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Australia v England, second Test, day four, as it happened

  1. 2309 Commentary  

    The rain, liquid precipitation; favourite topic of conversation of 87% of British people, a minor for former American naval officier Oran "Juice" Jones and potential thwarter of an England victory in Adelaide. The skies are clear of threatening clouds for the moment, but Andrew Strauss' men will be studying every single cycle of low pressure in the southern hemisphere to ensure their tactics are absolutely spot-on so they can leave South Australia with a victory after three days of complete domination.

  2. Twitter  

    Kevin Pietersen:\u00a0"For all those wondering bout the weather here now. Sun is out.. Massive day for us today!! Come on England."

  3. Contributor BBC Sport's Joe Wilson at the Adelaide Oval  

    "My morning paper in Australia has this reaction to the toothless Australian attack: 71% of respondents believe Shane Warne should make a comeback, perhaps believing his teeth would light up proceedings, if nothing else."

  4. 2316 Commentary  

    Former captain Michael Vaughan has been forthright on TMS, saying England should not risk taking this Test to the fifth day with such a downbeat weather forecast. With the amount of turn Graeme Swann is likely to get, he says England should push for the win today. Meanwhile, BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew says the heavy roller is lying idle, which suggests England will bat on this morning.

  5. 2319 Commentary  

    A quick reminder that play begins at 2330 GMT today after Sunday's evening session was washed out because of rain. Thoughts and views via the TMS inbox or by sending an SMS to\u00a0text 81111. Meanwhile, Ricky Ponting has confirmed Simon Katich is suffering with an Achilles injury.

  6. 2325 THE SUN IS OUT  

    So BBC Weather's Monday's forecast for Adelaide suggests "light rain shower" with the thermometer potentially reaching 33 degrees celsius - surely ideal hooping conditions for James Anderson's banana-like swing? BBC Sport's Joe Wilson tells me "it's bright and sunny and a large England slip cordon has been warming up intensely..." Five minutes until play resumes.

  7. Commentary  

    From Chris, who has tickets for today's play but is currently in Vancouver, in the TMS inbox: "Unless the ball is going to move a lot, I would bat for another hour. Ensure Katich has to be on the field and make that heel worse, tire the Aussies out a bit more and get another 60 odd runs on the board. This gives our front line bowlers an hour, then lunch then another hour to dominate before Swanny does his magic."

  8. Commentary  

    From Neil in the TMS inbox: "Why the hell would we bat on?\u00a0 Never play fast and loose with the weather.\u00a0 If the Ozzies get out of jail on this one - expect psychological boomerang next Test."

  9. 2330 Commentary  

    Umpires Hill and Erasmus emerge, shades wrapped around their eyes, on the verdant Adelaide Oval turf, swiftly followed by the beleaguered hosts, who have been absolutely battered, deep-fried and served up next to a portion of mushy peas by the Australian press.\u00a0 Out come KP and Ian Bell and Doug Bollinger to open the bowling.

  10. 2335 Commentary Eng: 558-4  

    KP, knees bending like a fictional Cockney copper, continues from where he left off on Sunday evening, thumping the flat, fizzless and positively Cava than Bollinger through the covers for a scintillating boundary before working a couple through midwicket for two.\u00a0 He hammers a straight drive right at Dougie's toes, rebounding off the left-arm seamer's boot and rolls in the vicinity of mid-on for a single.\u00a0 Thoroughly confident start by KP - he's a man on a mission here.\u00a0 This could be electric.

  11. Commentary  

    From Steve Miller in the TMS inbox: "Re. Neil (below) What planet are you on, mate? This is the worst Aussie bowling attack for\u00a025 years! They are pitiful, its a formality that we win."

  12. 2339 Commentary Eng: 561-4  

    KP's boundary from the previous over also brought up the 100 partnership, only the second time England have managed four partnerships of 100 or more in one innings.\u00a0 Peter Siddle is entrusted with partnering The Rug from the other end - and he sees Ian Bell\u00a0waltzing down the track attempting to\u00a0smear him over the top. However, no boundary-tickling this time around, nudging the total up\u00a0by three. \u00a0

  13. 2344 Commentary Eng: 563-4  

    KP withdraws from his crease just at the point Dougie is about to release his first delivery of his 29th over. Turns out the sightscreen - which currently has an enormous image of Shane Warne with a chickenburger the size of a Lexus in front of his chops - has not turned to the all requisite all white in between overs. Pietersen apologises to Bolly, Punter, all nine other fielders - he might as well go round and say sorry to every individual in the crowd.\u00a0 Still plenty of empty seats - whether that's an indictment of the local's attitude to this Test match or the stringent security checks remains unclear.\u00a0 A couple of singles from that over, including a tight single from the sixth delivery as Ponting swoops like a young gazelle from midwicket to shy at the non-striker's end.

  14. Commentary  

    From Mark, expat in Perth, in the TMS inbox: "Bit of a discussion going on in the office here, hoping someone has the answer .... when was the last time\u00a0the Australians were saved by rain in an Ashes Test in Australia?"

  15. WICKET Pietersen c Katich b Doherty 227 (Eng 568-5)  

    KP greets Xavier Doherty's arrival at the bowler's end with a brutal sweep to the deep midwicket boundary. But Doherty snares him with the next delivery attempting the same shot, but the ball turns sharply outside off stump and edges a simple catch to Simon Katich at slip. So KP's vulnerability against left-arm spinners continues... A quite brilliant innings is brought to a rather tame end in front of the fraction of spectators who watched him in full pomp on Sunday afternoon.

  16. Commentary  

    From Steve, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox: "For anyone who has failed to see the use of Doherty, I think I have found out why they are playing him. For the first two Tests the Aussies lure England into a false sense of security over the spinners, then BAM!!! Shane Warne is back in the team for the 3rd Test after been lured into the dressing room by a trail of junk food and hair products."

  17. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "People have said a lot about\u00a0Pietersen but he does have a great feel for what a team needs in Test cricket."

  18. 2350 Commentary Eng: 577-5  

    New man Matt Prior earns his first runs of this Ashes series with three runs fine past slip before Ian Bell saunters down the track and launches a huge six over mid-on.\u00a0 If you\u00a0are familiar with the Adelaide Oval, you will be more than aware\u00a0of the length of the straight boundaries, so that is quite a smite from Belly.\u00a0 But even more encouragement for England - the ball that dismissed Pietersen\u00a0turned sharply, a huge puff of\u00a0dirt exploding off the turf.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0


    A full-length Siddle delivery raps Matt Prior on the front toe bang in front of the stumps - and up goes umpire Tony Hill's finger.\u00a0 It looks pretty plumb first time round but with two referrals to use up, Prior calls for Billy Doctrove's advice.

  20. NOT OUT  

    What do I know? Virtual-Eye, the ball-tracking software used in this series, says the inswinging ball would have missed leg stump, so umpire Hill reverses his previous decision and Prior remains.

  21. Commentary  

    From John in the TMS inbox: "I seem to recall Mark Taylor (at Headingley) saying that 600 was a good total for a declaration because it demoralised the opposition."\u00a0

  22. 2356 Commentary Eng: 578-4  

    Useful over from Siddle, making the ball reverse swing back into Prior's pads, leaking a solitary single.\u00a0 That movement should appeal to England's triumvirate of seamers too.

