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Australia v England 6th ODI as it happened

  1. 0250 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. It's all eyes on Sydney - will Australia turn an unassailable 4-1 lead into a vice-like 5-1 advantage? Will England contrive to injure their last few remaining bowlers before the World Cup (just 17 days away)? Will anyone else follow in the footsteps of\u00a0England's Chris Woakes and Australia's Shaun Marsh, putting in a heroic performance too late for them to feature in the World Cup (except as a late injury replacement)? And with Liam Plunkett flying halfway round the world to bolster England's injury-hit ranks, will we ever see one of these marathon seven-ODI series again?

    Some, all, or none of these questions will be answered in the next few hours. Play gets under way at 0320 GMT, and your company is most welcome.

  2. 0258 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    We're hearing that England have won the toss and will bat first. Confirmed teams (in England's case, just about anyone still standing) as we get them.

    As before, unfortunately 606 isn't in business until 0900 GMT, so if you want to get in touch during the game, please email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), or text us on 81111 (with "Cricket" as the first word, as we share the inbox with others). Or, if you're a braver soul than me and have entered the Twittersphere, you can tweet using the hashtag #BBCCricket and we'll keep an eye out for the best comments from all of these methods.

  3. 0301 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    "Looks like a good wicket, a nice hot day, and an opportunity to put Australia under pressure in the second innings," notes Cap'n Strauss in conversation with MCJ Nicholas. England make one change from the fifth ODI, with spinner\u00a0Mike Yardy replacing injured seamer\u00a0Ajmal Shahzad. So that's Luke Wright and James Tredwell still carrying the drinks.

    Australia skipper Michael Clarke, bemoaning another lost toss, makes two changes - batsman Callum Ferguson in for hamstring injury victim Shaun Marsh, and slingy speedster Shaun Tait replacing fellow paceman Doug "The Rug" Bollinger.

  4. 0306 Commentary  

    Here are the full teams:

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Callum Ferguson, Michael Clarke (capt), Cameron White, David Hussey, Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, John Hastings, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Matt Prior (wk), Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Paul Collingwood, Michael Yardy, Chris Woakes, James Anderson, Steven Finn.

  5. 0310 Commentary  

    Some interesting chat on Test Match Special, whose joint commentary with ABC radio is up and running - Simon Mann is speaking to a couple of cricket journalists including regular TMS contributor Stephen Brenkley from the Independent on Sunday.

    Topics include England's continued selection of Woakes, who's NOT in the World Cup as it stands, and omission of Wright and Tredwell who are in the squad - plus, the tactic of playing Paul Collingwood at number seven and as the fifth, rather than the sixth bowler. Let me know what you think.

  6. Commentary  

    From Nick Halas, TMS inbox: "At the SCG and the atmosphere is more tired than the England boys... here\u2019s to a humiliating defeat for Australia."

  7. SMS  

    From a very tired Uni student: "Mark, what time is stumps? I've got a problem sheet on complex Fourier analysis due in at midday. Will the cricket keep me company until then?"

    I'd imagine we'll be home and hosed by then - if England bat like they have in some of the previous ODIs, well before then. You may be able to complete a Four-wicket analysis.

  8. 0319 Commentary  

    Brett Lee taking the new ball for Australia - we're ready\u00a0 to go, folks...

  9. 1 over Commentary Eng 0-0  

    Captain Andrew Strauss looks like he's favouring the leg-glance today, but Callum Ferguson is quickly in from mid-wicket to deny the England skipper a quick single. Lee's fast and straight, and Strauss lets a couple go by as the tall blond completes a maiden over.

    Hundreds of empty seats at the SCG, by the way. I'd hope anyone turning up at the gate on the off-chance is able to get in...

  10. 2 overs Commentary Eng 4-0  

    Shaun Tait takes the second over, and slings his first ball down the leg side where Matt Prior helps it on its way for a two to deep backward square leg. A single brings the skipper on strike, the speedy Tait is spot on with his pace (hitting 92mph)\u00a0and\u00a0length so far but his line is a little wayward - Strauss turns a single off his legs.

    For those of you who are meteorologically-inclined, it's 29.3 degrees in Sydney, set to rise to 33 - a marked contrast to the dense fog I had to drive through tonight to get to Beeb Towers...

  11. 3 overs Commentary Eng 7-0  

    Strauss pulls Lee through mid-wicket, the diving Mitchell Johnson on the boundary just manages to stop the ball in front of the rope and they run three. Lee makes Prior noticeably uncomfortable with couple of lifters, and gives him a "hard stare" for dramatic effect. No doubt he'll be pulling his "jump and click\u00a0yer heels in the air" celebration out of the locker if he gets a wicket or two today.

  12. Commentary  

    From Nigel, TMS inbox: "At the SCG and sorry to report that Broad has just pulled up lame. Looks like he's a major doubt for the World Cup!"

    Nigel, clearly you're either a devoted England fan or a crafty Aussie winder-upper. I'm sure we'll find out, one way or t'other...

  13. 4 overs Commentary Eng 13-0  

    Single from Strauss, Tait is now pushing up to 93.5mph (having fired one at him at 100mph at Lord's last summer). Tait bangs it in, Prior takes him on with the hook... but the ball falls safely in the vicinity of square-leg umpire Daryl Harper. They run one. Strauss confidently square-drives\u00a0 for four, that's England's best over so far.

  14. SMS  

    From Lewis, Leeds: "I could understand why I stayed up to watch the Ashes and even the ODIs that mattered but why am I up for this? Hardcore supporter!"

    Indeed. Channel 5's baseball presenters (who now present baseball coverage on BBC 5 live sports extra during the MLB season) always used to refer to those who stayed up through the night as "hardcore", while those who watched off tape during daylight hours\u00a0were "softcore" or "applecore"...

  15. 5 overs Commentary Eng 22-0  

    Prior and Strauss are "on the walk" against Lee - Prior uses his feet well to slash a four through the covers, then after an exchange of singles, Prior miscues another hook shot into the air but again it falls safely. John Wayne Hastings gives chase, and some deft ball-juggling at fine leg prevents the boundary. Prior has 12, Strauss has nine.

  16. Commentary  

    From Kirsten, Adelaide, TMS inbox: "Sorry Mark, I am far too busy today to send you pointless emails full of inane rubbish such as, is Diagnosis Murder better than Murder She Wrote? There is a recession on and I have got work to do you know."

    Cricketing fans should probably favour Diagnosis Murder, given that the junior doctor played by Charlie Schlatter is a bit of a ringer for Liam Plunkett!

  17. 6 overs Commentary Eng 28-0  

    Tait continues for his third over - given his status as a Twenty20 gun-for-hire, he rarely has to bowl more than two overs in a spell apart from his ODI appearances. And he's looking a little ragged this over as Prior guides a leg bye off his pads, and Strauss carves a wide one past third man for four. Time for a bowling change?

  18. 7 overs Commentary Eng 38-0  

    Strauss guides Lee for his third four past fine leg, the man from Woollongong is matching Tait for pace at 93.5mph but Prior pierces the infield with another forced shot just wide of David Hussey at short cover and that's four more. The England openers are pushing the singles well, and at the risk of a commentator's curse, this is a steady start.

  19. 7.3 overs WICKET Prior b Johnson 18 (Eng 41-1)  

    We have our first bowling change as Mitchell Johnson replaces Shaun Tait, with left-arm slinger replacing right-arm slinger. Prior keeps pushing the singles, Johnson sends down a no-ball which gives Strauss a free hit, and he wafts a bouncer down to long leg for one. But Johnson breaches Prior's defences with one that swings in and clatters his stumps!

  20. 0355 Commentary  

    When will I learn about mentioning steady starts?

  21. 8 overs Commentary Eng 41-1  

    Jonathan Trott is England's new batsman - having been dismissed by the last two deliveries he's faced in this series, he's happy to defend his first ball out into the off side, seeing off the rest of Johnson's over.

    And don't be shy... if you want to get in touch on Twitter, please use the hashtag #BBCCricket and let us know what you think of the action so far.

  22. 9 overs Commentary Eng 44-1  

    While Simon Mann on TMS laments Bristol City's latest defeat last night, drawing some sympathy from Kerry O'Keeffe, Strauss pulls Lee for a single and Trott dabs one into the off side to get off the mark. Strauss adds another, he has exactly half of England's score.

    It's still a scorcher at the SCG, I hope any of you there have got your sunhats and sun cream on...

  23. SMS  

    From Craig in Bristol: "England started well, pretty much run a ball, Prior spliced\u00a0a few shots but got away with it."

    A concise summary of the early exchanges - although Prior proved that in cricket, as in\u00a0life, you can't "get away with it" indefinitely...

  24. 10 overs Commentary Eng 46-1  

    Strauss and Trott push a couple of singles against Johnson, Strauss then has a huge heave and misses - a much tighter over from the left-armer.

