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Australia v England first Test day three as it happened

  1. 2300 Commentary  

    Hello all. Slightly earlier start today to catch up on lost play last night. Another massive first session, England need to remove Mike Hussey while Australia will expect\u00a0their tail to wag like a very enthusiastic dog.\u00a0

  2. 2312 Commentary  

    Evening, morning, whatever it is where you are. Many thanks to Al for starting me off - that dog comment, that\u00a0had nothing to do with me -\u00a0I've been sweating on the Tube. Profusely. Big day at the Gabba, England need to strike early and they need to strike hard...

  3. 2315 Commentary  

    "How's the weather?" chimes in Adam via email. Alas, there are a couple of lads having a row on Sky Sports 1, cricket's not on yet. And no, before you ask, I'm not in Brissie...

  4. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "I have mixed feeling about tonight:

    'Oft expectation fails, and most oft there
    Where most it promises; and oft it hits
    Where hope is coldest, and despair most fits.'

    (Helena, All's Well that Ends Well, Act 2 Scene 1)

  5. 2319 Commentary  

    A woman I have started\u00a0courting who openly admits she knows nothing of cricket, or any sport for that matter, announced this evening that she has a "sense" that England are "rubbish" and "are going to lose". I tried to be polite, I really did...

  6. Commentary  

    Ed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the TMS inbox:\u00a0"The wedding went very well yesterday. Many thanks to all those involved. We had a toast to Ben Dirs and the TMS team. Hopefully today's cricket won't be interrupted by life-long commitments, vol au vents and curled up sandwiches."

  7. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Cloudy overhead for this early start. 9.30am local time, and the stands are a little slow to fill. More than a few liquid breakfasts in evidence too. Not been a dull session yet, and it's smelling like one of those matches where every run is key. Who wants to be the hero?"

  8. 2329 Commentary  

    Players out, and the new ball has been taken. As you settle into your armchairs, marinating in another day of Ashes cricket, and with David Cameron trying to get us all to work out how happy we are, it might be a good time to ask what your idea of happiness is? Tricky really, encapsulating happiness is a slippery old notion, like trying to catch lightning in a bottle: one day it might be a ball struck squarely and firmly, the next it might be seeing a mate getting maced by a bouncer in a nightclub in Paris. The fact it was completely undeserved only made it funnier.

  9. 2333 - Aus 220-5 Commentary  

    Anderson it is with the new ball -\u00a0blue skies, cotton wool clouds, a breeze tugging at the players' shirts. Haddin squared-up slightly, to much applause from the fielders behind the bat, before Australia's wicket-keeper skews a drive into the covers and it is fielded. Tidy over, with just a hint of swing...

  10. Commentary  

    Caroline in the TMS inbox: "This is happiness. Friday night tucked up on the sofa with tea and cricket!"

  11. 2336 - Aus 221-5 Commentary  

    Hussey moves to 82 with a nurdle to leg before Broad gets one to hold its line and Haddin is beaten. Three slips in, plus a gully, as well as\u00a0a whacking great crevice running down the middle of the wicket. Broad's Johnny on the Spot, one run from the over.


    England's bowlers yet to feel the force of Hussey's 'Suzie Q' today - they were walking onto it all day yesterday, far too short and wide. Anderson gets one to rise but Hussey stands tall and plays it into the ground. The left-handed Hussey beaten by a bit of in-swing - lbw? We've got an appeal from the batsman...

  13. NOT OUT  

    That's not out - Umpire Dar had given it out, but the Australia version of HawkEye said it pitched outside the the line by a whisker...

  14. Commentary  

    Martin in the TMS inbox: "Happiness is emigrating to Australia just before Cameron came into office."

  15. 2348 - Aus 225-5 Commentary  

    Not a good sign there - Broad gets one to zip and swing away from the left-handed Hussey and it's taken Prior on the fingertips. A quick wring of the hands and he's OK. Broad gets another to arc lavishly after it's passed the bat before Hussey nibbles into the covers for a quick one. Broad gets one to nip back at Haddin but Haddin plays it late... Australia trail by 35...

  16. Commentary  

    Emma in the TMS inbox: "Two things that make me smile is the sound of cricket ball against Aussie stumps and the sound of red wine being uncorked and poured into my glass."

  17. 2352 - Aus 227-5 Commentary  

    Haddin nurdles to leg for a single. Haddin is in the classic mould of the irritating batsman-wicket-keeper - for the opposition, that is. I like him - 27 Tests, two tons, average 39, he could take some shifting. Hussey tries to withdraw his bat but doesn't do it early enough and the ball ricochets into the ground and to first slip for no run...

  18. Commentary  

    Andy in the TMS inbox: "Just thought I\u2019d mention that I met my boyhood hero Peter Lorimer in Didcot, Oxon this evening. You can keep your sun-kissed beaches of Queensland - give me the Great Western Railway Sports & Social Club any time."

  19. 2356 - Aus 227-5 Commentary  

    Broad's not using this new ball as well as he might - too short, you have got to pitch it up on this deck. Better - late movement and Haddin is beaten all ends up. Think that hit that crack, it's breaking up like the top of a creme brulee out there... Haddin drives uppishly, but the ball falls short of Pietersen at gully.

  20. 2359 - Aus 229-5 APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    A strangled lbw appeal from Anderson against Hussey but Umpire Dar says it was going down leg - England, of course, have blown all their appeals. Surely this time! No! Dar turns Anderson down again - that looked like it was ripping out middle and leg. Replays confirm it was. Superb over, but frustration for England...

  21. 0003 - Aus 229-5 Commentary  

    Haddin beaten now, flashing outside off-stump, and\u00a0Broad keeps up the pressure, nagging away outside off-stump,\u00a0a maiden over.\u00a0Andy (see below) - what colour shoes was Peter Lorimer wearing?

  22. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "The new ball for the first time in this match is doing plenty. That was out. That could be crucial but the way Anderson is bowling he's going to create another chance. He's bowling magnificently."

