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Australia v England second Twenty20 as it happened

  1. 0800 Commentary  

    The toss for the second T20 international between England and Australia is just five minutes away, and I can already reveal that - after heavy morning rain - the women got a 16-over game in. Lydia Greenway continued her excellent form as England chased down a target of 100 with two balls to spare in Melbourne to take a 2-0 series lead.

  2. 0802 THE SUN IS OUT  

    After all that rain in the lead-up to this match I can confirm that it's a beautiful evening in Melbourne, so there's every opportunity for England to win their ninth T20 international in succession if they can overcome Cameron White\u2019s men today.

  3. Twitter  

    From tmsproducer: "Commentary on second T20 int starting at 0815 on Five Live Sports Extra. Join @simon_mann and @vaughancricket ."

  4. 0805 Commentary  

    AUSTRALIA WIN THE TOSS AND BAT, repeating the formula that did not work the other night in Adelaide. Cameron White says the wicket is remarkably dry and potentially "a little on the slow side".

  5. 0806 Commentary  

    Paul Collingwood confirms ENGLAND ARE UNCHANGED, while Australia are also fielding the same side. Let's hope for their sake they do not rely so heavily on Shane Watson this time.

  6. 0810 Commentary  

    If you are interested in such things, Cricinfo have a story on their website saying the seven-match ODI series between these sides will feature the umpire decision review system. It will be the first time, I think, it is used in ODIs, and provide an important prelude to its adoption for next month's World Cup.

  7. 0814 Commentary  

    TV just had an interview with Wednesday's hero Chris Woakes. Can't say I heard a lot of it, but did notice young Woakes (age 21) call Nick Knight (41) "mate" about six times. TMS just getting under way now in about a minute.

  8. Twitter  

    From lynnbashforth: "Now Chris Woakes is a seriously calm and impressive young man."

    Let's see how his bowling goes today. Some people wondered if he was fast enough to take the new ball in international cricket...

  9. Commentary  

    From Mark Adkins, Rugby High School, TMS Inbox: "I am a teacher at an all girls High School, and this morning the lovely ladies are going to be learning about scoring rates, powerplays, and the probabilities of Eoin Morgan wanging the Aussies all over the park again! Good times!"

  10. 0820 Commentary  

    OK, so we're 15 minutes away from the start at the MCG. Our 606 link is also live and will accept contributions from 0900 GMT, so you can get in touch in any one of four different ways - please get stuck into the debate.

  11. Commentary  

    From Getty Images photographer Tom Shaw on Twitter: "Everyone at the MCG encouraged to do the chicken dance. You can't call yourself a great nation based on a 1980s dance craze."

  12. 0824 Commentary  

    England need to watch out if Watto and "Cow Corner" Warner get stuck in. On Wednesday, they seemed to smash every ball to fielders over the first four or five overs. If they pick the gaps, Colly and his troops may be chasing something more testing than 150-odd.

  13. Commentary  

    From Andy Fennell, Canada, TMS Inbox: "It's -28 degrees in Calgary, Canada, and I'm staying up to watch the sun...and another England victory of course."

  14. Twitter  

    From hawkinsssssss: "Can't wait 2 look at my desktop scorecard at work to c that England are winning again! Would love 2 c Colly get some runs"

    Yes, crucial that England's skipper in this format gets some runs soon, very important for our World Cup chances. Been a while since Swann put in a star turn too, then there's Steve Davies as well. Do we all want too much from England?

  15. 0833 Commentary  

    England are out in the field and the sun is just slipping behind one of the monstrous stands at the MCG, or just the "G" to locals. Lots of noise...

  16. 0834 Commentary  

    Here come Watson and Warner; Woakes is warming up and will bowl the first ball, Bruce Oxenford and Paul Reiffel are the umpires today.

  17. 1st over Commentary Aus 2-0  

    Woakes, cheeks puffed, sends in a low full toss first ball, but Warner can't score off it. Next ball is also a dot. Third is stopped by a diving Besnan at mid-on. A gentle single follows, Watson is off the mark immediately, but great tight over for England.

  18. 2nd over DROPPED CATCH Aus 11-0  

    Nice start from Shahzad, giving Watson little room for manoeuvre. And Bresnan has made a horrible meal of a fairly easy chance at mid-on. That should have been the end of Warner, who hits the last ball of the over past short fine-leg for four.

