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England v Australia - 4th ODI as it happened


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By Ben Dirs


2022: So the Aussies avoid the dreaded whitewash, although even that's a phrase I thought I'd never utter. Strange old game - Australia looked like they should have scored maybe 20 more, but it was a bit of a struggle for England chasing, with Ryan Harris, with 5-32, a nailed-on man-of-the-match in my humble opinion.


Wicket falls
43rd over - WICKET - Broad c Hussey b Harris 4 (Eng 212) (TARGET 291)
Stuart Broad last scored a run in an ODI back in November, it must be a bit of a shock to him wandering out to bat at 10. There's four though courtesy of a top-edged hook, but Broad is gone two balls later, the game finishing ever-so-tamely with a drive straight to Hussey at cover.

42nd over - 208-9 (TARGET 291) James Anderson is England's number 11 and he's beaten outside off-stump first ball...

Wicket falls
42nd over - Yardy c White b Bollinger 57 (Eng 208-9) (TARGET 291)
Broad gets one right in the block-hole first ball, but it's not out, it was sliding down leg. But Dougie's got another one, Yardy looking for quick runs and only succeeding in splicing it to White at mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
42nd over - Swann c Paine b Bollinger 1 (Eng 207-8) (TARGET 291)
Yardy squirts an attempted yorker by Bollinger into the off-side for one but Swann's stay is a short one, the England spinner gloving a short one to Paine behind the stumps.

41st over - 206-7 (Eng 199-7) (TARGET 291) Four for Yardy with a baseball heave to the long-on fence. Swann's the new batsman and he's off the mark with a single.

That's 50
Wicket falls
41st over - WICKET - Bresnan c Watson b Harris 22 (Eng 199-7) (TARGET 291)
Yardy brings up his fifty with a single but Bresnan's gone next ball, holing out to Watson at long-on.

40th over - 198-6 (TARGET 291) Yardy square-cuts for four and The Oval crowd awake from their slumber. Yardy's previous highest score in ODIs was 19, that shot took him to 47. Yardy again gives himself room and slides a drive to third-man for one. A couple more singles before Bresnan swings and misses and is very nearly castled. England need 91 from 60...

39th over - 191-6 (TARGET 291) Yardy picks up one with a top-edge sweep before Bresnan squirts a yorker from Smith into the covers for one more. Three more singles from Smith's over and it's time for a batting powerplay...

38th over - 186-6 (TARGET 291) Good running from Bresnan, burgling a run after Yardy dabbed in front of him. Tait gets away with another steepling bouncer and there is just the one run from his over.

37th over - 185-6 (TARGET 291) Bresnan plays an ugly smear down the ground for one before Yardy comes over all expansive with a cover-drive, but that was a good stop in the covers but Clarke takes the sting off it in the covers. Bresnan with a dab to point, England need 106 from 13 overs.

36th over - 181-6 (TARGET 291) Bresnan gets a bit of chin music from Tait and plays a rather unconvincing hook shot which garners three runs. One for Yardy before Bresnan pings off the front foot for a single to backward-point. A rather nasty bumper from Tait, plenty of wheels on that, and Yardy does well to get inside it. Not sure how that wasn't a no-ball, is was well over head height. Good counter-punch from Yardy, turning Tait round the corner for four. The scent is faint, but there's still a whiff of it...

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From trebell on 606: "Wright is a waste of a place. Flower must drop him. Well and truly hammered here."

35th over - 172-6 (TARGET 291) Short from Hopes and Bresnan tugs him away for a single, the third of the over. Bresnan inside-edges for one more to steal the strike...

Duncan in the TMS inbox: "5-0 would've been good but a 4-1 win has a more therapeutic sound to it given recent events."

34th over - 167-6 (TARGET 291) Yardy reaches for a Smith delivery and slides it down to third-man for a couple before moving to 29 with a push to mid-on. Bresnan pushes for two and gets them and that's one more with a nudge to point. Drinks...

33rd over - 158-6 (TARGET 291) Bresnan got off the mark in that previous over but England still need 138 from 107 balls, it's not looking likely. Hopes with a decent lbw shout against Yardy, that looked like it was clipping the top of middle. Bresnan's nearly gone next ball, Ponting just missing with the shy, and the Yorkshireman helps himself to a four one ball later, Hopes short and wide.

Wicket falls
32nd over - WICKET - Wright b Smith 2 (Eng 151-6) (TARGET 291)
Yardy with an authentic cover-drive for four, good shot that, foot right to the pitch. One more for Yardy but Smith's cleaned Wright up behind his legs, the Sussex man playing down the wrong line.

