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England v Australia - First ODI as it happened


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By Oliver Brett

So England lead the series 1-0, and we move to the second game of five in Cardiff, again starting at 1430 BST, on Thursday. The Aussies' last memory of Cardiff will be Monty Panesar's batting. At least they won't have to deal with that. Of their bowlers, I like Hazlewood and Harris. Doug Bollinger bowled some fine deliveries as well, and really that Australian attack is not quite the Achilles heel it might appear to be. England had Morgan, that was the difference. He is very special - 103 not out off 85 balls with 16, yes 16 boundaries.

Yardy gets a single, and Morgan goes to his century and wins the game in one blow, a straight drive back past Harris. What a wonderful innings, his third ODI century, and second for England.

Wicket falls
45.4 overs - WICKET - Bresnan b Harris 27 - Eng 263-6
England have to take the batting powerplay now, so in come the fielders. Mind you they've attacked all night pretty much in the field, and it's not going to work. Morgan goes to 98 by clunking Harris over midwicket for four then a lovely Harris yorker cleans up Bresnan!

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From Mike in Harpenden, via text: "Nice to see a late sunset and a new dawn all at once!"

45th over - Eng 257-5 (TARGET 268)
Two for Morgan off Hopes, actually this is increasingly hope-less for the Aussies. Eleven wanted from 30 balls.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
44th over - Eng 252-5 (TARGET 268)
Hauritz to Bresnan - lofted cover-drive for four. Now he can afford to block the rest of the over, but sod that, says the Yorkshireman, and out comes the slog-sweep for four more. CMJ says Morgan's reverse-sweep is "as though he was whipping a horse".

43rd over - Eng 243-5 (TARGET 268)
Morgan leg-glances Hopes for four. Not a good ball that. Now he strays the other way and the brilliant left-hander cuts him for yet another boundary, his 14th, to go to 91.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "I'm slightly surprises by how good Morgan is. To get four from that shot off Hauritz... he took it just a little bit early wit that whippy, hockey-player's crack?"

42nd over - Eng 233-5 (TARGET 268)
The timing and placement of Morgan has been extraordinary tonight. Here he rocks back and hammers out through extra- cover, and there it goes, sure as eggs are eggs, into the fence.

41st over - Eng 225-5 (TARGET 268)
Bollinger's getting a few deliveries to nip about as the floodlights take full effect. This is normal in English conditions. But having bided his time calmly, Morgan steps forward with typical confidence and drives in the gap for another boundary.

From Matt in Oxford, TMS inbox: "[20 Overs] 'Morgan needs to hit a century and one of Yardy and Bresnan must produce something substantial too...'. Oliver, would you care to add 'Rooney needs to score a brace and James must produce something substantial too...'?" (There you are Matt, Rooney's in my fantasy team still. Time for him to deliver indeed...)

40th over - Eng 219-5 (TARGET 268)
Hauritz has nothing in the wicket column yet. What can he do now? It's another tight one, but Morgan is still there and will be on strike for the next over.

39th over - Eng 216-5 (TARGET 268)
Good running by Bresnan keeps Morgan on strike as they scamper two, then there's a bit of a silly run, but Bresnan is JUST in. Third umpire takes an age to give it in England's favour, mind. There's an indigo sky overhead and Australia are keeping a lid on things for now.

38th over - Eng 213-5 (TARGET 268)
Hauritz comes on and it's a much better over for Australia. Ponting has done well to stick with these tight fields and against the spinner it's not so easy to find the gaps.

37th over - Eng 211-5 (TARGET 268)
Hard to describe this latest Morgan boundary, the ball sent fizzing for a one-bounce four over the slips with a snap of the wrists off Bollinger.

36th over - Eng 205-5 (TARGET 268)
Awful fielding from Clarke gifts England two runs when a needless shy at the stumps ricochets away for overthrows. I thought Watson had had enough, but Ponting makes him bowl at Morgan again, the cruel skipper that he is, and the cool left-hander smites him over mid-on for another dreamy boundary. Four more, this time off Bresnan, and well... if you keep on Watson when he's already been smacked about you're gambling.

35th over - Eng 193-5 (TARGET 268)
Just played across a straight one, hit JUST on off-stump. Some umpires may have saved the batsman, but that's fair enough. Single for Bresnan off the last ball of the over.

Wicket falls
34.5 overs - WICKET - Wright lbw Harris 36 - Eng 192-5
The Morgan masterclass continues. Harris bowls on a length, Morgan off-drives classically for four. The ball has been changed as per mandatory regulations and the required rate is below five now. Aussies need a wicket, like 10 minutes ago. And there it is!

That's 50
34th over - Eng 185-4 (TARGET 268)
Morgan's pull shot goes high in the air, but it's placed quite beautifully off Watson, and that's four. Two come off the next one, then he leans into an elegant cover-drive - and that'll be four more. No threat from Watson all of a sudden, and there's a single for Morgan's ninth ODI half-century.