  19. 3rd over Commentary Aus 26-0  

    Watson absolutely marmalises the first ball of Woakes's second over for a straight six. Australia are up and running now. TMS commentary team reckon it's a great wicket for hitting straight on, as a thick edge from Watson almost carries to Luke Wright at third man on the full. Warner ends a fine over for the Aussies with an on-drive for four.

  20. 4th over Commentary Aus 37-0  

    Watson begins another over with a massive six, this time over midwicket. It's dropped in the crowd. England are not bowling badly but they're bleeding runs at the moment. Warner hooks fine for four.

  21. Commentary  

    Luke de Pear Brown, Norwich, TMS Inbox: "Love what Andy Flower has done for the team, but why does he insist on Luke Wright? He adds nothing worthwhile in either bowling or batting, there must be a better alternative."


  22. WICKET Watson c Morgan b Woakes 17 (Aus 37-1)  

    Watson picks up a Woakes half-volley, but hits it straight to deep midwicket!

  23. 5th Commentary Aus 49-1  

    First extra, or "sundry" of the day - a Woakes wide. The new batsman is wicketkeeper Tim Paine, who defends his first ball before hammering his next for six over mid-on. That was a remarkable shot, as it was back-of-a-length and muscled over the fence.

  24. Twitter  

    From inoperante2: "THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! Woakes is a find, isn't he."

    Bit expensive, mind...

  25. 6th over Commentary Aus 57-1  

    It's the last over of the fielding restrictions, and Bresnan is bowling it. Paine backs miles away to the on-side and carves a straight ball over point for four. Now Bresnan follows him and Paine can't get bat on ball. Aussies going very nicely.

  26. Commentary  

    Duncan Cameron, TMS Inbox:\u00a0 "If Wright is on form, and he has been, he can win a game on his own. A\u00a0flair player like Beckham can bring a new dimension into an already very good England team."

  27. WICKET Paine c Collingwood b Swann 21 (Aus 63-2)  

    Reverse-sweep attempted by Paine to Swann's first ball. He misses. The Tasmanian tearaway does something more conventional next up, skipping down the track and hitting for four over deep midwicket. Collingwood drops Paine off a steepling catch, no he's got it, somehow he grabs the rebound inches from the turf. Phew-eee!

  28. 7th over Commentary Aus 63-2  

    Hussey is the new batsman. Swann's last ball is a dot.

  29. 8th over Commentary Aus 69-2  

    Hussey batted a bit slowly the other day. He looks anxious to get a move-on against Bresnan, but can't score off his first ball. Now he scampers a single safely, even though there's a direct hit at the striker's end from Colly. Three for Warner, that would have been an all-run four but for some good relay fielding by England.

  30. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If the slower-ball bouncer is the iPod of the new cricketing generation what's the iPad?"

  31. 9th over Commentary Aus 72-2  

    Swann gets through a very accurate, clever over, with three dots at Hussey. Warner almost chops a catch to short third-man off the last ball.

  32. WICKET Warner c Pietersen b Yardy 30 (Aus 72-3)  

    Yardy is on now, and Warner falls over as he tries to hit down the ground, Pietersen swallowing the catch at long-off with supreme nonchalance.

  33. 10th over Commentary Aus 73-3  

    Hussey is on three from 10 balls before forcing a single to mid-on. Cameron White is the new batsman, great start from "Yards".

  34. Commentary  

    From Paul in Swindon, TMS Inbox: "In answer to Michael Vaughan's question, surely the Ipad of this cricket generation is the switch hit? Its a bit showy and not really needed but something you can show off to your mates."

  35. WICKET White lbw b Swann 0 (Aus 74-4)  

    Trouble for the Aussies as Swann spins one in sharply at White's pads, the skipper misses, and is given out lbw. Replays say that weas going over - tough for the Victorian given out by a Victorian umpire (Reiffel).

  36. 11th over Commentary Aus 76-4  

    Aaron Finch is the new man, and he's off the mark with a couple of runs off Swann. Collingwood fields a couple at short midwicket, and the projected score thingy is shrinking alarmingly.

