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Australia v England 5th ODI as it happened

  1. 0257 Commentary  

    Good morning/evening - here's news from the middle at the Gabba: Australia have won the toss and will bat first against England, who hand an ODI debut to Steven Finn, with Chris Woakes also coming into the side.

  2. 0304 Commentary  

    Does this feel rather...familiar?\u00a0 It's the fifth match of this almost never-ending series and quite possibly the most poignant with all eyes on Brisbane, scenes of devestating flooding just three weeks ago. Both teams have been in fund-raising mode with the Australians visiting towns around the Queensland capital to see the rebuilding process in action. One change for the Australians to report with Mitchell Johnson coming in for Xavier Doherty.

  3. 0311 Commentary  

    Ahhh that's good to hear. Michael Clarke will be donating all his match fees to the relief fund and all the Australia players' shirts will be auctioned to raise much-needed Aussie dollars.\u00a0 "Resilience" seems to be a word bounced around a lot when it comes to the Queenslanders. The multi-coloured seats around the Gabba are still on show, but we're expecting a sell-out.

  4. Twitter  

    From the Australian Cricketers' Association: "Congrats also to English players for donating money to the flood victims. Great gesture - all class."

  5. 0320 Commentary  

    You know your life is warped when you start wondering "what ever happened to Fredi Bobic?" at 0230 GMT. It's a big day for Britain's Andy Murray a few thousand miles south in Melbourne in the final of the Australian Open against Serbian Novak Djokovic. You can follow the action on this website from about 0830 GMT. Meanwhile at the Gabba, the Australian openers are out and James Anderson will bowl the first over.\u00a0 Game on.

  6. 1 over Commentary Aus 6-0  

    In bounds Anderson, whose first delivery is crunched through the covers off the front foot by Shane Watson for four, swiftly followed up three balls later with a similar shot of aesthetic excellence for\u00a0a couple\u00a0from the barrel-chested Queenslander.\u00a0Encouraging signs for Anderson though as the ball moves away from the bat.\u00a0 So it's an all-out pace attack for both sides, so expect a few overs of tweak from Kevin Pietersen and David Hussey at some stage on Sunday.

  7. 2 ovs Commentary Aus 10-0  

    It does not get any better than this - former Aussie opener turned culinary wizard Matthew Hayden, former Prime Minister John Howard and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh are dishing out free snags fresh from the barbie at the Gabba as part of the fund-raising efforts.\u00a0 Wonder who the English equivalent trio would be.\u00a0 Any suggestions? Ajmal Shahzad opens up with a not particularly impressive first over, firing down too many deliveries down the leg-side, including a boundary, allowing Brad Haddin to get off the mark with a push off the hip for a couple.

  8. 3 overs Commentary Aus 17-0  

    Anderson serves up a juicy half-volley with fried onions, ketchup and a healthy dollop of mustard for Brad Haddin to tuck into, pushing the ball through mid-off, where Kevin Pietersen makes an almighty Horlicks of an attempt to stop the ball on its way to the boundary. Still nothing to trouble either batsman as Haddin nudges his 2000th one-day run.

  9. 0333 Commentary  

    Apologies, I forget to dish out the teams. England: Andrew Strauss, Matt Prior (wk),\u00a0 Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Paul Collingwood, Chris Woakes, Ajmal Shahzad, Steven Finn, James Anderson.

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Shaun Marsh, Michael Clarke (capt), Cameron White, David Hussey, Steve Smith, John Hastings, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Doug Bollinger.

  10. 4 overs Commentary  

    Intriguingly, this is the first time in 40 one-day matches that England have not played a spinner in their XI. A strange notion with the World Cup in the sub-continent just weeks away. Shahzad's radar still needs calibration as he sends down his 15th wide of the series, along with a single. No dangers so far for the Aussie opening duo.

  11. Commentary  

    From Tom, Leeds, TMS inbox: "After a heavy night out in Leeds, the last thing\u00a0I imagined to read before going to bed was to see the cricket updates mention Fredi Bobic. As both a fan of Bolton Wanderers and BBC cricket, it was a pleasant ending to the night. As you can tell I had no luck tonight."

  12. 5 overs Commentary Aus 25-0  

    Haddin looks like he is wielding a brand-spanking new blade, barely a mark on its face as he pushes a muscular front-foot drive to Pietersen at mid-off. And Shane Watson goes Lady Gaga when Anderson serves up a half-tracker, smashing the ball through the vacant midwicket area for four. \u00a0

  13. Twitter  

    From BFInnoBystander: "Doherty has a stiff back - the Bryce McGain for the World Cup campaign gathers further momentum."

  14. 6 overs Commentary Aus 31-0  

    Leg-side filth from Shahzad, aptly treated like a piece of refuse by Haddin, who helps the ball over short fine leg for four before carving a single down to third man. England's bowling so far has been ridiculously ordinary.

  15. Commentary  

    From Martyn (currently stuck at work on a nightshift), TMS inbox: "Fredi Bobic is currently Director of Sport Director at German Bundesliga side VfB Stuttgart.\u00a0 BTW....England to roll the Aussies out for 249."

  16. SMS  

    From Jen (32) and Jude (3 months), Maidenhead: "Looking forward to an exciting game to get us through the night feed. We highly recommend having a baby when England are touring down under. The cricket makes the night feeds much more bearable!"

  17. 7 overs Commentary Aus 33-0  

    Steven Finn racks up 88mph on his first joust in international cricket, rapping Brad Haddin on the pads but no chance of a leg before appeal with the ball drifting past leg stump. Confident start by the men in green and gold. Nice shot of Australian duo John Hastings and Dougie Bollinger going around with the collection cans. These Aussie boys have done some very impressive fund-raising. And not forgetting England's efforts too...

  18. 8 overs Commentary Aus 43-0  

    Change of ends for Shahzad - but there's no improvement in his consistency as Brad Haddin makes room outside leg stump to thump a short delivery high over point and crashing into the boundary before a thick outside edge flies high over Andrew Strauss' head at first slip, bouncing a couple of times before rattling the advertising hoardings. A ghastly leg-side wide and it's an expensive over for the Yorkshire tyro. In other important news, Stuart Broad is sporting a brand-new haircut - the fast bowler has lopped off his golden locks in favour of a number\u00a0four all round. Short back and sides all round for the England boys...Except Steve Finn.

