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Ashes: Australia v England, second Test, day two as it happened

  1. 2312 Commentary  

    Typical Ashes series. One side buoyant, settled team, plenty of runs and wickets in previous innings, complete with the best spinner in the world. Meanwhile the other is in crisis; huge selection issues, out-of-form players, a spinner who looks out of his depth and a captain complaining about excessive sledging. Some things never change...oh hang on.

  2. 2320 Commentary  

    Hello, what a ruddy privilege it is to start proceedings on such a high following yet another impressive England performance on day one at Adelaide on a pitch so flat you could post it through a letterbox. Our very own Tom Fordyce described the track as a Rachel Stevens - extremely easy on the eye, possibly a little bland, very little chance of a result -\u00a0which transformed into a Grace Jones, slightly bonkers and like nothing you'd ever seen before.\u00a0Meanwhile, BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew says Ricky Ponting is a "rattled man" following his end-of-play confrontation with Andrew Strauss and Aussie batting coach Justin Langer said run-outs are a "cardinal sin"\u00a0in a\u00a0very frank column. So what's in store for day two?\u00a0\u00a0

  3. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Broiling hot at the ground already. England 300/4 at the close? They'd be delighted with that."

  4. SMS  

    From Greg, Colchester, with his feet on the (frozen) ground: "Hate to spoil the premature celebrations, but so far we have managed to bowl them out for 15 runs less than we got in the first Test. Get a grip!"

  5. 2329 Commentary  

    Sage advice from the prudent Greg, who clearly has visions of the second Test four years ago, when England somehow managed to contrive a defeat when it seemed physically impossible to do so. Meanwhile, the rest of us are\u00a0stewing in unbridled\u00a0hyperbole, so let's have your predictions for day two via the TMS inbox or text 81111 (UK only).

  6. Commentary  

    From Ed Shuttleworth, TMS inbox: "Just entering my fifth hour trapped in a train in a snowdrift outside Hassocks. Heating packed up about an hour ago. Counting the seconds until your commentary begins - it could literally save my life."

  7. BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Pougatch  

    On Twitter: "Geoffrey in a Harry Potter shirt for Loud Shirt Day in Sth Australia to raise awareness for kids..."

    My eyes, myyyyy eeeeeeeyeeeeeees!!!!! Excellent cause, well done Sir Geoffrey.

  8. 2341 Commentary  

    Our cricket guru, a Yorkshireman with an excellent line in acerbic wit, believes England will lose three wickets in the first session, with Doug "The Rug" Bollinger starring. Bollinger needs one more wicket for 50 Test dismissals, a feat he would achieve 12 matches, one fewer Imran Khan, Michael Holding, Muttiah Muralitharan, Steve Harmison and Dale Steyn among others. For perspective, Alec Bedser, John Snow, Curtley Ambrose, Shane Bond and Matthew Hoggard are among many to have achieved the record in 12 Tests. Twenty minutes until play resumes, I'm so happy I could breakdance...

  9. Commentary  

    From Adam Ingate, TMS inbox: "I'm working on a cruise ship travelling around Australia. We are in Adelaide on Monday and suprise suprise, I have arranged a day off. I hope we don't win before then although I believe the rain will be arriving on Monday as well!"

  10. 2349 Commentary  

    The Adelaide pitch looks like the kind of track you want to go to bed with and snuggle up to on a long, cold winter evening like tonight.\u00a0 Strauss has opted to use the heavy roller across the track which, in theory, should flatten the flat thing even more.\u00a0 It's so hot\u00a0in Adelaide, even the sun is\u00a0sweating. Savvy\u00a0patrons\u00a0slather litres of suncream all over their bodies to ensure they don't end the day medium rare under the unrelenting southern hemisphere sun.

  11. 2353 Commentary  

    A group of pupils at The Charter School in Dulwich in London had the pleasure of interviewing our very own Tom Fordyce about the Ashes as part of the BBC's School Report.\u00a0 Well worth a read, especially the audio about Tom's encounter with the Australia team attempting to write his marks after the Brisbane Test.

  12. Commentary  

    Rebekah in the TMS inbox: "Did I read that correctly? Are you saying that Punter complained about the amount of sledging? The AUSSIES complained about excessive SLEDGING? The country who could enter this as an Olympic sport? Excuse me while I go and have a good giggle about that."

  13. Commentary  

    From Joe Bailey, TMS inbox: "With that shirt, hat and weathered features, looking at Boycott there is like watching A Nightmare on Elm Street on acid (whatever that feels like)."

  14. Commentary  

    James Anderson on Sky Sports: "I think I'm a completely different bowler from four years ago. My confidence has improved a lot and the seam attack is very different and I've got a different role.

    "We all help each other out in the bowling attack. I see a lot of myself in Steven Finn from when I started - more mentally than in our bowling. It would be wrong if I didn\u2019t try to help him."

  15. 2359 Commentary  

    Out come umpires Marais Erasmus and Tony Hill, closely followed by the baggy greened Australians. And within 30 seconds, the brilliant white uniforms of Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss emerge from the pavilion. Ladies and gentlemen, day two is set to commence.

    From Reuben Hillyer, TMS inbox: "In my bid for live text recognition I have found a stat that I haven't read anywhere and shows how good a performance England gave. Minimum of three Tests, guess which ground in the world has the highest average score in the 1st and 2nd innings? That's right, the Adelaide Oval. Tell me Malcom would be proud..."

  16. WICKET Strauss b Bollinger 1 (Eng 3-1)  

    Douglas Bollinger - WHAT IS THAT ON HIS FAAAACE? Imagine Batman's mask, but white, and made of sunblock. That's what Dougie looks like right now. But he doesn't give a hoot right now as he clean bowls Andrew Strauss, who opts to leave a ball which clips the top of his middle stump. A very injudicious leave - the ball was straight and well pitched up. Strauss placed too much faith in the bounce of the wicket and sees the top of the bails clipped with his bat pointing to the heavens, which is probably where his head will be looking as he walks back to the pavilion. Optimism completely evaporated.

  17. 0007 Commentary Eng: 7-1  

    New man Jonathan Trott finds himself at the wicket in not too dissimilar fashion to Brisbane last week and, like a man who is on the back of two Ashes centuries, smears his first delivery past backward point for four.\u00a0 Confident, but Bollinger ends the over with a nasty bumper - along with a few choice words too.\u00a0 Sizzling start.

  18. 0010 Commentary Eng: 10-1  

    Ryan Harris, equally slathered in sunblock over his face, his forehead and ears are spared from the liberal slapping, steams in to Trott who collects a couple more to his score. Tension all across the Adelaide Oval, the Aussie dander is very much in the ascendancy.

  19. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton  

    "Harris has bowled fastest ball of the match so far - 92.5 mph... Average total for the 2nd inns of the match in an Ashes Test at Adelaide is 324."

