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Australia v England - First ODI as it happened

  1. 0253 Commentary  

    Greetings all. My ride into work encompassed a four-person deep queue for kebabs three doors down from the local hostelry, at least three couples on the verge of splitting following arguments over condiment\u00a0selection all over the deep-fried produce with an indeterminate number of people waving at any car passing attempting to hail a ride back to their beds. Puts the "Great" in Britain. And now the cricket, couldn't think of a better reason to get up in the middle of the night...

  2. 0300 Commentary  

    Hello, welcome to the first of seven\u00a0one-day internationals (stop goaning at the back) between Australia and England.\u00a0Sunday's\u00a0match is the first match in the game's glorious history to use the umpire Decision Review System, friend and foe to many a pub critic and ex-pro like (sometimes one and the same). Also in attendance will be the International Cricket Council's World Cup trophy, which will be displayed outside of Gate 1 of the Melbourne Criket Ground in the two hours to the lead-up to the start of the day-nighter. The rather brilliant Oliver Brett has written an excellent synopsis of the one-day series and its relevance for both sides just a month before the start of the\u00a0World Cup in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

  3. 0305 Commentary  

    Woah! Dramatic news just in - England Twenty20 captain Paul Collingwood has been dropped, along with Luke Wright. WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE TOSS? Mark Nicholas is wearing a sky blue suit with an Elvis wig, complete with mutton-chop side sideburns while both\u00a0Andrew Strauss and Michael Clarke are sporting Dennis Lillee headbands. Strauss has won the toss and elected to bat. Jonathan Trott is\u00a0in for Collingwood while Chris Tremlett and Ajmal Shahzad start for England. Shaun Tait is injured so Mitchell Johnson\u00a0is\u00a0wedged back into the side.\u00a0

  4. 0307 Commentary  

    So we have four changes from England's previous one-day performance against Pakistan in September, with Kevin Pietersen, Michael Yardy, Ajmal Shahzad and Chris\u00a0Tremlett replacing Paul Collingwood, Luke Wright, Stuart Broad and James Anderson, who has been rested for the first three one-dayers. The reason for the retro look is because this match is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first ever one-day international between these two sides at the same ground in January 1971.

  5. 0309 Commentary  

    The teams line up a little something like this:

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Michael Clarke (capt), Cameron White, David Hussey, Michael Hussey, Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Xavier Doherty, Brett Lee, Doug Bollinger.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Steven Davies (wk), Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Michael Yardy, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ajmal Shahzad, Chris Tremlett.

  6. Commentary  

    From Jason, Exeter, TMS inbox: "I have had to pretend to be a great friend and taxi my friends to and from the local nightclubs in order to stay awake for this match. It better be worth it!"

  7. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "The very\u00a0first one-day international was also played at the MCG, on 5 January 1971 - hastily arranged after the fifth Test was washed out. It was only a 40-over match - but eight-ball overs were used, as was the norm down under in those days. Geoff Boycott had the honour of receiving the first ODI delivery, bowled by Garth McKenzie, and was the first ODI wicket to fall. England were all out for 190, while Australia won by five wickets with just over five overs to spare, Ian Chappell top scoring with 60."

    Scorecard from the inaugural ODI (external site)

  8. 0315 THE SUN IS OUT  

    So Colly dropped - didn't see that one coming, a bit like Mark Nicholas' retro suit. If you have access to the old gogglebox, it really is worth a view. Another glorious day in the Victorian capital, blue sky, wispy, candy floss-like clouds smatter cobalt-blue skies, although the there are empty seats everywhere. Probably only 15,000 people inside this awesome arena. Disappointing.

  9. Commentary  

    From Kev, Leeds, TMS inbox: "Loving that South Park rendition of the Aussie national anthem."

  10. Twitter  

    From ECB_cricket: "Apparently if you use the hashtag #AusvEng the best tweets will go up on the big screen at the MCG."

  11. 0322 Commentary  

    Out come England openers Andrew Strauss and Steve Davies while Australia sport their green-top, gold-trimmed strip. Brett Lee to\u00a0open the attack.\u00a0Disappointingly, given the retro theme going on in the game's coverage, not a Lillee headband in sight. Game on.\u00a0

  12. 0326 Commentary Eng 1-0 (1 ov)  

    Quality first over from Brett Lee, plenty of pace and aggression from the New South Welshmen. Excellent wheels, hitting Strauss' blade at close to 92mph as the England captain nurdles a single from the very last delivery of the day. Not a great deal of deviation off the track though.

  13. Commentary  

    From Neil Vallelly, TMS inbox: "Just looking at the Scorecard from the inaugural ODI. Boycott\u00a0eight runs for 37 balls...lightning."

  14. 0331 Commentary Eng: 8-0 (2 ovs)  

    Douglas Bollinger completes an all-NSW new-ball line-up and his second delivery is met with a dismissive pull through midwicket for from Strauss for four, although the left-hander only just evades Xavier Doherty (thought you might remember him). Huge mooey from Strauss to a ball too full to swipe over Cow Corner and he completely misses it. Straussy nicks the strike once again with the last ball of the over following another pull which gleans three runs.

  15. 0335 Commentary Eng 13-0 (3 ovs)  

    Absolute clanger from the Australians as Strauss floats a short-arm pull to short fine leg, where Mitchell Johnson fires a throw at the bowler's end with Steve Davies yards out of his ground. But somehow Steve Smith contrives to miss the stumps with a back-handed flick when he could have sauntered over, enjoyed a vodka martini and checked the racing results before flicking off the bails and Davies would have still been out of his ground. Instead the wicketkeeper gratefully makes his ground as the ball rolls to safety. And Strauss compounds the Aussie misery as he thumps a Swiss-timed straight drive past mid-off four four. Anyone see South Africa's grand choke on Saturday? That has got to hurt...

  16. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "Elsewhere in the world of cricket, New Zealand and Pakistan are well into the second day of their second Test at the lovely Basin Reserve in Wellington. The Kiwis were bowled out for 356, with captain Daniel Vettori making 110 - his sixth Test century. Pakistan lost Mohammad Hafeez early but they've moved on to 63-1. And at 0405 GMT, England's women are due to begin their third Twenty20 international against Australia in Canberra, leading the five-game series 2-0. We'll keep you posted."

  17. Commentary  

    From Gordon, TMS inbox: "In addition to the first post, the late night Facebook melancholy just adds to the quality of life in the UK."

  18. 0341 Commentary Eng 19-0 (4 ovs)  

    Dougie is raging as an aggressive short delivery is deemed a wide by square leg umpire Bruce Oxenford, conveyed to the scorers courtesy of Billy Bowden's extravagant antics. Davies adds three runs off his pads\u00a0with a meaty clip but there's plenty of wafting with not much effort from Straussy. Odd start.

