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England v Pakistan - day four as it happened


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By Oliver Brett


1340: Thanks for joining us today. We have been overwhelmed by your feedback, and have tried to incorporate as much of it as we can. This will be the last entry, and we sign off with another important development - here's Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed: "As far as I'm concerned the one-day series is on." He adds that skipper Salman Butt and fast bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have had their mobile phones confiscated.

1333: Test Match Special has now gone off air. There are suggestions there will be a Pakistan news conference later but at the moment we do not know when that might be.

Awais from Cardiff in the TMS inbox: Really sad day for Pakistan cricket, not for the first time. I think the one-day series and T20 should go ahead because I do not think why ECB should suffer financial loss for some one else's stupidity. Pakistan will have a lot of new players coming in their one day squad anyway.

Vic Marks on Test Match Special: It's hard to imagine all these Pakistan players striding out to play a Twenty20 international at Cardiff [next Sunday].

Geoffrey Boycott on Test Match Special: Somebody who has bought a ticket for those one-dayers could ask themselves, 'Am I going to get a real game?' I think what the authorities will do is sit tight and sees what comes out of the police investigation.

1323: With the Test series now concluded, it still remains to be seen whether the one-day series - which is scheduled to include five matches, after a Twenty20 international - will go ahead. This morning's newspaper allegations suggested two of those games had already been fixed.

Man of the match Stuart Broad: "To be 100-7 and come out victorious was a great effort for the team. To win the series 3-1, we're absolutely delighted." Asked whether he feels the result is tarnished by events, he replies: "I don't think so. We were very focussed on what we had to do. We needed six wickets to win a Test and a series and the way we did it was professional and ruthless. It's certainly not tarnished. We value every Test win, we know how hard they are to get."

And there's more from Andrew Strauss: "At the moment they're just allegations but there's certainly going to be a lot of interest in the next few days. It's important to let the dust settle. These have been explosive allegations, clearly they've affected the mood of the players. We'll have to take stock. There will have to be a lot of dialogue and I wouldn't want to pre-judge that."

England captain Andrew Strauss on Test Match Special: "I don't think anyone wants to finish a Test match in that scenario. It's taken the gloss off because in this Test match there were some outstanding performances. That partnership between Broad and Trott was one of the best I've ever seen.

"It's great to win a series but not under these circumstances. I don't think anyone likes the game of cricket being overshadowed by other events. We've seen things that have put cricket on the front pages before and no one likes it."

1306: Andrew Strauss is now giving an interview to Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special. He has accepted the series trophy, with the most wooden smile I have seen, but the TV cameras were quick to cut away.

1304: Now that is bizarre. Amir has just accepted his man of the series award from Giles Clarke, ECB chairman. Neither man looks as though they want to be within five miles of each other. "It's all very unusual, highly irregular," says Aggers - TMS are staying on air for this.

1303: Broad and Trott step up in turn to collect their awards, and obligatory champagne amid a series of thin smiles for the photographers.

1300: David Collier, the ECB chief executive, is now appearing on air in the Long Room with some very awkward looking people as the awards ceremony begins with a long, tedious preamble. I'm not quite sure why the crowd are not allowed to see this. If they were to throw tomatoes at people then so be it.

1255: Jonathan Agnew is in the Long Room, trying to see if he will be able to interview someone. He has been told that Broad is man of the match, Trott is England's man of the series, and Mohammad Amir is Pakistan's man of the series. Amir has appeared, and is being photographed, looking "a little bit awkward" says Phil Tufnell. He's there to collect his award.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
Ramiz Raja
1251: "You can't approve the guilt quickly of players against whom allegations have been made. How practical would it be to get new players out here?" says Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS. Ramiz Raja reckons Test captain Butt, and the two bowlers allegedly sending down no-balls "to order" - Amir and Asif - will have to be at least suspended when the investigation starts.

Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja on TMS suggests that some players, presumably the four who have spoken to police about the News of the World allegations, must be dropped from the one-day squad: "You've got to take out some of the tainted goods, it's either that or go back home, The team can't play with the same crew it would obviously demean both one-day cricket and the series. I don't know if England would be comfortable in playing a team with the same players in it."

Nadir94 on Twitter "I feel embarrassed as the ECB have been so generous in allowing us to play cricket in England neutrally. Like to say sorry."

1241: A reminder that there will be no post-match presentation today, but Test Match Special will try to get interviews with whoever they can. They do not expect interviews from any Pakistan players. This, incidentally, is Pakistan's heaviest innings defeat.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "At times it's been very exciting this series. The ball has dominated bat more often than not, Graeme Swann has gone from strength to strength and is producing some wonderful deliveries. It's a weird day for cricket, the players didn't know whether to celebrate or not. They don't know what to do, but they've won the series 3-1, bowling Pakistan out cheaply twice on a good pitch at Lord's."

Review - batsman is out
Wicket falls
1156: WICKET - Asif c Collingwood b Swann 1 - Pkn 147 all out
Well he is out now. England accept the applause from the crowd as Swann, who has taken nine wickets in the match, leads the players off. It's all very sombre, though.

Review - decision pending
1235: Pakistan 147-9
Inside edge from Asif, into both his feet, before the ball loops up to Paul Collingwood, Pakistan refer it after he's given out.

1234: Pakistan 147-9
Akmal brings up the fifty partnership (from 23 balls) with a superb, clean strike for four over mid-on off Broad. That follows a less glitzy, but equally effective, leg-glance - also for four.

Sid Ahmed, TMS inbox: "I have always supported Pakistan and was devastated to learn about the allegations regarding match-fixing. I believe that Pakistan should be excluded from international cricket until the outcome of the investigation. If any player is found guilty, then a very lengthy ban should be imposed (maybe a life ban?) and the cricketer involved should have his assets seized and given to the victims of the floods."

1228: Pakistan 138-9
Now, can Swann finish it off in this over? Akmal hits a big lofted off-drive towards Pietersen, who either hasn't picked that or is just dozing, and he lets the ball bounce in front of him without attempting the catch. Oh that's good from Akmal, he's sent one into the front row of the Tavern Stand for six, and now he cuts one down to the Grand Stand for four. Akmal moves to 70. And the perfect end to the over, a single off the last ball to keep him on strike.

1224: Pakistan 127-9
Stuart Broad will get a bowl for the first time today, and his bouncer is pulled magnificently well by Akmal for four as he moves to 59. Asif has to face one ball at the end of the over, and he chops it down defensively.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I hope somewhere people remember that partnership between Trott and Broad, a world record eighth-wicket partnership, not what we read this morning. I am sure this morning's news will completely cloud over the cricket, sadly."

1217: Pakistan 121-9
It's a bit grey and grim out there, as this match proceeds, grimly on. Swann into his 12th over of the innings. Michael Vaughan wonders if the England team will want to play against "this Pakistan side" in the five-match ODI series scheduled to follow. Akmal has really got his eye in, but England have a defensive field for him and the boundaries are not so easy to pick up.

1213: Pakistan 103-9
Asif picks up a single which helps Pakistan's cause, but there are no fireworks in this Anderson over. Jimmy has had a long old spell today.

Brian, Wakefield, TMS inbox: "I think the most galling thing about this whole episode is the timing. While millions of Pakistanis suffer at home through an environmental disaster there is the very real possibility some of the cricketers that represent them may be lining their pockets from dodgy bookies. I sincerely hope it's not the case."

That's 50
1208: Pakistan 117-9
Umar Akmal is one of the most exciting players in the world, but until now we haven't seen his talents in full cry in this series. Strauss persists with Swann who is smashed for a massive six that hits the Pavilion wall. Michael Vaughan, back on TMS, feels there will be a "flat mood" in the England camp after this match, sensing that the news has hit the home team "quite hard". Akmal reaches his half-century with a four, not his prettiest shot, a smear past midwicket.

