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England v Pakistan - Fifth ODI as it happened


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By Ben Dirs


2155: Morgan is, indeed, the man of the match and his skipper Andrew Strauss is man of the series. Right, that's me done, this summer is done... thanks for all the chat and see you soon. Bye!

2145: Bit of a damp squib to be honest - Pakistan came flying out of the traps and suddenly hit a brick wall after 10 overs or so. You expected Pakistan to at least go down firing. Ah well, cricket's all over for another summer and you have to say it's been emotional - and let's not forget England have played some pretty handy cricket this summer (at times). It'll be a lot tougher this winter, though...

Out for a duck
37th over - WICKET - Shoaib c Morgan b Broad 0 (Pak 135)
All over red rover, Shoaib looking to hit to leg, the ball coming off the leading edge and squirting to Morgan at cover-point - big celebrations, and why not, England have gubbed Pakistan by 121 runs to take the series 3-2.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Haseeb, B'ham, via text: "Are England fans born biased? Sure Swann has been brilliant, but Hashim Amla scored 253 against India, and two centuries, dismissed just once, ending the tour with an average of 494! Surely he's ICC cricketer of the year?"

Wicket falls
37th over - WICKET - Ajmal run out (Morgan) 1 (Pak 135-9)
Razzaq dabs into the covers for one before Broad digs one in and Ajmal wears one on the helmet. ANOTHER RUN OUT! Morgan at cover-point, one stump to aim at and Ajmal is out by a mile, great work for the nailed-on man of the match. My worse lookey-likey ever was the time I was on a chaps' holiday in Tenerife and we got chatting to a couple of girls by the hotel pool and one of them said to me, "you remind me of a darts player", and I said, "oh yeh, which one?" and she said "no-one in particular, you just remind me of a darts player..."

36th over - 133-8 Saeed Ajmal is next out in the middle. Razzaq with a single to point before Ajmal turns Swann round the corner for one more. Razzaq prods into the off-side for one - powerplay taken...

Wicket falls
36th over - WICKET - Gul run out (Davies/Swann) 6 (Pak 130-8)
Gul run out in shambolic fashion, Davies whipping his glove off and throwing to the bowler's end where Swann whips the bails off. People leaving in droves now, game pretty much over...

35th over - 129-7Mo(see below), paradoxically, if I was told I look like Jimmy Nail, I think I'd start wearing a beard and a turban. Broad back on and Gul and Razzaq exchange singles.

34th over - 127-7 Razzaq twirls through point for one before Gul picks up a single with an outside edge. Just two from that over, 130 needed from 96 balls...

33rd over - 125-7 Umar Gul is next out of the hutch, he averages 9.4 in ODIs. That's not a bad shot though, stepping aside and tickling round the corner for four.

Mo in the TMS inbox: "I was once told I look like Jimmy Nail. Hard to swallow considering I wear a beard and a turban. I do have a pair of crocodile shoes though..."

Wicket falls
33rd over - WICKET - Akmal c&b Collingwood 19 (Pak 121-7)
Collingwood into the attack now and Akmal immediately slips up a gear, dropping to one knee and scooping him over his shoulder... gone two balls later, smashing the ball straight back at Collingwood, who takes it second attempt.

32nd over - 117-6 Razzaq picks up a single before Akmal makes room and cuts right off his stumps to third-man for no run. Nippy single for Akmal courtesy of a dab into the covers and Swann has now bowled seven overs and taken 3-20.

Glen, Southampton, in the TMS inbox: "If Graeme Swann does not win the ICC International Cricketer of the Year award then it would be one of the biggest travesties of all time. He is the best spinner in the world!"

31st over - 115-6 Two singles from Bresnan's over, the game drifting, drifting, drifting, time for a drink... when's the Ryder Cup? The 'milkman' of sporting events - it always delivers...

Evan in the TMS inbox: "I'm an England fan and delighted with the way the match is now going, but can we finally persuade the ECB that day/night matches in September are a waste of time? Win the toss, decide to bat first and then everyone can go home as the game is over. Pakistan will win now, of course..."

30th over - 113-6 Easy run into the covers for Razzaq and Akmal plays a similar stroke for one more. Lbw appeal from Swann against Razzaq - he's getting some savage turn out there - but it hit him outside the line and it's a leg-bye. One for Akmal with a tuck off his pads, he keeps the strike.

Paul, Birstol, in the TMS inbox: "I once was on a course and we all had to be given a celebrity look-a-like. The guy next to me was compared to Hugh Grant. Me? After a pause I was told I look like Douglas, the Lurpak butter man."

29th over - 106-6 Akmal picks up one with a glide to third-man off the bowling of Bresnan. Fuller delivery from Bresnan and Razzaq is off the mark with a drive into the covers.