  23. 0008 - Aus 230-5 Commentary  

    An inviting gap at extra-cover for Hussey and through it goes, no more than a fiddle. That found the middle of Haddin's bat - upright drive, but good stop in the covers. Deary me, what did Anderson do to upset the Cricketing Gods? That's nipped back off the seam and scythed Haddin in half - and somehow missed the top of everything. Time for Finny...

  24. 0012 - Aus 233-5 Commentary  

    Another juicy lbw appeal, this time from Finn\u00a0against Haddin - nipped back, Haddin stuck in his crease, but it was going over, Umpire Doctrove had it right. One for Hussey with a clip to deep square-leg before Haddin shoulder arms and the ball skims his off-stump.\u00a0Attention students -\u00a0no Sir Boycott yet, but stand by, he'll be on soon -\u00a0"Uncovered pitches" - one finger of booze; "modern cricket" (or variation thereof) - two fingers; "mum" or "rhubarb" - three fingers; "corridor of uncertainty" - whole can; "apologies, you are right and I am wrong" - a bottle of Drambuie.

  25. 0017 - Aus 237-5 Commentary  

    Hussey drives - and is beaten once again by Anderson. This is astonishing - Hussey has been beaten again, pitched on leg, skimmed the top of off. Strauss looks absolutely furious, wearing expression of a man who has just realised he's on a Central Line train to Hainault via Newbury Park rather than Epping. Three leg-byes next ball before Haddin clips to mid-wicket for a single.

  26. 0022 - Aus 241-5 DRINKS BREAK  

    Haddin is beaten again, flashing hard outside off. A broad smile opens across Finn's face, but this partnership is now worth 91 runs. Cracking stop from Collingwood in the covers before Haddin is cleaved in two by another ball that jags back - we must be in double figures now, beat-the-bat-wise - but Haddin doesn't look too bothered, punching Finn straight down the ground for the first four of the morning.

  27. Commentary  

    James in Jersey in the TMS inbox: "I'd say play so far resembles the early stages of a date between a garrulous man and a retiring woman: England instigating conversation, Oz fending off attempts to get close. Hopefully England will make a breakthrough soon, and be in a position to successfully chase the tail."

  28. 0030 - Aus 243-5 Commentary  

    Anderson too straight and Hussey nurdles him to leg for one. The TMS boys are back on air, by the way, not sure what happened there and many thanks to Kevin Howells for holding the fort. Haddin rapped on the pads again, but this time it's going down. You have to feel sorry for Anderson - he beats the bat a dozen times, has three lbw appeals turned down and Broad muffs a bit of fielding at mid-off to give away a single...

  29. 0035 - Aus 250-5 Commentary  

    "Can anyone remember a better wicketless spell than this one of Jimmy's?" emails James Buckland, and it's a very good question, I can't think of one. That bit of nonsense fielding from Broad brought up the 100 partnership, by the way, before Haddin carves Finn through backward-point for four.\u00a0That's a handsome stroke from Haddin, drive through extra-cover and he's got three for it. Ominous for England, after much waggling of the gearstick he's finally found second...

  30. 0039 - 257-5 Commentary  

    ... make that third gear, Haddin standing and delivering Anderson over mid-off for four. Nice on-drive from Haddin and him and Anderson exchange good-natured banter as they pass in the middle... looks like Anderson's good humour is wearing thin though, and I don't blame him - finishing up that spell wicketless must be like winning every round of a boxing match\u00a0before dropping a unanimous decision.

  31. 0045 - Aus 258-5 Commentary  

    Haddin really looking to\u00a0open up now and he misses with an almighty mow outside off. Australia's wicket-keeper could get away from England very quickly if he's allowed to slip the leash... two and a half session, lunch at 0200 GMT...

  32. 0049 - Aus 260-5 Commentary  

    Broad in to Hussey... Hussey pushes into the covers, is slow to take off, but Trott loses his footing in the act of throwing the ball. Scores level, Haddin fending to leg. A leader should have three hats: one for throwing into the ring, one for talking through, and one for pulling rabbits out of. Strauss would appear to have sat on the last, absolutely no luck today...

  33. 0053 - Aus 269-5 Commentary FIFTY FOR BRAD HADDIN  

    Australia in front - short and wide from Finn and Haddin has absolutely marmalised that, that has gone like a tracer through point for four. FOUR MORE! That's Haddin's 50 courtesy of a sweet cover-drive, his sixth in Tests...

  34. Commentary  

    Andy in the TMS inbox: "The hue of Peter Lorimer's shoes? I think you may be mistaken for believing that the GWR S&SC (Didcot) had splashed out enough on lighting so that I could tell for sure what colour the great man had on, but the good news is that they weren't the white slip-on favoured by the typical 80's footballer. He had a nice grey crew neck jumper on. Does that help?"

  35. 0059 - Aus 269-5 Commentary  

    Corking drive from Haddin but it has the misfortune of finding the stumps at the other end - Broad very nearly got his boot on that, could have been curtains for Hussey. Broad very nearly squeezes one through Haddin's defences two balls later, pursed lips and narrowed eyes all round...

  36. 0101 - Aus 274-5 Commentary  

    Time for some Swanny... Hussey fancies him, he really does -\u00a0down the pitch and hoisted over mid-on for four. Hussey within a boundary of his hundred now and he moves one closer with an ease into the covers.

  37. Commentary  

    Phil Fenerty in the TMS inbox: "'Can anyone remember a better wicketless spell than this one of Jimmy's?' How about Tony Lock, at the other end of Old Trafford when Jim Laker took all\u00a010 wickets in the famous Ashes Test of 1956? I don't think he'd have bowled too many bad balls..."

  38. THAT'S 100  

    Hussey moves to 98 with a clip to leg off Broad, steaming in from the Vulture Street End, before Haddin very nearly holes out to Collingwood in the covers - a couple of yards wide of him. You have to say that'a magnificent from Hussey - a drive threaded through the off-side for four, that's his 12th Test ton and his third against England. Well done, sir...

  39. 0110 - Aus 286-5 Commentary  

    A couple of singles apiece for Hussey and Haddin before Haddin stays back when perhaps he should have been forward and the ball locates his edge and runs away for a single. That's drinks, this new ball already 20-odd overs old...

