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Australia v England - third ODI as it happened

  1. 2250 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. Whether you've set your alarm clock and are rubbing your peepers in anticipation of some cricket action, whether you've flicked over after keeping David Ornstein company on the Aussie Open tennis live text, or if you've just rolled in after a night on the tiles and aren't sure what day it is, you're very welcome to join us for the third one-day international between Australia and England. Play is due to begin at 0320 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

  2. 0253 Commentary  

    We'll let you know any news from the toss as soon as we get it. But Andrew Strauss's troops aren't the only Poms taking on the Aussies in Sydney at the moment - England's women are into the second day of their (only) Ashes Test at the Bankstown Oval elsewhere in Sydney. England were bowled out for 207 this morning, with captain Charlotte Edwards undefeated on 114 - and they've already made inroads into the Aussies, who are 45-5 after 24 overs. Jenny Gunn has picked up two wickets for England, while the Aussie keeper making her Test debut is Alyssa Healy - you may recall her uncle Ian behind the timbers for many an Ashes Test!

    Australia v England women's Test: latest score (external site)

  3. 0256 Commentary  

    England win the toss and will bat first. Some worrying injury news coming up...

  4. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Late injury news for Eng - KP is out with a tight groin. Collingwood should come back for him. Bresnan having a scan, so not playing either."

  5. 0258 Commentary  

    England make three changes from the team on duty in the first two ODIs - Paul Collingwood, Luke Wright and ODI debutant Chris Woakes replace Kevin Pietersen (injured), James Tredwell (omitted) and Tim Bresnan (injured).

  6. 0300 Commentary  

    With TMS under way,\u00a0Simon Mann reminds listeners that England are 2-0 down with five games to play in this series. Australia make two changes, both enforced - with Xavier Doherty and John Hastings replacing the injured Nathan Hauritz and Shaun Tait. Here are the two full line-ups:

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Shaun Marsh, Michael Clarke (capt), Cameron White, David Hussey, Steve Smith, John Hastings, Brett Lee, Xavier Doherty, Doug Bollinger.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Matt Prior (wk), Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Paul Collingwood, Luke Wright, Michael Yardy, Chris Woakes,\u00a0Ajmal Shahzad, Chris Tremlett.

  7. Commentary  

    Stephen Brenkley from the Independent on Sunday on TMS: "The players have been dropping like flies. Rhian Evans, the England media officer, told me she might have to carry the drinks out today - I think she was joking."

  8. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Morning Mark, been looking forward to this one for AGES, problem is I've been locked out of my room tonight so I can't get to a laptop/bed, thank you for the highlights in advance, it's going to be a long night..."

  9. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Hmmmm, Eng going with one spinner... got it wrong last 2 games but this is the ground where 2 spinners could be useful..."

  10. 0310 Commentary  

    Right, while we're waiting, if you're texting us on 81111, please don't forget to put your name on your text - while it would also assist us if you put "CRICKET" as the first word, as we share the inbox with the tennis folk and others. Or, you can e-mail with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line.

    We're also going to try a little experiment tonight - if you want to get in touch on Twitter, please do so with the hashtag #BBCCricket and we'll see how that works out.

  11. 0313 Commentary  

    Aussie skipper Michael Clarke, by the way, has confirmed that Shaun Marsh - centurion in the last ODI despite missing out on the World Cup squad - will bat at number three today. If you're not familiar with John Wayne Hastings (to give him his full name), who's lining up for Australia today (and may be unfamiliar to England fans), I can tell you he's played two ODIs and one Twenty20 international since his debut in October. ODI-wise, he's taken two wickets at 35.50 each, and scored 16 in his only appearance at the crease. Unsurprisingly, he's nicknamed "The Duke"...

  12. Commentary  

    From Dave in Virginia, TMS inbox: "Before the one-day series began some commentator put the mockers on it by saying that if England swept the series they would go to number one in the world rankings. Coming into this game 2-0 down what's the best we can hope for now?"

    You won't think me smug if I say "win the series 5-2", will you, Dave?

  13. 0319 Commentary  

    Strauss'n'Prior ready to begin England's innings - here we go.

  14. 0.5 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 1-0  

    Right-arm quick Brett Lee opens proceedings, England captain Andrew Strauss leaves the first ball before whipping a single off his legs. His partner Matt Prior,\u00a0out for a duck in Hobart,\u00a0has English hearts and mouths\u00a0after playing and missing at his first ball. Then Lee traps him in front, that looks out... but Prior calls for a review!

  15. 0.5 overs WICKET Prior lbw b Lee 0 (Eng 1-1)  

    "If he hasn't nicked it, that's plumb," says Jim Maxwell on TMS... and it is plumb. Waste of a review by England, Prior joins the "Hornby club" (two ducks in a row - 00) and England have started badly again.

  16. 1 over Commentary Eng 1-1  

    Jonathan Trott is the new batsman, defends his first ball and the Aussie tails are up after the first over. It's a beautifully sunny day in Sydney, by the way - England and Australia may get quite hot wearing dark blue and dark green respectively, while the umps are in red shirts today.

  17. 2 overs Commentary Eng 7-1  

    Doug "The Rug" Bollinger, buoyed by success with ball and (unexpectedly) bat in Hobart, is charging in with a thick stripe of sun cream across his nose and cheeks like an Allan Donald tribute act. His first ball is edged by Strauss past second slips, and Trott is off the mark with a clip off his legs for one. Doug drops short, Strauss pulls and they run two. Another inviting pie is carved for two more by the England skipper, who has six.

  18. Commentary  

    Former Australia leg-spinner Kerry O'Keefe on TMS: "I saw a photo of Doug without his rug the other day. He looked just like William Hague."

    It's definitely worth a Google Images search for Mr Bollinger before about 2006...

  19. Twitter  

    From that_twisted_cm: "Is England so bereft of spinners that they have to rely on Yardy? Can't bat, poorly bowl, can barely field."

  20. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Sounds like there is good England support in the SCG! Uh oh. Prior 2nd duck in 2 games.... New World Cup opening pair anyone?"

  21. 3 overs Commentary Eng 9-1  

    Lee appeals for lbw against Trott, that looks high and umpire Gary Baxter is unmoved. Trott doubles his score with a single, Strauss can only manage one from the last ball of the over, the frugal Lee has 1-3 from two overs.

  22. SMS  

    From Arjun Rana: "England will win today but lose the series 5-2. Either way, India is\u00a0going to win the World Cup."

  23. 4 overs Commentary Eng 11-1  

    Bollinger is charging in with plenty of fizz, but isn't quite up to Lee's standards - Strauss and Trott help themselves to a single apiece.

  24. 5 overs Commentary Eng 18-1  

    Trott pounces on a no-ball from Lee, threading a cover drive through the infield for four. Then, with Trott awaiting a free hit for the no-ball, Michael Clarke shows his naivety as an ODI captain, by attempting to change the field - which you're not allowed to do if it's the same batsman facing. The free hit ball is a slow bouncer which Trott strangely doesn't attempt to hit (despite the fact it's a free hit). Very peculiar. Just a couple more singles added, and the Aussie commentators are wondering whether Australia should have called up Shane Watson's TV presenter wife Lee Furlong for the women's Ashes...

  25. Twitter  

    From nickthefoy: "Only been the first over and seeing Prior get out like that has made my mind up to go to bed! Night all!"

  26. Commentary  

    From Josh, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Currently watching Lord of the Rings whilst following this on live text and the dismissal of Matt Prior coincided with Gandalf the Grey's death. Tears all round..."

    Spoiler alert: Does that mean Prior can come back and bat for a second time if he's resurrected as Gandalf the White?

  27. 6 overs Commentary Eng 28-1  

    Early change of bowling as The Rug is whipped off after two overs and England get their first sight of John Hastings. Cap'n Strauss crashes him through point for four, before stepping back and flogging him over mid-off for four more! Hastings is tall and burly, but two more scampered singles mean that's 10 from his first over.

