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England v Australia second ODI as it happened

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By Pranav Soneji

1006 Right, thanks for efforts today, Mark Mitchener will be back in the text chair on Sunday when England play Germ...I mean Australia at Old Trafford. Go on, someone give him a little bit of company.

2158 Sensational scenes as England cruise to victory with 28 balls to spare. A day to remember for birthday boy Stuart Broad, who bagged four wickets, while Paul Collingwood became England's number one limited-overs run scorer and Eoin Morgan confirms his place as the best rubber-wristed one-day batsman around. Dilemmas for Ponting, especially his blunt bowling attack.

From Nemo, Istanbul, TMS inbox: "I'm worried for the future of these 'Ashes' series - how much longer will the English Public continue to pay to see this kind of one-sided procession?"
From Hantsfan, Gosport, TMS inbox: "I'll be glad when the Bangladesh ODIs come around. It'll be good for England to test themselves against more established international opposition."

Sensationally, England call for the batting powerplay as Graeme Swann scythes a couple down to third man before thumping a commanding boundary over mid-off for four to seal the victory. Another resounding victory - England are rampant. Repeat - RAMPANT.

45 overs - Eng 235-6 (TARGET 240)
Leggie Steve Smith is summoned and has two successive appeal for lbw turned down by umpire Aleem Dar, although the Pakistani official gives runs rather than leg-byes as the pair add a single to the total, much to the disbelief of Smith. England are now five runs shy of registering their seventh successive one-day victory, equalling a record set in 1997-98.

44 overs - Eng 232-6 (TARGET 240)
Remarkable scenes as Swann advances down the track to McKay, only to be rapped on the side of the helmet by a short and pretty swift delivery, but England still glean a single for their efforts. Eight to win from 36 deliveries.

43 overs - Eng 229-6 (TARGET 240)
I think I've just seen steam coming out of Ricky Ponting's ears - Doug Bollinger has just overstepped - and by quite a long way - handing England a free hit. And lo and behold, Bresnan thumps the next delivery for four through the leg side. If looks could kill, Doug Bollinger would be smouldering ash by now. Swann nabs the strike off the final delivery of Bollinger's spell with figures of 3-46, warmly appreciated by the Swalec Stadium crowd.

42 overs - Eng 220-6 (TARGET 240)
Ponting releases a primeval howl as he brings the field inside the circle for Swann, but James Hopes serves up a delicious delivery ripe for spanking - and Swann duly obliges with a back-foot swipe through the covers for four. Three singles ensue as England's runs required field shrinks to 20.

From Patrick Williams, TMS inbox: "It's only about 300 miles from Slovakia to Slovenia, not 1000. And it's strange - both countries complain about being confused with the other, but the Slovak name for Slovakia is Slovensko, whereas they refer to Slovenia by the distinctly different name Slovinsko, so they only really have themselve to blame."

41 overs - Eng 213-6 (TARGET 240)
Swann just about evades a nasty short delivery from Bollinger before punching a drive for a single to get off the mark, although the off-spinner turns down a second with Bresnan bearing down the track. However, both men survive Bollinger's ninth over. Looks like We're set for an intriguing finish...

40.2 overs - Eng 211-6 (TARGET 240)
Now this is interesting. Bollinger gets a beauty to spit nastily outside of off stump, snaring a thick outside edge from Morgan and into the rose-tinted gloves of wicketkeeper Tim Paine. Excellent delivery, thoroughly deserved for the left-arm seamer. The crowd have suddenly gone muted. New man at the wicket is Graeme Swann.

Wicket falls
40.2 overs - Eng 211-6 (TARGET 240) Wicket Morgan ct Paine bowled Bollinger 52

40 overs - Eng 211-5 (TARGET 240)
New-man Tim Bresnan, who guided England to victory on Tuesday alongside Morgan, plays out the rest of the over without too much bother with 29 from 59 needed.

Wicket falls
39.4 overs - Eng 211-5 (TARGET 240) Wicket Wright bowled Hopes 10
Luke Wright cashes in as James Hopes returns, skipping down the track to dispatch the shaven-headed all-rounder for a scintillating straight-driven boundary before dispatching the following ball through extra cover for the same result. But Hopes cramps Wright for room as the Sussex man attempts a dab to third man, only succeeding in chopping the ball on to his leg stump.

39 overs - Eng 203-4 (TARGET 240)
Bollinger keeps things tight with a disciplined over, conceding just two.

From Laurence, Turkey , TMS inbox: "Margaret Lockwood = Wicked Maiden (punning on wicket maiden) - referring to the 1945 film The Wicked Lady, in which Ms. Lockwood was the star."

That's 50
38 overs - Eng 201-4 (TARGET 240)
Morgan latches on to a short Hauritz delivery, using rapid footwork to to smear the ball through midwicket for four. And the Dubliner brings up yet another landmark with a couple into the leg side. England need 39 from 72 deliveries. Surely?

37 overs - Eng 192-4 (TARGET 240)
"He's bowled a Margaret Lockwood" says Jim Maxwell on TMS as Bollinger finishes with a wicket maiden as new-man Luke Wright plays a straight bat to the rest of the over. Anyone have any idea what a Margaret Lockwood is? I'm assuming it has something to do with M and W.

36.2 overs - Eng 192-4 (TARGET 240)
Collingwood chops on to his stumps with a thick inside edge attempting to cut a fullish delivery outside off stump. Shame, he deserved a half-ton for his efforts.

