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Ashes live - Australia v England, fifth Test day three

  1. 2230 Commentary  

    Evening all, or whatever it may be in your part of the world. Huge session this - England resuming on 167-3, 113 behind,\u00a0they\u00a0could do with Jimmy Anderson sticking around for a while and Alastair Cook sticking around for some time.\u00a0It's Jane McGrath Day at the SCG, in aid of the McGrath\u00a0Foundation, so expect to see lots of people decked out in pink. Rumour has it Warne's gonna\u00a0be wearing a pink suit - he's basically turning into\u00a0Sir Les Patterson.

  2. 2243 Commentary  

    How's the old New Year's resolutions going? I'm still smoking and boozing, then again I never said I'd stop.

  3. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "G'day all. Everyone pretty in pink at SCG. Hanging on to voice - just. Big day on the field and @theashes appearing at tea!"

  4. Commentary  

    Gary Jones, not in Sydney, in the TMS inbox: "Seats 1 and 2, Row T, section BAY310 (Milo Gold Stand) will be empty at the SCG today. God, BAA and Qantas caused my flights to be cancelled before Xmas and I couldn't get over there. And a muppetesque ticketing agency would not allow me to pick up or transfer my tickets without being there so I couldn't even give the blinking things away! The whole thing is a tragedy of Greco-Roman proportions. So if anyone is at the SCG you are free to sit in these seats if they are better than your own - let me know what the view is like and have a lovely time..."

  5. 2248 Commentary  

    An exclusive interview with the former fattest man in the world in The Sun today. My favourite quote? "You can't have treats." Well, I can pal, I'm not 70st. They need to waft some Olbas Oil through the TMS commentary box, Aggers and Vaughany sound seriously bunged up, which I have to say has given me a little lift...

  6. 2252 Commentary  

    Play under way at 2300 GMT - in golf terms, it's moving day today. Who'll be dropping through the field like a stone, who'll be moving up on the rails? Who knows, or dares to dream?

  7. 2259 Commentary  

    Both England and Australia's players took to the field today with pink caps which were handed to Glenn McGrath at the bottom of the stairs to be auctioned off later. Pink everywhwere in fact at the SCG, it's a cricket ground as designed by Jordan. Hilfenhaus with the first over of the day...

  8. 2302 Commentary Eng 168-3  

    Nightwatchman Jimmy Anderson is on strike and he plays the first few balls well, standing on tip-toes to get above a short one before dropping his hands on another. Bit of in-swing to the left-handed Anderson and there's a strangled lbw appeal - still no reviews though, that was hooping down leg.

  9. Twitter  

    Darrell Reynolds: "I'm wearing my girlfriend's pink frillies in support of Jane M, come on England!"

  10. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at the SCG
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at the SCG  

    On Twitter: "Touch cloudy overhead, & this feels like big session - with extra half-hour, England could be level at lunch. Or teetering. No picnic, this."

  11. 2306 Commentary Eng 170-3  

    Siddle to continue to Cook and there are the first runs of the day, Cook moving to 64 with a flip off his pads. Could be a big day for Bell - he's looked in serious nick all series without having to score serious runs, today could be the day his cup runneth over...

  12. Commentary  

    Catherine, Dorset, in the TMS inbox: "Evening boys. My new year's resolutions to keep drinking and smoking also going strong, have taken the week off to listen to the Ashes. Drink, check. Fag, check. TMS, check. Bring it on. Check."

  13. 2311 Commentary Eng 170-3  

    Hilfenhaus still getting the ball to arc back in to the left-handed Anderson but Jimmy's all over it at the moment, getting his nose right over the ball. Eddie Hemmings and Harold Larwood both scored 90s for England as nightwatchmen at Sydney - surely not? Cloudy again at the SCG, and they were expecting a bit of sun today.

  14. 2315 Commentary Eng 176-3  

    Anderson has been nightwatchman 14 times for England and survived overnight all 14 times. His average as a nightwatchman is 14, compared to 10 at other times. Cook works Siddle through square-leg for one, Anderson adds a single, before Siddle gets one to rise on Cook, but he plays it well. Gimmes for Cook, leg-side and Cook tickles it to the long-leg fence.

  15. Commentary  

    Rachel in the TMS inbox: "Good evening Ben, I hope you're well. Although I am clearly heartbroken by the discovery of Paul in Lancs' wife, you can let the respondents know that although houses in luxurious settings may swing the final selection I would indeed need better than a 'passable knowledge of cricket'. So Ant in Maidstone is thus far leading the bids."

  16. Twitter  

    Cricket Australia's Peter Young: "Keith Miller's son Denis, named in honour of Keith's mate, Denis Compton, will present Compton Miller Medal to player of series at match end."

  17. 2319 Commentary Eng 181-3  

    Glorious! Anderson punches Hilfenhaus through the covers for four. Vic Marks on TMS reckons that was Gower-esque - having seen highlights of Gower's ton at the SCG in 1991 yesterday, that's like saying that bloke off the Go Compare ads is a bit like Placido Domingo. Good shot though, and he picks up one more with a flick off his pads.

  18. WICKET Anderson b Siddle 7 (Eng 181-4)  

    Jimmy's gone - Siddle's first wicket of the match, pitching on middle, darting right and taking out off-stump, far too good for Anderson.

  19. 2323 Commentary Eng 183-4  

    "We could be watching Collingwood's last Test innings," says Vic Marks on TMS, and there are plenty who think we should have already seen it. Can the Durham nugget prove them all wrong? Three slips, a gully and a short-leg in and he safely negotiates his first delivery. Only 70 runs in the series for Colly at an average of 14... off the mark with a skewed drive through point for two...

  20. 2328 Commentary Eng 186-4  

    Too straight from Hilfenhaus and Cook works him through mid-wicket for three, he'll be on strike at the start of the next over...

  21. Twitter  

    The Daily Telegraph's Nick Hoult: "Colly just has to play some shots. it is what he did at Edgbaston in 2008 when he last batted to save his career."

    Collingwood hit 135 in England's second innings on that occasion, though the Test was ultimately lost, to South Africa.