  28. Commentary  

    From Carel in the TMS inbox: "We have a TV programme called "Stupid, stupid man" here in Australia. Well I think the England selectors should take credit for that title. Why on earth drop a guy who scores 40+ in the first ODI opening the batting (Steve Davies) to replace him with someone who clearly is hopeless at facing anything fast (Matt Prior). To make matters worse they have also dropped Davies for the World Cup to make way for Prior. How stupid is that!"

  29. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "What a shame Prior is out first ball again! He should be a good one-day player. Definitely think he should bat down the order but who to open with Strauss is the problem! Thanks for your great coverage over Christmas by the way! Even though my mum writes for the Guardian I way prefer the\u00a0BBC coverage!"

    Appreciate the sentiments, but whether you have a parental connection with the Guardian or not, please don't forget to put your names on your texts!

  30. 7 overs Commentary Eng 33-1  

    Lee keeps it tight in his fourth over, Trott and Strauss are happy to keep plugging away with singles, Strauss firmly pulls the last ball for two. He has 21 from 25 balls, Trott has 11 from 15.

  31. Twitter  

    "@that_twisted_cm [3rd over] Are you mad? Yardy opens for Sussex, is a T20 winning captain and a very economical bowler."

  32. Commentary  

    From Andrew in the TMS inbox: "Re: Doug looking like William Hague\u00a0(below), I reckon if you put Bollinger, Jonathan Trott, Phil Mitchell, Shane Warne, Grant Mitchell and Matt Prior in a line, it'd be like the evolution of male pattern baldness."

  33. 8 overs WICKET Strauss run out (Clarke) 23 (Eng 38-2)  

    Hastings strays with a wide, Trott pokes a single to third man and wicketkeeper Brad Haddin dons a helmet to stand up to the stumps, but the singles keep flowing for England... until there's a horrendous run-out and they're not sure who's out!

    Trott was facing, clipped a single to mid-wicket, called for a single, hesitated, Strauss went back but Trott then continues with the run, both batsmen end up at the non-striker's end. Australia try to run someone out at the non-striker's end but they miss the stumps - but the ball is thrown to the striker's end and one batsman is run out by a mere 22 yards. A quick chat with the third umpire reveals Strauss is the man to go. Looking daggers at Trott, so he is.

  34. 9 overs Commentary Eng 41-2  

    New batsman is Ian Bell, England look a little shell-shocked after that mix-up, which even Shane Watson and Phil Hughes (who were involved in a few run-outs in the Ashes) would be embarassed at. Come to think of it, even some of England's recent notorious run-out merchants would have been embarrassed - any Essex fans looking forward to Owais Shah and Ravi Bopara running each other out at Chelmsford this summer?

    Meanwhile, back in the game, Bollinger is back on for Lee, a chastened Trott adds a two and a single. Bell, on nought, swings and misses at a wideish one from The Rug. And the anonymous texter a couple of overs ago (whose mum works for the Grauniad) is revealed as Izzy from Cardiff...

  35. Twitter  

    From kramnikyad: "So much for this partnership I was hoping for. That was diabolical England. Bit of communication would have helped!"

  36. 10 overs Commentary Eng 47-2  

    Hastings is a tall guy, he's bowling at about 83mph but doesn't look to be the threat that Shaun Tait is in terms of pace. Trott profits from a thick edge past slip and through third man for four. A more careful dab to the same area for one\u00a0is followed by a single from his Warwickshire team-mate Bell, who's off the mark.

  37. Commentary  

    From Robert, TMS inbox: "Whilst I appreciate the runs scored by Trott in the Ashes series, he is not yet an international one-day batsmen - no aggression to up the run rate in the important first ten overs and a terrible runner. Put your best 3 batsmen at the top - Strauss, Bell and Pietersen - it isn't rocket science."

    And when one of them isn't fit to play, what's plan B?

  38. 11 overs Commentary Eng 55-2  

    Bollinger appears to have wiped that thick layer of sun cream off his face, as the fielding powerplay is signalled. But Bell powerfully smacks the left-armer for four through the covers to bring England past 50, before clipping a single off his legs. Trott moves on to 22, before play is briefly interrupted when a steward has to dash on to retrieve a rogue beachball. Bollinger starts to stray with his line as he snakes one down the leg side which Bell fluently leg-glances for two.

  39. 12 overs Commentary Eng 58-2  

    Trott works Hastings for a single to square leg, where all-rounder (well, in his case a\u00a0slogger with questionable batting technique who isn't often trusted to bowl) Steve Smith makes a smart stop and enjoys a bit of banter with the SCG crowd. Haddin is up to the stumps again as Bell carefully deflects a lifter to third man for a single. Trott nicks the strike, but that's a better over from "The Duke" Hastings.

  40. Twitter  

    From DiscoStew1: "Not the attitude I know, but even a 7-0 whitewash wouldn't take the shine off the Ashes triumph... actually it might - c'mon boys!"

  41. 13 overs WICKET Bell c and b Watson 10 (Eng 61-3)  

    Many thanks to Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell, who's tweeting from the SCG and has kindly mentioned our Twitter experiment tonight - if you weren't here at the start, we're using the hashtag #BBCCricket if you want to get in touch. We have another bowling change as Bollinger is poured back into the outfield and Shane Watson is on as Australia's fourth seamer. But he makes the breakthrough as after Bell and Trott plunder a few singles, Bell pops one back to the bowler and Watson takes a terrific return catch!


    Single from Trott, then new batsman Eoin Morgan is hit on the pad... umpire Paul Reiffel (yes, THAT Paul Reiffel) shakes his head. But then Morgan looks to have nicked one to Watson at\u00a0slip, Reiffel says not out but Australia immediately call for a review...

  43. Commentary  

    From Max in the TMS inbox: "I remember after a certain Test match-winning series England then got thrashed 6-1 by the Aussies...going that way again!? I personally think the schedule is too packed and the players are not getting enough of a break in between matches. No wonder there are injuries - they are only human. Better to have few bad games now then next month, eh."

  44. NOT OUT  

    The Aussies are convinced there's an edge, but Hotspot suggests the ball hits the flap of Morgan's front (right) pad, and then his back (left) thigh. Great decision by ex-Test paceman "Pistol" Reiffel.

  45. 14 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 62-3  

    Morgan survives the rest of the over, and the players take drinks with Australian tails firmly up. Meanwhile, it's tea in the women's Ashes - Australia are 105-6 in reply to\u00a0England's 207, and Ian Healy's niece is batting.\u00a0And if two top sporting events in Australia aren't enough for you, take a look at David Ornstein's live text on the Australian Open tennis - Roger Federer is on court against Tommy Robredo. Plenty of action to follow\u00a0at the Rod Laver Arena and the Margaret Court Court.

  46. Twitter  

    From V3ct0rv1ct0r: "Oh England. This is dreadful. just forget the series, go home and get your heads back in order."

  47. 15 overs Commentary Eng 63-3  

    The Aussie commentators (on TMS, who are sharing radio coverage with Australia's ABC radio) are already criticising England for fielding "amateur openers". On England's "subs bench", Stuart Broad - who missed much of the Ashes with a stomach muscle injury, and isn't officially in the squad - is kitted out in his ODI gear and sat alongside Steven Finn, who's England's only remaining fit player in the squad who hasn't featured in this series. Very dull post-drinks over from Watson, only one run is added by Trott.

  48. 16 overs Commentary Eng 66-3  

    With the fielding powerplay concluded, Australia's fielders are scattered to the four winds with only the minimum four in the circle as leg-spinner Steve Smith comes into the attack. The blond-quiffed youngster serves up a juicy full toss which allows Morgan a single to get off the mark, and Trott helps himself to two singles to take his score to 30 from 39 balls.

