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Australia v England 4th ODI as it happened

  1. 0300 Commentary  

    Good morning everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the fourth one-day international between Australia and England from Adelaide. England are 3-0 down with four to play so I would suggest it's a case of now or never for Andrew Strauss and his troops.

  2. 0302 Commentary  

    Yes, after the euphoria of the Ashes, it's all gone a bit Pete Tong for England in the one-dayers with the batting in particular looking rather fragile. But where better than Adelaide, the scene of the first of those three innings victories in the Ashes, to spark a revival. Having said that, today is Australia Day so Michael Clarke, Brett Lee and co will be all the more determined to wrap up the series with three matches to spare in a sea of patriotic fervour.

  3. 0305 Commentary  

    TEAM NEWS: Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson return for England with Paul Collingwood in at number seven. Australia are unchanged.

  4. Twitter  

    From BFinnoBystander: "Collingwood slipping down the order as suggested by myself last match. Could be batting number 10 come the World Cup!"

  5. 0311 Commentary  

    Andy Flower confirms to Test Match Special that Matt Prior will once again open the batting for England. After ducks in both of his innings so far, it's a big day for the England stumper as he looks to justify his selection for the World Cup.

  6. 0308 Commentary  

    England win the toss and will bat first in Adelaide.

  7. 0317 Commentary  

    Some great chat from BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji: "Love it or loathe it - Twitter, you just can't escape from it - a bit like Chantelle Houghton. The latest victim is current Aussie skipper Michael Clarke, who has been admonished for using the micro networking website as a conduit for finding team-mate and singleton Steven Smith a lady to accompany him to the Allan Border Medal annual dinner. Now, call me a level-headed, rational-thinking, fun-loving simpleton, but is it really that much of a big deal? According to one Australian journalist, it's tantamount to money-laundering.

  8. 0318 Commentary  

    We'll be underway in a minute folks. Here are the full teams:

    Australia: S R Watson, B J Haddin (Wkt), S E Marsh M J Clarke (Capt), C L White, D J Hussey, S P D Smith, J W Hastings B Lee, X J Doherty, D E Bollinger.

    England: A J Strauss (Capt), M J Prior (Wkt), I J L Trott K P Pietersen, I R Bell, P D Collingwood, E J G Morgan, M H Yardy J M Anderson, A Shahzad, C T Tremlett.

  9. Commentary  

    From Peter Myers, TMS inbox: "What do you think? Are England trying for a whitewash in the ODI series? Can they be that tired after the Great Ashes win? I thought they were professionals. If they are that tired it does not bode well for the World Cup."

  10. 1 over Commentary Eng 12-0  

    Brett Lee opens up with a very wayward wide down the leg side which eludes Haddin's dive and rolls all the way to the boundary. The next is a beauty which snorts past Strauss's outside edge. The skipper gets off the mark with a couple before dabbing a single to give Prior the strike. And it's a great start for the Sussex man as he clips a leg stump half-volley to the fence for his first runs of the series.

  11. 2 overs Commentary Eng 19-0  

    Signs of some swing for Dougie Bollinger as he rips one between Prior's bat and his off stump. Good running from England as Prior gets himself a couple on the leg side before leaning into a sumptuous drive through the covers for four.

  12. 2.5 overs WICKET Strauss c Haddin b Lee 8 (Eng 23-1)  

    An inside edge saves Andrew Strauss from leg before wicket as Lee gets in the swing of things.\u00a0Strauss slashes to the boundary but the same shot proves his undoing as a thick edge carries through to Haddin. A bit loose that from the England skipper.\u00a0\u00a0

  13. 3 overs Commentary Eng 25-1  

    Jonathan Trott is the next man in and he helps himself to a couple of runs from the last ball of the over. Brett Lee is still some bowler you know.

  14. 4 overs Commentary Eng 26-1  

    Prior is watchful at the start of the fourth over, before nudging a single on the leg side. By the way, over on BBC Text Commentary 2, there is currently live coverage of Andy Murray's Australian Open quarter-final against Alexandr Dolgopolov. You can watch live video on the BBC Sport website\u00a0if you're in the UK, with Mike Henson at the keyboard.

  15. 0343 Commentary  

    Interesting words from Freddie Flintoff in an interview with the BBC yesterday. He'd have Ian Bell opening rather than Prior and says Paul Collingwood should be rested before the World Cup. He believes England have a chance of winning the tournament but feels they have yet to settle upon their best side...

  16. Twitter  

    From Kevin Pietersen: "Happy Australia Day to all my aussie friends.. Have a good one!! Hope we ruin it for you though."

  17. 5 overs Commentary Eng 32-1  

    A single apiece\u00a0before Prior drives the last ball of the over through the covers for four, the ball just beating the fielder to the\u00a0rope. By the way, as ever we want you to get in touch to help us through the night.\u00a0Send an e-mail to with For Sam Sheringham as the subject or\u00a0\u00a0Text us on 81111\u00a0(UK) - messages will be charged at your standard operator rate.