  25. 11 overs Commentary Eng 48-1  

    John Wayne Hastings (yes, that is his real name) rides into town to replace Lee (0-25 from five overs), Trott opens the saloon doors with a single to third man, while Strauss goes for his guns and fires a two into the covers. But that's a decent start from "The Duke", who's a right-arm seamer from New South Wales.

  26. Commentary  

    From Jeremy, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Just wanted to let you know how damaging the Ashes has been to the Australian male psyche. At this moment half a dozen Australian male cricket fans are more interested in whether our office move results in them having a view of the Opera House than the cricket."

  27. 12 overs Commentary Eng 56-1  

    Strauss smacks Johnson back over his head for four to steer England past 50, a single takes the skip to 29. Trott rotates the strike, then Johnson pings a wide down the leg side which dies as soon as it passes the stumps and keeper Brad Haddin has to get down really low to stop it. Strauss guides a single off his legs, while ex-Aussie pace bowler Geoff Lawson on TMS remarks "isn't society getting soft?" on hearing that several local sports events in Sydney\u00a0were called off on Saturday... because the weather was too hot. Quite right too, Geoff.

  28. 13 overs Commentary Eng 61-1  

    A touch of the unorthodox from Cap'n Strauss against the lumbering Hastings, as he steers a two off his legs before the most delicate of delicate dabs to third man brings him a single, when the ball looked to be millimetres from the keeper's gloves. Trott isn't getting much of the strike, but helps himself to a single before his captain pinches the strike with a singleton off the last ball.

    And good news on the Stuart Broad front (see 4th over) from BBC Sport's Steve Houghton at the SCG: "We saw your earlier email from someone in the crowd saying they thought Broad had pulled up. Well I've just spoken to the England press officer and she tells me he's absolutely fine and is actually just heading out for another fitness session. Panic over!"

  29. 14 overs Commentary Eng 70-1  

    Strauss dances down the track to Johnson, and a cross-batted baseball-style club towards cow corner brings him his fifth four (and allows him to remove his helmet to wipe some sweat away). England are picking up the ones and twos well, this stand is now worth 29.

    If you're wondering about the skipper hogging the strike, Trott has been in for six-and-a-half overs but has only received 14 balls so far.

  30. Commentary  

    From Toby, in a Sydney office, TMS inbox: "Mark - a shout out to Jonathan Stevenson, your fellow BBC reporter who has made it to a sweltering SCG whilst I am stuck in a Sydney office. I gave him my confidence that on current form, he won\u2019t have to sit out in the sun for too long before the change of innings."

    Good to hear Stevo has made it to Sydney - I hope Sydney's ready for him!

  31. 15 overs Commentary Eng 79-1  

    Johnson has left the field but Strauss is sneaking towards a half century, belting a short ball from Hastings through the leg side for four, dodging a legside wide and with Haddin standing up to the stumps,\u00a0the skipper perfects his "delicate dab to third man" for another single. Trott, in a rare opportunity to face a ball, guides a single past square leg, and Strauss helps the last ball of the fielding powerplay off his legs for two. Chris Tremlett, an accomplished drinks-carrier of several years' standing, ambles on to offer his skipper a drink but is waved off.

  32. Twitter  

    From iamjamesashford: "After TMS ruined my sleeping pattern over the Ashes, #BBCCricket keeping up the good work tonight."

  33. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK STRAUSS FIFTY - Eng 84-1  

    David Hussey comes on as Australia's fifth bowler with his innocuous-but-often-underestimated part-time off-spin. Strauss brings up his 26th ODI fifty from 52 balls, although he'll want to improve a conversion rate which has seen him reach three figures only five times. Trott trotts through as the batsmen run a few singles, and now it's time for the drinks cart, waved on by umpire Marais Erasmus.

  34. Commentary  

    From Stephen, Guyana, TMS inbox: "So here we are... Ashes decided...The ODI outcome decided. Pathos all around? Never!... So: LB or not LB? That is the question. Whether it is nobler to raise arms against a full length delivery or to take arms against a short one and by opposing smash it to the boundary... Aye, there's the rub of the ball, for who knows what delivery may come when Johnson has shuffled up to the crease...Soft you now... the fair World Cup!"

    Don't forget, with the World Cup just around the corner, there will be more and more ODIs tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

  35. 17 overs Commentary Eng 89-1  

    With the players refreshed, we have spin from both ends as the Duke rides out of town and leg-spinner Steve Smith enters the attack. England help themselves to ones and twos, but the blond spinner is quickly through his over.

  36. 18 overs Commentary Eng 97-1  

    More off-tweak from Hussey, Trott reverse-sweeps a full toss for three, while not to be outdone, Skipper Strauss goes "reverse" and a misfield brings him a second run. More ones and twos... we're into the dreaded "middle overs", folks, please keep those eyelids propped open!

  37. Twitter  

    From dsiwel: "A question to the readers, is it rude to vacuum at 4 in the morning?? Whilst reading #BBCCricket of course."

    Inspired by the frequently-asked question on QI about fallen trees in the forest, I wonder if a vacuum cleaner is switched on and there's no-one within earshot, does it make any sound?!

  38. 19 overs Commentary Eng 101-1  

    Strauss and Trott plunder two singles apiece from Smith's second over, while former Somerset captain Peter Roebuck on TMS reckons no-one with any pretensions towards making the Australian Test team should play in the Indian Premier League. "It's all about finding the right balance - I don't think it's any coincidence that England have done well while hardly any of their players have played in the IPL," he suggests. Interesting point.

  39. 20 overs THE SUN IS OUT Eng 104-1  

    Another rapid Hussey over yields three singles, the batsmen snatch at the chance of a quick drink between overs as the sun continues to beat down with a vengeance\u00a0in Sydney.

  40. 21 overs Commentary Eng 111-1  

    Trott, who's getting his fair share of the strike now unlike when he first came in, is happy to push the ones and twos against Smith - while Callum Ferguson takes his turn to tumble on the mid-wicket boundary to stop\u00a0a four. This stand is worth 70 - Strauss has 60, Trott's on 28.

  41. 22 overs Commentary Eng 120-1  

    Hussey serves up an absolute juicy pie of a full toss which Trott smashes through cow corner for four. "That's his third or fourth of the day - I've seen off-spinners go most of a season without bowling a full toss - Hussey's really a part-timer," notes Peter Roebuck, no doubt recalling the old days at Taunton where he had TMS favourite VJ Marks to call on for all his off-spinning needs. England continue to turn up the heat, Clarke may need a bowling change - time for Shane Watson?

  42. 22.2 overs WICKET Strauss c Hussey b Smith 63 (Eng 121-2)  

    Strauss goes down the wicket to Smith and is caught at mid-wicket - yet again he's passed 50 but failed to go on to get a really big score.

  43. 23 overs Commentary Eng 125-2  

    Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman, while Trott now has one of those white cotton things, packed with ice, around his neck - I'm not sure what the technical term is. KP's off the mark with a single, while a fluent sweep brings Trott a couple, before he steers one to long-on and they jog through for a single.

  44. Commentary  

    From Dan, TMS inbox: "Re: Kirsten in Adelaide - Diagnosis Murder is a great show (clearly superior to Murder She Wrote), but has anyone else seen the episode where the killer turned out to be an actual vampire?! Not a crazy serial killer dressing up as a vampire, but a full-blown blood-sucking creature of the night! It's a must-watch for any true Diagnosis fan."

    Haven't seen that one, though no doubt Dick Van Dyke's son arrested the wrong vampire (as he always arrests the wrong suspect). Personally, I felt Baywatch spin-off series Baywatch Nights lost all credibility when it brought in vampires and other paranormal monsters while trying to copy the success of the X-Files...

  45. 24 overs Commentary Eng 129-2  

    Having made the breakthrough, Clarke removes Hussey from the attack and recalls Tait, who's best used in short bursts of two or three overs. Simon Mann on TMS thinks Tait is veering close to bowling the odd back-foot no-ball (a rare event in itself). Trott carves a single to mid-wicket, Pietersen tries to help one down the leg side and they run a leg bye, while the SCG fun police are out in force as a steward confiscates a stray beachball and seems to take pleasure in bursting it. Similarly over-zealous is a Hussey throw at the stumps from mid-wicket after KP\u00a0tries to blast a full toss off his legs -\u00a0which hands England an overthrow.

  46. 25 overs Commentary Eng 135-2  

    There's a beachball on the pich, they think it's all over... our favourite steward comes onto the outfield and gets out his beachball-stabbing device once more. KP and Trott plunder some more ones and twos - the Warwickshire man has 42, the Surrey newcomer has six, and England are halfway through their allocation of overs.

    (Anyone want to bet they'll mess up the batting powerplay and end up taking it with number 11 at the crease, like they normally seem to do?)

