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England v Pakistan - 3rd Test day four as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1529: I think that's about it - thanks for your company during this Test and thanks for all your messages. I can recommend the afternoon's English football live text with Jonathan Stevenson, or Colin Moffat with the Scottish action if your appetite for live sport's still there. England and Pakistan get an extra day's break before they head to Lord's for the final Test of the summer, which begins on Thursday. Ben Dirs will be back in the live text chair for that one - until then, enjoy your weekend, enjoy a game of Boycott Bingo and take care of yourselves - and each other.

Man of the match Mohammad Amir on TMS: "This was a team effort, the slip fielders caught well and the support of the captain is important for any bowler. I've practised my batting a lot in the nets, but I'm happy at number eight!"

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From James, Bradford, via text: "Pakistan bring in one decent batsman, manage to hold on to their catches and they beat us pretty comfortably. It goes to show how misleading England's first two performances were."

1516: Man of the match is Mohammad Amir, the teenager who took 5-52 in England's second innings during that crucial session yesterday.

Pakistan skipper Salman Butt: "It was like the game against Australia where we won by three wickets. I told my batting partners that if we had an opportunity we should go for it. We showed a lot of character, a few people put their hands up in this Test, it was a great effort from the whole team. We'll see how Umar Gul plays in the nets and might give him a fitness test before Lord's, but the boy who came in for him [Wahab Riaz] did very well. We dedicate this win to the people affected by the floods and we hope we can get another win for them at Lord's and square the series."

1511: It's England's first defeat for seven Tests, by the way.

England captain Andrew Strauss on TMS: "We're disappointed to lose, we battled hard today but we lost this game because of two poor sessions with the bat, on the first morning and yesterday afternoon. Pakistan's bowling was outstanding so you've got to give credit to them. I don't think we were complacent - they just outplayed us. But I've still got every confidence in our batting unit, and we move on to Lord's looking to win emphatically. It's always bad to lose a Test, but we'll get better."

1505: Most of the TMS team seem agreed that Mohammad Asif's wild throw over Alastair Cook's head to gift the opener his century should be the game's "Champagne Moment", but the choice of Man of the Match should be interesting as you could make a case for several candidates. But Ramiz Raja makes an important point on TMS - considering the floods that have recently hit Pakistan, he is pleased that the cricket team have been able to "bring back the feel-good factor" and inspire a few smiles back home.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Good finish should not conceal Pakistan improvement or England failings."

1500: That's Pakistan's fourth Test win at The Oval after previous successes in 1954 (24 runs), 1992 (10 wickets) and 1996 (nine wickets).

Ramiz Raja
Former Pakistan opener Ramiz Raja on TMS: "A perfect end to an exciting Test where Pakistan played better than England, who lost the initiative when they were bowled out."


1457 - Pkn 148-6 (41.4 overs)
With five needed, Umar cuts against the spin once more but the ball shoots to third man and they run two. Umar sweeps and misses, England scream an lbw appeal, they've got one review left... but don't use it. Umar cuts again, Morgan does the fielding at third man but they run two to bring the scores level. Umar then turns the ball off his legs for a single, and Pakistan have won!

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From Sham, via text: "What a Test match - first Pakistan have the edge, Prior and Broad get England back on track, Pakistan top order fails, veteran Yousuf and new boy Ali get them going again. England hit back to clean the tail up, under pressure Cook slams a century, England on top, wait there's more - Pakistan demolish the rest of the batting line-up and are on course for victory, but wait England back in the game! Can't wait for Lord's, bring it on."

1455 - Pkn 143-6 (41 overs)
Anderson to Umar, full length and Umar turns it off his legs and through square leg for four! Only six to win for Pakistan, the pendulum has well and truly swung back to the tourists. A single ensures Umar keeps the strike.

From Rich, Worcester, TMS inbox: "This is why Test cricket is so enthralling. It's the beauty of not knowing when moments like these will come along which makes it all the more special when they do. What a game."