  22. 2330 Commentary Eng 186-4  

    Siddle losing his line to Cook, that balls straying miles down leg. No sign of Johnson yet this morning, and he looked to be slipping into some sort of groove last night. Slower delivery from Siddle and Cook drops his bat on it, that's a maiden over - 19 runs in half an hour so far this morning...

  23. SMS  

    From Adrian, London: "Colly to score a ton, then get himself out by brilliantly diving off the crease to the boundary in one leap, taking his own six one-handed in his fingertips. C'mon my son!"

  24. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Yesterday Australia bowled round the wicket at Alastair Cook and Andrew Stauss to cause them problems. This morning they have bowled over the wicket to Cook, exactly what he's comfortable with. The thought process around this whole Australia side has been so poor."

  25. 2334 Commentary Eng 189-4  

    Collingwood very nearly misses a straight one from Hilfenhaus, arms go up behind the stumps, but he got bat on it. Every ball's a hand grenade at the moment for Collingwood, and he's beaten all ends up by the next delivery, but that's better, Colly easing through the covers for a few.

  26. Commentary  

    Tom in the TMS inbox: "And so the Ben Dirs Ellipsis Game marches into night three! New rule - every time Ben refers to a cricketer by his nickname as if he is a close buddy the next ellipsis forfeit is DOUBLED! Will share merch rights if asked."

  27. 2340 Commentary Eng 195-4  

    Mitchell Johnson into the attack, and which Mitchell will it be today? Ricky Ponting once famously accused Johnson of looking like Tarzan and bowling like Jane. At times during this series he's bowled more like Cheeta. Colly plays a jerky old shot to a rising delivery, fending round the corner off his gloves, before Cook climbs into a wide one, fizzing through the covers for four - the Essex opener now has the seventh best aggregate for an England batsman in an Ashes series.

  28. 2344 - Eng 197-4 Commentary  

    Hilfenhaus gets another one to hoop back into Cook and the batsman is sawn in two. The Aussie seamers still not mixing up the angles against Cook, despite his 650 runs, surely they should be thinking about attacking Cook from around the wicket? A statue of Steve Waugh unveiled today at the SCG, which would be tremendous, if it didn't look a bit like Stan Laurel. Must arouse very mixed feelings, having a statue unveiled of you that doesn't look anything like you...

  29. Twitter  

    chizzleface: "It's a pity someone didn't think to sneak a red sock into the wash with the whites of both teams :(."

  30. 2349 Commentary Eng 205-4  

    Collingwood pushes Johnson through mid-off for one before Cook picks up a bonus four courtesy of an edge that runs between the slips and gully. Two more for Cook with an uppish whip through mid-wicket before the prolific England opener, incontinent with runs this series, pulls Johnson for a single through backward square.

  31. Commentary  

    Ryan, Pimlico, in the TMS inbox: "Re: The 'Ben Dirs Ellipsis Game' - we play a version of the Boycott drinking game adapted for Mr Dirs. My 'down in one' word this evening is marmalise, so I'm not liking my chances..."

  32. 2354 Commentary Eng 207-4  

    Watson, the old shire horse, into the attack and he's making the ball sing immediately. Cook tickles him down leg for one before Colly clips through square-leg for a single of his own. EDGE! Cook only getting half-forward but the ball bouncing a couple of inches in front of Clarke at second slip. That's drinks...

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "Justin Langer was telling me that the problem with Australian cricket is that we haven't got any really\u00a0tall fast bowlers that can do what Chris Tremlett does, although Peter George from South Australia is quite tall."

  34. Commentary  

    Swords, Melksham, in the TMS inbox: "Re Ryan, Pimlico (see below) - it could be worse, Colly's in, and you could have 'nugget'..."

  35. Commentary  

    Lynda in the TMS inbox: "I am celebrating my birthday in New Zealand with my adorable\u00a0three-month-old grandson Ollie and closely following your commentary online - what a lovely way to celebrate a birthday!"

  36. 0000 Commentary Eng 209-4  

    Too straight from Johnson and Collingwood marmalises through square-leg for a couple, he's now in double figures. Colly gets right behind the next delivery, marmalising the ball back to the bowler with a forward-defensive, before lunging forward and marmalising into the covers for no run. Colly leaves the final ball of the over - a man in better nick might have marmalised that to the cover boundary............

  37. 0005 Commentary Eng 212-4  

    Cook has now overtaken Hobbs and Boycott as high England scorers in Ashes series - ahead of him now are Gooch (673), Gower (732), Sutcliffe (734) and Hammond (905). Now, that's what you call illustrious. He moves to 90 with a cut for three, homing in on his third ton of the series. Short from Watson and Colly looks to fetch him from outside off, but doesn't quite time it.

  38. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Rachel (see below), you are quite right to eschew the scale of a gentleman's property as something worthy of consideration, but a passing knowledge of the virtues and ethics of cricket is not in itself sufficient reason to bestow your beatitudes on a man; any suitor worth his salt should also be able to demonstrate that they are of sufficient means to buy you loads and loads of lager, or whatever your favourite tipple is."

  39. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Michael Slater in pink, and scorer Andrew in pink."

  40. 0009 THE SUN IS OUT Eng 217-4  

    Johnson strays onto Cook's pads and is turned away for a couple before Cook swats a wide one into the covers for a few - slow, furry outfield at the SCG. It's Beer o'clock...


    Left-arm spinner Beer drops short and is cut away for a couple... two more for Cook with a work to mid-wicket, he's now 99... GONE NEXT BALL! Cook flipping straight to the man at short-leg! No, it's going upstairs...

  42. NOT OUT  

    NOT OUT! And rightly so, that bounced into Phil Hughes's hands at short-leg. Naughty, very naughty, and replays show wicketkeeper Haddin knew that wasn't out in the first place...

  43. 0018 Commentary Eng 221-4  

    You have to feel sorry for Beer, but both not out decisions have been correct. The Aussie fans may well boo, but it's Hughes who was the villain in that piece. Watson straight and full to Collingwood and the Durham man is looking like an lbw candidate at the moment, maiden over.

  44. SMS  

    From Charlie, Scotland: "Bet the England selectors are proudly watching this series after having their faith in Cook more than repaid. Just hope that Colly can now follow suit."