  18. Commentary  

    From Clare, Scotland (up late due to being off work with swine flu), TMS inbox: "Saw Freddie yesterday on Richard Bacon\u2019s afternoon show (just love live streaming!) and apart from the crutches, he looked really fit. Is now the time to start the Bring Back Fred Campaign?"

  19. SMS  

    From Lettsy, student in Plymouth, TMS inbox: "Even as an England fan it's great to see Brett Lee playing."

  20. 6 overs Commentary Eng 33-1  

    Champagne Dougie is right on the money here and it looks for all the world like a maiden before Trott tucks one down to third man for a single. Watson to replace Lee.

  21. 7 overs Commentary Eng 39-1  

    A single each for Trottski and the Prior before Trott flicks the last ball of the over off his legs for four. England needed that. Prior has 17 off 17 - is he proving the doubters wrong?

  22. 8 overs Commentary Eng 53-1  

    Prior dances down the wicket before smashing Bollinger over his head for a one bounce four. The next ball flies through the covers for another boundary. Then Jonny on the Trott gets in on the act with a lovely push straight down the ground for four. Good over that for England - 14 from it.

  23. SMS  

    From Dan in Leeds: "On a night shift in Leeds, a decent england batting performance will hopefully relieve the boredom!"

    So far so good Daniel son

  24. 9 overs Commentary Eng 62-1  

    Watson is struggling a bit with his line and Trott flicks the first ball of the over to the fine leg fence, before picking up three off the next two balls. A single apiece to follow and England are ticking along nicely here. Projected score at this rate is 344.

  25. 10 overs Commentary Eng 65-1  

    It looks an absolute belter of a pitch as Michael Clarke throws the ball to seamer John Wayne Hastings (nickname The Duke). And that's a let off for England as Trott and Prior get themselves in a pickle. Haddin has a shy at the stumps but Trott gets himself in the way and the ball lodges in his pad. Better over from Australia, who opt to take their bowling power play for the next five.

  26. 11 overs Commentary Eng 71-1  

    Prior has a ugly swing and picks up two behind square on the leg side. More good running from England as they scamper a couple more from the final ball of the over. The partnership is 48 from 48.

  27. Commentary  

    From Chris McMillan, TMS inbox: "Pleasant Australia Day picnic in Melbourne made pleasant with the score. I'm the only one here that is aware of the score, so looking quietly smug among the Aussies."

  28. 12 overs THE SUN IS OUT Eng 74-1  

    Perfect batting weather on Australia Day in Adelaide as Trott jabs his bat down on a straight ball from Hastings and is relieved as the ball bounces down and over his stumps. The Duke looks a handy bowler - plenty of bustle and very tidy.

  29. 13 overs Commentary Eng 82-1  

    Prior is in the mood here as he lofts Lee over the infield for another four before taking a quick single. The last ball of the over is a juicy full toss but a square cut from Prior is well fielded by Cameron White and it's just two.

  30. Commentary  

    Deano and Lordy, at work in Ipswich, TMS inbox: "Struggling through the leftovers of matey's birthday cakes from earlier. 3-0 to the Aussies, 3-0 to the Arsenal and so far 3-0 to the doughnuts over the Bakewell Tarts."

  31. 14 overs Commentary Eng 89-1  

    Prior is closing in on a fifty as he cuts Hastings over the infield for four. Three more singles too. Dare I say it, but Australia need a wicket here.

  32. 15 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 100-1 PRIOR HALF-CENTURY  

    Absolute Mayhem... Trott plays a defensive stroke to Lee and the ball rolls back onto his stumps wthout knocking the bails off. Trott looks stunned but Prior has already taken a run so he has to scamper round Lee and head for the other end.\u00a0Lee picks up the ball and has plenty of time to run Trott out but he\u00a0misses the stumps. And Prior makes Lee pay by hoiking him over mid-on for six to bring up his 50! Four more runs follow, and that's drinks.

  33. 16 overs Commentary Eng 101-1  

    That's Prior's third one-day fifty in 58 innings by the way and boy did he need it. Xavier Doherty is into the attack and it's a very good start from the left-arm tweaker as he gives up just one run from the over.

  34. Commentary  

    From Sleepy Kevin Mills, Hants, TMS inbox: "Whilst trying to shield my phone under the covers, with the brightness turned down, don't scare me with lines like 'the sun is out' that can be confused for "there is a run out'. Thank you."

  35. 17 overs Commentary Eng 109-1  

    I think I may have put the mockers on Hastings who drags a horrible delivery down the\u00a0legside for five wides.\u00a0Three more singles complete the over.

  36. 18 overs Commentary 113-1  

    Andy Murray wins the first set 7-5 over in Melbourne as Xavier Doherty rattles through another tidy over. Trott is unlucky not to pick up a boundary as Brett Lee dives full length to save the four.