  20. 0014 Commentary Eng: 16-1  

    Douglas squares Alastair Cook up with a pearler which kisses the deck and nibbles away from the edge of his Gray-Nicholls.\u00a0 The England opener, both feet pointing down the track, is opened up like a can of tomato soup.\u00a0The left-arm seamer is getting plenty of lift\u00a0off the track, but gets a little too much elevation when he bangs one in short and it balloons high over Brad Haddin's head for four\u00a0byes.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  21. 0019 Commentary MISSED RUN OUT - DOHERTY  

    England's opening overs are bearing an uncanny resemblence to Australia's on Friday - Jonathan Trott sets off for a run that never was off Harris with a leg-side prod, only to be stopped in his tracks by an alarmed Cook. However, his neck is saved when Xavier Doherty, the man stationed at square leg, throws wide of the stumps with Trott a good yard out of his crease. Trott, who made his throw count from the same position on Friday morning to send Simon Katich back to the pavilion, is thoroughly fortunate to maintain his vigil.

  22. Commentary  

    From Tom Jeavons, TMS inbox: "Come on Pranav get a grip, we've moved on already. Trott has hit is century, Cook is nearing 150 and the British pound is now offering free \u00a325k annual salaries to the poor and destitute. Sheesh, and I thought this track was the only dead corpse in this session."

  23. 0023 Commentary Eng: 21-1  

    Tom, when did England get the 3012 World Cup? Must have missed that. Meanwhile, in the here and now, Jonathan Trott eases a gorgeous off-drive through the covers as Bollinger offers width for the first time in his aggressive morning spell. However, he's back on the money like Mervyn King (the governor of the Bank of England, not the darts player) and is once again probing that off-stump line. Trott, however, is stoic in defence.

  24. Commentary  

    From Simon, TMS inbox: "Having just returned from a Christmas party for psychotherapists I am disappointed to hear that Strauss has departed already. I cut short a fascinating conversation about counter transference over mulled wine and sweet potato crisps for this?"

  25. 0027 Commentary Eng: 21-1  

    Despite the fact that he is fresh off a double ton, Alastair Cook never gives the impression of impenetrability during his stay. His tendency to play in front of his pad in defence is a particular concern of mine but he manages to keep Ryan Harris out for six deliveries, although the Queenslander is bowling with pace and plenty of venom. Meanwhile, TMS is back on air following a technical glitch.


    The erudite Trott is the only England batsman inside the ICC's top-10 Test batsmen in the world, sitting pretty at number eight. However, the Warwickshireman is given his second let-off in as many overs when he presents a straightforward catch to Mike Hussey at gully with a thick outside edge attempting a square drive off Bollinger, but the ever-so-reliable Mr Cricket makes an absolute horlicks, completely missing the ball as it squirts through his body. And to make matters worse for Australia, England collect a couple of runs.

  27. 0034 Commentary Eng: 23-1  

    In his four overs at Adelaide, Doug Bollinger has looked far more threatening than Mitchell Johnson did at any stage of the Brisbane Test. Think of the Shane Watson dismissal, with the catch taken by Kevin Pietersen, on Friday - that's what Hussey dropped.\u00a0 A clanger by his exceptionally high standards.

  28. 0036 Commentary Eng: 23-1  

    More excellent wheels from Harris, racking up the high 80s on the speedgun and keeping Alastair Cook pinned inside his crease.\u00a0 Impressive start from Australia's new-ball duo, aggression in bundles.

  29. Commentary  

    From Christian, Maryland, USA: "I know it's late there but pay attention. It's Gray-Nicolls, with no 'h'. My 1985 edition Powerspot would turn in it's linseed oiled coffin."

  30. 0042 Commentary Eng: 28-1  

    Douglas takes a well-earned break, although I can't imagine he was too puffed out following a bristling four-over spell.\u00a0 In his place comes Peter Siddle, who is struck for a picture-perfect front-foot drive from Alastair Cook through mid-off for four.\u00a0 Yep, you read that correctly - Alastair Cook hitting straight in the "V".\u00a0\u00a0However, the Essex left-hander misses out a ruddy treat of a full-toss, somehow managing to\u00a0make contact with nothing but fresh air. \u00a0

  31. 0046 Commentary Eng: 38-1  

    Anyone know who "Pranaz Senate" is?\u00a0 He sounds like\u00a0the healthcare\u00a0correspondent for American TV station MSNBC.\u00a0 Some of the weird and wonderful variations of my name\u00a0have kept me thoroughly entertained in the TMS\u00a0inbox over the past day or so.\u00a0 My all-time favourite was receiving a letter for someone called Mr Pranav\u00a0Jones. Meat and drink for Trott, who rides\u00a0a short-of-a-length delivery from Harris into the legside for a couple, picking up a couple of bonus runs with\u00a0an overthrow\u00a0which ricochets off the stumps.\u00a0 Trott then unfurls an imperious on-drive through mid-on for his third boundary, taking his score up to 21.

  32. 0052 Commentary Eng: 42-1  

    Cook once again goes down the track with a checked drive off Siddle, only for DTR (Doug the Rug) to prevent the boundary with a commendable one-handed sliding stop. Trott is once again close to continuing the sudoku from Friday as a tasty delivery completely bisects his bat and pad through to Haddin, but making contact with neither. "Two-paced pitch?" offers our cricket guru.

  33. 0057 Commentary Eng: 45-1  

    A change of ends for Bollinger, maintaining his line around off stump to Cook but he's dropped a bit of pace since his last over, troubling the speedgun at about 80mph rather than the 87-89mph from his first over. But he's still causing more trouble than a mischievous child.

  34. 0100 DRINKS BREAK Eng: 55-1  

    More fortune for Trott, this time with a thick outside edge past the diving left hand of Mike Hussey at gully for four before another sumputous on-drive off Siddle, all along the carpet for his fifth boundary of the morning. Trott is playing with freedom, albeit interspersed with huge chunks of fortune, as he moves to 32 from 37 deliveries.

  35. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    On Twitter: "50 for 1.. solid stuff from Trott and Cook..Aussies searching for wickets... Trying too hard.."

  36. SMS  

    From Anon: "pranev you illiterate. Should have is what you meant. My licence fee pays for you??!"

  37. 0109 Commentary Eng: 64-1  

    Good to see my all my fans tuning in (see below), one day I'll learn how to spell definately properly. Doug Bollinger continues, but he puts a little too much effort banging the ball in short, ballooning off the trampoline-like track and down to the boundary via a deflection of the right glove of the helpless Brad Haddin for five wides before Cook nervously pushes a boundary down to the vacant third man boundary courtesy of a thick outside edge.

  38. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Good chat on Doug's rug from man with insider knowledge. Key words 'membrane', 'weave' & 'after-care product'. Not back 'n' crack shavings."

  39. 0115 Commentary Eng: 72-1  

    Ergh! Horrible shot from Cook, who attempts a cut that's too close to his body, striking the ball high on his bat and somehow squirting the ball through cover for a couple off Shane Watson's first over of the day.\u00a0 That's the sort of stroke that you would see on arrest warrants all across the globe. Anyhow, Trott is on fire right now, eschewing his usual school of batting obduracy in favour of flamboyant strokeplay with yet another delectable leg glance for four, past the diving left hand of\u00a0Xavier Doherty on the boundary, extending this second-wicket partnership\u00a0to 69 (duuuuude).

  40. Commentary  

    From Russ, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Re 0109: See if you can slip an 'irregardless' in there for me, your fans should love that too."

  41. BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer  

    "Adelaide can be one of the hardest places in the world to bat with the variable bounce [later in the match]. The contest is well and truly still on - and would have been even more so if Australia had taken either the catch or run out to dismiss Trott."