  45. Commentary  

    "Shall we let the Aussies have one-hand one-bounce?" emails Lawrence in Putney, as Cook nibbles into the leg-side to move to his 16th Test ton and his third of the series. Big Up the Essex Exocet - Cook's Ashes?

  46. 0203 Commentary Eng 225-4  

    That ton took 202 balls and including nine boundaries, and as an aside he has now passed his mentor Graham Gooch in terms of most runs in an Ashes series. That's a disgusting shot by Collingwood, looking to hoick a ball from just outside off and almost losing his off-peg...

  47. Commentary  

    From James_Heneghan_: "Maybe we should give the Aussies one hand one bounce because we're sooo much better than them?"

  48. Commentary  

    Leo, Hants, in the TMS inbox: "'If you find yourself alone in green fields, with the sun on your back, do not be afraid. For you are in Elysium. And you are already dead." Remember it Colly. You can triumph. With or without a horse."

  49. Commentary  

    Craig in the TMS inbox: "I wonder if Michael Beer is the first person to celebrate his second Test wicket before he's even got his first?"

  50. WICKET Collingwood c Hilfenhaus b Beer 13 (Eng 226-5)  

    Six dots from Watson... here's Beer, who could have two Test wickets but has none instead... STRIKE THAT! Rancid shot by Collingwood, advancing down the track, looking to heave over the top and holing out to the man at mid-on.

  51. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "The thinking behind Collingwood's shot shows his mind is scrambled. He is not usually a high left elbow player; he normally plays bottom-handed shots. It was obviously getting to him that he wasn't getting runs easily, but he gave it away, it was a gimme wicket, he took a chance."

  52. 0037 Commentary Eng 227-5  

    That really was a pig of a shot from Colly - if he wasn't in Elysium before, I suspect he's just been sent tumbling down there. And he'd deserve it - however poor he's been this series, he's played some truly heroic innings in the past. Bell is the new man at the crease, but it's Cook on strike, fending off some floaty in-duckers from Watson. Peach from Watson, Cook scythed in two, not sure how that missed.

  53. Commentary  

    Paddy in Bristol in the TMS inbox: "That innings was like watching a car crash in super slo-mo. He's been a terrific servant for English cricket but it is time for ginger one to toddle off to limited overs retirement. Thank you Colly - now bring on the Irish."

  54. 0044 Commentary Eng 232-5  

    Short from Beer and Bell has time to spread the legs and slap him into the covers for one. Three close catchers in for Cook... iffy from Cook, who has momentarily lost it, like a radio whose aerial has been jogged, flicking uppishly to mid-wicket for a couple. Sir Boycs has entered the building - 'uncovered pitches' means half a bottle of Cinzano... we are the Draught Beer Preservation Society, God save Mrs Mopp and good old Mother Riley...

  55. 0047 Commentary Eng 232-5  

    Lunch will be at 0130 GMT, here's Watson to continue to Bell - six dots, Bell looking snug...

  56. Commentary  

    Lisa, Watford, in the TMS inbox: "To make matters worse, a number of the Aussies refused to applaud Cook's ton - shame to see such unsporting behaviour but boy does it illustrate how far Cook has got under their skins!"

  57. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "If Alastair Cook can pass Wally Hammond's record of 905 runs in an Ashes series, I think England might win. Come on Alastair, come on."

    Cook currently has 682 runs in this series

  58. 0051 Commentary Eng 234-5  

    Cook has now batted for 2,000 minutes in this series, which is just six minutes short of the England record held by John Edrich, set in the 1970-71 series. Bit of turn for Beer, which will encourage Swanny up in the England dressing room, Cook shovels through mid-wicket for one, Bell adds a single. Seven overs until the new ball.

  59. 0054 Commentary Eng 239-5  

    Bell turns off his pads for one, that's the first run from this Watson spell. Bumper from Watson and it's called a wide. Watson with a spot of in-duck and it very nearly gets through Cook's defences, before the Essex man plays an educated edge down to third-man for three.

  60. 0059 Commentary Eng 243-5  

    "Bowling Beery," chirps Haddin behind the timbers, as the left-arm tweaker gives it some air. That's a doozy of a stroke from Cook, bending the front knee and lacing through the covers for four.

  61. 0103 Commentary Eng 243-5  

    Siddle back into the attack and he serves up a rare yorker which Bell manages to keep out. Bell looking pretty well oiled at the moment, almost dripping into each stroke... crackerjack straight drive, but it's cut off by Johnson

  62. Commentary  

    Tom in Swindon in the TMS inbox: "If, as seems likely, Colly is put out to pasture, I think Hildreth deserves a chance. Classic Test middle order bat in the making. Can score fast or slow, difficult to dislodge and has scored a hatful for Somerset in the past couple of seasons, despite Taunton being much less of a batting paradise these days."

  63. 0108 Commentary Eng 251-5  

    Beer extracting some turn, but it's slow turn, and Cook watches that and nurdles him down to fine-leg for a couple. Lip-smacking stroke to follow, a free-flowing cover-drive for four. This former largest bloke in the world I was talking about earlier, he used to eat 40 bags of crisps and 40 chocolate bars a day - as an afternoon snack! Dunno why, but I was giggling all the way in after reading that.

  64. 0112 Commentary Eng 254-5  

    Bell playing some gorgeous strokes but has been unable to threadle the field so far. He's beaten by a ball that jags back from Siddle, but does get a square-drive through from the next delivery for a couple of runs. Many thanks to Aaron Wood for tweeting to remind me that today is the 17th anniversary of the death of great TMS commentator Brian Johnston.

  65. 0118 Commentary Eng 259-5  

    Maiden over from Beer, Bell not taking any liberties with the inexperienced tweaker. As it stands, Cook has the highest average of any batsman in an Ashes series (many thanks, Niblett79 on Twitter) - 139.40, next to Bradman's 139.14 from the 1930 series. Simon Hughes doing his nut on TMS about the Aussie seamers' lack of imagination and inability to think for themselves - they're still not coming around the wicket to Cook, not sure why. Bell offered width by Siddle and Bell carves him away for four. New ball due...