  37. 19 overs Commentary Eng 116-1  

    Can anyone think of a better nickname for John Wayne Hastings than The Duke? That name must be ripe for Western-related puns too. Australia are doing well to stem the flow of runs here, although Trott grabs another couple through the covers after Prior takes a single down to third man.

  38. 20 overs Commentary 123-1  

    Prior gets a bit lucky as an edge off Doherty flies wide of Haddin. Singles aplenty as the\u00a0100 partnership is brought up off 103 balls. A blast of "Waltzing Matilda" greets new bowler Steve Smith.

  39. 21 overs Commentary Eng 132-1  

    That's a bit short from Doherty and Prior cuts hard to the boundary for four. Trott gets a couple to deep cover and a single to long-on. He's closing on a fifty now too.

  40. 22 overs Commentary Eng 136-2  

    Both batsmen get a single before Trott brings up his second consecutive fifty with a run through cover point.

  41. 22.1 overs WICKET Prior c Doherty b Smith 67  

    Prior's innings is over as he chips a long hop from Smith straight to Doherty at point. Prior will be kicking himself there - a century was his for the taking.

  42. 23 overs Commentary 139-2  

    Pietersen gets off the mark with a single to midwicket and England add two more to the score. Would be nice to see Pietersen get some runs here - he loves this ground.

  43. 24 overs Commentary 147-2  

    As if to prove my point, KP dances down the track and smashes Doherty high over mid-on for a one-bounce four. He scored 158 here when Collingwood made his double ton in 2006 and\u00a0a fantastic double century in December as England took a 1-0 lead in the Ashes series.

  44. 25 overs Commentary 150-2  

    England must be looking at a score of 300 or more here. Having said that, Smith bowls a good over, with three dots followed by three singles. Pietersen is into double figures already.

  45. Commentary  

    From Carl Evans, France, TMS inbox: "Re :Can anyone think of a better nickname for John Wayne Hastings than 'The Duke'? I bet he'd love to be known as 1066."

  46. 26 overs Commentary Eng 156-2  

    Trott has gone into his shell a bit here, more than happy to play second fiddle to KP. That's a nice shot off the last ball of the over though as the batsman picks up a couple through the off side.

  47. 26.3 overs WICKET Pietersen c Marsh b Smith 12 (Eng 158-3)  

    Pietersen goes on the attack here but that is a pudding of a shot. He tries to smash Smith over mid-on but doesn't get hold of it and Marsh steadies himself before taking a straighforward catch.

  48. 27 overs WICKET Bell c Haddin b Smith 0 (Eng 158-4)  

    Ooh la la, it's all happening now. Bell has gone second ball! The Warwickshire man is beaten in the flight and gets an edge as he tries to fend the ball away to safety. Game on, now my friends. Morgan at the crease.

  49. 28 overs Commentary Eng 159-4  

    Australia are on top here as Trott survives an lbw appeal - that was very close with the ball probably heading for the outside of leg stump. Eoin Morgan will have a big role to play here if England are going to reach that 300 mark.

  50. 29 overs Commentary Eng 165-4  

    Three-wicket hero Steve Smith continues and Morgan gets off the mark with a single to mid-off.\u00a0England could do with Trott\u00a0seeing this right through to the end - he picks up another two with a sweep to deep square leg.

  51. SMS  

    From Geoff in\u00a0Stansted: What's going on with Pietersen-soooo frustrating. Is he bothered?

  52. 30 overs Commentary Eng 169-4  

    England take advantage of some untidy fielding from the hosts to take a single. Morgan improvises a paddle sweep to take another two from the last ball.

  53. 31 overs Commentary Eng 174-4  

    Lee is back into the attack, with Australia perhaps feeling Morgan is vulnerable to pace. Trott goes past Prior's score with a nice clip through midwicket for two before Morgan cuts Lee for a couple. Five runs from the over, Lee's best of the innings so far.

  54. 32 overs Commentary Eng 179-4  

    Trott and Morgan take five singles from Doherty's next over. England are happy to deal in ones and twos at the moment - that is the luxury a good start affords you.

  55. 33 overs Commentary Eng 187-4  

    Lee's spell is a brief one as Smith is brought back into the attack.\u00a0And that's some shot from the Trottster. He picks the length perfectly and heaves one over mid-on to the fence for a welcome boundary - the first in more than nine overs.\u00a0Morgan drives a single\u00a0off the last ball to retain the strike.\u00a0

  56. 34 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 192-4  

    Trott will be eyeing e century here as he scampers another double off Doherty, who completes his\u00a0spell with figures of\u00a010-0-44-0. Drinks are taken - 300 is still on the cards for England.

  57. Commentary  

    From Andrew Cox, TMS Inbox: "Could we transplant Cook's head onto Pietersen's shoulders? Then we'd have the strength combined with the intelligence!"

