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England v Bangladesh 1st Test day five as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1615: Right then, it's time to wrap proceedings up. It's quite a quick turnaround for the second Test, which begins at Old Trafford on Friday - Ben Dirs will be back in the live text chair for day one. Until then, thanks for all your e-mails, texts and messages, and if you went to Lord's today and were able to walk on the hallowed turf, I hope it inspired you to return to the home of cricket sometime. TTFN.

1609: Aggers announces the result of the Brian Johnston Champagne Moment - it's awarded to MCC for inviting everyone on the pitch at lunchtime. A delighted chief executive Keith Bradshaw picks up the award, admitting: "I think we should do it again".

1607: More from Aggers on TMS - apparently England are picking their team for Old Trafford in the next half-hour or so.

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From James, Sheffield, via text: "Steven Finn sounds very similar to Peter Crouch. Once you get to a certain height do you develop a tall person's accent?"

Get involved on 606
From FleetJackHobbs on 606: "Oh man! - That's my Champagne moment - Trott marking out his guard after the match was over!"

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "We lost too many wickets in the first session - if we'd batted for another hour or more it could have been a draw. It was a nice track to bat on for us, but Tamim was exceptional throughout this game. But our bowlers need to work really hard so it can give us the chance to win some games"

1600: Steven Finn is named as man of the match - and it's just as well that England won it when they did, as Aggers has felt a few spots of rain...

Bare-footed England pace bowler Steven Finn on TMS: "I've lost my trainers, I don't know where they've gone"

England captain Andrew Strauss on TMS: "We were pleased to get over the line finally. We had to find a way of taking wickets when the pitch and conditions aren't helping us and it's not swinging, so we've got plenty to ponder but ultimately we've won the game and that's what counts. There's plenty to be optimistic about, but we need to keep moving forward and making sure we don't go back to where we were at the start of this Test. Steven Finn isn't quite as miserable as Gus Fraser - he's a confident bloke, good to have in the dressing-room and he's got a pretty good cricket brain"

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "In a four-man attack, I think we're asking too much of Graeme Swann - he's kept the team together for a year and a half, but the opposition will start playing him better as now it's his second time around the circuit and teams will know more about him"

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From Will, London, via text: "Steven Finn for man of the match. Going into this Test I was wondering who was going to get the wickets and Mr Finn has proved himself. From a personal opinion even though it is just a poor team (with respect to Bangladesh), he has proved to the selectors he can take wickets and at this early stage consider him for the Aussies in the winter"

Geoffrey Boycott
Geoff Boycott on TMS: "Playing five batsmen and five bowlers makes the remaining batsmen take more responsibility - for instance, Prior's batting has gone backwards. But the only place to try something out is before you get to Australia - not at the last minute when you're in trouble"

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "England did well to get those last five wickets this morning, but there are concerns for them in the bowling department - they've got to learn how to get 20 wickets when the conditions don't favour them. Bangladesh played better than I thought they would do - would any of us have expected to still be here at tea on the final day?"

1544: Unbelievably, as the other players walk off, Trott once again marks out his guard on the pitch! You've won, Jonathan, you can finally stop taking guard now...


1542 - Eng 163-2 (TARGET 160)
Jonathan Trott doesn't muck around - forcing the first ball of Mahmudullah's over off his legs past the infield, and with everyone up saving the single, it sails away for four - and England have won.

1540 - Eng 159-2 (TARGET 160)
With the crowd on their feet, KP somehow can't get the first four balls of the over away... then blocks the fifth! The sixth ball is driven straight to mid-off - an incredible maiden! Surely they won't take tea? Umpire Bowden hustles away towards square leg - and his colleague De Silva reaches the bowler's end seconds before the deadline.

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From Alex in Loughborough, via text: "I think it's grossly unfair to refer to Lily Allen as a fat lady Mr Mitchener, particularly since it is most likely her culinary fare in the aforementioned cake tin"

The "fat lady" I mentioned at 1521 is a metaphorical fat lady, as in "it ain't over til the fat lady sings". Personnel-wise, I always rather imagine Montserrat Caballe for the role...

1538 - Eng 159-2 (TARGET 160)
KP steers Mahmudullah for a single, Trott takes guard in "The Trott Trench" which bisects the wicket at both ends before forcing a single through point. KP sweeps, that's four all the way through fine leg. Six more needed. A powerful square-cut brings four - KP blocks the fifth ball of the over, a single to deep cover means the scores are level with one over left before tea. And KP has strike.

