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England v Pakistan - Fourth ODI as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

2108: Right, that's it from TMS and that's it from us as well. Thanks for your company today, and your patience - I hope you realise why we had to be extra-careful about which comments we published today, considering the circumstances surrounding this match. It's worth mentioning again that if you missed the interval discussion today, including Jonathan Agnew's interview with Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt, plus chats with David Collier and Graeme Smith, you can listen to it as a podcast on the TMS Podcast page on the BBC Sport website. Make sure you join us for the deciding fifth ODI on Wednesday, when Ben Dirs will be in this chair. Until then, it's goodbye from me.

2102: Abdul Razzaq is indeed chosen as man of the match.

England captain Andrew Strauss on TMS: "It was a tough day, there was a lot of raw emotion around and it took us a while to get into the game, for the first 10 overs or so, but the guys were thoroughly professional. There's a big crowd here who enjoyed a good game of cricket - the circumstances surrounding the game at the moment are not ideal, but we've got to do what we've paid to do. A side like Pakistan are very dangerous if you give them a sniff, and we've got to learn some lessons from today. The game was played in a very good spirit and regardless of what's gone on, we want to win this series and we'll be fully motivated to do so."

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi on TMS: "England played well at the beginning, but I knew my spinners were capable of controlling the situation. Razzaq was very effective in the powerplay and we knew he could perform. As professionals we should focus on cricket."

2055: Man of the match will be an interesting choice - though I don't think you can argue with the theory that Abdul Razzaq's game-changing cameo (44 from 25 balls) at the end of the Pakistan innings was the difference between the sides. Clearly, as Aggers and Alec Stewart are discussing on TMS, England reluctantly played today with gritted teeth - but will have to lift themselves for Wednesday's deciding day-nighter at the Rose Bowl.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "The cricket itself in these one-day internationals has been excellent. We should be talking about this brilliant finale coming up on Wednesday. But there's always something else going on that taints it - and that's the real shame of what's happened over the past few weeks."

2050: Some stats for you: Gul finishes with 4-32 from 8.1 overs, a marvellous return for a marvellous bowler. England lost their last five wickets within five overs - and no fewer than seven of the England batsmen were bowled, I can't remember that happening before.


Wicket falls
46.1 overs - WICKET - Broad b Gul 2 - Eng 227 all out
Broad is clean bowled by Gul and it'll all be decided in Wednesday's day-nighter at the Rose Bowl.

46th over - Eng 227-9
Shoaib in for his last over, he has 3-56 from his first nine and he's clearly in pain, grimacing and holding his injured side as he walks back to his mark. Broad can't get him away though, it's a masterclass of fast yorkers from the "Rawalpindi Express", and Broad can only force a single off the penultimate ball. Anderson works the last ball for two to fine leg and Shoaib finishes with 1-59. Somewhat surprisingly, he doesn't leave the field. 39 needed from 24 balls if you think England are still in with a shout...

Get involved on 606
From Sportsfan87on 606: "Swann gone, now it really is game over."

45th over - Eng 224-9
Jimmy Anderson is the last man - once again, England have contrived to have their number 11 batting in a powerplay (even if only for two deliveries). He digs out his first ball, the last delivery of the over hits him on the pad and 42 from 30 balls may be beyond even England with the last pair together.

Wicket falls
44.4 overs - WICKET - Swann b Gul 12 - Eng 224-9
Gul to bowl the last powerplay over, Swann swats a two and a single through mid-wicket and the field changes for the left-handed Broad. Gul fires one down the leg side and umpire Doctrove (never in a rush) belatedly signals a wide. Team director Andy Flower is inscrutable on the England balcony as Broad works a single to deep square leg. All three boundary riders are back on the leg side for Swann, who steps back but is deceived by a slower ball and is bowled!

44th over - Eng 219-8
Stuart Broad is the new batsman - the last time he batted on this ground he scored 169... Shoaib's struggling with his line and length here, that's a legside wide and they run two. Swann then gives himself room to slice a four over short third man - and when he tries a similar shot, Shoaib spears in a yorker at the bottom of middle stump and Swann hastily jams his bat down to defend his stumps, it looks like something fell off the end of his bat as he did so. A quick bat change for Swanny. Broad then faces the bowling for the first time, that's right up in the blockhole again and he can only dig it out for a dot ball. England took 10 from that over but lost a wicket and they still need 47 from 36 balls. If only England could send Razzaq in to bat now...

Wicket falls
43.3 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Yousuf b Shoaib 28 - Eng 211-8
Shoaib may give the impression of being the walking wounded as he runs in for his penultimate over, but he's still giving it everything - Morgan and Swann both club thigh-high fast full tosses for one. Yet another full toss is hoisted high into the night sky and is brilliantly caught at mid-off... by the diving Mohammad Yousuf! Great catch by the old campaigner - which may have put Pakistan firmly in the driving seat.

Phil Tufnell
Phil Tufnell on TMS: "It's amazing how pressure builds for the teams batting second in these matches. That's why it's so important to win the toss. They say batting first in one-day cricket is worth around 20-30 runs extra to your total."

43rd over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 209-7
Graeme Swann is England's new batsman, he steers his first ball straight to backward point but then clips a two through mid-wicket. Swann tries to force another through the same area, Afridi dives full-length and gets one hand to the ball but puts down his second chance of the innings! Gul fires in a full toss to Morgan which he chips into the leg side for a single. That may have been a borderline no ball on height... 57 needed from 42 balls.

Wicket falls
42.2 overs - WICKET - Bresnan b Gul 1 - Eng 205-7
"England need a big over," says Tuffers on TMS, as Morgan steers the recalled Gul for a single. (Gul has four overs left, and may well bowl overs 43, 45, 47 and 49). But Gul fires in an unplayable reverse-swinging yorker which cleans up Big Tim and sends him back to the pavilion, sending the Pakistan fans wild!

Robert Plant - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Anonymous, via text: "Surprised nobody has mentioned Sidebottom's resemblance to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin."

42nd over - Eng 204-6
Tim Bresnan is hit on the pad by his first ball from Shoaib, he then tries to force the paceman to leg but is sent back, Razzaq whips in a throw from short fine leg and a direct hit would have meant Big Tim would have been toast. The Yorkshire man is finally off the mark with a single, then it looks like Shoaib's damaged a rib or something as he's clutching his chest. Off a shorter run, Shoaib pings in a bouncer which sails over the keeper's head for five (aerial) wides! Morgan square-cuts a single to keep the strike, an entertaining over but this match is still gripping. 62 needed from 48 balls.