  19. Commentary  

    From Jack, Wolverhampton, TMS inbox: "On the topic of Boycott's slow scoring and celebrating the 40th anniversary of international one-day cricket, how about the worst ever ODI XI? I can think of a few, namely Boycott, Mick Lewis, Sajid Mahmood..."

  20. 0347 Commentary Eng 29-0 (5 ovs)  

    Steve Davies is heading back to the pavilion as\u00a0he pulls a swift Brett Lee delivery straight down Xavier Doherty's throat at deep square leg. The left-arm spinner is engulfed by his overjoyed team-mates, only for the joy to swiftly\u00a0turn\u00a0sour as umpire Bruce Oxenford checks exactly where Lee's front foot landed - and the replay clearly shows the fast bowler overstepping the popping crease by a huuuuuuuge distance. A no-ball is called, much to the chagrin of the not-very-big crowd and the men in green and gold. And to further compound the all-round home misery, Strauss plays the most extraordinary shot between midwicket and mid-on for four, backing away to leg before paddling something resembling a pull shot. Bizarre over.

  21. 0351 Commentary Eng 43-0 (6 ovs)  

    Wallop - Steve Davies dismissively swipes Bollinger beyond wide mid-on for an authoritative boundary before opening up the blade and guiding an intentional edge past a vacant third slip for a second successive boundary. Good over for the tourists, with 14 runs gleaned from Bolly's third over. The left-armer's face is rapidly turning puce - and I don't think it's because of the heat either...

  22. 0357 DROPPED CATCH Eng 45-0 (7 ovs)  

    I'm almost loathe to use the dropped catch graphic as Watson grasses a one-handed diving attempt from a rocket of a front-foot drive from Davies off Brett Lee at short cover. The man opposite me is apoplectic with rage as Lee oversteps by a huge margin once again, only for umpire Bruce Oxenford to overlook the misdemeanor. Shocking. The strange mood of his game continues as the blond-haired Binga has a raucous caught behind appeal turned down when the umpire signals a wide. Lee wears an expression as if he is trying to work out how much 2m Indonesian rupiah converts to in Australian dollars in his head.

  23. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "We have just learnt that the Lord's Taverners Deaf Cricket Ashes & Tri Series begins tomorrow at Geelong Grammar School, about half an hour down the road from the MCG. The England squad are at the ground today - let's hope they enjoy the game. They have a three-day Test before a short one-day tournament also involving South Africa."

  24. 0402 Commentary Eng 54-0 (9 ovs)  

    Aussie skipper Michael Clarke has enough Rug antics as Bollinger is replaced by the part-time tweak of David Hussey, whose fourth delivery is pumped over extra cover with an inside-out drive by Davies for four. But the Surrey stumper is once again fortunate to preserve his wicket as Brad Haddin misses a stumping chance as the left-hander saunters down the track for a straight mooey. "Charmed life @stevedavies" one might say on Twitter.

  25. 0406 Commentary Eng 63-0 (9 ovs)  

    Double bowling change from Clarke as the enigma that is Mitchell Johnson shuffles in for his first over as Davies' luck runs longer than Oliver Reed's bar bill, this time with a thick outside edge which loops high over Haddin's head for four. England going at seven-an-over, pulsating - if fortunate - start.

  26. 0410 Commentary Eng 70-0 (10 ovs)  

    Golden Boy - quite literally judging by his hair and tan combo - Shane Watson ambles in for his first over - and is immediately greeted with a booming aerial drive over extra cover for four by Davies, growing in confidence after almost losing his wicket on four previous occasions inside the first nine overs. More aerial antics from the Surrey left-hander, this time carving two over point.

  27. 0414 Commentary Eng 81-0 (11 ovs)  

    Buffet bowling from Mitchell Johnson, serving up a short and wide delivery outside off stump cut for four by Strauss through backward point before a half-volley on leg stump is flicked off his pads around the corner for a second boundary by the England captain. The boos are ringing around the G as a wookiee beats his chest in the stands. I would too if I was dressed like that in the Victorian heat.

  28. Commentary  

    From Tom, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Just to help Brett Lee (see seventh over)\u00a0- that's AUD $44,569 and 41 cents on the current rate. He should take commissions and fees into account though, so he'll end up with a bit less than that."

  29. 0418 Commentary Eng 90-0 (12 ovs)  

    Manners from Strauss, pumping Watson straight back over his head for a commanding boundary. No, this isn't the third Twenty20, it's a one-day international on an absolute road of a MCG track. Singles are collected with ease as both openers\u00a0move to 42.\u00a0

  30. WICKET Davies bowled D Hussey 42 (Eng 90-1, 12.1 ovs)  

    After flirting with danger on four previous occasions during his 35-ball innings, Davies' charmed life ends as he misses a huge leg-side mooey as David Hussey clips the top of the off stump.

  31. 0423 Commentary Eng 93-1 (13 ovs)  

    New-man Jonathan Trott is off the mark immediately with a - yep, you've guessed it - a leg-side push. Good over from David Hussey - Australia's front-line spinner for the World Cup? - as England only glean two runs from the Victorian's second over.

  32. Commentary  

    From Simon, TMS inbox: "To Tom, Sydney; am currently at Jakarta airport. I just spent 2m Rupes on booze in Duty Free. Cost me about Aus$220. Reckon you've been done mate...hope you're not an Aussie, otherwise that's twice this year fella."

  33. Twitter  

    From England's rested James Anderson: "Groundsman at the MCG got spiragraph for Christmas by the look of it."

  34. 0427 Commentary Eng 100-1 (14 ovs)  

    More cross-batted antics from England as Watson drops short as Trott rolls his wrists and guides the ball behind fine leg for four. For those of you joining us late (either sober or slightly worse for the wear), Trott is Paul Collingwood's replacement for the first one-dayer after the Twenty20 captain was dropped. England bring up their second fifty from\u00a0just 38 deliveries. Crikey. \u00a0

  35. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "Great news from Canberra - England's women have clinched their five-game Twenty20 international series against Australia, taking an unassailable 3-0 lead after winning the third T20 game by four wickets. Isa Guha took 3-24 as England restricted the Southern Stars to 145-6 - then Laura Marsh top scored with 45 as\u00a0the tourists\u00a0won with one ball to spare."

    Women's T20 international: Australia v England scorecard (external site)

  36. WICKET Trott ct Haddin b D Hussey 6 (Eng 100-2, 14.2 ovs)  

    Trott goes for a delicate late cut, but edges a huge, thick nick into the gloves of Brad Haddin, who takes an excellent catch behind the stumps.