  49. SMS  

    From Adam, Stockport: "We are without\u00a0four front line bowlers in Anderson, Broad, Bresnan and Swann. Add in our most dynamic batsman is also out and what do we expect? I'd be happy just to compete."

  50. 17 overs Commentary Eng 68-3  

    Trott ducks a bouncer from Watson before guiding a single off his legs. Bell nicks the strike, frankly this is pedestrian stuff from England.

  51. SMS  

    From\u00a0Lettsy, student in Plymouth: "This is like watching the England of old."

    What,\u00a0as in\u00a0dodgy running between the wickets, lack of an attacking batsman in the powerplays since Trescothick retired, and hints that they aren't really sure who their ODI wicketkeeper should be? You may be right!

  52. SMS  

    From Conor from Essex: "What surprise to see Trott involved in a run-out! All his idiosyncrasies that have made him slightly endearing in Test cricket just annoy me when he's playing in the one-day side."

  53. 18 overs Commentary Eng 72-3  

    Smith's bowling is a little erratic, but England can only manage four singles from the over. Trott has 33, Morgan has four.

  54. Twitter  

    From trago4: "Isn't it about time we flew Cook back to Oz, England are desperately seeking an opener."

  55. 19 overs Commentary Eng 76-3  

    Bollinger back in place of Watson for his third spell of the innings, but Doug is spraying it around a bit, England add three singles and a leg bye as Bollinger vainly appeals for lbw against the left-handed Morgan.

    And\u00a0elsewhere in\u00a0Sydney,\u00a0two wickets from two balls from the speedy Isa Guha has reduced the Aussies to 109-8 in the women's Ashes. Guha has 3-16 from eight overs.

  56. 20 overs Commentary Eng 88-3  

    After a single from Morgan, Trott slog-sweeps Smith through square leg for England's first boundary for nine overs. A two and a single take Trott to 42, then Morgan cuts loose for the first time, skimming one over the bowler's head and just out of the reach of the leaping Shaun Marsh at wide\u00a0long-off for four.

  57. Commentary  

    From Sato, Japan, in the TMS inbox: "I think England should try Yardy as an opener in the next match. He opens for Sussex so why can't he for England? He may turn out to be next Shane Watson."

  58. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "SCG choice of music between overs is "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" - suggest Strauss is sitting on his."

  59. 20.5 overs OUCH! Eng 91-3  

    Bollinger fizzes one in short, Trott hooks, it's in the air but reaches the diving Brett Lee at square leg on the bounce. Morgan tries to force\u00a0one down the leg side and they run another leg bye. Then Trott dabs a quick single, collapses as the ball was thrown in and calls for the physio! He was struck by the ball as he ran his bat in, and looks in a bit of pain.

  60. 21 overs Commentary Eng 91-3  

    Despite looking rather red-faced, Trott's OK to resume his innings, and Morgan defends the last ball from Doug The Rug - who's a little red-faced himself as he dons a sunhat and stalks back into the outfield.

  61. Commentary  

    From Steve in the TMS inbox: "In a Chicago pub trying to explain the game of cricket to Green Bay Packers fans (playoff v Chicago Bears tomorrow - gonna be awesome) They don't seem to grasp that a cricketer does not have to weigh 250lbs plus! Go Bears!!"

  62. 22 overs Commentary Eng 97-3  

    One spinner replaces another as it's time for slow left-armer Xavier Doherty. On the last morning at the Adelaide Test, I admit to having inadvisedly\u00a0yelled "Bye Xavier! We'll never see you again!" from my seat in the Chappell Stands after his dismissal\u00a0as his Test career looked to be over after two unproductive Tests - but the Tasmanian could be in line for a shock\u00a0World Cup call-up because of Nathan Hauritz's dislocated shoulder.

    Anyway, Doherty's over is a mixed bag of ones, a two, a wide and a stumping appeal against Morgan, where the third umpire rules in the Irishman's favour. But as in the Tests, he really doesn't look a threatening bowler at international level.

  63. 23 overs Commentary Eng 104-3  

    Australia turn to their third spin option - David Hussey's part-time off-spin. (With Cap'n Clarke and Cameron White also capable of bowling part-time spin with varying success, I think Marsh and Haddin are the only two Aussies in this XI you'd put your house on not turning their arms over in this game). Trott and Morgan help themselves to more singles and twos, it's pretty tame middle-over nurdling from England, but there's a brief scare when Morgan swats one just over the heads of the two fielders on the edge of the circle at backward point and short third man.

  64. 24 overs Commentary TROTT FIFTY - Eng 110-3  

    Doherty wheels away, more singles are added by England and Trott brings up his fifty from 62 balls. No sign of whether his skipper is clapping through clenched teeth (as it were) after being run out by the Warwickshire man.

  65. 24.4 overs WICKET Morgan c Clarke b Hussey 30 (Eng 118-4)  

    Morgan blasts Hussey through the covers for four, before tickling a two to long-on to bring up the fifty stand. Doug The Rug does the fielding, then gets a cheer from the SCG crowd by kicking a beachball off. Morgan swipes another two, but then he's brilliantly caught by a diving Clarke at short mid-wicket!

  66. Commentary  

    From Jo in the TMS inbox: "At least Trott\u2019s still there; mind you he probably daren\u2019t get out, what with Strauss waiting for him with a heavy piece of wood in his hands."

  67. 25 overs Commentary Eng 119-4  

    New batsman Paul Collingwood nearly chops his first ball onto his stumps! A dastardly inside edge just avoids Colly's three poles and they scamper a single. Hussey is all smiles as he takes his cap - while the Aussie commentators wonder whether Mexican waves go the other way in the northern hemisphere...

  68. 25.1 overs WICKET Collingwood b Doherty 1 (Eng 119-5)  

    Colly prods forward, playing well inside the line and the ball brushes the off stump! That pitched off and hit off, but Colly was playing down the line of middle and leg - might as well have been the Hammersmith & City Line, he really looks completely out of nick.

  69. 26 overs Commentary Eng 120-5  

    Although Luke Wright was down at number seven on the scorecard, England send Michael Yardy in - his crease-occupation being a more useful string to England's bow than his Sussex team-mate Wright's late-order slogging at this stage. More hesitation from Trott, he's having a nightmare between the wickets today, but Yardy is off the mark with a single. Trott plays out the rest of the over, and England team director Andy Flower looks to be making some notes. Presumably a few England players may be put in detention.

  70. Twitter  

    From Sproggthedog: "Enjoying the ball by ball play here in chilly Canada. Looking forward to being in sunny Melbourne in\u00a0six weeks."

    At the rate England and Australia are picking up injuries, if you get there any quicker you may get a game!

  71. Commentary  

    From Kev, Wellington,\u00a0in the TMS inbox: "Ref Steve in Chicago (below) - I had the pleasure of watching Jesse Ryder for the Black Caps at the Westpac over the weekend and reckon he'd make a pretty good tight-end. Worth a mention to your new cheesehead chums!"

  72. 27 overs Commentary Eng 128-5  

    Colly is looking at a laptop in the England dressing-room, he's standing next to team analyst Gemma Broad but I don't think his innings will need much analysis... Yardy and Trott work Hussey around for ones and twos, but the England fans at the SCG must be worried that their side may not make it through the full 50 overs.

  73. 27.4 overs WICKET Yardy c and b Doherty 7 (Eng 130-6)  

    The Aussie commentators want "the rug man" back on but for now, it's still Doherty... and he has his second wicket when Yardy advances down the track and is caught and bowled!

  74. 28 overs Commentary Eng 130-6  

    New batsman Luke Wright sees off the over.\u00a0 Can he be England's answer to International Rescue?

  75. Commentary  

    From Jake in the TMS inbox: "Looks like Glen McGrath will get his predicted whitewash, just glad it wasn\u2019t in the Test arena. We are a shambolic ODI side."

