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Page last updated at 11:05 GMT, Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 2nd Test day four as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1050: That's it for the day from TMS - and from me. I'm feeling a lot better than I was three or four hours ago - and I suspect England's supporters out in Mirpur will be too. (A quick news flash - having announced their 15-man squad but not a captain, Pakistan have appointed Shahid Afridi as captain for the ICC World Twenty20 which begins in the Windies at the end of next month). It could be a very exciting day's play tomorrow as Bangladesh look to avoid defeat against England for the first time in their short cricketing history - so I hope as many of you as you can will join me tomorrow morning for the start of play at 0330 GMT. All done - bye bye.

From Martin (and lots of other people making similar gags), TMS inbox: "Re: Simon, Birmingham (1010). Perhaps by the time the thieves got to the Republica CD they were just Ready To Go"

From Matthew Freeman, TMS inbox: "Tim Bresnan to open the run chase tomorrow, with Cook!"

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1035: "The Two Simons" are summing up the day's play from Mirpur on TMS - remember, you'll be able to download it soon as the TMS podcast.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Bangladesh's tail-enders have frustrated England before, in Chittagong and in the first innings here. They can go to bed tonight believing they've got a chance of a draw"


1031 - Ban 172-6 (68 overs)
Last over of the day, three predatory close catchers encircle Shafiul as Swann trots in for his 18th over. The nightwatchman defends his stumps fluently, and that is, well, stumps. (The Aussies say "stumps", I'm a traditionalist dinosaur and prefer "close of play" - just like I prefer "elect to field" than "elect to bowl"). Anyway, Bangladesh are "net" 95-6 going into the final day.

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From StarGazer on 606: "If the pitch really does break up, that makes things more interesting, but these surfaces have not really misbehaved much, which was one of the Bangladesh complaints"

1028 - Ban 172-6 (67 overs)
Shakib steers Broad for two, England bring the field up with two balls to go in a bid to bowl the final over at the nightwatchman and it works. The lead is 95.

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From Steve, Bristol, via text: "If dropped catches were criteria for being dropped, England would be struggling to find a keeper!"

1024 - Ban 170-6 (66 overs)
With three overs left in the day, Shakib turns a single off his legs and Shafiul defends well against Swann.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS (on the Broad situation): "As a bowler, you should make umpires your friend - try to get them on your side"

1021 - Ban 169-6 (65 overs)
Umpire Hill calls Captain Cook over, and the pair of them have a chat with Broad, who needs to calm down a bit with his appealing. Replays show Broad turned to the umpire with arm raised after that wicket (as if to say "hey, I got him anyway"). Calm down, son. Bizarrely, Bangladesh have sent Shafiul Islam - who's a capable slogger - in as nightwatchman ahead of Naeem Islam, who's naturally inclined to occupy the crease for long periods!

Wicket falls
1018 - WICKET - Mushfiqur b Broad 3 - Ban 169-6 (64.5 overs)
Vice-captain Mushfiqur elegantly cover-drives for two. There's a fierce lbw appeal, umpire Tony Hill shakes his head (it looked a little high) - but there's no escape for the little keeper as he inside-edges the next ball onto his stumps.

From Mike T, TMS inbox: "So how much is a Test match umpire paid to travel abroad and then be slated as 'second string' because the premier umpires are at the IPL?"

1014 - Ban 167-5 (64 overs)
Shakib guides Swann away for two - the Tigers are "net" 90-5.

1010 - Ban 165-5 (63 overs)
Shakib straight-drives Broad for a single, you sense both sides are winding down ahead of the close of play - Shakib ready to play an "Atherton at Jo'burg" defiant match-saving innings tomorrow?

From Simon, Birmingham, TMS inbox: "Re Tom Goy (0923): when attending the Ashes at Edgbaston, my friend - renowned for his terrible music taste - has his car broken into. The thieves took everything, de-icer and scraper included, but the Celine Dion, Bryan Adams and Republica CDs lived to tell the tale"

The thieves probably realised they'd be Reckless to steal the Bryan Adams CD, and decided to Think Twice before half-inching Ms Dion. (Come on, it's been a long night, I'll get my coat)

1006 - Ban 164-5 (62 overs)
More sightscreen problems (with billowing white sheets on top of large advertising board) precede Swann's over to Mushy. He's off the mark with a single, Shakib moves up to 19 and Bangladesh lead by 87 runs.