31st over - 146-5 (TARGET 291) Short and wide from Hopes and Wright bludgeons to deep cover for one. Yardy picks up one with a dab to third-man, good running from Wright. All of a sudden that total looks little more than a mirage for England...

30th over - 144-5 (TARGET 291) Yardy driving against the spin of Smith and he picks up two into the covers. One more for Yardy before Wright dabs round the corner to get off the mark.

29th over - 140-5 (TARGET 291) Wright is the new man in the middle and he blocks out the over...

Wicket falls
29th over - WICKET - Morgan c Paine b Harris 47 (Eng 140-5) (TARGET 291)
That could be that as far as England are concerned, Morgan perishes, having a slash outside off and feathering a catch behind. Good bowling change, Harris brought back on by Ponting...

28th over - 140-4 (TARGET 291) There's the fifty partnership courtesy of a clip to mid-on from Morgan and England need 151 to win from 132 balls, which is very gettable...

27th over - 139-4 (TARGET 291) Morgan has this unerring ability to step up a gear when least expected - two remarkable strokes from the Dubliner, both tremendous smites over mid-wicket with the merest waft of those wrists. He's deeply embedded under the skins of these Aussies and he might prove difficult to cast out... three more singles from the over...

26th over - 124-4 (TARGET 291) The left-handed Bollinger whispering some questions down the corridor of uncertainty and Morgan is beaten. Morgan beaten again, this time the ball shooting through at ankle height, as if someone had punctured it. Morgan does turn Bollinger to mid-wicket for one run and now Yardy, lunging forward, is beaten again...

25th over - 122-4 (TARGET 291) The impish Morgan shovels over his shoulder for one and the slightly more orthodox Yardy hands back the strike. Morgan, who must have forearm sinews made of elastic, flips Hopes to leg for one more and there are two more singles from the last two balls of the over... was that a chance of a catch for Paine standing up at the stumps? Looked to be, but he couldn't snaffle and Yardy survives...

24th over - 116-4 (TARGET 291) Smith not asking too many questions of this left-handed pair of England's, Yardy and Morgan leisurely milking the 21-year-old for six runs in that over...

23rd over - 110-4 (TARGET 291) Hopes isn't the slickest in the world but he's keeping things tight enough - two for Morgan with a clip round the corner and two more with a skewed drive to deep cover, a rare false-stroke.

22nd over - 106-4 (TARGET 291) Terrific shot from Yardy, dropping to one knee and clipping Smith over mid-wicket for four, and that's England's ton. One more to mid-wicket for Yardy and Morgan moves to 20 with a nibble round the corner.

21st over - 98-4 (TARGET 291) Hopes with his scuttlers and the lights are coming on. I had made the mistake of thinking the ECB had developed some common sense but I was clearly wrong, it's as bright as it's been all day. One run for Morgan with a chip to mid-wicket and Yardy glides to third-man for one more.

20th over - 96-4 (TARGET 291) That dismissal doesn't make any more sense the more you view it, it was a leg-break that pitched outside off-stump, it would have missed by six inches at least. Yardy is off the mark with a single into the covers before Morgan uses those rubber wrists of his to good effect, whipping Smith over mid-wicket for four.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Collingwood lbw b Smith 15 (Eng 90-4) (TARGET 291)
Clever from Collingwood, just ramping Smith round the corner for four, but he's gone next ball! That looked like a poor decision to me from Umpire Dar, unless that was a big old googly, it was missing off-stump...

19th over - 86-3 (TARGET 291) Morgan with a brace courtesy of a nudge off his pads and England add a leg-bye...

18th over - 82-3 (TARGET 291) Smith's almost got a wicket with his first ball, Morgan scuttling down the track and Ponting very nearly snaffling a corker at mid-wicket. On second viewing, Punter wasn't actually that close. Bit of drift from Smith, this boy looks like he makes things happen, and Punter's put a slip in. One more for Morgan before Collingwood makes room and heaves Smith through point for a single. Morgan, swivelling like a discus thrower, tugs Smith away for another run and there are seven from that over.

17th over - 75-3 (TARGET 291) A single apiece for Colly and Morgan before Collingwood clips Hopes off his legs for a couple. Steven Smith, a leg-spinner, is given the call by Ponting.

16th over - 71-3 (TARGET 291) Two slips in for Tait to Morgan, Australia still pressing. Tait's pace dropping slightly now as the chaps on TMS question the accuracy of the speed gun- there's no way Tait's up there with Holding and Marshall, is Aggers' summation. Drinks, Morgan not having a bar of that over.

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From packofwolves on 606: "KP gets out with another mildly daft shot. The Aussies have worked out Kieswetter too, I'd keep him in for the next game to see if he can get a score, but Davies has to be breathing down his throat by now."

