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Australia v England - third Test day four as it happened

  1. 0210 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. A fortnight is a long time in cricket - two weeks ago I was sitting at the Adelaide Oval, in 38-degree heat, watching England romp to an innings victory. Now, the country appears to have ground to a halt under another big freeze, while England are staring down the barrel of a defeat which would square the series at 1-1.

  2. 0215 Commentary  

    Right, Test Match Special is starting up for the day... don't forget, there's plenty to catch up with from yesterday if you're interested. You can listen to highlights from yesterday's play if you're in the UK, while the TMS podcast is available worldwide. And for your visual perusal, there's Aggers' review of day three, Justin Langer's key moments of the day and our man Tom Fordyce's latest blog on England's fall back to earth yesterday.

  3. 0219 Commentary  

    Not much confidence from the TMS crew that England can last too long today - Geoff Boycott thinks they'll be having an early lunch. Anyway, if you're snowed in anywhere,\u00a0feel free to settle down with TMS on your radio, and we'll keep you up to date with day four's action. However long it lasts.

  4. SMS  

    From Katharine, Cambridge: "England have a mountain to climb. That monkey that's been predicting Ashes results reckons England will win, i wish i had his confidence."

    As I hinted yesterday, I fear the "mystic minkey" isn't a patch on Paul the Psychic Octopus.

  5. 0228 Commentary PUNTER INJURY UPDATE  

    For those of you waiting on news of Aussie captain Ricky Ponting, who damaged a finger while trying to take a catch late on yesterday, here's the latest from team physio Alex Kountouris:

    "Ricky Ponting had an x-ray last night that has confirmed a small fracture of his left little finger. A decision on whether he will field today will be made during the team warm up this morning at the Waca."

    And as Australia take the field, they are led out by vice-captain Michael Clarke, so it's safe to say Punter won't be fielding.

  6. 0229 Commentary  

    Mitchell Johnson to take the first over - nightwatchman James Anderson has been joined by Ian Bell. Here we go.

  7. 0234 Commentary Eng 85-5  

    Three slips, two gullys and a short leg in for Anderson, who got a bit of a "send-off" from a couple of the Aussies at close of play last night - he appears to have wound them up a bit in this series. The left-hander unleashes what Aggers calls "a champagne stroke", a lovely cover drive which brings him three. Bell tries to nudge his first ball of his thigh pad, a leg-bye is signalled. Plenty of glaring from Johnson.

    And I won't be mentioning it every over for fear of ridicule, but England's theoretical victory target is 391.

  8. Commentary  

    From Elizabeth, TMS inbox: "Since Mr Swann and Mr Prior will each tonk a quick hundred, and Mr Bell will compile an elegant double century, the only worry about today is that the target isn't big enough to satisfy fully their appetite for runs."

  9. 0238 Commentary Eng 89-5  

    Unfortunately for England, it's Ryan Harris rather than his namesake Rolf taking up the attack at the other end. (Mind you, some of the England batsmen yesterday looked like they might as well have been batting with a didgeridoo). Harris bowled with plenty of fire and aggression yesterday, flooring Collingwood with a brute of a bouncer in the last over before inducing an edge off the last ball. Bell, who's in good nick, laces a four through the covers.

  10. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "I don't think breaking a pinky [finger]\u00a0is going to keep Ricky Ponting out of the next Test, but there are some form issues with him."

  11. 0241 Commentary Eng 89-5  

    Johnson v Anderson, round 2. Jimmy prods anything likely to endanger his stumps, showing a sound defensive technique. When the TV camera shows an overhead shot of the players moving around between overs, Australia are buzzing around like busy bees, they'll be looking to wrap matters up early (and possibly head for the beach). Maiden over.

  12. WICKET Anderson b Harris 3 (Eng 94-6)  

    Harris appeals for lbw against Bell, but that was very high and they don't call for a review. The Warwickshire man responds by punching a four through point, he's a joy to watch when he's "in the zone" as he looks to be at the moment. I wonder whether that defiant innings at Cape Town at the start of the year, where he helped save the Test, could be a turning point in Bell's career. A single... and Anderson's bowled! Great ball from Harris, and Anderson's off pole is removed.

  13. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    On Twitter: "In desultory attempt to induce match-saving weather, listened to Jesus & Mary Chain's 'Happy When It Rains' on way to Waca. Dismal failure."

  14. 0248 Commentary Eng 94-6  

    New batsman Matt Prior survives the last ball of Harris's over.

    And an update to the Ricky Ponting injury update [0228] - Happy 36th birthday, Punter.

  15. Commentary  

    From Aliy in Bangkok, TMS inbox: "Perhaps Ponting's damaged pinky is a timely and easy way for the selectors to remove him from the captaincy and the side with the least public humiliation."

