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England v Australia - 3rd ODI as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1840: Aggers signs off on TMS by noting that the fourth ODI takes place at The Oval on Wednesday. It's a day-nighter, with play starting at 1300 BST. Can England make it 4-0 and press for the "sweep"? However today's other sport has been for you, I hope we've kept you spoiler-free and entertained cricket-wise with an exciting finish courtesy of England's late wobble. Ben Dirs is back in the live text chair on Wednesday, and I hope you'll join him then. Bye for now.

England captain Andrew Strauss: "We've had a couple of speed bumps in the first two one-dayers and a pretty major one today, but fair play to Tim Bresnan who kept his head and got us over the line. Chasing that target, we should have won it comfortably. The two spinners were outstanding today, we're putting the opposition under pressure and that's leading to wickets. Any series win against Australia is a massive achievement, and to do it in three games is an outstanding effort. The World Cup's just round the corner so we're moving in the right direction."

Man of the match Graeme Swann on TMS: "I thought I bowled all right in the first couple of games - Yards and I have bowled well in tandem, and it was my turn to get wickets today. If the skipper had gone on to get a hundred, he'd have probably got man of the match but luckily he's got out and let me get it. Bressy at the end batted really well - three or four years ago, there's no way we'd have won the game from that situation but Bressy handled the pressure really well. We look at the game as a whole - we've chased three times and won three times, albeit very marginally today. We all remember being 6-0 down last year and we want to keep winning games."

Australia captain Ricky Ponting on TMS: "We probably should have won today with 11 or 12 needed and the last batter coming in, but we've been pretty ordinary in the first three games. We should have defended 270 in the first game, but we didn't get enough runs today. We've got to lift our standards and see if we can turn it round for the last two games."

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From Ryushinku on 606: "Right, time to go do something less stressful, like juggle chainsaws."

1825: Pakistan got their tour off to a good start, by the way - beating MCC by six wickets in their T20 game at Lord's.

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From Choppingwood on 606: "We have been a batsman light all series and it showed today, but that was a great game of cricket who says ODI cricket is dead, just like other great games in this format."

As Simon on the texts alluded to [48th over], not a great day to be Luke Wright. An unwise slog when the pressure was on, and one over of dross that cost 14 runs, begs the question - could they not have played an extra specialist batsman?

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "Hindsight will suggest that a third man might have been a good idea, but it's all guesswork at that stage for the fielding captain. England were jubilant with relief. Just for Australia to get into the situation where they could have won the game was incredible. The crowd were exhausted as that last half-hour was draining. This will be a good opportunity for Strauss and Flower to give the team a good dressing-down."

1819: So what were we all worried about? Why are my palms so sweaty?!


49.1 overs - Eng 214-9 (TARGET 213)
Long-on, long-off and deep mid-wicket are the three boundary fielders. The keeper's up - so a snick could win the match. (Or a Dilscoop!) Big Tim swings, it flies through the vacant slip area, that's four and "that's the ball game!" England win the series!

1816: Hopes to bowl the last over. Powerplay regulations hampering Punter's field positions.

49 overs - Eng 210-9 (TARGET 213)
Bresnan cover-drives for the single he needs to keep the strike. Three needed from the last over. (Jimmy Anderson hasn't had to face a ball yet).

48.5 overs - Eng 209-9 (TARGET 213)
Big Tim gets under it, and after an agonising wait, the ball trickles over the extra cover boundary for four! Four needed from seven!

48.4 overs - Eng 205-9 (TARGET 213)
Bresnan chops into the covers. Eight needed off eight balls.

48.3 overs - Eng 205-9 (TARGET 213)
Full toss, Bresnan plays it back to the bowler.

48.2 overs - Eng 205-9 (TARGET 213)
Dot ball.

48.1 overs - Eng 205-9 (TARGET 213)
Ryan Harris takes the penultimate over, Bresnan swings through mid-wicket for two.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "It should never have come to this."

1811: Broad really looks there like a man who had never batted before.

Out for a duck
48th over - WICKET - Broad b Bollinger 0 - Eng 203-9 (TARGET 213)
Stuart Broad is the number 10 - and he's barely had the chance to pick up a bat of late. Doug the Rug has five balls left in his spell - Broad plays and misses twice. "Put a second slip in there!" enthuses Jim Maxwell on TMS. 10 still needed from 15. Broad digs out the fourth ball of the over but can't beat the man at mid-wicket. Punter shuffles the field. Broad plays and misses again. Last ball, Broad's bowled and Bollinger finishes with a double wicket maiden! And I can't believe it's come to this, but I'm going to go ball-by-ball...

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From Simon, via text: "People may argue the continued selection of Bresnan, but Wright hasn't done himself any favours with that shot and a poor bowling display. Feel his place could be better used by another batsman."

Wicket falls
47.1 overs - WICKET - Swann b Bollinger 2 - Eng 203-8 (TARGET 213)
Bollinger gets a hint of reverse as he beats Swann's outside edge and knocks over his middle stump.

47th over - Eng 203-7 (TARGET 213)
Tait's last over - frankly, Australia have to go for broke. Swann swings and misses at one which sails down the leg side, umpire Aleem Dar is unsympathetic to the England fans' howl for a legside wide. Swann drives, gets an inside edge as Tait finds some reverse swing - dot ball. A full toss is pushed straight to mid-on - dot ball. Fourth ball is a bouncer, Swann ducks, Australia appeal for a catch behind as it catches Swann a glancing blow on the shoulder. Full toss down the leg side, Swann can't beat the onrushing Watson who leaps in from mid-wicket. That's five dots. Tait's last ball is forced round the corner for a single, and Tait finishes with figures of 3-29. England need 10 from 18 balls.

46th over - Eng 202-7 (TARGET 213)
Having forgotten to take the batting powerplay while all those wickets were tumbling, England are obliged to take it. Bollinger returns - Swann steers a single to third man, while a no-ball is signalled because Australia did not have the correct number of men inside (and outside) the circle! Good spot, ump. (It's a maximum of three men outside the circle during powerplays). The extra run brings up the 200 for England - and for a team who were flat out on the canvas, Australia are making an astonishing Rocky Balboa-like comeback here. Bresnan is fishing at thin air as Bollinger finds an extra yard of pace. Bres dabs a single to third man, 12 needed form 26 balls. Bollinger bowls round the wicket, Wasim Akram-style, spears in a yorker which hits Swann on the toe, there's a big appeal for lbw but it hit the sole of his boot just outside the line of off stump. They run a leg bye. Last ball of the over, Bresnan hits to mid-on, dot ball. 11 needed from 24 balls.

45th over - Eng 198-7 (TARGET 213)
New batsman is Graeme Swann - and for all his Tweeting and numerous media appearances, the Notts man is not particularly comfortable against express pace. Will Tait bowl a bouncer? Strangely, no - it's pitched up, Swann plays and misses but Paine fumbles behind the stumps. Bresnan charges through for a bye, Swann belatedly sees his partner coming and has to charge through.

