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Page last updated at 10:58 GMT, Monday, 22 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 2nd Test day three as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1045: Well, it was far from the most thrilling slam-bam day of Test cricket you'll ever see, but you can check out the Test Match Special podcast soon, continue "The Bell Debate" or any other debate on 606 and read the Brettmeister General's day three match report shortly. Thanks for your company today, and all the e-mails and texts - sorry if we didn't have room to use yours. Like a glutton for punishment, I'll be back in this chair in the wee small hours to bring you day four - play starts at 0330 GMT. Until then, do have (as Adrian Chiles would say at the end of Match of the Day 2) a "bearable" Monday.

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1039: Unbelievably, "The Bell Debate" still seems to be raging on the e-mails. Here is one view from each side (both coincidentally from Sheffield) - after that, I suggest you can continue the debate on 606.

From Ed in Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Re: 0948, ending the debate over whether Bell scores runs under pressure... Does batting at five against Bangladesh count as under pressure? I think the debate only ends if Bell performs in Australia, as the fact remains he still only just averages above 40 and considering his ever-mentioned talent, he has never consistently performed for England. Not convinced"

From Larry in Sheffield, TMS inbox: "RE: The Bell Debate. Can't be any denying the sheer quality of Bell - he's got the monkeys off his back after the Ashes and SA tour where he stood up and was counted. There's only one battle left for him - winning over the England fans. I'll be there in a giant cardboard bell to cheer him on any day"

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From Simon in Redditch, via text: "A brave captain looking for a result would declare tonight at stumps, go for bowling out Bangladesh tomorrow and hitting off the winning runs on the final day. Chances of Cook doing that?"

Low to non-existent based on previous evidence I'm afraid, Simon...


1032 - Eng 440-8 (154 overs)
Plenty of bottom hand from Bresnan as he bludgeons Shakib for four through mid-wicket. A double takes his score to 74 - but he walks off, unbowed, as England finish the day 21 runs ahead of the Tigers.

1029 - Eng 434-8 (153 overs)
James Tredwell - yet another left-hander, modern cricket seems to be full of them - survives his first two balls in Test cricket. (He has two first-class centuries, not bad for a number 10 - and two more than Broad). Last over coming up.

Wicket falls
1027 - WICKET - Broad lbw b Mahmudullah 3 - Eng 434-8 (152.3 overs)
Broad sweeps for two, but doesn't look comfortable at all and three deliveries later he is trapped in front by the off-spinner.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I play cricket for the love of it - if I played for money I'd join Surrey"

From Andy Bird, TMS inbox: "Not one for putting the mockers on Big Tim but what is the slowest maiden century for England and who was it by?"

1025 - Eng 432-7 (152 overs)
Shakib is over the wicket in Gilo-mode against Bresnan, he guides a two to deep mid-wicket and lofts one over the infield ton the same area to take his score to 68. (He has three first-class centuries for Yorkshire, after all). Two overs left today.

1021 - Eng 428-7 (151 overs)
Broad's off the mark with a single off Mahmudullah, Bresnan clips one off his legs. And in county news, Essex have announced a loss of £216,000 for 2009, described as "immensely disappointing" by their treasurer.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "There's been no contest between bat and ball today - England are just biding their time and getting runs when they can. But I don't think they could have played another way - if they'd tried to hit out more, they could have got out"

1017 - Eng 426-7 (150 overs)
Bresnan sweeps and misses against Shakib, another maiden over - the third in succession. Four overs left today.

1015 - Eng 426-7 (149 overs)
For those of you following Ian Bell's average against Bangladesh (and a couple of you have asked), his dismissal today means it's now down to 244. Rubel's off after one over, off-spinner Mahmudullah sends down a maiden to left-hander Broad.

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From Huggy in Chennai, India, via text: "I watched my first live IPL game last night, the adverts - sometimes three between balls - totally ruined the game"

1012 - Eng 426-7 (148 overs)
New batsman is Stuart Broad - as Simon Mann notes on TMS, until recently Broad was being talked of as England's new number seven after Andrew Flintoff's retirement from Tests, but now he's down at nine. Bresnan sees off the over. Shakib has 4-89 from 54 overs, but with that run-out, Simon M thinks he can "claim a moral five-for".

From Ian, Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Re: Tim of London (0922), it seems unlikely that Cook will give the order for the charge. His approach to date has been one of extreme risk avoidance and negativity which will do him no good at all in Australia should Strauss be injured or otherwise unavailable. Captain Cook he may be but Captain Courageous he is not"

Wicket falls
1009 - WICKET - Swann run out (Shakib) 6 - Eng 426-7 (147.2 overs)
Bresnan goes down the track and tries to hit Shakib over the top, the Bangladesh captain appears to get a hand to it and it breaks the wicket at the non-striker's end. It's referred to the third umpire - Swann is clearly out of his ground, the only question is whether Shakib touched the ball. ("If Duncan Fletcher's watching this, he'll tell you this is why he didn't pick Graeme Swann - he doesn't turn quickly, Duncan worked on this with us at Hampshire last year", notes Corky on TMS). And after a long delay, Swann's out.