  40. Commentary  

    Tom in Sydney in the TMS inbox: "Sat here stewing thinking about that\u00a0lbw against Hussey and can't help thinking the DRS is to blame - Dar would not have liked being overruled, then gets another big decision and knows he can give not out without a challenge. It was a shocking call, but the easy one for him to make, and is costing England very dear. If you're going to use technology it should be all or nothing."

  41. Commentary  

    Chris in Yorkshire in the TMS inbox: "With regards to Emma opening a bottle of red, as documented on TMS last night, I had a bottle of red from Victoria on day\u00a0one and Victorian Siddle went on to clean up. Check your wine and if it's Australian pour it down the sink and get on the Lancashire bitter; it worked for Jimmy last night."

  42. 0119 - Aus 293-5 Commentary  

    Hussey's last Test ton was 134 against Pakistan in January and before this match he had scored only two in his last 51 innings. A slip, gully, point and short-cover in for Broad to Haddin... Haddin miscues a pull and it just misses the two men on the leg-side and Haddin runs two. Haddin looking to\u00a0get more\u00a0funky now - Broad digs one in and Haddin pulls him away for four to bring up the 150 partnership from 299 balls. "They're getting in trouble, are England," laments Sir Geoffrey...

  43. Commentary  

    Will in the TMS inbox: "Seems to be mixed debate about the Decision Referral System. I think it\u2019s fantastic and why not use that technology if it's available? It doesn\u2019t take away from the umpires job as the number of appeals are limited. Use them smartly and it can make the difference between a win and a loss. Hussey you little ripper."

  44. 0122 - Aus 298-5 Commentary  

    There's Hussey's 'Suzie Q' - short from Swann and Hussey clobbers him for four through mid-wicket. You can't keep walking on to that shot, you're gonna get bounced off the ropes and knocked out eventually...

  45. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "There's no doubt about it but this is the decisive day of the game. By the end of play, unless England change it fairly quickly, Australia will be on top and ready for victory. I've said all along that whoever has the best day today will win the Test match."


    Collingwood into the attack, can he force the breakthrough with his lollipops? DROPPED! Haddin sashays down the pitch and looks to get stuck into Colly first ball, doesn't quite get it, but Cook can't quite get it - tough chance that, but the sort England need to take. Hussey has a word with Haddin, presumably telling him to calm down... maybe not, Collingwood shellacked over mid-wicket for four two balls later... not looking good for England, really isn't...

  47. 0131 - Aus 307-5 Commentary  

    Not sure what happened to Swanny yesterday, and he's not much better today so far. All very well acting the goat on Twitter and your video diary if you manage to stick it to the Aussies on the pitch but he's getting bullied at the moment. Hussey shapes to sweep but thinks better of it, Swann just not causing any problems...

  48. 0136 - Aus 308-5 Commentary  

    Simon Hughes: "Would you like to be the batting coach for England?" Sir Geoffrey: "What, with this lot? No I wouldnt, it would be a job for life..." And with that, he was gone. Colly gets one to nibble back at Haddin and rap him on the pads, but it's\u00a0a pretty half-hearted lbw appeal.

  49. 0139 - Aus 311-5 Commentary  

    Swann earns a rare victory, Haddin lunging forward and is beaten. One for Haddin before Hussey very nearly drags on - one run for it.\u00a0Story in the Mail today suggesting Shane Warne took Swann under his wing in the build-up to this match, like some evil svengali, and gave him some Gabba bowling tips... some tips -\u00a0if it's true, he's managed to\u00a0transform him into Richard Dawson...

  50. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Anderson has bowled 29 overs and Broad 28 already in hot conditions and there will be a lot more bowling to do in this match and in the rest of the series. The four-man attack will be the talking point throughout the whole tour. The attack relies on Swann - he has to come to the party, but this is the first time we've seen him not at his best. What is good is England's body language, they've not given up and are still working hard."

  51. 0142 - Aus 312-5 Commentary  

    Collingwood manning up, keeping it tight, but he's not looking threatening. You have to take your hats off to this Aussie pair, they showed cohones the size of Saturn's moons this morning in the face of a furious attack. Obviously not as many moons though, you wouldn't be able to get a box big enough.

  52. 0148 - Aus 315-5 Commentary  

    Silly point in for Swann to Hussey, but there's nothing doing in that over, just the one run from Haddin courtesy of a work to mid-wicket... uppish drive from Haddin and the ball falls just short of Anderson at silly mid-on. I feel like someone has stolen my chi...

  53. Commentary  

    Morgan in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox: "RE: 0139 \u2013 if that\u2019s not incendiary and inciting commentary then I don\u2019t know what is. Swann has simply been targeted and with Australia\u2019s luck today he could have been bowling the best deliveries of his life and still been carted all over the shop. Undeniably depressing viewing, but I\u2019m not listening to the fat lady just yet. And yes, by fat lady I do mean Shane Warne."

  54. 0153 - Aus 327-5 Commentary  

    Anderson back on for a spurt before lunch - short, but this time Hussey misses out. An uppish drive from Hussey before he swivels and top-edges over the slips for four - out of interest, this last year, exactly how unlucky\u00a0has Hussey been? Four more, but that's a\u00a0cute shot, a square-cut for four.\u00a0Morgan (see below), not sure I agree with you - Swann wasn't targeted yesterday, he just kept lollipopping it up halfway down the pitch.

  55. 0158 - Aus 329-5 Commentary  

    Bell is England's official 'polisher' - he's got the driest hands in the team, apparently. Hussey clips to mid-on for one, Haddin gets everything behind the final two balls of Collingwood's over. Simon Hughes: "The scenes, when Hussey celebrated his 100, were quite homoerotic". Vaughan: "That's what Test cricket is all about." Many thanks, Ben Morgan, for reminding me for that...

  56. 0202 - Aus 329-5 INTERVAL  

    One more over before tea, and it looks like Hussey has already got the shutters up... indeed he has, no runs from Anderson's over and that was a chastening session for England - and one that could have won Australia this first Test... see you in 40...