  37. WICKET D Hussey c Woakes b Yardy 8 (Aus 80-5)  

    Spin is the thing tonight for England. Hussey shovels a single off Yardy to mid-on, but it's all pretty hard work for the Australians. Hussey is the next man to fall, tamely lofting a catch to deep midwicket. Not sure Mr Cricket's brother is the man for this format.

  38. 12th over Commentary Aus 80-5  

    Last ball of the over from Yardy hits Smith in the midriff. Yardy has 2-5 from two overs.

  39. 13th over Commentary Aus 87-5  

    Finch gets a loose ball from Swann, and clubs it hard but without timing for a couple. Another bit of rubbish is put away with a sweep for four - first boundary since the seventh over. Lots of sweeping, like char-ladies these Aussies today. Smith misses a sweep, then defends one to a few boos in the crowd.

  40. 14th over Commentary Aus 95-5  

    Short and wide from Yardy, that should be punished, but Finch can only cut it for one. Smith is off the mark with a well-placed double to wide long-on. Wright sprints from deep square leg to keep the next one down to a single. Colly might be bowling soon, he's getting loose. Two more for Smith, a bit better for the Aussies.

  41. 15th over Commentary Aus 102-5  

    Six overs to go and here's a bit of a surprise, Kevin Pietersen is on. Finch charges the off-spinner, but is hit on the body. Now he stays where he is and pulls a much-needed boundary.

  42. Commentary  

    From Lawrence in Lenton, TMS inbox: "National Geographic have just released a revised list of the worlds most dangerous animals. 3rd the tiger. 2nd the cobra 1st THE SWANN!"

  43. 16th over Commentary Aus 108-5  

    Ones and twos again off the immaculate Sussex captain Yardy, who has really foxed the Aussies today. He finishes with 2-19 to follow his 2-28 in Adelaide. Whaddaplayer...

  44. 17th over Commentary Aus 118-5  

    Not sure about this from Collingwood, Pietersen getting a second over after a not very impressive first over - and Finch smashes him down the ground for six. Super strike. Backs comes KP, with three dot balls. But Finch is measuring him up and smokes a cut shot for four to go to 31.

  45. 18th over Commentary Aus 124-5  

    Back to seam for England, and Bresnan's the man. He'll also bowl the last over, most probably. Super stop from Shahzad at short third-man to cut off a possible boundary. Is that a dropped catch from Bell at midwicket? No, just short of him. Finch is hit on the helmet by a slow bouncer. Smith also gets a slow bouncer, and can only get one. Leg-bye off the last ball, great over from "Bressie Lad".

  46. WICKET Smith c Collingwood b Shahzad 13 (Aus 131-6)  

    Over 19 goes to Shahzad, it could have been Woakes but it isn't. Finch plays an exquisite "Dilscoop" (named after Sri Lanka's Dilshan) over his shoulder for four. Massive top-edge gets Finch three. Might have been caught but England had a funny field. Fifty partnership. Smith not so good with these slower bouncers, and lobs a catch to extra-cover.

  47. 19th over Commentary Aus 138-6  

    O'Keefe hits the fifth ball of the over for a single, Finch on strike for the last one - and hits a tremendous six just over Bresnan's fingers at cow corner. Shahzad's gone for 34 runs in his three overs.

  48. WICKET O'Keefe b Bresnan 1 (Aus 138-7)  

    O'Keefe tries that "Dilscoop" I was talking about. Nice try, but he misses, and Bresnan hits.

  49. Commentary  

    Tom Davey, Notts fan, TMS Inbox: "Not sure David Hussey is right for this format?? Have you seen him in our domestic competition?? He's destructive to say the least, huge wicket."

  50. 20th over Commentary Aus 147-7 (Finch 53*, Johnson 1*)  

    Johnson gets a single off the second ball, and that man Finch is back on strike. He runs hard, getting two runs off each of the next two balls. Yet another pull gets him his half-century, good effort from the rookie, coming off 32 balls. And the last ball of the innings is hit down the ground for yet another two.

  51. 0955 Commentary  

    So England's target is 148. That should not pose a problem for a batting line-up with Pietersen, Bell and Morgan in it, but Michael Vaughan reckons it's a "competitive" score. We'll just have to see.

  52. Twitter  

    From blackeyedangel1: "Considering the ease of the victories at the moment, wouldn't it be nice if we had a fan open the batting instead?"

    You must have missed Wednesday night's match when England won by one wicket, chasing 158, with one ball left!