  58. 35 overs Commentary Eng 194-4  

    Champagne Dougie is back and he spears one past Morgan's outside edge. It's a tight over and just two runs are yielded.

  59. 36 overs Commentary Eng 202-4  

    Battler Hastings (thanks for that\u00a0Peter\u00a0from Aberystwyth) is back into the attack and Trott leans into a glorious drive past mid-off which races to the boundary. Trott then brings up the 200 with an ugly duckling of a\u00a0drive to long-off.

  60. 37 overs Commentary Eng 208-4  

    They say fortune favours the brave but that is a bit reckless from Morgan as he doesn't get hold of a pull shot and the ball loops up on the leg side. David Hussey looks to be winning the race but he doesn't get there in time and the ball drops to safety. England take singles off all six balls.

  61. 38 overs THAT'S 100 Eng 221-4  

    Trott advances to 99 with a delightful clip off his hips to the boundary and a pull for two. He brings up his second ODI century off 117 balls with a\u00a0push through the onside. A great innings, just what England needed with the series on the line. Morgan comes to the party by hooking a short ball to fine leg for four.

  62. 39 overs Commentary Eng 224-4  

    Anyone think Trott looks a bit like a slightly thinner-haired Vince Vaughan? England's centurion misses out as he fails to get hold of a high Bollinger full toss and there are just three runs off the over. Just six four in Trott's hundred by the way.

  63. 40 overs WICKET Trott b D Hussey 102 (Eng 225-5)  

    All good things come to an end. Trott is a bit late attempting to cut a turning delivery from David Hussey and the ball catches the inside edge of his flashing blade before clattering into the stumps. In comes Colly at number seven.

  64. Commentary  

    From Phil, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Please don't shock me like that. Sitting here in my office in Sydney and suddenly missed a few beats as an update appears in the brown/maroon colour scheme of a wicket only to be pleasantly surprised that it was Trott's 100. Please can you consider another colour scheme."

  65. 41 overs Commentary Eng 227-5  

    Collingwood is bogged down by three dots before working a single into space on the leg side. Morgan helps himself to a run but it's another good over for Australia.

  66. 41.1 overs WICKET Morgan c Lee b Hussey 24 (Eng 227-6)  

    Morgan tries a reverse sweep off Hussey and slams the balls straight down the throat of Lee at point. "That was dumb" says Terry Alderman on TMS.

  67. 42 overs Commentary Eng 229-6  

    After such a promising start, this is very disappointing from England. Michael Yardy gets a single from his first ball and Collingwood pushes once down the ground. Hussey has two wickets for three runs off his two overs.

  68. 43 overs Commentary Eng 235-6  

    Big chance for Collingwood to serve up a reminder of his talents here. But the Durham man is dealing in singles for the time being - 300 seems a long way off now. Yardy flicks a full toss off his toes for two and cuts for one to keep the strike.

  69. 44 overs Commentary Eng 243-6  

    Bollinger hands Yardy a gift with a short and wide delivery which the batsman helps over the wicketkeeper for a weclome four. Collywobbles gets two down to deep midwicket and a single to keep the scoreboard ticking over. England were 158-2 in the 27th over remember.

  70. 45 overs Commentary Eng 257-6  

    Wow! Where did that come from? Collingwood takes a couple of paces down the pitch and slugs Brett Lee for a huge six over midwicket. Lee's looking a bit ragged here and Yardy manages to get the toe of his bat on a low, wide, full toss to post another boundary. Good over for England - 14 from it.

  71. 46 overs Commentary Eng 271-6  

    Yardy is an absolute master of the hoik shot over mid-on, unleashing two of the devils for another pair of boundaries. Colly keeps up the momentum with a slash over the infield and England look to be back on top here.

  72. 47 overs Commentary 275-6  

    Clarke turns to Shane Watson to steady the ship and the tactic pays off with a very useful over. Collingwood survives an lbw appeal, with replays showing the ball would have missed off stump. But he's struggling to get the ball off the square and there are just four runs from the over.

  73. 48 overs WICKET Collingwood c White b D Hussey 27 (Eng 283-7)  

    Collingwood smashes Hussey to the fence to bring up 5,000 one-day international runs - believe it or not he is the first Englishman to reach that landmark. But he doesn't have long to bask in the glory as a\u00a0flat thrash on the leg side picks out White on the boundary.

  74. 49 overs Commentary Eng 289-7  

    Ajmal Shahzad gets two from his first ball with a wristy flick. Four singles follow. Just one over to go folks. Andy Murray is through to the semi-finals in Melbourne by the way.

  75. 49.3 overs WICKET Shahzad c Watson b D Hussey 4 (Eng 295-8)  

    Great innings this from the Yardster as he cracks another four off the first ball of the last over. A single follows to give Shahzad the strike, but the Yorkshire all-rounder biffs a full toss straight to Watson at mid-on.

  76. 50 overs Commentary Eng 299-8  

    Yardy darts down the wicket and smacks a four down the ground before taking a single to give Chris Tremlett the strike for the last ball. He fails to get a bat on it to leave England one short of the magic 300 mark.