  66. Commentary  

    James in Melbourne in the TMS inbox: "Re: Tom in Swindon's comment about Hildreth, What about Adam Lyth of Yorkshire? Bats high up and was the leading scorer in the County Championship in 2010. He's a good, solid batsman capable of make runs and turning 50s into 100s. And let's face it, Headingley is no batters' wicket, so surely this earns him bonus points?"

  67. SMS  

    Daniel: "I recently served the world's fattest man, Mr Mason, at his local Sainsbury's. The closest you can get to a brush with fame in Ipswich."

  68. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "A stunning haul of 700 runs in the series for Cook, who the Australians had felt was England's weakest link in the top six going into the series. By bowling full outside off stump, they thought they could get him in trouble. But Cook has left the ball brilliantly, has developed a cover-drive which he rarely used before, and when the Aussies have dropped short his cutting has been consummate."

  69. 0123 Commentary Eng 267-5  

    Here's Hilfenhaus with the new cherry and his first ball is glided down to third-man for a couple. Cook drives for two more and follows up with a creamy guide through the covers for four. Not good from Hilfenhaus, he's been about as penetrative as a balloon this series.

  70. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "During the\u00a0lunch interval we are going to focus on the county game after last year's thriling climax to the Championship season."

  71. 0127 Commentary Eng 274-5  

    Siddle has two slips in for Bell, as I hear Cook is now guaranteed to average 100 this series, even if he gets a blob in the second innings. That's liquid cricket from Bell, just leaning on that ball from Siddle and watching the ball race through the covers for four. That really is top shelf from Bell, I'm not ashamed to say I made a rather erotic sound as he unfurled that one, a doozy of an off-drive for two. One more over before lunch, and it's Johnson to bowl it...

  72. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If England don't win this series 3-1 it will be a travesty. They have been so dominant in every facet of the game."

  73. 0132 INTERVAL LUNCH - Eng 277-5  

    Hilfenhaus was poor with the new ball, but he's been replaced by a man who could be even poorer - Johnson's first delivery is a wide, miles outside Bell's off-stump. Bell tucks off his hip to bring up the fifty partnership before Cook drops into the off-side and scampers one - could have been a run-out, but Johnson's throw on the turn just missed. Pretty insipid stuff from Mitchell, and that's luncheon - STOP EMAILING FOR 40 MINUTES! England will dine just three runs behind the Aussies, you have to say that was England's session.

  74. Commentary  

    Rachel in the TMS inbox: "Paul is quite right that quality must not be overlooked. So I'm looking for a man who is witty (compulsory), well-versed in cricket (compulsory) and able to furnish me with much alcohol (compulsory) while luxurious exotic residencies are an optional extra. Any takers?"

  75. Commentary  

    Leigh Matthews, Cardiff, in the TMS inbox: "To Rachel -\u00a0I played cricket for Berkshire. I've been to two Ashes series in Australia. I own a nightclub in Cardiff and my old man owns two bars on a beach in Thailand which I visit\u00a0three times a year. Will that do ya?"

  76. 0211 Commentary  

    Players are out, play any time now. I have to say, I admire the bravery of all these blokes emailing, texting and tweeting in offering their hands to Rachel - as a man who's dabbled in internet dating, I can say with some confidence it's a very dangerous game even when you've got pictures of a prospective date. Flying blindfold is borderline madness.

  77. 0215 Commentary Eng 277-5  

    It's Peter Siddle to continue, as Moray Nairn emails in to point out that Australia have not effected a single run-out this series. Nice work, Moray. Cook watchful, that's a maiden.

  78. Commentary  

    Geoffrey in the TMS inbox: "If a man speaks in the forest and there are no women around to hear is he still wrong?"

  79. 0219 Commentary Eng 283-5  

    It's Hilfenhaus to continue, and he's really found things tough going this series - five wickets from four Tests at an average of 73.6, and Bell raises that a smidgeon with a peachy clip through mid-wicket for four.

  80. 0225 Commentary Eng 292-5  

    Bell nips off his pads for a couple, this lad really is smoother than a cashmere codpiece when he's in full flow. Bell moves to 29 with another flip through mid-wicket before Cook deflects Siddle into to leg-side for one more. Oh yes, that was sweet from Bell, standing tall and twirling through point for four more. I made that noise then that bed-ridden men in Carry On films make when a nurse bends down in front of them.

  81. 0228 Commentary Eng 295-5  

    Hilfenhaus still and he's switched to around the wicket to Cook, who eases him off his pads for a couple. One more for Cook and that's the over... England lead by 15...

  82. 0233 Commentary Eng 296-5  

    A real buzz every time Johnson is lobbed the ball and he has this amazing knack of puncturing the excitement, his first ball is miles outside off. Too straight and Cook works him into the leg-side for a single. Going back to a comment I made earlier today, Mitchell's in Cheeta mode so far today...

  83. 0237 Commentary Eng 296-5  

    "One of the most overrated things is the second new ball," says Michael Slater on TMS. What about Nando's? Watson into the attack, Smith posted at short mid-off. Some discussion as to when Smith might have a bowl - he is, after all, batting below the wicketkeeper. Not much happening in that over, a rock-solid maiden.

  84. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "For those of you waiting for news of the first women's one-day international between Australia and England in Perth, the Waca's official Twitter reveals that\u00a0the scheduled start (0200 GMT)\u00a0has been delayed by rain. We'll keep you posted."

  85. Commentary  

    Anon in the TMS inbox: "I once served Bruce Forsyth breakfast in bed in 1977 in Ipswich when I was a waiter at the Belstead Brook Hotel. My mum tells me he\u2019s still alive."

  86. 0242 Commentary Eng 303-5  

    Poor from Johnson - short, wide and Cook piles into that, thrashing the ball through backward-point for four to bring up the England 300. Strains of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart from the Barmy Army trumpeter. Someone wants to ask him if he's got the sheet music to Atrocity Exhibition by the same band, in honour of Johnson's bowling display today... I've used that before but I'm not sure anyone was reading... You'll see the horrors of a faraway place, see mass murder on a scale you've never seen... golly that band were fun...

  87. 0245 Commentary Eng 303-5  

    The partnership now 77 from 135 balls and Cook and Bell are looking serene. Watson with another tight over, but Australia need more than tight, they need nice and tight with a slash down the side...

