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Australia v England, second Test, day three as it happened

  1. 2324 Commentary  

    The secret of Alastair Cook's success having knocked up an astonishing 438 runs in three innings so far in this Ashes series? Indefatigable powers of concentration? Cast-iron defensive technique? The ability to zip his bladder tight for two hours? Errrr, no. Turns out he doesn't sweat much. Seriously. Hello, day three is upon us, like the feeling of an enthusiastic puppy sticking its cold nose under the duvet, touching the small of your back while you're soundly sleeping. Aussie fightback or England deluge?

  2. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Up early for pre-match nerve-loosening swim at Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Can't beat those 50m lanes. No sign of any rain yet."

  3. 2330 Commentary  

    Ah yes, rain.\u00a0 While\u00a0England have basked in unrelenting sunshine over the past two days putting the hosts to the sword, the weather forecast for the next two days in the capital of South Australia paint a slightly different - and worrying (for those of the three lion disposition) - picture. The BBC's five-day forecast for Adelaide expects "hail showers" on Monday and, slightly more unnervingly, "heavy rain shower (singular, not plural)". But Sunday's play shouldn't be affected by the adverse weather conditions. In theory.

  4. Commentary  

    FIrst email of the day winner is...Caroline Thompson, TMS inbox: "Mildly sleep deprived but I'm ready for another night of cricket. I'm a student - I should be out in a club with a sticky floor being raucous. Instead, I am tucked up in bed with a cup of tea preparing for the joy that the second test is shaping up to be."

  5. 2342 Commentary  

    For those of you who had the pleasure of watching Kevin Pietersen spank, muller and flagellate the Australia attack on Saturday, the former England captain is 15 runs short of his first Test century since March 2009. He is seeing the Kookaburra ball like the Death Star right now - everything is coming off the middle of the bat.\u00a0 If Pietersen notches a ton at Adelaide, it will be his 17th century for England, putting him level with the great Denis Compton and one behind former skippers David Gower and Michael Vaughan.\u00a0 We're still trying to dig out the last time an England player scored two double tons on the trot.

  6. Commentary  

    From Ed Wilson, Leicester: "Some time ago my wife christened Alastair Cook 'Superman'. Nothing to do with his cricketing ability, but instead because of a supposed likeness to the Krypton-born superhero. Never has a nickname seemed so inadvertantly apt."

    Geek alert - the original Christopher Reeve incarnation, or the slightly watered down Dean Cain version of the\u00a0early 1990s?

  7. Commentary  

    From James, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Another student, settling in for a night of work. Writing up my dissertation on the mathematics in one-day cricket, specifically optimal bowling strategies in Twenty20 cricket. Hopefully another solid day from England will mean another productive session of work for me!

    Seriously, are you making this up? I'm in awe.

  8. 2355 Commentary  

    Our very slick Tom Fordyce has been at it again in his blog\u00a0- "Doug Bollinger, reduced to puce rage by the sight of Alastair Cook making it a staggering 1022 minutes without being dismissed, might have torn his hair out if he hadn't paid so much for it." Meanwhile, Jonathan Agnew says Australia need to take a "long, hard look at themselves" in his column\u00a0while Australia batting coach Justin Langer bemoaned Australia's inability to hold their catches. \u00a0\u00a0

  9. 2358 Commentary  

    Our cricket guru has come up trumps again.\u00a0 The last England player to score\u00a0two successive\u00a0Test double centuries appears to be Wally Hammond\u00a0(ask your granddad kids), who achieved the feat in 1933 on the tour to New Zealand when he made 227 and 336 not out.\u00a0 Hopefully Alastair Cook can bring that 77-year wait to an end\u00a0on Sunday. The last player to score\u00a0a double century in successive Tests\u00a0is\u00a0Sri Lanka's Thilan Samaraweera against Pakistan last year. \u00a0

  10. 0000 Commentary  

    The cobalt-blue skies of the past two days are conspicuously absent. Instead, wispy clouds are spread all over the ground and temperatures are not a patch on Saturday's scorcher. Out come the Aussies and captain Ricky Ponting immediately retreats into a team huddle as Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen sprint out like March hares past their mini congregation.

  11. 0005 Commentary Eng: 322-2  

    Doug "The Rug" Bollinger continues from where we left off on Saturday, steaming in to Kevin Pietersen, who is 15 runs shy of a well-deserved Test century.\u00a0 A klaxon sounds Doug coils to unleash his third delivery, but it doesn't seem to perturb Pietersen, who punches a confident-looking drive to mid-on.\u00a0\u00a0Absolute shocker\u00a0from Bolly - short and wide outside off stump, allowing Pietersen to extend his arms and\u00a0dispatch the ball\u00a0over cover and down to the boundary for four. Ominous signs. \u00a0

  12. 0009 Commentary Eng: 323-2  

    For Mick in darkest Tunbridge Wells, Wally Hammond did indeed score both double tons in successive innings - England only batted two innings during that tour. A couple of singles leaked from Ryan Harris but this new ball, which is about four overs old, looks as if it is staging a sit-in protest and refuses to move.

  13. Commentary  

    From Bronwen in the TMS inbox: "Reading an excellent book at the moment. The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. She describes cinnamon and chocolate as being 'as sweet as a basket of kittens sharing a lollipop'. She could equally have been describing KP and Cook's knock."

  14. 0014 Commentary Eng: 324-2  

    Steady Kevin...A thick inside edge squirts past KP's leg stump and down to third man as he attempts another expansive drive through the covers off Bollinger as he moves to 91. Cook, obdurate as\u00a0the George Graham-era Arsenal defence,\u00a0defends stoutly with a straight blade\u00a0to blunt the best Bolly has to offer.


    Harris strikes Kevin Pietersen on the front pad as he attempts a drive, but umpire Tony Hill rejects the appeal, prompting the Aussies to call for a referral.\u00a0 Smacks of desperation to me as it looked well outside the line of off stump.\u00a0 We shall find out shortly...