Wicket falls
41.2 overs - WICKET - Yardy b Shoaib 9 - Eng 197-6
Shoaib Akhtar returns - Yardy clips him off his legs for two, while a wide advances the score. But when the Sussex skipper shuffles across his stumps looking to cut, he becomes the third England player to edge the ball onto his stumps today...

41st over - Eng 194-5
Here's a bold move from England - they take the batting powerplay. (I've been waiting ages for them to do this - normally they leave it too late until the tail-enders are in). Pakistan are only allowed three men outside the circle for overs 41-45 - initially they are at deep square leg, deep mid-wicket and long-off. Left-handers Morgan and Yardy tap a single apiece, then Morgan misses a reverse sweep, keeper Kamran Akmal can't take it either and the ball sails through for four byes. Two more singles are added, then Morgan eyes up the vacant long-on area and clubs Ajmal for four through cow corner! 72 needed from 54 balls - who said 50-over cricket was boring?

40th over - Eng 182-5
Morgan and Yardy are finding Hafeez's little off-spinners difficult to get away at this stage, just five singles are added and the required rate has crept up so it's well above eight an over - 84 needed from 60 balls. Mind you, England still have a batting powerplay available. We're into the last 10...

39th over - Eng 177-5
Yardy and Morgan exchange singles, then Ajmal spins one past the left-handed Yardy's outside edge and Pakistan appeal for a stumping... the man from Del Monte (aka the third umpire), he say "not out". A conventional sweep brings Yardy a single, while Morgan has a couple of little tufts of hair poking out of the air-holes on top of his helmet, rather like antennae. Luke Wright brings on a towel and some drinks.

38th over - Eng 173-5
England are into the all-rounders as Michael Yardy joins Morgan at the crease. He and Tim Bresnan have both been battling for the number seven spot - but I think that's the right decision in these circumstances, as Yardy can help give Morgan the strike (given that Morgan's probably got to bat through if England are to win), while Big Tim is best kept back for when England need to give it the long handle. Single from Morgan, Yardy tries a reverse sweep when he's yet to score but hits it straight to a fielder. Eventually he dabs a single off the last ball of Hafeez's rapid over.

Wicket falls
37th over - WICKET - Bell c sub (Azhar Ali) b Ajmal 27 - Eng 171-5
A rapid over from Ajmal yields three singles - then Bell unerringly steers one straight into the hands of substitute Azhar Ali at short extra cover!

Rolando Villazon - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Paul Morricone, via text: "How about Ryan Sidebottom's prospects for a career in opera as stand-in for Rolando Villazon?"

36th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 168-4
Off-spin from both ends as Mohammad Hafeez replaces Gul - Ramiz Raja on TMS thinks Gul is being held back to bowl his last four overs when the ball is older. Pakistan also have Azhar Ali on as a sub fielder - but when Morgan tries to crash Hafeez through the covers, he's shelled by captain Afridi at short extra cover! Could be a crucial chance... Just three singles from the over.

35th over - Eng 165-4
Saeed Ajmal returns to the attack, Morgan and Bell appear happy to pick up singles at this stage - but then Bell plays and misses, for a split second it looks like he's been bowled but the ball rebounded off the keeper's pads.

34th over - Eng 162-4
With 106 needed from 17 overs, the match is intriguingly poised. Gul can bowl five of those overs, and there's still seven overs of Saeed Ajmal up Pakistan's sleeve, ready to bamboozle England with his doosras. Bell and Morgan exchange singles, Gul gets one to nip away from Bell, and it's time for the compulsory ball change.

33rd over - Eng 160-4
Razzaq strays with his width and that's right in the slot for Morgan to powerfully cover-drive him for four. Another loud lbw appeal, nothing doing and the England pair trot through for a leg bye. Bell moves on to 23, he seems to have slipped back into international cricket with no problems - and England will certainly want him on that plane to Australia.

Jorge Garcia as Hurley from "Lost" - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Nicholas, TMS inbox: "In response to all the other 'Ryan Sidebottom' comments, I believe he could be mistaken for Hurley from 'Lost'."

32nd over - Eng 154-4
Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, England could do with his "finisher" skills here. For about the first time in this innings, England are behind the Duckworth-Lewis "par" score - while it's not going to rain, it's normally a good guide to how the innings is going. Morgan is off the mark with a single, Bell flicks one down the leg side for four.

Wicket falls
31.2 overs - WICKET - Collingwood b Gul 4 - Eng 149-4
Gul charges in to Colly, and the Durham man has his stumps splattered by the wily Pakistan seamer. Game on!

31st over - Eng 149-3
Change of bowling - it takes Abdul Razzaq ages to get readythen he aborts his run-up just before the crease! Bell steers a single to the cover boundary, where Mohammad Yousuf is patrolling. Colly is watchful at this stage, nudging a single, then Bell has to dive full-length when he comes back for a second run to fine leg, and lands in a huge crowd of dust. A direct hit may well have run him out. Tuffers on TMS thinks it needs a baseball umpire to come over, spread his arms and dramatically say "SAFE!" And I think Sam (below) may have found the best Sidebottom lookey-likey of the lot!

Saracens' Jacques Burger - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Sam, TMS inbox: "Ryan Sidebottom lookalikes don't come any better than Saracens' Namibian rugby player Jacques Burger. When Burger first played at Vicarage Road I thought Sidebottom had changed sports."

30th over - Eng 145-3
Ooh, that's harsh from umpire Richard Kettleborough - the recalled Umar Gul is penalised with a no-ball, and we really don't think it was - replays suggest his heel was behind the line. It gives Colly a free hit - he swishes and misses outside off stump. Colly is then trapped on the crease, Gul thinks he's got him lbw... but Kettleborough shakes his head. However, that's a good decision as the ball was rather high. Let's hope both sides can keep their heads out there as tensions increase...

29th over - Eng 144-3
Afridi is a little loose as Bell and Colly plunder some ones and twos, while Bell expertly late-cuts for four. That's the first boundary for 12 overs. And ominously, at the end of the over, the umpires call Afridi over for a quick chat. The TMS commentators think they want to discuss the condition of the ball - Pakistan have been throwing it in "on the bounce" a lot.

Meanwhile, if you missed the interval discussion today, including Jonathan Agnew's interview with Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt, you can listen to it as a podcast on the TMS Podcast page on the BBC Sport website.

28th over - Eng 133-3
The spring-heeled Fawad Alam makes an excellent stop at point as Shoaib charges in at Bell, who can only take one run from the Rawalpindi Express's over. England are halfway to their target - 133 scored, 133 needed. But the required run rate has shot up after that flurry of wickets.

Claudio Sanchez - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Carrying on with the theme, Ryan Sidebottom is a uncanny resemblance of Coheed and Cambria lead singer Claudio Sanchez."