1534 - Eng 148-2 (TARGET 160)
Kevin Pietersen is the new man in, but unless he cuts loose immediately, England may struggle to score the 13 they need before 1540 BST when tea will be taken. Even if they only need one more run. KP's off the mark with a single, but you can rely on Trott to waste a bit of time by taking guard for the 1,194th time (approximately) in this Test. 12 runs needed - six minutes until tea (realistically two overs).

Wicket falls
1531 - WICKET - Strauss c Mushfiqur b Shakib 82 - Eng 147-2 (TARGET 160)
Strauss sweeps at Shakib, the ball flies into the air and keeper Mushfiqur claims a catch... but it came off the knee-roll of the pad. However, he can't escape a second time as Strauss slashes at one outside off stump and feathers an edge to the delighted little gloveman.

1529 - Eng 145-1 (TARGET 160)
Three more singles. Come on boys, get on with it, we don't want to still be here after tea... 15 needed in 11 minutes.

1526 - Eng 142-1 (TARGET 160)
Aggers and Boycs on TMS are pondering the award of the Brian Johnston Champagne Moment for this Test - despite a number of individual landmarks, they both favour MCC's decision to let everyone on the field at lunchtime today. A single takes Strauss to 78, and it's 15 minutes until tea.

1524 - Eng 141-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss sweeps Mahmudullah for four, three singles are added and England are 19 runs away from going 1-0 up.

1521 - Eng 134-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss goes down the track to Shakib, having to adjust hi stroke as he steers a two to the extra cover boundary. Far more interestingly, on the England balcony Alastair Cook is offering James Anderson something (unseen) from a brightly-coloured cake tin. Strauss adds a two and a three, and the fat lady is warming up with some vocal exercises.

1516 - Eng 127-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss and Trott milk Mahmudullah for more singles. They need 33 in 24 minutes to win it by tea.

Geoffrey Boycott
Former Yorkshire and England opener Geoff Boycott on TMS: "Bangladesh's batting has been very good, but this Test has shown their bowling's not up to standard on a flat pitch. I haven't seen anything in their bowling that's better than Minor Counties standard"

1514 - Eng 124-1 (TARGET 160)
Another rapid Shakib over, just a single to Strauss. He has 62, Trott has 28.

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From Jack in Manchester (procrastinating rather than revising for a probability and statistics exam which is tomorrow morning if anyone wants to wish me luck), via text: "TMS - the only thing to have distracted more students from revision and caused more exam failures than Facebook"

1512 - Eng 123-1 (TARGET 160)
More gentle singles are taken against Mahmudullah - Bangladesh's decision to bowl their spinners in tandem will also probably save them from any risk of an over-rate fine.

1509 - Eng 121-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss late-cuts, and some superb fielding by Mohammad Ashraful on the backward point boundary turns four into three. A brilliantly-timed diving stop earns him some huge applause from the Lord's crowd. A single takes Trott to 27 - I don't think it's in any doubt that England will win, the more interesting target is if they can score 39 in 31 minutes to win it by tea.

1507 - Eng 117-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss is sticking to orthodox sweeps now as he and Trott continue to plunder runs from Mahmudullah. Trott flicks a four off his legs towards the Grandstand to bring up the fifty stand. Tea is due at 1540 BST - so England need to score 43 in 33 minutes to win it before the interval.

1504 - Eng 111-1 (TARGET 160)
More confident singles from Strauss and Trott, who also smacks a three past point to move on to 21 - this is only a matter of time for England now. We're apparently expecting England to announce their squad for the second Test later today - while the ever-informative Pakistan Cricket Board have sent us a press release announcing that they'll be playing a T20 international, five ODIs and two Tests against South Africa in the UAE in October and November.

1500 - Eng 105-1 (TARGET 160)
Trott trots through for a single to bring up three figures for England, then Strauss uncharacteristically swaps his hands over, attempts a switch-hit reverse sweep against Mahmudullah and can't make contact - CMJ suggests he takes lessons from Eoin Morgan. A single allows Trott to blast a half-volley past mid-off for four, this stand is now worth 38.

1457 - Eng 99-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss pushes Shakib for a two and a single, CMJ on TMS is mildly concerned that Umpire De Silva seems to be a little concerned about the light - given that the umpires are now obliged to halt play once the light passes a certain degree of darkness, even if the batsmen want to continue. Trott moves on to 12 with a single.

