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Australia v England 1st Ashes Test day 2 as it happened

  1. 2331 Commentary  

    Morning all. Could be a big, big day at the Gabba today, a chance for Australia to rub England's nose in it - or a chance for the visitors to show some mongrel. I feel liked death warmed up. And then left on the side to go cold again - but we shall soldier on together...

  2. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Warm and muggy overhead at the ground - the earlier rain has cleared off, but the low grey clouds remain. England couldn't have asked for better conditions for their swing-kings. If it doesn't hoop around today, it never will. Big, big first session coming up."

  3. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "The pitch looks a bit 'fluffy' but it's still a good pitch and I'd expect one of the Australian batsmen to make a hundred on it..."

  4. 2338 Commentary  

    Students, shot glasses at the ready - Sir Boycott has already mentioned Hedley Verity and Wilfred Rhodes and 'lollipop bowling' and 'modern cricket' - he's only been on two minutes. How does Sir Boycs sleep, I sometimes wonder, having witnessed such horrors as yesterday? I imagine him stirring from time to time in his night gown and cap, like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, visited by ghostly greats of cricketing past. And I'd wager Peter Siddle paid him a visit just before daybreak, all in chains, roaring in his frightened little face.

  5. Commentary  

    Caroline in the TMS inbox: "So here we are again. Not a very rock or roll student visiting home, sat in front of the fire with tea and biscuits with her dad hoping that the night may bring many falling wickets!"

  6. Commentary  

    Toby P, Redcliffe, 28km from the Gabba, in the TMS inbox: "I've just spent the last half hour trying to find this page - why is it so difficult? I thought you'd been taken off air as a result of your failed attempts to destroy sports journalism!"

  7. 2342 Commentary  

    Some lovely stuff for me to link to on the site today - we've got Justin Langer's key moments and cop a look at Tom Fordyce's take on a remarkable first day's play. About 20 minutes until kick-off, Katich and Watson will resume on 25-0.

  8. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Tonight's Shakespearian guidance for the England-supporting portion of theTMS live text readership (and the England team), in the face of yesternight's travails:

    How poor are they that have not patience!
    What wound did ever heal but by degrees?
    Thou know'st we work by wit, and not by witchcraft;
    And wit depends on dilatory time. (Iago in Othello, Act 2, Scene 3)

    That is all."

  9. Commentary  

    Jayne in the TMS inbox: "Husband has gone to bed thank God! I can now watch the cricket in peace without him asking stupid questions like 'who's winning?' and 'when do the one-day Tests start?'"

  10. 2350 Commentary  

    Aaah, yes Tony P (see below), mine and Fordyce's evil plot to "destroy" sports journalism. Where are the big beasts of sports journalism today, I wonder? Indeed, does sports journalism still exist at all? Is Paul Hayward working as a sub-editor on Feng Shui Monthly? Is Oliver Holt eking out a living writing headlines for the Dairy Goat Journal? Where shall we next direct our ire, Fordyce? Simon Cowell? Gillian McKeith? Is there any trade or person that can resist us?

  11. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "We have the bowling attack to put in a big performance and I think Australia are susceptible to a collapse. That's why we have said this is the best England side that has gone out there for a long time because this side reacts and can drag themselves back into it."

  12. Commentary  

    James in the TMS inbox:

    "'Men at some time are masters of their fates;
    The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.'

    Cassius, Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, 135-141"

  13. Commentary  

    Chris in Yorkshire in the TMS inbox: "Last night at 1145 I cracked open a bottle of Kelly Country which is a Shiraz from Victoria. No coincidence then that Victorian Peter Siddle ripped through England. For that I apologise to everyone and promise that tonight I'll be sticking to Thwaites bitter and with any luck this time tomorrow we'll be waxing lyrical about a Jimmy Anderson six-for. It would have been Tetleys but Bres isn't playing."

  14. Commentary  

    Tom, Southampton, in the TMS inbox: "I am currently on a Sports Journalism degree at Solent Uni , and judging by my lecturers, sports journalism is dying..."

  15. 0000 Commentary  

    Players are out in the middle and we will have play in a minute - Broad to begin form the Stanely Road End. Mid-off, backward-point, two slips, a gully, a mid-on and a short-leg. Surprised there's no third slip, but here goes...

  16. 0004 - Aus 26-0 Commentary  

    Broad's first ball is a no-ball but he's getting plenty of lift outside off and Watson is leisurely shouldering arms. Watson blocks a straight one before a thick outside edge is fielded by Pietersen in the gully.

  17. APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    Short mid-wicket in for Katich as Anderson comes steaming in. Katich with a work off his hip for one before Anderson posts a third slip for Watson but he won't be needed there - short and Watson collars him over mid-wicket for four. One more for Watson with a turn to backward square-leg before England are convinced they've got Katich caught behind - Katich played all round it and it flicked the pad, no review. Nice dab into the covers from Katich, two for the shot.