27th over - Eng 132-3
Bell drives Afridi for a single to mid-on - Alec on TMS thinks he's going to have to play a similar innings to that which he played for Warwickshire on Saturday (on the same pitch) as he helped them to the domestic 40-over title. Colly is off the mark with a single - and Bell keeps the score ticking as the TMS guys think Afridi has erred by keeping long-on back, allowing the two new batsmen to play themselves in with an easy single to long-on whenever they want it. Five singles from the over.

26th over - Eng 127-3
The vocal Pakistan fans in the crowd road Shoaib on as he has Paul Collingwood fencing and missing at his first ball.

Alec Stewart
Alec Stewart on TMS: "There's still seven overs of Saeed Ajmal to come, but I think Umar Gul, reverse-swinging the old ball, will be key to this innings."

Wicket falls
25.4 overs - WICKET - Strauss c Alam b Shoaib 68 - Eng 127-3
Strauss tries to carve Shoaib through the off side, as he's done so well today, but picks out the man at backward point. Do I hear the sound of the wheels coming off England's innings?

25th over - Eng 126-2
Ian Bell replaces his Warwickshire team-mate Trott, prods forward to his first ball and Afridi yells another appeal for leg before... but that was clearly going down the leg side, a good decision by Mr Doctrove. Bell, who last played for England in June when he was injured in an ODI against Bangladesh, is off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls
24.2 overs - WICKET - Trott b Afridi 4 - Eng 125-2
Afridi, as so many leg-spinners do, spins the ball from hand to hand before whipping one in which hits Trott above the knee-roll but was going down the leg side. But he inside-edges the next one onto his pads and the ball squirms onto the stumps...

24th over - Eng 125-1
More crazy fielding as Trott defends against Shoaib, but Afridi launches a wild throw over the wicketkeeper's head, just like Mohammad Asif did earlier this summer to gift Alastair Cook his hundred in one of the Tests. Thankfully for Pakistan, one of the other fielders is backing up. Just when it looks like a maiden over is on the cards, Trott firmly presses a single and beats Razzaq's throw to the bowler's end. England need 141 from 26 overs (run rate of 5.42 - their current rate is 5.21) to clinch the series.

23rd over - Eng 124-1
Pakistan's fielding is still a bit scrappy as Strauss and Trott keep pushing the singles against Afridi - Kamran Akmal hasn't had the greatest of summers behind the stumps, but he doesn't get much help from some of the wild throws that come in that he's expected to field. Steady progress from England - and by moving onto three, Jonathan Trott has reached 1,000 runs for England this summer (I think that's in all forms of cricket).

Welsh prop Adam Jones - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Bertie Kennedy, via text on 81111: "Following on from Daniel Mills [18th over] and numerous others, I think Ryan Sidebottom could easily pass as Welsh prop Adam Jones."

22nd over - Eng 120-1
Having made the breakthrough, Ajmal takes a rest as Shoaib Akhtar comes back for a blast at the new batsman. Strauss forces a two off his legs, a single brings Trott on strike - he plays and misses a couple of times but is yet to score.

21st over - Eng 117-1
Afridi bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Strauss, who guides a single off his legs - then we all have a chance to get our breath back while Jonathan Trott takes guard. Afridi goes over the wicket to the right-handed Trott, who's pinned back on his stumps, that's another big shout... it's not out. Hawk-Eye thinks it might just have shaved the top of the leg stump, I suppose the batsman gets the benefit of the doubt there. Trott's off the mark with a single, Afridi bowls a wide and a determined-looking Strauss farms the strike with a single off the last ball. He has 63 from 63 balls.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Davies b Ajmal 49 - Eng 113-1
Ajmal has switched ends - he's now bowling at the Nursery End, not traditionally helpful to off-spinners as he'll be turning the ball up the slope. But what do I know? After Strauss keeps plodding along with ones and twos, Davies gets a big inside edge onto his stumps and Pakistan have made the breakthrough! Davies falls one short of his fifty.

19th over - Eng 107-0
Afridi whips one past Davies's outside edge, Pakistan appeal wildly for a stumping and it goes to the third umpire... but his back foot was grounded and he's not out. A single brings Strauss on strike, and he has to dive back into his crease when Davies sends him back.

From Robert Evans, TMS inbox: "Re: Hafeez - when your seamers are going at seven an over, it might be smart to bring on a part-time spinner, leaving your proven twirlers for the key middle overs… particularly when you bear in mind that one of those seamers who you might have expected to bowl a full allotment of overs, has gone at 10s."

18th over - Eng 106-0
Pakistan are still failing to plug that massive hole at mid-wicket, and England say "thank you very much" by helping themselves to three singles. On the leg side.

Zack De La Rocha - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Daniel Mills, TMS inbox: "On the subject of Sidebottom lookalikes... anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance to Zack De La Rocha of Rage against the Machine?"

17th over - Eng 103-0
Cap'n Shahid Afridi into the attack with his fast leg breaks, a couple of singles bring up the century partnership and England are on cruise control as play pauses for a drinks break. Strauss is now the second highest ODI scorer this year (after Tillakaratne Dilshan).

16th over - Eng 98-0
Powerplay restrictions are off, and Strauss brings up his 24th ODI fifty (from 50 balls) with a fierce square cut for four. He's been on top form in 50-over cricket this summer, averaging over 90 at this stage - while Davies's calm assurance at the other end is metaphorically ripping up Craig Kieswetter's air ticket to Brisbane in November, the longer he stays out there.

15th over - Eng 90-0
I wonder if Hafeez is bowling because Afridi was hit on the hand when batting? Ajmal in for his second over, which yields only three singles.

14th over - Eng 87-0
Another lbw appeal from Hafeez, this time against Davies, but Hotspot indicates a massive inside edge. Just two singles from the over as that early burst of boundaries seems to have dried up.

Get involved on 606
From Englands_No7 on 606: "Strauss has been lucky today with the caught behind off a no ball and the plumb lbw."

13th over - Eng 85-0
So, Strauss is a little fortunate to still be there after that lbw shout - now he's going to face the off breaks and doosras of Saeed Ajmal as Pakistan bring one of their front-line spinners into the attack. The England pair help themselves to four singles through the gaping hole in the field at mid-wicket - Pakistan fans will hope their captain notices this...

12th over - Eng 81-0
Pakistan turn to a spinner - but not the one you might think. Opening batsman Mohammad Hafeez, an off-spinner, is probably Pakistan's number three spinner after Saeed Ajmal and Shahid Afridi - I wonder how often he's bowled during powerplays? England help themselves to more ones and twos, then Hafeez has a big lbw shout against Strauss - it appeared to be hitting the middle of middle stump, so the umpire must have thought Strauss got an edge on it. But TV replays indicate that it would have been given out if the review system was in place...