From David Russell, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Why all the whinging about the seeming lack of action? England's best chance of victory is to use the heat and slow pitch to their advantage by batting on steadily to a lead of 250+, and then hope there is sufficient spin in the pitch to attack a tired and demoralised Bangladesh. Which is what they are doing. It is called Test cricket people"

1005 - Eng 426-6 (147 overs)
The batsmen summon their helmets as Rubel returns. Swann helps a full toss to fine leg for two, then carves a well-run three through the covers. Rubel strays with a no-ball, Bresnan nicks the strike, and England lead by seven. (And if you've had weird stuff happen like the 145th over appear twice, please manually refresh the page).

Get involved on 606
From Lee Fett on 606: "Well done Bell, great knock. Although he's out he at least he did it trying to go for a few shots and advance the scoring. I hope to see a bit more crash, bang, wallop from the tail now"

1000 - Eng 419-6 (146 overs)
Bresnan has trouble getting Shakib away - it's another maiden, Shakib's 25th. We have half-an-hour of play left and eight overs remaining to bowl.

From David, Essex (ie in Essex - not "the" David Essex), TMS inbox: "Big thank you to both these teams - been meaning to clear the loft out but haven't ever felt bored enough - until now, wish me luck. This is akin to listening the whole back catalogue of the Smiths!"

0957 - Eng 419-6 (145 overs)
Swann is off the mark with a single off Razzak, Bresnan steers a three and the scores are level.

0953 - Eng 415-6 (144 overs)
Graeme Swann is the new batsman, also wearing a cap. The batsmen crossed on the catch, so it's Bresnan facing Shakib. He sees off the over - now, will Swann tee off?

From Tom in Luxembourg, TMS inbox: "Re: Norman from East Sussex (0928) - the spiked roller could be called an 'Afridi'"

Wicket falls
0948 - WICKET - Bell c Jahurul b Shakib 138 - Eng 415-6 (143.2 overs)
Shakib has switched ends again, so with two spinners on, the England pair call for their caps again. And Bell finally shows some aggression, hoisting Shakib over mid-on for four - but he then goes for a big slog-sweep, skies it and that's an easy catch at mid-wicket for debutant Jahurul Islam - who was out for a duck on Saturday, dropped a catch yesterday and has finally contributed to his team. But a great innings from Bell - just when England needed it. Can he score runs under pressure? You betcha - this may have ended The Bell Debate for a while, or possibly for ever.

0945 - Eng 411-5 (143 overs)
Razzak returns in place of fellow slow left-armer Shakib. Bresnan and Bell push a single apiece - this makes the middle overs of 50-over cricket look exciting. And creosote.

From Roger in Ghana, TMS inbox: "Glad the non-updating scorecard is a tech fault. Thought it was Mark giving false hope that England are doing better than the reality"

0942 - Eng 409-5 (142 overs)
Bresnan flicks Rubel for a single off his legs, Bell steers a four to momentarily stir the dozing crowd into life.

From Keith D'Arcy Ryan, Sweden, TMS inbox: "After reading a large amount of rubbish in the press regarding England's performance yesterday, it does seem that the 'crisis' has passed relatively easily! When will our press learn to calm down and not panic! Or did they just believe that the middle/tail batsmen were going to crumble. I know we've a terrible history and collapses happen all too regularly, however of late our tail certainly does wag! And the pitch seems to offer something to all"

0939 - Eng 404-5 (141 overs)
A maiden from Shakib to Bresnan is only interrupted by a leg bye.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "I'm not sure what England are trying to do here, really"

0936 - Eng 403-5 (140 overs)
Bell's average against Bangladesh is now up to 479, while Bresnan's Test average is up to 66. (If he were to score 91 or more without being dismissed, he'd be - temporarily - ahead of Don Bradman's 99.94!) Rubel bowls a dull maiden over to Bell, I'm rabbiting on about averages and other stuff as the actual game has pretty much ground to a halt - we've had three runs in four overs since the drinks break.

That's 50
0931 - Eng 403-5 (139 overs)
I make no apologies for reusing my "50" graphic as incredibly, this is Shakib's 50th over. It's a maiden to Bresnan - his figures are 50-23-85-3. A real workhorse.

From Durham CCC member, TMS inbox: "How about webcasting these county championship matches that could be played abroad. Also if we can find a passable stadium for cricket in Spain and one in Tenerife then all the expats and wintering OAPs will be able to go along. It is mostly OAPs at the CC matches anyway as the rest of us have to work during the week. At least if you webcast them we can sneakily follow the action from work"

Are you talking about webcasting video? For you can already listen to ball-by-ball BBC commentary on many county matches already - you can find full details on the BBC Sport website. Some local radio stations cover every day of match, some just do selected one-day matches.

0928 - Eng 403-5 (138 overs)
Bangladesh rotate their two pace bowlers as Shafiul is replaced by Rubel Hossain, who's been the more effective of the pair today and got a bit of reverse swing with the old ball earlier. He grins as Bresnan gets a fortunate inside edge for a single.

From Norman, East Sussex, TMS inbox: "Richard, Oxford (0851), is right. One solution would be that if both sides score 400 plus in the first innings the wicket should then be deliberately degraded. Bring on the spiked roller!"

