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Australia-England 1st T20 international as it happened

  1. 0805 Commentary  

    Morning everyone, welcome to after the Lord Mayor's show with me, Soneji Pranav.\u00a0\u00a0No doubt there are\u00a0a few of you still on the mother, father, grandparents and great uncles and aunties twice removed\u00a0of all post-Ashes parties, but don't\u00a0take down\u00a0the bunting just yet because it's only the first Twenty20 international between\u00a0Australia and England in Adelaide. Call the cops...\u00a0

  2. 0807 THE SUN IS OUT  

    It's toss time with Paul Collingwood and Cameron White.Colly calls heads - and loses. Cameron White, who takes over as Twenty20 captain from Michael Clarke, opts to bat first on what looks like a belting track at the Adelaide Oval. Glorious day, the kind of blue sky you associate with an angelic holler from above. Team news to follow...

  3. 0810 Commentary  

    Australia: Cameron White, Tim Paine, Aaron Finch, David Hussey, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Steve O'Keefe, Steve Smith, Shaun Tait, David Warner, Shane Watson.

  4. 0812 Commentary  

    England: Ian Bell, Steven Davies, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Michael Yardy, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ajmal Shahzad, Chris Woakes.

  5. 0816 Commentary  

    Quite a few new names for you moving on from the Ashes with some not-so new names. Starting with England we have Ian Bell at the top of the batting order for England, playing his first Twenty20\u00a0international for more than two years, while there is an international debut for Warwickshire all-rounder Chris Woakes, which I am immensely looking forward to. The Aussies, meanwhile, look for all intents and purposes, look menacing. Brett Lee? Shaun Tait? Pace a plenty, along with the nascent potential of batsman Aaron Finch and spinning all-rounder Steve O'Keefe. Mind you, only three of the Aussies played in the Ashes... Remember, these two teams met in the final of the World Twenty20 last summer too.

  6. 0821 Commentary  

    As most of you will be aware, the Australian state of Queensland has been\u00a0severely hit\u00a0by floods and both teams are contributing part of their match fees towards the relief effort a thousand miles or so north of Adelaide. There's loads of Twitter chat about arranging a relief match involving all sorts of legends with the likes of Shane Warne pulling the strings.

  7. 0824 Commentary  

    Hmmm, bit quiet out there in email and text land - keep me company people. Anyone ever been to the Lord Mayor's show?\u00a0 Is it really that good?\u00a0 Wonder if any of the England boys are suffering from their celebratory antics from the weekend, although bit disappointed not to see any Freddie eyes all over the papers the next day.

  8. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "We don't know who will be batting number 11 for England, but if it's Chris Woakes then I reckon he's the best number 11 they've ever had. He's scored\u00a0two first-class centuries."

  9. Commentary  

    From Guy, Nottingham Uni, TMS inbox (first email of the day - well done Guy): "Well this match is the final nail in the coffin for any last minute revision I was planning to do before my 9am exam."

  10. 0829 Commentary  

    Silence descends across the Adelaide Oval as both teams and the 30,000-odd people observe an impeccable minute's silence for all the people suffering from the severe floods up in Queensland. The world of sport is already rallying around the victims with defending Australian Open champion Roger Federer organising a charity tournament to raise funds for the relief effort.

  11. Commentary  

    From\u00a0Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Angels don't holler. They trumpet: 'And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other' (Matthew 24:31)."

  12. 0833 Commentary  

    Bit perplexed by the recent IPL auction, especially Australian Dan Christian, who was sold for $900,000 and he can't even get in the Aussie team, while a load of Englishman are left looking like the proverbial overlooked puppy at Battersea Dogs Home.

  13. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "Anyone turning up early today at the Adelaide Oval would have seen England's women beat Australia in their first Twenty20 international. Australia made 140-5 in their 20 overs, but Lydia Greenway saw England home with 39 not out as they won by four wickets with 10 balls to spare. The second game is in Melbourne on Friday, also being played before the men's international."

  14. Commentary  

    From Simon, Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Glad to see England playing a couple of Twenty20 matches against one of the 'developing' nations. Perhaps if Australia do well in these games they'll be ready for a bit of Test cricket again?"

  15. 0838 Commentary  

    A very, very enthusiastic man hollers a throaty roar to announce that Australian openers Shane Watson and David Warner are making their way out to the middle. It's utterly glorious in South Australia right now. I look out of my window and it looks like Mordor. Meanwhile,\u00a0they're playing Muse at the Adelaide Oval and Chris Woakes will bowl his first delivery of the match. Game on...