From Stephan Milam, TMS inbox: "Come on guys, leave Trott alone, so he dropped a catch, if that was a criteria for being dropped KP would never have had a second series, he dropped so many against Australia in 2005"

1002 - Ban 162-5 (61 overs)
Stuart Broad begins a new spell in place of Finn, he hasn't bowled for three-and-a-half hours but did take a good catch earlier. Shakib has to back away at one point as there's a problem with the sightscreen, but the Bangladesh skipper edges a slightly streaky four past gully.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "Ice baths first came in when I was playing for England on the last tour of Bangladesh. They were huge sea drums with large blocks of ice inside, and we had to stay in them for five full minutes"

0954 - Ban 158-5 (60 overs)
Mushfiqur has three close fielders around him, but isn't tempted to hit out against Swann and plays out a maiden over. Strangely, the drinks cart is brought out - this appears to be an "extra" drinks interval, the second of the session. Eight more overs to be bowled, England will easily do that before 1030 - Bangladesh lead by 81.

0950 - Ban 158-5 (59 overs)
Finn's working hard and will look to keep the pressure on, Shakib tries to force him to leg but gets a leading edge and they run two to the point boundary

Monty Panesar
From Chris Allen. Stourbridge, via text: "Monty wasn't dropped for his fielding - he also could not bat or back up a batting partner and worst of all did not develop into the match-winner we all expected"

"Not back up a batting partner"? Has "The Miracle Of Cardiff" been forgotten so quickly?

0946 - Ban 156-5 (58 overs)
New batsman is the diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim, who's batted well in this series - well enough to earn promotion up the order (with possible loss of the wicketkeeping gauntlets) in some commentators' view.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "I may be alone here, but I still think Bangladesh have half a chance of winning this Test, if England have to chase about 150"

Wicket falls
0942 - WICKET - Jahurul b Swann 43 - Ban 156-5 (57.2 overs)
Jahurul prods forward at Swann, the ball turns and bowls him through the gate! A corker. Tigers lead by 79.

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From Rob, Skipton, via text: "This game is meandering towards a draw. No inspiration and no skill high enough on this degenerate pitch. Dull"

0940 - Ban 156-4 (57 overs)
Jahurul guides a lifter to fine leg for one, Shakib looks fairly secure against Finn, who waves for a drink at the end of the over. Despite the strong breeze, plenty of the England fielders are sweating profusely in the heat.

0936 - Ban 155-4 (56 overs)
Shakib cracks a long-hop from Swann for four past mid-on, we wonder whether Swann's suffering with a bug or something as he was off the field for a while earlier and he's not quite been on his game today. No doubt Swanny's Twitter feed will reveal the answer to his 36,847 followers in a couple of hours' time. Shakib adds a couple more, he's up to 12.

From Alec Johnston, TMS inbox: "Typical Tredwell... today, tonight or tomorrow trundling & trembling towards ten wickets!"

0932 - Ban 149-4 (55 overs)
Shakib guides Finn for a single to mid-wicket, then Jahurul has the crowd on their feat with a swashbuckling four through the covers. He's eight away from a maiden Test fifty. And fingers crossed, the problem with the TMS audio feed has been solved.

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From rich1uk on 606: "Been impressed with Bresnan, considering the condition of the pitch he's actually looked quite threatening, definitely more than any of the other seamers have"

0926 - Ban 144-4 (54 overs)
Swann to Shakib, just over an hour to go before the close. Shakib pushes a single past point, and almost gets an overthrow from a wild throw from substitute fielder Luke Wright. Not sure who's off the field. The England physio comes on to examine Matt Prior's hands, and Bangladesh lead by 67.

From Mohammed, London, TMS inbox: "Luck really has deserted the Bangladeshis. Trott tried to balance the book a bit with a dropped dolly, but the foot of Alastair Cook has restored the order of the match!"

0923 - Ban 143-4 (53 overs)
A double change in the bowling as Steve Finn relieves the hard-working Bresnan. Jahurul sees off a maiden over from the young Middlesex tyke, who I still think looks like a taller version of footballer Jack Cork.

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From Tom Goy, via text: "I had my car broken into last night and they took everything except my easter egg in the back seat. I just kept thinking; don't worry, cricket tomorrow. Then cancel your cards"

0918 - Ban 143-4 (52 overs)
Time for Graeme Swann, who we've not seen much of today - Tredders takes a blow with figures of 23-7-59-1 from a long spell. Shakib eases a two past the close fielders and into the covers. And for those of you who have e-mailed in with complaints about the quality of the TMS audio feed on the website, we're aware of the problem and the AV team are on the case.

Monty Panesar
From Rachel Tyrrell, Lincoln, TMS inbox: "Trott is the new Monty!"

Not until some people call for Trott to be dropped purely because of his fielding he isn't...

0912 - Ban 141-4 (51 overs)
Bresnan has Jahurul fishing again, there's a loud appeal for a catch behind but Umpire Hill shakes his head. The confident debutant squeezes a two past backward point and clubs a four through mid-off - he's up to 38 and Bangladesh lead by 64. Time for drinkies.

