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Ashes: Australia v England, second Test, first day as it happened

  1. 2328 Commentary  

    Rumours!\u00a0 No, not about some two-bit football tournament which has been awarded to a country the size of Kerry Packer's back garden, but that Australia have dropped Ben Hilfenhaus for Ryan Harris for the second Ashes Test in Adelaide.\u00a0 You'll probably be aware that Mitchell Johnson has already been chopped for fellow left-armer Doug Bollinger.\u00a0 Hello, I'm Pranav Soneji and I've crawled off my death bed to guide you through\u00a0all five days in South Australia.\u00a0 Someone pass me\u00a0the sick bag...\u00a0

  2. 2330 Commentary AUSTRALIA WIN THE TOSS  

    England captain Andrew Strauss wanders out, complete with team blazer and a crisp piece of white paper. Whispers have suggested Ajmal Shahzad coming in for Steve Finn, but all unconfirmed... And Australia have won the toss and unsurprisingly have opted to bat on what is said to be another batting road. Ponting confirms Harris for Hilfenhaus, didn't expect that.

  3. 2333 Commentary  

    Strauss doesn't looked too perturbed at losing the toss, but he says England must exploit any sort of encouragement for the bowlers early doors.\u00a0 "We need to start this game well," says the left-hander, who also confirms England are unchanged for Brisvegas.


    It's absolutely glorious on this Friday morning in Adelaide, cobalt-blue skies and a grand selection of punters sporting singlets, boardies and "thongs", which contrary, to our perceptions in Britain, are in fact flip-flops. Why can't they just call them flip-flops for uniformity's sake? Ryan Harris makes only his third Test appearance, although his knee is dodgier than a nine-pound note. Having spent plenty of time playing for South Australia, the 31-year-old is enjoying a late renaissance and his local info has plenty of sway with the Aussie selectors. And can you guess what his nickname is?

  5. SMS  

    From Rich, Edinburgh: "Hilf and Johnson out. Could this be dodgy-tash related?"

  6. 2344 Commentary  

    I should have listened to my eight-year-old nephew on Wednesday when I explained the voting process for hosting the 2018 World Cup. He thought England were doomed and Russia would win hands down. Not because of the English media's perpetual hounding of Fifa's executive committee or the 1950s American politics-style, smoked-filled, secretive voting process (I'm slightly paraphrasing here), but because "Russia's best strikers are Andriy Arshavin and Roman Pavlyuchenko while England's best is Andy Carroll". Hard to argue with that logic.

  7. 2347 Commentary  

    So let's hope the day one of the second Test can salve the pain of missing out on yet another World Cup. Send me your tales of woe via the TMS inbox or\u00a0text 81111 and see if your fellow readers can provide any words of empathy.\u00a0 Knowing most of you who email or text in, probably not.

  8. SMS  

    From Steve, Ramsgate: "Think it could be a good toss for England to lose. Pressure them early, bowl them out for 300. Adrenaline pumping."

  9. Commentary  

    From Ange, Christchurch: "I give up. What is the 31-year-old Aussie's nickname?"

    Steady yourself. Rolf. Sides splitting all across the planet.

  10. 2356 Commentary  

    Some perspective following England's second-innings fightback at Brisbane. Australia have won 16 of 29 Tests against England at Adelaide, while England have won eight times. Their last victory there came in 1994-95, when Devon Malcolm and Chris Lewis bowled the hosts out for 156 in the final innings. Also, the last time Australia drew at the Gabba in a series, they followed up with a four-wicket defeat in Adelaide. That was against India in 2003-04 when Ajit Agarkar turned into the greatest seam bowler in the world for one afternoon.

  11. 2358 Commentary  

    With Mitchell Johnson chopped, is this possibly the longest Aussie tail we have soon in years?\u00a0 Looks like Xavier Doherty will bat at eight, with the other three bowlers making up the numbers at nine, 10 and 11.\u00a0A couple of early wickets and the hosts will be shifting very uncomfortably in their seats...

  12. 0000 Commentary  

    We have two new umpires for this Test - Kiwi Tony Hill and South African Marais Erasmus walk across what can only be described as a baize-like outfield, in stark contrast to the cloudless blue sky above - I mean, I feel sick just looking at it from my snow-ridden den in west London.\u00a0 Australia's openers stroll out, shortly followed by England's fielders.\u00a0

  13. 0001 Commentary  

    James Anderson to bowl the first over to Shane Watson.\u00a0 Game on...

  14. WICKET Katich run out 0 (Aus 0-1)  

    Absolutely sensational start - Anderson raps Shane Watson in front, goes up for huge appeal as Watson calls for a suicidal single. Meanwhile, the ball has rolled along to Jonathan Trott at midwicket and the Warwickshireman hits the stumps from 15 yards with Katich miles from his ground. Four balls in and the drama is oozing like a gritty Alan Bennett play. Lordy, my ticker can't take this.

  15. WICKET Ponting c Swann b Anderson 0 (Aus 0-2)  

    Finger frozen, brain...can't...compute... Anderson bowls a beautiful delivery in the corridor of uncertainty and Ponting nervously pushes forward, only to slice a thick outside edge to Graeme Swann, who takes a wonderful catch low to his left at second slip with Andrew Strauss obscuring his view. Quite, quite sensational - hyperbole time: Is this the most dramatic opening over in Ashes history?

  16. 0010 Commentary Aus 1-2  

    Michael Clarke, who was probably reaching for the quick crossword as the openers strolled out 10 minutes ago, nudges Australia's first runs of the day through midwicket.\u00a0 If you've just joined us, no that's not the number of Fifa votes won by Australia and England in Zurich earlier today, but Australia's total after the first over of the second Test.\u00a0 This game...

  17. 0013 Commentary Aus 2-2  

    Your emails and texts are pouring in thick and fast, I'm doing my best to read them all.\u00a0 More heart-in-mouths for the Aussie fans as Michael Clarke flashes wildly outside off stump as Stuart Broad ambles in.\u00a0 Clarke doubles Australia's total with another single while Broad\u00a0keeps a tight line to Watson, who\u00a0is probably wondering if he has been struck off Simon Katich's Christmas\u00a0card list after running him out without facing a ball.\u00a0 \u00a0

  18. WICKET Clarke c Swann b Anderson 2 (Aus 2-3)  

    ANOTHER ONE!!! I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP! Honestly, this is...surreal. Almost an exact replica of Ponting's dismissal as Michael Clarke pushes outside off stump to another excellent delivery from James Anderson which holds its line, sneaking a thick outside edge to Swann, who takes a comfortable low catch at second slip. In comes Mike "Mr Cricket" Hussey, who probably wishes he didn't have that nickname at this time.

  19. 0018 Commentary  

    From Kurt Sullivan, TMS inbox: "The 2018 what now...???"

  20. 0019 Commentary Aus 11-3  

    Hussey nurdles a single off his pads to rid the scoreboard of that juicy, fat zero while Watson whips a delivery off his leg stump authoratitively through midwicket for four.\u00a0 Honestly, you could hear a gnat break wind in large parts of the Adelaide Oval, it's that quiet in the stands.

  21. APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    Sharp intake of breath at BBC Towers as England go up in unison for a huge caught behind appeal as Stuart Broad beats the outside edge of Mike Hussey's bat, but umpire Marais Erasmus is not interested.\u00a0 Strauss shakes his head as the conversation turns to a referral - and an excellent assessment too as replays show the bat clearly hitting Hussey's front pad.

  22. 0023 Commentary Aus 11-3  

    Excellent lines from Broad, probing around the off stump.\u00a0 I was\u00a0on my sickbed this morning, I felt as if someone had replaced the contents of my brain with an undercooked Fray Bentos pie.\u00a0 It's incredible what a couple of quick wickets on a flat track can do for one's disposition...\u00a0 \u00a0

  23. SMS  

    From Ben, Northumberland: "Trust us to make this kind of start the night before I have a morning job interview. Ecstatic, but not amused."


