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Australia v England second ODI as it happened

  1. 0249 Commentary  

    Morning Team Hobart, how in the (Tasmanian) devil are you?\u00a0 I couldn't think of a better place to be at 0248 GMT. Let's get this bish-bosh-bashfest under\u00a0way...

  2. 0253 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    Erm, well I say under way...The notoriously unpredictable Tasmanian weather has rather put a dampner on proceedings at the Bellerive Oval. Heavy overnight rain has given the groundstaff a right old headache to ensure the match is ready to start on time. Although we have had no official word as yet, this match could yet still start on time...

  3. 0258 Commentary  

    Toss-time - and Andrew Strauss calls correctly and\u00a0opts to bowl first. Interesting choice. The England captain\u00a0must feel there's a little bit of juice in the pitch following last night's\u00a0soaking. Two changes for England with Matt Prior in for Steven Davies while Kent off-spinner\u00a0James Tredwell replaces the injured Graeme Swann.\u00a0\u00a0

  4. 0302 Commentary  

    Meanwhile, Australia make three changes from the team that beat England at Melbourne on Sunday. Much-maligned off-spinner Nathan Hauritz replaces Xavier Doherty, while Shaun Marsh plays instead of the injured Michael Hussey. And Shaun Tait, aka the Human Catapult, is in for Mitchell Johnson, who has a throat infection.

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Michael Clarke (capt), Steve Smith, Cameron White, David Hussey, Brett Lee, Shaun Marsh, Nathan Hauritz, Shaun Tait, Doug Bollinger

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Matt Prior (wk), Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Michael Yardy, Tim Bresnan, Ajmal Shahzad,\u00a0Chris Tremlett,\u00a0James Tredwell

  5. 0309 Commentary  

    Call me juvenile, call me immature, call me an imbecile or puerile\u00a0(yeah alright, no need to queue up) but I couldn't help but find\u00a0the unsuspecting texter who walks straight into water at an American shopping centre side-splittingly funny. I once clattered my head against a lamppost in front of six teenagers attempting to send a text while walking. At least my humiliation wasn't captured on camera for eternal prosperity and ridicule. I hope.

  6. 0315 Commentary  

    Bit of history in the making today - it's the first time a day/night match has been played at the Bellerive Oval, so neither side will have much of an idea how the pitch will behave under the lights. Good to see Matt Prior back in the one-day team and the wicketkeeper is likely to open alongside Andrew Strauss at the top of the order. Meanwhile, James Tredwell is as steady as an accountant on an escalator. Frugal with his tweak with the ability to hit useful lower-order runs.

  7. Commentary  

    From Phil, Queensland, Australia, TMS inbox: "So Mitchell Johnson has a throat infection? Must be from all that recent choking.\u00a0 Or maybe the effects of joining in with the Barmy Army's many renditions of 'He bowls to the left. He bowls the right...'"

  8. 0321 Commentary  

    Ajmal Shahzad to bowl the first over to the ebullient Shane Watson, he of match-winning, century-scoring antics in Melbourne - game on...

  9. 1 over Commentary Aus 0-0  

    Ajmal Shahzad, whose bowling action bears an uncanny resemblence to a young Courtney Walsh hitting his straps, sends down\u00a0six dot balls with a modicum of movement in the\u00a0air.\u00a0There doesn't seem to be any noticable zip in\u00a0the pitch so far.\u00a0

  10. 2 overs Commentary Aus 2-0  

    The word "unit" was invented for Chris Tremlett - his shoulders alone are the size of Belgium.\u00a0His six foot seven-inch frame finds plenty of bounce outside off stump, forcing Watson\u00a0to reassess his shot-making\u00a0options, but the in-form opener brings up the first run off the bat with an off-side push. Opening partner Brad Haddin is less judicious as he plays all around an attempted drive, but completely misses the ball. Dodgy. But he survives. The celestial sky is punctuated by picture-perfect clouds,\u00a0a great day to be on the little island...

  11. 3 overs WICKET Watson bowled Shahzad 5 (Aus 6-1)  

    Watson is fortunate not to send a catch straight down cover's throat as he drives a delivery on the up outside off stump from Ajmal, but makes contact on the stickers of his oak tree of a blade. However, because his bat is soooo huge, he manages to evade the fielder and find the boundary. But his luck is out today - he chops a delivery too close to guide down to third man onto his stumps. Watson can't believe it - the man has been seeing\u00a0the ball\u00a0like the Death Star. He stays in position for a good few seconds as Shahzad is engulfed by his elated team-mates.

  12. 4 overs Commentary Aus 8-1  

    New-man Michael Clarke, who was heckled by a 17-year-old who had infiltrated his press conference on Thursday, plays Chris Tremlett with robust defence before fending a single wide of mid-on for his first run of the day. Excellent start from England's seamers, absolutely nothing to gorge on.

  13. Commentary  

    From Hashim, Glasgow, TMS inbox: "Shane Watson - huge anti-climax , good bowling from Shahzad, some movement in the Hobart pitch. I swear I saw a Tasmanian devil in the crowd, maybe it was Graeme Swann doing the Sprinkler!"


  14. 5 overs Commentary Aus 11-1  

    Haddin jumps to his toes and rides the bounce to guide Shahzad down to third man for a single, but still nothing with "SPANK ME" written on it. Superb discipline. Runs are at a premium here, a bit like petrol prices. I almost fainted when I saw the price of a full tank of diesel the other day...

  15. SMS  

    From David, Edinburgh: "Prior has no number on his shirt, even the kit man must have been surprised! What will his number be??"

  16. 6 ovs Commentary Aus 14-1  

    Beautiful delivery first up in his third over from Tremlett, completely bamboozling Michael Clarke outside off stump with a delivery which holds its line outside off stump, leaving the Australia captain perilously dangling his willow. Clarke manages to add a couple as he flicks a delivery on middle stump down through square leg for a couple.