  19. 9 overs Commentary Aus 48-0  

    Better over from Finn, who raps Watson in front of the timbers but umpire Rod Tucker says "naaaaaaay". England are unconvinced and call for a review - only to see Virtual Eye predicting the ball would have missed leg stump. And to really squish England's noses in the nasty stuff, Brad Haddin takes a casual step back, winds up an almighty swing and crunches the ball over point for four.

  20. 9.2 overs WICKET Watson ct Collingwood b Woakes 16 (Aus 48-1)  

    Bit of width outside off stump from Chris Woakes - but Watson has smeared the ball straight to point and into the copydexed hands of Paul Collingwood, who plucks the ball above his head as if Watson has lazily tossed a juicy Braeburn apple in his general direction. England strike - and about time too.

  21. 10 overs Commentary Aus 50-1  

    Woakes - who looks as if he has never seen the sharp end of a razor during his 21 years of existence -\u00a0changes his line of attack for the left-handed Shaun Marsh, giving the new man absolutely no room to score. Useful start by the Warwickshire starlet.

  22. Commentary  

    From John , Osaka, TMS inbox: "It won't be a great sporting weekend for the Aussies if they lose this after their defeat in the Asian Cup final last night. Congratulations Japan."

  23. 11 over Commentary Aus 53-1  

    Whoosh! Excellent pace of Finn, who beats the outside edge of Haddin's bat with a delivery which holds its line outside off stump. He immediately changes his line to around the wicket to Marsh, who turns a single down to fine leg. Decent over from the self-styled "beanpole fast bowler".

  24. 12 overs Commentary Aus 57-1  

    Haddin flirts with the lovely Lady Fortune as a thick inside edge just squirts beyond the leg stump off Chris Woakes, nicking a single to compound England's frustrations. Meanwhile, the compact Shaun Marsh, tidy, efficient and graceful in his strokeplay, works the ball to leg for a couple of singles. \u00a0

  25. 13 overs Commentary Aus 62-1  

    Marsh carves an aerial double down to third man as Finn offers too much width outside off stump. Relaxed single-collecting from this second-wicket pair. England look a tad bereft of ideas and inspiration right now.

  26. 14 overs Commentary Aus 68-1  

    Wallop! Haddin clears his front leg and besmirches Woakes figures with a muscular swipe straight back over his head for four. The crowd liked that - no news on whether the Hayden/Bligh/Gillard cook-off has been a roaring success or not. Turns out it was Aussie PM Julia Gillard not former Premier John Howard donning the pinny and the tongs. One wonders if David Cameron would ask young cricket fans if they like fried onions with their snags.

  27. Twitter  

    From BobToms100: "Full of energy & intelligence for this ODI, but time ridiculous. Why can't they start an ODI on a weekend at 11.00am?"

    Probably wouldn't get too many fans prepared to sit in a stadium from 10pm to 5am, Bob...

  28. 14.4 overs WICKET Haddin bowled Finn 37 (Aus 72-2)  

    Haddin opens up his book of improvised shot-making and turns to page 56 - the walk away from the stumps and waft over mid-off, picking up for as a reward although Kevin Pietersen wisely decides against a slide to prevent the boundary with a sandy bottom (stop sniggering at the back) on the Gabba turf. Memories of Simon Jones and his horrific injury spring to mind. But Finn has his man! Haddin nutmegs a yorker attempting to make room to leg as the ball splatters his furniture everywhere.

  29. 15 overs Commentary Aus 73-2  

    Australia captain Michael Clarke strides to the wicket, his arrival greeted by an audible level of boos. His first delivery is a bouncer - rightly called a wide - and he safely sees out the rest of the over without too many dramas.

  30. 16 overs Commentary Aus 80-2  

    James Anderson returns and serves up a wide and a half-volley outside off stump spanked with venom by Marsh, but Ian Bell makes a superb stop at short cover to stop a guaranteed boundary. Meanwhile, news just reaches me that Shahid Afridi hit 65 from 25 balls in Pakistan's victory over New Zealand in Christchurch. Meanwhile, Clarke hits a handsome drive through the covers for a boundary. If that cover drive was a Hollywood actor, it would be Kevin Bacon in the Footloose era.

  31. Commentary  

    From Annie P, Morioka, Japan, TMS inbox: "Pranav, please can you let me know when someone is 'offside' in this game. It might help me understand it a little better. Thanks."

  32. 17 overs Commentary Aus 85-2  

    Excellent shot from Clarke, leaning on a slightly too straight delivery from Finn and punching it between mid-on and midwicket for four. Finn tightens up with the remainder of the over as Marsh plays with straight-bat respect.

  33. 18 overs Commentary Aus 87-2  

    Annie, I couldn't help but chuckle at your email, the source of pub and other social gathering grounds up and down the country and wider, judging by your location. Just two runs from Anderson's fifth over and to be fair, England haven't really bowled very well today so far. Let's go back a few months and reminisce about the first Ashes Test in Brisbane.\u00a0 Altogether now "aaaaaahhhh"....

  34. 19 overs Commentary Aus 96-2  

    There's Ricky Ponting sat with the Australia players - but more interestingly just in front of him is a man who looks like Jimmy Greaves about 25 years ago, complete with downturned 'tash. Meanwhile, Michael Clarke carves a lovely looking boundary through cover point before following that up with a gorgeous straight drive past the toes of Steve Finn, taking the Aussie captain to 17 from 13 deliveries.

  35. 19.1 overs WICKET Marsh c Strauss b Collingwood 16 (Aus 96-3)  

    Collingwood into the attack and his first delivery is pushed into Andrew Strauss' iron hands at short midwicket by Shaun Marsh. Soft dismissal but England delight.

  36. 20 overs Commentary Aus 96-3  

    New-man Cameron White plays Colly's variety of cutters, slower-balls and seamers with the deepest respect, as if the Dalai Lama was hurling down a white ball from 22 yards. Top stat from the TV boys - that's Paul Collingwood's first maiden in 118\u00a0 overs against Australia.

  37. 21 overs Commentary Aus 102-3  

    White gets off the mark with a deliberate fine edge through the vacant first slip region for four off the returning Chris Woakes, bringing up the Aussie ton to boot. There are patches of bare grass on the Gabba turf, some of which have been dyed green to look more aesthetically pleasing.