33rd over - Eng 174-4 (TARGET 268)
The Aussies need to crack this stand. There I was complaining about us not having a genuine number six - I wasn't as scathing as Joel, though - and Wright has helped Morgan accrue 73 so far. Harris, who is the fastest bowler in the match, is worked into the onside for two by Wright who goes to 35, four behind Morgan.

32nd over - Eng 170-4 (TARGET 268)
The useless Luke Wright - thanks for you e-mail, Joel - hits probably the best shot of the day, a lofted straight drive for six off Watson. Hello Sailor. Ninety-nine wanted now. A Wright single reduces the target just a little bit more.

From Joel, TMS inbox:

"What has Ian Bell got to do to play for England? His batting for Warwickshire in the last few weeks has been like nothing I've watched before but I guess he doesn't play for one of the home counties like most of the England batting line-up such as the useless Luke Wright. England selectors are very prejudiced and this needs to change to get the best England team out there for the Ashes."

31st over - Eng 162-4 (TARGET 268)
A really good period for England this, but they need it to continue for as long as possible. Harris is back into the attack, and Wright is hitting his shots with good timing now, a couple of twos from him here.

30th over - Eng 155-4 (TARGET 268)
Morgan just gets better and better, doesn't he? Where would our ODI side be without this son of Ireland? Here's a pull for four off Hauritz, then he absolutely nails his first attempt at a reverse sweep, and that goes for four too. Hauritz isn't crying, though he often looks like he's about to.

29th over - Eng 145-4 (TARGET 268)
Morgan plays a lovely lofted on-drive for four off Hazlewood, which prompts a quick burst of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I gather she is persona non grata at New York Yankees games after a couple of embarrassing "guest" appearances.

28th over - Eng 138-4 (TARGET 268)
England reach 134, which is exactly half way to their target, it's just UNDER a run a ball needed now. Very low sun now a bit of a problem for everyone. Hauritz's over includes a very tight single, but it's pretty well judged by this England pair. Oh, shocker from Gould, who counts a five-ball over, and after a long delay Hauritz eventually bowls it.

27th over - Eng 132-4 (TARGET 268)
Every batsman in this match who has faced a ball has reached double figures. Ain't that a thing. Hazlewood is back for his second spell, and Wright is being all impatient again. Now that's better. He didn't try to flay that, just a well-timed, well-placed cut from the Sussex boy, and it's four.

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From Richard from Camberley, via text: "Re: Paul in Suffolk (23rd over), I can't wait for Morgan to become Captain one day! Will be a Rum day for the Aussies!!"

26th over - Eng 125-4 (TARGET 268)
Morgan cuts between two backward points and well wide of the very fine third man for four. Terrific shot. Hopes might have better luck against Wright. "You can just see the floodlights take effect," says Jonathan Agnew. Morgan, with a low straight drive, whacks Hopes down the ground for four more. That almost sconed umpire Gould, who leapt like a startled rabbit about a second after the ball had flown an inch past his hat.

25th over - Eng 115-4 (TARGET 268)
Morgan sweeps Hauritz fine for two, the crowd are getting a bit beery and slightly disgruntled. Give them a boundary or two, England.

24th over - Eng 111-4 (TARGET 268)
In 50-over cricket I think you need a real batsman at six, especially if the wicketkeeper is opening the batting. Wright, Yardy, Bresnan, Swann, Broad - they're all much of a muchness really. Anyhow, Hopes beats a slashing Morgan and the required rate moves past six for the first time.

23rd over - Eng 108-4 (TARGET 268)
Hauritz finally gets into the attack, and he has a slip in for Wright. Four dot balls, then a scratchy edge past that slip on the ground gets Wright a couple. A sweep gets him one more.

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From Paul in Suffolk, via text: "Wonder if Bollinger will win the 'champagne moment' one day?" (If anyone's got a worse joke than that, feel free to send it. Don't be shy.)

22nd over - Eng 105-4 (TARGET 268)
Australia roll out a crewcut-sporting James Hopes, who is their fifth seamer - STILL no Hauritz. Nice footwork from Morgan and a well-struck cut shot, but he can't get it past point. All a bit fraught for England. You see I think they could gamble on the powerplay now. If it comes off suddenly the Aussies will be under pressure. If not, well at least they tried.

21st over - Eng 101-4 (TARGET 268)
Ponting's field placings have been so much better than Strauss's today. Really tight pressure on the singles, and although that means Wright can collect three off his first ball, singles are generally hard to get. Two slips in for Bollinger into Wright who is beaten by one, and leaves the last alone.