1204: Pakistan 103-9
Akmal might pick up an ebullient little half-century here, providing some sort of entertainment for this crowd. A lovely lofted cover-drive disappears for four. He's making sure he keeps the strike as much as possible, but now he almost gives Alastair Cook a chance running back from mid-off... the fielder can't get there. Asif survives the last ball of the over, and Anderson sends him a meaningful expression afterwards. Wonder what he's thinking.

Andrew in Kenya, TMS inbox: "Ref: 10:54. No presentation. Oliver, can you confirm that this means that the possible actions of a selfish few will deny Stuart Broad the right to stand up and be cheered as Man Of The Match in front of a Lord's crowd for his record-breaking maiden Test ton? That is disgraceful if it is the case - dot ball or no dot balls - you don't make 169 runs by accident..." And, yes, I can confirm that that is the case.

Wicket falls
1156: WICKET - Ajmal run out 8 - Pkn 97-9
Quick single attempted to get Akmal back on strike, but that was silly, and Broad throws down the stumps.

From Steve, TMS inbox: "For John in Poland: [see below] So it is ok for 18 year olds to be involved in match-fixing... purely on the grounds he is 18?!? Ban everybody involved for life. Ringleaders, coaches, players, advisors, THE LOT. (assuming that the allegations are indeed true, of course)."

1152: Pakistan 96-8
There's a good battle between Umar Akmal and England's bowlers developing. Akmal hits a fine lofted drive for four, then tries something even more brutal but has to be content with a single.

1149: Pakistan 89-8
Big appeal for lbw against Akmal, but that turned too much so Swann must wait for his ninth wicket of the innings. Pakistan have avoided becoming the victims of England's second-heaviest victory ever as they nudge clear of the innings-and-285-run margin England beat India by at Lord's in 1974. (Thanks to Phil Longwell for his email nudge).

E-mail from John, Poland, TMS inbox: "Sports results have been fixed for as long as there have been bookmakers - a couple of no-balls is nothing compared with the whole matches that have been notoriously thrown in the past. Come down hard on the ringleaders, certainly, but talk of a life-ban for an 18-year-old seems excessive."

1145: Pakistan 86-8
Tom [see below], I'm sorry but nobody is cheering these wickets, they are just accepting them. Most people feel thoroughly depressed, however big an England fan they are. Now, where were we? Ajmal is facing Anderson and he's doing OK for a number 10. Can Pakistan reach 100 at least? Well that'll help, an Ajmal leg-glance disappears for four.

From Tom in Edinburgh in the TMS inbox: "Hollow victory?! Do me a favour. I get sick of hearing/reading journalists looking for ANY negative and blowing it out of proportion. Fantastic performance by Trott and Broad as well as the rest of England bowling attack. Don't try to drag it down to your level... just enjoy it for once!!!"

1141: Pakistan 82-8
Umar Akmal feels he might have to get on with this, get some runs while he can, and a big slog goes wide of mid-on for four. Swann responds with one that turns and bounces a lot, more like we sometimes see at Lord's, and now there's two more runs for Akmal down to fine-leg. He goes to 24.

1137: Pakistan 75-8
Some very stern faces on the Pakistan balcony, with players appearing to be paying close notice to a letter or some official document. The door to their dressing room has been closed all morning, apparently. A quiet over from Anderson, Ajmal is the new batsman by the way.

Phil Tufnell on TMS: "If someone's guilty of something they've got to be punished, no matter who they are, otherwise it's just going to keep on happening. Things tend to get swept under the carpet."Jonathan Agnew: "The trouble is that it's not long until the one-day series starts, they are trying to sell tickets."