1450 - Pkn 138-6 (40 overs)
Some animated Pakistan fans at The Oval try to cheer and clap their team towards victory as Umar cuts Swann for a single - a risky shot to the off-spinner, but it came off. Amir pulls a quicker ball for four through mid-wicket - only 10 needed now.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs at The Oval on Twitter: "I think England might win this - this Pakistan tail wouldn't look out of place on a giraffe (longest tail, and neck, in animal world - FACT)."

1447 - Pkn 133-6 (39 overs)
Finally the deadlock of dot balls is broken as Umar prods Anderson for a quick single. So we have a long delay while Cap'n Strauss rearranges his field for the left-handed Amir. There are only two men on the leg side, so Anderson has to be careful with his line. Amir defends his stumps when necessary, and leaves anything he doesn't have to play. 15 needed.

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From Julian, The Oval, via text: "If Swann had opened up instead of Broad, Pakistan might have been 116-6. Same as when we beat Australia at Trent Bridge in 2005 if Warne had opened the bowling instead of Kasprowicz."

1439 - Pkn 132-6 (38 overs)
Swann stoops to stop a fierce drive from the left-handed Amir and keep the pressure on. Amir does well not to offer a catch to the four close fielders - and in the six overs since Yousuf was out, we've only had one run. Drinks break - maybe that could help England, how many wickets have we seen fall immediately after drinks breaks? Quite a few if I recall.

1437 - Pkn 132-6 (37 overs)
The crowd roars Anderson on, Umar hangs his bat out but misses a wide one. Anderson keeps it tight, that's three maidens on the trot. The way Umar plays, he could finish this game in three or four shots, but the way Pakistan have been known to collapse, England could win it in three or four deliveries too! This game is now so tense that my colleague from 1356 is no longer watching "The Man With The Golden Gun", even though it's that great car chase bit with Bond, Scaramanga and Sheriff J.W. Pepper. Are you watching the cricket now, Sheriff? "Ah sure ahm, boy!"

1433 - Pkn 132-6 (36 overs)
The lanky Amir, batting in a sleeveless sweater, remarks his guard ("Trott-like", says Aggers on TMS) and Swann gets one to spin sharply past his outside edge. Amir takes a wild swipe towards mid-wicket but misses and Prior does well to take one to his left. What a gripping session of Test cricket this has become. Another maiden over!

From Simon, Wiltshire, TMS inbox: "Re: 1350 - You don't just get cricket from your Sky subscription, if you divide the cost by all the channels at 24 hours a day it comes out pretty cheaply, not nearly as cheap as the BBC certainly, but, compared with paying entry fee it's cheap."

1430 - Pkn 132-6 (35 overs)
With the game suddenly "on" again, Anderson has now abandoned his "bowl as wide as you dare outside off stump" tactic and is trying to swing it back at Umar, who shoulders arms. He's covering the ball with his left hand to disguise the swing, and the last ball is a whisker away from another wicket as Umar plays and misses. 16 needed.

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From Anonymous, via text: "While you lot were complaining about England's shoddy performance there's a game going on here!"

1426 - Pkn 132-6 (34 overs)
Pakistan have no more reviews left, and suddenly they're into the bowlers - new batsman is left-hander Mohammad Amir, and he's nearly caught by the helmeted Trott at silly point/short cover! Just fell short - and Amir survives the over.

Wicket falls
Review - batsman is out
1424 - WICKET - K Akmal lbw b Swann 0 - Pkn 132-6 (33.3 overs)
With the ball looking to hit the top of off stump, Hawk-Eye says it's "umpire's call", so Tony Hill raises his finger again! Do we have a match on our hands?

Review - decision pending
1422 - Pkn 132-5 (33.3 overs)
Single from Umar. Then Kamran offers no shot, England appeal for lbw, umpire Tony Hill takes an age to raise his finger, but he's out! Or is he - Kamran wants a review!

1420 - Pkn 131-5 (33 overs)
The crowd roar again but that's a wicket maiden from Anderson. Pakistan need 17 to win, both sides have one DRS review remaining.

Review - batsman is not out
1419 - Pkn 131-5 (32.5 overs)
Hotspot reveals nothing, Kamran stays.

