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Australia v England, 5th Test day two as it happened

  1. 2232 Commentary  

    The King of Stoke is dead, long live the King of Stoke! Congratulations Adrian Lewis, world champion of arrows! Nine-darter as well, got to love that. Meanwhile, back in the real world of sport, it's day two of the final Ashes Test and I've just had a look at the forecast - DIRTY GREAT CURRANT BUN! Get in there.

  2. 2240 Commentary  

    Right, Australia are tottering slightly on 134-4 - a couple of early wickets and they'll be in another deep hole especially if one of those wickets is Mike Hussey. Brad Haddin is the new batsman, pushed up to six ahead of Steve Smith.

  3. Twitter  

    SirDinz: "Perfect woman? Tosh! Ruth Madoc is was and always will be. Valerie Harper gets an honourable mention."

  4. 2247 Commentary  

    Swanny's latest diary is up on the ECB website - Jimmy Anderson and a mystery guest, apparently, he's actually a funny boy...

  5. Commentary  

    Guy, Tunbridge Wells, in the TMS inbox: "In order to wake up later on to check the score, I've drunk copious amounts of water to induce a bladder-related alarm."

  6. Commentary  

    Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox: "So, Ben, predictions for day two? Sitting here with a generous slurp of Highland Park, feet up, TV on and TMS at my fingertips. A sense of warm contentment spreading through my belly \u2013 or is that the whisky? Jubbly."

  7. 2255 Commentary  

    A few technical problems at our end at the moment, which is a ruddy shame, it really is.\u00a0The Ashes, however, waits for no man - play will resume in five minutes whether I've\u00a0got my metaphorical pads on and taken guard or not ...\u00a0predictions, Carole (see below)? Australia skittled\u00a0shortly after lunch, still cloudy out there...\u00a0

  8. 2303 Commentary Aus 134-4  

    Back to work tomorrow? I can feel your collective depression. Let's hope England can make that journey in a little bit more bearable (as you nuzzle someone's armpit on the Bakerloo before finally getting a seat at Oxford Circus only to discover you've sat on a blob of chewing gum)... the hulking Chris Tremlett with the first over of the day - Hussey watchful, it's a maiden...

  9. 2307 Commentary Aus 137-4  

    Jimmy Anderson to continue, and it's wicket-keeper Brad Haddin on strike. Haddin's a punchy cricketer, he's unlikely to chuck his wicket away, and he's off the mark with a clip off his pads for one. A row breaks out in the office as we discuss whether the score should go on the same line as the time, just a little reminder early in 2011 of how pathetic and insignificant my life is.

  10. Commentary  

    John Uttley, York, in the TMS inbox: "So we're having a great series but I don't think we should get ahead of ourselves, gloat or rub the Aussies' noses in it. Let's recognise that Australia are still the best in the world in many areas. When it comes to Aussie Rules Football, Ballroom Dancing Films and Transvestite Road Movies nobody else gets close to them."

  11. 2313 Commentary Aus 141-4  

    Two for Haddin with a flick to fine-leg before the Aussie gloveman picks up another one with a clip through mid-wicket. Decent end to the over from Tremlett, but no chances so far today.

  12. WICKET Haddin c Prior b Anderson 6 (Aus 143-5)  

    Haddin with a proud looking punch into the covers for\u00a0two as the sun makes its maiden appearance in this match. Anderson gets a spot\u00a0of in-duck that tucks Haddin up... and he's gone next ball! Feet staked to the turf, a wild and windy waft outside off and Prior has him on toast.\u00a0

  13. 2322 Commentary Aus 146-5  

    That really was a diabolical shot from Haddin - what did I say about him not chucking his wicket away? It's all on Hussey now - gnarled and salty, if he was a bar snack he'd be a Twiglet. Smith of New South Wales is Australia's number seven and Tremlett keeps him scoreless after Hussey punches into the covers for a few.

  14. 2326 Commentary Aus 146-5  

    Three slips in for Hussey as Anderson comes steaming in... the left-hander looks to clip a straight delivery through mid-wicket by Bresnan crashes down on it to prevent a run. Maiden over.

  15. Commentary  

    Steve, Somerset, in the TMS inbox: "Re your comment about 'nuzzling someone's armpit on the Bakerloo, can I remind you, as the BBC seems often to forget, that most of us do not live in London? Hard as it seems to be for the BBC to comprehend, many of us live out in the sticks, or in one of Britain's (indeed the world's) other great cities."

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "At the minute it's slow death. England know they just have to put a ball in the right area and they'll get a wicket. Someone in the Australian side is going to have to have a go with the ball 60-odd overs old - I guess Haddin tried to do that - but they just can't get out of this hole."

  17. 2330 Commentary Aus 146-5  

    Cracking shot from Smith, a back-foot drive up on tippy-toes, but that's a great piece of goalkeeping from Bell at point. And again! This time Bell scampers to his right to prevent a run and Smith has faced 12 balls for nought... Steve, Somerset (see below) - Britain's other great city? Where's that then?

  18. 2333 Commentary Aus 151-5  

    Pressure released as Hussey tips Anderson round the corner for a few, the first runs in 19 balls. Two slips and two gullys in for Smith as Sir Boycs slips into his seat in the TMS commentary box. Smith off the mark! Crisp punch to mid-on and Tremlett tumbles over it. "That Smith looks like a club player, he looks like a woodcutter holding an axe," says Boycott. This other great city - please tell me it's Salford...

  19. Commentary  

    Alan, London, in the TMS inbox: "Are there any cities in Somerset, let alone great ones?"

  20. 2338 - Aus 155-5 Commentary  

    Bresnan into the fray - Hussey having none of his first five deliveries but he fills his boots from the sixth, creaming\u00a0the Yorkshireman\u00a0to the long-off fence. Time for some Swanny...\u00a0

  21. 2340 Commentary Aus 155-5  

    Let's see how Smith gets on against a bit of tweak - you'd think not too well, he's not exactly a technician. Bizarre stroke from Smith, dropping to one knee and yanking Swann through mid-wicket for no run. That's a maiden...

  22. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "What gets me is the lack of technique in Steven Smith and Phillip Hughes. So much poor footwork... usually Australian players have got pretty good techniques."

  23. 2344 Commentary Aus 157-5  

    When you think of some of the Aussie batsmen who have been making hay in county cricket for the last 10 years - David Hussey, Brad Hodge, Chris Rogers - you have to wonder how a player like Smith has been parachuted into this line-up. It's like finding a shellsuit in Don Draper's walk-in wardrobe. Two for Hussey with a drive through cover-point...


