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England v Pakistan fourth Test day one as it happened


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By Ben Dirs


1745: That's it, play has officially been called off for the day. See you all tomorrow. At least the weather should be better and we should get more play.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's on Twitter: "I don't think that inspection will happen. Raining again, thick grey cloud in every direction."

1725: Our man at Lord's, Oliver Brett, tells us there's an inspection planned at 1735. Could be the final look before calling it quits for the day? Would make sense - it's filthy dark out there.

1625: Back to more mundane matters I'm afraid. Aggers on TMS reckons we are unlikely to see any more play today and reminds spectators that there's a "money-back situation". Only 12.3 overs have been bowled so you'd be entitled to receive back 50% of the cost of your ticket.

Christian Bulcock in the TMS inbox: "Russian literature puuulease! Any chance of actually talking about cricket or something at least slightly related instead of this utter drivel. By far and away the biggest load of tosh Live Text Commentary has ever had the audacity to publish. Of course this won't be published - goes against the elitist BOLSHOVICS."

Tom in the TMS inbox: "Re the discussion on Anna Karenina, I never thought that I would get into this discussion on TMS, but does it not open up the whole question of Anglicised patronymics, and whether the title should be Karenin or Karenina? Interesting topic for discussion until play restarts."

Percy de Boinville (dictated) in the TMS inbox: "Two-bit clerk? Goffer? This elitism/snobbery is getting out of hand! Fantastic."

Andy, Cheshire, in the TMS inbox: "Ben, I would take comments from those who profess to be experts in Russian literature with a pinch of salt. They are nothing more the Wikipedia jockeys trying to make themselves seem more erudite and urbane than the reality of being a two-bit clerk or goffer in an investment bank."

David in the TMS inbox: "Re: Kafka. Bizarre. Often Frightening. Rarely completed satisfactorily. A literary precursor to a KP innings."

William in the TMS inbox: "I've read Kafka but there's a man outside my door who refuses to let me talk about it."

Jonathan Hornby in the TMS inbox: "Re. being accused of elitism - it's like a complete Metamorphosis..."

John Binnington in the TMS inbox: "I remember breaking up with an ex and while she was giving the big speech I had Joe Dolce's "haddap You Face on in the background."

1547: YESSSSSS! Perhaps the first ever accusation of elitism and snobbery on a cricket text commentary! Makes a nice change from being called "puerile"... Anyone read any Kafka?

Tom in the TMS inbox: "... and just the other day was I telling a friend of mine how the BBC's cricket text commentary was such an inclusive service. No hint of elitism, snobbery or over-inflated intellectual prowess to be seen at all... ho hum..."

Rain delay
Bad light stops play
1535: Changing tack slightly, Jim from Crowborough has just emailed in to admit to reading Anna Karenina on a train purely to impress an attractive lady commuter. Who else has ostentatiously read a book or placed a platter on the record player in a vain bid to attract a member of the opposite sex? I once put The Best of Bread on while my ex was striding up the pathway - I vividly remember Down On My Knees was on in the background as she was telling me she just wanted to be friends... have a think about that, we're going to pull this until we get further news...

Adam, Southampton, in the TMS inbox: "NOOOOOOO! I am 650 pages into Anna Karenina and Robin Thomas just told us the ending! If you are planning to reveal any more Russian Literature spoilers please warn us first!"

Pat in Darlo in the TMS inbox: "I've always likened watching Colly scratch out a gritty ton to Nabokov's Lolita - you enjoy watching but you know you shouldn't…"

1525: This page is basically like York Notes Comparison in Classic Russian and Modern English Literature...

Tony from Edgbaston in the TMS inbox: "'Strictly' not related to the current team, but there is a similarity between Mark Ramprakash and Uncle Vanya - both were nervous men who wasted their talents. Of course, in Chekhov's recently-discovered sequel Uncle Vanya 2, he discovers his true talent - the American Smooth."

Tony Thresher in the TMS inbox: "So who gets the nomination as the eponymous hero in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The Idiot?"

Rain delay
Bad light stops play
1505: Almost the full quota of covers on now, this could be a long one...

Robert in the TMS inbox: "I'm a long way from Lord's, and the weather here is lovely. Could you please give me a pointer as to how long they're likely to be off for? I was hoping I'd have time to work my way through War and Peace and whimsically associate England cricketers past and present with every one of its five hundred significant characters."

Laurie, Bromley, in the TMS inbox: "I have always thought Ricky Ponting has all the personality of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. Not strictly Russian literature but I thought I would put it out there."

Robin Thomas in the TMS inbox: "Well, Anna Karenina commits suicide. Only once though, unlike Pietersen..."

Steve, North Yorkshire, in the TMS inbox: "Not that well versed with Russian literature but I do know television and Kevin Pieterson and Alastair Cook have been batting like Muppets this summer."

