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Australia v England first Test day five as it happened

  1. 2320 Commentary  

    Morning all. Great match so far - and with all results still possible, who knows what will happen today. Here's the facts as we know them: play starts at 2345 GMT with England 88 runs ahead of Australia and with nine wickets in hand.

  2. Twitter  

    From Aggersashes on Twitter: "Sun out at the Gabba. Heavy roller trundling over flat-looking pitch. On air 2330. Starts 2345"

  3. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Barely any Aussie fans at the ground this morning. Consensus among ex-players and pundits necking coffees is that draw must be clear favourite - pitch still looks as menacing as Last of Summer Wine Xmas special. But after the first four days here, who's brave enough to rule anything out?"

  4. SMS  

    Jack, London: Declare after the morning session and then promptly bowl Australia out for 47. Too optimistic?

  5. 2341 Commentary  

    Umpires are on their way... "start from scratch today", says Alastair Cook, who resumes on 132 not out alongside Jonathan Trott, who is on 54. And here comes the Australians, slowly emerging from their dressing room. Big roar greets the England batsmen.

  6. 2350 - Eng 310-1 Commentary  

    While we wait for Dirsy to make his way to work through the London tube strike, Peter Siddle takes the first over and there's a scampered leg bye to get England off the mark for the day . Big cracks in the pitch - you could lose a lifetime's worth of car keys down there.

  7. Twitter  
    From BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce on Twitter: "Gabba 90% empty. The remaining 10% is 100% England fans. Heartening."
  8. SMS  

    James, UK: No scares please England. Bad weather and bad cricket do not make for a happy nightshift.

  9. 2355 - Eng 312-1 Commentary  

    Cook is on strike to\u00a0Siddle and there are no devils in this wicket, as we expected, and no sideways movement whatsoever. He's very close to the English record score at the Gabba (achieved by Ian Botham in 1986) and he looks in the mood to go well past that and get what Graham Gooch calls a "daddy hundred". Siddle beats Cook - now that's an achievement - with one that just darted\u00a0off a crack, and the\u00a0fifth ball of the over disappears for a couple of runs to deep mid-wicket.

  10. 0002 - Eng 316-1 Commentary  

    Trott hits Hilfenhaus out to deep extra-cover with a perfectly controlled drive, and gets three for his efforts. Cook gets a single with a leg-glance. I don't know about you but I think England should bat all day and hope one of the Australian bowlers gets injured. No value in bowling on this track.

  11. 0007 - Eng 320-1 Commentary  

    Morning! Many thanks to Oliver Brett for holding the fort, Ben Dirs in the hotseat now - spot of bother on Whitechapel Road. Another set of lights, I probably still would have been there. I join you as Cook goes hard at a Siddle delivery and the ball flies through vacant third slip - masticate on your gum as hard as you like, Ricky, should have had a man there...


    Hilfenhaus to continue. This crowd's not much cop, saying that, probably wouldn't be much different back in Blighty. Alastair Cook has now overtaken Sir Ian Beefy's top score for an Englishman in an Ashes Test at The Gabba. That's a maiden, no alarms and no surprises...

  13. SMS  

    Anon: "Mr Dirs, for some ready made material, watch the game with subtitles. We've already had two slips and a girlie and a nice joke from Trott. They are ready-made gems for a long night."


    Short from Siddle and Cook feathers an under-edge past Haddin for four - that's a record second-wicket partnership for England at The Gabba, beating Mark Butcher and Nasser Hussain in 1998. Siddle tries out a slower ball and Cook persuades into the covers for a few.

  15. Commentary  

    Rob, Essex, in the TMS inbox: "You\u2019ve mentioned Ponting\u2019s gum already. Could you come up with a handy \u2018masticator index\u2019 - the product of rate of chew and force of jaws perhaps\u00a0- in order to give us a better indication of the Hobbit\u2019s frustration as it grows through the day?"

  16. 0019 - Eng 327-1 Commentary  

    If you get bored of watching this I strongly suggest you get involved with Tom Fordyce's splendid blog from The Gabba, or indeed Justin Langer's piece on yesterday's key moments for the website. They rock. Maiden over from Hilfenhaus, always probing, always nagging... Michael Vaughan suggesting Australia's bowlers try scrambling the seam, might as well try something...

  17. Commentary  

    Jamie Fish, Singapore, originally Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox: "It's fancy dress today at The Gabba, all the Australians have turned up dressed as seats."

  18. 0024 - Eng 337-1 Commentary  

    Single apiece for Cook and Trott, a three-man ripple of applause in White City for Jamie Fish's comment below. Streaky four for Trott, a skewed drive past the slips and away for four. Siddle changing his angles, bowling wider of the crease, and Trott picks up four more streaky runs courtesy of another iffy drive. The camera pans round The Gabba, not an Aussie in sight... the Barmy Army 'avin it, 'avin it, 'avin it, you'd have to think this can't be great for the spirit of Ricky Ponting's team...