From Peter, TMS inbox: "I have read that grunting [as some of the Bangladesh pace bowlers do] increases abdominal pressure, increasing strength and reducing the likelihood of causing strains to various abdominal muscles. This is obviously a good thing for a fast bowler. I myself am a quick bowler and find I grunt unintentionally"

That's 50
1454 - Eng 95-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss returns to the party (to paraphrase Duncan Fletcher) to punch Mahmudullah for four over mid-on, then works a three off his legs as the tumbling Shahadat prevents a boundary in front of the Allen Stand. Trott rotates the strike, then Strauss gets a top edge when he tries to sweep, but scampers another three runs to bring up his 20th Test fifty (and his second of the match).

1449 - Eng 84-1 (TARGET 160)
After an absolute age (well, 10 overs) without a boundary, Trott cuts loose to carve Shakib through mid-wicket for four.

1446 - Eng 80-1 (TARGET 160)
Mahmudullah resumes proceedings from the Nursery End, Strauss reaches 40 with a single while Trott adds another to leave England halfway to their target.

From Tomo, TMS inbox: "Re: J-Mo (1228)... I too am studying 'trust law' for an exam and am also glued to TMS. More interestingly, I've been sitting next to you every day for the past month! Now, I know you have very little to say about Finn and given that you know less about ''trusts law' than you do Finn, I'm very concerned for your well-being in tomorrow's examination. Good Luck to J-Mo and England"

1441 - Eng 78-1 (TARGET 160)
Trott flicks a single off his pads, Shakib rotates his field a little but at this rate England are going to win it this evening, even at two runs an over. Time for a drinks break, enthusiastically signalled by Billy B.

1438 - Eng 76-1 (TARGET 160)
More pedestrian singles against Mahmudullah's off-spin, we've gone seven overs without a boundary after that lightning start...

1436 - Eng 74-1 (TARGET 160)
Trott and Strauss help themselves to a single each from Shakib's over. Plodding at this stage, but let's hope they might still wrap it up before tea...

Get involved on 606
From rich1uk on 606: "Looking forward to seeing how the Aussies react to Trott's mannerisms at the crease this winter, assuming he's picked of course"

1433 - Eng 72-1 (TARGET 160)
While Michael Vaughan suggests a TMS karaoke party (with Tuffers singing as Lady Gaga), Mahmudullah is still keeping it tight as Strauss and Trott produce a single apiece.

1430 - Eng 70-1 (TARGET 160)
Single from Strauss brings Trott on strike against Shakib - again, he characteristically takes absolutely ages taking guard, despite having carved a huge trench at both ends during his marathon innings on Thursday and Friday. But he and Strauss pick up some more singles - England aren't too far from being halfway to their target.

1426 - Eng 67-1 (TARGET 160)
Jonathan Trott is the new batsman, so all his fidgeting at the crease will slow things up a little. He sees off the over.

Wicket falls
1423 - WICKET - Cook lbw b Mahmudullah 23 - Eng 67-1 (TARGET 160)
Strauss pushes a single, then there's a big lbw shout from Mahmudullah - Cook is way down the track but Umpire Asoka de Silva raises his finger. Hawk-Eye suggests it would have gone an inch over the stumps - so Cook may feel he's been given out lbw rather harshly in both innings.

1421 - Eng 66-0 (TARGET 160)
Aggers reveals that Lily Allen's raspberry cake has had plenty of takers in the TMS box. Strauss adds a single, the rate has slowed but England are in complete control.

1418 - Eng 65-0 (TARGET 160)
Rapid maiden over from Mahmudullah to Cook.

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From John Beans on the M4, via text: "I can see England winning this game comfortably, and maybe even the series! Please can you play Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke"

I agree on point 1, but you may have got Test Match Special mixed up with the Radio 1 Request Show...

1415 - Eng 65-0 (TARGET 160)
Cook steers a four past slip, then defends one which looks like it may squirm onto his stumps until the Essex left-hander uses his football skills to kick the ball away, legitimately, with his left foot. (At which point Simon Mann on TMS reminds Michael Vaughan how he was once dismissed "handled the ball" in a Test). Unruffled, Cook blasts four more through the covers before nicking the strike with a single - he has 23, Strauss has 31, England need 95 more to win and I may even get home in daylight.

1413 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 56-0 (TARGET 160)
Ooh - Strauss edges Mahmudullah to Junaid Siddique at slip, the big man gets his fingertips to it but can't hold on and Strauss picks up three runs as the ball shoots between Siddique's legs. Cook helps himself to a two and a single - never mind cruising, England are absolutely motoring here.