Wicket falls
36.2 overs - Eng 192-4 (TARGET 240) Wicket Collingwood bowled Bollinger 48

From Paul, Lancs, TMS inbox: ""It is disappointing to come in from a hard day spent improving the lot of the poor and needy, hoping to savour some cricket by internet transmission by way of relaxation, only to find that sport-focused lexicological standards have slipped below the norms I would expect of BBC employees, and to have my well deserved enjoyment thus rudely impaired. A 'hurling player' is a hurler. One would not expect someone skilled in the art of propelling herself or himself backwards through the water with a oar to be referred to as a rowing maker, or someone who scales peaks for enjoyment to be called a climbing doer, and the same logic applies to Gaelic sports involving the dangerous wielding of shaped ash."

36 overs - Eng 192-3 (TARGET 240)
Nathan Hauritz's return is greeted by a classy pull from Morgan for four, swiftly followed by another authoritative stroke for a couple more. This is like watching an English Michael Bevan in action -I'm dubbing Morgan "The New Finisher".

From Simon, TMS inbox: "I just found myself thinking 'England must be the best one-day side in the world right now'. Has the world gone mad? More to the point, have I?"
Yeah right, and the defending World Cup champions can't beat a country which is repeatedly mistaken for a country some 1000 miles to the south...

35 overs - Eng 183-3 (TARGET 240)
Precise placement from Morgan, picking out the gap between mid-off and deep cover to collect a couple off Clint McKay while a whippy, double-forehand-style pull shot looks to be crossing the boundary, only for James Hopes to make an excellent sliding stop to prevent the boundary.

34 overs - Eng 177-3 (TARGET 240)
Collingwood is going through the gears now, once again using his feet to dance down the track to lift Steve Smith over long-on for four. Another brutal shot.

Alec Stewart
Former England captain Alec Stewart on TMS: "Collingwood has been an outstanding player. When he started his career a lot of people questioned his place but he has proved them all wrong. He's a great team man and has gone from strength to strength, breaking records and captaining England to World Twenty20 glory."

33 overs - Eng 172-3 (TARGET 240)
McKay finds a good run-restricting line with his first five deliveries to Collingwood - only to see England's World Twenty20 Cup-winning captain saunter down the track and marmalise his final delivery over deep midwicket for six. Quality shot.

32 overs - Eng 166-3 (TARGET 240)
Collingwood skips down the track in hope of smearing Steve Smith over the infield, only to see the ball turn sharply away from the bat, causing him to skew an aerial edge over mid-off to safety for a couple.

31 overs - Eng 161-3 (TARGET 240)
The profligate Clint McKay returns - and promptly oversteps with his first delivery of his second spell as Morgan pushes for two through extra cover. However, the flame-haired former hurling player cannot reap rewards from the free hit, edging a slower-ball bouncer straight into the ground. More circumspect from Collingwood, who plays out the over with a straight bat before stealing a single to third man, a run that confirms his place as England's greatest ever one-day run scorer.

30 overs - Eng 156-3 (TARGET 240)
A shot of former Glamorgan and England batsman Matthew Maynard prompts a colleague to ask: "Is he drinking red wine out of a pint glass?" Closer inspection reveals the drinking receptacle is holding a cola-based beverage. Morgan plays a lovely back-foot drive through extra cover for a couple off Smith, who concedes three singles. England look comfortable without dominating.

29 overs - Eng 151-3 (TARGET 240)
Paul Collingwood brings up the 150 with a run worked through midwicket off Watson, who goes around the wicket to Morgan. The left-hander smears the blond-haired all-rounder high over midwicket but straight to the sweeper on the leg-side boundary.

28 overs - Eng 149-3 (TARGET 240)
As this pitch has dried up today under the ruthless south Welsh sunshine, it's provided more and more spin, and Steve Smith, for it is he with the ball now, gets a couple to turn quite a lot. Then Morgan gets bored and hits his first four, reverse sweep, natch.

27 overs - Eng 143-3 (TARGET 240)
Most of the outfield is in shade now as Morgan and Collingwood keep picking the gaps with some ease. Neither batsman is really ticking yet, but the longer they're there the harder it will be for the Aussies to shift 'em. Less than 100 more needed now.

26 overs - Eng 139-3 (TARGET 240)
Hauritz to continue. He's bowled well today and he beats an attempted cut by Collingwood. Now there's a fine sweep by Collingwood, three runs for that, England chipping away.

25 overs - Eng 131-3 (TARGET 240)
What-ho, it's Watto. Shane Watson, of course. No danger here for England, nice drive by Moragan to deep extra cover for two, then a great stop by Bollinger at mid-off to prevent a four.

24 overs - Eng 128-3 (TARGET 240)
Agricultural from Morgan, dancing down the track only to drag Hauritz with an ugly hoik to mid-on, collecting a couple of runs in the process. Better over for England, picking up the scoring rate with a couple of singles and doubles.

From Deji, London , TMS inbox: "I think that Morgan is a class player and England would be lost without him but I think that Ian Bell should be in the team. We need a player to bat through the innings beside Strauss."
Let the deluge begin...

23 overs - Eng 121-3 (TARGET 240)
Collingwood breaks the boundary famine as he guides a short Bollinger delivery over the ropes at fine leg for six, his 66th in one-dayers. Thanks to Graham for pointing out I had the wrong wicket count in the score, apologies, I shall flog myself within an inch of my life later doors. Morgan's getting roughed up a bit by the Aussie quicks as he wears a sharp Bollinger riser in the gut. The Middlesex left-hander is three from 14 deliveries.

22 overs - Eng 113-3 (TARGET 240)
Morgan is clearly struggling here, beaten by a ball which turns sharply off the track. But England are still on top. But one wicket... However, does Ponting have the bowling reserves to make the breakthrough?

21 overs - Eng 112-3 (TARGET 240)
Hmmm, Morgan is not his usual assured self, scratching around the crease as the returning Doug Bollinger keeps the Irish-born left-hander in check. Nice stat from Richard, below, as Bolly serves up a maiden. If only Tim Paine's first name was Sam.