  57. Commentary  

    Frank in the TMS inbox: "Re: Morgan and Swann being 'targeted' - That's a rather silly thing to say. For starters Swann has been bowling poorly, but most of all of course he has been targeted! That is what cricket (or any sport) is all about - you need to get on top of the supposedly best player and wipe him out for the series, which the Aussies are doing very effectively here. Australia\u00a0are likely to win this Test now and set the tone for the Ashes. While the Gabba is an Aussie fortress, to let them back into the game like this bodes ill for England."

  58. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "The real concern for me is that Stuart Broad has not been out there for half an hour. He's been in the dressing room getting treatment. It's clearly more than a blister and with a four-man attack, if you lose one you have huge problems."

  59. Twitter  

    Rich_Forrest: "Nothing wrong with Richard Dawson, he did a job at Yorkshire for a while. Though no doubt his stats say otherwise..."

  60. SMS  

    Patrick, soon to be a lobster, the Gabba: "Right I'm not putting suntan lotion on til England get a wicket. Death by sunburn or glory, I still have faith."

  61. 0220 Commentary  

    Aggers reports that Broad does indeed have blisters so there isn't anything more serious to worry out. Special feature on Graeme Swann on TMS at the moment if you fancy a listen.

  62. SMS  

    Ted, Exeter: "A choice between watching Australia rack up a massive lead and a dismal Soical Geography essay. Needless to say I'm just sitting watching the screen in a depressed stupor."

  63. Twitter  

    NickDCase: "This has been THE most frustrating morning of cricket. Surely surely Australia's luck must run out after lunch?! I'm not giving up."

  64. Commentary  

    Cooking for one, tip 1: When making spaghetti bolognese, make sure to put the meat sauce left in the pan in a container as soon as you can. If not, you could end up consuming 750g of mince, a jar of Dolmio and a whole onion in one sitting. This was two nights ago - I still feel quite sick.

  65. 0244 - Aus 330-5 Commentary  

    Players are back out after lunch, a lovely hubbub around the Gabba. Swann, still looking for his first wicket, to continue to Haddin. Broad is on the pitch, down there at long-on, as Haddin lunges forward and there are strangled cries as the ball just evades Cook under the lid at short-leg. Iffy drive from Haddin, encouragement for Swann...

  66. Commentary  

    Giggle in the TMS inbox: "Ahhhhh Benny! I remember the glee at the dodgy lbw decisions you guys were advantaged by in 2009, and in particular 2005. Welcome to OUR TOWN now. And don't pretend you don't like cricket anymore. I know you still do..."

  67. 0250 - Aus 330-5 Commentary  

    Five dot balls from Anderson before Haddin goes for some humpty outside off and almost puts his back out missing...

  68. 0252 - Aus 332-5 Commentary  

    One for Hussey courtesy of a nurdle to leg. Swann has slotted into a decent rhythm after lunch and Haddin very nearly swings him to Bell at mid-wicket. Odd shot, more bad luck for England...

  69. 0257 - Aus 340-5 Commentary  

    Too straight from Anderson and Haddin tickles him round the bend for one. Michael Slater suggesting on TMS that Anderson might lack bouncebackability, in that once he's down, he's liable to stay down. Four for Haddin, meaty drive straight back over Anderson's head, and two more to mid-wicket. All of a sudden it feels like\u00a0a thousand Barry Scotts with a thousand bottles of Cillit Bang couldn't shift\u00a0this pair\u00a0from the crease.

  70. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Much doom and gloom among England supporters at lunchtime. And much questioning of the decision review system. Main complaint: if the aim is to get as many decisions right as possible, why limit the number of referrals a team can have? Long afternoon being flayed by this epic HussHadd partnership now feared."

  71. 0259 - Aus 341-5 Commentary  

    Optimistic appeal from Swann with Haddin padding up, but it turned not nearly enough. Just the one run from the over, off the bat of Hussey...

  72. Commentary  

    Morgan in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox: "Right of reply please Dirsy \u2013 Swann being targeted is undeniably part of the game, but if fingers need to be pointed, perhaps England\u2019s rabbit in the headlights batting in our first innings might have more to do with our current predicament?"

  73. 0303 - Aus 351-5 Commentary  

    Sweet as a nut from Hussey - in the slot, full flow of the bat, the cover-drive is back. Hussey checks a drive, the ball stops on him, and the ball ricochets over Anderson's head and dribbles away for four. The ball being hit to all parts now, this time Hussey smashing Anderson into covers and Collingwood making the stop. The partnership now 208...

  74. 0306 - Aus 357-5 Commentary  

    Swann, I hate to say it, is being slapped about here -\u00a0Haddin playing all sorts of exotic strokes now and\u00a0this one is\u00a0a bottom-handed heave over mid-wicket for four. Swann's looking about as exotic as a can of pork luncheon meat at the moment, although he does locate the edge with his final delivery.

  75. 0311 - Aus 357-5 Commentary  

    Finn into the attack as Sir Geoffrey announces "this is serious for England". Not sure you'd find anyone who would argue now. Finn, in the words of Jim Maxwell on TMS, bowling a dry old line outside Hussey's off-stump, things just got negative...

  76. THAT'S 100  

    Haddin just one blow away from his ton - AND THAT'S ALL HE NEEDS! Swann smashed for six over long-on, that's his third Test ton and his second in Ashes encounters.\u00a0

  77. 0320 - Aus 370-5 Commentary  

    Swann's figures now read 31 overs, 1-98. More worryingly, he really hasn't created too many chances. Good knock that from Haddin - chancey at times, but that's the way he plays. It's turning into a slaughter now - short from Finn and Hussey has smashed him through wide long-on for four. Packed off-side field for Haddin, but he leaves the rest of the over alone.\u00a0\u00a0

  78. 0323 - Aus 376-5 Commentary  

    First they take your pride, then turn it all inside, and then you realise, you got nothing left to lose. So you try to stop, try to get back up, and then you realise you're telling the story of the blues... Haddin is playing some savage shots today, treating Swann like a net bowler - BOOM! Four to long-off. One more to fine-leg, Strauss looking more and more confused...