  18. 0016 - Aus 37-0 Commentary  

    We keep expecting Shane Watson to get found out but he never does. At what point will everyone have to accept he's simply a pretty solid opening batsman? He's like a so-called 'limited boxer' - "yeh, but he'll get found out one of these days" - but he just keeps on grinding out the decisions. Cook under the lid at short-leg but Watson tucks Broad off his pads for a couple. Broad switches to round the wicket and shuffles his field and I can't help thinking England are trying to be too clever at the moment - formulate a plan and stick to it, Straussy.

  19. Commentary  

    Hugh on Twitter: "I can't think of a better time to be unemployed. And take advantage of my parents' satellite tv, biscuits and firewood."

  20. 0020 - Aus 42-0 Commentary  

    Anderson getting a hint of in-swing into the left-handed Katich - encouraging signs. That's not - Katich shuffles across his stumps and glides the ball through third-man for four. Sun out, England desperately need a foothold.

  21. APPEAL - NOT OUT  

    Two slips in now for Broad to Watson, who looks in stately nick. Gun-barrel from Broad - plenty of lift, but nothing lateral. Leg before appeal from Broad, better length, but I reckon that hit Watson outside the line and there is no review. Better from Broad. Sam Brookes emails in to say: "There is a group of cricketers young and old walking from The Oval to Lord's on Saturday to raise money for the Lord's Taverners and Terry Jenner." All donations welcome.

  22. Commentary MISSED RUN OUT - COOK  

    Should have been a run-out - Katich drops into the off-side, goes scuttling down the wicket, is sent back by Watson and Cook's rather lollipopped throw misses by inches. Katich looking to drive on the walk and he's beaten - nice and full from Anderson, better lengths from the England seamers.

  23. 0033 - Aus 46-0 Commentary  

    Snorter from Broad - just short of a length and it's beaten Watson all-ends-up. Good comeback from Watson - over-pitched and the Queenslander punches him straight down the ground for four. Got to be honest, I can't say I'm that optimistic about England's chances as it stands, but then pessimism is very much in the family make-up. My mother's mother was administered the Last Rites more times than Evel Knievel. I wouldn't mind, but  people used to call her 'Pilot Light' because she never went out.

  24. Commentary  

    Tom in the TMS inbox: "I've had enough of mere words - I need to watch the action. Does anyone in the Winchester area fancy a visit from a 24 year old upstanding doctor with a passion for cricket and a cheeky bottle of port/beer? Will deliver."

  25. 0036 - Aus 47-0 Commentary  

    Leg-slip in for Katich, England looking for the flick off his hip having moved across his stumps. Decent lengths from Anderson, probing outside Katich's off-stump, but the left-hander picks up a single with a poke into the covers. TMS has Freddie Flintoff on at luncheon, always good for a chat.

  26. 0042 - Aus 48-0 Commentary  

    Broad still bowling too short, as is his wont. Single for Katich before Watson is very nearly undone by a spot of chin music - that reared up like a cobra, the ball ricocheted off Watson's forearm and he very nearly knocked down his stumps in an attempt to kick the ball away. Things happening for England, at least...

  27. Commentary  

    Bhaven in the TMS inbox: "Your commentary is really biased – whatever happened usual unbiased commentary from the BBC. I am going to switch to just the scoreboard – at least I can see the score and make my own mind up."

  28. 0047 - Aus 55-0 Commentary  

    Time for a change, Middlesex fast bowler Steve Finn into the attack. His first delivery is leg-side and his third is too straight and Katich flips him to mid-wicket to take Australia past 50. Two slips and a gully in for Watson but that's too straight and over-pitched and Watson punches him to the long-on fence. Remember that table-top cricket game you used to get, where the bowler has got a length of guttering attached to his arm and the batsman bats with a Dyson hoover and has got one shot? That's what that shot looked like. Tough Ashes baptism for Finn...

  29. 0052 - Aus 55-0 Commentary  

    Bumper from Broad and Katich takes it on the body, a la Brian Close. Umpire Doctrove mysteriously calls it a no-ball, it appeared Katich was taking evasive action. Not happening for Broad, too short I'm afraid, and it's too often the way. Doozy of a day in Brisbane, sun out, blue skies, starting to sizzle...

  30. 0054 - Aus 56-0 Commentary  

    The pitch losing its green tinge now as Watson drives and picks up a streaky single courtesy of a thick inside-edge. Katich, scuttling about his crease like a hermit crab, excpet a hermit crab proficient in the fundamentals of batting, knows when to leave and he's leaving Finn well alone.

  31. Commentary  

    Rob in the TMS inbox: "Not in the Winchester area Doc (see below), but if you fancy a trip to Ramsgate, there are 3 crates of a well known Belgian Lager, and 12 bottles of Spitfire, the perfect partner for Ashes in 50" HD. It seems rude not to share!"