  76. Commentary  

    Former Australia leg-spinner Kerry O'Keefe on TMS:\u00a0\u00a0"If Australia can just get rid of Trott, we're on for an early finish here."

  77. SMS  

    From Esky: "This isn't an Ashes hangover, this is a poor ODI team. Too many batsman who don't apply pressure then get out poorly. When did Trott and Colly last hit a bowler out of the attack? We will be lucky to get 170 on a good surface. Colly has been a great servant for us but enough's enough."

  78. 29 overs Commentary Eng 131-6  

    With England's lower order exposed, Cap'n Clarke recalls Brett Lee to the attack. More crazy running from Trott, only a fumble in the field from Clarke prevents another run-out opportunity. They run a single, that's the only scoring stroke as Wright plays out five dot balls.

  79. Twitter  

    From JPKD: "Worst England batting display since Jamaica 2009?"

  80. 30 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 134-6  

    Trott steers Doherty for a single, Wright is off the mark with a dabbed single\u00a0past point. Trott moves on to 56, time for another drinks break - perhaps someone could pour Trott a can of spinach, and his forearms could turn massive like Popeye to hit the ball out of the park? Mind you, there's no guarantee that Popeye would be any better between the wickets?

  81. Twitter  

    From Stower79: "Has anyone told these guys it isn't Twenty 20? Surely it's time for Colly to call it a day? Great servant but lost his touch."

  82. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "ICC on why 15-man squads named month before World Cup: teams agreed, logistics (names for hotels & flights), 49 matches in 13 venues, publication deadlines. Squad can change if there are injuries, bereavements, family illnesses... not if there are losses of form or improvements in form."

  83. 31 overs Commentary Eng 137-6  

    SIngle from Trott, Lee strays with a wide, then Wright tries to force him through the covers but is kept on strike by a predatory ring of four off-side fielders, and then forced to duck away from a brute of a bouncer, his bat sticking up like a periscope and he nearly gloves it to the keeper. The Sussex man eventually forces a single, looking like he was glad to get off strike against Lee.

  84. Commentary  

    From James in the TMS inbox: "Playing for the Chiang Mai Irish pub team in the social 6s in Bangkok. Despite competing solidly for the wooden spoon in this tournament, I'm not sure we'd swap any of our players for any of the English team today\u00a0- except maybe Jack the Bison."\u00a0

  85. 32 overs Commentary Eng 142-6  

    If you're just joining us... no, that is the correct score for England, and you may think you're having such a bad nightmare that you want to go back to sleep! Watson replaces Doherty, Wright clubs a two and then cracks a single down to Doug The Rug at third man. A couple more singles, Trott moves on to 58 and Wright has six.

  86. Commentary  

    From Andrew in the TMS inbox: "Feeble! I can't watch any more and have begun to watch Star Wars Episode 3 with my 10 year old son. Seems to me that 'The Force' wouldn't be able to save this spineless England team!"

    If you're watching Revenge of the Sith, I can only hope Australia's leg-spinner doesn't make me eat my words from the 12th over - that would be Revenge of the Smith...

  87. 33 overs Commentary 151-6  

    Simon Mann is trying to be positive on TMS - after all, he points out, Australia were 142-8 in Hobart on Friday\u00a0and still contrived to win the game. Bollinger replaces Lee, and Wright finally pierces\u00a0the off-side cordon for a two and a single. Trott, who seems to have slowed down over the course of his innings, works a single and Wright unleashes a handsome off-drive for four to bring up England's 150. A single ensures he keeps the strike.

  88. 34 overs Commentary Eng 152-6  

    Very tight over from Watson, who has 1-12 from five overs. Wright manages a single, but Trott is completely becalmed against the man from Ipswich, Queensland.

  89. 35 overs Commentary Eng 155-6  

    Some ungainly swishing and swiping from Wright against Bollinger eventually brings him a single against the bewigged New South Wales left-armer. A single takes Trott to 60, Wright tries to force the pace but Australia are on their toes in the field and he can only manage\u00a0a single. And looking on from the Aussie balcony, dressed in a white shirt and biting his nails, is injured captain Ricky Ponting - remember him?


    Doherty replaces Watson, after a straight-driven single from Wright, Trott sweeps and misses and is given out lbw, but calls for a review...

  91. NOT OUT  

    ...and Trott survives, as the ball hit him (on\u00a0the\u00a0right thigh)\u00a0a smidgen outside the line of off stump.

  92. 36 overs Commentary Eng 159-6  

    The reprieved Trott keeps pushing the singles, as does Wright, and I can only guess Australia are saving Watson for the batting powerplay as he's been their most economical bowler but has only sent down five overs.

  93. SMS  

    From Les in Redditch: "Why is Trott taking so much stick... without his knock\u00a0I would be in bed reading my Ashes memoirs."

  94. 37 overs Commentary Eng 166-6  

    Cap'n Clarke keeps rotating his bowlers as John Hastings replaces Bollinger, but Trott and Wright are still proceeding in singles at this stage. Wright gets an edge... but it flies just out of the reach of wicketkeeper Brad Haddin - would have been an easy catch for an orthodox slip fielder, but the Sussex man picks up two as third man scampers round. A single allows him to retain the strike, he has 23 from 34 balls. Trott has 64 from 92.

  95. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Much of this innings has had the feeling of batsmen wading through glue."

  96. 38 overs Commentary Eng 169-6  

    Tip and run from England's batsmen, who still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves. Just three singles added against Doherty.

  97. 39 overs Commentary Eng 171-6  

    The burly Hastings keeps it tight against England's seventh-wicket pair, who can only manage a single apiece.

  98. Twitter  

    From V3ct0rv1ct0r: "Can the TV cameras stop showing images of the England team all picking their noses? It's putting me off my breakfast."

  99. 40 overs Commentary Eng 175-6  

    Trott and Wright try to step on the accelerator against Doherty's left-arm spin, but can only add four more singles. As if this England batting performance wasn't painful enough to watch, we may have a shortened interval because they haven't bowled the overs very quickly.

  100. 40.3 overs WICKET Wright c Haddin b Hastings 32 (Eng 179-7)  

    More Trott-related shenanigans between the wickets as Wright prods the ball to point, Trott was two-thirds of the way down the pitch before he turns round, dashes back to make his ground at the bowler's end and accidentally-on-purpose changes the line he was running so that he's in the way and the ball hits him when it's thrown at the stumps. The Aussie commentators think he should be out obstructing the field. But after hitting England's first boundary for eight overs with a firm square cut, Wright then perishes when he chases a wide one and is caught behind...

  101. 41 overs Commentary Eng 180-7  

    ODI debutant Chris Woakes is the new batsman, we know he can clear the ropes after smacking a couple of sixes in his appearances in the Twenty20 internationals. The Warwickshire right-hander is off the mark with a single, Trott chooses not to chance his arm against a slower bouncer.

  102. 42 overs Commentary Eng 184-7  

    No sign of a batting powerplay yet as Woakes steers a well-run three to third man. Doherty is quickly through his over as Australia look to whip through the last stage of the innings, Trott moves on to 69 with a single.

  103. 43 overs Commentary Eng 190-7  

    Single from Trott, then Hastings brings a slip in for Woakes, who dabs one into the off side. In fact, they manage a single off each ball of Hastings' over - he has 1-45 from nine overs. But no fireworks.

  104. Commentary  

    From James in the TMS inbox: "Very few positives so far for England in this series. Flower must be praying that Anderson, Broad and Swann will be back and in form for the World Cup."

    I think he's more worried about the batting at the moment.

  105. 44 overs Commentary Eng 194-7  

    As Doherty begins his last over, young Woakes continues to bat maturely, pushing every ball he faces for singles. Trott is more patient, moving on to 74, and Doherty takes his cap with figures of 2-37.

  106. Commentary  

    From John and Gill, in sunny Crete, in the TMS inbox: "Obviously it's poor batting wicket and you'll find England have posted a match winning score. Honestly, no joke."