  17. 7 ovs WICKET Haddin bowled Shahzad 3 (Aus 15-2)  

    Shahzad rattles Brad Haddin's timbers with a delivery outside off stump, although Haddin's choice of strokeplay is atrocious - the gap between bat and pad as the wicketkeeper goes for the Larry Dooley over mid-off\u00a0is so big you could drive a Chelsea Tractor through it and still have enough space for the roof-rack and mountain bike on the back. New-man Cameron White realises his team are in serious trouble and plays with caution as England attack. Superb start by the tourists.

  18. Commentary  

    From Dave, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "Just noticed Brad Haddin sensibly smothered in suncream as he was walking off, which reminds me of one of the joke doing the rounds in expat circles over here. 'What's the definition of Australian optimism? An Aussie batsman wearing suncream'. Loving it."

  19. SMS  

    Wayne, Bebington: "Re 0309 - you are all those names and more probably, as am I. I once rode my bike into a parked car as I was doing my paper round whilst reading the sports pages."

  20. 8 ovs Commentary Aus 16-2  

    Ouch! Cameron White's bottom hand is rapped by a sizzling Chris Tremlett delivery which rears alarmingly from a good length. The Victorian captain receives attention from Aussie physiotherapist Alex Kountouris, who administers the usual cold spray panacea. Just the one run from the over. More tight lines from England's seam duo as a burst of Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side is played in between the change of ends. Possibly the best bassline ever invented?\u00a0 Discuss.

  21. 9 ovs Commentary Aus 21-2  

    Interesting improvisation from Michael Clarke, who shuffles across his stumps to a Shahzad delivery outside off stump and flicks the ball high over midwicket for four. The crowd, so far treated to a seam bowling masterclass from England's new-ball duo, finally have something to clap about.

  22. 10 ovs WICKET Clarke ct Bell b Bresnan 10 (Aus 21-3)  

    The stolid Chris Tremlett earns a deserved blow as Tim Bresnan is summoned for his first joust of the day. And the Yorkshireman's third delivery is rewarded with a wicket as Michael Clarke slaps a rank half-tracker outside off stump straight into the mitts of Ian Bell at point. Awful shot - not that England care... Wicket maiden from Brez, Aussies deep in the mire - their projected score from 50 overs is 113.

  23. SMS  

    From Ian, Bishop Auckland: "I was texting my girlfriend on the way home from a night out and walked into a parked car, tumbled over the bonnet and very nearly lost my phone down a drain. also cut my face."

  24. Commentary  

    From Ash, Englishman in Sydney, TMS inbox: "Re great basslines, how about 'Another one bites the dust'?? Quite apt I would have thought..."

  25. 11 ovs Commentary Aus 29-3  

    Uglier than a bulldog chewing a wasp as Cameron White swings his bat like a sunday-morning golfer with a three-wood for single down to third man to Shahzad. More convincing from new-man David Hussey, who cuts high over point for only the third boundary of the innings.

  26. Commentary  

    From Richard, Hobart, TMS inbox: "Finding it very hard to believe I\u2019m sat in my office just the other side of the river from Bellerive at the moment, watching the commentary on my computer - I need either my head examined or a more understanding boss\u2026"

  27. 12 ovs Commentary Aus 33-3  

    David Hussey fashions a couple into the leg side off Brez as he attempts to jump-start the stalled Australia innings.\u00a0Plenty of work still to do for\u00a0this third-wicket duo.\u00a0

  28. 12.3 ovs WICKET D Hussey ct Strauss b Tremlett (Aus 33-4)  

    Chris Tremlett returns - and immediately earns a deserved breakthrough when David Hussey\u00a0fends a steepling delivery\u00a0outside off stump from a good length to gully, where Andrew Strauss takes a fantastic two-handed catch. England are all over this like a bloodhound sniffing the scent of a wounded rabbit...

  29. Commentary  

    From Brendan Hall, Adelaide, TMS inbox: "With all of this English confidence I am surprised that Tim Henman hasn\u2019t announced his comeback yet for one more shot a Wimbledon glory."

  30. SMS  

    From Joe , Moodiesburn: "'One of these days' by Pink Floyd, now there's a quality baseline Pranav. Roger Waters (big cricket fan I heard) plays the bass on that track like a Kevin Pietersen cover drive, effortless."

  31. 14 ovs Commentary Aus 35-4  

    New-man Shaun Marsh has walked into a hornets' nest with his side getting a right old battering by England's relentless seam attack. And remember Shahzad, Tremlett and Bresnan were all "second-choice" bowlers at the start of the tour. The left-hander is circumspect as Brez probes, yielding a solitary single from the over.

  32. 15 ovs Commentary Aus 37-4  

    Cameron White is thoroughly fortunate to keep his wicket as a thick top-edge off Chris Tremlett flies high into the air with Matt Prior in hot pursuit. The wicketkeeper\u00a0runs 30m at full pelt towards midwicket but the ball\u00a0just - and I really do mean just - evades his diving gloves. And he gets a cricket ball in his face for his troubles. \u00a0

  33. SMS  

    From Jezza, kinda working in a North Yorks hospital: "I once softened my nose walking into one of those pesky my case while admiring a rainbow."

  34. 16 ovs Commentary Aus 41-4  

    The Brez ambles in and leaks four runs but still no buffet bowling on offer. No extra big plates in sight.

  35. Commentary  
  36. 17 ovs Commentary Aus 44-4  

    Another tight over from Tremlett, who has not bowled one ball off-line so far - that is until he gives White an opportunity to nurdle\u00a0a single\u00a0off his hip.

  37. 18 ovs Commentary Aus 50-4  

    Good wheels from Brez, hitting the 85mph straps and oh my - the first misfield by England today as Ian Bell dives over the ball as White pushes a single through the covers. The Victorian brings up the Aussie 50 with the last ball of the over.\u00a0 That's 50 runs in 108 deliveries. A homage to\u00a0\u00a0one-day cricket of yesteryear...