  16. NOT OUT  

    Unsurprisingly, third umpire Billy Doctrove confirms contact was made outside off stump and umpire Hill's original decision is upheld.\u00a0 But really,\u00a0that was quite desperate and as Jonathan Agnew says on TMS,\u00a0referrals like that are not why the system was invented.\u00a0

  17. Commentary  

    From Jonathan in the TMS inbox: "Have opened the airlock at Antarctica Research Station, Prince Albert Bay and caught first breath of -25 degrees air - penguins waddle past as I wait for intermittent mobile signal to get your updates.\u00a0 Glorious sun glinting off ice sheets. Yes, I'm making this up."

  18. Commentary Eng: 329-2  

    Cook tucks into a straightish delivery and tucks Harris through midwicket for a very industrious four, a boundary which brings up the 150 partnership between this third-wicket pair.

  19. 0024 Commentary Eng: 336-2  

    KP inches closer to three figures with a front-pood prod through the covers for three off Bollinger, although not quite out of the screws.\u00a0 Cook adds a couple more with mere dab before playing with delicate, soft hands to drop the ball into the leg side for a perfectly judged single.


    Harris overpitches, allowing\u00a0Pietersen to lean forward and punch yet another dreamy straight drive past the despairing Michael Clarke at mid-on for four, a boundary which takes him to 99, prompting Ponting to place himself at short midwicket.\u00a0 But it has no revelance for KP, who pushes a single into the leg side for his 17th Test century - one of his best too.\u00a0

  21. 0029 Commentary Eng: 343-2  

    Pietersen leaps high into the air, basking in the jubilation of his first Test ton in 18 months.\u00a0\u00a0Harris' woes continue has Cook punches Harris through the covers for a couple.\u00a0 In club cricket, this would be the time the fielding\u00a0captain would toss the ball to the grenade chucker, the bowler who tosses the ball so high it comes down with\u00a0a parachute.\u00a0 Australia need one of these right now because it's the only way they can buy a wicket right now.

  22. 0034 Commentary Eng: 348-2  

    Imperious from KP, standing tall and disdainfully pulverises a short ball from Bollinger to the deep midwicket boundary for his 16th boundary, just two short of Cook's tally of 18.\u00a0 Savage stroke - like a tribal hunter\u00a0pouncing for the kill.\u00a0 The stroke is made\u00a0the more impressive after Pietersen was beaten the ball before by a slower ball from Bollinger which\u00a0flirted with the\u00a0outside of his bat.\u00a0

  23. WICKET Cook c Haddin b Harris 148 (Eng: 351-3)  

    Excellent bouncer from Harris, really sharp and it rears alarmingly towards KP's noggin, prompting the new Surrey signing to lose balance and just about miss kicking his stumps to the ground. And in typically KP fashion, he attempts to swat the next ball - inevitably another short delivery - out of the ground, but he top-edges high into the air and to safety. However, Harris earns reward for a fine over as Cook inside edges an excellent delivery which cuts back off the pitch, brilliantly taken one-handed by a diving Brad Haddin to his right. The Aussies erupt with a huge appeal and umpire Erasmus waits a couple of seconds before pointing his finger towards the heavens. So long Chef, Wally Hammond's record is safe - for now.\u00a0 That ends 1058 minutes of crease time for the Essex left-hander, who deserves the mother of all sit-downs over the next four hours. In comes England number five Paul Collingwood, who defends stoically as Harris ends an excellent over.

  24. 0045 Commentary Eng: 357-3  

    Contemptuous batting from Pietersen, arrogantly walking across his stumps before dismissing a straight Bollinger delivery through midwicket,\u00a0the\u00a0famous "Flamingo" stroke\u00a0in its explicit glory. Wonderful batting, utterly demoralising if you are a bowler.\u00a0 He follows that up with what can only be described as a sand wedge from the rough for two high over mid-off's head.\u00a0 Lee Westwood probably couldn't play that shot as well as KP.\u00a0 Wonderfully inventive,\u00a0a joyous delight to watch.\u00a0\u00a0Maybe\u00a0Tiger Woods can remodel his swing\u00a0with KP's...\u00a0\u00a0

  25. Contributor BBC Sport's Joe Wilson at The Adelaide Oval  

    "A tough slog for Australia in the field and who comes out to 'front up' to the media at the close on Saturday? Brad Haddin. Unrealistic to expect Ricky but where was the vice-captain ? Not Clarke dealing with a tough day, but Haddin - who is a throwback in his ''what goes out there, stays out there'' attitude. Impressive. Is he the real captain in waiting?"

  26. 0050 Commentary Eng: 357-3  

    While Bollinger hemorrhages runs at one end, Harris is keeping it tight with another very useful six deliveries which Paul Collingwood plays with more respect than speaking to Don Corleone on the day of his daughter's wedding. Maiden over.

  27. 0054 Commentary Eng: 366-3  

    Unsurprisingly, Bollinger is withdrawn from the attack and Peter Siddle, or "Joe Swash" as the new man to my left says, for his first Sunday joust. The change of bowling has no\u00a0effect on Pietersen, who swats another bumper past fine leg for another thunderous boundary. The next delivery is pretty much exactly the same\u00a0- and doesn't Pietersen know it, opening\u00a0his body up like a baseball slugger and swings once more down to the deep square boundary for\u00a0his 19th four.\u00a0 Michael Vaughan is chortling in\u00a0the TMS box, more at Australia's tactics than anything\u00a0else.\u00a0 "Ricky's clearly not getting it right," he says.\u00a0 It's\u00a0hard to argue against really.\u00a0

  28. 0100 Commentary Eng: 372-3  

    Poor Ryan Harris, he's slugging his guts out attempting to make things happen while\u00a0the other end is cricket's equivalent of Wikileaks (apart from\u00a0the international fall-out bit). Collingwood is off the mark with a nice push to mid-off for an all-run four\u00a0while Australia's fielding\u00a0woes continue, this time with Marcus North, who commando rolls over the ball at gully to allow\u00a0"The Weed" a Brucie Bonus run.