From Richard, Newcastle-under-Lyme, TMS inbox: "Collingwood needs to reach 33 runs to become England's highest ever ODI run maker and surpass Alec Stewarts record of 4677 runs."

20 overs - Eng 112-3 (TARGET 240)
A huge cheer erupts around the ground the arrival of Eoin Morgan, slayer of green and gold at the Rose Bowl on Tuesday. He opens his account with a deft sweep before an uppish single through point. Uh-oh - just seen a replay of Strauss's dismissal and it looks as if Hauritz's front heel was just over the popping crease.

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - Eng 109-3 (TARGET 240) Wicket Strauss ct and bowled Hauritz 51
Just as it seemed he was booked in for bed and breakfast, Strauss loops a catch back to Nathan Hauritz, who leaps athletically to snaffle the ball. Strauss looks mortified.

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From Pete Clinch, SE12 , text 81111: "Re Strauss 6's stat; George Osborne raised VAT to 20 per cent this week. He's in exalted company."

19 overs - Eng 108-2 (TARGET 240)
Colly's eyes light up as Smith serves up a juicy half volley to dispatch through midwicket for four. He regains his control soon after, conceding a run as Collingwood steals the strike with the final ball of the over with the rouge-tinted sun rays bathed all over the Swalec Stadium.

18 overs - Eng 103-32(TARGET 240)
"Why, Why, WHY Delilah" sing the jubilant faithful as Nathan Hauritz leaks three runs. Marvellous to hear singing without the threat of being drowned out by 12 billion killer bees about to fly over the horizon.

17 overs - Eng 100-2 (TARGET 240)
Collingwood squirts an edge down to third man for a couple off Smith before cracking a cut to deep point for a single to bring up England's 100. Meanwhile, Lancashire officials have confirmed that they WILL NOT be screening England's last-16 World Cup match against Germany at the ground. However, spectactors will be allowed to re-enter the ground if they choose to watch the match. Which I would assume will be about 95% of the ground.

From Mark Turnbull, TMS inbox: "In reference to Winner's comment above about the 1994 Hollywood great 'Police Academy 7', post cold-war Russia was likely still smarting from I Drago's shock defeat by a certain R Balboa back in 1985. Its the only way I can explain how they didn't enjoy the delights of Sgt Jones (the guy with the hilarious voice affects) and Sgt Tackleberry (just plain hilarious) and their escapades."

That's 50
16 overs - Eng 97-2 (TARGET 240)
Paul Collingwood ambles to the crease and Ricky Ponting opts to take the second powerplay. Good thinking from the Aussie skipper. And there is almost a run-out in Hauritz's second over as a misunderstanding between Colly and Strauss sees the pair having to scamper for a second run, but Strauss makes his ground in time. And the England captain reaches a run-a-ball 50, his 20th in one-dayers, with a well-judged single.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Al, Bradford, text 81111: "Ian, try the Gardiners Arms. Cant vouch for the place but if it's in Harrogate they won't be showing Police Academy."

Wicket falls
15 overs - Eng 91-2 (TARGET 240) Wicket Pietersen ct Ponting b Smith 33
On comes Steve Smith, wearing number 49 on the back of his shirt, for his first joust, his hair looking very similar to Young Einstein from that classic 80s flick, or as if he's just had a huge fight with a van der Graaf machine. Plenty of rip from the young leggie, but sees Pietersen squirt a mis-hit drive through midwicket for four. But Smith has got him - and what a catch by Ponting! Leaping high at midwicket to snaffle the ball one-handed at full-stretch as Pietersen attempted to double up following his boundary from the previous ball in the same area. A bit needless you could criticise. But Pietersen's never going to be curious.

From Thanya and Kevin, TMS inbox: "To Ian of Southampton looking for somewhere that is not showing the football. Try an Italian restaurant."

14 overs - Eng 83-1 (TARGET 240)
Hauritz opts for around the wicket to Strauss, but there's nothing to bother the England captain as he collects an easy single into the leg side. Pietersen unleashes a reverse sweep, which evades backward point for three, hauled just inside the boundary by deep point.

13 overs - Eng 77-1 (TARGET 240)
More Hollywood strokeplay from Pietersen, pouncing on a short Hopes delivery to the deep midwicket boundary with a waspish pull, but the fielder cuts off the boundary, despite a misfield. How's about this - Andrew Strauss had only hit 10 sixes in his previous 101 one-day appearances before this match - he's increased that number by 20% with his two efforts this evening.

12 overs - Eng 73-1 (TARGET 240)
With little option, Ponting turns to off-spinner Nathan Hauritz in an attempt to shackle this run charge. Not really too much dice for the New South Welshmen as both men glean four runs with all the comfort of flying first class.

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From Ian, Southampton, text 81111: "Can anyone tell me of a bar in Harrogate that would be showing the cricket!!! I am up from Southampton and can not find a screen anywhere that is not showing the foolsball!!"

11 overs - Eng 69-1 (TARGET 240)
Lovely late cut from Strauss, collecting two down to third man as Hopes goes a little too wide of off stump. Strains of a pint-inspired "Bread of Heaven" break out across the Swalec Stadium, accompanied by a trumpet. I've forgotten what one of those sounds like after the waspish din of the vuvuzelas over the past 13 days. Lots of singles for both batsmen and it's all a little too easy for England at the moment.

From Winner (now in Brussels), TMS inbox: "I lived in Moscow when they made that awful movie (see four overs). Even the Muscovites weren't interested in the highly publicised 'arrival of Hollywood'."

10 overs - Eng 63-1 (TARGET 240)
Strangled cry for leg before by McKay, but he'll be slightly embarrassed if he sees that again later this evening as the ball pitched way outside leg stump and would have probably missed a fifth stump. First misjudgement from Strauss as he wafts at fresh air attempting to pull through midwicket. But he makes amends with the next delivery, punching the seamer through cover point for his third boundary to move to 33.