  79. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "If I was chairman of selectors and someone said to me 'I want to play the way I want to play', then I'd tell them to go and play somewhere else.\u00a0England's batsmen\u00a0have to be able to play different ways."

  80. 0328 - Aus 380-5 Commentary  

    Haddin cuts, cue-ends, and gets four - only one slip in. "Swannage's mojo didn't make it through customs, clearly," emails Lenny in Mauritius, and on recent evidence, I'd have to agree...

  81. 0333 - Aus 384-5 Commentary  

    Hussey getting away with it slightly - nope, actually that was a pretty good shot, giving Swann the charge and lofting him into the covers for four. You have got to see Shane Warne's teeth, they are terrifying - whitened? They look like they've been given a coat of luminous paint. Still, handy in a power cut I suppose.

  82. 0337 - Aus 386-5 Commentary  

    A single apiece for Haddin and Hussey, but that's all from Finn's over. Sir Geoffrey reveals he once fielded for 13 hours in Manchester, when Bobby Simpson scored 311. My God, England could do with him now...

  83. 0341 - Aus 388-5 DRINKS BREAK  

    Collingwood is into the attack now, desperate signs to be honest. England trying to bore Hussey out with a dry line wide outside off and Hussey cuts for one - this is now his second-highest score in Tests, 149. Getting a bit ragged now in the field, Anderson turning the ball round the post at silly mid-on and Haddin running one. I'm going to have a break, Ollie Brett will fill in for a few overs or so... that's drinks by the way...\u00a0

  84. 0346 - Aus 388-5 Commentary  

    Cheers, Benjamin. Never used this new publishing system before - could be some fun and games, folks. These two are very close to the second-best Ashes stand for the sixth wicket - 279 by Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden at the MCG four years ago. That was a match-winner, will this be? Stuart Broad's back on after some sort of minor injury.

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "We always seem to look at the bowlers but you don't win Test matches scoring 260. We didn't get the runs on the board and that's the problem, not what the bowlers have done."


    Broad starts off with three lively, short-pitched balls to Haddin, the injury doesn't seem to be very serious, we think it was a case of blisters. And Anderson has spilled a clanger!! He had to turn round at wide mid-on to take it, but it was dropping towards him, no dive required, and he barely laid a hand on it. The over ends in a maiden, but that's Haddin given a big life line.

  87. 0356 - Aus 391-5 Commentary  

    Collingwood, England's fifth bowler with more work on his hands than he would probably want, is into his 11th over now. There's a long hold-up because the ball is out of shape, but no mercy is forthcoming from these umpires, they'll have to carry on with the one they've got. Haddin gets off strike with a single, and a horrible misfield by Swann at extra cover gives Hussey one more to reach his 150. More Aussie bat-raising, more English misery.

  88. 0400 - Aus 397-5 Commentary  

    For once, Hussey's pull is not perfect, but he still gets three runs out to deep mid-wicket off Broad. Bresnan is subbing for Finn, and does some fielding at fine leg as Haddin picks up a single.

  89. 0406 - Aus 409-5 Commentary  

    The ball has been changed, not because it is 80 overs old, but because England can't catch it, or stop it in the field. Okay, that was a joke - it's out of shape. We are 40 minutes from tea, by the way, and the overs are taking an age to be bowled. Collingwood is bowling, and Haddin clatters a half-volley down the ground for four to bring up the 400, and smashes another one through the covers for a second boundary. This is a turkey shoot, 12 runs off the over.

  90. SMS  

    Combination of meatballs, Wolf Blass & After Eights... Now regretting the decision to remain at the helm until the first Aussie wicket falls... currently staring at the tinned tuna. Surely a wicket before tea?! from CBN, London

  91. 0412 - Aus 410-5 Commentary  

    Broad is keeping things rather tighther than Collingwood, but Hussey still looks grimly determined, like he could bat for weeks with no sleep if he needed to. "England are getting their little hearts broken," says Ben Dirs behind me. And he is about to resume this commentary, so cheerio for now folks.

  92. 0413 Commentary  

    Many thanks Ollie Brett, he wrote those last few overs... Ben Dirs back in the seat and I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not really enjoying this - the England players are getting their little hearts broken...

  93. 0417 - Aus 421-5 Commentary  

    Four, Anderson straying down leg and Hussey deflecting the ball to the fence. Two more to deep backward square-leg before Haddin gets a thick inside-edge for four more... these Aussie batsmen are hitting England all over the shop, they'd be hitting England's bowlers on the soles of their feet if they could...

  94. Commentary  

    Joanna in the TMS inbox: "Benjamin - This woman you have been 'courting' might just be on to something, they are indeed rubbish. I would listen to her, seems to be a very wise."

  95. 0423 - Aus 421-5 Commentary  

    Indeed Joanna (see below), she does seems very wise - and she has made me look a little bit stupid. Broad gets one to nip back at Hussey but the nuggety left-hander keeps it out, he's playing for keeps...


    Haddin, always looking to play on the up, plays and misses for the umpteenth time today, before Haddin turns to point for a single. This is now the highest partnership for any wicket at the Gabba, beating Lindsay Hassett and Don Bradman's 276 in 1946. Hussey tucked up by Anderson and the ball very nearly dribbles onto his stumps - but doesn't... Hussey swivels and pulls and there are two more runs...

  97. 0432 - Aus 430-5 Commentary  

    Sniff of a run-out chance, just a sniff mind, and that's great work from Anderson to prevent four overthrows. Hussey moves into the 170s with a sweetly-timed cover-drive for four. 'Experts', I am told, have chucked a load of numbers into some computer or other and 'discovered' 11 April 1954 was the 'most boring day ever'. I'm going to send them over my co-ordinates for today,\u00a0I reckon my numbers might just send their\u00a0Bore-ometer to sleep.\u00a0

  98. Commentary  

    James at the Gabba in the TMS inbox: "Drama in Section 73 -\u00a0Some guy hasn't bought a beer all day, he's as full as you'd like and his mate has been buying coke. He's on the rum. Stewards are monitoring the situation. Also, John the steward in section 33 says 'Mexican waves are against the state law of Queensland and banned from all stadiums!'"