15th over - 71-3 (TARGET 291) Hopes is into the attack now, and he's no quicker than 80mph normally. Collingwood squirts him to point for one before Morgan shows rather less respect, getting off the mark with an effortless Row-Zedder over long-on for six. Remarkable shot, Hopes looked stunned, like he was watching a comet flying overhead.

14th over - 61-3 (TARGET 291) Time for The Finisher, Eoin Morgan, and the sprawling fielder at backward-point prevents him getting off the mark.

Wicket falls
14th over - WICKET - Strauss c Paine B Tait 37 (Eng 61-3) (TARGET 291)
Strauss has gone now, going for the drive and feathering a catch to Paine behind the stump. Tait changing the angle of attack from around the wicket, good bit of bowling...

13th over - 61-2 (TARGET 291) Strauss is having treatment on his knee as news reaches me that the floodlights have yet to be switched on, that's a couple of penguins saved. Strauss turns Harris off his pads for a couple before the England captain uses his feet and clips to mid-wicket for one more. Tait, like some over-muscled heavyweight only capable of working in short bursts, is back on...

12th over - 58-2 (TARGET 291) Too straight from Bollinger and Strauss works him to leg for a couple. One more for the England skipper with a tuck off his pads, all of a sudden it's sticky work for England.

11th over - 55-2 (TARGET 291) Collingwood is off the mark with a nurdle to leg for one, Strauss scampers a sharp single to point...

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Harris 8 (Eng 53-2) (TARGET 291)
Harris, 30, who was born in Sydney but has played for South Australia and his current side Queensland, continues from the Vauxhall End. Strauss pulls for one and Pietersen's gone next ball, stepping outside off and the ball hitting his back leg - that looked like it was hitting leg, although Pietersen was spewing...

10th over - 52-1 (TARGET 291) Bollinger is on now and that's short and wide and Strauss fills his boots, carving the New South Wales paceman through point for four. Stand and deliver! Wide and over-pitched and KP flashes Bollinger through the covers for four. Four more! On-drive this time, the mark of a man in form. There were very nearly four more there, but the stumps intervened...

9th over - 37-1 (TARGET 291) "Dougie Bollinger's a fair lump of bloke," is how Jeff Thomson describes his fellow Aussie paceman, but it's Harris to finish his over, which Pietersen sees out.

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Kieswetter b Harris 13 (Aus 37-1) (TARGET 291)
Harris huffs and puffs into the wicket like a man running against the tide, but that's a wicket! Kieswetter gets one that pegs bag and is cleaned up through the gate. They've got the wood on Kieswetter...

Aleem Jetha in the TMS inbox: "Strauss has never had to score at more than a run a ball this series, with a big target like this we will finally get to see if he has the shots to succeed in England's new thinking ODI set-up. I'm not counting on it though… bring back Solanki!"

8th over - 35-0 (TARGET 291) Tait to continue and the second ball is up at 96.6mph, he's really bending his back, to no great effect so far. Short from Tait and Kieswetter swivels on it and tugs it away for one, the only run of the over.

7th over - 34-0 (TARGET 291): England are quite far behind the required rate as Harris advances down the track and edges past the vacant gully for a single off Harris. Strauss backs away to leg and drives through the covers, in control of the shot, for four.

From Edd in Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Re: Michael Clarke, Andrew Flintoff, Chris Broad, Allan Lamb, Geoff Boycott. What do they have in common? It has to have something to do with Clarke's score. Is it they really like vanilla ice cream, in a cone with a flake in it?" Correctomundo, they have all hit 99 in an ODI at The Oval.

6th over - 27-0 (TARGET 291): The return of Tait, who has swapped ends, has Strauss cutting powerfully for four but next we have a DROPPED CATCH at slip by Shane Watson. Straightforward, clanger really. Mind you, it must have been travelling at something close to 96mph as that's what the gun clocked Tait at.

5th over - 21-0 (TARGET 291): Strauss wafts away at Harris for two balls without hitting anything except fresh air. After two bright overs, England have hit a bit of a brick wall. Still a great deck, mind, and no swing.

4th over - 20-0 (TARGET 291): Michael Clarke, Andrew Flintoff, Chris Broad, Allan Lamb, Geoff Boycott. What do they have in common? If you're not listening to TMS you might not know the answer. I'll tell you in an over or two. Quiet, tight over from Bollinger, Australia have brought it back a bit.