  107. 44.5 overs WICKET Woakes c Haddin b Lee 12 (Eng 199-8)  

    Still no sign of that pesky powerplay as Lee replaces Hastings at the Paddington End, the blond paceman won't be able to bowl his full allocation today. Trott and Woakes continue to push the ones and twos, until Woakes nicks one to the keeper - like a man giving slip catching practice - and another England batsman bites the dust.

  108. 45 overs Commentary Eng 199-8  

    New batsman is Ajmal Shahzad, in a long-sleeved shirt - his highest ODI score is eight not out from three innings. England will hope he can emulate Doug Bollinger - who came in at number 10 in Hobart and increased his best ODI score from three to 30!

  109. 46 overs Commentary Eng 206-8  

    Having delayed until the last possible moment, England are now forced to take the batting powerplay for the final five overs of the innings. Trott dabs a single (200 up for England), Hastings strays down the leg side and Shahzad picks up a leg bye. Despite the powerplay field, England can only add four more singles, while Hastings boosts the score with an attempted slow bouncer which is signalled as a wide.

  110. 46.4 overs WICKET Shahzad c White b Lee 4 (Eng 208-9)  

    That's 1-51 from Hastings' 10 overs, by the way. Brett Lee will quite fancy his chances against Shahzad, and even blows a kiss to the Yorkshireman when he fails to penetrate the ring of fielders saving the single. And when Shahzad tries to go aerial, he chips an easy catch to White running round from\u00a0mid-off.

  111. 47 overs Commentary Eng 209-9  

    Chris Tremlett is Trott's ninth and last batting partner - but they ran on the catch so Trott's on strike, and\u00a0steers a single to\u00a0take his score to 80. Tremlett is far from the worst number 11 England have fielded - he has seven first-class fifties, and hit a colossal six in the first ODI at Melbourne. And he defends the last ball.

  112. 48 overs WICKET Tremlett run out (Hussey) 1 - Eng 214 all out  

    Watson, if anything, has been under-bowled today - but he's thrown the ball for the antepenultimate over. Trott, who will probably be offered a single to get Tremlett on strike, takes one off his first ball. The lanky Tremlett drops the ball at his feet and runs a good quick single to bring Trott back on strike. Trott gives himself room to club a two to long-on - he hasn't hit a boundary since the 20th over - and steers a single to the same area. Tremlett steers a single to extra cover, but Hussey's throw hits the stumps at the bowler's end - and Tremlett hasn't run his bat in! It appears to be in the air as the stumps are broken - and that's out! Careless from Tremlett, that's a generally careless innings from England in microcosm.

  113. 0703 Commentary  

    So that's it from England , who fail to bat out their 50 overs for the third successive game\u00a0- and a curious innings from Trott, who made 84 from 119 balls but only hit three fours, failing to hit a boundary since the 20th over.

    We're going to take a quick break on the live text - but keep an ear on TMS - Simon Mann and Stephen Brenkley from the Independent on Sunday are pondering where England can go with their World Cup plans after another disappointing batting performance. Or you can check out the Aussie Open tennis...

  114. Commentary  

    From James in the TMS inbox: "How could an England team that looked so professional in the Ashes Series look so shabby now? \u00a0Have the teams switched shirts just for fun? \u00a0Are we trying to lure teams into a false sense of security before the World Cup?"\u00a0

  115. 0708 Commentary  

    If you've been waiting for news of the women's Ashes Test, Australia rather curiously declared 48 runs behind, on 159-9, in reply to England's 207. Heather Knight and Caroline Atkins took England to 9-0 after 10 overs by the close of play on day two, so England lead by 57 with two days remaining and all 10 wickets standing.

  116. Commentary  

    From Bernie, in Thailand, in the TMS inbox: "Come on Guys and Gals \u2026 where ever you are \u2018watching\u2019 \u2026 Canada, Crete, Bangkok or UK \u2026 this is \u2018fun\u2019 cricket.\u00a0 We have won the real test \u2026 retained and then WON the Ashes in Australia \u2026 that\u2019s what really matters!"

  117. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Morning everyone... right, I'm Scottish but even I am amazed at the use of the last batting powerplay... 3 overs., 2 wickets, 8 runs - why wait till theres no one left? Does it have to be the last 5 overs?"

    I agree. Somehow England always seem to contrive to have tail-enders at the crease during the batting powerplay.

  118. Commentary  

    From Alan Spiers, TMS inbox: "Tremlett should be dropped for that schoolboy error."

    It was careless, but he's in the side for his bowling and I hardly think you can blame a lack of runs from number 11 for a batting performance like that.

  119. 0734 Commentary  

    So, Australia chasing 215 to win - Shane Watson and Brad Haddin to open the innings. Here we go.

  120. 1 over Commentary Aus 5-0  

    Ajmal Shahzad takes the new ball for England, and Shane Watson gets Australia under way by leg-glancing the second ball of the innings for four. But he nearly chops the next ball onto the stumps off a bottom edge as he tries to cut, but they run through for a single. Brad Haddin is rapped on the pad by the first ball he faces, but there's only a half-hearted appeal. The Aussie keeper is then hit on the back thigh pad, he hasn't laid bat on ball yet. "Only one bad ball in that over, but that went for four," notes former Aussie paceman Geoff Lawson on TMS.

  121. 1.4 overs WICKET Watson b Tremlett 9 (Aus 10-1)  

    Chris Tremlett takes the second over, looking to make amends for his run-out, but sends down a wide which is well out of Watson's reach. Watson, who played alongside Tremlett at Hampshire a few seasons ago, rides his luck with an inside edge that shoots past leg stump for four. But his luck runs out as Tremlett knocks his middle stump back!

    By the way, if you're just surfacing on Sunday morning and just joining us, you may not have heard that we're experimenting with a hashtag of #BBCCricket if you want to get in touch with us on Twitter.

  122. 2 overs Commentary Aus 10-1  

    Left-hander Shaun Marsh is the\u00a0new batsman, he scored a century at number six in Hobart as Australia collapsed around him and has been promoted to number three. Marsh is tucked up for room by his first ball, then\u00a0tries to whip Tremlett through square leg and is nearly run out by Morgan as he dives back into the crease.

  123. 3 overs Commentary Aus 16-1  

    So, Australia have two batsmen yet to score - Haddin finally connects when he squirts a single through mid-wicket. Marsh is off the mark when he forces a full delivery to the deep backward square leg boundary, before nudging a single off his legs.

    Just a thought, when was the last time England fielded four front-line bowlers with this little ODI experience? I'm guessing Shahzad, Tremlett, Woakes and Yardy will be marked down for their full 10 overs, with Collingwood and possibly Wright making up the fifth bowler's allocation.

  124. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Last night I tried to get home to Worcester (from Bristol on the train). Somehow ended up in Cardiff. Managed to make it back to Gloucester where I now lie in a well known hotel chain. And I thought I had a bad night! It appears England also have a (Ashes) hangover..."

  125. 4 overs Commentary Aus 26-1  

    Shocking decision from Kiwi umpire Gary Baxter as Tremlett is penalised with a wide from a delivery that just about passes over leg stump (and may have hit it if it hadn't bounced so high)! Marsh was moving around in the crease, but that's a little unfair. Marsh forces a single, Haddin pushes a four through point before unleashing a lovely cover drive for four more.

  126. Commentary  

    From Chris, ex-Southampton now Sydney, in the TMS inbox: "Surrounded by Aussies at the SCG. Think I'm in the idiot stand. Missing the Barmy Army."

  127. SMS  

    From Jay, Conisbrough: "Trott's innings was ridiculous,\u00a0three boundaries in 47overs. We didn't bat out the innings because his partners were under pressure all the time to get the score going."