Review - decision pending
1418 - Pkn 131-5 (32.5 overs)
Kamran Akmal joins brother Umar at the crease. "They won't block for long," notes Vic on TMS - and indeed, there are three men on the boundary for the new batsman, but no fine leg. Swann makes a good stop at second slip, and the Oval crowd finally find their voice, getting behind Jimmy as he charges in. Kamran swings, there's an appeal for a catch behind... but only from the keeper and slips, not from the bowler. And with pretty much nothing to lose, England ask for a review!

Wicket falls
1414 - WICKET - Yousuf b Anderson - Pkn 131-5 (32.1 overs)
Anderson to Yousuf... bowled him, what a beauty! Away-swinging yorker does the trick.

1413 - Pkn 131-4 (32 overs)
Swann to continue, but Kevin Pietersen is swinging his arms as though he's going to have a twirl soon. Umar knocks a two off his legs, and we're edging towards a rather inevitable result here.

From Ian, Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Re: Iain from Oldham at 1337. Big names to be dropped? Not a chance. We don't need selectors at all. They may as well leave a note on the door saying that it will be the same Strauss, Cook, Trott etc etc for all Tests until 2017 and go on holiday for a few years."

1410 - Pkn 129-4 (31 overs)
Wicketkeeper Matt Prior calls for his helmet, he's going to stand up to Anderson to keep Umar in his crease. He's off the mark with a single to the cover sweeper. Prior is back in his usual position for Yousuf, who digs out a yorker.

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From Oli, Newbury, via text: "Why is it every time England lose a Test match, the BBC is flooded by angry fans fuming at their display? We could be 4-0 up in Australia, lose the last Test and you'd get pathetic fans berating their performance. It's about time the public stood by the team no matter what the result is - they're not losing on purpose."

1405 - Pkn 128-4 (30 overs)
Umar Akmal is the new batsman, but Yousuf shows all his class and experience to late-cut Swann for four. 20 to win.

Wicket falls
1401 - WICKET - Azhar run out 5 - Pkn 124-4 (29.3 overs)
Probably the only way England are going to get a wicket... there's a huge mix-up betweeen the batsmen and Azhar is run out at the bowler's end trying to run a hesitant single that deflected off Cook's leg at short leg. He has a bit of a go at Yousuf as he walks off, but it was his own fault as it was his call and Pakistan are in no hurry, with a day and a half of the game left.

1359 - Pkn 124-3 (29 overs)
Anderson continues his "bowl well outside off stump" line at Yousuf. "The Beard won't be tempted by that one," notes my match-report colleague Jamie Lillywhite. Maiden over.

1356 - Pkn 124-3 (28 overs)
Yousuf effortlessly steers Swann for four through point - the rate this is going, my attention is wavering when I notice a nearby colleague in the office is watching "The Man With The Golden Gun" on another channel, and imagine Christopher Lee as a very scary umpire/vampire. You wouldn't dare ask him for a decision to be reviewed... A single takes Yousuf to 29, and Pakistan need 24 more to win.

1350 - Pkn 119-3 (27 overs)
Anderson bowls well outside off stump against Azhar, that won't allow him to score runs but won't have a prayer of getting him out... One of the wider deliveries is signalled as wide. Simon (below), I see what you mean, but even as a BBC man I would point out that it costs a fair bit more than just "a few pennies" to subscribe to Sky, which is the only way of watching England live these days...

From Simon from deepest, greyest, Wiltshire, TMS inbox: "Regarding the price of tickets etc. As a London theatre ticket costs at least £25 for around 90 minutes' entertainment with appallingly high prices for drinks etc. a pro rata cost of £100 for a day's entertainment at the cricket seems to be on a par. I suspect that if the areas currently reserved for corporate entertainment were to be turned into public seating, not only would they not be filled as it's much easier to sit at home watching on the telly for a few pennies but the price of public seating would rocket to compensate for the funds poured into the grounds by corporate sponsorship."

1346 - Pkn 118-3 (26 overs)
Graeme Swann to trundle away with four close fielders (silly point, slip, leg slip and short leg) for Azhar Ali, who looks watchful in this little spell after lunch. An off-drive brings Azhar a single as Cook half-stops the ball at mid-off. Yousuf expertly threads a two through the covers.