11th over - Eng 77-0
Although England are going great guns, Pakistan opt to take the fielding powerplay at the first opportunity - I suppose this way, they get it out of the way. Strauss and Davies keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos, and at the end of the over Strauss hops away for a change of gloves.

10th over - Eng 73-0
Strauss whacks Razzaq for another four through the leg side, 28 of his first 33 runs have come in boundaries... A well-run two and a streaky single push the skipper's score to 36, and Davies steps back to square-cut two successive fours as England make hay in the final over of the compulsory powerplay.

9th over - Eng 58-0
Gul drops it short and it sits up perfectly for Davies to guide a pull shot towards the Grand Stand at mid-wicket for four. The Surrey stumper square-cuts the last ball for four, and it's easy pickings for the left-handed England openers. "You don't want to be bowling short on this wicket," notes Tuffers, who should know.

From Phil, a Somerset emigre in London, TMS inbox: "From a pretty disgruntled Somerset supporter, I'm hoping Bell is on as irritatingly good form as he was on Saturday!"

8th over - Eng 50-0
Davies delicately guides Razzaq for two to fine leg, then steers a single to deep mid-on where Yousuf fields well. Strauss is ready to punish any loose deliveries, helping another one down the leg side for four, that's the fifty stand. The skipper has 29 from 26 balls, Davies has 18 from 22.

A Klingon from Star Trek - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Jeremy, Oxfordshire, TMS inbox: "I think I see a role for Sidebottom in Star Trek: The Musical. Let's hope he can Klingon to his place."

7th over - Eng 43-0
Pakistan's first change of bowling as Umar Gul replaces Shoaib, who's gone round the park for 30 in his first three overs. Single from Davies, then Strauss is hit in the stomach (around the tummy-button area) when he mistimes a pull to leg. Gul sportingly asks if he's OK. Then, Strauss gets a thick edge to the keeper, Kamran takes a fine diving catch - but it's a no-ball! Gul's foot was just over the line - which gives Strauss a free hit. Strauss aims a big hit to mid-on but can't connect cleanly and rejects Davies's suggestion of a run.

6th over - Eng 41-0
Davies looks content to play the supporting role, dabbing the singles while Strauss pugnaciously smacks Razzaq back past the umpire for four. Floodlights are on, although England won't notice for a while as the sun's still out.

5th over - Eng 36-0
Strauss drives at Shoaib, Afridi swoops on the ball and his wild throw to the bowler's end gifts England two runs, as it takes three Pakistan fielders to chase down the ball as it sails towards the extra cover boundary. Strauss nudges a single, then Shoaib pings a wide down the leg side. A single takes Davies to 13, but Strauss is riding his luck as he gets an edge to one timed at 94mph, and with no slips in, that's four all the way through third man.

4th over - Eng 27-0
Strauss steers a single to the lumbering Mohammad Yousuf at mid-on - the veteran isn't the quickest in the field. But Razzaq keeps it tight against Davies for the rest of the over.

A celebrity has been spotted
3rd over - Eng 26-0
Kevin Pietersen is spotted in the crowd - two seats along from Jeffrey Archer, of all people - as Strauss belts his third four of the innings when Shoaib strays with his line and length again. At Shoaib's speed - he's averaging about 90mph - the ball whistles to the boundary in no time, and after Strauss rotates the strike for the first time, a leg-glance brings Davies his second four. Davies gets an inside edge to the last ball of the over... but that nips over the stumps and past the diving Kamran Akmal for four more.

2nd over - Eng 13-0
Fresh from his batting heroics (44 from 20 balls), Abdul Razzaq takes the second over... and pauses halfway through his run-up. After Razzaq bowls a wide, Davies helps one over the close catcher at leg gully for four. Pakistan remove the slip fielder - then Razzaq has to pause in his run-up again when Afridi belatedly realises he needs two static catchers during the first powerplay, and brings in a man at short mid-wicket.

Alec Stewart
Former England captain Alec Stewart on TMS: "Pakistan have the runs on the board so England will have to bat exceptionally well to win. It will be tough because the the Pakistan fast bowlers in the first 10 overs will be looking for lateral movement and then Saeed Ajmal and Shahid Afridi will come into play with their doosras and leg spinners."

1st over - Eng 8-0
Shoaib goes round the wicket to the left-handed Strauss, but his first ball is too wide and punched through point for four by the England skipper. Shahid Afridi is a busy captain, always in his bowler's ear, but it's a good start for Strauss who whacks another four to the same place as the first one.

1713: Right, England are ready to begin their reply, and Shoaib Akhtar - the "Rawalpindi Express" - is ready to pull out of the station and work up a head of steam. Andrew Strauss and Steven Davies opening the innings for England.

1705: Another little snippet - for those of you waiting for more news of the confrontation between Jonathan Trott and Wahab Riaz in the nets this morning, both players have been spoken to by match referee Jeff Crowe.

1658: By the way, please manually refresh your page to get England's victory target to appear above...

Phil Tufnell
Phil Tufnell on TMS: "There'll be a great buzz in the Pakistan dressing room after that Razzaq innings. Everyone will be bubbly and congratulating him on a great knock but England will be a bit quiet knowing they have thrown away a decent position."

1636: If you didn't hear the statement earlier, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the England players have strongly denied Butt's claims on Indian television - that they deliberately lost last Friday's third ODI in return for money - and are considering legal action.

1634: Right, that was an incredible innings by Razzaq to set up an exciting run chase for England. But if you've been with us from the start today, you'll know that this game very nearly didn't take place following allegations made by the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt yesterday. Stay listening to TMS for a red-hot interview with Butt, which Jonathan Agnew conducted before the start of play.

From Tom, TMS inbox: "Surely there is another recently retired Test cricketer who is a better candidate for the role of Cowardly Lion apart from Sidebottom? How about Craig McMillan?"

50th over - Pkn 265-7
Last over - Bresnan to bowl. Gul sensibly steers the first ball for a single to get Razzaq on strike, and the all-rounder smacks another four through the covers. Razzaq then rocks back and whacks a short ball over cover for a first-bounce four. The fourth ball is sliced over short third man, that's four more! Fifth ball is a full toss, blasted over mid-off and that's four more. And the last ball is another astonishing whack through long-off for a first-bounce four. That's an astonishing innings from Razzaq - 44 from 20 balls, and Pakistan have scored 42 in the last two overs.

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on TMS: "Tuffers and I only played here for about 20 years, but we still get the Compton and Edrich Stands mixed up!"