  47. Commentary  

    From Tony Rocks, Hampshire, TMS inbox: "Whenever I vacuum at 4am I try to ensure my neighbours can't hear it. One of the best ways is to drown out the sound with some Led Zeppelin, and so far they have never ever complained about my noisy Dyson!"

    Apparently an early 80s pop group was named after a famous violinist vacuuming at 4am. It was called "Orchestral Man Hoovers In The Dark".

  48. 26 overs Commentary Eng 138-2  

    Trott takes on Tait, striking him for a powerful two through the covers, but a single is the only other scoring stroke as the speedy South Australian keeps it tight.

  49. Twitter  

    From nickhewson: "Series already lost, Six Nations starting, friends about to get washed away in Queensland - struggling to garner enhusiasm for this match."

    Indeed - if you haven't\u00a0heard,\u00a0Australian officials are urging residents in parts of Queensland to flee from an approaching cyclone. I visited Cairns a few years ago (just after the 5-0 Ashes whitewash was concluded in Sydney), our thoughts are with anyone who may have family or friends in the area.

  50. 27 overs Commentary Eng 141-2  

    Smith tosses it up to Trott and KP, three singles result, not much else to report.

  51. 28 overs Commentary TROTT FIFTY - Eng 148-2  

    Tait's off after that two-over burst, and Cap'n Clarke is into the attack with his own brand of part-time orthodox\u00a0left-arm spin - he's Australia's seventh bowler, and we haven't even seen Shane Watson yet. A single and a two help Trott bring up his seventh ODI\u00a0fifty - it's taken 61 balls, and he's only hit one four (that pie-esque full toss from Hussey in the 22nd over). Seven runs but no boundaries from Clarke's first over.

  52. Commentary  

    From Ops, TMS inbox: "KP, century today... he owes it to his country. Once more unto the breach, dear KP, once more."

  53. 29 overs Commentary Eng 158-2  

    "They're going to get 250, but need Pietersen to go big if they want a challenging total like 310," notes one of the Aussie ABC commentators, as Trott launches the blond-quiffed "Tintin" Smith for a four over his head. The England pair try to force the pace, sneaking 10 runs from the over as Smith fails to bowl a dot ball\u00a0- Trott has 60 from 67, KP has 11 from 16.

  54. 30 overs Commentary Eng 169-2  

    Captain Clarke takes Part-Time Spinner Clarke (ie himself) off, and it's time for another medium-fast\u00a0trundle from Hastings. KP finally finds the boundary, dragging one through mid-wicket for four before flashing a powerful square cut for another four as Hastings bangs\u00a0the ball\u00a0in far too short.

    So, following the theory that you should double the score after 30 overs in an ODI, England should be on course for... 338? Too much to hope for?

  55. Commentary  

    From Kim, TMS inbox: "Re the beachball stabber steward [25th over]\u00a0- we were sat directly behind him at the last ODI at the SCG. He takes a strange delight in getting his pen out to burst them. When Brett Lee was fielding he punched the balls back into the crowd - Save the Beachballs!!"

  56. 31 overs Commentary Eng 175-2  

    Smith's off after taking 1-40 from seven overs - and here's Shane Watson, now relegated to\u00a0Australia's eighth bowler! KP isn't happy with someone sat in the stand above the sightscreens - there's a great deal of finger-pointing from umpire Daryl Harper before the man in question moves... and\u00a0incredibly\u00a0it's injured Aussie Test\u00a0batsman Simon Katich! KP then pokes a quick single, has to dive for the crease and appears to be in a bit of pain as he gets up. At the end of the over, Chris Tremlett and James Tredwell run on, each carrying a brightly-coloured drinks bottle and wielding a towel. KP looks in a bit of discomfort. Ominous.

  57. 32 overs Commentary Eng 178-2  

    Trott, still proceeding at his own pace, continues to work Hastings around for singles, while it's clear that the SCG crowd are absolutely sweltering - so how must the batsmen feel? Hastings deceives Trott with a slow bouncer, the Warwickshire man hooks but completely mistimes his stroke and doesn't make contact as the ball sails (slowly) through to Haddin. Jim Maxwell on TMS thinks Hastings reminds him of deceptively slow ex-New Zealand medium-pacer Chris Harris - "some of his deliveries were so slow, you didn't think they were even going to reach the batsmen." A much tighter over from Australia, while Chris Tremlett must be the busiest 12th man in world cricket, running on once more with a towel for his county team-mate Pietersen.

  58. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "The England ODI batsmen should all be made to sit down and watch 50 over matches where teams like India, Sri Lanka have posted colossal targets of 350 or more... smashing sixes regularly looks so very hard for the England team... free those shoulders up!"

  59. 33 overs Commentary Eng 185-2  

    Trott hammers Watson through mid-wicket for four, while Pietersen is still moving slightly gingerly after that mishap earlier. Trott, who has a flannel-sized towel tucked into the back of his trousers, wipes his forehead between deliveries.

  60. Commentary  

    From Dave Mundy, hopefully apologetically, TMS inbox: "Your bit about the band OMD [25th over]\u00a0reminds me of a shaggy dog story... There was to be a display from a Hawking Society in the public recreation ground. However, the local council feared for the native wildlife and banned all kestrel manoeuvres in the park."

    Oh dear, what have I started here?!

  61. 34 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 189-2  

    Hastings is trying to mix his pace up and runs his fingers over the seam for the odd delivery, but Trott and Pietersen keep the scoreboard ticking over - and it's time for an official drinks break (as opposed to the unofficial ones with Tremlett running on every other over) and the compulsory ball change, where the discoloured 34-over-old ball is replaced by another 34-overs-old (but cleaned) ball. Trott has 73 from 79, at a slightly quicker rate than KP who has 29 from 34.

  62. SMS  

    From Tommy, L'pool: "I only recently found this service and must say how much i enjoy it. I work nights so no\u00a0TV coverage. I think yours is better anyway. "

    You're a kind man. Keep those texts and emails coming in - and remember, use #BBCCricket if you're using Twitter.

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "You worry about Australia's chances of chasing a really big score if Shane Watson doesn't get in at the top of the order."

  64. 34.1 overs WICKET Pietersen c Smith b Lee 29 (Eng 189-3)  

    Hold onto your hats - England have taken the batting powerplay. I've been exhorting them for years to take it when they've got two batsmen in, well set, rather than leaving it too late. And Pietersen hits the first ball of the powerplay, from Brett Lee, straight to mid-off and is caught! Oh well, was a good idea in theory...

  65. SMS  

    From Jonny, Farnborough: "Is anyone thinking about greeting the team at Heathrow when they return. I was thinking about it, will there be many there?"

  66. 35 overs Commentary Eng 200-3  

    Ian Bell is the new batsman, he guides his first ball to third man for a single and Lee is grinning like a Cheshire Cat whose lottery numbers have just come up. Trott, steadiness personified for much of his innings, helps a bouncer through deep backward square leg for four, before chipping another boundary over the vacant slip cordon to wipe the grin off Lee's face.

  67. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "With seven wickets in hand and 15 overs left, you'd be very disappointed if England didn't get to the 300 mark from here."

  68. 35.5 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 207-3 (or 4)  

    Tait back to bowl in the powerplay, Bell is instantly "in the zone" as he square-cuts the slinger for four - Hotspot shows it's right off the middle of the bat. Bell steers the wayward, unshaven Tait for a two and a single, then Trott is trapped in front, the umpire gives him out but he calls for a review...

  69. 35.5 overs NOT OUT Eng 207-3  

    Now, that's going down the leg side, clearly missing the stumps... and Umpire Erasmus makes the "safe" signal! Good use of the review by England.

  70. 36 overs Commentary Eng 207-3  

    Tait completes his over with a dot ball.

  71. 37 overs Commentary Eng 216-3  

    While the Aussie commentators gang up on TMS's Simon Mann for saying "207-3" rather than the Antipodean "3-207", Bell fences a lifter from Lee down to third man for a single. We're still in a powerplay, so the field is up, but England can only manage singles until Trott\u00a0deftly\u00a0dabs a four past the keeper and down to third man (almost a right-handed mirror version of Strauss's efforts earlier).

  72. Commentary  

    From Carl Evans, Crepy, TMS inbox: "As we're into the powerplay, shouldn't Jimmy have come in next?"

  73. 38 overs Commentary Eng 223-3  

    The TV replays seem to show that Shaun Tait is very close to bowling several\u00a0back-foot no-balls, his foot almost cutting the return crease... but while he's getting away with that, Bell steers him for a two before threading a beautiful cover-driven four through the gap. A single takes him to 19 (from 13 balls), Trott has 88 from 89.