1342 - Pkn 115-3 (25 overs)
England may as well play "scissors, paper and stone" to see who bowls from the Pavilion End while Swann continues from the Vauxhall End. James Anderson gets the nod, and there's a glimmer for England when Mohammad Yousuf gets down on one knee and misses an attempted drive. In fact, it's a maiden over. A few more of those, please, England.

From Pete from Kempsey, Worcestershire, TMS inbox: "Fully agree with Ramiz's suggestion to give KP a bowl - how else is he going to keep his place in the side?"

1337: England's fielders are back on. Only 33 more runs needed for Pakistan to win.

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From Iain from Oldham, via text: "Ponting might be right, 5-0 seems a good bet after this pathetic showing. Big names need to be dropped for next Test."

1325: Some great chat on TMS about Twenty20 overkill in county cricket. I always enjoy listening to ex-Glamorgan opener Steve James, who now writes for the Telegraph - he wrote a very good piece this week about how important it is that county cricket teams don't abandon out-grounds.

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From dyrewolfe on 606: "Are you not concerned that we managed to roll over a relatively weak Pakistan team twice, yet the moment they bring some of their better players back, we get comprehensively beaten? Don't you think our batting collapse yesterday shows the same old frailties are still there? Our scores in the first two Tests would have been a lot lower if Pakistan had been able to field. Put simply, we won in spite of our deficiencies, not because we were particularly good."

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs at The Oval on Twitter: "As well as being good for Pakistani cricket, it's for the good of this England side and cricket in general if Pakistan win this match."

1304: Right, keep an ear on TMS during the lunch interval while Aggers chats to his panel of cricket journalists, although you can have a peek at the afternoon's football if you like, as there already matches under way in the Champo and the Scottish Prem. I'm going for a sandwich, while I hope England's seam bowlers are being made do to press-ups, sit-ups and burpees in the dressing-room, as they've given Swann no help at all.

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From Anonymous, via text: "English fans, welcome to our exclusive club - mainly Pakistanis - of huge collapses and getting an early wicket which 'gives hope' but losing the match anyway!"


1301 - Pkn 115-3 (24 overs)
Should be the last over before lunch... Yousuf steps back in front of his stumps and lifts Swann over mid-wicket for four, before playing and missing at an arm ball. Another carve through the mid-wicket region brings Yousuf three more - and that's lunch. Pakistan need 33 more to win.

From Omar, Singapore, TMS inbox: "'Off-theory' or 'shoddyline'?"

1257 - Pkn 108-3 (23 overs)
Strauss rotates his seamers as Anderson replaces Broad, who was hit for three fours in his last over. Yousuf calmly opens the face of his bat to run a single to third man, and Azhar is off the mark with a confident on-driven four.

1252 - Pkn 103-3 (22 overs)
New batsman is Azhar Ali, who batted so fluently in partnership with Yousuf in the first innings. The slip (Colly), short leg (Cook) and silly point (Jonathan Trott) have been joined by a leg slip (Cap'n Strauss) for the new batsman. Swann completes his over, he has 2-17 from nine overs but the three seamers have 1-79 from 13 between them.

Wicket falls
1248 - WICKET - Butt c Collingwood b Swann 48 - Pkn 103-3 (21.2 overs)
Single from Yousuf, then Butt falls short of his half century as he edges Swann and Colly takes a regulation catch at slip. Great for Swann, but England are leaking so many runs at the other end, it's probably too little, too late.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "England are looking absolutely toothless with the ball, apart from Swann. The eccentric field placings haven't worked, and you might as well stick Collingwood on at that end and see if he can bowl a couple of maidens before lunch."

1246 - Pkn 102-2 (21 overs)
Broad persists with his "off-theory" field to Butt, who savagely square-cuts, and not even a half-stop by KP at gully can prevent the ball going for four. That's dreadful bowling from Broad, short and wide and not even having all nine men on the off side would prevent that from being cut for four. Broad then strays with his line, Butt cracks him through mid-wicket and the lone leg-side fielder gives chase in vain. Four more, that's the hundred up for Pakistan and Butt has 48.