1410 - Eng 50-0 (TARGET 160)
Shakib replaces Rubel, and rattles through his over at the cost of one run to Strauss.

1407 - Eng 49-0 (TARGET 160)
It's only the sixth over, but Bangladesh turn to their fifth bowler as Mahmudullah's off-spin is introduced from the Nursery End (see 1247 for why I think it's the wrong end for an off-spinner). Cook guides him for two past slip, then cuts for four. This is too easy for England, they'll be home and hosed in time for the aforementioned "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" film (see 1224) on BBC One this afternoon.

1403 - Eng 44-0 (TARGET 160)
Shahadat is off, and not before time considering the tripe he served up in his first two overs. So it's fellow right-arm seamer Rubel Hossain, who has a rather slingy action and is normally more effective with the old ball, into the attack earlier than normal. Strauss pulls a single to the mid-wicket sweeper, then Rubel slings down a wide full toss which Cook guides down towards the Mound Stand four. A square drive to the same region brings him a single, and England have pressed the cruise control button here.

Get involved on 606
From mduchezeau on 606: "Strauss looks like he wants to stake a claim for a Twenty20 place"

1358 - Eng 36-0 (TARGET 160)
Cap'n Shakib needs to stem the flow of runs, and fast - so he's straight into the action with his orthodox left-arm spin. Strauss dabs a single, but that's halted the scoring rate at least.

From Martin, studying at Bath Uni, TMS inbox: "When was the last time England took 20 wickets in a Test match and Swann didn't get one?"

Martin, that would probably be before his debut - as Swann has never failed to take a wicket in either innings of a Test before this game. His only previous wicketless Tests were in last year's Ashes - but at Cardiff and Headingley where Australia only batted once in each game.

1356 - Eng 35-0 (TARGET 160)
Shahadat is all over the place here - short, wide and majorly overstepping for a no-ball into the bargain. A single takes Cook to two - his captain has already raced to 20, and helps another loose delivery off his legs for four leg-byes. Another no-ball advances the score, Strauss delicately pulls a single to mid-wicket and England are more than one-fifth of the way towards their target.

Phil Tufnell
Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS: "I was playing in a county match at Lord's once when we only needed one more wicket after lunch and the opposition needed to score 500. The umpire said to me 'come on Phil, just hit him on the pads - this chap's batting me into a traffic jam' and it worked!"

1349 - Eng 23-0 (TARGET 160)
Debutant Robiul Islam takes the second over, he was a bit disappointing on the first couple of days and is still awaiting his first Test wicket after taking 0-107 from 22 overs in the first innings. He starts with a no-ball, Cook steers a single through the covers and Robiul then plays straight into Strauss's hands as the England batsman bashes another four through point before firmly on-driving for four. The way Bangladesh are bowling (and Strauss is batting), you'd think they've all got theatre tickets booked tonight...

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "They reckon it's the first time since early 70s people have been allowed onto Lord's outfield at lunch in a Test. A 'one-off' apparently"

1343 - Eng 11-0 (TARGET 160)
Shahadat Hossain got on the honours board for his five wickets in the first innings - and were there a board for "most inept nightwatchman" in the pavilion basement, he's probably on that too. He takes the first over from the Pavilion End, and immediately serves up a metaphorical pie to Strauss, who square-cuts the first ball of the innings for four. Shahadat responds by sending down a no-ball, before Strauss shovels the second legitimate ball through mid-wicket for four more! A two past gully means England are off to a flier. Meanwhile, to see some pictures of all the fans on the Lord's outfield (and prove we're not making it all up), you can check out the TMS photostream on Flickr.

1336: Almost ready to resume - England are chasing 160 to win, from two full sessions. Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook opening up for the home side.

1331: Some great chat on TMS between Aggers and the journos, touching on England's players (and the central contracts they haven't signed, more than a year on), the IPL and the latest "fixing" controversies. You may not be aware that if you miss something on TMS, you can listen to the entire day's commentary and interval chats on the BBC iPlayer.