  74. 39 overs Commentary Eng 232-3  

    Lee to bowl the last over of the batting powerplay - now, another reason why I like teams to do the unexpected and not wait until the last 10 overs before taking the powerplay is that with 11 overs left after this one, Lee and Tait will only have five overs left to bowl between them - and England should be able to make hay against the lesser bowlers. The Warwickshire duo rotate the strike well, and when Lee strays down the leg side, Trott whips him for four past the diving "Duke" Hastings on the square leg boundary. Trott bunts a single to third man to take his score to 94, and he reties his white cotton ice-necktie-thing.

  75. SMS  

    From Neil Young, Leicester: "Thank goodness for this service keeping my sanity tonight. Am on night shift and the girls around me are discussing Valentine's Day plans! Their other halves better produce a good present or 12, otherwise there may be tears."

  76. 40 overs Commentary Eng 241-3  

    Mitchell Johnson's back into the attack... and any England fans at the SCG who were there for the Ashes are probably singing that song about how he "bowls to the left and bowls to the right", as the left-armer sends down a wide to boost the total. Bell cuts loose, whacking Johnson wide of mid-on for four to round off another good over for England. Nine from it - Bell has 27 from 19 balls, Trott has 97 from 96 but looks exhausted in this heat.

  77. 41 overs THAT'S 100 Eng 246-3  

    That four in the last over brought up the fifty stand for the Warwickshire pair, by the way... Trott, on 97, faces the bowling of Watson who has replaced Lee, and he steers a single to mid-off and gingerly Trotts through for a single. He's really not moving very well, which is a worry when you consider he'll have to field (and possibly bowl). Three singles bring Trott back on strike, on 99... and he doesn't disappoint, striding forwards to bring up his third ODI hundred from exactly 100 balls.

  78. 42 overs Commentary Eng 258-3  

    Trott steps back to leg and flays Johnson for four through cover... and then calls for a runner. It's Matt Prior to come on, but it looks like Trott has cramp. "You can't have a runner for cramp!" chunters an indignant Peter Roebuck on TMS - and I can remember an ODI in the Champions Trophy in 2009 when England would not allow Graeme Smith a runner in similar circumstances (cramp after scoring a century). But Prior stays in place, so we now have three helmeted England batsmen out in the middle. Johnson is all over the place, England help themselves to ones and twos before the static Trott blasts another boundary off the last ball of the over.

  79. 43 overs Commentary Eng 264-3  

    Watson's bowling is much tighter than Johnson's, while England avoid falling into the trap of a runner being a prelude to a run-out as they run the singles well\u00a0- while with the keeper standing up,\u00a0Bell steps across to the off side to execute a perfect Mohammad Ashraful-style "frying pan over the shoulder" shot down to fine leg for four.

  80. Twitter  

    From gwilymjjames: "If there's no-one within earshot of the vacuum cleaner [see 18th over], who switched it on?"

    As we're speaking theoretically, I'm thinking a very long extension cable - or a vacuum cleaner which works off\u00a0batteries? Keep your tweets coming\u00a0with the\u00a0#BBCCricket tag.

  81. 44 overs THAT'S A RECORD Eng 278-3  

    Johnson has been hit out of the attack, not for the first time this winter (southern hemisphere summer), so it's time for more from John Wayne Hastings. But with the fleet-footed Prior running for the cramped Trott, England keep pushing the score along well, while the inventive Bell repeats his "Ashraful" shot from the previous over. A fierce heave towards cow corner brings him a couple more, Bell has 44 from 30 balls - an excellent strike rate - and that's 14 from the over. Trott (116) has now beaten his previous best ODI score of\u00a0110\u00a0against Bangladesh last July. Once more, Messrs Tremlett and Tredwell run on, wielding their towels!

  82. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "Former Test umpire Daryl Hair has just\u00a0dropped by the\u00a0commentary box to let us know that cramp is an acceptable reason to have a runner."

  83. 45 overs DROPPED CATCH Eng 285-3  

    Trott biffs Watson for a first-bounce four through mid-wicket, then steps away from the crease, wincing with pain. He adds insult to (his own) injury next ball when he smashes a full toss straight back at the bowler, who can't hold on to a very sharp caught and bowled chance. Three singles mean it's seven from Watson's over - Trott is up to 122, Bell has 45.

  84. 45.5 overs WICKET Bell c Clarke b Tait 45 (Eng 293-4)  

    Tait returns, slinging a wide out of Trott's reach on the off side, before the Warwickshire man cuts him into the air, it stays up in the heavens for ages but bounces safely in front of third man, and they've run two by the time the ball is returned. Trott helps a full toss down to fine leg for two, that's the century stand for the Bears pair. Another two is lofted over the bowler's head, Matt Prior is certainly earning his corn by running all these twos for Trott, considering he has to go out and keep wicket for 50 overs soon. Trott wafts and misses at a bouncer and they run a sneaky bye as Bell dives for the crease at the striker's end. But his entertaining cameo is ended as he slogs straight to the skipper at\u00a0wide mid-off.

  85. 46 overs Commentary Eng 294-4  

    New batsman Eoin Morgan is off the mark with a single.

  86. 47 overs Commentary Eng 306-4  

    An Aussie commentator on TMS/ABC tells listeners that "Ricky Ponting has turned to Brett Lee", but panic not - Punter hasn't sneaked onto the field during one of those drinks breaks, it's still first officer Clarke captaining the team in the injured Punter's absence. Morgan, who's been short of runs in this series (top score 30 in his last five ODIs)\u00a0slices Lee for four through cover. The left-hander carves a single to rotate the strike, and Lee sends down a wide to bring up England's 300. With all these quick singles, the injured Trott is having to hobble between square leg and the crease - I wonder whether he is tempted to take guard in his usual obsessive manner (on an unused wicket), scratching at the crease\u00a0when he's standing out at square leg? Lee is a bit ragged now, Morgan top-edges a bouncer over short fine leg's head for four, a single ensures the Dubliner keeps the strike and that's an expensive over - 12 coming from it.

  87. SMS  

    From Peter en route from Mkt Harborough to Canary Wharf: "What's happening to society if even beachballs are getting stabbed now!"

  88. 48 overs Commentary Eng 311-4  

    Australia persist with Tait, who's into his ninth over, England can only keep going in singles for the time being, to Trott's frustration. A better over for Australia, and the "double the score after 30 overs" theory is looking less likely this time round - England need 27 from two overs to reach the theoretical 338 mark.

  89. 48.5 overs WICKET Morgan c Tait b Watson 21 (Eng 319-5)  

    This is now England's highest one-day score in Australia. Cat and mouse from Morgan and the recalled Watson, the batsman shuffling around his crease and the bowler steering the ball wide of off stump (well, as wide as he dares) and an overthrow gives Morgan an unearned third run as he pokes a two through the covers. Trott steers a single to bring the unorthodox\u00a0Dubliner back on strike. Morgan whacks a full toss over the bowler's head for four,\u00a0then tries one of his unorthodox reverse swats - but is caught by Tait at short third man, who was placed there for that very shot.

  90. 49 overs Commentary Eng 320-5  

    Paul Collingwood connects with his first ball, they run a single and he'll be on strike for the last over, to be bowled by Tait.

  91. 49.5 overs WICKET Trott c and b Tait 137 (Eng 329-6)  

    Colly squeezes his bat down on an attempted yorker and they run two to long-on. This is England's highest ODI score against Australia, would you believe (beating their 320 at Edgbaston in 1980 - Gooch 108, Boycott 78). A smeared single off a high full toss brings Trott back on strike, while it's also called as a no-ball for height. Although that doesn't bring a free hit, it does mean an extra delivery - and Trott swipes a four through mid-wicket. A single beings Colly back on strike, the Durham all-rounder is hit right in the unmentionables by the fourth legitimate ball of the over\u00a0- and at Shaun Tait's pace, that's REALLY gotta hurt. They run a leg bye. The penultimate ball of the innings is skied into the air by Trott and Tait takes the return catch. Tait hobbles off to a huge ovation.

  92. 50 overs Commentary Eng 333-6  

    Now that's interesting - with Colly to face the last ball, England send Chris Woakes out, presumably he's a faster runner than Michael Yardy who was down at eight on the card. Colly heaves the last ball to the mid-wicket boundary, Lee throws it back in and a wild throw allows England to run three. That's their joint sixth highest ODI total of all time. But Colly is then bent over in pain... still smarting from that painful blow earlier in the over.

  93. 0712 Commentary  

    Right, we're going to take a break between innings - and Colly will no doubt seek out an ice pack in the dressing-room. In the meantime, keep listening to TMS as Stephen Brenkley has joined Simon Mann to reflect on England's innings.

    And hot off the presses, a media release from Cricket Australia tells us that spinner Xavier Doherty's back injury has ruled him out of the rest of the ODI series (and he will be monitored ahead of the World Cup), while Ricky Ponting's recovery is on track as he has trained without any adverse effects.