  38. 22 overs Commentary Aus 113-3  

    Cameron White gives it the full gun with a lazy-looking front-foot drive over Paul Collingwood's head for a straight six, immediately following that stroke up with a boundary through extra cover. Lusty hitting.

  39. Commentary  

    From Steve, cold in Kiel, Germany, TMS inbox: "Annie's mail got me smiling too. I've played and followed cricket for 40 years and I still don't know where third man should stand, let alone point (is that square off?). Perhaps you could explain between overs. Nice to see Colly getting some wickets - hope he gets some runs too."

  40. 22.2 overs WICKET White c Prior b Woakes 16 (Aus 113-4)  

    Woakes dispatches Cameron White back into the pavilion with an absolute ripper which straightens up off the seam, kissing the edge of the Victorian captain's bat and into the grateful mitts of Matt Prior.

  41. 23 overs Commentary Aus 115-4  

    New-man David Hussey is given a short-ball welcome by the nascent Woakes but the Victorian is immediately on the scorecard with a double through the leg side. I get the feeling Woakes might be one of these players who can sneak wickets just at the right time for England in the future...

  42. 24 overs Commentary Aus 116-4  

    Steve (22 overs), my favourite made-up fielding position is short square on, once bellowed by a captain during a club match - to the complete bemusement of the 14 other people in the pitch at the same time. More tight lines from Colly, who leaks a solitary single.\u00a0\u00a0

  43. 25 overs Commentary Aus 121-4  

    Clarke chops a cut through point off Woakes for two - and\u00a0calls for a third when he sees Jonathan Trott is the man stationed\u00a0on the\u00a0deep cover boundary. Aside\u00a0from\u00a0the stray ball outside off stump, it's another tidy over from Chris Woakes.\u00a0\u00a0

  44. 26 overs Commentary Aus 124-4  

    Colly is a real soldier - the kind of man that would scarifice his chocolate rations for you if it was your birthday in the trenches.\u00a0Just two runs from another very disciplined over. \u00a0

  45. Commentary  

    From Natalie Mansfield, TMS inbox: "My friend once asked if he could play at Silly Point Square. He said they were the only words he remembered from cricket!"

  46. Twitter  

    From Pete2Boogie: "I'm in the Sid James stand at the Gabba. Block 69, row DD. Double entendres all round!"

  47. 27 overs Commentary Aus 127-4  

    The screws are being tightened by Woakes and Collingwood, who sound like a pair of solicitors from the home counties. Woakes concedes just three runs and the atmosphere at the Gabba is as flat as a warm tinny.

  48. 28 overs Commentary Aus 128-4  

    More excellent, efficient bowling from Colly, just a single on offer.

  49. 29 overs Commentary Aus 128-4  

    Ajmal Shahzad returns and the man opposite me screams out the word "squeezetastic". The crowd are keeping them entertained with what sounds like either a beer snake or a Mexican crowd - or quite possibly both. It sounds a heck of a lot more entertaining than what's on offer in the middle at the moment as the Yorkshireman sends down a maiden to Michael Clarke.

  50. 30 overs Commentary Aus 133-4  

    After a spritely start, Michael Clarke's innings is slowly grinding to a halt. He attempts to defibrillate his innings with a late cut, but the athletic Shahzad ensures the Aussie skipper cannot add anything more than a single to his tally. Five singles from the over.

  51. 31 overs Commentary Aus 140-4  

    The crowd are awoken from their temporary boundary-starved fug by a powerful David Hussey cut behind square for four off Ajmal Shahzad, before adding a couple more to his tally with thick outside edges down to third man. Better over for the hosts but this pitch looks like a minimum 270 at least.

  52. 32 overs Commentary Aus 142-4  

    Another miserly over from Collingwood, mixing up his deliveries to bamboozle Hussey, who cannot pierce the infield. Two more runs and Colly has yielded just 23 runs from seven overs - and 10 of those were from two scoring shots.

  53. 33 overs Commentary Aus 150-4  

    Shahzad is hauled off in favour of the medium pace of Jonathan Trott - although his second ball of the over is spanked through extra cover all along the carpet by Hussey for four. The number six brings up the Aussie 150 with a push into the covers. Trott has great memories of the Gabba following his second-innings resistance alongside Alastair Cook. Aaaah the halcyon days...

  54. Commentary  

    From YMR in The Woodlands, Texas, TMS inbox: "I'm shocked that none of my fellow Brits has bothered to explain to Annie that a fielder is in an offside position when in front of the pitcher when he/she pitches the ball."

  55. 34 overs Commentary Aus 154-4  

    Clarke carves a delivery a little too straight through midwicket for a couple but apart from that aberration, it's another tidy\u00a0over from Sunderland's most celebrated fan. Time for the mandatory ball change.

  56. Commentary  

    From David Cox, TMS inbox: "Anyone remember Rory Bremner's spoof cricket video... And the line (in the voice of Richie) 'Australia's captain, David Boon, is changing the field - he now has two short legs.... er.... and a rather large tummy.'"

  57. 35 overs Commentary Aus 161-4  

    Buffet bowling from the returning Steve Finn, dishing up a succulent half-volley outside off stump for Clarke to tuck into with gusto, licking the spoon clean as the ball rolls through extra cover for four. More off-side clobbery, this time from Hussey, who gleans a couple more to his tally. Seven from the over. Anyone else sensing late-over biffery from the lesser-known Huss?

  58. 36 overs Commentary Aus 165-4  

    Just discussing the celebrities who live in our local vicinities in the office - turns out Oliver Brett has Masood Ahmed from Eastenders living not very far from his residence, while Sam Sheringham has Minty from the same soap in his neck of the woods.\u00a0 I feel distinctly left out of this conversation. Anyone know if Ali Ozcabs lives in Kilburn? Back to the cricket and Collingwood's ninth over goes for four.

  59. Twitter  

    From former Australia batsman Damien Martyn (@dmartyn30): "Please Aussie crowd,do we really need to boo an Australian captain? Have we stooped that low!! Please know we are better than that."

  60. 37 overs Commentary Aus 173-4  

    Clarke takes two steps down the track and wallops a short delivery from Finn through midwicket for four, adding to the three runs gleaned from earlier in the over. It's all looking good for the Aussie captain, despite the round of boos from certain sections of the crowd when he sauntered in to bat.