28th over - 104-6 Swann calls for a helmet, he wants someone at short-leg for the hat-trick ball to Razzaq. Huge appeal - for lbw, for a catch, for whatever, but Umpire Doctrove stands his ground. Swann's on fire and let's hope he doesn't go out until the Ashes are over.

Out for a duck
28th over - WICKET - Afridi b Swann 0 (Pak 104-6)
Deary me, Afridi looking to dab his first ball down to third-man, he leaves a gap and gets a thick inside-edge onto his timbers. Swann on a hat-trick...

Wicket falls
28th over - WICKET - Yousuf b Swann 20 (Pak 104-5)
Pakistan need 154 from 138 balls now, so it's still very doable. Akmal almost puts his back out pulling a short one from Swann but gets away with a mis-cue. And Swann's done it again! Took the pace off, allowed the ball to grip and Yousuf is beaten through the gate. Text-book.

27th over - 103-4 Yousuf rolls his wrists on a short one from Wright and picks up one to move to 20. One for Akmal with a nudge into the off-side...

26th over - 101-4 Yousuf clips to mid-wicket for one and Akmal brings up the ton with an on-driven single. One more for Yousuf with a single into the covers, very nearly beaten in the flight there...

25th over - 98-4 We haven't had a boundary since the ninth over, it's stagnating out there. Akmal cuts for a single before Yousuf picks up a couple with an elegant cover-drive. Not sure if this is the time for elegance, Pakistan could do with something altogether more earthy. One more single to third-man for Yousuf, this Pakistan innings hanging limp, like a tattered old wind sock...

24th over - 94-4 Yousuf with a single to mid-wicket before Akmal picks up three with a steer off the back foot, nice work from Wright on the dive, clawing the ball back from the rope. Two more singles, six from the over.

23rd over - 88-4 Yousuf guides Wright down to third-man for one, but that's the only run of the over. Not much happening out there at the moment, all a little bit odd.

22nd over - 87-4 One for Yousuf with a sweep to fine-leg, but Swann's got them by the jaffers at the moment, they're not going to take any chances against him...

Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "People often say I look like that old shabby bloke who wanders round Oswaldtwistle with assorted carrier bags, muttering into his beard about how 'he likes sending emails to Dirsy about stuff.' Not sure whom they mean, but I think it's meant nicely."

21st over - 86-4 Umar Akmal is the new man in the middle and he's due a good knock, it hasn't been much of a series for him. Wright gives Akmal the daggers and shapes to shy at his stumps, for why I know not. Akmal is off the mark with a glide to third-man for one.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Alam b Swann 1 (Pak 83-4)
Manilow Magic - always reminds me of my mum doing the hoovering of a Saturdat afternoon. Him and Shalamar. Swann's on - that means a wicket, right? Yep, Alam cleaned up by a ball that pitches on middle and leg and hits the top of off. That was the 20th over, by the way, not the 19th...

MC, West Mids, in the TMS inbox: "Re looky-likies: When I was younger people said I looked like Barry Manilow. I grew my hair longer and started to wear glasses so they said I looked like Jonh Lennon. I moved to the Midlands and people said that I reminded them of Michael Caine. So I shaved my head and started to wear contact lenses - identity regained! If I had a choice though I'd go for Manilow. Berumuda Triangle, Mandy, Could it be Magic. Need I say more?"

19th over - 82-3 To be fair to him, Akmal didn't make too much of a fuss - he stood his ground for a couple of seconds, but went without saying much. Alam off the mark with a nurdle to leg for one before Yousuf plays an elegant clip through square-leg for one more.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - K Akmal lbw b Wright 41 (Pak 80-3)
Akmal's got a shocking decision from Umpire Gould - he hit the cover off that but is given lbw...

18th over - 80-2 Yousuf plays and misses at a ball outside his off-stump from Bresnan but he follows up with a cute glide to third-man for one. Akmal with a single to third-man, the Pakistan ship steadied - for now.

Alec Stewart
Former England captain Alec Stewart on Test Match Special: "I had to go out and be a runner for Graham Clinton at Surrey once, and I was out there for absolutely ages as he went on to get a hundred. Actually, I got so bored that at one point, I changed my gloves."

17th over - 76-2 Luke Wright's going to have a bowl, and Hafeez is back on as a runner for Yousuf. Akmal turns Wright off his pads for one. Wright bustles in and Yousuf drives through a gap in the covers for one. Akmal gets forward and threads through backward-point for one before Yousuf tucks Wright round the corner for a single of his own.

16th over - 72-2 Morgan now with a mis-field, going for it one-handed, and Akmal nicks the second. Akmal flays at a widish delivery and this time Collingwood can't take it, the Durham man only managing to tip it over the crossbar. Huge leg before appeal from Bresnan but I think he got some wood on that - and it hit him outside the line. "They're generally not given," says Alec Stewart on TMS... Yousuf sent back by Akmal and now he's feeling that injury, or it could be another one entirely... drinks, and we may see a runner...