  37. Commentary  

    From Tom, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Oops - That was Indian Rupees I gave you (see 12th ov). Rather like Mitchell Johnson when asked to bowl a tight over, I failed under pressure. The good thing is that I'm however NOT an Aussie and therefore that's my first blip of the summer."

  38. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Now then, can KP get his first half-century in ODIs since 2008? Lovely wicket, sun's out, good start from England, no excuses."

  39. 0434 Commentary Eng 103-2 (16 ovs)  

    New-man Kevin Pietersen is greeted by his usual chorus of boos from the locals and is off the mark with a single as he grounds a Hussey full-toss into the turf and beyond the diving sprawl that is Shane Watson at short cover. Plenty of "oooohs" from the green-shirted Aussies, but that ball definitely looked bumped. Another tidy over from the relevation that is David Hussey.

  40. Commentary  

    From James, Beijing, TMS inbox: "Mooey - great word. If you didn't know, how would you find it out? Its even stumped Google."

    Cow Corner = ugly leg-side over smear. Henceforth all attempts to rattle said grazing bovine ground are known as "mooeys" in Sonejipedia.

  41. 0437 Commentary Eng 106-2 (17 ovs)  

    Another clanger from Haddin, who spills his second stumping chance off Xavier Doherty's first over of the day. Strauss skips down the track but is deceived by the drift, but the Aussie stumper cannot do the rest. Four runs from the over, looks like it's all about the tweak on this track.

  42. Twitter  

    From BFInnoBystander: "Haddin's keeping seems to be getting worse by the game! Feeling the Paine?"

  43. 0440 Commentary STRAUSS FIFTY Eng 114-2 (18 ovs)  

    Straussy, fresh from a week off, pumps a lovely-looking drive through cover for a couple off Doherty for a run-a-ball half century. Meanwhile Pietersen plants his front foot down the track and hammers the left-arm spinner through the covers for a confident-looking boundary. Ominous.

  44. 0445 Commentary Eng 127-2 (19 ovs)  

    The middle-overs nudge and nurdle is well and truly on as David Hussey is pushed for singles before Strauss comes steaming out of his crease and drags a full delivery outside off stump through mid-on for four. England well on top here.

  45. 0449 Commentary Eng 129-2 (20 ovs)  

    XavDoh, which sounds like some sort of computer-based taxation programme, is getting some turn, but the sort of spin one would need a protractor to measure its exact angles rather than the extravagant tweak of the likes of Swann or\u00a0Warne (there, I said it). Tidy over, just three runs from his third over.\u00a0

  46. Commentary  

    Steve, Rochdale (and 3/4 asleep, matchsticks propping eyes up), TMS inbox: "Pitch definitely looking spicy for spin, I suspect Graeme Swann and Michael Yardy will be licking their lips in anticipation of bowling on it!"

  47. WICKET Strauss ct Clarke b Lee 63 (Eng 131-3, 20.4 ovs)  

    Strauss is deceived by a Lee slower ball as he spoons a thick top edge to Michael Clarke at midwicket for a simple catch.

  48. 0457 Commentary Eng 135-3 (22 ovs)  

    In comes Ian Bell, the English Sachin Tendulkar (ooooh that's bound to rile Indian fans, including myself), who prods and probes Xavier Doherty before\u00a0piercing the field for his first\u00a0one-day run of 2011\u00a0from the final delivery of the over. \u00a0\u00a0

  49. Commentary  

    From Gordon, TMS inbox: "It's not crikey it's 'croikeyy' with additional emphasis on the subtext 'she's a bewdie'. I sent the late Sir Bobby Robson a postcard with said phrase from Australia zoo in 2003 - he bought Jonathan Woodgate not long after."

  50. 0503 Commentary Eng 138-3  

    Bell and Pietersen, two of England's most elegant strokeplayers, are prioritising no-frills accumulating over jaw-dropping aesthetics\u00a0as Lee reins in the run-scoring with another excellent over.\u00a0The man is 34 but looks\u00a0at least 10 years his junior. Envious?\u00a0 Moi? \u00a0

  51. 0506 Commentary Eng 146-3 (34 ovs)  

    Bell\u00a0skips down the track and places a beautiful chip over mid-on for four, totally effortless and played with such poise and grace - the type of shot as an amateur that makes you\u00a0drool with envy. More singles follow.

  52. 0510 Commentary Eng 152-3 (25 ovs)  

    Bollinger, rather profligate in his first spell this afternoon, returns and should have seen Kevin Pietersen walk back to the pavilion following an ill-judged double, but Xavier Doherty's throw from deep midwicket is horrible and well wide of Brad Haddin. The Tasmanian holds his head in his hands, a clanger. Some great retro outfits going on at the G - the Channel 9 team are dressed up like Steppenwolf in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first one-day international.

  53. Commentary  

    From Gareth, Christchurch, New Zealand, TMS inbox: "I am drinking a pint of Earl Grey. What accompanying biscuits would suit the occasion?"

    Readers, what sort of wheat-based accompaniment should Gareth masticate with his beverage?\u00a0 I'm leaning towards the pink wafer or the arrowroot.

  54. 0514 Commentary Eng 157-3 (26 ovs)  

    Doherty isn't offering anything hittable, but he isn't exactly cranking up the pressure either as England collect four more runs from his over.

  55. 0517 Commentary Eng 163-3 (27 ovs)  

    More singles than a Stockwell night club for England, six runs from each of Doug Bollinger's over. The Rug's five overs have cost a whopping 38 runs. The camera picks out a man with a tremendous beard in the crowd - think WG Grace\u00a0meets Mushtaq\u00a0Ahmed\u00a0on the face of Charles Bronson and you're almost\u00a0there.\u00a0

  56. Commentary  

    From Edd, Norwich, TMS inbox: "I'm a student sitting up with my dissertation which is due in tomorrow, the commentary is keeping me sane. What I wouldn't do for a cup of tea although I think that in respect of Colly being dropped a Gingernut should be the biscuit of choice."

  57. 0522 Commentary Eng 168-3 (28 ovs)  

    First sign of indecision from Kevin Pietersen, who follows a Shane Watson slower ball - a well-disguised off-cutter - outside off stump which narrowly misses his outside edge. Still plenty of singles though, five in total.

  58. 0525 Commentary Eng 171-3 (29 ovs)  

    Leg-spinnery from Steve Smith and almost sneaks a wicket with a rank first delivery - a long-hop on middle stump - as Bell is down on one knee with a premeditated sweep shot, only to top-edge just short of wicketkeeper Haddin. Fortunate. Decent start from young Tin-Tin, just three from his first over.