  61. Commentary  

    From James, on a camel, in India, TMS inbox: "I'm following the match today whilst riding a camel. Any punishment Steve Finn's bowling is receiving is nothing compared to what my\u00a0groin\u00a0is going through."

  62. 38 overs Commentary Aus 178-4  

    Hussey and Clarke exchange five singles from Colly's first five balls but the latter\u00a0can't pierce the circle and the sixth ball is a dot, bringing Collingwood's economical 10 overs to a close, finishing with 1-36.

  63. 38.1 overs WICKET Hussey bowled Woakes 34 (Aus 178-5)  

    Woakes returns and immediately picks up his third wicket as Hussey drags a thick under-edge onto his stumps, just as the Victorian biffer looked\u00a0poised to unleash the full array of boundary-hitting strokeplay.

  64. 39 overs Commentary Aus 180-5  

    New-man Steven Smith gets off the mark immediately and hands the strike back to his captain and New South Wales team-mate Clarke, who moves to one run of a half century with a push into the offside. More timely wicket-taking from Woakes. Magic arm indeed.

  65. 40 overs Commentary CLARKE FIFTY Aus 185-5  

    A huge cheer rings around the Gabba as Michael Clarke pushes a single into the covers for his 44th one-day half-century off the returning James Anderson, take that boo-boys. Five runs from the over, four singles and a wide. \u00a0\u00a0

  66. 40.5 overs WICKET Clarke c Strass b Woakes 54 (Aus 190-6)  

    Clarke goes aerial with a chipped pull shot, not quite getting a short Woakes delivery out of the middle of the bat, for two runs down towards deep midwicket. But he's back in the hutch when he misjudges a short ball and loops a high catch to Andrew Strauss, who composes himself under the ball and takes a comfortable catch at short cover. And that's four wickets for the impressive Woakes.

  67. 42 overs Commentary Aus 190-6  

    Clarke's innings, which began with a bang, came off 74 deliveries. No doubt he will be criticised for his lack of judgement or failure to play any expansive strokes during his 50. His tenure in the one-day team is a divisive issue in Australialand at the moment. Meanwhile,\u00a0new batsman\u00a0Mitchell Johnson, in the side for the injured Xavier Doherty, is almost cleaned up by a brute of a James Anderson delivery, which narrowly\u00a0whizzes past his off stump. He cannot push the Lancashire paceman off the square and that's a maiden at a very crucial time in the innings.\u00a0

  68. 43 overs Commentary Aus 194-6  

    Shahzad returns, kissing something dangling around his neck before bounding in to bowl his seventh over. Still no sign of the powerplay\u00a0- and the seventh-wicket duo are blocking. Odd.\u00a0 Johnson adds a couple with a leg-side push but nothing to make your teeth jump out in shock.

  69. Commentary  
    From Quentin, TMS inbox: "Sitting on an island in the Andaman sea with a cold beer hoping that KP can score a quick hundred so we can settle down and watch Andy Murray win in peace without having to keep switching channels."
  70. 44 overs Commentary Aus 197-6  

    Still no sign of the powerplay - and Australia are floundering like a freshly caught kipper. Anderson sends down the 10th wide of the innings but he leaks just two more runs, meaning Australia will need an almighty heave-ho to get something close to par on this surface.

  71. 45 overs Commentary Aus 212-6  

    Excellent slower ball from Shahzad fools everyone - including wicketkeeper Matt Prior, who cannot gather the ball on the second bounce as a bye brings up the Australia 200. Johnson\u00a0nicks a fortuitous boundary\u00a0when a thick edge narrowly evades the thrusting glove of\u00a0Prior. Shahzad's in some trouble, he stops just as he is about to deliver and\u00a0gives his right leg a squeeze. Something clearly is not right and his next delivery is spanked\u00a0back down the track for four through mid-off. But he continues, despite clearly suffering\u00a0pain, and sends down a wide before\u00a0the left-handed Johnson\u00a0collects two more with a thick inside edge down to fine leg. Big over for Australia with 15 coming from\u00a0the over. And it's\u00a0batting powerplay time\u00a0until the\u00a0end of the innings. \u00a0

  72. 45.2 overs WICKET Johnson bowled Anderson 16 (Aus 212-7)  

    Anderson cleans up Johnson, who attempts to mooey a straight delivery to Cow Corner, but completely misses.

  73. Commentary  

    From Dan in HK, TMS inbox: "You can't catch a kipper as it is a Herring that has that has been; 'split from tail to head, gutted, salted or pickled, and then cold smoked' (Wikipedia). Floundering like a trout perhaps?"

  74. 46 overs Commentary Aus 214-7  

    Excellent first delivery for John Wayne Hastings from Anderson, a well-directed bouncer outside off stump and "The Duke" can do nothing but move his head well out of the way. Just two singles from the over.\u00a0 Excellent, disciplined bowling.\u00a0 Odd, slightly confused batting.\u00a0

  75. 47 overs Commentary Aus 228-7  

    Finn's first delivery of his\u00a0final over is absolutely clattered through extra cover for four by Steve Smith, but the all-rounder is bamboozled by a slower-ball bouncer, attempting to swat the ball miles away from his body. The delivery really should have been called a wide as it was over head height, but the next ball stinks like two-week old rubbish, a long-hop on leg stump helped around past fine leg for four. And John Hastings gets in on the action,\u00a0hitting an ugly-looking scythe over mid-off for a one-bounce four. Another good over for the hosts.

  76. 48 overs Commentary Aus 233-7  

    Anderson is fortunate to get away with a full toss which looks suspiciously above waist high to John Hastings, who cannot push the Lancastrian for anything more than\u00a0a single from his 10th and final over. Steve Smith attempts to play a reverse paddle to a slower delivery outside off stump, but completely misses the ball. However, Matt Prior's keeping, so spotless throughout this tour, has been besmirched by a couple of shoddy mistakes behind the stumps this afternoon as he fails to gather the ball on the second bounce, rolling away for a bye.

  77. 48.1 overs WICKET Hastings c Collingwood b Woakes 13 (Aus 233-8)  

    John Wayne Hastings swats a full Woakes delivery down to the deep long-on boundary, where Paul Collingwood takes a comfortable catch on the boundary. And that's a five-wicket haul for the 21-year-old, 5-35 in only his second one-dayer. Impressive.

  78. 48.3 overs WICKET Lee c sub (Wright) b Woakes 0 (Aus 234-9)  

    Brett Lee drills a short and wide delivery outside off stump straight into the bread basket of Luke Wright at third man. Six wickets for Chris Woakes - you can't make this stuff up.