1452: ... I should add that it's also raining now at Lord's, so no-one's entirely sure whether we're off for light or rain or both...

1451: Kevin Pietersen and Sir Geoffrey Boycott have always put me in mind of Yevgeny Bazarov and his father Vasily Ivanovich Bazarov in Turgenev's seminal work Fathers and Sons: Pietersen/Yevgeny the nihilist with his rejection of the old ways of cricket, Boycott/Vasily and his loyalty to tradition and batting with rhubarb...

Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "As an elderly cricket fan mildly obsessed with both 19th century Russian literature and stupid comparisons, it struck me just the other day that the Chappell brothers' depiction in cricketing history has marked similarities with the way Dostovesky paints the characters of the three Karamazov brothers. Ian's just like Dmitri, prone to extremes of anger and recklessness. Greg's the spitting character image of the tortured but calculating Ivan, and Trevor/Aleksey is there to witness, and be drawn into against his will, the turmoil within his dysfunctional family, before finally seeking solace in good works. Have any other readers noticed striking similarities between cricketers and famous characters in Russian literature?"

Bad light stops play
1444 - 39-1 As Oliver Brett has pointed out, these are pretty awful conditions to bat in to be honest, the ball nipping about and hooping this way under lights... a watchful cover-drive for three before Umpires Bowden and Hill - who's still got his shades on - have a chat, pull out the light meters and call a halt to proceedings. A few slow hand-claps and audible jeers but it really does look grim out there...

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's on Twitter: "Strauss gone. Got to feel sorry for him, Test batsmen very rarely have to face this amount of swing in artificial light."

Will in the TMS inbox: "I travel on the overground line to Liverpool Street every day, but I'm not a banker. I do live in a mansion though."

1440 - 35-1 Trott goes through is routine before Asif serves him up a gimme on leg stump and the batsman picks up four with a gentle persuade through mid-wicket. Strauss made 13 by the way, but you'll have to manually refresh for that to appear.

Wicket falls
1435 - WICKET - Strauss b Asif 13 (Eng 31-1)
... Nice one Boycs - the ball nipping back off the seam just a touch, Strauss leaving a gap, the ball vandalising the England skipper's furniture...

1433 - 31-0 Wahab Riaz is introduced into the attack - perhaps Umar Gul's control might have been better in these conditions? The 25-year-old from Lahore, playing in just his second Test match, strays down leg and is tickled away for a single. "It's not doing a lot, Henry," barks Boycott in the TMS inbox, "nothing that's really that bad..."

James in Woolwich in the TMS inbox: "Last weekend I took my girlfriend to Paris. While visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, we both lit a candle and said a prayer - hers' was to keep her family safe and well, mine was for England to win the Ashes. And you know what? Just as I did there was a ray of light through the window, bathing me in its warmth..."

1428 - 27-0 Floodlights are switched on, usually that leads to a chat about the light a few minutes later. Asif with a leg-before appeal against Strauss but that was sliding down leg by a couple of inches. Bit of width for Strauss but it's a rather wooden cut stroke and he only succeeds in edging into the ground. Asif has a silly mid-off in for the England captain but he's not needed there as Strauss nicks a single to square-leg.

Review - batsman is not out
1422 - 25-0 Billy Bowden's the man to be embarrassed this time - no nick on that, the noise was his bat clipping the strap of his pads...

Review - decision pending
1420 - 25-0 Strauss with an off-drive for a few before Pakistan think they've got Cook caught behind - Cook thinks otherwise and requests a review...

1419 - 22-0 It's Yousuf under the lid at short-leg - 36 tomorrow, playing in his 90th Test, but that was some slick work from the old fella. Cook being worked over by Asif now - bringing the left-hander forward and getting the ball to nip back and take the inside edge. Cook is beaten again by a ball that darts back off the seam before the tall, wiry Asif moves one the other way. The clouds gathering, sucking the light out of St John's Wood...

1413 - 22-0 Amir angles one back in to Amir and Strauss is rapped on the thigh-pad. That's wild and that's windy from Strauss, wafting airily at a cross-seamed ball from the wily-beyond-his-years Amir...

Don, Devizes, in the TMS inbox: "John the Essex Boy (see below), if you feel that way then sell the taxi and join your mates in Magaluf."

1410 - 22-0 Cook clips Asif off his pads for a single before Strauss yanks down to long-leg for one more, the England captain seemingly beaten for pace...

1404 - 20-0 Strauss, who should know more than most about the Lord's slope, leaves alone outside the off-stump but the ball wobbles back up the hill and very nearly castles him. Testing times for this England pair - good lines and lengths from Amir and this time he gets one to jag away and beat Strauss's perpendicular bat...