  19. 0028 - Eng 340-1 Commentary 150 - ALASTAIR COOK  

    Some slow-clapping from the England fans as Punter takes his time - the Aussie skipper's not coming out of this slaughter particularly well. If England can take his wicket cheaply this evening, things could get even more uncomfortable. Rolex timing from Cook, steering Hilfenhaus into the covers for three, and that's the 150 partnership and the 150 for Cook. It's a home match for England, the Barmy Army have stormed The Gabba!

  20. 0035 - Eng 343-1 Commentary  

    Another conflab before Mitchell Johnson's first over - not sure what Punter can say to him really, other than skittle a few or you're toast, mate. Trott nibbles off his pads for an easy single and Cook clips to mid-wicket for one. I was sitting there watching Antiques Roadshow before I came out this evening, with X Factor on the other side, and the thought occurred to me - either you're with me or you're against me, but when the day of reckoning comes, I am utterly convinced a billion Justin Bieber fans will melt when faced with the quiet dignity and erudition of a thousand Majolika enthusiasts.

  21. 0042 - Eng 343-1 Commentary  

    Another maiden over from Hilfenhaus... shot of Pietersen and Collingwood up on the England balcony, feet up, collars raised, like a couple of old muckers on Southend Beach.\u00a0Johnson hits a crack, but they're not really nasty cracks, just cracks... Johnson gets one to lift into Trott's gloves, maiden over, but\u00a0Mitchell has lacked any kind of penetration in this Test match, like trying to push a marshmallow into a money-box...

  22. Commentary  

    David Moore, Australia, in the TMS inbox: "I would suggest the reason we are 'dressing up as empty seats' is because unlike the UK, we have these things called jobs to go to on a Monday. Strange concept I know. Right, back to work now... Bring on Adelaide!"

  23. 0047 - Eng 347-1 Commentary  

    Watson into the attack now and Cook picks up four with a thick outside edge off a drive... This dressing up as empty seats, not sure it's that new a concept, they've been doing it for years at the JJB Stadium...

  24. 0050 - Eng 355-1 Commentary  

    Johnson steaming in from around the wicket and Trott rocks onto the front foot and eases him away for four. Absolutely no menace about Johnson at the moment, and if he's not bowling quick, you have to wonder what he's for - it's like sticking a\u00a0Ford Mondeo engine in your new\u00a0Maserati.\u00a0Another iffy drive from Trott, four more down to third-man...

  25. SMS  

    Anon: "I'd like to congratulate the thousands of Australians, including David Moore (see below), who have gained employment over the weekend, because these 'jobs' didn't se em to exist on Thursday and Friday..."


    That gum in Ponting's mouth will be paste in a minute - another four off the edge, this time an educated one off the bat of Cook. One more for Cook off the bowling of Watson with a tickle round the corner - DROP! Trott looking to twirl down to third-man, edging, and Clarke shelling a sitter at slip. Never in all my days of watching Australia play Test cricket have I seen them look so ragged.

  27. 0103 - Eng 370-1 Commentary  

    Short and wide from Johnson and Cook carves him through backward-point for four - bread and butter for the Essex southpaw. Short from Johnson and Cook swings him away for a single... deary me, it's not getting any better for Mitchell - that looked a bit 'yippy' to me, yanking it miles down leg and away for four. For the record, the last time England's top three all made tons in\u00a0a Test was\u00a0against South Africa at Lord's\u00a0in 1928, the batsmen Hobbs of Surrey, Sutcliffe of Yorkshire and Woolley of Kent (poor man's Essex).\u00a0\u00a0

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "They say nothing is easy in the slips but at this level that should be swallowed. Clarke's a good catcher so all I can think is concentration. It's a sign he wasn't expecting anything to come to him. You could see all the shoulders of the other fielders drop in an instant - it's not often you see that in an Australian team. Their reaction was one of 'No! Where are we going to get another chance?'."

  29. Commentary  

    John Leung, Calgary, in the TMS inbox: "I noticed a large influx of Calgarians following the Ashes\u00a0on day four; and since I am doing a five-minute audio project on the Ashes for my broadcasting classes at Mount Royal University, I am wondering if any England supporters in Calgary would be interested in being interviewed briefly on the matter. If anyone is interested, you can give them my direct email address!"

  30. Commentary  

    The Canon in the TMS inbox: "Re David Moore's comment (see below): Presumably those jobs aren't in stadium seat manufacture, as there appears to be a gross over-supply going by the current state of The Gabba."