    Smith remaining watchful against Swann, just the one run from his over, a squirt down to fine-leg for one. Bresnan to continue and he tests Smith out with a bit of chin music - not particularly well-played, an attempted hook without much control. One run for it, here comes the drinks cart...

  25. Commentary  

    Elis, East London, in the TMS inbox: "'Don Draper's walk-in wardrobe'? Can you kindly remember that not all of us watch critically acclaimed BBC4 dramas, don't you know? Some of us like ITV's dating show 'Take Me Out'. Please broaden your cultural references."

  26. Commentary  

    Ross in the TMS inbox: "If Hussey was a gnarled and salty bar snack (2322) surely he'd be a pork scratching rather than a Twiglet? The latter are umami rather than salty (and in my exerience not available in as many bars as they deserve to be)."

  27. Twitter  

    Former New Zealand Test bowler Iain O'Brien: "I've bowled to Haddin out there... he never nicked me."

  28. 2357 Commentary Aus 163-5  

    Swanny gets one to spit off the top and Smith squirts him to leg for one. Hussey gets on his toes and nurdles Swann through mid-wicket for a few. Slip and short-leg in for Smith but he's content to smother Swann's work at the moment, no Hollywood strokes as yet... just you wait...

  29. Commentary  

    Josh in Somerset in the TMS inbox: "Alan in London (see below) should have paid more attention in Geography lessons. As well as learning about oxbow lakes and morraine, he would have learnt that there are two cities in Somerset: Wells and Bath. I can also confirm that both are indeed great."

  30. 0001 Commentary Aus 163-5  

    Bresnan ploughing a furrow outside Hussey's off-stump and he's getting plenty of lift, Prior taking the ball high above his head. Hussey playing a waiting game, very much a case of 'none shall pass' at the moment...

  31. SMS  

    Jase, Barrow-in-Furness: "That's done it! Boycs has put the kiss of death on us by slating the Aussies. Last time he ripped into England we didn't look back!"

  32. 0003 Commentary Aus 164-5  

    Smith with a single off Swann before Hussey lunges forward, to strangled cries from England's close fielders. Hussey, staying back and looking to nudge off his pads, is very nearly rapped in front, but he got some wood on it. This Test match bobbing gently at the moment, we're badly in need of a sizable wave...

  33. Twitter  

    From lizzy_ammon: "I'm bored of Hussey now. Fair play to him and all that but I'm bored of him."

  34. 0008 Commentary Aus 165-5  

    Single for Smith off the bowling of Bresnan, a cue-end into the covers. Hussey still on the leash and that's a peach of a delivery from Bresnan, angling the ball across the left-hander and beating the outside edge.

  35. 0010 Commentary Aus 167-5  

    Smith with an ugly old heave for one - if that shot had had a mother, it would have left it in a cardboard box in a restaurant toilet. Hussey turns Swann off his pads to steal the strike and it's time for some dobblies from Collingwood. Will Smith look to give him some tap? Let's see...

  36. Twitter  

    From shortmidwicket: "Nice touch from Strauss, giving Colly his final bowl in Test cricket."

  37. 0014 Commentary Aus 167-5  

    Hussey really grinding away here, he's the sort of bloke who'd dig himself out of a collapsed cave with a plastic knife and fork he happened to have on his person. Oooh! Very nearly a wicket there, Hussey lunging forward and very nearly ballooning an inside-edge back to Collingwood, who sprawled forward but couldn't quite get there.

  38. 0018 Commentary Aus 169-5  

    Not much happening out there folks, which might explain why the last 200 emails and texts I've had have been about either Bath, Wells or both. Smith pushes down the ground for a single before Hussey snuffs out the rest of Swann's over... scratch that, Hussey drives the final ball of the over into the covers for one...

  39. WICKET Hussey b Collingwood 33 (Aus 171-6)  

    Collingwood drags one in short and Hussey's rocks back and tugs him away for a couple. I was introduced to The Only Way Is Essex over the Yuletide period... SHUT UP DIRS, COLLINGWOOD'S CLEANED UP HUSSEY! Nothing shot from Hussey, inside-edge onto pad, stumps splattered...

  40. 0027 Commentary Aus 173-6  

    That was the last ball before the new ball and was Collingwood's 17th Test wicket and second in this series - you have to say that's inspired captaincy from Strauss. New ball taken at the first opportunity and it's Jimmy Anderson from the Randwick End... touch of away-swing from Anderson and Smith eases into the covers for one. Johnson is next out of the hutch and he's off the mark with a thick outside-edge...

  41. 0032 Commentary Aus 173-6  

    I am reliably informed that this is Australia's slowest innings for 12 years, they're currently crawling along at roughly 2.1 an over. Johnson nibbles Tremlett to leg for a single and Smith picks up one off his pads. One more leg-bye from the over, back to The Only Way Is Essex - it doesn't only make me ashamed to be from Essex, it makes me ashamed to be of the same species. It beggars belief that fine men such as Graham Gooch and Alastair Cook are from the same patch, it's a ruddy tangerine nightmare.

  42. 0038 Commentary Aus 185-6  

    Maiden over from Anderson. Four for Smith courtesy of an edge through third-man before the local boy twirls Tremlett through the covers for three - decent shot that, suggesting he's found his feet. Caught-behind shout from Prior behind the stumps, the ball from Tremlett nipping back, but it brushed his sweater. Johnson with his first boundary, cutting hard, just wide of third slip...

  43. WICKET Smith c Collingwood b Anderson 18 (Aus 187-7)  

    Sorry Aussies, I just jinxed your boy - awful shot from Smith, looking to trolley Anderson over cover and edging to Collingwood at third slip...

  44. WICKET Siddle c Strauss b Anderson 2 (Aus 189-8)  

    England keep picking up wickets at the right time, and the Aussies aren't exactly making them graft for them - poor shots from Haddin, Hussey and Smith, who handed Anderson his 19th wicket of the series. Siddle squirts through imaginary fourth slip for a couple and he's gone two balls later, edging to Strauss at first slip - England dropping nothing.

  45. Commentary  

    Robert Maldonado in the TMS inbox: "Perhaps some more WAG shots would spice the coverage up. I'm currently watching Martin 'Wolfy' Adams in the darts at the Lakeside, and they love flicking the camera to the wife on a decent chuck. My favourite is, of course, the legendary Steve Beaton - '... and there's the lovely Nanette...'"

