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England v Pakistan second T20 as it happened


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2037: Utterly forgettable match, watched by almost no-one. Don't like to be negative, but how has cricket really benefited from tonight?

14th over: Eng 90-4 WIN BY SIX WICKETS
Wallop - Morgan mows Hafeez back down the ground for four more. Single cut away, and then Yardy drives through extra cover - it won't go to the fence, but they'll run four. That's the win by six wickets, and series 2-0.

13th over: Eng 80-4
Lovely from Morgan, crashing one a fraction wide through the covers for four. Thanks, Skipper, says Stumper Akmal, as Afridi follows it with a fast bouncer. Four byes; 10 needed to win.

12th over: Eng 68-4
Hafeez into the attack, and Morgan greets him with a mighty lofter down the ground for his first four. Single slapped to deep cover, and then new-man Yardy defends sternly.

11th over: WICKET Bopara lbw Afridi 12, Eng 63-4
Wicket falls

Morgan the new man, and he might want to calm his partner Bopara down here - looks awfully nervous, the Essex man. Long hop hacked away for four, but he's gone now - missing a pull, trapped on back pad in front of the timbers. Feeble effort from England in reply to a woeful Pakistan total - it's not the best...

10th over: WICKET Collingwood c Hafeez b Ajmal 21, Eng 57-3
Wicket falls

Was that the doosra? I think so - prod forward, bagged at slip.

9th over: Eng 53-2
Skipper Afridi brings himself on for a twirler - another mis-field at midwicket for one more to Bopara. Colly squirts a single towards square leg.

8th over: Eng 53-2
Two men round the bat now for Colly v Ajmal, and a delicate late cut sends the ball to the wide open areas - they'll run a four here. Angler off the front foot to the same spot for two more.

7th over: Eng 46-2
Shoaib to continue, and Bopper glides him a fine off the outside edge for a single down to third man. Huzzah! Colly advances down the track and flicks a fuller one over the midwicket fence for the sauciest of sixes. Slower one follows - mis-field at mid-off, two more. Short this time, pulled off the toe-end by Colllingwood, but another mis-field turns a one into a two.

6th over: Eng 35-2
Saeed Ajmal for a twirl, and he nearly has Bopper lbw first ball - just pitching outside leg, that one. Two clunked away by Colly to midwicket, and that's the end of the first powerplay.

5th over: Eng 32-2
Tickle round the corner from Colly for two as Shoaib sweats freely. Slower one from the bowler - 78 mph after 90 mph - and a short rapid one that Colly fends down to the off side. 58 needed from 90 balls.

4th over: Eng 30-2
Bopara and Collingwood together now, and El Capitan benefits from a mis-field from Umar Akmal to get off the mark. Dabber for one past gully from Bopper, and that's a wide on height from Umar Gul.

3rd over: WICKET Kieswetter run out 16, Eng 26-2
Wicket falls

Brilliant hit from Umar Akmal, dashing in from point, and Kieswetter was asleep. You don't think...

3rd over: WICKET Davies c Umar Akmal b Akhtar 9, Eng 26-1
Wicket falls

Two more to Davies before Shoaib changes to round the wicket - gone, chipping straight to midwicket.

2nd over: Eng 24-0
Umar Gul now to Kieswetter - no ball. Behave. Free hit... blasted over the fence at deep extra cover for the first six of the innings. Single tucked away off a short one, and then three pushed away easily off the back foot from Davies. Short again, super shot from Kieswetter - leaning back to crash a sweet pull over midwicket for four more. And another! This time drilled on the drive between extra cover and mid-off. 19 off the over, and England explode from the traps.

1st over: Eng 5-0
Shoaib to open to Craig Kieswetter, two slips in... first two defended away off back peg, the third left alone, the fourth tucked behind square for a single. Steve Davies clips the next off his pads - middles it, and it's a good job as it goes through Umar Akmal's fingertips at midwicket on the way to the fence.

19th over: WICKET Shoaib Akhtar b Bresnan 4, Pakistan 89 all out
Wicket falls

Shot du jour from Shoaib Akhtar, crashing a lusty drive off Bresnan through cover like a missile. Bowled him! Full and straight, and the misery is over.