  23. 2359 Commentary BELL'S FIFTY (Eng: 589-5)  

    Deft hands from Prior, late cutting a three runs to allow Bell to bring up his 25th Test half-century with a single before Australia's woes in the field continue, this time as Ricky Ponting and Marcus North almost collide attempting to chase down a top-edged sweep from Prior. And to complete their misery, the ball drops right in between the pair. This is one-day batting now as Prior unleashes a reverse sweep, chased by an utterly limp Simon Katich. This is demoralising for the hosts.

  24. Commentary  

    From Paul, Surrey, TMS inbox: "OK, hands up who else forgot it started half an hour earlier?"

  25. 0003 Commentary Eng: 596-5  

    Prior is in full one-day batting mode now, dropping to one knee to paddle sweep Peter Siddle for a couple before Ian Bell waltzes down the track and plays a KPesque double-handed backhand/cut through point for four.\u00a0 We've had a few issues with the scorecard, it's slightly behind but I've told the hamster in the wheel to get a move on, we've got a Test match going on here.

  26. 0007 Commentary Eng: 610-5  

    More dancing down the track from Bell, who lifts Doherty over deep extra cover for two to bring up the mammoth 600 - the first time England have scored that total against the Aussies since 1964 and only the second time\u00a0they've reached that total in Australia.\u00a0However, Strauss, sat on the balcony alongside coach Andy Flower, is unmoved.\u00a0 Strauss clearly has a figure in his head - and it has yet to be reached, despite Matt Prior threading a lovely boundary through extra cover for four. Oh yes, Bell moves to 4000 Test runs in\u00a0 that over too.\u00a0

  27. Commentary  

    From Joe McGann, TMS inbox: "What's with all this all-run four nonsense? I recall an intra-club game when a particularly doughy team-mate ran five only for the fielder to kick the ball over the boundary for four. He laments to this day that he should have got nine instead of four. Was he right? If not why don't the Aussies employ a similar tactic to tire the England batsmen?"

  28. 0012 Commentary ENGLAND DECLARE ON 620-5  

    One-day batting? It's slipped to Twenty20 standards now as Bell plays what can only be described as a forehand volley at the net to a short Siddle delivery. Siddle looks as if he wants to go camping in Wilsons Promontory and not emerge until 2054, even more so as Matt Prior plunders a boundary through the covers with a rather ugly scythe, but an ugly scythe that brings up the 50 partnership from just 33 deliveries. And there it is! Strauss declares at 620-5 with a lead of 375, England's highest score against the Aussies since 1938.

  29. 0015 Commentary  

    So Ian Bell is unbeaten on 68 while Matt Prior carves a confidence-boosting 27 not out following his golden duck at Brisbane. The Australian bowling figures should come with a public health warning.\u00a0 Xavier Doherty's 27 overs went for a wince-inducing 158 runs.\u00a0 Ouch.\u00a0 Surely he has played himself out of conention for Perth?\u00a0 But of more concern for Australia is Simon Katich, seriously labouring with injury, as well as a wearing pitch which is turning sharply.\u00a0Graeme Swann could cause all sorts of harakiri.\u00a0

  30. SMS  

    From Anon: "Joe McGann? Are you the same person who was in early 90s sitcom, The Upper Hand? How's Honor Blackman?"

  31. Commentary  

    From Jonathan, London, TMS inbox: "Why stop there? At the rate they were going they could have led by 400 given another 10 minutes. Or did the RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Australians) step in?"

  32. BBC Sport's Ben Dirs
    Contributor BBC Sport's Ben Dirs  

    \u00a0"That has got to be one of the most disastrously timed declarations in history - no going to bed until at least 20 overs into the Australian innings... stick it in the handover, Pranav, I won't be doing much work tomorrow..."

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Even if it rains we have enough time to get 10 wickets.. would surprise me if they were under 200 all out... Swann or Jimmy 5.."

  34. 0026 Commentary Aus: 10-0  

    Out come Australia's openers, although Simon Katich, who is suffering with an Achilles problem, is without a runner.\u00a0 James Anderson, whose first over on Friday morning set the tone for England's dominance over these past three days, earns a thick edge off Shane Watson's bat, but the ball squirts wide of the diving right hand of Paul Collingwood at third slip for four. Katich also gets off the mark with a leg-side nudge, although his running between the wickets is looking decidedly painful. However, Watson plays a glorious front-foot drive through the covers for his second boundary, this time thoroughly convincing to move to nine.

  35. 0031 Commentary Aus: 17-0  

    SCJ Broad to accompany JM Anderson and the offspring of BC Broad is swatted for a couple behind square by Katich. BC Broad, CG Greenidge, IVA Richards, cricket needs more players with a redundant first name. Soft hands from Watson, who guides a delivery around off stump past third slip and down to the vacant third man boundary for his third four. He earns another boundary in the same area, but this time with an unconvincing slash outside off stump just over the head of the despairing Paul Collingwood at third slip. Watson moves to 15 from nine deliveries.

  36. Commentary  

    From Joe McGann, TMS inbox: "Re: Anon's text. The mid 90s were a pretty busy period for me as I was busy learning to ride my bike, but an extensive 'Googling' of myself has revealed I was indeed. I also have a number of other second-rate tv roles, a distinguished career in musicals, a brief adventure as a TV chef, and a daughter two years older than me."

  37. 0034 Commentary Aus: 17-0  

    Admirable defence from Katich, blunting Anderson's thunderbolts with a straight blade.

  38. Commentary  

    From Tom, student, frantically writing essay for tomorrow, London, TMS inbox: "I'd always thought that the traditional English outlook involved relatively little schadenfreude but a healthy portion of 'freudenschade' - taking the success of others as a personal affront. Whilst the latter part may be true, there's nothing like beating the Aussie's to show how wrong I was about the former. Tom's latest tweet being exhibit A..."

  39. 0039 Commentary Aus: 17-0  

    "Anon?" writes Sam Davies in the TMS inbox, "are you that guy who writes all of those poems? I love your work." Another maiden follows as Stuart Broad keeps the braying Shane Watson on a lead with a tidy six deliveries for the second maiden in a row.

  40. 0042 Commentary Eng: 30-0  

    Katich chalks up his first boundary of the morning by working Anderson off his hip with a flat bat, following that stroke up by leaning on a full delivery and gently pushing the Kookaburra past mid-off for four. Anderson is looking for swing, but so far no discernable movement for the Lancashire seamer as Katto punches another lusty drive in the same area for this third boundary of the over. Decent start for the hosts.

  41. Commentary  

    From Matt Nicholson, TMS inbox: "Further to Joe McGann discovering his acting history, I've been surprised over the years to discover that I am a former Australian fast bowler. One Test under my belt against England in which I got\u00a0four wickets, and some appearances in the English county scene for Northants and Surrey."

  42. BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer  

    "Simon Katich is as tough as they come and this situation may just suit him. He might get into his own little world, he might be hurting but he will be determined to get to his belligerent best."

  43. Commentary  

    From Nick, Hampstead,\u00a0in the TMS inbox: "Trying to listen in discreetly to TMS on my iPhone\u00a0next to a sleeping girlfriend, only to be let down by inadequate technology. Now that she is starting to snore is it acceptable to put on the radio on her side of the bed? I have two pillows prepped to muffle my cheers as the inevitable wickets fall."

  44. 0047 Commentary Aus: 30-0  

    Stuart Broad conjures the first delivery which genuinely beats the outside edge, nibbling off the pitch and flirting with the outside of Simon Katich's bat and into the hands of Matt Prior behind the timbers. Another excellent probing over from Broad, the Lord Cardigan to Anderson's Raglan.