  31. 0110 - Eng 371-1 Commentary  

    Doherty now with his left-arm darts, Trott blocks out a maiden over. "All those jobs in Australia," emails Michael from New Zealand, "I do hope that some of them are as bowling and catching coaches..." Boycs just mentioned his mother! No rhubarb, though, just his mother...


    Short and wide from Watson and Cook whip-cracks him through backward-point for four. A real huckleberry of a stroke to follow, a florid extra-cover drive on the up, straight through the fielder's hands and away for four - that's Cook's highest score in Tests, 175, and this is now England's highest second-wicket partnership in Australia... England now lead by 158...

  33. Commentary  

    Ben, Sydney, in the TMS inbox: "There are a lot of Englishmen who seemed to be very chuffed with themselves over this performance. I think you need to remind yourselves you were batting to save the match on a dead wicket. Nothing has been proven yet. Just reel it in a bit..."

  34. 0118 - 387-1 Commentary  

    John Leung (see below), I am compiling a list of fellow Calgarians for you and I will send them over at close of play... Trott all over Doherty like jam, first unfurling a real cutie, a delicate back-cut for four, before cutting so late\u00a0the shot\u00a0almost doesn't arrive, but when it does is worth four more...

  35. 0123 - Eng 388-1 Commentary  

    That's the 200 partnership , from 333 balls, courtesy of another Cook cut for one. Punter looks slightly hollow, as if someone has burgled his chi.

  36. 0125 - Eng 402-1 Commentary  

    From now on this match is about psychological point-scoring and there's another one to England, Cook dancing down the track and swinging\u00a0debutant Doherty over mid-wicket for four... big old turner from Doherty and it races away down leg-side for four more... AND\u00a0ANOTHER! Eight byes from two balls, England should declare and open\u00a0up with Swanny, it's\u00a0fair snorting out of those footmarks.\u00a0England 402-1. England 402-1. England 402-1. Nope, you're not seeing things...

  37. 0132 - Eng 409-1 Commentary  

    Watson locates the edge of Trott's bat and the ball runs away to the third-man fence for four more. Ponting gets a volley from Sir Boycs in the TMS inbox, and it's difficult not to agree with him, the Aussie skipper has had all the presence of a middle-manager in a\u00a0telecoms company while his team has melted around him. Two more for Trott with a flick to leg...

  38. 0134 - Eng 409-1 Commentary  

    Doherty rambles through another over of left-arm orthodox, it's a maiden, England lead by 188 with nine wickets remaining...

  39. 0139 - Eng 414-1 Commentary  

    Time for the off-spin of Marcus North and Trott drops to one knee and paddles him for a couple. A cheeky single into the covers for Trott, as Neil emails in to say: "I've still got the Aussie papers from yesterday, if Ben in Sydney (see below)\u00a0wants to talk about reeling it in a bit..." Cook rocks back and cuts hard and pick up two. Will England have a go at the Aussies at some point? As someone once said:\u00a0"A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for.\u201d

  40. 0144 - Eng 419-1 Commentary  

    Right in the slot from Doherty and Cook eases him through the covers for a doozy of a four. Punter and vice-skipper Clarke have a chat between overs, and apparently some Aussie fans have been barracking\u00a0Ponting for his time-wasting tactics - a sign of things to come? Maiden from North...

  41. 0146 - Eng 420-1 Commentary  

    Not sure who these fans are who were coating Ponting, I'm pretty sure Shane Warne and Jim Maxwell are the only non-playing Aussies in the ground. Trott has now gone past 1000 runs for 2010. One for Cook, just one from Doherty's over...


    North drops short and Cook reels off another cut for four, before the Essex man gets stuck into a rank full-bunger, hoicking it over mid-wicket for four more. Two more into the covers and Cook now 199, and that's his highest first-class score.

  43. THAT'S 200  

    Trott paddles round the corner for one to move to 94 and Cook has two balls to reach\u00a0a maiden double-ton - only Hammond (three times), 'Tip' Foster and Paul Collingwood have done that in Australia before... there it is, full-toss on leg and Cookie nibbles him to leg for a single.

  44. 0156 - Eng 434-1 Commentary  

    Cook not an over-the-top celebrator - lid off, gaze at the sky,\u00a0a sheepish smile, as if he's done no more than\u00a0drive a ball into the downstairs toilet\u00a0for four in corridor cricket. Trott has his sights on a second Ashes ton in his second Ashes\u00a0Test and he moves to 94 with a nurdle to leg. \u00a0

  45. THAT'S 100  

    Even Ponting's gum-chewing looks a little half-hearted now, and he never goes easy on his gum - he doesn't chew it, he teaches it a lesson. Trott tickles off his legs for a couple before moving to his ton with a whip to mid-wicket for a hard-run three.