  29. Commentary  

    From Phil 'whizzoprango', Clevedon, TMS inbox: "Noticed you enjoy a polysyllabic every now and then (obdurate, imperious etc). Personally, I'm ebullient about England's pulchritudinous endeavours."

  30. 0105 Commentary Eng: 378-3  

    The first signs of swing on day three from Peter Siddle\u00a0- unfortunately the movement is after the ball has passed Paul Collingwood as the Kookaburra moves alarmingly past the outstretched left glove of Brad Haddin and down to the boundary for four byes.\u00a0 Both bowler and keeper looked bemused.\u00a0 They can ponder the physics at drinks.

  31. Commentary  

    From Dougal Ritson, TMS inbox: "At some point in the last two days I must have regressed 20 years. Not only have I found a website where I can play Football Manager on a ZX48k Spectrum emulator but we're whooping the Aussies like it's 1986. I dont want to go back to the future!"

  32. 0112 Commentary Eng: 387-3  

    The resumption sees Ponting turning - although I've hardly seen him turn anything - to Xavier Doherty. The left-arm seamer drops leg-side filth for Pietersen to tuck into, sweeping behind square for yet another boundary - his 20th - before Colly gets in on the act, punching a short ball through the vacant midwicket region for first four over the ropes. Judging by this performance, Doherty is bowling himself into the post-Warne Australia spinning graveyard alongside\u00a0Beau Casson,\u00a0Jason Krejza and Bryce McGain. \u00a0

  33. Commentary  

    From Christian, Maryland, USA: "Re: 0100 - wouldn't it be Crikileaks, technically?"

  34. 0118 Commentary Eng: 389-3  

    Siddle temporarily quells the runflow with a better over to Collingwood, who moves to 12 with a thick inside edge via his front pad for a single. Despite the cloudy skies, temperatures are already close to 30 degrees in Adelaide. I'm also\u00a0experiencing that\u00a0slightly sick feeling after eating my second luxury triple chocolate cookie in 20 minutes.\u00a0

  35. 0121 Commentary Eng: 393-3  

    Better over from Doherty, better flight and length as Paul Collingwood almost yorks himself as he takes a step down the track.\u00a0 But he manages to add two more to his total, followed by another double.\u00a0 The fire alarm momentarily rings in our office - my fingers freeze - but so does the ringing after five seconds.\u00a0 Panic over people.

  36. Commentary  

    From John in the TMS inbox: "Sitting here overlooking the bay in Singapore, contemplating (and enjoying) the demise of the Australian bowling attack and have come to the conclusion that Doug "The Rug" is some kind of reverse Samson. The more hair he adds, the more long hops he delivers."

  37. Commentary Eng: 402-3  

    "When Collingwood is banging successive boundaries, you really have to start worrying as an Aussie captain," spouts our cricket guru as The Weed dismisses a short delivery from Siddle through midwicket before a beautifully struck four through extra cover, which brings up the England 400.\u00a0Interestingly, Simon Katich is running with a discernable limp, probably as a consequence of receiving a full-blooded drive from Alastair Cook right on the buttock in the evening session on Saturday.

  38. Commentary  

    From Shaun in the TMS Inbox: "Sat on the deck of a diving vessel, 65 miles off the coast of the brand new 2022 Fifa World Cup host nation. It's the 26th nightshift in a row with only another 30 to go before I get a day off! Thank heavens for the BBC and Blackberry!"

  39. 0127 Commentary Eng: 409-3  

    Wallop!\u00a0 Two gigantic steps down the track and Pietersen marmalises Xavier Doherty for six over mid-off, arrogant and utterly disdainful, yet so entertaining. Almost like watching a mouse trying to escape from a boa constrictor, only without the bloody ending.\u00a0

  40. Commentary  

    From David Burrows, TMS inbox: "On website now. You are so poor and behind the game. Sending me to sleep. Keep up. May start attending my local BBC regional Council meetings."

  41. Commentary  

    From James, Swindon, in the TMS inbox: "Never before have I seen an Aussie team under Ponting look so clueless and dejected. Brilliant."

  42. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Collywood now in on the Act...Quickly onto 24.. Can we play you every week chant the army.."

  43. 0134 Commentary Eng: 410-3  

    KayPee!\u00a0\u00a0England's number four swings wildly at a wide delivery from Siddle which swings away from the bat, but it's so wide that it's called a wide. It's the only run from an unremarkable over.\u00a0

  44. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "If a bowler's asked to bowl with a 7-2 field, he's entitled to throw the ball back to the captain and say "You bowl it yourself"."

  45. 0136 Commentary Eng: 412-3  

    Doherty's earlier profligacy is reined in as he finds his line and length to Paul Collingwood, the only aberration of his 19th over is a shorter sixth delivery, knocked for two off the back foot by\u00a0the feted Sunaaalan' fan.\u00a0

  46. 0141 Commentary Eng: 416-3  

    Our cricket guru is in raptures because we have received emails from a David Coverdale and a Robert Plant - any other cricket-loving fans who share a name with a rock singer out there? Our guru would like a Rob Halford or a Bruce Dickinson, but I'd love to hear from a namesake of the late and great Ronnie James Dio. Bollinger returns but his woes continue as Pietersen flicks another two off middle stump into the legside before collecting a couple more down to leg. The only thing that will get Pietersen out is his own ego - rein it in Kev and a double ton is yours for the taking.

  47. 0144 Commentary Eng: 424-3  

    On this performance, Doherty is currently pumping loose change into the ticket machine for a one-way ticket out of the Australia team.\u00a0 His second delivery is too full, allowing Collingwood to dispatch the ball down to the midwicket boundary for four, swiftly followed by another in the same direction. Colly moves to 34 from 50 deliveries.