  45. 0049 Commentary Aus: 34-0  

    Sweeter timing than a direct hit on a Rolex factory from Shane Watson, merely pushing a full Anderson delivery off his front foot, but contact is so true it belts across the immaculate Adelaide turf with abundant haste for four down to the deep midwicket boundary. Australia trail by 341 runs.

  46. Commentary  

    From Clebber, TMS inbox: "Further to Matt and Joe, I have Googled myself and am apparently a successful graphic designer with my own business which would be great if that was really me. Instead I have to get up at 7 when I want to listen to the cricket. If I swapped lives I could take the day off being my own boss."

  47. 0053 Commentary Aus: 35-0  

    Broad changes tactics and drops short to Katich, who takes the bait and spoons a top-edge high into the leg side, but the onrushing Jonathan Trott is a good five yards clear from the ball as it drops to safety on the leg side.\u00a0 A let-off for the New South Welshman, who moves to 15. Broady continues his short-ball tirade to Watson, who ducks underneath two bouncers with comfort.\u00a0 Watson on 20 and Katto on 15.

  48. Commentary  

    From Geoff, Vancouver, TMS inbox: "Not used to this!!! What's going on? No swing, no turn, no wickets!"

  49. 0058 Commentary Aus: 44-0  

    Anderson goes around the wicket to Katich, who flails at a wide delivery outside off stump high over point for four.\u00a0 Anderson's line is a little like Tottenham midfielder Wilson Palacios - all over the place - and Watson tucks into a short and wide delivery outside off stump, pummeling high above gully for his fifth boundary of the morning to move to 24.

  50. Commentary  

    From Alex Dower, TMS inbox: "I am appalled to discover that as well as being Pret A Manger's representative on the The British Sandwich Association Management Committee, I am also Australia's Foreign Minister. Humpf."

  51. 0103 Commentary Aus: 45-0  

    Swannage! Nine overs in and\u00a0England's match-winning off-spinner gets his first joust of the day.\u00a0A man with a rubber horse's\u00a0head mask\u00a0and a bowtie\u00a0sitting on the lush grassy banks sees England's talisman open up with a maiden,\u00a0although a bye ticks the total along by one run. However, no discernable turn with his first six deliveries. \u00a0

  52. Commentary  

    From Matt Taylor, TMS inbox: "Continuing the revelations about unknown careers, apparently I play for Bolton and Exeter City, I'm a BBC weatherman, a composer, a former adviser to Tony Blair and I play bass for a band called Motion City Soundtrack.No wonder I'm tired."

  53. 0108 Commentary Aus: 46-0  

    Judicious - albeit slightly risky - leave from Watson as he shoulders arms to a Broad delivery flirting outside off stump, the kind of leave which makes one pucker the lips and illicit a sharp intake of breath. Just a single for Katich from that over, who moves to 21 while his partner is on 24.

  54. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England wouldn't expect Australia to roll over and let them win the game easily. It's going to be difficult - but they've definitely got the tools to do it."

  55. Commentary  

    From Simon Dell, Australia, TMS inbox: "I'd be dismayed to find out I was FORMER foreign minister Alex Dower. He was one of the biggest idiots in Australian politics. Everything he ever said was said with a sneering sarcastic tone that made you think he believe he was better than everyone in the entire world. I'd change your name."

  56. 0111 DRINKS BREAK Aus: 50-0  

    A momentary gasp of excitement as Watson guides a Swann delivery which keeps a touch low just past the diving outstretched left hand of Andrew Strauss at short midwicket for a single, a run brings up Australia's 50 and hastens the arrival of the enormous orange drinks receptacle.

  57. SMS  

    From Michael Slater: "I moonlight as an Australian major-general and as a Dickens scholar. Nothing anyone would have heard of."

  58. SMS  

    From Tom in Leicester: "Just Googled myself, bad news, I died in 1997."

  59. 0117 Commentary Aus: 50-0  

    Sergeant-major Stuart Broad drills his six deliveries with military precision,\u00a0but sapper Watson is stern in defence, refusing to yield. Maiden over.\u00a0

  60. Commentary  

    From Joshua Prior (no relation), TMS inbox: "I Googled myself and am surprised to find that I am an unemployed twenty-three year old recent graduate, sitting in my pyjamas and eating beans, listening to the cricket. Oh wait..."

  61. 0120 Commentary Aus: 51-0  

    Swann goes around the wicket to Katich, the same tactic he has terrorised left-handers since his introduction to Test cricket, but so far nothing is gripping in the footmarks as Katto pushes a single through midwicket.

  62. 0123 Commentary Aus: 52-0  

    Snorter from Broad, easily England's most impressive bowler this morning, beating the outside of Katich's bat as the left-hander gropes like a overeager teenage boy outside his off stump. Unison hands-on-heads from the England fielders but Katto puts the mistake out of his head and add a single to his total to move to 26.

  63. Commentary  

    From William Wallace, Los Angeles, TMS inbox: "I don't need to Google myself. People kindly remind me of my namesake everyday. In case I was not aware... And, no, I have no idea if I am any relation. I really hate that movie."

  64. 0128 Commentary Aus: 55-0  

    Lovely delivery from Swann, plenty of flight and revolutions on the ball as Katich misjudges a drive and thick-edges\u00a0the ball just past the despairing dive of Andrew Strauss at short cover. And\u00a0Watson flirts with danger a couple of deliveries later as\u00a0a thin inside edge - via his front pad\u00a0- lands just over the head of short leg Ian Bell.\u00a0 Hot-Spot confirms a very faint edge.\u00a0 \u00a0

  65. 0132 Commentary Aus: 55-0  

    Despite his obvious discomfort, Katich is solidiering on like\u00a0the trooper he is, ensuring Stuart Broad's cross examination comes to nowt.\u00a0 Maiden over.

  66. 0134 Commentary Aus: 56-0  

    The turn is starting to wreak havoc for Swann as Watson is rapped on the front pad by a ball that turns sharply from outside off stump. A brief discussion is held about the merits of a review, but\u00a0Strauss decides against it - and well-judged too as Virtual-Eye confirms contact was made outside the line of off stump. Watson steals the strike with a single off the last delivery of the over to move to 29.

  67. Commentary  

    From Adam Gent, TMS inbox: "I know one thing. You wouldn't want to be Ricky Ponting Googling yourself at the moment."

  68. SMS  

    From Alan Shearer, Salisbury: "I know how Will feels."

  69. 0140 Commentary Aus: 60-0  

    Steve Finn steps up to the party and does OK until he serves up a rank long-hop with giftwrap complete with a card\u00a0and the words "Please treat me like the piece of refuse I am" to Watson, who lashes the ball with a brutal swipe down to the deep midwicket boundary to move to 31.

  70. 0142 Commentary Aus: 60-0  

    Swann is starting to find his groove, tossing up his flighty off-breaks from around the wicket for Simon Katich to fend. But not for the first time in this session, Katich keeps his nerve to block out a maiden over.

  71. 0146 Commentary Aus: 64-0  

    Finn is getting the ball to move away in the air with the 20-over ball, which suggests it might be the early signs of reverse swing. Watson falls for the bait as he attempts an expansive drive outside off stump, but forgets to make contact with the ball. Finn attempts to snare Watson with the same type of delivery with his sixth and final ball, but it's too full and Watson plays a lovely drive through cover point for four.