    If a ball passing over leg stump was called wide in the last over, anything down the leg side is likely to be called wide - and Shahzad pings one past Marsh's pads, allowing umpire Reiffel to spread his arms. But it's all over for Marsh when he's trapped lbw... or is it? Non-striker Haddin immediately urges him to call for a review...

  129. 4.4 overs WICKET Marsh lbw b Shahzad 6 (Aus 27-2)  

    Marsh is struck firmly under the knee-roll, and the ball-tracking system shows it was going to hit middle stump... so Marsh is out and Australia lose a review. Almost as big a waste of a review as Prior's in the first over.

  130. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "I'm impressed with what I've seen of Paul Reiffel's umpiring so far."

  131. Twitter  

    From duncanscott5: "ODIs after long tours don't work, look at South Africa a few years ago, they just wanted to go home."

  132. 5 overs Commentary Aus 29-2  

    New batsman Michael Clarke is off the mark with a two to fine leg.

  133. Commentary  

    From Greg, from the Isle of Man, in the TMS inbox: "David Boon once stood on my foot in a nightclub in Nottingham in the late 80's. Paul Reiffel apologised on his behalf!"

  134. 6 overs Commentary Aus 34-2  

    Haddin is on the defensive against Tremlett, before stepping back and cutting the Surrey seamer over backward point for a first-bounce four. He nicks the strike with a single, and the SCG DJ plays "the Birdie Song" between overs, it's been years since I've heard that. (Mind you, you could probably play it as a background soundtrack to some of England's running between the wickets today).

  135. 7 overs Commentary Aus 39-2  

    Haddin is taking the attack to England, smacking Shahzad over extra cover for four, before the Huddersfield Hitman strays with a legside wide. Shahzad and Haddin exchange a bit of "chat".

    And some breaking news from the ECB - Tim Bresnan has been ruled out of the remainder of the ODI series with a torn calf muscle and will return to the UK, but is expected to recover in time for the World Cup. Steven Finn will now remain with the squad for the rest of the ODI series. That's some bad luck for Big Tim.

  136. SMS  

    From Dave, Prestatyn: "Maybe 214 isn't such a bad score after all."

  137. 8 overs Commentary Aus 42-2 (TARGET 215)  

    Michael Clarke is short of runs of late, and knocks his former Hampshire team-mate Tremlett into the leg side for a single. Another legside wide advances the score, but the sprawling Ian Bell restricts Haddin to a single off the final delivery.

  138. 9 overs Commentary Aus 43-2  

    In contrast to Australia's early bowling changes, Shahzad is in for his fith over and Haddin pokes a single. Clarke drives, gets an edge and it falls tantalisingly short of slip... but that's a very tight over from Shahzad, just one run from it.

  139. 10 overs Commentary Aus 53-2  

    Haddin goes aerial against Tremlett, that's a six over extra cover! A single takes the hosts to 50, Clarke tucks a two off his legs, and a single off the last ball.

  140. SMS  

    From Steven in Salford: "Let Australia have their moment. We won the big prize. Playing an ODI series after winning the Ashes is like playing at Queen's straight after winning Wimbledon!"

  141. 11 overs WICKET Clarke c Yardy b Woakes 9 (Aus 59-3)  

    England take the fielding powerplay, and throw the ball to Chris Woakes. The youthful Warwickshire right-arm seamer keeps it pretty tight but the experienced Clarke and Haddin help themselves to some singles. Clarke rides his luck when a leading edge loops safely over short mid-wicket and they run two - but then perishes when he attempts the same shot and Michael Yardy takes an easy catch at mid-wicket! Game on!

  142. 12 overs Commentary Aus 63-3  

    The hard-hitting Cameron White, who captained Australia in the recent T20 internationals, is the new batsman. Another legside wide from Tremlett, the England bowlers are being permitted no latitude here. England bring a fourth slip into an otherwise empty slip cordon, and Haddin steers a single to mid-off. White is off the mark with a single, Haddin moves on to 32.

  143. Twitter  

    From jazzical: "I'm sitting in a call centre in Perth, watching the text updates. It's kind of depressing but it passes the time!"

  144. Commentary  

    From Kevin, in Seoul, in the TMS inbox: "You can just see it coming, Australia to be eight down with 40 left to get and Haddin gets the winning runs and brings up his century!!"

  145. 13 overs Commentary Aus 64-3  

    Haddin looks well set and adds a single off the first ball of the over, but\u00a0the ruddy-cheeked Woakes is right on the money against White, sending down five dot balls.

  146. 14 overs DROPPED CATCH Aus 69-3  

    Now that's interesting - England turn to Luke Wright ahead of Paul Collingwood as their fourth seamer. In a powerplay. And England twice come close to taking a wicket off his first ball as Haddin's lofted drive drops just short of Cap'n Strauss at mid-on, and the skipper's throw just misses the stumps as White dives back into his crease at the bowler's end. Haddin crashes a juicy half-volley through extra cover for four, then hits one low and is dropped by the diving Tremlett at mid-off! The big man didn't quite get down low enough, quickly enough. They run one. And it's time for drinks.

  147. SMS  

    From Matt, Blackburn: "Instead of lampooning the side over a couple of bad performances and a difficult batting performance here, how about trusting the bowlers to do their job? Batting is only half the match and if it does end up being a weak half for some reason, then you make sure the fielding makes up for it. That' s the mentality England have come out with and they're getting their reward. Come on lads, 7 to go..."

  148. Commentary  

    From Frank in the TMS inbox: "The huge lack of interest amongst my Aussie and UK mates for this ODI Series indicates to me that one-dayers should be quietly killed off, leaving Test Matches and 20/20's. This year's ODI World Cup will show this up badly amongst the paying public, hopefully the whole enterprise loses money and no-one wants to stage it again."

  149. 15 overs Commentary Aus 70-3 (TARGET 215)  

    Wicketkeeper Matt Prior dons a helmet to stand up to the stumps as Woakes bowls to Haddin, who smears a single. That's the only scoring stroke ot the over, but Australia are nearly a third of the way towards their target, with under a third of the available overs bowled.

  150. Twitter  

    From Adam_chailland: "Tremlett did well to get there, but having got there he should have held on. Big chance gone."

  151. 16 overs Commentary Aus 81-3  

    Wright strays down the leg side and Haddin helps it on its way for four leg byes, before steering a single off his legs. White rotates the strike, then another stray legside bouncer is pulled through square leg for four by Haddin. That kind of bowling is meat and drink to the Aussie captain.

  152. 17 overs Commentary Aus 86-3  

    Haddin moves on to 46 with a single, then White - who is well known to Somerset fans for his powerful limited-overs biffing - hoists Woakes over extra cover and they run three. More singles are added as Haddin closes in on his 11th ODI fifty (he has two centuries).

  153. Commentary  

    Former Somerset skipper Peter Roebuck (now an Australian-based writer and broadcaster) on TMS: "I think Woakes has the look of a fresh-faced young farmer."

  154. 18 overs Commentary Aus 92-3  

    Wright's off, replaced by his Sussex county captain Michael Yardy, White takes four deliveries to get off strike before Haddin reaches his fifty from 49 balls (with seven fours and a six) by clubbing another boundary throught he covers.

  155. Commentary  

    From Rob, Bournemouth, in the TMS inbox: "Ridiculous statement by Frank (see below) about ODIs being killed off all because his mates aren't interested in this series. ODIs are still great and if you have been watching the South Africa vs India series, you will see why. Roll on the World Cup, I can't wait."


    Some boos ring out around the SCG as a steward (and paid-up member of the Sydney fun police) confiscates a beachball - Paul Collingwood is into the attack with his medium-paced Collywobblers and traps White lbw but Australia call for a review...

  157. 18.2 overs) WICKET White lbw b Collingwood 7 (Aus 92-4)  

    The ball-tracking system suggests that the ball would have just clipped the top of leg stump... so White's on his way and Australia have no more reviews yet!