  59. 0529 Commentary Eng 174-4 (30 ovs)  

    Absolute ripper from Watson as he beats the outside of Pietersen's bat with what can only be described as a leg-break at 80mph. Pietersen moves to 33 in an over characterised by some seriously village-like fielding. Both Steve Smith and Cameron White fumble straightfoward stuff.

  60. WICKET Bell c Clarke b Smith 23 (Eng 174-4, 30.1 ovs)  

    Ooooh Ian Bell, just when you think he's booked in for the long haul, he\u00a0goes and drills an aerial drive\u00a0straight to Michael Clarke at short cover off the grateful Doherty. Big bonus wicket for the Aussies, who haven't particularly deserved a wicket with some of their general play over the past few overs.

  61. 0534 Commentary Eng 178-4 (31 ovs)  

    The rambunctious strokeplay of new-man Eoin Morgan immediately throws up a boundary with a deft sweep which runs fine behind wicketkeeper Haddin.\u00a0\u00a0

  62. Commentary  

    From Kevin, Bermuda, TMS inbox: "I\u2019ve just got home from work and noticed the outfield. Was the groundsman chased by a rabid Rottweiler when he mowed it? Or has been arrested for driving under the influence?"

  63. 0537 Commentary Eng 181-4 (32 ovs)  

    Pietersen is well set here, pumping singles all over the G with some lovely drives while Morgan looks in decent nick with a couple of lusty cuts off Watson.

  64. WICKET Morgan c White b Smith 8 (Eng 185-5, 32.5 ovs)  

    Disaster for Morgan, who thumps a juicy half-tracker from Smith straight into the mitts of Cameron White, who takes a competent catch diving to his right. England are in danger of screwing this innings up and tossing it into the dustbin of one-day doom...

  65. SMS  

    From Anon: "The Malted Milk is by far the best dunking biscuit and one favoured by cricketers following your mooey theme."

  66. 0547 Commentary PIETERSEN FIFTY Eng 201-5 (34 ovs)  

    Ahhhh Haddo, Haddo, Haddo. The Aussie stumper misses his third stumping chance of the match as Pietersen charges David Hussey, only to show all the subtlety of a cymbal crasher with the gloves. Painful. And his mistake is further compounded as Pietersen twice saunters down the track and thumps two successive sixes to bring up his\u00a0first one-day half century for over two years.\u00a0TWO YEARS. Such clean hitting too - that second six is probably heading towards the Yarra. Wonderful, wonderful batting. This boy has talent oozing out of his toenails.

  67. SMS  

    From Tom G, MK: "Steve Smith's hair makes him look like a Coronation Street extra. He should have a Blue Shore."

  68. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "It's over for the day in Wellington - and Pakistan lost a wicket to the last ball of the second day. Opener Taufeeq Umar had made 70, adding 132 for the second wicket with Azhar Ali (62 not out), but was caught by Martin Guptill at second slip off Kiwi captain Daniel Vettori, who had earlier hit 110. Pakistan finished on\u00a0134-2 in reply to New Zealand's 356."

  69. 0553 Commentary Eng 206-5 (35 ovs)  

    Oh dear. Mitchell Johnson's radar is picking up Radio Caroline instead of off stump, wanging down two horrible leg-side wides. Fortunately for the Queenslander, the Barmy Army are consipicously absent so his fruit machine deliveries aren't greeted by his rather disparaging song sung so vociferously during the Ashes. Remember that? Must be powerplay time soon as Pietersen and new-man Michael Yardy collect singles at will. \u00a0

  70. 0558 Commentary Eng 212-5 (36 ovs)  

    Douglas is back - and his first delivery is squirted down past a vacant fourth slip for a boundary. Dougie looks like he's walking back through treacle such is the lack of enthusiasm and bite in his bowling right now. England going at 5.18 an over, a more than decent lick. \u00a0

  71. SMS  

    From Chris, Bristol: "Off to preach in Horfield prison in Bristol for the first time in a couple of hours, and there's a rat under our floorboards keeping me awake. Crazy times, but at least the cricket is here to keep me sane."

  72. 0602 Commentary Eng 217-5 (37 ovs)  

    Johnson's radar continues to perplex with a range of ridiculous wides along with the odd snorter - including a bouncer which rebounds off Pietersen's helmet and into Haddin's gloves. Really alert batting from KP though, who hunches over the stumps to ensure the ball doesn't knock off the bails.

  73. Commentary  

    From Dave McQueen, Pom in Sydney, TMS inbox: "No team has ever reached 300 in a one dayer against the Aussies out here - this could be History in the making!"

  74. 0608 Commentary Eng 219-5 (38 ovs)  

    Misjudgement from Pietersen, who attempts to cut a ball too close to his body from Bollinger and just about manages to avoid snicking an edge through to Haddin. Better over from the left-arm seamer though, not serving up anything for the English sixth-wicket duo to extend their arms and hit through the line.

  75. SMS  

    From Peter, Woolaston: "Just spent an hour-and-a-half feeding our six-week old baby daughter whilst listening to the cricket. When I turned it off she started crying so its back on until the close."

  76. 0614 Commentary Eng 232-5 (39 ovs)  

    Doherty is recalled for his seventh over as Yardy's attempted reverse sweep beats both batsman and wicketkeeper and down to the straight boundary for three. Excellent placement from Pietersen catches Doug Bollinger asleep on the leg-side boundary and he collects a double before taking a couple of steps down the track for a savage - but beautifully crafted - maximum, his third six of his innings as\u00a0KP moves to 71. Must be time for the batting powerplay...

  77. WICKET Yardy ct M Hussey b Bollinger 9 Eng 236-6 (39.4 ovs)  

    Yardy's painful innings comes to a close as he mis-hits a pull to Mike Hussey, who makes a tough chance look ridiculously easy with a catch running in from deep square leg. Pietersen is furious, slamming his bat against his pad in frustration.

  78. Commentary  

    From Kev, Wellington, TMS inbox: "Can anyone explain what was gained by dropping Collingwood for Yardy? Watching a middle order batsman scratch round for ages scoring a few followed up with some dibbly dobbly bowling has been the Colly's raison d'\u00eatre of late. At least he's worth 10 runs in the field."

  79. 0625 Commentary Eng 242-6 (41 ovs)  

    Tim Bresnan is the new man at the crease - but still no sign of the batting powerplay. The Yorkshireman scythes a thick outside edge through the vacant third slip area for a boundary which disgusts Watson, who wears an expression like a man sucking a lemon. Bresnan then lays into a short delivery through midwicket for a couple as Watson drops short. I would also like to take this opportunity to direct your attentions to the photo gallery and in particular picture three. No, it's not The Faces reunion, it is in fact the Channel Nine commentary team.