  72. 0148 Commentary Aus: 66-0  

    Brilliant fielding from the 6ft 7in Finn, throwing himself at full length to prevent a well-timed Katich on-drive off Swann from rolling over the boundary at mid-on. Swann gets his last delivery to turn sharply, but it's too wide outside off stump and allows Katich to shoulder arms. \u00a0\u00a0

  73. Twitter  

    From Shane Warne: "Those doubters out there told you there is fight in the Aussies With the conservative fields Strauss set and Oz positive + rain tmrw Draw"

  74. 0152 Commentary Aus: 66-0  

    Finn beats Watson once again outside off stump with a delivery which moves off the deck, provoking a primeval cry from the mop-haired Watfordonian.\u00a0 Maiden over and the jubilant England fans of the past three days are muted - so far.

  75. 0156 Commentary Aus: 69-0  

    An ungainly paddle sweep from Katich earns the left-hander three as he takes a Swann delivery on leg stump down to the fine leg boundary, where Jonathan Trott throws himself down to prevent a boundary and keep the run-scoring to three. Swann finishes up his eighth over with another delivery which turns and rears sharply, thudding the front pad of Watson and wide of\u00a0short leg.\u00a0 Oooh, Hot-Spot reveals a very thin inside edge, so had that gone a foot finer, then Watto would have been a goner.

  76. Commentary  

    From Reg Price, TMS inbox: "Oh my. Seems that I am for sale for as low as 99 pence of some websites."

  77. 0200 INTERVAL LUNCH: Aus: 78-0  

    Katich moves to 33 with an unfussy turn of the wrists down fine past fine leg off Steve Finn but is fortunate to be still at the crease when a very unconvincing waft outside off stump flies to where a fourth slip would have stood and down to the third man boundary. Katich pumps a single and Watson defends the last delivery to end a very encouraging 90 minutes for the hosts, who trail England by 297 runs.

  78. 0201 Commentary  

    So no wickets for England in that session but plenty of encouragement for Swanny.

  79. 0208 Commentary  

    Desperate for advice on the rearing of Chinese ducks? Tune in to TMS now to hear a repeat of yesterday's highly entertaining chat with former Australia openers Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer.

  80. SMS  

    From Stephen in the frozen Wirral (it's the posh bit over the water from Liverpool), TMS inbox: "Cricket the perfect cure for insomnia some people think. Why does the commentary have to be so funny I keep waking up every hour to check the score grrr or brrr?"

  81. Twitter  

    From Sjamesjourno: "This can't last."

  82. Commentary  

    From Richard Wilson, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Good to see the Ozzies finally showing up this England bowling 'attack' as the uninspired, negative, off-pace, leg-side, journeyman pie-chuckers they really are..."

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell  

    "Big session ahead - Oz had a bit of luck so far."

  84. 0240 Commentary  

    Out come the players for the second session, Swann to bowl to Kato.\u00a0 Game on.

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "It's the kind of pitch where you can get a cluster of wickets. If Graeme Swann gets one wicket, he could go bang, bang, bang."

  86. 0242 Commentary Aus: 78-0  

    Text-book off-spinner's delivery to a left-hander from Swann, pitching on middle and off before turning sharply past Katich's outside edge and into the gloves of the sated Prior. Good start from Swann, maiden over.

  87. Commentary  

    From Peter Kydd, TMS inbox: "Regarding the rearing of Chinese ducks, are they being tended for in the UK? This can pose a language problem, but Chinese ducks are far more intelligent than there domestic brothers, leave an idiots' guide to English near the waters edge should solve this problem."

  88. 0246 Commentary Aus: 82-0  

    Solid tekkers from Watson, who lunges forward and plays a number of solid forward defences to Anderson before punishing an errant leg-side delivery to the deep square leg boundary for four, moving his score to 39, with partner Simon Katich on 42.

  89. Commentary  

    From Nick, TMS inbox: "Richard Wilson in Hollywood - are they making a film version of 'One Foot in the Grave'?"

  90. 0250 Commentary Aus: 83-0  

    Swann races through his six deliveries, conceding a solitary single to Watson.

  91. Commentary  

    From Jamie, Milton Keynes, TMS inbox: "I reckon punter will make a great Victor Meldrew."

  92. 0254 Commentary Aus: 84-0  

    Watson is doing his best impression of the man who turns up to a middle-class dinner party with a bottle of Blue Nun, fending away everything Jimmy Anderson has to offer.\u00a0 Maiden over.

  93. WICKET Katich c Prior b Swann 43 (Aus 84-1)  

    SWANN!\u00a0 MAGIC MAN! The England off-spinner finds the edge with a beauty which grips outside off stump as Katich feathers the lightest of nicks into the grateful Matt Prior's pouch.\u00a0 England strike!

  94. 0258 Commentary Aus: 84-1  

    Immediately new-man Ponting, on a King Pair, is surrounded by close fielders, but the Australian captain pushes his first delivery behind square to ensure he doesn't become an unwanted statistic in the annals of history, but he's still not off the mark. And Swann has him in trouble with a ball which turns sharply outside off stump and striking him high on his back thigh. However, adversity and Ponting go hand-in-hand - anyone remember Old Trafford 2005? Of course we do.

  95. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Good start from Aussies. 70-0 at lunch, ball doing nothing... yup, that's done the trick. Katich goes to Swann, even as I type the words."

  96. 0302 Commentary Aus: 84-1  

    Bit of debate in our office as our cricket guru was unsure whether Katich's bat brushed the ball, but 'Snicko' confirms there was contact with the faintest of outside edges. England's bowling has been excellent since the interval and Anderson continues the good work with a maiden to Watson.

  97. 0305 Commentary Aus: 84-1  

    Like a cobra whose slumber has been disturbed by an errant foot, Swann\u00a0is on the attack, fizzing the ball past the outside edge of Ponting's bat with\u00a0an arm ball, with Prior whipping off the bails in a flash.\u00a0 Ponting is surrounded - and he can't pierce the field and still can't get off the mark after 10 deliveries.\u00a0 Excellent pressure from England.

  98. Commentary  

    From Richard, Sydney, in the TMS inbox: "My mate Chris just texted to say he turned the telly on two balls before Katich\u2019s dismissal. I\u2019ve just asked him to switch it off and on again nine times in short order, just in case his TV has in-built magic."

  99. Commentary  

    From Roz, TMS inbox: "Is Tom Fordyce really taking credit for that first wicket? I can assure you it was me, an expat in California, turning my attention to the game on TV (American football) between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Time you posted something from a woman (we love cricket too, you know)."

  100. 0309 Commentary Aus: 85-1  

    With his radar firmly fixed on the off-stump corridor with two right-handers at the crease, Anderson probes Watson for five deliveries, the fifth an inswinger which allows the opener to tinkle a single to leg, but Anderson's buffet cart is not open for dining and Ponting is still on 0.

  101. 0311 Commentary Aus: 90-1  

    Ponting is off the mark!\u00a0A rank long-hop outside off stump from Swann deserves everything it gets as the Aussie captain dispatches the ball behind square for four. Meanwhile, a\u00a0huge inflatable pink\u00a0swan is\u00a0paraded above a patron's head among a large contingent of England supporters.\u00a0 \u00a0

  102. 0315 Commentary Aus: 94-1  

    Anderson is in the groove in his current spell although he misdirects an inswinger, allowing Watson to tuck the ball off his pads through the onside for three. England clearly believe Watson is an lbw candidate - he was out four times in that fashion during the 2009 series in England - but so far the blond-haired opener has\u00a0shown\u00a0little to encourage England in\u00a0this\u00a0innings. \u00a0

  103. Commentary  

    From Tony, expat in Brisbane, in the TMS inbox: "I'm trying to concentrate on the cricket, but have another\u00a0window open on the laptop showing the\u00a0Buckland Park weather radar\u00a0and a rather large "play abandoned for the day" size rain system moving in from the North-West .....come on Swanny\u00a0looks like you have until tea\u00a0to get a\u00a05 for!"