  32. 0059 - Aus 59-0 DRINKS BREAK  

    A lot of people were whispering it before the series started, but is Anderson capable of taking wickets when the ball isn't swinging? Looks like hard work at the moment for the Lancashire man. Sir Boycs is taking Jim Maxwell for a walk down Memory Lane on TMS - his mum used to call him Geoffrey, apparently. He hated it, he really did. That's drinks - Katich 27, Watson 28, England toiling.

  33. Twitter  

    Anon: "Sobering start for England. No swing, no horrors in track. Finny off the boil. St Swannage of Nottingham, time for one of your miracles."

  34. 0106 - Aus 63-0 Commentary  

    The tall, rangy Finn over the wicket to the right-handed Watson and Watson clubs him down the ground for four. High elbow, that was exactly as it should be. Finn digs one in and Watson sways out of the line like a palm tree bending in a stiff breeze. Better ball to finish the over, the ball nipping back off a length, but it's well-judged by Watson.

  35. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "That was a crucial hour for the batsmen to get through. The England bowlers did not get their areas or their lengths right. I thought that the opener would struggle but that's not been the case. The bowlers are going to have work very hard now."

  36. 0110 - Aus 63-0 Commentary  

    Time for a spot of Swanny I think, England have to yank a couple of these blokes out, and sharpish. Miles down leg from Anderson, before pushing one outside off the next, Katich not having to play at either. 

  37. Commentary  

    Ed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the TMS inbox: "I am getting married at 11am Kuala Lumpur time. Luckily it only takes 15 minutes so I can be back to a TV by 1130. If anyone fancies coming to the reception we will be at Sid's Pub in Bukit Damansara this afternoon."

  38. 0115 - Aus 67-0 Commentary  

    The Barmy Army in full voice at least, which is more than you can say for this England seam attack at the moment - over-pitched by Finn again and Watson piles into it, sending the ball to the extra-cover boundary...


    Katich is rapped on the pads by Anderson, Umpire Doctrove's finger goes up - and Australia refer it...

  40. NOT OUT  

    Too high, by a few inches to be fair, Katich survives...

  41. 0120 - Aus 74-0 Commentary  

    Katich dashes some salt into the wound - too straight from Anderson and the awkward-looking left-hander tickles him round the corner for four. Katich prods through mid-off for three more and he's now 34. Katich is one of the great supporting actors of world cricket, very much the Steve Buscemi of this Australian outfit - and that's meant as high praise indeed.

  42. 0126 - Aus 78-0 Commentary  

    Another quirky stroke, or non-stroke, from Katich, the NSW man turning his back on the ball and the ball striking him on the forearm. There's Pietersen looking pensive, skulking on the sidelines, grim-faced, like a man on a broken promise at a disco. Ragged bit of fielding from Anderson, a couple of extra runs for Katich, not much happening for Finn I'm afraid.


    Anderson gets one to drift back in to Watson and the batsman is hit on the pad, seemingly bang in front - Umpire Doctrove says no, but England review... but more frustration for the Lancastrian as replays show the ball was only just clipping leg and the benefit of the doubt goes the way of the opener.

  44. WICKET Watson c Strauss b Anderson 36 (Aus 78-1)  

    WE'VE GOT A WICKET! Anderson on a good length, Watson stays back, edges and Strauss takes the regulation catch at first slip. Big for England, very big...

  45. 0132 - Aus 78-1 Commentary  

    Time for the Australian skipper, Ricky Ponting checking in. Punter with a lavish leave, hopping outside off and thrusting his bat upwards, almost like a matador waving his cape. Good over from Anderson, nice and full, nice and full... 

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If you are patient enough to put the ball on the right length something will happen. There's still a bit of nibble out there but you have to stick at it and be consistent. You are never in on this wicket - yesterday one wicket brought another, can the same happen again?"

  47. 0138 - Aus 79-1 Commentary  

    Some maniacal gardening going on out there, both Katich and Ponting pecking away at the turf like a couple of sparrows. Broad back into the attack, replacing Finn, and Katich prods him into the off-side for one. Two men back for the hook for Ponting, but the bumper doesn't follow.

  48. 0141 - Aus 80-1 Commentary  

    Katich with a nudge into the off-side for one, which brings Ponting on strike. Ponting, who has developed into the Lee Marvin of the Australian team - hardboiled and salty - stares down the pitch, eyes narrowed, jaw set firm, him against the world. Him, his cricket bat and his gum. Two slips in, Ponting playing at nothing.  

  49. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Nice little innovation from Aussie TV over here - they've got umpire Billy Doctrove wired up to a heart-rate monitor. Apparently on those two referrals it jumped up to Dutch techno speeds."

  50. 0144 - Aus 81-1 Commentary  

    Broad angling the ball across the left-handed Katich but Katich picks up one with a nibble to point. Punter still not off the mark and he gets a short one - and ducks it. "That's the first time I've ever seen him do that against England," says Michael Vaughan on TMS. Ponting has scored tons in the first Tests of three of the last four Ashes series. He'll be wanting to fill his boots again.