  158. 19 overs Commentary Aus 94-4  

    New batsman David Hussey's first ball is a wide, he eventually forces the last ball of the over through the covers for a single to get him off the mark.

  159. 20 overs Commentary Aus 98-4  

    Yardy has six men up in the circle for Hussey, who tries to help one down the leg side and they run a leg bye. Haddin and Hussey add three more singles against the Sussex slow left-armer.

  160. SMS  

    From Paul in Beds: "Re: Matt in Blackburn [14 overs]: Luke Wright seems to think his job is to bowl dross down the leg side. He just doesn't look international class, sadly."

  161. 21 overs WICKET Haddin c Woakes b Collingwood 54 (Aus 100-5)  

    Some frantic scampered singles bring Haddin and Hussey a single apiece - but the Aussie keeper departs when he hoists one down the throat of Woakes at long-on! "That is dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber - that is dumb cricket," fumes an Aussie ABC commentator.

  162. Twitter  

    From jimbobrennan: "Surely we could do worse than give Ally Cook a run in time for the World Cup? At least have one form player in the line up."

    As Simon Mann explained in the 31st over of England's innings, World Cup squads are already decided, barring injury, illness or bereavement...

  163. 22 overs Commentary Aus 102-5  

    Hussey and new batsman Steve Smith steer a single apiece from Yardy, who has 0-10 from three overs. Australia need to rebuild at this stage, they still only need four runs an over - but have lost five of their wickets.

  164. 23 overs Commentary Aus 103-5  

    Colly is gun-barrel straight, with six men in the circle, as if he's daring young Smith to take him on down the ground. Just a single from the over.

  165. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Collingwood shows the value of his one-day bowling with an lbw 2nd delivery... shame his batting's all over the place."

  166. 24 overs Commentary Aus 105-5  

    Yardy in for his fourth over of left-arm tweak, just a single apiece to Smith and Huss as England have well and truly put the brakes on. Apparently Australia are 19 behind on where they should be on Duckworth-Lewis if the heavens were to open now...

  167. 25 overs Commentary Aus 114-5  

    Hussey pushes a two through the covers, rotates the strike with a leg bye and Smith then takes the aerial route, heaving Colly over deep backward square leg for six! That's rather put a dent in Colly's figures - he now has 2-13 from four overs.

  168. Twitter  

    From glennyfyrth: "This is why Colly & Yardy are\u00a0in the side. Put the strangle on, get cheap wickets. Quality captaincy - and great one-day players."

  169. 26 overs Commentary Aus 115-5  

    Yardy's off and Shahzad's back on for another burst from the Paddington (Bear?) End. There's a solitary slip in for Hussey, standing where an orthodox second slip would normally stand. A single brings Smith on strike, but Shahzad keeps it nice and tight and there's a hint of reverse swing for the Yorkshire seamer.

  170. Twitter  

    From EdwardMann1: "Collingwood should be in the team as a specialist bowler, even if his batting seems to have retired hurt."

  171. 27 overs Commentary Aus 117-5  

    Hussey is watchful against Collingwood, and a great stop by Cap'n Strauss at cover denies him some runs. He eventually forces the last ball of the over for two to third man. At this stage, England were 128-5.

  172. Commentary  

    From Drew in the TMS inbox: "The problem for England here is that Australia know they only need about four an over. Need a couple of quick wickets methinks."

    Is there ever a point in any game where a team wouldn't like a couple of wickets?

  173. 28 overs Commentary Aus 125-5  

    Smith pulls Shahzad for a single to mid-wicket, Hussey rotates the strike and Smith smacks a four through backward point before steering a two through extra cover\u00a0- he has\u00a016, Hussey has 11, and Australia need 90 from 132 balls.

  174. 29 overs Commentary Aus 128-5  

    Colly in for his sixth over, Hussey has trouble getting him away until he nudges a single through mid-wicket. Smith curbs his natural aggression to steer a single to the same area, and Hussey pinches the strike. They still only need just over four an over.

  175. Commentary  

    From Aaron in the TMS inbox: "I still cannot work out why Wright gets picked and not Bopara....Surely Tom Maynard must get selected for the one-day side soon."

    I wonder how Glamorgan fans will feel if Maynard makes it to international level.

  176. 30 overs Commentary Aus 135-5  

    Woakes replaces Shahzad, Hussey crashes him for four through the covers before scampering a quick single. A Smith single means both batsmen have 18 as they turn down a second to third man. Hussey adds a single to make it seven from the over, but it's still nip and tuck at this stage.

  177. 31 overs Commentary Aus 146-5  

    Colly's off as Yardy has changed ends, but Hussey tries to exert his dominance by stepping back and\u00a0hammering a back-foot four through the covers. A single brings Smith on strike, and he has a go at the Sussex skip, spanking a four of his own as Yardy strays with his line and length. Two singles, and that's 11 from the over - expensive for Yards.

  178. Commentary  

    From Tina in the TMS inbox: "Australia have been out of form this series, but one thing is certain - they will rise from the Ashes and return to their usual form. Complacency is not an option for the other national teams in future - otherwise they will feel the heat from the flames that reignite the Aussie spirit."

  179. 32 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 153-5  

    Hussey is starting to show his experience as he guides Woakes to third man and they\u00a0run two at a canter. A powerful square cut for four brings up the fifty partnership. Hussey pushes a single - and one of the ABC commentators on TMS clearly isn't aware of the phenomenon of the "commentator's curse" as he insists: "I really like the look of this Hussey-Smith partnership". It's time for a drinks break...

  180. Commentary  

    From Chris in the TMS inbox: "I've just arrived in Altay in NW China where the temperature is -15. Compare that to three weeks ago when I was at the sunny MCG watching us retain the Ashes. Need something from the boys to warm me up."

  181. 33 overs Commentary Aus 158-5  

    Hussey and Smith resume proceedings against Sussex skipper Yardy, plenty of ones and twos and Australia look increasingly comfortable.

  182. SMS  

    From Sam in Birmingham: "I am an avid Warwickshire fan and have watched Woakes develop over the years and always seen him as England standard with his batting and bowling so I'm so happy he's finally got a chance. Just hope they give him a proper chance and not just discard him back to England A when Bresnan, Broad etc are back. He is a quality young player and twice the player of Wright."

  183. 34 overs Commentary Aus 160-5  

    Keeper Prior calls for his helmet (in the same manner that Old King Cole called for his pipe, bowl and fiddlers three) as Woakes is off after a two-over burst and Collingwood returns to the attack. Just two singles from Colly's over, and we have the compulsory post-34th-over ball change, where the old ball is replaced by a used ball (also 34 overs old) which has been cleaned and should be more visible in the night sky.

  184. 35 overs Commentary Aus 162-5  

    That's better from England, Yardy yields just a couple of singles, no half-trackers and the SCG DJ plays "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond.

  185. SMS  

    From Ian, Swansea: "As a Glamorgan fan I would be delighted (albeit a little surprised) if Tom Maynard [see 30th over] made it to the England team as it would highlight the shambles that the current management have led the county into."

  186. Commentary  

    From David in the TMS inbox: "Hi Tina (see below) -\u00a0so the Aussies are back are they? Winning pointless matches against a tired team who can't be bothered makes them a force does it? Suggest you stick with the humble pie a while longer and see how you do when matches mean something again."

  187. 36 overs WICKET Smith c Yardy b Tremlett 26 (Aus 163-6)  

    England need a wicket, they turn to Tremlett, and he does the trick as he induces an awful cross-batted baseball-style swipe from Smith which skies into the air and is caught near the stumps at the bowler's end!

  188. 37 overs Commentary Aus 167-6  

    The ABC/TMS commentator who described Haddin's dismissal as "dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber" in the 21st over has just written ditto marks underneath it in his notes to express his disapproval with Smith's exit from proceedings. Hussey and new batsman John Hastings exchange singles, before Hussey sweeps Yardy for a well-run two.