3rd over - 19-0 (TARGET 291): We're used to Tait bowling only two-over spells, but now he only gets one as Ryan Harris gets a blast. Appeal for lbw, but Kieswetter convinces the umpire he hit it first. A spring-heeled Ponting fields brilliantly at mid-off. No stiffness after that long innings. We almost get a five-ball over, that would have been silly.

2nd over - 15-0 (TARGET 291): It's Doug Bollinger, very much the "go-to" bowler in the Aussie camp as Jim Maxwell reminds TMS listeners. A juicy pull from Strauss brings up four, and two balls later a square drive beats point and rattles into the fence. Dougie scratches his nose thoughtfully.

1st over - 7-0 (TARGET 291): A ripple of schadenfreude-tinted cheering greets Tait's first ball, an off-side wide. Strauss is defending watchfully now, but England scamper a leg-bye. Now we get a leg-side wide. Great stop by Ponting at mid-on to stop a Kieswetter four, but the next ball is sent scudding away to the extra-cover boundary.

1713: Strauss and Kieswetter are marching out to face Shaun Tait, who looked pretty tidy the other day. He's very fast so when he's straight he's a mean handful. Let's see how it goes.

1709: Good evening, Ben is busy doing something else or having a break so it is me, Oliver Brett, taking you through the first few overs of England's chase. Please refresh your browser.


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From majesticoverdrive on 606: "This is where we find out if we have a realistic chance of doing something big at the 50 over World Cup. It's time to put all our temperament issues to one side and to play cricket with determination and prove the real extent of our improvement to the cricketing world. This is what its all about - C'mon England!"

1632: Strange innings on reflection - the par first innings total on this ground is 244, but you get the impression Australia could have scored a few more and are a few short. Anyway, the pitch is flat, the outfield slick and England certainly have a chance. See you in a bit... or probably not...

50th over - 290-5 It's Bresnan to bowl the final over, expect a few yorkers. Clarke picks up a single with a mistimed drive before Smith plays an improvised flick round the corner for four, having picked up two to mid-off the previous ball. Not sure what that was from Smith, if I'm not mistaken it was a reverse-hook, but he makes amends with a high-elbowed drive through the covers to move to 18. No ton for Clarke then, he's stranded on 99, and there's a bye from the final ball.

49th over - 278-5 The fresh-faced Steven Smith is the new batsman and after a single from Clarke which takes him to 98, the New South Wales and Worcestershire man picks up a couple of fours, the first a ding-dong over square-leg, the second a whip round the corner. Twelve from the over, big at this stage...

Wicket falls
49th over - WICKET - Hussey run out 1 (Aus 266-5)
Hussey's gone - Clarke hitting straight to Strauss in the covers, the England skipper throwing straight to Anderson at the non-striker's end and the bowler whipping off the bails with the batsman backing up... "bye, bye Mr Cricket," goes the lament from the man sat opposite, sounds like a 1940's film about a cricketer killed in the War...

Anthony Walker, Oxford, in the TMS inbox: "Do the regulations imply that if the floodlights were to fail for some reason, the game would be abandoned, despite there being bright sunshine? That would really put the cap on things..."

48th over - 266-4 Clarke this time nudging outside leg and the canny Broad sees the move again, sending the ball down a foot outside off. Mike Hussey is on strike now and he's under way immediately with a single. Broad has bowled his 10, 1-46 his figures...

Wicket falls
48th over - WICKET - White c Anderson b Broad 17 (Aus 263-4)
White backs away to leg but Broad sees him coming and keeps the ball outside off and the batsman is unable to hit it. And White's gone next ball, having a go at one of Broad's now trademark slower ball bouncers and holing out to Anderson at deep mid-wicket.

47th over - 263-3 Five inside the circle as Anderson starts another over and Clarke nicks two because of some ordinary fielding from Swann at square-leg. Full-bunger from Anderson and White squirts it down to third-man for four before clubbing to mid-wicket for a single. Anderson finally finds his yorker and White manages to squeeze it out for one.

46th over - 253-3 Apologies, Australia are of course three down, not two, and they haven't lost 23 wickets either... it's Broad to bowl the 46th over. Clarke tugs a short ball from Broad to mid-wicket for one before White dabs into the off-side for one more. Good bowling effort this from England. Short one from Broad and Clarke has a go at it and misses - dot ball as well. Clarke does manage to get one away, making room and mowing Broad to wide long-on for four. Just 16 runs conceded in three overs of powerplay...

45th over - 245-3 White plays an uppish dink just short of Collingwood at mid-off and the throw's not great from the Durham man. Clarke gets hold of that one, moving to 84 from 90 balls with a sweet straight drive and forcing Collingwood into an attempted save that causes him a mischief. One more for Clarke before White goes aerial, chipping it just short of Pietersen running round to long-on. White makes room and nicks the strike with an off-drive.