49th over - Pkn 244-7
After a single from Gul, Razzaq clears his left leg to slog Anderson over extra cover for four. Anderson tries a slower ball, Razzaq repeats the shot and that's four more! Razzaq then lifts a huge six over long-on into the Compton Stand, before blasting another four towards the Tavern! Great stuff from Razzaq. He aims another big blast which is half-stopped at extra cover and they run two. That's 21 from Jimmy's last over - or if you prefer, 144642 (in order).

48th over - Pkn 223-7
Gul tries to pull at Broad, but can't middle it and he can only run a single. Razzaq tries to clip one off his legs, Broad appeals for lbw but they run two leg byes. Razzaq steers a single, another Gul pull can't connect and they scamper a single as Broad shows his soccer skills to be on a par with Collingwood's, missing the stumps by yards as he tries to kick the ball at them. Still, no boundaries conceded, once again.

From Gareth Preston, TMS inbox: "Given Sidebottom's accent he would surely be more suited to being the Scarecrow. He certainly doesn't lack any ferocity when eyeballing the batsman or a poor fielder who has just made a mistake."

47th over - Pkn 218-7
Anderson keeps it tight against the eighth-wicket pair as Razzaq and Gul can only manage two singles each.

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on TMS: "Even the wind from Afridi's bat is dangerous. It was an exciting innings, full of effort, but it's funny he hit only five boundaries given all the energy he puts in."

46th over - Pkn 214-7
So, having neglected to take their batting powerplay until the last possible moment, Pakistan now have to take it with two brand new batsmen in. Razzaq has been joined by Umar Gul. After Razzaq mistimes his shot, fails to connect and they scamper through for two leg byes, a short ball from Broad is signalled as a wide. Razzaq, who helped Hampshire win the English domestic Twenty20 title recently, is a capable hitter - he's off the mark with a single, Gul plays and misses and that's a great over from Broad, only one run off the bat.

Wicket falls
45.1 overs - WICKET - U Akmal c Davies b Broad 21 - Pkn 210-7
Umar's uncharacteristic innings - a scratchy 21 from 40 balls - is ended when he skies the ball into the air and keeper Davies takes an easy catch.

45th over - Pkn 210-6
They ran on the catch - so it's Umar facing, he jabs a single and new batsman Abdul Razzaq defends his first ball.

Phil Tufnell
Phil Tufnell on TMS: "Would there have been a fielder out there if they've taken the batting powerplay? I don't think so, necessarily - Pakistan have wasted their best chance of taking the powerplay while Afridi was still in."

Wicket falls
44.4 overs - WICKET - Afridi c Strauss b Bresnan 37 - Pkn 209-6
Still no powerplay! Umar prods defensively at Bresnan - you don't often see that in the 45th over of an ODI - before nudging a leg bye to short fine leg. Big Tim fields well off his own bowling as Afridi digs out a yorker, then "Boom Boom" goes for the big one again... and is pouched by Cap'n Strauss at deep mid-wicket in front of the Grand Stand.

44th over - Pkn 208-5
With three men back on the leg-side fence in front of the Mound and Tavern Stands, Broad bangs in an off-side bouncer to Afridi which is signalled as a wide for height. The Pakistan skipper smears a single, Umar dabs one to third man - while Tuffers and Simon Mann on TMS are wondering why Pakistan have delayed taking their batting powerplay. Afridi digs out a yorker for two to long-on and that's the fifty stand up from 38 balls. (It's also Afridi's highest score of this series). Afridi fences and misses at a bouncer, Broad half-heartedly appeals for a catch behind - a single takes him to 37, Umar moves on to 20 but has taken 36 balls to do so.

The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Angus Golding, TMS inbox: "Surely if Sidebottom does a panto it has to be as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz?"

43rd over - DROPPED CATCH - Pkn 201-5
Umar Akmal came to the wicket more than 10 overs ago - but finally finds the boundary for the first time with a fierce square cut against Anderson. He then skies one into the air over mid-wicket, three fielders converge and the diving Jonathan Trott can only get his fingertips to it. But that's 200 up for Pakistan as they run two.

42nd over - Pkn 195-5
Umar doesn't look in any kind of form here, fencing and missing at the recalled Bresnan before knocking a single to third man. He has 11 from 26 balls, that's less than half his usual ODI strike rate. Afridi pokes a quick single to point, Umar nudges another but then Bresnan serves up an absolute gift for Afridi, who nonchalantly flicks him for six over square leg!

Get involved on 606
From FleetJackHobbs on 606: "If Afridi really comes off here, he could put the game beyond England's reach. And Razzaq to come!"

41st over - Pkn 186-5
With Afridi in "Boom Boom" mode, Anderson returns in place of Colly and there's more hesitation between the wickets from the Pakistan captain, who often looks like a run-out waiting to happen. Hit on the glove, he removes his helmet and looks for the physio to come on. First on is the giant Mohammad Irfan with a white towel, while the Pakistan physio, recently seen treating that MCC member, eventually trots on. When he recovers, the tourists help themselves to more ones and twos, but can't find the boundary. And to answer an email from Tom in Southampton - Graham Onions is out of Ashes contention as he needs back surgery which will keep him out for the entire winter.

40th over - Pkn 182-5
Broad returns to the attack, Umar prods helplessly at one which keeps very low and shoots through to the keeper. Umar then tries to block a yorker, the ball squirms towards the wicket and hits the stumps without dislodging the bails. As Pakistan try to run a quick single, Colly comes steaming in from backward point and tries to kick the ball against the stumps from point-blank range but misses, and only succeeds in kicking down the stumps Michael-Holding style. Afridi has the crowd on their feet, edging a slightly fortunate four before bludgeoning another boundary down the slope at cow corner. The skipper fences and misses at a slower ball, then nicks the strike by guiding a single to third man. 10 overs left, and Pakistan still have the batting powerplay up their sleeves.

39th over - Pkn 172-5
England persist with Colly, who's only gone for three runs in his first two overs. Umar clips a single, Afridi works one off his legs but then has to dash back into his crease as Umar sends him back. Afridi blasts the last ball of the over for another four - he looks in the mood for an entertaining cameo innings. Meanwhile, extended footage of the bloodied MCC member from the last over reveals he wasn't hit on the head by the ball - he fell over and knocked his head as he tried to catch it. Sportingly, the Pakistan physio has come over to check he's OK.

38th over - Pkn 165-5
Pakistan captain Shahid "Boom Boom" Afridi emerges, to great cheers from his team's fans. He tries to sweep his first ball, is hit on the pad but umpire Doctrove shakes his head as England yell an appeal. (I've also been asked to let you know that the Ashes squad will be named on Thursday). Afridi is off the mark with a single, Umar rotates the strike well and then Afridi works the penultimate ball off his legs for two to mid-wicket, where Bell is back on the field. And the last ball of Swann's spell is hoisted into the pavilion for a huge six into the pavilion - it strikes an MCC member on the head and draws blood... He looks to be OK though. Swann finishes with 4-37 from 10 overs.

