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Australia v England - third Test day one as it happened

  1. 0145 Commentary  

    Dear Santa Claus

    All the boys at school want an X-Box or Playstation, but I\u2019ve got my heart set on a small urn, about 14 cm tall. It is called the Ashes.


    Andrew Strauss

    Ah yes, a win at Perth will ensure England have the Ashes in safe-keeping before Christmas for the first time ever in a series down under. It's a heady thought...

  2. 0155 Commentary  

    With just five minutes to go before the toss, there are some rumours hovering around that Michael Beer has been left out of the Australian side, meaning they will have a team with four fast bowlers in it. We expect England to name Chris Tremlett as Stuart Broad's replacement.

  3. 0158 Commentary  

    OK. We need you to get involved. Please send texts to 81111 with "CRICKET" in the subject field, e-mail us on or you can tweet me if you like @bbcsport_oliver.


    They've put the Aussies in...

  5. 0205 Commentary  

    Brave, brave move from Andrew Strauss, who confirms that Tremlett is in his side, making his Ashes debut and earning a first Test cap since 2007. Ricky Ponting says this "is a big game". He's right on that one. Waving away a few flies from his face he notices "a fair bit of grass on this track" and reckons the new ball will do something "throughout the Test." And yes, with four fast bowlers, he would have bowled first too.

  6. Commentary  

    From Ollie, Ripponden, TMS inbox: "I turn 18 on christmas day, but the only present I want this year is for England to retain The Ashes... I suppose a crate of beer would come in handy to celebrate with too!"

  7. 0210 Commentary CONFIRMED TEAMS  

    Australia: PJ Hughes, SR Watson, RT Ponting (capt), MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, BJ Haddin (wk), SPD Smith, MG Johnson, RJ Harris, PM Siddle, BW Hilfenhaus

    England: AJ Strauss (capt), AN Cook, IJL Trott, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, IR Bell, MJ Prior (wk), GP Swann, CT Tremlett, JM Anderson, ST Finn

  8. Twitter  

    From tonysmithpr: "Beer left out of the Australian side. Reporters disappointed as all those naff headlines planned in advance have to be shelved."

  9. 0211 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "From what we\u2019ve seen of Tremlett he\u2019s looked in fantastic form. Adelaide seems like a long time ago and it\u2019s about starting from square one again. Jimmy Anderson looks spritely and has the bit between his teeth - I'm expecting a huge game from him. We need to get the first bit of this game right and not worry about days three, four or five yet."

  10. THE SUN IS OUT  

    Perth is one Australian city I've not visited but it does appear that rain is never a factor at the Waca. What we are all keen to discover is whether there will be any pace in this wicket. Rather like the Spanish conquistadors looking for El Dorado, there has been much talk about that fabled pace returning to the Waca in recent years, but when push comes to shove it hasn't really had it.

  11. Commentary  

    From James (Pom) in Melbourne, TMS inbox: "The England bowlers need to show some real controlled and disciplined aggression now with this new ball. Don\u2019t get too excited by the pace and bounce and don\u2019t overdo the bouncers. Though to be honest there will be no-one more excited than me watching the Aussie openers smell the leather and hopping about a bit!"

  12. 0222 Commentary  

    After a prelude involving some interesting Aboriginal singing, we have the rather more predictable strains of God Save The Queen and Advance Australia Fair. England players have a lot of white suncream on their lips already. Not Colly, though. Mackems don't do that.

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad  

    "Everyone will just be preparing themselves, getting themselves mentally ready. The skipper will give them a quick motivational speech and talk about discipline, make sure we hit all our lengths and take our catches... try to go at two an over and then hopefully the wickets will come."

  14. 0225 Commentary  

    Just five minutes to go before England's fast bowlers can start examining the defensive technique of Phillip Hughes. Mind you, he might just try to tee off and take the attack to them - that's the way he plays. He's a Sehwag disciple.

  15. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    On Twitter: "Waca looking a picture in its own eccentric way. Grassy banks filling up, wispy clouds up ahead, punters primed. Heart starting to bounce."

  16. 0228 Commentary  

    Shirtless Barmy Army fans applaud England's fielders as they run onto the outfield. A few wispy clouds overhead and Hughes is at the wicket long before opening partner Shane Watson or anyone else. He's keen.


    Boycott dismissed by an Agnew googly first ball: "I gather you lost to your wife at golf the other day, Commiserations." Anyway, on to the real action: Anderson sends down a series of outswingers at Watson. The bounce is nothing alarming, there's a modicum of movement, any pace? Not yet. Now there's an appeal for a catch behind down the leg-side. He's been given out but is REVIEWING it!

  18. NOT OUT  

    Bad decision by umpire Billy Doctrove, that was off the hip, and he's rightly given not out on review.

  19. 0235 Commentary Aus 0-0  

    That was the last ball of the over by the way. It should have been a boring maiden, and would have been if Doctrove hadn't got everyone so excited. The decision review system has triumphed.

  20. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I'll tell our listeners this - do not go to bed while Phillip Hughes is on strike! When he's attacking, he's like Brian Lara - he certainly has some shots."

  21. WICKET Hughes b Tremlett 2 (Aus 2-1)  

    Right, now for Tremlett versus Hughes: First ball safely defended, then we have a couple of very short, harmless bouncers. They won't hurt anyone. Next one is a good ball on a length, and he squirts it unconvincingly past the slips for a couple. Now he's beaten outside off-stump. Good stuff. And next one is CLEAN BOWLED!

  22. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "He was trying to shovel that through the leg-side. Terrible shot"

  23. 0241 Commentary Aus 2-1  

    That was the last ball of the over, lovely length it was from Tremlett, good pace too. Now it's Anderson to Watson, with Ponting at the non-striker's end.

  24. 0245 Commentary Aus 4-1  

    Anderson's inswinger almost curtails Watson's morning, but the right-hander, completely misjudging it, sees the ball fly over the bails by an inch or two. It's mostly outswingers though, and Watto is watching them safely go outside off stump, before getting off the mark with a couple down to third man. Safe shot.

  25. Commentary  

    Ian B e-mails in to say he's drinking Horlicks with whiskey. What's everyone's drink of choice at this hour?

  26. 0249 Commentary Aus 12-1  

    Luck for Ponting. Beautiful delivery from Tremlett, genuine edge from Ponting, but Strauss needed a fifth slip or a second gully to catch that one. Four runs for the under-pressure Aussie skipper. Now there's the Ponting pull shot, well played, four more.


    Wild flay from Watson at Anderson, Strauss goes aerial and tries to pluck this one out of the air but can only parry it and the rebound drops safely into the green turf behind him.