  38. 19 ovs Commentary Aus 56-4  

    So with England poised to turn the screw, who does Andrew Strauss turn to?\u00a0 Errrr, Jonathan Trott, he of Terry Rundle school of seam bowling. Cameron White launches a straight drive high above the bowler's head, but doesn't get sufficient leverage to clear the ropes and has to be content with two. Lovely glovework from Prior, who whips off the bails with an attempted stumping as White attempts a\u00a0right old baseball slug, but\u00a0the Victorian's back foot\u00a0is just back\u00a0inside his crease in time. And\u00a0the Aussie number four\u00a0makes contact with a lusty blow over mid-on for four. Wonder if the Warwickshire man will have another joust in the following over...\u00a0

  39. 20 ovs Commentary Aus 63-4  

    Time for tweak in the shape of James Tredwell, whose third delivery is swept down to the deep square leg boundary by Marsh.\u00a0 The following delivery sees the left-hander take a couple of efficient steps down the track and lifts the off-spinner over mid-on for an authoritative four.

  40. Commentary  

    From Grant in Dubai, TMS inbox: "Massive Attack's 'Safe from Harm' has a bassline that would rumble my aunt Gertie out of her oversized underpants! Huge! Not forgetting Madness' earthquake-inducing 'One step beyond'"

  41. 21 ovs Commentary Aus 67-4  

    Trott does indeed continue and sees his first three deliveries turned for singles before the final ball is pumped up to long-on by White, who picks out the athletic Shahzad who swoops down on the ball and returns it to Matt Prior to prevent the second.

  42. 22 ovs Commentary Aus 69-4  

    Huge appeal from Tredders as Cameron White\u00a0attempts\u00a0a massive smear over deep midwicket, but completely misses the ball, which rattles him on the front pad not too far from the stumps. However, umpire Tony Hill reckons the ball pitched outside off stump - and he's absolutely right.

  43. Commentary  

    From David, TMS inbox: "A homage to one day cricket of yesteryear? Didn't we see that at the G? And while I've got you, the Aussies, MY Aussies, just need to dig deep here. Hold out for 20 overs padding around for about 5-6 an over and then have the real dash for the line in the last ten. A common mistake teams make is panicing and going the tonk to early. Remember Michael Bevan? The Mr Miyagi of Australian one day cricket,circa 1990's. That was his theory."

  44. 23 ovs Commentary Aus 75-4  

    Despite his easy pace, Trott isn't serving up anything to spank to the boundaries. However, there's a\u00a0run for every delivery as the fifth-wicket duo extend their partnership to 42.

  45. 24 ovs Commentary Aus 83-4  

    Chic's Le Freak greets a chunky sweep from White off Tredwell which sails past square leg for a much-needed Australian boundary, taking his total to 27. More enterprising strokeplay from White, who\u00a0opens up\u00a0the blade of his bat and deftly guides a\u00a0couple\u00a0through the\u00a0vacant first slip region for a couple before a single which brings up the 50 partnership.\u00a0 England still on top but the lethal\u00a0White is slowly getting his\u00a0eye\u00a0in for a potential onslaught...\u00a0

  46. Commentary  

    From Nat, Preston, TMS inbox: "I have 20,000 words worth of work to be done and 6 novels to read for classes. But right now at practically 5am, for some reason I find myself following your feed, watching the match on tv, looking up Taz the Tasmanian devil and Devil facial tumour disease. If there's anyone else out there doing the same, make me feel better about myself please."

  47. 25 ovs Commentary Aus 86-4  

    The robust Michael Yardy is summoned and immediately administers his Immodium\u00a0effect (guaranteed to stop the runs),\u00a0just three runs leaked.\u00a0

  48. 26 ovs Commentary Aus 89-4  

    More nimble glovework from Prior sees the wicketkeeper whip of the bails as Cameron White goes for the big mooey over long-on off Tredwell, but completely misses the ball with his back foot dangling preacariously out of its ground. Replays suggest the Victorian is in serious trouble, but third umpire Billy Bowden doesn't see it the same way and adjudges White's back foot was just down in time.\u00a0 Hmmm, not sure about that.

  49. 27 ovs Commentary Aus 93-4  

    The Yard goes through his overs like the man next to me eating his jam-based biscuits. Before you\u00a0know it it's over and\u00a0four runs have been gleaned.\u00a0

  50. 28 ovs Commentary Aus 101-4  

    Wonderful shot from Shaun Marsh, who leans on his front pad and eases Tredwell through square leg for a beautifully placed sweep for four. The left-hander looks in very decent nick, compact and efficient with his strokeplay. England be warned...

  51. 29 ovs Commentary Aus 111-4  

    More subtle strokeplay from Marsh, this time clearing space through the legside to guide\u00a0Yardy through point for four before pumping the last delivery of the left-armer's over through midwicket for a confident boundary.\u00a0 Marsh moves into the 40s.

  52. 30 ovs Commentary Aus 117-4  

    A slice of fortune for Marsh, who slices a thick outside edge off the Tredster down to third man for three. The runs are starting to flow - if only someone would tell the man sitting opposite me to do the same with the tea-making...

  53. 31 ovs Commentary Aus 120-4  

    The bails are off! Oh, knocked off by Matt Prior's gloves as Shaun Marsh attempts a cut off Yardy. Excellent over from Yardy, just three\u00a0runs conceded. Michael Yardy is like the Carlton Palmer of one-day cricket. Ungainly, aesthetically\u00a0maladroit\u00a0but somehow efficient in a can't-quite-work-out-why sort of way.

  54. 32 ovs Commentary 126-4  

    The impressive Shahzad, purveyor of the first two Australian wickets, returns for his sixth over and immediately hits his straps with a rapid over, although he rather spoils his excellent over with two successive leg-side\u00a0wides and the extra deliveries allow Marsh to bring up his eighth one-day 50 for Australia.\u00a0Well deserved too. And to think he isn't in their World Cup squad...\u00a0

  55. 33 ovs WICKET C White c and b Yardy 45 (Aus 133-5)  

    It's wide o'clock as Yardy slants one down White's leg side, the disease spreading. White scampers down the pitch and caresses the ball over extra-cover for four, AND HE'S GONE for 45, White driving back to the bowler and Yardy tumbling to his left, taking the return catch. Boy did England need that.