9 overs - Eng 57-1 (TARGET 240)
No Johnson, No Tait, no Harris, no Hilfenhaus, no Lee, no Siddle, no Hopes? Oh hang on. Ponting summons James Hopes in an attempt to prevent the run haemorrhaging, only for the all-rounder to be dispatched through cover point for four with his third ball by Pietersen. Nice comeback from the bowler, getting a ball to nip back off the track but absolutely nothing from those six deliveries to threaten either Strauss or Pietersen.

8 overs - Eng 52-1 (TARGET 240)
Awesome shot from Pietersen, swivelling on his right foot to swot a shortish McKay delivery over midwicket for a four which reeks of utter disdain. Brutal stroke, absolutely no respect shown to the bowler whatsoever.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Henry Twizzell, Bournemouth, text 81111: "Re Police Academy 7. I saw this in tatty cinema in Aberdeen in 1994 when desperate for entertainment on wet Thursday evening. Still the worst film I've seen."

7 overs - Eng 47-1 (TARGET 240)
Plenty of fizz from the bubbly Bollinger (alright, alright I'll stop) but his face is distinctly flat (sorry) as Strauss top-edges a short delivery high over wicketkeeper Tim Paine's head and over the boundary for his second six. Two sixes from Strauss inside the first 10? Start the defibrillator. Pietersen cashes in to a short-of-a-length delivery outside off stump, standing high on his toes before punching the ball into the ground and over the leaping Cameron White at point for four.

6 overs - Eng 36-1 (TARGET 240)
Strauss scythes the hapless McKay behind point for two but misses out on another freebie, this time an overpitched delivery outside off stump, as he drills the ball straight to mid-off. Pietersen steps across his stumps as he attempts one of his ubiquitous leg-side drives, but the ball straightens up and forces him to spit the ball out - to safety - on the offside.

5 overs - Eng 33-1 (TARGET 240)
A rather worried Chris in Boston, USA has asked me to keep schtum on this evening's footy scores. Neat over from Doug Bollinger, just a couple of singles although Pietersen mis-times a front-foot drive, more toe than middle, missing out on a four-scoring opportunity.

4 overs - Eng 31-1 (TARGET 240)
Clint McKay's second one-day international appearance isn't going to plan. He's smeared through the covers for three by Pietersen before serving up the most perfect leg-stump half volley for Strauss to dispatch off his pads for four. Ricky Ponting wears an expression as if he has just watched "Police Academy Seven - Mission to Moscow" on repeat for the past six hours. Better from the New South Welshman, sending down four dot balls with his remaining deliveries. Still, excellent start for England.

3rd over - Eng 24-1 (TARGET 240)
Pietersen has to sway out of the way of a bouncer. He's got so much time to play himself in tonight, but as he drills a drive straight to mid-off you wonder how much of that time he will use. Off the mark, is KP, with a single to midwicket, although it's a tight one with a direct hit from the fielder.

Wicket falls
2.2 overs: Eng 23-1 Wicket - Kieswetter c Paine b Bollinger
Kieswetter was lucky to get through the first over, but his fortune runs out now, driving loosely, edging to the wicketkeeper, and a huge cheer from Bollinger.

2nd over - Eng 23-0 (TARGET 240)
Clint McKay bowls his first ball of the series - and that's not clever, because he's over-stepped and Strauss hammers the free hit straight down the ground for six. Oh dear me, McKay bowls another no-ball, and the following ball is carved high and wide of mid-off for four. This is fun for England.

1st over - Eng 11-0 (TARGET 240)
Strauss nudges the first ball of England's innings behind square for a single, then Kieswetter leaves the next one - but it thunders into his pads with inswing and there's a big shout for lbw. Height saves him. A couple balls float well wide of off-stump, and are called as wides. Now Kieswetter gets a fat inside-edge on his drive but instead of crashing into his stumps it beats fine-leg and that's four. Silly cover-drive off ball five, and the Somerset boy's very lucky, just wide of second slip for four more. Finally, a leave.

1842: So, with bright blue skies still overhead, Strauss and Kieswetter come out to begin England's chase of 240. Doug Bollinger has the ball in his mitts.

The sun is out
1807: Good innings by Cameron White, who finishes with 86 not out, although had Luke Wright reined in his front-foot aberration - the all-rounder had the Victorian caught behind on one off a no-ball - then Australia would probably be deep down strife avenue. History is very much in England's favour at the moment as no team batting first has ever won a one-day international in Cardiff, a venue which has not seen a one-day result since 2005 because of adverse weather conditions. No danger of rain, it's a glorious evening in the Wales capital - and England have the perfect opportunity to take a 2-0 lead in this five-match series. Right, I'm off for 30 minutes or so - see you after some sustenance.


Wicket falls
50 overs: Aus 238-7 Wicket Hopes run out 8
Tim Bresnan, who is fast becoming England's death bowler of choice, sees White just about clear Paul Collingwood chasing a high mis-hit aerial cover drive for a couple, before the Victorian launches a boundary back over the seamer's head for four. This prompts a mini-crisis meeting between Brez, Strauss and Pietersen. But it has little effect as Bresnan drops short and White smashes behind square leg for seventh boundary to move to 84. White launches a wonderful straight drive back over the bowler's head, but gleans only a single as long-off comes around to collect. A smart delivery in the blockhole by Bresnan sees Hopes return the ball straight back at the bowler, allowing the Yorkshireman to whip off the bails as Hopes sacrifices himself so White can face the final ball. Bresnan finishes the innings with an accurate yorker, which Australia fashion a single from, to end the first half of the match.

