for the powerplay soon - England do not want that figure touching the eights or nines. Good over from Loots, four singles conceded with the mandatory ball change in hand.

  163. Commentary  

    From Melanie, Brighton, TMS inbox: "On the subject of Bernard\u2026When Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral / Love Actually fame) was in college, his girlfriend left him for a man named Bernard. In each of his screenplays, there is a fairly unpopular character named Bernard."

  164. 36 overs Commentary Eng 197-2  

    As well as a passing resemblence to Suresh Raina, Mudassar Bukhari also has a touch of the Robert Keys, including his frame too. He serves up a treat for Trott, who gives himself room to cut the ball through point for only his third boundary of his innings. Once again the Warwickshireman has compiled 46 with minimal fuss and pizzazz. Eight runs from the over and the required run rate drops to 6.85.

  165. 37 overs Commentary Eng 200-2  

    Refreshed by a couple of chugs of energy-giving beverage, Loots' second delivery of his seventh over - a dot ball - pushes the required run-rate over seven. He restricts the Warwickshire third-wicket double act to just three runs,\u00a0the last one\u00a0brings\u00a0up the double ton.\u00a0England need 93 from 78 deliveries. That looks a lot more difficult than 93 from 13 overs.\u00a0

  166. 38 overs Commentary Eng 207-2  

    Seelaar has his hands on his head following a stunted lbw appeal turned down against Trott, only to see his fielder concede a needless overthrow from cover. Trotty brings up his seventh one-day half ton in 17 matches with a couple as he tucks into a\u00a0delectable full toss on middle stump. Really should have put that away for at least four though. \u00a0

  167. 39 overs Commentary Eng 215-2  

    Berend Westdijk, who had been profligate during his first spell, sees Trott smear a short ball on leg stump behind square leg for a welcome boundary, but the run-rate is still hovering in the early seven-runs an over mark. Nervous yes, but still entirely doable. Bell has yet to hit a boundary from his 27 deliveries, which have yielded 19 runs.

  168. Commentary  

    From John Sears, TMS inbox: "Re Michael at 34 overs: if you want to captain the England team, best be called Michael, you'll have more chance than any other name:Vaughan, Atherton, Gatting, Brearley, Smith..."

  169. 40 overs Commentary Eng 222-2  

    Trott continues to nurdle with intent, nothing flashy, just well-placed doubles around the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground as Seelaar trundles in for his left-arm tweakers. Double Nelson time at 222.

  170. 40.2 overs WICKET Trott st Barresi b Ten Doeschate 62  

    Umpire Bruce Oxenford signals the batting powerplay - only for Jonathan Trott to trudge back into the pavilion stumped off a wide! A brilliant piece of keeping from Wesley Barresi, swooping down the leg side before whipping off the bails in a flash off Ryan ten Doeschate as Trott loses his balance attempting to play the ball to leg. And it's signalled a wide too. Trott doesn't even wait for the umpire's decision - a wicket falls from the second delivery of the batting powerplay. And it's an extra too.

  171. 41 overs Commentary Eng 229-3  

    In comes Paul Collingwood for what is likely to be an uncomfortable nine-and-a-half overs or so, if England maintain their current run-rate. Meanwhile, the required run-rate is at 7.1 and Bell has yet to hit a boundary in 34 deliveries with his 26 runs. However, we still have four overs of the batting powerplay remaining.

  172. 42 overs Commentary Eng 237-3  

    Collingwood's form has been a tad ropey of late, despite his 65 against Pakistan in Fatullah the other day. However, if ever you want the most experienced player in English one-day history at the crease, this would be it. And Bell breaks his boundary duck, shifting to leg and cutting the ball through backward point for an aggressive four. Good over for England as the required run-rate hits seven on the nose.

  173. SMS  

    From Peter M: "I thought that Prior was the designated 'finisher', so why is Collingwood in with\u00a0nine overs left?"

  174. 43 overs WICKET Bell bowled Ten Doeschate 33 (Eng 241-4)  

    This is...not very good. Ten Doeschate, with only two men outside of the circle concedes four singles before cleaning up Ian Bell by knocking his middle stump out of the ground. Awful shot, backing away to leg and attempting to hit the ball on the up through the offside. Now then, this is very interesting.

  175. 44 overs Commentary Eng 249-4  

    The tension has been cranked up to M Night Shyamalan levels (back when his films were quite good) as Bukhari ambles in for his eighth over. Collingwood momentarily relieves the tension as he helps to paddle an overpitched attempted yorker fine past wicketkeeper Barresi for four. Batting alongside the Durham favourite is Ravi Bopara, who has flown in from the West Indies where he has been playing for the England Lions, is off the mark with a standard leg-side push,\u00a0before Colly scrambles a couple from the last delivery to glean eight\u00a0from the over, 0.67 more than the required run rate. \u00a0

  176. 45 overs Commentary Eng 256-4 - Target 293  

    Intelligent bowling from Bernard Loots, mixing up his deliveries beautifully, including a leg-cutter which completely bamboozles Colly. However, the former England one-day skipper has his revenge with the following delivery, standing his ground before swinging through the line of the ball to send the ball high over mid-off for a confidence-boosting boundary, taking\u00a0the over's plunderings to seven, still 0.35 below the required run-rate. But more importantly, they're still in touch, although theoretically they should be home by a canter\u00a0against the penultimate ranked team in one-day cricket. And that brings an end to the batting powerplay.

