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England v Pakistan 4th Test day three as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce


From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I think that a v good idea from Simon Colby. If it's a idea that comes from TMS Live Text perhaps we should add impetus and put our money where our mouth is, by taking a comment published during the day as a pledge to donate, say, 50 quid to the DEc appeal. The number of comments and the total money gathered by that route should provide enough of a monitoring system to ensure that posted commenters do come up with the dosh. I'm up for it. Well done Simon."

From Simon Colby, TMS inbox: "Now that it looks like this game will finish tomorrow (Sunday) what chance is there of the powers that be having a game on bank holiday Monday in aid of the flood victims in Pakistan. I presume that all of the necessary admin will have been done for the test anyway so hopefully no problems with policing, council permissions, food and drink merchants and TMS and the TV guys. So what about it? Eng v Pak in a 20-20 followed by Radio commentators v TV commentators in a 20-20? Who needs to be asked! I'll send this suggestion in to a few others as well. (Just have this wonderful vision of Sir Geoffrey opening the batting in a 20-20 game! Maybe he'd do it for charity?)"

From Alex in hot Tabasco, avoiding hot Tabasco sauce, TMS inbox: "Been suffering from a constant urge to dance the Mexican foxtrot, but dare not give in and flee to the facilities for fear of missing a wicket falling or a record being broken. Not helped when commentators talk about Butt getting runs. Most irresponsible."

1820: RAIN ENDS PLAY Pkn 41-4
Rain delay

So let's try to make sense of this. Pakistan have lost 14 wickets for 115 runs in under two sessions, and England - on the brink of losing the match and throwing away the series at 102-7 just after lunch on Friday - are leading by 331 runs with just six more wickets to take. And two days to take them.

1822: WICKET Yousuf c Trott b Finn 10, Pkn 41-4
Wicket falls
Rain delay

Short, not particularly nasty, but Yousuf chip-pulls the ball straight down the man's throat at deep square leg. Dismal shot, and as the batsman trudges off, the rain begins to hammer down.

1820: Pkn 41-3
Azhar Ali the new man, and he squirts Swann away for a streaky start. Lights burning bright against the darkening sky.

1815: WICKET Butt lbw Swann 21, Pkn 41-3
Review - decision pending
Wicket falls

Slightly unnecessary break for drinks there. Swann with a ripper that does Butt all ends up outside off, and then - flatter, faster, trapped on the front pad - Umpire Hill sticks up the trigger finger, and a desultory referral does nothing to change his mind.

From Hantsfan in Gosport, TMS inbox: "re Rainbow over Lord's. Does that explain why there is someone called Geoffrey in the TMS team?"

1809: Pkn 41-2
A choice for you: either manually refresh, or forever believe that this extraordinary match has taken two more stunning turns and seen Pakistan advance to 301-2 and then back again in the space of an over. Brace of singles off the simmering Finn.

1805: Pkn 39-2
Swann, tongue sticking out, Butt waiting (an unfortunate sequence of words, in retrospect) - lordy, a massive mow from Butt down the ground, and he'll pick up two for that. Gloomy. Very gloomy.

From Tattz in Oldbury, TMS inbox: "Re Brian in Brum. Possibly one of the loveliest comments published on live text. No other sport has the capacity to induce such feelings of bliss and happiness. Except perhaps darts."

1803: Pkn 34-2
That's better from Finn - snaking lifter that screams past Butt's retreating snout. That little incident of rain has passed, and we're good to continue - two tucked away by Butt off a no-ball. We can play until 1900 tonight, but if they're not on the pitch come 1830, it's all over.

From Andy Holgate, TMS inbox: "Tom, been out shopping all day, have I missed much?"

1755: Pkn 31-2
Is that a rainbow over Lord's? It is, you know - beautiful. Hold on a second - is that Pegasus flying over it? Nope - it's a 747 heading to Heathrow. Apologies. Testing from the returning Swann, and there could be a little rain in the air. It would make sense in light of the earlier information in this paragraph, I guess.

From John in St Albans, TMS inbox: "Just got home and switched the radio on - this is a disaster! Very selfish of Pakistan to scupper my plans for an all day drinking session at Lord's tomorrow."

1749: Pkn 30-2
Ping - Yousuf drills Finn through the covers for a cracker of a four. Single dabbed away, and Butt then repeats the trick, lacing an over-pitched one through the covers. And another! This time timed away with sweet relish off the back foot. Lovely strokemanship, to invent a word I'm not convinced works that well.