  28. WICKET Ponting c Collingwood b Anderson 12 (Aus 17-2)  

    Outrageously brilliant catch by Collingwood. That's Ponting out.

  29. Twitter  

    From blandsteve: "I just had a mediterranean tomato cup a soup... might try this horlicks and whiskey business though."

  30. 0255 Commentary Aus 17-2  

    Years of journalism training forbids me to stick exclamation marks about the place liberally, but time to unwind. !!!!!!!!! That was a defensive edge from Ponting, but it flew to Collingwood's right at third slip and he threw himself to his right to take it. One of the very best slip catches. !!!!!

  31. Commentary  

    From Steve Troughton, TMS inbox: "Drink of choice: Coffee laced with a healthy dose of patriotic pride and fear as I struggle towards my 1,000th word of a 2,500 word essay on Stravinsky due in at 11 this morning. Keep the wickets coming and I might get it done."

    We're doing our best, well England are anyway

  32. Twitter  

    From PumpkinClaire: "Terrible insomnia and the Ashes being Down Under is a fantastic mix! The company provided by TMS is wonderful."

  33. 0300 Commentary Aus 18-2  

    Clarke, facing Tremlett for the first time, pushes the tall Surrey man cautiously into the off-side. Now he's hit on the thigh-pad. Tremlett has been very good today.

  34. SMS  

    From Tom, S. Wales: "Would be drinking champagne... If I wasn't the on call anaesthetist. Still, never been so pleased to be on nights. Hope no one gets sick."

  35. SMS  

    Anonymous: "I'm on rose, was planning on a glass per wicket. Might need to fetch another bottle."

  36. 0304 Commentary Aus 23-2  

    No Australian batsman looks keen on playing a long innings today. As John Arlott might have inquired: "What's going off out there?" Now Clarke pushes horribly, and gets four very lucky runs as the ball flies past gully in the air.

  37. WICKET Clarke c Prior b Tremlett 4 (Aus 28-3)  

    Watson plays a lovely cover-drive for four, but now Clarke is on strike, and that, sunshine, is CAUGHT BEHIND.

  38. Twitter  

    From tim_rutter: "Pommie in NSW here and it's all gone very quiet in the office."

  39. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Australia just look like a beaten team. You can go a long way to losing a Test in the first session of a match."

  40. 0309 Commentary Aus 28-3  

    More on that Tremlett wicket, coming with the last ball of the eighth over. It was outside off-stump, just back of a length, didn't need to be played at. But Clarke gingerly wafted at it, and grazed an outside edge to Prior.

  41. 0312 Commentary Aus 28-3  

    Anderson is bowling pretty wide of off-stump at Watson in the main, and finally we have a maiden without major incident. Breathe...

  42. Commentary  

    From David, TMS inbox: "Rice wine with fresh coconut juice... on the beach in Dili, Timor-Leste. Even better than listening to TMS back home in Oldham! Keep 'em coming... the wickets and the drinks!"

  43. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "The decision to pick Tremlett has been vindicated by a big performance, Australia seriously under the pump. Lots of England supporters loving it."

  44. 0317 Commentary Aus 29-3  

    Tremlett has Hussey in his sights now. There's a short-leg in place. Oh where have you been all these years, Chris Tremlett? An absolute belter of a delivery, just seaming away, evades Hussey's nervously-presented edge. He's off the mark with a single.

  45. Twitter  

    From Chris_Moon: "English radio presenter in Darwin, Aus. Slowly losing more and more listeners the better England do. Oh well. Eng-uh-land!"

  46. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    "Had it not been for a very stubborn office manager at the local branch of Australia Post 30 years ago, Mike Hussey might never have picked up a cricket bat, let alone been wearing the Baggy Green."

    Read Tom's full interview with Mike Hussey's father Ted on the TMS blog

  47. 0321 Commentary Aus 29-3  

    Finn is on. Should have good attributes for this deck. I think he's had a haircut too. Hussey drives him to wide mid-off but there's no run there. Ooh, loose delivery, a full toss, but The Huss can't capitalise.

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Stunning start: good toss to win but Aus batting looks bereft of confidence."

  49. 0326 Commentary Aus 29-3  

    Watson is surprised by extra pace from a well-directed short ball from Tremlett. Almost a catch for short-leg. England are not flattered by this score, make no mistake. Tremlett has been wonderful today.

  50. Commentary  

    From Mal, TMS inbox: "Sitting on the runway at JFK. Dreading the moment when the captain tells me to turn off my Blackberry. Wonder if he would delay the flight until Australia are five down?"

  51. 0330 DRINKS BREAK Aus 33-3  

    Hussey edges Finn for four along the ground past the slips. Pietersen licks his lips, not too fussed, waiting for a possible chance to come his way. Finn is going for a full length more often than not, and now he goes round the wicket and beats the outside edge.

  52. BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Stuart Broad  

    "It's been a fantastic first hour - the discipline from the bowlers has been good, and I know how well Paul Collingwood works on his catching, that was an amazing catch. They've created pressure by bowling in the right areas, and that has led to loose shots. It's a crucial period now for England."

  53. Twitter  

    From Crownish: "All hope is not lost yet. Mr Cricket is still out there earning his pension, streaky shot by streaky shot."

  54. 0337 Commentary Aus 34-3  

    Tremlett continues this tremendous spell, into his seventh over now. There's a nice stop by Cook at short-leg. Good leave from Hussey, who knows this wicket better than arguably any other current player. Despite the aggressive field, Australia have not been scoring quickly. Tremlett ends the over with a shake of his head. Might be his last for a while.

  55. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "We've had a good start, yes. But if we can sneak one more out before lunch it opens it up a bit because they are playing one less batsman, although I know Steve Smith can bat."

  56. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Steve Smith bowls leg-spin and may look rather like Shane Warne with his blond spiky hair, but he's not a great bowler - he's a 'two bad balls an over' man. I'm surprised Marcus North was jettisoned so soon."

  57. 0342 Commentary Aus 35-3  

    As he did in the previous over, Watson grabs a calm, early single, and Hussey, a bit tentatively, plays out the rest of the over. Good lines from Finn.

  58. Commentary  

    From Debs in NZ, TMS inbox: "Stuck in crawling traffic in rainy Auckland having to read updates to my husband to stop him going mad! Wickets certainly doing the job so far! Worried about his mood (and his driving) if the wickets dry up."

  59. 0346 Commentary Aus 36-3  

    Anderson has replaced Tremlett now, a change of ends for him. Hussey looks in determined, blunt-nosed full-on defiance mode. He's on five after 40 balls faced, but doesn't exactly look concerned.


    Yorker from Finn, lbw? He's been given, but Watson will review it.