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From Gords, exactly at square leg at The Oval, via text: "Could do with getting Salman Butt out. Mainly because we are sat in such a position that we have an obscured view of left-handers at the Pavilion End!"

1242 - Pkn 90-2 (20 overs)
Vic Marks on TMS thanks his goddaughter for delivering a cake to them - while the rest of us will have to wait just over 20 minutes until lunch, which is due at 1300. Yousuf defends confidently at Swann, who has a helmeted silly point to add to the short leg and slip waiting for a bat-pad catch. But a clever late cut past Colly at slip brings Yousuf four more. Swann moves to bowl round the wicket, a tactic that worked a treat for fellow off-spinner Saeed Ajmal yesterday. But Yousuf survives the over - England need wickets, and fast.

From Will Collins, on his high horse in Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "Re: Slingsby [1215]. Cricket is a sport, not a play. You cannot write it to have the perfect outcome for you or indeed for anybody, that completely nullifies the whole point of it. The England players didn't lose their wickets on purpose, fining them is a preposterous suggestion. As for forcing them to play another one-dayer, it seems a little harsh on Pakistan for their prize for winning in such an impressive manner to be having to play an extra game."

1237 - Pkn 86-2 (19 overs)
Strauss and Broad are back on the field, Broad's going to continue bowling (thought you couldn't do that? Maybe Pakistan don't mind, considering some of the dross he's bowled so far) - and he's bowling to an 8-1 off-side field, with just a solitary mid-on patrolling the leg side. That doesn't stop Butt, who somehow forces the ball through the plethora of off-side fieldsmen for a single. It's a 7-2 off-side field for Yousuf, with no long leg, which probably precludes Broad from bowling a bouncer, but a powerful square drive allows the bearded right-hander his first four. A single takes him to nine.

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From Nick, London, via text: "Tell Tuffers [see 1200] to come to AFC Wimbledon v Tamworth! Promises to be a good game between two unbeaten sides, and we do a cracking carvery before the match."

1233 - Pkn 80-2 (18 overs)
England send not one but two substitutes - Surrey youngsters Simon King and Tom Jewell - onto the field as Cap'n Strauss and young Broad pop off. Broady is having a drink of something that's probably isotonic or whatever. Butt confidently cuts a single to the cover boundary, then there's a stifled appeal as Yousuf is momentarily bewitched by Swann's spin.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs at The Oval on Twitter: "Andrew in Camberwell [see 1140], I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes you get the feeling those in charge of cricket actually want it to wither and die."

1230 - Pkn 79-2 (17 overs)
Butt drives hard at Broad, but the fleet-footed Eoin Morgan on the point boundary restricts him to one. Yousuf knocks a single, Broad bangs in a wide, Butt nicks the strike with a single to point and frankly England are running out of ideas. Ramiz on TMS suggests England give Pietersen an over, seeing as the ball's turning...

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From hopeforthebest on 606: "This is like Chinese water torture, runs just drip, drip, dripping away to the inevitable pain of defeat."

A celebrity has been spotted
1223 - Pkn 75-2 (16 overs)
Swann has two slips and a short leg for Butt - Ramiz Raja on TMS thinks the skipper is reading Swann's off-spin well, as he dabs a single past the slips. Celeb spot - BBC presenter Clare Balding is in the crowd.

From Jonboy, London, TMS inbox: "Can they let Swann bowl continuously from both ends to make a game of it?"

1219 - Pkn 74-2 (15 overs)
"We'll have some fun if the Akmal brothers come in," notes Aggers on TMS. Broad replaces Finn, Butt unleashes a back-foot drive for two. With only one slip in now, Butt eyes up the vacant third man area but Yousuf, never the quickest between the wickets, sends him back. Butt again looks to guide the ball to third man but finds the tumbling Kevin Pietersen at gully. A single ensures he keeps the strike, and Pakistan are now halfway to their target.

1215 - Pkn 71-2 (14 overs)
Swann looks England's only threat at the moment, Yousuf is off the mark with a single but Butt leaves one which whistles past his stumps. Swann creases up his face in frustration as the Pakistan captain runs a single - then Yousuf shoulders arms, offering no shot, Prior seems to miss it and they run two. Curiously, there's no single from the ump - it must have brushed Yousuf's gloves as he withdrew the bat.