Wicket falls
44.5 overs - WICKET - Yardy c Paine b Tait 8 - Eng 197-7 (TARGET 213)
What can Big Tim do? He's nearly out first ball as a rising delivery from the recalled Tait flies off the shoulder of the bat and just out of the reach of the diving Clarke at backward point. They run one. The left-handed Yardy jabs a single past point, Bresnan rotates the strike but then Yardy perishes as he pokes his bat out at a wide one and gets a faint edge to the keeper! Oh, no...

44th over - Eng 194-6 (TARGET 213)
Tim Bresnan joins Yardy at the crease - and Yardy has the crowd on their feet by helping a loose delivery from Tintin down the leg side for four.

Vic Marks
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "That was a pretty arrogant shot for Wright to play on nought, against a leg-spinner, with 23 still needed"

Out for a duck
43.2 overs - WICKET - Wright c Hopes b Smith 0 - Eng 190-6 (TARGET 213)
Single from Yardy, then Wright goes for a big slog and it's straight down long-off's throat. Surely they can't mess it up from here?

43rd over - Eng 189-5 (TARGET 213)
Luke Wright is the new man in, defending his first ball. England need 24 from 42 balls.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I know Andrew Strauss well enough to know he'll be disappointed he didn't see it through to the end. He'd have wanted to be 103 not out at the end after some people keep saying he shouldn't be in the one-day side."

Wicket falls
42.5 overs - WICKET - Strauss c Paine b Harris 87 - Eng 189-5 (TARGET 213)
Harris to Strauss, the England captain is inching towards his century with a single. Yardy doubles his score with a single - then it's a rather tame end to the England captain's innings as he feathers a faint edge to the keeper. Man of the match, anyone?

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I wonder why Shane Watson hasn't had a bowl today - do you think he has an injury niggle?"

42nd over - Eng 187-4 (TARGET 213)
New batsman, slightly surprisingly, is Michael Yardy, promoted ahead of county team-mate Luke Wright. He's off the mark with a single, Strauss nicks the strike to move on to 86.

Wicket falls
41.4 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Ponting b Smith 27 - Eng 185-4 (TARGET 213)
Smith goes round the wicket to the two lefties, Strauss unleashes a rare reverse sweep and they run a leg bye. Morgan tries a powerful sweep and is pouched by Punter at mid-wicket - although I don't think it'll affect the result, Tintin will be pleased with his wicket.

41st over - Eng 184-3 (TARGET 213)
With 36 needed from 10 overs, even the likes of John Dyson ought to be able to work out the required rate. Harris replaces "Two-over Tait", a Strauss single marks the fifty stand between the Middlesex pair. Morgan, who looks like he's been playing international cricket for years, knocks a single, then Strauss rotates the strike again - he has 85, Morgan has 23 and England need 33 more. Immaculate timing from Morgan brings him four through the covers.

40th over - Eng 177-3 (TARGET 213)
Smith replaces Hopes, but England pick off four singles against the young leg-spinner.

Grimsby-born, Australian-raised, roof-tiler-turned-one-Test former England seamer Darren Pattinson
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Vic Marks is being a bit mischievous - he's said Australia can have Darren Pattinson back if they want"

39th over - Eng 173-3 (TARGET 213)
Tait unleashes a head-high full toss at Strauss - that's a beamer! Tait apologises, as he ought to, as Umpire Dar signals a no-ball. Strauss knocks the first legal ball for a single, and may be pleased to get off strike after having a beamer whistling round his ears at the speed Tait bowls. Tait slings in a short ball at Morgan, it's too quick from him and it dribbles off the toe-end of the bat to mid-off for a dot ball. "They should get him into Test cricket to bowl three or four-over bursts - they're struggling in the bowling department but they may have something here," notes Michael Vaughan on TMS. Tait sends down a wide before Morgan moves to 20 by nicking the strike off the last ball.

38th over - Eng 169-3 (TARGET 213)
Strauss on-drives at Hopes, Morgan fences and misses as Hopes finds a bit of nip and Michael Vaughan's son Archie is apparently having a whale of a time in the back of the TMS box, eating sweets and playing a Tiger Woods golf game on his phone. Morgan then plays one of his unbelievable unorthodox shots - part-Dilscoop, part-Ashraful-frying-pan-over-the-shoulder as he falls onto the ground on the off side - but it goes for four and the crowd are on their feet.

37th over - Eng 164-3 (TARGET 213)
Keeping his last two Bollinger overs in reserve, Ponting turns to "Two-over Tait" for his fourth spell of the day. Strauss bunts a single to third man, Morgan profits from an inside edge and scampers two. Two more singles, and Tait's powers seem to be clearly on the wane. The required rate is down to 3.77, and England are managing that comfortably. (Mind you, they do have to take a batting powerplay at some point, which will probably throw them a curve ball).

36th over - Eng 159-3 (TARGET 213)
Harris off, Hopes on - now, Hopes is an honest trundler but surely not even the most wide-eyed optimistic Aussie fans would expect him to run through England here. Morgan clearly agrees - he smacks the tall all-rounder for an enormous straight six! A single rotates the strike, then it's Strauss's turn to milk the bowling as he opens the face and angles a two past the keeper to third man. The skipper tries to repeat the shot but can only run a single - 54 needed from 84 balls.

35th over - Eng 149-3 (TARGET 213)
Bollinger, who's bowled superbly today (1-11 from his first seven overs), charges in for his eighth over and concedes his first boundary of the day as Strauss hooks a bouncer to long leg. The England skipper moves to 74 with a single off his legs, Morgan delicately dabs a single to third man.

Peter Moores
Former England coach Peter Moores on TMS: "England have batted, bowled and fielded very well - they were aggressive by bringing in a short leg for Clarke, and they're putting Australia under a lot of pressure"

34th over - Eng 143-3 (TARGET 213)
Morgan whips Harris for a single to deep square leg, Strauss absolutely nails a fierce pull shot for four and Punter is literally looking around for inspiration. A single takes Strauss to 69, and with 70 needed from 96 balls, a century's not out of the question. Time for a drinks break, and the compulsory ball change.

33rd over - Eng 137-3 (TARGET 213)
Single from Morgan as he eases himself into his innings, while Strauss angles Bollinger off his hip for a well-run two.

32nd over - Eng 134-3 (TARGET 213)
Smith takes a breather after six overs, Ryan Harris returns. Strauss helps himself to a two and a single, Morgan laces a single to the cover sweeper. The required rate is still under four and a half an over, so England fans should panic not about the lack of boundaries. And as the "other" England match has finished, I expect your undivided attention from now on.