  48. Commentary  

    From Gerry, TMS inbox: "My name isn't actually Rob Halford but I do possess one of his plectrums!! He is currently supporting Ozzy Osbourne on his tour of North America, I got one at the gig here in Calgary."

  49. 0148 Commentary Eng: 428-3  

    Streaky from Pietersen, playing an unconvincing drive on the up that just evades the outstretched hands of Mike Hussey at gully for four. Bollinger looks like the type of person whose nose turns red at the first sight of sun or when he gets angry. But there's little anger or malice in his bowling, troubling neither batsman.

  50. 0151 Commentary Eng: 432-3  

    Marcus North's turn for a spell - and his first delivery rears alarmingly from the rough outside off stump recreated by Doug Bollinger's follow through, the sort of bounce and turn that really should sound alarm bells in Ricky Ponting's head with Graeme Swann waiting in the wings for a long bowl in Australia's second innings. Nevertheless, Colly rides the sharp turn and adds a couple down to fine leg with 10 minutes to go before tea.

  51. Commentary  

    From Roy Wood, TMS inbox: "Well my real name is Roy Wood\u00a0- not quite up there with the Plants and Coverdales of this world but my namesake did turn out a few nifty tunes with the Move back in the day. I changed it to Roy Weard after my own band played a gig at the Marquee in London which was billed as \u2018featuring Roy Wood\u2019 \u2013 and no one turned up."

  52. 0157 Commentary Eng: 439-3  

    Bollinger looks a shadow of the bowler who dismissed Strauss all those hours ago on Saturday morning, looping harmless bouncers over Collingwood's head for a needless wide. Jim Maxwell and Vic Marks are discussing Australia's selection policy for Perth and\u00a0Maxwell says Doherty has to go. Hard to argue with that. Colly\u00a0nurdles a single, allowing Pietersen to move to 149 with yet another insolent Flamingo flick through midwicket for four. Quite, quite brilliant. \u00a0

  53. Commentary  

    From David Stuart, TMS inbox: "Sorry I'm not the guy from The Eurythmics, though having a name that sounds the same on the phone has caused a ripple of excitement among the hairdressers when ringing for a haircut appointment. Perhaps you remember the unruly haystack the real David Stewart had, I'm sure my shortback and sides has been a disappointment to the hairdressing profession."

  54. INTERVAL PIETERSEN'S 150 (Eng: 449-3)  

    Pietersen brings up his 150 with a dismissive sweep off Marcus North from a delivery on middle stump before applying exactly the same technique to the next delivery, bisecting two fielders stationed no more than 15 metres\u00a0apart on the leg-side boundary. The power...\u00a0 He misses out on the opportunity to add a third boundary in the over when North drops short, but his pull shot picks out Simon Katich on the deep midwicket boundary. And that ends yet another brilliant session for the tourists. Time for lunch.

  55. SMS  

    "I am Michael Bolton and really enjoying the splendid performance by England in the ashes 2010."

  56. Commentary  

    From Christian, Maryland, USA in the TMS inbox: "I'd love a Noddy Holder to email in to you over lunch. There's no doubt that with the pies being offered up here by the Aussie attack, KP and Colly must be thinking "It's Chrrrriiiisssssttttttmas !"

  57. 0210 Commentary  

    For your delectation over lunch on TMS, Aggers will be talking about captaincy with contributions from Marcus Trescothick, Michael Vaughan and Justin Langer among others.

  58. Contributor BBC Sport's Joe Wilson at The Adelaide Oval:  

    "As Australia's current crop of pacemen labour in the middle, just outside the Adelaide Oval a statue of South Australian legend Jason Gillespie has been unveiled today. They could do with him in his pomp now rather than immortalised in bronze. His famous flowing hair, sculpted, puts one in mind of the bust of Lionel Richie in the 'Hello' video."

  59. Commentary  

    From Daemmon, Florida, in the TMS inbox: "What odds on a Ponting resignation when Australia go down by an innings here?

    Perhaps we should ask Kim Hughes about that one.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    On Twitter: "Weather will be fine.. Rough patch developing nicely for Swann.. He will Get 5 in the 2nd innings... Have faith.."

  61. SMS  

    From Seb: "Has the Dukes ball ever been used in Oz or is it not suitable for some reason? Would maybe even up the contest between bat and ball somewhat. Off to bed happy with that first session!"

  62. Commentary  

    From Adam in the TMS inbox: "I\u2019ve been searching for the odds on Shane Warne making a comeback.\u00a0 Can\u2019t see what other bowling options the Aussies have."

  63. Twitter  

    Former Australian batsman Damien Martyn: "It's been a sad week in AUS cricket need to regroup fast and not just for this series."

  64. Commentary  

    From Allan (so nearly a U2 guitarist) Clayton, Boston, TMS inbox: "Pietersen on 158 no - uh oh..."

  65. Commentary  

    From Dan and Fran, Cardiff, TMS inbox:\u00a0"Can I be the first to wish Mr Fordyce a happy birthday?"

  66. Commentary  

    From Wallace, Windsor, USA,\u00a0in the TMS inbox: "No fun beating the Aussies when they are this poor... Lillee and Thomson at 61 and 60 would be better than this lot..."\u00a0

  67. SMS  

    From CBN, London: "About to tuck into 'Dinfast', a new mealtime adopted during the lunch break of the Ashes. Struggling what to have, as previous nights consumption have in volved cereal, kebabs\u00a0and a cup of tea."

  68. 0240 Commentary  

    Hello, my eyeballs have done a 360-degree loop around my sockets following a rather sumputous sugar rush and I'm now currently experiencing a low not too dissimilar to what most Australians are probably experiencing right now. The players are out\u00a0and Shane Watson will bowl his first over of the day to the rather splendidly savage Kevin Pietersen.