15th over - 67-2 Broad to continue, he's got 2-19 so far. Bit of extra bounce from Broad and Yousuf is rapped on the bottom hand. A wring of the fingers but he's OK to continue. Yousuf with a trademark glide to third-man for one and Akmal finally gets a run off a mis-field from Strauss in the covers. The grass a little dewy now but it's not causing Broad any problems, that's a beauty that holds its line and beats the bat of Yousuf.

14th over - 65-2 Bresnan back into the fray, Pakistan need 193 from 37 overs. Many thanks to those who have emailed in to correct my English - it is, of course, 'sliver', not 'slither'... Akmal tries to force through the off-side off the back foot, twice, and both times he is foiled by England fielders. Just one from the over, off the bat of Yousuf.

13th over - 64-2 Hat-trick ball... Yousuf plays a straight bat to it and nicks a sharp single to mid-off... England right back in it...

Out for a duck
13th over - WICKET - Shafiq c Davies b Broad 0 (Pak 63-2)
TWO IN TWO! Widish, Shafiq has a nibble and Davies takes a straight-forward wicketkeeper's catch. Yousuf next up the ramp, without a runner...

Wicket falls
13th over - WICKET - Hafeez c Collingwood b Broad 29 (Pak 63-1)
Broad gets one to wobble off the seam and it's one off the thigh of Akmal. YES, GOT HIM! Hafeez looking to force into the off-side and that's classic Collingwood at backward-point, taking a scorcher diving to his right.

12th over - 62-0 Hafeez just gets a slither of wood on that ball from Anderson, an in-ducker that thuds into the pad. Akmal slices to third-man for one, just two runs from the over.

11th over - 60-0 Hello you, and many thanks Mitch - manually refresh and the changeover will be revealed. Akmal stands tall and guides Broad down to third-man for one before Broad gets one to dart back in at the last moment and Hafeez does well to keep it out. Bumper from Broad which Hafeez sways out of the way of, as down on the boundary the panto continues between Trott and the Pakistan fans. Trott baiting them apparently, and someone's been sent out from the England dressing room to tell him to wind his neck in...

By Mark Mitchener

10th over - Pkn 57-0
Last over of the compulsory powerplay, Hafeez sets off for a single and has run half the length of the pitch before Kamran sends him back. Anderson, despairingly, appeals for leg before, umpire Doctrove shakes his head and it looks like Hafeez got an edge onto his pads. But a change of pace benefits Anderson, and the powerplay (and my commentary stint) end with an England maiden. Over to you, Ben...

9th over - Pkn 57-0
After some sawdust is sprinkled at one end of the pitch, it's still Broad to continue, and he manages to put the brakes on against Hafeez for a few deliveries... then bangs in the fifth ball far too short and Hafeez dismissively pulls him for four, before clipping the last bat for a single to the mid-wicket sweeper.

Get involved on 606
From Pickles91 on 606: "Time for Swann, he likes a challenge, bowling in the powerplay is a challenge!"

8th over - Pkn 52-0
Cap'n Strauss is looking round for inspiration as Pakistan continue their early assault on his seam bowlers, Kamran whacks two more fours through the covers and the atmosphere sounds more like Hyderabad than Hampshire as the Pakistan fans cheer their openers' fifty partnership. Anderson sends down a wide, nothing's going right for England here. England need some inspiration, and they can't just wait until the Dirs returns after 10 overs...

7th over - Pkn 43-0
Hafeez pulls and misses at Broad, playing the shot too early - but when England bring third man up, the right-hander tickles a four to where the fielder had just left - and cracks a two and another four off his legs. Hafeez and Broad also accidentally collided during that two, umpire Ian Gould has a quiet word with them.

6th over - Pkn 33-0
Kamran plays and misses at Jimmy A as the "Burnley Express" finds a shade of outswing. But Kamran responds with a handsome back-foot drive for four through the covers. We're still in powerplay restrictions, and England currently have their two compulsory close catchers at leg slip (about fourth leg slip, as it were) and short mid-wicket. Kamran clubs another four through the off side, he has 20 from his first 22 balls - 16 of which has come in fours.

5th over - Pkn 25-0
An early change of bowling as Bresnan, who's been erratic tonight, is replaced by Stuart Broad. His fair hair is shining like a halo under the floodlights, but his line and length is pretty good early on, it's a maiden over as the score is only advanced by a leg bye.

From Andrew in Wilts, TMS inbox: "I think this is some of the worst opening bowling in an ODI from England in a long time. Is Bresnan in the team as a lower bat who can turn his arm over these days?!"

4th over - Pkn 24-0
A brief cheer from the England fans in the crowd as Graeme Swann at cover grasps hold of a bump-ball from Kamran. The Rose Bowl's two new stands adjoining the pavilion looked packed as Kamran only manages a single from Anderson's over.