0907 - Ban 135-4 (50 overs)
Tredwell wheels away for his 23th successive over, Jahurul edges a single and Shakib is defiant in defence.

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From Ramesh, London, via text: "200-220 to win in 70 overs would make a great final day's play. But can Bangladesh score close to 300 in their second innings? I think 300 is a tough ask"

0905 - Ban 134-4 (49 overs)
Shakib is off the mark as he works Bresnan for a two off his legs. The Yorkshire seamer is bowling a good line and length, as he has for much of this tour.

From Dusty Hughes, Dunwich, Suffolk, TMS inbox: "If Swann trots in, does Trott swan in?"

0900 - Ban 132-4 (48 overs)
Tredders is quickly through his over against Jahurul, who is on the defensive against the probing Kent spinner.

0858 - Ban 132-4 (47 overs)
Jahurul knocks Bresnan for a single, then there's a fairly loud lbw shout against Cap'n Shakib but appeared to be going down leg. Fractionally.

0853 - Ban 131-4 (46 overs)
Right-hander Jahurul dabs Tredwell for a single, the field is adjusted for the southpaw skipper. The over-rate has been good today, only 22 more need to be bowled after this one by 1030 GMT - but the left-hand/right-hand combo may delay matters a little.

From Steven Rajam, TMS inbox: "Re: Trott drop (I almost wrote Trott dropp) was not the worst... picture the scene: Matthew Maynard, England on tour against the Windies, 1994. The batsman (can't remember who) slices ball high and vertical to mid-on-ish. After an age in the air, Maynard positions himself confidently... and the world cringes as it goes *straight* through his hands. And then five minutes later HE DOES EXACTLY THE SAME THING AGAIN"

0850 - Ban 130-4 (45 overs)
The crowd cheer the arrival of Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan to the crease - he's a leftie, and Bresnan bowls round the wicket to him. He sees off the over unscathed - Bresnan has had a good match (and a good series come to that).

Wicket falls
0847 - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Prior b Bresnan 6 - Ban 130-4 (44.3 overs)
After a wild and woolly one down the leg side which goes for five wides, Bresnan makes the breakthrough as Mahmudullah tentatively defends off the back foot and edges an easy catch to keeper Matt Prior. The lead is 53.

0844 - Ban 125-3 (44 overs)
After a single from Jahurul, Tredwell gives it a bit of flight against Mahmudullah, who dabs a single. Jahurul hammers a two through the covers, then unleashes his favoured lofted drive shot for four - "every run is crucial for Bangladesh here", notes Shamim Chowdhury on TMS - the lead is 48.

From Geoff in Dubai, TMS inbox: "Lot of talk about umpire decisions in this game, do people really think that umpires of the past did not make as many errors as they do now? In the 'old days' we had no replays to blow them out of proportion and further players were more prone to accept a bad decision"

And, mentioning no names to avoid a political storm, I believe in "the old days" before neutral umpires, there was more than a suspicion that umpires from certain countries favoured their "own" players at times.

0840 - Ban 117-3 (43 overs)
Mahmudullah is the new Jonathan Trott - Bresnan is halfway through his run-up and the fidgeting tall right-hander still isn't ready. Bresnan has to pull up, and isn't happy. He eventually has an lbw appeal against Mahmudullah, but umpire Tony Hill shakes his head - replays hint that it may have taken an inside edge.

0836 - Ban 117-3 (42 overs)
Tredwell trundling tightly, Tigers take two t... singles.

0833: Tredwell to resume proceedings to debutant Jahurul Islam - who, in case you're wondering, is not related to team-mates Naeem Islam and Shafiul Islam.

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From Dan, via text: "It's my birthday and I've been up all night with a gastric bug. Unable to go to work or leave my flat for obvious reasons. But at least it means I can watch the cricket. Every cloud..."

0815: Right, keep your ears on TMS during the interval, I'll be back in a short while...


0813 - Ban 115-3 (41 overs)
Bresnan to take us to tea (now there's an image), he has Jahurul fishing at thin air before he prods his first single into the covers. That's tea - Bangladesh lead by 38.

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From Matt Duchezeau, Amersham, via text: "Great back heel there from Cook. 100% intended"

0809 - Ban 114-3 (40 overs)
Like his partner Jahurul, new batsman Mahmudullah is up and running with a boundary - chopping a loose delivery for four through point. We'll get another one in before tea.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "I've been saying that Cook was standing too close at silly point and I know now why he's there - as a barrier!"

Wicket falls
0806 - WICKET - Siddique c & b Tredwell 34 - Ban 110-3 (39.4 overs)
Luke Wright brings on one of Sussex team-mate Matt Prior's regular drinks. The balding Tredwell, in his 18th successive over, has bowled well this afternoon - and he gets his reward when Siddique prods forward and the ball loops up off Captain Cook's foot at silly point, and Tredders takes the catch! It's like Wayne Phillips, Allan Lamb and David Gower in '85 all over again...