  104. WICKET Ponting c Collingwood b Swann 9 (Aus98-2)  

    Fed up with a bevvy of close fielders around his haunches, Ponting descends to one knee and smites Swann high over midwicket for four, a risky shot as the ball exploded off the turf outside off stump. And he's a goner to the very next delivery! Ponting plays for turn to a delivery which holds its line and edges an outside edge to Paul Collingwood, who takes yet another brilliant low catch at slip. England's dander is pointing skywards.

  105. 0321 Commentary Aus: 99-2  

    New-man Michael Clarke is off the mark immediately, although he plays a risky off-side push just wide of silly point, much to the frustration of England's braying fielders. Once again Swann comes up trumps - it was never in doubt, was it?\u00a0 England are sniffing blood - and with the out-of-form Australia vice-captain at the crease playing for his place at Perth, England have the perfect opportunity to carve up the Australian middle order here.\u00a0

  106. SMS  
    Now Ponting's out I have to stay up to see how Clarke does. Why won't you let me sleep?!!! James, London
  107. 0326 DROPPED CATCH Aus: 106-2  

    Clarke punches a lovely drive for a straight before before another lusty drive on the move through extra cover for three off Broad, with James Anderson cutting off the bonus run with a well-timed slide on the rope.\u00a0\u00a0Dropped chance for Broad!\u00a0 Watson drills a robust drive back at\u00a0the\u00a0Notts seamer\u00a0at waist height, but Broad retracts his right hand and deflects the ball\u00a0just past the stumps. Had that hit, Michael Clarke would have been well and truly run out.\u00a0Fortunate let-off for Australia. \u00a0\u00a0

  108. Commentary  

    From Bent Pins, TMS inbox: "Cripes, a girly in the colonies who understands Cricket. Marry me now....and Rothlisberger's nose looks broken to me."

  109. 0330 Commentary Aus: 107-2  

    Intriguing contest between Clarke and Swann right now.\u00a0 Clarke, probably Australia's best player against tweak, is keen to use his feet at every opportunity against the Notts spinner, unleashing a lovely drive straight into the foot of Ian Bell at silly point. The Thom Yorke-a-like jumps just like the Radiohead front man in the Street Spirit video, albeit\u00a0with the addition of a painful toe.\u00a0 A palpable sense of anticipation around the Adelaide Oval right now.\u00a0\u00a0Test cricket at its best. \u00a0

  110. 0334 Commentary Aus: 111-2  

    Broad is focusing his tactics to the short stuff for Clarke with a short leg and a deep square for the New South Welshman.\u00a0Clarke tucks into a wide delivery outside off stump for four, but he straightens up his line and roughens the right-hander up with a couple of quick bumpers.

  111. Commentary  

    From Tosh, Melbourne, TMS inbox: "I was once attacked by a Swan in Lincoln. Ended up with Swan poo all over my white jeans, you could say it did me a favour. Any upside for the Aussies?"

  112. 0336 Commentary Aus: 111-2  

    Nelson! Plenty of respect from Watson, watching every delivery from Swann off the pitch and onto his hefty Gunn and Moore blade.\u00a0 Maiden over.

  113. 0342 DRINKS BREAK WATSON'S FIFTY (Aus: 120-2)  

    Streaky from Clarke, opening up the face of his bat and slicing a drive through cover point for four off Stuart Broad. The dreaded rain shower forecast by my colleagues at the BBC Weather centre has yet to make its un/wanted appearance (delete depending on allegiance). Meanwhile, Billy Cooper, the Barmy Army trumpeter, is doing a sterling "I should be so lucky" at the very moment Shane Watson notches his 50 in 125 balls with a pearler of a straight drive past the non-striker's end for four. No luck involved in that shot, just sheer power and placement.

  114. Commentary  

    From Daniel, TMS inbox: "I too was attacked by a swan, in Amsterdam. I was in a canoe with my girlfriend and made her paddle for our lives whilst I took a wonderful video of the extremely angry beast flying straight towards us with unnerving menace."

  115. 0348 Commentary Aus: 122-2  

    Swannarge to continue and two runs are added to the Aussie total.

  116. 0352 Commentary Aus: 123-2  

    Strauss summons Finn for a spell and once again\u00a0the Middlesex seamer is moving the ball beautifully away from the right-handers, beating the outside edge of Michael Clarke's bat with the\u00a0Aussie\u00a0vice-captain\u00a0dangling his\u00a0rod out in dangerous waters. Just a single conceded as Watson moves to 52, with Clarke on 18.\u00a0

  117. Commentary  

    From James in the TMS inbox: "The wife's in labour, which is why I'm up at this time. Still, at least I get to follow the cricket."

  118. 0356 Commentary Eng: 127-2  

    Watson's eyes light up like a fat man handed a free luncheon voucher as Swann drops short, pulverising the ball with a waspish pull over midwicket for four, the only blemish from what had been a tidy over. Joy of joys!\u00a0 Billy Cooper is playing a wonderful rendition of "Blackadder". Any naked Tunisian sock merchants reading at the moment?

  119. 0359 Commentary Aus: 129-2  

    Finn's sixth over is blemished by a stray delivery on leg stump, which Clarke turns off his leg for a couple.

  120. Commentary  

    From Rich in the TMS inbox: "Can't take my eyes off this! I start my new job today at 8am, it's now nearly 4 am. Hmmm it's only meeting the new team and health & safety stuff on the first day, isn't it?"

  121. 0403 Commentary Eng: 134-2  

    Excellent stop by Jonathan Trott at point, sprawling his person over the turf to prevent what would have been a boundary as Clarke uses his feet to turn a full Swann delivery into a full toss. However, the ball is still exploding off the turf with little puffs of dust, although it doesn't seem to bother the Aussie vice-captain too much as he punches a gorgeous drive through extra cover for four.

  122. WICKET Watson c Strauss b Finn 57 (Aus: 134-3)  

    Finn's done the trick! One of his shaping outswingers kisses the outside edge of Watson's bat as the ball flies low to a wide first slip, where solitary slipper Andrew Strauss takes yet another excellent catch inches off the turf.\u00a0 That's the 15th time Watson has gone past 50 but he has only converted two of those into centuries.\u00a0 Not that England give a hoot right now.\u00a0 Why am I suddenly thinking of Mboto Gorge?\u00a0

  123. 0409 Commentary Aus: 135-3  

    Mike Hussey, Australia's man in form, is off the mark immediately while Paul Collingwood stops a certain four at short cover with a superb one-handed dive to prevent a Michael Clarke drive from crossing the boundary.\u00a0 England are on top - make no mistake.\u00a0 Finn is bowling beautifully, definitely the pick of England's seamers today.\u00a0

  124. 0412 Commentary Aus: 139-3  

    Hussey, who played Swann beautifully in the first innings, using his feet at every given opportunity, continues\u00a0the tactic from around the wicket to clip a full-toss through midwicket for four. Australia trail by 236 runs.\u00a0

  125. Commentary  

    From Ed, Dubai,\u00a0TMS inbox: "That wouldn't be the same Mboto Gorge, where we massacred the peace loving pygmies of the upper Vulta, and stole all their fruit?"