Get involved on 606
From Ryushinku on 606: "Bresnan's off to a flier, then."

3rd over - Pkn 23-0
Kamran clips Bresnan for four through mid-wicket, Big Tim's bowling has been as wooly as those aforementioned wooly pullys at times in these early stages. Another short ball is hooked to long leg, the diving Broad can't stop another four, there are plenty of green flags being waved and passionate chants of "Pakistan Zindabad" around the Rose Bowl at the moment.

2nd over - Pkn 15-0
Kamran knocks Jimmy Anderson's first ball for a single, his partner Mohammad Hafeez is busy as they pick up several ones and twos, and some deft fielding by Eoin Morgan denies Kamran a likely boundary.

1st over - Pkn 9-0
Kamran Akmal is a man in a hurry, slapping Tim Bresnan for two fours from the first two balls of the innings - clubbing the first through mid-wicket and steering the second straight back past the bowler. I'm sure England's aforementioned bowling plans didn't begin "soften them up with a couple of easy half-volleys, Tim". Kamran flicks a single to long leg and that's a good start for the tourists.

1843: England's bowling plans will be interesting in this innings. Without second spinner Michael Yardy, they're going to have to find 10 overs between medium-pacers Paul Collingwood (who's been suffering with illness) and Luke Wright (who can be knocked round the park a bit). The crowd are beginning to don their wooly pullys as they anticipate a chilly night in West End, and the Pakistan batsmen are all ready to start...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Talhah, via text: "Demanding total... needs a century from one top order batsman."

1841: Interesting chat about the Ashes party (named tomorrow at 1430 BST) from Aggers and his panel of journalists on TMS. On the second spinner issue, Stephen Brenkley from the Independent on Sunday wonders whether they could have one spinner (Tredwell?) as part of the main squad in case something happens to Swann on the morning of the game - while another (Panesar?) goes with the Performance squad on stand-by in case England decide they want to play two spinners anywhere...

1837: Right, with a slow over-rate (and plenty of gratuitous drinks breaks), we've got a shortened interval and they'll be back playing soon. Time for you to manually refresh your page, and the change of commentator and Pakistan's victory target will be revealed...

By Ben Dirs


1820: Righto, I'll be back after the interval, although Mark Mitchener will take the first 10 overs of play...

He's reached 100
50th over - 256-6 That last over wasn't the 50th, this one's the 50th! Ajmal to bowl it. Leg-side from Ajmal, Morgan has a got at it but it's three wides and six balls to go. Morgan heaves Ajmal over long-on for a maximum - he muscled that, lots of club-head speed- and there's his ton, his fourth in ODIs, courtesy of a searing lofted drive for four. Two more for Morgan to mid-wicket and there's two more with a yank through square-leg. Morgan digs the final ball of the innings down to mid-off and England will take that, things weren't looking that great after 20 or so overs... big reception for Morgan, another stellar knock...

50th over - 237-6 More runs chucked away by Pakistan, Afridi missing the stumps again and Bresnan nicking a second. One more from Bresnan with a dab into the off-side. Morgan almost cleaned up, attempting what you might call a reverse scoop, but he picks up one next ball with a prod down the ground. Oh my lord, I've miscounted the overs... ONE MORE TO GO!

49th over - 229-6 Widish from Shoaib and Bresnan sprays him through the covers for four. Morgan cuts for one and would have been out by miles if the throw from Asad has been any good. Two more for Bresnan before the big Yorkshireman keeps out another ball of full length from Shoaib and nicks the strike.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Jonathan, Bury St Edmunds, via text: "Before this match Michael Vaughan was saying that 275 was par for this pitch. Was he wrong or have England really been that poor?"

48th over - 219-6 Bresnan has a wild swing and picks up a run down to fine-leg off the inside-edge. Morgan has a rummage around in his shot box and pulls out one that's new to me - one knee on the deck, shovelling the ball over his shoulder down to long-leg. Three for the shot. New bat for Bresnan and it's a beefy strip of willow, his first shot with it is a biff through the covers for four.

47th over - 208-6 Smashing shot from Morgan, making room and flashing Shoaib down the ground for four. Slower ball and Morgan dabs to backward-point for one. Hannah (see below), is your husband reading this? And what else was on the rather short 'pro' list? His crockery?

Wicket falls
47th over - WICKET - Wright b Shoaib 1 (Eng 202-6)
Shoaib back on and Wright does well to keep his first ball out... full-bunger next ball, Wright makes room and that's him gone, too quick and too good for him...

Hannah, Tring, in the TMS inbox: "On the subject of doppelgangers, my husband is the spitting image of Michael Vaughan. I haven't yet worked out for myself if that was in fact the only reason I agreed to marry him, but it was certainly on the rather short 'pro' list..."