  80. 0630 Commentary Eng 249-6 (42 ovs)  

    Pietersen moves to 74 with a muscular push off his hip off Bollinger while Bresnan biffs a well-placed couple down to deep point.\u00a0The full-on assault is well and truly on the cards here. \u00a0

  81. 0632 Commentary Eng 252-6 (43 ovs)  

    "Where has my good friend the slower ball gone?" wonders Nathan Bracken in a poignant tweet. He's got a fair point as Bresnan and Pietersen continue to pump the singles off Shane Watson's eighth over.

  82. WICKET Pietersen run out 78 (Eng 257-7, 43.4 ovs)  

    Powerplay time - Billy Bowden does the Pete Townshend to signal the start of the five-over field restriction spell. And Brez tucks in immediately as Mitchell Johnson serves up a length ball spanked straight past the bowler for four. But awesome footwork from Mitchell Johnson, who side-foots the ball right into the stumps with Kevin Pietersen well out of his ground after Bresnan drops the ball into the ground with soft hands for a quick single.

  83. 0639 Commentary Eng 257-7 (44 ovs)  

    Despair for Pietersen with a ton ready for the taking, but top fielding and footwork from MiJo. Just five runs from the over and the priceless wicket of England's dark knight. New man is Graeme Swann. One thing in England's favour is their tail - Chris Tremlett is down as the number 11 - and he can give it the Larry Dooley when pressed...

  84. 0644 Commentary Eng 264-7 (45 ovs)  

    Clever - and subtle - batting from Bresnan as he halts a full-blooded pull detecting a Brett Lee slower ball and adjusts his shot accordingly to paddle the ball past fine leg for four. Seven runs from the over - but you can't help but feel England have wasted a superb opportunity to make Australia chase a huge target of 300+.

  85. 0648 Commentary Eng 271-7 (46 ovs)  

    More enterprising batting from Bresnan, clipping an attempted Mitchell Johnson leg-cutter off his pads and down to the deep square boundary for four. Brez moves to 28 with a single as England add seven to the total. Four overs left to break the three-ton mark...

  86. WICKET Bresnan c Doherty b Lee 28 (Eng 271-8, 46.2 ovs)  

    Short and wide from Lee as Bresnan gives it the full gun - only for a thick outside edge to fly straight into the mitts of Xavier Doherty at third man.

  87. 0654 Commentary Eng 275-8 (47 ovs)  

    New-man Shahzad has a highest first-class score of 88 so he can give it some welly when required, although his first delivery is a fast bouncer outside off stump, followed by a glare which could cut glass. Lee sends down a leg-side wide which\u00a0Haddin cannot hold, but his extra delivery is a dot ball right\u00a0on the money. \u00a0

  88. WICKET Swann c Doherty b Johnson 4 (Eng 278-9, 48 ovs)  

    The highest successfuul run chase at the G in an ODI is 291-5 achieved by Australia against New Zealand, so whatever total England set is going to be a tough ask. But England are in danger of being bowled out before their allotted 50 as Swann chips a simple catch to Xavier Doherty at mid-on.


    So the powerplay yields precisely 27 runs and three wickets. Australia refer the first ever ODI\u00a0decision to the third umpire as Billy Bowden turns down a caught behind appeal against Chris Tremlett.

  90. NOT OUT  

    Third umpire Tony Hill has a few good looks - which take a little too long - before deciding the ball rebounded off the top of Tremlett's bat without the assistance of willow. Lee is bowling with pace, aggression and accuracy with four dot balls from his first four deliveries.

  91. 0705 Commentary Eng 285-9 (49 ovs)  

    Wallop! Shahzad takes one step to leg and blunders a huge six straight back over Brett Lee's head. \u00a0

  92. 0708 WICKET Tremlett c Haddin b Johnson 7 (Eng 294, 49.4 ovs)  

    Oh my giddy aunt - Tremlett takes a huge stride to leg and absolutely marmalises Mitchell Johnson over long-on for a huge six! But Tremlett attempts the same a couple of deliveries later - only to edge another mow into the gloves of Haddin. Australia need 295 to win.

  93. Commentary  

    From Brian, Vancouver Island, TMS inbox: "There's a place her on the shores of the Arctic Circle called Tuktoyaktuk, to where Davies and Pietersen should be banished to live out their days in contemplation of how to play an innings for your team. Davies hoiks at Hussey's first ball after getting in and Pietersen (isn't it always him?) takes a totally unnecessary risk to expose the tail and leave the TEAM short of 300, a minimum target, which I think I'm correct in saying has never been scored against Australia in a ODI (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!). Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!"

  94. Commentary  

    From Gordon, Dorset, TMS inbox: "All the talk for the last half hour is that England FAILED to get to 300. Would Strauss have have taken 294 at the toss? Too right! And don't forget the umpires missed a no-ball free-hit and that wide..."

  95. 0729 Commentary  

    Quite a few of you emailing in asking about the time South Africa chased a world reocrd 400+ total against Australia. That wasn't in Australia - it was Johannesburg if memory serves me correct. Still, Brian's comments have stirred plenty of healthy debate from plenty of you. Well done Brian for poking the hornets' nest...

  96. 0735 Commentary  

    Blimey I hardly had time to wrestle with the world's worst kettle to make a cup of tea and the Australians openers are ready to take strike. Game on...

  97. 0738 Commentary Aus 6-0 (1 ov)  

    Tim Bresnan opens up for England - and his second delivery is turned\u00a0off his pads\u00a0past square for four by Watson before guiding a well-controlled edge down to third man for a couple. A bit of shape for t'lad from Pontefract.

  98. 0742 Commentary Aus 12-0 (2 ovs)  

    Watson is really in a decent lick of form at the moment as he pummels a delivery a fraction to short and wide from Tremlett down to the deep point boundary for four. Not much happening in the air or off the pitch for the big ol' unit.

  99. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Congrats to Eng women - taken an unassailable 3-nil lead in their T20 series v Aus. 1st time they've won a limited overs series down under!"

  100. 0746 Commentary Aus 19-0 (3 ovs)  

    Full English on offer from Bresnan, full and outside off stump, as Watson tucks in with a lusty front-foot drive through extra cover for four. He misses out on another gimme as Bresnan drops short outside off stump, but he doesn't find the sweet-spot of his rather chunky blade.