From Slingsby, TMS inbox: "England's abysmal effort yesterday afternoon has effectively denied the British cricketing public a whole weekend's Test cricket. What was, at tea, set up to be a fascinating day's play on Saturday was, in a few lazy swishes, reduced to a brisk formality this morning. Fined their match fee? The team should be required to personally refund all ticket money for today, and should turn out for a one-day match tomorrow to compensate. At least."

1211 - Pkn 67-2 (13 overs)
Lovely shot from Butt, threading Finn through the eye of a needle past the ring of cover fielders and the man on the boundary. Then, Finn falls over in his follow-through - we thought he'd cured himself of that, after he did it a lot in his first few Tests. Butt steers a two past mid-on, he now has 23, and Pakistan need 85 more to win. A firmer version of the same "steer" brings him four, and Pakistan are cruising.

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From Neil, via text: "Unfortunately I doubt any apology will come from the ECB [see 1140]. The money they bring in from corporate sponsors wining and dining at the matches on weekdays means average fans seem to be of little concern to them."

1207 - Pkn 57-2 (12 overs)
As Mohammad Yousuf strides out onto the field, the fielders take a drinks break and the floodlights are switched on. Yousuf plays out the rest of Swann's over.

Wicket falls
Review - batsman is out
1204 - WICKET - Farhat lbw b Swann 33 - Pkn 57-2 (11.3 overs)
That's pitching in line, hitting in line and hitting the stumps - Farhat's out and Pakistan lose a review.

Review - decision pending
1203 - Pkn 57-1 (11.3 overs)
Umpire Tony Hill interrupts Swann's over to have a rather stern word with non-striker Butt (about what we know not) - then Farhat sweeps and misses, he's given out lbw and calls for a review!

1200 - Pkn 57-1 (11 overs)
Single from Cap'n Butt, then Farhat tickles Finn to fine leg for a single. Pakistan have calmed down a little after that frantic start, while Tuffers wonders if there's a football match in London he can get to this afternoon. An examination of the BBC fixture pages reveals Arsenal v Blackpool, West Ham v Bolton, Palace v Ipswich, QPR v Scunthorpe, Charlton v Oldham and AFC Wimbledon v Tamworth for starters.

1156 - Pkn 55-1 (10 overs)
Swann tosses it up to Farhat, who looks like he's getting his breath back after that breathless start. The Notts tweaker completes the first maiden over of the innings, and Farhat calls for a drink of water. More than 28,000 page views for the Boycott Bingo card now.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "Never mind Boycott Bingo, David Ando has emailed us with an idea for Blofeld Bingo. 'My dear old thing', mention of pigeons, helicopters, buses, 'Calypso collapso' etc. Henry's back with us at Lord's - perhaps somebody could put a card together for us."

1151 - Pkn 55-1 (9 overs)
Anderson, who's not been on his game so far, is replaced by Steven Finn at the Pavilion End. His first ball hits Farhat on the pad, Umpire Davis shakes his head and my first instinct was that it pitched outside leg... which it did. Looks like a full house at The Oval. Farhat turns a two off his legs, that's the fifty up for Pakistan. Farhat has a big swing and gets an inside edge past the stumps for four. A leg bye ensures he keeps the strike and that's the fifty stand. Farhat, a man in a hurry, has 32 from 26 balls.

1147 - Pkn 48-1 (8 overs)
Butt turns Swann off his legs for a well-placed two. And someone following Aggers on Twitter has produced a randomly-generating Boycott Bingo card. It's the new Cluedo...

1145 - Pkn 46-1 (7 overs)
Butt continues to tuck into Anderson, who's bowling too many four-balls and looks on as the Pakistan captain cover-drives him for four. A single takes Butt to 14, Farhat has 26 and Pakistan look in no danger at the moment.

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From Anonymous, via text: "Only four players in double figures of runs? Sounds like Pakistan's class of 2010 on a good day. How we could have done with a few hours of the Jimmy Anderson and Monty Panesar spirit of Cardiff this morning. Still, Pakistan aren't Australia: bowling them out for 100 isn't impossible."