1742: Pkn 16-2
The floodlights on now, bulbs bright against the darkening sky. Broad drops short and Butt tucks into that, smearing it through midwicket for a defiant four. Anyone fancy some Finnfiltration?

From Reb in Kent, TMS inbox: "Re Brian Webb from Brum; how right you are. My crappy till-girl job and 1 bed flat is now lit with sunshine by completely mad, compelling cricket. Sport gives us all hope sometimes, crosses boundaries (pardon the pun) and makes us nicer people; because we can all equate to someone else going through the pain of their team/country being pants. Just now and again, we feel the joy and it's addictive."

1738: Pkn 9-2
I can't decide if this is brilliant fun or actually a little bit sad. Am I going soft? I know what an Aussie would say. Nasty spitter from Jimmy, and that's caught new-man Yousuf on the fingers of his bottom hand. He'll need the physio here - don't think it's broken, but it's a full-on stinger without any doubt.

1733: WICKET Hameed lbw Anderson 3, Pkn 9-2
Wicket falls

Full, fast, straight - there's only one result when you miss one of those...

1732: Pkn 9-1
Fullish sizzler across the bows from Broad, and Butt has a flash - the young skipper has endured an exhausting summer, and it's starting to monkey with his judgement. Hmm. Very dark overhead now. I might insert an asterixed clause in the pledge below: * unless they leg it for bad light much earlier than I anticipated

From Ian in Southampton, TMS inbox: "Has anybody heard from Ricky Ponting recently?"

1727: Pkn 9-1
14 wickets have fallen so far today, and if that's the end of it I'll go without a beverage on Bank Holiday Monday. Oh, how did that miss? Jimmy lances one through Salman Butt's tired thrust. Very grey overhead, but the light is okay for now. Although it does suddenly give me cause for concern about the BHM promise given above.

From Paul Critcher, TMS inbox: "Forget Monday - what I am going to do tomorrow?"

1722: Pkn 7-1
Awful shot, a desperate slog-pull that sends the ball looping down Cookie's throat at mid-on. Terrible waste of a wicket, and Pakistan are mentally finished out there.

1720: WICKET Farhat c Cook b Broad 5, Pkn 7-1
Wicket falls

How do you come back from having your opponents 102-7 and a day later following on 372 runs behind? Oops - there goes another...

1713: Pkn 2-0
Pakistan were odds-on to win this match when Stuart Broad came to the crease on Friday. They're now 500-1. How the wheel turns. Broad pins Hameed down, and then - oo-la-la - the batsman dances down the track to have an almighty mow and misses completely. Insane in the membrane.

From Douglas in Clackmannanshire, TMS inbox: "As Pakistan start their final innings, their highest run scorer in the series (Azhar Ali) has 29 fewer runs than Stuart Broad made in his innings."

1707: Pkn 2-0
Pakistan were odds-on to win this match when Stuart Broad came to the crease on Friday. They're now 500-1. How the wheel turns. Broad pins Hameed down, and then - oo-la-la - the batsman dances down the track to have an almighty mow and misses completely. Insane in the membrane.

1707: Pkn 2-0
Right - we're off again. This pair were at the crease just four hours ago, and now they're back again. Crazy few days. Singles to get both Farhat and Hameed off the mark. What are we all going to do on Monday now? If only it was some sort of public holiday, noted for its festivals, japes and outdoor drinkin... oh.

From Craig in Glasgow, TMS inbox: "Can someone ask the bookies what the odds were on a England innings victory when they were 102 for 7?"

From Brian Webb in Birmingham, TMS inbox: "What a wonderful, wonderful end to the summer. Do the players know what it means to us - who work in factories, offices, shops, banks, drive cars, taxis & lorries - when they play like this and win? For a short time, it means everything."

Little push forward, the easiest caught and bowled you'll ever see - 4-12 off eight overs for Swann, and that is Pakistan's second lowest ever total against England, their sixth worst ever. News from the dressing-rooms: Pakistan will follow on.

1656: WICKET Asif c &b Swann 0, Pkn 74 all out
Wicket falls

Now, where was I? Oh yes - the... AND ANOTHER!

1650: Pkn 74-9
Trapped bang in front, and they can refer those all day long. I can't quite believe what I've seen in the past two days. Manually refresh to switch Brett for Fordyce, would you?

1648: WICKET Wahab Riaz lbw Swann 2, Pkn 74-9
Review - decision pending
Wicket falls

Thanks Ollie - I'll just... WAAGGHHH....