From Dominic Bunning, TMS inbox: "Re: Keith Mullan (0724): 'How many good fielders have dropped sitter catches like this?' Unfortunately, Trott could hardly be classed as a 'good fielder'. I always used to love the sense of panic whenever Michael Vaughan was under a catch - he was a truly atrocious catcher"

0802 - Ban 110-2 (39 overs)
Bowling change - Swann's off and Tim Bresnan will have a trundle before tea. He gets a bit of swing, having done so with the old ball in the first innings. An inside edge past the stumps brings Siddique a single.

0758 - Ban 109-2 (38 overs)
Siddique steers Tredwell for a single, Bangladesh lead by 32.

From Marcus, Luxembourg, TMS inbox: "It all seems to be pointing towards England hanging on grimly at the end of the day tomorrow"

0754 - Ban 108-2 (37 overs)
Another lofted drive from Jahurul, he lifts one just over Swann and it brings him four more. He's only scored in boundaries so far - two sixes and two fours.

0752 - Ban 104-2 (36 overs)
Captain Cook at silly point takes a hit on the back as Siddique tries to whip Tredwell through the covers. Maiden over.

0749 - Ban 104-2 (35 overs)
Siddique knocks Swann for a single, Jahurul is still fishing around at this stage. Tea in 21 minutes.

0746 - Ban 103-2 (34 overs)
More comedy fielding by Jonathan Trott allows Siddique an unearned single, as he runs past a ball he should have stopped. Meanwhile, there's no stopping Jahurul, who launches another six over long-on! His first two Test scoring shots have been sixes - pretty rare. Then Jahurul gets an edge between the keeper and slip, and it shoots away for four off Prior's pad. Tredwell holds his head in frustration.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Tony in Jakarta, via text: "Re: Keith Mullan's query about teaching to catch with fingers pointing upwards (0724). We (coaches everywhere) teach both methods. We also teach the players how to choose between the two. Both methods are effective. It all depends on the execution by the player"

0742 - Ban 92-2 (33 overs)
Jahurul is off the mark in Test cricket... with a six! A textbook lofted drive over the bowler's head.

0739 - Ban 86-2 (32 overs)
Tredwell begins his 14th over to Siddique, who edges one which bounces short of Colly at slip. Another maiden as England try to turn the screw on Bangladesh.

0736 - Ban 86-2 (31 overs)
New batsman is debutant Jahurul Islam, who's on a pair. Four close catchers in, Jahurul plays out a wicket maiden.

Wicket falls
0731 - WICKET - Tamim c Broad b Swann 52 - Ban 86-2 (30.2 overs)
Tamim pops a catch to backward point - they've moved Trott away from that position and Stuart Broad takes a good low catch. Big wicket.

From Andy, ex Hampshire now Bangkok, TMS inbox: "Re Alistair (0701) - not sure what they do these days. Jon Fellow-Smith (S Africa & Northants) used to sleep padded up while waiting to bat. On one occasion his team-mates convinced him that a wicket had fallen, Jon grabbed his bat and emerged from the pavilion only to find play in progress and a balcony of laughing players. I believe also, that he once came out to bat only to find it deserted... the Middlesex players, by prior arrangement, had hidden themselves behind the sightscreen at the Nursery End"

I suppose a South African at Northants was more of a novelty in those days...

0730 - Ban 86-1 (30 overs)
Tamim pokes Tredwell for a single. The replays of that Trott drop look more and more cringeworthy with each repetition. 40 minutes until tea.

0728 - Ban 85-1 (29 overs)
Siddique cover-drives Tamim for four. Bangladesh now lead by eight.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ellie, Herts, via text: "Re: dropped catches - Andrew Strauss dropped the easiest catch I have ever seen in the Stanford series when playing for Middlesex. I assume you are not counting that as it did not count as international (or any other kind of) cricket?!"

You assume correctly...

0724 - Ban 81-1 (28 overs)
Tredwell to Tamim. Unremarkable maiden over, Tamim has gone back into his shell.

From Keith Mullan, expat in Dhaka. Bangladesh, TMS inbox: "Why are we teaching our cricketers to catch with fingers in the air like the Aussies? How many good fielders have dropped sitter catches like this? May put the Bangladesh shirt on and see if it's still lucky; I'm remembering its success on day 5 at Chittagong"

0721 - Ban 81-1 (27 overs)
Siddique defends against Swann, who gets one to turn away from the left-hander's outside edge. Maiden over.

0718 - Ban 81-1 (26 overs)
That's 50
Thanks very much to Oliver Brett, who stepped in for the last three overs of commentary as I was feeling momentarily unwell. I'm back, and so is Tamim, bringing up his seventh Test fifty with a powerful square cut for four to put Bangladesh ahead by four.