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From Anonymous, via text: "Well done the MCC on opening up the pitch to the fans. Truly what a day out to cricket is all about"

1309: Aggers has been joined by journalists Stephen Brenkley, Derek Pringle and John Etheridge for their regular TMS lunchtime discussion - I'm going to dash for a sandwich, but keep an ear on TMS and I'll be back soon...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Dan, Littlehampton, via text: "The MCC has not saved that money yet... Shahadat Hossain could take a second 5-for"

1303: A rare pleasure for those attending the Test at Lord's as children of all ages scamper onto the outfield. ("It's like watching kids see snow for the first time," ponders Aggers on TMS). Apparently they've just been told they're not allowed to bring on food, drink, or hard cricket balls. Now, I think it's marvellous that everyone can tread the hallowed turf - it was a highlight of my cricket-watching youth to dash onto the outfield at the interval with a bat and a tennis ball. (The old, wooden folding chairs at Dean Park made particularly good wickets as I recall). Yet these days, even many county grounds don't let the kids on, which is a shame - and makes me applaud all the more when Test grounds allow it. So, full marks to Wellington, Napier and Cape Town - three places where I've wandered on during lunch at a Test - and well done Lord's.

Get involved on 606
From alfie on 606: "And Bresnan wraps it up... once again Banglas have folded up after battling very hard for so long. Should be a pretty easy chase. MCC treasurer sighs with relief as the 'free tickets for a ten wicket haul' deal does a vanishing act"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "At least Freddie used to wait until after the match before he fell over!"


Wicket falls
1258 - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Prior b Bresnan 19 - Ban 382 all out
Bad shot from Mahmudullah, steps back and has a wild heave at Bresnan and feathers an easy catch behind to Prior. England need 160 to win - and MCC has saved £42,000. That'll be lunch.

1256 - Ban 382-9 (110 overs)
Mahmudullah reverse-sweeps at Swann and is hit on the pad, Umpire de Silva turns down the inevitable lbw appeal and that looks a good decision. Farming the strike, Mahmudullah knocks the fifth ball of the over for a single.

1253 - Ban 381-9 (109 overs)
Last man Robiul Islam defends his first two deliveries, while Simon Mann reveals that it will cost MCC £42,000 if Finn takes the final wicket (because of their promotional offer Ollie tweeted about earlier, offering refunds to anyone who bought tickets online between 16 April and 4 May if someone takes 10 wickets in the match).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "I went to secondary school with Finn and remember him being rubbish at rounders, although it must be said he was handy on the basketball court... Steve, you're doing Mr Coulshed proud"

Wicket falls
1249 - WICKET - Rubel c Strauss b Bresnan 4 - Ban 381-9 (108.4 overs)
England finally have another breakthrough when Bresnan induces an edge from Rubel, who nicks a low catch to Cap'n Strauss at first slip.

1247 - Ban 381-8 (108 overs)
Our first sight of spin today as Graeme Swann is brought on at the Nursery End - but I stand by my contention that the Lord's slope means an orthodox right-arm off-spinner like Swann should normally be more effective from the Pavilion End where the slope would help him turn the ball. Anyway, Swann's a bit ropey for his first two deliveries as Mahmudullah sweeps him for two, before another attempted sweep is missed by both batsman and keeper, and they run two byes. With lunch in 13 minutes' time, Bangladesh are "net" 158-8.

1243 - Ban 377-8 (107 overs)
Bresnan trundles away against Rubel - then the big Yorkshireman falls over in his follow-through in the manner of Finn! Maybe they do need to check for a tripwire at that end?!

1240 - Ban 377-8 (106 overs)
With the new ball now 25 overs old, England's designated "shiner" Alastair Cook furiously polishes the ball between each delivery as Mahmudullah looks to leave anything outside off stump from Anderson. Maiden over - Tigers lead by 154.

Get involved on 606
From Alfie on 606: "Bit of a worry this habit of Finn's falling over about every three overs... quite a long way to fall really and if he keeps doing it he might do himself some damage"

1237 - Ban 377-8 (105 overs)
Mahmudullah swipes Bresnan for a single. We've got a minimum of 78 overs left today - if needed.

1234 - Ban 376-8 (104 overs)
England have four slips in for Mahmudullah, who carves one just out of the reach of fourth slip for two. Maybe they could stick a fly slip in? A single takes Mahumdullah to 17, and Bangladesh lead by 153. I make no apologies for mentioning the lead at regular intervals. And England send substitute fielder Ian Cockbain (from the MCC Young Cricketers, son of ex-Lancashire opener Ian Cockbain) on for Jonathan Trott. Having the same name, how do they make sure not to open each other's Christmas cards, though?

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS: "I'm sure Jonathan Trott's not selfish, but do you think he wonders whether his man-of-the-match award may be disappearing into young Finn's pocket?"