31st over - Eng 130-3 (TARGET 213)
Eoin Morgan is fast becoming England's "finisher" (ie he gets them out of trouble a lot), and he's off the mark already with a single. The ball is now "increasingly grubby" according to Jim Maxwell on TMS, and Strauss tickles it through the off side for a single. It's a left-handed trinity dominating matters now, with left-arm seamer Bollinger bowling to southpaws Strauss and Morgan - and Doug improves his figures to 6-2-8-1.

Wicket falls
30.1 overs - WICKET - Collingwood b Bollinger 40 - Eng 128-3 (TARGET 213)
"Two-over Tait" takes his customary rest, punch-drunk Australia reach for the Bollinger - and Doug the Rug obliges as the first ball of his new spell is edged onto his stumps by a disbelieving Collingwood!

30th over - Eng 128-2 (TARGET 213)
Smith in for his sixth over, Collingwood helps himself to a couple of twos and a single - he has 40, Strauss has 58.

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From Graham, via text: "Thank goodness for the internet. Watching a footy match in a bar in Abu Dhabi, and spending most of my time updating your text commentary on me phone! Far more satisfying!"

Glad to be of service, Graham. It's 123-2 by the way, heaven knows where I got 129-2 from... give it a manual refresh to clear matters up.

29th over - Eng 123-2 (TARGET 213)
Tait's powers seem to be fading as he bangs in another legside wide, although there's an element of fortune for Strauss as he plays a defensive shot and nearly edges the ball onto his stumps. Punter spits on his hands, as is his habit, as England crawl towards victory. Aussies were 137-3 at this stage.

28th over - Eng 122-2 (TARGET 213)
More pedestrian singles from Colly and Strauss against Smith - "England are coasting," says Aggers on TMS. Colly seems to pick Tintin's googly well, and Australia are running out of ideas.

27th over - Eng 118-2 (TARGET 213)
Australia throw the dice again - it's "Two-over Tait" back into the attack as Punter looks to break this partnership. Strauss paddles a single past square leg, Colly hooks a bouncer to the mid-wicket fence and they trot through for one. A loose delivery from the occasionally erratic South Australia speedster is helped down to fine leg for four by Strauss, and Tait's pace is noticeably down a little now - down to a mere 90mph.

26th over - Eng 112-2 (TARGET 213)
Smith rattles through his over, just two singles taken but the game is drifting slightly.

That's 50
25th over - Eng 110-2 (TARGET 213)
Colly and Strauss continue to plunder ones and twos against Clarke - the England skipper brings up his 21st ODI half century from 68 balls.

From James Luckhurst, TMS inbox: "Re: has there ever been anyone as good as Shane Warne? Well, Muttiah Muralitharan isn't bad, and I think he got more wickets..."

Oh, that's a hornet's nest of a debate. One for another time, perhaps, when we're in the fourth day of a dull Test and it starts raining...

24th over - Eng 105-2 (TARGET 213)
Smith twirls his arms so much when he runs into bowl, it's like he wants to signal a powerplay as part of his run-up. Skipper Ponting has a word with young Tintin as Strauss and Colly are picking off singles at will - and with a required rate still barely over four an over, that's all they need to do. Tintin goes round the wicket to Strauss, he's hit on the pad but was a long way down the track.

23rd over - Eng 103-2 (TARGET 213)
Punter is feverishly rotating his second-string bowlers so it's slow left-armer Clarke in action again, as a Colly single brings up the hundred for England. Strauss straight-drives for a jogged single, and a couple more are added as this third-wicket stand passes 50.

22nd over - Eng 99-2 (TARGET 213)
A hop, skip and a jump from Smith and he's in to Collingwood, who forces a single to leg, while Strauss helps himself to a slice through third man for four. Two more singles, and Australia really need a wicket. Time for "Two-over Tait" again, once he's had a rest?

21st over - Eng 92-2 (TARGET 213)
England find the boundary for the first time in seven overs as Collingwood lifts Hopes over mid-wicket for four. A single brings Strauss on strike - keeper Paine is standing up to the medium pace of Hopes to keep the skipper in his crease. Strauss guides a two off his legs to take his score to 40.

20th over - Eng 85-2 (TARGET 213)
It's Tintin Time! Young Steve Smith, with his quiff of fair hair, is on to bowl his wrist-spin. "He's no Shane Warne," notes Blowers on TMS - but then again, looking at the entire history of cricket, has there ever been a spinner as good as Warne?! Colly forces a single past the diving bowler, then there's a slip in for Strauss as he sweeps and misses. The Middlesex man steers a single to long-on, Colly tickles one to fine leg and England are on cruise control. Australia were 101-2 at this stage, but were bowled out with four overs remaining.

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From Oz_Cric on 606: "Well its late in Oz so I'm off to bed, I may as well put in my congrats to the English team now because I can not see Australia winning this one."

19th over - Eng 82-2 (TARGET 213)
With the required run rate still only 4.21, the burly Harris comes round the wicket to Strauss who guides a single to fine leg. Colly nurdles a two down to Steve Smith at deep backward square leg, he may be wondering why he hasn't been asked to bowl yet. This is meat and drink to Colly, he adds another single and England are keeping up with the rate without getting out of second gear.

18th over - Eng 78-2 (TARGET 213)
Colly hangs his bat out to whack Hopes through the covers for two. A single takes him to 13, while Strauss pinches the strike again - he has 36.

17th over - Eng 74-2 (TARGET 213)
True to form, Tait takes a break after his two-over spell - as a T20 specialist, he probably thinks his job's done for the day, having bowled his four. He's replaced by Ryan Harris, who's not the only Antipodean Harris in action today - former New Zealand dibbly-dobbly slow-medium bowler Chris Harris is playing for MCC against Pakistan at Lord's, and has taken 3-26 in Pakistan's 165-5 from their 20 overs. A single apiece for Strauss and Colly.

16th over - Eng 72-2 (TARGET 213)
Another change of bowling as Hopes returns - "this is the problem for Australia - the support cast's a little ordinary," admits Jim Maxwell on TMS. Strauss turns a single to fine leg, Collingwood pushes one through square leg, and after Strauss nicks the bowling, the players have earned a drinks break.

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From Anonymous, via text: "Can we issue the crowd with vuvuzelas so that we won't be able to hear the even more annoying music every time a boundary is scored?"

15th over - Eng 69-2 (TARGET 213)
Tait sends down another couple of wides, he's still bowling at 95mph but it'll be interesting to see if he keeps bowling in two-over spells. Colly defends the rest of the over.

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From Laura, Cheshire, via text: "Can't believe I'm relegated to watching score updates on my laptop cos apparently there's some other England game on BBC1! It just ain't cricket"

14th over - Eng 67-2 (TARGET 213)
Collingwood defends stoutly against Clarke's first two balls, before going absolutely mad and hoisting him over long-on for a massive six! Colly and Strauss seem to regard Clarke as easy pickings - the skipper helps himself to a two and a four through the covers. Perhaps their plan should be to see off Tait and Bollinger, and help themselves against the lesser lights of the Aussie attack.