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Hilfenhaus is batting at 10. It doesn't say much for Beer's batting does it? I was expecting Beer. Why don't Australia have Beer and Bollinger just to let people dig out a fresh pun?"

  47. 0052 Commentary Aus 190-8  

    Hilfenhaus is in next, which doesn't say much about the batting of dayboo-tant Beer - if he is a rabbit, which I assume he is, presumably he's a rabbit who's been hit by a Range Rover and almost finished off with a jack. Bit of hoop after it passes the bat from Tremlett and Prior can only deflect it for a bye. The next one's a spiteful delivery that rears off a length and slaps Hilfenhaus on the shoulder - nasty. Strauss can do no wrong in this match - I wish I could be like Andrew Strauss, And when I lie on my pillow at night, I dream I could fight like Andrew Strauss, And lead the school team to victory, Take my exams and pass the lot...

  48. 0055 Commentary Aus 199-8  

    Johnson wafts outside off and is beaten by a ball that arcs away before Johnson hoists Anderson over cover for a beefy four. Three more for Johnson courtesy of a straight drive, and the burly left-hander should not be underestimated, he can really give it some serious hammer...

  49. SMS  

    Anon: "Collingwood with a wicket then a catch. A great shout by shortmidwicket of twitter..."

  50. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "You've got to hit them pretty well here to get a boundary because the outfield is very slow and well grassed."

  51. 0101 Commentary Aus 202-8  

    Width from Tremlett and Johnson frees his arms and flays into the covers, only to decline the single. Hilfenhaus, perhaps piqued by the lack of faith from his partner, has a chat between deliveries, but Johnson turns down another single next ball. Short from Tremlett and Johnson rolls his wrists on it and runs up two to bring up the Aussie 200. Johnson clips off his hip for one more before Hilfenhaus gets one in the Davinas, that must have hurt like rubbery...

  52. Commentary  

    Graeme Duckworth in the TMS inbox: "Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa..."

  53. Twitter  

    From AltCricket: "In Jimmy Anderson, England have a bowler bowling to the best of his ability - for five Tests in a row, no less. Exceptional effort."

  54. 0105 Commentary Aus 207-8  

    Johnson pulls out the Big Bertha and goes for a longest drive but is sawed in half by Anderson. One for Johnson before Hilfenhaus picks up four courtesy of a poke over the slip cordon - this partnership could get annoying if you're an England fan...

  55. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "Alastair Cook made a mistake when he was captain of England in Bangladesh by not having a third man for tail-enders who kept nicking it past the slips, and England could do with one here - these tail-enders aren't going to hook so there's no need for a fielder out there."

  56. 0110 Commentary Aus 208-8  

    I should have told you that lunch is at 0130 GMT today, because of the truncated day one. Very nearly a run out as Johnson tickles off his pads and Hilfenhaus comes scampering down the track, but Prior's direct hit is to no avail, Hilfenhaus was in. That's a jaffer from Bresnan, getting the ball to swing away late and beat the waft of Hilfenhaus, and it seems the Yorkshireman is making the ball sing more than anyone else in the England line-up...

  57. 0114 Commentary Aus 213-8  

    Strauss spreading the field to Johnson as if his side are being assailed by Garfield Sobers, not sure what that's all about. Johnson drives to long-on for one before Hilfenhaus whips a leg-side delivery from Anderson over mid-wicket for four. Sweet shot, Hilfenhaus into double figures.

  58. Commentary  

    Bill In Florida in the TMS inbox: "David Watts was a double-A side, back in the good old days -\u00a0does anyone know the other track?"

  59. 0119 Commentary Aus 219-8  

    Bit of chin music from Bresnan and Johnson misses out with the hook shot. Johnson goes for some humpty but doesn't quite get it, the ball landing in no-man's land at mid-on, but he connects with the next one, whip-cracking Bresnan through square-leg for four. Why, oh why, did I liken Strauss to David Watts?

  60. 0122 Commentary Aus 222-8  

    Hilfenhaus comes over all Fred Astaire, but Fred Astaire with a dash of the Honey Monster, advancing down the track and missing with an ugly old heave. Bumper from Tremlett and Hilfenhaus tugs him round the corner for one. One more single for Johnson, this is Australia's third-highest partnership in this innings...

  61. SMS  

    From Geoff D, South Wales: "The Tasmanian Devil Hilfenhaus, showing considerably more aggression (and success) with the bat than the ball."

  62. 0128 Commentary Aus 224-8  

    Gary texts in to point out that A Bomb in Wardour Street was on the other side of David Watts, Jam-wise. Bresnan beats Hilfenhaus with another mesmeric outswinger before Hilfenhaus prods him over point for a couple. Hilfenhaus beaten again by another dreamy delivery that arcs away, before Bresnan repeats the trick - too good for Hilfenhaus, though, can't help thinking he'd be better off aiming at the timbers. To that end, Michael Vaughan on TMS bemoans the dearth of yorkers...

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter:\u00a0"Will be very interested to see England innings on this pitch. Uneven bounce, especially for the tall quicks."

  64. 0132 - Aus 230-8 INTERVAL  

    Tremlett loses his line and Johnson fills his boots, tickling the ball to the boundary. Tremlett\u00a0goes leg-side again and Johnson heaves him away for\u00a0one more before Hilfenhaus edges past Bresnan at gully for one.\u00a0Not sure why Bresnan's at gully - they started off with KP, then it was Anderson, now it's Bresnan. That's lunch, the Aussies\u00a0throwing back before the break...\u00a0Baia emails to point out that, Kinks-wise, David Watts was a B-side to Autumn Almanac, or so he believes. \u00a0

  65. Commentary  

    Martin, Ashwell, Herts in the TMS inbox:\u00a0"What has Andrew Strauss got to do with the esteemed MP for St Helens North? Have I got the wrong David Watts?"

  66. 0139 Commentary  

    Tom Fordyce is on the wireless talking to Aggers about his recent chat with Aussie 'Invincible' Arthur Morris - well worth a listen...

  67. Commentary  

    Pom in Oz: "I\u2019m sitting here in Melbourne 'working' and cannot believe the bowling of the English quicks\u2026 or the field placings of Strauss. Breso, Tremo and Ando need to fire at the stumps of Hilfo and Johno (as the Aussies call them) and tramp them. Its not good filling their glass with bouncers, they will just have a go. Yet another unnecessary 50 partnership coming up from a hapless tail-end through bad bowling and field placements."