  61. WICKET Watson lbw b Finn 13 (Aus 36-4)  

    Replays confirm that's got him on off-stump. Aussies four down and in big trouble now.

  62. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I think it's great. I was saying we needed another wicket before lunch, I know he can bat, Smith, but if you get one end open and can bowl at someone who can bat as opposed to one main batsman it is quite different psychologically for a bowler."

  63. Twitter  

    From CVM81: "Thanks for the great updates but gotta go to sleep. Catch up with you in the morning, hopefully Mr Cricket gone by then."

  64. 0353 Commentary Aus 45-4  

    Smith gets off the mark from his second ball faced, and Hussey hits two boundaries to boot Australia's score along a bit. The first is a nice drive, the second is an edge.

  65. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "With 1.5 dollars to the pound, eating out here is really expensive - it's like eating out in London."

  66. 0357 Commentary Aus 46-4  

    Smith jerks about at the crease like a fidgety six-year-old at a school Nativity play. Anderson beats him outside off. Lots of outswing from the third ball of the over, even though this is the 18th over. Smith pushes into the covers for a single.

  67. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Night shift in London with my baby boy. He is one month old today and built like Merv Hughes. His 11th day of TMS. Best show on earth. Long may it continue ... IS THAT 4 DOWN?!"

  68. 0402 Commentary Aus 47-4  

    Finn is only in his fifth over, but Geoffrey Boycott reckons that might be enough for him, that he should only bowl short spells. Hussey continuing to resemble Atlas holding up his country's cricketing hopes.

  69. Commentary  

    From Ricky, TMS inbox: "Have the cuts bitten so deeply that Geoffrey is forced to buy his own dinner? One hopes the fish supper vendors of Perth are prepared to negotiate."

  70. 0406 Commentary Aus 48-4  

    Around five or six overs to go until lunch. Smith scampers his fourth single and is beginning to look a little more at home. The last ball of Anderson's eighth over is safely left well alone by El Senor Criquete (as Hussey might have been dubbed in Spain).

  71. Commentary  

    From Tony G, Perth, TMS inbox: " 'With 1.5 dollars to the pound, eating out here is really expensive - it's like eating out in London'... you can tell Geoffrey is a Yorkshireman!"

  72. Twitter  

    From Kaisersauzee: "To be honest, this is becoming boring. Definitely time for a 2-tier cricket league. Oz, Bangladesh, Scotland & NZ in Tier 2."

  73. 0410 Commentary Aus 49-4  

    Ooh, well Hussey almost turned England's decent morning into a free three-course lunch at Le Gavroche with dancing girls and vintage champagne on tap. Finn went for the straight bouncer and Hussey missed his pull - it was the same ball that got him out on the last day in Adelaide.

  74. Twitter  

    From brighty85: "Just got woken up by my 3 day old baby boy, after sorting him out checked the score - no going back to bed now!! COME ON!!"

  75. Commentary  

    From Debbie, TMS inbox: "Enjoying the great start and hoping the electricity stays on as have a massive thunderstorm here in Rhodes, Greece......oh and drinking hot chocolate laced with Southern Comfort."

    Keep those whacky Ashes drinks coming...

  76. 0414 Commentary Aus 49-4  

    A maiden from Anderson. If you can't get wickets, then maidens will do. A bit like some Christmassy nursery rhyme I can't quite remember. Help me out someone! Wicket flattening out just a touch...

  77. 0418 Commentary Aus 62-4  

    In the 23rd over, Australia bring up their fifty, Hussey moving to 14 with a controlled, roll-of-the-wrists pull shot. Smith gets into a horrible position trying a pull of his own, but gets a leg-bye for his troubles. Hussey pulls... for SIX! Top edge, straight over wicketkeeper Prior. Bad full toss, driven for four, expensive over.

  78. Commentary  

    From Norman, TMS inbox: "Nursery rhyme: Could it be: Baa baa ozzie sheep, have you any wool? no sir, no sir, fleeced by poms."

  79. 0423 Commentary Aus 63-4  

    Thanks for all those e-mails. The first line of the rhyme I was after is "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat." No goose for us this year, but it is nice. Not far from lunch now as the big man of the first session, Tremlett, returns. Smith keeps a short ball down nicely.

  80. 0427 Commentary Aus 65-4  

    Collingwood on for an over before lunch. Bit of a surprise, the Aussies would have expected Swann. Gone quiet for a bit, but let's not forget this has been an amazing session for England. Even better than day one at Adelaide, when England picked up three wickets.

  81. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Finished the rose. Glass to wicket ratio out the window. Now on tea with a vodka sprinkle, not that great, probably wont be having another."

  82. Commentary  

    From Ben, disgruntled and annoyed Aussie, TMS inbox: "Regarding Norman's impromptu nursery rhyme, I feel obligated to inform him that, despite his obvious creative nous, nursery rhymes do indeed have to rhyme."

  83. 0431 INTERVAL LUNCH - Australia 65-4 (Hussey 28, Smith 5)  

    Tremlett bowling his ninth over of the morning, and Smith, concentrating hard as he tries to keep some deliveries down, and leave the others, does OK. And that is lunch. We've had 26 terrific overs (unless you're Australian).

  84. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Steve Waugh arrives in the TMS Box. Perhaps he should get his pads on!"

  85. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    On Twitter: "England's session in every single way - 4 big scalps back in hutch, just 65 runs on the board. Huss, as always, grim sailor on burning deck."

  86. 0435 Commentary  

    We'll resume at 0510. Until then it's time to replenish caffeine supplies, and wander aimlessly around the dark, cold streets of London or something. At least England are in good shape!

  87. Commentary Former Australia captain Steve Waugh on TMS  

    "I can't speak for Ricky Ponting personally, but I can't see him moving down the order and not being captain. I think we've been chopping and changing the side too much - Warne and McGrath retired four years ago, and that's long enough to rebuild."

  88. 0505 Commentary  

    Play resumes in five minutes. Until then, I take you, seamlessley, from the Ashes to Ashes to Ashes. I just saw Gene Hunt's red Audi Quattro parked up on the periphery of Television Centre, glistening with possibility. Tempted to see if the driver's door was open, but then feared alarms, security men, embarrassing situations.

  89. Commentary  

    From Neil in Jersey, TMS inbox:

    "Oh the Grand Old Ricky Ponting
    He scored ten thousand runs
    He marched his team to the top of the rankings And he marched them down again
    And when they had Warne they were up And when they had Beer they were down And he knew his time was nearly up With the first sesh up four down"

  90. Commentary  

    From Derek Mathieson, TMS inbox: "I think the turning point in this series was at about 3pm on the third day's play at the Gabba. Having seen Haddin and Hussey inflict all that pain, a very loud Aussie said to his son \u2018We\u2019ll wait and see Hussey get his 200 and Australia 500 then we\u2019ll go home\u2019. They failed on both counts and it's been downhill ever since."