13th over - Eng 54-2 (TARGET 213)
Big consternation at Old Trafford relating to the "other" England match - no spoilers, as promised, but there has just been an "incident" which may make headlines for decades... There's also a hold-up while something in front of the sightscreens is covered with a tarpaulin. New batsman Paul Collingwood's first ball is a wide, his first legal ball is a yorker which he digs out for a single to mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
12.5 overs - WICKET - Pietersen c & b Tait 25 - Eng 52-2 (TARGET 213)
Tait back into the attack, is he going to bowl five two-over spells or what? He already has Strauss fishing at thin air before the England captain forces a single to leg. But the speedster makes the breakthrough when KP surprisingly pops a simple return catch.

12th over - Eng 51-1 (TARGET 213)
Bollinger returns to the chiller cabinet to cool down, Michael Clarke comes on with his left-arm spin - and nearly has a wicket with his first ball as he has a very confident lbw appeal against Strauss turned down. Hawk-Eye suggests it was hitting middle... Strauss and Pietersen prod some singles to bring up the fifty stand.

11th over - Eng 48-1 (TARGET 213)
Australia opt to take the fielding powerplay immediately, and turn to all-rounder James Hopes's right-arm medium pace. Hopes is sporting a crew-cut like an army recruit, but is shown no respect by Cap'n Strauss who walks down the track and unleashes a cross-batted baseball-style shot over the bowler's head for four! A line drive through centre field, if you will. Strauss and KP exchange singles, the captain tickles a single to third man and Pietersen thumps the last ball for four over mid-off. A better over for England.

10th over - Eng 37-1 (TARGET 213)
Whoops - that over went on longer than I thought it would. Please manually refresh your page and all will be right with the world. Doug the Rug is still plugging away, Strauss weaves a single through mid-wicket but Bollinger is the toast of Australia with another economical over - he has figures of 5-2-6-0.

9th over - Eng 36-1 (TARGET 213)
Harris tries to bounce KP, who dismissively hooks him for four before smashing an on-drive past the bowler for four more - to the crowd's delight. Harris then fells KP - literally - with a sharp delivery that hits him squarely in the unmentionables. ("That's got him in the town halls - happy birthday, Kev," chuckles Michael Vaughan on TMS). It looks even more painful when you see the replay on Hotspot - the England physio comes on, presumably with a magic spray. Harris eventually finishes the over, but not before KP flicks another four to fine leg.

8th over - Eng 24-1 (TARGET 213)
Strauss clips a single off his legs, KP skips across his stumps to try to force Bollinger to leg, but can't make contact and it's through to Paine behind the stumps. He was almost looking at an embarrassing caught behind there. Then, KP pulls away again, he's looking a bit fussy about anyone moving in his eye-line... A thick edge to third man brings him a single. Pedestrian from England so far - at this stage, Aussies were 44-0.

7th over - Eng 22-1 (TARGET 213)
KP tip-and-runs a single against Harris, while Strauss wakes England up again by slash-cutting a four past third man. Blowers on TMS spots a two-carriage train arriving at a nearby station as Strauss turns a single to fine leg. KP pulls away as someone moves in the vicinity of the sightscreens - a lady in a pink dress hastily walks back into one of the boxes above the screens. Unruffled, KP finds the boundary for the first time with a straight-driven four.

From Ian of Southampton, TMS inbox: "Would it be fair to describe Australia as having been 'economical with the bat' in this series?"

6th over - Eng 12-1 (TARGET 213)
Bollinger beats Strauss's outside edge before the England skipper ducks away from a short one. Another maiden over, Doug has figures of 3-2-3-0.

5th over - Eng 12-1 (TARGET 213)
Tait takes a rest after two overs - I suppose as a T20 specialist he's not used to having to bowl more than four in a day... His replacement is the less-heralded Ryan Harris, who is despatched for a four as Strauss unleashes a fierce cover drive. The Old Trafford stands are still pretty full by the look of things, although I suspect sales of pocket radios have gone up today. The skipper reaches double figures with a single.

4th over - Eng 7-1 (TARGET 213)
Bollinger may not be as quick as Tait, but he's certainly giving it everything as beads of perspiration slide down from his hair-hat onto his forehead. KP is watchful at this stage against the left-armer as Doug completes a maiden over. And for those of you preparing to divide your attention in two, the "other" England match is just about to start...

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From rich1uk on 606: "Hope Flintoff didn't pull anything cutting that ribbon!"

3rd over - Eng 7-1 (TARGET 213)
Single from Strauss, then Tait slings down a slower ball to Pietersen, who finally gets off the mark when he forces a shorter delivery off his legs and not even the tumbling Punter can save the single. Tait fires down a wide, but he's a dangerous customer at that pace.

1447: Another quick reminder - if you're texting in, it's absolutely vital that you put "CRICKET" as the first word as otherwise it'll be lost in a swamp of football and F1 texts.

2nd over - Eng 4-1 (TARGET 213)
A few people have deserted the Old Trafford stands to watch the "other" England match as Doug "the Rug" Bollinger takes the second over with his left-arm fast-medium seam. Strauss off-drives, Ponting gets a finger to it at cover to take a bit of the pace off, Smith gives chase and a flying stop just inside the boundary restricts him to three.

1st over - Eng 1-1 (TARGET 213)
Happy birthday to Kevin Pietersen, who's 30 today and probably walking to the middle a lot earlier than he would have hoped to. He defends his first two balls, Tait is right up at 97mph. And spare a thought for Kieswetter - at least he can watch the "other" England match if he can sneak away from his team-mates.

Out for a duck
0.4 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter b Tait 0 - Eng 1-1 (TARGET 213)
Tait's first ball, left by Strauss, is 93mph according to the speed gun, although it looked a lot slower. "You wouldn't be happy if that radar gun caught you speeding," notes Vic Marks on TMS - Cap'n Strauss gets England under way with a drive that shoots off the toe of the bat to third man. Jim Maxwell reveals that a 5-0 series win would elevate England to second in the ODI rankings... and the Aussie commentator is celebrating as Kieswetter's first ball sees him yorked by the speedy Tait!

1436: The slingy Shaun Tait, right elbow heavily strapped as ever, is ready to take the new ball - Andrew Strauss and Craig Kieswetter to begin England's chase.

1434: While Aggers speaks to Lancashire chief executive Jim Cumbes on TMS, Australia have already taken the field for a Michael Vaughan-style "huddle" in front of the pavilion.

From Adam, Crouch End, TMS inbox: "Ponting's decision to call up the pacey Tait to replace Hauritz now seems to have backfired. Hauritz would have had a great chance on this surface, but Tait could go the way of Luke Wright."