  68. Commentary  

    David Watts, Saskatoon, in the TMS inbox: "I played a fair bit of cricket in my younger days for Kings Norton CC, but\u00a0I sure didn't look like Strauss."

  69. 0210 Commentary  

    Players back out after lunch, Hilfenhaus edges Bresnan's first delivery down to third-man for one...

  70. Twitter  

    From OptaJim: "Chris Tremlett has forced the batsmen to play and miss at 6.5% of his deliveries, the most of any bowler in this series. Unlucky."

  71. 2014 Commentary Aus 238-8  

    That's a doozy of a shot from Johnson, straight down the ground, although a fine piece of fielding from Trott prevents the boundary. Bresnan beats Hilfenhaus again with a ball that hoops away, causing Strauss to grimace from first slip. Deary me, this isn't going to plan for England, Bresnan slinging away four runs down the leg-side. Time for Swann? Indeed it is - bet he gets a wicket...

  72. 0217 Commentary Aus 239-8  

    Nice stroke from Johnson, an ease into the covers for one that brings up the fifty partnership from only 68 balls. Hilfenhaus on strike and for a second Swann thinks he's got him, whether lbw or caught behind I'm not sure, but Umpire Bowden's having none of it. No reviews so far this entire innings.

  73. 0221 Commentary Aus 250-8  

    Johnson with a mis-timed drive to wide long-on but he nicks two nonetheless. Strauss too passive here as Johnson off-drives competently for two more, you'd think he'd be looking to make Johnson hit over the top. Mitchell has a dirty great waft at a ball that nips away and very nearly pegs back his off-stump before backing away and dabbing Bresnan off his timbers for a single. OUTRAGEOUS! Hilfenhaus backs away before scuttling forward and marmalising Bresnan over mid-wicket for a massive six. This is now the biggest partnership of the match...

  74. 0226 Commentary MITCHELL JOHNSON 50 - Aus 261-8  

    Johnson getting stuck into Swann now - first he hoicks him through mid-wicket for four before upping the volume, heaving him over the top for six. And there's his fifty - neat shot that, a checked dab into the leg-side. The SCG crowd rises, Mitchell has given them hope...

  75. WICKET Johnson b Bresnan 53 (Aus 265-9)  

    Two more for Johnson, who now has six Test fifties, courtesy of a drive into the covers before Hilfenhaus misses out with an attempted hook. Bresnan gives him the look, Hilfenhaus grins and shrugs... Johnson's gone two balls later! Bresnan with a ball that comes back a touch and he rips out Johnson's off-stump.

  76. 0232 Commentary Aus 265-9  

    That Johnson innings took just 66 balls and included five fours and a six - the ninth-wicket partnership 76. Beer has reached double figures once in first-class cricket - not many people have seen him bowl, even fewer have seen him bat. That, though, is a picture perfect forward-defensive to finish the over...

  77. 0233 Commentary Aus 266-9  

    Hilfenhaus swings Swann to mid-wicket and that brings Beer on strike. Beer is beaten by Swann's first delivery but he smothers the rest of his work...

  78. 0237 Commentary Aus 267-9  

    Hilfenhaus almost puts his back out trying to larrup Bresnan over long-on, but misses. Bresnan is England's fastest bowler so far in this match, in fact he's the only England bowler to top 90mph. Hilfenhaus nicks one from the penultimate ball and Beer sees out the over...

  79. SMS  

    Tom from Middlesbrough: "This is starting to ring horrible bells of Perth - ripping through the top order but letting the tail wag for far too long and letting Johnson give\u00a0Oz a total well above the 200 or so we should have bowled them out for."

  80. 0240 Commentary Aus 270-9  

    Hilfenhaus opens up his body and drives crisply through the covers for one, meaning Beer has to face five Swann deliveries - he manages it competently enough and picks up his first Test run with a leg-side tickle...

  81. 0244 Commentary Aus 274-9  

    Hilfenhaus moves to 27 with a skewed drive down to third man, Pietersen it is with a fumble down on the boundary. KP has been pretty anonymous today, although I see he piled into his old coach Peter Moores a couple of days ago. What's that about? Clearly, KP is the sort of man who would spend half his speech at his own wedding lambasting his wife's various exes. Bresnan with a bumper and it's called a wide, not sure why, he could have got bat on that.

  82. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "There's another way of looking at it: if tail-enders are getting runs easily you start to think 'hang on is this pitch getting easier for batting?' "

  83. 0248 Commentary Aus 279-9  

    Swann continues and Hilfenhaus drops to one knee and shellacks his first ball over square-leg for four. Beer looking rock solid in defence, making Swann look like little more than a club spinner.

  84. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I hated this when I was batting, I wanted my bowlers to finish off the tail-enders."

  85. SMS  

    Mushtaq from Northwood: "The inability of the quicker bowlers to manage any yorkers has now ruined my sleep. I had thought that the Aussies were bowled out, but it was a dream!"

  86. 0251 Commentary Aus 280-9  

    Hilfenhaus looks to lump Bresnan over wide mid-on again but misses by a mile. Bowler and batsman exchange rueful looks, Hilfenhaus shrugging, as if to say "sorry mate, I'm not trying to make you look stupid". One for Hilfenhaus before Beer very nearly deflects a ball to Cook at short-leg - but he survives.

  87. WICKET Hilfenhaus c Prior b Anderson 34 (Aus 280)  

    That's all folks - Anderson does the trick with his first ball since lunch, Hilfenhaus\u00a0having a woof at a short ball and feathering to Prior behind the stumps... \u00a0

  88. 0256 Commentary  

    Very irritating runs from Johnson and Hilfenhaus, from an England point of you, very valuable from an Aussie point of you - it's late runs like that that can make all the difference...

  89. Commentary  

    Martin in Dawlish, England: \u201cI\u2019m disappointed with the lads at the moment, especially Strauss. I\u2019m concerned because I don\u2019t want to be batting out for a draw on Day 5 to win the series, nor do I want to lose here and tie the series. Bad tactics for the Aussie tail in my opinion.\u201d

  90. Commentary  

    Chris in the TMS inbox: "Dear Sir, I email from Edinburgh, thinking thank god for Jimmy Anderson! Is it me or is he man of the series? Steady as a rock, wonderfully economical bowling with wickets at crucial times. England to slaughter the evening session!"

  91. 0300 Commentary  

    Here's Ollie Brett for a fair few overs, Ben Dirs will see you in a bit...

  92. Commentary  

    Rob in Taiwan in the TMS inbox: "Point of you? Seriously?"