0922 - Eng 402-5 (137 overs)
Shakib bowls over the wicket to Bell, who now has his fourth highest Test score. He slog-sweeps to cow corner for two. Latest word on the scorecard is that the Press Association (who supply most of our stats feeds) are "experiencing problems". Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and all that.

From Tim, London, TMS inbox: "What I'd like to see now is Bresnan, Swann and Broad to be told to tee off. Bell can hold the innings together and keep taking the singles and led the tail-enders have some fun"

0918: For all of you e-mailing in about the non-updating scorecard, we are aware of it and are chasing it up with the technical guys...

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From James in Singapore, via text: "You have to be a real cricket traditionalist not to be seduced by the fast tempo and glamour of the IPL games being played not a million miles from Mirpur. The contrast is scary!"

But as my colleague Oliver Brett has tweeted, the rampant commercialism in the IPL - where everything from sixes to good catches have to have a name of a sponsor inserted before it on commentary, grates a little. "Who will be the first sponsor of dot balls in the IPL? Surely a dot com is out there to take up the mantle?" wonders the Brettmeister General.

0914 - Eng 400-5 (136 overs)
Shafiul charges in to Bresnan, a short ball is hooked through mid-wicket for four - 400 up for England. And we're midway through the final session, so it's the drinks cart's final appearance of the day.

0910 - Eng 396-5 (135 overs)
Bell and Bresnan exchange singles, Bell tries to sweep a Jeremy Snape-style "moon ball" from Shakib but can't beat the fielder.

From Steve, St Helens, TMS inbox: "Why the pitch complaints? If Bangladesh had received the three decisions they should have (or held onto chances) then the match would be 20 wickets down at pretty much the halfway point. A wicket capable of producing 20 wickets and over 750 runs by the halfway point is not a bad pitch surely? As the second half of a Test always accelerates wicket falling wise as teams chase a result and the pitch deteriorates, surely we are on course for a result? For those disappointed with the pace of the game, it's good old absorbing Test cricket!"

0906 - Eng 394-5 (134 overs)
Bell works Shafiul off his legs and walks through for a single. Bresnan guides a short ball to leg, several of the Bangladesh fielders have their arms folded - they must be losing heart a little after playing so well on the first two days. Glorious back-foot drive from Bell, right out of the coaching manual, brings him four more. A single takes him to 126.

From David in Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "Why not hold some early season games in Dubai? They have built a fantastic cricket stadium here and the kids and I saw some great Twenty20 action when England played Pakistan. There is a huge cricket mad population here from India and Pakistan as well as Brit expats and many of them follow county cricket. They are obsessed with the game. Worth a thought? Beats a couple of hundred (at best) at the Oval on a rainy May morning. I know - I used to be one of them!"

That's 50
0900 - Eng 387-5 (133 overs)
A moment to remember for Tim Bresnan as he lofts Shakib over long-off for four, to bring up his maiden Test fifty. He's warmly applauded by the Barmy Army and his team-mates.

0856 - Eng 383-5 (132 overs)
Shafiul sends down a forgettable maiden to Bell. And to answer an umpiring query from some of you on the e-mails earlier - Tony Hill is on the ICC elite panel (which currently comprises the top 11 umpires), while Rod Tucker is on the ICC international panel (which comprises 20 on-field umps and 11 third [TV] umpires). He is one of a select few from the international panel appointed to umpire in overseas Tests, ODIs and T20Is - one of the others is England's Nigel Llong.

0851 - Eng 383-5 (131 overs)
Bresnan, on 46, plays out a maiden from the tireless Shakib, who completes his 46th over.

From Richard, Oxford, TMS inbox: "This pitch has got me wondering. There are lots of cricketing awards, but are there any for groundsmen who produce exciting cricket pitches? How about TMS (or live text cricket) introducing an annual award for best Test pitch (for a match that England played in). It could be decided by the commentators and analysts, a bit like the champagne moments"

You get the odd excellent pitch (like Cape Town in January) - but sadly I think you also get some where you can tell the cricket authorities have decreed that the most important thing is that it lasts five days (even if it's a boring 600 v 500 draw) so it doesn't affect ticket sales and keeps sponsors and broadcasters happy...

0848 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 383-5 (130 overs)
Shafiul bowls down the leg side, Bell tries to turn it to leg, the diving Mushfiqur Rahim appeals for a catch behind (holding on to one for a change) but replays show there was clear daylight between bat and ball - a bit of a wasted appeal. Bell guides a two to third man - then a great chance is put down by Imrul Kayes as Bell tries to force one through mid-wicket. A couple of singles are added.

From Ernest Edwards, Bolton, TMS inbox: "Why not play County Championship matches in South Africa? It would be more convenient for many of the players"

0843 - Eng 379-5 (129 overs)
Captain Shakib Al Hasan to resume, with excellent figures of 44-21-76-3 so far. Bell pushes another quick single, Bresnan defends his stumps. "It's sleepy, dreamy cricket - it's going about as fast as the local traffic," notes Simon Hughes on TMS

0839 - Eng 378-5 (128 overs)
The under-bowled Naeem Islam (seven overs all innings) is replaced by the under-bowled Shafiul Islam (nine overs) as Bangladesh turn to pace, so the England pair are helmeted once more. Bell pushes a quick single and is hit on the back of the leg as he completes the run, leaving him hobbling a little. A horrid ball down the leg side disappears for four byes.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mohammed, Al Ain, via text: "Wishing England declare at parity to give some chance of a result. If not the pitch suggests a draw. Cook won't dare at 1-0 up though!"