  51. 0149 - Aus 88-1 Commentary  

    Katich flips Anderson through mid-off for one and it's Punter in the cross-hairs again. Off the mark - slightly false, an uppish glide between gully and second slip for four.

  52. 0153 - Aus 90-1 Commentary  

    First, second and fourth slip in for Broad to Katich, who's coming in from around the wicket. Broad's on the deck - boot problems. Broad with this prancing approach of his, like a horse performing dressage, and Ponting leans back and tugs him round the corner for one. Broad appears to have a limp on - that would be something of a kick in the orchestras for England... 

  53. 0157 - Aus 91-1 Commentary  

    Ponting beaten by Anderson - a rather half-hearted defensive stroke from the Aussie skipper. Ponting squared-up two balls later, Anderson nagging away outside off-stump. Too straight and Ponting tickles him round the corner for one.

  54. 0202 - Aus 96-1 INTERVAL  

    A short blast of Swann before lunch. First ball too short and he's turned round the corner for one by Ponting. One for Katich - too short again - before Punter gets a big old stride in and smothers. A rather optimistic lbw appeal before Ponting rocks back and pings Swann through point for three. Australia's session, that England total looking pretty feeble... back in 40...

  55. Commentary  

    Nick (an Aussie in) the Solomon Islands in the TMS inbox: "Australia are in front, but England aren’t out of it by any stretch. This pitch has likely got two days left before it starts becoming hard work for the batsmen. Australia’s much maligned middle-order needs to bat well into to day three or they risk allowing England too much time to make some runs on a good wicket. That would leave them chasing a challenging score on a deteriorating pitch with the King of Spin turning it a foot (well, maybe)."

  56. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "Flintoff interview coming up on TMS at lunch. Much more on BBC One on Monday 2305 - Inside Sport special, Freddie Flintoff Ashes Warrior."

  57. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Australia are in the boxseat. Ricky Ponting looks good which is ominous for England, while Simon Katich has played well. He's unorthodox, is moving around the crease and frustrating England. My worry is that James Anderson has bowled 14 overs already in these conditions and Stuart Broad 11. They are in for a long period in the field so Graeme Swann will have to play a massive role and we have seen already that Australia want to take him on."

  58. Commentary  

    Will in the TMS inbox: "Come on Aussie, come on! That session has hurt England and the pressure is on the bowlers, making it hard for them to nail line and length. Head down Punt & Katman, Game on!"

  59. Commentary  

    Almabear via Twitter: "Do you get the feeling that this will be one of those games when Collingwood has to bat for two days?"

  60. Commentary  

    Stu_Ball via Twitter: "Looks like we're relying on Msr Swann for the wickets today - that pitch is baking into a nightmare for us..."

  61. Commentary  

    Mark, in sunny Nan, Thailand, in the TMS inbox: "Some supporters could do with reading this David Viscott quote I told my students: 'The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.' Come on England!"

  62. Commentary  

    Howard Gold in the TMS inbox: "About to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle with a Canadian, three Americans, and a Frenchman. I am the anti-social Englishman in the corner muttering to myself what can only sound like mumbo-jumbo. I'll be thankful to see the back of this Aussie pair before we get to pumpkin pie."

  63. 0240 Commentary  

    I think a couple of these England seamers need to take a leaf out of Thomas Edison's book of life. After Thomas Edison's 700th unsuccessful attempt to invent the electric light, he was asked by a reporter: "How does it feel to have failed 700 times?" Edison replied: "I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once." Just got to keep sticking it on the right line and length - just because every ball doesn't get a wicket, it doesn't mean you've failed... players out, restart in a minute...

  64. WICKET Ponting c Prior b Anderson 10 (Aus 96-2)  

    Anderson to continue - three slips and a gully posted for Punter. BIG APPEAL! FEATHER DOWN LEG? PONTING GONE SECOND BALL AFTER LUNCH!

  65. 0244 - Aus 96-2 Commentary  

    That's a gimme for England - not a great ball, a strangle down leg. Ponting walked to his credit, that's nice to see. Clarke next up the ramp and that's a peach of a delivery first-up - Clarke prods forward and is beaten. The England fielders can smell something, they're all over Clarke like a cheap suit. Wicket-maiden.

  66. Commentary  

    Howard Gold in the TMS inbox: "PONTING GONE and we haven't even carved yet. Happy Thanksgiving!"

  67. 0250 - Aus 100-2 Commentary FIFTY FOR SIMON KATICH  

    Finn to continue - Broad is on the field, that limp presumably nothing serious. There's Katich's fifty courtesy of a leg-glance, his 25th in Tests - typical, gutsy knock, he's one of Test cricket's great survivors. Australia trail by 160 runs, that stroke from Katich took Australia to 100.