49 overs: Aus 226-6
Top start to the penultimate over from Anderson, restricting Hopes and White to four singles. But ball number five is a high full toss, allowing Cameron White to get under the ball and launch the ball beyond the ropes at deep midwicket for six, rounding off the over with another single. From 118-5, I think most Aussie fans would take this score.

Alec Stewart
Former England captain Alec Stewart on TMS: "Broad, 24 today, has finished with 4-44 from his 10 overs - the perfect birthday present for his team. Quite outstanding bowling for a 24-year-old and he's only going to get better and better. He's going to be a cricketing great by the end of his career."

48 overs: Aus 215-6
Cameron White is moving around like a man desperate for the dunny on the crease, shuffling to leg as Stuart Broad runs up, only to wander over in the opposite direction as the ball is realised. Needless to say, he doesn't manage to pierce the infield. Excellent end to Broad's spell, finishing with figures of 4-44.

Get involved on 606
From nigeweir on 606: "Australia are being outclassed, and are starting to struggle with the fact that England have taken over their role as the team to beat."

47 overs: Aus 210-6
Over in Dambulla, India have given the Sri Lankans a good spanking in the final of the Asia Cup, winning by 81 runs. Over in Cardiff, new batsman James Hopes whacks an attempted yorker for four through cover for four off James Anderson. But the Lancs man delivers the most perfect yorker with the next delivery. Two singles follow and England have countered well in this powerplay.

46 overs: Aus 203-6
Looks like a slower ball from Broad as Smith backs away to the leg side, but the deception baffles the young all-rounder, who plays a nothing shot to Colly, helping Stuart Broad to his fourth wicket on his 24th birthday.

Wicket falls
45.4 overs: Aus 202-6 Wicket Smith ct Collingwood b Broad 41
Athletic bit of fielding from Broad, who leaps at full stretch to stop a Cameron White push for a single, only to see his shy at the stumps miss while rolling off the floor. AndSmith's gone! A leading edge straight into the air and into the hands of Paul Collingwood.

45 overs: Aus 200-5
Oh dear, this could be messy as Steve Smith clamours for a quick single as he drops the ball by his feet, only to collide into the onrushing James Anderson as he attempts the run out. The pair push chests for a couple of seconds before Smith makes his ground without any danger. The names "Collingwood/Elliott/Sidebottom" spring to mind watching that incident. The young Aussie all-rounder backs away to the leg side and clears the infield with an aerial waft for four, following that stroke up with three runs, this time closer to the ground, for three to bring up the 200.

44 overs: Aus 190-5
Powerplay! OK, so I was two overs out. In comes the field as Cameron White misses out on a short and wide freebie outside off stump from three-wicket birthday boy Stuart Broad, but the next ball is identical and promptly dispatched for a one-bounce boundary. For some reason the Kaiser Chiefs's I Predict A Riot accompanies the stroke. Indie boundaries? What's this about? Hope Spirtualized's 17-minute "Cop Shoot Cop" opus isn't on the DJ's rope-clearing playlist.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Sophia, London, text 81111: "RING RING' Hello? Watson! It's the 70s on the phone. They want their ridiculous hair back."

That's 50
43 overs: Aus 182-5
Looks like Australia are going to use the final five overs for their batting powerplay. Cameron White brings up his half century off 71 balls, featuring four boundaries and a six. Remember, this is a man who was caught off a no-ball on one.

42 overs: Aus 177-5
I don't want to seem ungrateful here, but this is dull. Bring on the powerplay and banish this tip-and-run nonsense. Four more from Wright's over.

41 overs: Aus 173-5
Excellent fielding from Kevin Pietersen - first mention of his former Hampshireness's name this afternoon - ensures Smith is restricted to one run off Michael Yardy. Meanwhile, I have just been handed a cup of tea with no teabag in it, so essentially a milk top in pub parlance.

40 overs: Aus 169-5
White scythes a shortish delivery behind backward square for four off Luke Wright, but cannot continue the momentum as the next two deliveries are dot balls. However, the partnership moves beyond the 50-run mark, becoming a rather annoying stain that refuses to go away for Andrew Strauss.

39 overs: Aus 162-5
White is winding up, but he can't find the right delivery from Yardy's sixth over to unleash the missiles. Instead, he opts for prudence and singles. Expect the batting powerplay in the next few overs.

From Dave, London, TMS inbox: "I'm English and my wife is Slovak, my heart can't take any more of this! Hopefully England will knock these of with 10 overs to spare otherwise I'm off to the local A&E."

38 overs: Aus 160-5
Luke Wright now, with some sort of product preventing his hair from falling a millimetre out of place in the stiff breeze, sees Steve Smith swing and miss a delivery a little too full to pull. Wright pulls a puzzled face, turns abruptly and returns to his mark. Four runs from that over, but remember Australia still have the batting powerplay to utilise.

37 overs: Aus 156-5
More tight lines from Bresnan, conceding just one run and ensuring his final delivery isn't a buffet offering.

36 overs: Aus 155-5
Strains of MGMT's "Kids" (dads, ask yer kids) greets a wonderfully swept four down to deep square leg by Steve Smith, an all-rounder of real promise as most Worcestershire fans will probably testify, bringing up the Aussie 150. More sweeping, this time from White, who moves to 36 from 51 deliveries.

35 overs: Aus 148-5
Big Brez returns and refuses to offer any looseners until his final delivery of the over, short and wide outside stump allowing Cameron White to take full advantage with a savage cut through point for four. That will annoy Andrew Strauss considerably.

From Mike, Salisbury, TMS inbox: "That ball from Anderson to bowl Hussey was a pearler. What with him, who I've always rated as a class act, Broad firing, Steve Finn in the wings (and Swann), dare I begin to think that we almost have an Ashes-winning attack along Jones/Hoggard/Harmison/Freddy (and Gilo) lines? I'm almost excited."