  126. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Watson bagged at slip off Finny. Always looks great early but can never convert. Had mate who had same problems in nightclubs. Heartbreaking."

  127. 0417 Commentary Aus: 141-3  

    After a rendition of Tears for Fears' "Shout", our cricket guru wonders whether Barmy Army trumpeter Billy Cooper has Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain" in his locker.\u00a0\u00a0Clarke plays an unconvincing short-arm jab for a couple to leg side as Finn\u00a0attempts a short delivery. The weather isn't exactly confidence-boosting, but the showers are\u00a0not menacing - at the moment.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  128. Commentary  

    From David Bishop, TMS inbox: "How the Aussies resemble 10,000 Watusi Warriors, armed to the teeth with kiwi fruit and guava halves..."

  129. 0421 Commentary Aus: 144-3  

    Swann bounds up for his 21st over of the day, twirling, probing, looping, but so far no dice as Hussey and Clarke add three more to the total.

  130. Commentary  

    From Ben, Washington in the TMS inbox: "Not to tempt fate, but when did we last beat Australia by an innings, please?"

    A quick check of cricinfo and the answer appears to be Melbourne 1986, when England won by an innings and 14 runs.

  131. SMS  

    From Anon, night duty CID: "Whilst ever ready to respond to serious crime I would like to thank north London's criminal fraternity for allowing me a night off to absorb the cricket."

  132. 0424 Commentary Aus: 144-3  

    Strauss applauds Finn enthusiastically as the Watford fan beats the outside edge of Mike Hussey's bat with a beauty which leaves him off the pitch from around the wicket. Really impressive spell here from the Middlesex seamer as he notches his second maiden of the day.

  133. Commentary  

    From Rob in the TMS inbox: "Who would have thought you\u2019d get mobile coverage out on the Great Wall of China? I\u2019ve been told off three times by our tour guide for getting cricket updates rather than absorbing this 2200 year old fortification \u2013 but hey, it ain\u2019t going anywhere, and this Ozzy team is crumbling."

  134. 0428 Commentary Aus: 144-3  

    More maidens for Swanny, sending down his eighth as Clarke shuts up shop. However, Michael Vaughan is unsettled by the threatening clouds on the horizon and is talking about showers heavier than Sunday's spell.

  135. 0432 Commentary Aus: 148-3  

    Superb inquisition from Finn around the wicket to Hussey, making the Western Australian play and miss to another delivery which rears and seams off the track.\u00a0 Hussey manages to sneak a boundary through gully, but it's an unconvincing stroke and Finn's hands are clamped on his abundant barnet. Strauss fortifies the area square of the wicket as Finn\u00a0gets the ball to cut back off the pitch as Hussey shoulders arms.\u00a0 Excellent spell with eight minutes to go before tea. Australia trail by 227\u00a0runs.

  136. Commentary  

    From Richard W, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "England have allowed precisely ONE extra in 50 overs of bowling. I think that really speaks volumes for their commitment and will to win."

  137. 0435 Commentary Aus: 150-3  

    A hop, skip and Swann's at the wicket, tossing a lovely flighted delivery for Michael Clarke to defend, although he drops too short a couple of deliveries later, allowing Pup to tuck a couple down to deep midwicket to bring up Australia's 150.

  138. Commentary  

    From Michael, Perth, TMS inbox: "Pipe down you English lot \u2026 This is destined to be a draw, courtesy of some of the delightful weather you have kindly brought with you, which means coming to Perth at 0-0 with plenty to play for. Still plenty of life in this series!"

  139. 0440 Commentary Eng: 157-3  

    Lots of emails from people warning us about the impending rain showers, doom-mongering of the highest order. Lovely flick off the front pad adds four to Clarke's total as Finn, who is clearly reversing the Kooka, strays on leg stump.

  140. 0443 INTERVAL TEA: Aus: 160-3  

    Mindful of the clock, England move swiftly into position to force one more over before the tea interval as Swann bounds in for his 24th successive over.\u00a0 Hussey continues his eagle-like vigilance and watches the ball spin into Matt Prior's gloves from outside off stump before skipping down the track to dab a single into the leg side.\u00a0 A couple more singles follow and Australia reach the tea interval without any further hinderances. However, they trail by 215 runs with seven wickets remaining. \u00a0

  141. 0445 Commentary  

    And for those of you with access to TMS over the tea interval, we will be hearing from former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie, who has been honoured with a statue at the Adelaide Oval.

  142. 0453 Commentary  

    Some information reaches me that Stuart Broad is struggling with a stomach strain, which means he could be unlikely to feature with the ball during this second innings. I'll keep you updated on that when I receive more information.

  143. Commentary  

    From Nick Short, TMS inbox: "ABC Radio commentary team has just announced that Adelaide is expecting the whole of December\u2019s average monthly rainfall to fall in one day - tomorrow. We\u2019d better hurry up and get these wickets."

  144. Commentary  

    From Ben in the TMS inbox: "Here's a teatime fact - five of England's line-up end in a repeated last letter, StrauSS, SwaNN, FiNN, TroTT and BeLL. Not one Aussie's name ends in such a way, however five Aussies have a double letter on their second syllable - SiDDle, HuSSey, HaRRis, HaDDin, BoLLinger, only CoLLingwood has this characteristic for the English. What does it all mean?"

    Errrr, not very much...

  145. 0505 THE SUN IS OUT  

    Still no rain - in fact quite the opposite as the sun comes out\u00a0- but the clouds are looking seriously threatening in the distance.\u00a0Out come batsmen Michaels Hussey and Clarke followed by the rest of the troops needed to constitute a cricket match. James Anderson to bowl the first over in the final session.

  146. 0508 Commentary Aus: 166-3  

    Anderson goes around the wicket to Hussey and serves up a full delivery outside off stump to invite the drive, but Hussey's a gnarled veteran too savvy to fall for the bait. And when Anderson overpitches, the left-hander leans on his front foot and punches a crisp drive through the covers for four.

  147. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  
  148. 0512 Commentary Aus: 168-3  

    There's a flash of lightning in the distance as Swann bowls his 25th over as Clarke and Hussey collect a single each.

  149. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Vicious-looking black cloud monsters massing over the ground. Lightening in distance. I give it five mins, and then we're in trouble."

  150. Commentary  

    From Ed in Cambodia, TMS inbox: "Like Rob in China I have just been round Angkor Wat and been told off 3 times by the Wife for getting updates. It will be much better when they get the windows in and the air conditioners fitted."

  151. 0517 Commentary Aus: 169-3  

    Liquid bowling from Anderson, beating the outside of Hussey's bat from around the wicket as Mr Cricket looks back towards Matt Prior as the wicketkeeper pouches the ball, which usually indicates there is some sort of contact with the bat. But the only noise on offer is the collective cry of 11 Englishman, shortly echoed by thousands of gently inebriated British souls, in the crowd. Hussey\u00a0nabs the strike with a single off the last delivery of the over.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  152. 0520 Commentary Aus: 170-3  

    A thoroughly enthralling duel is brewing between Swann and Hussey and Clarke, two of Australia's best players of tweak. Both players are still using their feet to get down the track, but those puffs of dust are still showing as the ball pitches in and around off stump. Just a single in that over for Hussey, who moves to 23 with Clarke on 37.