  93. 0303 Commentary  

    As Geoffrey B was alluding to on Test Match Special, runs for Johnson and Hilfenhaus translates two different ways: impetus for the Aussie bowlers or realisation that this is actually a decent batting track for England's top order. What will actually transpire? Therein lies a veritable imponderable. Big grin for Michael Clarke as he leads the Aussie fielders on. Still cloudy, no rain threat though.

  94. Commentary  

    Owen, TMS inbox: "Let's not forget that seven Aussie batsmen got a start but only one made a 50. That might suggest that 400 would be par on this pitch. Let's hope so!"

    Nice positive thinking from Owen

  95. SMS  

    From Joe (London - now won't be able to sleep): "Finally, but we have given the Aussies an extra 60-80 runs. Lack of concentration after all that hard work bowling the higher order out well."

  96. 0307 Commentary Eng 3-0  

    Hilfenhaus's first ball swings quite a lot into Strauss's stumps from outside off, but the England skipper plays the ball late and with care to pick up a single. Cook, looking to be the first batsman in the series to get 600 runs, is also off the mark first ball, and already Hilfenhaus's swing is looking a tad predictable.

  97. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Mitchell Johnson doesn't normally take the new ball, but I'm a big believer in horses for courses. We know B comes after A in the alphabet, but things don't always work the way you expect them to in cricket."

  98. 0312 Commentary Eng 10-0  

    OK, so Clarke makes his first significant move as Australia's captain, letting Johnson take the new ball. Johnson was brilliant as polished diamond in Perth, but dull as dirty graphite in Brisbane and Melbourne. Which isotope - is that right? - will we get today? Strauss nudges a yorker for a single, and Cook gets one seaming away from him which he cuts away for four - he'll feel good about that.

  99. Commentary  

    Chris in the TMS inbox: "Mitchell Johnson opening? Is this a joke?! In my opinion he is a flop and too inconsistent."

  100. Commentary  

    Arshed, Blackburn, TMS inbox: "Letting the Aussie tail end wag is a tactic used to tire them. So they aren't at their best when balling to the England top order. Very clever."

    Interesting use of the word "balling" there, Arshed

  101. 0316 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 20-0  

    Bored of full inswingers, Hilfenhaus switches to bouncers and watches Strauss pull both of them for four. Back to plan A? Indeed, and here's an lbw appeal but that's not out and there's no review. We still haven't had a review in the match which means umpires Bowden and Dar are on hot form.

  102. Commentary  

    Edward, TMS inbox: "[0312] Isotope is not the word you're looking for - you are thinking of allotrope."

    Cheers, Ed. I dropped chemistry before GCSE so I knew I was struggling there.

  103. 0320 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    Oh, lovely ball from Johnson, with that late outswing which can be so dangerous. Cook almost edges that, luckily for him and England he doesn't. Cook gets a single down to fine leg. Strauss plays a pull shot and misses. England looking to be much more positive than Australia were for the bulk of their innings.

  104. 0324 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    Peter from Aston Rowant e-mails in on that allotrope business. I once watched Lancashire take on Oxfordshire at Aston Rowant and Peter Martin got lots of wickets. Loved those old NatWest matches involving the minor counties. Meanwhile, Hilfenhaus is probing away at Cook's defences, but it's a maiden without drama.

  105. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Our tea guests are Charlotte Edwards, who leads England's women in their first one-day international at the Waca tomorrow, and ex-Australia seamer Nathan Bracken."

  106. 0328 Commentary Eng 26-0  

    Short, wide and hideous from Johnson - Strauss says thanks awfully old chap, cutting him away for four. Clarke, wearing a shirt that's a size too small, looks on pensively with collar turned up a la Mark Waugh. Cook tries an uppercut over slips, but misses. Then he smashes a half-volley at Phillip Hughes's body at short-leg. Ouch, technical chance, but that would have been a fluke if it had stuck

  107. SMS  

    From Rob, Kiwi living in London: "It's obvious England will triumph here. Perhaps Strauss wanted to make a game of it, make it tight and give Tremlett and Bresnan a few extra overs in preparation for the ODIs coming up..."

  108. Commentary  

    Tony in Thornby, TMS inbox: "I think Ed got it wrong re the Johnson and Allotrope reference, I think he means \u2018Alltripe\u2019 "

  109. 0332 Commentary Eng 30-0  

    Straight drive for three by Strauss who has raced to 21 from 15 balls. Nice, quick single by Cook now. These two have good understanding between the wickets. Hilfenhaus has had a pretty disappointing series really, but Johnson is the first bowler to be changed - Siddle coming on at the Paddington End.

  110. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Have perhaps reached low point of production career. Have selected a guest for tea [Nathan Bracken] because Aggers has named his dog after him."

  111. 0336 Commentary Eng 36-0  

    Strauss is busy today, punching Siddle for a couple of runs through the covers with a checked drive. No swing for Australia's top wicket-taker in this series, and Strauss picks up another couple wide of mid-on, and then he pulls for a single.

  112. Commentary  

    Daran in the TMS inbox: "Anybody missing those lovely TV shots of Ponting gobbing into his hands yet?"

  113. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I'll give Australia a little clue: don't bowl short on this wicket. So far it's cost them about 30 runs. They should be just trying to hit the top of off stump as many times as possible."

  114. 0340 Commentary Eng 46-0  

    Hilfenhaus to continue but Brett to give way to Ben Dirs after this over as Strauss pulls the Tasmanian seamer for six. He really middled that, knowing exactly where he wanted to put it. This is not a wicket for bowling short on. Four more for Strauss, a neat deflection, all under control, past the slips.

  115. 0342 Commentary  

    Many thanks to Oliver Brett for holding the fort, Ben Dirs in the seat again - no more emails about diamonds, I haven't got a ruddy clue what you're talking about, I've been outside smoking aggressively for the last half an hour...

  116. 0345 Commentary Eng 50-0  

    Siddle to continue and he does what Michael Vaughan thinks he should do, ploughing a line on the top of off-stump. Watson doing some stretches, we could have him into the attack soon. Cook leaving well, and as Watson has already shown, that's a pretty good shot on this pitch... so is that, a swivel-pull to bring up the fifty partnership in only 10 overs.

  117. Commentary  

    Matt, Melbourne, in the TMS inbox: "Using my extended Christmas break to watch the coverage on Aussie TV, I think I've discovered the secret to Ally Cook's impressive form this series. It took a super slow-mo replay for me to see it, but he hits every ball with his tongue flapping out like an exhausted German Shepherd."