    Jimmy Anderson spanks the front pad of Shane Watson, prompting a huge appeal from the tourists.\u00a0 Umpire Tony Hill says not out but Strauss signals the "T" for the referral...

  25. NOT OUT  

    Extensive replays follow to confirm there was no bat involved at the point of impact - the ball strikes Watson bang in front. However, Virtual-Eye says the ball would have missed the top of middle and third umpire Billy Doctrove advises Tony Hill of that information. Andrew Strauss' face is a picture - you could fit six Mr Kipling French Fancies into his mouth, so wide is his expression.

  26. 0032 Commentary Aus 11-3  

    Another superb over from Anderson.\u00a0 Not much wobble in the air but it's the deviation off the pitch that's causing all the problems for the Aussies.

  27. 0034 Commentary Aus: 12-3  

    An excellent stat from Cricinfo: At 2-3, it was Australia's worst start to a Test innings in 60 years. Just one single from Broad's third over.\u00a0


    Oh Jimmy!\u00a0 Mike Hussey checks a straight drive to Anderson, offering a very low and extremely difficult chance for Anderson to his left.\u00a0 The Lancsman throws down his left hand, but the ball smacks into the palm before rebounding on to the beautiful Adelaide turf.

  29. 0037 Commentary Aus 14-3  

    Christopher Martin-Jenkins almost loses his marbles on TMS as he screams at the top of his lungs\u00a0 "And he's played on!", only to see the ball squirt off the inside edge of Hussey's pad, onto his front pad before his back foot saves the ball from crashing into the stumps.\u00a0 Poor CMJ apologies for his excessive enthusiasm and regains his super-cool composure by the next ball.\u00a0 Utter pro.

  30. Commentary  

    From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "I bet the Aussies are glad they didn't weaken their batting line up with their team changes, oh wait..."

  31. 0042 Commentary Aus 24-3  

    Poor old Stuart Broad, the Menswear to Jimmy Anderson's Oasis.\u00a0 He sees Hussey push at fresh air\u00a0at a beautiful delivery which bites outside off stump and whistles into the gloves of Matt Prior. Huss then thumps three through mid-on while Shane Watson latches on to a wide delivery outside off stump, spanking the ball through cover for four.\u00a0 Beautiful shot that, embellishing his follow-through with a bent front knee, like Clive Lloyd in the mirror.

  32. Commentary  

    From Xavier Lyard, TMS inbox: "Go Australia."

  33. Twitter  

    Ex Aussie batsman Damien Martyn: "Trouble"
    Aussie left armer Nathan Bracken: "Not the best start"

  34. 0046 Commentary Aus 25-3  

    Anderson, tossing down deliveries like Merlin casting spells, sees Hussey just edge short of Graeme Swann at a wide second slip while Shane Watson shows wise judgement to leave a delivery most batsman would play at outside off stump.

  35. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "More wickets than FIFA votes already. Took us just 15 mins."

  36. 0050 Commentary Aus 31-3  

    In comes Steve Finn, who had been the centre of press speculation about being replaced by Ajmal Shahzad before the match, for his first joust of the day.\u00a0 Finn pitches a little too full outside Watson's off stump, allowing the opener to blaze a square drive through point for four. "Watto" sneaks a single down to fine leg, signs the Aussie fourth-wicket partnership are slowly bedding down and adapting to this flat track.

  37. SMS  

    From Somewhere in N3: "Vasectomy at 0940am on Friday morning, nothing like the fall of Aussie wickets to distract a man from impending square cut of a different kind. Box anyone?"

  38. 0055 Commentary Aus 36-3  

    Lovely straight drive from Hussey, pushing Anderson on the up for four. There are no demons in this wicket, none at all, especially now the ball is losing its lustre - and that stroke illustrates that point perfectly. Anderson looks as if someone has deleted the entire back catalogue of the Charlatans on his iPod and replaced it with The Script. Clearly not happy about offering a boundary delivery.

  39. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "First disaster of morning for CMJ - he's just dropped all his papers all over the floor of the commentary box. Now crawling on the floor."

  40. 0059 Commentary Aus 42-3  

    Watson is a delight to watch in full flow, smearing Finn through the covers for a four before a bizarre double over the head of Matt Prior,\u00a0jamming the ball down by his feet and levering the ball over the keeper. Lordy! Replays show how close the ball was to his\u00a0off stump.\u00a0 \u00a0

  41. SMS  

    From Adam, Eastbourne, TMS inbox: "Re: Xavier Lynard. They're going alright. Straight back to the pavilion."

  42. 0106 DRINKS BREAK Aus: 43-3  

    A big up to all you all-nighter students attempting to write all sorts of essays out there, one day I'll talk you through my most favourite all-nighter which resulted in me having to throw my favourite pair of jeans away...\u00a0 But not right now as James Anderson continues to probe both players in and around off stump.\u00a0 Just the single from the over and umpire Hill calls for drinks. Whoof!\u00a0 What an opening hour...

  43. Twitter  

    Womble Way: I'm stuck on a crossword clue - "How Australia start a Test at Adelaide...(2,4,3)"

  44. 0113 Commentary Aus 48-3  

    This partnership is now worth 46, which seems extraoardinary following the events of the first 10 minutes. Finn is a tad more\u00a0profligate, flung for three through the legside\u00a0by\u00a0Hussey before a double from Watson, than his\u00a0fast-bowling brethren. \u00a0\u00a0

  45. Commentary  

    From Aliy, Tokyo, TMS inbox: "It's all my fault - I've jinxed the continued flurry of wicket-taking by waking up. I overslept by over an hour, turned on the internet to see that I'd missed 3 wickets. And then there were a bunch of fours.... Sorry everyone."

  46. 0118 Commentary Aus: 52-3  

    Bit of hoop for Broad as he swings a delivery back into Hussey's pads, only for the left-hander to sneak a couple down to fine leg. England's close fielders can't quite believe it. Meanwhile, Simon Katich opts for anonymity following his platinum duck, donning a pair of sunglasses and a cap sitting in the stands. Only he has forgotten to change out of his whites, so he sticks out like a sunburnt Englishman.

  47. 0121 Commentary Aus: 61-3  

    Watson thumps another expansive straight drive down the ground, trickling over the extraordinarily long boundary for four as Finn overpitches. All 6ft 7inches of the Middlesex man clatters to the turf as he overdoes his follow through, something which he has cut down on since his introduction into the England team. A thick outside edge gleans Hussey four runs through the vacant third man area. The man to my left says "have we seen the last of the wickets today"? I've clattered him around the head for that. And I may have also agreed at the same time.

  48. Commentary  

    From Hamish, in a disappointingly snow-free Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Just how long are they going to make us wait for this fourth wicket? I'm getting impatient here. I mean, come on, we've had nearly an hour and a half of play now."

  49. 0125 Commentary Aus: 61-3  

    Excellent control from Broad, keeping it tight while Finny's radar needs fine tweaking.\u00a0 Maiden over.\u00a0 Anyone heard the story about Marcus Trescothick being offered \u00a31m if he can hit a six over the pavilion at Lord's? Funny they didn't extend that offer to Keiron Pollard...

  50. 0129 Commentary Aus: 62-3  

    In comes Graeme Swann for his first tweak of the day in the 18th over.\u00a0 His first ball is squirted for a single courtesy of a misfield from Jonathan Trott while Matt Prior gets all excited behind the timbers as Swann finds a nice line with plenty of loop and flight outside off stump to Watson.\u00a0\u00a0Decent first over from Swann, who has made the "Sprinkler" dance move world famous.\u00a0 Maybe we can persuade England to use the "greedy buffet patron" move\u00a0made famous in Napoleon Dynamite. \u00a0

  51. 0133 Commentary Aus 64-3  

    I forgot to inform you that Ricky Ponting earned a golden duck in his 150th Test match. Stop sniggering at the back. Broad goes around the wicket to Hussey for the first time today, but the Western Australian is as erudite as a tube of superglue, offering stern defence coupled with a couple off his pads.