  53. Commentary  

    From Jason Hipkiss, TMS inbox: "On this wicket Colly should have bowled himself. Is this a sign of a lack of confidence arising from the Ashes series?"

  54. SMS  

    From Rob, Penge: "Errr, is it me or can anyone else detect a slight Ozzie twang from Vaughany on TMS? Is it time to mount some kind of rescue mission before we lose him entirely?"

  55. 606  

    From hopeforthebest: "It's just over a run a ball, so England have no need to go with wild cross bat swings. Let's hope they realise that."

  56. Commentary  

    England women's captain Charlotte Edwards is on TMS: "When we turned up today the groundstaff actually asked us if our game had been cancelled. I don't know how we got out there, all credit to them. I thought it might be a tough chase for us but we are very happy to go 2-0 up against a very good Aussie team."

  57. 1009 Commentary  

    Simon Mann points out on TMS: "When the two teams landed here in Melbourne the men just walked straight through and you [the women] had to wait for your bags. Edwards: "Yeah, the men just strolled to their minibus and we had to lug our bags off ourselves. I asked one or two of the bigger lads for some help but they just shrugged their shoulders."

  58. Commentary  

    From Simon, TMS inbox: "Anyone else think Steve Smith is the long lost twin of Kurt Hummel from Glee?"

  59. 1015 Commentary  

    Longer break than we expected, but here come Davies and Bell, with Tait, who has just signed a T20 deal with Surrey, to open the bowling. Target is 148.

  60. 1st over Commentary Eng 11-0  

    Short and wide from Tait - Bell frees his arms and cuts for four. Now Tait goes full, but Bell's blade is singing again, a square-drive goes for four more. A little tuck off his pads brings him three. Smooth start.

  61. Commentary  

    From Wilf, TMS inbox: "Re: comment at 10:09. I don\u2019t know, women want equality but they still expect men to carry their bags for them. This Feminist thing has gone too far; next they will want to vote and drive cars. Mark my words; it\u2019s the thin edge of the wedge!"

    I think he's joking, by the way.

  62. 2nd over Commentary Eng 13-0  

    Bell gets a single off Lee, and Davies can afford to watch a few before teeing off. He knocks one away for a quick single, before Bell tries to charge Lee but has to defend. Good start from the veteran blond paceman.

  63. 3rd over Commentary Eng 22-0  

    Quick single for Davies off Tait. Bell swings and misses, Aussie bowlers doing OK at the moment. Strauss is in the dugout which is interesting, he's not actually in this squad. Very cheeky two for Bell off the gentlest of nudges into the on-side. He moves to 16 with two more, this time from a pull. Tait is getting SO CLOSE with his front foot, and finally he is called for one. Free hit - great yorker, just the single.

  64. 4th over Commentary Eng 30-0  

    Having hogged the strike a bit, Bell puts Davies back in play with a single off Lee. Davies gets one with a pull, and Bell cover-drives for three as the ball ceases up alarmingly on the wet outfield. Lee's been no-balled on height, but it's not a free hit. Davies defends one before a pull is sent high into the night sky but it lands quite safely.

  65. 5th over Commentary Eng 39-0  

    Off goes Tait, in comes Watson. Bell hits down the ground for two, the boundaries not coming right now for England. Three balls left in the over for Davies, and that's what England wanted, a controlled pull hot down to fine-leg for four. Now Davies backs away and misses. Last ball is hit into space for two.

  66. SMS  

    Louie, Birmingham: "What is the need to refer to Brett Lee as the veteran blond paceman? Why not just veteran paceman? More manly surely Mr Brett."

  67. 6th over Commentary Eng 50-0  

    England being forced to play a lot of pulls when they would probably rather drive. Good tactics from the Aussies. Johnson into the attack. He opens with a wide. Bell moves to 30 with a couple of runs chipped down the ground. The penultimate ball of the powerplay period is swung high and down to the unoccupied fine-leg area for four. Decent over for England, who move to 50.

  68. Twitter  

    From NewmanLucas: "With the way that my football team Liverpool are playing, England Cricket team is all I have, thank u, thank u, thank u."

    I feel the same way!

  69. 7th over Commentary Eng 58-0  

    Hussey is bowling his right-arm part-time spin/medium. Not sure what it is, to be honest. Davies is beginning to find his range, hits three of these balls for two. Ideal for England.