  118. 0348 Commentary Eng 54-0  

    Watson's first delivery is on Strauss's legs and the England skipper nibbles him away for a couple. Bit of swing though. More hoop for Watson but it's his enemy at the moment, each ball arcing down leg and that one beating the dive of Haddin and dribbling away for a bye. Twenty minutes until tea...

  119. 0353 Commentary Eng 55-0  

    Daran (see below), I love seeing Punter gob on his hands, it makes me feel sophisticated. 'THE HOFF' IS IN THE HOUSE! BEING HASSLED BY GLENN MCGRATH! "There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me," said Hasselhoff once. Lovely stuff, just the one run from Siddle's over, he's keeping it tight.

  120. 0358 Commentary Eng 58-0  

    Cook picks up one with a flick to fine-leg before Strauss unfurls a florid cover-drive but it's saved by a fielder. Two for Strauss with a leg-side glance, England just keep rolling along...

  121. 0401 Commentary Eng 65-0  

    One leg-bye off the pad of Cook before Strauss straight drives for four glorious runs. One more for Strauss with a leg-side dabble, and you have to think there'll be a spot of Beer before tea. "The great Michael Jordan used to stick his tongue out when dunking the ball," points out Dan via email. Can you think of any other sportsmen who stick their tongues out while performing sporting acts? I sometimes stick my tongue out doing up my shoelaces, which given my level of fitness has become an athletic pursuit.

  122. SMS  

    From Doug: "This series is going to spark a great pub discussion, who has been the best England skipper in recent times -\u00a0Strauss or Vaughan?"

  123. 0407 Commentary Eng 69-0  

    Iffy off-drive from Cook which brings a thick inside-edge but the Essex opener picks up a couple with a tickle down to square-leg. Warne sending a few down for 'The Hoff' beyond the boundary and he's being clattered to all parts by the leather-jacketed one, although Sir Boycs would savage that technique of his, far too much bottom hand. The result of too much beach cricket, perhaps?

  124. 0411 INTERVAL TEA - Eng 73-0  

    That is crackerjack from Strauss - over-pitched from Siddle and the England skipper laces him through the covers for four. Laminate that and stick it up on your bedroom ceiling. That's tea time, what a session for England, the momentum ripped back from the hosts - for now...

  125. Twitter  

    Adrian Phillips: "Sporting tongues? How about Red Rum?"

  126. Commentary  

    Jason Ali, Hong Kong, in the TMS inbox: "My brother's six-year-old daughter's tongue, when fully extended, can almost touch the bridge of her nose. It is scary."

  127. 0421 Commentary  

    Tongue-wise, we've now had Lee Westwood, Pete Sampras, Henrik Larsson, Lance Klusener, Jimmy Anderson (while playing computer games, according to Graeme Swann), Dean Saunders, Paul Harris, the All Blacks, Paddy Harrington, some bloke called Ian Osborn's son and a magnificent Emil Zatopek from John from San Francisco. I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.

  128. Commentary  

    G Mathews in the TMS inbox: "Currently sat amongst the Aussie faithful at the SCG and they're turning on each other - priceless!"

  129. 0423 Commentary  

    By the way Jason Ali from Hong Kong (see below), is your brother's six-year-old daughter a Shih Tzu?

  130. Commentary  

    Rachel in Hants in the TMS inbox: "Hi Ben - Have you heard from Paul in Lancs yet tonight? When you do, could you ask him if he's single,\u00a0I have appreciated his witty banter and love of cricket for a few years now and it would be nice to know."

  131. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs: "Famous cricketing Tongues? Try Christopher Hugh Tongue, right arm bat and off-spinner. Played one match for Cambridge University in 1962, highest score 13, average 10, bowled two overs for 23 runs and no wickets. I'll admit I didn't know that off the top of my head."

  132. BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch  

    On Twitter: "Aus bowling the reverse of England's (largely) disciplined effort. Bowling both sides of the wicket, too short & inconsistent."

  133. 0430 Commentary  

    We're back out, no more tongue chat, unless you fancy chatting about it among yourselves...

  134. 0433 Commentary Eng 78-0  

    Hilfenhaus with the first over after tea and his first ball slides down leg-side - the Aussie bowling coach Troy Cooley must be doing his nut. A hint of swing but that's not great, leg-side again and Cook flips him through mid-wicket for four. Sir Boycs in the TMS commentary box and he's come flying out of the corner with a "lollipop"! Spunky. "I didn't watch Baywatch for David Hassellhoff," confesses Aggers. Too right, if he's anything like me he's a Billy Warlock man.

  135. 0438 Commentary Eng 82-0  

    Short and wide from Johnson and Strauss flashes and flashes hard - four down to third-man, that's the England skipper's 24th Test fifty and it came from only 49 balls, his fastest. Strauss very nearly out twice from a single delivery - first he nearly plays on before setting off for a suicidal run, a direct hit from Hughes and he would have been toast.

  136. 0442 Commentary Eng 85-0  

    Two slips, a gully and a short mid-on in for Hilfenhaus to Cook. Hilfenhaus keeping it tight outside off for a few balls before straying on leg and allowing Cook a couple to mid-wicket. One more for Cook from the final ball of the over, he keeps the strike.

  137. 0446 Commentary Eng 91-0  

    That's a beauty from Johnson, a swinging delivery at 90mph, and Cook is beaten. Lazy stroke, especially from a man who has scored 600 in the series. Cook, by the way, is only 30 behind Michael Vaughan's tally in 2002-03. Cook picks up a single with a steer into the covers before Johnson undoes his good work from earlier in the over, straying down leg and Strauss tickling him away for four. Johnson comes back with a bumper, which is called a wide, and rightly so...

  138. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Rachel in Hants - Am I single? Dunno to be honest. It's been a while. I'll check with the wife when she gets up and get back to you."

  139. 0450 Commentary Eng 91-0  

    Lavish swing from Hilfenhaus into the left-handed Cook and Cook very nearly scoops it to the man at short mid-wicket. That's a maiden...

  140. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "If he doesn't swing it in, Johnson's a lovely bowler to face as you know he's going to give you something on a plate to hit."

  141. 0456 Commentary Eng 98-0  

    Johnson really has been pretty poor today - that's too straight and Strauss clips him off his toes for three. Two more easy runs for England, Cook pushing into the covers, before Mitchell slings one miles down leg-side. Mitchell Johnson the Australian Steve Harmison? One extended purple patch in his career and not a great deal since, and like Harmison I'm not entirely convinced Johnson knew why he was doing what he was doing when he was in his purple patch. Two more for Cook with a flip through mid-wicket.