Hauritz has been withdrawn from the squad because of injury, Adam.

1425: Elsewhere in the world of cricket, many of today's domestic Twenty20 games started early to allow fans to watch the football - there have already been wins for Essex, Notts and Leicestershire. Meanwhile, New Zealand will be without skipper Daniel Vettori and keeper Brendon McCullum for August's ODI tri-series against Sri Lanka and India. Cap'n Dan is awaiting the birth of his second child, while McCullum is rested and has decided to give up wicketkeeping in Tests. Ross Taylor will lead the Kiwis in that series.

Can you tell who it is yet? It's Rolf Harris
From Carol in Portugal, banished to the computer while DH watches the vroom vrooms, TMS inbox: "Re: Anonymous and Rolf Harris [37th over] - How about Rolf Harris and 'Two Little Boys'?"

I thought of that song the other day when watching Warwickshire-Leicestershire on TV which had Tim Ambrose standing up to the stumps when the equally diminutive James Taylor was batting. Then Taylor took a single to bring the giant Will Jefferson on strike, and it was like Tiny Tim was in the Land of the Giants...

1400: We've witnessed a career-best performance here - TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton reveals that by scoring three, Doug Bollinger has his highest score in ODIs. Meanwhile, Andrew Flintoff is all ready to cut a ribbon and open "The Point" conference centre - listen out on TMS as he's also going to speak to Aggers, while you'll also hear from Sourav Ganguly who's leading MCC against Pakistan at Lord's today. We're going to take a quick break during the interval - take a look at the football or the Grand Prix if you want, but we'll be back here before England begin their reply.

From Cephas Maposah, Harare, Zimbabwe, TMS inbox: "With the Ashes fast approaching, Aussies' batting is rather poor. I fear for them, or is it England have already played their best cricket and will struggle once the Ashes start?"

I think the TMS guys had it right earlier, Cephas, when they said the team that wins the ODI series will see it as a huge boost ahead of the Ashes, but the team which loses will consider it largely irrelevant!


Wicket falls
46th over - WICKET - Bollinger Anderson 3 - Aus 212 all out
Shaun Tait is Australia's last man - "it says a lot if Doug Bollinger's going in ahead of you," notes Jim Maxwell on TMS. Tait digs out a yorker, and Bollinger calls him for a run as the ball squirms to short third man. Like an old-fashioned tail-ender who appears petrified of anything over 50mph, Bollinger takes a big step back and is cleaned up by Anderson, who finishes in style with three wickets.

Wicket falls
45.4 overs - WICKET - Smith lbw b Anderson 20 - Aus 211-9
Smith straight-drives for one, the left-handed Bollinger goes for a big heave-ho over cover and they run two, then turn back for a seemingly suicidal third but Anderson fumbles at the bowler's end and Doug makes his ground. Smith digs out a brute of a yorker, then tries to sweep the paceman and is trapped lbw - replays show it hit the heel of his back leg.

45th over - Aus 207-8
New batsman is Doug "the Rug" Bollinger, normally a number 11 and with an ODI average of 1.00 to boot. He lets the last ball hit him on the hip, so at least Smith will have the strike next over.

Wicket falls
44.5 overs - WICKET - Harris c Strauss b Broad 1 - Aus 207-8
Stuart Broad returns to the attack, Ryan Harris is the new batsman. But he and Smith can't find the boundaries - England will be happy to concede singles at this rate - and they grab another Aussie wicket when Harris tries a pull shot and gives Cap'n Strauss his third catch of the day, he's been a demon in the field at mid-wicket.

From Tim (stuck in the middle of the great Canadian Prairie and feeling slightly 'out of the loop'), TMS inbox: "What's this other match everyone's on about? Is it something to do with the tennis?"

Wicket falls
44th over - WICKET - Hopes b Anderson 7 - Aus 202-7
Australia call for the batting powerplay, signalled by umpire Ian "Gunner" Gould with a wheel of his arms. So there will be a maximum of three fielders outside the circle for overs 44-48. It looked for a moment that Bresnan was going to bowl, but with the powerplay signalled, England turn to their regular powerplay bowler, James Anderson. Smith prods a single, the ursine Hopes smacks a two before digging out a yorker and they can only run one to mid-on. Smith turns a single off his legs, then Hopes tries to pull a shorter delivery and only succeeds in chopping the ball onto his stumps.

43rd over - Aus 197-6
Smith, who looks even younger than his 21 years and 25 days with a helmet on, opens his shoulders and smears Colly through mid-wicket for four. Three more singles, but the Aussies at the moment are struggling to set a defendable target.

42nd over - Aus 190-6
Yardy in for his last over, Smith and Hopes still haven't taken the batting powerplay and only manage four singles from the over. Yardy, who took a bit of tap earlier, dives well to field his last ball off his own bowling and retires with figures of 1-45 from his 10 overs.

41st over - Aus 186-6
New batsman is the bear-like James Hopes, who's off the mark with a single. Tintin pushes a two, guiding the ball off his legs.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "It was one of the most innocuous balls you'll ever see. Almost trip to the optician time for Hussey."

Wicket falls
40.2 overs - WICKET - Hussey b Collingwood 21 - Aus 183-6
After a single from Smith, there's an astonishing delivery as Colly, bowling round the wicket, sends down one of his little medium-paced cutters to Hussey, who plays all round it (playing for non-existent turn) and is bowled! That was straight as a die!

40th over - Aus 182-5
Colly did a good job with his three overs but with two relatively new batsman in, England turn back to Yardy. Hussey scampers some singles, reverse-sweeping Yardy for four with aplomb while young Smith, whose sticking-up-at-the-front hair reminds me of Tintin, also opens his account. Hussey sweeps the last ball and despite a diving stop by Kevin Pietersen on the rope, it's signalled as four as he was in contact with the rope. KP also has a scab on his knee when he rolls up his trouser leg.

39th over - Aus 170-5
Hussey dabs a single to bring the new batsman on strike - it's young leg-spinner Steve Smith, who's batting ahead of James Hopes again. Swann takes his cap with figures of 4-37 and gets a nice ovation from the Manchester crowd.

Wicket falls
38.4 overs - WICKET - Clarke c sub (IR Bell) b Swann 33 - Aus 169-5
Swann in for his final over, Clarke prods a single to sub fielder Ian Bell, we're not sure who he's on for as Cap'n Strauss has returned. Hussey works one off his legs, then Clarke tries to force the pace and is pouched by Bell running in from the long-off boundary! Swanny has a four-fer.

38th over - Aus 167-4
Hussey and Clarke prod Colly for singles - TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton has noticed that Clarke hasn't hit a boundary yet. Australia fans shouldn't forget they still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves. Colly goes round the wicket to Hussey, who gets down low and tries to help the ball round the corner to fine leg - there's an appeal for lbw when he misses the ball, but it hit him miles outside the line of off stump.