  153. 0524 Commentary Aus: 175-3  

    Clarke punishes a wide Anderson delivery outside off stump for four, a boundary which moves him into the 40s as trumpeter Billy Cooper (I almost called him Billy Piper)\u00a0blares out "12 days of Christmas". Anderson's last ball clearly reverses back in towards Michael Clarke - encouraging signs for the tourists.

  154. 0526 Commentary Aus: 175-3  

    Four\u00a0close fielders take position crouched around Mike Hussey as Swann moves in for a maiden over. Uh-oh, it's getting darker and the groundstaff are poised.\u00a0 This is not good (English) cricket fans.

  155. 0529 BAD LIGHT STOPS PLAY Aus: 175-3  

    Oh dear - it was inevitable. Umpires Tony Hill and Marais Erasmus consult their light meters and offer the light to the Aussie batsmen, who stick their bats under their armpits and are sauntering off the pitch. England arms are outstretched - they are asking why the floodlights cannot be switched on, which is a valid question. The wind has picked up substantially as the flags on top of the tented stands are blowing with fury, which suggests the clouds are moving very swiftly. The rain has yet to appear but it looks like it's only a matter of minutes...

  156. Commentary  

    From Stuart Wearing, Australia, TMS inbox: "Now the English must be feeling like the Australians do at these times in Sunny England, oh such short memories we all seem to have..."

  157. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Battering it down with rain now. Spectators scatter. And it's blowing a gale. Curses on you, uncharacteristically wet Australian summer."

  158. 0543 Commentary  

    We're currently talking about our favourite Reginalds in the office. I've gone for Bosanquet, our cricket guru says Perrin while Jamie the report man says Dwight, aka Elton John. This is what rain delays do to three sleep-deprived men in west London.

  159. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Darn. Not heavy. Persistent."

  160. 0553 Commentary DAY FOUR SUMMARY  

    Colin reminds me that plenty of people will be waking right now, so could I drum up a summary of what has happened.\u00a0 A valid point, so here goes...\u00a0 England resumed their overnight innings on 551-4, but lost Kevin Pietersen\u00a0early on before a late barrage of\u00a0hitting from Ian Bell and Matt Prior saw Andrew Strauss declare on 620-5 an hour into the morning session. However, a sturdy opening stand between Simon Katich and Shane Watson\u00a0thwarted England as they pushed for an early breakthrough, but Graeme Swann was England's talisman after lunch as he removed Katich for 43 before Ricky Ponting fell for nine soon after.\u00a0 Watson notched another 50 but once again failed to convert into three figures after edging Steve Finn to Strauss in the slips for 57. But Michaels Clarke and Hussey have provided stiff resistance in a 41-run fourth-wicket partnership before bad light and then rain forced the players off the pitch.

  161. 0555 Commentary  

    Christopher Martin-Jenkins informs us that it has stopped raining in Adelaide.\u00a0 How quickly England are back out in the field is up to the nimbleness of the groundstaff.

  162. Commentary  

    Les in Perth, TMS inbox: "I can\u2019t help but feel this rain is Swann\u2019s fault. England on the verge of winning and the sprinkler starts."

  163. Commentary  

    From Ollie, nostalgic, TMS inbox: "Favourite Reginald? Got to be Bushroot. Any half-duck, half-plant doctor gets will always get my vote."

  164. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Get this - the sun's coming out. Repeat: bright (well, watery) sun now out. All hail the mighty indomitable Australian summer!"

  165. 0604 Commentary  

    Looks like play will resume in about 20 minutes.\u00a0 We're in business people!\u00a0 Look sharp!

  166. Commentary  

    From Jason Ali, Hong Kong, TMS inbox: "Favourite Reginald - my vote is for Molehusband. He went through the late 1960s as the undefeated world car-parking champion."

  167. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Play starts in 15 mins. Due to end 0730, but can go to 0800 GMT to get overs in."

  168. 0617 Commentary  

    Aussie batting coach and former Western Australia captain Justin Langer says the Waca pitch is getting flatter and is not the vicious mamba it used to be when Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson terrorised anyone who had the temerity to walk out to the middle with a cricket bat and three changes of underwear in their kitbag during the 1970s. If Stuart Broad's stomach strain is persistent, expect to see Ajmal Shahzad alongside Steve Finn and James Anderson on 16 December.

  169. 0622 Commentary  

    The England players are out!\u00a0 Play to begin with a few shakes of a bulldog's tail.

  170. 0624 Commentary  

    Anthony asks when the new cherry is available for England. We've had 62 overs so far, so another 18 to go before the brand new Kookaburra is on offer for the seamers.\u00a0Anderson to resume after the rain 55-minute rain delay bowling to Michael Clarke. "PLAAAAAAAAY".

  171. 0628 Commentary Aus: 181-3  

    Apologies, tis James Anderson to resume to Michael Clarke, who moves to within three runs of his 20th Test half-century with a thick outside edge through the vacant fourth slip region and down to the third man boundary for four. Streakier than a bag of Frazzles.

  172. 0632 Commentary Aus: 183-3  

    Bit of a staid atmosphere around the beautiful ground after the rain delay deflated the enthusiasm and momentum from the England faithful, especially without the tootlings of trumpeter Billy Cook. Swann once again beats the left-hander's bat with a ripper, gripping viciously on middle and off and whistling past the edge of Hussey's blade. Two runs from the over.\u00a0

  173. 0637 Commentary CLARKE'S FIFTY  

    Michael Clarke continues to prosper with runs to the third man boundary with a waft outside off stump off Anderson earning him the necessary runs to reach his 20th Test 50 before swatting the next delivery over midwicket for his ninth boundary of the innings.

  174. 0642 Commentary Aus: 199-3  

    Ahhh Charlie and Sian on the BBC Breakfast sofa, the televisual equivalent of hot buttered toast, briefly come into view on a screen not too far from me.\u00a0 My own rectangle of\u00a0entertainment shows Michael Clarke adding\u00a0another boundary\u00a0to his total, once again using his fleet-footed skills to thrash Swann through the covers before an excellent slide on the leg-side boundary by Kevin Pietersen prevents the bonus run as the Aussie duo run three following a profitable push.

  175. 0644 Commentary Aus: 203-3  

    Paul Collingwood is summoned for his first joust of the second innings and promptly sends down a long hop so bad it could turn milk sour. Michael Clarke tucks in with gusto, launching the ball behind square for his 11th boundary of the innings. A close-up of the flame-haired all-rounder shows the majority of his deliveries are the off-cutters which he utilises so effectively in limited overs cricket.

  176. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    On the first ball of Paul Collingwood's spell: "I think my 21-month-old grandson could have hit that one for four".


    Clarke dances down the track and edges the ball to Paul Collingwood at slip! Up goes Tony Hill's finger but Clarke immediately calls for a review. Tension...

  178. NOT OUT  

    Clarke looks unperturbed by the England celebrations - and he has just cause for his confidence as replays confirm the ball did not brush the bat before it ballooned off his front pad to Paul Collingwood. Hot-Spot confirms it and umpire Hill overturns his original decision.\u00a0 Once again that's why the review system is here to stay.

  179. 0650 Commentary Aus: 204-3  

    Just a single from that Swann over but yet again the off-spinner is England's inspiration when a wicket is top-priority.