By Oliver Brett

1648: WICKET Kamran Akmal c Prior b Finn 13, Pkn 70-8
Wicket falls

Finn is always looking for that full length, but his second ball isn't quite right and Kamran unfurls a lovely cover-drive for four before nicking the last ball of the over which just shaped away from him a fraction.

1644: Pkn 66-7
Another searching over from Swann, which Riaz does pretty well with, all things considered.

From Marc in Twickenham, TMS inbox: "Re the sighting issues for the batsmen, I remember Graham Thorpe ducking wildy when Courtney Walsh bowled him a yorker some years ago at Lords so it's been a problem before."

1641: Pkn 64-7
Finn and Swann are fighting with each other to wrap up this innings now. Of course, Pakistan could just decide to trump the Trott-Broad partnership right now and then they could get past 400 themselves. I'd say odds against. Quick single for Kamran, and Riaz is off the mark now. There's another big lbw appeal, but umpire Hill says not out, and England don't review it. Only hitting outside half of leg, so it wouldn't have been reversed. On-drive for four by Kamran, good shot.

1635: Pkn 58-7
It's all going on now. Collingwood has dropped Kamran Akmal at slip off Swann.

Review - batsman is out
1632: WICKET Amir lbw Finn 0, Pkn 57-7
Wicket falls

Yes, that is out. Amir never saw it. Pakistan appear to have trouble sighting the yorkers that Finn bowls due to his extreme height. This could be a very heavy defeat if wickets continue to fall like this.

Review - decision pending
1630: Pkn 57-6
Mohammad Amir took six wickets for his team and seemed to be half way to bowling them to victory. Now he's got to play the innings of his life just to get England back into the match. And we have a review after England's lbw appeal is rejected.

1628: WICKET Umar Akmal b Finn 6, Pkn 57-6
Wicket falls

Umar is beaten twice fishing nervously outside off, then in comes the fast, straight yorker and he's castled. This is pretty feeble from the tourists.

Get involved on 606
From laughingdevil on 606: "Now is where the Pakistan Batsmen need to step up and show that their big words before the game about them now being the better team are true!"

1625: Pkn 57-5
A couple of singles get the scoreboard moving again for Pakistan. Umar and Kamran just have to play normal cricket, nothing stupid, and take what runs they can.

1622: Pkn 55-5
Finn, on his home ground, where he impressed against Bangladesh earlier this summer, is charging into Umar Akmal (most easily distinguished by his iridescent white lip paint). The follow-on is nearly 200 runs away, this match has been one-way traffic since Broad began his innings just after lunch yesterday.

1618: Pkn 55-5
The Akmal brothers come together, two right-handers who like to play their shots. But this is not the moment to try and hit your way into form. Kamran plays his first four balls carefully.

1614: WICKET Ali c Cook b Swann 10, Pkn 53-5
Wicket falls

Ali to face Swann for the first time, and he lasts just two balls. Nervy prop forward, inside edged onto pad, gentle loop to short-leg. England shelling peas.

1613: Pkn 53-4
They'll just have to get on with it, I'm afraid. The sun peeps out as Akmal defends Finn, who is just starting to bowl a bit better now.

1610: Pkn 53-4
Finn was not, how shall we put this, the strongest link in the attack between lunch and tea. He'll want to put that right. First two balls swing... but down the leg side. Next is full and straight - that's better. And there's a hold-up, Pakistan not happy with the sightscreen at the Nursery End.

1605: Pkn 51-4
Umar Akmal has not lived up to his billing, well a whole lot of batsmen have been guilty of that. There's some chat around the bat and he's down the wicket to his third ball, huge mow over midwicket for four. This could be fun.

1600: WICKET Butt b Swann 26, Pkn 46-4
Wicket falls

First ball after tea and would you believe it Swann has struck! Butt lingers around for ages afterwards, only he knows why as that one just brushed the off-stump as it beat the left-hander's outside edge. Well Swann really threatened in his first over, and that's a key breakthrough in his third.

1557: Hi folks, it's Oliver Brett on commentary duty for the first few exchanges of the final session on day three. Please refresh your browser if it's important for you to have the right names in the right places, or just stay where you are. Graeme Swann could be important over the next three hours, I feel.

By Tom Fordyce


Get involved on 606
From alfie on 606: "Menacing first over from Swann... no wicket this time but this is tough for Pakistan. Except when Finn bowled batting has looked difficult"

1539: Pkn 46-3
Single at last, and another for Butt, and that's tea - England's session again, the deficit 400 with just seven wickets left, Swann turning it sideways and the first hint of reverseroo in the air. Grab a livener and we'll reconvene in 20.