0829: We're ready for the evening session - frankly, the game died a little in the half-hour or so before tea, England are 47 runs shy of Bangladesh's first innings - will they press on to forge a lead and try to bowl Bangladesh out cheaply? Or will they muddle on at this pace, knowing a draw wins them the series?

From Andy, TMS inbox: "With reference to the current Test in Wellington, I can assure you it was very windy indeed, you should check out the TV coverage of the covers, rollers and helmets being blown all over the place, gusts over 130 kph evidently. Hoping it rains to keep the Aussies at bay"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Fred from Manchester, via text: "Please remember the umpires aren't cheating, they are just making mistakes"

0815: Right, for your delectation on TMS during the tea interval will be the first broadcast interview with new Professional Cricketers' Association chief executive Angus Porter. One of his ideas to solve fixture congestion in the future is that the County Championship could be started earlier in the year - abroad... Keep listening!


0813 - Eng 372-5 (127 overs)
Mahmudullah to see us through to tea - Bresnan (who has also donned a cap) blasts a single to reach 45, Bell sweeps one to bring up the century stand, and that's tea.

0809 - Eng 370-5 (126 overs)
Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim grabs a quick drink, will we get a couple more overs in before tea? Bell, back in his cap, and Bresnan help themselves to several ones and twos before Bell firmly pulls Naeem for four. We'll get one more in before tea.

From Andrew Gell, York, TMS inbox: "You need to chill out a bit re umpiring decisions. I remember watching England in Australia when at times we would have run out decisions turned down against them when they were out by about 3-4 yards! Apparently they were considered close though!"

I'm trying to remain chilled, but trying to reflect the opinions of our e-mailers, many of whom are very angry!

0804 - Eng 362-5 (125 overs)
Mahmudullah has an in-out field against Bresnan, we're closing in on the tea interval at 0810 and that's no bad thing as the game needs a bit of reinvigoration at this stage. A single takes Bresnan to 41 and his Test average to 50 (as he's only been dismissed once). A checked on-drive brings Bell a single.

0800 - Eng 360-5 (124 overs)
The bizarre one-over experiment with Tamim is ended as Naeem Islam - a proper off-spinner who's strangely only bowled five overs in this innings - returns. Bell and Brezza add two singles apiece - Bell has 108, Bresnan has 40 and is closing on his maiden Test half century.

0757 - Eng 356-5 (123 overs)
Mahmudullah sends down an over to Bresnan, the match has stalled slightly.

0753 - Eng 356-5 (122 overs)
After a short delay (not sure why), we have a surprise change of bowling - Tamim Iqbal, whose bowling style is similar to how Alastair Cook's is classified - "right arm slow". He's nothing more than an occasional bowler, who sent down one over at the end of the first day of the first Test - England help themselves to four singles, while Captain Shakib fails to set a good example by trying to stop the ball with his foot in the field, and missing. Gets you ticked off in club cricket, that.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Double O, sadly in London for work instead of in Mirpur, via text: "This won't console my Bangladeshi friends much, but they have for long seemed to miss out on the benefit of umpiring decisions - should have beaten Sri Lanka a year ago but for a couple of decisions not going their way, then a rare 50 by Murali. Reads like there's still something in this game though - Tamim and Shakib to knock a rapid 250 and make England sweat for, say, three and a bit sessions?"

0747 - Eng 352-5 (121 overs)
Razzak's off after one over and Mahmudullah returns - four singles are added. And weirdly, we've had a text which appears to have fallen through the space-time continuum from Saturday morning, as it congratulates Tamim Iqbal on his innings and remarks that James Tredwell is bowling very tightly.

He's reached 100
0743 - Eng 348-5 (120 overs)
"How did you play in the 90s?" Simon Mann asks Mark Butcher on TMS. "I used to slog through them as quickly as possible," replies Butch - and after a long wait, Bell finally reaches three figures with a careful dab for four through third man. He punches the air, lifts his helmet and salutes the England fans as well as his team-mates. That's his 10th Test century, and one important monkey off his back as that's the first time he has scored a Test hundred without a team-mate having already scored a ton in the same innings. Well done him.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "Bangladesh may be a young Test nation, but they've certainly showed here that they're capable of competing"

0738 - Eng 344-5 (119 overs)
A helicopter passes the ground (doing a few extra loops around by the sound of it) as Bresnan blocks out an unremarkable maiden from Razzak, who has replaced Naeem.

From Richard, Gerrards Cross, TMS inbox: "With Broad, Swann and Tredwell all still due in to bat, all three of them can all bat competently and if Bell can stay in at the other end, there is no reason England can't get a lead of at least 100, maybe more if the umpires continue to help England out... or should I say help England stay in! "

0735 - Eng 344-5 (118 overs)
This is comfortably Bresnan's highest Test score - he's only batted once before today and scored nine, he now has 34. But it's Bell on strike, on 98 - and he calls for his helmet as the slingy pace bowler Rubel Hossain returns. Bell is careful in defence, and plays out a maiden.