  52. 0136 Commentary Aus: 66-3  

    Watson illustrates what an easy-paced pitch this Adelaide wicket is, with all the time in the world to step back onto his back foot and push a Swann delivery through midwicket for a couple. But encouragingly for Swann, there is turn, albeit slow. Excellent recovery from this fourth-wicket pair - however, Michael Vaughan on TMS says the hosts need 400 minimum on this track.

  53. 0141 Commentary Aus: 67-3  

    All sorts of nonsense out in the middle as\u00a0Hussey pushes a dab into the legside looking for a double, but collides with Stuart Broad (unintentionally, I might add), preventing him from returning to the striker's end. He almost gets the second run when Ian Bell's throw misses Matt Prior, but an excellent one-handed dive from Jonathan Trott stops a certain boundary of overthrows.

  54. 0144 Commentary Aus: 67-3  

    Hussey attempts to use his feet to dominate Swann, but the off-spinner isn't offering any buffet deliveries to dispatch, keeping the left-hander rooted at the striker's end. Maiden over, but no terrifying spin to make the Aussies eat their gloves.\u00a0

  55. 0147 Commentary Aus: 76-3  

    Broad's hands are glued to his head as Watson scythes a four in the gap behind point and gully for four.\u00a0 All in the air too, streakier than a Danish bacon factory but four more to the total as Broad strays on Watto's legs, licking the outside of the Queenslander's pad and squirting down fine behind Matt Prior for four leg-byes.

  56. Commentary  

    Geoff, Vancouver, Canada, TMS inbox: "Where's Dirsy? He's usually good for a couple of wickets."

  57. 0151 Commentary Aus: 82-3  

    Watson heaves an on-drive into the crowd for a huge six off Swann, that is enormous. He takes a little shuffle down the track to make room for the swing and launches the off-spinner into the crowd. Absolutely tremendous shot, don't think that would have cleared the pavilion at Lord's though, probably would have plonked into a glass of warm Pimm's of an MCC\u00a0member asleep under the property section of the Daily Telegraph.

  58. Commentary  

    Nick in TMS inbox: Sat in a bar on my own sipping a beer and tucking into some chicken wings in Grand Canyon - hijacking someones Internet connection - and not sure the entirely Mexican waiting staff understand my cries of get in and take that Aussies! Now jeep or helicopter to see the canyon tomorrow?

  59. 0155 Commentary Aus: 87-3  

    Steve Finn, who Graeme Swann once described as\u00a0"having the mind of a 12-year-old girl" in one of his many Tweets,\u00a0is recalled, but the\u00a0lanky paceman is once again a little too generous with the short and wide stuff, allowing Hussey to open the face of his bat and hit the ball intentionally over point for four, kind of like Sanath Jayasuriya\u00a0at the top of the innings for Sri Lanka.\u00a0 Michael Vaughan's assessment of Qatar: "It's hot". \u00a0

  60. Commentary  

    Robert in the TMS inbox: I am currently writing an essay on Ancient Greek Comedy, and by far the funniest thing I have read all night was the 2-3 scoreline. I got a few strange looks punching the air at the wicket of Ponting, especially seeing as I am in a computer room at the Scottish University of St. Andrews. Come on, England! Destroy those Aussies!

  61. 0159 Commentary Aus: 90-3  

    Matt Prior screams\u00a0 with excitement as Swann probes outside off stump, but why he was so excited when Watson smothered the ball with a text-book forward defence defeats me. Watto then latches on to a delivery a tad short and wide, carving it down behind point for a couple. Just one more over before the interval.\u00a0


    Finn drops short, allowing Watson to punch an attractive pull through midwicket for four, his seventh four bringing up his 12th Test 50 for Australia. Impressive innings, especially considering the early debacle. Our cricket guru in the office says Nick should take the little plane over the Grand Canyon while Matthew Wright says hike it. Our cricket guru also says there are two breeds of squirrel at the Canyon, one on the north side and one on the south and they are completely different. Would it be a bit like Romeo and Juliet if a starstruck northie met a gorgeous southie? That's it for the first session - excellent fightback from Watson and Hussey following the mess they found themselves in after the first 10 minutes. Aus 94-3.

  63. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Steaming heat at the Addy Oval, Aussie recovering to 94-3 at lunch. Nailed-on certainty: sunburn to claim more than 22 wickets in day."

  64. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton  

    "Average first Innings total in Ashes Tests at Adelaide is 370. Wayne Phillips the last opener to be run out without facing a ball in 1984."

  65. 0214 Commentary  

    Those with long memories may remember another infamous Wayne Phillips dismissal a year later at Edgbaston - c Gower b Edmonds via Allan Lamb's boot - as England won by an innings on the way to a 3-1 Ashes victory in 1985.

  66. 0217 Commentary  

    "I'm not a freaking cricket match!" If you have been following Twitter and the spin-off stories, you'll be familiar that Ashley Kerekes, a 22-year-old American from Massachusetts with the\u00a0Twitter moniker\u00a0"Theashes" has been inundated with messages about a sport she knows nothing about.\u00a0So annoyed was she about her constant chatter about cricket that she\u00a0Tweeted the above\u00a0sentence, earning her notoriety in Australia and England.\u00a0 Anyway, she's just finished chatting with Aggers on TMS and the BBC's cricket correspondent\u00a0has suggested sending out a special tea towel to explain the\u00a0game's laws\u00a0specifically for Americans.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  67. Commentary  

    Luke, normally based in Sydney but born in Essex, in the TMS inbox: "Waiting to catch a bus from Oaxaca to San Christobal in Mexico and rather heavily gloating to my Aussie girlfriend's dismay - secretly hoping the coach is delayed!"

    Luke my good man, I did that trip just over a month ago - it's freezing in San Cristobal, make sure you wear everything in your rucksack because you'll be wondering why Mexico seems a lot like England in December...

  68. 0224 Commentary  

    If you haven't seen Swanny's latest video diary, it's worth a watch. \u00a0

  69. Commentary  

    Ben, Ushuaia, Argentina, in the TMS inbox: "In a Patagonian youth hostel hurling abuse\u00a0at\u00a0some Australians. How they weep into their hippy traveller beards... Cracking sesh, keep up the good work boys."

  70. Commentary  

    Seb, Bath University, in the TMS inbox: "The brilliant start to the Test has been dampened by the fact that I have just been dismissed in B Block corridor cricket. My 1 hour 45 minute vigil came to an end after I nicked off."

  71. Twitter  

    From OptaJim: "21 - @JimmyAnderson9 is England's most succesful current bowler against Australia with 21 wkts. Ian Botham has the most with 148."

  72. 0237 Commentary  

    It's BBC 6 Music dj Steve Lamacq's "Wear your old band T-shirt to work day" on Friday, so I've dusted down a Led Zeppelin number (the famous 1977 USA tour one with the cherub reaching for the sky). Anyone planning reaching to the back of the wardrobe for that tattered Carter USM 101 Damnations effort or a beer-stained Frank and Walters T-shirt which last saw light in 1991? Please do send your suggestions in, as well as the ideal band T-shirt for any Aussie or England players. I was thinking of Blur for Ricky Ponting following his golden duck earlier today...

  73. Commentary  

    James (Pom), Melbourne, TMS inbox: "Ah the halcyon days of corridor/kitchen cricket at uni\u2026..which came to an abrupt end one day when the golf ball smashed the washing machine glass into a million pieces. The comment \u2018It was a glorious cover drive\u2019 did not go down too well with the landlord."