  46. 0201 - Eng 439-1 INTERVAL  

    That's lunch - Australia being ground into dust by England, this has been a real old howitzer landed on the chin of Australia - expect quick runs after lunch and maybe a late dart for wickets...

  47. Commentary  

    Malcolm Frazer expat gynaecologist Brisbane in the TMS inbox: "Ships Mr Dirs? Ships?! What do you imagine the Australians would do in a similar position? When blockading the French fleet in Toulon in 1804, the Royal Navy would have been delighted if the Frenchies had been accommodating enough to emerge and allow Nelson to sink a few. But did they? No they\u00a0ruddy didn't - and neither should we. The object of Test cricket is to take 10 wickets twice."

  48. Commentary  

    R printing out mosquitoes in Thailand in the TMS inbox: "You are using 'persuade' too much. Just checked in Thesaurus. How about: induce, coerce, influence, sway, or even inveigle. Incline seems would do also."

  49. Twitter  

    dixewills: "Looking on at this, Strauss must be disappointed - he could have filled his boots here."

  50. Twitter  

    mattianwilson: "This is the kind of ridiculous scorecard I used to get when I put Brian Lara Cricket on easy mode."

  51. Commentary  

    Rowan, feeling slightly less smug, Spain in the TMS inbox: "Cook makes his 200 just as I dip my hand into a bag of mixed nuts, allowing a rogue pistachio to make it past visual screening and its shell to duly shred my gums to pieces. First bit of poor timing all innings."

  52. Commentary  

    Liam, a diagnosed insomniac since Thursday, in the TMS inbox: "Oi! I'm a middle manager in a telecoms company and can assure you even I wouldn't have picked this Xavier fella!"

  53. Twitter  

    karthikraj: "The problem with the England cricket team is they just can't accept the fact that they are better than Australia..."

  54. 0233 Commentary  

    Some odds for you: with William Hill, England are currently 12-1 for the win, Aussie 66-1, the draw 1-50, I'd keep your money in your pocket to be honest...

  55. 0237 Commentary  

    I would strongly recommend you don't retire to bed quite yet, by the way, there could be a few fireworks after lunch. Unless, of course, you work as a long-distance lorry driver or operate a lathe. \u00a0

  56. Commentary  

    BocaJunior, Toronto, Canada: "This backslapping is all very well, but it only obscures the fact that it means absolutely nothing if you don\u2019t win the match."

  57. 0240 Commentary  

    Players taking to the field, we'll have play in a minute. BocaJunior, may I take you up on that point - I'm not sure I agree, seeing as 'The Gabbatoir' is normally where England get slaughtered and also because England own the Ashes. Personally, I wouldn't mind if we drew all five.

  58. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Surreal atmosphere round the ground at lunch. Englishmen rubbing their eyes with disbelief - it's like they've entered a parallel, dream-like universe. Wheels haven't just come off the Aussie team - so have the wing-mirrors, the bumpers, the doors..."

  59. 0245 - Eng 441-1 Commentary  

    Mitchell Johnson to resume after luncheon. Dunno what's happened to this lad - it is easy to forget he has taken 166 wickets in 38 Tests at 29, they're no mean figures. Trott slides into the covers for a couple, interesting to see if England slip up a gear here, let's hope so.

  60. Twitter  

    jonnybristol in the TMS inbox: "Pietersen is going to look like Salvador Dali by the time he gets in."

  61. 0249 - Eng 442-1 Commentary  

    Doherty to continue and there's just one run from the over, a leg-side nurdle from Cook.\u00a0Salvador Dali? (see below) By the time Pietersen gets in he'll look more like Don the Tramp from Brentwood high street.

  62. 0253 - Eng 443-1 Commentary  

    Cook steers Johnson into the covers for a quick single, no sign of this acceleration yet. I'm in the market for a new winter sweater - any advice? I did pop in Zara but it's all gone chunky cable-knit in there, I'd look like Captain Birdseye.

  63. 0257 - Eng 444-1 Commentary  

    The sad news reaches me that Leslie Nielsen - of Naked Gun and Airplane! fame - has passed away. "It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day." "Goodyear?" "No, the worst..." If these are fireworks, they're not very good ones - one from that Doherty over, from the bat of Cook...

  64. 0302 - Eng 449-1 Commentary  

    The longer I stare at this score, the stranger the numbers look - 444-1. 444-1. 444-1. Nope, still can't take it in. Leg-stumper from Johnson and Trott laces him through mid-wicket for four...


    Cook twirls Doherty through the covers for a couple and that is now the highest score by an Essex batter - don't even bother! I'll just dig out the OED - in an Ashes Test, beating Nasser Hussain's 207 at Edgbaston in 1997.