0716 - Ban 77-1 (25 overs)
Close-up replays of that Trott drop now suggest his fingers may have got caught up in the brim of his hat, but that would be the feeblest of excuses. Swann it is again, Siddique covering up in defence for a couple of deliveries, but now he rocks back and unfurls a nice square-cut for four as Bangladesh wipe out the deficit. Nice technique with his off-side shots this fellow.


0711 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 73-1 (24 overs)
I have just seen the worst dropped catch ever in international cricket! Tamim slices Tredwell to point, England begin celebrating and Trott drops a sitter, the sort that would leave a boy red-faced in under-9s cricket, I kid you not.

0708 - Ban 73-1 (23 overs)
Swann beats Siddique's outside edge with one which turns and bounces. Butch on TMS reckons the close men on the off-side are TOO close (silly point and slip). England's off-spinners are settling into a nice partnership now.

0704 - Ban 73-1 (22 overs)
Tamim lives dangerously again as he edges Tredwell just wide of slip for two. Then he comes down the track, changes his mind, checks his shot and it pings off his pad. He adds a couple more, that's the fifty stand.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Alistair, Tanzania, via text: "What do the other batsmen do when their team-mates are on the crease? Work out? Read a book? Engage in banter? Eat? Sleep?"

0701 - Ban 67-1 (21 overs)
Finn's off after three overs and Swann's on. Tamim sweeps, there's an lbw appeal but in vain as he picks up a scampered three to fine leg. Siddique, now batting in a cap, defends well before threading a two through point.

0656 - Ban 62-1 (20 overs)
Tredwell to Tamim, the game has rather gone off the boil. The opener prods forward and inside-edges off his pad for a single to fine leg.

From Simon, TMS inbox: "I'm sitting here in my office in Sydney with one eye on the live scoreboard and the other gazing out across the harbour on what is a lovely, sunny evening. Can't decide whether to follow the scoreboard or go to the pub. It's a tough life down under"

0652 - Ban 61-1 (19 overs)
Swann's back on the field. Finn bowls an unremarkable maiden over to Siddique.

0648 - Ban 61-1 (18 overs)
With Swann off the field, it's still Tredwell as Tamim pokes a single to mid-on. Bangladesh now trail by 17 - then Siddique dribbles a single to third man to reduce the deficit to 16.

0645 - Ban 59-1 (17 overs)
Tamim square-cuts Finn for a single to reserve wicketkeeper Steve Davies, who's on as a substitute fielder - the TMS guys think Graeme Swann is off the field. Then Finn bangs one in short and wide, Siddique crashes it through the covers and not even the pursuing Davies can cut off the four.

0640 - Ban 54-1 (16 overs)
Tamim guides Tredwell for an easy single wide of mid-on, Siddique moves up to 15.

From John, Perth, Australia, TMS inbox: "After keeping up with the two Tests from Bangladesh via the BBC, can we cancel the Ashes and try to get New Zealand for the five Tests next summer (your winter), that would be much more of an interesting contest"

0637 - Ban 51-1 (15 overs)
Steve Finn, who bowled just 10 overs in the first innings, comes on with his right-arm seam. He has a half-hearted lbw shout against Siddique, but I heard some bat on that. Finn strays with his line and Siddique laces it through the covers for four.

0631 - Ban 47-1 (14 overs)
Tamim to take Tredwell on, or rather he doesn't for the first few deliveries, and it's eventually an uncharacteristic maiden over to the exciting young opener.

0628 - Ban 47-1 (13 overs)
Siddique plays and misses at Broad, that's a tight over and indeed a maiden over.

0625 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 47-1 (12 overs)
Flags fluttering in Mirpur as Tamim blasts Tredwell straight back to the bowler, he gets both hands to it on the rise but can't hang on. A difficult chance, but still a chance. Tamim blasts a straight four, and another lofted drive is mis-hit and they run a couple to long-off as the ball falls short of the boundary fielder. A couple of singles mean it's an expensive over for the Kent off-spinner.

0621 - Ban 39-1 (11 overs)
Siddique forces Broad past point for four - "I think Bangladesh have found their new opener as Imrul Kayes isn't up to the job," comments Corky on TMS. England have three slips in, but they're splayed wide apart - almost at second slip, fifth slip and gully.

From Peter Evans, Warsaw, TMS inbox: "When I was a student I found many reasons for not revising or getting an essay written, such as cleaning behind the cooker. Judging by the number of students e-mailing in, live coverage of this thrilling game is clearly the modern version of cleaning behind the cooker"

0617 - Ban 35-1 (10 overs)
Tredwell to continue, his over yields two singles.