  69. 0243 Commentary Eng: 449-3  

    Watson, whose bowling on Saturday was the cricket equivalent of neutering a cat, continues his anodyne seamers, plodding out a maiden as Pietersen can''t quite pierce the infield to get off his hoodoo number of 158. KP has been dismissed three times on that figure in Test cricket. So then, what sort of numbers should England be aiming for before pondering declaration and how much time will Andrew Strauss want to give his seamers to wreak havoc to the Australian top order?

  70. Commentary  

    From Guy, Nottingham Uni, TMS inbox: "To the drunk person who set off our hall's fire alarm - thank you so much for choosing to do so during the lunch break."

  71. 0247 Commentary Eng: 451-3  

    Michael Vaughan thinks Strauss should have at least six overs at the Australians this evening, but I would throw the net out further and go for 10 overs. Collingwood brings up the 450 with a couple square of the wicket from North.

  72. WICKET Collingwood lbw Watson 42 (Eng: 452-4)  

    Excellent ball from Watson, pitching outside off byt nipping back off the pitch and rapping Colly straight in front of middle, sparking a huge lbw appeal from the Aussies. Up goes umpire Hill's finger and there's no need to demand a referral there - Colly knows he's doomed as he turns towards the pavilion. In comes the in-form Ian Bell, England's best batsmen from the first innings at Brisbane.

  73. Commentary  

    From Ste, Vale of Belvoir, TMS inbox: "Ahh! Dinfast...A bottle of Sol ,leftover lemon\u00a0meringue and pate with breadsticks."

    Hang on, isn't that brinner?

  74. 0256 Commentary Eng: 458-4  

    The insolence! Bell, who has been sat with his feet up for the past eight hours, dances down the track and levers Marcus North over mid-on for the most audacious boundary to get off the mark.

  75. Commentary  

    From Philip, Lucca, Italy, TMS inbox: "NO NO NO declaration before at least 700-plus runs on the board! Remember the whitewash! Freddie declared on 517ish and Pont scored heaven knows how many and the match was lost - that defeat heralded disaster. When the Aussies are down grind 'em into the mud! And then grind 'em again! And again! Make suire they can't get back up!"

  76. 0302 Commentary Eng: 458-4  

    Bell is in outrageous form, his front-foot drives are the stuff of MCC coaching manual dreams, if books could have random projections caused by excessive electro-neuron activity in the cerebral chambers. But Watson has a packed offside field and Bell can't pierce it - in fact he is fortunate not to play on a ball which squirts past his back leg and the leg stump.

  77. Commentary  

    From Anna Schumann, TMS inbox: "Pranav, as a veterinary nurse (working nights) I'm quite interested to know what exactly you mean by likening Watson's bowling to neutering a cat (0243). Are you insinuating that after facing a couple of overs from said Aussie our boys are less likely to wee around the house and roam away from home??"

  78. 0305 Commentary Eng: 459-4  

    North races through his over, conceding just one with a single down to long leg for KP.

  79. Commentary  

    From Alex, Brighton, normally Amsterdam, TMS inbox: "Brinner is the art of having breakfast as you dinner, dinfast is the exact opposite. So in one case, you'd be having your frosties whilst watching Enders, in the other, you'd munch your shepherd's pie or roast chicken at, well, this time..."

  80. 0307 Commentary Eng: 464-4  

    KP flails a wide Watson delivery but without the certainty and authority he has been playing the majority of his strokes with, a thick edge flashing down behind point for four, his 25th of the innings to bring up his ton of boundaries. Watson's bowling a lot better than he was on Saturday, making the ball grip off the pitch and causing KP to ricochet a thick inside edge on to his thigh pad, stunting a preposterous lbw appeal from the bowler.

  81. 0311 Commentary Eng: 465-4  

    The clouds are congregating above the England duo, but Jim Maxwell insists it rarely rains at the Adelaide Oval for more than 10 minutes.\u00a0 A heart-warming scene as Marcus North finishes his over and signs all sorts of miniature bats on the boundary after conceding a single from his 16th over. Anyone got North's squiggle?\u00a0 What does it look like?\u00a0\u00a0I wonder if he has an individualised "MN" logo on his bathrobe?\u00a0

  82. 0315 Commentary Eng: 472-4  

    KP keeps Bell on his toes with one of his trademark sharp singles to mid-off, where Ryan Harris misses with his shy at the non-striker's end with Pietersen stretching every bit of his hefty 6ft 4in frame to make his ground.\u00a0Bell adds\u00a0three to leg off Watson, who has Brad Haddin standing up to the stumps bowling in the high 70mphs.\u00a0All very Sudoku for beginners for England's\u00a0fifth-wicket\u00a0pair. \u00a0

  83. Commentary  

    From Fred, Fulham, TMS inbox: "Congratulating KP on recent addition to the family. I understand he has become a daddy today to a massive 100. Motherland is doing well. Wet the baby's head anyone?"

  84. 0318 Commentary Eng: 477-4  

    More dreamy strokeplay from Bell, latching onto a shortish North ball outside off stump before rolling his wrists for an artisan four behind point, complete with flourish.\u00a0 But encouragement for North, who flirts outrageously with the outside of Pietersen's bat with the arm ball. Worryingly for Australia, their back-up spinner is\u00a0that much more threatening than their specialist.

  85. Commentary  

    From Debbie in Calgary, TMS inbox: "Yes, KP parent of a lovely bouncing 100 - if he carries on a little longer, it'll be twins!"

  86. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "If you see me betting on a draw, I'll be wearing someone else's trousers because I won't be betting with my own money."

  87. 0324 Commentary Eng: 486-4  

    Brisbane six-wicket hero Peter Siddle probably wishes he was still in Queensland as Kevin Pietersen turns schoolyard bully, bashing two successive leg-side boundaries as if he was taking dinner money after double maths.\u00a0\u00a0

  88. 0328 Commentary Eng: 491-4  

    Bell is in such good form, punching a beautiful drive through the covers for two off North, extending England's lead to 246. Former Aussie skipper reckons England will be more than 350 ahead by tea if KP's still at the crease. And don't forget Simon Katich is struggling with some sort of niggle because he is running like Phoebe from Friends right now.