  94. 0734 Commentary  

    Crikey, we didn't think they were supposed to start until 0745, but the players are out there and we're almost ready to go! Shane Watson and Brad Haddin opening the batting for Australia, who need 334 (the famous Bradman score from 1930) to win.

  95. 1 over Commentary Aus 11-0  

    Chris Woakes takes the new ball, Shane Watson smacks the first ball past short\u00a0cover for four! ("They'll win in 30 overs at this rate," jokes Geoff Lawson on TMS). That was short and wide - Woakes's second attempt is no better, sailing down the leg side for five wides. A single apiece for the Aussie openers and that's a high-scoring first over.

  96. 2 overs Commentary Aus 15-0  

    James Anderson takes the second over, while there are dark rumblings and rumours about the health of England's back-up bowlers as Paul Collingwood - nominally England's fifth bowler after Woakes, Anderson, Finn and Yardy - not only\u00a0suffered a painful blow while batting, but apparently is nursing a back injury of some sort. And their (likely) sixth bowler Jonathan Trott needed a runner after suffering with cramp. Never mind, I'm sure Kevin Pietersen can turn his arm over to bowl his occasionally offies - while I'm reliably informed by my match-report colleague Phil Dawkes that Ian Bell once took 3-9 in an ODI... although it was against Zimbabwe, and he hasn't bowled in an ODI since September 2006. Watson and Haddin pick up two singles apiece from Anderson's over.

  97. Twitter  

    From Adam_chailland: "Slow start by England but looks like they've fought and posted a good total. Pity it's a game too late. Bring on the World Cup!"

  98. 3 overs Commentary Aus 25-0  

    Woakes is wilder and woolier than an untamed bear at this stage, spraying it down the leg side as Watson helps himself to another four and after another exchange of singles, Watson wallops his third four of the innings through point. Woakes has 0-21 from two overs.

  99. 4 overs Commentary Aus 32-0 (TARGET 334)  

    Haddin tries to emulate his partner as he blasts Anderson for four through point. England struggle to contain the flow of runs as Haddin takes his score to 11 with a two and a single - he has 11 from 13, Watson has 16 from 11.

    And in an email too long to detail here, the ICC has announced its umpiring appointments for the World Cup warm-up and group stage matches. I can tell you that England's first group match, against the Netherlands on 22 February, will be officiated by Pakistan's\u00a0Asad Rauf and Australia's\u00a0Bruce Oxenford.

  100. 5 overs Commentary Aus 36-0  

    Wild Wild Woakes is withdrawn after two overs, Steven Finn is into the attack, Haddin slashes him through the covers, past the diving short cover and Anderson misfields at mid-off as they run a second. The Aussie keeper then threads a short and wide one between point and extra cover for two more.

    We think James Tredwell and Luke Wright are on the field, by the way - probably for Trott and one other (possibly Colly - we're not sure as KP's on).

  101. Twitter  

    From PtheP: "I think we are seeing why young Mr Woakes is NOT in the World Cup squad."

  102. 6 overs Commentary Aus 55-0  

    Trott is back on the field, although Colly is still off and is having his back manipulated after injuring it playing a shot on the final ball of the innings, according to TMS's Simon Mann. Watson smacks a four through the covers,\u00a0edges another four through the vacant slip cordon, then goes for the big heave-ho and gets a thick edge over the same area for four more! The Aussie crowd go wild as Jimmy goes short and wide, and Watson punishes him with another pugnacious punch through the covers - that's four fours this over! Trying for a fifth four, a miscue brings him three, and he already has 35 from 17 balls. It's not looking good for England at this stage...

  103. Commentary  

    From Steve Fox, TMS inbox: "Shouldn't that be wilder and woolier than an untamed sheep? Not noted for their wool, them there bears. Wouldn't want to shear a bear."

    Is it surprising that a Fox should know about untamed sheep?

  104. 7 overs Commentary Aus 63-0  

    Give Finn his credit, he's at least restricting the Aussies to singles rather than fours, although Watson and Haddin seem to be taking singles at will already. Watson launches one high into the air towards cow corner, sub fielder Luke Wright dives but can't get close enough to it and the ball bobbles over the rope for four. ("That's as high as I've ever seen a cricket ball hit," says Peter Roebuck on TMS).

  105. 8 overs WICKET Haddin c Trott b Anderson 20 (Aus 71-1)  

    Despite being flogged for 19 off his last over, it's Anderson to continue in the attack as England don't really have many bowling options - Trott is hobbling around the field, he clearly won't be able to bowl a full allocation and Colly is still off the field. (Not that any England bowler will need to bowl his full allocation if the Aussies keep scoring at this rate). Haddin and Watson continue to smash the ball to all four corners of the SCG, picking up ones, twos and threes - but this electric opening stand is ended in spectacular style when the hobbling Jonathan Trott leaps through the air to catch Haddin at fine leg!

  106. 9 overs Commentary Aus 77-1 (TARGET 334)  

    Callum Ferguson is the new batsman, he's impressed me in ODIs before now and must be knocking on the door for a Test place, although he seems to have been leap-frogged by Usman Khawaja in that form of the game. Finn's off after two overs and Michael Yardy is into the attack, he can't have bowled in powerplay overs very often. Watson and new batsman Ferguson don't mind, they're off to a flier and no mistake - two twos and two singles from the over.

  107. Twitter  

    From PeteyMcSteele: "The BBC website coverage of the cricket is better than the Australian media, the BBC don't pretend we like Michael Clarke."

    I'm assuming you're an Aussie? Keep your tweets coming in on #BBCCricket...

  108. 10 overs Commentary Aus 78-1  

    While TMS listeners are briefly taken aback while the ABC commentary from Sydney is replaced by some country & western music (and they didn't even wait until John Wayne Hastings was at the crease) in a bizarre interlude, Finn has changed ends to replace the wayward Anderson, and he keeps the Aussies in check - just\u00a0one Ferguson single from the over.

    If they want to bring country music into ODI cricket, perhaps Kenny Rogers could assist 12th man Chris Tremlett to bring towels onto the field for the England players? When it comes to towels, I'm sure Kenny would know when to hold them, and know when to fold them.

  109. 11 overs Commentary Aus 81-1  

    England take the fielding powerplay (presumably in a "get it out of the way" way of thinking) - Ferguson tickles Yardy for a single, then a delicate dab brings Watson his 19th ODI fifty from 32 balls (he has five centuries). Another rogue beachball is hunted down and eradicated by the stewards as Ferguson pinches the strike with a single.

  110. Commentary  

    Former Somerset captain Peter Roebuck on TMS: "I'm not sure about bringing Ferguson in at three, I'd like to see David Hussey there."

  111. 12 overs Commentary Aus 87-1  

    Pretty tight from Finn, just yielding a couple of singles, but a few pundits have pointed out that he sometimes tends to bowl one four-ball each over - and he does that when Ferguson flays the last ball of the over through point for four.

  112. 12.1 overs WICKET Watson c Strauss b Yardy 51 (Aus 87-2)  

    Watson tries to take on Yardy, but cracks him straight to Cap'n Strauss at mid-wicket!

  113. 13 overs Commentary Aus 92-2 (TARGET 334)  

    Here's something daring from Australia - Mitchell Johnson is the new batsman. Yes, you read that correctly. We're still in powerplay mode - so are Australia trying the big left-arm quick out in a pinch-hitting role ahead of the World Cup? Ferguson steers Yardy for a single, Johnson is off the mark with a leg-glance and the singles keep flowing off the Sussex slow left-armer - Ferguson has already made his way to 14. Another egregious beach ball is apprehended by another burly steward.

  114. 14 overs Commentary Aus 98-2  

    Johnson gives it some long handle against Finn, slicing him over point for four, before pushing a quick single - the throw to the stumps hits Ferguson on the back of his leg. Ferguson adds a single of his own, and a fierce throw back to the stumps from the enthusiastic Woakes nearly decapitates Prior as he fires it in on the bounce.

  115. Twitter  

    From MarkeyCJ: "Is the Aussie innings in Twenty20 format to give our walking wounded half a chance?"

  116. 15 overs Commentary Aus 104-2  

    Yardy wheels away for his fourth over, the last of the fielding powerplay. (No sign of a fifth bowler yet - unsurprising seeing as Trott is hobbling and Colly still off the field having treatment on his back). Two singles bring up the Aussie hundred, two more push the score along and Ferguson tickles a careful two past short fine leg to round off the over. At this stage, England were 79-1.

  117. Commentary  

    From my Dad, TMS inbox: "In the Brewongle Stand at the SCG... Not a bad game for your American stepmother to watch her first ever cricket match! (Not sure how much she understands!)"

    Glad you're enjoying the game, I hope for your sake it\u00a0isn't all settled on\u00a0Duckworth-Lewis...