0614 - Ban 33-1 (9 overs)
Broad to continue, Tamim whips the first ball after lunch off his legs for four. A single takes him to 25 from 30 balls, while Siddique fends off a lifter which trickles safely away from the stumps.

0608: The TMS team have continued discussing Dominic Cork's "three conference" idea for county cricket, but we're almost ready to resume in Mirpur.

From Andy, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "What is it with Stuart Broad and deflections off thigh pads onto stumps? Hasn't he been out the same way himself several times, including once in the last Ashes series? It's a bizarre enough method of dismissal for me to believe it's worthy of an e-mail insinuating some kind of link between the two"

0601: So, with Bangladesh effectively minus 49 for one in a one-innings game, the Tigers innings could hinge on how long Tamim Iqbal can stay at the crease - as we know while he's there, he will score quickly.

From Rayerathome, TMS inbox: "Let's see how Bresnan performs in the bar after the match and down at the boating lake before we bestow the title of 'the next Freddie' on him!"

0532: As I mentioned, listen out for David Morgan on TMS - we'll take a short break on the live text and we'll be back in a bit.


0530 - Ban 28-1 (8 overs)
Tredwell bowls a maiden to Siddique, who has shut up shop for lunch. Bangladesh have whittled England's lead down to 49.

0528 - Ban 28-1 (7 overs)
Junaid Siddique is in at first drop for the Tigers, he guides a single to fine leg and Tamim does likewise. Colly shows great commitment with a diving stop as Siddique steers a three through point. We should get one more over in before lunch - and keep your ears tuned to TMS as ICC president David Morgan is the lunchtime guest.

Wicket falls
0524 - WICKET - Kayes b Broad 4 - Ban 23-1 (6.2 overs)
Kayes tries to hit Broad to leg, but it deflects off the bottom of his thigh pad and bowls him round his legs!

0521 - Ban 23-0 (6 overs)
With no help for the seamers, England unsurprisingly turn to one of their two off-spinners - although slightly surprisingly it's James Tredwell rather than senior spinner Graeme Swann. He immediately finds Tamim's edge - but it bounces off Matt Prior's gloves at point-blank range and slip can't grab it either. Reprieved, he smashes one back down the ground for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From James, Notts, via text: "Bresnan must be gutted how he gave his wicket away - should have made three figures, could he be the next Freddie?"

0518 - Ban 19-0 (5 overs)
Broad is also adopting a round-the-wicket angle of attack to Tamim, who steers a two out to the cover sweeper and then knocks a single to long leg. Kayes guides a comfortable three off his hips, then Tamim fences at a short ball but doesn't make contact when a thin edge may have found the keeper or slips. He does, however, nick the strike with a single.

0512 - Ban 12-0 (4 overs)
Captain Cook adjusts his field as Bresnan bowls around the wicket to the dangerous Tamim, who whips a single off his legs. Kayes is off the mark with a single, then Tamim beautifully on-drives for three.

From Matt in Seoul, TMS inbox: "I'm not long out of the student bubble, but that doesn't stop me procrastinating like one. Spending as much time checking these updates as I am teaching my Korean high school students today. Come on England!"

0508 - Ban 7-0 (3 overs)
A brutal overhead pull shot for four by Tamim ("a tennis smash", according to Simon Hughes on TMS) gets Bangladesh under way. A short ball outside off stump is punched through cover point, England already (yes!) have a cover sweeper out there - Ian Bell - who restricts them to two. A single rotates the strike for the first time.

0505 - Ban 0-0 (2 overs)
Fresh (or perhaps not so fresh) from his 261-ball batting stint (one ball fewer than Bell's 261), Tim Bresnan takes the second over to Imrul Kayes - another maiden as Imrul is on the defensive.

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From Nick and Ben, Taunton, via text: "Two more nightshift workers here, hope our manager doesn't see this. A couple of wickets before lunch would be good"

0501 - Ban 0-0 (1 over)
Tamim, who's likely to entertain the crowd in the run-up to lunch as he seems to only be able to play one way, tries a couple of expansive drives but is denied by two very smart stops by Kevin Pietersen at gully and Paul Collingwood (still out of the slips because of his finger injury) at cover. Maiden over.

0456: Stuart Broad takes the first over to Tamim Iqbal.

From Frankie from Phuket, TMS inbox: "Stuart Broad was interviewed last summer, and said he had his sights on batting at number seven on a regular basis. Bresnan, Swann and now Tredwell seem to have put him back to number 10"

0452: Let it be said, those two stumpings by Mushfiqur were very smart - not easy at all. I know we're a bit hard on his wicketkeeping at times, but he's done well this morning.