  56. Commentary  

    From David, UAE, TMS inbox: "Carlton Palmer is now the football teacher at my son's school here in Dubai. His ungainliness has not escaped my 9 year old who rather harshly declared 'CP' to be rubbish at football."

  57. 33.5 ovs WICKET Smith bowled Shahzad 0 (Aus 136-6)  

    If you felt a slight rumble under your feet, it was probably the aftershocks from Chris Tremlett's enormous frame colliding with the Hobart turf as he saves a couple of runs with a dive on the fine leg boundary as Shaun Marsh tickles a couple off his pads as Shahzad's line errs once again. However, the Yorkshire seamer collects his third wicket with yet another thick inside edge onto the stumps as Steve Smith's attempted expansive cover drive clatters into his middle stump via a thick inside edge. Not the most judicious shot two balls into your innings with your team in the doo-doo.

  58. 35 ovs Commentary Aus 139-6  

    Nathan Hauritz - remember him? Off-spinner, had a recent garage sale, not liked by someone high up in the selection panel - gets off the mark with a single off Yardy, who has a newish ball in his hands following the 34-ball over changeover. Just two from the over.

  59. 35.3 ovs WICKET Hauritz c Trott b Bresnan 2 (Aus 140-7)  

    Hauritz attempts to paddle a Bresnan delivery off his hip but a thick top edge flies high into the air and towards fine leg, where Jonathan Trott takes a fantastic catch running at full pelt low by his feet. The Warwickshire man goes absolutely ballistic - and rightly so. Poor Shaun Marsh is like the last man at the dance busting his earth-shattering moves but with no lovely lady to dance with because they've all gone home.

  60. 36.4 ovs WICKET Lee bowled Yardy 0 (Aus 142-8)  

    Shocker from Brett Lee, who attempts to guide a delivery too full and too straight behind point - and his stumps are rearranged as a consequence. You can't do that to Yardy's darts. Poor, poor Shaun Marsh, who is entrusted with the responsibility of giving his bowlers something\u00a0remotely defendable\u00a0with only Doug Bollinger and Shaun Tait for support. \u00a0

  61. Commentary  

    From Ben, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "Only 70-odd days left watching Steve Smith in Australian colours. Then the Australian selectors will leap from under my couch and scream "APRIL FOOLS!!!"

  62. 38 ovs Commentary Aus 147-8  

    With little option, Shaun Marsh opts for the batting powerplay as Chris Tremlett steams in for his eighth over of the day. Still nothing spankable on offer\u00a0as Bollinger adds a couple with a firm push past the bowler.

  63. Commentary  

    From Kirsten, Adelaide, TMS inbox: "Might not be the first day-nighter after all..."

  64. 39 ovs Commentary Aus 150-8  

    Shahzad's radar suffers a momentary radar jam as he sends down two leg-side wides to Marsh, who is dropped by the Yorkshireman when he thumps a chunky straight drive back at the bowler. Shahzad lazily sticks out his right arm and can't get his fingers around the ball in his follow through. No boundaries in the first two overs of the batting powerplay. A bit pathetic really...

  65. SMS  

    Peter, en route from Leicestershire to Canary Wharf: "Re David UAE, it was once said that Carlton Palmer could trap the ball further than most footballers could kick it."

  66. 40 ovs Commentary Aus 155-8  

    Doug Bollinger eases an attractive back-foot drive to mid-off for a single off Tremlett. If I was a top-order Aussie batsman, I would be very embarrassed watching that back in the hutch. There's a\u00a0slight delay as Michael Yardy receives treatment on a\u00a0dodgy knee after catching the said\u00a0joint attempting to stop a single.\u00a0The Sussex skipper is back on his feet although the grimace on his face suggests the pain has yet to subside. Doug the Rug moves to six with a double down to fine leg.

  67. 41 ovs Commentary Aus 167-8  

    Marsh moves to 68 with a beautiful shot whipped off middle stump past deep square leg for four off Shahzad. Bollinger somehow survives as a top-edged pull lands safely inside the ring. The extras column tots up four runs as a leg-bye squirts past the diving right glove of Matt Prior for a boundary. Bollinger\u00a0sneaks a single from the\u00a0last delivery of the over\u00a0- but the Aussies sneak another run as Trott's throw from mid-on clatters into the stumps, but\u00a0umpire Hill says the last run does not count because he had called over. \u00a0

  68. 42 ovs Commentary Aus 178-8  

    Wallop! Doug Bollinger clears his front pad and absolutely pummels Tim Bresnan through extra cover for an extraordinary four. Touche the Rug. Marsh is fortunate to see a Jonathan Trott shy at the stumps sail over the bails, otherwise the left-hander would have become the ninth wicket to faill. Bollinger's streaky string of fortune continues as a thick top edge lands short of mid-on.

  69. 43 ovs Commentary Aus 191-8  

    The Rug steps back and thrashes a meaty back-foot drive through extra cover for four off a bemused Yardy. This cameo has suddenly perked up what had been a thoroughly dejected Hobart crowd - nothing like a tail-ender's strokery to enliven the faithful. Marsh adds a couple more to his total before skipping down the track and nonchantly flicking the ball high over deep midwicket for a dismissive six. Marsh is 83 - just imagine where the hosts would be without the Western Australian.\u00a0 I'll give you a clue, it wouldn't be very good.

  70. Commentary  

    From Rich, Japan, TMS inbox: "I once sat next to Carlton Palmer on a train going from Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield. He was Stockport County manager at the time and I was impressed that he had two mobile phones. So he will always hold a special place in my heart. That is all."

  71. 44 ovs Commentary Aus 198-8  

    Bollinger's innings is becoming more than an irritant now as he rocks back and absolutely marmalises James Tredwell through cover for a beautific boundary, the sort of shot that would make David Gower squirm with delight. The crowd are loving this, as if Barry Humphries is doing a round on the boundary...