  70. WICKET Bell b Johnson 39 (Eng 60-1)  

    Bell is really smashing the ball about, but not getting a huge amount of value for his shots at the moment. And a very full one from Johnson is MISSED BY BELL. He's bowled.

  71. WICKET Pietersen c White b Johnson 1 (Eng 62-2)  

    Pietersen hits his first ball for a single. If they'd run hard I think there was two there. Another single for Davies. Pietersen drives a wide one hard, but straight to extra-cover and that is a tremendous catch. Could be a game changer from White there.

  72. 8th over Commentary Eng 63-2  

    The last ball of a very useful over from Johnson is sent down to Collingwood, who plinks one into the covers for a single.

  73. Commentary  

    From Steve in Jarrow, TMS inbox: \u201cOliver - I don't s'pose there's any chance of you marrying Brett Lee, is there?\u201d

    Hasn't there already been an Oliver Lee?

  74. 9th over Commentary Eng 72-2  

    Another bowling change for Australia. Collingwood smacks O'Keefe into the on-side for a couple and takes a long single off the next ball. Lovely hit from Davies, hitting hard and into space at deep midwicket for four. Smith beats Collingwood's outside edge before the out-of-form Durham man grabs a single.

  75. Commentary  

    From Stephen, TMS inbox: "Why did someone have to mention Liverpool? That\u2019s clearly put the mockers on."

  76. 10th over WICKET Collingwood c Warner b Watson 6 (Eng 74-3)  

    It's a bit of a struggle for Collingwood against Watson now, and he can't get a run off the first three balls before finally getting Davies back on strike. No need for England to do anything daft at the moment, they're bang on the required rate. But as I type that, Collingwood attempts to drive over mid-off for four and is comfortably caught.

  77. 11th over Commentary Eng 79-3  

    Morgan, so often the key for England, is off the mark straight away, hitting Hussey into the off-side. Two left-handers in for the tourists now. Morgan drives down to long-off for one either side of a couple of Davies singles. Very hard to hit fours off the spinners in these conditions - slow wicket, huge, damp outfield.

  78. 12th over Commentary Eng 82-3  

    Watson again - he starts with two dots, bowling well he is. Fine diving stop by Warner at mid-on limits Morgan to a single. Australia are pushing the required rate up a bit for the first time, remember the target is 148. Slower ball, swing and a miss from Davies. Australia were 80-5 at this stage, by the way.

  79. Commentary  

    Mike Johnson, TMS Inbox: "The problem with England\u2019s batting line-up is that it relies on Bell and Morgan to make runs, which puts them under huge pressure. Collingwood, Pietersen and Wright in the middle order makes it too fragile. Discuss."

  80. 13th over Commentary Eng 88-3  

    Even as Michael Vaughan on TMS says "England need a boundary" Morgan provides one, a neat leg-glance scurrying down to the ropes. Three dot balls as well from Johnson, though. Morgan singles and so does Davies. Sixty needed from 42 balls.

  81. WICKET Davies c Warner b Watson 39 (Eng 88-4)  

    Davies shovels a catch to mid-on. That's not good for England, poor shot. Was he attacking or nudging? Not sure.

  82. 14th over Commentary Eng 91-4  

    Wright, who a certain website uncharitably pointed out has the record for ducks in T20 internationals, dead-bats a couple. I make the Aussies favourites at present. No duck on the menu for Wright tonight, single behind point. Required rate moving towards 10 an over as Morgan nabs another single. Watson finishes with 2-17, very impressive.

  83. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "The Collingwood equation is simple - an out-of-form batsman is an out-of-form batsman. For his own sake he needs to be dropped. Watching him play at the minute is painful."

  84. 15th over Commentary Eng 97-4  

    Spin/medium/something from D Hussey again. Scurried ones and twos again. Lee may be 34 but he is haring around like a young gazelle in the deep. Short and rubbish from Hussey but Morgan lets him get away with that.

  85. Twitter  

    From tospeakofpebble: "England really love to make hard work of easy targets!"

  86. WICKET Wright c Smith b Tait 18 (Eng 111-5)  

    A shot that sums up this England innings: Wright hurls the kitchen sink at one from Tait, but can only get two. Oh that'll do, senorita: edge over non-existent slip cordon for four. Mid-off is in the circle, and Wright can't clear that man. That's happened a few times tonight for England. But the Aussies have caught everything and there's been some good groundwork too. Credit to them.