46th over - 202-5 More in-duck from Gul and new batsman Wright is rapped on the pad, but it was missing leg. Leg-bye, that's the England 200. Fine bowling from Gul, real block-holer to Morgan that the left-hander can only jam his bat down on. Another leg-bye before Wright is off the mark with an off-drive - zinging shy from Afridi, would have been out if he'd hit the stumps. Pearling over from Gul, three from it and a wicket to boot.

Wicket falls
45th over - WICKET - Collingwood b Gul 47 (Eng 199-5)
Spot of in-swing from Gull, Collingwood comes down the track and is cleaned up - it took him 71 balls but was a decent knock when you consider he had a migraine in the middle of it

44th over - 199-4 Deary me, what is happening here? We've got another drinks break! I'm not sure I've ever been angered so much by a sporting event. GET ON WITH IT! Afridi drags one down and Morgan yanks him away for four, not far off being a six. One more to long-on for Morgan from a mis-timed pull before Collingwood pushes down the ground for one. Morgan looks to reverse sweep and is rapped on the pad but he ambles a single off the next ball after a poke down the ground.

43rd over - 191-4 A leisurely single apiece for Morgan and Collingwood, who is edging towards his fifty without having scored a boundary. Rob Key has been reappointed Kent captain for next season despite their relegation from County Championship Division One. Six singles from that Gul over, it's time for the powerplay.

42nd over - 185-4 Afridi flies through his over in double-quick time, just three singles from it. Still no powerplay - makes no sense to me, why not take it now when they've got two men in the middle with their eye in?

Ross, London, in the TMS inbox: "My fiancée tells me I look like Ewan McGregor's less attractive brother, if she squints a little. If she squints too much I look like Sloth from The Goonies."

41st over - 182-4 Morgan plays through backward-point for one and Collingwood moves to 39 with a dab down to long-on for one. Two more singles from the over before the players have (yet) another drink. Anyone would think they were playing in the middle of Death Valley...

40th over - 178-4 Afridi brings himself back on and Collingwood taps him to mid-wicket for one. Two more singles before Afridi gets one to grip and beat a rather tentative prod from the right-handed Collingwood. Time for the batting powerplay? Might as well...

Tom from London in the TMS inbox: "RE: looky-likeys - Renee zieg-whatsherface and Charlie Dimmock. That, my friends, is the difference make-up makes! P.S. It's my birthday today so we're going to win the series - definitely!"

39th over - 174-4 Shoaib back into the attack and he kicks off with a wide. Morgan nicks a couple - decent enough throw from Asad but it was ropey work behind the stumps from Fawad Alam, should have been out. Morgan, opening the face and looking to glide, is beaten.

Tom from London in the TMS inbox: "Surely it would make sense to take the powerplay while these two are settled. It is so infuriating watching Broad and Anderson deal with it every match!"

38th over - 169-4 One for Collingwood with a dab off his hip and Morgan tips and runs off the next delivery. Two more singles, we're supposed to have the interval in 15 minutes...

That's 50
37th over - 165-4 Collingwood with an off-drive for one and Morgan moves to his 11th ODI fifty with a dreamy cut for four. Gul hits back with a bumper but that's a cute shot from Morgan, swatting it from in front of his eyes and away for four more. Gul bends his back and extracts a little extra juice and Morgan, looking to cut, is beaten.

James from Toronto in the TMS inbox: "The best person I have been told I look like is Ryan Phillippe. The worst was Baldrick."

36th over - 156-4 Apologies, computer problems, the 34th over has disappeared - there were 10 runs from it, including a sweet drive through the covers for four. Ajmal back on and Collingwood nurdles to leg for one. Two more singles before Collingwood, attempting to cut, is beaten by what looked like a doosra.

35th over - 151-4 Collingwood clips to long-on for one before Morgan slaps Gul through the covers wristily for four. Ball change, before Morgan plays a similar stroke for two more. Gul digs one in and Morgan tugs him uppishly through mid-wicket for two more before cutting hard for one to bring up the 150. Big lbw appeal from Gul against Collingwood, but Umpire Doctrove must have thought he got an inside-edge on that - he didn't, and it was hitting middle of middle...

Nick the Scribbler, Derby, in the TMS inbox: "I have a long and undistinguished doppelganger history that includes D'Artagnan, William Shakespeare, Noel Edmonds, intrepid and generously-bellied old-school investigative reporter Roger Cook, Zed out of Police Academy, Bono, Andre Agassi, The Gruffalo and Jesus. Eclectic and not overly flattering... although obviously Jesus had his moments."

33rd over - 135-4 Talk of dark clouds above the Rose Bowl now, we could be in for rain... Collingwood shovels Gul over his shoulder for a couple before nurdling off his hip for one. One more single apiece, Collingwood 24, Morgan 37.

32nd over - 130-4 Morgan clips Hafeez round the corner for one and Colly picks up a single with a prod down the ground. Two more singles from that over, time for drinks...