  68. 0254 - Aus 100-2 Commentary  

    Anderson getting it to nip back in to the right-handed Clarke - strangled appeal, no review. All of a sudden something's happening every ball - Clarke scythed in half before playing a false drive, it's a trial for the Aussie vice-skipper, who hasn't had a lot of cricket lately because of a back problem. Crackerjack over from Anderson.  

  69. WICKET Katich c and b Finn 50 (Aus 100-3)  

    AND ANOTHER! And what a piece of fielding that is from Finn - Katich flicks the ball back and the Middlesex man collapses that 6ft 7in frame of his and scoops the ball up a couple of inches from the turf.

  70. 0300 - Aus 101-3 Commentary  

    SWANNY'S PUT ONE DOWN! No, didn't quite carry - Mike Hussey the new batsman, prodding tentatively forward, and the ball skimming through just short. Hussey off the mark with a drop into the covers. Here are some stats for you: in Bangalore the Aussies went from 126-3 to 223; in Mohali 87-0 to 192; in Headingley against Pakistan 20-0 to 88; Lord's against Pakistan 171-2 to 253. Clarke cleaved in two by a ball that nips back from Finn - the Middlesex man just plunged head-first into this Ashes series. 

  71. 0305 - Aus 101-3 Commentary  

    There was a time when Mike Hussey was the Sphynx in Australia's middle order, strangling any bowler unable to answer his riddles - which was most of them - but not any more .He has only two tons from his last 51 Test innings and has become emblematic of his side's middle-order fragility. Another maiden from Anderson, Hussey - who did score a ton for Western Australia last week - blocking out...


    Finn has suddenly locked into a rhythm, sending every ball over the top of off, and Clarke doesn't seem to like it. Huge appeal! Dreadful, skewed stroke from Clarke, and England are convinced there was contact - review...

  73. NOT OUT  

    Umpire Dar got it right first time, Clarke survives...

  74. 0310 - Aus 102-3 Commentary  

    Clarke off the mark with a nudge to leg. England, by the way, have no reviews remaining. Splendid 30 minutes since lunch for England, their dander well and truly up at the Gabba.

  75. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Slater  

    "Finn - you champion! How good was that! A big man, 6ft 7in, in his follow-through, kept his eyes on the ball and caught it about four inches off the deck. It was an extremely athletic effort and means Australia now have two guys new to the crease with all the pressure on them. I thought yesterday was remarkable and now this fightback from England is inspired and something very special. What a start after lunch for England."

  76. 0315 - Aus 102-3 Commentary  

    Have we got another 2005 on our hands? You know what, I think we might have. Anderson moving it about and Clarke plays and misses again - that's five already and he's only on one. Turns out Sky have got Snicko as well as HotSpot and guess what? It reckons Clarke was out...

  77. 0320 - Aus 106-3 Commentary  

    Finn drops short and Hussey's onto it in a flash, rolling his wrists on it and sending the ball to the square-leg fence. Better from Finn, nagging outside Hussey's off-peg. The fact Sky have got Snicko - which is picking stuff up that HotSpot isn't - but the man upstairs hasn't is a farcical situation. Broad takes over from Anderson, Aussie have added 10 runs in 40 minutes since lunch...

  78. 0322 - Aus 110-3 Commentary  

    Clarke desperately trying to locate his game at the moment, like a man clawing at a lifeboat as he's barracked by waves. That's a good shot though, nothing more than a firm push and they run four.

  79. 0327 - Aus 114-3 Commentary  

    Sir Boycs pointing out - with some relish, it must be said - that Botham never made runs against the West Indies and never took wickets. Not sure why he brought that up, other than to let people know he was better than someone else at something. Finn drops short and there's nothing wrong with that shot from Hussey, rocking back and tugging him away for four.

  80. 0333 - Aus 115-3 Commentary  

    Broad serves up a bumper and Clarke freezes - back of the neck job, Australia's vice-captain looking like the Tin Man out there, send out some WD40. Clarke gets off strike with a nudge off his legs, Hussey sees out the rest of the over... 

  81. 0336 - Aus 126-3 Commentary  

    Swanny wheeled back into the attack. Bit of turn first-up, but Clarke tucks him away for one. Hussey on strike - 55% of Swann's wickets have been left-handers - and he dances down the track and launches him over mid-on for six. Nice comeback from Swann, extra flight, but there's another four for Hussey - darting backwards and pinging Swann through point. Eleven from the over, Swanny's not doing 'The Sprinkler' now...

  82. 0342 - Aus 126-3 Commentary  

    Broad digs one in and Clarke doesn't play that too well, chasing it with his gloves. That's a crackerjack delivery from Broad, Clarke fencing outside off - he's like a man clinging off the edge of a cliff, just waiting for one these English seamers to stand on his hand, dig the spikes in and send him toppling. Drinks... 