  88. 0249 Commentary Eng 311-5  

    Pour that stroke into a PVC dress and give it a gentle slap on the backside, that is a peach - too straight from Johnson and Cook eases him through mid-wicket for four. AND THERE'S COOK'S 150! Short from Mitchell and Cook pulls him away for two, that's his fourth score of above 150 in Tests and he's now up to 727 for the series.

  89. SMS  

    From Dean in Kent:\u00a0"I find the inclusion of Smith a poor decision. Clarke can be a second spinner, and they have\u00a0four seamers, a specialist batsman at number\u00a0six would have been a much better option."

  90. 0255 Commentary Eng 315-5  

    Clarke changes the barrels again, Beer's back on. Bell eases him into the covers for one. Short-leg and a backward short-leg in for the left-handed Cook, who turns off his pads for a couple before pushing into the covers for one more. Cook has now batted for the third-highest amount of time by anyone in any Test series - Mark Taylor batted for 2,283 minutes in the 1989 Ashes series (which\u00a0featured six Tests rather than five).

  91. 0302 Commentary Eng 323-5  

    Cook creams Watson through the covers for three, this really is an armchair ride for the Essex opener, but one of those armchairs with a lever that makes it recline. Beer to continue and Bell gets a slice of luck, cutting and top-edging wide of Clarke at slip and the ball running away for four. Cook has now passed David Gower's tally of 732 runs in the 1985 Ashes series, and that was a six-match series...

  92. 0305 Commentary Eng 327-5  

    Watson short and wide and that's the hundred partnership courtesy of a murderous square-cut. Who was the last man to score two double-tons in an Ashes series? I've got my best men on it.

  93. Commentary  

    Ed in Brisbane in the TMS inbox: "Here's a thought Ben, assuming all the players get the same match fees, Alastair Cook's will work out as a pretty poor hourly rate for his batting. \u00a35000 a Test works out at about \u00a3714 an hour for his time at the crease. Michael Clarke would be on about \u00a37500 an hour - where's the justice?!"

  94. 0310 DRINKS BREAK Eng 329-5  

    That's like honey dripping off the back of a spoon from Bell, a sweet back-cut for a couple. Cook has now passed Sutcliffe's 734 runs, he's now fifth on England's overall list for series against any country. Drinks, and there's no dignity in that drinks cart...

  95. Twitter  

    From AfterGrogBlog: "Cook's monumental mountain of runs in this series is representative of the dreadful state of Test cricket."

  96. Commentary  

    Richard in Camberley in the TMS inbox: "Let's face it Ben, do you think men watching cricket on a website at 3.12am on a Wednesday morning in January are really that fussy?"

  97. Commentary  

    Ian, Hong Kong, in the TMS inbox: "If Alastair Cook were a wrestler, he'd be on the top rope, hands above his head, clapping and shouting 'Easy - Easy - Easy - Easy!'"

  98. 0315 Commentary  

    Ben Dirs taking a blow, here's Ollie Brett for a few overs...\u00a0

  99. 0317 Commentary Eng 334-5  

    A wide from Siddle, miles above Cook's head. Goodness that was almost an APPEAL FOR A WICKET, as another bouncer is taken by Haddin after Cook swipes at thin air. Not even a murmur of swing or seam at the moment and Cook goes on like Old Man River, clipping down to fine leg for a couple.

  100. 0321 Commentary Eng 338-5  

    I know it's already been mentioned but why hasn't Steve Smith bowled? He bats, if you can call it that, at seven - but doesn't get a bowl in 99 overs of Australian toil. Beer continues, a couple for Bell, single for Cook. One-sided in extremis.

  101. Commentary  

    From Paul Howarth, TMS inbox: "Re: last Eng player to score two double hundreds in an Ashes series: Wally Hammond in 1928/9?"

    In fact, he\u00a0is the only England player to do so in the same Ashes series - he scored 251 at Sydney and 200 at Melbourne.

  102. 0326 Commentary Eng 339-5  

    Cameras pan away to the Australian WAGs, all oversize sunglasses and strappy tops. Jessica Bratich, Mitchell Johnson's other half and a karate expert, gets the most lens love. Crunching pull from Bell off Siddle, almost demolished Hughes at short-leg well fielded by Watson behind him.

  103. 0329 Commentary Eng 344-5  

    Alastair Cook brings up his 1,000th run on tour with a rasping square-cut off Beer for four to move to 170. He flies home to Essex after this match, not wanted for the Twenty20s or the ODIs. Funny that, dontcha think?

  104. Commentary  

    Eddie Burton, TMS inbox: "Should she give Mitchell the chop after today\u2019s showing?"

  105. SMS  

    From James in Hants: "I think Steve Smith is so innocuous, Clarke has simply forgotten he even exists! Clarke is too busy mucking about & laughing! Spare a thought for Nathan Hauritz - the forgotten man, he must be steaming!"

  106. 0333 Commentary Eng 346-5  

    Oh look: here's Smith at last. Loopy leg-spin, pre-meditated sweep from Bell, singles here, singles there. Facile really.

  107. 0336 Commentary Eng 348-5  

    Bell pushes a single to mid-on off Beer. Spin at both ends now, but Laker and Lock it isn't.

  108. 0339 Commentary Eng 353-5  

    Bell comes down the track, hitting him firmly over mid-off for four reach his half-century. The Barmy Army are going the colour of rare fillet steak in this Sydney sun, but they are enjoying themselves royally.

  109. 0342 Commentary Eng 354-5  

    Cook is 24 runs away from his double ton as he nabs another single off Beer. I wonder what this pummelling is doing to Australia's bid of defending the World Cup in a few weeks' time.

  110. 0345 Commentary Eng 355-5  

    I have just glanced at an e-mail that depresses me so much I can barely explain it. Someone is suggesting match fixing because the Test matches have been so one-sided in this series. OK. Cook walks a single with a drive into the covers and pinches the strike.

  111. 0348 Commentary Eng 358-5  

    Cook, still concentrating like a hawk, has now racked up the second biggest aggregate by any Englishman in any Test series. Only Wally Hammond (905) to beat. Among those he has surpassed are Gooch in 1990, remember that. He got about 500 in one Test.