  72. 45 ovs THAT'S 100 Aus 217-8  

    Marsh is Virender Sehwag in the mirror as he clears his front leg and smears Yardy high between mid-on and midwicket before a slog-sweep over leg-side sweeper Eoin Morgan's head for a one-bounce four. And he brings up a superb hundred with a mighty six in the same area, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Take a bow son, that is a superb knock given the circumstances, Marsh's second hundred in one-day cricket. That's 19 from Yardy's ninth over.

  73. 46 ovs Commentary Aus 219-8  

    Good over from Bres, firing in the yorkers and conceding just two runs. But England must feel the Australians should not be batting right now - this innings should have been finished off about 30 minutes ago...

  74. Commentary  

    From Mark, Plymouth, TMS inbox: "Carlton Palmer was once part of a school team which held the world hopscotch endurance record. FACT."

  75. 47 ovs Commentary Aus 222-8  

    Tight lines from Tredwell, who concedes just three from his over. The willow is cocked - but there's no width or length on offer to tuck into.

  76. 48 ovs Commentary Aus 230-8  

    Unbelievably, Doug Bollinger is on 29, his highest first-class score is 31. Marsh once again utilises his wristy flick, this time over square leg as Bresnan errs with his line. Bollinger takes a brute of a bouncer on his helmet attempting to play a pull shot, but he shrugs off the inevitable clanging inside his lid to ensure he's ready for quick runs with Shaun Marsh on strike.

  77. Commentary  

    From Kirsten, Adelaide, TMS inbox: "Dear England and Wales, I sincerely apologise for my early comment which clearly came too soon. I take full responsibility for the Australian tail wag and our inevitable batting collapse."

  78. 48.1 ovs WICKET Bollinger c Shahzad b Tremlett 30 (Aus 230-9)  

    Bollinger's enterprising innings eventually comes to an end as he mauls a top-edged slug to Ajmal Shahzad, who takes a quite brilliant catch on the run from mid-off.

  79. 48.2 ovs WICKET Marsh c Bell b Tremlett 110 (Aus 230 all out)  

    It's all over as Shaun Marsh attempts yet another aerial leg-side flick off Tremlett, but his quite brilliant innings is brought ot a close as Ian Bell takes another brilliant catch close to the ropes.\u00a0 Excellent riposte from the hosts, who at one stage had been 142-8. So Brett Lee and Shaun Tait have something tangible to defend\u00a0as England need 231 to win. This will not be as easy as it could have been...

  80. SMS  

    From James, Warrington: "I'm still petrified by the Carlton Palmer in a bath advert, I still refuse to put bubbles in, just in case he pops out."

  81. 0705 Commentary  

    If you are within listening distance of the old wireless, England bowling coach David Saker is talking to Simon Mann about the awesome performances during the Ashes. Graeme Swann reckons the Victorian bears an uncanny resemblance to Eastbound and Down's Kenny Powers. If you have never watched this programme, you are in for a treat...

  82. Commentary  

    From Gerard Ross, (Leeds Utd fan), Sunny Castleford, TMS inbox: "In Carlton's defence I saw him score a hat trick for Sheff Wed against QPR in the early 90's, bless his gangly legs."

  83. 0735 Commentary  

    England's openers Andrew Strauss and Matt Prior are out in the middle and Brett Lee has the new ball. Game on...

  84. 1 over Commentary Eng 1-0  

    Full and fast from Lee, tickling the speedgun at 92 clicks. Strauss eases a single into the on-side while Matt Prior plays his first one-day delivery in a while with reverential respect for the blond paceman.

  85. 2 ovs Commentary Eng 9-0  

    Andrew Strauss attempts to pull a 94mph rocket from Shaun Tait and unsurprisingly is late on the stroke,\u00a0gleaning a thick inside edge which narrowily misses his off stump before rolling down to the boundary for\u00a0four fortuitous runs. Tait is clearly concentrating on speed rather than accuracy as he sends down three wides - two down the leg side and one way over Strauss' head - in a strange first over.

  86. 2.5 ovs WICKET Prior c Watson b Lee 0 (Eng 12-1)  

    Andrew Strauss plays his first convincing stroke of the innings with a forceful push off the front foot through the covers for three.\u00a0 But Matt Prior's tenure in the middle is a short one as he edges an absolute beauty of a delivery from Lee to Shane Watson at first slip. Little the wicketkeeper could do about that, although his footwork probably could have been a little more assertive. In comes\u00a0Jonathan Trott.\u00a0

  87. 4 ovs APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 22-1  

    Oooooh! Almost 95 licks from Tait, who sees Jonathan Trott squirt a thick top edge attempting a pull shot over Brad Haddin's head for four. I don't think he knew too much about that. Meanwhile, Strauss tucks into a short delivery, paddling Tait over square leg for four. The Australians think they have Strauss caught behind tickling a push off his hip, but umpire Paul Reiffel shakes his head - prompting Australia to use one of their two reviews. And third umpire Billy Bowden upholds the original decision as the ball clearly clips the thigh pad.

  88. Commentary  

    From Ian in London, TMS inbox: "I'm officially retiring from ever sending another message to you. I've sent dozens and never had one published. I guess I'm too dull for you."

  89. 5 ovs Commentary Eng 26-1  

    Wonderful deception from Brett Lee, whose slower ball is diguised better than Carlos the Jackal, leaving Jonathan Trott completely baffled. It almost provokes a run out as Trott labours to the non-striker's end, but the throw misses the stumps. Excellent start from the veteran speedster.\u00a0

  90. SMS  

    From Mark, Bishop's Stortford: "Once met Carlton Palmer in Guernsey when Shef Wed were on a pre-season tour in the early 90s. Having spanked the Guernsey 'national' side, CP asked for a bottle ofchampers. Given the squad size, barman asked if he would prefer a magnum to which CP responded that he'd prefer to stick to champagne."