Wicket falls
37.1 overs - WICKET - Alam b Swann 29 - Pkn 155-5
Alam perishes the first ball after a drinks break as he tries another swat across the line and is castled as Swann picks up his fourth wicket.

Alec Stewart
Former England captain Alec Stewart on TMS: "If you believe the rumour mill, James Tredwell will go to the Ashes ahead of Monty Panesar as the second spinner - I've also heard Ajmal Shahzad will go and Tim Bresnan won't."

37th over - Pkn 155-4
First mistake I've noticed from Davies behind the timbers as Alam misses another big swish and the keeper lets one through for a couple of byes. Umar and Alam look pretty pedestrian at this stage, we haven't had a boundary since the end of the 29th over.

Get involved on 606
From eirebilly on 606: "Pakistan look scarily comfortable out there. This could be a score around 250+ and that will be difficult for England under the lights."

36th over - Pkn 151-4
Swann in for his penultimate over, Alam nudges a single to take Pakistan to 150. No sign of any characteristic big hitting from Umar yet, he seems happy to just rotate the strike. Alam then tries a wild sweep and it looks like it hits him on the helmet as he completely misses the ball!

35th over - Pkn 149-4
It's time for the compulsory post-34th over ball change - and time for Colly's "wobblers" as Paul Collingwood takes over at the Nursery End with his right-arm medium-paced cutters. Umar tries to nibble at one down the leg side and they run three leg byes as the ball trickles down towards the Pavilion. A single takes Alam to 27.

34th over - Pkn 145-4
Rapid over from Swann, Pakistan add three singles to the score. Sadly, Chris (below), you're a day late for suggesting Sidey's piratical panto future - yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day...

Captain Hook - or possibly Ryan Sidebottom
Ryan Sidebottom
From Chris Hinton, Aberdeen, TMS inbox: "As Ryan Sidebottom has retired from internationals, is there are a calling in panto as Captain Hook in Peter Pan?"

33rd over - Pkn 142-4
A bit of sloppy fielding by England allows Pakistan an overthrow to the first ball of Bresnan's over - the grateful Alam moves on to 24. Alec Stewart on TMS then notices a bit of "afters" as Umar runs into Bresnan while running a single. Cap'n Strauss has a word, and so does the umpire. And 12th man Luke Wright is on the field for Ian Bell.

32nd over - Pkn 138-4
A big roar from the Pakistan fans as Umar Akmal strides to the crease. He plays and misses at his first ball, down the leg side, which is rather harshly called a wide by umpire Billy Doctrove.

Wicket falls
31.5 overs - WICKET - Hafeez c Trott b Swann 64 - Pkn 137-4
Hafeez goes for the big one against Swann, and top-edges a regulation catch to Jonathan Trott at short third man. Not a good choice of shot in the circumstances.

31st over - Pkn 136-3
Hafeez calls for his helmet as Yardy's off and Bresnan returns, ending the twin-spin duopoly. But Hafeez and Alam keep plugging away with the singles, this stand is already worth 42. Afridi is caught on camera biting his nails on the balcony.

30th over - Pkn 132-3
England's spinners are racing through their overs here. Alam tries to push Swann for a single, is sent back by Hafeez and only just makes his ground in time. Tuffers on TMS noticed Shahid Afridi making "calm down" motions to Hafeez after that four in the last over - he finds it rather ironic, given Mr Afridi's own tendencies to try to hit the cover off the ball at any opportunity! A tight over from Swann, just two singles yielded. Under the "double the score at 30 overs" formula, Pakistan could be looking at a score in excess of 260...

29th over - Pkn 130-3
Alam keeps the score ticking with a single, Hafeez tries to reverse-sweep Yardy but can't connect. However, he has better luck with a big swat over extra cover which bounces just inside the boundary for a first-bounce four. Yardy has 0-39 from seven overs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Amit, Abu Dhabi, via text on 81111: " I'm outraged that Swanny has been overlooked for Test Cricketer of the Year. The man has almost singlehandedly revolutionised spin bowling, and gone from a stock bowler to England's strike bowler in the space of a year, and number two in ICC's own rankings! What more does he have to do? Plus, his Twitter activity merits a special entertainment award in itself!"

That's 50
28th over - Pkn 123-3
Hafeez reaches his fifth ODI fifty with a delicate dab to point for two, all the Pakistan players applaud on their balcony. The singles are beginning to flow easier now, even against Swann, and Hafeez carefully sweeps one from outside off stump for four through square leg.

27th over - Pkn 115-3
Alam guides Yardy for four through point, it's a shorter boundary down there, then he tickles another three to third man. A single takes Hafeez, whose strike rate has slowed right down, to 48, and Alam is playing more fluently now, tapping a quick single. Hafeez nudges a single, looks for a second which would give him his fifty but is sent back. A much more productive over from Pakistan.

26th over - Pkn 105-3
We've only had 14 runs in the last five overs - taking wickets being one of the best ways to put the brakes on a limited-overs innings. Hafeez sweeps Swann for a single, Alam isn't timing the ball well just yet but eventually connects with a firm steer through the covers and the Bell-Anderson combo on the boundary restrict him to three runs.

From Simon in Bristol, TMS inbox: "Re: Andrew Gell [21st over] - Bres and Yardy are clearly rubbish at international level, those World Twenty20 medals on their necks must be weighing them down!"

25th over - Pkn 101-3
Yardy, round the wicket to the left-handed Alam, who guides a single through the covers and earns some applause for bringing up the Pakistan hundred. A single takes Hafeez to 46, and we're at the half-way point of the innings.

24th over - Pkn 99-3
A couple of tentative singles from Alam, Hafeez creeps ever closer to his half century and Swann has 2-6 from three overs.

Ryan Sidebottom
From Stephen in Cornwall, TMS inbox: "Forget all the chat about match-fixing etc, today we should all be talking about Sidebottom, whose retirement from international cricket has left me really gutted. Mr Consistent was a true performer, who demonstrated the fine art of bowling an over, with each delivery almost identical to the last. A bowler I loved to watch, just to admire that swing bowling action, oh, and wonder how his hair never got in the way of his viewing!"

23rd over - Pkn 96-3
Yardy to continue from the Nursery End, as an orthodox slow left-armer he should get the benefit of the famous Lord's slope, which will also benefit Swann from the Pavilion End. Hafeez takes his score to 44 with a single, the helmeted Alam can't get him away until the last ball - that's Yardy's best over yet.