44th over - 236-3 Broad is back into the attack and Clarke looks to belt his first ball into Clapham, but is beaten outside off. Clarke does pick off one before Cameron White moves to three with an outside edge - good fielding down there from Yardy. White makes room and skews Broad down to third-man for one more, and "it's happy hour with very stingy bar stuff at the moment," notes Mark Butcher on TMS.

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From Dave the Tyke, via text: "Why are you picking on our Tim? He scored the winning runs in the last game & hasn't been the worst bowler in this match - at least he took a wicket."

43rd over - 230-3 Cameron White gets a brute that holds its line first up, no feet at all and he's beaten. That Ponting knock came from 93 balls and the partnership with Clarke was 155 from 154 and is the third highest third-wicket partnership on this ground.

Wicket falls
43rd over - WICKET - Ponting c Strauss b Anderson 92 (Aus 228-3)
It's the first ball of a batting powerplay and as often happens off the first ball of a batting powerplay, there's a wicket - Ponting looking to blaze over the covers and Strauss takes the catch on the leap...

42nd over - 228-2 Bizarrely, the lights will have to come on between innings, "because of regulations" or some such directive, despite the fact the light will still be perfectly playable when the game's set to finish. I wondered why no-one was reading this, Federer's just been beaten at Wimbledon. A couple of wides from a Yardy leg-side delivery but there are just six runs from that over. Yardy has figures of 0-46 from nine overs, he turns into the most miserly man in England when he pulls on an England jersey.

41st over - 222-2 Still no powerplay taken as Anderson rejoins the attack. Good over so far, just two from it, before Ponting skews a drive just short of the man at long-off. He'll pick up one for that and Clarke sounds the bugle with a lavish cover-drive for four - expect the cavalry to follow...

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From Anonymous, via text: "Monty Panesar has 17 wickets in three games for Bexhill. But only has eight runs in three games batting at number three. Makes Cardiff look even more miraculous."

40th over - 213-2 Pietersen, often so anonymous in the field, fields down at long-leg to limit Clarke to one run. Ponting chips to long-on for a single and Clarke steers to mid-off for one more. Another single for Ponting, making room and flailing into the covers, and we enter the last 10 overs with 300 still a possibility, albeit an outside one.

39th over - 209-2 Australia pass 200 with a Ponting single before Clarke comes down the pitch at Collingwood and slashes for four - Bresnan it was with the dive, hitting the deck like a seal flopping off a rock. Clarke very nearly holes out to the man at long-off before Ponting clips Colly to deep mid-wicket for a couple. Two more for Ponting with a steer through point, Australia squeezing every last pip out of this England attack with some good scurrying between the timbers...

38th over - 198-2 Clarke tickles Yardy to mid-wicket for one before Ponting plays a trademark inside-out drive for two. Two more singles from that over but still no signs of the 'official' acceleration yet... "Ben, why do your kinfolk often refer to anyone called Clarke as 'Nobby'? emails Dinz. I believe, Sir, that it derives from the time when, in the City of London, clerks used to wear top hats, colloquially known as 'nobbies'.

37th over - 193-2 Apologies if this page is updating slowly, I'm assured they're looking into it, which they seem to do an awful lot. Collingwood drops short and Ponting's onto that like a rat up a drainpipe, crunching the ball to the square-leg fence. I'm sure Ponting will have 280-290 as a figure in his head but that was a little uppish, just flipping the ball to the left of Anderson at mid-wicket. Clarke clips one to the other side of Anderson and scampers one before Ponting shovels into the off-side for a single. This partnership now 120 from 123 balls...

Jeff Thomson
Jeff Thomson on TMS: "I know the average score batting first at The Oval is 244 but on this pitch, with this outfield and against a strong England side that bats deep, that won't be enough..."

36th over - 181-2 One for Yardy before some good running brings him two more. Clarke uses his feet and steers to long-off for one more. Ponting is squared up by Yardy before playing a Eoin Morgan, hurling-like reverse sweep for four. Drinks...

35th over - 172-2 Collingwood is wheeled out, presumably the hope being he can snap this pair's rhythm with his dobblers and cutters and the like. The lack of pace confused Ponting there, the Aussie skipper missing out with a pull shot, but Punter does pick up one with a work to long-on. That's Clarke's fifty courtesy of a tuck to mid-wicket - it took him 61 balls and is his 42nd in ODIs.