Wicket falls
1133: WICKET - Riaz c Pietersen b Swann 0 - Pakistan 73-8
Swann has a choked appeal for lbw, as he bowls from around the wicket to the right-handed Riaz. And there's another cheap wicket for Swann. He won't find it this easy taking wickets in the Ashes you know. Smeared slog to wide mid-on, eight wickets for Swann in the match.

1130: Pakistan 72-7
Umar Akmal is a wonderfully talented player, and he plays a flamboyant shot off the back foot, the ball racing through the covers for four off Anderson. Riaz is on strike for the last two balls of the over. He is beaten by one, and a groping prod in defence finishes off the over.

Review - batsman is not out
1126: Pakistan 67-7
Well that's definitely not out. Cook didn't even take the catch cleanly! Plus it didn't hit bat or glove. Jonathan Agnew is perplexed on TMS.

Review - decision pending
1125: Pakistan 67-7
The crowd are always quiet at Lord's, but now it's as solemn as a church. It seems so strange when England are on their way to a thumping win but I think you understand why. England appeal for a catch close in off bat and pad, not out and we have a review.

Wicket falls
1122: WICKET - Amir b Swann 0 - Pakistan 65-7
Swann into a new over as England push towards what will be a very hollow victory, and he bowls Amir. The young man who is one of the players at the centre of this controversy lasted four balls from Anderson but his mind can't be right and he was miles from that one.

From Rob Marriott in the TMS inbox: "It's important for everyone to bear in mind what Alec Stewart has said. The names of innocent people can often be drawn into scandal - for whatever reason - and we should not, must not assume that anyone is guilty until that has been proven to be the case."

Thanks for all your emails. Obviously we can only publish those that stick to the facts as established so far.

Wicket falls
1115: WICKET - Kamran Akmal c Prior b Anderson 1 - Pakistan 64-6
Pakistan going down in a heap yet again, I'm afraid. Anderson just seaming one away a a little bit, and that's far too good for the new man, Kamran Akmal.

Ramiz Raja has been very interesting on TMS. He is a former captain and chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board: "I could never imagine someone as young and exciting as Mohammad Amir falling for this. The guys who have got him under their wing, if they are guilty, should be put behind the bars for spoiling a great career."

Wicket falls
1111: WICKET - Ali b Swann 12 - Pakistan 63-5
Umar Akmal plays a sweet cut shot, before getting his partner back on strike. Now Swann bowls a good ball that turns into Ali and clips his off-stump. He was trying to defend that but was unable to get his bat down in time, it seems.

Get involved on 606
From Robbo277 on 606: "This series will live long in the memory, but not so much for the quality of cricket played."

Get involved on 606
From neoliverpool on 606: "Expect the match to be over very quickly this morning. You have to say that Pakistan losing is inevitable and quite a few of the players will have other things on their mind right now.."

1108: Pakistan 56-4
Pakistan are still more than 300 runs behind, remember, so England are unlikely to have to bat again even if we have some dogged rearguard stuff from their middle and lower order. James Anderson has taken over at the Nursery End, by the way, and Ali, though playing away from his body with little footwork, guides a shot out towards the cover boundary for two more runs. There's two more into the leg-side.

1106: Pakistan 52-4
Graeme Swann is bowling from the other end, and Prior has a shout for a stumping as Ali almost overbalances, but it's not out. Now Ali drives wide of mid-off for three, nice shot. Big appeal for lbw against Umar Akmal from the fifth ball of the over, but he's just outside the line, and a nice cover-drive for four from the last delivery.

1102: Pakistan 45-4
Steven Finn gets play under way, Umar Akmal getting a single off his hip before Azhar Ali picks up a couple wide of mid-on. There's another single to end the over.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS: "I had a call from someone in Karachi who said he felt appalled and embarrassed. I think that's the majority feeling from the vast amount of Pakistanis, but we mustn't rush to judge anyone."

1057: Well, after so much soul-searching and after hearing so many people trying to come to terms with overnight events, we are going to try and get a game on here. There's some warm applause from the members for the England team who will be bowling under cloudy skies. And the Pakistan batsmen are being clapped, no audible booing.