22nd over - Pkn 94-3
Phil Tufnell on TMS wonders whether some kind of an amnesty could help police the current spot-fixing concerns. Fawad Alam is the new batsman, the left-hander plays and misses at his first ball.

Wicket falls
21.5 overs - WICKET - Yousuf c Davies b Swann 3 - Pkn 94-3
Hafeez and Yousuf are more cautious against Swann as the Notts man tosses it up invitingly. Yousuf tries to late-cut and feathers a catch to keeper Steven Davies, who takes a good catch standing up to the stumps.

From Andrew Gell, York, TMS inbox: "I have never seen Yardy or Bresnan ever do anything remotely useful at proper international level. In a World Cup environment their bowling will get lynched and they are not good enough to score heavily. Nice blokes but the team carry them both."

21st over - Pkn 93-2
Hafeez has also donned a cap, he and Yousuf milk Yardy for four singles and a two.

20th over - Pkn 87-2
The veteran Mohammad Yousuf is the new batsman - "he's due a few runs", notes ex-Pakistan skipper Ramiz Raja on TMS. With spin on from both ends, Yousuf is wearing a cap rather than a helmet, and clips his first ball for a single through mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - Shafiq b Swann 11 - Pkn 86-2
Time for Graeme Swann's off-spin - can he produce another quick wicket to add to his astonishing "wicket in first over of a spell" record? Yes he can - after a single from Hafeez, Shafiq is bowled through the gate attempting a cover drive!

19th over - Pkn 85-1
With both sets of players refreshed, Shafiq gets us under way again with a single, then Hafeez steers one down to long-off, it looks like four all the way but a very good diving stop by Tim Bresnan cuts it off and restricts them to two. Moves well for a big man... Yardy poses little threat to Pakistan as the singles to continue to flow, and Shafiq leg-glances his first four.

From James in Woolwich, TMS inbox: "I remember when Ian Bell first got in the Warwickshire team and was earning rave reviews, one of which was that he was an 'excellent leaver of the ball'. Now I know this is a necessary requirement for any top quality batsman but should it be the first thing you say about them? Fortunately young Belly has developed into an extremely elegant batsman and has outgrown such a tag. Great to see you back, Mr Bell!"

18th over - Pkn 77-1
It's not just Hafeez, the whole game seems becalmed, the boundaries have dried up and Pakistan plunder some ones and twos against Broad. Maybe a drinks break will liven up the action a bit.

Get involved on 606
From Silk on 606: "Yardy is a fine containing bowler. But England need wickets here, and he is unlikely to get you any."

17th over - DROPPED CATCH - Pkn 73-1
Time for some spin as England turn to Michael Yardy's slow left-arm "darts". The Pakistan pair help themselves to two singles apiece - while Yardy dives to his left as Hafeez pushes through the off side, and gets a hand to a caught-and-bowled chance but can't hold on. A hard chance - but a chance nevertheless.

16th over - Pkn 69-1
That Shafiq four from the last over was given as leg byes, I hasten to clarify... I'm told we've only had one run off the bat in nearly three overs. Hafeez nurdles Broad for a single through mid-wicket, Shafiq guides one to third man. Meanwhile, another bit of cricket news today is the announcement of the shortlists for the ICC's annual awards (and there are a lot of them). Of the England players nominated, Graeme Swann is up for Cricketer of the Year, Steven Finn for Emerging Player, and Katherine Brunt for Women's Cricketer of the Year. Full lists are available on the ICC website.

15th over - Pkn 67-1
Quick chat between Strauss and Anderson, Hafeez is momentarily becalmed and can only advance the score with a leg bye. Shafiq helps one down the leg side for four leg byes, and that's it for the fielding powerplay...

From Ian, TMS inbox: "Listening to TMS at the NATO Headquarters at Kabul Airfield, bless the internet. Now for some wickets please, come on England."

14th over - Pkn 62-1
New batsman is Asad Shafiq - like the openers, he's another right-hander. He ducks a bouncer.

Wicket falls
13.4 overs - WICKET - K Akmal c Strauss b Broad 28 - Pkn 62-1
Hafeez taps Broad for a quick single - there's a brief delay when one of Pakistan's non-playing squad members walks in front of the sightscreen. The very next ball, Broad digs in a shorter one, Kamran top-edges an attempted pull and Cap'n Strauss takes the catch at short mid-wicket. Was he distracted by the 12th man?

13th over - Pkn 61-0
Single from Kamran, who's showing no signs of the finger injury that affected him on Friday. Anderson raps Hafeez on the pad, there's a big shout for lbw but umpire Richard Kettleborough (wearing a white panama-style hat with an absolutely enormous brim, even Richie Richardson would be envious) is unmoved. Hawk-Eye suggests Kettleborough was right and that the ball was going just over leg stump - remember, there's no review system in this ODI series (although there will be for the World Cup). Reprieved, Hafeez opens his shoulders and smashes a four through the covers. He's looking very confident (and still hogging the strike).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Alex from Leicester, via text on 81111: "Re: Nick from Norwich [8th over]: A sport closer to cricket than baseball that isn't actually cricket would be Twenty20."

12th over - Pkn 55-0
The Pakistan supporters are getting louder as Kamran square-drives Broad past the diving Paul Collingwood at backward point for four. A single to long leg takes him to 27 - while James Anderson's photoshoot for Attitude magazine is also attracting a bit of attention on TMS. "It wouldn't have happened in my day - I can't see them asking Mike Gatting or Rob Key," notes Alec Stewart.

11th over - Pkn 50-0
Like most fielding sides, England opt to take the fielding powerplay immediately, so there will be three men outside the circle for overs 11-15. As I predicted, Bresnan's off and he's replaced by Anderson at the Nursery End. A couple of singles, then Hafeez confidently steers a four through the covers to bring up the fifty stand. (Hafeez has had much more of the strike - he has 24 from 41 balls, while Kamran has 22 from 25). Meanwhile, I sense there could be more mileage in the alleged Riaz/Trott altercation in the nets earlier, if Aggers' Twitter followers (some of whom witnessed it) are to be believed...

10th over - Pkn 44-0
Broad slides one down the leg side, and Hafeez emulates Kamran by lifting a six off his toes and into the Mound Stand at square leg! Hafeez forces one down the slope at mid-wicket, Yardy gives chase and they run three. A fluent start from the tourists - by the way, this is the same pitch that they used on Saturday for the 40-over final between Warwickshire and Somerset - there's already a "Jonathan Trott Trench" in place.

From John, TMS inbox: "I agree with Tuffers on TMS: I'll be glad when this summer of cricket is over. I've had more unalloyed pleasure from playing and watching cricket, over more than 50 summers, than anything else I can think of. But this series is a bad joke. I need a couple of months' break... then bring on the Ashes."