  77. 0704 Commentary  

    Not a bad effort from England all told, although it could have been so much better after that great start from Prior and Trott. KP, Bell and Morgan will be disappointed with their shot selection. The spinners did the damage for the Aussies with David Hussey taking 4-21 from four overs and Steve Smith posting 3-33. So, Australia need 300 to win from their 50 overs. We'll be back with their innings in about half an hour.

  78. Commentary  

    From Chris in Taunton, TMS inbox: "Australia to knock it off in 45 overs.\u00a0 And I've sat up all night for that? There's another 3 more of these to come?"

  79. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "It looks an impressive score but what England achieved in hitting fours, Australia will deal with in hitting sixes...think 300 will be easy for their big blokes...

  80. 0732 Commentary  

    So, not much optimism out there from you lot but I'm going to stick my neck out and say England will\u00a0win this. Jimmy Anderson should be fit and firing after his break and there looked to be a bit of swing for Bollinger and co. Early wickets required.

  81. 1 over Commentary Aus 3-0  

    As predicted, there's\u00a0a bit of movement for Anderson as Shane Watson gets a thick outside edge to the first ball of the innings and collects a single. Brad Haddin gets off the mark with a single to cover and the Australian\u00a0run chase\u00a0is underway.

  82. 2 overs Commentary Aus 7-0  

    Ajmal Shahzad bowls the second over and Australia continue their sedate start to the innings. Haddin clips off his toes for three off the last ball. Terry Alderman on TMS is warning the Aussies against letting the run rate creep too much over six.

  83. 3 overs DROPPED CATCH Aus 13-0  

    It was\u00a0a tough chance but that goes down as a dropped catch to me. Watson swats Anderson high into space and\u00a0Trott scampers in from deep square leg. He dives forward but the ball slips through his fingers and bounces over the rope. Two balls later Haddin takes a risky single and would have been out by miles if Collingwood's throw had struck the stumps.

  84. 4 overs Commentary Aus 18-0  

    Haddin\u00a0takes a big swipe at Shahzad but misses by a country mile. It looks to be another good over for England until Haddin plants the last ball over the infield and gets a boundary.

  85. 5 overs Commentary 28-0  

    Haddin\u00a0takes the aerial\u00a0route\u00a0to pick up another four, before splitting the field with a vicious cut from the next ball. So Australia, chasing 300, are 28-0 after five overs.

  86. Commentary  

    From Dave in Dubai, TMS Inbox: "300 is a decent score in one-day cricket. The doom and gloom merchants should go to bed! Colly's back with the bat ..sort of\u2026..he will rip through the Aussie middle order and England will win by 50 runs\u2026"

  87. 5.4 overs WICKET Haddin c Strauss b Tremlett 20 (Aus 32-1)  

    Strauss turns to Tremlett and it's an inspired change. After hitting another four off the first ball, Haddin mis-times a drive off a slower ball and feeds a dolly of a catch to the England skipper himself.

  88. Commentary  

    From Gary Jones, TMS inbox: "Sitting in a restaurant about to buy a huge breakfast and lots of coffee to try and help get our GDP up above zero.\u00a0Three wickets for Jimmy before I leave I reckon."

  89. 6 overs Commentary Aus 33-1  

    Shaun Marsh is the new batsman and he gets off the march with a nudge into the onside before Watson safely keeps out the last ball.

  90. 7 overs WICKET Marsh c and b Anderson 1 (Aus 33-2)  

    Anderson goes round the wicket to Marsh and is rewarded with the second wicket of the innings as the batsman plays across the line and is caught and bowled.

  91. 8 overs Commentary Aus 34-2  

    A single from Watson off the first ball of the next over brings Michael Clarke to the crease with the skipper under a bit of pressure to produce the goods on Australia Day. But it's all a bit of a struggle as Clarke fails to score from his first five balls.

  92. 9 overs Commentary Aus 39-2  

    Clarke's been in hot water for making a bit of a tweet of himself but at least he has a run now as he crashes Anderson through cover for three. Australia reach 39-2 after 10 overs. That is well behind England, who were 62-1 at the same stage of their innings.

  93. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Gary Jones does well to raise the GDP question over his breakfast. George Osborne really missed a trick by blaming the 0.5% shrinkage on the snow; he'd have been on much firmer ground if he'd noted we were all up all night watching the Ashes and incapable of economic output in the day."

  94. 10 overs Commentary Aus 45-2  

    England's attack looks to have a bit more of that Ashes menace about it with Tremmers\u00a0and Anderson\u00a0steaming in. Watson collects two runs down to deep backward square and a single down the ground. Accept my apologies by the way, that was the 10th over, with Australia reaching 45-2. England were 65-1 at the same stage.