  91. 0510 Commentary  

    They're out in the middle, Jimmy Anderson with the ball, Hussey on strike.

  92. 0514 Commentary Aus 67-4  

    After a fine opening delivery, Anderson strays in line a little and Hussey pushes one away for a single. Wild down the leg side now, a bye for the Aussies.

  93. Commentary  
    From Kev Scorah, Dubai, TMS inbox: "[Re: Ben, Disgruntled Aussie] Seeing Nursery Rhymes do need to rhyme, how about 'Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, can Cricket Australia find an Aussie who can bat?'"
  94. WICKET Smith c Strauss b Tremlett 7 (Aus 69-5)  

    The wickets keep coming...

  95. 0518 Commentary  

    In the channel outside off-stump from Tremlett, his third ball after lunch. Did not do a lot off the wicket, but Smith felt he had to play at it, he was a little hurried and the edge flew - as it always will do in Perth - at a nice catchable height for a grinning England skipper.

  96. 0520 Commentary Aus 69-5  

    Tremlett, who some thought might be overlooked in favour of Tim Bresnan, has 3-21 from 10 overs. He's already got more wickets in the series than Stuart Broad.

  97. 0522 Commentary Aus 71-5  

    Thick inside edge from Hussey for a couple as he goes into the 30s and Australia into the 70s with half their side out.

  98. Twitter  

    From inspire2aspire: "Well done selectors on picking Tremlett."

  99. 0527 Commentary Aus 75-5  

    The big-biceped Tremlett is charging in at Hussey. I think girls would say of his physique: "I like his guns." Hussey tucks him towards a flock of landed seagulls for a single.

  100. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "On any wicket around the world, 75-5 is not a good score. Australia desperately need to get to 200 - if they get bowled out for 125-150, the way England are playing, the game's gone."

  101. SMS  

    Daniel R, Kent: "Christmas is coming, Shane Warne is getting fat, can Australia rely on him to bowl and bat?"

  102. 0532 Commentary Aus 77-5  

    Strauss, arms folded, chewing gum, observing his men working hard like a contented farmer might look at his sheep. Anderson's looking a bit red-faced and sweaty as Hussey keeps him honest.

  103. 0536 Commentary Aus 79-5  

    Tremlett gets through another accurate over, asking questions of the new man Haddin, Someone will give a catch to short-leg at some point I feel...

  104. Twitter  

    From TJBAv:\u00a0"Geoff Boycott talks about the Corridor of Uncertainty, at the moment the Aussies have the M25 of Mental Disintegration."

  105. 0540 Commentary Aus 86-5  

    Anderson hits Haddin close to the box area. No appeal. Tremlett had a choked-off appeal for lbw in the previous over. Gotta bowl very full to get an lbw on this wicket. haddin drives through the covers for four off the back foot. That's a confident, well-played shot.

  106. Twitter  

    From YvonnePhoto:\u00a0"Is it time to get @Swannyg66 into the action? Jimmy looks v.tired now."

  107. 0545 Commentary Aus 89-5  

    England have a chance of a run-out here but Trott, who produced that memorable direct hit on the first morning at Adelaide, sends in a poor return to Prior and Haddin scampers back for a second. That's a life for the Aussie 'keeper.

  108. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The WACA  

    On Twitter: Selectors v selectors: Aus newbies Hughes & Smith go for combined total of 9; Eng man Tremors 3-21 off 10 overs with dander right up. Saw him in gym in Adelaide - massive unit, throwing massive weights. Built like a Bond villain. NB not a female one

  109. 0549 Commentary Aus 95-5  

    Anderson bowls on a full length to Hussey, punched drive down the ground for four. The stand is worth 24 already, quite promising considering everything. Easy two to square leg as Hussey moves to 42.

  110. Twitter  

    From deany1985: "Hussey and Haddin once again Aussies' best. Why do they keep forging together at 70-5? Maybe they should bat 4 and 5."

  111. 0553 Commentary Aus 99-5  

    A Tremlett half-volley is driven smartly down the ground for four by Haddin. Get it past the infield here and it's a four nearly every time. But the last ball of the over beats his outside edge, good comeback from the capable Tremlett.

  112. Commentary  

    Liam Gallagher, TMS inbox: "As a true jobless northerner from Bolton I'm sat in my council flat with ironically 15 cans of Fosters, 20 cigarettes, Oasis blaring away, watching the Aussies get absolutely slaughtered in this great Test match series. Life isn't bad at all for this Englishman!"

  113. SMS  

    From Martin: "Christmas is coming/Warne's gotten fat/Please stop crying just 'cos Aussies cannot bat! :-P"

  114. 0557 Commentary Aus 107-5  

    Nice pull shot from Haddin for three off Anderson, he moves to 20 and this stand is beginning to get ever-so-slightly irritating. Must be time for Swann soon, on the banks of the Swan river, no less.

  115. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Cricket is like chess - you need to know when to attack and when to defend. That's how the great masters play."

  116. 0602 Commentary 112-5  

    Finn has been kept very fresh by Strauss, but he's back on now to bowl his eighth over of the day. Can he get the next breakthrough? No, well not this time anyway. Haddin hits a nice square-drive for four. Some nice shots coming from the right-hander.

  117. 0605 Commentary Aus 122-5  

    So it is a double change, Graeme Swann into the attack, the world's best spinner you know. Collar turned up, sunglasses on. Haddin comes out of his crease and hits him over cover for four. Game on. And this is even better, chipping sweetly over mid-on for a six. Fifty partnership off 68 balls.

  118. 0610 DRINKS BREAK Aus 134-5  

    Finn could do with reining back the run-rate if at all possible. He's round the wicket to Hussey, who is using his glove to wipe away the sweat collecting on his helmet grille. Uppercut for four takes him to his half-century. Fifth consecutive score of fifty or more against England. And there are two more boundaries with pull shots. Finn's going for nearly five an over.

  119. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Boycott a chess player? Surely too fast paced!"

  120. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "They don't need a drink to quench out their thirst - they need to rinse out their brains. There have been cuts and pulls galore - England have bowled far too short. They've got to stop the run flow, bowl maidens and get control of the game."

  121. 0613 Commentary  

    Really fast scoring in the first hour after lunch. England need a plan because if they can't get a wicket before tea and Australia keep scoring at this rate they'll be firmly back in the contest.


    England are appealing for a catch behind against Hussey off Swann.