31st over - 126-4 Two for Collingwood with a cover-drive and he picks up two more with a poke into the leg-side. Another brace to finish the over courtesy of a work through mid-wicket.

30th over - 120-4 Hafeez to Collingwood and the Durham nugget clips through mid-on for a couple. One more for Colly through mid-wicket before Mohammad Yousuf does himself a mischief down at long-on - good catch over his shoulder, but he sees the boundary rope looming and decides to get rid of the ball so as not to make it a six. Good piece of fielding actually, although not the wicket of Morgan they would have wanted.

29th over - 113-4 Four runs from Afridi's over, the target's got to be in the region of 230...

28th over - 109-4 Morgan with a single off his pads before Collingwood plays a shot only its mother could love, backing away and looking to cut and chopping the ball into the turf. Collingwood with a nurdle to mid-wicket for one before Morgan drives through the covers to keep the strike...

Wicket falls
27th over - WICKET - Bell b Afridi 28 (Eng 106-4)
Bell chips over the extra-cover for two but very nearly lobs back to Afridi next ball. And Bell's gone! Afridi pushes one through, Bell stays back and gets an inside-edge onto his timbers. Collingwood re-enters the fray.

26th over - 104-3 Four for Morgan with a scythe through point - nice save from Asad Shafiq, but his foot was in contact with the rope. A single through mid-wicket for Morgan before Bell works to long-on and Morgan completes the over with a mishit to long-on for a couple.

25th over - 96-3 Big old turner from Afridi, who's giving it plenty of revs, and Morgan is beaten. Low full-bunger from Afridi which Morgan turns away for one, Bell adds a single into the off-side before Morgan backs away and carves into the covers for one more. Many thanks to Neil for digging up this old nugget from the dear old Bearded Wonder, from this very website: "The highest number of runs in a single innings made with a runner that I have on record is 155 by Paul Prichard during his 224 for Essex v Kent at Canterbury in 1997. He acquired a runner after scoring 69. The highest complete innings with a runner is 150 not out by DJ (Danny) Buckingham for Tasmania v Western Australia at Perth in 1986-87."

Stephen, London, in the TMS inbox: "Ben, I think you look like a young Ernest Borgnine. You'd make a great Airwolf co-pilot as well."

24th over - 93-3 Hafeez back on and there are just four runs from that over, all in singles. Collingwood spotted up on the balcony - all smiles, looks like he's shifted whatever it was he had.

23rd over - 89-3 One for Bell before Morgan is beaten by what looked to be a wrongun from Afridi. Morgan pushes down the ground for a single, Bell gives him back the strike and Morgan bags one more with a flick to mid-wicket. Looks like there won't be much of an interval, expect it to be slashed to 20 minutes or so.

Neil, still at work, Leamington Spa in the TMS inbox: "Re: 19th Over - Graeme Fowler is the only player in cricket history to score a hundred in each innings of a first-class match with the aid of a runner. Doesn't answer your question, but still interesting!"

22nd over - 84-3 Morgan unveils the old 'hurling' reverse sweep and that's a fine piece of fielding at fine-leg by Umar Akmal. Shame about the man behind the stumps, Morgan still gets one. One for Bell before Morgan picks up two more with no more than a dab into the leg-side.

21st over - 78-3 Morgan dabs into the leg-side for one... make that two, some appalling fielding there from the sub, not sure how he didn't get anything on it.

20th over - 74-3 Ajmal turns one past the outside edge of Morgan's bat before the left-hander plonks his foot to the pitch and spoons the ball over the top to the long-off boundary. England could do with those wrists getting rubbery, England are in a bit of schtuck here.

19th over - 69-3 Steve Davies is Bell's runner, off he trots to square-leg. What's the most runs scored, I wonder, by a batsman with a runner? Afridi has brought himself on and he's asking for lbw first ball, or caught behind, or something... another three-minute break as Doctrove goes upstairs, what is going on out there? Another lbw appeal against Bell but again it's turned down. One for Bell with an off-drive and England continue to be asphyxiated...

18th over - 68-3 Morgan is off the mark with a single into the covers. Stumping? Doosra from Ajmal, Bell feels for it and is beaten. Off come the bails and Umpire Doctrove goes upstairs. Not sure what that was all about, he was about eight inches in. A single for Bell before Morgan nicks a brace courtesy of a top-edged slog-sweep. Morgan beaten by a genuine off-break, and we've got another break in play, this time Bell's called for the physio. This is interminable cricket, a real stop-start affair, I believe someone's padding up, Bell's called for a runner...