  91. 6 ovs Commentary Eng 29-1  

    Dougie Bollinger, fresh from his willow-wielding exploits, is brought into the attack and sees Trott fish without a licence and a rod outside off stump to a delivery slanted across the right-hander. For some reason Australia are persisting with their short-ball tactics for Strauss, one of England's strongest pullers.\u00a0 Bizarre.

  92. Commentary  

    Ian from London, TMS inbox: "You took pity on me. That's even worse than not being published."

  93. 7 ovs Commentary Eng 34-1  

    Really intelligent bowling from Lee, mixing up his deliveries like a tipsy postman, using the slower ball bouncer along with good ol' fashion line and length. Trott notches his first boundary of the day with a firm prod which bangs into the turf and flies high over the head of the despairing dive of Michael Clarke at point.

  94. Commentary  

    From Steve in Hua Hin, Thailand, TMS inbox: "Incredible stat \u2013 already, Strauss/Trott partnership is\u00a0third highest of the match."

  95. 7.5 ovs WICKET Strauss lbw Bollinger 19 (Eng 36-2)  

    Bollinger raps Andrew Strauss's back pad dead in line as he plays across the line - and up goes Paul Reiffel's finger as Australia's appeal reaches glass-shattering levels.\u00a0The England captain\u00a0calls for a review - but the replays are conclusive as Virtual-Eye shows the ball clattering into middle and leg. England lose their second wicket.

  96. 8 ovs WICKET Pietersen bowled Bollinger 0 (Eng 36-3)  

    Pietersen! GONE! GOLDEN DUCK! Bollinger serves up an exemplary delivery outside off stump as the former England captain presents a straight bat in defence, but his angles are all wrong and a thick inside edge clatters into his stumps. Bollinger is rampant - and the Hobart crowd have just lifted the metaphorical roof off the Bellerive Oval following that dismissal.

  97. SMS  

    From James, London: "Ian in London appears to be taking his lead from Collingwood (RIP) or Bell - on the way out and then all is saved by one last valiant effort."

  98. 9 ovs Commentary Eng 38-3  

    Shane Watson has his first joust of the day and sees some lovely dabbage down to third man from new-man Ian Bell, who probably had his sights on the motoring section of Tasmania Today for the first part of the innings.\u00a0 Tense.\u00a0 This cricket's quite good.\u00a0

  99. Commentary  

    From James, new Orleans, TMS inbox: "Back to basslines: surely Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' commentary on KP's responsible innings-building deserves a mention. Give it away."

  100. 10 ovs Commentary Eng 41-3  

    Palpable drama in Hobart right now as Doug Bollinger steams in on a hat-trick \u00a0- and he bangs in a bouncer to Ian Bell, who just about evades square leg with a mis-timed pull for a couple, much to the crowd's chagrin. Doug's dander is stirring, his face rapidly turning its usual puce in a combination of rage and exhertion.

  101. 11 ovs Commentary Eng 45-3  

    Ian Ronald Bell takes a couple of strides down the track to Watson, but his flat-bat cover drive is fired straight at the off-side sweeper. Trott is playing his usual accumulating role, nudging and nurdling with little fuss.\u00a0

  102. 12 ovs Commentary Eng 46-3  

    Australia's first 12 overs are mirroring England's - scoring is tough and the bowling is unerringly accurate. Dougie Bollinger's\u00a0fourth over is once again aggressive, hitting all the right spots with only two runs conceded. If you joined us late, England are chasing a target of 231 after Shaun Marsh hit a quite brilliant 110 from 114 deliveries.

  103. 13 ovs Commentary Eng 53-3  

    Bit of breaking news for you - Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan has confirmed he will retire from all international cricket after the World Cup. Meanwhile, England come perilously close to losing another wicket as a lofted Ian Bell drive off Watson just about evades the dive of Brett Lee at mid-on for four. Bell narrowily avoids becoming the latest recruit in the played-on-in-Hobart gang as a thick inside edge squirts past his leg stump, prompting the Shermanator to change his blade.

  104. Commentary  

    From Rob, Welshpool, TMS inbox: "On my obligatory Brit in Australia backpacking trip in 1998 I worked for a week picking grapes near the Victoria - New South Wales border. At the end of the week, having earnt enough for a ticket to Tasmania, the guy presented us with tax forms to fill in. He said to me to use a false name and Aussie address so he could give me more cash, as being a Brit I would have had to pay more and I think it made more paperwork for him or something - bit hazy on exactly why and it was 12 and a bit years ago. Anyway, I gave an address in Brisbane and the first name that came into my head was Carlton Palmer (I'm from Leeds and he was playing for them at the time I think), so on the form he went. Since then I've always been rather proud of my week as Carlton the Australian fruit picker!"

  105. 14 ovs Commentary Eng 60-3  

    The Tait Slingshot Projection System returns for his third over - and sees Bell punch a lovely drive through the covers for a handsome four. Handsome - can a woman be described thus?\u00a0 I think so...\u00a0Seven\u00a0 runs from the over. \u00a0

  106. 15 ovs Commentary Eng 62-3  

    Good over from Watson, keeping Trott pinned inside his crease before offering length and width with his ultimate delivery, allowing the England number three to punch a lovely drive through extra cover for a couple.

  107. 16 ovs Commentary Eng 63-3  

    England are playing with circumspection here as Ian Bell judiciously leaves two deliveries outside off stump from Tait before cracking a cut through to deep point for a single, the only run from the over. The austerity measures are stretching far and wide...

  108. 17 ovs Commentary Eng 68-3  

    Here comes Nathan Hauritz for his first bowl of the summer in an Australian shirt. Bit of turn first up for the off-spinner but Trott negates the turn with a deft reverse paddle for a couple down to third man. Steady start for the man who reportedly sold all his Aussie surplus gear in a garage sale.

  109. 18 ovs Commentary Eng: 71-3  

    Tait's back foot is flirting outrageously with the return crease but so far he hasn't provoked the no-ball wrath of umpire Paul Reiffel. Bell turns a couple off his hips, but nothing more exciting than that. Sorry.

