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England v Bangladesh - second Test day three as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce

1608: That's us done - some one-dayers against Scotland and Australia next. Get in there. Until then...

1605: Not much of a contest today, but England have done what they needed to do. Other successes from the series? Trott with his tics and double ton; Bell with his rearguard century in this. Shahzad will be happy with his debut too. Man of the match? Bell, I'm hearing.

1600: It's all over - England win the series 2-0, and for the second successive session England have taken all 10 Banglawickets. Finn will have the honour of leading his side off, having finished with 5-42 - 15 wickets in the series at 17.8, and he's looked the real deal.

1558: WICKET Razzaq c Morgan b Swann 19, Ban 123 all out, ENGLAND WIN BY INNINGS AND 80 RUNS
Wicket falls

Massive swipe, ball into space, Morgan runs round underneath it - bagged!

1553: WICKET Shafiul Islam c Strauss b Finn 4, Ban 119-9
Wicket falls

Short, spitting, fended - super low catch by Skip at first slip. Finn has his five-for, England on the brink..

1549: Ban 119-8
Finn sniffing another five-for here - he's bagged four in this session, and with the tail-enders starting to slog he has to fancy it. Brace of singles; Swann follows up with a tight one which Razzaq flays at with unsuccessful vim.

1542: Ban 114-8
Razzak's going to go down in flames here - foot down the track to Swann, four crashed over the top. Tossed up again, four more! Drilled along the ground to the same sport at long-on. Tossed up again - Lordy, he's got hold of that - six! Swann's not happy here, and that's hardly going to improve his mood - three more, slashed high over the infield. Swann boots the ball as it comes back - 17 off the over...

1537: WICKET Mahmudullah c Prior b Finn 38, Ban 97-8
Wicket falls

Not any more it's not - another short fast one, skinny top edge straight through to Prior. Gutted with that, Mahma...

1536: Ban 97-7
Mahma wants more here - after Razzak sees off Swann's turning tweak, the dasher leans back and pulls off the middle for four in front of deep midwicket. And another! Two bounces, three, over the ropes. Cameo.

1528: Ban 87-7
Missed trick from England - Finn's peppering Mahma with short stuff, but there's no short leg in - sure enough, the batsman fends one off the throat straight to where the fielder could have been. Super shot next, slash-cutting past Morgan at point for another four. 29 now to the no.8.

1523: Ban 81-7
Nice shot from Mahma, back-cutting Swann down for four. Deficit now 122, so in order of likelihood for next important event we've got: 1. England win by innings 2. Tea 3. Rain. 4. England bat again

From Megan in Northampton, TMS inbox: "It's like Pedante's inferno here today."

1516 WICKET Rahim c sub b Finn 13, Ban 76-7
Wicket falls

Finn is back into the attack and takes a wicket with his first ball as Rahim chips it straight to sub fielder Karl Brown at mid-wicket. Backslaps all round. and then Brown is off as KP returns from the dressing room.

1515: Ban 76-6
Retired umpire Dickie Bird has crossed the Pennines and is in the crowd. He must be enjoying what he's seeing. Swann continues to give the ball plenty of air and Mahmudullah is slightly fortunate as he chops the ball into his foot, backing away to attempt his favourite square cut.

1510: Ban 74-6 Four byes off Swann as Rahim aims a lusty sweep but misses, and Mahma than angles away a pleasant drive past Morgan at backward point for four more. That's Bangladesh's smallest Test tally seen off, at least. Longest partnership of the innings by a long streak now - over 10 overs since the last wicket went down. Four more, crashed over the slips with deliberate brio.

1503: Ban 60-6 Just under an hour to go until tea, and for Rahim it can't come soon enough - Shahza rattles one onto his glove again, and he's left wringing and hopping as the nerve-endings send their unpleasant messages.

From David in Washington DC, TMS inbox: "Perhaps it would be as well to suggest that all concerned be reminded of Skitt's Law, stated as 'any post correcting an error in another post will contain at least one error itself' or 'the likelihood of an error in a post is directly proportional to the embarrassment it will cause the poster'."

1457: Ban 60-6 Hello - we'll have some Swannage for the first time today. Slip, silly mid-off, forward short leg - jabbed down late by Mahma for a brace to fine leg.

From Alan, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "The interrobang, or 'point exclarrogatif' in French, is clearly not needed at this time. Three slips and a gully seem quite sufficient. It is simultaneously a surprising fielding position, but one which is simultaneously questionable."

1452: Ban 56-6 Shahzad to continue, and he's nearly bagged Rahim - short, hooked uppishly, bounces just shy of Trottsio at long leg. Christian (below) - I hang my head in shame. No excuses. Paul in Lancs - same goes for the exclaves/enclaves typo. Sloppy. Long spell in nets for me later.