  16. 0841 Commentary Aus 4-0  

    Woakes serves up a treat for Watson - short and wide outside off stump, allowing the muscular Queenslander to stretch his arms and hit over gully, but a smart piece of fielding ensures the boundary is averted before a fantastic bit of fielding from Kevin Pietersen at mid-on cuts off another cast-iron boundary. Not the best start from Woakes, who, if you'er not too familiar with his cherubic features, looks as if he has just finished his paper round on his way to the Adelaide Oval. Still, decent start by the 21-year-old.

  17. Commentary  

    Nick, on a slow running train to work, TMS inbox: "Went to the Lord Mayor's show once, it rained, all day, very hard and it was rubbish."

  18. 0846 Commentary Aus 6-0 (2 ovs)  

    There's some sort of indie disco DJ going absolutely bananas during the game as he/she blares out a bit of French band Phoenix's 1901. Queenslander Mitchell Johnson wanders around the ropes with a bucket as the crowd throw coins and notes into his container, nice to see the players making the effort. Excellent over from Ajmal Shahzad, plenty of control and offering no width to either batsmen until the final ball, where Paul Collingwood saves the Yorkshireman's blushes with a excellent stop at short cover. Good start for England with two of the powerplay overs gone.

  19. Commentary  

    From Sam Clemens, TMS inbox: "With their fast-food sponsorship emblazoned on their chests, the Aussies look like they should be standing behind a counter, asking if England would like fries with that."

  20. 0851 Commentary Aus 20-0 (3 ovs)  

    Woakes serves up two of the juiciest half-trackers with width as David Warner absolutely marmalises both through point for boundaries - the squat left-hander is lethal in that area. Woakesy's line and length is all over the place as Shane Watson tucks away a simple leg glance off his hip for four as John McEnroe watches on alongside what looks like Rod Stewart during his days in The Faces. The former coach of Andre Agassi and Andy Murray - Brad Gilbert -\u00a0is also at the Oval courtesy of Graeme Swann. Bizarre. But nice.

  21. 0855 Commentary Aus 29-0 (4 ovs)  

    In comes the Tim Bresnan, whose name by law cannot be mentioned without the word "burly" ahead of it, serving up a length ball for Watson to hammer through the offside for four, breaking his bat in the process. The handle is at about 30 degrees to the blade as the busted bat is examined as if it is some sort of ancient Chinese artefact. More filth for Watto, who flicks his wrists and lifts a leg-side delivery over square leg for a one-bounce four. Meanwhile, the indie disco pumps out Le Roux's Bulletproof and The Gossip's Heavy Cross.\u00a0Someone has nicked a student's MP3 player...\u00a0

  22. SMS  

    From Matt, Essex: "Swanny being left on the IPL shelf is an utter disgrace, Great wicket taker, great economy, great fielder & can swing the willow. Their loss, our gain."

  23. 0901 Commentary Aus 37-0 (5 ovs)  

    Oh dear - KP misjudges a potential catch at long-on as Watson hits a length ball from Shahzad over the infield, but the former England captain steams in off the ropes, only to see the ball sail over his head for a one-bounce four. Had he stayed on the rope, he would have pouched that comfortably. Watson moves to 24 with his fourth boundary and is looking rather lusty with his hitting at the moment. Everyone enjoy a momentous moment at 11.01:11 on 11.01.11?

  24. Twitter  

    From ex-county bowler Charlie Dagnall: "Not quick enough Woakes... Sorry. #getdownthegymyouth"

  25. Commentary  

    From Laura, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "Just emailing in from Brisbane. My mum in the UK just texted me to tell me about the players going round with buckets in Adelaide, and donating their match fees too. It's crazy and a little bit scary up here at the moment, but that really did make me smile. Thanks guys, your efforts are really appreciated! Cheers."

  26. 0904 Commentary Aus 41-0 (6 ovs)  

    Top over from Bresnan, who keeps things tighter than a flea's pocket with a couple of runs and two leg-byes, which will not disgrace his figures.

  27. Twitter  

    From drwinston001: "The result of this T20 game is based on the performances of Lee & Tate. If they bowl well, England will lose."