  16. 0253 Commentary Eng 94-6  

    Johnson, the tattoos on his right arm\u00a0glinting with sweat, sends down a maiden over to Bell, who I'm trying not to commentator-curse.

  17. 0256 Commentary Eng 104-6  

    Prior shows a straight bat to Harris, before working a two off his legs. A top-edged pull sails over the wicketkeeper's head for six, to bring up thre figures for England in slightly bizarre fashion - while Prior takes his score to 10 from six balls with another two.

  18. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I've decided to call Ian Bell 'The Shepherd' as he's continually having to shepherd the tail. I'd be tempted to move him up to five, with Paul Collingwood down at six - and possibly up to four, with Pietersen at five."

  19. 0301 Commentary Eng 111-6  

    Bell steers Johnson through the covers for two. "They only ran two because they thought it was going to go for four. I used to do that, which is why I sometimes used to get run out," notes CMJ, who is also stunned by Michael Vaughan's decision to wear shorts in the TMS box. Bell attempts the same shot, this time it reaches the boundary just ahead of the diving Peter Siddle. Single off the last ball.


    Bell is trapped in front by Harris, that looks out but England call for a review...

  21. WICKET Bell lbw b Harris 16 (Eng 111-7)  

    ...and he's given out. Didn't hit it, and it was hitting the middle of middle.

  22. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I don't think this is going to last long. It's not easy for tail-enders to play on this pitch, and Australia have got their mojo back."

  23. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Just finished work, 6 inches of snow lying, glad to be home, warm up and watch cricket then find out TV has no signal because of snow! Thank goodness for BBC website!"

  24. WICKET Prior c Hussey b Harris 10 (Eng 114-8)  

    Graeme Swann is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a steer off his toes through mid-wicket for three. Prior gets a nick... and is brilliantly caught by Mike\u00a0Hussey at gully! Five wickets for Harris, that was a superb take by Mr Cricket.

  25. 0309 Commentary Eng 114-8  

    Chris Tremlett is the new man, striding to the crease as England metaphorically approach the gallows. Harris takes the congratulations as Tremlett sees off the over.

  26. WICKET Swann b Johnson 9 (Eng 120-9)  

    Johnson bangs in a bouncer over Swann's head, the Notts man then wafts a two over mid-wicket. Another short ball is top-edged over the keeper for a first-bounce four - "a typical Waca shot", notes Jim Maxwell, who is on commentary duty on TMS ahead of an expected Aussie victory. And Swann's bowled! Inside edge onto\u00a0his stumps. As the phrase goes, "start the car"...

  27. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I don't think England have been complacent, I just think Australia have been better."

  28. 0315 Commentary Eng 120-9  

    Johnson to last man Steven Finn, with plenty of predatory close fielders - five slips and a gully. The Middlesex youngster survives his first two deliveries.

  29. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "We must give Ricky Ponting credit as I reckon it was his decision to play all\u00a0four quicks - I think the selectors wanted Michael Beer. His captaincy was on the line, but his team has responded magnificently."

  30. WICKET Finn c Smith b Harris 2 (Eng 123 all out)  

    Tremlett is off the mark with a single off his legs. Finn opens his account with a two but then is caught at third slip off the last ball of the over - it's all over. Australia win by a mammoth 267 runs\u00a0and Harris finishes with 6-47.

  31. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Australia are back. It's been brutal this morning - fast bowling and good catching. It's England who have questions to answer now."

  32. 0322 Commentary  

    Will England remember birthday boy Punter's fractured finger when they all shake hands? (Actually, as\u00a0it's his left hand, I don't think he shakes hands left-handed).

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad  

    "You have to give credit to Australia, they bowled fantastically well with aggression and pace. They played well in the match apart from the first day, and deserve their victory. I think the match was lost on the second day with our batting - if we'd come in level with Australia or ahead of them, I think we'd have been in the box seat. The MCG won't have as much pace and bounce as the Waca, so I think we'll adapt better."

  34. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    On Twitter: "Aussies now doing lap of honour. Well played and all that, but it's only 1-1, yeah? Or am I being mealy-mouthed? Hugely deserved win though."

  35. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I get the feeling that Ricky Ponting would play with a broken leg, so I don't imagine a fractured little finger will stop him playing at the MCG. He'll just have to take a beta-blocker or a painkiller before he bats. As I said, I don't think England have to change personnel - I would just move Bell up the order to four or five."

  36. Twitter  

    From dnsnow: "Thank goodness BBC3 is running a Family Guy marathon, need a laugh after that."

    And the Return of the Jedi spoof is out on DVD soon... (Other TV shows that do great Star Wars gags are probably\u00a0available)

  37. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "It's still a very upbeat and buoyant dressing-room as we're still in a good position to win the series. We had a nice little launch-pad at 60 or 70 for nought in the first innings, but we haven't performed as a batting unit in this game - we need to learn from this and come back stronger, but there's no reason we can't win in Melbourne. Chris Tremlett came and and bowled exceptionally well.\u00a0Credit to Australia, they came back well after being beaten in Adelaide, but this Ashes series was always going to be closely contested."