34th over - 168-2 Bresnan hasn't made much of an impact for the fourth successive game and this time he's short and is flogged away for four by Clarke, who looked as if he was doing nothing more stressful than running a duster over the top of his TV. One more for Clarke to mid-on and Ponting steals the strike with a glide off his hip. England badly in need of a wicket now, but I've got no idea where it's coming from...

33rd over - 162-2 Too straight from Wright and Ponting picks him up off his pads and deposits him to the wide long-on fence. Ponting drives for one to deep point and Clarke steals the strike with a single from another straight drive.

Sean, Dublin, in the TMS inbox: "I think this English squad has the potential to be the best one-day and Test team for a long time to come. They have the batting, bowlers, a decent spinner, good balance and are finally picking a team on merit. This isn't easy to say as an Irish man but well done Eoin Morgan! Hope he keeps getting amongst the runs, he's world class."

32nd over - 155-2 Bresnan is back on and what a shot that is from Ponting, shot of the day, a lick-lipping cover-drive for four. Full house now at The Oval and conditions are ideal, not too hot with a hint of a breeze... keep this pair in and Australia might be looking at closer to 300 than 250...

31st over - 149-2 Wright continues and that's Ponting's 79th ODI fifty courtesy of a square-drive for two. Bit ragged from Kieswetter behind the timbers, the ball flicking Ponting's pads and squirting underneath him for a couple. You might be surprised to hear that 244 is the par total batting first at The Oval, the Aussies are on target to surpass that...

30th over - 142-2 Ponting is unable to give a full-bunger from Yardy the full treatment, the Aussie skipper just tipping down the ground for a single. Clarke and Ponting exchange runs before Yardy is milked for two more down the ground - too many easy runs down there. Two more singles straight down the ground, this pair ticking over like a time bomb...

29th over - 135-2 Luke Wright is into the attack now and he kicks off with two balls right on the money. Unlucky for Clarke, who hits straight down the park only for the ball to hits the stumps at the other end. Well-fielded Anderson - Clarke gets on tippy-toes and laces the ball into the covers, where the England paceman saves. I hear that now the England team have returned Capello is hoping to set up a few friendly matches to replenish morale. They're starting with Iceland and if that's successful, they will then play Somerfield and, if their confidence is not too fragile, maybe even Waitrose.

28th over - 133-2 Clarke uses his feet to Yardy and picks up a single down to ground. Ponting apes his partner's stroke for one run of his own and Clarke repeats the trick for one more. Ponting with a cut shot for a couple, the Aussie skipper looks to have the eagle eye...

27th over - 128-2 Ponting lunges at a well-flighted Swann delivery and outside-edges for one. Three more singles from the over before Ponting drops to one knee and yanks Swann to the square-leg boundary.

26th over - 120-2 The expected onslaught from this pair has never really materialised and it looks as if they've skipped the fireworks and slipped into milking mode. Yardy, as usual, is difficult to get away - five singles from his over, including Ponting's 13,000th ODI run, courtesy of mistimed cut through point. Those 13,000 runs came from 350 matches and he averages 42.90.

Mark in the TMS inbox: "I think I'm right in saying the last England ODI whitewash against the Aussies was May 1997 and a 3-0 victory over Mark Taylor's tourists in the Texaco Trophy (heady days). It featured that amazing debut by Ben Hollioake at Lord's with 63 off 48 balls - what a lost talent."

25th over - 115-2 Clarke backs away and steers Swann through backward-point for a couple but Swann counters well, beating Clarke in the flight.

24th over - 111-2 Not much in the way of movement now for Anderson and Clarke gives him the charge, heaving him over the covers for four. Ballerina footwork from Clarke, sashaying down the crease and clipping Anderson to the wide long-on boundary. Sweeter than a Spanish passing move...

23rd over - 101-2 Short from Swann and Ponting backs away and threads the ball through the covers for four - sweet shot that executed with not much effort. Clarke brings up the Aussie ton with a tuck round the corner for two and the man from Liverpool, NSW nicks the strike with a nurdle to leg.

22nd over - 91-2Simon has emailed to point out that the Kiwis did not, as I stated earlier, whitewash Australia in 2005, they were actually gubbed 5-nil. I blame Derek Pringle and the bloke who left the Telegraph on his seat on the journey in... Anderson to continue and Clarke picks up a couple with an outside edge. The fielding getting a little ragged at times, this time the man at point allowing Clarke two runs...

21st over - 87-2 Swann a little short and Punter rocks back and carves him into the covers for one. GOT HIM! No! Clarke, feeling the need for runs, comes down the track and absolutely marmalises that delivery from Swann, only for the ball to pinball through Anderson's hands. Two for the shot, I think most in the England team will simply be happy Anderson's still got some fingers.