  28. 0908 Commentary Aus 50-0 (7 ovs)  

    Beware Martin Adams, England's finest dartician Michael Yardy is operating with his frugal left-armers,\u00a0keeping David Warner tight on a lead before Warner smears a slog-sweep over\u00a0square leg for four. Yardy\u00a0is firing his deliveries\u00a0at Warner, bowling faster than most opening bowlers on village greens across\u00a0the land, as Warner sneaks a thin\u00a0edge past keeper Steve Davies for a fine\u00a0four. Good over\u00a0though. Oh no, Oasis. Roll with it. Please stop.\u00a0\u00a0

  29. 0911 Commentary Aus 76-0 (8 ovs)  

    Graeme Swann into the attack and his first ball is smeared high and over midwicket for six, followed by another huge smash, this time over long-on from his next delivery. And guess what? The third one goes exactly the same way - that is huge! Beware anyone near Phillip Island, there's a red projectile coming your way. A round of boos greet the fourth delivery, which Watson pushes for two but the fifth ball is absolutely hammered over the off-spinner's head for four and Watson's half century from just 27 deliveries before picking up a couple more off the last delivery. Swann has just been hammered for 26 off his first over, more than what he conceded in his first 10 overs in Sydney. Probably.

  30. 0915 WICKET Aus 83-1 (8.4 ovs)  

    Watson is really in the mood - he scythes Yardy through point for another muscular bounadary before he is castled attempting to make room on the leg side and hit through the offside.\u00a0 Top innings from the opener but\u00a0he's got to be sick\u00a0scoring another half century and losing his wicket before the ton...\u00a0

  31. 0917 Commentary Aus 84-1  

    Simon in Sheffield emails\u00a0"I suspect the decision not to pick\u00a0Swann for the IPL might have been wise!" following his previous over. But Yardy keeps things tight as England finally take their first wicket.

  32. 606  

    From rich1uk: "Watson has taken a real liking to Swann here. Australia could get 200+ after this start which is gonna be a real test to chase down."

  33. 0921 Commentary Aus 86-1 (10 ovs)  

    The Twenty20 bowler shuffle is very much in full force as Ajmal Shahzad returns for his third over, although his third ball is greeted by a chorus of boos with a bouncer the crowd felt should have been called a wide. They've got a point to be fair. Excellent over from the Yorkshireman, four dot balls and just two singles. The Violent Femmes' Blister in the Sun blaring, very briefly, from the PA system.

  34. WICKET Warner ct Shahzad b Yardy 29 (Aus 92-2, 10.5 ovs)  

    He's been very quiet has "Cow Corner" Warner says the man opposite me just as the left-hander winds up with an almighty straight drive for four off Yardy. But a man earns a nickname for a reason - and the opener is caught at said fielding position by Ajmal Shahzad, who takes an excellent catch on the ropes above his head.

  35. 0928 Commentary Aus 95-2 (11 ovs)  

    The chastened Swanny returns for his second over, which is nurdled for various singles rather than butchered for sixes like his first. The England ladies are in the crowd following their four-wicket win against Australia as the camera pans to a beautiful South Australian sunset as the floodlights\u00a0are activated.\u00a0I've forgotten what the sun looks like.

  36. Commentary  

    From Greg, Blyth, TMS inbox: "Surely Song 2 by Blur must be played soon, an indie disco classic if ever there was one."

  37. 0932 Commentary Aus 101-2 (13 ovs)  

    Woakes bangs in the short deliveries for David Hussey, quite clearly a planned tactic for the Victorian batsman. England have clawed back the run hemorrhaging provoked by Watson's bludgeoning as Australia bring up the hundred. Aussie captain Cameron White, a man who likes the wielding the long handle, is slowly playing himself in.

  38. 0934 Commentary Aus 105-2 (14 ovs)  

    Excellent control from Swannage, keeping things tight with two dot balls before Hussey goes agricultural with a huge smear over deep square to Shahzad, who possesses an arm like an exocet missile - straight over the timbers with a deadly accurate\u00a0throw. The boundaries are being stifled and\u00a0the Aussies are starting to get frustrated.\u00a0

  39. 606  

    From laughingdevil: "Only one T20 spinner who's bowled a decent amount has better stats than Swann\u00a0- Ajantha\u00a0Mendis."

  40. Commentary  

    From Bronwen Raffler, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Greg makes a good point ("Song 2"), but surely anything from Nirvana's seminal debut 'Nevermind' would be more appropriate."

  41. WICKET White c Pietersen b Woakes 6 (Aus 115-3, 15 ovs)  

    Jammier than a dodger from Hussey, an ugly swipe cannons off the bottom edge of his bat and squirts down fine for a fortunate boundary off Woakes. More unappealing batting as White attempts to hit through the offside, only to completely mis-hit the ball for two into the leg side. And White's ungainly innings is brought to an end as he holes out to Kevin Pietersen at long-on for Woakes' first wicket in international cricket.