  118. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 114-2 (TARGET 334)  

    With other options limited, occasional off-spinner Kevin Pietersen is England's fifth bowler, and he's pretty tidy, getting some turn as Johnson and Ferguson prod some singles - but then we have our first six of the day as Johnson launches KP high into the sky over mid-wicket and over the ropes! Time for a drinks break.

  119. Commentary  

    From Gordon, Dorset, TMS inbox: "Re: 10th over -\u00a0instead of Kenny Rogers, what about Tammy Wynette? She could stand by Third Man..."

  120. 17 overs Commentary Aus 118-2  

    My eagle-eyed match-report colleague Phil Dawkes has spotted Paul Collingwood back on the field - though he won't be able to bowl for an amount of time equal to the amount of time he's been off (if you get my drift) - Phil reckons he can't bowl before 1001 GMT. Yardy begins a new over, Ferguson steers a single, then Johnson swings and misses - the ball shaves the wicket but doesn't dislodge a bail, then Prior removes a bail and appeals for a stumping, although Johnson's foot hadn't left the crease. Whatever England are appealing for, Johnson isn't out, in any event - and a single takes him to 18. Fergie runs a\u00a0quick single, while an overthrow allows him a second\u00a0- he\u00a0has 24.

  121. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "I would like to see less Test players playing ODIs, with the obvious exceptions England should blood younger more exuberant players."

  122. 18 overs Commentary Aus 125-2  

    Johnson tucks into Pietersen's off-spin, helping himself to a couple of twos and a single\u00a0- but KP doesn't help himself with one which would have been called wide if Ferguson hadn't attempted to hit it, and that brings him two more as he chops it to third man.

  123. Twitter  

    From cricketology: "Mitchell Johnson is nightwatchman for Michael Clarke."

  124. 18.2 overs OUCH! Aus 127-2  

    Interesting - we are going to see Jonathan Trott bowl his dibbly-dobbly medium pace. Australians may be suspicious after he had cramp while batting and needed a runner. And the injuries keep coming for England as Kevin Pietersen tries to field the ball at deep square leg, and collapses to the turf in agony after slipping as he tried to pick the ball up! And he's limping off the field...


    From Mark Smith, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "By my calculations Australia would need to be 378 for less than 4 wickets down after 30 overs under D-L theory."

  126. 19 overs Commentary Aus 131-2  

    "How can you have a runner to bat and then come on and bowl?" moans an Aussie commentator as Trott continues his over - Johnson and Ferguson add four more runs. England will need to send for some more reinforcements from the Lions squad in the Windies at this rate if they keep dropping like flies...

  127. Twitter  

    From Tkay79: "KP and coaches should work on his bowling. Yuvraj, Pathan, Clarke. All bat and bowl in ODI, creating extra batting space in team."

  128. 20 overs Commentary Aus 136-2  

    Cap'n Strauss isn't quite at the "can anyone still capable of bowling please raise their hands" stage, but it's getting close to that as with KP still off the field, he has to recall Wild Wild Woakes. He's not quite as wild as he was with the new ball, Australia add three singles and a two, and they look well on course at this stage. But - he said, clutching at straws - we know how quickly the tide can turn in one-day cricket...

  129. 21 overs Commentary Aus 142-2 (TARGET 334)  

    Trott looks to be a yard or so slower than his usual (gentle) medium pace after his bout of cramp earlier, and the unlikely third-wicket combo of Ferguson and Johnson have already brought up their fifty partnership as\u00a0they find singles are easy pickings against the balding Warwickshire medium-pacer. No need for any risks to be taken at this stage, but sub fielder Luke Wright has to dive to cut off a boundary when Johnson powerfully cracks Trott through the covers with a cross-batted heave. Six from the over, and that's close enough to the required rate to keep them bubbling along nicely.

  130. 22 overs Commentary Aus 152-2  

    Woakes again, but it's more of the same from the Australian pair (ie lots of easily-obtained ones and twos) as Ferguson brings up Australia's 150 with a powerful steer off his legs for four through backward square leg, to the delight of plenty of Aussie fans in bright yellow vests.

    By the way, if Formula 1 is your thing, you can follow live text on today's F1 testing courtesy of my colleague Mark Orlovac - but the other peril of running more than one text commentary at the same time means that the text inbox gets overloaded, so please stick the word "CRICKET" as the first word of your texts on 81111 so they don't get swamped by all the F1 texts. Ta.

  131. Commentary  

    From Charles Matthews, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Regarding Anonymous: I think he/she meant to write 'fewer Test players', not less. This is not a petty observation, it\u2019s quite important as it can confuse what you\u2019re saying. If, for instance, you\u2019re trying to convey that there are fewer effective batsmen in the team. If you write less effective batsmen, you\u2019re saying all batsmen are less effective."

    It all depends whether you can quantify what you're saying less/fewer about. As in, less mashed potato, but fewer chips.

  132. 23 overs Commentary Aus 165-2  

    The increasingly assured Ferguson whacks his third boundary against Trott, who is getting rather taken apart here (and working up a right sweat - perhaps Chris Tremlett could bring on a towel for him). And Johnson goes aerial over mid-wicket - six or out - but it's six as it loops over the head and out of the reach of the leaping Luke Wright on the boundary.

  133. 23.5 overs WICKET Ferguson run out 46 (Aus 166-3)  

    KP is back on the field, walking a little gingerly - but like Colly and Trott, I half-wonder whether all three of them are back on the field as they may all be required to bowl at some stage. Yardy replaces Woakes in the attack, he keeps it tight early on and England finally have a breakthrough as there's a mix-up and Ferguson - who had scampered down the pitch\u00a0trying to run a bye which was never there -\u00a0is run out at the non-striker's end!

  134. 24 overs Commentary Aus 166-3 (TARGET 334)  

    Skipper Michael Clarke is the new batsman - Johnson defends the last ball of Yardy's over. England will hope this is a turning point.

  135. SMS  

    From Jim, Oxford: "Re:\u00a010th over, maybe Glen Campbell could stand out near the man fielding in rhinestone cow corner?!"

  136. 25 overs Commentary Aus 170-3  

    Clarke is off the mark, hoisting Trott into the leg side - the required rate is down to under six-and-a-half runs per over, and Australia are setting a decent pace. I have a feeling that if England want to win this, they may have to bowl Australia out. There are no demons in the pitch and the Aussies have plenty of batting to come.

  137. 26 overs Commentary Aus 174-3  

    Clarke takes guard against Yardy's left-arm "darts" for the first time as the Sussex skipper begins his seventh over. Johnson is a little becalmed since the run-out (which couldn't really be blamed on him), but he looks to be as capable of pushing ones and twos in these circumstances as\u00a0 he is of giving it some "Larry Dooley" (as some Aussies, or at least Andrew Symonds, terms it).

  138. 27 overs Commentary Aus 179-3 (TARGET 334)  

    Anderson replaces Trott (0-29 from four overs) but Clarke leg-glances his first ball for four, but the rest of the over is much better from the "Burnley Express" as Clarke can't penetrate the off-side field until he steers the last ball to long-on for one.

  139. Commentary  

    From Paul Watson, TMS inbox: "Maybe Trott's innings wasn't that good in the scheme of things, it looks like it may have been a too low a rate on what must be a superb batting track, was he just clogging up the crease?"

    A controversial view to say the least!

  140. 28 overs Commentary JOHNSON FIFTY - Aus 185-3  

    More steady accumulation against Yardy as Australia manage a single off every ball - Johnson reaches his second ODI fifty from 50 balls. Yards has 1-35 from eight overs.

  141. 29 overs Commentary Aus 191-3  

    Clarke hoists Anderson into the air, but it falls safely between Bell chasing round from mid-on and Pietersen lumbering in from the mid-wicket boundary. They run two. Clarke tips-and-runs a single, trying to drop the ball at his feet, but Johnson is aware of his captain's intentions and is quickly through for the single. A well-run two takes Johnson to 55 (from 56 balls) - Clarke has 14.

    And bad news for England - Colly jogs off at the end of the over, he's clearly not right, and Luke Wright is back on. So it looks like the semi-injured KP and Trott will have to make up the rest of the fifth bowler's allocation.

  142. Commentary  

    From Alex, work, TMS inbox: "Does the run-out\u00a0mix-up make a mockery of sending Johnson in at number four? Surely something like that was always going to happen? Mind you, the quick scoring and the 79 partnership might prove Captain Clarke right."

  143. 29.5 overs WICKET Johnson st Prior b Pietersen 57 (Aus 194-4)  

    Pietersen replaces Yardy - having snared Clarke with the final ball of day four of the Adelaide Test, can history repeat itself? The Aussie skipper steers a single to long-on - then Johnson goes for the big one, once more it falls safely and they run two. But Johnson's luck runs out when he charges down the track, plays and misses and is stumped!