1536: Pkn 44-3
Flight and twirl from Swann, and leftie Butt wants nothing to do with those. Five maidens on the bounce, and Pakistan are merely trying to stay alive.

From Bruce Rawlings, TMS inbox: "I am currently in my room with the football scores live text and the TMS live text on my computer, accompanied by the TMS radio broadcast, whilst at the same time studying for my impeding Masters degree course in Cognitive Neuroscience. Now, my studies tell me that divided attention impedes your ability to retain information, and this is especially detrimental if you are using auditory as well as visual attention. So I have taken it upon myself to stop studying."

1533: Pkn 44-3
Anderson tightens the vice - he's currently running at 1-8 off nine overs. Pressure hangs heavy in the north London air.

1529: Pkn 44-3
Yup, Swannage it is, and he'll... aye-yai-yai, how much turn was there then? I'll answer my own question - an enormous amount. They'll stick another man in short at gully. Nervous poke, big leading edge, morgan dashing in... ach, falling just short. Have to love a Swanny first over.

1526: Pkn 44-3
Testing again from Jimmy, and Azhar stays in the hutch. Swanny for the other end? From the ripples in the crowd, I'd say so.

From an anonymous Actor, quietly double, double toiling and troubling, TMS inbox: "Re Alice in Stratford (14:47). Don't bother, luv. Your excellent knowledge of Shakespeare is totally wasted on anyone 'educated' enough to go to the theatre and leave their mobile on."

1521: Pkn 44-3
Mmm, much better from Finn, going round the wicket and strangling Butt with miserly control. 20 minutes till tea, the ball 18 overs old - is there another wicket out there before the break?

From Andy Christie, TMS inbox: "Yesterday England 39-4 ; Today Pakistan 39-3. Advantage Pakistan."

1516: Pkn 44-3
Gloomier now, with a few patrons starting to feel the effects of the excited bibations earlier in this fizz-bang day. Anderson tight, Butt playing the ball late, watchful under the brim of his lid.

From Richard Sage in Dubai, TMS inbox: "That Oval Test against Australia in 1985 where Gooch and Gower put on 351 together also had Extras as third highest, and the other nine batsmen contributed just 61. No ducks though, and 4 for 101 by Lawson was not as good as Amir."

1511: Pkn 43-3
Finn's patented Finnalator seems in need of a little adjustment here - too much width, too short. Or full. Butt clouts a pull off the back peg, and only a sprawling stop from Cook at mid-on saves the day.

From Andrew Ewart, TMS inbox: "That's not what Mankadding means. Mankadding means for a bowler to run out the non-striker while the bowler is coming up to bowl."

1507: Pkn 40-3
My giddy aunts - how did that miss? Anderson feathers one past Ali's off-stump with the batsman's blade held high out of the way - great judgement, in one respect, but that tastes a little jammy to me. Is that Ian Bell on the England balcony? Yup - I'm told he was practising in the MCC nets with Sir Goochalot earlier doors.

From Simon in Adelaide, TMS inbox: "Is there another England scorecard similar to this? Extra's is third highest scorer, combined score of nine players 51 with the other two making 353, number 9 with 150 and five ducks to boot. On the other side, the best bowler taking 6-84? Answers on a postcard."

1503: Pkn 36-3
Finn again, his shadow stretching away from his feet like ink spilled on a tablecloth. Touch full and wide, and Butt will lean into that and fizz it to the cover fence. Short and wide this time, and that will get carved off the back peg for four more. and again! Battered through cover off one knee, and that's quite glorious.

From Rob Mansfield, TMS inbox: "Re scoring a century and taking five wickets in same match at Lords, one Vinoo Mankad did it in 1952. He's now known for the term Mankadding, meaning to run out your partner when backing up. Statto alert over!"

1455: Pkn 20-3
Shot there of a champagne cork, lying on the outfield. Of course there is. Maiden from Broad after the brief delay for drinks.

From Tim Chappel, TMS inbox: "This is a fantastic game of cricket. The only thing wrong with it is that it's now moving so fast. I was going to go for a bike ride now, and cook with the radio on a bit later. The way things are going I think I'd better cook now..."

1447: Pkn 20-3
We'll have some Finn, decides Skipper Strauss, and we'll have him from the Pavilion End. Over-pitched a fraction, searching for the yorkeroo, and Butt jabs down late to send the ball clattering back past the bowler's trailing fingertips for four to the fence. Blue skies dominating up above now, Finn cantering in looking like Zach Efron after being stretched in Mike Teevee fashion - just outside off to Ali, worrying him with the one brought back down the slope and taking an edge with one that holds its own - one bounce to Colly at third slip. Promising start.