9th over - Pkn 35-0
Bresnan strays with his length again, and Kamran hoists him for six over mid-wicket and into the Grand Stand, which gets a few of the crowd onto their feet. Big Tim strays with a wide, time for a change at his end?

Get involved on 606
From Stargazer on 606: "Shahid Afridi and Andrew Strauss deserve the joint man of the series award for actually trying to concentrate on the cricket rather than just starting trading punches at the toss."

8th over - Pkn 28-0
Our first change of bowling as Broad replaces Anderson at the Pavilion End. Kamran tickles a single to third man, Hafeez does likewise, and there's a half-hearted appeal as Kamran trots through for a leg bye off the last delivery. Broad stalks down to long leg and has a sneaky look inside a cool box just outside the boundary rope. Someone buy the lad an ice-cream!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Nick, Norwich, via text on 81111: "No, I cannot forgive your mistake at 1303, that is the last straw after everything that has gone on. I'm reverting to baseball, the closest sport to cricket (that I can think of) that isn't cricket."

7th over - Pkn 25-0
It's still Bresnan from the Nursery End, Lord's is still only half-full and Aggers on TMS says some people with tickets for today's game told him they weren't coming after the events of the last 24 hours. Hafeez works a two off his legs, it looks a long boundary down to Broad at deep backward square leg.

A celebrity has been spotted
6th over - Pkn 23-0
Hafeez plays and misses at Anderson, while the TV camera pans round Lord's to pick out the great and the good - Mark Ramprakash and Michael Parkinson are among those watching today. Hafeez steers a single to Jonathan Trott, who's patrolling down at third man in front of the Compton Stand. Kamran gets an edge... it falls short of Graeme Swann at second slip, but bounces past him and past Trott for four.

Get involved on 606
From dbyer89 on 606: "I'm pleased Bopara was dropped; he rarely bats well, runs out his partners and isn't much of a fielder."

5th over - Pkn 18-0
Kamran flicks Bresnan off his legs for four down to the Warner Stand, before powerfully pulling a four through mid-wicket. But understandably, many of you don't seem to want to talk about the match...

England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Twitter: "Gonna have a different view from what I'm used to at Lord's today. Sitting in a box with mates watching! Good luck Eng boys."

4th over - Pkn 10-0
Hafeez works Anderson off his pads for a single, Kamran tickles one to third man and that's the first run that's been scored on the off side today. Polite applause from the crowd for a good over by Jimmy.

Phil Tufnell
Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS: "I will be very glad when this summer of cricket is over, and that's the first time I've ever said that as I love cricket. This summer has been nasty and left a very sour taste in the mouth."

3rd over - Pkn 8-0
That's a little short from Bresnan, Hafeez whacks the first boundary of the day through mid-wicket, before nicking the strike with a gentle single off the last ball.

The Press Association reports: "...reports from the Nursery End nets of an altercation between England batsman Jonathan Trott and Pakistan seamer Wahab Riaz, which was brought to the attention of match referee Jeff Crowe. Riaz remains, officially, available for selection but has not been picked by Pakistan since he became the fourth of his country's players to be interviewed by police in the course of their inquiries into last month's initial allegations of spot-fixing in the Lord's Test."

2nd over - Pkn 3-0
James Anderson opening up from the Pavilion End, he keeps it tight and a nudged single from Hafeez to long leg is the only scoring stroke.

1303: Of course, it's Pakistan batting, not England, please forgive my error from the first over and manually refresh your page...

From Raj, London, TMS inbox: "An almost refreshing view from Shahid Afridi. Probably one of the few things he could have said that sounds positive."

1st over - Pkn 2-0
Tim Bresnan takes the first over - Kamran, who had to leave the field on Friday with en injured finger and hand the wicketkeeping gloves to his brother Umar Akmal, gets Pakistan under way with a shovel to leg, and Hafeez rotates the strike with a leg bye when Big Tim strays down the leg side.

The sun is out
1258: The sun's out at Lord's - the dark cloud hanging over the game is merely metaphorical. Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Hafeez opening for Pakistan.

1255: Anyway, I hope some of you are still interested in what's happening on the field today - here are the full teams:

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Steven Davies (wk), Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Tim Bresnan, Michael Yardy, Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

Pakistan: Kamran Akmal (wk), Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Yousuf, Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi (capt), Fawad Alam, Abdul Razzaq, Umar Gul, Shoaib Akhtar, Saeed Ajmal.

England captain Andrew Strauss on TMS: "There were some serious discussions [about not playing today's game], but we believe that of the options available to us, this was the best option. It's important we go out, play with the same intensity as we always do and put on a good show for the people who have come here. We have a responsibility to the game of cricket."

1249: Some strong stuff from Izaj Butt, who's been speaking to BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special - you can hear the full interview during the interval between innings. Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi's view? "I don't care what's going on, I'm here to play cricket."

Get involved on 606
From Our Support Is Brilliant - MOT on 606: "Liking the look of our team today. Replace Trott with Pietersen and I think you could have our starting side for the World Cup. Really glad Bell has been included, he's been in terrific form for Warwickshire."

1244: Pakistan are unchanged from the side which played at The Oval, by the way - England recall Paul Collingwood, who missed that game through illness, and the fit-again Ian Bell in place of Luke Wright and Ravi Bopara.

1235: Forgive my joshing - there have been more off-field events that have heavily overshadowed this fourth one-day international - and earlier today, it was not even certain that it would go ahead. To summarise: yesterday, Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt was quoted as saying that some England players had deliberately lost Friday's third ODI in return for money. Butt has since said he never claimed to have proof, and that the claims came from Indian bookmakers. England's players and the ECB have just issued a statement claiming "outrage" at Butt's comments, rejecting the allegations and stating that they had "strong misgivings" about continuing with the series, but felt a "responsibility" to the public to carry on. They will be "working closely with the ECB to explore all legal options." More as we get it.

1230: Afternoon, everyone. Some shocking news has hit the world of English cricket in the last 24 hours - yes, unbelievable as it seems, Ryan Sidebottom has retired from international cricket. Anything else happened that I've missed? Pakistan have won the toss, by the way, and have elected to bat first.

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • Pakistan beat England by 38 runs
  • England: 227 (46.1 overs)
  • Pakistan: 265-7 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 227
Strauss c Alam b Shoaib Akhtar 68
Davies b Ajmal 49
Trott b Shahid Afridi 4
Bell c Sub b Ajmal 27
Collingwood b Gul 4
Morgan c Mohammad Yousuf b Shoaib Akhtar 28
Yardy b Shoaib Akhtar 9
Bresnan b Gul 1
Swann b Gul 12
Broad b Gul 2
Anderson not out 2
Extras 2nb 14w 4b 1lb 21

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