  79. 49 overs Commentary Aus 243-9  

    Robust riposte from Steve Smith, who clears his front leg and spanks Woakes high over mid-off for six. A shocker from Woakes - it's a no-ball too. Woakes becomes only the second England player to take six wickets in a one-day international. The other?\u00a0 Step forward Paul Collingwood. Excellent yorker for Woakes to finish up his spell with sensational figures of 6-45.

  80. 49.3 overs WICKET Bollinger run out 6 (Aus 249)  

    With Shahzad off the field because of injury, Strauss turns to the unlikely figure of Jonathan Trott to bowl the final over of the innings. Dougie Bollinger is on strike - and rather than squirt a single to give Smith the strike, he scythes a cut through backward point for four. Trott looks as if someone has stolen his comfort blanket. However, the innings comes to a close as Smith risks a streaky second to long-on, where James Anderson hurls his return to the non-striker's end where Trott whips off the bails with Bollinger throwing in the full-length dive to make his ground. Umpire Asad Rauf goes to Marais Erasmus for assistance - and the South African confirms Dougie's dive was short of his ground when the bails were removed.

  81. 0701 Commentary  

    Take a bow Chris Woakes - 6-45 in only his second one-day international. Truly sensational. So England need 250 to win the fifth one-day international to go 3-2 in the series. Right, time for tea - back in 20...

  82. Commentary  

    From Jim, Salt Lake City, UT, TMS inbox: "Give Martyn working on the night shift (see after the sixth over) some credit. Great prediction with all out for 249!!! Don't suppose he can pip in with the winners in the football matches later today?"

  83. 0729 Commentary  

    Blimey, Mystic Mart\u00a0- myself and the good Sam Sheringham, sitting to my lift, dismissed his prediction following Australia's spunky start. Right, this will test you Martyn - how many times did my esteemed colleague Oliver Brett slam the desk in frustration during the first 50 overs? If you get that, fill in a lottery slip for me this week...

  84. 0734 Commentary  

    Right, England's openers are out and we're set for the second stanza. Game on...

  85. 1 over Commentary Eng 1-0  

    Brett Lee first up to the ramp - and his first ball is a shocker, well wide of off stump rightly signalled a wide by umpire Asad Rauf.\u00a0 He immediately hits his groove straight after and fires down two excellent delieries outside off stump judiciously left by Strauss, but the left-hander plays and misses the fourth, followed up by a smile and a few words from the blond-haired speedster, hitting his straps in the high 91mphs. Impressive first over.

  86. 2 overs Commentary Eng 11-0  

    For all you Andy Murray hounds, our live text for the Australian Open is up and running with the lucid Piers Newbery providing you updates throughout proceedings at Melbourne Park. Meanwhile, a few thousand miles north of the Victorian capital, Doug Bollinger bowls a sinister bouncer which clatters into Matt Prior's helmet, followed up by a sinister glare. Prior's response - a straight pull shot. A remarkable stroke. His body finishes in the position it would do playing that particular stroke - but the ball sails high over Doug Bollinger's head for a one-bounce four. And he follows that up with a beastly - but effective - thick outside edge high over second slip for four to third man's left.

  87. 3 overs Commentary Eng 13-0  

    Lee keeps things tight again, not allowing any width for either opener as he probes in and around off stump. Prior nicks a single from the last delivery for another go at Doug the Rug.

  88. 4 overs Commentary Eng 19-0  

    Dismissive from Prior - swivelling on to his back foot and swatting a short Bollinger delivery high over midwicket for a boundary, before slamming the door shut with the next delivery, playing with a straight bat.\u00a0 Effective batting from the Sussex stumper.\u00a0 Interestingly, England have only won once in five one-day matches against Australia at the Gabba. Their last victory was back in 1999 when Allan Mullally (remember him?) took 4-18.

  89. 5 overs WICKET Prior bowled Lee 14 (Eng 20-1)  

    Strauss aborts his attempt to charge at Lee when the fast bowler redirects a short ball towards the England skipper's head, narrowly evading what would have been a right old clattering to the helmet. But Lee gets his reward for an excellent over as Prior plays all round a straight delivery attempting to guide the ball down to third man.

  90. Commentary  

    Gary Jones, TMS inbox: "Got a dilemma brewing. Do I (a) watch England bat (b) watch Andy Murray, or (c) take my 12 year old son to his away match (9.00 leave)? Now I know it should be c but it is freezing outside. I could pretend to be ill and write him a note I suppose \u2013 my son that is, not Andy."

  91. 5.1 overs WICKET Strauss c Smith b Bollinger 3 (Eng 20-2)  

    Absolute clanger by Strauss, who mis-hits a short ball\u00a0straight to Steven Smith at square leg. Easy catch, poor shot and that's two wickets in two balls for the hosts. \u00a0

  92. 6 overs Commentary Eng 22-2  

    Kevin Pietersen strides in with that intense purpose of a man dead-set on either pummeling this bowling attack to all parts or joining his openers back in the hutch after playing some suicidal shot at the most inopportune moment possible.\u00a0KP is off the mark with a big front-foot stride down the track for two through extra cover. \u00a0

  93. Commentary  

    From Alz, TMS inbox: "Is it time for tennis yet?"

  94. 6.1 overs WICKET Trott c Bollinger b Lee 0 (Eng 22-3)  

    Unbelievable - Lee fires a stomach-high delivery on off stump and Trott tucks in - only to guide the ball straight to Doug Bollinger at short fine leg. Shocker.\u00a0 In comes Ian Bell with Brett Lee on a hat-trick...

  95. Commentary  

    Ian, Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "To Gary - answers (a) won't last more than 20 mins max (b) wont last more than 20 mins max (c) Go for the quality time with your son and avoid any more disappointment!"

  96. 8 overs Commentary Eng 27-3  

    Lee strives a little too hard for his\u00a0hat-trick ball, pushing his front foot beyond the popping crease for a no-ball, signalled a free-hit by umpire Rauf. Ian Bell proceeds to sky the ball miles into the sky and into the hands of Steve Smith at point - cue ear-splitting shrieks of delight from the Brissy crowd, who think their boys have nicked their fourth wicket. Some of the faces in the crowd are a sheer delight to observe as they attempt to work out why Bell isn't trudging back to the crease.