  99. 0436 - Aus 431-5 Commentary  

    Anderson has now bowled 37 overs and has figures of 2-99. He hasn't bowled badly, to be fair, had zero luck this morning...

  100. 0440 - Aus 436-5 Commentary  

    One more over before tea, and it's Swanny to bowl it. Hussey clips to mid-on for one\u00a0before Haddin turns square for a single of his own. Hussey given a bit of room and he cuts hard for a couple... that's tea, this partnership now worth 293...

  101. Commentary  

    Richard in the TMS inbox: "I always enjoy your running commentary. But my decision to set the alarm for 6.30 on a Saturday morning has been a mistake. I am wrapped in four layers and a blanket, sat on my balcony in Helsinki, fighting -13 with cup of rosy and a crafty roll-up. I'm sorry, my dedication will last for as long as it takes to turn this tea cold. It's heart-breaking. Replace Pietersen and Trott with Lyth and Hildreth."

  102. Commentary  

    Carl Evans, Crepy, France, in the TMS inbox: "I guess Mexican waves are against the state law of Queensland because they kept spilling their slop buckets."

  103. Twitter  

    Aussie legend Shane Warne: "What's happened to the great barmy army? Has someone stolen their tongues? Very quiet. Mind you what is there to sing about if you're a Pom?"

  104. 0501 Commentary  

    Hussey and Haddin back out in the middle after tea, and they\u00a0could only look more comfortable if they were out in the middle batting in Speedos and espadrilles. A wicket, please God, let there be a wicket...

  105. Commentary  

    Russell in the TMS inbox: "I'm watching this from a nightclub in stockholm. Apparently the English accent never fails to work but the tears streaming down my face from this\u00a0Aussie onslaught seems to be keeping the locals away... that and the fact I'm watching cricket in a nightclub."

  106. 0506 - Aus 437-5 Commentary  

    Welcome to the Ashes, Stephen Finn - the Middlesex man to continue. Around the wicket to Hussey and the Western Australian tucks him away for a single. One from the over...

  107. SMS  

    Tasha: "Refusing to leave my mates house, despite risk of being snowed in, until we get a wicket. Dedication."

  108. 0514 - Aus 446-5 Commentary  

    The last time no wicket fell in a day of Ashes cricket was at Trent Bridge in 1989, when Mark Taylor and Geoff Marsh put on 301. Hussey turns Finn into the leg-side to\u00a0move to 180, only\u00a0two short of his career best. Hussey goes for the pull\u00a0- not short enough for that - and Prior goes up for caught behind... just brushed his hip. Hussey tickles fine for four and that's his highest score in Test cricket, passing a knock made against Bangladesh in Chittagong. Jonathan Wheeler emails\u00a0from The Gabba to inform me "naked inflatable girls" are now being tossed about for sport. If one of them was tossed my way now, I'd come over gentle as a lamb and give it a hug. \u00a0\u00a0

  109. 0517 - Aus 448-5 Commentary  

    Swann to continue and you have to say he's been taken down a few pegs here, really has been a pretty ordinary display from him. One from Haddin with a cover-drive, the partnership 305 - only the fifth time there has been a 300+ sixth-wicket partnership in Test cricket.

  110. SMS  

    Anon: "Nicolas Mahut now in serious danger of losing 2010's 'Most Effort On A Sports Field With No Reward' title."

  111. 0522 - Aus 449-5 Commentary  

    The Barmy Army have gone quiet, and that's saying something, they're normally all off their rockers after tea. Hussey rolls his wrists on a short ball from Finn and picks up one. For all of you who are still with me, I salute you - and fear for your sanity. I'm not going to lie to you, I've got more chance of winning next year's Shove Ha'penny World Championships than England have of taking a wicket, or at least it seems that way to me...

  112. WICKET Haddin c Collingwood b Swann 136 (450-6)  

    BOOTIFUL! THAT'S FOR YOU BERNARD MATTHEWS! Haddin lunging forward to Swann and that's an absolute crackerjack of a catch by Collingwood at slip. The partnership 307, and hats off to Haddin, he ground our boys into dust...

  113. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Good bowling from Swann and a fantastic catch from Paul Collingwood. It went sharp into his right hand and he took it very well. Expect some fireworks from Mitchell Johnson now. He's going to attack and so he should with his team 190 ahead."

  114. 0531 - 451-6 Commentary  

    Mitchell Johnson is next up the ramp and this boy's built like Tarzan, he'll look to give it some serious humpty. A word on that catch from Collingwood - to stand around for six hours like he has and come up trumps when one chance comes along\u00a0must be applauded, it really was a special snaffle. Full toss and Hussey drives for one - good stop by Anderson. Good-looking stroke from Johnson, straight drive, but no run for it. Johnson watchful... for now...

  115. Commentary  

    Colin Mathieson, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in the TMS inbox: "Ahh haa - just when we thought it was all doom and gloom - it's actually just all gloom, and bit of doom!"

  116. 0535 - Aus 452-6 Commentary  

    That shard of light may be only that, a shard - already people are talking portentously about Australia declaring half an hour before stumps and having a dart at the England openers. Bit nasty, which is why it would make perfect sense. Good over from Swann, Johnson still becalmed...

  117. WICKET Hussey c Cook b Finn 195 (Aus 458-7)  

    Short from Finn and Hussey's still pulling like a freight train, four more. The last two Ashes Tests at Brisbane, Aussie batsmen have got out on the 190s - Hayden and Ponting... AND NOW HUSSEY! Short ball from Finn, Hussey pulls and Cook takes a simple catch out in the deep. Australia in complete and utter turmoil.

  118. 0543 - Aus 461-7 Commentary  

    That 195 from Hussey comprised 495 balls and included 26 fours and a six. Debutant Xavier Doherty is next in and England think they've got him first ball, lbw to Swann, but Umpire Doctrove presumably thought that was going over the top. Too short from Swann and that's Doherty's first Test runs courtesy of a cut through point for three...