0728 - Eng 344-5 (117 overs)
Bell hasn't had too much of the strike since he's been in the 90s, but a Bresnan single brings him to the striker's end against Naeem. A carefully places single off his legs takes him to 97. Bresnan singles again, Bell delicately sweeps to move on to 98 and keep the strike.

0726 - Eng 340-5 (116 overs)
Bresnan unleashes a powerful cover drive which brings him three. And there's a growing number of e-mails coming in from Bangladesh fans unhappy with the umpiring - with accusations ranging from bias to incompetence (or both).

From Mohammed, London, TMS inbox: "Daran (0720), human errors ALL against Bangladesh? More like human frailty, subconscious bias and phenomenal human incompetence!"

I think Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons feels the same, he's looking pretty fierce on the sidelines.

0723 - Eng 337-5 (115 overs)
Bresnan helps himself to a single off Naeem, Bell carefully paddle-sweeps a single to reach 95, and Bresnan works another one off his legs to keep the strike. They're chipping away well at the Bangladesh lead, which is now down to 82.

0720 - Eng 334-5 (114 overs)
The drinks break (and its attendant burst of Bangladeshi folk music over the PA speakers) is finished - and Ian Bell is nine short of his 10th Test century. Bresnan pushes Razzak for three, then a long-hop is deftly steered through mid-wicket for four by Bell. And for those of you, especially the Tigers fans, cursing the lack of the Umpire Decision Review System in this series - you may be interested to hear that in the current Test in windy Wellington, they've had to abandon the review system as 120kph winds have rendered the hi-tech cameras too unsteady to be reliable!

From Daran, Birmingham, TMS inbox: "Tanvir (0642), welcome to Test cricket, human error and life"

0711 - Eng 327-5 (113 overs)
Naeem is bowling in sunglasses like fellow off-spin merchant Graeme Swann. Bell pushes-and-runs a single, Bresnan nurdles one off his legs. Time for drinks.

0709 - Eng 325-5 (112 overs)
We're nearly at the halfway point of the day (and indeed the Test) - Bresnan tries to give Razzak the charge but can't connect and has to dash back into his ground. Maiden.

0706 - Eng 325-5 (111 overs)
Well, well, well - Shakib's off and we have the lesser-sighted Naeem Islam on to bowl only his second over of the innings. (And don't be mistaken - he is a front-line bowler, not a part-timer). Bresnan and Bell keep pushing the singles, the Warwickshire man is up to 90.

From Joss in Perpignan, TMS inbox: "Perhaps the ICC could move their offices from Dubai to, I don't know, maybe Budapest, and with the money they save, that could go to ensuring technology for all Test venues making it fairer for all"

0702 - Eng 322-5 (110 overs)
With the two spinners on, Bangladesh are bowling at an impressive over-rate as a Bresnan single brings up the fifty stand.

0700 - Eng 321-5 (109 overs)
Bresnan keeps his wicket intact well against Cap'n Shak, then whacks him through the covers for four before adding a single to take his score to 20.

0658 - Eng 316-5 (108 overs)
Single from Bresnan, then Bell dances down the track to Razzak and launches him for a straight six! First six of the innings.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Rob in Manchester, via text: "Match officials across the sporting world need to go back to training school, I've seen some shocking decisions this weekend in rugby, football and of course the cricket"

0654 - Eng 309-5 (107 overs)
Rapid maiden over from Shakib to Bell, while TV replays from the last over seem to clearly indicate Bell should have been given out lbw.

From Dan in Bahrain, TMS inbox: "I am a huge fan of the Lunch Watchman. As East Kilbride captain, I received multiple plaudits from my team in the early 90s as I introduced the Tea Watchman concept in a game v Ayr 3rd XI. EK were getting comprehensively walloped and we were in danger of being finished off early and requiring an early tea. The 1st XI got the priority slot and we were told were not allowed to come for tea early. It worked as Alan Scott delayed the inevitable long enough to avoid us having to wait for our tea"

0651 - Eng 309-5 (106 overs)
Bell tries to guide Razzak past short leg, there's an appeal for a bat-pad catch but there was no bat involved. Replays show it may have clipped the top of leg stump - whether or not they were also appealing for lbw, Bell survives to poke a single off his legs. Shaven-headed Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons signals something from the dressing-room - and I've worked out who I think he looks like. He's a slightly taller version of Paul Nixon.

0648 - Eng 308-5 (105 overs)
Bresnan turns Shakib off his legs for a single wide of mid-on, Bell prods one past the close fielders to move on to 82.

0645 - Eng 306-5 (104 overs)
Bell beautifully late-cuts Razzak for two - when he's on song, the Warwickshire man is a pleasure to watch. England are in no hurry here.

0642 - Eng 304-5 (103 overs)
The still-helmeted Bresnan - "built like a rugby league centre", according to Mark Butcher on TMS - can't pierce the infield against Shakib, that's the skipper's 20th maiden from 41 overs.

From Tanvir Ahamed Bhuyain, TMS inbox: "The umpires are horrendous! These are supposed to be ICC elite umpires! If you compare the number of wrong decisions against Bangladesh to the number of wrong decisions against England, I think you will see a clear statistical bias here"

0639 - Eng 304-5 (102 overs)
That's good to see - with the spinners on, Bell has removed his helmet and is now batting in a traditional dark blue England cap. Don't think I've ever seen him bat in a cap. He's the model of calm assurance as he plays out a maiden from Razzak.