John Earl, Cheshunt, via Dagenham, in the TMS inbox: "In answer to your question about Liverpool Street, it's because most people who travel in from Essex and East London are in fact normal decent people who don't actually work in the City. The people that work in the banks and financial institutions situated around Liverpool St all have massive mansions out in the countryside, paid for by us lot no doubt, and all commute in using the overhead line. I know this because I'm an Essex Boy now exiled in leafy Hertfordshire and have made both journeys on thousands of occasions..."

1359 - 20-0 Strauss picks up three courtesy of a persuade down the ground before Cook tucks into the on-side and picks up a couple from a deflected overthrow...

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's on Twitter: "England just have to get through today without losing more than two-three wickets. Rest of Test should be good batting conditions."

1356 - 13-0 Dirty great no-ball from Amir, that was fully two feet over - mustn't forget he's only 18 and opening the bowling at Lord's... COOK DROPPED NEXT BALL! Deary me, that's another goober - Umar Akmal it was at third slip, to his right at hip height, and it's as if he's wearing oven gloves. ANOTHER EDGE! Cook pushing away from his body and this time the ball skids past the slip cordon and races away for four. A single apiece for Cook and Strauss before Amir gets one to nip away and beat a rather expansive drive from Cook... dicey...

Carl Evans, Crepy, in the TMS inbox: "Regarding Liverpool Street Station (see below), I would hazard a guess that you're still in bed when they get off."

1348 - 6-0 Mohammad Asif shares the new ball and he's got a short leg in for Cook - and it nearly works straightaway, Cook taking a big stride and very nearly popping the ball up. Asif is straight through Cook next ball and Pakistan think about referring, but that merely clipped the back thigh and they decide against it. Cook gets a gimme to get off the mark with, the ball straightening and the Essex left-hander flipping to mid-wicket for one.

Mike in Vilnius in the TMS inbox: "I know you won't use this, but may I be the first to lodge a complaint about the trivial and inconsequential drivel which I anticipate having to read over this next few days. My licence money should be better and more professionally spent providing a serious Test match commentary."

1343 - 5-0 ... here comes Amir with the first delivery of the day... snaking towards the wicket and that's a real dog's dinner of a ball, sliding down leg side and racing away for five wides - Kamran Akmal didn't even move. Wrist all wrong there, but he soon finds his lines and Strauss has a nibble, the ball going down the slope. Strauss looks to clip to mid-wicket two balls later but it's fielded - bit short from Amir, no real dramas...

1338: Players are out, we'll have play in three minutes... fancy batting in this? Didn't think so...

1336: Before play kicks off, can anyone answer me this (it's been annoying me for about 10 years now): if Liverpool Street is supposed to be London's financial hub, why is it that no-one ever gets off there on the Central Line going West and lets me have a seat?

Paul (Pessimistic Englishman in Adelaide) in the TMS inbox: "On a bowlers' pitch with Alastair Cook unable to use his feet, how many balls do you think he will last? My guess is three. Any advances on that?"

Amjad, hard at work in Saudi Arabia, in the TMS inbox: "Patience is definitely going to be key here..."

Eddie, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox: "I've been coaching cricket to primary school girls for the past two years. This Saturday, I've organised a Mums v Daughters end of season match. Before I claim a world's first for this type of event, has anyone done anything similar before?"

1328: Tea will be at 1610, close at 1900 - although that's never going to happen, what with plenty more squally stuff expected and the light expected to fade... massive week for England - a stack of batsmen out of nick, a slippery Pakistan attack sensing blood, a funky old pitch, dank conditions, Strauss's team looking for momentum - not really an ideal combination...

1322: That looks to be a pretty good toss to win for Pakistan - word is there's plenty of moisture in the pitch, expect it to be nipping around - "The drive will be a dangerous shot in this - leave well and look to score off any bad balls," is former skipper Michael Vaughan's advice...

England (unchanged): Andrew Strauss (capt), Alastair Cook, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Matt Prior (wk), Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Steven Finn

Pakistan (unchanged): Yasir Hameed, Imran Farhat, Salman Butt (capt), Azhar Ali, Mohammad Yousuf, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal (wk), Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Asif

1314: England skipper Andrew Strauss flips the coin, Pakistan skipper Salman Butt calls "heads" and it comes up heads - the tourists are gonna have a bowl...

1313: Righto, looks like we've got some play in prospect - toss coming up, play due to start at 1340...

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • England beat Pakistan by an innings and 225 runs
  • England: 446 (139.2 overs)
  • Pakistan: 74 & 147 (36.5 overs)

Pakistan 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 147
Farhat c Cook b Broad 5
Hameed lbw b Anderson 3
Butt lbw b Swann 21
Mohammad Yousuf c Trott b Finn 10
Azhar b Swann 12
U Akmal not out 79
K Akmal c Prior b Anderson 1
Amir b Swann 0
Riaz c Pietersen b Swann 0
Ajmal run out 8
Asif c Collingwood b Swann 1
Extras 1nb 3w 1b 2lb 7

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