  95. 11 overs Commentary Aus 55-2  

    Shahzad is back into the attack and Watson fills his boots with a pair of meaty drives over the infield for four. It's a good over for the Aussies with 10 coming from it.

  96. 12 overs Commentary Aus 66-2  

    Watson has been in sublime form all summer and this time it is six as he hoists Tremlett over mid-on into the stands. And just when Clarke was looking as though he couldn't buy a run, he dabs one round the corner and it roles all the way to the rope.

  97. Commentary  

    From Dominic, TMS inbox: "After watching four overs with prolapsed disk agony I had to retreat to the bed to lie down. Two wickets down since, I'm not going to move! I'm relying on your commentary and England to wipe those Aussies out before the 40th over."

    Sounds painful Dominic, get well soon.

  98. 13 overs Commentary Aus 72-2  

    Collingwood, fresh from becoming the first Englishman to score 5,000 ODI runs, is into the attack and he almost gets Watson with one that keeps low and misses off stump by a whisker. It does not take long for Watson to get used to Colly's pace though as he dabs a delicious late cut to the boundary. Thanks for all your emails pointing out that I was an over ahead earlier - I just wanted to make sure you were still reading...

  99. 14 overs Commentary Aus 79-2  

    Time for the Yardster, whose handy 39 not out did much to boost the England total after a middle order collapse. Australia keep the scoreboard ticking over with a succession of ones and twos and there's a handy partnership developing here.

  100. 15 overs Commentary Aus 83-2  

    Clarke and Watson take a run each off Collingwood's first two balls but the Durham man can't complete the over and Shahzad has to do the honours. Not entirely sure what happened to Colly there - I blame the excitement caused by the arrival of Mark Mitchener in the office.

  101. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 86-2  

    Yardy rattles through another tidy over, with Watson scoring a couple round the corner and a single into the gap on the leg side to advance to 48 not out. That is drinks with Australia on 86-2.

  102. Twitter  

    From Michael Vaughan: "England looking well set to win the ODI. Only a Watson hundred can save the Aussies."

  103. 17 overs WICKET Clarke b Collingwood 15 Aus 87-3  

    Collingwood is back and bowls three dots before Watson nabs a single. What a day the Durham man is having! The next ball nips back off a length and knocks over Clarke's middle stump. The Aussie skipper played all around that as he tried to work it away on the leg side.

  104. 18 overs Commentary Aus 92-3 WATSON REACHES FIFTY  

    Watson reaches fifty with a cut in front of square for a single. Cameron White leans back, shuts his eyes and smashes Yardy into the air but the ball drops safely into the green stuff and they run a couple.

  105. 19 overs Commentary Aus 94-3  

    This is turning into a miserly spell from Collingwood as he concedes just two from his next over. The slower bowlers have really thrived on this pitch.

  106. 20 overs Commentary Aus 100-3  

    White skies one again off Yardy\u00a0but it finds a safe area and they take two runs. Prior is nutmegged by a low full-toss and they run two byes. Australia are scoring at exactly five an over, they are going to need to step it up a bit if they are to reach that 300 target.

  107. 21 overs Commentary Aus 101-3  

    Another economical over from Colly as the Aussies take just one run from it. Cameron White still to find his range here.

  108. 22 overs Commentary Aus 104-3  

    Shahzad replaces Yardy and that one is a bit too wide as Watson crashes one to deep point for two. There's a hint of reverse swing there for Shahzad as the last ball of the over spears between White's bat and stumps.

  109. Commentary  

    From Wayne the London black cabbie, TMS inbox: "Why isn't Tremlett in the World Cup squad? Must be a better option than Broad, who hasn't played since November and must be a fitness doubt."

  110. 23 overs Commentary Aus 109-3  

    Collingwood's next over goes for five as he blots his copybook with a wide down the leg side.\u00a0Australia have now gone 10 overs without a boundary.

  111. 24 overs WICKET Watson c Prior b Shahzad 64 (Aus 116-4)  

    White, still struggling for fluency, mis-times a pull shot and gets just the one run down to KP at deep square leg. Watson smashes one down the ground for a much-needed boundary before flinging\u00a0his bat at the next delivery and nicking it through to a gleeful Matt Prior. That's\u00a0a big wicket for England.\u00a0

  112. 25 overs Commentary Aus 118-4  

    The bustling run-up of Collingwood ambles in for his sixth over, causing Cameron White a few concerns with a ball which spits alarmingly off a length, forcing the Victorian captain to remove his bottom hand and prevent the ball from spooning up to a close fielder.\u00a0 New-man David Hussey, fresh from a career-best four-wicket haul, cannot pierce the infield but manages a single with a deft late cut for a single.

  113. 26 overs Commentary Aus 121-4  

    Shahzad continues and Hussey takes a single wide of point. White gets a couple with an ugly heave but it's still a struggle for the Victorian and the last three balls of the overs are dots.