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on TMS: "When you played Surrey at The Oval in the 1970s and 80s, the pitch you used depended on who was available. If Sylvester Clarke was fit it was verdant green, if he wasn't fit it would be beige like today's pitch to suit Pat Pocock and Intikhab Alam"

0637 - Eng 304-5 (101 overs)
Shakib wheels away for his 40th over, which yields two singles.

From Dennis, London, TMS inbox: "This is unbelievable! The umpires might as well put the England shirt on! Poor Bangladesh are fighting so hard but deterred by stern resistance... by the UMPIRES!"

0633 - Eng 302-5 (100 overs)
Razzak replaces Rubel, Bresnan trots through for a leg bye to bring up 300 for England. Bell and Bres add a single apiece, Razzak really hasn't looked threatening today and has been rather over-bowled in my view.

0630 - Eng 299-5 (99 overs)
Shakib gets some wicked turn against Bresnan, tweaking one past his outside edge which looks to flick his back leg and could have been close to an lbw (although Hawk-Eye thinks it was going well over). Bresnan helps himself to a two to fine leg and a bludgeoned three through mid-wicket, Bell lofts a couple over the top.

0626 - Eng 292-5 (98 overs)
I'm having a shocker here, it is of course England batting not Bangladesh. Please manually refresh the page to wash away your troubles. Bell picks up his first runs since lunch as he pulls Rubel firmly for four, then a single takes him to 75.

From Rosenazad Chowdhury, TMS inbox: "Something should be done with the umpiring, this is horrible. England are lucky to be at this situation. Well done Bangladesh"

0621 - Eng 286-5 (97 overs)
Despite his slightly negative over-the-wicket approach to Bell, Shakib bowls around the wicket to Bresnan. The Yorkshireman prods forward, it pops into the hands of silly point and Bangladesh celebrate but Umpire Tucker is unmoved. Replays show that's another wrong decision... as there was an inside edge onto the pad before the catch. Poor old Bangladesh, they're not getting any of the marginal decisions here. If the umpire review system were in use, this could be a very different Test match. Come on ICC, surely you can afford to roll it out everywhere? Maiden over.

From Ollie, Sydney via Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Re: Dave (0500) - assuming your response to the TMS inbox didn't take too long Dave, I think your essay will be OK. England getting out of this one with an ounce of credibility however, might be another story"

0618 - Eng 286-5 (96 overs)
Whoops, forgot to stick the score in last over... Rubel the Slinger is back as Bangladesh look to blast Tim Bresnan out. Looks like he may prefer bowling with the old ball to the new ball, he was getting plenty of reverse swing earlier. Bresnan works a single off his legs.

From Aaron Keefe, TMS inbox: "I have to pitch on The Bell Debate. Thomas' opinion (0422) seems a bit harsh. The guy, when on form, caresses that ball around the park as if it were Jessica Alba/Cheryl Cole/whoever your favourite woman is. Don't forget that knock of 78 from 213 under unbelievable pressure all day, especially from Steyn. The guy is classy. Leave him alone"

0613 - Eng 285-5 (95 overs)
Shakib Al Hasan to continue - his pre-lunch figures were 36-17-60-3. Ian Bell, on 70, negotiates a maiden from the Tigers skipper.

From Jeffrey Cowell (and others), TMS inbox: "Regarding USA geography trivia (Steve, 0429): I can assure you that the southern tip of Hawaii is considerably further south than Key West, Florida"

0609: Umpires are out, we're ready to resume for the afternoon session.

From Grumpy Pom in NZ, TMS inbox: "Here is a good general knowledge question - which is the colder, minus 40 C or minus 40 F? The answer is they are both the same!"

0601: As well as being a former captain of Sussex, MCC president John Barclay (currently on TMS) has one of the most splendid middle names in cricket - in full, he's John Robert Troutbeck Barclay. His career stats aren't too shabby either.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "Good to see Bell on his way to becoming England's highest first innings run scorer. Thought he might do well this Test as he has a good record against Bangladesh, hence why I put a cheeky bet on him before the Test"

0532: Right, there's plenty to listen to on TMS during the interval. After an update from the Wellington Test where New Zealand have forced the game into a final day, they'll be speaking to Bangladesh Cricket Board president Mustafa Kamal, and also discussing the Indian Premier League - hearing from MCC president John Barclay about how close MCC were to bidding for one of the new IPL franchises. Have a listen, we'll be back soon.


0530 - Eng 285-5 (94 overs)
"Lunch watchman" Bresnan is off the mark, running Mahmudullah past gully for four. That's lunch.

0528 - Eng 281-5 (93 overs)
Shakib is bowling over the wicket to Bell, but round the wicket to Bresnan. Bell thrusts his pad forward, tries to run a leg bye but is sent back by Umpire Tucker for not attempting to play a stroke. A loose delivery is late-cut for four through third man by the Warwickshire batsman, who then sweeps a four through mid-wicket as some hapless fielding by Shafiul Islam on the boundary lets the ball straight through. Don't forget the long barrier, Shafiul! Even Monty Panesar can do it! Time for one more over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous (in case my supervisor is reading!), via text: "I have a report worth 10% of my degree due in at 9am, the cricket is keeping me awake! I'm gonna fail!"