From Alice in Stratford, TMS inbox: "To Dave at the RSC in Stratford, being told to turn off your mobile? (Lunch). Tell them you are looking into the problem of replacing Pietersen and you heard Shakespeare had the answer. Then quote the prologue to Pericles: 'From ashes ancient Gower is come; Assuming man's infirmities, To glad your ear, and please your eyes.'"

1439: Pkn 14-3
A few emails asking if anyone's ever hit a ton and taken five wickets in the same match at Lord's. I've got a feeling The Bothinator did it against the touring Pakistanis of 1978, but beyond that... Butt leaves Jimmy's tempters alone, and it's a maiden - a thin strip of gauze across the gaping wound.

1433: Pkn 14-3
Skipper Butt staggers towards the calamity, and he's nearly gone first ball, leaping to drag his gloves out of the ball's fizzing path at the very last moment. Mmm, that's a shot from Azhar Ali, stepping into a wide tempter to lace the ball through cover on the up. England 102-7 just a day ago; now they lead by 432 with Pakistan three big wickets down.

1429: Pkn 10-3
What a match this is - Yousuf seemed to be playing entirely down the wrong line, and I'm not sure he picked that one up at all - the merest movement, the slightest tickle of the off-timber to dislodge the bails. England clambering all over the game.

1428: WICKET Yousuf b Broad 0, Pkn 10-3
Wicket falls

Broad could barely come in any faster if they stuck him on oiled castors and shoved a rocket up his a... BOWLED HIM!

1424: Pkn 9-2
You know, it was a fuller one but dipping away again, and Farhat could have left it alone. Instead he was drawn into the drive. Mohammad Yousuf to the trenches, and there's a mighty weight on his experienced old shoulders now.

1421: WICKET Farhat c Prior b Anderson 6, Pkn 9-2
Wicket falls

Now then - what can Jimmy conjure up at the other end? Woah - two rippers, fizzed across and up at Farhat. And again! Anyone for the full in-dipper up next? BAAAGHHH.......

1416: Pkn 9-1
Not a bad match for Stuart Broad, eh? Just enough movement there off the seam from the record-breaking partner, and he's wrapped up by his caterwauling team-mates as the masses at Lord's roar.

1414: WICKET Hameed c Swann b Broad 2, Pkn 9-1
Wicket falls

Tempting length, angled in - edged.. second slip.. caught!

From Trevor Datsun, TMS inbox: "Currently hanging on your every word as we await the bride. Come on love let's get it over with there's a telly at the reception."

1411: Pkn 9-0
Marbled grey clouds massing on the horizon behind the media centre, the sun elbowing its way through. Better shape from Jimmy, coming round the wicket to Farhat, and the batsman fences at one before letting another run off the face to the man at backward point.

From PoeandSwift to Twitter:

"I don't think I've seen a scorecard so dominated by two men.. When was the last time five players got a duck in a Test?"

1407: Pkn 9-0
Yup - Broad it is, snarling as he tears in, three slips - nope, too far down the leftie's legs, and that will be fiddled away by Farhat for the first four of the innings. Dabber of a single to follow, and the threat there was limited. There's time. And runs.

From Terry from Burnhope, Durham, TMS inbox: "Oh dear, oh dear. 3 wickets for 12 runs. Yet another England collapse. Two in one innings. Who'd be an England supporter, eh?

1403: Pkn 3-0
Now then - suddenly a few more clouds overhead, just as Jimmy Anderson turns at the end of his mark... single to Farhat, jabbed straight, and another to Yasir Hameed with a prod square. Expectant atmos, but limited movement on that evidence. We shall see. Hero Broad to have a joust from the Nursery End, I'd wager.

From Mat in Cornwall, TMS inbox: "John, at least whilst you are being dragged around Primark, England are on top. Yesterday I was in Primark whilst England were collapsing."

1348: 383 balls, 19 fours, one thousand thank yous from Skipper Strauss. What a knock. Right - who's ready for a dander-up dash at the Pakistan top order?

1344: Well, it's finally come to an end - tired slash at one angled across him, and the stumper takes a tumbling catch. Slight delay as the umpires check to see if the ball was edged on the way up or down, but there's no doubt - best knock of Trott's career, and the Pakistan fielders slap him on the back before giving him room to enjoy the rapturous standing ovation from the Lord's patrons.