Wicket falls
20 overs - WICKET - Collingwood c Hopes b Watson 11 - Eng 97-4
Watson strikes again, Collingwood trying to do a Kieswetter with an aerial drive and failing to get the elevation giving mid-off a basic catch. This is real trouble for England as Morgan needs to hit a century and one of Yardy and Bresnan must produce something substantial too.

19th over - Eng 94-3 (TARGET 268)
Bollinger, who took 0-28 from his first four overs, is back into the attack. No Hauritz yet, are they scared of Morgan taking him on? Collingwood plays all around the last ball of the over, and is beaten through the gate.

18th over - Eng 92-3 (TARGET 268)
The sun's beginning to slip towards the top of one of the stands, and it might cause some problems for the fielders for a while. This stand is really important for England. I hate to say it but there's no real pedigree batsmen to come. Collingwood finally gets something friendly, a Watson long-hop, and that's pulled for four.

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From jakepeg on 606: "Anyone else think that bowlers need to bowl full inswingers to Kieswetter and he will struggle to score as freely. His movements are mostly to leg and frees up off side, have yet to see him power shots off his legs"

17th over - Eng 83-3 (TARGET 268)
Collingwood had a break during the Tests against Bangladesh, and it looks like he's some way off finding his timing. After Morgan gets a single immediately, Collingwood scratches about, finally getting off the mark with a single to deep midwicket, from his 11th ball faced.

Wicket falls
16.1 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter b Hazlewood 38 - Eng 81-3
Oh got him, done for pace. Hazlewood started up with some floaty gentle stuff, but suddenly there's a great nitro injection of pace in that one, Kieswetter comes down late on it, and is clean bowled. Great moment for the young debutant.

16th over - Eng 81-2 (TARGET 268)
England are pretty much bang on the asking rate, as Watson attempts to find a way past Collingwood. No timing yet from the Durham man, who hits a succession of drives to men in a well-guarded off-side ring. Good maiden from Watson.

15th over - Eng 81-2 (TARGET 268)
Much more like it from Hazlewood, using his height to get steep bounce into batsman's face. But the next ball is too short and Kieswetter pulls this imperiously for six, lovely shot.

14th over - Eng 75-2 (TARGET 268)
Colly at four, dot ball first up to complete the over

Wicket falls
13.5 overs - WICKET - Pietersen c Ponting b Watson 29 - Eng 75-2
Kieswetter loves the aerial drive as much as Billy Bunter loves chocolate brownies and he launches Watson for one over mid-on, the fielder again stretching in vain. Kieswetter's follow-through is like a golfer's, very flamboyant. Then out of nowhere we have a wicket - Pietersen caught low down by Ponting at backward point off a skewed drive.

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From Jon, Essex, via text: "Significantly fewer inebriated rampaging Wonder Women or beer container snakes at the Rose Bowl. Credit crunch or better stewarding? Respect to Rod Bransgrove"

13th over - Eng 69-1 (TARGET 268)
England's 12-over score is identical to what Australia's was, which is interesting. Hazlewood is pulled by Pietersen for two and when they go for a quick single, he attempts a run-out but there's nobody there and England grab two more overthrows.

Jeff Thomson
12th over - Eng 64-1 (TARGET 268)
It's time for the big blond Queenslander Shane Watson, who got some dreadful stick from England's batsmen in the World Twenty20 final. Pietersen remembers that, and attempts to smack the first ball into orbit but doesn't get decent contact. "All these lights are going to do is make it hotter," says a perplexed Jeff Thomson. The fifth ball is thumped through covers for four by Pietersen with absolutely no footwork, and Watson turns white with fear (or maybe he's still got sunscreen on).

11th over - Eng 57-1 (TARGET 268)
The floodlights have been on for almost an hour, though the shadows aren't even very long yet. A perfect English midsummer's evening. England get a free run from an overthrow, then Kieswetter pulls Hazlewood, but only for one. Ah, good ball: fortune favouring KP, whose skittish edge flies just past first slip at very catchable height for four.

10th over - Eng 50-1 (TARGET 268)
Aussie commentators Jeff Thomson and Jim Maxwell are rather impressed with Kieswetter, who they are watching live for the first time, but that's a good riposte from Harris. England not ahead of the required rate yet, though hopefully they won't worry a jot.

9th over - Eng 49-1 (TARGET 268)
So here is the teenage debutant Josh Hazlewood. His first ball is a slow, low full toss and Pietersen drives it past mid-off for four. Still no pace with the second one, glanced away for a single. Kieswetter bides his time, but these are very gentle balls with no movement. Patience runs out for Kieswetter, and he lofts a drive about a foot over mid-off's outstretched arm for four.

8th over - Eng 40-1 (TARGET 268)
Kieswetter is up to 20 with his fourth boundary, a shot lashed clean as a whistle for four over point - neither a cut nor a drive. Two singles boost the scoring further.