  142. WICKET Strauss b Hilfenhaus 60 (Eng 98-1)  

    Strauss is a goner! Hilfenhaus has been threatening to do that, getting the ball to swing back in to the England skipper before nipping it away off the seam and ripping out off-stump - to be fair, almost unplayable.

  143. 0502 Commentary Eng 98-1  

    Trott is the new batsman, and he's been almost as prolific as Cook in this series. Two slips and two gullys and Hilfenhaus is going to start around the wicket to him... Trott survives the over, but it's a wicket maiden.

  144. WICKET Trott b Johnson 0 (Eng 99-2)  

    Too straight from Johnson and Cook nurdles him for a single... TROTT'S GONE! One wicket brings another, as often happens in cricket, the Warwickshire man dangling his bat and\u00a0dragging Johnson on...

  145. 0508 Commentary Eng 103-2  

    KP strides to the crease to boos and cheers, chin thrust high, sniffing the air, like a Roman general returning from some far-flung campaign... Lordy, Lordy, that's a risky shot first-up, walking across his stumps and flicking a straight one round the corner for four - miss and he was out.

  146. 0512 Commentary Eng 105-2  

    "Weren't we 98-0 in Perth having failed to bowl them out for the 200 it should have been?" emails James from New Orleans. Yes England were, James, yes England were... single for Cook brings Pietersen on strike. Two slips in, plus a man at fourthish slip... Pietersen with a forward defensive and Cook takes a risky single - direct hit from Siddle, Cook well in.

  147. SMS  

    Ant from Maidstone, Kent: "I hope Rachel from Hants now realises she will be inundated with random offers from hundreds of strange men who believe they are (a) witty and (b) knowledgeable about cricket. As such, I would like to put myself at the head of the queue."

  148. 0518 Commentary Eng 106-2  

    Johnson gets one to hoop back into the right-handed Pietersen and the batsman doesn't play a shot - dangerous, but it was well high. KP nibbles round the corner for one, all of a sudden Johnson looks like a threat... Cook reaches and is beaten... Pietersen signals to the boundary, for what I know not - a pamper?

  149. 0522 Commentary Eng 108-2  

    Up until a couple of overs ago, Johnson's TV 'beehive' - the graphic which shows the direction of his deliveries - resembled the firing range target of a meth drinker. All of a sudden, he looks mustard. Pietersen opens his shoulders and drives hard into the ground, but Hughes parries in the covers... KP very nearly plays on next ball - weird shot, playing and leaving, the ball missing leg-peg by inches. Physio back out with the magic spray, something wrong with his arm... no, now he's taking a pill... no idea...

  150. 0527 Commentary Eng 113-2  

    Treacherous times for England - width from Johnson, Cook cuts and very nearly holes out to the man at backward-point, three for the stroke. "The ball to Pietersen is the bouncer," says Michael Vaughan and TMS, and Johnson duly delivers - it's a sharp one and KP does well to tug it away for a couple.

  151. Commentary  

    Peter Mills in the TMS inbox: "I would like to up the ante for Rachel of Hants' affections. Not only am I witty with passable knowledge of cricket but I also have a house over looking the Indian Ocean."

  152. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at the SCG
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at the SCG  

    On Twitter: "KP strutting about, Johnson tearing in, SCG crowd a-roaring and bellowing. This session could decide the series. Feeling quite sick."

  153. 0530 DRINKS BREAK Eng 118-2  

    Peter Mills (see below) - "passable knowledge of cricket"? You have got to be kidding my friend, if you had announced you owned the Taj Mahal it still wouldn't have made up for that terrible ricket. One for Cook before Pietersen slams a size 12 down the pitch and laces Hilfenhaus through the covers for four. Drinks.

  154. 0533 Commentary  

    Don't mean to alarm you but Umpire Bowden has got his light meter out. Bit gloomy, but I think they'll just flick the light switch...

  155. Commentary  

    Matt in Kent in the TMS inbox: "Is it worth sleeping for 2 hours before school at 7.30?"

  156. 0539 Commentary Eng 124-2  

    That was Trott's first duck in Test cricket, by the way. Siddle back into the attack and he strays down leg and is shovelled to the long-leg boundary by Cook. Two more for Cook with a clip through mid-wicket, not the best over from Siddle. Matt in Kent (see below), stay up lad, first day back at school after Christmas is all about drawing on each others' blazers with chalk, nothing more taxing than that. It's Beer O'Clock!

  157. 0543 Commentary Eng 130-2  

    Beer, left-arm spinner, Pietersen's kryptonite... crackerjack, Beer's first delivery is hammered through the covers by KP for four... Pietersen nearly repeats the trick next ball but it's saved by a diving Hussey, just one for the shot. Cook negotiates the rest of the over, as news reaches me Beer has never played at the SCG before. Not much turn in that over, Cook keeps the strike with a single from Beer's final ball.

  158. Commentary  

    Headteacher somewhere up north in the TMS inbox: "Matt in Kent: bearing in mind you are probably a teacher going back to school for a training day, don't bother, there'll probably be plenty of chance to snatch forty winks during the Head's opening remarks."

  159. 0548 Commentary Eng 134-2  

    Cook dabs Siddle into the off-side for one before KP clips through mid-wicket for a few. A couple of tempters from Siddle by Cook watches them skim through...

  160. 0550 Commentary Eng 137-2  

    Beer offers width and Pietersen climbs into it but is unable to fund the gap with a cut. Beer over-pitches and Pietersen clatters straight down the ground for one, he's looking to hit the cover off everything Beer throws his way, but there is only one for the shot. Cook picks up one more with a nibble off his pads...

  161. 0555 Commentary Eng 140-2  

    Pietersen dabs off his pads for a couple of easy runs before playing an atrocious stroke, looking to heave Siddle over mid-off and missing by miles. KP unveiling his usual array of weird and wonderful shots, this time twirling into the leg-side, his bat circling in his hands like a divining rod.

  162. 0557 UMPIRE REVIEW  

    A first Test wicket for Beer?! Cook looking to heave him over mid-wicket and holing out to the man at mid-on! Hang on a\u00a0minute! The umpires are going upstairs, Bowden reckons it could be a no-ball! Surely not, he's spinner after all...