0524 - Eng 273-5 (92 overs)
Bell pushes Mahmudullah for a single, Bres is yet to score.

0522 - Eng 272-5 (91 overs)
New batsman is Tim Bresnan - he seems to have been elevated above Swann and Broad since the last Test, when he was on the card at number 10 - but he's a pretty capable batsman and sees off the over. (Or, England are trying an unorthodox tactic and have sent the burly Yorkshireman in as a lunch watchman).

Wicket falls
0519 - WICKET - Prior b Shakib 62 - Eng 272-5 (90.4 overs)
Shakib switches his angle of attack, bowling over the wicket Gilo-style, but he lets slip a couple of legside full tosses which Prior blasts through mid-wicket for four. But just when Prior looks in good nick, he dances down the track and is bowled by one which pitches outside leg stump and hits the top of off.

That's 50
0516 - Eng 264-4 (90 overs)
Prior and Bell are busy with singles against Mahmudullah, then Prior blasts a four through mid-wicket to bring up his 13th Test fifty. To be brutal, he really should have been given lbw to Rubel when he had nine. More ones and twos, that's nine off the over.

0511 - Eng 255-4 (89 overs)
Bell and Prior rotate the strike well against Shakib - Carberry runs on with a towel to wipe the Sussex man's head. We're 20 minutes from lunch - when TMS will be talking to two presidents - no Bushes or Clintons, but Bangladesh Cricket Board president Mustafa Kamal and MCC president John Barclay.

0509 - Eng 253-4 (88 overs)
What were we saying? It's Mahmudullah to bowl. Prior tries a lofted drive against the off-spinner, it falls safely and they run one. Bell reaches 59 with a single - his lifetime Test average against Bangladesh now exceeds 400, but he's clearly very sweaty out in the middle - he removes his helmet and his hair appears several shades darker than normal.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Itinerant PhD student, Manchester, via text: "I'm not sure if I come on here for the cricket or the reassurance that there do exist greater procrastinators than me in Britain. I guess I can never outdo KP, can I?"

0505 - Eng 251-4 (87 overs)
Razzak's off (unsurprising) but Shakib returns - my match-report colleague Oliver Brett and I are confused as to why Bangladesh haven't tried off-spinners Mahmudullah or Naeem Islam today - indeed, Naeem, nominally picked as a bowler although he's a useful bat at number eight, only bowled one over yesterday. Anyway, Prior is really "in the zone" now, punishing Shakib with another cover-driven four and pinching the strike again.

0500 - Eng 246-4 (86 overs)
Single from Bell, then Prior powerfully cover-drives when Shafiul strays with his line and some acrobatics from Razzak on the rope can't quite prevent the boundary. The Sussex man is growing in confidence, blasting four more to the same boundary, before nicking the strike with a single. Simon Hughes on TMS reminisces about an excellent bottle of Chablis that was consumed last night, but stresses he won't be claiming for it on BBC expenses...

From Dave, TMS inbox: "Can any other students top my stupidity tonight? Instead of working I watch films and get drunk with my housemates, decide it would be a great idea to slide down the stairs on a mattress and break my right middle finger doing so, and now I have to type a 2,000 word essay for tomorrow morning with my fingers bound with cocktail sticks and sellotape. TMS you are my last hope to get me through"

0456 - Eng 236-4 (85 overs)
Razzak has a short fine leg in to defend against Bell's dab-sweep, but he manages to stroke one through the covers for an easy single. Prior cracks a four off his legs before driving for two more. Razzak is proving rather expensive here.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Matt in Shanghai, via text: "As Bell approaches the highest score of this England innings, can someone remind me why we need to continue the Bell Debate?"

0452 - Eng 229-4 (84 overs)
Should have mentioned, England avoided the ignominious prospect of a follow-on in that last over. Prior clips a single off his legs, while Bell pulls a bouncer from Shafiul for one.

From Ben in St Andrews, TMS inbox: "Fighting the burn behind the eyes. Must stay awake. Gobbets (yes, that's a genuine academic word) due in soon and almost finished. Fighting urge to allow self to be lulled to sleep by peaceful and reassuring sound of what I am sure is an impending England collapse"

0448 - Eng 227-4 (83 overs)
Bell unleashes his favoured dab-sweep shot against Razzak for a two and a single, while Prior brutally square-cuts the spinner for four to bring up the fifty stand. Another single, a profitable over for England.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "I was in the hotel pool yesterday evening with Trott and Bell - they told me yesterday was the hottest they'd ever been on a cricket field"

0445 - Eng 219-4 (82 overs)
Somewhat strangely, Bangladesh give pace bowler Shafiul Islam - who only bowled six overs yesterday - the second over with the new ball rather than the first. Prior turns a two off his legs, then scampers a leg bye as diminutive keeper Mushfiqur - dubbed "The Mighty Atom" by Simon Mann on TMS - gives chase. The increasingly fluent Bell guides another single.