7th over - Eng 34-1 (TARGET 268)
This is boom or bust batting from England, lots of dots, some wild plays and misses, and the odd boundary. Where are the singles? Ah, there's one for Kieswetter, then a quick single for KP. That's better. Snicko is finally available for that KP decision and APPEARS TO SHOW AN EDGE. He got lucky. Kieswetter drives the fifth ball of the over sweetly through the covers for four.

6th over - Eng 27-1 (TARGET 268)
Pietersen off-drives Harris for four. We're seeing some hotspot replays of that appeal against him on nought from the fourth over, and there's some suggestion - though nothing concrete - that there might have been a tiny graze off ball on bat.

5th over - Eng 23-1 (TARGET 268)
The Aussies are appealing for another catch behind off KP, this time down the leg-side. Pietersen is off the mark with a single, then there's a free hit following a no-ball which is carved down to third man for four by Kieswetter. The Somerset youngster is beaten by one and defends the last ball. Good pace from Bollinger, around 90mph consistently.

4th over - Eng 16-1 (TARGET 268)
Harris is bowling very straight to Pietersen and after four dot balls, the Aussies ARE CONVINCED Pietersen is caught behind. But umpire Gould shakes his head and Pietersen's going nowhere.

Wicket falls
3.1 overs - WICKET - Strauss c Paine b Harris 10 - Eng 16-1
Harris slanting across Strauss from over the wicket, takes the edge of the England captain, and that's out. Easy catch for Paine.

3rd over - Eng 16-0 (TARGET 268)
Oh that's an elegant, utterly gorgeous back-foot force through the covers for Kieswetter's first boundary. He stood tall and it just fizzed through the gap in the covers.

From Andy Nickless, Worcester, TMS inbox: "It's going to be a tall order for England tonight but good to know we can rely on KP's usual 18 or so."

2nd over - Eng 11-0 (TARGET 268)
Ryan Harris it is, his 14th ODI this, but first against England. There's a very slight look of Kurt Russell circa 1992 about Harris, with his stubble and squinting eyes, and it's a decent enough start from him. Kieswetter gets off the mark, by the way.

1st over - Eng 9-0 (TARGET 268)
Bollinger's second ball is too short and too far down the leg-side, so that's an easy wide for umpire Dar to signal. The third is a half-volley on middle stump, which is a gift to a player of Strauss's class, and the on-drive disappears for four. The next ball is served up in the same spot again, so Strauss helps himself to four more. Big appeal for lbw off ball five, but that was JUST missing leg-stump.

1839: Welcome back folks, still bright sunshine as Bollinger prepares to open the bowling for Australia.

1805: Don't forget to listen to TMS between innings for their interview with Sachin Tendulkar...

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From Katy in Cornwall, via text: "Re: jakepeg (45th over) Surely the Heskey of cricket is Steven Finn - always falling over for no apparent reason"


50th over - Aus 267-7
Australia scamper a single off the last ball, and I reckon they're about 20 runs light of a "par" score here. But England have mucked up easier chases than this.

Wicket falls
49.5 overs - WICKET - Hauritz c Strauss b Broad 22 - Aus 266-7
Extra fielders on the boundary permitted for the final over, which will suit Broad and England. A Hauritz single first up, a rushed two to long-on next, and Clarke - who has been a bit disappointing in the final thrash - completely miscues the third ball as they grab a leg-bye. Hauritz is the key man, he sweeps over short fine leg for four - great shot. Then it all ends tamely, chipping a catch to mid-off.

49th over - Aus 258-6
Anderson is significantly harder to hit than Broad it seems. Just six singles from the final powerplay over, Anderson finishing with 2-44 from nine overs. Great job.

48th over - Aus 252-6
Hauritz is struggling to deal with Broad and Anderson's short stuff and the pressure is on Clarke to hit boundaries. But instead it's a single from him, and Hauritz hits the four off Broad, intelligently angled through the vacant slip area. Another four for Hauritz off the last one, too many slow bouncers now, but good batting from the number eight.

47th over - Aus 241-6
There's some good death bowling here from Anderson, including one bouncer that clatters into Hauritz's gloves and helmet. And now there's a slow ball bouncer which is beautifully bowled. A dot, just five off the over.

46th over - Aus 236-6
Clarke's reached his best score in ODIs against England, he moves to 69 with a single off Broad to mid-off. Hauritz gets Clarke back on strike immediately, and the number four clears mid-off with an agricultural but very well-played shot for four.

45th over - Aus 227-6
Little damage done overall in Anderson's over. Still four more in the powerplay to go, Clarke on strike for the next one.

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From jakepeg on 606: "Bresnan seems to me to be the Heskey of the England cricket team! No-one else other than the coach can see what he is being picked for? And when he has another average game he still gets picked!"