  38. Commentary  

    Australia captain Ricky Ponting (36 today): "There's no better birthday present than this."

  39. BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch  

    On Twitter: "Aussie players chucking rubber cricket balls into the crowd like clowns do sweets at the circus. England wearing red noses today. 1-1 now. There should be more test wickets like the Waca around the world: rewards the watchful, skillful batters & talented, quick, swing bowlers."

  40. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss on Graeme Swann: "Perth has never been great for spinners but if there's ever any turn, he's always going to be a threat, and I think there will be more for him at Melbourne and Sydney. It's important the lads have a day or two off now to recharge, but we've got to come back on Boxing Day and play better than we've done."

  41. SMS  

    From Michael in Lincoln: "Can anyone else hear the sound of two more Waca-like pitches being prepared in Melbourne and Sydney?!"

  42. Commentary  

    From Paul Dixon, TMS inbox: "Diabolical capitulation this morning. Talk about a meek surrender - no heart shown at all. Disgrace. Pick Bresnan for Colly next Test - give the team a bit more balance with\u00a0five bowlers. Colly must be dropped."

  43. Commentary  

    Australia captain Ricky Ponting on TMS: "I'm extremely proud of the boys - the fight and character we've shown over the last three days has been outstanding. There's so many positives we can take out of it - the fact we could get to 268 in the first innings was a real bonus, our fielding was as good as it's been in the series, and\u00a0Mike Hussey's playing beautifully. We know how important bowling well is for the team, as it lifts everybody. The four quicks all\u00a0did their job well. The finger's a bit sore today, I wanted to be out on the field but another knock would put me in more doubt for next week. It's not a serious break, I've just got to give it a chance to heal and I've got a very good chance of playing at Melbourne."

  44. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "Australians seem to be maturing later these days - we all remember youngsters like Neil Harvey bursting into the side, but the heroes here were Harris who's 31 and Hussey who's 35."

  45. Commentary  

    From Geoff, Vancouver, TMS inbox: "Justin Langer's BBC website report on playing at the Waca should have been mandatory reading for the whole England side. England made all the predictable mistakes."

  46. 0351 Commentary  

    Harris and Johnson both took nine wickets in the match, Hussey was immense with the bat but Mitchell Johnson is named as man of the match - his 62 with the bat may have swung it, but that devastating spell in England's first innings arguably did more than anything else to reignite the Ashes.

  47. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "A lot of Harris's wickets were bowled or lbw because he pitched the ball up well and bowled with aggression."

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I don't think England will go with five bowlers unless they lose in Melbourne, go 2-1 down and have to win in Sydney to retain the Ashes."

  49. Commentary  

    From Matt, Laverton, Western Australia: "Mark, I don\u2019t know why England fans are down in the mouth after this Test in Perth. After three Tests England have been the better side all round and Perth delivers dire results for most teams that visit here. England are a great team and will only get better. The only thing I would I would change is converting some of the swagger into concentration on the job at hand. No Australian team will roll over, especially on home soil."

  50. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "The England bowlers didn't do the job in the second session. But the one thing about this side is that they're pretty united. The professionalism on this tour has been excellent - compared to four years ago, when it was disgraceful. So I'm crossing my fingers that we can get our act together in Melbourne. Look at how Australia got their act together after Adelaide."

    Listen to Geoff Boycott and Jonathan Agnew on the TMS podcast

  51. 0420 Commentary  

    Well, we've brought you plenty of reaction to Australia's win - TMS are now playing the highlights of today's play, which will be available to UK users on BBC 5 live sports extra - watch out for the podcast later on, featuring Aggers and Geoff Boycott, and there'll be plenty more to read on the website too.

    Anyway, thanks for your company during this Test - we'll be back for the Boxing Day Test from Melbourne, with play starting at 2330 GMT on Christmas Day -\u00a0and I'll be here just before 2300 that evening to bring you\u00a0news of the toss. Until then, a very Merry Christmas from all of us cricket folk\u00a0at the BBC website, and please be careful in the snow.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 267 runs
  • Australia: 268 & 309 (86.0 overs)
  • England: 187 & 123 (37.0 overs)
  • Venue: Perth

England 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 123
Strauss c Ponting b Johnson 15
Cook lbw b Harris 13
Trott c Haddin b Johnson 31
Pietersen c Watson b Hilfenhaus 3
Collingwood c Smith b Harris 11
Anderson b Harris 3
Bell lbw b Harris 16
Prior c Hussey b Harris 10
Swann b Johnson 9
Tremlett not out 1
Finn c Smith b Harris 2
Extras 1nb 8lb 9

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