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From Mark, Washington, via text: "Am I the only non student up this hour! Not long to go til the end of another thrilling nightshift, going home to stay up and see how the day's play pans out"


Wicket falls
0449 - WICKET - Tredwell st Mushfiqur b Razzak 37 - Eng 496 all out (173.3 overs)
Tredwell comes down the track to Razzak, misses and is stumped - the square-leg umpire signals for a TV decision but Tredwell just walks off anyway, knowing he didn't get his bat down in time. So Bangladesh will bat for half-an-hour before lunch.

0446 - Eng 496-9 (173 overs)
Slightly surprisingly, Finn calls Tredwell through for a single off the first ball - but in this situation with a lead of more than 75, England may feel they're entitled to grab every run. There are three close catchers for last man Finn, including Naeem Islam at short leg nearly in close enough to pick his pocket, but the Middlesex man looks capable in defence against Shakib.

0442 - Eng 495-9 (172 overs)
Razzak has a similar field for Tredwell, but he helps another four down the leg side - he's suddenly up to 35. And he successfully guides a single off the last ball to farm the strike.

0439 - Eng 490-9 (171 overs)
Shakib's field is set back for Tredwell, offering him a single, and he shovels a full toss over wide mid-on (Imrul Kayes, who gets a finger to it) for four. A big heave towards cow corner lands just inside the rope and trickles over it for four more. A leg bye brings Finn on strike again, but he survives. And a bit of breaking news on TMS - Liam Plunkett will return home a day early from this tour because of an injury that they want to treat immediately.

0435 - Eng 481-9 (170 overs)
Steve Finn begins his first Test innings with three dot balls.

Wicket falls
0430 - WICKET - Bresnan st Mushfiqur b Razzak 91 - Eng 481-9 (169.3 overs)
Abdur Razzak comes on for the first time today, to twirl away with his left-arm spin. And Bresnan's average slips to 50 as he comes down the track, misses one outside off stump and Mushfiqur (taking the ball high over his shoulder) whips off the bails. That's out, surely? Bresnan stays put while the decision is laughably referred to the third ump. A bit of time is wasted, but eventually the red light signals the end of Bresnan's innings. And a drinks break is taken.

0428 - Eng 481-8 (169 overs)
Tim Bresnan knocks Shakib for a single off his legs to move to 91 - and his Test average is now up to 100, overtaking Don Bradman's 99.94. It'll immediately halve if he's dismissed, though, as this is only his second innings! "Proper" Test career averages normally need you to have played a minimum of 20 innings though - spoilsports.

0424 - Eng 480-8 (168 overs)
A single takes Bresnan to 90, Tredwell rocks back to cut Mahmudullah through the covers for four. This stand is worth 46 now.

0420 - Eng 475-8 (167 overs)
Bresnan drives Shakib to long-off for a single, he looks to have his eye on a maiden Test ton which would hugely boost his all-round credentials.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "I think that by not taking the new ball, it shows Bangladesh will be happy to play this out for a draw"

0418 - Eng 474-8 (166 overs)
The TMS crew think Bangladesh are missing a trick here by not taking the third new ball. Rubel's off, Mahmudullah's back for his 19th over, and the England pair add three singles. Bres has 88, Tredders is on 19.

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From Jake, Hatfield, via text: "Am I the only student who hasn't got any work in for tomorrow?"

0413 - Eng 471-8 (165 overs)
Shakib bowls over the wicket to Bresnan, who gets a thick edge to third man for a single.

From Robert Black, TMS inbox: "Thought I'd have an early night to finish my essay in time for a 12 o'clock deadline. Instead, night out and now reading live text commentary instead of sleeping. Priorities are in order!"

0411 - Eng 470-8 (164 overs)
Plenty of noise from some youngsters in the Mirpur crowd as Bresnan pulls a single to fine leg, then Tredwell (treading very well so far in his first Test innings - the one and only time I'll use that pun) guides Rubel for four past point again.

0405 - Eng 465-8 (163 overs)
Bresnan tickles a single off his legs, Tredwell angles a four through the gap at fine leg.

From Christopher Watson, tired English Undergrad, Winchester, TMS inbox: "Tackling my third and final essay for submission in a few hours time... but glady distracted by what seems like a solid England position"

0401 - Eng 460-8 (162 overs)
Still the old ball in use as Rubel bowls to Tredwell, who nudges a single to third man. Having presumably learned the lesson England failed to learn in a similar situation on Sunday morning (where they leaked 50 or so runs to that position with eight wickets down), Bangladesh do have a fielder at third man. A single takes Bresnan to 83.

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Body language-wise, the Bangladesh team look worn down after those disappointing decisions yesterday"

0356 - Eng 458-8 (161 overs)
Shakib, back for his 60th over, has now broken the Bangladesh record for most overs bowled in an innings. Tredwell swipes a three backward of point.