  112. 0351 Commentary Eng 362-5  

    Bell fancies the bowling of Smith like teenagers in the 1990s fancied Pamela Anderson. Skipping down the track again, salivating, he can't quite club him for the boundary he wants.

  113. 0355 Commentary Eng 366-5  

    The spin-at-both-ends tactic having proved about as successful as the Monster Raving Loony Party, Clarke goes back to Hilfenhaus, not that the big Tasmanian is showing great enthusiasm for bowling at present. I'll be honest, if I was an Australian fan paying to watch this, I would have harrumphed loudly by now and headed for the exits. Bell cuts for four - sweet strike.

  114. 0358 Commentary Eng 371-5  

    This will be my last over of commentary before I hand back to the eminently more funny Ben Dirs. I feel a bit like Ernie Wise. Horrid full toss from Smith, Bell could have hit that anywhere he wanted, and picked cow corner. Four runs. Ooh, a good ball for a change, thick edge falling short and wide of slip.

  115. 0400 Commentary  

    Many thanks Ollie Brett, Ben Dirs back in the seat after his blow... Remember that American lass who goes by the name of '@theashes' on Twitter and complained she's "not a freaking cricket match" after being inundated with tweets? Well, she's in Sydney and will be on TMS at tea. One minute she's minding her own business in Massachusetts, the next she's chatting to Aggers about cricket at the SCG. I might change my Twitter name to @Stringfellows.

  116. Commentary  

    Andy, NZ, TMS inbox: "None of that please - the Monster Raving Loonies were very successful in Devon at least when I was there, with the Ashburton town mayor being elected on their ticket! He used to look and dress like Boss Hogg."

  117. 0403 Commentary Eng 374-5  

    Hilfenhaus around the wicket to Cook and he's rolled away through square-leg for one. Hilfenhaus staying around the wicket to the right-handed Bell and he's paddled round the corner for one more. A few emails in asking when England should declare - my answer to that would emphatically be 'never'. Cook nibbles to mid-wicket for a single, the lead now six short of 100.

  118. Commentary  

    Peter, Norway, in the TMS inbox: "I reckon this is the worst Oz team I've seen in my lifetime, and I'm 71!"

  119. 0407 Commentary Eng 376-5  

    Some mirth among the Barmy Army as Mike Hussey is wheeled into the attack - "milk float bowling" says Simon Hughes on TMS, and that just about sums it up. Cook nurdles into the leg side for one before Bell stands tall and paddles for one of his own.

  120. 0411 - Eng 378-5 INTERVAL  

    Stew emails in to ask Peter from Norway - is this the best England team you've seen? Peter, we younguns are genuflecting before your bountiful experience. Two singles from Hilfenhaus's final over before tea, and England-wise, sessions don't come more satisfactory than that - Cook 188, Bell 62, the Aussies are taking a shellacking...\u00a0

  121. Commentary  

    Patrick in the TMS inbox: "Spent supposedly the best years of my life (the school holidays) watching Steve Waugh et al thrash England. Well now the boot's on the other foot and I love it!"

  122. Commentary  

    Rory in Vietnam in the TMS inbox: "To Peter from Norway, you\u2019re the oldest guy I know who can email. Good on ya!"

  123. 0415 Commentary  

    "I bet you can't even believe you're here," says Aggers to @theashes, "in fact I bet you don't even know what it is..."

  124. Commentary  

    Andrew in the TMS inbox: "People are suggesting a declaration? Only a lunatic would declare. This is foot on the throat time. Come on England!"

  125. Commentary  

    Andy B, Coventry, in the TMS inbox: "It's quite clear to me that all Australia need to do is to send a cyborg killing machine back in time to bump off Alastair Cook's mother, thus ensuring that Cookie was never born. Probably not in the spirit of the game though."

  126. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "After a two-hour rain delay, they're finally under way in Perth, in the first women's one-day international between Australia and England at the Waca. Australia - who call themselves the 'Southern Stars' - won the toss and are batting."

    Women's ODI: England v Australia scorecard (external site)

  127. Commentary  

    Richard, Hollywood, in the TMS inbox: "Re: Rory in Vietnam. My mum turned 80 last year and she can email - it may be completely bereft of punctuation, usually in block capitals and completely incomprehensible, but it's still email and besides, that's just how she talks - after lunch..."

  128. Commentary  

    John in Mexico in the TMS inbox: "Re Rory: I am 77 and can email. My cricket heroes are Peter May and Colin Cowdrey. Get with it, kid."

  129. 0430 Commentary  

    We're back under way after tea, it's Shane Watson to continue and Cook on strike. Bat until close and England should have a healthy 200+ lead...

  130. 0433 Commentary Eng 380-5  

    Laurie in Tonbridge emails in to point out what a delightful girl @theashes was, and I wholeheartedly agree, she seemed like a lovely lady. A couple of singles from Watson's over - he's been economical, 15 overs for 28 runs, but there really hasn't been much menace.

  131. 0438 Commentary Eng 380-5  

    Rory (see below), you are getting buried by Silver Surfers in my inbox, they are mugging you right off sunshine. That's a maiden over from Hilfenhaus, if he was a horse he would have been back in his stable and nibbling on sugar cubes by now.

  132. WICKET Cook c Hussey b Watson 189 (Eng 380-6)  

    Cook's gone! He drives and squirts to Hussey in the gully, that was a neat catch diving low to his right...

  133. 0443 Commentary Eng 380-6  

    Cook's innings lasted 342 balls and included 16 fours - he has now batted for 36 hours and 11 minutes in this series. "Lovely," purrs Sir Boycs. Wicketkeeper Prior is next up the ramp and he sees out the rest of Watson's over.

  134. 0445 Commentary Eng 384-6  

    Hilfenhaus locates the edge of Bell's bat but the ball flies past slip and away for four. Bell doesn't offer any more chances, he's all tucked in for his first Ashes ton.


    Prior off the mark with a clip off his pads for one. Bell's so comfortable out there he's now concentrating on aesthetics - he's just asked Umpire Bowden to trim some loose thread from his shirt... we've got a review, I think Bell's nicked one...

  136. NOT OUT  

    Hotspot's showing nothing, but the reaction of Bell is surely telling - he didn't review it immediately, conferring with Prior, which suggests to me he nicked it... but it's been overturned. The expression on Bell's face says it all, guilty little boy with his hand in the cookie jar...