34 overs: Aus 141-5
White drops to one knee and smears Graeme Swann over long on for the first maximum of the match. He didn't hit it quite as cleanly as he would have liked, but there was enough willow to clear the fielder and the ropes.

33 overs: Aus 134-5
First bit of sloppiness in the field from England as Graeme Swann's slide on the boundary fails to prevent the ball from crossing the ropes. Yardy isn't best pleased, but England have been exemplary in the field today. Yardy is measuring at 61mph on the speedgun, which is faster than most village XI opening bowling attacks.

32 overs: Aus 127-5
Wonderful punchy straight drive from Smith for four past the toes of Anderson in his follow-through, the first boundary for a good few overs. Still, plenty of consolidation to be done before mounting a final 10-over thwack.

31 overs: Aus 121-5
Whoops, looks like I've ruined Sam in Cambridge's day by revealing the football scores. "Stick to your job of reporting on the cricket" he says. Yardy shuffles in and concedes three singles. Manually refresh your webpage to see our photo gallery from the Swalec Stadium. Well worth it. Really.

30 overs: Aus 118-5
New man Steve Smith probably hasn't had to cope with a situation like this in an Australia shirt. He respectfully plays out the remainder of Anderson's over, but England are pressing for the jugular.

29.1 overs: Aus 118-5
Anderson cleans up Hussey's furniture with a beauty which swings back into the left-hander, who plays inside the line of the ball before the ball rattles into the top of middle stump. Wonderful delivery.

Wicket falls
29.1 overs: Aus 118-5 Wicket Hussey bowled Anderson 14

29 overs: Aus 118-4
Top over from Swann, met with an enthusiastic round of applause from the sated post-lunch Swalec crowd as he concedes just the solitary run from another impressive and tight over.

28 overs: Aus 117-4
Another consistent over from Anderson, leaking just three runs with Hussey and White unable to access the buffet. New Zealand 0-0 with Paraguay in the World Cup while Italy are now 2-0 down to Slovakia! Unbelievable scenes!

From Daryl Williams, TMS inbox: "I'm in Melbourne so not sure how I'll collect the pie from Paul in Wigan, but NZ's Aaron Redmond is playing for Wigan CC this year. With the Socceroos out of the world cup all us Aussies are honorary Kiwis now - one eye on the cricket, the other on the football. Neither looking good right now..."

27 overs: Aus 114-4
Swannage! "It's 65 all in case your wondering," mutters colleague Chris Charles, currently covering the " STYLE="LINK_Inline">Isner-Mahut saga at Wimbers. The Aussies would take either one of those innings right now. Muted shout for leg before from Swann, but the ball strikes White well outside off stump. Four runs to the total, but fireworks are distinctly lacking at the moment.

26 overs: Aus 110-4
James Anderson returns with a tidy start to his second spell, restricting White and Hussey to singles. England well in control right now.

From Danny Alderman, TMS inbox: "Re Paul in Wigan's comments 23rd over, having checked Google (other internet-based search engines available - objectivity ed), I can tell you your Kiwi star is Aaron Redmond. Can I have a chicken and bacon one please?"

25 overs: Aus 107-4
Dilscoopage from Cameron White, who paddles a Yardy delivery over his shoulder for a fine four. He goes a little more conventional with a sweep, but Strauss makes an excellent stop at short fine leg to prevent the boundary, conceding just a single instead.

24 overs: Aus 101-4
Hussey brings up the Aussie ton with a lovely push through the covers for four, but Luke Wright has the bit between his teeth, making up for his first-ball error with five successive dot balls.

Former Australia fast bowler Jeff Thomson on Test Match Special: "That was not a good shot at that time in the game. That was a big wicket for England. Watson was the guy who Australia needed to bat through the innings."

23 overs: Aus 97-4
Yardy, like an annoying wasp which wants to wedge itself in your succulent jam sandwich, refuses to give any room to swot away, leaking three runs. Just three boundaries in the last 10 overs for the Aussies. The glass is half-empty, judging by the response of Jeff Thomson on TMS.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Paul in Wigan, via text: "Re: 15 overs - Wow I think that's the first time Wigan has ever been mentioned on Test Match Special cricket ... Though we do have a famous New Zealand international playing for Wigan Cricket Club this season. Pranav, a Wigan Pooles pie to anyone who can get it right!"
Errrrr, Roger Twose? Ewen Chatfield? Martin Sneddon? Sean Fitzpatrick? Ryan Nelsen? Brett off Flight of the Conchords?

22 overs: Aus 94-4
Clever deception from Wright, who sends down a slower delivery which Watson attempts to smash towards Barry Island, only to edge the ball high and not very far into the sky. Wright and Kieswetter both run for the catch, but it is the wicketkeeper who pouches the ball with an excellent diving catch with the ball spinning around like a 1980s breakdancer in the air. In comes new man Mike Hussey.

Wicket falls
21.3 overs: Aus 94-4 Wicket Watson ct Kieswetter b Wright 57

From Paul in Hereford, TMS inbox: "Don't forget your Green Cross Code, when crossing Cathedral Road after the game. Luke Wright, look left, Luke Wright again."
This is too much. But excellent nonetheless.

21 overs: Aus 93-3
First glimpse of tweak, although I don't think I have ever seen Michael Yardy spin a coin, let alone a cricket ball. However, his darts restrict Australia to two runs.

20 overs: Aus 91-3
Cameron White edges a snorter from Luke Wright and is brilliantly taken one-handed at full stretch by Craig Kieswetter, only to be greeted by the perpendicular right arm of umpire Nigel Llong, who spotted Luke Wright's front foot was over the popping crease. Comedy and confusion ensues for the free hit as Graeme Swann, stationed at short leg, is ordered off the field for his own safety. The field can't move for a free hit and, with White at the crease, you really don't want to be standing two metres from the bat. Swann sits on the boundary like a naughty child ordered out of class as White swings like Lee Westwood, only to squirt an edge down to third man for a single. Anti-climax, but most definitely a first for me.