1341: WICKET Trott c K Akmal b Riaz 184, Eng 446 all out
Wicket falls

Now - will Trott have a dash as Finn gangles in? Ah....

From John in Wilmslow, TMS inbox: "Currently being dragged around Primark and if any cricket supporter needs a maxi dress, e-mail me and I'll get a job lot to save them from the purgatory I'm going through."

1341: WICKET Anderson c Hameed b Ajmal 6, Eng 446-9
Wicket falls

Saeed Ajmal to tweak his way into the afternoon, and after Trotty takes a single, Anderson is beaten all ends up by a big turner outside off. Oops - he's done him again, and this time it counts.

1339: Welcome back - all good? Just nailed a pack of mini Jaffa Cakes - might have gone a touch fast. The orangey bit has got a bit big on me.


From Dave at the RSC in Stratford, TMS inbox: "Continually being told to turn my phone off but how else am I meant to follow the cricket?"

1259: Eng 445-8
Will we have one more before lunch? After this, I mean? Wahab angling to Trott, the tempters left alone, a single stolen from the last ball - yup, that's the interval, and England's morning absolutely. Trott will munch on 183 not out, Jimmy A six, and I'm off to rub my eyes and pinch myself.

From George melting in Tenerife, TMS inbox: "A maxi dress is a floor length summery dress. I only know this because I had the same shopping trip not so long ago with my girlfriend, I bought it for her, then she dumped me. Now that Alanis, is ironic."

1255: Eng 444-8
Four men round the bat for Anderson as Ajmal skips in. Trifle leggish, and the no.10 will flick that off his hips for a well-received four. Quadruple Nelson, two words I thought I would never type this time yesterday.

1252: Eng 439-8
Review - decision pending
Review - batsman is not out

Wahab bends one in late to leftie Anderson - huge appeal, but that's surely missing down leg. They'll refer it, but that's a waste. I think. Yup. Jon (below) - offer to 'look after the bags' in a nearby hostelry. Kindred souls left, right and centre.

From Jon, somewhere on Oxford St, TMS inbox: "Am currently suffering the most tedious shopping trip ever with my girlfriend, searching for an elusive 'maxi' dress (I have no idea what that even is). Your live text updates of this epic batting performance are the only thing keeping me sane. God bless the BBC!"

1249: Eng 439-8
Just 11 minutes to lunch, and after the longest wait of his life Jimmy Anderson comes to the crease. Can't imagine he's ever had pads on his legs for so long. Hoopla - he's nearly gone first ball. Now that, Alanis, really would be ironic.

1245: Eng 434-8
And so it comes to an end, and Lord's will rise in unison for Broad as he slowly removes his lid, wipes his forearm across his forehead and trudges off. Good decision, to be fair - the batsman had taken a big pace, but the ball hit him on the half-volley. Definitely hitting. Wonderful effort from Broad, saving match and series, the partnership finally broken at 332.

1243: WICKET Broad lbw Ajmal 169, Eng 434-8
Review - decision pending
Wicket falls

Full - missed sweep - Bowden says no, but they'll refer this... oh no....

From BaronOfLondon to Twitter:

"What is the record amount of records broken in one stand?"

1240: Eng 434-7
Charlie Watts there in the VIP slots, those famous wrists clutching a refreshing beverage, the hair tufty, the jacket jazz-smart. Ooof - Trott fences at one slid across him by Wahab, and the close fielders clutch their fevered brows in anguish.

1237: Eng 434-7
Two singles off Ajmal, taking Broad to 169 and Trott to 180. Poignant glimpse of KP on the England balcony, motionless as if carved from stone, torment hidden behind large sunglasses.

From David, TMS inbox: "Can we create some more milestones for them to go after? How about - the first no.3 and no.9 to both get a double century in one innings? Longest stand (in time) by English batsmen? The highest partnership by batsmen with five-letter names?"

1232: Eng 431-7
More than seven hours since the last wicket now. It's enough to make you feel sorry for Pakistan. Just a no-ball off Wahab's over, but then we probably needed a wee breather, no?

From Aronno270286 to Twitter:

"if English people don't fall in love with cricket after this performance, they never will."

1228: Eng 430-7
351 between Gooch and Gower at The Oval, as Border's Aussies were put to the sword. Happy, happy memories. Super shot from Trott, flicking Ajmal to the midwicket fence with a last-gasp snap of those whippy, wiry wrists. England rampant, the records tumbling, the happy galleries slapping each other on the back with the wonder of it all.