  74. 0242 THE SUN IS OUT  

    The players are out - I can confirm it's still glorious in Adelaide and Graeme Swann to bowl the first over of the second session.

  75. 0245 Commentary Aus 96-3  

    Nice, geometrically straight blade offered by\u00a0Hussey for a single down the ground off Swann's second ball after lunch, while Watson, sated by a round of sandwiches (crusts on or off?), drops anchor with a number of solid defensive strokes.

  76. Commentary  

    From Richard Wilkinson, Malaysia, TMS inbox: "Re "Wear your old band T-shirt to work day". If Anderson gets a few more wickets I'd suggest a Slayer "Reign In Blood" T shirt..."

  77. WICKET Watson c Pietersen b Anderson 51 (Aus 96-4)  

    WATSON SCYTHES A CATCH TO KP AT GULLY! ENGLAND HAVE THEIR FOURTH! Once again Anderson delivers for his third wicket, this time with a delivery outside off stump as Watson opens the face of his blade and guides catch to Kevin Pietersen. England are ecstatic but the opener will be livid - that was a poorly executed stroke to a delivery which didn't really merit a wicket. However, filth always gets wickets - and it wasn't even filth. Brilliant start for England after the interval - in comes the under-pressure Marcus North. England are two wickets away from exposing Australia's fragile tail...

  78. 0252 Commentary Aus 96-4  

    Excellent break for England, that fourth-wicket partnership had gleaned 94 runs and had looked set for an elongated stay. North successfully negotiates the remainder of Anderson's over, but England are sensing blood.\u00a0

  79. Commentary  

    From Jim Cornall, TMS inbox: "Sadly, my 1976 Genesis Wind & Wuthering shirt is now two sizes two small. I blame the washing powder. Given the last over, perhaps Anderson should be wearing a shirt with Da Da Da on it, as that's a Trio of wickets..."

  80. 0255 Commentary Aus: 97-4  

    A\u00a0ripple of excitement as Hussey sashays down the track as he misjudges the flight of a Swann ball, pushing the ball just wide of Alastair Cook, dubbed "Woody" by the off-spinner because his running resembles the lead character in Toy Story (and not because he sleeps in a child's bedroom), at short leg.\u00a0 Huss nicks a single off the final ball.\u00a0 Testing times for the hosts.\u00a0\u00a0

  81. 0258 Commentary Aus: 101-4  

    Hussey tucks into a juicy half-volley outside off stump from Anderson, spanking the ball through extra cover for four. The left-hander is seeing the ball like a zorb right now, meeting almost every ball with the heft of his meaty club\u00a0(steady...), but is thwarted by England's fielders. Still, he looks in excellent touch - surely this isn't the man who 75% of the country wanted dropped before Brisbane?

  82. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Pre-lunch chat with @cricketanalyst contained detailed explanation of why Watson is vulnerable to gully snag on drive. Hey presto..."

  83. 0301 Commentary Aus: 102-4  

    Unlike in Brisbane, Swann has found his line early on, probing and teasing Marcus North - who he snagged at slip at the Gabba - from around the wicket. But the left-hander's head is over the ball, front foot pointing right down the track, the sort of forward defence that warms the cockles of all coaches. And he's off the mark with a cover drive for a single.

  84. 0305 Commentary Aus: 106-4  

    Gorgeous front-foot drive from North, who marmalises Anderson past mid-off for a glorious four. But the Burnley Express has his revenge with the very next delivery, bissecting the left-hander's bat and pad through to Matt Prior. Fortunate, to say the least.\u00a0 Still, the Western Australia captain survives to live another over.\u00a0

  85. Commentary  

    From Chris Carrington, TMS inbox: "Based on the early clatter of wickets this morning - what about the seminal Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures' T-shirt. Still got mine."

    Plenty of dance, dance, dance to the radio?

  86. 0308 Commentary Aus: 107-4  

    Hussey's hare-like feet are dancing down the track to meet Swann's twirlers, an indictation of his growing confidence on this belter of a batting track.\u00a0 England have a decent shout for leg before turned down as North shuffles across his crease, but following a brief conflab the tourists decide against invoking their final referral - a wise choice too judging by the replays.

  87. Commentary  

    From Lewis Constable, TMS inbox: "I came in from a night out to find Aus 101-4. Am I still hammered?"

  88. SMS  

    From Peter, Baldock (feeding my 5 week old son, he's loving it too): "Maybe Jimmy could wear his Guns\u00a0n Roses 'Appetite For Destruction' T-shirt."

    It's so easy?\u00a0 Not 'alf.\u00a0 Paradise City?\u00a0 Out ta get me?\u00a0

  89. SMS  

    From Anon: "Evidently\u00a0Hussey has on his Springsteen 'Born To Run' shirt, Katich chose Therapy? and 'Going Nowhere'."

  90. 0319 Commentary Aus: 116-4  

    Wallop!\u00a0 North absolutely pulverises a half-volley from Anderson through cover for a commanding four. Hot-Spot shows just how perfect that stroke was, highlighting the impact with the middle of his hefty blade. Only a quite brilliant one-handed save from Ian Bell denies North a second boundary, diving at full length to his right at point.

  91. 0322 Commentary HUSSEY 50  

    Huss collects a well-deserved half-century with a fine sweep for three off Swann. Excellent knock - only one chance of note, a very difficult caught and bowled offer to James Anderson right at the start of his innings.

  92. 0323 Commentary Aus: 120-4  

    North rotates the strike but he does not look comfortable against Swann.\u00a0

  93. SMS  

    From Phil Harper in Jessops Wing Sheffield: My second son born 1.10am after an hour-and-a-half labour and dash across snowy/icy Sheffield. Was totally undecided on a name but after seeing the scorecard a few minutes ago, it has to be Jimmy. Definitely the best 3rd December I've ever had!"

  94. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I think North has got a real problem against Swann."

  95. 0328 Commentary Aus: 122-4  

    Someone has quite clearly not told a thoroughly rotund man in the stands that Movember has finished, sporting a tash which would make Merv Hughes bristle with jealously, complete with amber nectar in one hand and some sort of unidentified edible matter in the other. He watches Stuart Broad's first over after lunch, which leaks two runs.

  96. Commentary  

    From Andrew Stevenson, TMS inbox: "Methinks Punter should probably be wearing an old Beatles T-Shirt from '65 - 'Help!'"

  97. Commentary  

    Noah, Southfields, in the TMS inbox: "I\u00a0spent the lunchbreak stalking foxes with my camera in SW London.\u00a0I recommend standing still in the snow at -4 degrees for 40 minutes. It's one of the best ways to ensure you don't nod off before the afternoon session begins."

  98. 0331 Commentary Aus: 124-4  

    Jacaranda trees - I have never seen one of these in my life. The reason I say this\u00a0is because Simon Hughes is just describing its purple-coloured blooms which flank this beautiful venue in South Australia to Michael Vaughan on TMS. The left-handed Aussie\u00a0double act add a couple more to the total off Swann's 12th over.

  99. 0335 Commentary Aus: 124-4  

    Broad, arms pumping like a steam engine hurtling down an 19th century railway line,\u00a0sees\u00a0North slam a thick under-edge into his thigh pad\u00a0and into safety. Broady has a little stare, but nothing too petulant.\u00a0Another solid over from Broad, but the ball is flat-bang straight, no deviation or swing.\u00a0 Nada.\u00a0 "Keep the ball away from the Weed" an unidentified fielder says. The Weed, Michael Vaughan informs us, is Paul Collingwood. No idea\u00a0on this nickname - anyone got a clue?\u00a0

  100. Commentary  

    From Philip Glaister, TMS inbox: "I'm just nipping to get a 'wicket-inducing' tepid fruit salad for Spud O'Shaunnesseys salad bar in Brisbane. Never knew so many Irish people came from Korea."