17th over - 64-3 Gul gets a couple of balls to seam away before Bell shows him the maker's name and the ball disappears straight down the ground and over the boundary rope. That's the only scoring stroke of the over, though... Jeff (see below), if it's any consolation, I am the man of a thousand faces, none of them good ones. Mike Tyson (only when I laugh), Danny from Hear'Say, Harry Enfield, Alan Sugar, the bloke from the Manics, Jack Dee, Bill Beaumont, Seth Rogan, Sven-Goran Eriksson, Goldie, Kanu - nationality, race or religion are no barriers to my lookeylikies.

Jeff, London, in the TMS inbox: "Over time as I have changed jobs I have been likened to Matt Damon, Richard Clayderman and now William Hague - I feel like Dr Who, with each new job I'm degenerating (I mean regenerating) into a progressively less attractive celebrity."

16th over - 60-3 I might retrain as a quack - Collingwood's off for a nap, Morgan's taking his place. This is all a bit odd - Bell's been handed a pill now. We know Yardy's ill, there must be something doing the rounds. England scored 13 runs and lost one wicket in the second powerplay, Pakistan really turning the screw out there. Bell with a single to mid-on before Morgan is very nearly bowled through the gate - just one run from the over...

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From Welshexile15 on 606: "Why oh why is Collingwood still in the team? He is woefully out of form and hasn't done it for England in a one-dayer for a long time. Surely Bopara would have been a better choice?"

15th over - 59-3 A long conversation between overs after which Collingwood decides he'll stay at the crease - not sure that makes any sense to be honest, if he's got a migraine why doesn't he get his head down for a bit back in the dressing room and let someone else have a go? Too straight from Gul and Bell times him through mid-wicket for four - the first since the fourth over - and it's Shoiab doing the chasing, looking like a granny running for a bus. Collingwood blocks out the final two balls, he's scored just five from 15. Drinks...

Garf Bailey in the TMS inbox: "Jeans? What happened to cavalry twill and a nice Turnbull & Asser?"

14th over - 54-3 Collingwood gets a pill down his neck and play resumes. Saeed Ajmal into the attack now with his off-breaks, and occasional doosras. One for Colly with a dab to third-man - that's England's fifty - and he picks up one more with a nibble to leg. One for Bell with a florid stroke through the covers as news reaches me Colly's got a migraine...

13th over - 48-3 Umar Gul wheeled into the attack now and he's got Bell right in the orchestras. Nasty. Bell looks to deflect to leg but it's fielded before looking to steer to third-man, but it's fielded again. Another maiden, England wading through treacle...

12th over - 48-3 Bell with a single to point but Collingwood is still not off the mark, Pakistan flocking to his every shot like vultures to a carcass... Hafeez keeping it tight, five runs in the last four overs now...

James, Woolwich, in the TMS inbox: "My brother's father-in-law looks exactly like Nick Faldo, gets mistaken for him in restaurants. He grew a moustache to hide it but it made him look like Charles Bronson."

11th over - 47-3 Umpire Doctrove is forced to intervene as Collingwood arrives in the middle - Umar Akmal giving out some verbals which are repaid with interest, one suspects. Shoaib crawling through his overs, walking back to his mark between deliveries like a man pulling a plough. He's giving it some rip though, every ball over 90mph and Collingwood yet to get off the mark.

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - Strauss c K Akmal b Shoaib 25 (Eng 47-3)
Bell off the mark with a deflection to third-man but Strauss has gone now - Shoaib the bowler, Kamran Akmal taking a fine catch diving full length to his left.

10th over - 46-2 Hafeez is back into the fray with his right-arm dobblers, Ian Bell is the new man in the middle for England. Big old lbw appeal by Hafeez against the sweeping Strauss but the umpire brushes it aside. Strauss looks to come down the pitch but isn't able to get the ball away and that's a maiden over, good bowling from Hafeez.

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Trott b Shoaib 4 (Eng 46-2)
Trott steers to third-man to move to three before Strauss nibbles to leg for a single of his own. And down goes Trott, coming down the track to Shoaib and getting his furniture smashed to bits. The Pakistan contingent liked that, for whatever reason they seem puffed up with indignation today, not sure they've got any reason to be...

Mitch, Oxford, in the TMS inbox: "Strauss is actually the spitting image of my wife's uncle."

8th over - 43-1 The Hafeez experiment, successful as it was, lasts just one over and Razzaq's back on. A decision Afridi might regret - Strauss comes down the pitch and absolutely marmalises Razzaq over mid-wicket for a colossal six. Brutal. One more single for Strauss with a prod to mid-off, not sure we'll be seeing Razzaq for a while...

7th over - 36-1 Strauss with two courtesy of a back-foot push through the covers but he's beaten again by Shoaib next delivery, the ball arcing across his bows. And again! The ball pitching and darting to the right, decent spell from the Pakistan pace veteran.

6th over - 33-1 It's fairly spicy out there - Trott is booed and hissed to the crease by the Pakistan contingent, although to be honest it looks like he doesn't give a monkey's. He had a row with Wahab Riaz the other day, in case you were wondering... Trott off the mark with a single off his legs...