1054: We are being told there will be no end-of-match presentation at the end of this match, but TMS hopes they will be able to talk to Andrew Strauss at the end of the match. They don't expect interviews with any Pakistan players.

Former England captain Alec Stewart on 5 live: "It's a very, very sad day yet again for cricket. Match-fixing, or spot fixing, has reared its ugly head again and it's something the game doesn't want. I thought it had gone out of the game but it's something that has to be addressed very, very quickly. "I played in a game at Centurion Park [in 1999] when [South Africa] captain Hansie Cronje was proved to have fixed that game and also my name was dragged into it - I was alleged to have given a bookmaker and thankfully I was cleared of any wrong-doing. "Again, with these Pakistan players, we have to assume they are innocent until proven guilty."

Former England captain Nasser Hussain, speaking to Sky News: "If it were to be proven, a part of me says, 'Good, about time', because there have been allegations out there for a long time. If there were substantial proof … then let's get on with cleaning the game up."

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan again, this time on TMS: I'm, angry. I don't know what kind of reception the Pakistan team are going to get at Lord's. I feel for the England team in all this. They must think: 'Are these runs really worthwhile, are the things we are doing in practice worth it? Are we being cheated out in the middle?' "

1045: Test Match Special is up and running now.

1040: Television has begun its preamble to day four coverage, just 20 minutes away now, while our colleagues in news have written a reaction piece with comments from Phil Tufnell, former Pakistan selector Iqbal Qasim and others.

From Phil in Leeds, TMS inbox: "Two days ago Mohammad Amir had the cricketing world at his feat. Now, if the allegations are proved to be true, as well as being banned for life, his name should be removed from the Lord's honours board."

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Anger is my thoughts at the moment ... I don't see how they can get out of this one ... it's just a great shame why this has to happen. Very sad."

1028: E-mail from Chris in Copenhagen: "Words fail me for how angry and upset I am today. This Test match could have done so much good work for the game that I and many others love to follow. Now, it will forever be tainted by these allegations. If true, the players involved should never play cricket again."

1026: Former England batsman Allan Lamb has called for life bans to be imposed on players found guilty of any involvement in betting scams. Lamb told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme: "If any player is caught, they've got to be life banned. We've got to wait until the police investigation, and the people caught have got to be banned for life. Cricket has to go on, it can't just stop - we've got to get rid of the people involved, life ban them, and the game has to go on."

1025 The bare facts are that according to the News of the World, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir bowled three no-balls "to order" - following a payment of £150,000 - to show an undercover reporter how easily events in cricket matches could be rigged. Two took place on Thursday and one on Friday.

1020: A reminder that Pakistan are 41-4 in their second innings after following on, still 331 runs behind England, and play will resume at 1100 BST.

1015: Despite feelings in some quarters that this match should be cancelled, and indeed the remainder of the tour - Pakistan have two Twenty20 internationals and five one-day internationals in England after this match finishes - the show is due to go on at Lord's today.

1010: Good morning, cricket fans. It's been a stomach-wrenching morning for lovers of our game after a News of The World investigation produced damning allegations concerning various Pakistan players. The latest news is that a man has been arrested in connection with an alleged cricket betting scam centred on the ongoing Test.

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • England beat Pakistan by an innings and 225 runs
  • England: 446 (139.2 overs)
  • Pakistan: 74 & 147 (36.5 overs)

Pakistan 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 147
Farhat c Cook b Broad 5
Hameed lbw b Anderson 3
Butt lbw b Swann 21
Mohammad Yousuf c Trott b Finn 10
Azhar b Swann 12
U Akmal not out 79
K Akmal c Prior b Anderson 1
Amir b Swann 0
Riaz c Pietersen b Swann 0
Ajmal run out 8
Asif c Collingwood b Swann 1
Extras 1nb 3w 1b 2lb 7

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