1228 - Ban 373-8 (103 overs)
Well, whether Keith Bradshaw had a quiet word or not, Finn's off - although I suspect it had more to do with the fact he'd bowled eight overs in a row and was falling over far too often. He's replaced by Bresnan at the Pavilion End - Rubel knocks a single off his legs, while Mahmudullah plunders a three to increase the Tigers' lead to a round 150.

From J-Mo in London, TMS inbox: "Max and Jess (see below) - I feel your pain. Currently revising for the horrors of law finals but predictably glued to TMS... have a horrible feeling that I have more to say about Finn then trust law!"

J-Mo, as a law graduate myself, I can confirm that "Trusts" was one of the more baffling courses...

1224 - Ban 369-8 (102 overs)
A thick edge past the slips brings Mahmudullah four against Anderson - while future MCC president CMJ mischievously wonders whether MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw will get a message to captain Andrew Strauss, asking him to take Finn off before he takes that 10th wicket, to save MCC from paying out all those refunds Ollie mentioned on his tweet a couple of overs ago... Bangladesh lead by 146.

From Marcus, in a not-so sunny Surrey, TMS inbox: "Cricket on live text, French Open on the red button, National Treasure - Book of Secrets on BBC1 this afternoon... I think the beeb is deliberately trying to make me fail my exam tomorrow"

Marcus, there's also live text on the French Open if you want to follow all the tennis action (including the Red Button TV coverage) in the company of Caroline Cheese.

1219 - Ban 365-8 (101 overs)
Rubel looks confident in defence - Aggers and Tuffers on TMS think he would have been a much better bet as nightwatchman yesterday evening than Shahadat "the slogger" Hossain. Finn bangs in a bouncer, then rolls over once again, and Rubel's off the mark with a thick inside-edged two to fine leg. Then Finn falls over again! ("It's like he's running through a trip-wire", notes Aggers). A single and a bye rotate the strike.

1214 - Ban 361-8 (100 overs)
So, can England wrap the innings up before lunch? Mahmudullah is shouldering the burden as senior batsman now (as well he might - he has a Test century, while Rubel has never scored more than 17 in first-class cricket) and he plays out a maiden from Anderson.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "If Finn gets one more wicket (10 in the match), 1,275 people who bought tickets 16 Apr-4 May online will get full refund as per MCC promotion"

1209 - Ban 361-8 (99 overs)
Finn is clearly a fan of Glenn McGrath, holding the ball up to the crowd like McGrath's "high five" celebration. New batsman Rubel Hossain defends his stumps, but the Middlesex man tumbles to the ground again. "He's like Bambi on skates," notes former Middlesex, England and Strictly Come Dancing stalwart Phil Tufnell on TMS.

Out for a duck
1206 - WICKET - Mushfiqur c Prior b Finn 0 - Ban 361-8 (98.3 overs)
As a drinks break allows the players take on their various libations, Hotspot suggests that was a good decision by De Silva - the ball flicked Mushy's sweater rather than his bat. When we resume, there's a brief comedy moment as Finn begins his run-up before realising he doesn't have the ball in his hand. Umpire Billy Bowden furnishes him with the all-important red sphere - and Mahmudullah promptly edges him between second slip and gully for four. Finn raises his hands in frustration, but after a single from Mahmudullah, Finn finally writes his name onto the Lord's honours board by claiming his fifth wicket when Mushfiqur gloves an excellent away-swinger to the keeper. Finn has 5-84 and Bangladesh are "net" 138-8.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Max, Nottingham, via text: "Like Jess from Durham [1138] I am also sat inside revising for my final exam at university. Instead of studying the NHS I'm pondering which part of my body I'd chop off to give England an attack like Harmison, Flintoff, Jones and Hoggard again... Finn gets a big thumbs up though!"

1201 - Ban 356-7 (98 overs)
Lord's is still slowly filling up as Mahmudullah shoulders arms to Anderson, before turning another risky single off his legs. Little Mushfiqur tries to glance one down the leg side, Prior appeals for a catch behind but Mushy stays his ground and umpire Asoka de Silva is unmoved. The Tigers lead by 133.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From James, via text: "Have been waiting for over 90 minutes to get into Lord's. Still nowhere near gates. Organisation here is terrible"

1156 - Ban 355-7 (97 overs)
Mahmudullah strides to the crease, with the Tigers "net" 131-3. Again, Bangladesh's use of a nightwatchman yesterday means the all-rounder, who's batted as high as number five quite recently and has a Test century in his locker, is in at number nine. He's off the mark with a quick single.