  83. 0346 - Aus 134-3 Commentary  

    Hussey really licking his lips at Swann and only a fine stop from Anderson in the covers prevents more runs. That's too short again, though, Hussey with all the time in the world and he swings Swann away for four... AND AGAIN! Swann going round the park - carry on bowling like this and he might as well close that Twitter account. The final ball's got plenty of revs on it, however, that stiffened Hussey up.

  84. 0351 - Aus 135-3 Commentary  

    Broad round the wicket to the left-handed Hussey but at the moment Hussey doesn't have to take any chances against the seam, not when Swanny's chucking money about at the other end.

  85. 0355 - Aus 135-3 Commentary  

    Swann with a short-leg in for Clarke. Clarke backs away and tries to thread through the off-side but it's well-fielded. Clarke uses his feet and looks to drive through the covers but it's fielded again - a welcome maiden, but Swann really looks out of sorts, plodding back to his position in the field all grim-faced, inspecting his fingers, desperately searching for answers.

  86. 0358 - Aus 139-3 Commentary  

    Hussey looks in pretty good nick to me - rumours of his demise seemed to have been greatly exaggerated - latching on to a widish delivery from Broad and lacing it through backward-point for four.

  87. 0400 - Aus 140-3 Commentary  

    Clarke comes down the pitch, has a mow at Swann but doesn't get it. Swann drags it down again and Clarke yanks him through square-leg for one. Hussey looking to get stuck in to Swann every delivery almost but that's a good stop in the covers. Swanny getting bullied out there - and by golly I bet the Aussies hate him...

  88. WICKET Clarke c Prior b Finn 9 (Aus 140-4)  

    England could do with another one now, and Finn could be the safe-breaker... CLARKE GONE! Put out of his misery really, looking to pull and feathering a top-edge to Prior behind the stumps...

  89. 0407 - Aus 141-4 Commentary  

    That really was a rancid innings from Clarke - nine from 50 deliveries - if you'd seen it lying on the side of the road, you'd have had to finish it off with a jack. Marcus North is next in and he's not in great form either - it tends to be either feast or famine for the left-hander, but more famine of late. That was Matt Prior's 100th Test dismissal by the way.

  90. WICKET North c Collingwood b Swann 1 (Aus 143-5)  

    North with a rather unconvincing flap across his front pad and he gets a leading edge. NORTH'S GONE TWO BALLS LATER! Bit of loop from Swann, locates the edge and Collingwood snaps it up at slip.

  91. 0413 - Aus 143-5 Commentary  

    Wicket-keeper Brad Haddin is next up and he blocks the final ball of the over. Relief for Swann, huge wicket for England.

  92. 0417 - Aus 147-5 Commentary  

    His mates might not be in good nick, but Mr Cricket looks in mustard form - short from Finn and Hussey yanks him away for four. Finn fizzes one through at chest height and Hussey sways out of the line. They're punching lumps out of each other, a real old ding-dong...

  93. 0421 - Aus 148-5 Commentary  

    Haddin off the mark with a single before Hussey stays back to a pretty full-length delivery. That's a peach from Swann - plenty of revs, bit of turn and Hussey, lunging forward, is beaten.

  94. 0426 - Aus 159-5 Commentary  

    Finn over-pitches, Haddin presents the maker's name and the ball disappears over the boundary rope. Doozy of a shot, that. And that's not too shabby, either, three for a drive through extra-cover. Not particularly intelligent bowling from Finn - half-tracker and Hussey fills his boots again, he likes that pull shot...

  95. 0429 - Aus 159-5 Commentary  

    Plenty of turn from Swann, that really spat back into Haddin's pads, 10 minutes until tea... 

  96. SMS  

    Adie in Petersfield: "We are on like Donkey Kong! I don't know what that means but I heard a young person say it the other day and I'm having a mid-life crisis."

  97. 0433 - Aus 159-5 Commentary  

    Into the 58th over of the innings and this has all turned out a thousand times better than most England fans had any right to expect. Collingwood with some dibbly-dobblies before tea and that, in the words of Jim Maxwell on TMS, is a dry over...

  98. 0436 - Aus 161-5 Commentary  

    Haddin with a flick to leg and that's not too far from Cook under the lid. Hussey is the big prize now, the beast that needs taking down - Swann starting to land them and Hussey gets a thick inside-edge for one...

  99. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "It had been one of those days for Swann. He has had such a lot of success in Test cricket and not had many starts like he had but he's shown his character to come back. The ball didn't do a lot but it was beautifully bowled, good line and length with good flight and offered to turn a little. It wasn't Jim Laker on a turning pitch, it was just a good delivery."

  100. 0439 - Aus 168-5 INTERVAL  

    Collingwood with probably the final over before tea - wide from the Durham man, one to the score. Two for Hussey with an ease into the covers and there are four more courtesy of a flip off his toes through mid-wicket. Whoever's been working with Hussey needs a medal, he looks in just-out-of-the-box sort of shape. That's tea - cracking session for England, we've got a live one... 