Get involved on 606
From BigAllyD1985 on 606: "We're doing a good job of tying the kangaroo down, sport. I'll get my coat."

37th over - Aus 163-4
While Cap'n Strauss temporarily leaves the field, it's Colly directing the troops as Hussey blasts Swann for four through mid-wicket, before taking a single.

Can you tell who it is yet? It's Rolf Harris
From Anonymous, via text: "Could I suggest that the arrival of the next Aussie batsman is greeted by 'Stairway To Heaven'. By Rolf Harris"

36th over - Aus 158-4
"Hussey and Clarke are possibly the best two runners between the wicket in the Aussie side," warns Michael Vaughan on TMS, as the aforementioned duo prod Collingwood for a couple of singles apiece. And for any of you following this overseas who suffered an impromptu fault with the online TMS commentary stream earlier, I've been assured it should be back up and running... Just in time for a drinks break.

35th over - Aus 154-4
Australia's depth of batting is self-evident from the fact that they can afford to send Mike Hussey in as low as number six - although "Mr Cricket" is dicing with death when he offers no shot to Swann and England appeal for leg before - Hawk-Eye reveals it was a good decision by the umpire as the ball was heading wide of off stump. But the wily Swann completes a wicket maiden.

Wicket falls
34.1 overs - WICKET - White c Strauss b Swann 12 - Aus 154-4
The new/used ball works a treat for England as White sweeps the first delivery with the new white sphere and it flies low to Strauss at square leg!

34th over - Aus 154-3
England introduce their seventh bowler in the form of medium-pacer Paul Collingwood - Clarke cuts at his first ball and chops it onto his ankle, luckily for him it rebounds away from the stumps. A single takes the Aussie vice-captain to 28, White steers the last ball for a single and we have the compulsory end-of-34th-over compulsory ball change, as a "new" (used), shiny white ball is brought on.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Harry, Durham, via text: "Re: Scottish Ryder Cup venues [as discussed on TMS]. it was played at Muirfield in 1973 and due to be played at Gleneagles in 2014"

33rd over - Aus 152-3
As if he's sensed my comment from the last over about his lack of timing, Michael Clarke signals for a change of bat, selecting a new blade which he hopes will improve his fortunes. A single takes the Aussies to 150, White isn't hanging around and adds one of his one. Clarke rocks back and chops a single to the cover sweeper, it's typical "ODI middle over syndrome" here as the batsmen seem content to push singles, and the fielders are content to not concede boundaries.

From Steven Ellans, Reading (missing the England game to play for his cricket side Lower Earley CC), TMS inbox: "Mark, was having a disagreement last Sunday over a decision. Ball smacked down the ground, sightscreen inside the boundary - it would have gone for six but hit the sightscreen. As the sightscreen is within the boundary rope, isn't it classified as an obstacle and hence a four should be awarded or is there special laws on sightscreens within the boundary?"

I think that when you play on a ground with any oddities such as trees inside the boundary, overhanging branches or fences, or even sightscreens, it's up to the umpires and captains to confer before the game and spell out any "local rules" which apply. That way, if everything is made clear beforehand, you shouldn't have such disagreements once the game starts. Not knowing your ground, I wouldn't like to make a ruling from here!

32nd over - Aus 149-3
Clarke top-edges Bresnan to fine leg for two, he isn't timing the ball well but picks up another two through mid-wicket and a single to take his score to 25.

31st over - Aus 144-3
A quiet over as Clarke and White bag three singles against Swann.

30th over - Aus 141-3
A change of approach from England as Yardy takes a rest after eight overs and seamer Tim Bresnan returns to the attack. White blasts the first ball of the over through the covers for four, but Bres keeps his line and length tight after that and follows up with five dot balls. If you believe the "double the score after 30 overs" ODI theory, England could be chasing upwards of 280...

From Steve in Thornbury, TMS inbox: "If a team requires one run to win and they are nine wickets down; if the batsman is then stumped off a wide, which comes first, the wicket or the run?"

The wide comes first (as the ball passes the batsman out of his reach), so the batting side wins.

29th over - Aus 137-3
Single from Clarke, then White firmly sweeps Swann for one, but it's a tidy over from Swann as the crowd get bored and start a Mexican wave.

28th over - Aus 135-3
"Down Under" by Men At Work gets another airing over the PA as Cameron White strides to the crease. As Jim on TMS wondered earlier, is it too much to hope for a bit of variation in the Aussie music, such as a bit of Kylie? "Spinning Around" might be appropriate with Yardy and Swann bowling... Clarke tickles Yardy for a single, the aggressive White is off the mark in characteristic fashion with a firm square cut for four.

Wicket falls
27th over - WICKET - Watson c Strauss b Swann 61 - Aus 130-3
Swann, bedecked in sunglasses as ever, wheels away to Watson and Clarke - and after some more pedestrian singles and twos, Watson's innings ends in rather tame fashion as he tries a sweep shot and pops an easy catch to Cap'n Strauss at square leg.

26th over - Aus 126-2
Clarke dabs Yardy for a two and a single, while Aggers reveals that during the interval between innings, he will be speaking to Andrew Flintoff on TMS after he opens the "Point" conference centre - while they'll also hear from Sourav Ganguly who's captaining MCC against Pakistan at Lord's today. More singles, six runs off the over.

From Lenny, Block, TMS inbox: "I remember a school cricket match on FA Cup final day led to some particularly risky shot-making much to to the dismay of the teacher. Fortunately 44 all out proved to be enough as the opposition had a similar approach and were skittled for about 20. Maybe Strauss should have a word with Punter?"

25th over - Aus 120-2
While Aggers tells Vic Marks about the problems he's had with a marauding nocturnal hedgehog that regularly arrives at 0400 and sets the dogs barking, Swann returns to the attack and is milked for several singles by Watson and Clarke, as the Aussies reach the halfway point of their innings.

24th over - Aus 116-2
Yardy keeps it tight again, only one Watson single from the over and the Sussex skipper has figures of 6-0-18-1.

From Paul Morrish, TMS inbox: "Stumped off a wide, is the run still awarded?"

Yes Paul, it most definitely is.

23rd over - Aus 115-2
Watson tries to force Broad to leg but gets a leading edge to third man and they run one. Clarke delicately hooks a rising delivery for one, Watson moves to 53 with a single but that's a much better over from Broad. And we're aware there's a problem with the TMS online commentary link, the technical guys are working to rectify it...

22nd over - Aus 112-2
Yardy, whose slow left-arm offerings are delivered from round the wicket and very wide of the crease, opens with a wide before Watson dabs one but is denied a single by a very good diving stop by captain Andrew Strauss at backward point. Watson turns a single off his legs, Clarke knocks a well-run two to square leg. Yardy fields the last ball well off his own bowling and is described as "eel-like" by Blowers on TMS.