  97. Commentary  

    From Cameron, TMS inbox: "I'm the 12 year old mentioned below. I am ashamed of my father but looking at the score it looks like (a) will be over by 9.00am and he can do (c) too. And as for (b), he is Scottish anyway."

  98. SMS  

    From Esky: "How can the players make such poor decisions at in this format on a regular basis? Whether it's Test or ODI you have to use your brain!"

  99. 8 overs Commentary Eng 30-3  

    Unconvincing from Bell, who\u00a0mis-times\u00a0a short Bollinger delivery over midwicket for a couple. Bollinger's face is rapidly turning its customary puce as he watches the ball fall agonisingly short of a fielder. It's tough going\u00a0for the\u00a0tourists but full credit to the hosts, who are bowling with venom and pace.\u00a0

  100. 9 overs Commentary Eng 38-3  

    Mitchell Johnson and his left-arm slingery replaces the very, very, very good Brett Lee - and Kevin Pietersen immediately makes the most of the change and dispatches a confident front-foot drive past the bowler for four. His eyes light up as Johnson dishes out another spankable delivery, this time outside of off stump, but hits the ball straight at David Hussey at short cover.\u00a0 Pietersen flicks a couple off his hip down to fine leg to finish off the over.

  101. 10 overs Commentary Eng 45-3  

    Liquid batting from Pietersen, using his long limbs to stride purposefully towards the ball before dispatching it towards the extra cover boundary off Doug Bollinger. KP looks in decent nick, middling pretty much everything\u00a0launched at him so far. The end of powerplay one and England\u00a0have some major rennovations\u00a0to contend with.\u00a0\u00a0

  102. Twitter  

    From Press Association photographer Gareth Copley on Twitter: "There's rumours that Kenny Rogers is at the Gabba tonight - he's met me."

  103. 11 overs Commentary Eng 51-3  

    Streaky from Pietersen, edging past third slip and down fine to third man for his third boundary of his innings off Johnson. The Kevin Pietersen Suicide Singles Club is still open for business - the former England captain feigns\u00a0as if to go down the track for a\u00a0quick single, only to send\u00a0partner Bell back\u00a0towards his ground with a purposeful no when he assesses the danger lurking at point. A\u00a0direct hit from\u00a0Michael Clarke's\u00a0shy at the stumps and\u00a0it would have been very close for England's own Sachin\u00a0Tendulkar. \u00a0

  104. 12 overs Commentary Eng 54-3  

    The rather large unit that is John Hastings has his first joust of the day with the ball, leaking just three singles from the over with the field spread with the powerplay overs out of the way.

  105. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "England's bowling, with power to add to what we have seen today, looks in fine fettle for the World Cup. The batting, on the other hand, is worrying. We have seen far too many batsmen throughout this series toss their wickets away through insipid decision-making. Do that in the subcontinent and England will struggle to reach the semi-finals."

  106. 13 overs Commentary Eng 62-3  

    "Woakes is trending on Twitter!" screams a colleague from across a computer screen, swiftly followed by "and Murray isn't!" We are so web 3.0 in our office. Good over from Johnson, no width on offer but he somewhat spoils it with a no-ball from his\u00a0penultimate\u00a0delivery and Bell dispatches\u00a0the free-hit\u00a0to the long-off boundary with an overhead smash which Andy Murray will be unravelling in Melbourne\u00a0over the course of the next few hours.\u00a0

  107. Twitter  

    From jendepolo: "See Woakes got 6-for in Aussie innings... any possibility of late inclusion in World Cup squad?? Doubt it I guess..."

    The only way he can book his ticket to south Asia is as an injury replacement, and as Shahzad limped off with an injury today there is a chance of that happening.

  108. 14 overs Commentary Eng 69-3  

    Kevin Pietersen is looking to dominate John Hastings but rather than use outright brutality, he opts for\u00a0the deft touch, opening the face of his blade and guiding the medium pacer down fine to the third man boundary for four. Not much wrong with the delivery, just superb improvisation from one of the most entertaining batsmen on this planet.

  109. Twitter  

    From blackeyedangel1: "Thank God for the BBC internet coverage. Cricket on the telly and tennis on the laptop. Winner. #bbcsport #crosseyed."

  110. 15 overs Commentary Eng 70-3  

    Ian Bell aborts a single attempt as he plays Mitchell Johnson with soft hands, but the ball is too close to the bowler and he commands the non-striker to return to his crease before Johnson can turn and throw - which Pietersen does successfully. The ex-England skipper is fortunate not to tap the ball on to his stumps attempting a defensive stroke via a deflection off his back foot.\u00a0 Best over so far from the left-arm slinger.

  111. 16 overs Commentary Eng 74-3  

    Hastings continues to battle away (geddit?) but Bell looks comfortable as he swats a short ball round the corner for a single. KP has to get his skates on to complete a rapid run which brings up the 50 partnership off 60 balls. Bell drives nicely through the covers for two to complete the over.

  112. 17 overs Commentary Eng 78-3  

    In comes Steven Smith's brand of tweakery for its first appearance this balmly Brissy evening and immediately coaxes a couple of deliveries to turn away from the two right-handers. Bell pumps a couple over extra cover for a couple before Pietersen drills what looks like a dropped catch straight back at the bowler, Smith is claiming the catch, the umpire's confer and ignore the request from the bowler to refer the decision to the third umpire. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! That truly is a disgrace! Smith spills the ball, falls on top of it and then picks it up claiming that he clung on. Honestly, that is...beyond description.

  113. Commentary  

    From Alan, TMS inbox: "Appalling Mr Smith!!!!"

  114. Twitter  

    Former England batsman Steve James: "Smith. Disgraceful behaviour."

  115. 18 overs Commentary Eng 81-3  

    Hastings keeps things tight, leaking just three runs.\u00a0 I'm still seething at Smith's temerity...

  116. 19 overs Commentary Eng 86-3  

    A couple of pre-meditated sweeps from Bell off Smith, who doesn't look particularly remorseful following his behaviour from his previous over, with four runs added to the total.

  117. 20 overs Commentary Eng 89-3  

    Hastings is bowling consistently, throwing up a decent line as Ian Bell\u00a0wafts a\u00a0genuine play-and-miss outside off stump. Pietersen follows up as he misjudges a slower-ball bouncer from The Duke, who\u00a0is imposing his own austerity\u00a0measures on this England innings.\u00a0

  118. Commentary  

    From Avi Barr, Manchester, TMS inbox: "I can't understand with all the technology around what is possessing the Aussies to try and kid the umpires so much. Desperation?"