  144. 30 overs Commentary Aus 194-4  

    Having a few computer problems, apologies if I'm a little behind. Cameron White the new batsman, dot ball off the last ball of KP's over.

  145. 31 overs Commentary Aus 196-4  

    With Cap'n Strauss needing to keep a bit of Anderson up his sleeve for the batting powerplay, he has to go back to Woakes - and the Warwickshire youngster rewards him with a tight over, just one run apiece for White - who we know can hit the cover off the ball in limited-overs cricket - and Clarke.

  146. Commentary  

    From Marc Rees, TMS inbox: "In response to Paul Watson [27 overs], I nearly spat my coffee all over the screen at that comment. Scoring a 137 at more than a run a ball was clogging up the crease?! I don't see the Aussies scoring at a much faster rate, other than Watson. What would you rather? The likes of Luke Wright and Yardy coming in and smashing a quickfire 15 off\u00a0eight deliveries?"

  147. 32 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 201-4  

    Australia push the score\u00a0 past 200 as White and Clarke plunder singles and twos from Pietersen's fourth over. Replays show there may have been a dropped catch as White got a possible edge to Prior who couldn't hold on. Time for drinks, computer still misbehaving but I think I've just about caught up. Stay with me, ladies and gents...

  148. Commentary  

    From Mike Johnson, TMS inbox: "Trott, as well as he has batted, does not take an attack apart (eg Sydney first game 84 not out off 119 balls with only\u00a0three fours) . Pietersen would be better at\u00a0three in the powerplay overs with Trott at\u00a0four, accumulating at one end."

  149. 33 overs Commentary Aus 207-4 (TARGET 334)  

    Right-arm seamer Woakes in for his sixth over, Australia keep the scoreboard ticking with the minimum of risk. England were 185-2 at this stage.


    From Mark Smith, working in a laboratory, TMS inbox: "On predicting final totals and doubling the score after 30 overs. I have often found this to be fairly accurate, however my formula includes deducting 15 runs off the total for every wicket down. Therefore my prediction, (194x2-(4x15)= 328, last wicket just swung it England's way, but think, barring a sensational innings or collapse, a close finish. Remember where you heard it first!"

    It could be the new Duckworth-Lewis...


    Single from Clarke, White threads a two before going after Pietersen with a huge six over mid-wicket which is caught by a surprised-looking dark-haired lady in the crowd. But then England appeal for a catch behind, umpire Daryl Harper is unmoved and England call for a review...

  152. NOT OUT  

    Hotspot not particularly conclusive, it looks like the bat hit the pad as he was playing a shot, there's no clear edge... and so rightly, the batsman gets the benefit of the doubt.

  153. 34 overs Commentary Aus 216-4 (TARGET 334)  

    KP completes his over, nine from it, and it's time for the compulsory ball change.

  154. SMS  

    From Ann & George: "Hi, my next door neighbour Rita Strudwick, who is cricket mad and arrived in Sydney today, is in the ground and will be going mad with joy at the England score. Send her our best wishes and hope she sees the result she is expecting."

    I can pass on your best wishes, but wouldn't like to guarantee any result at this stage...

  155. 35 overs Commentary Aus 224-4  

    The rosy-cheeked Woakes is hammered for another four\u00a0through the covers by the pugnacious White, who county cricket fans may remember for his run-scoring exploits for Somerset (particularly in T20). More easy ones and twos mean it's eight from the over - Woakes has 0-52 from seven. (Is he the same Chris Woakes who took six wickets the other day?) Australia need 110 from 15 overs.

  156. 35.1 overs Commentary White c Morgan b Finn 20 (Aus 224-5)  

    England turn back to Steven Finn - and he removes the dangerous White when he top-edges a catch right down Morgan's throat at deep backward square leg.

  157. 36 overs Commentary Aus 227-5 (TARGET 334)  

    David Hussey's a little unlucky to be batting as low as number seven after Johnson's experimental promotion to number four. Finn charges in, and as we saw in the Tests against Bangladesh last summer, he falls over in his follow-through! A great full-length dive by "Boundary Fox" Morgan restricts the new batsman to two when he forces Finn off his legs, a single is added off the last ball, and that's a much better over for England - only three runs, and one important wicket.

  158. SMS  

    From Rita Strudwick: "Just saw Ann and George's message [34th over], can you tell them that I am stuck at the airport still but I am following it all and am loving it!"

  159. 37 overs Commentary Aus 235-5  

    Pietersen\u00a0to bowl his sixth over - coupled with Trott's four, that makes up the fifth bowler's allocation if the four front-line bowlers all complete their spells. Hussey is already keeping the fielders busy with a single, a wide boosts the score and Clarke fiercely pulls KP for four before a single takes him to 30 from 31 balls. The SCG PA system strikes up "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond.

  160. Commentary  

    From Oliver, working with Excel in Kuwait, TMS inbox: "Not wishing to be a pedant Mark but if you entered your formula into Excel you would get an error for the unclosed set of ( ). The (very good) formula should be: (194x2-(4x15))= 328."

    I haven't done maths since 1991 at school, I have to take these formulae you send me as given!

  161. 38 overs Commentary Aus 241-5  

    Finn keeps his line pretty tight, but Hussey and Clarke are experienced enough to take xxx singles from his over, while Clarke lets one go by down the leg side for a wide. Australia need 93 from 72 balls. Anybody's game, but I still think England may need to bowl Australia out to win.

  162. 39 overs Commentary Aus 246-5  

    Pietersen's back off as I had expected, and Woakes - who has two overs left in his spell - returns. Reemember, Australia still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves, which I think may dictate when Anderson bowls his last four. With the required run rate creeping up towards eight, and only five runs taken, England may feel they "won" that over - Australia need 88 from 66 balls, and Peter Roebuck on TMS says England are "favourites but not certainties".

  163. Twitter  

    From adamfadamf: "Anyone else just see Fernando Torres whenever they see Chris Woakes? Maybe I watched too much deadline day."

    Keep your tweets coming on #BBCCricket, let's see if we can trend...

  164. 40 overs Commentary Aus 250-5 (TARGET 334)  

    Lovely work from Finn, keeping it tight and the Aussies can only manage two singles and a two. Will Australia take the batting powerplay? The maths shows they need 84 runs from 60 balls.

  165. Commentary  

    From Samuel Halligan, TMS inbox: "While Mark\u2019s formula initially seems very promising, if a team scored 90 for 7 after 30 overs, according to the formula, they would score minus 15 runs in the next 20 overs. I think it needs a tweak. Some of our batsman are out of form but they aren\u2019t that bad."

  166. 41 overs Commentary Aus 257-5 (TARGET 334)  

    Michael Yardy to bowl - Clarke has a word with Umpire Erasmus, who seems to indicate that it's too late to decide to take the powerplay if the bowler is about to run in to bowl. (That's what the TMS/ABC crew think anyway). Clarke helps himself to two twos and a single, Hussey, who I'd imagine must have faced Yardy in county cricket, adds another and Clarke nicks the strike but with the rate over eight an over, singles alone won't do. 77 needed from 54 balls.

  167. Commentary  

    From Paul Watson, TMS inbox: "Re: my comment Over 27 & riposte Over 31. The point for discussion is 'is a century a good thing in limited over cricket if it is at too low a rate'? Imagine two openers getting 150 each in a total of 310-0 - great - until the other side end up on 311-9 with overs to spare. Remember Beefy deliberately running Boycs out because he was going too slow?"

  168. 42 overs Commentary Aus 264-5 (TARGET 334)  

    There's a bit of cat and mouse over Australia's decision (or not) to take the powerplay - Anderson is thrown the ball, a powerplay field is set, but there's no signal from Umpire Harper (who speaks with Cap'n Strauss and Cap'n Clarke, all three have bizarre grins on their faces). Well, it's still Anderson to bowl, with four overs left in his spell they needed to bring him back soon anyway - Clarke and Hussey manage three singles off the first four balls, the fifth sees Hussey go aerial and carve Anderson over the covers, only to be denied by a plunging Luke Wright who dives full-length on his stomach to turn four into three, and Clarke adds a single off the last ball. 70 needed from 48 balls.

  169. 43 overs Commentary Aus 269-5 (TARGET 334)  

    After all those shenanigans at the start of the last over, we now have the batting powerplay, to be taken in overs 43, 44, 45, 46 and 47. Yardy to bowl his last over, it's single-off-every-ball-time with six men\u00a0in the circle and Clarke has been creeping up towards his 45th ODI half century and he raises his bat to the crowd, before tilting his helmet to allow the sweat to run out. Yuck. And the last ball is a dot, so it's only five from the over - 65 needed from 42 balls.