0352 - Eng 455-8 (160 overs)
The third new ball is available after 160 overs, but first the slingy Rubel Hossain will try to see if he can get any reverse swing with the old ball, as he did yesterday. He has a slip and a gully in, but Bresnan defends well - a likely maiden over is spoiled by Rubel's seventh no-ball of the innings.

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From Tom, Manchester, via text: "The dulcet tones of TMS have persuaded me to stay strong and work around the clock to beat this deadline. C'mon England!"

0347 - Eng 454-8 (159 overs)
Mahmudullah tosses one up and Bresnan carves it throgh the covers for four. The ones and twos begin to flow too.

From Gareth Preston, TMS inbox: "I'd like to see the ICC paying for the review system across the board, or at least subsidising some of the smaller playing nations. But they still need to work out how to make the review process interesting to spectators in the ground, a lot of time we are lost at to what is going on in the ground!"

Hear hear! I don't think it's unreasonable to show the replays on the stadium screen while the third ump watches them.

0343 - Eng 447-8 (158 overs)
With the third new ball just a couple of overs away, Bresnan works a single off his legs while Tredwell dabs a couple to third man.

From Amir Mir, TMS inbox: "Captain Cook, to show aggression and no fear you will declare with a lead of 50-70 or allow Bresnan to get to his 100 then declare"

0340 - Eng 444-8 (157 overs)
Mahmudullah bowls a maiden to Tredwell. Let's not forget, this England pair have five first-class centuries between them (Bres three, Tredders two).

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From Nick in Birmingham, via text: "Am on an all-nighter dissertation session and delighted to see TMS is on to see me through. Let's hope England provide more excitement than my degree currently is"

0338 - Eng 444-8 (156 overs)
Shakib Al Hasan has already bowled 57 overs in this innings, but he's back for more and sends one down the leg side which Tim Bresnan helps himself to, and runs a couple. (And please manually refresh the page and the "play is due to start at 0330" banner will disappear).

0334 - Eng 442-8 (155 overs)
Off-spinner Mahmudullah to left-hander Tredwell, there's a big shout for lbw but it hit him outside the line. The Kent man is off the mark with a two off his legs.

0329: Here we go - James Tredwell will try to score his first Test runs.

From Ian in London, TMS inbox: "Re: the umpiring 'mistakes' in this game. Wondered how umpires were allocated; it strikes me that the world's best umpires at present are at the IPL (eg Taufel) while Eng v Bangladesh is deemed 'less important' and therefore being used to blood less experienced umpires. Another unexpected implication of the influence of T20 on Test cricket"

0323: By the way, if you're a Kiwi fan hoping for a famous New Zealand rearguard effort - I'm afraid it's all over in Wellington where Australia have won the first Test by 10 wickets. Yuvraj Singh will not be coming to Middlesex because of his international commitments. And former Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar has retired from cricket.

Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons (speaking to TMS): "We can still win this match - but we'll have to take the last two wickets quickly and bat really well"

From Dave, Australia, TMS inbox: "Regarding the UDRS debate - we need consistency in Test cricket - the system should be available in all games or none. Ultimately the ICC needs to manage this - though I must admit it's a bit tough for the Bangas to complain too loudly when they spent their budget on flowers [floral tributes to welcome visiting ICC president David Morgan]. Luckily the only Flower the ECB spent money on is doing quite nicely thanks!"

0318: And according to Simon M, the wrong decisions yesterday helped England to the tune of 178 runs. Lots of angry rumblings in the local papers too.

0316: TMS are up and running - a weather check from Simon Mann reveals it's overcast, but still dry and warm.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Bullet Tooth Tony from Lower Hardres, Kent, via text: "Don't need constant referrals, we need better umpires, couldn't imagine Dickie or Shep getting any of them wrong yesterday "

0305: Well, a lot of yesterday's chat centred around umpiring decisions - and the lack of the Umpire Decision Review System, which may have cost Bangladesh rather dearly. Tigers captain Shakib Al Hasan and coach Jamie Siddons clearly aren't happy - while if you haven't heard it yet, you can check out the Test Match Special commentators' review of the day on the TMS podcast which is available for you to download. But what do you think? Should it be up to the home board and host broadcaster to fund the UDRS equipment? Or should the ICC open up their coffers to pay for it?

0255: Morning, everyone. It's the penultimate day of the second Test in Mirpur - I think I can safely say that, as only an astonishing clatter of wickets would see this game wrapped up today. After a slow but careful fightback yesterday, led by Ian Bell's 138, England are 440-8 in their first innings, 21 ahead of Bangladesh. Tim Bresnan's still there, on a Test-best score of 74 not out.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 419 & 285 (102.0 overs)
  • England: 496 & 209-1 (44.0 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 209
Cook not out 109
Trott run out 19
Pietersen not out 74
Extras 1nb 2b 4lb 7

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