18th over: WICKET Gul c Bopara b Sidebottom 16, Pakistan 85-9
Wicket falls

Another ugly swipe... straight to deep square leg. The trap is sprung.

18th over: WICKET Razzaq c Yardy b Sidebottom 11, Pakistan 85-8
Wicket falls

Sidebottom, left arm over... super yorker, just squeezed out. Leg bye, then a full bunger that Razzaq slashes away behind square for four. But he's gone now, skying another attempted pull.

17th over: Pakistan 80-7
Broad for his final over, and that's a nasty bouncer to start him off. Crash - Umar Gul pulls another high over the deep square leg fence. We might get that 100 after all. Is that out? Looked like a little tickle down leg to me, but Umpire Richard Illingworth says no. Think he might have got that wrong.

17th over: Pakistan 80-7
Broad for his final over, and that's a nasty bouncer to start him off. Crash - Umar Gul pulls another high over the deep square leg fence. We might get that 100 after all. Is that out? Looked like a little tickle down leg to me, but Umpire Richard Illingworth says no. Think he might have got that wrong.

16th over: Pakistan 71-7
Sidebottom to return, and that's a wasteful wide down leg. Single off the inside edge, leg bye off the thigh as Razzaq tries to hoist the ball away. Ooopla - ugly smear, top edge over the 'keeper for a streaky four.

15th over: Pakistan 63-7
Touch wide from Swann, and that will run away for wides. What do we reckon - will Pakistan make the ton?

15th over: WICKET Alam c Davies b Swann 0, Pakistan 56-7
Out for a duck
Wicket falls

Lovely ball and take, ugly shot. Not even a contest, this.

15th over: WICKET Hafeez run out 14, Pakistan 55-6
Wicket falls

Ugly reverse sweep, but that's brilliant work from Swann - gathering Sidebottom's arrowing throw and cleaning up the timbers with Hafeez centimetres short.

14th over: Pakistan 55-5
That's a better shot from Hafeez - drilled past Captain Colly at cover for his first four in an age. Single follows; projected score to 79. Heavy, heavy sighs.

13th over: Pakistan 50-5
Swann fools Abdul Razzaq with a little tempter, and has Davies stumped him? Looks like his first swipe of the gloves came up short of the bails, and the little extra flick he had to give them just gave Razzaq time to get his back foot back. Still mere singles here, and the innings meanders in ever decreasing circles.

12th over: Pakistan 47-5
They just can't get Yardy away here - it's like he's a mystery man rather than a devious darter. At this rate, the projected final score is 78. Hmmm.

11th over: WICKET Umar Akmal b Swann 17, Pakistan 44-5
Wicket falls

Down the track again - six more! Down the track pt II - comprehensively cleaned up. Super piece of bowling from Swann, tempting with the flight and foxing him completely.

10th over: Pakistan 37-4
Darty again with his little yards - I beg your pardon, Yardy with his little darts - and there's an appeal for a stumping as Akmal wanders from his crease. Just safe. Two singles taken, and if England don't win from here, things will have to get rather more exciting.

9th over: Pakistan 35-4
Graeme Swann for some spin-twin scenario. That might help - Umar Akmal dances down the track and clouts Swann way over long-off for the first six of the series. Still almost no-one in the Swalec Stadium. You'll have read about more atmospheric international occasions.

8th over: Pakistan 27-4
Michael Yardy on for some left-arm darty tweak, and Hafeez defends in Test fashion for five balls before dabbing a late sweep away for one. Appalling strike rate, this - 16 runs have come off the last seven overs...

From Craig in Harrogate, TMS inbox: "We may think that we want England to win handsomely every game, but what we actually want is a good contest with England coming out on top; this isn't it."

7th over: Pakistan 26-4
Broad will continue, and Mohammad Hafeez tucks the ball off his front pad to deep square leg for one. Umar Akmal will do the same, and Pakistan are up to their eyeballs.

6th over: Pakistan 23-4
Bresnan and Broad with the Pakistan batsmen in their pocket at the moment. Apparently our automated scoreboard isn't working - I'm told the techies are working on it. Godspeed, automated scoreboard boffins. Just one off the over, and England are parked in the driving seat.