    Oh my giddy aunt, Johnson striving for the yorker and the ball slides down leg and away for four byes - wicketkeeper Haddin is openly laughing at that. This is now the highest stand by any visiting pair at The Gabba and England's lead is now 236 runs.

  67. Commentary  

    Ange, Christchurch, in the TMS inbox: "Sweaters? Any trendy guy that knows his gear is wearing Icebreaker merino from New Zealand..."


    Five dot balls... WICKET?! Cook flicks to mid-wicket, Ponting stoops and he reckons he's taken it - we've got a replay...

  69. NOT OUT  

    Listen to that reception - NOT OUT! Difficult to be honest, different camera angles show different things, from some it looked like he got his fingers underneath it, from others it looked like it bounced, so I don't blame Ponting for looking a little bit miffed. Yeh, the thing is Ange (see below), I like merino wool and everything, but it's not the most forgiving material, I fear I'd look a bit like Jayne Mansfield.

  70. 0319 - Eng 466-1 Commentary  

    Slightly sour note there, Sir Boycs apoplectic that Umpire Dar didn't make a decision on the spot. I should add that the depth of field of television sometimes suggests catches haven't carried when they have... oh, I don't know. Short and wide from Johnson and Cook climbs into it, flashing to the point boundary. Trott drives for a few, he's now 110... this is a score from another age, and that age must have been a good one...

  71. 0323 - Eng 476-1 Commentary  

    Someone on Twitter has just pointed out that we've now had one wicket in approximately 860 deliveries, bonkers. Cook giving it some humpty, skipping down the track and slapping Doherty over the top for four. Big appeal for lbw but that\u00a0hit\u00a0Cook miles outside the line. Oh, that is Boycott-esque from Trott, jabbing Doherty to the long-on fence. Cook now has the seventh-highest score by an Englishman against Australia.


    Short from Watson and Cook pulls with alacrity for four. DROPPED! AND IT'S PUNTER IN THE SLIPS! That's five gone down now, although that was by no means a sitter, Ponting diving low to his left. Look at that face, crash, bang, wallop, what a picture. Oooh, stick that lofted drive in a little black dress, that is sexy from Trott, one foot down the track, high elbow, Watson lofted straight for four. We have lift-off...

  73. Commentary  

    Alex, Portsmouth, in the TMS inbox: '"Leslie Nielsen's in a better place." "A better place? What is it?" "A construct to help cope with grief, but that's not important right now."


    Just two runs from Doherty's over and it's Watson again. He gets one to nip back at Trott and take him in the guts and the gets another to jag, but Trott got bat on that. There's the 300 partnership courtesy of a straight drive from Trott, and that's only the second time ever there have been two triple-hundred partnerships in the same Test. The Hussey-Haddin effort was 307, and what a shot that is from Trott, a cover-drive for the ages...


    Cook sashays down the track and splatters Doherty to the wide long-on fence... and that's the half-a-thousand, 503-1... and this is now the record partnership for this ground, in all Tests... and Cook is now the longestest England batsman in a Test in Australia... I could be making all of this up...

  76. 0342 - Eng 505-1 DRINKS BREAK  

    As you may have noticed from all those weird beard-faced graphics popping up, this may well be the recordest Test match on record, but I can't be sure. Cook square-drives North for a single. That fella below was right, Strauss has had a stinker... drinks... Trott has now featured in two of England's top-10 highest partnership, following on from his effort with Stuart Broad at Lord's.\u00a0

  77. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "You don\u2019t want a turnstile effect with players coming and going because you can't create any foundations for a successful team. Australia have been losing more matches than winning but the selectors haven't been making any changes. I don't expect any changes because they have sat on their hands for the last year and a half."

  78. 0350 - Eng 509-1 Commentary  

    Four runs from that Doherty over, much milking going on. In years to come, you will be able to tell your grandchildren: "I remember it well, the day\u00a0our boys\u00a0ground Australia into dust in Brisbane." And your grandchildren will say: "Bore off grandad, I've got no idea what cricket is." Which will be a shame.

  79. 0354 - Eng 513-1 Commentary  

    Were this a timeless Test match, as they had in olden days, I reckon Pietersen would be batting around Easter. If I was him I'd learn a language or\u00a0something, do something useful with his time.\u00a0Trott pushes to mid-off, pushes off, and beats a direct hit from the fielder. A couple more singles from the over, this Australian attack dangling now like a tattered windsock...


    Alastair Cook, it also transpires, now has the highest score by any player in Brisbane,\u00a0passing\u00a0Donald Bradman. Two singles from Doherty's over, England lead by 294... Collingwood's taken his pads off, packed them up, which means what, I do not know...