  177. 46 overs Commentary Eng 260-4 - target 293  

    Urgh! Colly sashays down the track attempting to plonk the ball into the Indian Ocean, only to fashion a horrid inside edge past wicketkeeper Wesley Barresi for\u00a0 a single. Neither batsman can pierce the infield and the pressure is mounting like a well-shaken can of fizzy cola. Just four runs from the over and the required run rate breaks through the eight-runs an over barrier - 8.25 to be exact.

  178. 47 overs Commentary Eng 270-4 target 293  

    Wonderful shot from Collingwood, descending on one knee and sweeping Loots from middle stump over short fine leg. Risky because he probably would have been leg before had he not laid a lick of willow on that delivery. Bopara plays an unconvincing push for a double, but has to sprawl at full stretch to make his ground at the striker's end as Wesley Barresi gathers a wide throw. A good over for England, 10 runs from it and the required run-rate falls below eight-an-over once again, 7.66 to be exact\u00a0and England need\u00a023 runs to win from 18 deliveries.

  179. Commentary  

    From Thom Kluck, TMS inbox: "I have al lot of respect for English cricket but I believe our team has performed very well. I am really proud."

  180. 48 overs Commentary Eng 280-4 - target 293  

    Lovely deft hands from Collingwood, carefully guiding a reverse sweep to the fine third man boundary, where the ball is just hauled in before the ropes as the England duo run three. Seelaar follows Bopara as he shifts to the leg side, but his faster delivery is too wide for umpire Asad Rauf, who signals a wide. Bopara steals the strike from the final delivery with 10 runs added to the total, which means England need just more than a run a ball at 13\u00a0from 12. \u00a0

  181. 48.4 overs Commentary Eng 296-4  

    Ravi Bopara alleviates the building pressure with a humpty of a six over long-off from Bernard Loots' first delivery, surely game over from here. Loots holds his head in his hands, serving up a slow length ball was a risk - and he paid for it as Bopara anticipated it brilliantly. And the Essex all-rounder ties the scores, dispatching a juicy full-toss over midwicket for four - winning the match with a similar shot which crosses the boundary in a similar place. ENGLAND BEAT THE NETHERLANDS BY SIX WICKETS.

  182. 1644 Commentary  

    That's the third highest run-chase in World Cup history there from England, with Ravi Bopara applying the finisher's role with a match-winning 30 from 20 deliveries. Still, about as close as they come though, especially against a spirited and highly impressive Dutch team. Now for Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Yusuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh. In the words of Penfold from Danger Mouse, "crumbs".

  183. Commentary  

    From Chris, TMS inbox: "Who is this man Boparaalleviates? Are we now naturalising Greeks to play for us? Good game management for someone from the ancient isles..."

  184. SMS  

    From Anon: "All hail the magic of the World Cup, where a village 3rd XI can beat an established side like The Netherlands."

  185. 1652 Commentary  

    If you're just tuning in, you missed possibly one of the worst bowling performances in England's one-day history, including some village-like fielding from Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson - well worth watching between your fingers on the highlights on BBC TWO at 2200 this evening. The batting didn't do much to calm the ticker. However, enough of the England bashing and more of the Dutch superlatives. A very accomplished performance from the Associate nation and in particular the batting heroics of Ryan ten Doeschate, a shoo-in for Man of the Match.

  186. SMS  

    From Andy, Cheshire: "A perfectly paced run chase."

  187. 1657 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "We got a lot of things wrong with our bowling and let them off the hook two or three times in the field. We were very poor first in the\u00a050 overs, we can't afford to do that.\u00a0All credit to Ryan ten Doeschate, it was an\u00a0outstanding innings. Even at the half-way mark we had a good chance to chase their total\u00a0down. Thankfully the batsmen got us out of jail. It was a little nervy at the end -\u00a0perhaps a little\u00a0more than we would have liked but we have to improve as the tournament goes on. Hopefully we can spoil an Indian party (on Sunday)."

  188. Commentary  

    Netherlands captain Peter Borren: "I thought 292 was a competitive score but we didn't bowl well enough. Ryan ten Doeschate batted beautifully and created the foundations for the rest of the innings but we struggled to defend it and England always looked like they were on course to chase it."

  189. 1703 Commentary  

    Don't forget you can catch up with the Test Match Special podcast, featuring the infamous Geoff Boycott and Jonathan Agnew double act, later on the BBC Sport website. And you can watch the highlights of the match on BBC Two, this website and the Red Button from 2200 GMT. Well worth watching for Ten Doeschate's innings alone, although the dropped catches might cause you a sleepless night. That's it for me, thank you for all your bazillions of emails, texts, tweets and random rants at your computer screen/mobile device/radio/television, we're back on Thursday for live text commentary of South Africa's opening match against the West Indies, with the robust Mark Mitchener at the crease. Toddle-pip.

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Live Scores - England v Netherlands


  • England beat Netherlands by 6 wickets
  • England: 296-4 (48.4 overs)
  • Netherlands: 292-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Nagpur

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 296
Strauss c Cooper b Bukhari 88
Pietersen c Borren b Seelaar 39
Trott st Barresi b ten Doeschate 62
Bell b ten Doeschate 33
Collingwood not out 30
Bopara not out 30
Extras 11w 1b 2lb 14

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