  101. 0749 Commentary Aus 26-0 (4 ovs)  

    More boundary-hitting\u00a0exploits from Watson, this time with a beautiful straight drive straight back past Tremlett. Haddin has only faced two balls so far\u00a0- and\u00a0nudged singles for his dominant partner to do\u00a0the run-scoring honours. And Watson duly obliges with a single off the last ball of the Surrey fast bowler's second\u00a0over.\u00a0

  102. Commentary  

    From Tony, Sydney, TMS inbox: "I had the strangest dream last night - the match was rained off, but they decided to continue it in someone's living room. I was patting Monty Panesar on the shoulder, congratulating him for getting so much turn on the tennis ball he was bowling off the corduroy carpet."

  103. 0753 Commentary Aus 32-0 (5 ovs)  

    There's no stopping Watson as he chops a fine boundary past the despairing dive of Kevin Pietersen at third man off Bresnan. Meanwhile, Brad Haddin goes for the mooey over extra cover, all looking fantastic except for the making contact bit as the ball harmlessly thuds into the gloves of Steven Davies.

  104. Twitter  

    From pontycylops: "Is this new England tactic? Get Watson to 50 quickly so he gets out on 54!"

  105. 0759 Commentary Aus 37-0 (6 ovs)  

    More tonkage from Watson, who moves to 31 from 29 deliveries with a powerful front-foot pull to deep midwicket, where Kevin Pietersen makes an excellent stop to prevent a sixth Australian boundary. Might be time for a bowling change very soon...

  106. 0803 Commentary Aus 38-0 (7 ovs)  

    Sure enough, Andrew Strauss opts for a bowling change with Yorkshireman Ajmal Shahzad replacing fellow White Rose man Tim Bresnan. His first three deliveries are absolutely spot-on, allowing Haddin no width or length to manufacture a boundary-hitting stroke. The Aussie wicketkeeper, who missed three stumpings during England's innings, eventually guides a single down to third man, the only run from the over. Excellent over from Shahzad.

  107. 0808 Commentary Aus 48-0 (8 ovs)  

    Jammier than a direct hit on a marmalade factory as Haddin carves a thick inside edge past his leg stump and down fine for a boundary off the thoroughly peeved Chris Tremlett. KP has been a busy boy on the deep midwicket boundary as Watson bludgeons three to deep square leg.

  108. Commentary  

    From Carl Evans, Crepy, France, TMS inbox: "That's strange Tony (see fifth over), I had the same dream, I scored 137 N.O. and you were arrested for your pitch invasion."

  109. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "England name their World Cup squad of 15 before the second one-dayer, so today could be a straight fight between Shahzad and Tremlett for one spare place. Remember seam-bowling spots limited as Anderson and Broad (if fit) are sure to be named."

  110. 0813 Commentary Aus 56-0 (9 ovs)  

    Shahzad has a right old box of tricks with his slower ball and various... variations, pulling out the leg-cutter to deceive Watson. However, there's no deception with the next delivery as Watson picks up a second slower ball, plants a size 11 down the track and absolutely marmalises it over long-on for a huge six, taken one-handed by a rather red-face youth in the crowd. He's pleased...

  111. 0816 DROPPED CATCH Eng 62-0 (10 ovs)  

    Watson misjudges another attempted lofted drive and hits the ball high on the bat, but Jonathan Trott totally misjudges the catch at mid-on as he attempts to run backwards and\u00a0palms the ball one-handed, rather like Petr Cech at his near post, into the ground.\u00a0Clanger - that really should have been taken, especially the man in form. More woe for Tremlett.

  112. Commentary WATSON FIFTY Aus 67-0 (11 ovs)  

    Time for Yardy - but\u00a0the left-arm spinner cannot stop Watson from scoring yet another 50. Expect his wicket to fall very shortly after doing all the hard work... \u00a0Five singles from a thoroughly unremarkable over.

  113. 0823 Commentary Aus 72-0 (12 ovs)  

    Double spin tactics from Strauss with Graeme Swann bowling in tandem with Yardy. Swann is fortunate to see a rank half-tracker stopped on the boundary by Eoin Morgan for a couple to Watson, but five runs from the over and Australia are looking comfortable. Don't expect too many fireworks in the next 20 overs...

  114. 0826 Commentary Aus 76-0 (13 ovs)  

    Yardy's second over goes a little something like this - single, single, single dot, single, dot. Haddo calls for the cap with the double spin tactics in operation.

  115. 0833 Commentary Aus 85-0 (14 ovs)  

    The two-spin attack is abandoned as Bresnan is recalled - along with Haddin's helmet. And the wicketkeeper hits his second boundary of the day as he retreats to leg to hit the seamer through point for four. Thanks to Carl for pointing out it's Saint Marcel day today in France, so shake the hand of a Ghana-born, World Cup, European championship and European Cup-winning centre-back if you see him on your travels today.\u00a0 Bresnan's usually reliable line is not quite aligned to its usual accuracy as Watson pumps an on-drive through mid-on for four. Productive over for the hosts, who are looking very comfortable sat on their thrones at the G.

  116. 0837 Commentary Aus 95-0 (15 ovs)  

    Haddin launches an assault on Shahzad's third over, making him to leg and hitting a lusty drive through mid-on before carving the ball over extra cover for a second successive boundary. Haddin hitting the screws with his strokes and only a fine diving stop from Ian Bell at short cover prevents what would have been a third boundary in the over. England under the cosh.

  117. Commentary  

    From Ant, TMS inbox: "No need to panic! South Africa needed 39 runs from 70 odd balls, with\u00a0six wickets remaining last night, and someone how snatched defeat from the jaws of cast-iron victory!"

  118. 0840 Commentary Aus 96-0 (16 ovs)  

    Excellent over from Yardy, who concedes a solitary single as he pins Haddin with five very well-directed deliveries.

  119. 0843 Commentary Aus 99-0 (17 ovs)  

    Huge slice of luck for Watson, who ricochets a front-foot push into his pad and just beyond his off stump from Bresnan's fifth over.\u00a0 Bit of reverse on offer for the seamer. England at this stage were 114-2.

  120. 0847 Commentary Aus 101-0 (18 ovs)  

    Yardy once again keeps his lines tight, leaking just two runs and giving absolutely nothing to launch into the stands. The word soporific might spring to mind, but it's reliable. A bit like\u00a0taking a girl out on a date in a Volvo 340 from the early 1990s.

  121. 0853 Commentary Aus 107-0 (19 ovs)  

    No sniff of a wicket for England as Haddin squirts a genuine edge past where second slip would have stood for four off Ajmal Shahzad.\u00a0 It's the only blip of a decent over.