  101. Commentary  

    Wallace in Windsor, US, in the TMS inbox: "If it was anyone other than Michael Hussey I'd say England would be well pleased. Hussey, however, has made a habit of large late-innings partnerships with assorted characters including, I believe, over 150 once with Haddin in a ODI... Just saying that enumerating the egg layers may not be the wisest..."

  102. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at The Gabba  

    "Great afternoon session for England - four big wickets for just 72 runs. Jimmy Anderson began it all, Finn and Swann both impressive after dicky starts. Barmy Army in raucous voice, locals subdued. Bright sunshine overhead, and thirsts being slaked at pace in bars around the ground."

  103. 0459 Commentary  

    Players back out, it's Swann to Haddin first-up after tea...

  104. 0504 - Aus 173-5 Commentary  

    Swann from the Vulture Street End... deary me, that's turned a mile, darting back between Haddin's legs like a minnow in a rockpool. Swanny giving it plenty of revs now but that's short and Hussey's on it again, pulling it away for three.

  105. 0509 - Aus 176-5 Commentary  

    Broad to continue, Anderson being kept on ice for now. That's a spiteful delivery from Broad, dug in, but Haddin plays it well. Nice lines from Broad and Haddin just jags his bat out of the way. Haddin stands tall and punches through the covers for a single before Hussey moves to his 22nd Test fifty with a glance off his pads - 85 balls, nine fours and a six, he hasn't looked like a man struggling for form.

  106. 0512 - Aus 178-5 Commentary  

    Bit of drift from Swann and Haddin's reaching for it. Haddin twirls to mid-on for one before Hussey moves to 52 with a nurdle off his pads.

  107. Commentary  

    Joe in the TMS inbox: "Just got back in from a night out, empty handed apart from a delectable brie, cranberry, bacon and chicken burger. Fighting the urge to pad up and wander authoritively around the house. A few wickets would settle the nerves..."

  108. 0515 - Aus 181-5 Commentary  

    Rib-tickler from Broad and Haddin shovels him away for one. One for Hussey, Broad keeping them on a short leash...  

  109. Commentary  

    Simon, from Cornwall, UK working out in Bangkok in the TMS inbox: "We were in a similar place with the bat yesterday, then Siddle served up a hat-trick and the tail were non-existent. Only something similar from our bowlers and tame batting from them will keep first innings parity. Therefore Aussies still way, way ahead in this game, before people get too excited..."

  110. 0518 - Aus 182-5 Commentary  

    The old nectar making itself heard now, that lovely old hymn 'Barmy Army' drifitng across the Gabba. Quick run from Hussey off Swann and Pietersen hits the deck clutching his back, the old drama tart. Swanny on target, those early-innings jitters seemingly banished. 

  111. 0522 - Aus 187-5 Commentary  

    Hussey with a rare play and miss outside off-stump. Daggers between Broad and Hussey, the Nottinghamshire man seems to have found his length now after struggling early on... shot of the day from Hussey! Absolute huckleberry of a cover-drive, the ball piercing the two fielders on the off-side.

  112. Commentary  

    Alex in the TMS inbox: "Everyone on the Lausanne-Geneva train this morning is hanging on your every update. When I say everyone there are only two of us."

  113. 0526 - Aus 187-5 Commentary  

    Swanny giving it plenty of air to Haddin and Haddin is happy to smother his work. You get the sense we're in who-blinks-first territory late on the second day - here comes Anderson...

  114. 0530 - Aus 188-5 Commentary  

    Anderson looked pretty well greased earlier on and he's nibbling it about again. Hussey plays a crooked drive before dabbing off his hip for a single. So, pyjamas - acceptable on men under the age of 40?

  115. 0534 - Aus 189-5 Commentary  

    Hussey nibbles off his pads for a quick one but otherwise Swanny's tighter than a camel's backside in a sandstorm - very nearly a caught-and-bowled from the final ball of the over...

  116. 0536 - Aus 192-5 Commentary  

    Anderson drags one down and Hussey pulls again, but there's a man out on the boundary. Anderson gets in Hussey's face but Mr Cricket's having none of it, ignoring his gaze as if Anderson's some nutjob on the nightbus after his chips. Wicked ball from Anderson and Haddin plays and misses and very nearly loses his off-stump.

  117. Commentary  

    Debbie in Calgary in the TMS inbox: "On the subject of pyjamas on men under 40: Girl's opinion here, but only the bottom half and only in winter. Things have warmed up in Calgary, it's only -5 at the moment on this Thursday evening."

  118. 0539 - Aus 196-5 Commentary  

    England just not learning against Hussey - short from Swann and the left-hander thrashes him through square-leg for four more. Australia trail by 64 runs...

  119. Commentary  

    Alex in the TMS inbox: "Pyjamas absolutely acceptable. I will whack on my Calvin’s as soon as I return home from work with a beer and Doritos. Although they don’t taste the same in Australia. No chilli heatwave here. Took bashing from Aussie work colleagues yesterday... enjoying my revenge this afternoon!"