  137. 0454 Commentary Eng 385-6  

    Bell wears one in the orchestras from Watson's final delivery, the Aussie fans enjoyed that. Guess what? Snicko says that was a nick from Bell, shame the boys upstairs aren't furnished with that information...

  138. 0458 Commentary Eng 393-6  

    I have to say that was everything that's wrong with the review system - surely you can overrule the umpire's decision when replays show, for example, the ball taking the thigh or the sweater or whatever? Corker from Prior, slathering Hilfenhaus through the covers for four... four more, this time from an edge, the Aussies being ground slowly into the SCG turf...

  139. 0501 Commentary Eng 397-6  

    Stump mic has also picked up that nick... I'll leave it now, but if I was an Aussie I'd be very annoyed, in fact I'd be livid. Bell with two through extra-cover. One more for the Warwickshire man before Prior stands tall and drops into the covers for a single.

  140. 0506 Commentary Eng 400-6  

    The inside of Michael Clarke's mind must look like something by Hieronymus Bosch, it's fast turning into a nightmare for him out there. Johnson back on and it's short and wide and Prior pulls him away to bring up the England 400. That's a snorter from Mitchell, pitching on leg and beating Bell's outside edge.

  141. Commentary  

    Charlie in the TMS inbox: "In Abu Dhabi teaching, well actually it's a free period. Is it wrong to be mocking mercilessly young Aussie kids to the point of tears?"

  142. 0510 Commentary Eng 408-6  

    That show was so elegant from Bell it made my heart ache - cover-drive on the up and it races away for four. Two more for Bell, Hilfenhaus allowing the second because of an overthrow, and he nicks the strike with a single. Does anyone else get William G Stewart in their head when they try to imagine Bob Holness? The Barmys are running hot...

  143. Commentary  

    Ron, Florida, in the TMS inbox: "Hi you all! I am Ron and I am 89, I email, drive myself in my Jeep and I am really enjoying the cricket. I live in Florida but spent six months in Oz with the Royal Navy in 1945 and went back again in 1985 as part of a round the world vacation. I hope the lads can keep up the good work and win the series."

  144. 0516 Commentary Eng 409-6  

    Bell reaches for one and picks up a single through point, and that's the only run of the over. Another 70-80 runs and you'd have to think England are safe, if they aren't already.

  145. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Lots of anger amongst media at SCG about Bell decision, from both Australian and English. 'Total abuse of review system from Bell' says one."

    Aggers meets @theashes on the TMS Flickr photostream (external site)

  146. 0522 Commentary Eng 417-6  

    Bell moves to 80 with a typically fluent cover-drive, he's now 20 away from his first Ashes hundred. Two more for Bell with a tuck off his pads and that's terrible fielding from Siddle, a decent shy and Bell would have been out by miles. Every shot in the book from Bell, this time a dreamy looking cut for a brace. Watson looks absolutely shattered, one slight nudge and it's Jenga.

  147. 0524 Commentary Eng 421-6  

    Smith and his leggies into the attack and nothing is sticking for then Aussies - Bell advances, gives it some hammer and Smith is unable to take the sharp chance. One for Bell before Prior keeps his eyes on a floater and steers into the covers for one of his own... Bell paddles for one more...

  148. Commentary  

    Matt, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox: "Can't really blame Bell for calling for the review. A couple of hours ago Hughes would have seen Cook walking back to the Pavillion on 99 and the England fans would have been livid. Bit more honesty from each team and everybody is happy. If you know it didn't carry, don't claim a catch; if you know it took a nick, you should be walking."

  149. Commentary  

    Mark, Rochdale, in the TMS inbox: "Hey Benny Boy. Bell is a lucky boy, but how many times have we suffered headaches in the Ashes? Let's frolic and prance and pretend we are superstars! It's all ours! Take it Benny Boy! Take it and run with it!"

  150. 0530 Commentary Eng 425-6  

    Bell takes a quick single and Prior stalls, although he still would have beaten a direct throw from Khawaja. Two more singles from Johnson's over, Bell now 88.

  151. 0534 Commentary Eng 433-6  

    I knew Prior wouldn't be able to resist Smith for long - down the track he comes and he marmalises him straight for a massive six. Barmy trumpeter Billy Cooper piping out a spot of Ring of Fire now, and for the Aussies this burns, burns, burns...

  152. Commentary  

    Dave, Romania, in the TMS inbox: "Dearest Ben, Now why oh why would you be thinking of Bob Holness? Is it something to do with the fallacy that he played the sax solo on the recently departed Gerry Rafferty's trans-Atlantic smash hit Baker Street?"

  153. SMS  

    From Matt, Leicestershire: "Got no sympathy for the Aussies over the Bell decision after what Phillip Hughes did earlier."

  154. 0537 DRINKS BREAK Eng 433-6  

    Dave, Romania (see below), you know me so well... spitter from Johnson, that reared up off a length and took Bell on the gloves. The England seamers will be licking their lips at that, here's drinks...

  155. Commentary  

    Alan Chettle, Ontario, in the TMS inbox: "With the greatest amount of respect to Mark from Rochdale, I disagree that we should be pleased with Bell getting away with deception. No amount of sledging and unfair play (as we might perceive it) from the Aussies should allow us to retaliate in kind. I'd rather we won cleanly, without having to muck about with dodgy/underhand methods. I'd hazard that the Australians would rather win, or dare I say it, even lose in a similarly upfront and honest manner."

  156. 0542 Commentary Eng 437-6  

    Misfield from Watson at backward-point, it's as if he's wearing diver's boots out there, and Prior picks up an easy two. Prior drops down for a single and Bell adds a single of his own to move to 90...

  157. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "The women's ODI in Perth has passed the halfway point of Australia's innings - they're 94-2 after 27 overs. Nottinghamshire\u00a0seamer\u00a0Jenny Gunn has removed both openers, and Aussie captain Alex Blackwell is now at the crease. Rain has reduced the game to 44 overs per side."