1225: Eng 424-7
I'm told our scorecard has packed in. Disappointing, but you can hardly blame it. All sorts of impossible scenarios occurring. Apparently this is now the biggest England stand for any wicket since 1985. Can that really be true? One over to guess what that last biggie was.

1220: Eng 424-7
Five runs now to beat that Test record for the eighth wicket. Butt signals for Wahab Riaz, and Trott blinks back down the track, concentration total. Gaagh - outside edge, but a controlled one, and that will run away for four. Single - we're almost there - and Broad stands tall.. four! Four, crashed away off the front foot, and the crowd rise to the new record. Papa Broad's best numbers also eclipsed. Short, wide - four more! This time whipped off the back foot and away to the cover fence, and only Ian Smith's 173 as a Test score from a no.9 is left to beat. Standing ovation all round, and this really is staggering cricket.

1214: Eng 410-7
We'll have Imran Farhat to try to break the shackles, and that won't help - loose down leg, tickled away by Broad to go to 158. Chris Broad's highest Test score was 162, you know, against the Aussies in Perth in 1986...

1210: Eng 405-7
Brief drinks break, and Ajmal will continue - tickled as fine as fine can be by Broad's pad and that's the 300 partnership. Extraordinary. 542 balls. This time on Friday, they'd have settled for 30 off 52.

1203: Eng 400-7
He's reached 150

Asif now - crash! Broad drills a quite delightful drive past a motionless cover, and that'll take him to his 150 - he's now just 23 runs short of Ian Smith's Test record for a number nine. And another! This time slightly straighter, but with the same result. That brings up the England 400, the partnership 298, and there are so many standing ovations going one the whole of Lord's appears to be permanently pogoing.

1158: Eng 392-7
Broad goes for a mighty swipe over deep square leg and gets lucky as a top edge falls one bounce to the man rushing in. He now has the third highest score by an Test batsman coming in a nine or lower. In the VIP seats, a rapt Tony Lewis leans forward a few slots away from what looks like an aging Brett Michaels of Poison.

1153: Eng 385-7
Asif dashing in from the Pavilion End - oh, peachy from Broad, taking a big stride forward and lancing a delightful drive back down the ground for his 12th four. Glimpse there of Sir Graham of Gooch on the England balcony. Now there's a man who knows a thing or two about big runs at HQ.

From Dave Jepson, TMS inbox: "Azhar minimum, can we have prior warning of these play-on-words please? It's morgan I can bear."

1149: Eng 380-7
Rob - below - take advantage of his hospitality first, and once you're fed and watered, get stuck in. Broad goes down on one knee for a mow and misses, and is then fooled by Ajmal's doosra - it catches him on the outside of the pad, and there's a three-quarters of an appeal, but it was pitching outside leg. By a fraction.

From Rob Hodgkins, TMS inbox: "I've been summoned to a 50th birthday celebration in Denmark. Its drizzling and its due to be a garden party. Will it inappropriate to take the laptop and ask the host if I can borrow his code for the wifi?"

1143: Eng 377-7
Trott goes back to clip Ajmal away to leg, and then Broad gets lucky again as another outside edge falls just shy of the diving slip. Trott waits for a shorter one and glides a two backward of point. Very easy so far today, and if it wasn't instant mockers I'd say... nope, I'm not being drawn.

Get involved on 606
From nigeweir on 606: "What we have seen from these two is astonishing to say the least. They have Taken England from a losing position and put them into a winning position, especially if Pakistan lose a few early wickets"

1138: Eng 372-7
Only one eighth wicket partnership in Test history bigger than this - the 313 between Wasim Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq in October 1996 v Zimbabwe. Single apiece again as Amir continues going round the wicket. Glimpse there on the England balcony of Colly and KP, identical body language, forearms pinking in the late summer sun.

From Andy in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Re: Adam Cann. Let's not start making players names the Butt of jokes. You should be ashamed of Yousuf."

1134: Eng 370-7
Broad squirts one away to backward point before Trott dead-bats Ajmal into... oh, super shot, a late cut almost out of Akmal's webbing that finds the gap with protractor precision. Trott to 157, barely a scare this morning.

From John Tait, TMS inbox: "Re: Crepy, France. Once played a golf course in France named 'Le Bitch' and it was."

1130: Eng 365-7
Change of tactics from Pakistan skipper Salman Butt - he's asking Amir to bowl wide of off stump, the filed packed on that side, trying to draw the injudicious slash. He fails.

From Lenny in Mauritius, TMS inbox: "Probably difficult locating Nemo in a big city like Istanbul."