  42. 0119 Commentary Eng: 72-1  

    A vigilant Cook watches Siddle's six deliveries like a ravenous rotund fellow eyeing the last doughnut in a bakery, offering a straight bat or no stroke.\u00a0 Maiden over.

  43. BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Justin Langer  

    On Jonathan Trott's fastidious preparation for each delivery: "He is definitely a frustrating player to play against, but that's his style... Peter Siddle tried bowling off a shorter run to try and upset his momentum."

  44. 0124 Commentary Eng: 72-1  

    A chart of the leading run-scorers of 2010 show Trott in third and Cook in fifth, with his royal highness Sachin of Tendulkar at the top.\u00a0 Encouraging\u00a0statistics for England with their two highest run-scorers at the crease. However, Trott opts for caution\u00a0as Shane Watson sends down six\u00a0unmemorable deliveries.\u00a0

  45. 0128 Commentary Eng: 73-1  

    The calm which has enveloped the Adelaide Oval is momentarily punctuated by a round of "oooooohs" as Trott plays and misses a Siddle delivery which bites off the pitch and moves away from the outside of his bat attempting an expansive cover drive.\u00a0 The run-scoring has dried up but, save for Trott's flash earlier in the over, that's more down to the batsmen's judgement than probing Australian bowling.

  46. SMS  

    From Patrick in London: "Bollinger must have\u00a0thought he looked like a fearless warrior first thing today in his extreme white face paint. What he obviously didn't realise was that after some sunshine he would look like a toddler who has just finished a bowl of ice cream. Scary Aussies."

  47. 0132 Commentary Eng: 74-1  

    Cook nurdles a single off Watson to take the second-wicket partnership to 71 and, if you add that to the 329-run stand at Brisbane, it takes their aggregate total to a whopping 400 not out.\u00a0\u00a0Mozart could have written a concerto in the time that these two have spent at the crease in the last week.\u00a0 Very impressive batting. \u00a0

  48. Commentary  

    From Alex, Sleety Surrey, TMS inbox: "Siddle looks hot and bothered - can we get him to radiate that feeling over to us freezing Poms?"

  49. 0135 Commentary Eng: 78-1  

    Cook tucks into a short and wide delivery from Siddle, creaming the ball behind square for four before the Victorian seamer beats outside of the Essex opener's bat with a delivery which holds its line on off stump.\u00a0 Good delivery, although a lapse of concentration from Cookie (or is it Cooky?), who is unbeaten on 26 with Trott on 37.

  50. Commentary  

    From Mike, SE1, TMS inbox: "Q. What's doug bollinger's favourite cheese?
    A. Melted cheese."

    Yeah, me neither.

  51. 0140 Commentary Eng: 78-1  

    Still no sign of Doherty, although the left-arm spinner was off the field for treatment following his doomed sliding stop attempt to prevent a Trott boundary about 10 overs ago. The Tasmanian is back out there, but it seems tweak is not in Punter's thoughts for now. Watson ambles in about the 80mph area, but is bowling the equivalent of celery. Harmless and utterly avoidable.

  52. Commentary  

    Patrick in the TMS inbox: "Bollinger... More like Chateau Neuf du Pape! Average bowling from an average bowler. See you on the boundary, Doug."

  53. 0145 Commentary Eng: 81-1  

    "Soporific," bellows our cricket guru, although Cook raises the heart rate to a steady trickle with a leg-side push for three off Peter Siddle.\u00a0 But Australia's bowling is not particularly impressive, I'm not a fan of Ponting's imodium tactics - guaranteed to stop the runs.

  54. Commentary  

    From Chris, TMS inbox: "If Cook and Trott carry on like this, the bowler-batsmen balance debate can finally be settled. England can play eight bowlers from now on."

  55. SMS  

    From Richard, Belfast: The boy Trott might want to take guard two feet outside off peg if Watson persists with this line."

  56. 0149 Commentary Eng: 85-1  

    Ponting floods the off-side for Cook as Watson ambles in, but the blond-haired all-rounder, Australian cricket's version of vegemite (and subject of an excellent blog by our very own Oliver Brett), is too straight and Cook whips the ball off middle stump, through midwicket for four.\u00a0

  57. 0153 Commentary Eng: 87-1  

    Ryan Harris returns for a brief pre-lunch joust at Trott, who eases a languid glance down to fine leg for a single. Michael Vaughan on TMS is utterly perplexed by Ricky Ponting's field placings as Cook prods a single into the leg-side. Nothing of concern for the second-wicket duo. Meanwhile, Stuart Broad is reading a book about former Australian rules footballer Ben Cousins on England's balcony. Apparently he has had a "colourful" career, according to Wikipedia. Anyone read the tome?

  58. 0158 Commentary Eng: 89-1  

    Spinner Xavier Doherty gets the nod for a one-over spell before lunch as Alastair Cook tucks into a sweep from outside off stump for a single.\u00a0 Myself and the man to my left are currently debating who Doherty looks like - I'm sensing a Scandinavian footballer, although the reply of "Torben Piechnik" isn't particularly helpful. Jon Barbuti, the report man, says Doherty looks like Christian Ingebrigsen of A1. He says he "just stumbled across them on the internet". Yeah, right. "A1, now there's a fascinating road," says our cricket guru.

  59. 0202 INTERVAL Eng: 90-1  

    It's a scorching 35 degrees in Adelaide right now, which is scarcely believable if you are anywhere in the British Isles right now.\u00a0 Sensing the opportunity to chow down on\u00a0some top-notch tucker, Trott\u00a0opts to avoid anything on offer from Harris, although the seamer's last delivery - a high\u00a0bumper - is deemed a wide, much to Michael Vaughan's incredulity.\u00a0 The next ball is an exact replica, although umpire Marais Erasmus wants his sangers and decides to let that one go.\u00a0 A spicy start but it's business as usual for England's second-wicket duo.\u00a0

  60. 0204 Commentary TMS LUNCH GUEST  

    For all of you with access to the wireless, Jonathan Agnew is talking to ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat. No doubt the umpire decision review system will be up for discussion over lunch.

  61. Commentary  

    From Allan, Tumbarumba in southern NSW (a \u2018non-Aussie rules\u2019 part of the world), TMS inbox: "Ben Cousins, rather annoyingly, thinks he is some sort of modern-day Ned Kelly (inflamous, but well-liked, Aussie bushranger from the 19th century) ... and has sadly adorned himself with tats in an attempt to prove it!"

  62. Commentary  

    From James Stevens in the TMS inbox: "The 'Cook and Trott' partnership sounds a little like a posh butcher's shop. Let's hope they continue to butcher the Aussie bowlers - organically, of course."

  63. 0221 Commentary  

    Aggers and ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat are having a very interesting discussion about what has been the most tumultous and turbulent periods in our great game.\u00a0 Tune in now if you have access to the wireless, most definitely worth a listen. And Aggers has just brought up his bugbear of the umpire decision review system.

  64. Commentary  

    From James, Melbourne (Aussie rules central), TMS inbox: "Ben Cousins - Aussie rules' answer to Paul Gascoigne. Drug-addicted, alcoholic but an incredible talent who after his third trip to rehab retired this year from playing, having helped AFL side Richmond to the dizzying heights of second last in the league. Hope this helps."