From Matt in London, TMS inbox: "Looks like the 'Typical county cricketer' [see Geoff Lawson's comments] has just despatched Mr Cricket!!"

Wicket falls
44.4 overs - WICKET - Hopes c Bresnan b Anderson 34 - Aus 225-6
Anderson returns as Australia take the batting powerplay. Hopes has already produced a decent hand here and now he drives intelligently behind point for four. But Anderson has his man! Slower bouncer outside off, cut to Bresnan at backward point.

44th over - Aus 218-5
Strauss really does love Bresnan doesn't he? He's got Broad and Anderson champing at the bit like three-year-old thoroughbreds missing out on Royal Ascot. Vaughan and Aggers have partially lost interest, they're chatting about John Terry and Fabio Capello. The fifty partnership comes up off 59 balls.

43rd over - Aus 210-5
Yardy is bowling his last over, he might be the only England bowler who gets to do his full allotment. Yardy finishes with 1-41 with another very tight over.

He's reached 200
42nd over - Aus 206-5
We have a change but it isn't Broad, it's Bresnan. Hopes cuts hard, but Anderson dives to stop the boundary. Hopes hits a powerful pull with good timing, but straight to the man at deep square, and that's just one. Hopes does get his four now, in front of square with the pull to an ineffective short ball.

41st over - Aus 198-5
If Broad doesn't come on the over after next then he won't bowl his full 10. Yardy finally offers some room for Clarke to play a cut shot, and that's four more for Australia. Michael Vaughan's found a sushi stand at the Rose Bowl and is very impressed. Today's crowd is just short of the 18,500 capacity.

40th over - Aus 189-5
Hopes clunks an on-drive for four off Swann. It's a really well-played shot. Good fielding from Yardy at deep extra cover prevents a Clarke boundary.

39th over - Aus 182-5
Another accurate over from Yardy flashes by, he's getting more economical all the time. Great stuff.

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From Mike, Beaulieu, via text: "Re: KP's misfield in the 25th over, I guess he's very tired from his awfully long journey down from Chelsea"

That's 50
38th over - Aus 180-5
A clever bit of blocking from non-striker Hopes stops Swann from fielding Clarke's gentle drive and the Aussies trot through for one. Two more singles follow before Hopes cuts for two. One more for the all-rounder to long-on and Clarke reaches his half-century with yet another single. That's his 41st in ODIs, off 64 balls.

37th over - Aus 173-5
A reminder that the Aussies still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves so that should help them at some stage. Runs drying up a bit again as some fine English spin keeps the tourists at bay. Maiden for Yardy.

36th over - Aus 173-5
Hopes gets a leading edge but the ball loops between fielders for a single. Excellent over, full of varying degrees of spin.

35th over - Aus 172-5
A stand of 70 comes to an end and here's Hopes, who is not exactly Australia's last hope, to face those Yardy darts.

Wicket falls
34.1 overs - WICKET - Hussey c Kieswetter b Yardy 28 - Aus 168-5
Now that's a huge wicket, first ball after the drinks break. A tiny scratch of an outside edge as Hussey pushes forward to the non-turning delivery. Nice work, Yardy. "He hasn't got a great natural reservoir of ability," says Vic Marks of Yardy, but hey, a wicket's a wicket.

34th over - Aus 168-4
Singles, oh and one two as well. Let's not forget that two, Hussey's square drive to point off Swann. A very streaky three off an outside edge completes a good over for Los australianos. The ball will be changed now, as it always is after 34 overs.

Get involved on 606
From trebell on 606: "Steady thus far here. I can see 300 if these two stay in"

33rd over - Aus 160-4
If you were at the Rose Bowl right now, this would be the moment for a 20-minute nap. Yardy to Hussey and Clarke is not the loveliest cricket to watch. Decent, economical offering though.

32nd over - Aus 157-4
Swann is being played with great respect by this Aussie pair. England need another wicket, as it's only Hopes and the tail left in the hutch.

Now here's an e-mail from Geoff Lawson, yes THE Geoff Lawson: "Gerry from N Ireland obviously hasn't seen Josh Hazlewood bowl before, and he should look up Ryan Harris's ODI record, and by the way Dougie Bollinger bowls about 145 kph. Now, M Yardy - there is a typical county cricketer!"

31st over - Aus 152-4
Yardy is back on, despite looking fairly innocuous in his first spell. A really horrid long-hop is pulled, but England are lucky as deep midwicket restricts them to one. A quick single has Hussey getting home before Collingwood's direct hit makes contact.

30th over - Aus 146-4
Hussey drives Swann into the wide open spaces at deep extra cover for two. After two dots and a single, Clarke defends a couple cautiously.