  119. SMS  

    From Mike: "And the Oscar for bare faced cheek goes to....Steeeeeven Smith!"

  120. 21 overs Commentary Eng 92-3  

    Smith is bowling a decent line and length in and around off stump, leaking three runs - all singles.

  121. 21.4 overs WICKET Pietersen c Lee b Hastings 40 (Eng 95-4)  

    Oh dear - Pietersen is completely deceived by a slower-ball bouncer from the industrious Hastings, spooning up a thick top edge to mid-on where Brett Lee takes a simple - and very important - catch.

  122. 22.5 overs WICKET Morgan c Johnson b Smith 2 (Eng 98-5)  

    England's new man is Eoin Morgan, who will have to draw on all of his composure to pull England out of his hole. Errr, possibly not - Morgan skips down the track to Smith, but doesn't get his foot to the pitch of the ball and chips a catch down to deep long-off, where Mitchell Johnson composes himself and pouches the ball a couple of metres from the boundary rope. Watching the replay again and Johnson actually catches the ball in one hand.\u00a0 England are in tatters.

  123. Commentary  

    From Simon, Melbourne, TMS inbox: "On replay, the ball clearly rolled along the turf, but those ones can sometimes feel like it has rolled down the arm - it can all happen quickly. Why is it always the Aussies condemned as cheats on this commentary - anyone want to chat about Trott blocking the ball during runout opportunities?"

  124. 24 overs Commentary Eng 100-5  

    More tight stuff from Hastings as new-man Collingwood plays with a straight bat, just two runs from the over which brings up the England 100.

  125. 25 overs Commentary Eng 103-5  

    Smith is bowling some excellent lines and lengths right now, offering nothing remotely hittable. Just three runs from the over and England's required run-rate inches towards six.

  126. 25.4 overs WICKET Bell bowled Hastings 36 (Eng 103-6)  

    Dear oh dear...Bell's defences are breached as a thick inside edge clatters into his stumps. Australia are on course for a series victory.

  127. Commentary  

    From Richard, TMS inbox: "Re Simon, Melbourne - surely just about every batsman in world cricket deliberately places themselves between the stumps and the incoming throw where they can these days. But to claim a catch that has obviously been dropped..."

  128. Twitter  

    From The Sun's cricket correspondent John Etheridge: "This is a terrible batting effort by England."

  129. 27 overs Commentary Eng 108-6  

    Fresh from a six-wicket haul, Chris Woakes now has the arduous task of guiding England to a heart-stopping victory from an almost unwinnable situation. Three runs from Smith's sixth over.

  130. Commentary  

    From Paul in Hobart, (whose comments you never post), TMS inbox: "I concur with Simon. I reckon that Smith would have believed that though he lost control of the ball that it may not have actually touched the ground. I notice that the commentary here focuses on excuses for England when they are losing and regular accusations of cheating against the Aussies."

  131. 28 overs Commentary Eng 115-6  

    Lovely on-drive from Collingwood, easing the economical Hastings from outside off stump past wide mid-on for the first boundary in what feels like an ice age. Hastings is bowling with towel billowing from his backside, which makes him look like as if he has a\u00a0big, fat white tail. Required run-rate pushes through the six-an-over barrier.\u00a0

  132. 29 overs Commentary Eng 118-6  

    Woakes, for those of yuo who don't know, is more than adequate with the bat. He has two first-class centuries and clattered a match-winning innings in the first Twenty20 a few weeks back. He looks more than competent against the tweak of Smith as England add three more to the total. Still dire, mind you.

  133. 30 overs Commentary Eng 122-6  

    It's not particularly enthralling viewing, to be honest. Singles galore - well, four of them - punctuate Mitchell Johnson's fifth over.

  134. SMS  

    From Marblex, TMS inbox: "After the Ashes I was really looking forward to the World Cup. Now I'm dreading it. Outside of a couple of performances from Trott, our one day b atting has been beyond awful."

  135. 31 overs Commentary Eng 128-6  

    Decent batting from the seventh-wicket duo, adding six with four singles and a double off Steve Smith. Colly loves a fight you know...

  136. Commentary  

    From Mike, TMS inbox: "For Paul in Hobart (whose comments are now posted). No excuses for England, they are just not playing as well as the Aussies. Doesn't excuse claiming catches that aren't even close though - and it's not as though the Aussies need the extra help!"

  137. 32 overs Commentary Eng 128-6  

    Woakes wafts without reward at a couple of rapid Johnson deliveries outside off stump, offering a nervous smile to partner Colly to indicate that he's no exactly seeing the ball like the Death Star right now. Maiden over from Slinga Johnson and the required run-rate is creeping up towards\u00a0the seven runs an over mark.\u00a0

  138. 32.1 overs WICKET Collingwood c Hastings b Watson 18 (Eng 128-7)  

    Local hero Shane Watson is summoned into the attack - and his first ball is chipped high towards long-on, where John Hastings takes a superb catch over his shoulder running from mid-off.

  139. 33 overs WICKET Woakes c Haddin b Watson 8 (Eng 128-8)  

    In comes Ajmal Shahzad, complete with runner Eoin Morgan after he sustained an injury during the latter stages of Australia's innings. It's double joy for Watson, who sees Woakes feather an edge attempting to pull a shot\u00a0ball into the gloved mitts of Brad\u00a0Haddin behind the stumps.\u00a0\u00a0In the words of Bumble, "start the car".\u00a0It's a double wicket maiden to boot.\u00a0\u00a0But there's still the batting powerplay to take, so it's not all that bad. Oh hang on...

  140. SMS  

    From Chris: "Is the sound of the bails falling after being bowled by John Hastings the 'rattle of Hastings'? It should be."

  141. 34 overs Commentary Eng 129-8  

    Poor ol' Ajmal Shahzad, he doesn't really have much of a hope against Mitchell Johnson with a gammy leg. He's bamboozled by a couple of swift deliveries from the left-arm seamer, who leaks a solitary wide from the over. Time for a ball change.\u00a0

  142. Twitter  

    From BBC Sport's Alison Mitchell at the Gabba: "Hmmmm - What to ask Andrew Strauss after this one....?"