  89. 0333 Commentary Eng: 492-4  

    Siddle reins in the runs with a tighter over, conceding a solitary single. Adam in Hong Kong says England have passed an aggregate of 1000 for 5 over the last two innings. Grab whatever beverage is close\u00a0at hand and toast what is a quite sensational statistic...\u00a0

  90. 0338 Commentary Eng: 493-4  

    Ryan Harris - I've worked out his lookalike!\u00a0 Former Newcastle and Middlesbrough striker Mark Viduka! - returns but cannot collect his second wicket, conceding a run to Pietersen, who moves to 184.

  91. Commentary  

    From Jonathan in Vietnam, where it\u2019s still raining, TMS inbox: "Has anyone noticed the resemblance between Ian Bell and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke? Slightly smoother-faced and less snaggle-toothed, I grant you, but it\u2019s still there. In fact Bell is known in our house as \u2018Little Thom Yorke\u2019 although, paradoxically, he is, by 4\u201d, the taller man. Any other rock god/England cricketer resemblances?"

  92. 0342 DRINKS BREAK Eng: 494-4  

    Siddle, all arms and teeth, steams in for his 24th over and contains England to another over of single scoring. Time for drinks.

  93. Commentary  

    From Lee so new to Hong Kong he doesn't have a maid, TMS inbox: "If Adam is the same Adam I am waiting to bring round an ironing board to my new apartment in HK, I have the commentary here. You will only miss an over or two."

  94. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Just legged it out back of stand to get 360-degree gander at sky. I'm no Fish or Giles (Bill or Ashley), but there's no obvious horror close."

  95. 0349 Commentary Eng: 499-4  

    \u00a0More frustration for Harris as a leg-sided delivery flicks his thigh pad and trickles fine past Brad Haddin for four leg-byes as England move one run short of the half-a-grand total.

  96. 0354 Commentary Eng: 504-4  

    KP brings up the 500 with yet another sharp single to mid-on, where Mitchell Johnson, on for the clearly struggling Simon Katich, wangs a very powerful throw towards the non-striker's end with Pietersen scrambling for his ground. Thankfully for the England number four, the ball misses the stumps, enabling him to bask the applause from the sizeable - although quiet so far - England\u00a0contingent around the ground.\u00a0 And those custodians are in full voice once again as Siddle overpitches, allowing Bell to bring up the 500 with a four eased through mid-on, past the sprawling boundary slide of the fresh-legged Johnson.

  97. Commentary  

    From Murray in the TMS inbox: "Working a long, quiet night-shift just outside Paris. Listening to Dylan's Tell Tale Signs and keeping up with the cricket all that is keeping me sane and awake. Having been critical of KP during the summer - I would have dropped him long before he was dropped - it is great to see him giving it to the Aussies. Quite happy to eat some humble pie on that - let's hope he makes the double."

  98. 0357 Commentary Eng: 509-4  

    That's the first time England have scored successive totals of 500 or more since the 2002 series against Sri Lanka. KP moves into the 190s as he deliberately opens the face of his bat to run a Harris delivery past gully and down to the vacant third man boundary, his 29th boundary (including the six) of his impressive vigil. The bowler is absolutely aghast, "all that endeavour for this?" he is probably pondering.\u00a0\u00a0

  99. Commentary  

    From Ash Sadighi, TMS inbox: "Most obvious lookalike is Shane Watson and\u00a0a young Patrick Swayze."

  100. 0403 Commentary Eng: 520-4  

    Abject filth from Siddle, short and wide as Bell rocks back onto his back foot before bringing his bat down like an executioner's axe, smearing the ball behind point for four. Uh! Belly! He then unfurls the kind of front-foot cover drive that should be framed somewhere in the Louvre for four of the most sumputous runs you will ever have the pleasure of seeing. England lead by 275.

  101. 0407 Commentary Eng: 524-4  

    The runfest has prompted our cricket guru to pick up our office\u00a0bat and play a number of expansive drives he never had the audacity to play at the crease during his halycon days. I've made him sit back down by asking him to find out when was the last time two England batsmen scored double centuries in successive Test matches. Pietersen moves within three runs of the landmark with yet another imperious on-drive off Harris. "Greed is good," says Vic Marks on TMS. Yes, it is isn't it Victor?

  102. SMS  

    From Greg, TMS inbox: "KP bearing a striking resemblance to Steve Vai at this moment - thrashing everything in sight."

  103. 0411 Commentary Eng: 524-4  

    Bollinger returns and sends down his first maiden in 24 overs, which pretty much sums up his performance so far.

  104. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Want another midnight stat? This is the first time England have ever scored 500 in consecutive innings against Australia. Boom-boom."

  105. 0416 Commentary Eng: 525-4  

    I've just re-read my 0407 entry and I can only say I have no idea what I was on about. It made about as much sense as Ponting's tactics today. Meanwhile, Xavier Doherty returns to see if he can snare KP into his left-arm spin phobia three runs shy of his second Test double ton. The answer is an emphatic no. One single and KP needs two more for 200.

  106. 0420 Commentary Eng: 526-4  

    "It's raining!" says Michael Vaughan, although it's not game-stopping stuff. KP moves to 199 with a single tucked off his hip off Bollinger.\u00a0 He races down the track and assesses the prospect of turning for the second but wisely decides against it as the throw comes in from fine leg.\u00a0 Just the one run from the over, giving KP the perfect opportunity to hit his double ton off Doherty.\u00a0 Knowing KP, he'll want to do it like Colly four years ago - waltzing down the track and smashing a six.


    Quite brilliant from Pietersen, who pumps a full-toss from Xavier Doherty to mid-off for the single. Up goes the bat towards the dressing room and England's contingent in the stands.\u00a0 A quite brilliant innings.\u00a0

  108. 0424 Commentary Eng: 530-4  

    That's the 13th double century by an English batsman against Australia - seven of those have been scored\u00a0down under\u00a0with Wally Hammond notching a whopping four.\u00a0 Come on Belly, see if you can make it eight...