  42. 0942 Commentary Aus 122-3 (16 ovs)  

    New man is new man Aaron Finch, making his first appearance in an Australian shirt, and he earns his first run in international cricket with a drive to deep cover off Swann, who is stemming the run flow with an excellent over. Australia will desperately want a target of 150 to bowl at.

  43. Twitter  

    From Blogitforsix: "Has anyone else noticed the Eng boys starting to pick up Aussie phrases ... it's all "look" this an "ah sure" that."

  44. WICKET Hussey b Bresnan 28 (Aus 133-4, 16.5 ovs)  

    Oh you pedants, you love a bit of (correct) pendantry. Nirvana's first album was Bleach, not Nevermind - and there it is! Song 2! Well done Greg in Blyth. Nice shot from Finch, who is a square-shouldered fellow who looks a good ol' thwack. Bresnan continues the short-ball tactic against Hussey, who rocks on to his back foot and hammers a baseball slug over midwicket for four. For all you too-kool-for-skool indie kids out there, we now have Darwin Deez's radar dectector as Hussey is cleaned up with an excellent yorker.

  45. Commentary  

    From Marc\u00a0Tracey Island,\u00a0TMS inbox: "Re Shahzad's arm. For a start Exocet has a capital 'E'. Secondly, if indeed his arm was akin to the French manufactured air-to-ship projectule the last time I worked on one it had no arms nor indeed hands with which to pick up the red cherry. Now, he could have a throw 'like an Exocet' but even that would be fanciful as the Exocet has a very flat parabola in flight and could not describe the arc of Shahzad's return to the keeper of wickets. It's not rocket science is it?"

  46. Twitter  

    From bettiwettiwoo: "Why is Smith at the crease? Why has Paine not batted yet?"

  47. 0952 Commentary Aus 140-4 (18 ovs)  

    The Yard plunders his difficult-to-hit deliveries down to the Finch/Steve Smith fifth-wicket duo, once again keeping things tight. Really impressive from Sussex skipper. Just five runs from the over.

  48. 0956 Commentary Aus 144-4 (19 ovs)  

    Bresnan, who I keep reading everywhere bowls a "heavy ball", is entrusted with the penultimate over, fires in the yorkers, not quite toe-crunchers, but enough to prevent the Aussie duo from finding the boundary ropes. More interestingly, Bresnan is not bowling at the stumps, but rather\u00a0the two white marks which act as a guide for the umpires for wides. Intelligent bowling, just four runs from it too. Excellent riposte from the tourists.\u00a0

  49. 1001 Commentary Aus 157-4 (20 ovs)  

    Ooooh! Aaron Finch top-edges a skier into the floodlights as Michael Yardy runs around from point to get under the white ball, but the ball rebounds off the heel of the hand, although written down that doesn't make quite as much sense as when you say it. Shahzad then sends down a wide which could rival Steve Harmison's Gabba opener four years ago. A single to Finch brings up the 150 for Australia before Steve Smith plays an arrogant reverse...flick/sweep/glance for four in between third man and deep point. Absolutely extraordinary shot. Good last over for the hosts, but England will be pleased to keep them down to 157 after the Aussies were 83-0 from nine overs on a decent batting track at the Adelaide Oval. So, England need 158 for victory.

  50. Commentary  

    From Dr Hywel Williams, TMS inbox: "Re: Shahzad's arm. Quite right, Marc Tracey Island. He must have been referring to an exocet missile in the sense of a missile launched by an exocet (which, as we all know, is an old slang term for a flying fish of family Exocoetidae). I'm not sure how fish launch missiles, what those missiles might be, or how they can possibly resemble Shahzad's arm. But its certainly food for thought."

  51. Commentary  

    From Charlie, TMS inbox: "You\u2019ve got to listen to Marc, He\u2019s from Tracey island. These Thunderbirds know their stuff about missiles."

  52. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Not only do those boys know their stuff about missiles down on Tracy Island but they must have had a fair bit of time for beach cricket over the years."

  53. Commentary  

    From Ryan, Exeter, TMS inbox: "Is Tracey Island any relation to Barry Island?"

  54. Twitter  

    Aussie legend Shane Warne: "Trying to organize a Twenty20 match in aid of Queensland flood relief fund -\u00a0Vaughan XI v Warne XI with ex-cricketers and some celebs, and a\u00a0big concert as well after the match - lots to organize but everyone been great re donating time. Might auction one spot on each team to the highest bidder."