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From Spanter in Northants, via text: "It's worth remembering before we get too carried away that all three wins have come from chasing. Perhaps batting first and setting a competitive total might have been worthwhile as the series is in the bag."

20th over - 81-2 Broad putting in a good shift here and Strauss really turning the screw in the field, it's suffocating for the batsmen out there. Still a short-leg in for Clarke, plus the square-leg... bit of rib music from Broad and Clarke sways out of the line before going back to twitching and fidgeting like a man stuck on the Central Line after 14 pints... just two singles from that over, a single to mid-wicket from Ponting and a leg-side wide...

19th over - 79-2 Clarke drives to deep cover for one before Ponting tucks him off his pads for a single. Swann keeping things tight, England have put the brakes on...

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From Battingwitharunner on 606: "Watson said he keeps getting to 50 and getting out soon after, and he aimed to change that. Well he has. Out for 41."

18th over - 77-2 Broad has a short-leg in for Clarke - Broad dismissed Clarke that way in Cardiff. Broad loses his line and Clarke nibbles him off his legs for a single. Punter nicks one and Clarke picks up a single of his own - pivotal moment in the match as drinks are taken...

17th over - 74-2 Michael Clarke is the new man in the middle but the batsmen crossed and Ponting sees out the rest of Swann's over... yet another start for Watson, but he rarely goes on to post a big one...

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET - Watson c Morgan b Swann 41 (Aus 73-2)
Swann is into the attack and he's weaved his magic again - Watson goes for the slog-sweep and only succeeds in mistiming the ball to Morgan at mid-wicket.

16th over - 72-1 That's better work in the field from Collingwood, diving to his right and preventing a run in the covers. But Ponting nicks a single with a tickle off his pads and he looks like he might make a few bails-worth of hay on this slick-looking pitch...

15th over - 70-1 Five dot-balls from Broad before Ponting plays a cute shot, advancing down the track and upper-cutting for four - not sure what Bresnan was up to there, terrible bit of fielding and he gets a verbal volley from the bowler...

Joe Gibney, Essex, in the TMS inbox: "Mr O'Reilly - 'There's always someone worse off than yourself'. Basil Fawlty - 'Is there? Well I'd like to meet them, I could do with a laugh'."

14th over - 66-1 Yardy into the attack now with his left-arm darts - three singles from his first four balls before Watson whips him away for a couple. Drop! Leg-side delivery from Yardy and Kieswetter fails to take the chance, there was a fair bit of wood on that from Watson.

13th over - 64-1 Watson finally gets that glide to work, opening the face and angling Broad away for four, before he and Ponting exchange singles. Heave-ho from Watson, biffing Broad over long-on for six.

12th over - 49-1 Bresnan looks like he's going to bowl straight through - too straight and Ponting tucks him off his hip for four... four more, nothing limited overs about that shot, easing his way into the shot as if it's a pair of comfortable slippers and watching the ball race away for four through extra-cover - ominous...

11th over - 40-1 Watson gives Ponting the strike and the Australia skipper has a go at Broad immediately, mistiming a bouncer and picking up one for the shot. Punter's a happy hooker, but then he's quite handy at it...

Edward in the TMS inbox: "When you say 'whenever I want to cheer myself up, I think of all the people who are uglier, balder and more socially inadequate than me in the world...' I take that to mean that you know the exact number?"

Carol, Portugal, in the TMS inbox: "Ben, you're asking for trouble here, thinking how few people there are who are uglier, balder and more socially inadequate than Ben Dirs in the world. This could cause many depressed people to become even more depressed. The day started so well, too. (sigh)"

10th over - 38-1 The batsmen crossed so it's Watson on strike, not skipper Ponting. Watson moves to 24 with a single and England skipper Strauss posts two short-midwickets for Punter to begin with... a leg-side gimme from Bresnan and Ponting turns him away for four...

Wicket falls
10th over - WICKET - Paine c Morgan b Bresnan 8 (Aus 33-1)
Touche, Tim Bresnan - Paine chips him straight to Morgan at mid-off, the Yorkshireman has his first wicket of the series...

9th over - 33-0 Watson nurdles to leg for a scampered single before Broad gets one to rear up at Paine and beat the attempted uppercut - Kieswetter fails to take it cleanly, one leg-bye...

Mark in the TMS inbox: "Ben, re those uglier, balder, more socially inadequate souls - any chance of naming them so that I can think of them when I'm feeling in need of cheering up too?"

8th over - 31-0 Anderson has been jettisoned but Bresnan is to continue. Decent lbw shout against Watson, that looked to hit bat and pad simultaneously, but Watson swings a short ball away for four next ball. A leg slip in for Watson and a short extra-cover but this pair, or at least Watson, are looking more comfortable now.