  110. 19 ovs Commentary Eng 73-3 (target 231)  

    Lovely flight and guile from Hauritz, who is clearly Australia's best spinner but someone clearly doesn't like him in Australia's selection panel. Just two runs from the over.

  111. 20 ovs Commentary Eng 76-3  

    Trott continues his leg-side bias with a single through square leg off Bollinger before Ian Bell dabs a single down to third man. The ebullient atmosphere following Pietersen's dismissal has\u00a0evaporated and is\u00a0akin to the Chelsea Flower Show.

  112. 21 ovs Commentary Eng 79-3  

    Hauritz is bowling exceptionally well at the moment, plenty of flight with little or no width for the England fourth-wicket duo to gorge on. Just three runs from the over.

  113. SMS  

    From Gavin, waiting for\u00a0Flight 9W122, TMS inbox: "Re: over 14, and describing a woman as "handsome", I'm watching in the sports bar at Delhi International (thanks to a 90-minute delay) and the Indian lady at the next table certainly is: a 6-footer, imperial nose, haughty demeanour, impressive embonpoint. Handsome as a Bell cover-drive indeed."

  114. 22 ovs Commentary Eng 80-3  

    Bolly wangs down his sixth over, another accurate effort with no\u00a0pies on offer. Just the single run.

  115. 23 ovs Commentary Eng 83-3  

    Exemplary slow bowling from Hauritz, beating the edge of Trott's bat with a humdinger of an arm ball - the one that doesn't turn - before offering drift, flight and turn. Really have to wonder why he wasn't selected in the five-day team...

  116. 23.2 ovs WICKET Trott c Hussey b Smith 32 (Eng 83-4)  

    You could barely get a worse ball taking a wicket. Steve Smith comes on, drops one halfway down the track and Jonathan Trott swings it into the grateful hands of David Hussey at mid-wicket. Unbelievable.

  117. 24 ovs Commentary Eng 85-4  

    Steve Smith belatedly finds the second half of the track and causes absolutely no problem to new batsman Eoin Morgan whatsoever. Long hops, they're the future.

  118. 25 ovs Commentary Eng 89-4  

    Bell, as he has done for the best part of two months now, looks totally untroubled. Morgan gets his sweep out early doors for Hauritz and there's four from another decent over of tweak.

  119. 26 ovs Commentary Eng 92-4  

    Smith is busy, whirling and twirling his arms pre-delivery, tossing those leggies\u00a0up to Morgan and tempting the left-hander. Three off the over and the rate is nearly a run a ball for the tourists.

  120. 27 ovs Commentary Eng 96-4  

    I have a little confession to make...the last few overs weren't me - it was Jonathan Stevenson and his magic words of description. Morgan plays one of his improvised strokes, turning a very fine sweep off the face of his bat behind Brad Haddin for a couple. The Middlesex left-hander skips down the track but his attacking intent is blunted as Hauritz beats him in the flight.

  121. 27.1 ovs WICKET Bell c Smith b Lee 32 (Eng 96-5)  

    Lee returns and strikes with his very first delivery, a short ball outside off stump which Bell drills straight into the breadbasket of Steve Smith at point. That's huge - it's bigger than that, it's large...

  122. SMS  

    Sam, Bored in Leicester: "Would somebody PLEASE hit the ball?! Goodness this is dull stuff."

  123. 29 ovs Commentary Eng 101-5  

    Steve Middleton from Southampton asks "surely huge is bigger that large?" Looks like Steve isn't a Day Today fan... Someone has cranked up the stump mic volume, which means there are audible bursts of "Daaaawoooooon" from Brad Haddin behind the timbers. Kevin Pietersen looks pensive watching from the stands as new-man Michael Yardy and fellow left-hand co-hort Morgan add four singles to the total, bringing up the 100 in the process. The required run-rate is now 6.19.

  124. 30 ovs Commentary Eng 105-5  

    Sickening - Lee is 34 and running in with the enthusiasm of a spring colt, bowling in the 90s. Wonderful stuff. Still nothing for England's left-handed duo to smash, just two singles, a wide and a leg-bye.

  125. 31 ovs Commentary Eng 117-5  

    Excellent invention from Yardy, who goes inside out over extra cover for four against Hauritz before Eoin Morgan's eyes light up like the national grid when the off-spinner drops short, launching the ball high over deep midwicket and into the stands for six. Excellent over for the tourists, 12 runs.

  126. 0954 Commentary  

    Oooooh! Horrible scenes as Nathan Hauritz looks as if he has dislocated his shoulder sliding for the ball.\u00a0Michael Clarke\u00a0immediately calls for medical assistance as the off-spinner writhes in pain.\u00a0 Out comes Aussie physio Alex Kountouris as Hauritz is helped off the pitch. Fingers crossed\u00a0it's not bad news...\u00a0

  127. 32 ovs Commentary Eng 126-5  

    While Morgan is still at the crease, England are still right in this game. The flame-haired former hurler makes room on the leg side and smashes Lee behind point and third man for four.

  128. 33 ovs Commentary Eng 127-5  

    Excellent stuff from Watson, playing a Collingwood-style role with the ball bowling cutters, conceding just one run from his fifth over. England have 17 overs to fashion 104 runs at a run-rate of 6.11 an over.

  129. Commentary  

    From Charles Matthews, Germany, TMS inbox: "I may be an England supporter but, I do wish Nathan Hauritz well, especially for the World Cup. He was not treated well during the Test Series, it would be hugely unfair if he missed out on the World Cup."

  130. 34 ovs Commentary Eng 137-5  

    Dougie B returns for his seventh over - and all is going spiffingly until he sends down a full-toss down leg stump, which evades the diving right glove of Brad Haddin. The temperature in Hobart has plummeted - no more t-shirts on show, it's all about the fleeces. Intriguingly, both sides are level at the 34-over mark - except England have lost one wicket fewer than the hosts.