  65. 0229 Commentary  

    Thank you to Smogmonster in sunny Hong Kong, who has answered the many emails and texts flooding in about how many runs Trott and Cook have put on since day four at Brisbane. The answer is 416. Now work out how many minutes they've spent out in the middle. Yeah, that will keep you busy..

  66. Commentary  

    From Jamie, California, TMS inbox: "Ben Cousins is Robin Cousins' cousin. I met him once, great guy, misunderstood."

  67. Twitter  

    From Shane Warne: "Very good session by the poms.. Australia had their chances missed a couple of opportunities, they need 2 quick ones otherwise trouble.."

  68. 0241 Commentary  

    Refreshed with various strengths of poisons, we're ready for the second session.\u00a0 Doug Bollinger to bowl to Alastair Cook. Vamos.

  69. 0244 Commentary Eng: 102-1  

    You know that last 40 minutes of soporific cricket before lunch? Well Cook's just blown that out of the water with two successive fours, one guided through point with an open face before a push off his pads through midwicket. And he follows that up with an scything square cut through point for his third boundary in four deliveries, bringing up England's 100 in the process. More gloriously blue skies at the Adelaide Oval, the scene looks so good I want to put it on toast and devour it.

  70. 0249 Commentary Eng: 107-1  

    Manners from Trott, leaning into a delivery on off stump and smearing Ryan Harris through midwicket for an arrogant boundary, bringing up the 100 partnership from 161 deliveries.\u00a0 Remember, Trott has played two Ashes Tests and has scored centuries in both.\u00a0 Remarkable. Harris strikes Cook on the front pad, sparking a huge appeal throughout the stands at the Adelaide Oval but not the 11 fielding players.\u00a0 Replays show the point of impact was clearly outside the line of off stump.\u00a0 \u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  71. Commentary  

    From Hussain, Colchester, TMS inbox: "Trott and Cook starting from the second innnings at the Gabba and the current one: 868mins as of 0247."

  72. 0254 Commentary Eng: 109-1  

    Unbelievable! More fortune for Jonathan Trott, who earlier evaded a run-out opportunity and was dropped by Mike Hussey, as he top-edges a lazy short-arm pull off Bollinger high into the air towards square leg.\u00a0 But Australia have no-one stationed close to\u00a0Marais Erasmus\u00a0as the midwicket fielder desperately scampers around to get under the ball, but\u00a0the 30-over Kookaburra\u00a0plonks down to safety, allowing the second-wicket duo to add another run to their stand.\u00a0

  73. Commentary  

    From Ricky Castoldi, TMS inbox: "Murmurings from northern France of sponsorship deals about to be withdrawn. Watch out for 'Doug Asti Spumanti' making his debut in the third Test."

  74. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    On Twitter: "Aussies are bowling 2 balls in the same spot.. Captains nightmare.."

  75. 0258 Commentary Eng: 112-1  

    Harris, trousers streaked with faded red dye from the softening - and non-swinging - Kookaburra, shakes his head as Trott squeezes a delivery on off stump through midwicket for an easy double.\u00a0 "Rhino", who was touching 92mph at the start of the day, is wilting in the heat, is "down" to 83mph.

  76. 0303 Commentary COOK AND TROTT FIFTIES  

    Cook brings up his 24th Test 50 with a tidy clip off his pads for three off Bollinger\u00a0moments before Trott notches his fifth career 50 with a similar shot but with slightly more power as the ball rolls merrily over the boundary rope for four.\u00a0 Trott raises his bat to acknowledge the applause, prompting Barmy Army trumpeter Billy Cook to indulge in a rendition of the Only Fools and Horses theme tune.\u00a0 Trott/Trotter you see... Australia are utterly bereft of inspiration right now. Rewind four years ago and take your pick of anyone of Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, Brett Lee or Stuart Clark to chuck the ball to. How the world can shift so quickly...

  77. 0309 Commentary Eng: 119-1  

    Cook gets a little too cocky and attempts an expansive off-drive to Ryan Harris, switching angles to around the wicket, but plays all over the ball, prompting a stunted cry of anguish from the close fielders. However, Cook is a stoic figure, he shrugs off his earlier aberration and defends with vigour and verve. If it is possible to defend with verve.

  78. Commentary  

    From Pio, Wembley, TMS inbox: "What hope did the Aussies have with R Harris in their lineup? They need to bring in D E Everage and L Patterson for the next Test, they may not take any wickets but at least they'd be more entertaining the current Aussie bowling line-up."

  79. 0313 Commentary Eng: 125-1  

    Trott is given room to extend his arms and drive on the up outside off stump by Bollinger, caressing the ball between point and cover for his ninth boundary.\u00a0 Good comeback from Bolly, who fires a yorker at "Leon's" (Trotsky, innit) toes well dug out by the England number three.\u00a0 Michael Vaughan once again says Australia have their tactics wrong.\u00a0 He knows what he's talking about too.

  80. 0317 Commentary Eng: 132-1  

    Filth from Harris, short and wide outside off stump and Cook tucks in for four more through point, followed up by a beautifully timed push through the covers for three. Really, these two look so comfortable they might as well be sitting in Chesterfields drinking expensive cognac in Hugh Hefner-style dressing gowns sitting in front a roaring fire.

  81. 0321 Commentary Eng: 136-1  

    Punter ends the double pace tactics and tosses the ball to Doherty, whose first delivery is carved behind point by Alastair Cook for four. No discernable turn for the Tasmanian, who doesn't seem to give the ball as much of a tweak as Graeme Swann does.\u00a0 Nothing to worry\u00a0Cook, who watches judiciously as the left-arm spinner toils from over the wicket. \u00a0

  82. Commentary  

    From James, Melbourne, TMS inbox:\u00a0"Pio, as a Pom down under, i've seen Darren Pattinson playing for the Victoria Bushrangers. He's their leading wicket taker this year, ahead of Peter Siddle, who's in the Test side. Surely if Australia wanted a hope or a prayer of beating us and regaining the ashes they need to be selecting players like him?"

  83. 0325 Commentary Eng: 138-1  

    Michael Vaughan reveals he has been getting abuse for wearing a pink shirt.\u00a0 His response was "I'm only trying to brighten up your day".\u00a0 Nice.\u00a0 Trott collects a comfortable couple off Harris and all is well for England.\u00a0 And before the emails start pouring in, I think James from Melbourne means James Pattinson, not his brother Darren, who is world-famous for joining England's exclusive one-cap wonders group\u00a0of players following a shock call-up against South Africa two years ago.

  84. 0328 Commentary Eng: 140-1  

    Doherty toils, but the pitch is offering little assistance for him, allowing both Cook and Trott to fill their boots without any risk of ending their vigils.\u00a0 Poor old KP - how long has he had his pads on for?\u00a0

  85. SMS  

    From Anon: "As an Aussie I've got to say how impressed\u00a0I am with Cook and Trott but our attack does look utterly impotent."