From Christian in Maryland, USA, TMS inbox: "If you are going to hurl backhanded abuse to "our Jack", then please ensure you at least spell his name correctly. It's SIMMONS, no "D". The man is a legend, pie or no pie. He once signed my autograph book whilst holding a pint of bitter in his teeth. They don't make them like that any more. Shame on you man."

1446: Ban 54-6 Jim will have another one here - oof, that's nearly cut Mahma in half, the ball jagging back and smashing into the bottom gloves before flying down fine for four more. Beverages break.

1443: Ban 50-6 Ironic cheers from the short-changed paying punters as Rahim drives with front elbow high for four. Over-pitched from Shahza, but he'd done him all ends up earlier in the over.

From Alex in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Parentheses, Julian. One parenthesis, two parentheses."

1437: Ban 45-6 Might be time for Jimmy to take a blow here - sounds harsh when his figures read 3-12, but nine overs into a spell he's looking a touch laboured. Four byes from another swinger, and Prior's definitely struggling with his fingers - he should have held onto that one with ease.

From Rich, Newcastle, wondering if this comment will arrive before Bangladesh are sent packing: "Perhaps what Tom in Manchester and Pedant Paul in the IOM are looking for is the interrobang. That wasn't so hard, was it?"

1432: Ban 40-6 From the point that Tamim was dismissed on Saturday, Bangladesh have lost 14 wickets for 86 runs in 32 overs. Tight from Shahza, as the TV cameras pick out Flat Jack Simmonds in a VIP box. Looks like he's actually lost weight since his pie-eating - I'm sorry, playing - days.

From Julian in Southampton, with no adjective that might make someone comment further, TMS inbox: "Please inform Pedantic Paul in the Isle of Man that he required a capital letter and full stop in his parenthesis as he had already concluded his previous sentence with a question mark. (Like that.)

1429: Ban 39-6 Still 164 runs behind, the Banglamen, as Strauss signals for a fourth slip to join the cordon. Mushfiqur Rahim gets behind Jimmy's spiteful spitters, and it's another nervy maiden. The lowest ever Test score at Old Trafford? India's 58, back in 1952

From Robin in Shanghai, TMS inbox: "To Sam in Cologne: Never mind Perpignan, I'm listening to TMS in China, while also reading the text commentary, and arguing by e-mail about the follow-on decision with my old friend Little Pooley in Guildford."

1421: WICKET Shakib b Shahzad 1, Ban 39-6
Wicket falls

Oh, super ball - angled across, biting off the deck and zipping through a baffled gate to mangle the timbers. Only Mancunian weather can save them now.

From Pedantic Paul in the Isle of Man, TMS inbox: "Please inform smug medical student Tom in Manchester that question marks are for use at the end of a question, not a statement. Not so smug now, eh? (like that)."

1415: WICKET Ashraful c Trott b Anderson 14, Ban 37-5
Wicket falls

Lovely lift and tempt outside off, fended off the shoulder of the bat in a lovely loop to first slip. Too easy...

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "If it carries on like this Bangladesh could end up with less runs than they have exclaves of sovereign territory within India. There are 106, as a result of a messy treaty between the Kingdom of Koch Bihar and the Mughal Empire. Some are smaller than a cricket pitch. India has 92 within Bangladesh."

1413: Ban 37-4
Yup, Shahza it is, all blazing eyes and bouncing stride. Struggled a bit to the lefties on Saturday, the Yorkie debootant, but that's a smashing return against Shakib - tight as you like, up to 87mph, nothing to waft away.

From Sam in Cologne, TMS inbox: "To Joss: the critical question for me is how are you managing to listen to cricket on the radio in Perpignan? What do you know that I don't?"

1409: Ban 37-4
Shahza loosening up out there, and Anderson is almost struggling to control the swing, it's hooping around so much - four byes down leg, the ball arcing away past Prior's despairing left glove as Ashraful shoulders arms.

From smug medical student Tom in Manchester, TMS inbox: "Please inform Joss (below) that Damnittamimitis would suggest that this feeling has given him some sort of inflammation in the Damnittamim area of the body. Quite where that is is beyond me?"

1405: Ban 32-4
Finn, gangly, champing - over-pitched on Ashraful's off peg, and the diminutive right-hander crashes it away past mid-off for a dreamy four. In-nipper next - that's got to be out, surely, plumb on the back peg - nope, Bowden's turned it down! Hawk-Eye says middle was a goner. Hmm. An attempted yorker drifts down leg, and Ashraful clips that away square for four more.

1358: Ban 22-4
Three slips, gully, short leg - Anderson ghosts in, and Ashraful prods into the covers to get off strike. Skipper Shakib waits mournfully under the lid and defends doughtily. In the TMS commentary box, Geoff Boycott is making the sort of noise you'd expect to hear from a hyena as it polished off a gazelle.