  55. 1016 Commentary  

    For some reason there a load of fireworks going off around the Adelaide Oval. Why I have no idea, although you would think organisers would wait until the match has been won. So, anyone got any good post-Ashes celebration stories?\u00a0\u00a0Anyone get "Graeme Swann ate my chinchilla" tattooed on any part of their body?

  56. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    On Twitter: "Just below par total.. Tait will be the key.."

  57. 1020 Commentary  

    Expect an all-out pace attack from the green and gold with Shaun Tait and Brett Lee,\u00a0two-thirds of Australia's pace attack during the final two Ashes Tests in that historic 2005 series. Both men are consigned to the short-form because of injuries. Tait to open up. Game on.

  58. 606  

    From hopeforthebest: "In T20 anything is possible but England will fancy their chances. If Tait bowls to the standard we saw in England last summer it could be painful to watch. Brett Lee was dealt with effectively in the recent ODI and Mitch Johnson could be anything. The effect under lights is the unknown quantity."

  59. 1024 Commentary Eng: 12-0 (1-ov)  

    Dropped catch first ball! Bell flicks Tait off his hip straight to Steve O'Keefe at square leg, right in the breadbasket, only to spill the most straight forward of catches. Granted it was travelling like a cruise missile. Sublime batting from Bell, thumping three successive boundaries. The first is a short ball outside off stump hit over the covers, the second he rocks onto his back foot\u00a0and\u00a0picture-perfect pull through midwicket before a best-of-the-lot back-foot cover drive, the kind of stroke you drool over just watching, the kind of stroke that should be hung in a national gallery. Beautiful. Excellent start by Bell.

  60. WICKET Davies ct White b Lee 4 (Eng 16-1 1.2 ovs)  

    Ooof! More liquid batting, this time for Steve Davies with a stunning front-foot drive through extra cover for four. He attempts the same again with the next delivery but punches the ball straight to Cameron White, who takes a comfortable catch.

  61. 1029 Commentary Eng 22-1 (2 ovs)  

    Dicey from new-man Kevin Pietersen with a drive on the up, but he manages to evade the cover fielder and rack up his first boundary. Electric start this, the fifth boundary in nine deliveries. Meanwhile the indie disco DJ has been shelved for 80s man - you know, classic wedding fodder.\u00a0Los Lobos' La Bamba greets the end of the over and I think I heard AC/DC's Back in Black too.

  62. 1033 DROPPED CATCH Eng 33-1 (3 ovs)  

    Bell is dropped! Tough chance for David Warner as he dives to his left at point as Bell drives off the back foot but still a chance. Bell is seeing the ball like a zorb right now, thumping a humdinger of a front-foot drive straight at Cameron White at cover - the Aussie captain didn't have a clue about that, but he still saved a boundary. More tekkers from Bell, this time with a lovely straight drive past mid-on for four. Wallop! Bell thumps a six over third man, the Shermanator is on fire, but no Kasabian unfortunately greets his super stroke.

  63. 606  

    From simsini: "It's unfortunate for Davies that he has been playing second fiddle all tour and not really played. He is always devastating at the top of the order for Surrey. It's ridiculous to suggest he should be dropped after one innings!"

  64. 1038 Commentary Eng: 45-1 (4 ovs)  

    KP wants a slice of Brett Lee, skipping down the track and smearing him over long-on, arrogant and thoroughly entertaining. A clanger from O'Keefe on the midwicket boundary as the ball squirts under his body following a regulation slide. O'Keefe, remember, dropped Ian Bell off the first delivery of England's innings. Bell collects a single and moves to 26 from 15 deliveries - and looking threatening to the sounds of Michael Jackson's Beat It. How apt.

  65. SMS  

    From Neil in Bracknell: "While the selectors have broadly got it right over recent weeks, the exclusion of Prior from the one-day and Twenty20 teams looks a worse gaffe than Ben Foster's last night!"

  66. WICKET Bell ct Smith b Johnson 27 (Eng 49-2, 4.3 ovs)  

    Bell's entertaining knock is brought to a close by Mitchell Johnson as Steve Smith takes a straightforward catch at cover attempting to hit the left-arm seamer over the top. Third time lucky for the Aussies with their catching.

  67. 1044 Commentary Eng 53-2  

    New-man Colly rattles off an early boundary as Johnson drops short, rolling his wrists and helping the ball down past fine leg. Nice start from the recently retired Brigadier Block of Test Cricketshire. The music takes another tangent, this time with Wolfmother's joker and the thief.