5th over: WICKET Afridi c Morgan b Broad 2, Pakistan 22-4
Wicket falls

Here comes the skipper, and if ever a team needed some boom-boom, it's Pakistan. Well - they're not going to get it today - short, awful slashing slog, skied to point for a straightforward pouch.

5th over: WICKET Hasan c Davies b Broad 3, Pakistan 20-3
Wicket falls

Short, mis-hit pull, snagged off a skinny edge down the leg side. Sigh - this really isn't the best...

4th over: Pakistan 19-2
Umar Akmal the new man, and he should have picked up two there - problem was, he dropped his bat halfway through the first run. Dear oh dear. Bresnan ticking along with two for five from his two overs so far.

4th over: WICKET Yousuf c Bopara b Bresnan 4, Pakistan 18-2
Wicket falls

Short from Bresnan, hoicked straight down The Big Bopper's throat at deep square leg. Easy for England...

3rd over: Pakistan 16-1
Hello - Stuart Broad now, and that's a rapid lifter that Yousuf dives under. Oh, dropped! Cut hard but straight at Eoin Morgan at backward point, and he just parried it over his head like Shay Given. Another rapid one, a little down leg and perhaps lucky not be pinged as a wide, followed by one that tucks the batsman up. Decent over.

2nd over: Pakistan 13-1
Mohammad Yousuf the new man, and he's off the mark with a tickle to leg after Shahzaib Hasan does the same.

2nd over: WICKET Akmal c Swann b Bresnan 11, Pakistan 11-1
Wicket falls

Tim Bresnan charging in, one slip in place, and that's a good start - three dotters. Short, hefted high in the grey sky - bagged at midwicket.

1st over: Pakistan 11-0
Kamran Akmal the opener, Ryan Sidebottom with the first over. Kaboom! Four blasted on the up over cover. Two more dabbed off the hip to deep square leg, and that's loose and leggish - pulled away with wristy elegance for four more. Single to conclude the over, and that's a poor start from the curly-topped swinger.

1758: I'll be honest with you - it's a dreadful crowd in this evening. You'd think people had already had the chance to watch an England v Pakistan T20 match in recent wee... oh.

1756: Some interesting moments across the country during the penultimate round of county matches today. We have had a live text running all day covering how a certain Kevin Pietersen was out for a second-ball duck playing for Surrey, Division One leaders Notts were bowled out for 59 by Yorkshire and England pace bowler Steven Finn opened the batting for Middlesex. Choices.

1753: Pakistan team news: Mohammad Hafeez comes in for Wahab Riaz. And rumours are the batting order will be shuffled after the defeat on Sunday. England unchanged in every which way.

1748: Looks like we'll still start on time here. Kate (see below) - you shouldn't, but to be on the safe side you might be advised to polish off the current beer rapidly and then furnish yourself with another one on arrival.

From Kate Monaghan, TMS inbox: "The question is, if I walk all the way over to the Stadium, am I going to get rain in my beer?"

1744: "We've obviously been in great form in this form of the game and we want that to continue," says England skipper Paul Collingwood. "Some of our fielding was top-drawer on Sunday, and we want that to continue."

1741: Breaking news from the toss: Shahid Afridi calls correctly and decides Pakistan will bat.

1735: England players dashing about on the outfield, both vim and vigour present and correct. Six wins on the bounce in this format, and world champions to boot. Happy, if somewhat overcast, days.

1730: First the bad news: it's been raining in Cardiff and the covers were on. The good news: it's not raining any more. They'll toss at 1740, and we should still be good for the 1800 start.

1725: England v Pakistan, Twenty20, Cardiff. Hang on - haven't we been here before?

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • England beat Pakistan by 6 wickets
  • England: 90-4 (14.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 89 (18.4 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 90
Kieswetter run out 16
Davies c U Akmal b Shoaib Akhtar 9
Bopara lbw b Shahid Afridi 12
Collingwood c Mohammad Hafeez b Ajmal 21
Morgan not out 18
Yardy not out 6
Extras 1nb 1w 4b 2lb 8

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