29th over - Aus 143-4
Sorry if these updates are a bit slow. It might have something to do with the fact every professional sportsman or woman appears to be doing something at the moment. Ooh, lovely shot from Clarke, who goes to 33 with a swivelling pull shot off Wright for four. Four more, straight drive down the ground. Clarke knows this ground well and he appears to have shrugged off his poor form.

28th over - Aus 134-4
England won't want to chase anything close to 300, so it's time to stem this flow of runs. "This is the grind period" says Jeff Thomson on TMS. Or the "sudoku overs" as I've heard them called. Swann concedes a quartet of singles.

27th over - Aus 130-4
Clarke's ready to play the major innings, you would think. Wright oversteps, and Clarke creams the no-ball through the covers for four. Next ball is a FREE HIT, but it's just a single off a bouncer. The Aussies have 18 off the last two overs.

26th over - Aus 121-4
Unusual to wait so long for Swann to enter the attack, though that's probably a sign that England are bowling well. Anyway, here's the Notts tweaker now. Clarke plays a couple with his pads. Then he gets low to the ground to cut for four. Good shot. Outside edge past vacant slip along the deck, four more.

25th over - Aus 112-4
Awful misfield from Pietersen at mid-on gives Clarke a single off the first ball of a new spell from double wicket-taker Wright. And there's another one next ball from Anderson at cover! Dear me, it's all gone a bit Rob Green out there. Lots of brilliant white at the Rose Bowl - ice-creams, Hussey's sun-cream - finally some GOOD fielding, from Broad at mid-off, and that's halfway folks.

24th over - Aus 108-4
Nothing wrong with this Anderson over - no width, no half-volleys, so Hussey and Clarke correctly ascertain they cannot afford any risks.

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From Gerry, N Ireland, via text: "The Aussie selectors remind me of the old England ones. They are starting to pick safe military medium bowlers"

23rd over - Aus 105-4
Just a suggestion Yardy is being milked a bit. And he hasn't really looked like getting a wicket. I'd take him off, but I haven't captained a side for about 20 years.

22nd over - Aus 98-4
Anderson testing out the incoming Hussey as he completes the second wicket maiden of the innings.

From Tim Williams in France, TMS inbox: "Budget summary for cricket fans: Osborne opened the bowling with a couple of bouncers aimed at Labour's midriff. He then settled down to a lengthy period of stodgy medium-pace, delivering few surprises. The batting side hit his "fair for all VAT increase" for six whilst corporate sponsors will cheer at the reduction in company taxes"

Wicket falls
21.2 overs - WICKET - White b Anderson 10 - Aus 98-4
We have a bowling change, but it's not Swann, it's Anderson. Strauss doesn't want to be too predictable - and it's a great change because it's a wicket! White tries to cut a ball that nips back into him, cramps him for room, and the under-edge clatters into the timbers.

21st over - Aus 98-3
Yardy is never easy to score off, but the sweep is a decent option, bringing White two runs, and a short one is clattered to the cover-point sweeper for a couple more. When will we see Swann, I wonder?

20th over - Aus 92-3
"Here comes Wright who is cock-a-hoop," says CMJ on TMS. An old-fashioned expression, that one. White nails an along-the-ground pull for four, important boundary for Australia.

19th over - Aus 87-3
It's Sussex at both ends as Yardy comes on to bowl his "darts". Sometimes you think he should grow a paunch and ply his trade at Frimley Green or Alexandra Palace. Actually his first ball is flighted quite nicely. Leading edge to the fourth ball, but it goes down. No runs for White, maiden for Yardy.

18th over - Aus 87-3
Hard to say whether that wicket was part of a plan. Ponting seemed to be in reasonable control of the shot, trying to play it as fine as possible, but he didn't keep it down, and Broad judged the catch very well, made it look easy. White gets stung on the shoulder by a decent Wright bouncer. England just about on top, I'd say.

Wicket falls
17.2 overs - WICKET - Ponting c Broad b Wright 21 - Aus 86-3
Ponting pulls, and Broad runs to his right at fine leg to take the catch!

17th over - Aus 85-2
A quiet enough over from Broad, but Australia remain very well placed if they can keep scoring four or five runs an over for a while.

From Rachel, barely working, Ipswich, TMS inbox: "Re: budget affecting cricket fans. There should not be any impact on cricket fans this season, as there is no increase on fuel, tobacco or alcohol duty, however VAT will rise to 20% on 4th Jan 2011, so ticket prices may increase slightly then... I never knew George Osborne was a cricket fan!"

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "The real express bowlers, Tait and Nannes, get to bowl in the shortest form of the game. A few years ago, you would have thought they'd be Test bowlers, but no, they get rolled out for Twenty20."