  81. Commentary  

    Lisa in the TMS inbox: "And another statistic tumbles: that's now two overs without a record falling..."

  82. Commentary  

    Latho in Sydney in the TMS inbox: "Permission to shout 'BRAVO' in an annoyingly loud voice Sir?"

  83. ENGLAND 517-1 DECLARED Commentary  

    Latho in Sydney (see below), permission granted - Strauss waves them in from the balcony, England have declared...

  84. Commentary  

    Graham Kelly, Crew Controller, in the TMS inbox: "Lovely stuff. This is making my nightshift bearable despite one of our aircraft diverting into Bucharest! Say no more! Come on boys!"

  85. Commentary  

    Steve in the TMS inbox: "Listening to the ABC in Brisbane, they have just stopped commentary to listen to the Barmy Army and it sounds like they are 100,000 strong. All Kerry O'Keefe can come back with is that they are cheering a draw - but, oh, it is so much more than that Kerry!"

  86. 0407 Commentary  

    I should add that the England lead is 296, and\u00a0Australia have 41 overs to reach\u00a0the target. I actually think that's a pretty generous declaration...\u00a0"If Australia win this Test, I shan't be filing a report," says\u00a0our regular report-filer to my right... \u00a0

  87. Commentary  

    Craig in the TMS inbox: "I would have made them field til their feet bled."

  88. Commentary  

    Andrew Latham in the TMS inbox: "'BRAVO' - which rung nicely around this morgue of a Sydney office... Can't wait to fly down to Adelaide on Friday for more of this stuff!"

  89. 0411 Commentary  

    Players are out, we shall have some play in a minute or so. "I've just qualified for my uni's university challenge team. Any tips?" emails Jon L.

  90. 0413 - Aus 0-0 Commentary  

    Only three slips in for the right-handed Watson, not sure why, you might as well stick an umbrella field around the bat. Anderson not swinging the ball, but they're all on the spot and Watson is right behind them. Jon L (see below), do you know any very pompousand withering\u00a0men?

  91. 0418 - Aus 2-0 Commentary  

    The left-handed Katich is next in the firing line and Broad it is to bowl... Katich fences dangerously but doesn't get a touch. There's the first runs of the innings courtesy of an angled nubbin to third-man.

  92. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England have a great chance to take a few scalps to Adelaide. Could anything else happen? Could they take a few quick wickets and force a win? There's only a small chance but I would like us to get at Ponting, get him out cheaply and make life very difficult for the Australian captain. Australia admitted they would target Andrew Strauss and he got a hundred, England have never said that publicly but I guarantee they have said it in the dressing room."

  93. Commentary  

    Stevie Ray in HK in the TMS inbox: "Jon L. 0411. Tell them you are reading Test Cricket. Your starter for 10 - Which was the last Test side to go more than 24 hours without taking a wicket?"

  94. 0422 - Aus 2-0 Commentary  

    Bright sunshine at The Gabba as Anderson steams in... Watson dropping the shutters. Here's Ollie Brett to take you to tea...

  95. 0425 - Aus 4-0 Commentary  

    A high Broad bouncer at Katich is wided. Jim Maxwell on Test Match Special is appalled by Broad's indiscretion but it's minor compared to what some of the Australians were doing. Another over goes by, pretty sure there will be no have-a-go heroes for Australia.

  96. SMS  

    I'm Dave from Worcestershire. It's clear we should have at least let Cook get 250 and Trott 150, although I think we've proved a lot of people wrong clawing this one back, COME ON ENGLAND. 2-1 I reckon for the series

  97. 0430 - Aus 5-0 Commentary  

    No swing, no seam - I reckon Swann will be on very soon after tea. Katich works Anderson for a single and Watson is beaten by a lovely ball that darts past his outside edge.

  98. 0432 - Aus 5-1 WICKET Katich c Strauss b Broad 4  

    We have a WICKET. The first of the day. Tired prod from Katich, nice nick to Strauss at slip.

  99. 0436 - Aus 6-1 (Target - 297) Commentary  

    I did this live text for about 15 minutes yeterday and "got" the Strauss wicket, now this happens! Weird, huh? Ponting out to face the music, can't be relishing this. He ducks two bouncers and gloves one down the leg side. One over to go before tea.

  100. 0441 - Aus 11-1 INTERVAL  

    That's TEA on the final day, England have had a wonderful last six sessions in this match, but here's something silly - Pietersen producing a ridiculous throw which gifts the Aussies four runs extra runs in overthrows as Ponting scampers a safe single. KP does that far, far too often. Anderson beats Watson for the second time in two overs. 34 overs maximum after tea.

  101. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Sorry I'm late. Been working on a big new database. What's all this about you, Fordyce and the illegally misappropriated uranium enrichment programme (leak no. 243,674)? You've been keeping that one quiet."