  122. WICKET Haddin c Shahzad b Swann 39 (Aus 110-1, 19.4 ovs)  

    Swanny returns and immediately sees Brad Haddin guide a delicate cut for a couple before the wicketkeeper plays a needless swipe, holing out to Ajmal Shahzad at deep square leg.

  123. Twitter  

    From BFInnoBystander: "Loads of booing for Clarke, and no Barmy Army here to blame!

  124. 0902 Commentary Aus 112-1 (21 ovs)  

    New-man Michael Clarke is greeted by what sound like boos from his own fans, not a great sign for the Aussie 50-over captain. Nice shape from Shahzad, moving the ball in both directions with the ball, clamping his left hand over his right to keep Clarke guessing as to which way he is holding his grip. Just one run from\u00a0the over.\u00a0

  125. 0906 Commentary Aus 117-1 (22 ovs)  

    Clarke is clearly out of nick - no two ways about it, skipping down the track and narrowly avoiding short midwicket with an ugly fend outside off stump off Swann. However, the off-spinner ruins what had been an exemplary over as he offers Watson the opportunity to turn a glance fine around the corner for four.

  126. Commentary  

    From Andy Babbayan, TMS inbox: "Ref 0847: I had a 340. Despite its meagre size its had the turning circle of the QE2 and used half your daily intake of calories getting it there. 0-60 in about\u00a010 minutes."

  127. 0910 Commentary Aus 119-1 (23 ovs)  

    Really good bowling from Shahzad, keeping the pressure on Clarke, whose side have only scored eight runs in the last three overs. As the ball gets older, scoring becomes more difficult. England probably won't\u00a0want to change the ball come 34 overs at this rate...\u00a0

  128. 0914 Commentary Aus 121-1 (24 ovs)  

    Another top Swann over, just two runs and nothing lampable.

  129. Commentary  

    From John Ryan, TMS inbox: "Have a job interview on Monday, not as England number 6! wish me luck please."

  130. 0917 Commentary Aus 125-1 (25 ovs)  

    The Tremster returns and maintains the run choke, leaking just three runs off the bat and a solitary leg-bye. At least 40% of the crowd have disappeared for some sort of evening beverage. Wouldn't blame them either.

  131. 0920 Commentary Aus 132-1 (26 ovs)  

    Watson moves into the 80s with a slog-sweep over wide mid-on off Swann for four before lumping a straight drive to Tremlett stationed on the long-off boundary. Run-rate creeping up to seven-an-over at 6-79.

  132. 0926 Commentary Aus 136-1 (27 ovs)  

    Four runs leaked by the Tremster, still nothing to launch into the stands. Not quite sure where this one is going yet...

  133. 0928 Commentary Aus 139-1 (28 ovs)  

    Just three singles from Swann's sixth over, taking the partnership to 29 from a lugburious 50 deliveries - Michael Clarke is boring everyone into submission with 10 off 24 deliveries.

  134. 0933 Commentary Aus 149-1 (29 ovs)  

    Lots of puce-coloured bodies dangle various bits of plastic receptacles in the air as Watson launches Yardy over midwicket for a beautifully placed four which takes him into the 90s. Clarke is fortunate to survive a very close run out attempt chasing a double, but Steven Davies dithers a fraction too long, allowing Clarke the extra nanosecond to slide his bat into his ground. Decent over for Australia with 10 collected from Yardy's fifth over.

  135. SMS  

    From Anon: "I had an Austin Allegro that was like Clarke, slow and unreliable."

  136. 0936 Commentary Aus 153-1 (30 ovs)  

    The overs are coming thick and fast as Swann concedes four off his seventh over.

  137. 0939 Commentary Aus 156-1 (31 ovs)  

    The run-rate exceeds the seven-an-over mark for the first time as Yardy fires down another tidy over. Watson is just three short of what would be his fifth one-day ton. So how much do England miss the cutters of Paul Collingwood right now??

  138. 0943 THAT'S 100 Aus 163-1 (32 ovs)  

    Jonathan Trott is called upon for a joust - and a lusty straight drive from Watson earns the Queenslander a double and a rapturous round of applause from the MCG crowd as he notches his ffith one-day century in 118 one-day internationals. Hmmm, not quite sure Trott's dibbly-dobblies are as deceptive as Colly's efforts.

  139. 0947 Commentary Aus 171-1 (33 ovs)  

    Watson finally converts his first one-day ton in Australia and his first of the summer and he lashes a powerful straight drive back over Michael Yardy's head for his 10th boundary of the day. So Australia need 124 runs off 17 overs, or 102 deliveries in old money.

  140. 0948 Commentary Aus 174-1 (34 ovs)  

    The Jonathan Trott experiment, which sounds like a 1970s prog-rock band complete with flute and clarinet, ends after just one over as Swann returns and tames the run-scoring by conceding just four.

  141. 0954 Commentary Aus 192-1 (35 ovs)  

    Yardy drops short - allowing Watson to rock on to his back foot and absolutely marmalise the ball high over deep midwicket for six - swiftly followed by another one in the same direction, this time with\u00a0a slog-sweep which flies even further than the previous effort. And sure enough he goes for a third effort but wedges the ball high into the air but to safety as Andrew Strauss desperately tries to get himself under the catch. Very productive over for the Aussies - 17 from Yardy's eighth over.

  142. 0956 Commentary Aus 195-1 (36 ovs)  

    While Watson is clubbing away like an old-skool raver, Clarke cannot get the ball off the square against Swann, who keeps the Aussie captain pinned on his crease before a single off the last delivery of the over. Australia need 100 runs from 84 deliveries... Thoughts?

  143. Commentary  

    From Imran Qayyum, TMS inbox: "Played in the inter-bank T20 tournament at the weekend at Sharjah Stadium. Managed to slog sweep a Pietersen-type shot straight into my digastricus. Not pleasant."

    Yeah, I had to look that up too...

  144. 606  

    From James_Heneghan: "Yardy is not an International cricketer. England need more batting and more bowling. Solution - Colly in for Trott and Wright in for Yardy."

  145. 1003 Commentary Aus 203-1 (37 ovs)  

    That's possibly the worst bit of fielding I have seen since my days playing for Polytechnic IIIs as a throw rattles off the stumps and into the green for two overthrows - only for Tim Bresnan's throw to nutmeg Andrew Strauss, backing up at cover, for the Aussie second-wicket pair to collect another bonus run. England look aghast - as if someone has put Justin Bieber on the team stereo with no-one claiming responsibility. Those runs came off Clarke's bat too - probably the only boundary he will hit all day too. Poor Chris Tremlett, who leaks four more from his eighth over. Momentum very much in Australia's favour.