From Vince Haran, TMS inbox: "The could have invited James Foster(s) or a Alex (H)ale(s) to come to the party."

That's 50
19 overs: Aus 86-3
Shane Watson brings up his 16th one-day fifty with a dab to third man off the positively rampant Stuart Broad. Birthday boy goes wide of the crease but his direction is off, allowing Watson to swat off his pads for his eighth boundary. Broad revs up the gears with his final delivery of his seventh over, a short delivery outside off stump at 88.5mph which Watson evades.

18 overs: Aus 80-3
Cameron White, a man who has seen his fair share of sticky situations during his one-day career, joins Watson at the crease. The Victorian is kept in check by the enterprising Luke Wright, restricting the Australian to singles.

17 overs: Aus 77-3
Brilliant cricket from England, tails up like a bloodhound chasing a scent. Andrew Strauss places Graeme Swann under the lid at short leg - and his placement works a treat as Clarke gets into all sorts of bother attempting to get on top of a short Broad delivery, but instead meekly pushes the ball into Swann's hands for the simplest of catches. Brilliant bowling but equally, excellent captaincy. England are rampant at the moment. Only Watson is in party-pooping mood at the moment.

Wicket falls
17 overs: Aus 77-3 Wicket Clarke ct Swann b Broad 1

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on Test Match Special: "The Aussies got off to a great start but they seem to have gone into their shells . The bowling has improved but the Australians are showing a lack of confidence. It used to be quite scary walking past them in the hotel but now they are just a normal team."

16 overs: Aus 75-2
In comes new man Michael Clarke who, Paul in Hereford may well be aware, is a teetotaller. Watson, who had faded into the ether in the past few overs, unleashes a monumental slog-sweep off a slower Luke Wright delivery over midwicket for four, before squirting a misdirected sweep fine four boundary number seven to move four runs short of a half-ton.

From Paul in Hereford, TMS inbox: "Good afternoon. I must say that I am rather taken aback at the amount of drinkers in the Aussie team today. White, McKay and Bollinger are all picked. Shouldn't they all be abstaining from the hard stuff until after the match? What a shame England left out Bell."

15 overs: Aus 67-2
An absolute ripper from Broad, finding that perfect line outside off stump to draw Ponting to play way in front of his pad, edging the ball to Craig Kieswetter for a comfortable catch. Happy 24th birthday Stuart, celebrate your 101th one-day wicket with verve. The adjective, not the former Wigan-based band. Or seminal jazz music label.

Wicket falls
14.4 overs: Aus 67-2 Wicket Ponting ct Kieswetter b Broad 13

14 overs: Aus 66-1
Luke Wright's run-up is very similar to the type of shuffle used by a man in desperate need of a latrine, that tight-buttocked, short-stepped bustle as he approaches the crease. Squeaky bottom or not, the Sussex all-rounder concedes just two from his first over as Ponting pushes through mid-off. Excellent start.

Get involved on 606
From slowie on 606: "Lee, Johnson, Harris - that is Australia's first choice bowling line-up right there, all on the sidelines"

13 overs: Aus 64-1
Good wheels from Broad, breaking the 90mph barrier as Ponting gets just about enough willow on his flat-bat pull to evade midwicket for two. Broad is running with plenty of rhythm and control, hitting a good line and length with no buffet deliveries on offer.

12 overs: Aus 60-1
Ponting has quality oozing through his gloves, hopping on to his back foot before disdainfully flicking the ball off his hip for an authoritative boundary down to deep square. But Bresnan is causing mischief once again, summoning the pitch demons to cause all sorts of bother for Ponting, who takes his top hand off the handle as the ball spits towards his gloves.

From Dominic Woodford, Uxbridge, TMS inbox: "'A 10-mile stone's throw'?! (from 14:15); someone's got a fantastic arm on them! My personal best from my youth is probably 50 metres and which just failed to clear next door's greenhouse. It was then I discovered that broken glass takes hours to clear up... "

11 overs: Aus 56-1
In comes Ricky Ponting, whose memories of this particular ground aren't quite as rosy as most of yours. I can't believe it has taken me 11 overs to mention that epic first Ashes Test last summer. The Aussie captain instantly gets off the mark with a miscued push, but he doubles up with a drive through backward point.

10.3 overs: Aus 51-1
Absolute rank awful delivery from Stuart Broad which Tim Paine somehow contrives to nudge into Craig Kieswetter's gloves attempting to turn the ball down to fine leg. Like Stuart Broad cares - that's his 100th one-day wicket, becoming the youngest England player to reach that landmark. Take a bow Stoo.

Wicket falls
10.3 overs: Aus 51-1 Wicket Paine ct Kieswetter b Broad 16

10 overs: Aus 51-0
Excellent over from Bresnan, rapping the fingers of Tim Paine with a snorter which rears like a tennis ball off the so-far benign track, similar to what happened at the Rose Bowl on Tuesday. Paine eventually gets off strike with a single, but the judges will award that round to Brez. Paul, below, Bradford Bulls have brought forward their Super League match on Sunday. No doubt there are discussions in ECB towers about what to do.