1127: Eng 364-7
Brave moves in the TMS box as someone tries to wind Boycott up about his chances with any male dancer who may appear in the box. Three singles off Ajmal, Broad trying to clout him into Maida Vale but clunking instead off the bottom edge out to the man at deep square leg.

From Adam Cann, TMS inbox: "Sterling fightback by England yesterday. Asif England were ever going to be bowled out by Pakistan for Amir 125.

1123: Eng 361-7
Trott as watchful as he was amongst the carnage this time on Friday, ignoring Amir's tempters outside off as the stumper chirps. Papers being read all around, picnic-bags dipped into the first time this morning. Nothing like a posh crisp as midday approaches. It's what the empire was built on.

1119: Eng 361-7
Filling up a treat now, Lord's, a stray cloud skipping across the sun for a brief moment. Oh - was that a chance? Ajmal foxed Broad all ends up with that one, drawing him forward and then ripping the cherry away - Akmal can't hang onto it behind the timbers, and I think there was the skinniest of edges of that. Yup - the ball rolls away fine to the fence, and Umpire Billy B signals that as runs.

From Nemo in Istanbul, TMS inbox: "Re: Crepy, France. The French do a superb line in place names. When I lived in Strasbourg, there was a village near where we played cricket called Hairy. I stopped there for a baguette once and was massively disappointed that the townspeople were not hugely hirsute as I had dreamed."

1114: Eng 357-7
Slip, gully, backward point in for Broad as Amir canters in - slashing shot off the back foot, and he'll pick up a streaky four for that, the first of the day. Single to both. Shadows stretch away from the players' boots.

1110: Eng 351-7
On TMS, Boycott seems to be talking about Cindy Crawford. Apparently her trigger movement's all wrong or something. Single apiece off twirler Ajmal. Hold on - Aggers has told him there's a dancer coming to the box at lunchtime, and Boycott's trying to guess who it is. I fear we could be here some time.

1106: Eng 349-7
He's reached 150

Amir from the Pavilion End, hair bouncing as he sprints in - tucked away to leg by Trott, and that's the no.3's 150 - 302 balls, 15 fours, smashing effort. Broad now - single punched square after a no-ball, and that's the new record eighth-wicket stand for England. We've barely begun and it's all happening.

From Carl Evans, Crepy, France, TMS inbox: "A little birdy tells me you have a soon to be released new book - can I be the first to congratulate you on keeping your 'Stig' secret for so long?"

1103: Eng 346-7
Amjal to open up to Broad, three needed for the record eighth-wicket partnership. Cheeky tweak on the leftie's middle and off - oof, nice turner past the groping outside edge. Two more dead-batted away to leg, and it's a maiden. Lovely scenes at HQ, the outfield checkerboard, the stands filling with eager punters. Warm, sunny - perfect for an early refresher or two.

From Dan and Fran on the ferry home to Wales, TMS inbox: "We are sat on the ferry hoping for an eventful few hours of cricket as a distraction from vile children and smug parents wearing Boden. This time last year we were on deck listening to England win the Ashes. No pressure then Fordyce."

1050: Where's this one going today, then? Trott on 149, Broad catching him fast on 125, the partnership 244, the total 346-7. More of the same from the dashing England pair or a anti-climactic early collapso? Pakistan grinding England's bowlers into the MCC dust or an Amiresque spot of scything from Anderson? So many questions.

From Eddie Golby, TMS inbox: "The inevitability of losing a very early wicket is making me put off my dog-walking, the boy looks impatient though."

1045: Let's not mess about - it's a super day for batting today, the sun out, the sky 70% blue, 20% fluffy white and a mere 10% grey, the grass so green and lush it's as if the groundstaff were up all night buffing it with chamois.

1040: What a dull day of Test cricket on Friday. Just four wickets going down in the first three overs, a shocking collapse and then one of the all-time great comebacks, with the two best batting displays of the respective players' careers. Rubbish. Let's hope for better today.

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • England beat Pakistan by an innings and 225 runs
  • England: 446 (139.2 overs)
  • Pakistan: 74 & 147 (36.5 overs)

Pakistan 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 147
Farhat c Cook b Broad 5
Hameed lbw b Anderson 3
Butt lbw b Swann 21
Mohammad Yousuf c Trott b Finn 10
Azhar b Swann 12
U Akmal not out 79
K Akmal c Prior b Anderson 1
Amir b Swann 0
Riaz c Pietersen b Swann 0
Ajmal run out 8
Asif c Collingwood b Swann 1
Extras 1nb 3w 1b 2lb 7

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