  146. 1006 Commentary Aus 208-1 (38 ovs)  

    Swannage rips through his 10th and final over, conceding five runs with three singles and a double. Run-rate is at 7.25.

  147. Commentary  

    From Cleone, Reading, TMS inbox: "Thoughts? How about: 'bring Colly on to bowl, oh, hang on..." Not sure England look threatening enough to stop the Aussies at the moment. Without Anderson the bowling attack looks ordinary."

  148. WICKET Clarke c Shahzad b Bresnan 36 (Aus 213-2, 38.4 ovs)  

    Australia call for the powerplay as Bresnan returns and his second delivery is squirted down to square leg for a single by Clarke to bring up the 100-run stand between the second-wicket pair. But Clarke perishes as he attempts to drill a cover drive over mid-off, but instead thumps the ball straight at Ajmal Shahzad for the Yorkshireman's second catch of the day.

  149. WICKET Smith c Yardy b Shahzad 5 (Aus 220-3, 39.5 ovs)  

    Ajmal Shahzad, run-up starting on the edge of the 30m circle, sees a slower ball played like an overhead tennis smash by new batsman Steven Smith, only squirting a rather pathetic-looking edge past the diving glove of Steve Smith and down to the boundary for four. Paul Collingwood is on the pitch - but only as a substitute fielder. Smith's rather ungainly innings is brought to an end when an attempted drive through the covers is edged to Michael Yardy, who takes a competent catch on the edge of the ring.

  150. 1028 Commentary Aus 237-3 (41 ovs)  

    Michael Hussey is the new man at the crease and is already in the boundary-scoring antics with a straight-driven four off Bresnan\u00a0before a short-arm pull for six, which lands right on the rope. That's 13 runs in just four balls. No idea why Smith was sent in ahead of so many more accomplished hitters. He adds a couple more with a tight double, stretching a hamstring in the process.\u00a0 But he looks OK despite imitating a limp.

  151. 1033 Commentary Aus 242-3 (42 ovs)  

    Ajmal Shahzad refers an unsuccessful lbw appeal to third umpire Tony Hill, who confirms the ball pitched just - and I really do mean just - pitched outside leg stump, which means it cannot be given out even though the ball would have hit the wickets. The required run-rate is down to 6.69 now as Watson equals his highest one-day international score at 136. We're on for a humdinger\u00a0of a finish...\u00a0

  152. WICKET Hussey ct Tremlett b Bresnan 21 (Aus 244-4, 43.3 ovs)  

    After pumping two through midwicket, Hussey's innings is brought to a close with a rather meek leg-side chip to Chris Tremlett at square leg.

  153. 1041 Commentary Aus 246-4 (43 ovs)  

    Bresnan floors Watson with a corker of a yorker, but the opener is still there on 136, his joint-highest one-day score.

  154. 1044 Commentary Aus 249-4 (44 ovs)  

    Yardy returns and Watson, who has been kooked up a bit in the past few overs, scores the single to bring up his highest ever one-day international score. Excellent over from Yardy, just three from his six deliveries at such a crucial stage.

  155. 606  

    From sisterkaren: "Even if England somehow manage to pull this back their batsmen should be disappointed - too many of them got out to poor shots."

  156. 1049 Commentary Aus 256-4 (45 ovs)  

    The run-rate required creeps up over eight runs as Cameron White sycthes a couple of\u00a0ugly swipes down the track for singles before Watson steers a leg-side half-volley past square leg and the pursuit of\u00a0 Michael Yardy for four. See-saw, could go any way right now...

  157. 1056 Commentary Aus 267-4 (46 ovs)  

    The required run-rate is still hovering in the high sevens, but The "W" team of White and Watson are keeping the runs ticking with a couple of well-judged doubles as Tim Bresnan errs with his line and length. A delivery which fractionally pitches outside the line of leg stump is called a wide. Oh no - disaster for England as Bresnan is called for a no-ball for a second ball over shoulder height in an over. Andrew Strauss looks perplexed and that's 11 from the over. Productive stuff for the Aussies. England look ragged.

  158. 1059 Commentary WATSON'S 150 Aus 280-4 (47 ovs)  

    Cameron White top-edges Tremlett high into the leg side but Jonathan Trott spills the catch running in off the deep midwicket boundary, really tough chance that. And to compound matters further, White hammers a boundary over mid-on for four. And Watson moves into the 150s with a sublime two-bounce boundary in the same area, looks like this game is going one way and one way only. Awesome batting from Watson though, pure hitting with excellent strike rotation.

  159. 1105 Commentary Aus 285-4 (48 ovs)  

    Two valuable dot balls from the Shaz are punctuated by a couple of doubles and a single and Australia need 10 runs from two overs. Gotta fancy the Aussies here...

  160. 1109 Commentary Aus 291-4 (49 ovs)  

    Excellent start from Bresnan, firing a yorker right at Cameron White's feet but his next ball is a shocker - a full-toss on leg stump and White dispatches the ball high over mid-on for a one-bounce four. Another full-toss is turned behind square for a single, so five needed from nine deliveries. Wonder if Watto can seal the win in style with a big ol' larrup?\u00a0 Not this time as Bres fires a yorker right at the toes. Watson collects a single and the strike for the final over of the day. Australia need four off six deliveries.

  161. 1112 Commentary Australia 297-4 (49.1 ovs)  

    Somewhat appropriately, Shane Watson hits the winning runs with a mammoth straight six from the first delivery of Shahzad's final over - a straight and extremely thrashable six. Watson finishes with 161, a superb innings. AUSTRALIA WIN BY SIX WICKETS.

  162. 1117 Commentary  

    Inevitable man of the match Shane Watson: "It would have been nice to get [the big scores] through the Ashes, but I guess it's a little consolation."

  163. 1121 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "It was an outstanding efforts from Watson, that's one of the great one-day innings as far I'm concerned. He anchored that brilliantly. I think we had a platform to get 320 at last, but KP getting out in the first over of\u00a0the powerplay didn't help and we lost too many soft wickets."

  164. 1124 Commentary  

    Time for me to fall into the deep, somnambulic\u00a0slumber for a good few hours. Thank you for your company and everything else between. See you for Hobart on Friday 21 January...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 6 wickets
  • Australia: 297-4 (49.1 overs)
  • England: 294 (49.4 overs)
  • Venue: Melbourne

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 297
Watson not out 161
Haddin c Shahzad b Swann 39
Clarke c Shahzad b Bresnan 36
Smith c Yardy b Shahzad 5
Hussey c Tremlett b Bresnan 21
White not out 25
Extras 1nb 3w 6lb 10

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