  170. 44 overs Commentary Aus 286-5 (TARGET 334)  

    Yardy's figures were 1-47 from 10 overs, by the way. Clarke lifts the first ball of\u00a0Anderson's over, and it sails over\u00a0square leg for a flat six! That helps Australia's run rate. Clarke stabs a two to long-on as Cap'n Strauss shuffles his field, then Cap'n Clarke cover-drives, that'll be four more! There's an enormously-bearded\u00a0bloke in an Aussie vest just behind the fence who looks just like an Aussie Brian Blessed - presumably exhorting the England fielders to "Diiiiiiive"! Another clean hit from Clarke, this time to leg, brings him two more - then he misses one down the leg side, but Umpire Harper spreads his arms to signal a wide! Horrible over for England. Clarke flicks the fifth legitimate ball for a single to mid-wicket, Hussey digs out a yorker and Anderson himself gives chase to restrict them to a single. 48 needed from 36 balls.

  171. Commentary  

    From Michael, at work in Newcastle, TMS inbox: "Why didn\u2019t Ann and George [35th over] contact Rita direct and vice versa? Any chance you can tell Neil Kirtley who works next to me that England need a few wickets to win and hope we get the result he is expecting? It will save me having to disrupt his viewing."

  172. 44.0 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Aus 287-5 (TARGET 334)  

    With Yardy's spell exhausted, England turn to Chris Woakes, his first ball is signalled as a wide - but England appeal for a catch down the leg side... or did it flick the pad?

  173. 44.0 overs NOT OUT Aus 287-5 (TARGET 334)  

    He's not out, and England have wasted their last review. Will\u00a0they regret that?

  174. 45 overs Commentary Aus 296-5 (TARGET 334)  

    Hussey blasts Woakes between cover and long-off, and that's his first four. A single brings Cap'n Clarke back on strike, he threads a single to KP at long-on. Hussey does the same, KP fields again. Clarke turns Woakes off his toes, sprints the first run and gallops back for the second, excellent running from the skip and he's up to 69. Clarke plays and misses at the last ball, it's 38 needed from 30 balls.

  175. 47 overs WICKET Hussey c Prior b Finn 38 - Aus 314-6 (TARGET 334)  

    The batsmen get a between-over-towelling-down as Finn replaces Woakes. Single from Clarke, Hussey gives it the charge but misses - dot ball. Hussey steps away to leg, Finn follows him and he smears a single to short fine leg. 22 from 21 balls needed. Finn bowls, Clarke swats and misses. Finn tries a legside bouncer, that's signalled as a wide... that's 10 wides for the innings. Clarke straight-drives a single to long-on, then Hussey gets a nick as he attempts another leg-side heave\u00a0and he's caught behind! A dot ball as well as a priceless wicket - Australia need 20 from 18 balls.

  176. 47.4 overs WICKET Smith run out 0 - Aus 317-7 (TARGET 334)  

    New batsman is Steve "Tintin" Smith, he's the non-striker - but he's accompanied by Brad Haddin who's out as his runner. Pulled a muscle or something.\u00a0Potential for late chaos = HUGE (anyone remember Dan Christian and the last ball of the T20 final when Hampshire won when Somerset didn't know the rules about an injured striker running?). Clarke pushes Anderson's first ball for two, but can only manage a single from the second. (It's Anderson's last over). Smith can't get his first ball past backward point - 17 needed from 15. Smith pushes into the on-side, his runner Haddin isn't quick enough as Finn throws to the bowler's end\u00a0and without moving, Tintin has been run\u00a0out!

  177. 48 overs Commentary Aus 318-7 (TARGET 334)  

    The towering John Wayne Hastings is the new batsman, he's a useful batsman and it makes you wonder why they bothered sending Smith with a runner... Clarke can only steer the penultimate ball for a single, and "The Duke" fences ineffectively at the last ball which pops through to Prior. 16 needed from 12 balls, it may be a dead rubber, but if you can't feel the tension, you can't call yourself a cricket fan!

  178. 48.5 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Aus 327-7 (TARGET 334)  

    Clarke whips Finn through short fine leg, where he's DROPPED by Jonathan Trott - leaping through the air, it goes through his fingers, and that's four! Big turning point? Clarke stabs a single to extra cover, and Cap'n Strauss brings a couple of his fielders up to try to keep Hastings on strike. 11 needed from 10. Hastings ducks away from a fast bouncer, that was there to be hit surely? But it's a dot ball. 11 from 9. Hastings swings at the fourth ball of the over, it falls safely and a misfield in the deep by Woakes turns a likely two runs\u00a0into three - and brings Clarke back on strike with eight needed from eight balls. The skip swats a second to long leg, comes back for the second, and Daryl Harper signals for the third umpire!

  179. 48.5 overs WICKET Clarke run out 82 - Aus 327-8 (TARGET 334)  

    Computer says "OUT"! Clarke goes! Here comes Brett Lee for a grandstand finish!

    And that was Jonathan Trott with the throw - does it redeem him for the dropped catch?

  180. 49 overs Commentary Aus 328-8 (TARGET 334)  

    Finn to Lee, ball squirms to fine leg and they run one. Six needed from six balls - and I don't think it's been attempted under this new live text system, but I'm going to go ball-by-ball, with all three results possible!

  181. 49.0 overs Commentary Aus 329-8 (TARGET 334)  

    Rookie Chris Woakes to bowl to wily old fox Brett Lee. Aussie commentators think he'll go for a slower ball. It's short.. and it's a wide! FIVE TO WIN

  182. 49.1 overs Commentary Aus 330-8 (TARGET 334)  

    Field changes, KP drops out to long-on. Lee drives, down to third man, one run. FOUR TO WIN

  183. 49.2 overs Commentary Aus 334-8  

    Hastings turns it down to fine leg for four, Australia win by two wickets!

  184. 1137 Commentary  

    So, to answer the questions I asked at 0250, Australia have taken a 5-1 advantage in the series, England managed to inflict injuries on three more of their players (all of them part-time bowlers), and their best bowler was probably Steven Finn who's not in the World Cup squad. As for seven-game ODI series? Who knows.

  185. 1140 THAT'S A RECORD  

    Some stats - that was the fourth highest successful ODI run chase in history, and Australia's highest ODI total against England. It's also England's sixth highest ODI total ever - and their highest losing total. Pick the bones out of that one...

  186. Twitter  

    From petesp25: "All these injuries are due to an overloaded tour.\u00a0Three or four\u00a0ODIs on top of T20s is more than enough."

    Thanks for all your tweets today on #BBCCricket

  187. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "It was a very good batting performance, Jonathan Trott played outstandingly well and 333 is a good score on any ground. We weren't helped by Paul Collingwood not being able to bowl as he had a back spasm, but the Aussies started well, they\u00a0all got stuck in and they were worthy winners. That's the way the game goes sometimes, and in a seven-game series it allows one side to build momentum. But we've got one more game to show what we can do."

  188. 606  

    From Dexter: "Smashing game of cricket. Just what was needed for the much criticised 50-over format."

    Please\u00a0continue the debate on 606 throughout the day...

  189. Commentary  

    Man of the\u00a0match\u00a0Jonathan Trott: "It's nice to get a hundred, but it's more memorable if it comes with a victory. We'd have taken 333 at the start of the day - I had a bit of cramp and a runner for the last couple of overs, it was 40 plus degrees and pretty humid by the end."

  190. Commentary  

    Australia captain Michael Clarke: "I think on slow, low wickets Mitchell Johnson can do well batting in the powerplays as he strikes the ball as well as anyone. We tried a few things with the ball which didn't go to plan, but I'm delighted we managed to come out and chase those runs. The boys are a little bit weary, but we're off to Perth tomorrow and then to the World Cup for a couple of months."

  191. SMS  

    From Jack in\u00a0Portsmouth: "Mark, I\u00a0think the exclamation mark key on your computer may need a rest after this game!"

    Hey, it was an exciting game! And if I'm ever accused of being a cricket enthusiast who gets excited about a superb example of our great game like this, then I'm guilty as charged.

  192. 1155 Commentary  

    Well, thanks for your company, e-mails, texts, tweets and messages today - if you can forgive it being a dead rubber, as a stand-alone event I think it was a belter of an ODI. The seventh (and final) game takes place in Perth on Sunday, it's another 0320 GMT start and Sam Sheringham will be your genial guide. I hope you'll join him then - and join\u00a0the rest of us\u00a0for plenty of live text action during the World Cup. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 2 wickets
  • Australia: 334-8 (49.2 overs)
  • England: 333-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Sydney

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 334
Watson c Strauss b Yardy 51
Haddin c Trott b Anderson 20
Ferguson run out (Prior) 46
Johnson st Prior b Pietersen 57
Clarke run out (Trott) 82
White c Morgan b Finn 20
Hussey c Prior b Finn 38
Smith run out (Finn) 0
Hastings not out 7
Lee not out 2
Extras 11w 11

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