  101. 0338 Commentary Aus: 129-4  

    North's eyes light up like the Oxford Street Christmas lights as Swanny drops short with a quicker ball, guiding the ball behind point for four. Swanny's not happy and closes up shop with the rest of the over.

  102. Commentary  

    From Richard Wilkinson, Malaysia: "Too early for Punter to be wearing Beck's classic - Loser?"


  103. 0343 DRINKS BREAK Aus: 129-4  

    Broad is bowling that nagging back-of-a-length line outside off stump from around the wicket and is causing Hussey enough problems to keep him keen. A ball which rears more than usual is just about played to safety. Another containing over from the Notts man, who is doing an excellent job keeping the runscoring drier than a Qatari minibar. And right on cue, drinks.

  104. Commentary  

    From Chris, on an oil rig off the coast of Brazil, TMS inbox: "Collingwood's 'Weed' nickname comes from his team-mates, especially the muscular Kevin Pietersen, reckoning him not to be the strongest hitter in the game."

  105. 0349 Commentary Aus: 130-4  

    The orange, bottle-shaped receptacle which dishes out the beverages to the players is wheeled off the lush, verdant green Adelaide turf as Swann continues, but is given no dice by North, who smothers every ball before gleaning a single from the fifth delivery. Meanwhile, Simon Katich is still in the same place as he was in the crowd, sitting on his own contemplating when he will have time to squeeze in the fourth series of Mad Men during the Ashes schedule.

  106. SMS  

    From Chris, Southampton, TMS inbox: "Working in a nightclub. Broken heating. Minus 4 outside, pretty much the same inside. Didn't think the shift could get any worse. And then the DJ plays M ariah Carey's All I Want For Xmas. Thank god for the cricket."

  107. 0354 Commentary Aus: 134-4  

    Ominous times for England as Marcus North punishes a wayward Broad delivery through midwicket for four.\u00a0 I say ominous because North has more than 20 which, statistically, means he is likely to score a three-figure score.

  108. 0357 Commentary Aus: 135-4  

    "Prior looks like some sort of nautical sea captain now, all he needs is an earring, a couple of gold teeth and a triangular hat," says our cricket guru. Two particularly well-judged leaves from North provokes that particular comment as Prior unleashes two rather loud cries of anguish as the ball whizzes past the off stump. Just the one run, another shimmy down the wicket from Hussey, who looks set for bed, breakfast, spa and countryside walk right now.

  109. Commentary  

    From Jeff A, TMS inbox: "I have a jacaranda tree in my front yard. They look great for 1 week in the year then dump all over the yard the rest of the year. Cmon England."

  110. 0401 Commentary Aus: 138-4  

    Paul "The Weed" Collingwood, who once told former Australia captain Ian Chappell that he "could swing a brick", is on for his first joust of the day. As promised a little bit of wobble for the Durham stalwart, who is eked for three by the left-handed duo.

  111. 0404 Commentary Aus: 139-4  

    The man to my\u00a0left tells me he prepared for his overnight vigil by watching Twin Town until 3am last night.\u00a0 Awful film, never have a pair of screen brothers annoyed me more than Rhys Ifans and the other one. Another tight over from\u00a0Swann, who is tweaking\u00a0like a madman, but there is\u00a0none of the extravagant turn he managed against Pakistan during the summer.\u00a0

  112. SMS  

    From Nick, Southampton: "Re: chris, don't suppose thats a certain unsanitary club, rated 2nd worst nightclub in Europe called Jesters? Was thinking about going tonight but decided best to get stuck into an essay on what role China played in the 1968 Tet offensive while listening to England get on top of the Aussies. Your message has confirmed I made the correct decision for both this morning and my long-term future."

  113. 0408 Commentary Aus: 143-4  

    Beautifully guided stroke from Hussey, applying delicate hands outside off stump to add three more to his total behind point off Paul Collingwood. North nicks the strike with a single off the last ball of the over.\u00a0 Meanwhile, Nasser Hussain suggests the reason North gets himself into trouble is because of his huge backlift.\u00a0 Our cricket guru's response to this is: "Never stopped Brian Lara".

  114. 0411 Commentary Aus: 146-4  

    North brings up the 50-partnership with a pre-determined, risque sweep shot on off stump from Swann. Had he missed it he was a goner. But he didn't. And my blackcurrant-flavoured, anti-cold combatant beverage tastes absolutely disgusting, like some form of hideous dandelion and burdock and American cream soda combination.

  115. SMS  

    From Mike, York, TMS inbox: "Astounding cricket. Cheered me up after the farce of the World Cup bid. I knew we wouldn't win though - surely someone at the FA watches the Eurovision Song Contest and notices how no one votes for anything British any more."

  116. 0415 Commentary Aus: 147-4  

    I'll be honest, it's not exactly box office right now in Adelaide as Colly ambles in for his third over, which goes for just one, although England half appeal for\u00a0an lbw to a ball which strikes Hussey\u00a0in his midriff.\u00a0 A tad desperate, a bit like the feeling\u00a0watching Sepp Blatter's speech before the opening of the World Cup envelope. But more entertaining.

  117. 0419 Commentary Aus: 147-4  

    Swann. Maiden.

  118. SMS  

    From Anon: "Heard Jester's main competitor shut down promoting it to the title? Had several snakebite-fuelled, amnesia-inducing episodes there. My gag reflex tweaks at the thought."

  119. Commentary  

    From Matt, Melbourne, TMS inbox: "Nick, as a Southampton University alumnus I would say I think \u2018unsanitary\u2019 is a bit generous for Jesters. Never before have I been on a dancefloor and seen one guy vomiting, one guy urinating and one guy getting lucky all with a quick turn of the head. Still, at 50p for a pint of snakebite, my pride was willing take a back seat to my bank balance\u2026"

  120. 0422 Commentary Aus: 154-4  

    Andrew Strauss breaks up the monotony by relieving Collingwood with Finn, although the Watford fan is smeared through the vacant covers with a dreamy front-foot drive to an overpitched delivery.\u00a0 He collects\u00a0three more with a\u00a0beautifully timed push through mid-on, taking him to 69.\u00a0 Finny is not having fun out there, his seven overs have leaked 42 runs so far.\u00a0 The six-wicket heroics of Brisbane seem like a whole galaxy away.

  121. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "One for the stumpers out there - Matt Prior keeping beautifully behind the timbers in series so far. Barely notice him, if you get me drift."

  122. 0426 Commentary Aus: 155-4  

    Swann twirls like a cheerleader but his guile is met with short shrift by Hussey and North, who is getting more comfortable against the off-spinner.\u00a0 Just one run from the over.

  123. Commentary  

    From Nick, TMS inbox: "Re: Nick in Southampton at 4:04. It has been an astonishing day so far - not so much the cricket but the news Jesters in Southampton has not been closed down yet. Sounds like they haven't improved it in the 10 years or so..."

  124. WICKET North c Prior b Finn 26 (Aus: 156-5)  

    Finny's made the breakthrough 10 minutes before tea as North edges to Matt Prior! Advantage England again. More a mistake from North rather than a pearler from Finn, a nothing shot to a delivery outside off stump. But North tries to get a little too clever by playing a deft fine cut, playing down on the ball, but instead manages a feint edge to the jubilant England wicketkeeper. In comes Brad Haddin to resume his partnership with Mike Hussey.

  125. 0434 Commentary Aus: 158-5  

    Haddin is off the mark with a punchy push to off stump. The Aussie stumper is coming off his superb 136 at the Gabba in a\u00a0307-run stand with The Huss. Fortunate breakthrough for England, not that the tourists will care a fig how the dismissal came. \u00a0

  126. Commentary  

    From Iain, Sydney, TMS inbox: "As a Durham University alumnus, I need to defend Klute nightclub as second worst nightclub in Europe \u2013 it is as big as a 2 bed terraced house, where you can play double or quits on the door with the bouncer to get in, and where the only reason they banned smoking was to ensure the floor didn\u2019t go up in flames every week. A club so bad that Peter Stringfellow rated it as the worst he\u2019d ever been into. I wonder what the worst nightclub in Europe is?"