  102. Commentary  

    Andrew in the TMS inbox: "So Strauss got the lowest score in both innings, surely a resigning matter?"

  103. Commentary  

    Ben, Sydney, in the TMS inbox: "I've been annoyed and frustrated at the Aussie cricket team in the past, but never embarrassed. I now know how it feels to be an England fan, and I can tell you, my friends, it's not pleasant."

  104. Commentary  

    Peter J, Florida, in the TMS inbox: "I can't see it, I can't hear it. But I can definitely FEEL it... Come on England!"

  105. 0505 - Aus 17-1 Commentary  

    Here we go again, and it's Broad to continue to Ponting - Get Punter! That will be England's main remaining aim.\u00a0One for Ponting before Watson\u00a0shoulders arms and that doesn't miss the off-stump by an awful lot. Broad strays down leg and Watson's off the mark from his 24th ball with a nibble off his pads. One more for Watson with a nurdle to leg.

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "In the past England so often lost the first Test and Australia were cock-a-hoop before this match, saying the Gabba is a citadel where they would win. But they aren't going to and there are a lot of plusses for England, a lot of pyschological points. They will have great confidence because they know there's nothing in Australia's bowling and they have batted very well in the second innings."

  107. 0509 - Aus 26-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    Bell is strapping some guards on, I reckon we'll see Swanny on soon, and he's got plenty to prove. Nice length from Anderson, just outside off, but that's a sweet shot from Watson, a lip-smacking cover-drive. All-run four to follow courtesy of a meaty\u00a0square-cut...\u00a0

  108. 0515 - Aus 30-1 Commentary  

    Spot\u00a0of Great Escape from the Barmy Army, although not sure that's entirely accurate. That said, I'm not sure\u00a0the bugler's\u00a0got the sheet music to anything else. Watson likes that straight drive and this one brings three... that's not great from Ponting, think that was a slow bumper from Broad and the Aussie skipper met it with a rather tentative swat and he takes it in the midriff. Time for Swann...


    Slip, short-leg, silly point in for Punter, who latches onto an over-pitched delivery from Swann and creams him down the ground for four. Exquisite. DROP! Remarkable - Watson lunging forward and Collingwood puts down a chance he'd normally have for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

  110. 0522 - Aus 36-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    Better length from Broad and Watson gets neither forward nor back and the ball takes\u00a0Watson's edge. No swing, though, for Broad, which is what the Kookaburra ball is supposed to do when it's new...\u00a0

  111. 0529 - Aus 40-1 Commentary  

    Quick single from Punter after a push to cover-point and Watson picks up a couple to leg. The trumpeter mixing things up a bit now, really slipping through the genres\u00a0- we've had Stenders, Neighbours and now he's treating us to a spot of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division. Someone ask him\u00a0if\u00a0he knows\u00a0how to play 'Atrocity Exhibition', in honour of that Australian bowling display.

  112. 0534 - Aus 41-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    Swann floats one up and Punter nibbles him off his pads for one before Watson leans back and steers him through point for another. One more for Ponting with a prod into the covers, he's now 17...

  113. 0538 - Aus 54-1 Commentary  

    A possible 26 overs left today, time for Stephen Finn, who took a six-for in his first Ashes innings. Afternoon delight from Ponting, driving straight for four. Whoa, that's classic Punter, short from Finn and the Aussie skipper pulls him away for four - fifty up for the Aussies. Nasty! Shortish from Finn, Ponting ducks and he's cracked on the side of the lid - leg-bye for it. Watson dabs into the covers and scampers one before Punter steals the strike. Only Fools and Horses now! This is Ivor Novello stuff!

  114. 0540 - Aus 62-1 Commentary  

    Risky shot from Watson, sweeping for one, before Punter genuflects and follows up with something slightly less holy, a dirty great slog-sweep for four.

  115. 0545 - Aus 68-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    Watson stands tall and pushes into the covers for one before Ponting swivels on one and makes one disappear over square-leg. Another controlled pull from Punter, this time for one, and the Aussie skipper looking in pretty good nick. Twenty-three overs, potentially, remaining...

  116. 0549 - Aus 71-1 Commentary  

    Ponting tries to force off his stumps but misses out, but he moves to 41 with a thick outside-edge for four\u00a0- decent bowling that from Swann.

  117. Commentary  

    Jeff, expat in Melbourne, in the TMS inbox: "Anyone else worried that Strauss might have given Punter the chance to get his eye in just before Adelaide? He looks imposing..."