  143. 35 overs Commentary Eng 134-8  

    Asad Rauf signals a one short delivery for the over - but Watson doesn't like it and exchanges words with the Pakistani official, who does not like what he hears. The Queenslander has Anderson groping outside off stump as a thick outside edge evades the outstretched hands of Michael Clarke, stationed at second slip, for four of the streakiest runs you will ever see at a ground in Queensland between England and Australia.

  144. Commentary  

    From Reb, Kent, TMS inbox: "Anyone for golf?"

  145. 36 overs Commentary Eng 135-8  

    Pandemonium with the runner at the crease as Shahzad call confuses Eoin Morgan, who is stranded half-way down the track with a throw coming in from point, but it's just wide of the timbers. It's all one-way traffic now, not particularly pleasant viewing if you are an England fan.\u00a0

  146. 37 overs Commentary Eng 144-8  

    Wallop! Where did that come from?\u00a0 Shane Watson is pinged for a front-foot aberration as umpire Rauf signals a free-hit. And Shahzad launches a huge six over the midwicket boundary. Still probably not going to win though...

  147. 38 overs WICKET Shahzad c Haddin b Bollinger 9 (Eng 145-9)  

    Shahzad looks determined to make Australia stay out for their full 50-over stay in the middle, although the fast bowler is fortunate to remain at the crease as he attempts to evade a short delivery but spoons the ball high into the sky and just beyond the reach of the close fielders and his stumps. And\u00a0Shahzad is eventually back in the\u00a0pavilion as Brad Haddin takes a superb one-handed catch to his right following a thick outside edge of Bollinger.

  148. 39 overs Commentary Eng 149-9  

    Oh look, it's the batting powerplay with numbers 10 and 11 at the crease.\u00a0 And Watson's first ball is greeted with an angry swipe from a charging Anderson, who completely forgets to make contact with the ball. This goes on a couple of more times in the over before Anderson absolutely leathers a one-bounce four over mid-on. Extraordinary shot, didn't know he had it in him.

  149. 40 overs Commentary Eng 161-9  

    Even last-man Steve Finn is having a go, making room outside off stump to smear Doug Bollinger over cover for three while James Anderson plays a velvety drive through extra cover, taking two steps down the track before pounding the ball to the boundary. Eh? What's going on here? Steve Finn\u00a0absolutely marmalises the final ball high and above Dougie's head for another one-bounce boundary. \u00a0

  150. 41 overs Commentary Eng 163-9  

    You've got to give the tail-ender's credit although you suspect the final blow is not too far around the corner. Two runs from Brett Lee's over.

  151. 42 overs Commentary Eng 179-9  

    FinnySteve, take a bow - the beanpole number 11 clatters Dougie B through midwicket for four, taking him to 13, his highest score in one-day cricket. The crowd are waiting for the denouement, although Finn isn't having any of it as he flat-bats yet another one-bounce four - his third of the innings - straight back over the bowler's head for a one-bounce four.

  152. 43 overs Commentary Eng 180-9  

    Steve Finn is a big unit - and the 6ft 8in fast bowler is floored by a fast low full-toss from Lee. But the Middlesex seamer has only gone and clattered another boundary, this time from a slower ball, hoiking the ball towards Cow Corner with a meaty thwack. Embarrassingly for England, this final-wicket partnership is the second-highest of the innings.

  153. 44 overs Commentary Eng 187-9  

    The Finnster is producing a fine defence presenting his case for promotion up the order, giving Dougie B the heave-ho over midwicket for his fifth boundary. Still England's final-wicket duo swing their blades and still Australia's bowlers cannot hit the timbers.

  154. Commentary  

    From Brian, Blackwater, Hants, TMS inbox: "Brave efforts too little too late from Anderson, Finn...and Murray. It's a shame the batsman did not do their job properly. Why has Cook not been used in these ODIs?"


  155. 45 overs Commentary Eng 192-9  

    I'm starting the Promote Steve Finn campaign now - he clears midwicket with another beautifully struck swipe off Brett Lee\u00a0which is just stopped on the boundary, but he adds three more to his total and one run short of the thirties.\u00a0 All this on his one-dayboo. Anderson adds a couple more and the Australians are getting slightly frustrated. This game should have been over a long time ago. Just three more runs needed for the 50 partnership. England need 58 from 30 balls.\u00a0 Impossible, surely?\u00a0

  156. 45.4 overs WICKET Finn bowled Watson 35 (England 198)  

    This is...just remarkable. Finny has tonked a huge six straight back over Watson's head. That was huuuuge! 90m. What a way to bring up the 50-run partnership. Oh well, it couldn't really happen...Watson clips\u00a0Finn's leg-stump bail as the number 11 attempts to send the ball to Townsville and Australia have won the match by 51 runs and clinched the series 4-1.

  157. 1100 Commentary  

    Postives for England. A) Chris Woakes' six wickets. b) Steve Finn's six-hitting exploits. Errrr, that's it. So\u00a0we're into dead-rubber territory\u00a0with two more matches to go, the penultimate on Wednesday morning in Sydney.\u00a0

  158. Commentary  

    From Barry, Winsford, TMS inbox: "Has this been another wasted Sunday morning, up early expecting wins from cricket and tennis? Not only dissappointed but had to make breakfast for the wife as well."

  159. SMS  

    From Ade: With a few weeks to the World Cup, the feeling of normality returns with England's batsmen looking like they don't quite understand this one-day cricket malarkey. Saying we are stuck in a time warp would be putting it mildly."

  160. 1107 Commentary  

    So my time in the chair comes to an end - I'm off to sleep until my bed turns into a pile of dust. Mark Mitchener will be your esteemed guide on Wednesday morning. Thank you for your emails and texts - I salute each and every one of you.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 51 runs
  • Australia: 249 (49.3 overs)
  • England: 198 (45.3 overs)
  • Venue: Brisbane

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 198
Strauss c Smith b Bollinger 3
Prior b Lee 14
Trott c Bollinger b Lee 0
Pietersen c Lee b Hastings 40
Bell b Hastings 36
Morgan c Johnson b Smith 2
Collingwood c Hastings b Watson 18
Woakes c Haddin b Watson 8
Shahzad c Haddin b Bollinger 9
Anderson not out 20
Finn b Watson 35
Extras 6nb 5w 2lb 13

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