1140 - Pkn 41-1 (6 overs)
Swann on from the Vauxhall End, with a slip and a short leg in. Single from Butt, then Farhat goes for the big one, dancing down the pitch and belting Swann over mid-on for four! But Swann gets his revenge as he gets one to turn sharply and put Farhat in all sorts of trouble, although it pitched outside leg stump and was looking likely to sail over off stump when it hit the left-hander above the knee-roll. Interesting.

From Andrew in Camberwell, TMS inbox: "Any sign of an ECB apology for starting the Oval Test on a Wednesday with the result that we will have roughly two hours' cricket over the weekend? What a farce when there is real concern about filling grounds."

1137 - Pkn 36-1 (5 overs)
Swann is warming up, but it's still Anderson from the Pavilion End, although he bowls a wild and woolly one down the leg side for four leg byes. Plenty of easy singles are pludered by Farhat and Butt, who must think it's their birthday the way England are bowling at the moment, as Anderson sends down a no-ball to gift them even more runs. (Which reminds me, happy birthday to Joe Priestley, a recent recruit to the team I play for, Canford Cygnets. And happy birthday to any of the rest of you out there celebrating today). England need to put the brakes on, and fast.

1132 - Pkn 28-1 (4 overs)
Butt is racing away here, square-driving a single, while Farhat confidently rotates the strike. The third slip is removed, Butt ducks a bouncer but a fumble by Matt Prior behind the timbers gifts them four byes. Butt carves Broad through mid-off where only Anderson's excellent fielding restricts them to a single - Broad is leaking runs all over the place here, and Tuffers on TMS wants Swann on. Now!

1127 - Pkn 21-1 (3 overs)
Anderson, still bowling round the wicket to the two left-handers - Butt clips him off his legs, but a great sliding stop by the lanky Finn at long leg restricts Pakistan to two. (Which is then reduced to one, as they ran one short). The singles are flowing freely, while when Anderson strays onto leg stump, Butt crashes a four towards the cow corner boundary, where a brave dive from Broad can only push the ball out of Cook's reach and onto the rope. Meanwhile, the TMS team are pulling CMJ's leg somewhat rotten as he had an abscess on his toe lanced this morning after summoning the Oval medical staff. Ouch.

1122 - Pkn 13-1 (2 overs)
Stuart Broad's first ball is short and wide, and Farhat lifts it over gully for four. ("You could have a fly slip in for this bloke, as he keeps upper-cutting it," points out Vic Marks on TMS). Farhat, reunited with his old opening partner Butt, pushes a well-run two past the bowler before nudging a single through square leg. Butt, who's not in great form, is off the mark with a dab to cover.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs at The Oval on Twitter: "It is insufferably muggy out there, you'd have to think Jimmy will be turning it round corners in this..."

1117 - Pkn 5-1 (1 over)
Cap'n Salman Butt is in first wicket down, he's hit on the pad and England go up for an lbw appeal... but don't ask for a review when Umpire Steve Davis shakes his head. Jimmy has a chat with the ump afterwards, though. (Hawk-Eye thinks it would have sailed over the stumps).

Out for a duck
1114 - WICKET - Hameed c Swann b Anderson 0 - Pkn 5-1 (0.5 overs)
Jimmy Anderson takes the first over - and in what appears to be a deliberate, planned tactic, he's bowling round the wicket from the Pavilion End (rather than his usual Vauxhall End). The left-handed Imran Farhat cuts his second ball past gully for four, before nudging a single to fine leg. But then right-hander Yasir Hameed edges his first ball and Graeme Swann catches it at the second attempt at second slip! GAME ON!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Paul Blackwell, via text: "Re: Boycott Bingo - as well as Trueman, add Close and Illingworth. Any Barnsleyite to count as one (Bird, Parkinson, McCarthy)."

Vic Marks
Former Somerset and England spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "It's difficult for the fielding side when you're defending a low total as you've got to remain on the attack while defending every run you can. Graeme Swann won't be able to have four or five men round the bat if Pakistan are scoring at four an over."