  109. 0429 Commentary Eng: 534-4  

    The back of Bollinger's shirt is covered in the faded pink blush dye from shining the ball, although it's the first time I've ever seen it there rather than on the front of the\u00a0trousers.\u00a0 Not that Ian Bell cares, pouncing on a short delivery and battering it through midwicket for four.\u00a0\u00a0

  110. Commentary  

    From Ste, Brum, TMS inbox: "Am I the only one getting bored of seeing England get more than 500 and seeing their batsmen get 200.....anyone, no? just me."

  111. 0432 Commentary Eng: 536-4  

    Doherty. One run. Not much more I can really add. New gloves for KP, who clearly doesn't share the non-sweating condition that Alastair Cook seems to have.

  112. Commentary  

    From Jamie in the TMS inbox: "The next time the drop-Pietersen brigade start their grumble, can we attach Scart leads to their heads and replay this innings, over and over and over?"

  113. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Great celebrations from KP. An outstanding innings - because he played STRAIGHT. Clouds building."

  114. 0437 Commentary Eng: 537-4  

    Poor Doug, how he would love to stick his feet up with a copy of Top Sante listening to the latest Michael Buble release. He toils and sees the fruits of his labour struck for two.

  115. 0441 Commentary Eng: 551-4  

    Most batsmen would opt for the straight bat and a firm front leg with three minutes to go before tea.\u00a0 But not Kevin Pietersen. He swipes a lovely straight drive over Xavier Doherty's head for a two-bounce\u00a0four, following that up with another lofted drive, this time over mid-off for a second successive boundary, taking this fifth-wicket partnership to 99. Quite, quite sensational batting. KP remains unbeaten on 213 with Bell well-poised on 41.\u00a0 England have a lead of 306.

  116. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "KP 213 n.o. at tea, Bell 41. Quite sensational innings. Storm clouds gathering, but in this form he could stop the rain with a wave of hand."

  117. Eng: 551-4 INTERVAL TEA  

    An ironic slice of symmetry as England tootle up 551-4 at tea - the same number of runs they scored at the ground four years ago when Paul Collingwood notched a double ton, ably assisted by today's double centurion Kevin Pietersen. England were infamously bowled out for 129 in the second innings, contriving to lose a match which was destined for a draw. However, there is no Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Stuart Clark or Brett Lee to terrorise them from the other end this time around.

  118. Commentary  

    From Vili, Fiji, TMS inbox: "For a laugh would England consider using this game as batting practice and going for a thousand runs? Surely getting a thousand runs is as good as a victory?"

  119. Twitter  

    Andrew Flintoff: "Get them in later for 8 overs or so, try and nip a couple out them out, have ball still newish tomorrow morning and finish them off."


    Oh no. Il fait pleut. The covers are on. The start of the third and final session will be delayed. And just when it was looking so good...

  121. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Covers coming on. Rain smashing it down. And not looking good in the direction the rain's coming from. Surely this can't happen. Can it?"

  122. Commentary  

    From Ben, Churchill, TMS inbox: "We cannot go to bed until we appear on TMS. Put us out of our misery?"

    Cheap. But effective.

  123. Commentary  

    From Rick, TMS inbox: "Surely the dejected, defeated and demoralised Aussies can't be saved by rain? How ironic that would be..."

  124. 0512 Commentary  

    The rain delay has prompted Sky to resurrect the first Test of the 1997 series at Edgbaston, featuring such luminaries as Mark Ealham, Devon Malcolm and Robert Croft as Australia are dismissed for 118. Now\u00a0Graeme Thorpe and Nasser Hussain are getting stuck into the bowling.\u00a0 Reckon\u00a0something might happen here...\u00a0

  125. Commentary  

    From Laurence, TMS inbox: "Errrrr, I've just got up to watch the final session. As an old curmudgeon famously once said...I don't believe it."

  126. SMS  

    From Anon: "Soneji! You're a jinx for England! Get Dirs back on."

    Sorry mum.

  127. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "PA system blasting out Singin' In The Rain. Would rather it was Walking On Sunshine."

  128. Commentary  

    From Royal Marine Marcus, Cuzco, Peru in the TMS inbox: "Challenged. sledged & beat an Aussie to the top of Machu Picchu this morning; ecstatic to learn that I have mirrored KP's day!!"\u00a0

  129. 0528 INSPECTION  

    Rather like fans at a Sex Pistols gig in their pomp, the rain in Adelaide is spitting as umpires Marais Erasmus and Tony Hill check out the situation in the middle. And encouragingly, the covers are coming off. Good news people!

  130. 0535 Commentary  

    My seplling hsa been shocing today.\u00a0 Ah, seems the covers aren't completely coming off.\u00a0 The groundstaff are brushing off the excess water for the time being, so the wave of optimism which enveloped this transmission a minutes before has been temporarily replaced with desk-slamming impatience.

  131. Commentary  

    From Martin, Englishman resident in Sydney for 19 years but currently in Hong Kong: "At the end of the Gabba Test, Kerry O'Keefe in the ABC box reminded listeners that, despite England's dominance, the score was still 0-0. And it's still 0-0. Let's not get carried away. On the other hand, when we reach the SCG with England 3-0 up I do hope those in charge remember Gatting's '86/'87 maxim of 'Give 'em nothing' and resist the temptation to give the likes of Monty a run. I saw him bowl for Sussex last summer and his deliveries are still akin to Noel Coward's description of Norfolk - 'very flat'.

  132. Commentary  

    From Adam Gough, TMS inbox: "Does anyone else have the feel that humping the this current batch of Aussies has a hollow feeling? It's like being 400 not out against your eight-year-old son in the garden playing French cricket."

  133. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Still raining lightly. Groundsman pessimistic about weather Tuesday."