  120. 0544 - Aus 196-5 Commentary  

    Anderson serves up a tempter and that's a little bit wild from Haddin, looking to drive on the up and missing by miles. "Superman wishes he could get Hussey pyjamas," emails Chris in Liverpool... I went through a phase of wearing just pyjama bottoms, until it was pointed out I had the physique of an out-of-shape circus strongman...

  121. 0547 - Aus 197-5 Commentary  

    Swanny getting some nice curve to the left-handed Hussey and there's just the one run from that over. Finn back into the attack, Australia homing in on England's 260, the visitors could do with a wicket...

  122. 0551 - Aus 202-5 Commentary  

    Hussey moves to 67 with a nurdle off his pads. Finn hitting his lengths to Haddin, who likes to play shots - that's four, short and wide and Haddin throws the kitchen sink at it, he's now 19, Australia topping 200...

  123. Commentary  

    Nick, a much abused Pom, in Toowoomba in the TMS inbox: "Pyjamas? What is all this nonsense? Pyjamas are for old men with nothing better to do in bed and on the rare occasions when one has to go into hospital. Still trying to work out the rationale behind Debbie of Calgary - I've put it down to female logic... PS. Who wrote the bit yesterday about dunnies in nightclubs in Toowoomba - you ever been here, chum?"

  124. 0559 - Aus 212-5 Commentary  

    That's Hussey's ninth pulled four and it's like shelling peas for him - Swanny short and straight... Finn's at it now, and Hussey has tugged him away for four more, he's absolutely carted that. This partnership now worth 69. Nick (see below) - yep, I played some rugger in Toowoomba. The Power House - what a club, what women...

  125. 0602 - Aus 215-5 DRINKS BREAK  

    I'm beginning to zone out now, overs drifting by without me realising... quick single from Haddin off Swann to point... one more for Hussey with a squeeze into the leg-side... drinks...

  126. 0610 - 217-5 Commentary  

    "Hussey pulling like a freight train!" emails Will in Scunthorpe, and indeed he is, indeed he is. Collingwood filling in before the new ball is taken and Haddin slaps the ball back at him, Collingwood did well to stop it. Misfield from Bell in the covers and Haddin nicks a single. Collingwood getting the ball to wobble slightly off the seam, tempting Hussey outside off,  but Hussey's having none of it. Light meters being brandished, little bit gloomy...

  127. 0613 - Aus 217-5 Commentary  

    Swanny to continue and you have to say he's been pretty disappointing today - too many short balls and Hussey had him on toast when he first entered the fray. Fuller over to Haddin, it's a maiden...

  128. 0616 - Aus 220-5 Commentary  

    Umpires confer but they're staying out there. Too short from Colly and Hussey twirls him through point for a couple. No great secret to Hussey's return to form, says Michael Slater on TMS, "he's faced two-and-half million balls in the nets". Someone's flicked the switch, we have lights... new ball due... 


    And they're off, just as the new ball became available. Strauss not happy about that... great reception for Hussey, that was some knock...

  130. Commentary  

    Chris Arnott in the TMS inbox: "Well Benders, a mixed day for me at school viewing my lads' end of term presentations on their favourite famous people. Not a cricket player among them. Freddie Mercury and Emma Watson were highlights among the dull baseballers and baseketball players trotted out. England cheered me briefly In the afternoon but have, like me, gone stale and tired by end of day."

  131. 0622 Commentary  

    We've got some rain now, pitch being covered, doesn't look like we'll be out again...

  132. 0630 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    It's absolutely tipping it down at the Gabba, the locals are getting a proper soaking and if the players aren't back out there by 0700 GMT, we won't have any more play today.

  133. 0648 Commentary  

    I'm afraid I have to relay to you that play has been abandoned for the day, meaning we've lost about 15-20 overs of play. Australia are 220-5, 40 behind England, with Michael Hussey on 81 and Brad Haddin 22. Magnificent last-chance saloon innings from Hussey, pretty much chanceless...

  134. Commentary  

    Chris in Manila in the TMS inbox: "Hussey's going along nicely but can't help thinking we're playing him back to form with all this short stuff. He's faced 144 balls yet half his total is from just 10 rank deliveries! Come on guys, when does the penny drop? We've got to get the ball up there."

  135. 0654 Commentary  

    News reaches me that play will start half an hour early tomorrow - that's 0930 Australian time, 1130 GMT. Not a lot left for me to say, so I will bid you farewell and say thanks for reading...

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Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia drew with England
  • Australia: 481 & 107-1 (26.0 overs)
  • England: 260 & 517-1 (152.0 overs)
  • Venue: Brisbane

Australia 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 107
Watson not out 41
Katich c Strauss b Broad 4
Ponting not out 51
Extras 1w 4b 1lb 5pen 11

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