  123. WICKET Hussey c Prior b Swann 61 (Aus 137-6)  

    Big nick, he's gone. Hussey's luck runs out. England back firmly on top. Huge moment to strike.

  124. 0619 Commentary Aus 139-6  

    Johnson negotiates the last two balls of Swann's second over, and now it's Finn to Haddin...

  125. 0624 Commentary Aus 147-6  

    Haddin comes over all Virender Sehwag as Finn's obsession with the short ball begins to border on compulsive. One shot is neatly played over the slips for four, but then he gets carried away, charging the bowler and missing. Now a genuine, low edge escapes for four. A colleague informs me that Tony Palladino, erstwhile of Essex, has been signed by Derbyshire.

  126. 0629 Commentary Aus 148-6  

    Swann is round the wicket to the recalled Johnson (played in Brisbane, dropped for Adelaide). Michael Slater on TMS hopes Johnson will play aggressively, but instead he picks up a single with a block down the ground. Lots of air off the final ball to Swann, but no big shot from Haddin, who has played tremedously well so far.

  127. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Oh the weather outside is baking, the Aussies are for the taking, and since Tremlett's stole the show, let him bowl let him bowl let him bowl."

  128. 0634 Commentary Aus 156-6  

    Finn has provided Strauss with no control at all, and there's a worry he might have a slight injury. He's in pain after this last delivery, which is short, wide and smashed away for four by Johnson. He's a bit unlucky when Johnson carves him for a second boundary, the ball flying over the heads of the slips. Finn is 1-61 from 11 overs.

  129. 0637 Commentary Aus 158-6  

    England appeal for lbw against Johnson, but they don't review it when umpire Doctrove says not out. An attempted slog is under-edged past the keeper for a single.

  130. Twitter  

    From Uppala: "Swanny getting good amount of turn on Day 1 at Waca... have Aus faltered by not picking Beer?"

  131. 0642 Commentary Aus 159-6  

    Tremlett is back on for another spell, with figures of 3-34 already today. It's been a memorable day already for him, but more work is required. He beats Johnson's outside edge, and he beats Haddin's outside edge too. Such a perfect length he's found today.

  132. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I keep calling Tremlett 'Hightower', like the guy from Police Academy. Tall bowlers are invaluable if they get their length right, as\u00a0the batsmen can get caught on the crease when they don't know whether to get forward or go back."

  133. 0645 Commentary Aus 163-6  

    A good old-fashioned slog for four from Johnson to deep mid-wicket gives him his third boundary. Never a dull moment today. Wickets and runs aplenty.

  134. SMS  

    From Glentanar: "Always feared Finn's lack of real pace and erratic delivery. Not a long-term Test bowler."

  135. 0649 Commentary Aus 168-6  

    The Fremantle Doctor is due to start blowing soon. It's the regular prevailing breeze that cools everyone down in Perth but can mess with cricketers' plans. As the camera pans across the Waca, I'm reminded how the old-fashioned floodlights look like giant waffle toasters. Is there such a thing as a waffle toaster? Johnson cuts Tremlett for four.

  136. BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch  

    On Twitter: "The great Alec Stewart is with me and\u00a0wants to hear your porridge suggestions & who's in bigger trouble: Chelsea or Australian cricket?"

  137. 0652 Commentary Aus 169-6  

    Finn has had some medical attention and is back out on the field as Swann begins his sixth over. Haddin has settled into a more restrained style, perhaps he senses Johnson's going to play a proper innings. A teeny bit ominous for England who, although it sounds greedy, could do with another wicket again.

  138. Commentary  

    From Chris, Casablanca, TMS inbox: "I find the constant criticism of Finn annoying. He is only 21 years old... 41 Test wickets in 10 matches - not many young bowlers have as much potential and success."

  139. 0657 Commentary Aus 170-6  

    So where are we folks? Still nearly 15 minutes to go before tea. Really important stand for Australia this one, and Haddin pulls a single off the last ball of Tremlett's over to pinch the strike.

  140. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "Behind scenes at Waca photos now available including Stuart Broad and Steve Waugh."

    Test Match Special's photostream on Flickr (external site)

  141. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Away in Australia/At the Waca it's said/The little Australians laid down their sweet heads/A man with large biceps glared down from on high/And Ponting was found wanting as the Ashes passed by."

  142. 0700 Commentary Aus 173-6  

    Haddin gets to his half-century with a single off Swann, and there are a couple more runs in this over. England need one big push before tea, though this is when energy levels get tested.

  143. 0703 Commentary Aus 173-6  

    Huge cheer from the Barmy Army as Monty Panesar sprints out with a drink for someone. Haddin is beaten by another superlative Tremlett delivery. He has barely bowled a poor delivery.

  144. 0707 Commentary Aus 177-6  

    Umpire Billy Doctrove has not had a good day today, and he's given Johnson a six for a heave over mid-wicket that landed two feet inside the ropes. He's changed the decision now. Johnson, big back-lift, opts to defend a couple, but he's beginning to look a real danger with the bat.

  145. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Ashes drinks - you can't beat Kahlua with Gaviscon. Soothing, and there's no dicey stomach the next morning, genius!"

  146. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "If\u00a0you are just getting up, full review of the day at tea (0710) with Broad and Hughes."

  147. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "Andrew Hilditch may just be heading towards the end of his spell as chairman of Australia's selectors..."

  148. 0711 INTERVAL TEA: Aus 179-6 (Haddin 52, Johnson 25)  

    Collingwood has the last over before tea, and it's not threatening. Early exchanges of final session will be very important in shaping how this day ends, I reckon.

  149. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  
    On Twitter: "Ump Doctrove has had an awful day. 2 poor decisions reviewed - now a 6 reviewed to a 4. Supporters of DRS pleased but this not Test standard."
  150. 0723 Commentary  

    While Mr Brett takes a break, it's Mark Mitchener here to take you through the first action after tea. Over in Perth, various Western Australia legends are being paraded around the ground on open-top cars - Dennis Lillee, Rod Marsh and Graham "Garth" McKenzie. Other legends getting similar treatment in this series so far were Matthew Hayden at Brisbane, and two of the Chappell brothers at Adelaide. (Not the underarm bowler - the other two).

  151. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "Australia haven't really got a settled opening pair, and Ponting hasn't been in form, so England wouldn't have minded batting or bowling first. Also, South Africa chased over 400 batting fourth to win here, so there's a suggestion that this pitch could stay the same or get better."

  152. Twitter  

    From Haggis01: "For the sake of the series and Australian cricket, these two need to bat the session. Come on England finish them both off."