From Paul in Warwickshire, TMS inbox: ">I wonder whether there's been any word at TMS Towers about what the ECB are planning to do about the fixture clash on Sunday? Show the football, alter the timings, or risk 90% of the stadium emptying for two hours…??! I have tickets for Old Trafford so was looking forward to a perfect sporting weekend watching England beat the old enemy at football on Saturday and the (other) old enemy at cricket on Sunday till those pesky Americans spoiled my plans! Some might say the Germans and Australians will have a good chance of spoiling my plans too but I refuse to listen to that kind of pessimistic defeatism…"

9 overs: Aus 49-0
More wild slashing outside off stump from Watson, but his rather elegant blade of willow somehow remains shy of the ball, much to Broad's chagrin. The Notts seamer ruins a good over as he overpitches on leg stump, allowing Watson to pick up three and steal the strike. Again.

8 overs: Aus 44-0
Watson looks as comfortable as a toddler in front of the TV right now, moving into the 30s with a subtle nudge as Bresnan probes the off-stump line.

From Adam Rope, Merewether, NSW, Australia, TMS inbox: "Can you please advise how the 'new' Julia Gillard is an upgraded, and no doubt much improved, version of the 'old' Julia Gillard? Faster processing time and fewer crashes no doubt?"

7 overs: Aus 41-0
Stuart Broad, who looks more and more like an extra from Brideshead Revisited these days (apart from the cricket clothing), instantly finds a good line and length around off stump to keep Tim Paine in his crease, but his penultimate ball offers a bit of width, allowing the Tasmanian to ease the ball backward of point for his second boundary. Paine attempts to wander down the pitch once more, but is averted by a ball which spits off the deck, clattering into the batsman's inside thigh. Horrible place to be hit.

From Rob Kinch, TMS inbox: "The River Taff has a good run of sea trout and salmon and a good head of wild brown trout. There are also grayling, chub, roach and barbel. With the demise of the mining and industry in the valleys generally the water quality is superb."

6 overs: Aus 36-0
Another let-off for Watson, who sees another thick outside edge squirt past the vacant slips and to third man, where Stuart Broad makes an excellent stop on the boundary to prevent the ball from crossing the boundary. A couple of singles and it's an encouraging start for the world champions. One-day world champions that is.

5 overs: Aus 34-0
Yells of "CAAAATTTTCCCCHHHH!!!!" as Watson scythes a thick outside edge off Anderson through the vacant slips for four before disturbing billions of tiny air particles rather than the stitched leather of the white cricket ball attempting to crash a boundary through the covers. Enough encouragement for England's bowlers, although the freebies are plentiful so far.

From Herbie, TMS inbox: "What's that bump I just heard? Oh, it's England coming back down to Earth."

4 overs: Aus 30-0
Nice delivery from Bresnan, getting a ball outside off stump to hold its line as Tim Paine fishes without a licence. But his next shot is thoroughly convincing, advancing down the track to hit the Yorkshireman straight over his head for four. Nice riposte from Bresnan, gleaning a thick outside edge just short of cover attempting to play to the leg side.

3 overs: Aus 26-0
The bowling-starved Tim Paine gracefully gets off the mark with a stylish square drive through cover point for four, ably assisted by some not particularly convincing fielding from Luke Wright before dabbing a single to third man to steal the strike. There's Merv "Sumo" Hughes reading a fishing magazine. Any keen anglers know whether you can fish in the River Taff?

From Dave B, London, TMS inbox: "Rob J - I very much doubt it too, Rob. She made the same bet last night about the football and all we got was a bit of leg."

2 overs: Aus 21-0
Tim Bresnan, chest as wide as the M1, ambles in with a couple of looseners which Watson plays without too much fuss, picking up two runs from two successive deliveries. Poor Tim Paine hasn't had a sniff. And Watson collects his fourth boundary from 12 balls when he disdainfully flicks a leg-side delivery past short fine leg inside the circle. New Aussie PM Gillard must be jigging in her pyjamas.

1 over: Aus 13-0
James Anderson, arms pumping like the pistons of a Flying Scotsman, serves up the juiciest of half volleys for Shane Watson to caress through cover for four, following that up with a handsome punchy straight drive drilled into the wicket and high above Anderson's head for boundary number two. His third comes with a wristy flick off his pad, evading midwicket for four before tea-leafing the strike with a dab to third man. Anderson looks as if someone has just blown a vuvuzela in his ear from point-blank range.

1429: Apologies for the lack of updates, someone trod on a cable. So England are out, resplendent in navy blue, while Shane Watson and Tim Paine wander out and indulge in a spot of gardening before James Anderson's first over. Game on.

From Rob J, London, TMS inbox: "Fingers crossed for another England win. I wander if Baggers will honour her bet and streak around the office if we win today?! I doubt it."
No birthday suits on my watch. Instead, I propose some form of breakdancing by the photocopier to provide a 'watercooler moment' for the rest of the office. Backspins, helicopters, bodypopping, the lot.

1415: How rude, no greetings, no wafer-thin similes or mandatory random tube observation to open up with, just hardcore team news. A big hello to new Julia Gillard, who will be celebrating her promotion as Australia's first woman Prime Minister by staying up all night to read the BBC's world-famous text commentary.* To complete the circle, she was born in Barry Island in South Wales, a 10-mile stone's throw away from today's venue in Cardiff.
(*This is blatantly untrue.)

1406: News! Ricky Ponting has won the toss and has elected to bat first on what seems a slow wicket at the Swalec Stadium. Fast bowler Ryan Harris misses out because of some sort of leg strain, so leg-spinner Steve Smith comes in, while seamer Clint McKay is recalled for teenager Josh Hazlewood. England are unchanged. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 4 wickets
  • England: 243-6 (45.2 overs)
  • Australia: 239-7 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 243
Strauss c and b Hauritz 51
Kieswetter c Paine b Bollinger 8
Pietersen c Ponting b Smith 33
Collingwood b Bollinger 48
Morgan c Paine b Bollinger 52
L Wright b Hopes 10
Bresnan not out 12
Swann not out 19
Extras 5nb 3w 2lb 10

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