  127. 0437 Commentary Aus: 159-5  

    Haddin defends admirably, presenting a straight bat as the first wisps of sugar candy clouds drift above the Adelaide Oval. Just one run from Swann's 20th over.\u00a0 The Nottinghamshire tweaker is in for a marathon spell today.

  128. 0440 INTERVAL Aus: 159-5  

    Our first sighting of former Aussie PM John Howard in the crowd looking utterly miserable - so no change there. Finny rattles Brad Haddin's timbers with a short-pitched ball which doesn't bounce much, clattering into the wicketkeeper's mid-riff. It's the last ball of the second session which would have gone Australia's way but for late wicket of Marcus North. Time for tea.

  129. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Brissie heroes Hussey & Haddin together. Big partnership, this one - Aussie tail longer than a diplodocus's"

  130. Commentary  

    From Richard Veysey, TMS inbox: "I can't believe I am reading about Jesters nightclub on the cricket feed. Used to work there as a student in the late 80s, many happy (but hazy) memories, in particular the time I rode my BMX round the dancefloor after Platty scored the winner against Belgium in the last minute of extra-time in the 1990 World Cup. Damn you Fifa!!!"

  131. SMS  

    From Anon: "I met my wife in Jesters and woke her up to show her this\u00a0TMS feed!! She is unimpressed."

  132. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "If England\u00a0can get one more wicket, then there's real pressure on Australia - but Hussey has been superb again. You wouldn't think he played a marathon innings just a few days ago, he looks as fit as a fiddle."

  133. SMS  

    From Andrew, London: "I'm pretty sure Jester's is the only club I've been in that can present a sticky ceiling as well as a sticky floor."

  134. Commentary  

    From TrickieDickie, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Tom Fordyce - just what I was thinking. This Australian side reminds me of Anne Elk (Mrs)'s Brontosaurus definition on Monty Python's Previous Record: "All Brontosauruses/Australian Cricket Teams are thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end."

  135. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England bowling and fielding very well. Aussies well below par at the mo.."

  136. 0501 Commentary  

    Righty ho, we're out again and Graeme Swann to bowl the first over of the final session of the day to Mike Hussey. Game on.

  137. 0504 Commentary Aus: 161-5  

    Hussey is a very adept single thief, stealing ones when there really isn't much opportunity of scoring.\u00a0 He does exactly that with a punchy drive to mid-on, using his ample pace to race down to the non-striker's end with ease while Haddin adds a single off Swann's final ball of his 21st over. One more wicket and Australia's lanky tail will be exposed - Australia will do everything in their power to ensure they lose no further wickets this afternoon.

  138. 0509 Commentary Aus: 165-5  

    Michael Vaughan reckons the incessant heat\u00a0today and tomorrow will\u00a0definitely\u00a0mean the pitch will crack up, the sort of encouragement Graeme\u00a0Swann wants to hear.\u00a0 James Anderson accompanies Swann at the other end, steaming in as\u00a0if he\u00a0was fresh from his incredible first two over spell.\u00a0 Anderson attempts the inswinger but his line strays as Haddin tucks the ball off his pads for an all-run four.\u00a0 Encouraging\u00a0movement for Anderson, although the\u00a0swing looked conventional rather than reverse. \u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  139. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England's fielding has been exceptional, they have saved 20 or 30 runs today. they have been really good in that ring."

  140. 0512 Commentary Aus: 174-5  

    Haddin drills a howitzer of a straight drive at Swann, who takes the full brunt of impact on his big toe on his right foot.\u00a0 But on the brightside, he saved a boundary.\u00a0 However, the fleet-footed skills of Mike Hussey are once again down the track and he guides\u00a0a sumptuous on-drive through mid-on and midwicket for\u00a0beautiful boundary. Dicey\u00a0call for a\u00a0quick single, but Anderson's throw is wayward and\u00a0The Huss is\u00a0safely in his ground. \u00a0

  141. Commentary  

    Rich Cook, TMS inbox: "Re Richard Veysey and Platty's injury-time winner....
    I was working as a junior doctor in A+E in Birmingham at the time in sight of Villa Park where Platty was playing. We sent a lady for some dubiously needed X-rays to delay things so we could watch the end of the game. A +E erupted with his fine volley."

  142. 0517 Commentary Aus: 174-5  

    Hussey and Haddin came in at 143-5 in Brisbane, this time it's 156-5.\u00a0Clearly a whole different ball game.\u00a0 Anderson probes but\u00a0can't get the ball to do exactly what he wants to do , allowing Hussey to defend stoically.\u00a0 Maiden over.\u00a0

  143. 0520 Commentary Aus: 181-5  

    Hussey once again uses his feet to turn a full ball from Swann into a full toss, flicking the ball away through midwicket for four.\u00a0 Beautiful shot, effortless and the sign of a man at the top of his game.\u00a0 Haddo makes hay too as Swann drops short outside off stump, scything the ball past backward point for three.

  144. Commentary  

    From Robin, Mumbai, TMS inbox: "I'm looking along the back row of a tax conference in Mumbai and seeing a lot of Blackberry activity from the English delegates. As interesting as tax dispute resolution issues are I think their minds are elsewhere."

  145. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "My 11-year-old was disappointed that England won't be hosting the 2018 football celebrations. I suggested a decent alternative would be to spend the next eight years becoming a fluent Russian speaker so he could get a much besought job as bilingual tour guide, or linesman adviser, or some such. He reminded me witheringly that he might then, in any event, be the England team's custodian of choice. So it's all turned out nicely in the end. I have to go to London today. What's it like?"


  146. 0524 Commentary Aus: 182-5  

    Anderson goes around the wicket to The Huss, but gets no dice as the left-handed stalwart, who looks as immovable as Sepp Blatter, plays with authority and composure. England are still persevering.\u00a0 Meanwhile, Anderson's marathon bowling spell comes to an end - a whopping 23 overs on the trot.\u00a0\u00a0Most\u00a0bowlers I\u00a0know wouldn't be able to feel their arms the next day after a spell like that.\u00a0 Phenomenal.\u00a0

  147. Commentary  

    From Mike Edwards, TMS inbox: "I'm at the same conference as Robin in Mumbai and I thought he was busy on his BlackBerry with work related stuff, obviously not, he's just like the rest of us."

  148. 0530 Commentary Aus: 182-5  

    Like a great funk bass player, Stuart Broad's lines are tight.\u00a0 He probes the off-stump line to Haddin, but his pace is well below his best, racking up about 80mph on the speedgun, allowing the Australia wicketkeeper plenty of time to get in line and defend the ball.\u00a0 Another maiden.

  149. 0533 Commentary Aus: 182-5  

    Anderson is getting some reverse swing, hiding the ball to give Hussey no indication of which way the ball is going to move.\u00a0 However, his pace is down in the 80mph region and Michael Vaughan believes he needs to get up to 86mph to really make the ball sing.\u00a0 Maiden over. \u00a0

  150. APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    Broad raps Brad Haddin, trapped on his crease, with a useful-looking delivery, but umpire Marais Erasmus , who bears an uncanny resemblence to former Kiwi batting favourite Martin Crowe, is unmoved.

  151. 0539 Commentary Aus: 186-5  

    The temperature is touching 32 or 33 degrees in the middle, which seems absolutely inconceivable when I look out of the window from our west London office. Hussey takes an enormous slug of liquid at the end of Broad's 15th over as he adds a single to his total.

  152. Commentary  

    From Justin, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "I'm starting to wonder that if Hussey was dropped from the Aussie side in both Tests to date, would it be too early to suggest that England might be on their way to a whitewash in this series?"