  153. Commentary  

    From Dave Fisher, TMS inbox: "Jim Maxwell has got it spot on and I suspect it is only a matter of time (as they say on 'The Apprentice') before someone points the finger and utters those immortal words 'Andrew Hilditch \u2013 you\u2019re fired'."

  154. 0729 Commentary  

    Nearly ready to resume at the Waca. Swanny to resume the attack to the left-handed Johnson.

  155. 0732 Commentary Aus 185-6  

    Johnson plays out a couple of deliveries from Swann before launching the off-spinner for a six over long-on, just to the side of the sightscreen! Closing in on a fifty stand, these two.

  156. 0736 Commentary Aus 187-6  

    Anderson back into the attack after that one-over pre-tea portion of Collingwood. Haddin dabs a single, while Justin Langer joins Aggers on TMS, complaining that his seat is not as comfortable as the summariser's chair in Adelaide.\u00a0The score may have made JL a little uncomfortable too... "I've been playing here for 20 years and I've never seen a pitch so green," notes the former Western Australia opener. A single from Johnson brings up the fifty stand.

  157. Commentary  

    From John Pike, TMS inbox: "Panesar got a five-for in Perth last time round; should England be considering playing two spinners and how is Monty doing these days?"

    He's carrying the drinks, but got a big cheer earlier for doing so...

  158. 0739 Commentary Aus 188-6  

    Swann, blinking behind his sunglasses, rattles through an over which yields a single. And "The Doctor" appears to be in...

  159. WICKET Haddin c Swann b Anderson 53 (Aus 189-7)  

    Play is held up by what Aggers describes as "a renegade sightscreen" (sorry, no "renegade sightscreen" graphics available), which shoots off in the wrong direction and forces several spectators to move. But then Haddin flashes at Anderson, and Swann leaps to take another great catch above his head at second slip!

  160. BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer  

    "The England batsmen have been getting starts and going on to get hundreds, but the Australian batsmen haven't, and Haddin will be very disappointed with that."

  161. 0745 Commentary Aus 189-7  

    Ryan Harris is the new batsman - fresh from a king pair at Adelaide (where the DRS failed to save him on either occasion), he almost completes a personal "hat-trick" of sorts as he digs out a yorker from Anderson. He survives his first three balls, and the Swann catch looks better and better with replays - JL on TMS is purring about England's slip catching.

  162. 0748 Commentary Aus 192-7  

    Swann has several men back on the fence for the free-swinging Johnson, who aims a lofted drive wide of Kevin Pietersen at mid-off and they run two. A risky\u00a0quick single nearly sees Harris run out for a third successive duck... As well as the boundary fielders, Swann may be helped by a number of seagulls who are patrolling the covers for him, although the vultures will be out for the Aussies in the papers tomorrow morning...

  163. WICKET Harris b Anderson 3 (Aus 201-8)  

    Johnson is swinging at everything, hoicking Anderson past mid-on with an unorthodox jab for four that takes him to 41. A nudge off his legs scatters a few seagulls, while JL on TMS apologises for the lack of the usual "crystal-blue" Perth sky. Harris is finally off the mark in the series as he square-drives Anderson for three, but after Johnson rotates the strike with a single, Harris is yorked off his pads by the Burnley Express!

  164. 0753 Commentary Aus 201-8  

    New batsman Peter Siddle shoulders arms to his first ball as Jimmy completes the over. And having done my job as a partnership-breaker (a role I'm not unfamiliar with when I play the game) and "taken" two Aussie wickets, I hand you back to Oliver Brett...

  165. SMS  

    From Charlotte, freezing in Bishop's Stortford: "Just did a little dance in the cold at the station after that wicket - let's get them all out before I get to Tottenham Hale!"

  166. 0757 Commentary Aus 202-8  

    Thanks very much Mark. A high-adrenaline stint there, with two wickets to boot, and let's see if I can polish off the tail with the help of Swanny and Jimmy. Siddle, facing the last three balls of Swann's over, is asking for the sightscreen to be moved. He defends tidily enough.

  167. 0800 Commentary Aus 208-8  

    Australia can't say they've been unlucky today. Johnson is squared up by Anderson here, but his defensive edge flies high and wide of the cordon for four. Langer and CMJ debate the lack of a third-man in modern cricket. Would have saved a lot of runs today, but do you really want to take a slip out?

  168. SMS  

    Justin, just waking up in exotic Redditch: "Not entirely sure Ponting got his psychology right by suggesting Anderson would be 'tired' coming into this match; I think he may be regretting winding Jimmy up!"

  169. 0804 Commentary Aus 211-8  

    Johnson goes deep into his crease to punch Swann through the covers and reach an excellent half-century. England wil not want this innings to transfer into bowling confidence.

  170. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "From half an hour after lunch this pitch has looked an absolute belter to bat on; England's catching has been outstanding again. The pitch is just starting to bake a little bit. The green tinge this morning was brighter than it is now."

  171. Twitter  

    From Ewbz: "Check out the bowlers' discipline - only\u00a0three extras all day, and they're all leg byes!"

  172. 0811 Commentary Aus 216-8  

    Sorry folks, I tried to be clever and use an e-mail in Mandarin and it froze the system. There were two runs for Siddle in an over from Anderson, then Johnson took a single off Swann, and now we have Tremlett again.

  173. 0815 Commentary Aus 218-8  

    Tremlett to Johnson could be interesting. The bowler appears to be on top for the minute, beating his outside edge, before Johnson bashes one down to the man at deep mid-wicket for a single, scattering the seagulls who have taken residence down there. Siddle is comprehensively beaten now by Tremlett - that one really took off. An edge to slip - but it JUST DOESN'T CARRY.

  174. Commentary  

    From Simon Carter, TMS inbox: "Charlotte [see 0757], I saw you jump at Bishop's Stortford station\u00a0and wondered why. Yes they will be all out but by Liverpool St not Totternham Hale."

  175. 0819 Commentary Aus 222-8  

    Johnson comes charging down the track at Swann but will only get a single. He's not far off being Australia's top scorer today.\u00a0 Missed run-out by England, great fielding by Anderson, but his throw's at the wrong end, and Australia get away with one there.

  176. SMS  

    From Gary in Kelvedon: "I can see the headlines now: 'Johnson makes noticeable contribution shock.' Sure it's a flash in the pan."

  177. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Hussey should bat at three. Move Ricky down to number four."

  178. 0824 DRINKS BREAK Aus 225-8  

    I've been impressed by the Australian lower order. They've frankly shown far more sense than the more celebrated players above them in the team. Lovely pull shot here from Siddle, two runs for him off Tremlett. "That was a beautiful shot," says an admiring Michael Vaughan.