  86. 0334 Commentary Eng: 145-1  

    Siddle continues, but I can't but feel Simon Katich's chinamen are worth a punt\u00a0to buy a wicket.\u00a0 I remember he snared\u00a0Virender Sehwag for a magnificent 195 in Melbourne\u00a0with the juiciest leg-side full-toss you will ever wish to see. Trott continues his leg-side runfest, easing a boundary through midwicket, glorious.\u00a0 The last ball of the over sees\u00a0a man drops to deep square, but Cook\u00a0just shrugs off a poor bouncer, looping high over his head. \u00a0

  87. Commentary  

    From Sam Holland, TMS inbox: "The body language from some of these Aussies is appalling. Watson for example looks less enthusiastic than I did this morning, shuffling through the snow to work after fifteen minutes kip."

  88. 0337 Commentary Eng: 145-1  

    Doherty to Trott.\u00a0 Six dot balls. End of over.

  89. Commentary  

    From Richard Kent, Chicago, TMS inbox: "On Channel 9 commentary, Shane Warne has confessed to the 'miracle ball' against Gatt at Old Trafford being a 'fluke'. They're showing Warney's highlights to cheer themselves up. Let's hope we see a lot more from Warne on tape while these two continue to batter the whinging Aussies!"

  90. 0341 DRINKS BREAK Eng: 145-1  

    Siddle, a former champion woodcutter, heaves his shoulders down with endeavour, but Cook politely declines to indulge in his short-ball bait and unleash the pull shot that was so effective in Brisbane last week. Cook successfully negiotates the end of the over for drinks with England 100 runs behind their hosts.

  91. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Can someone make a Flickr stream of what KP's been up to while he\u00a0has\u00a0waited roughly 900 minutes to bat? Played Colly in chess? Learned to play the ukulele? Read Proust?"

  92. 0346 Commentary Eng: 145-1  

    "Can we have a run?" pleads the man\u00a0 to my left. I can tell you the last run was scored 20 deliveries ago - a grand total of 26 runs have been scored in the last 10 overzzzz.\u00a0\u00a0An\u00a0Elvis impersonator, resplendent in a white jump suit, gyrates his hips rhythmically, so much more entertaining than the six dot balls to\u00a0Trott from Doherty.\u00a0 \u00a0


    Siddle bangs a ball in short and Cook follows it with an unconvincing pull - and the Aussies are up in unison for a caught behind appeal, with umpire Marais Erasmus raising his finger almost immediately. The opener immediately calls for the review...

  94. NOT OUT  

    No issues with Siddle's front foot - but major issues with where the ball made contact with Cook.\u00a0 The ball clearly comes off Cook's shoulder before thudding into the gloves of Brad Haddin and umpire Erasmus cancels his previous decision, much to the delight of the sizeable England contingent in the crowd.

  95. 0354 Commentary Eng: 147-1  

    A wonderful example of the umpire decision review system in action - that is why it has a permenant place in Test cricket.\u00a0 Siddle is angry - like a man who has just come home from a long day at work to do the Times 2 crossword, only to find it has been\u00a0filled in with rude words by his\u00a011-year-old son. The scoreless streak is finally brought to an end with a couple of singles, but\u00a0you don't need to be a body language expert to work out the Aussies are\u00a0not enjoying themselves right now. \u00a0

  96. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "One of the things I introduced as England captain was that, when you were out, you had to sit on the balcony with your team-mates. There was no hiding away.
    "Look at Simon Katich yesterday, he sat on his own in the crowd all day. It sends out another little sign that all is not right in the Australian camp."\u00a0

  97. 0357 Commentary Eng: 155-1  

    Filth from Doherty, dropping short and wide for Cook to scythe through backward point for four.\u00a0 Way too short from the Tasmanian, on this performance I don't quite understand how Australia can drop Nathan Hauritz so acrimoniously.

  98. Twitter  

    From HaikuElvis: "KP padded up/ hears applause from the Oval/ but it's not for him."

  99. 0401 Commentary Eng: 157-1  

    A couple of runs gleaned off the Siddler, who looks thoroughly disgruntled.\u00a0 Mind you, when is someone gruntled these days?\u00a0

  100. 0406 Commentary Eng: 170-1  

    Champagne cricket from Cook, caressing three successive boundaries through point and just behind as Doherty offers tasty morsels outside off stump. The execution is superb, moving into position quickly before rolling his wrists to ensure the ball is rolling along the carpet all the way to the boundary.\u00a0 I haven't seen cutting like that since Edward Scissorhands trimmed the hedges in his garden. Doherty\u00a0looks exposed - hopelessly\u00a0out of his depth at this level.\u00a0


    Trott!\u00a0 Another left-off! This is getting to conspiracy theory levels now.\u00a0 Haddin spills a tough(ish) chance as Trott gloves a short ball from Ryan Harris. But the Aussie stumper can only parry the ball - goalkeeper-style - towards fine leg for two. Not the best technique from Haddin, who is such a reliable keeper. Ponting is down on his haunches, he can't quite believe what he is seeing.

  102. 0410 Commentary Eng: 172-1  

    Trott's double from that missed catch opportunity moves him level with Cook on 78. Cook, incidentally, has only spent one hour of this match when he hasn't been on the field.\u00a0 Incredible.

  103. 0413 Commentary Eng: 176-1  

    Marcus North is introduced for the first time in the match - and his second ball - a full-toss outside off stump around the wicket to Cook - is eased through cover for four, the left-hander's 13th of the day and his fourth in five deliveries.\u00a0\u00a0

  104. WICKET Trott c Clarke b Harris 78 (Eng: 176-2)  

    Jonathan Trott's luck eventually runs out as he guides an aerial glance to midwicket, where Michael Clarke takes a very good catch diving low to his left. Having already been dropped twice by Mike Hussey and Brad Haddin, the third chance eventually sticks, much to the relief of the Adelaide faithful. Kevin Pietersen's introduction is met with a chorus of boos.

  105. Commentary  

    From Richard, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Re: gruntles. Very true. By the same token, have you ever known anyone to be feckful, or plussed, or just whelmed?"

  106. 0419 Commentary Eng: 177-2  

    Kevin Pietersen, who has been wearing the pads for 574 minutes waiting to bat in Brisbane and here in Adelaide, is immediately off the mark with one of his trademark sharp singles.\u00a0 Meanwhile, Harris is rewarded for a wholehearted spell.

  107. 0423 Commentary Eng: 185-2  

    With Pietersen at the crease, Ponting immediately recalls Xavier Doherty, the man selected to specifically give him the heebee-geebees. Pietersen punishes a rank long-hop outside off stump for four before a very unconvincing gallop down the track in an attempt to hit over the top of the infield, instead squirting a thick outside edge in\u00a0the air to safety for a couple.\u00a0 The first signs of a smile from Doherty, who immediately drops short once more, allowing KP to tuck into a couple more.\u00a0 KP clearly wants to dominate and hit Doherty out of the Australian team.\u00a0 Hubris Kevin, hubris...\u00a0

  108. Commentary  

    From Zak, Bournemouth, TMS inbox: "Pranav, are you trying out a few jokes for a very poorly written stand-up routine tonight? The 'disgruntled' joke and the 'Mervyn King' joke from earlier to name a few of the tumbleweed cues provided by yourself tonight."