1354: WICKET Jaharul c Prior b Finn 0, Ban 21-4
Wicket falls
Out for a duck

Three slips in now as Finn canters in to Ashraful - fraction too full and leggish, flicked away towards deep midwicket for three. Jaharul doesn't look too pleased to be on strike, and he almost plays on to successive balls as the leave-or-not doubt starts to tickle the synapses. Oops - another pokey prod just outside off, and that's the easiest catch Stumper Prior will ever have. Anyone fancy a game of cards later?

1346: WICKET Siddique c Pietersen b Anderson 6, Ban 18-3
Wicket falls

Dear oh dear - Bangladesh are all over the shop, and their lowest Test score of 62 might be under threat - away-dipper from Jim to the leftie, and Siddique opens the face to glide it straight down KP's throat.

From Joss in Perpignan, TMS inbox: "Can anybody describe that feeling of looking forward to some Tamim magic when just as you're about to press the button for the TV, you hear the radio telling you he's out? Damnittamimitis?"

1343: WICKET Kayes c Shahzad b Finn 9, Ban 14-2
Wicket falls

Very obvious plan in place here for Kayes - Finn's going to strum him some chin music. First ball is gloved off the face to finest of fine legs for four; another almost takes his nose off and the final one draws the flailing hook - high, high, high down to deep square leg, and Shahza takes a neat pouch sliding forward on his knees.

1339: Ban 6-1
Just wonder if Matt Prior's got a problem with a finger here - he's wincing on every take. Another set of vicious tempters from Anderson, and the variable bounce that was coming into play on the second day looks to be getting more pronounced - one flies through to Prior at head height, another by the shins. Tricksy.

1334: Ban 6-1
There's a bloke in the stands who's so large he's taking up three seats. He'll probably start drinking pints through his eye-socket soon, and we'll realise he's actually a nine-stone man come in fancy dress as Big Daddy. Maiden from Finn, probing away outside off with metronomic meanness.

1330: Ban 6-1
Lord alive - frightening stuff from Anderson. He starts one off on Siddique's leg-peg, bends it away late and then gets some seamy spit off the track too. BC Lara would be missing those, let alone Junaid. And again! And again!

From Matt in London, TMS inbox: "Why on earth has Strauss enforced the follow on?!! He should be practising for the Aussies! We know we can beat Bangladesh and there's little challenge in making them follow on. We should be practising winning matches without enforcing because come the winter if we bowl like this we won't even have the option!"

1325: Ban 6-1
Finn from the Stretford End, and that's a super line - slightly across the leftie Kayes, and just shy of a length. There's an edge - Prior flings himself to his left, but I'm not sure the ball carried - nope, just dipped into a soggy turf. England clambering all over this.

1320: Ban 4-1
Prize scalp for England, and don't they know it - Tamim probably could have dropped the hands on it, but he was drawn into it and nibbled away. Siddique the new man, and he's very nearly straight back in the hutch as Anderson rips one past his lunging edge.

1316: WICKET Tamim c Prior b Anderson 2, Ban 2-1
Wicket falls

Anderson with the cherry, conditions perfect for a Burnley-based swing-king. Short, punched away for two. Shorter, lifting, nicked - gone!

1310: As Umpires Bowden and De Silva trot down the pavilion steps, a reminder of the match situation: Bangladesh are 203 runs behind. Whadda we reckon - innings victory or battling rearguard?

1303: Popped into the newsagents this morning and saw, promoted heavily, a magazine called "It's War!". Subject matter: the start of WW2. Apparent reaction to start of war: celebratory. As curious as a Test cap for Darren Pattinson.

1259: Hive of hard work out in the middle, the roller doing its squelchy work and white lines being re-painted on the creases. News of the new timings: we'll have a mammoth afternoon session from 1315-1600, 20 minutes for tea, and then a gargantuan 1620-1930 evening joust. 82 overs possible, they claim. We'll see.

1253: Still grey and gloomy overhead, and you'd think this could be a swingers' paradise this arvo. Jimmy, Shahzad - but what's the plan for the masterful Tamim?

1250: Not any more there isn't - Andrew Strauss has decided to enforce the follow-on. Start-time? We'll get under way ay 1315.

1245: There's only one topic in the air now the rain has gone - follow-on or follow-up?

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Live Scores - England v Bangladesh


  • England beat Bangladesh by an innings and 80 runs
  • England: 419 (121.3 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 216 & 123 (34.1 overs)

Bangladesh 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 123
Tamim c Prior b Anderson 2
Kayes c Shahzad b Finn 9
Siddique c Pietersen b Anderson 6
Ashraful c Trott b Anderson 14
Jahurul c Prior b Finn 0
Shakib b Shahzad 1
Mushfiqur c Sub b Finn 13
Mahmudullah c Prior b Finn 38
Razzak c Morgan b Swann 19
Shafiul c Strauss b Finn 4
Shahadat not out 4
Extras 13b 13

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