  134. 0549 Commentary  

    This rather irritating delay gives me the ideal opportunity to say thank you to all your emails from every corner of our wonderful globe, with many of you searching out Antipodeans for gloating purposes in your local vicinities.\u00a0 Some of you have succeeded, some of you haven't. The word "catharsis" springs to mind.

  135. Commentary  

    From Jim Dewes, English resident, currently on a game reserve near Port Elizabeth SA, TMS inbox: "Whatever we feel about the quality of the oppo, this is the Aussies we are playing. If my son wanted to be Xavier Doherty in the garden, I'd have no qualms about taking him for every single possible run."

  136. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Aussie telly filling the gap by showing England's collapse at Adelaide four years ago. Wishful scheduling."

  137. Commentary  

    From Russell, Greece, TMS inbox: "I need your advice. One of my daughter's best friends at school is an Aussie. What level of abuse is acceptable to level at a four-year-old?"

  138. 0600 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    Indications from the TMS team in Adelaide are that the rain is not abating and Jonathan Agnew is very pessimistic about any chances of play resuming today...

  139. 0604 Commentary  

    Should Australia consider wholesale changes to their bowling attack for Perth, they could turn to one of Chris Swan (32), Mark Cameron (29) or Trent Copeland (24), the three leading wicket-takers in Sheffield Shield cricket with 22 wickets this season. Mark Cameron maybe familiar to some of you as he played against England for Australia A in their 10-wicket defeat at Hobart before the first Test in Brisbane. Perth is world-famous for being the quickest track in Australia\u00a0but you can't imagine this bowling attack would cause too much bother when the coin is tossed on 16 December.

  140. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Just taken a brief stroll around the ground. Come back looking wetter than an octopus's garden. It's smashing it down. Not looking good."

  141. Commentary  

    From Michael, Japan, TMS inbox: "As an Australian in Japan, far from the sweet sound of leather on willow, it makes me giggle to see all this triumphalism from English fans. If I remember rightly, after the first day's play in the First Test, you were all doom and gloom. In fact, you blokes are always either paranoid you're going to lose, or 100% certain you're going to win - from one extreme to the other. The word schizophrenic springs to mind."

  142. 0616 Commentary  

    The chances of playing resuming this evening in Adelaide are about as slim as England's hopes of hosting a World Cup this century. If day three is abandoned, play will start half-an-hour earlier on day four than the 0000 GMT scheduled start.

  143. Commentary  

    From Andrew Reynolds, TMS inbox: "Does anyone think that England has enough runs and should declare soon hoping for a good bowling performance to avoid another draw? We have a major advantage in that we can come in and bat again if required."

  144. Commentary  

    From Bob Baynham, Bradford, TMS inbox: "Good question Russell. I shall ask the kids next door \u2013 they\u2019ve become experts in sledging over recent days."

  145. 0621 Commentary  

    For those of you listening to TMS right now, there's a fascinating discussion between Aggers. Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer about their dominant opening partnership for Australia.\u00a0 Most definitely worth tuning in for.

  146. SMS  

    From Will, London: "Rain means clouds, clouds means swing, surely time to declare and bring on Jimmy for a detestating spell and take full control of this series?"

  147. 0628 Commentary  

    Priceless radio. Matthew Hayden is currently discussing the gestation period of his Chinese ducks, along with his Asianic geese.\u00a0 \u00a0

  148. Commentary  

    From Matt, studying and hating life, from Perth, TMS inbox: "Loving the back-yard cricket analogy, though as an Australian born in the mid 80s, I spent what feels like the majority of the time in the back yard trying to emulate the great man with leggies, flippers, toppies and what have you. It's a little bit disconcerting that given SKW dominated the landscape and was idolised by the country for so long, and everyone fancying themselves as a tweaker growing up, that the best we have now is Doherty, who seems to have been baking this morning."

  149. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "As a compromise between legitimate self-gratification and blatant child abuse, could I suggest that Russell in Greece might, at the appropriate point, get his daughter to take her sandwiches off her for a second before giving them her back bit by bit. The four year old Aussie will see it as an act of friendship and sharing, but when the story is related later the Aussie parents will see in it a dark cultural reference to that infuriating 1980s Australian pop song, and to the way in which nationally stereotyped concepts of physical dominance are now being reversed."

  150. 0645 Commentary  

    I think\u00a0it's fair to say Montserrat Caballe is reaching for the high notes, thereby signalling the end of any hopes of squeezing more delicous Ian Bell stokery all over a wholesome Kevin Pietersen double ton bap on day three at the Adelaide Oval. The covers are still on, the stands have emptied and my eyelids are starting to get heavy.\u00a0 Just need official word from the umpires to put this awesome day for England - and my wearily bones - to bed.

  151. 0646 CLOSE OF PLAY Eng: 551-4  

    Christopher Martin-Jenkins confirms that play has been abandoned for the day and day four will start half-an-hour earlier at 2330 GMT.

  152. 0651 Commentary  

    Gah!\u00a0 The elements. Still lots to look forward to from our team out in Adelaide.\u00a0 We have Aggers' and Geoff Boycott's daily podcast to download very soon, Jonathan Agnew's column, Tom Fordyce's blog as well as everything else in between.

  153. 0659 Commentary  

    Time to dodge the spaced-out, half-asleep early-morning clubbers on the tube as I seek the refuge of my bed. Thank you for your attention, contributions and everything else in between. Until later, adios.

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 71 runs
  • Australia: 245 & 304 (99.1 overs)
  • England: 620-5 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 304
Watson c Strauss b Finn 57
Katich c Prior b Swann 43
Ponting c Collingwood b Swann 9
Clarke c Cook b Pietersen 80
Hussey c Anderson b Finn 52
North lbw b Swann 22
Haddin c Prior b Anderson 12
Harris lbw b Anderson 0
Doherty b Swann 5
Siddle b Swann 6
Bollinger not out 7
Extras 5w 5b 1lb 11

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