  109. 0428 Commentary Eng: 186-2  

    The audacity...Ponting spreads the field and offers Alastair Cook the easiest of singles to get Pietersen on strike against Harris.\u00a0 Excellent amatuer pyschology from the Aussie captain - that is bound to rile KP.\u00a0 Plenty of homework done on England's former captain, although they've had to wait 574 minutes to finally execute their plans. But Pietersen opts for\u00a0risk-free\u00a0batting and keeps Harris at bay. \u00a0

  110. SMS  

    From Ben, Stirling: "Forget William & Kate. Surely England's next big wedding will be Cook & Trott."

  111. 0431 Commentary Eng: 191-2  

    Cook shuffles down the track to Doherty but is beaten in the flight, forcing him to thrust his pad towards the ball to get him out of trouble and sneaking three runs down to fine leg. Meanwhile, KP - who has his demons against nuggety left-arm spinners during his career - offers no signs of weakness with the rest of Doherty's over.

  112. 0434 Commentary Eng: 193-2  

    With tea fast approaching, Ponting opts to squeeze in a couple of overs of tweak with Marcus North, but the Western Australia captain's off-spin isn't particularly threatening as Cook launches a couple through the offside.

  113. 0437 Commentary Eng: 197-2  

    Plenty of drift from Doherty, but his line is all wrong, pitching a full delivery on Kevin Pietersen's pads, allowing him to crunch an all-run four through midwicket.\u00a0

  114. 0440 INTERVAL Eng: 198-2  

    Ouch! Alastair Cook tonks a full-bloodied drive outside off stump from Marcus North straight into the left buttock of Simon Katich at short leg. The Aussie opener's unhappy match continues as he attempts to take cover at short point, but his shifting backside bears the brunt of the shot and will probably wear a juicy black and blue sticker tomorrow morning. Needless to say, he's not fielding in the same position to the next delivery. Cook nabs a single and KP defends the final ball of the session - and England are 198-2, I think you would take that at the start of the day.

  115. Commentary  

    From Rupert (on a very boring night shift in a west London hospital), TMS inbox: "In keeping with the theme of the emails tonight, it is spelled 'heebie-jeebies'.BBC, standards blah blah blah."

  116. Commentary  

    From Darius Bradley, TMS inbox: "Re 0431 - more importantly how long would Trott keep the Vicar waiting before letting him start the ceremony?"

    Imagine the ring ceremony. Trotty would put it in his pocket, tap his foot three times and kiss the vicar before sliding the ring on the finger.

  117. Commentary  

    From Geordie Gavin, TMS inbox: "I'm watching on tv in NZ and its all good stuff at the moment. A point for discussion - I suspect that Marcus North may be no-balling. He bowls 'off the toes' of his front foot - ie he does not plant his heel. It is difficult to tell from 'behind the bowler' tv pictures but it appears at times that his toes are in front of the crease and therefore he is no balling! Can your guys check this?"

    Gav - can I call you Gav? Good. Gavin, the front-foot no-ball law doesn't say someone bowling off the toes is illegal. As long as some part of the heel is behind the popping crease, it's perfectly legitimate - even if the hell is raised. So North's deliveries are perfectly legitimate. At 0457 in the morning, the MCC's explanation will probably help rid you of any insomnia you are currently suffering.

  118. Commentary  

    From Angus, Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "Am camping on Bab Al Shams mountain in Oman (2,000m). Just woke up, got out of the tent and am having freshly brewed coffee while watching the sun come up. Then turned on the Blackberry to see England are going along nicely. Does life get any better? Happy Islamic New Year!"

  119. SMS  

    From Daniel R, Kent: "Worked it out, there total partnership before Trott's dismissal was 502. What a phenomenal feat, the record is 576 set by Sri Lanka which was set in the 97-98 tour of India. But if records would allow they would sit firmly as the second highest second-wicket partnership. I think finally England are proving they are definitely more than a match for Australia this time."

  120. 0501 Commentary  

    Out come the Aussies, swiftly followed by Kevin Pietersen and Alastair Cook, 10 runs short of his 15th Test century. Aggers informs us on TMS that opening the windows in the TMS commentary box is like "opening the oven door". I have no idea how that feels right now.

  121. SMS  

    From Anon: "Cook for SPOTY surely. The campaign starts now. Gary? Sue? What would it take?"

  122. 0507 Commentary Eng: 199-2  

    Doug Bollinger is first up to the ramp after the tea interval bowling to Kevin Pietersen.\u00a0 This should be fiery - Doug likes to have a chat with batsmen after whizzing bouncers past their noses while\u00a0Kev often expresses his gratitude when he tucks into a boundary delivery. But alas, no fireworks in this over as KP eschews any risky strokeplay for vigilance.

  123. Commentary  

    From Stephen, Barbados, TMS inbox: "Does anybody know the song 'Cruz de Navajas' by Mecano? It has nothing to do with cricket."

  124. 0510 Commentary Eng: 204-2  

    Cook brings up England's 200 with a single off Doherty, allowing Kevin Pietersen to play a wonderfully exquisite stroke through mid-on for four to a ball pitched on off stump, hitting against the spin. Plenty of pink skin exposed at the moment around the ground.

  125. 0515 Commentary Eng: 212-2  

    Doug Bollinger gives Pietersen the eyeballs as he races down the track to collect a defensive fend, although nothing too untoward.\u00a0 The glare he gave the ex-England skipper reminds me of the Gareth character from\u00a0the\u00a0American version of the Office, only without the glasses.\u00a0 However, the man to my left says\u00a0The Rug\u00a0looks\u00a0more like one of the contestants from Friday's Come Dine With Me,\u00a0"an opinionated young man from Norfolk". Meanwhile, Pietersen turns three into the legside before Cook moves three runs short of yet another Test century with a flick off his pads down to the boundary.

  126. 0517 Commentary Eng: 212-2  

    Pietersen resists the temptation to go all guns and opts instead to block four deliveries from\u00a0his crease as Doherty probes from around the wicket. He watches the fifth into Haddin's gloves before Shane Watson sprawls his body on the deck to prevent a shy at the non-striker's end from Ponting going for overthrows.\u00a0 Maiden over.

  127. Commentary  

    From Kev Scorah and Damian Hopley, The Dubai Rugby Sevens commentary, TMS inbox: "Commentating here at the Dubai 7s to 30,000 strong crowd who are loving Adelaide updates. They are on tenterhooks awaiting Cook's ton, and have an England Australia quarter-final to look forward to in the rugby later this morning. They raised the roof at the demise of Hussey yesterday! KP to get to his 50 with a six is the prediction."

  128. 0522 Commentary Eng: 220-2  

    Two singles off Bollinger takes Cook to within one run of his 15th Test century, while Pietersen arrogantly swats a short ball behind square for four,\u00a0making no\u00a0effort to roll his wrists and eliminate the danger of offering a catch to the man on the boundary.\u00a0\u00a0


    There he goes - KP skips down the track to loft Xavier Doherty over mid-off for four, although not probably quite where he was intending. The shot prompts a brief conflab between bowler and skipper and a tweak to the field with a man at short cover, while a short leg and a short mid-on, adjacent to Cook at the non-striker's end complete the close-in fielders. All this has a minimal effect on Pietersen, who eases a straight single. And the next ball sees Alastair Cook brings up his 15th Test century with yet another cut through backward point, the 15th of his vigil. Well played that man, taking his average to 405. Not bad.

  130. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Beautiful sight for England - Cook crashes away the four that takes him to his 15th Test ton. Backdrop sea of St George's flags, sun beaming."