  180. Commentary  

    From Paul, Hove, in the TMS inbox: "Nobody is mentioning the fact that Australia could win\u00a0this. I thought we declared too early."

    When did you last have any sleep, Paul?\u00a0\u00a0

  181. 0654 Commentary Aus: 208-3  

    James Anderson sticks out his left hand as a thick outside edge from Hussey off Collingwood flies in his direction at slip, but the ball is travelling with too much pace and the fast bowler's reaction is just a tad too\u00a0slow to get a grip on a very difficult chance.\u00a0 Still, doesn't stop Paul Collingwood from holding his head in his hands. England feel a wicket is coming...

  182. Commentary  

    From Philip in the TMS inbox: "Re. Ian Chappell 'I think my 21-month-old grandson could have hit that one for four' Not if it was bowled by great uncle Trevor, eh Ian?"

  183. 0656 Commentary Aus: 208-3  

    Swann keeps it tighter than a fat man's belt with a maiden over to Clarke.

  184. 0659 Commentary Aus: 212-3  

    Michael Vaughan says the Aussies are "playing too many shots" after saluting their obdurate - and thoroughly annoying - partnership for anyone with a three lion disposition as they add four singles off Collingwood. I think Vaughany means\u00a0if they continue to play as they are then by the law of averages they\u00a0will offer an opportunity for England to strike.\u00a0

  185. 0703 Commentary Aus: 217-3  

    How did that miss?\u00a0 Swann pitches a delivery on one of Doug Bollinger's footmarks outside off stump and the ball turns alarmingly and just misses Michael Clarke's leg stump as it rolls away for four byes.\u00a0 Meanwhile, Clarke moves to 70 with a dodgy-looking swipe to the leg side.

  186. Commentary  

    From Chris, Sydney, TMS inbox:\u00a0"Paul, I have a bridge for sale old chap."

  187. 0707 Commentary Aus: 218-3  

    A veritable north-east double act on show at the moment with Sunnalan's Paul Collingwood and Magpie Graeme Swann bowling in tandem, prompting Billy Cook to launch into their respective team's football anthems - 'I Can't Help Falling In Love With You' (SAFC) and 'Blaydon Races' (NUFC - thank you Stephen Worthy). Colly keeps the run-scoring to a minimum with a solitary single.

  188. 0709 Commentary Aus: 220-3  

    Two chances from Clarke - the first is a prod which rattles into Alastair Cook's knee at short leg before the next delivery from Swann spits alarmingly and kisses his top glove and loops to where a leg slip would have been stood had Strauss employed a man in that position. Clarke's batting is risque at best at the moment.

  189. 0714 Commentary Aus: 221-3  

    Colly's four-over spell is brought to an end and Steve Finn, England's best seamer today, is recalled and bowls a tidy opening spell, leaking a single as Hussey moves to 35.

  190. 0716 Commentary Aus: 227-3  

    Hi everyone, this is Oliver Brett as Pranav takes a breather. Swann sends down a high full toss, and Hussey absolutely smashes it for six over deep mid-wicket. Drama - the next ball Hussey attempts a sweep, but it trickles off his pad and just spins away from\u00a0off stump as England's fielders have their heads in their hands.

  191. SMS  

    From Thom in Cheshire: Been watching since the start of play. Found myself accidentally cheering Aussie boundaries in my delirium.

  192. 0721 Commentary Aus 230-3  

    Australia can predict what Finn is doing here, just keeping it tight outside off-stump. So Clarke comfortably fetches a ball from out there and plays it\u00a0into the on-side for a couple, before watching another carefully which is played down to mid-off. Two slips in place, but they do not look too likely to get a catch. Kevin Pietersen might get a bowl, he's warming up. Here's a\u00a0poor shot from Clarke, a top-edged pull but it lands safely, and now Hussey's beaten outside off stump.\u00a0

  193. Twitter  

    From Gordon Graham: England would love to be able to bowl Panesar at this point.

  194. 0724 Commentary Aus 235-3  

    Pietersen is on, but not getting the dramatic spin we have seen from Swann occasionally. Clarke comfortably turns him away for one. Hussey plays the most delicate of leg-glances for three to bring up a gritty 100-run stand, even though they have looked a bit shaky of late. Short and wide now from KP, but just a single for Clarke with deep point in place.

  195. Commentary  

    Morpheus in Melbourne, TMS inbox: "Ponting, take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe; or take the red pill, where you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."\u00a0\u00a0

  196. 0729 Commentary Aus 238-3  

    Aggers says the forecast for the final day is "not apocalyptic", a comment which leads to a "you what?" from Michael Vaughan. Finn is continuing his spell, and with plenty of singles available Clarke coolly works one down to deep mid-wicket for a single. Two overs to go.


    England are convinced Clarke has been caught close in off KP, let's see...

  198. 0732 WICKET Aus 238-4 Clarke c Cook b Pietersen 80  

    Oh yes, that's a huge deflection from the bat into his thigh-pad. And that could be such a critical moment in this Test, in this whole series.

  199. 0732 CLOSE OF PLAY  

    And the umpires have decided that extraordinary wicket from Pietersen will be the final piece of action in the day's play. Not quite sure why they didn't bowl the rest of that over, and the last one, but England know they only have to take six wickets on the final day -\u00a0and maybe do a little bit of batting -\u00a0to grab a 1-0 lead.

  200. Commentary  
    From Steve, TMS inbox: "Clarke out last ball of the day. Didn\u2019t that happen at Edgbaston in 2005?"
    Yes, Steve, how right you are. Of course that wicket was to Harmison's brilliant slower ball, rather than a bog-standard KP off-break, but it did presage an astonishing final day. Will we get something similar?
  201. 0739 Commentary  

    See what happens when I let Ollie take the text-commentating reins while I get asked for directions to the Blue Peter garden on my way to the gents?\u00a0 Extraordinary break for England from the man who refuses to stay out of the limelight.\u00a0 Many thanks\u00a0to Ollie for\u00a0snaring the wicket.\u00a0 \u00a0

  202. Twitter  

    Shane Warne: "Well played Michael Clarke really feeling for him.. He played so well... Deserved to make a 100... Rain now please, that's a huge wicket."

  203. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Outstanding days play.. Aussies played well.. They will be doing rain dances all over Adelaide tonight.. Only chance they have.."

  204. 0754 Commentary  

    Conceivable factors likely to prevent England from wrapping up victory in Adelaide (with percentage of likelihood\u00a0in brackets): A triple century from Mike Hussey (0.36%), a triple century from Doug Bollinger (0%), a freak stomach bug which wipes out all of England's front-line bowlers (0.45%) or the unseasonal rain hovering above South Australia (99.19%). The BBC weather forecast warns of heavy rain showers throughout Tuesday. Fingernails will be chewed to the cuticles, including mine.\u00a0\u00a0Play\u00a0will once again start at 1130\u00a0GMT and I'll in situ\u00a0to guide you through what promises to be a day of looking skywards.\u00a0Until later.\u00a0

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 71 runs
  • Australia: 245 & 304 (99.1 overs)
  • England: 620-5 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 304
Watson c Strauss b Finn 57
Katich c Prior b Swann 43
Ponting c Collingwood b Swann 9
Clarke c Cook b Pietersen 80
Hussey c Anderson b Finn 52
North lbw b Swann 22
Haddin c Prior b Anderson 12
Harris lbw b Anderson 0
Doherty b Swann 5
Siddle b Swann 6
Bollinger not out 7
Extras 5w 5b 1lb 11

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