16th over - Aus 80-2
Wright bowls a tidy over... until Ponting leans forward and creams a cover-drive for four off the last ball. There's a high aesthetic tariff to his batting today.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Paddy, via text: "Can someone at Beeb HQ please do a Total Sport Live Text? I'm trying desperately to keep up with three tennis matches, two football matches, the first one-day cricket match against Australia and pretend to do some work at the same time... it's getting tricky"

15th over - Aus 74-2
As I say, I have not seen the budget. If someone can sum up, in a nice succinct e-mail, how it affects an average cricket fan's day out to see his county play I would be grateful. Cheers. Broad's bouncer is wided by umpire Gould. A misfield from Collingwood at backward point - England's fielding has been a bit scratchy today - allows Clarke to get off the mark. Shot of the day from Ponting, back-foot force through point for four.

14th over - Aus 66-2
Paine had gone for a pull and is the second man to fall to that shot following the demise of Watson. Clarke is in poor form, and is beaten by an outswinger first up. Run rate decelerating now with just one over of the fielding restrictions remaining. Can it be a wicket maiden? Yes it can, nice start Luke.

Wicket falls
13.2 overs - WICKET - Paine b Wright 26 - Aus 66-2
The bustling Luke Wright replaces the tiring Tim Bresnan, and gets a wicket second ball. Paine chops on, Aussies two down. This contest is hotting up.

13th over - Aus 66-1
It's strange being in a bubble where I have no knowledge of budgets, World Cup scores or Wimbledon... Until a roar behind me greets a South African goal against France and a homemade vuvuzela is blown. Meanwhile, in the cricket, I should have said England took the bowling powerplay at the start of the 11th over. DROPPED CATCH - Anderson misses Paine at mid-on off Broad, a pretty poor miss diving to his left. Not simple, but a big let-off all the same.

Get involved on 606
From backfootpunch on 606: "As usual our best ODI bowler makes the breakthrough, should've had him lbw earlier. Can't believe someone with almost 100 wickets in 60 ODIs at an average of 26 gets so much stick, for me he's a certainty for the World Cup - Bresnan and Anderson on the other hand are not"

12th over - Aus 64-1
The Aussies take a tight two to fine-leg. Kieswetter's positioning not the greatest, otherwise that might have been close to a run-out. Lucky lucky Paine, his thick inside edge scurrying past his stumps for another single. He batted beautifully last summer in England but lost his place for a while to Haddin, if you remember.

11th over - Aus 60-1
That's a nice tight over from Broad, who is I believe is the 10th best bowler in ODIs (in ICC rankings), and possibly the best of all those appearing in this match.

Rob in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Re: schools. Interesting that schools are sending children away to watch sport, or denying leave to attend sport, me I'm simply ignoring the children in my class so I can watch the cricket and tennis live streaming."

Antony in Cardiff, TMS inbox: "After the budget today we deserve something to cheer us up, and the Aussies hitting us about is not what I call being cheered up."

10th over - Aus 58-1
Bresnan into his fifth over, and after conceding the first extra of the innings - a wide - a rotten leg-side offering is pulled with great ease by the finest puller I have ever seen, one RT Ponting. Predictably enough, the ball disappears for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Chris, Abingdon, via text: "I asked my boss for this afternoon off to let me watch the cricket. Suggested that if I ask again, I may find myself with enough free time to watch the next match"

9th over - Aus 52-1
Watson went for the pull but he's late on it and a toe-end looped back invitingly for the bowler to strike with his fifth delivery of the series. Ponting walks out, no Ashes-style booing for him, and he defends his first one.

Wicket falls
8.5 overs - WICKET - Watson c&b Broad 32 - Aus 52-1
Broad into the attack, and his first ball is horrid: Watson dispatches a leg-stump half-volley for four. Now there's a decent shout for lbw, but umpire Gould is not convinced. One more boundary but Watson's gone now, caught and bowled.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mark J from Essex, via text: "It's the same with my children's school. Only thing is work haven't said I can take the afternoon off to get them and watch it myself!" (See 4th over comments)

8th over - Aus 44-0
It is no thing of beauty is the batting of Watson. He hits a lofted on-drive off Bresnan for four, all crouch and bottom hand. Bresnan has had to start changing his lengths and Paine has no problem in pulling the short one for four. The tourists are ticking along very nicely indeed thank you.

7th over - Aus 33-0
This isn't a bad wicket for batting you know. Paine comes down the track and flicks one over midwicket for four. Michael Vaughan on TMS says it's an Owais Shah-type shot. Matt Le Tissier, clearly bored to tears with the football, is grinning away from a corporate balcony.

From Michael Cartwright, TMS inbox: "Interesting that your daughter's school is sending everyone home to watch football. I asked my son's school if I could take him out to watch the World Twenty20 at Trent Bridge and they said no."