Wicket falls
1152 - WICKET - Siddique c Bresnan b Finn 74 - Ban 354-7 (96.3 overs)
Siddique steers a two past Finn, but then drives uppishly at a length ball from the Middlesex seamer and it loops into the welcome hands of Tim Bresnan at short extra cover!

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Queuers - the Grace Gate (in St Johns Wood Road) is now open to buy tickets/enter the ground too"

1148 - Ban 352-6 (96 overs)
Siddique nudges Anderson for a single off his legs, he has 71 and is crawling towards that prized century at tortoise-speed. That brings the right-handed Mushfiqur on strike, he's a bit fidgety at the crease (although not to neurotic Jonathan Trott-style proportions) and tries to angle one down the leg side which is signalled as four leg byes.

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From Anonymous, via text: "One more corner and I'm in Lord's for the first time! The anticipation's killing me!"

1145 - Ban 347-6 (95 overs)
Simon Mann on TMS wonders, after watching replays, whether Morgan was ever fully in control of the catch as he flicked it away the instant he took it. But in any event, Bangladesh are six down and the new batsman is wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim - a useful customer to be coming in this low in the batting order, as England found out in Bangladesh earlier this year. (He's also a lot like Tim Ambrose - a small keeper who favours the cut shot). He sees off the over as Finn completes a wicket maiden - he has match figures of 7-176.

Wicket falls
1139 - WICKET - Shakib c Morgan b Finn 16 - Ban 347-6 (94.1 overs)
Maybe we should ask Michael Vaughan for the lottery numbers - Shakib square-cuts at Finn and Morgan takes the catch at the second attempt at point. ("That's possibly the worst ball we've seen bowled today", notes MPV on TMS).

1138 - Ban 347-5 (94 overs)
Shakib fends Anderson off his legs and the ball rattles down the slope for four through fine leg. "If England keep bowling like this, it will happen for them," insists former skipper Michael Vaughan on TMS. A single takes Shakib to 16 and the lead to 124. Oh, and happy birthday, Jess (below).

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From Jess in Durham, via text: "Inside on a beautiful day revising for my last exam of university. Text from my parents telling me they've decided to go to Lord's for the day. Oh and it's my birthday"

1133 - Ban 342-5 (93 overs)
After a single from Siddique, Finn nearly snares Shakib as he has the Tigers skip fencing at thin air. There are plenty of people still queuing to get in, and they're clearly filling up one stand at a time - the upper Edrich and Mound Stands are full and the Grandstand is filling up, although the Compton Stand and upper Tavern appear empty. Shakib squeezes a single past the diving Bresnan at gully and down to Kevin Pietersen, who's fielding in the naughty corner at third man. KP didn't look that bothered in the field yesterday, there were plenty of pictures of him with hands in pockets.

From Nick in St Albans, TMS inbox: "Struggling to revise - TMS is helping... hoping that Bangladesh bat until after lunch, then England looking for 250 off 30 overs... Twenty20-style cricket all over again?'"

Lady Gaga
1128 - Ban 340-5 (92 overs)
Anderson is swinging the ball well into the left-handers, while Graeme Swann at second slip is blowing onto his hands to keep them warm. Shakib unleashes a well-timed cover drive and they run two while Eoin Morgan scurries away in pursuit. The lead is 117, there are 91 overs remaining today, while on TMS, Boycs and CMJ are still chuckling about Tuffers' visit to that Lady Gaga concert. Bangladesh are batting pretty cautiously so far, you might say they're batting with a Poker Face.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Neil from the MCC: 'For security reasons, all cash, stewards etc need to be at one corner of the ground. That's why only North gate open'. The issue of queuing twice is explained as tickets need to be sold and distributed first, and then scanned in at the gate"

1124 - Ban 338-5 (91 overs)
A slight concern with Steven Finn's bowling yesterday was his tendency to occasionally over-balance and tumble to the ground in his follow-through - and he's at it again. The cautious Siddique, on 70, sees off a maiden over.

From Tom in Sydney, TMS inbox: "Mark, can we not change the Twitter icon? Is it just me or does anybody else get excited seeing the bird on the screen and think 'ooooh wicket - duck!'"