1106: A stat kindly provided to me by Paul Grunill reveals that England's last seven wickets fell for 28 runs in 15 overs. Now that's what I call a batting collapse, and I've been involved in a few...

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "The podcast has taken on a new meaning - Geoffrey hasn't rumbled what Boycott Bingo is yet."

1103: Mohammad Amir leads Pakistan off after finishing with figures of 5-52, his best Test haul. And please manually refresh your page, if you would, and Pakistan's victory target will appear above.


Wicket falls
1102 - WICKET - Broad c Asif b Amir 6 - Eng 222 all out (77 overs)
Finn shoulders arms to the first ball of the day, then angles a single to fine leg, to huge cheers from the Oval crowd. Broad pulls the last ball of the over to mid-on... and is caught. Pakistan will need 148 to win.

Get involved on 606
From randyreddevil on 606: "Finn looks like a walking wicket. In contrast Pakistan's tailenders have improved dramatically, with the likes of Amir, Ajmal, Gul and Riaz all able to stick around. Asif can't bat though."

1058: After a belting rendition of "Jerusalem" over the PA, the teams emerge from the dressing-rooms - and we've got four balls of an over to complete from last night, with left-arm quick Mohammad Amir bowling to Steven Finn, after Stuart Broad took a single just before they went off for bad light. Let's get ready to rumble!

From Martin Pullon, Block 12 OCS Stand, TMS inbox: "In the same way that Playfair Cricket Annual etc used to use the abbreviation LBG to describe a leg break and googly bowler, is it not time to introduce an OBD abbreviation to differentiate the likes of Saeed Ajmal from fellow off-spinners who do not possess a doosra?"

1054: We're on course to start on time. Ali Cook thinks Pakistan could be under pressure if they lose a couple of wickets. But before that, we can see if Stuart Broad and Steven Finn have been studying videos of Graham Dilley from 1981 for some good old tail-end slogging in a seemingly hopeless cause...

From Bob, lost in the Corridor of Uncertainty, TMS inbox: "Is Sir Geoff aware of Boycott Bingo? Listening to the Podcast, Aggers was hanging the bait for each Geoffreyism and Boycs pounced on each of them like KP going after a half volley..."

1041: As ever, while we're waiting for TMS to crank into gear at 1045, there are some bits and pieces from yesterday for you to have a look at on the BBC Sport website. There's video interviews with England centurion Alastair Cook and Pakistan captain Salman Butt, while you can read Jonathan Agnew's verdict on day three and Ben Dirs' blog on Cook. As if that wasn't enough, you can listen to the TMS podcast featuring Aggers and Boycs, and you really ought to have your Boycott Bingo card to hand for that.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs at The Oval on Twitter: "If Finn can stick around for half an hour, then maybe. If not, then you have to think England are toast. Few spots of rain at Oval."

Get involved on 606
From kenincatford on 606: "Let's hope the fans get some value for their extortionate £46 tickets today - they won't get a full day, that's for sure. That's what I paid yesterday, only for 16 overs (one-sixth of the play) to be lopped off because of 'bad light' - the same light the teams had been playing in all day. And with the floodlights on - what an absolute joke."

1030: Morning, everyone, and welcome to day four - which we expect (barring weather intervention) may well be the last day of the third Test at The Oval. The match situation doesn't look great for England as they're 221-9 in their second innings, only 146 runs ahead of Pakistan, with last pair Stuart Broad and Steven Finn at the crease. For my daily "weather report from a train carriage passing The Oval earlier", I can report plenty of cloud cover but with the odd pinprick of blue sky. The Beeb weather forecast predicts white cloud but not rain, while the weatherman on last night's Ten O'Clock News thought the rain would just miss London.

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Live Scores - England v Pakistan


  • Pakistan beat England by 4 wickets
  • England: 233 & 222 (77.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 308 & 148-6 (41.4 overs)

Pakistan 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 148
Farhat lbw b Swann 33
Hameed c Swann b Anderson 0
Butt c Collingwood b Swann 48
Mohammad Yousuf b Anderson 33
Azhar run out 5
U Akmal not out 16
K Akmal lbw b Swann 0
Amir not out 4
Extras 1nb 2w 4b 2lb 9

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