6th over - Aus 28-0
A smartly-attired Merv Hughes, in long-sleeved gingham shirt and club tie, looks on intently as Bresnan serves up some leg-side filth and Watson leg-glances for four. A slow bouncer beats Watson's pull and tickles his ribs. Now here's an lbw appeal, and he's got away with that one - much better line and length and that hit him in line and may have just kept low enough to hit the top of middle.

5th over - Aus 22-0
DROPPED CATCH - by Luke Wright at short midwicket off Anderson, Watson the batsman. The fielder's legs seemed to go from under him but that was firmly struck and the ball eventually trickles to the boundary. Now Watson uppercuts Anderson for four. Great over for Australia.

4th over - Aus 12-0
No text messages from any of you lot yet, but please keep e-mails and 606s coming in. Talking of texts, I got one from my daughter's school today saying that she'll be sent home early tomorrow so everyone can watch England play football. Interesting protocol. Australia score their first boundary as Paine drives down the ground, but he almost gave Bresnan a return catch in the process. A dicey moment.

3rd over - Aus 6-0
It's strange to see two right-handers opening the batting - so many lefties these days. There's a big drive into the covers from Watto off Jim, but a diving stop from Morgan keeps him to a single. Paine mistimes a pull for two from what was really a friendly long-hop then gets one more next up.

2nd over - Aus 2-0
Stuart Broad doesn't get to share the new ball, Tim Bresnan has that honour instead. Some interesting high bounce may worry the Aussies a bit. Accurate stuff from Timmy, hitting the splice of Paine's bat time and time again. Good maiden.

1st over - Aus 2-0
Watson gets a thick edge past the slips for a single from the second ball, Anderson, operating in the high 80s, probes away at Paine's off-stump, but the right-hander nudges one down to fine leg from his third ball.

1430: James Anderson has the new white ball. Here we go now. Please refresh your browser to make sure everything's up to date.

1428: Two red-shirted umpires saunter out to the middle and they will soon by joined in the field by England's team, all in blue, and the Aussie openers, Shane Watson and Tim Paine.

Jonathan Agnew
1426: Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special says that England's batsmen might be "licking their lips" at the prospect of facing Australia's somewhat green bowling attack. Time will tell. Ryan Harris had plenty of success last winter, and Doug Bollinger has improved enormously since his days as a Worcestershire pro.

Get involved on 606
From Linemaker on 606 "Eight Bluebags in this team... this is almost too greedy, but let's see what Josh can do."

(I assume a "Bluebag" is a New South Welshman. Eight does seem rather a lot. There has long been a theory that being based in Sydney as opposed to Melbourne or Brisbane makes life a lot easier in terms of winning an international cap in Australia.)

From Ben, New Cross, TMS inbox: "Perfect weather for a bit of Aussie bashing. Think England might just edge it as without Nannes and Tait the historically formidable Australian bowling attack looks a little lightweight. Straussy to justify his inclusion with a big 'un!"

From Annoyed Kevin in Dublin, TMS inbox: "Shocking decision to drop Shahzad for Bresnan, Shahzad seems a genuine 90mph wicket taker, where as Bresnan is a medium trundler."

1416: Last time I remember weather like this in a June one-day series in England was 2006, when Sri Lanka batsmen Sanath Jayasuriya and Upul Tharanga made hay and England's bowlers suffered miserably. Less of the same this time, I hope.

England: AJ Strauss (capt), C Kieswetter (wk), KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, EJG Morgan, LJ Wright, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, MH Yardy, TT Bresnan, JM Anderson.

Australia: SR Watson, TD Paine (wk), RT Ponting (capt), MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, CL White, JR Hopes, RJ Harris, NM Hauritz, JR Hazlewood, DE Bollinger.

1406: England make one change from the team which comfortably beat Scotland at the weekend, with Yorkshire all-rounder Tim Bresnan ousting his quietly impressive county colleague Ajmal Shahzad. The youngster's a bit unfortunate to make way, but these things happen when you're generally winning.

1403: Well the big news from the team-sheets is that Josh Hazlewood makes his debut for Australia. He turned 19 in January, is a right-arm seamer from New South Wales and Ponting reckons he's the youngest Australian to play international cricket. So there's a thing.

The sun is out
1400: Crikey, it is absolutely gorgeous out there. The sort of weather that is just crying out for cricket. What a perfect moment for England to start a one-day series against Australia. Ricky Ponting wins the toss and decides that Australia will bat first. Where's your money?

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 4 wickets
  • England: 268-6 (46.0 overs)
  • Australia: 267-7 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 268
Strauss c Paine b Harris 10
Kieswetter b Hazlewood 38
Pietersen c Ponting b Watson 29
Collingwood c Hopes b Watson 11
Morgan not out 103
L Wright lbw b Harris 36
Bresnan b Harris 27
Yardy not out 1
Extras 1nb 4w 8lb 13

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