    Women's ODI: England v Australia scorecard (external site)

  158. Commentary  

    Rob, Melbourne, in the TMS inbox: "Whilst English supporters may feel Bell\u2019s referral leaves a slightly bad taste in the mouth the Aussie press, team and supporters can have no such complaints. Ponting\u2019s instruction to his own batsmen over the years not to walk means they have forfeited any right to feel indignant about that. It is no longer a gentleman\u2019s game and the Aussies have done most to make it that way."

  159. 0547 Commentary Eng 442-6  

    Siddle back on and if Bell is getting nervous he's not showing it - that shot is impeccable, an MCC coaching manual cover-drive on the up, for runs for it.

  160. 0551 Commentary Eng 447-6  

    Bell moves to 97 with a shovel over his shoulder before Prior gives him back the strike... Bell sees out the final three balls of the over...

  161. 0554 Commentary Eng 455-6  

    Bell moves to 99 with a single off Siddle before Prior is foxed by a slow one, checking his stroke, but the ball still races to the long-off boundary for four. Elegant back-foot drive by Prior and he picks up two more... Prior pinches the bowling with a square-drive for one...

  162. 0558 THAT'S 100 Eng 458-6  

    Prior eases down the ground for a single and Bell is on strike on 99. Bell surveys the scene before settling over his bat... Smith tosses one up and Bell drives, but for no run... Bell forces into the off-side and that's his maiden Ashes ton - he's not the Sherminator any more, Warnie, your boys just got owned...

  163. 0559 Commentary Eng 463-6  

    I am pleased to report that at least Haddin and Clarke clapped that Bell ton, not sure about anyone else, the camera didn't show them. A few boos from the Aussies in the crowd, but hey, no-one in this office is crying, we grew up on a diet of Aussie beatings. That ton from Bell took 209 balls and included 11 fours, it was his 31st innings against Australia. Three more for Bell with a chop down to third-man...

  164. 0605 Commentary Eng 467-6  

    If Bell was looking lithe and loose before his ton, he's elastic fantastic now - width from Siddle and Bell laces him through the covers for four...

  165. 0606 Commentary Eng 469-6  

    Beer back on but he's not looking as frothy as he was, in fact if he was a beer he would have been sitting on a ledge in a pub car park for the last couple of hours. Prior picks him off for a couple to deep cover, I think we can safely say now that England have won this series...

  166. 0611 Commentary Eng 478-6  

    That is cheeky from Bell - short from Siddle and Bell plays what can only be described as an upper-dab for four. The lead now 194... 198, what a shot that is from Prior, the England wicketkeeper leaning back and ramping Siddle past the slips for four more...

  167. 0621 Commentary MATT PRIOR 50 - Eng 484-6  

    Maiden over from Beer... sorry about that, was staring into space for that entire over... here's your man Mitchell Johnson, and let the Barmy Army barracking begin. Not sure it was wise of Mitchell to let his distaste for the Army be known, it's a bit like Jermain Defoe complaining before a North London derby about Arsenal fans having a tendency to be beastly. What a shot that is from Prior in the fading light, lofting Johnson over cover-point for four runs, and he squeezes through backward-point for his second fifty of the series, from only 54 balls - England lead by 204.

  168. Commentary  

    Tim Haveron Jones, Marlow, in the TMS inbox: "I must admit that I am no mathematician, but I was wondering - if Michael Clarke's approval rating as skipper was 8% coming into the game, what's it like after day three? Is there such a thing as a negative percentage?"

  169. 0624 Commentary Eng 486-6  

    Just the one single from Beer's over, from the bat of Bell...

  170. SMS  

    From Rob, Wakefield: "All that fuss about moving Bell up the order to five so he could score big runs & his first Ashes hundred comes batting at seven..."

  171. BBC Sport's James Pearce
    Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Aussies in the crowd now singing along with the Barmy Army. They might as well. Their own team giving them nothing to cheer."

  172. WICKET Bell c Clarke b Johnson 115 (Aus 487-7)  

    Prior with that exaggerated glide of his down to third-man and he runs up one... Bell's gone! Fencing at a ball from Johnson and Clarke taking a low catch at first slip - he leaves the field to much applause from the Barmy Army and some boos from the Aussie contingent, about which he will not give a jot.

  173. 0630 Commentary Eng 487-7  

    By the way, that sixth-wicket partnership between Cook and Bell of 154 was a record for England at the SCG - better late than never... Timothy Bresnan is next up the ramp, can he tap some runs with the pressure off?

  174. 0633 BAD LIGHT STOPS PLAY Eng 488-7  

    Three men round the bat for Bresnan as Beer comes tip-toeing in like a butterfly with sore feet... Bresnan looks to mow him through the off-side but only succeeds in getting an inside-edge for nowt... they're going off for light, and don't be surprised if they don't come back tonight...

  175. SMS  

    Anon: "Re. Tim from Marlow, depending on the method of calculating approval its possible to have negative percentage, some systems subtract the percentage of pe ople who disapprove from those who do, so where more people disapprove than approve the rating is negative. Based on this performance Clarke will be knocking around -99%, with Michael, his mum and his dog the only votes in his favour."

  176. Twitter  

    RusticLad: "ICC investigating worrying reports of irregular betting patterns in the fifth Test at Sydney. Some people backed Australia."

  177. Commentary  

    Thom, Canberra, in the TMS inbox: "As an Aussie fan, my only consolation is that after this series there will be two trophies to play for, since we have surely watched the death of Australian cricket in this series."

  178. CLOSE OF PLAY  

    That's stumps, babies - another hell of a day for England, I think we can safely say this Ashes series has been won. Thanks for reading, thanks for the chat, that's me for this series, handing over to Mark Mitchener for the final two days.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 83 runs
  • Australia: 280 & 281 (84.4 overs)
  • England: 644 (177.5 overs)
  • Venue: Sydney

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 281
Watson run out (Pietersen) 38
Hughes c Prior b Bresnan 13
Khawaja c Prior b Anderson 21
Clarke c Prior b Anderson 41
Hussey c Pietersen b Bresnan 12
Haddin c Prior b Tremlett 30
Smith not out 54
Johnson b Tremlett 0
Siddle c Anderson b Swann 43
Hilfenhaus c Prior b Anderson 7
Beer b Tremlett 2
Extras 2nb 3w 11b 4lb 20

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