  163. 0600 Commentary Eng 145-2  

    Deary me, Umpire Bowden's got it right, Beer overstepped - that is unforgivable from a spinner, and a huge boon for England. Not only is it a life for Cook, Beer will feel as though he's just had his head skimmed off. Cook picks up one to mid-wicket before Pietersen picks up a couple with a flick off his pads. Big moment...

  164. 0604 Commentary Eng 145-2  

    Pietersen beaten by Siddle outside off-stump... and again... Nick in Nottingham emails to say: "I think it's great that Bowden (and Dar before) checked on the no-ball, but shouldn't he have called it in the first place?" Quite, that was all a little bit weird, although ultimately correct.

  165. BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch  

    On Twitter: "Imagine if Beer now never gets a Test wicket....After all he is the tenth spinner they've tried since Warne's retirement..."

  166. 0608 Commentary Eng 146-2  

    Cook moves to 48 with a nurdle round the corner, we've got 10 overs after this one apparently. Beer with one slip posted for KP, who sees out the rest of the over without scoring a run.

  167. 0611 Commentary Eng 147-2  

    Cook punches Siddle into the covers for a single, Pietersen sees out the rest of the over without playing any attacking strokes...

  168. 0615 Commentary Eng 148-2  

    That's Cook's 25th Test fifty courtesy of a nibble to fine-leg before a thrusting KP is beaten by a ball that turns from Beer. Je suis fatigue...

  169. Commentary  

    Fraser in the TMS inbox: "As I type this email on my phone I am racing down the fast lane of national highway 8 in the Indian state of Gujarat in a 7 horse-power tuk-tuk and shouting the scores forward to my Australian co-driver. We are a few days in to an epic 3000km trip from north to south of India in a glorified lawnmower. And we have just run out of petrol."

  170. 0620 Commentary Eng 152-2  

    Hilfenhaus back on and Cook walks across his stumps and tickles to fine-leg for four. Hilfenhaus still getting plenty of hoop back into the left-handed Cook, this partnership has passed fifty, by the way...

  171. 0622 Commentary Eng 158-2  

    Eight overs remaining... short and wide from Beer and Pietersen waits on it before clobbering it through cover point for four. KP sweeps hard for two more to move to 35, the light fading fast in Sydney...

  172. 0625 Commentary Eng 162-2  

    Alastair Cook passes Michael Vaughan's tally from the 2002-03 Ashes series with a nurdle round the corner for four - he is now eighth on England's list with 600-odd runs. Quick single from Cook, he keeps the strike, as we're informed 40,247 were in the SCG today.

  173. 0629 Commentary Eng 164-2  

    KP tucks Beer to mid-on for one and Cook picks up one with a tuck to square-leg - that's his 5,000th Test run, and he's the second-youngest to reach the landmark, after Sachin Tendulkar. A few more overs to go...

  174. Commentary  

    Rob, Loddon (pronounced Loddon!), in the TMS inbox: "If Jim Maxwell wants to play the name pronunciation game, get him to try these Norfolk place names:\u00a0Happisburgh pronounced Haysboro, Wymondham pronounced Windom, Stiffkey pronounced Stewkee."

  175. WICKET Pietersen c Beer b Johnson 36 (Eng 165-2)  

    PIETERSEN'S GONE! A well-directed bumper from Johnson, KP throws the bat at it and your man Beer takes the catch running in from the long-leg boundary. He's just not learning...

  176. 0637 Commentary Eng 165-3  

    Silly shot from KP there, he's spent the last hour being ultra-watchful and the first sighter of a bouncer he flings the bat at it. Jimmy Anderson has been sent out as nightwatchman and Johnson thinks he's got him first ball, but Anderson hit the cover off it. Bit of "yes-no" between Cook and Anderson, jittery times for England with four overs to go today.

  177. 0640 Commentary Eng 166-3  

    Beer to continue and he gets that one to turn quite sharply back into Cook. The Essex opener flips Beer round the corner for a single before the vultures gather round the bat of Anderson - four men in close, Jimmy survives the final ball of the over...

  178. Commentary  

    Tim Haveron Jones, Marlow, in the TMS inbox: "With the score at 165-3, the stage seems to be set for a gritty rearguard ton from Colly. If this happens, can we please have a moratorium on 'typical Collingwood \u2013 gets a big score just in time to save his Test career for yet another series' comments?"

  179. 0644 Commentary Eng 166-3  

    Johnson to continue, his shadow lengthened by the floodlights beaming overhead, and he delivers six dot balls - England trail by 114...

  180. 0647 Commentary Eng 167-3  

    Beer's last over, and it's Anderson on strike... "has Anderson come in as nightwatchman or just as a straight swap for Collingwood?" tweets Jonathan Hall, the cheeky mite... Anderson picks up one and a close fielder is removed for Cook - very nearly a goner, Cook flipping just past the man at backward short-leg... one over to go...

  181. 0653 CLOSE OF PLAY Eng 167-3  

    Johnson with the final six balls of the day... short-leg wheeled into place, as well as a leg slip, three slips, two gullys and a short extra cover - and that's horrible from Johnson, short and fast and Anderson plays that very, very well. That's a ripper from Johnson but Anderson plays it well again, dropping his hands on it and watching it scoot through... well played James Anderson, real tough situation that and he acquitted himself well - stumps.

  182. 0658 Commentary  

    All in all a good day's cricket, and a pretty even one at that - a swashbuckling rearguard from Australia, including a partnership of 76 in 15 overs between Johnson and Hilfenhaus,\u00a0wrested the advantage from England before some pony old bowling\u00a0allowed England's openers to wrest it back again - but how key is that late wicket of Pietersen?\u00a0We shall see, but there will be those claiming it was Australia's day...\u00a0

  183. Twitter  

    Derek: "It must be strange while commentating to see pictures of your soul being sold to Chicken Bites..."

  184. Commentary  

    Mark in the TMS inbox: "Can you please stop the red text for the close of play -\u00a0it nearly ripped my heart out just then, I thought we\u2019d lost Cooky."

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 83 runs
  • Australia: 280 & 281 (84.4 overs)
  • England: 644 (177.5 overs)
  • Venue: Sydney

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 281
Watson run out (Pietersen) 38
Hughes c Prior b Bresnan 13
Khawaja c Prior b Anderson 21
Clarke c Prior b Anderson 41
Hussey c Pietersen b Bresnan 12
Haddin c Prior b Tremlett 30
Smith not out 54
Johnson b Tremlett 0
Siddle c Anderson b Swann 43
Hilfenhaus c Prior b Anderson 7
Beer b Tremlett 2
Extras 2nb 3w 11b 4lb 20

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