  179. Twitter  

    From kyliefansunited: "If we can get them all out for 250 the Ashes are as good as ours!"

  180. Commentary  

    Pommie in Kiwiland, TMS inbox: "Hard to see who's going to be the Australian 'Botham and Willis' to turn this around for our colonial chums. Smith and Siddle? Ummm, don't think so!"

  181. 0831 Commentary Aus 228-8  

    Virtually no chances of play at Centurion Park for South Africa v India today. Stay with us, you won't regret it. Finn, who's been a bit in and out, is back into the attack. The silver gulls - are they different from the herring gulls we get in the UK? - are getting heavily involved in affairs now. Three singles off the first three balls, and three dots. Can Australia get past 250? They need to.


    England are reviewing an lbw appeal by Tremlett off Siddle. Looks high.

  183. NOT OUT  

    That was slightly too high and a fraction leg-sidey, but it's taking an age to get the right sort of camera on board to save Siddle. Anyway he is saved. If it had been given out and Siddle had challenged it, he would have remained out, but this way England lose a review. That's modern cricket!

  184. 0838 Commentary Aus 229-8  

    Tremlett finally bowls the last ball of the over. That took a while to come.

  185. WICKET Johnson c Anderson b Finn 62 (Australia 233-9)  

    Great fielding off his own bowling by Finn as Johnson attacks. And now he pulls one straight to square-leg. Bye bye, Mitch.

  186. 0843 Commentary Aus 233-9  

    Johnson played nicely, and is Australia's top scorer today. And after being lucky once or twice, this time it's Finn who gets a fortunate roll of the dice. Johnson picked out the fielder unerringly at square-leg - not a brilliant delivery really. Hilfenhaus is beaten outside off stump.

  187. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Most of the day we bowled quite well; in the afternoon we weren't so special. When they bowled short it sat up and asked to be hit. I thought Mike Hussey's innings was class (he hit 61 today)."

  188. 0848 Commentary Aus 236-9  

    Nice shot by Siddle for a couple of runs off Tremlett, and he ducks a bouncer securely enough. A single is easily taken off the last ball, so Hilfenhaus won't face the start of the next over.

  189. Commentary  

    Dickie Bird, TMS inbox: "Not the same, these gulls. Silver Gull, with red beak and legs, is Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae. Herring Gull, with a yellow beak, is Larus argentatus. With my name, I should know!"

    Not THE Dickie Bird, I think we can assume. Thank you!

  190. 0852 Commentary Aus 243-9  

    Now England need to wrap this up without any more mucking about. No wicket here for Finn though, and there's a boundary for Hilfenhaus as well with a cut shot.

  191. 0856 Commentary Aus 256-9  

    Siddle edges defensively, and it flies over the slips for four. That's happened quite a lot today. Tremlett really unlucky there, and now Siddle collects a single with a pull shot. Hilfenhaus is stuck in the crease and beaten by Tremlett, before carving a drive over mid-off for four. Last two wickets have already added fifty, Australia are past 250 and are not out of this game by any means. Ooh, four more for Hilfenhaus with one of the best shots of the day. Great pull shot.

  192. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "You can't keep letting guys who can hardly bat smack the ball around like they're 150 not out!"

  193. 0901 Commentary Aus 267-9  

    A wide half-volley from Finn is carted through the off-side for four by Siddle. Next ball is better, but Siddle defends well off the back foot. Now Finn is too short again, and there's a Siddle pull for four. This is a brilliant fightback from the Aussies, much more of this and they'll have 300... having been 69-5.

  194. Twitter  

    From PaulAir: "Aussie batsmen 9, 10 and 11 score more than the 1, 2, 3 batsmen. Come on, finish him (mortal combat style)."

  195. Twitter  

    From originalveebo:\u00a0"Aussie fightback has started. Let's hope it ends soon. Time for bowling change I feel."

  196. WICKET Hilfenhaus c Cook b Swann 13 (Aus 268 all out)  

    Not before time, Strauss goes back to Swann, and his spinner gets the wicket that wraps up the innings.\u00a0 Bat-pad catch to short-leg, Hilfy hung around hoping to get lucky, but the umpire finally gives him out.

  197. 0909 Commentary  

    Well that was an annoying tail-end bite, more than a sting. Tremlett was marvellous throughout, Swann and Anderson were dependable as ever, and Finn? Two vital wickets, but he went at nearly six runs an over and won't be getting an invite into the one-day squad any time soon.

  198. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Aus 268 all out and, combined with stints on BBC and ABC, Aggers finishes with 8 for!! Hurrah. Career best."

  199. Commentary  

    KrautBeckerFan, TMS inbox: "Interesting, Dickie Bird's submission. The Larus argentatus, which he called the Herring Gull, is called Silver Gull (Silbermoewe) in German, the clue is in the Latin name: largentatus, meaning silver. The Latin name of the Aussie gull actually translates as the Hollandish Gull - again the clue is in the name."

    Shall we get back to the cricket, now? England have 12 overs of batting, and we'll wrap up at 1000 GMT if they haven't got them all in by then.

  200. 0914 Commentary  

    Long evening shadows, still azure skies overhead. Strauss asks for his guard by sticking two fingers up at the umpire, but he means well. Hilfenhaus has the fresh nut in his mitt.

  201. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "This is a really good chance for England to rub it in, tell Australia 'this has been our day' and finish 30 or 40 for none tonight. If you're only out there for 10 minutes it can be difficult, but 45 minutes is a decent time."

  202. 0917 Commentary Eng 0-0  

    Inswing from Hilfenhaus into the left-handed Strauss - that's driven cleanly for no run. Short and wide, but Strauss's cut shot is not timed well enough to get the England scoreboard moving. It's a maiden, but decent positive intent from Strauss.

  203. Commentary  
    From Dan in the South: "Interestingly, this Aussie scorecard is a bit more normal if you read it in reverse. So what's this Ponting chap like with the new ball then?"

    You can get wickets with Ponting in one of those console games, really irritates people...
  204. 0921 Commentary Eng 3-0  

    Cook gets England off the mark with a single off Harris. And that's nasty... But Strauss survives! Loopy nick but it lands just in front of Ponting at second slip. Edgy moment, but Strauss will forget that and he pushes one away for a single. Cook turns Harris for another single.

  205. Commentary  

    From Robin in Shanghai, TMS inbox: "Australia have scored 1405 runs in this series, 799 of which have been made while Hussey has been batting."

  206. 0925 Commentary Eng 4-0  

    Hilfenhaus is already working hard on the shine of the ball, but he has not looked especially threatening as yet. Cook picks up another single, and England have 35 minutes left - lose no wickets tonight and it's definitely their day, Australia made just 268 remember.