  189. 38 overs Commentary Aus 172-6  

    Tremlett runs in to Hastings, who's only playing his third ODI (with a highest score of 16). Hastings slices a four over backward point, before a square drive past the same fielder brings him a single. Tremlett has Hussey playing and missing... the England bowler raises his eyes to the heavens in frustration. He has 2-43 from eight overs.

  190. 39 overs Commentary Aus 173-6 (TARGET 215)  

    Yardy is quickly through his over against Hastings, England are busy in the field and it even looks like they could claim a priceless maiden over until Hastings forces the last ball for a single. Aussies need 42 from 66 balls.

  191. Commentary  

    From blackeyedangel1: "The last three games have really shown how important Jimmy A is to our World Cup hopes. England's attack quite poor without him."

  192. Commentary  

    From Zak in the TMS inbox: "Hi, David (see below) - whilst I also enjoyed England's triumphant and dominating performances in the Ashes; I think it's you, not Tina, who needs a slice of that humble pie and should accept England are being outplayed so far in this ODI series. Yes, England are tired, but Australia have just as many players playing today who could claim fatigue from the Ashes as England do. As for "can't be bothered", I highly doubt an international cricket side preparing for a strong World Cup bid can't be bothered against their greatest rivals. Let's just return to planet Earth for a while."

  193. 40 overs Commentary Aus 176-6 (TARGET 215)  

    England opt to keep the final two overs of Tremlett's spell up their sleeve (Australia have a batting powerplay up theirs) and Shahzad returns, with the required run rate now down under four. Hastings and Hussey plunder a single apiece, then Shahzad is called for an aerial wide against Hastings. 39 needed from 10 overs (60 balls) - please tell me you can work out the run rate here!

  194. 41 overs Commentary HUSSEY FIFTY - Aus 186-6  

    England choose to bowl Yardy for his final over, but Hussey and Hastings push the singles, before Hussey chips a single to the backward point boundary and takes on Luke Wright's throw from the boundary as they run a second. Yardy serves up a juicy pie of a full toss which Hussey happily despatches into the stand at mid-wicket for six to bring up his fifty in style. Australia need 29 from 54 balls.

  195. 42 overs Commentary Aus 188-6 (TARGET 215)  

    So, Yardy finishes with 0-45 from his 10 overs. Shahzad bangs in a legside bouncer, in otyher words a predictable wide, but a Hastings single is the only other score from the over. Aussies need 27 from 48 balls... what price a wicket?

  196. 43 overs Commentary Aus 193-6 (TARGET 215)  

    Collingwood back into the attack - still no sign of Australia's batting powerplay. Hastings tries to loft over the infield, doesn't quite get hold of it but they come back for two. A single takes the "Duke" to 13, Hussey guides a single to the cover sweeper, and Hastings can't quite time the last ball but pokes a single to long-on. 22 needed from 42 balls.

  197. SMS  

    From Jimmy: "Just out of interest, how often to the ashes victors win the ODI series? I seem to remember\u00a0four years ago when England got thrashed in the Tests but won the one dayers. Which one does history care for more? Methinks the HISTORIC ASHES VICTORY will be talked about for decades."

  198. 44 overs Commentary Aus 204-6 (TARGET 215)  

    The slow bouncer hasn't been very productive for England today - Shahzad (bowling his last over)\u00a0tries one which Hastings ducks and is called a wide, then an even wider bouncer down the leg side is also signalled wide (and could have been in at least two dimensions). Hastings threads a single through the covers, and England are running out of chances here. Shot-of-the-day contender from Hussey, a sweetly struck off drive for four, and that's 200 up for Australia, who must be in the box seat for a 3-0 lead now. Shahzad drops short, Hussey heaves it through cow corner and that's four more. He has 61, Australia need 11 from six overs (36 balls) and can they really "choke" from here? South Africa maybe, but surely not Australia?

  199. 45 overs Commentary Aus 208-6 (TARGET 215)  

    Surely England have to turn to Tremlett, they need a wicket now to have any hope whatsoever? Well, for whatever reason they're going with Woakes. Hastings is hit on the pad, they trot through for a leg bye and Australia need 10 to win. Hussey guides a single wide of mid-on, Hastings straight-drives for one, but Hussey tips-and-runs to keep the strike - Australia need seven to win. From five overs. (That's overs, not balls).

  200. 46 overs Commentary Aus 215-6  

    Tremlett to bowl - can the "Otterbourne Enforcer" pull England out of trouble with a Roy of the Rovers-style finish? It dpesn't appear so as Hussey unleashes a lofted off-drive for four off the first ball of Tremlett's over. With three needed, D-Huss swings and misses, before tucking a single past the square leg umpire. That's the fifty stand. Hastings to face the last ball, with two needed - will he finish it in the grand manner? He'll try - he lofts it over point, they come back for a second run and Australia have won by four wickets to lead the series 3-0.

  201. Commentary  

    From Kevin, TMS inbox: "What about bringing Charlotte Edwards into the team! The women's England team seem to be a tad overlooked."

    Not on here they're not, Kevin. I certainly remember a couple of years ago when Prior, Tim Ambrose and others were struggling to hold down the England wicketkeeping position, and we received plenty of emails calling for Sarah Taylor to be given the job!

  202. Commentary  

    Man of the match Brett Lee, who took 3-27 for Australia: "I think as a team we're playing\u00a0very well - Huss played a brilliant innings. I'm just enjoying my cricket and thoroughly having fun out there. The young guys are coming through and hopefully I can pass on some of my knowledge."

  203. Commentary  

    From Hugh, Hertfordshire, TMS inbox: "England fans should not despair. We must remember that we have Anderson, Broad and Swann to return, which would not only strengthen the bowling attack but Swann and Broad may add enough batting depth to allow for 5 specialist bowlers, though admittedly the loss of Bresnan is a massive blow."

    I think Andy Flower will be more concerned about the batting of the specialist batsmen than the all-rounders, Hugh. You can't always rely on players like Broad and Swann at 8 and 9 to get you out of trouble.

  204. Commentary  

    Stephen Brenkley on TMS: "Australia have bowled and fielded as well as I've seen them do during this Australian summer."

  205. Commentary  

    Former Australia paceman Geoff Lawson on TMS: "With Mitchell Johnson and Shaun Tait not in the side today, Australia sacrificed a little firepower but were much more consistent."

  206. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "It's a disappointing day, we played a lot of disappointing shots and we needed to find someone to stay in there with Trotty, but we couldn't find them. We've lost Tim Bresnan, but we've got Jimmy Anderson to come back in. Ultimately, we've got to turn up to Adelaide (on Wednesday) and put on a much stronger performance."

  207. Twitter  

    From BigWells87: "Australia are producing excellent one-day players, but it's to the detriment of their Test squad which has been neglected a bit. England are now a far superior Test side, but Australia are so much better than us at ODIs, it's embarrassing!"

  208. 1115 Commentary  

    Right, that's it from TMS - and from us on the live text. Sorry we couldn't bring you an England victory - but thanks for all your messages, especially those of you who helped in our Twitter experiment.

    With England 3-0 down with four to play, the fourth ODI takes place in Adelaide on Wednesday, which happens to be Australia Day. It's another 0320 GMT start, and Sam Sheringham will be in the live text chair. Until then, enjoy what's left of your weekend and try not to have nightmares about England's batting... TTFN

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 4 wickets
  • Australia: 215-6 (46.0 overs)
  • England: 214 (48.0 overs)
  • Venue: Sydney

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 215
Watson b Tremlett 9
Haddin c Woakes b Collingwood 54
Marsh lbw b Shahzad 6
Clarke c Yardy b Woakes 9
White lbw b Collingwood 7
Hussey not out 68
Smith c Yardy b Tremlett 26
Hastings not out 18
Extras 11w 7lb 18

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