  114. 27 overs Commentary Aus 126-4  

    Collingwood continues his fine spell and Hussey clips a single through mid-wicket before White nicks one round the corner for a couple. A single gives Hussey the strike but the batsman's luck seems to have deserted him as a well-struck drive cannons straight into the stumps at the non-striker's end. England were 158-4 at this stage, 32 ahead of the Aussie total.\u00a0

  115. 28 overs Commentary Aus 132-4  

    Taxi for KP! Hussey pulls a Tremlett ball from outside off stump towards long-on, where Pietersen, trying to scoop the ball to Shahzad, only succeeds in propelling it onto his other arm and over the rope. Two singles and three dots follow. Australia need to get a move on.

  116. Commentary  

    From Gerry De Sousa, Australia, TMS Inbox: "As a Pom living in Australia I awoke this morning at 3:30am to watch the Socceroos demolish Uzbekistan 6-0 to reach the Asian Cup Final, I then saw my beloved Aston Villa beat Wigan 2-1 away, and later Andy Murray did us proud in the Aussie Open to make the semis and now England are in with more than a good shout of winning the fourth one dayer. This could well end up being a perfect sporting Australia Day!

  117. 29 overs Commentary Aus 139-4  

    Vince Vaughan, I mean Jonathan Trott, is into the attack now, with his own brand of dibbly-dobblers. Cameron White smashes one over the infield and it looks for all the world to be heading for the boundary before sub fielder Luke Wright saves the day with a brilliant dive. Hussey\u00a0is starting to chance his arm too and another aerial shot lands just between two fielders.

  118. 30 overs Commentary Aus 143-4  

    What a brilliant stop from Bell, diving full length to prevent Hussey from scoring at least two, and maybe, four. The next ball catches the inside edge and just avoids the stumps as the batsmen run two. Good stuff from Tremmers.

  119. 31 overs Commentary Aus 150-4  

    Trott is doing his level best to emulate Collingwood, but it's a reasonable over for Australia with seven coming from it. White slashes the last ball down to KP on the cover boundary but this time the fielder makes no mistake in pulling off a textbook stop.

  120. 32 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 157-4  

    Some great running from the Aussie duo brings White three\u00a0more runs, sandwiched between two singles from Hussey. Then White is given a reprieve as Prior misses a difficult stumping chance with the batsman a long way down the wicket. The last ball of the over is a slow full toss but it seems to take White by surprise as he dabs it tamely back to the bowler.

  121. Commentary  

    From David, TMS Inbox: "A wicket could be a disaster for England right now, it might bring someone in that wants to win this match."

  122. 33 overs Commentary Aus 160-4  

    Hussey gets two to long-on off the first ball after drinks but there's an air of desperation about the Aussie efforts now as White runs around the ball and totally misses a paddle sweep.

  123. 34 overs Commentary Aus 172-4  

    White dances down the track and cushions a delightful shot to the cover boundary before Yardy drags a horrible wide down the leg side. And that's another cracking shot from White, who smashes the ball in the air over cover to the fence.\u00a0

  124. 35 overs WICKET D Hussey c Bell b Trott 28 (Aus 176-5)  

    A stunning sunset is bringing down the curtain on Australia Day as this match builds to a climax. It's been a bit of a slow burner but we could be in for a decent finish here as Trott's spell continues. Hussey slashes to deep cover for two and hang on, that's out! Hussey plays a bit of a nothing shot and picks out Ian Bell at mid-off.

  125. 36 overs Commentary Aus 179-5  

    New batsman Steve Smith scurries a single from his first ball. Australia's hopes would appear to hinge on Cameron White now, who needs to step up the scoring rate. But Tremlett's line is spot on and\u00a0no runs are scored from the\u00a0last three balls.

  126. 37 overs Commentary Aus 186-5  

    Three more dots at the start of the over before Smith pulls off his favourite shot with a firm tug through cow corner for four then slaps two to deep extra cover. THe last ball is turned through midwicket for a single. Australia need 114 from 78 balls.

  127. 38 overs Commentary Aus 196-5  

    Smith gets down on one knee and slashes Tremlett square on the off side for four.\u00a0Sloppy stuff from England as Tremlett bowls a wide before Prior gives away a pointless overthrow. Two more off the last ball make it 10 off the over. Australia still have a batting power play to come.

  128. 39 overs WICKET White c Yardy b Trott 44 (Aus 199-6)  

    White is seeing it well now as he crashes one down the ground for two. But he can't resist a swipe at Trott and that won't carry to the boundary... Yardy skips round to take a neat catch at long-on. Could that be game over?

  129. 40 overs WICKET Hastings c Strauss b Anderson 1 (Aus 201-7)  

    Anderson returns to the attack with England sensing a chance for an early bath here. John Wayne Hastings (can't get enough\u00a0of that name)\u00a0gets off the mark with a pull for a single. Smith strikes one straight to Andrew Strauss and attempts a suicidal single but the England skipper misses the stumps.\u00a0We'll forgive him though and here's why - the next ball from Anderson is short and Hastings looks all at sea as he slaps it up in the air and Strauss gratefully accepts a simple catch.