  207. Twitter  

    From smaff85: "So Strauss has been alternating first over dismissals with centuries; time for a century now please?"

  208. 0929 Commentary Eng 11-0  

    Earlier, one of the Aussies played a Virender Sehwag-style uppercut. It's a great wicket for that type of shot, and now Cook does it - and gets A SIX! Dreadful misfield from Hughes at square-leg and an awful return to the wicket-keeper as well. Good last delivery from Harris, beats Strauss's outside edge.

  209. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Sorry KrautBeckerFan - the Latin for Aussie gull translates as New Holland gull, i.e. Aussie gull."

  210. 0932 Commentary Eng 15-0  

    Hilfenhaus bowls short and wide, Cook pins back his ears and cuts him hard for four. At the end of this series, that Cook cut shot may form the backdrop to Australian nightmares.

  211. 0935 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    Strauss plays waftily outside his stumps at Harris, and misses. Leave those alone, skipper! Cook looking much more secure than the skipper at present. Strauss'll eat you up if you bowl there. Leg-stump, nice glance, four runs. Strauss drives through the vacant mid-on for two.

  212. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Stuart Broad will be answering your questions during the TMS lunch interval tomorrow. Anything you'd like to know send me a tweet @tmsproducer."

  213. Commentary  

    Andrew, TMS inbox: "Can you tell me the exact name of the colour behind the text whenever we get an Aussie wicket? I am planning to paint my living room - hoping it will give me the same spring in my step every day."

    Can't help you, but of one million-odd people reading this, a few hundred will know...

  214. 0938 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    The odd maiden will suit England fine for the time being, and here's one from Hilfenhaus, very calmly negotiated by Cook.

  215. Twitter  

    From SleeperPService: "Tail wagging means diddly if the Aussie bowlers can't do their day job."

  216. 0942 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    Ponting is not ready to bring on Johnson yet. Harris, who nearly got a wicket in his first over, continues. Courtney Walsh is pictured in the stands. I wonder if the Australian Home Office (or whatever it's called) plans to offer him immediate citizenship so they can pick him. Good bouncer, but easily ducked.

  217. Commentary  

    From John, TMS inbox: "Hi Andrew, it\u2019s a very light shade of magenta. (That\u2019s the red colour in a four-colour print process so its also called process red). In printing it\u2019ll be a percentage of magenta (15%?) but in a paint pot? Best to capture the screen image and take it into a builder\u2019s merchants. Good luck."

  218. 0946 Commentary Eng 21-0  

    After two maidens, Ponting elects to make a change, Siddle coming on, and he almost gets a wicket... as Haddin appeals for a catch behind off Cook. Not convincing though, and no referral. Lots of leaving going on by the Enland openers. A lesson for the Aussies there.

  219. 0951 Commentary Eng 25-0  

    And it has to be... Johnson. Is it Magic Johnson or All-over-the-shop Johnson? First ball is straight. Next couple are OK too, and there's a bit of swing for him, but the pace is down. Fifth ball is a bouncer, but it's easily ducked by Strauss. And the sequence of maidens is ended as Strauss cuts for four. Looked too close to his body for the shot, but he hit it well enough.

  220. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Mitchell Johnson has it in him to get Australia back into the series, so it's important we get him down early."

  221. Twitter  

    From\u00a0njbennett, MontyKarlow, briggsl, bill_rob (and\u00a0others): "The Aussie wicket colour is #FEEAEA (hex) or 254,234,234 (RGB), in reply to Andrew's question."

  222. 0955 Commentary Eng 29-0  

    Cook comes down late on a middle-stump yorker, turning it away for a single. Siddle got extremely excited for about one quarter of a second. An angry bouncer is the follow-up. Siddle still hasn't got a wicket since day one in Brisbane. One more over to go in the day.

  223. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Poor @stuartbroad8. Sir Geoff is lecturing him at the back of the box about uncovered pitches. A real Boycott Bingo session."

  224. 0959 CLOSE OF PLAY Eng 29-0 (Strauss 12, Cook 17)  

    England's openers leaving so well on length. You can do that when facing the new ball in Perth, only the Aussies chose not to. Johnson bowls a ball that's so short he almost hurls it onto his own toes, and Haddin had to jump very high to collect that. Good yorker from Johnson, but these two can play yorkers. And the last ball of the day is calmly played down the ground. England's day.

  225. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Frustration for Australia. A few words spoken from Johnson for Strauss there. Australia were 69-5 so it was a fine bowling display from England and some terrific catching."

  226. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "To have them out for 268 and us to be 29-0, well it can\u2019t get any better. The Aussies are becoming so frustrated but it\u2019s their own doing, they\u2019re just batting badly. For the top four to score as few runs as they have is just very poor. They have played high-risk shots to the new ball with hard hands. You can\u2019t afford to do that."

  227. SMS  

    From Chris in Sussex, 'working from home': "Just attempted a Sehwag-style upper-cut to see how it would feel. Felt surprisingly expensive as I overbalanced and smashed the light. Imaginary pitches always play quicker than you think, or am I just out of form? Would've cleared the ropes, though."

  228. 1010 Commentary  

    If your thing is audio highlights of key moments, then bear in mind the 5 live Sports Extra highlights will go on air at 1030 GMT. Alternatively, or in addition, the TMS podcast, which will follow after that, will be well worth a listen too.

  229. 1014 Commentary  

    As I prepare to negotiate the joys of Transport for London's offerings this morning, I'll say goodnight or good morning to you all for now. We'll be back on air and online at 0145 approximately. In the meantime, please read Sam Sheringham's superb bulletin of day one.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 267 runs
  • Australia: 268 & 309 (86.0 overs)
  • England: 187 & 123 (37.0 overs)
  • Venue: Perth

England 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 123
Strauss c Ponting b Johnson 15
Cook lbw b Harris 13
Trott c Haddin b Johnson 31
Pietersen c Watson b Hilfenhaus 3
Collingwood c Smith b Harris 11
Anderson b Harris 3
Bell lbw b Harris 16
Prior c Hussey b Harris 10
Swann b Johnson 9
Tremlett not out 1
Finn c Smith b Harris 2
Extras 1nb 8lb 9

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14 Dec 10 |  England
Upbeat Beer poised for Test debut
13 Dec 10 |  Australia
England keen to end tour unbeaten
12 Dec 10 |  England
England complete Adelaide triumph
07 Dec 10 |  Cricket
Injured Broad ruled out of Ashes
07 Dec 10 |  Cricket
Records fall as England draw Test
29 Nov 10 |  Cricket
England in Australia 2010-11
08 Oct 09 |  Cricket

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