  153. 0543 Commentary Aus: 189-5  

    Steve Finn, England's most profligate bowler this afternoon, returns to begin his 10th over, only to see Haddin evade the desperate dive of Ian Bell at cover for a single. A leg-bye keeps the scoreboard ticking over as the first yawn of the morning accompanies this entry.

  154. Commentary  

    From Ameya, Mumbai, TMS inbox: "Tremendous interest in the Ashes here in India (and not just from back row-totting English taxmen). Definitely backing the English to retain the Ashes."

  155. 0548 Commentary Aus: 190-5  

    England have this intriguing field for Haddin, with a fielder right next to Mike Hussey at the non-striker's end, the position England\u00a0used\u00a0so effectively against Matthew Hayden in 2005,\u00a0and a short midwicket as Broad comes into bowl. Eoin Morgan, on as a replacement for his flame-haired brethren Ian Bell, makes a good stop at cover to thwart a confident Haddin drive.

  156. 0552 Commentary Aus: 191-5  

    England continue with the man next to Hussey for Finn as the first strains of the Barmy Army song rings around the Oval.\u00a0 The trumpeter, Billy Cooper, was regaling the faithful with a rendition of Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart", only\u00a0with the word Swann substituted for Love. Clever. \u00a0\u00a0

  157. 0556 Commentary Aus: 196-5  

    More quick feet from Hussey, who dances down the track like Anton Du Beke and guides three laconic runs through midwicket off Graeme Swann.\u00a0 A deft late cut from Haddin emphasises just what a belting batting track this is, easing the ball past point with all the time in the world.\u00a0 That's the end of the 70th over, another 10 more to go before the brand-new spanking Kookaburra cherry will be available to England.

  158. SMS  

    From Paul Chidgey: "Stationary on train somewhere near Edinburgh. Minus 7C. I need the warmth of more Aussie wickets."

  159. 0600 DRINKS BREAK Aus: 201-5  

    Haddin squirts a useful-looking ball from Finn down to the deep point boundary, picking up three runs and bringing up Australia's 200, which looked completely off the charts in the first 15 minutes this morning.\u00a0 Of more encouragement for Finn and England is the final ball of the over, which reverses back into Brad Haddin's pads, but the number seven manages to glean enough willow on the ball to push it out to square leg. Time for drinks.

  160. Commentary  

    From Nick, Denmark, TMS inbox: "They're not singing: 'Swann will tear us apart again', they're singing 'Swann will tear Oz apart again'. Just wanted you to get it right. Your way sounded wrong."

  161. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Been eating ice-cream next to Rev Geoff of the Blessed Boycotts. I did mine T20-style - smashed straight down. He slowly ground his to bits."

  162. 0608 Commentary Aus: 203-5  

    It's all going off in Mirpur - Bangladesh's Abdur Razzak has just taken a hat-trick in the one-day international against Zimbabwe, who are dismissed for 191.\u00a0 Meanwhile, it's slightly more staid in Adelaide, where Graeme Swann continues to dig deep\u00a0and conjure something from nothing.\u00a0 But\u00a0the off-spinner, who has bowled with economy and\u00a0enthusiasm and so much\u00a0better than his display in Brisbane, is thwarted\u00a0yet again\u00a0by\u00a0the steel wall-like Mike Hussey. Maiden over.\u00a0

  163. 0611 Commentary Aus: 206-5  

    Beautiful shape from Finn, who beats the outside of Haddin's bat with a pearler of an outswinger.\u00a0 Finn returns to his Brisbane tactics of banging the ball in short to Hussey, who rides the bounce, rolling his wrists down to fine leg for a single while a Haddin single brings up the 50 partnership between the pair from 109 deliveries. Ominous?\u00a0

  164. WICKET Hussey c Collingwood b Swann 93 (Aus: 207-6)  

    After toiling away with little reward, Swann finally earns his spurs with a delivery which spins outside off stump. Hussey pushes with hard hands, edging the ball straight into the buckethands of Paul Collingwood - right into the breadbasket. Really unlucky for Mike Hussey, falling seven short of a thoroughly deserved ton. That's the third time he has been dismissed in the 90s - one of those was against England at Adelaide in 2006.

  165. 0615 UMPIRE REVIEW  

    Swann raps new-man Ryan Harris dead in front with his very first delivery - and up goes umpire Marais Erasmus's finger! But Harris has called for the review. Drama...

  166. WICKET Harris lbw Swann 0 (Aus: 207-7)  

    Judging by Ryan Harris' reaction, he thinks he has nicked the ball - but Hot-Spot shows no contact with the bat. However, Virtual-Eye says the ball would have just clipped leg stump, which means it's the umpire's call - and up goes Erasmus' finger for the second time in as many minutes. Swann is on a hat-trick

  167. 0621 Commentary Aus: 207-7  

    I wouldn't want to be in Xavier Doherty's shoes right now. Swann on a hat-trick, playing your second Test match, surrounded by England fielders at every corner... But the spinner does admirably to snuff the hat-trick threat with a nervous forward defence. Once again Swann turns on the style just when England need him the most.

  168. 0626 Commentary Aus: 212-7  

    Haddin swings like a deranged caveman at Steve Finn, earning a thick outside edge down to third man for four. It's clear the wicketkeeper doesn't have too much faith in his lower-order colleagues, hence the decision to change tactics and attack anything that is hurled at him. Doug Bollinger's career average is six with the bat, so it really shouldn't surprise you.\u00a0

  169. Commentary  

    Matt, Singapore, TMS inbox: "And a huge roar from the English contingent startles the Indian accountant discussing withholding tax percentages in a conference room in Mumbai."

  170. 0630 Commentary Aus: 215-7  

    Both of Swann's dismissals in his previous over gripped and turned considerably - and he once again finds similar shape and turn to Doherty, but the left-arm spinner plays the ball well, smothering the turn and ekeing a couple down to point.

  171. 0634 Commentary Aus: 224-7  

    Wallop! Adam Ant batting from Brad Haddin - stand and deliver, smearing the ball high over mid-on for a booming four, much to Finn's bemusement. England's fielders go up for a strangled appeal, but Steve Finn dismisses any notion of a referral by a hand gesture which suggests he thinks the ball was too legside.\u00a0 His next delivery is spanked to the cover boundary by Doherty, who goes down on one knee, complete with extravagant follow through. "Like Brian Lara," says our cricket guru.\u00a0 Not far off either.\u00a0 Beautiful stroke.


    Brad Haddin drops to one knee for a huge cow corner waft, but completely misses the ball, prompting a huge appeal from England's fielders.\u00a0 Umpire Marais Erasmus says not out, but England are not convinced.\u00a0 Strauss calls for the review...

  173. NOT OUT  

    The Virtual-Eye replay shows impact was made outside the line of off stump, which means Haddin cannot be given out. Once again umpire Erasmus is spot on and England have lost their second and final review. Probably a risk worth taking with Haddin at the crease, although Andrew Strauss has a few words with the South African official about something or other.

  174. SMS  

    From Paul, Birmingham: "Lying in my hospital bed after getting a new hip and the ward doesn't have Sky. Thank god for my phone and this feed. Cheers for taking some pain away."

  175. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "England have to learn Review System is designed to eliminate the howler not for speculative lbw reviews."

  176. 0643 Commentary Aus: 226-7  

    Finn is bowling by far his best spell of the day, banishing the buffet deliveries from his earlier stints. He maintains an over-the-wicket approach to the left-handed Doherty, who isn't tempted by anything outside off stump.