  119. SMS  
    I left Sydney yesterday and Australia were 5 wickets down and I get back to London after a 22 hour flight and they were still only 5 wickets down. Andy
  120. 0549 - Aus 462-7 Commentary  

    Doherty has a wild and windy woosh outside off and is beaten. Doherty plays a neat stroke down to long-leg for one run and that brings\u00a0Johnson on strike. The lead is now 202, by the way...

  121. Commentary  

    Nick, Cabinda, Angola: "That\u2019s better! Stuck on a rig off shore Angola with a load of Aussies. They changed the TV channels last night so instead of the cricket on South African TV we had the Nigerian version of Eastenders. Never mind, I\u2019ll be home for the next Test."


    Maiden over from Swann, time for more drinks...

  123. SMS  
    Andy, when England bat, get back on that flight. Charlie
  124. WICKET Johnson b Finn 0 (Aus 462-8)  

    Finn to continue, Johnson still not off the mark from 18 balls faced... Johnson gone, looking to drive, and the ball ricocheting off his pad and onto the stumps. Australia crumbling, getting a little bit embarrassing for them now.

  125. 0601 - Aus 467-8 Commentary  

    Australian hero Peter Siddle is next in and he's almost out a couple of balls in, fending Finn just past the grasp of Cook under the lid. That's a peach of a shot from Doherty who moves to eight with an elegant glide for four.

  126. 0604 - Aus 468-8 Commentary  

    Siddle stays back to Swann and clips the\u00a0ball into Cook's shins at short-leg but does pick up one with a shovel\u00a0off his pads. \u00a0

  127. WICKET Siddle c Swann b Finn 6 (Aus 472-9)  

    Sorry about that delay, I drifted off for a minute there. Here's Finn to Siddle and Siddle swings him away for four - useful runs, not such useful fielding from Trott. A five-for for Finn on Ashes debut! Siddle looking to pull and the ball coming off his gloves and popping up to Swann in the slips. Am I being unduly pessimistic? But I can't help thinking this is the worst thing that possibly could have happened, the Aussies could have\u00a0England three down by stumps... sorry...

  128. 0613 - Aus 475-9 Commentary  

    Hilfenhaus is Australia's number 11 and he survives the rest of Finn's over. Doherty cuts Swann for three - he looks a neat little player. Short-leg and silly-point in for Hilfenhaus but he blocks out the over...

  129. Commentary  

    Gary, Memphis, in the TMS inbox: "Ben, my man, there must be something to it: I started following BBC Live at 1130pm (Central Time) and by 1207am,\u00a0four wickets had gone down. Next time just email me, and avoid the all-day struggle! Anyways, I can only spare 10 more minutes, before I hit the sack. Good Luck."

  130. 0616 - Aus 479-9 Commentary  

    Finn and Prior go up for a caught-behind as Doherty fences but replays reveal he missed that by about a yard. That's not a good sign for England, that ball from Finn scooting through at shin height. That's a tremendous stroke from Doherty, standing tall and thrashing Finn through point for four. \u00a0

  131. Commentary  

    Ollie, 8:15 in Bucharest, in the TMS inbox: "Nonsense Ben, by stumps we'll have slashed this lead in half without losing anything but more of our sanity! Where's your unfounded patriotic belief?! Sleep? What's that?"

  132. WICKET Doherty c Cook b Finn 16 (Aus 481)  

    Hilfenhaus is very nearly caught by Anderson at mid-wicket, but it falls just short. That was pretty much Swann's over, here's Finn again... six-for, Doherty looking to give it some heave-ho over mid-wicket and holing out to Cook. That's Finn's best figures in first-class cricket. No it isn't, ignore me, I'm very tired...

  133. 0628 Commentary  

    Right, England trail by 221 and we've got about an hour's play to go this evening - that, in anyone's money, is a massive hole to dig yourselves out of. England cannot lose any wickets tonight, that is for sure. Magnificent ton from Hussey today, and Haddin's wasn't bad either - England bowled very well the first hour, Australia had plenty of luck, but you have to hold your hands up as England fans and credit the Aussie pair for their mongrel.

  134. Twitter  

    timdyson: "Without Hussey and Haddin Australia would have been in trouble. With them, we are in trouble..."

  135. SMS  

    Joe in Sheffield: "Lying in bed at uni, phone on my chest, set to vibrate precisely every\u00a0four minutes so I can wake up and check the score. What a loser."

  136. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I fear that when Hussey gets in the kind of form and rhythm he did today he could have a huge series and be a thorn in England's side like he has been in the past. I hope England have watched and learnt from how he played and will take that out into their second innings."

  137. SMS  

    Anon: "How exactly is this getting embarrassing for the Aussies now (see Aus 462-8)? And please explain how they are "in complete and utter turmoil" (see 458-7) when the Aussies are more than 200 up!"

  138. 0633 Commentary  

    Players are out - Strauss and Cook made to wait as the Aussie players huddle - and we'll have play in a couple of minutes...

  139. 0635 UMPIRE REVIEW  

    Deary me, first ball review - Strauss shouldering arms to Hilfenhaus and that looked plumb in front...

  140. APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    Magnificent decision by the ever-cool Dar, that was indeed going over... everyone OK?

  141. 0639 - Eng 1-0 Commentary  

    Strauss has his first runs of the series, Hilfenhaus straying down leg and the England skipper turning him round the corner. That really would have ripped the throat out of England if Strauss had gone down, proper knee-knocking moment...

  142. 0643 - Eng 3-0 Commentary  

    Siddle, hat-trick man from Thursday, shares the new plum with Hilfenhaus. Strauss on strike and that's a neat nurdle for one - Cook on strike, and I bet you that heart of his is fluttering. Mine is, and I'm sitting in a very dark office in White City. Gimme from Siddle, Cook off the mark with a tuck to leg.

  143. 0649 - Eng 3-0 Commentary  

    Cook leaving alone outside off, before Hilfenhaus gets one to swing back in to the Essex left-hander and he's nearly cleaned up. Cook shouldering arms, don't want to lose that off-peg...