  68. WICKET Pietersen ct D Hussey b O'Keefe 25 (Eng 63-3, 5.3 ovs)  

    Left-arm spinner Steve O'Keefe, not too dissimilar to a young Jose Mourinho, is battered for a boundary over point and a six over deep square by KP, gets his man with the third delivery as Pietersen attempts to go over the top, but doesn't get sufficient willow to clear David Hussey, who takes an excellent catch above his head at mid-off.

  69. 606  

    From DavidHURST: "How about a\u00a0three-team T20 match? Team A bowl at team B, B bowl at C, C bowl at A, then B bowl at A, C bowl at B, A bowl at C. Highest score from two innings against\u00a0two different attacks wins. 120 overs in the day like a ODI 60 overs game, but three teams and 40 overs each."

  70. Commentary  

    From Neil, Bracknell, TMS inbox: "I grew up in Bracknell, played one cricket match for my school. Scored a breezy seven, then took four catches at first slip. Berkshire\u2019s cricketing heritage isn\u2019t up to much, we all played footy instead, or knock down ginger, or steal the car badge."

  71. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "It was noticeable that England only conceded four extras - two wides, a bye and a leg bye. Australia now have two wides and two leg byes."

  72. 1053 Commentary Eng 68-3  

    The cool Eoin Morgan is at the crease and he jams down his bat to prevent a Mitchell Johnson yorker from doing all sorts of damage to his toes.\u00a0Bit staid compared with the previous few overs. There's some Aussie band called\u00a0Daddy Cool on right now - apparently Pietersen walked out to The Streets, not sure which track but I\u00a0would\u00a0hazard a guess\u00a0at "Fit\u00a0but you know it".

  73. Commentary  

    From Jon, now in London, TMS inbox: "I used to live in Bracknell and often suffered at the hands of scamps like Neil. If he knows who took the badge off my '96 Golf I'd really appreciate getting that back..."

  74. 1058 Commentary Eng: 74-3 (8 ovs)  

    Incredible shot from Morgan, backing away to leg and launching Steve O'Keefe over long-on for a one-bounce four. Absolutely beautiful stroke.

  75. SMS  

    From Neil in Cambridge: "As suggested by DavidHURST, I once played a\u00a0three-team T20 match, thanks to a fixture\u00a0mix-up. We finished third!"

  76. 1100 Commentary Eng 79-3 (9 ovs)  

    A\u00a0mini flock of seagulls scatter across the wicket, putting Johnson off his stride, but it doesn't prevent Collingwood from lifting the much-maligned Queenslander by birth over mid-on four four, another classical shot, played with consummate ease. England have such depth in their batting line-up - Woakes has a first-class ton and is slated to come in at 11.

  77. Commentary  

    From M, TMS inbox: "Re Neil in Bracknell - Whilst people are confessing to childhood misdemeanours - I'd like to take this chance to apologise to any residents of south-east Leicester who found their milk deliveries mysteriously missing from their doorsteps along my route to school, in the mid- to late-90s and offer to replace a pint for them (Semi-skimmed or skimmed only. they can buy their own gold-top, I'm not made of money)."

  78. 1104 Commentary Eng 84-3 (10 ovs)  

    LCD Soundsystem now on the PA, great choice, time to get away, which might be apt for a few of the Aussies following the Ashes. Lots of single nurdling right off Shane Watson's first over\u00a0but there's no panic or mayhem from the fourth-wicket pair, playing with assurance and maturity. Low-risk cricket with high returns. Really impressive from the tourists.

  79. SMS  

    From Dave, Cambridge: "Regarding the three-team T20 idea, i think your missing the point of T20 and the reason it's so popular, its simplicity. Bish, bash bosh and it's over in\u00a0three hours."

  80. 1109 Commentary Eng 95-3 (11 ovs)  

    Despite his years, Brett Lee can still wang it down at speed, tickling the speedgun at 90mph. Run-up smoother than a Greek waiter's chat-up lines... saying that, he has been absolutely annihilated by Morgan with a six that lands into the second tier of one of the stands (I forget its name, sorry) with a pull shot off the front foot. Off Brett Lee. At 89mph. Unbelievable. He then chips the blond-haired favourite over mid-off for another superb boundary. Tremendous, fearless batting from the Irish-born left-hander. From LCD Soundsystem to Neil Diamond, can't say we haven't been entertained today.