  131. 35 ovs WICKET Morgan c Tait b Watson 21 (Eng 140-6)  

    England indicate to umpire Hill they want to utilise their batting powerplay. Yardy moves into the 20s with a tennis racquet-style top-spin lob for a couple off Watson but Morgan is back in the hutch as a leading edge flies high in the air, only for Shaun Tait to take a fantastic running catch from behind. Quite brilliant. England in serious trouble now.

  132. 36 ovs Commentary Eng 143-6  

    New-man Tim Bresnan arrives with a runner, not too sure why. Only three players are allowed outside the 30m circle in the batting powerplay as Brett Lee steams in for his eighth over and, unsurprisingly, keeps it tighter than an Indie guitarist's jeans.

  133. 36.4 ovs WICKET Yardy run out 22 (Eng 147-7)  

    Bresnan gives it a good ol' fashioned heave-ho over mid-off for a couple off the nuggety Watson. Inevitably the runner causes confusion as Michael Yardy steams down to the striker's end, only to be sent back by the static Bresnan. Watson calmly collects the ball and rattles the stumps with the Sussex captain well out of his ground. Hear that? That's the sound of a match slipping away from England's grasp...

  134. 38 ovs Commentary Eng: 158-7  

    A brief conflab between Bresnan, runner Matt Prior and new-man James Tredwell ends with a few hearty slaps on the back, no doubt working some sort of calling order.\u00a0 Not that it effects Brett Lee's bowling, firing the slower ball bouncers with such ease and disguise, although Bresnan smears two short deliverues backward of square leg for four.\u00a0Hands up who's\u00a0optimistic?\u00a0 Yeah, about the cricket...

  135. Commentary  

    Paul in Leeds, TMS inbox: "I for one am glad the old England are back with us. I grew up learning to see us lose regularly, and all this winning malarkey was making me a bit uncomfortable."

  136. 39 ovs Commentary Eng 161-7  

    Watson has been impressive so far - conceding just 23 runs in seven overs. He once again manages to restrict England's run-scoring opportunities as neither Tredwell or Bresnan can pierce the infield.

  137. 40 ovs Commentary Eng 164-7  

    More injury concerns for the Australians as Shaun Tait limps off the field with what looks like a leg injury after sending down his fifth delivery of his sixth over. Australia are without two frontline bowlers because of injury, so captain Michael Clarke will need to make up six overs through his second-string...\u00a0

  138. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I'd call this a reality check for England, but like many I struggle with the ontological conception of a single reality independent of all human consciousness. So I think we might win."

  139. 41 ovs Commentary Eng 171-7  

    Silky batting skills from the left-handed Tredders, scything Shane Watson over backward point for four. My will to live is slowly being zapped from my veins...

  140. 42 ovs Commentary Eng 172-7  

    Absolute ripper of a delivery from Bollinger, beating Bresnan all ends up outside off stump. We've had reports that Nathan Hauritz has been taken to hospital for more scans on his injured right shoulder. Superb over from Bollinger, absolutely noting to tuck into with chopsticks.

  141. Commentary  

    Reb, Kent, TMS inbox: "'Ooze' is my favourite Word of the Week; as in 'my will to live is slowly oozing from my veins' from English lack of bishbashbosh."

  142. 43 ovs Commentary Aus 177-7  

    England sense an opportunity to attack with the part-time tweak of David Hussey into the attack, but the Victorian concedes five runs as the required run-rate edges closer to eight an over.

  143. 43.2 ovs WICKET Bresnan c Watson b Bollinger 19 (Eng 178-8)  

    Bollinger drops short and wide as Bresnan eyes the deep third man boundary, but he hits the ball with the toe-end of his bat as Shane Watson takes a confident catch to send his team-mates into raptures.

  144. 43.5 ovs WICKET Tredwell lbw b Bollinger (Eng 180-9)  

    Tredwell plays all around a straight ball and is rapped dead in front of the stumps. A huge appeal erupts and up goes Paul Reiffel's finger. Tredwell doesn't even contest the dismissal...

  145. 45 ovs WICKET Shahzad run out 2 (Eng 184 all out)  

    So it's all down to Ajmal Shahzad and Chris Tremlett to reinvigorate Australia's one-day campaign. But lazy running, along with a smart catch and gather from David Hussey, from Shahzad sees the Yorkshireman run out of his crease by a good six inches. That's it, it's all over - AUSTRALIA HAVE WON THE SECOND ONE-DAY INTERNATIONAL BY 46 RUNS.

  146. 1105 Commentary  

    Well that was...tedious. Shame because it could have been a lot different had England\u00a0taken their chances during the crucial ninth-wicket stand between Shaun Marsh and Doug Bollinger. No doubt who the man of the match will be - well played Marshy.

  147. Commentary  

    From Steve, London, TMS inbox: "One word to describe this England performance: LIMP. How on earth was our middle order allowed to let our run rate slip below 4? And hanging on in this manner is also limp \u2013 at least go out with all guns blazing and have it all done and dusted, one way or another."

  148. 1109 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "We weren't able to get Dougie Bollinger out,\u00a0which was disappointing.\u00a0 But saying that, we should have chased 230 but we didn't go about it very well. None of the batsman played the anchor role which Shaun Marsh did\u00a0so well. We were probably a seamer short to be honest."

  149. 1119 Commentary  

    Right, it's time for me to bid you adieu but not before demanding you join Mark Mitchener for the third one-dayer on Sunday in Sydney, which starts at 0320 GMT.\u00a0Right, I'm off to sleep until next Christmas...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 46 runs
  • Australia: 230 (48.2 overs)
  • England: 184 (45.0 overs)
  • Venue: Hobart

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 184
Strauss lbw b Bollinger 19
Prior c Watson b Lee 0
Trott c Hussey b Smith 32
Pietersen b Bollinger 0
Bell c Smith b Lee 32
Morgan c Tait b Watson 21
Yardy run out (Watson) 22
Bresnan c Watson b Bollinger 19
Tredwell lbw b Bollinger 16
Shahzad run out (Clarke) 2
Tremlett not out 1
Extras 1nb 13w 6lb 20

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