  144. 0652 - Eng 8-0 Commentary  

    Siddle too short at the moment and then he over-compensates and Strauss prods him down the ground for four. Another huge lbw appeal from the Aussies, Siddle with the old Allan Donald double-barrelled, finger-wagging appeal, but Umpire Doctrove is unmoved. Literally. Is he still awake?

  145. 0655 - Eng 9-0 Commentary  

    That's a snorter from Hilfenhaus, pitched up and seaming away from the fencing Strauss. Cook had already nudged off his pads for a single, England survive the over...

  146. Commentary  

    Ollie, shaking, Bucharest, in the TMS inbox: "Reviews, lbws and Siddle's face... this is terrifying. Not sure I can take it. Still, at least it's exciting, if not particularly healthy."

  147. 0700 - Eng 9-0 Commentary  

    Ollie (see below), add Shane Warne's teeth to that little list and you've got an alternative Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Cook defends crisply off the back foot before Cook plays well inside\u00a0the line. From some angles that probably looked close, but it wasn't - alright?\u00a0

  148. 0702 - Eng 9-0 Commentary  

    Strauss very nearly plays on, attempting the drive and the ball ricocheting onto his pad. Can't help feeling neither of these batsmen get forward enough, certainly not as far as most of the Aussies. Funny old shot from Strauss, a little bit Dennis Compton, and in fact the ball came off his hip and ran away for four.

  149. Twitter  

    eWhisperer: "OK, so Hussey and Haddin did well, but the other nine only scored 129 between them! England's day again."

  150. 0706 - Eng 13-0 Commentary  

    Siddle changes his angles, coming around the wicket to Cook. Cook judging his off-stump well before Siddle draws him forward. That's a snorter from Siddle, the ball seaming around and Cook is beaten. Another leading edge from Cook - I would like to say he's looking good, but he's not...

  151. 0710 - Eng 13-0 Commentary  

    Hilfenhaus has played 13 Tests before this and 12 of them were away from home. Bumper and Strauss ducks underneath it... the next ball's a coat-of-varnish job, Strauss shouldering arms and very nearly finding himself castled... probing, nagging stuff, like someone tugging on the arm of your sweater - right up until the point you can't resist hitting out...

  152. 0714 - Eng 17-0 Commentary  

    Time for a bit of part-time spin, it's Marcus North. Weird. Rank long-hop first-up and Cook rocks back and pings him through point for four...

  153. Commentary  

    Martyn in Sydney in the TMS inbox: "Believe it or not we can no longer watch the cricket here in Sydney. Channel 9, who are so excited about having the Ashes coverage, have gone to the news because it is 6pm. They even did this on Thursday night just as Australia were going out to bat. Apparently the news cannot possibly be moved. Goes slightly against the idea that this country is sport mad."

  154. 0716 - Eng 18-0 Commentary  

    Three slips and a silly mid-off\u00a0in for Hilfenhaus to Cook and the Tasmanian is swinging it and making them play. Long shadows forming across the pitch now, only 15 minutes to go...

  155. Commentary  

    Fiona in the TMS inbox: "Michael Vaughan - love you - please stop saying everything is 'crucial'..."

  156. 0720 - Eng 19-0 Commentary  

    Strauss looks to poke North into the leg-side but Katich is under the lid and short-leg and there is no run... nice shot from Strauss, staying back and steering through cover-point for one...

  157. 0723 - Eng 19-0 Commentary  

    It's Mitchell Johnson on for a burst before stumps. His first ball is a bit of a dumpling but that's better, bit of lift and Strauss is beaten. Johnson, dark and stormy, billows in and slings it down and Strauss leaves alone. Five slips and a gully in now... Johnson gets one to dart back in at Strauss but the England skipper got bat on it...

  158. 0727 - Eng 19-0 Commentary  

    Strauss didn't get much on that fnial ball from Johnson, a mere sliver. Here's Doherty now with his left-arm darts, he didn't look half-bad in England's first dig. Cook bending his knee and Doherty's attacks are calmly repulsed...

  159. 0728 - Eng Commentary  

    We believe there is one more over before close, and it's Johnson to bowl it...

  160. Commentary  

    Mike in the TMS inbox: "At home in Vietnam having to endure palpitations and the fact that no-one in my house has the foggiest about cricket, including my three year-old son. I should have brought him up better. We've GOT to get through this session unscathed."

  161. 0730 - Eng 19-0 CLOSE OF PLAY  

    Johnson, between extensive field-changes, is sending it down in the high-80mph, but not making Strauss play. Strauss drives to mid-on for no run before Ponting posts a\u00a0leg slip and a shortish square-leg for the final delivery of the day... England survive...\u00a0

  162. 0733 Commentary  

    Can England do this? YES THEY CAN! Audley weren't much cop at pugilism, but his catch-phrases cross sporting boundaries and will resonate through the ages. Fascinating day, if a little painful for an England fan - cracking knocks from Hussey and Haddin, but\u00a0felt particularly sorry for Anderson, not sure I've seen a better spell for no wickets. And if Umpire Dar had only... let's not say it, it is what it is, England are up against it...

  163. Commentary  

    Ollie in the TMS inbox: "Phew. What a relief. I miss it now though. Bring on tomorrow!"

  164. 0743 Commentary  

    ... oh yeh, what was Ponting up to there? You've got Hilfenhaus nibbling every ball about outside off and Siddle steaming in\u00a0and Punter calls up Marcus North and Mitchell Johnson. It's like the Nazi commanders at the Siege of Leningrad pulling the tanks back and sending in a couple of fellas with catapults... mysterious...

  165. 0745 Commentary  

    Right, that's me - many thanks for sticking with it. To be completely frank, I think some of you are a bit weird, but I really do like you. Tomorrow, we shall do it all over again...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia drew with England
  • Australia: 481 & 107-1 (26.0 overs)
  • England: 260 & 517-1 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Brisbane

Australia 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 107
Watson not out 41
Katich c Strauss b Broad 4
Ponting not out 51
Extras 1w 4b 1lb 5pen 11

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