  130. 41 overs Commentary Aus 203-7  

    Smith gets a leg bye to put new batsman Brett Lee on strike and it takes him four balls to get off the mark with a single. Australia know this game is gone.

  131. 42 overs Commentary Aus 207-7  

    It's another good over for England as Anderson\u00a0frustrates Smith with two dots before\u00a0the batsman cuts for two. A single off the last ball keeps him on strike with Shahzad coming back into the attack.

  132. Commentary  

    Joss in France, TMS Inbox: "Anderson is the king, long live Anderson. What a difference he makes."

  133. 43 overs Commentary Aus 212-7  

    Good running from Australia as Smith gets two from a Shahzad slower ball. The boundaries have dried up for Australia and this game is petering out. Just\u00a0three more\u00a0from the over.

  134. 44 overs Commentary Aus 222-7  

    With the Aussies needing a miracle, I'm keen to get your thoughts on a tabloid-style headline for this match. I'm thinking\u00a0 Too Trott to Handle, Trott of Gold or Trott a Beautiful Day but I'm sure you can do better. That's a good shot from Lee as he cuts a short, wide ball from\u00a0Anderson for a one-bounce four. Eoin Morgan produces a fine stop on the boundary to deny Smith a boundary.

  135. 45 overs Commentary Aus 227-7  

    More great fielding from England as Colly and Yardy team up to prevent another four. Deary me! Smith takes a wild swipe at a short one from Shahzad before taking an aimless\u00a0wander down the track, but it's a comedy of errors as Prior's underarm throw misses the stumps. A real shank from the England stumper.

  136. 46 overs Commentary Aus 239-7  

    That's a better over for Australia as Lee smacks a couple of boundaries but with 61 needed from 24 balls, I think it's unlikely don't you?\u00a0Loving these headlines you are throwing at me by the way. Too Hot to Trott is proving popular as well as the rather more vulgar Australia get the Trotts. Keep 'em coming

  137. 47 overs Commentary Aus 251-7  

    Lee takes three more from the first ball of the 47th over before sloppy work from Prior behind the timbers gifts Australia four wides. Lee clatters two more\u00a0to deep midwicket but Shahzad responds well and Australia are restricted to singles off the last three balls. Aus need 49 from 3 overs.

  138. 48 overs Commentary Aus 258-7  

    Lee is fortunate as he\u00a0lands a mis-hit just short of the infield. Some good death bowling from Tremlett\u00a0keeps them to ones and twos before Morgan\u00a0produces another superb\u00a0diving stop on the boundary and almost\u00a0gets a run out with a\u00a0bullet-like throw. Incidentally,\u00a0Gunpowder Trott is my favourite headline so far.

  139. 49 overs Commentary Aus 267-7  

    Australia have to deal in boundaries now and Smith gets them going with a lusty heave to square leg for four. Lee gets right underneath one but the ball falls right between three fielders, with Strauss suggesting he couldn't pick the ball up in the floodlights. Good bowling from Anderson and Australia need 33 off the last over.

  140. 50 overs Commentary Aus 278-7  

    Lee misses a short ball but they run a bye. Then\u00a0Smith gets the toe of his bat on a yorker and the ball slips past Prior for a boundary. Another yorker is driven to cover for a single before Lee misses the next ball, which is a bit wider. Lee leans back and smashes a boundary to leave 23 needed off the last ball. In the event, it's just a single so\u00a0England win by 21 runs.

  141. 1120 Commentary  

    Good performance that from England with Trott very much the star with bat and ball. Anderson bowled well on his return to the side and there were some useful runs for Matt Prior. Australia still lead the series 3-1 but England have avoided a whitewash and given themselves hope. I'm going to sift through your headlines now and choose my favourite.

  142. SMS  

    From Nigel\u00a0in Llanelli: "A Trott in the Park for England as Australia Trott out the excuses."

    Not bad but I've seen better

  143. 1132 Commentary  

    OK, the winner is Aussies Can\u2019t Fox Trott from Robert in Fulham. Works on so many levels... I quite like Trottweiller\u00a0from Robin and England Canter to win as Australia fail to Trott from Richard. Thanks for all the fun and games folks. That's me outta here. Join\u00a0Pranav Soneji\u00a0at 320GMT on Sunday morning for coverage of the fifth one-dayer from Brisbane. Bye.


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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by 21 runs
  • Australia: 278-7 (50.0 overs)
  • England: 299-8 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 278
Watson c Prior b Shahzad 64
Haddin c Strauss b Tremlett 20
Marsh c and b Anderson 1
Clarke b Collingwood 15
White c Yardy b Trott 44
Hussey c Bell b Trott 28
Smith not out 46
Hastings c Strauss b Anderson 1
Lee not out 39
Extras 1nb 7w 4b 8lb 20

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