Peter Moores
Former England coach Peter Moores on TMS: "Clarke is definitely looking uneasy against Broad, and when we get to Test cricket, hopefully it might play on his mind then"

That's 50
21st over - Aus 108-2
A slightly strange bowling change as Swann is taken off, despite taking that wicket, and Broad returns. After a single from Clarke, Watson unleashes a lovely cover drive for four as Broad strays with his line, then brings up his 17th ODI fifty with a careful single to mid-on. Broad sends down a legside wide, then Clarke is struck on the forearm as he tries to hook a slower bouncer.

From Steve, TMS inbox: "I've just emigrated to New Zealand, I may have made a mistake. It seems that all in England is great. The weather is hot and we're doing a job on the Aussies. Here it's cold and wet and it's already 2300. Could be a long night. Still I shall sit up and watch as I predict another successful run chase. Make the commentary good as the TV may have to be redirected to the football for a short while."

20th over - Aus 101-2
Watson and Clarke guide virtually identical singles through the covers, the Aussie pair are happy to plunder the singles against Yardy as they push the tourists' score past 100.

19th over - Aus 97-2
New batsman Michael Clarke cuts, Eoin Morgan makes a diving stop just in front of the rope and they run three. Watson adds a single, while TV replays of the Ponting dismissal spark questions over whether it should have been called a wide - as it pitched outside off stump and turned a mile.

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - WICKET - Ponting st Kieswetter b Swann 3 - Aus 93-2
A pair of duelling vuvuzelas can be heard here at BBC TV Centre, with a mere three hours left before that "other" match... but England are cock-a-hoop as Punter skips down the pitch to Swann, misses one that turns sharply past his legs and is stumped by Craig Kieswetter by several yards! A wide is signalled but it's perfectly legal to be stumped off a wide... see ya, Punter...

18th over - Aus 92-1
Having enjoyed success in the Caribbean with their two slow bowlers operating in tandem, England will hope to put the squeeze on Australia here. Ponting paddle-sweeps a single, Watson again mistimes a pull shot as Yardy keeps it tight, but when he finally executes the shot he wanted, he pulls it over mid-wicket for a flat six. Time for a drinks break.

17th over - Aus 85-1
Off-spinner Graeme Swann replaces Broad, and Watson dabs his first ball for a couple, before late-cutting (or as Aussie commentator Jim Maxwell on TMS says, back-cutting) a four through third man. Two singles mean it's eight runs from Swanny's first over.

From Allyd in Teesside, TMS inbox: "Re: The Point (13th over). It might be at extra cover now, but we are rotating the square at the end of the season, so it will be close to backward point/third man from one end in future"

16th over - Aus 77-1
Watson steers Yardy for a single to mid-on, Colly is in at silly point for Punter again. Interesting to see how long they persist with that plan.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mrs Fink, Hemel Hempstead, via text: "TMS is informative and amusing. The intermittent music, however is driving me mad!"

There's nothing TMS can do about the PA music I fear - you should direct your madness to the ECB and/or Lancashire...

15th over - Aus 76-1
Broad to continue, Ponting is careful in defence and can't time an attempted pull shot which squirms away to mid-wicket but there's no run. Broad completes a maiden over, that's much better from him. Former England coach Peter Moores on TMS stresses the importance of the England bowlers finding a good length today.

Get involved on 606
From FleetJackHobbs on 606: "Have just deleted a long post, tortuously suggesting we need a wicket. Well done the Yardbird."

14th over - Aus 76-1
Captain Ricky Ponting is the new batsman - Paul Collingwood is fielding under his nose at silly mid-off, but Punter is off the mark with a single.

Jim Maxwell
Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan and Jim Maxwell on TMS:
"They're really going to have to change that song on the PA as Ricky Ponting walks out. I mean come on, 'Down Under' by Men at Work?"
"It's the only Australian song the ECB have on their playlist. They play it for everyone."

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Paine lbw b Yardy 44 - Aus 75-1
Time for some spin - I say "spin", I mean Michael Yardy's slow left-arm "darts" which are delivered not much slower than your average dibbly-dobbly medium-pacer. And the bowling change works an absolute treat for England as Yardy's third ball traps Paine back on the crease and he's plumb lbw!

13th over - Aus 75-0
Apparently Andrew Flintoff is to perform the official opening ceremony later today for the big red conference centre, which is known as "The Point", even though in a strict cricketing sense it's at deep extra cover rather than point. Anderson takes a rest with impressive figures of 0-12 from six overs, and Broad has changed ends - but it's more of the same from the Aussies as Paine leans back and square-cuts him for four. Not a great start from Broad, a slower ball dawdles down the leg side and is signalled as a wide by umpire Aleem Dar. A single takes Paine to 44 - and those of you who follow F1 may be interested to know that Mark Orlovac's live text on today's GP has just begun.

12th over - Aus 69-0
Interesting change of bowling as Broad is "given the hook" after one over and it's time for Luke Wright's medium pace. Watson taps his customary start-of-over single, Paine moves on to 39, Watson works a two off his toes and has to run quickly to beat Graeme Swann's throw from long leg. Watson then launches a huge hit over the bowler's head for six, earning the Old Trafford crowd several seconds of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" over the loudspeakers, then smacks a four past mid-off - another expensive over for England.

Get involved on 606
From nigeweir on 606: "Good to see Australia making a game of it. England have been superb for a while now and I want to see them perform under the heaviest pressure."

11th over - Aus 55-0
While Michael Vaughan tries to press-gang Aggers into another cycling event he's planning for next year, England take the fielding powerplay - so there will be a maximum of three fielders outside the "ring" for overs 11-15. Anderson continues for his sixth over. Watson begins with a single, but Jimmy is right on the money against Paine who can only block out the rest of the over.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I've never been to Wimbledon, although I went to Queen's the other week and saw Rafael Nadal play, which was great."

10th over - Aus 54-0
Unsurprisingly after the punishment Big Tim took in the last over, Stuart Broad takes up the attack, while there's a double change on TMS as Aggers and Michael Vaughan take over - MPV is moving rather stiffly today after taking part in a charity cycle challenge with Miguel Indurain. Single to Watson, then Paine helps a long-hop from Broad down the leg side for four and that's the fifty stand. Another wild and woolly delivery down the leg side, Paine gets a touch and it's four more.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "Standing outside ground with ticket that computer says already used. I have found 2 others with the same thing. Missing the game"

9th over - Aus 45-0
Jimmy A, on his home ground, restores some control as a Watson single is the only scoring stroke. The "Burnley Express" has a very economical 0-11 from five overs.

From Steve, Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Are the luminous yellow armpit patches deliberately aimed at distracting the Oz batsmen?"