  131. SMS  

    From Anon: "I'm not really a cricket fan. It's boring enough on the telly. So why am\u00a0I sat here in front of a\u00a0PC monitor glued to the text commentary? Oh yes, it's because it's the Aussies."

  132. 0534 Commentary Eng: 229-2  

    Maiden over from Siddle as Pietersen shuts up shop. Cook's 15th Test century takes him level with Jack Hobbs and Alec Stewart\u00a0in the list of Englishmen with the most hundreds in Test cricket, taking\u00a0one more\u00a0match than Hobbs to reach the feat. The most centuries by an Englishman is 22 shared by Wally Hammond,\u00a0Colin Cowdrey and Geoffrey Boycott. \u00a0

  133. 0537 Commentary Eng: 235-2  

    Pietersen is looking in confident touch, thumping a drive through the offside off Doherty as Mitchell Johnson, on as a replacement fielder, gives fruitless chase to the boundary.\u00a0 \u00a0

  134. Commentary  

    From Ross, Yale, TMS inbox: "Geoffrey Boycott? Never heard of him. Was he any good?"

  135. 0542 Commentary Eng: 238-2  

    A young lady in the crowd wearing a pink Superman hat devours an ice cream lolly while Pietersen plays an odd off-drive/double-handed forehand shot over the outstretched right hand of an exasperated Peter Siddle, heart the size of Victoria, for three runs.

  136. 0545 Commentary Eng: 242-2  

    Unbelievably, Pietersen moves to 44 with his sixth boundary, punishing a horrible leg-side full-toss from Doherty. Meanwhile, Simon Hughes reveals the secret to Alastair Cook's success is...bananas.

  137. 0550 Commentary Eng: 243-2  

    The Siddler's complexion is close to touching puce, such is the effort he is putting into his bowling at the moment. But the pitch is as about as responsive as a comatose mullet. There's a momentary delay in play as something behind the bowler's arm is distracting Kevin Pietersen.\u00a0 Cue lots of up and down hand gestures from the bowler, umpire and batsman and the game resumes as KP gets behind a solid defensive stroke.

  138. 0559 Commentary Eng: 244-2  

    A chorus of Suspicious Minds is boomed out by an Elvis impersonator in the crowd, complete with pelvic thrusts and manical, Bez-like dance moves.\u00a0 I always thought that song was by the Fine Young Cannibals. Imagine my surprise when I found out Elvis had nicked the song off Roland Gift in my early teenage years. Ponting gives Doherty a break, recalling Shane Watson into the attack.\u00a0\u00a0The all-rounder's first over of his new spell is as anodyne as they come, offering\u00a0neither batsmen any hint of bother. \u00a0

  139. 0604 Commentary PIETERSEN'S FIFTY (Eng: 253-2)  

    Cook pings a single down to fine leg to level the scores before Pietersen puts England in front with a beautifully crafted straight drive off Siddle, partially stopped by Simon Katich at mid-off, for three.\u00a0 KP brings up his 21st Test half-century with yet another authoritative on-drive through mid-on for his seventh boundary.\u00a0 Up goes the bat - along with a steely stare.\u00a0 KP wants a slice of the Adelaide\u00a0run pie.\u00a0

  140. 0609 Commentary Eng: 262-2  

    Dreamy drive on-the-up from Pietersen, dispatching Watson through the covers for yet another sumptuous boundary before threading the most perfectly placed off-drive past cover and extra cover, both fielders tumble to the verdant green Adelaide turf, merrily rolling along to the boundary for his ninth boundary - and best.\u00a0

  141. Twitter  

    From @sjamesjourno: "Bowlers and rugby union props. Can't find them anywhere in this country..."

  142. 0614 Commentary Eng: 265-2  

    Like picking apples for Pietersen and Cook right now, adding three singles off Siddle to extend their partnership to 89 from 129 deliveries.

  143. Commentary  

    From Matt, Leeds: "Could you clarify if it was an ice cream or a lolly? When does an ice cream become a lolly or a lolly an ice cream? Surely it can't be both?"

    It was one of those luxury brand efforts advertised by a certain American actress. It's ice cream on a stick.\u00a0 Ergo an ice cream lolly. \u00a0

  144. 0617 Commentary Eng: 269-2  

    This is like taking an ice cream lolly off a girl in a pink Superman hat right now as Cook punches a gorgeous drive through the covers for four off the tepid Watson, bowling with about as much venom as an asthmatic earwig.

  145. 0621 Commentary Eng: 274-2  

    When you've lost all sense of direction, go North, which is exactly what Ponting does. The off-spinner serves up\u00a0a couple of well-flighted deliveries outside off stump for Cook, but he isn't falling for the bait, thumping a crisp drive through the offside for three.\u00a0 The beautiful Adelaide scoreboard is ticking over, much to the delight of the thousands of you waking up wondering what you missed.\u00a0

  146. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Don't get complacent. 100 per cent better from Aus today. Taken TWO wickets."

  147. 0626 Commentary Eng: 274-2  

    Watson chugs through an unremarkable maiden. All you can hear is "Barmy Army", sung my some very salmon-coloured individuals jumping up and down in the stands.\u00a0 I wish I was one of them...\u00a0

  148. 0629 Commentary Eng: 279-2  

    Wallop - KP takes an enormous step towards the pitch of the ball, as if he were avoiding some rather nasty dog mess on the pavement, to spank North through the covers for his 10th boundary, taking him to 66.\u00a0 Wonderful shot, straight out of the screws - it really is a sheer pleasure watching Pietersen in prime form.\u00a0 The swagger, the arrogance...a sheer ruddy joy.

  149. 0633 Commentary Eng: 280-2  

    Watson continues to consistently churn out non-scoring dross, nothing remotely threatening or worth spanking for a boundary. Just one from the 75th over - five more to go before Ponting can take the brand new Kooka...

  150. 0635 Commentary Eng: 281-2  

    First time in ages Cook is genuinely beaten as North spins a delivery from outside off stump sharply past the left-hander's edge. Cook shrugs off the anomaly and scampers through for a single.

  151. SMS  

    From Ste, Liverpool: "I guess that ice cream lolly shares it's name with a famous PI played Tom Selleck. Ponting could hire him to try to find\u00a0four decent Aussie bowlers."

  152. 0639 Commentary Eng: 281-2  

    Another maiden from Watzzzzzon.\u00a0 "This is as tame as Australian bowling as I can remember," says ABC cricket commentator Jim Maxwell.\u00a0 Hard to disagree Jim.

  153. 06:41 DRINKS BREAK Eng: 285-2  

    Pietersen plonks his back foot down and smears a sweep past deep square leg for a blistering boundary off North.\u00a0 Fill yer boots boys.\u00a0 How the likes of John Crawley, Rob Key and Mark Butcher would have liked to face this instead of the incessant McGrath/Warne interrogation.

  154. Commentary  

    From Ian, Leciester, TMS inbox: \u00a0"This England domination is not what I get up expecting to read on a taxpayer funded BBC website. Can't you make up some stuff about an England collapse, just for old times' sake?"

  155. SMS  

    From Adie: "I wonder how many gallons of saliva Ponting has spat on to his hands while Cook has been at the crease in the past 10 days?"