7th over - 26-0 Stuart Broad is into the attack now and Watson makes his intentions clear, falling to one knee and swatting him over the covers for four. Broad thought Watson out with a bumper in the first ODI, beating the Queenslander for pace, but there are no problems so far as Watson dabs him to leg for an easy single.

6th over - 21-0 Bresnan has yet to take a wicket in this series, this is his 26th over. That can't be good enough for a new ball bowler, surely? Paine looks to slap him over the covers but is beaten and that's another maiden over. "Please, England, let's go for the whitewash, I've just lost my job and could do with being cheered up!" emails Claire. Whenever I want to cheer myself up, I think of all the people who are uglier, balder and more socially inadequate than me in the world...

5th over - 21-0 Watson is beaten again trying to play an airy-fairy glide and England think they've got him next ball, back foot, but he got plenty of bat on that. The counter-attack is launched - short and wide from Anderson and Watson piles into it, carving the ball to the point boundary, before Anderson over-pitches and Watson clips him straight down the ground. It's choca at The Oval, and very much a jeans-stuck-to-your-legs kind of day...

4th over - 13-0 Paine with a single to backward-point. Not a great fan of Bresnan's new barnet, looks like his barber suffered some kind of palsy halfway through. Watson gets the old lob-wedge out and parachutes the ball down to deep mid-wicket, where it plugs - he runs up a couple, but it looks tough out there for the batsmen...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Shah, London, via text: "Dirsy, when was the last time England whitewashed the Aussies in an ODI series? KP to score a ton today, and Swanny to get another fiver!"

3rd over - 9-0 Watson gets himself into a right old pickle, playing a sort of cut-cum-backward defensive against another moving ball from Anderson. It's good that the ball's turning tricks, but England will want to rip a couple out before it starts behaving itself - Watson survives a maiden over.

Alex in the TMS inbox: "We are going to beat this Aussie side becauae they have a RUBBISH bowling attack - they might as well not play and just give us the 5-0 now!"

2nd over - 9-0 Bresnan, who Aggers doesn't believe should be anywhere near the new ball, trundles in with the new ball and Paine gives him the maker's name and picks up the first four of the match. Good comeback from the Yorkshireman, getting one to jag away from Paine and beat him, before the 25-year-old Tasmanian picks up two more with a nurdle off his pads. That's an absolute brute from Bresnan, the ball angling in before gripping and arching away from the groping Paine. It's moving about out there... by the way, I've been asked to tell you that the video scorecard is only available to UK viewers, but TMS coverage is available worldwide...

The sun is out
1st over - 3-0 Right, the sun is out after a cloudy start to the day (although not in White City, I hasten to add) and it's Jimmy Anderson to kick off against Shane Watson - the pitch looks like a stretch of the Autobahn, should be plenty of runs on it... two slips in for Watson and Anderson gets one to nip away and beat the right-hander. More sideways movement off the pitch and Watson is off the mark with a a thick outside edge. Paine is Watson's opening partner and he's under way with a nibble to mid-wicket.

Get involved on 606
From Snadsy on 606: "I think England are missing a trick by not blooding a couple of younger players against quality opposition, more with a view to the upcoming World Cup. I don't think that this series will have any impact on the Ashes whatsoever."

1252: The last time the Aussies were whitewashed in a five-match ODI series wasn't as long ago as you might think - the Kiwis did it to them in 2005...

England: A J Strauss (Capt), C Kieswetter (Wkt), K P Pietersen, P D Collingwood, E J G Morgan, L J Wright, M H Yardy, T T Bresnan, G P Swann, S C J Broad, J M Anderson.

Australia: S R Watson, T D Paine (Wkt), R T Ponting (Capt), M J Clarke, C L White, M E K Hussey, S P D Smith, J R Hopes, R J Harris, D E Bollinger, S W Tait.

Umpires: Aleem Dar and R A Kettleborough

1234: Hello. Sorry, bit late off the mark, just having a row about English football... England have won the toss and are going to have a bowl and both sides are unchanged...

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • Australia beat England by 78 runs
  • England: 212 (42.4 overs)
  • Australia: 290-5 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 212
Strauss c Paine b Tait 37
Kieswetter b Harris 12
Pietersen lbw b Harris 8
Collingwood lbw b Smith 15
Morgan c Paine b Harris 47
Yardy c White b Bollinger 57
L Wright b Smith 2
Bresnan c Watson b Harris 22
Swann c Paine b Bollinger 1
Broad c Hussey b Harris 4
Anderson not out 0
Extras 3w 1b 3lb 7

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