1120 - Ban 338-5 (90 overs)
Indeed, Anderson replaces Bresnan at the Nursery End with three slips and a gully in place, and once more Shakib is swinging and missing. He eventually pierces the infield for a well-run two through mid-wicket - Bangladesh are "net" 115-5.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Apparently some bookies have Bangladesh as much as 90/1 to win the Test today. I don't really understand betting, but you might think it might be worth a fiver"

From Roger Watson, TMS inbox: "Great to see Bangladesh showing they have rightly earned their Test status. No matter what the result they have put up a great show at the home of cricket"

1115 - Ban 336-5 (89 overs)
Shakib drives at Finn, the ball squirms into the off side and the skipper takes a single. Siddique tickles a two off his legs down towards the Tavern Stand, and it looks like Jimmy A is warming up to have a bowl.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "It's a farce outside Lord's trying to get in. They need more people selling tickets. Bank Holiday, 5th day of the Test, who'd have thought people would turn up?"

1111 - Ban 333-5 (88 overs)
Bresnan is getting plenty of swing away from the two left-handers, but Aggers and Geoff Boycott on TMS are concerned that he's not making the batsmen play, and would rather see James Anderson take the new(ish) ball. Siddique then leaves a beaut of a delivery which swings back in and sails centimetres over his off stump. Second maiden of the day from Big Tim.

1107 - Ban 333-5 (87 overs)
Junaid Siddique, who was in fluent form yesterday evening and might have one eye on a century to match the one he scored against England earlier this year, prods Steven Finn for a single to take his score to 67. Shakib, however, is all action, whacking Finn through mid-off and they run three. Finn, from his favoured Pavilion End, gets one to rise up and ping Siddique in the midriff, but the undaunted Tigers number three tips-and-runs a single.

1102 - Ban 328-5 (86 overs)
Tim Bresnan takes the first over of the day, captain Shakib Al Hasan isn't particularly watchful (as you might imagine he might be) as he swipes and misses at a couple of them. Maiden over. The lead is 105, and there's a minimum of 97 overs remaining...

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Inside the ground, it's quiet. Pavilion and hospitality areas almost empty. More people waiting to get into the ground than actually in it!"

1057: Umpires, fielders and batsmen on their way out. And if you didn't see it yesterday, check out our photo gallery from day four which includes a picture of Aggers ringing the historic Lord's pavilion bell.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "In theory, we could have up to 98 overs today, although they could call it off after 83 to agree a draw"

From Lenny, Mauritius, TMS inbox: "Clearly using the full five days is a tactic designed by the ECB to encourage smaller nations in the Test arena and should be applauded. Strauss is just building on the Cook model from the winter"

1052: Do give your page a manual refresh if the ghost of Ben Dirs is haunting the contact details at the top of the page. It is really me... honest...

1047: TMS are up and running - Phil Tufnell, fresh from a Lady Gaga concert last night, is feeling a bit chilly. As some of you have pointed out on 606, the new ball is only five overs old which, coupled with the overcast conditions, could help England's seamers.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Long queues of people patiently waiting to get in. One of the stewards reckons high turnout is because of cold cloudy weather. Not a day to head for the beach"

Get involved on 606
From Sportsfan87 on 606: "I actually hope Bangladesh make a fist of this and can bat for 40-50 overs giving England a decent run chase which I would still expect them to accomplish"

1035: If you didn't catch up with yesterday's post-match reaction, England team director Andy Flower admits that their bowling must improve if they are to force a victory today, while BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew fears that England may not have time to chase down a target of 250 or more. You can keep up with Aggers or our man at Lord's Oliver Brett by following them on Twitter.

1030: Morning, everyone. A warm welcome to the final day of the first Test - it's overcast but dry in London, and if you haven't heard about today's ticket prices, you may be sorely tempted to head to Lord's for what could be a very exciting day's cricket. Entry is free if you're under 16 or over 65, or just £10 if you fall between those two ages. And for the first time in years, as Aggers revealed on TMS yesterday, if it stays dry you'll be allowed to wander onto the hallowed turf at the lunch interval.

Anyway, the match situation is this: having followed on yesterday, Bangladesh are 328-5 in their second innings - so in effect they're "net" 105-5. Junaid Siddique (66) and skipper Shakib Al Hasan (2) are at the crease, and England's four-man attack has been rather toiling after the best part of three days in the field.

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Live Scores - England v Bangladesh


  • England beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
  • England: 505 & 163-2 (35.1 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 282 & 382 (110.2 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 163
Strauss c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al Hasan 82
Cook lbw b Mahmudullah 23
Trott not out 36
Pietersen not out 10
Extras 6nb 1w 5lb 12

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