Steve, officially (having seen them in a catalogue) that colour under the arms of the England ODI shirts is not luminous yellow but "Slime Green". That's right, not lime green but Slime Green. Australia, meanwhile, are in their familiar canary yellow ODI outfits. ("Canary yellow? That's Australian gold my friend, and don't you forget it")

8th over - Aus 44-0
The pillar-box-red conference centre which now dominates the Old Trafford skyline has plenty of people enjoying an early beer on the balcony as Paine check-drives Bresnan through the covers for his third four. A confident square drive is stopped just in front of the fence at point by Luke Wright and they run two. Big Tim then drops it short and Paine belts it over backward point for four more. The increasingly confident keeper then comes down the track to Bresnan and hammers him over mid-on for four, before hooking his fourth boundary of the over past fine leg! 18 from the over, all to Paine who has 30 from 29 balls.

7th over - Aus 26-0
Paine prods forward, Anderson appeals for lbw but there's nothing doing. He dabs a single to third man, Watson rotates the strike well, then Paine cuts to third man where Michael Yardy is seeing plenty of the ball.

The sun is out
6th over - Aus 23-0
Watson carefully opens the face and angles Bresnan down to third man for a single. At the last minute, Paine pulls out of a pull shot at a bouncer which sails above his head for an aerial wide. The Aussie stumper then smashes a four through the covers, it sounds like one of those days where the Old Trafford sound system will be pumping out music for every boundary... Paine aims another big hit, it flies off an edge over the covers but falls safely just beyond the ring at wide mid-off. A single allows him to keep the strike - he has 10, Watson has 11, and Blowers says the weather is "absolutely gorgeous" as Stuart Broad leaves the field (we hope temporarily) to be replaced by 12th man Ian Bell.

5th over - Aus 16-0
Henry Blofeld replaces Jim Maxwell on TMS, as the camera pans past a group of fans dressed as Oompa Loompas. Not sure if I'd don a thick green wig and plaster myself with thick orange make-up on the hottest day of the year... Paine ducks away from an Anderson bouncer, then steps back to leg and swings'n'misses. A tight over, a maiden in fact. Both teams a little cagey at this stage.

From Paul in Basingstoke, TMS inbox: "We (about 20) are all in the office today working - the token Australian has taken himself off and hidden, apparently the prospect of England going 3-0 up is to painful to contemplate"

4th over - Aus 16-0
Watson's on the pull again... he swipes and misses at Bresnan, although there's a half-hearted appeal for a catch behind. Just when Bres looks set for a maiden over, Watson eventually profits from a loose delivery down the leg side which he flicks down to the unguarded fine leg boundary for four.

Vic Marks
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "There's a little bit of pace and bounce in this pitch, as you might expect at Old Trafford. It'll be interesting to see Broad bowl on this pitch"

3rd over - Aus 12-0
Still tidy from Anderson, Watson tickles a single to third man and Paine jabs another through mid-wicket. Watson looks for another full-blooded pull across the line, but can't get hold of it and it dribbles to square leg for a single. And a warning for any of you hoping to send in any texts today - it's absolutely vital that you put "CRICKET" as the first word as otherwise it'll be lost in a swamp of football and F1 texts. Thanks in advance.

From Swetha Sampath, TMS inbox: "I'm sure Ponting wouldn't mind English players going back to the pavilion quickly to catch up on the match!"

2nd over - Aus 9-0
It's Tim v Tim as Tim Bresnan trots in from the Brian Statham End (the artist formerly known as the Warwick Road End), and fires a wide down the leg side. The fair-haired Tim Paine, due to make his Test debut against Pakistan at Lord's because of Brad Haddin's injury behind the timbers, unleashes a textbook off drive which sails to the boundary. (My Aussie friend Josh Paine will be thrilled with any "Paine stars for Australia" headlines). Rather like the first over, the four is the only scoring shot off the bat.

Get involved on 606
From hopeforthebest on 606: "I think Morgan will be bombarded with fast bowling on off stump today as Australia see this weakness. It will be an interesting contest to watch"

1st over - Aus 4-0
Cracking start from Watson, who hammers a pull through mid-wicket for four before carefully digging out a yorker. Big Merv Hughes, whose prodigious tash has more than a few flecks of grey in it, looks on appreciatively from the Aussie balcony. But that's the only loose delivery from Jimmy's first over.

1044: Jimmy Anderson to take the new ball to Aussie openers Shane Watson and Tim Paine - please manually refresh the page to remove the "play due to start" malarkey above.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Gil, Dartmoor, via text: "Loving the unnecessarily nerdy Doctor Who reference. But if there are any 'spoilers' of last night's episode on here today I will lock whoever puts them on in the Pandorica"

1040: Shaun Tait will be interesting to watch today - it's his first ODI since February 2009, and as a few people have pointed out, he's pretty much a Twenty20 specialist these days so is used to only bowling four overs a day.

1034: Test Match Special is on air - Aussie captain Ricky Ponting jokes to Jonathan Agnew that England chose to bat second so they can watch the aforementioned England-Germany game. Here are the full teams:

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Craig Kieswetter (wk), Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Tim Bresnan, Michael Yardy, Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Cameron White, Mike Hussey, James Hopes, Steve Smith, Ryan Harris, Shaun Tait, Doug Bollinger.

1028: I may have jested in my opening salvo about the other sport on today - of course, the build-up has already started for England's World Cup game with Germany, with Chris Bevan the opening runner in the live text relay race. There's Formula 1's European Grand Prix from Valencia later too. And I know how many of you like to follow one sport and watch the highlights of others later - so while I'll point you to where you can follow the other sports, you won't hear any "spoilers" (as River Song would have it) from me.

1022: News from the middle is that England have won the toss and elected to field. They're unchanged after slow left-armer Michael Yardy passed a fitness test. Australia make two changes, with seamer Clint McKay and injured spinner Nathan Hauritz replaced by pacemen Ryan Harris and Shaun Tait, who was called into the squad the other day.

The sun is out
1015: Morning, everyone. It's the hottest day of the year - and hopefully a day to remember in the world of sport. England, led by their foreign-born coach, are preparing to lock horns with one of their fiercest rivals as a nation waits in hushed expectation, hoping for a famous victory over the "old enemy". And apparently there's some football on too.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 1 wicket
  • England: 214-9 (49.1 overs)
  • Australia: 212 (46.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 9 214
Strauss c Paine b Harris 87
Kieswetter b Tait 0
Pietersen c and b Tait 25
Collingwood b Bollinger 40
Morgan c Ponting b Smith 27
Yardy c Paine b Tait 8
L Wright c Hopes b Smith 0
Bresnan not out 14
Swann b Bollinger 1
Broad b Bollinger 0
Anderson not out 0
Extras 2nb 6w 1b 3lb 12

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