  87. Commentary Eng 112-5  

    Morgan looking ragged for a change, swing and a miss from him. England need 36 from 18 balls.

  88. WICKET Morgan c Finch b Johnson 14 (Eng 113-6)  

    Morgan could have been run out, but instead there's a single for an overthrow. Fours and sixes needed or it's goodnight nurse. Huge hit from Morgan, but these long MCG boundaries have caused England big problems and that's probably the game because Morgan is comfortably caught at deep midwicket, probably a six everywhere from Chester-le-Street to Durban, except Melbourne.

  89. 19th over Commentary Eng 119-6  

    Woakes lobs Johnson for a single, England need something remarkable. Bresnan gets a comfortable two. it's not enough. Seven boundaries and zero sixes in this innings. Mitch finishes with 3-29, top wicket-taker tonight.

  90. 19th over Commentary Eng 130-6  

    We're into last rites territory. England haven't tossed this away, Australia have played very well tonight, their total was a lot better than it looked. Tait just needs to bowl straight and full, and he does just that. Even better, actually - swinging yorkers, hats off to the new Surrey signing. Five wides off what should be the last ball, and Bresnan only gets one off the last ball, should have run ahrd and gone for two I think. England need 18 from the last over. I think Allan Lamb once did that on this very ground.

  91. Commentary  

    From Xander, Ludlow, TMS inbox: "Why do England, at present, insist upon fielding 7 possible bowlers. We simply don't need Wright's medium-pace, and once that has been ruled out, it's surely clear that he is nowhere near England's best No.6 bat? What's happened to Bopara? I'd say a much classier player and a much better long-term prospect for the England ODI and Test side. Why is Wright in?"

  92. 20th over Commentary Eng 143-6, lose by four runs  

    Bresnan is swinging pretty well, but it's so hard to hit fours and sixes. Lee's first two balls are each hit for two. Low full-toss is steered away a bit meekly for one. Woakes has hit a six! Timed the pants off a length ball, high over long-on. England need seven from the last two balls, and Woakes can only get a single off the fifth ball. Bresnan needs to hit the last one for six. He gets cramped for room on the pull shot, it's just a single. AUSTRALIA WIN.

  93. Commentary  

    Matt, Manchester, TMS inbox: "Re Xander, Ludlow - England lose their first T20 match in nine and all of a sudden the current world champions have got the wrong line up?!! Nothing like a knee-jerk reaction is there\u2026"

  94. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I guess the second-to-last ball, if they'd run two, who knows? Woakes might have hit the last ball for six again, but Australia did well. It was a good game of cricket and I think the one-day series starting on Sunday will be a good tight series."

  95. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "Actually, if they had got through for two, Woakes would have only needed a four to take the game into the super over."

  96. 606  

    From silk: "I suspect that was Collingwood's last ever T20 for England."

  97. Commentary  

    Man of the match Aaron Finch relives his crucial catch to remove Eoin Morgan: \u201cI was under it for quite a while and he\u2019s obviously a very good player.\u201d

  98. 1155 Commentary  

    Paul Collingwood: \u201cUnfortunately tonight we weren\u2019t quite good enough but Australia deserved the victory tonight. When Woakesy hit that six at the end, I thought we might pull it out of the bag but it wasn\u2019t to be. Whenever we went for the boundary we seemed to hole out. We\u2019ll let Straussy take over the reins on Monday [for the first ODI], we\u2019re in good form in that format.\u201d

  99. 1159 Commentary  

    OK, so the first ODI of seven - the last series England play before the World Cup - begins on Sunday at 0320 GMT. That will be all from me and the rest of the team. Thanks for your comments, today's match report is by Sam Sheringham. Goodbye!

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 4 runs
  • Australia: 147-7 (20.0 overs)
  • England: 143-6 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Melbourne

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 143
Bell b Johnson 39
Davies c Warner b Watson 29
Pietersen c White b Johnson 1
Collingwood c Warner b Watson 6
Morgan c Finch b Johnson 14
Wright c Smith b Tait 18
Bresnan not out 15
Woakes not out 11
Extras 2nb 6w 2lb 10

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