  156. 0649 Commentary Eng: 287-2  

    Smart fielding from Doherty, whose diving stop not only prevents a boundary as Cook pushes Watson into the leg-side, but almost creates a run-out opportunity as KP scampers through for a tight single as the spinner's shy at the stumps just misses the timbers. The replays suggest KP would have just been in, but that would have doubled the ex-England captain's heartbeat per minute\u00a0by at least 30.

  157. 0651 Commentary Eng: 289-2  

    One more over to go before the new ball is available, but North can't really do anything with the old cherry despite his incessant tweakings. A couple of easy singles follow.

  158. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Quite a few seagulls now strutting round the outfield. Maybe Ponting can give one of them a bowl."

  159. 0655 Commentary Eng: 291-2  

    Ponting eschews the new ball, tossing the battered Kooka for Watson to send down the 81st over, the highlight of which is a slapped aerial cut over point for a double by Cook.

  160. 0659 Commentary Eng: 294-2  

    North continues and sees KP play an aerial risque leg glance just wide of RIcky Ponting at short midwicket.\u00a0 Meanwhile, the off-spinner has three men in a line close in on the offside for Cook, but the left-hander resists the temptation to drive a full delivery outside off stump, preferring to guide a cut down to deep point for a single. Absolutely no Scooby Doo when Ponting will call for the new ball.\u00a0 To be fair, I don't think he knows either.

  161. SMS  

    From Dan, finishing a night shift in Huddersfield: "Have to say it was very cunning by Strauss, getting out like he did and giving the Aussies hope. Strauss you tease! Century next time please!"

  162. 0702 Commentary Eng: 294-2  

    Watson races\u00a0through another six deliveries of tedium, a maiden to boot, his fifth from 14 overs.\u00a0

  163. 0706 Commentary Eng: 295-2  

    Cook punches a single off North's first delivery while Pietersen opts for circumspection and defends stoutly.

  164. 0710 Commentary Eng: 297-2  

    Right, looks like we're about to enter new-ball territory as Ponting recalls Ryan Harris, although he's still bowling with the old Kooka as England lead by 51 runs. Alastair Cook has now batted 1000 minutes since his last dismissal.\u00a0 Unbelievable, along with Ponting's decision not to use the\u00a0new ball.\u00a0 Bizarre.\u00a0 I'm utterly perplexed by the Aussie captain's tactics.\u00a0 \u00a0

  165. Commentary  

    From Nick Long, TMS inbox: "I joined you an hour ago. Listening to iPlayer and watching live text. My 92-year old granddad, Les Lythe, died in the early hours of Friday morning. I can not think of anything more appropriate as a mark of respect for him than seeing England completely dominating the Aussies. Sad he's not able to see Cooky looking more like Sutcliffe/Hutton every minute! Saying that he saw the originals!"

  166. 0716 Commentary Eng: 298-2  

    The soporific action has yielded 17 runs in the last 10 overs, which may go some way to explain my less-than-enthusiastic updates of late. Doug Bollinger is also recalled but once again Ponting declines the old ball.\u00a0 The only explanation I have is\u00a0the Aussie skipper\u00a0wants to give it one last go to see if it's reverse swinging. Instead it's as straight as a night out with Cliff Richard as Bollinger leaks a single.

  167. 0720 Commentary Eng: 302-2  

    Ponting eventually calls for the new ball - only to see the brand-new Kookaburra racing to the deep square leg boundary as Pietersen dismisses a poor delivery from Harris on his leg stump with a wristy flick. Pietersen moves on to 79, 21 runs short of his first century in 18 Test matches. A stunted appeal - more out of desperation than hope - subsides\u00a0quickly as Pietersen misjudges a delivery\u00a0pitched on leg and clearly missing the stumps. No need for umpire Tony Hill to\u00a0merit a response. \u00a0

  168. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Ponting's going for the classic back garden tactic: use the ball for so long that the seam ends up splitting and finally a delivery comes down in two separate pieces. It doubles your chances of a wicket. Notable examples: Brother in Lancs, 498 b (inside corky bit) Paul in Lancs, Oswaldtistle c.1973."

  169. 0725 Commentary Eng: 310-2  

    Like extracting blood from a stone or attempting to get a tenner off my dad, Doug Bollinger is on a losing cause attempting to find the hidden demons in this flatpack Adelaide track as a short delivery sits up perfectly for Kevin Pietersen to pull a boundary down to fine leg for his 13th boundary of the afternoon.

  170. 0731 CLOSE OF PLAY Eng: 317-2  

    You've got to admire Cook's powers of concentration and his exceptional fitness in 38 degree heat - not only does he respond to a quick Pietersen single, he guides a drive through the covers for four.\u00a0\u00a0Cook is rapped on the pads by a useful Harris delivery, but umpire Erasmus says not out despite the vociferous Australian appeals.\u00a0 Ponting\u00a0gestures the ball was "too high" with his hands, opting against using one of his reviews. With only a few minutes left of scheduled play, Kevin Pietersen descends to one knee in an attempt to\u00a0kill time and any hopes of\u00a0fitting in a final over of the day by fiddling with his shoelace. And he's only gone and done it as umpire Erasmus removes the bails to indicate the end of day two. Alastair Cook, take a bow (and a rather large quantity of liquid).

  171. Commentary  

    From Ex-pat Darren, Sydney, TMS inbox: "Australian coverage has now stopped and we are being subjected to Australia\u2019s Funniest Home Videos. When I saw the programme guide I thought it was extended coverage of the Test."

  172. THAT'S A RECORD  

    It's official - Alastair Cook is now holds the record for the number of minutes spent at the crease by an Englishman without being dismissed in Test cricket.\u00a0 His 1022 minutes is\u00a060 seconds\u00a0better\u00a0than the 1021 set by former Essex captain Nasser Hussain\u00a0during England's 1999-2000 tour to South Afrifca.

  173. SMS  

    From Mike, Devon: "Made an offer to my wife before the first Test to buy her an eternity ring if England won the series. Never thought I'd have to start looking for one before Xmas."

  174. 0746 Commentary  

    If you've just tuned in, no it's not a figment of your imagination, no I haven't got the two teams mixed up, England have utterly dominated the second day of the second Test at Adelaide.\u00a0 The report is up now, still plenty of more goodness on offer with Tom Fordyce's blog, Jonathan Agnew's column, the TMS podcast with Aggers and Geoff Boycott as well as Justin Langer's key moments of the day. Time to enjoy my 45 minutes of daylight before waking up in abject darkness at about 1630 GMT. See you again from about 2300 onwards this evening.\u00a0 Ithangyou.

  175. 0759 Commentary  

    PS - thanks for all your texts and emails, they've kept me entertained/sane/in tears over the past nine hours. See you in about 15 hours time...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 71 runs
  • Australia: 245 & 304 (99.1 overs)
  • England: 620-5 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 304
Watson c Strauss b Finn 57
Katich c Prior b Swann 43
Ponting c Collingwood b Swann 9
Clarke c Cook b Pietersen 80
Hussey c Anderson b Finn 52
North lbw b Swann 22
Haddin c Prior b Anderson 12
Harris lbw b Anderson 0
Doherty b Swann 5
Siddle b Swann 6
Bollinger not out 7
Extras 5w 5b 1lb 11

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