  81. WICKET Collingwood ct Paine b D Hussey 16 (Eng 99-4, 11.5 ovs)  

    David Hussey's part-time tweak does the trick as Paul Collingwood plays a needless reverse sweep but manages to loop the simplest of catches for wicketkeeper Tim Paine.

  82. WICKET Wright lbw b Tait 0 (Eng 104-5, 12.3 ovs)  

    Right, whoever had 12th over for the Men at Work "Down Under" sweep, collect your winnings. Morgan is cleaning up right now as Tait drops short, allowing the left-hander to ease a short-arm jab off one leg past square leg for four. All wrists and timing. However, it's a second-ball duck for Luke Wright, who walks across his stumps and is struck in front of middle and leg. Easy decision.

  83. 1120 Commentary Eng 109-5 (13 ovs)  

    New-man Tim Bresnan pumps a classic front-foot drive, like Sachin Tendulkar (no, really), down the track past a bemused Shaun Tait for four as Mitchell Johnson cannot prevent the ball from crossing the ropes. Astounding batting from the Bres, pumping another classic cover drive for a couple. This game is fizzing along nicely. Strap yourselves in people, we're in for a bumpy finish.

  84. 1122 Commentary Eng 119-5 (14 ovs)  

    Morgan, cooler than the Fonz in Siberia, calmy chips Hussey over mid-off for four before latching onto a short delivery, using his exceptional footwork to create the necessary power to smash the ball past deep midwicket for his second successive boundary. He is turning into England's own Michael Bevan.

  85. 606  

    From Roach88: "Tait keeps overstepping. Not being called for it though."

  86. Commentary  

    From Tim, Birmingham, TMS inbox: "All I need is an England win and the DJ to play Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff's 'Boom shake the room' and I'll be a happy man for the day."

  87. 1127 Commentary Aus 129-5 (15 ovs)  

    Morgan moves to 40 with a couple of Mitchell Johnson, who has not been tormented by his special Barmy Army song this evening. Bresnan is batting like a natural number seven, all wrists and conventional strokeplay and refreshingly agriculture-free, on-driving three down to long on. England look good right now with less than a run a ball needed.

  88. WICKET Morgan ct Hussey b Watson 43 (Eng 130-6, 15.2 ovs)  

    Oh dear. Sorry. Morgan drills a simple catch straight at David Hussey at cover. In comes Michael Yardy.

  89. WICKET Yardy ct Paine b Watson 0 (Eng 130-7, 15.3 ovs)  

    Golden duck for Yardy! The Sussex captain attempts to sway out of the way of a Watson short delivery but feathers the lightest of touches to Tim Paine. Oh how this game can change with two shakes of a labrador's tail...

  90. SMS  

    From Rich in Hockley: "I'm not just saying because of his latest duck but is Luke Wright the most overrated player in English cricket? In my opinion yes - just don't get why he's in the team."

  91. Commentary  

    From Matt, Hull, TMS inbox: "Morgan, Honours List 2012? Too early? Everytime I watch this lad play he tickles me somewhere down deep. Only in a cricketing sense though. Honest."

  92. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "This is a good move by Cameron White to bring Tait back - he needs his main man on now, as another breakthrough could swing it for Australia."

  93. 1135 Commentary Eng 139-7 (17 ovs)  

    Shaun Tait gives new-man Chris Woakes a steely-eyed stare with a 91mph missile, only for Woakes to hammer the South Australian high over long-on and the ropes into the Chappell Stand. Oh my... What. A. Shot. Take that slinger! A quick blast of Daft Punk's Robot Rock too. What an over. Steve Smith's shy at the non-striker's end narrowily misses the timbers with Bresnan well out of his crease. Exciting climax to follow.

  94. WICKET Bresnan ct Lee b Watson 11 (Eng 141-8, 17.3 ovs)  

    Bresnan mis-hits an aerial drive, slicing the ball high over cover as sweeper Brett Lee races in and takes an excellent catch on the run to send the Yorkshireman back to the hutch.

  95. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Shahzad sometimes bats number three for Yorkshire in T20, but he's number 11 for England today, so don't worry."

  96. 1141 Commentary Eng 143-8 (18 ovs)  

    New-man Swann doesn't know too much about his first run, but who cares because every run is as valuable as opals from South Australian mines.\u00a0 Excellent spell from Watson, who has figures of 3-12 as well as a chunky 50.\u00a0 Finely balanced as it comes - England need 15 from 12 deliveries.