  118. 0552 - Aus 77-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    It's Ponting playing all the shots,\u00a0Watson has the handbreak off and is rolling towards\u00a0the close... short from Finn and Watson clobbers him through mid-wicket for four... Finn strays onto Watson's pads and is nibbled away for one. About 20 overs left in the day, although we won't get all those in, this match is drawn...

  119. 0556 - Aus 83-1 Commentary  

    That ball from Swann went sideways and it's beaten Prior behind the timbers and raced away for four. Two more for Watson with an educated edge... someone\u00a0fetch the snuffer, time to put this contest out...

  120. 0600 - Aus 86-1 Commentary  

    For all the records that have been flying about like confetti today - and however splendid it has been to see England compile the score they did - I can't help thinking this hasn't been a great day for Test cricket. Serve the punters up\u00a0a road and they'll likely take the first exit...\u00a0Ponting rocks back and punches Finn into the covers for three, the only runs of the over... we could have stumps in a mere four overs...

  121. 0604 - Aus 90-1 Commentary  

    A couple of singles apiece for Ponting and Watson from that Swann over before Punter plays an iffy drive to mid-wicket...

  122. 0607 - Aus 95-1 (target 297) Commentary  

    KP INTO THE ATTACK! The day just got sillier. Watson pushes into the covers, runs one, and Finn misses the stumps - and Prior - and the ball ricochets off the helmet. That's five. Can't help thinking England have handed back some of the initiative in this final session - then again, they had to have a dart I suppose. KP drags one down and Ponting prods into the covers for a leisurely single.


    Richard Ponting has made 50 from 40 balls, equalling the fastest Ashes half century... Swann over-pitches and is clubbed down the ground for four - clubbed not really the correct description, he plays that shot rather well. Swann still not right, and his last ball is tugged away for one. Couple of overs left, we think...

  124. 0612 - Aus 107-1 Commentary MATCH DRAWN  

    Watson lunges and scampers one for a thick edge before Punter swivels and steers KP to mid-wicket for one... that, my friends, is that - Strauss sticks a paw out, Ponting accepts and honours are even heading to Adelaide for the second Test.

  125. Commentary  

    Gary, Memphis, in the TMS inbox: "I rate Strauss not as sharp a skipper as he is a bat. He has given Punter his confidence back, and denied Cook a possible 300. That's wrong at so many levels."

  126. 0618 Commentary  

    To be\u00a0strictly accurate, Gary (see below), that's wrong on two levels. To follow on the BBC - TMS will have the presentation, highlights of the day throughout the day on the TMS podcast, and we'll have Aggers' column, the blog of Fordyce, key moments from Justin Langer, quotes and reactions, oh, loads of stuff...

  127. 0622 Commentary  

    In addition, on BBC One this evening, at 2305 GMT, there is an Inside Sport special entitled Freddie Flintoff: Ashes Warrior. Oliver Brett has kindly just pointed out that I have written about 170-odd overs across the last two days - and reported on no wickets. Oliver, who was in the seat for about half a minute, took both Strauss and Katich...

  128. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "The points go to England without a doubt. England were so far behind on first innings so they weren't going to win, but England did everything they could to get back into a dominant position. It took some remarkable partnerships and Cook and Trott would still be batting if they had the chance. They have sent the message that England will not be a push over."

  129. 0626 Commentary  

    Double-centurion Alastair Cook is man of the match - his 235 not out bettered the previous highest score at The Gabba, set by a certain Donald Bradman.

  130. Commentary  

    Alastair Cook: "I got a number of messages last night saying 'make sure you go and get a big hundred. It's my first first-class double hundred, and Graham Gooch [his Essex mentor and England batting coach] always says 150 doesn\u2019t count, that you need to get a 'daddy hundred'. It's about time I delivered for him on these things."

  131. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "Alastair all game batted outstandingly well and his concentration was as good as I have seen. He got into good positions and backed his gameplay. Jonathan Trott produced some outstanding support for him, and we head into Adelaide with a lot of our batsmen in good spirits. If we get an opportunity to get on top in any of these Test matches we'll take it."

  132. 0635 Commentary  

    Many thanks to everyone, from every corner of the globe, for reading and contributing over the last five days - and apologies to those I didn't\u00a0publish, the volume and competition is fierce.\u00a0Pranav Soneji is on the Adelaide Test, which starts on Friday.\u00a0England 517-1 against Australia in Australia. Doesn't get much better than that. Although, between you and me, it won't even be the best part of my day, and I'm not talking about the journey home through strike-ravaged London\u2026 roll on my beautiful evening...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia drew with England
  • Australia: 481 & 107-1 (26.0 overs)
  • England: 260 & 517-1 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Brisbane

Australia 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 107
Watson not out 41
Katich c Strauss b Broad 4
Ponting not out 51
Extras 1w 4b 1lb 5pen 11

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