Wicket falls
6th over - WICKET - Davies st K Akmal b Hafeez 17 (Eng 31-1)
Short from Hafeez and Davies makes room and spoons him into the covers for one. One for Strauss courtesy of a tuck to leg before Davies is out - the Surrey man flitted down the pitch like a butterfly with sore feet, missed a sharp-turning ball completely and is stumped by Kamran Akmal.

5th over - 29-0 Well said Gina (see below). Although he does still look like my dad. Strauss nurdles through mid-wicket for a couple after Davies has worked through square-leg for a single. Time for a change, Mohammad Hafeez into the attack with his right-arm off-breaks.

Gina in Gloucestershire in the TMS inbox: "Re Barney's comment - that is one of the reasons I love the game and its players though Barney. The fact that Strauss is not covered in tattoos, wearing a baseball cap the wrong way round, sporting some gold jewellery and diamond ear-rings or wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans is what makes him and the game stand out from others. He is a gent and dresses like one."

4th over - 26-0 Strauss turns Razzaq round the corner for one - decent fielding from Ajmal to prevent the second - and that's a sweet stroke from Davies, timing through the covers for four. Not so good from Davies, stepping away and looking to launch over the top only to be beaten. Hooky bowling at the moment from Razzaq - this time he's too straight and Davies stands tall and proud and clips him down to long-leg for four.

3rd over - 16-0 Davies off the mark with an inside edge for two and he follows up with a flick through mid-wicket for his first boundary. Davies looking to drive and is beaten, decent enough start for England...

Matt in York in the TMS inbox: "The conspiracy continues, I'm in Yorkshire and my computer thinks I'm in the United Kingdom."

2nd over - 10-0 Abdul Razzaq to bowl the second over and his first ball is clipped through square-leg for four by Strauss. Peche de la peche from Strauss, the shot of a man in form - no more than a furl of the wrists and the ball disappears straight down the ground for four more.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Eng bat... great conditions... 275 should be par score"

1st over - 2-0 Whoa there Shoaib! Nasty opening delivery and Strauss shoulders arms and wears one in the ribs. Naughty smile from the Pakistan quick, Straussy will have a dirty great medal to show for it. Strauss plays a rather crooked back-foot drive and is beaten on the inside but picks up his first run two balls later with a work to leg. Shoaib already hitting 94mph and Davies is squared up by his first ball faced and beaten by his second - good ball that, nipping away off the seam...

1429: Players are out, Pakistan fall into a huddle, and here come Strauss and Davies - full house, big reception, Aggers reckons the hairs are upright on the back of his neck. Shoaib to bowl the first over of the day...

Henry, London, in the TMS inbox: "When I was very small I found a rabid badger drowned in my parent's pond. It had swollen with water and was floating on its back. You've just bought a very frightening memory back."

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From Pickles91 on 606: "Batting under lights will be tough, giving them 10 overs of Luke Wright makes it fair. Maybe Collingwood will bowl a few. Prove his worth."

Barney in the TMS inbox: "What is that shirt, red jumper and jeans combo Straussy is wearing (pictured on BBC Sport)? He dresses like a proper Dad. That has made me do a smile."

Malc, doing his best to look busy, Basingstoke in the TMS inbox: "It's a conspiracy! I'm in Basingstoke but my work computer thinks I am in Poland!"

Adam, Middlesex, in the TMS inbox: "'Noon Dirsy. I must say I'll be mighty relieved come tomorrow morning. This whole summer of cricket has been tarnished with the brush of a very bad artist. Bring on the Aussies!"

Neil, avoiding work as always, Leamington Spa, in the TMS inbox: "Was hoping to watch some snooker but my work computer thinks I'm in Belgium."

1411: Smashing weather down south, plenty of runs to be had, you'd like to think. Or would you? Part of me wants England to get skittled for 50 and for Pakistan to get bowled out for 10, just to put this series out of its misery, like the rabid badger it is...

1404: Hello. There is a game of cricket between England and Pakistan in Hampshire today - it's 2-2, the winner of this game of cricket wins the series apparently. England captain Andrew Strauss has won the toss and his team will bat. One change for England, Luke Wright in for Michael Yardy, who is feeling a little dicky.

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • England beat Pakistan by 121 runs
  • England: 256-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 135 (37.0 overs)

Pakistan Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 135
K Akmal lbw b L Wright 41
Mohammad Hafeez c Collingwood b Broad 29
Shafiq c Davies b Broad 0
Mohammad Yousuf b Swann 20
Alam b Swann 1
U Akmal c and b Collingwood 19
Shahid Afridi b Swann 0
Razzaq not out 11
Gul run out 6
Ajmal run out 2
Shoaib Akhtar c Morgan b Broad 0
Extras 1nb 2w 3lb 6

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