  97. 1146 Commentary Eng 154-8 (19 ovs)  

    Brett Lee, all arms and sneers,\u00a0steams in for the penultimate over and cannot glean the big runs to allievate the building pressure, that is until Lee sends down a waist-high full-toss for Woakes to smear behind point for four. That boundary swings the match very much in England's favour.\u00a0Brett\u00a0Lee attempts a woeful sliding tackle on Swann as he scampers to save a single, definite yellow card material although note quite Steven Gerrard material from Sunday. Clever batting from Swann, who notices\u00a0fine leg is inside the circle and walks across his stumps to flick three down towards the square leg boundary. England need\u00a0four runs from six deliveries.\u00a0\u00a0

  98. WICKET Swann bowled Watson 6 (Eng 154-9, 19.1 ovs)  

    Swann misses a straight ball and Watson hits - one wicket left, four runs to go and Ajmal Shahzad the last man at the crease. Tenterhooks...

  99. 1149 Commentary Eng 154-9 (19.3 ovs)  

    Nails are being bitten to the cuticle all over the Adelaide Oval - and Shahzad's first two deliveries are dot balls! Three more to go...

  100. 1150 Commentary Eng 155-9 (19.4 ovs)  

    Ajmal eventually gets off strike with a leg-bye. Three runs from two balls. Woakes on strike.

  101. Commentary Eng 157-9  

    Woakes hammers a cut through point for what looks like a! It's cut off by a fine diving stop on the ropes, cutting off two runs.\u00a0One ball to go, one run to win...\u00a0 Ohhhhh me ticker.\u00a0

  102. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "What an advert for Twenty20 cricket - and England are the new world record holders with eight consecutive wins. They've made it difficult for themselves tonight but they'll believe they can win from any position."

  103. 1152 Commentary Eng 158-9 (20 ovs) beat Australia (157-4) by one wicket  

    Last-ball drama - the field are all inside the circle - and Woakes calmy smears Watson over mid-on for a single, sealing England's eighth successive victory in Twenty20 cricket, a new benchmark in the short-form. England don't know how to lose at the moment, really impressive. ENGLAND WIN BY ONE WICKET.

  104. Twitter  

    Olympic champion cyclist Geraint Thomas at the Adelaide Oval: "What's the world record for a Mexican wave? We're on lap 10 and still going strong!"

  105. 1157 Commentary  

    Poor old Shane Watson, smashes 59 from 31 deliveries before 4-15 with the ball.\u00a0 Seems unfair that he has to watch the presentation\u00a0with the losing side. Not that Chris Woakes will care, remarkable composure from the 21-year-old.

  106. Commentary  

    From Alec, London, TMS inbox: "I have read every word for every Test and now plan to read every word of every Twenty20 and one-dayer...more words than War & Peace I reckon."

  107. SMS  

    From Will, London: "Massive respect to Warney for trying to get the charity game going, and also to yourself for that excellent use of the word 'Wang'. One of the greatest and most versatile verbs around today. 10/10."

  108. Commentary  

    Victorious England captain Paul Collingwood: "I thought we tried very hard to lose it at the end, but Woakesy has a cool head on his shoulders. I was happy with the intent of the batamen, it turned out to be a great game. We're deligthed with the record and we want to continue to add to that with the next match (in Melbourne)."

  109. 1206 Commentary  

    Rather aptly, Mark Ronson and the Business Intl's Bang Bang Bang blares out across the Adelaide Oval.\u00a0 Five more bangs and it pretty much describes England's form in the short-form right now.\u00a0 I'm a big fan of this indie disco/cricket melange, long may it continue.\u00a0 You can read about England's exploits\u00a0in Adelaide as\u00a0Oliver Brett's report is ready for your consumption.\u00a0

  110. 1208 Commentary  

    Right, time for me to bid you adieu. Once again thank you for all your contributions, enthusiasm and stories about Bracknell (the majority of which could not be published for probable libel reasons).\u00a0Join Oliver Brett for Friday's second Twenty20 bish-bash-bosh in Melbourne. Byeeeee!\u00a0

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by 1 wicket
  • Australia: 157-4 (20.0 overs)
  • England: 158-9 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 9 158
Bell c Smith b Johnson 27
Davies c White b Lee 4
Pietersen c Hussey b O'Keefe 25
Collingwood c Paine b Hussey 16
Morgan c Hussey b Watson 43
Wright lbw b Tait 0
Bresnan c Lee b Watson 11
Yardy c Paine b Watson 0
Woakes not out 19
Swann b Watson 6
Shahzad not out 0
Extras 2w 5lb 7

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