  177. WICKET Doherty run out 6 (Aus: 226-8)  

    Oh dear, not a good day for running between the wickets for Australia. Haddin calls for a\u00a0single as he\u00a0thumps an on-drive off Swann to midwicket, but Doherty is as still as Nelson's Column, planted a few inches outside of the non-striker's end. Haddin is halfway down the track by the time Doherty sets off to the striker's end, allowing Strauss to throw to short leg Alastair Cook, who relays the ball to Matt Prior, who\u00a0whips off the bails with\u00a0the Aussie number nine way out of his ground.\u00a0 England are sensing the kill here.\u00a0

  178. 0652 Commentary Aus: 227-8  

    With number 10 Peter Siddle at the crease, Strauss tosses the new ball - available after 80 overs - to James Anderson.\u00a0 Lovely shape, bounce and pace from Anderson, who swings the ball away from Siddle's bat - and does exactly the same with the very next ball.\u00a0 Siddle really does not fancy this, but he survives, just. Over 38,000 crammed in at the Adelaide Oval today - wish I was one of them...

  179. Commentary  

    From Carl Evans, Crepy, France: "I Just noticed on my French calendar that it's Saint Xavier day today. The patron of gift wickets?"

  180. 0658 Commentary Aus: 230-8  

    A superb stat from our cricket guru - Australia haven't been dismissed for less than 300 in the first innings of an Adelaide Test match since they were all out for 213 against West Indies in 1993. They're not far off that now though as Haddin exposes Siddle to Stuart Broad and the new ball with a single from the second delivery of the over. The Siddler manages to pierce the packed slips region for a couple\u00a0before hooking the bait and playing and missing at two deliveries which swing away from his bat. A wry grin from Broad, he knows who won that round.

  181. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "2 run-outs in the day, Australia 226-8. Having won the toss. On a lovely batting track. If you're waking up in England, croak a happy cheer."

  182. 0702 Commentary FIFTY FOR BRAD HADDIN  

    Haddin goes inside out and thumps a couple over cover off Anderson, who follows the wicketkeeper's retreat to the legside with his next delivery, thumping Haddin in the chest. Intelligent bowling. But Haddin is a trooper with a heart the size of an elephant, bringing up his half-century with a huge six over Jonathan Trott's head at fine leg and into the stands. This has the makings of being a thoroughly annoying innings for the tourists. If Siddle can hang around with Haddo swinging like Lee Westwood, then Australia could get something from what has been a nightmare day on a dreamy batting track. Aus 242-8.

  183. 0707 Commentary Aus: 242-8  

    The Siddler keeps his bat clear of Stuart Broad's 18th over, ensuring he's still about to keep Haddin company as he lays siege against England's new-ball bowlers.

  184. WICKET Siddle c Cook b Anderson 3 (242-9)  

    ANDERSON! AGAIN! Just after seeing Siddle drop just short of Alastair Cook at midwicket with the previous delivery, the number 10 plays an indentical stroke - only with more force - allowing the ball to carry straight to the Essex opener. In comes number 11 Doug Bollinger, a man with a Test average of six.

  185. 07:13 Commentary Aus: 243-9  

    A huge cry erupts as Anderson raps the left-handed Bollinger on the front pad, but Tony Hill looks absolutely disgusted, as if someone has replaced his Frosties with All Bran.

  186. WICKET Haddin c Finn b Broad 56 (Aus 245)  

    England's fielders spread as Haddin takes strike against Broad, hitting a well-placed leg-side dab for two. However, Haddin top-edges a short delivery straight into the hands of Steve Finn positioned on the deep square leg boundary. Superb, superb performance from England.

  187. 0720 Commentary  

    Looks like England's openers will have\u00a0one over to negotiate before the end of play.\u00a0\u00a0This is quite\u00a0unbelievable - Australia?\u00a0 All out for 245?\u00a0 At Adelaide?\u00a0\u00a0England captain Andrew Strauss calls for the\u00a0heavy roller, which can only flatten this already flat track\u00a0even more.\u00a0

  188. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Adelaide Oval  

    "Australia all out for 245. Repeat: Australia all out for 245. Jimmy 4-51. After Ponting won toss and chose to bat. Adelaide-hee-ho."

  189. SMS  

    From Aussie Tim, London, TMS inbox:\u00a0"Just waking up in London resigned to the fact that the next month or so is going to be tough - and not because of the weather."

  190. 07:27 Commentary  

    No nightwatchman for England as Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook stride out to the middle. Looks like Ryan "Rhino" Harris (whose nickname I incorrectly dubbed "Rolf", although it's infinitely more interesting) will bowl his first Ashes over.

  191. 0732 CLOSE OF PLAY England 1-0  

    Three slips, a gully and a short mid-off greet Alastair Cook after a leg bye off Strauss' front pad. Good wheels from Harris, racking up 89mph on the speedgun, which is made the more remarkable considering his very truncated run-up. His next delivery breaks the 90mph barrier, but it's way down legside. One more ball to go...and Cook jabs his bat down in time to keep out a full swinging delivery. But as the openers wander off, Ricky Ponting confronts Andrew Strauss - and it doesn't look friendly either. "Get off the pitch Ricky," instructs Michael Vaughan on the radio.

  192. Commentary  

    From Mark, Kent, TMS inbox: "It's mornings like these I wish I knew more Australians."

  193. Commentary  

    From Matt, Linthwaite, TMS inbox: "It may be nearly -10 here in the Pennines, but the Aussies are most definitely -10 in Adelaide!!"

  194. Commentary  

    From Andy, Shepherds Bush, TMS inbox: "Dominant, dare I say it? It's a long time since i've felt that about England down under."

  195. Commentary  

    From Matt Wakeman, TMS inbox: "Have to go and pick up my Aussie girlfriend from Heathrow this morning as she has been home for three weeks. Would it be worth a long silent drive home to make flippant remarks about the cricket? It is, isn't it..."

  196. 0741 Commentary  

    By gum - what a day.\u00a0 What a day of top-class bowling.\u00a0 There's still plenty more on offer from BBC Sport to get you through "wear your old band T-shirt to work day" with Geoff Boycott and Jonathan Agnew's podcast (currently number one on iTunes - eat that Justin Bieber), Tom Fordyce's thoroughly entertaining blog, Aggers' column and a host of other material as it comes in.

  197. SMS  

    From Joe, Durham: "Such glorious scenes have got me through an all-night essay writing crisis, best night since Cooky's double ton."

  198. 0749 Commentary  

    For those of you rubbing your eyes in disbelief, almost to the point of tears after reading the score - it could have been even better. Simon Katich was run out without facing a ball from the fourth delivery of the match, swiftly followed back in the hutch by captain Ricky Ponting from the very next delivery. Ponting has an incredible record at the Adelaide Oval - in 14 Tests the Aussie captain has scored 1433 runs at an average of 59.71.\u00a0 However, it was a big fat zero on his 150th Test appearance on his 15th appearance. The out-of-sorts Michael Clarke followed shortly after, edging James Anderson to second slip before a rebuilding partnership between Shane Watson and Mike Hussey.

  199. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England have got under the skin of Ponting.. More good signs that he is ruffled.. Fantastic day..."

  200. 0756 Commentary  

    So my day has come to a close, but I sense gloating over anyone from the southern hemisphere will be order of the day for plenty of English men and women across the globe.\u00a0 Cue lots of bemused Chileans and Namibians wondering what a platinum duck is. I'm back later this evening, thank you one and all for your texts and emails, they've been keeping me going while I've been slowly suffering with the lurgie. Until this 2300 GMT...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • England beat Australia by an innings and 71 runs
  • Australia: 245 & 304 (99.1 overs)
  • England: 620-5 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

Australia 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 304
Watson c Strauss b Finn 57
Katich c Prior b Swann 43
Ponting c Collingwood b Swann 9
Clarke c Cook b Pietersen 80
Hussey c Anderson b Finn 52
North lbw b Swann 22
Haddin c Prior b Anderson 12
Harris lbw b Anderson 0
Doherty b Swann 5
Siddle b Swann 6
Bollinger not out 7
Extras 5w 5b 1lb 11

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