Former England pace bowler Darren Gough on Twitter: "Watching Trott today was like watching paint dry, that's what's killing cricket"

That's 50
0440 - NEW BALL TAKEN - Eng 215-4 (81 overs)
Bangladesh take the second new ball - but keep the spinners on! A loose delivery from Razzak is punched for four through point by Bell, he forces two more to third man and that's his 24th Test fifty.

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "This music they're playing at the drinks interval reminds me of the 'It's a Small World' ride music at Disneyland - pass the sick bag, I'm not a fan of it"

From Robert Liffey, Dublin, TMS inbox: "There is a serious possibility now that Bangladesh can win this Test and draw the series, what a marvellous triumph for the minnows of Test cricket if they do. No fat central contracts for the Bangladesh players I am sure, they are just playing for national pride and they are not distracted by the upcoming IPL either, some England players I think have their minds already in Calcutta or Mumbai"

0432 - Eng 205-4 (80 overs)
Shakib is right on the money, not giving Prior much latitude until he guides a single to fine leg. Bell pinches the strike - the drinks cart is wheeled on, while the new ball is available - although Bangladesh have been doing pretty well with the old one.

0429 - Eng 203-4 (79 overs)
Bell plays out a maiden from Razzak - we're one over away from the first drinks break of the day.

From Steve McAllister-Pell, TMS inbox: "Picking up on tricky general knowledge questions (see James at 0351), one of my favourites is 'name the most southerly, northerly, westerly and easterly US states?' Florida is the most southerly, Alaska covers the other three - it is the most easterly as the Aleutian Islands cross the 180 degree line of latitude"

0426 - Eng 203-4 (78 overs)
Shakib has changed ends - Bell and Prior push some singles, this stand is now worth 29 and Bell is up to 40.

0422 - Eng 200-4 (77 overs)
New bowler, same action as Razzak replaces Shakib, and he strays down the leg side to allow Prior an easy single. Bell sweeps fluently for a single to bring up the 200.

From Thomas, Manteca, California, TMS inbox: "Ian Bell, (yeah time to get it started) - talk about scoring under pressure. For my money, if he does not score the big score now, right when we need one, under this limited Bangladesh pressure, then he has no right to be considered for any future Test match. I have been a big fan of Belly's but my patience is about done. Time to put up or shut up, once and for all"

Clearly "The Bell Debate" is alive and well...

0419 - Eng 198-4 (76 overs)
Rubel gets some late inswing and is cheered by the crowd, while the sweat is literally dripping off Bell as he tilts his helmet forward. Rubel finds the edge, but Bell benefits from the unorthodox slip formation - just a fourth slip and gully - as he edges one just out of the reach of fourth slip Junaid Siddique, diving to his left. That's four - Rubel takes out his frustration by slinging down a no-ball, Bell guides a comfortable two off his legs.

From Aaron, Wales, TMS inbox: "What's occurring Mark! I'd like to start talking about New Year Resolutions. Mine was to start my essays when given by lecturer and complete as soon as possible. However, here I am, at nearly 4am, finished my essay that's due in tomorrow when it was given to me a month ago, and now going onto revision for an exam on Neuro Psychology - fun - which is on tomorrow! Bell to get a scrappy century and England finish on 432"

0413 - Eng 191-4 (75 overs)
Michael Carberry is on 12th man duties for England, carrying out some drinks to Bell and Prior before Shakib trots in for his 30th over - and sends down his 17th maiden.

From Amir Mir, TMS inbox: "Bangladesh will do well with the ball today but they'll end up messing it up when it comes to bat thus allowing England an easy win"

0410 - Eng 191-4 (74 overs)
Rubel takes a quick drink of water before Prior cover-drives a wider delivery and some excellent tumbling fielding on the rope by Imrul Kayes restricts him to three. Rubel slings down a legside bouncer but Bell seems reluctant to try the hook shot.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "England have had to adapt to the conditions as this isn't the sort of pitch where you can come out and blaze a quick 50"

0405 - Eng 188-4 (73 overs)
Shakib, face smeared with sun cream, tosses it up to Bell, who moves on to 31 with a single. Prior does likewise to reach double figures.

0402 - Eng 186-4 (72 overs)
It's difficult for England at this stage when they're facing miserly left-arm spin at one end and slingy reverse swing at the other. Prior defends against Rubel, that's three maidens on the trot.

From Oli, Birmingham, TMS inbox: "(Re: Dave, 66th over) Five in the afternoon!? Luxury! I've got two to write for midday. When I started writing, Pietersen was still batting - though, I do admit, I have been spending most of the day on YouTube"

0358 - Eng 186-4 (71 overs)
Bell is watchful against the miserly Shakib, who sends down his 16th maiden over. (And if you haven't yet manually refreshed the page, please do so to remove the start time info).

From Paul Harris, South Florida, TMS inbox: "Now that Bangladesh are clearly heading for the top tier I suppose we'll have to wait another 40 years before the USA finally wakes up to the charms of a game that can last five days and still 'only' produce a draw... And yet, who after following some recent draws cannot say they cannot be exciting. Remember Cardiff, and know your Onions!"

Or Cape Town in January - I was there and felt like I aged several years during that last over!

0355 - Eng 186-4 (70 overs)
Big lbw appeal from Rubel as he slings in an in-ducker against Prior, that's close... but possibly going down leg. Prior survives... though Hawk-Eye thinks it would have clipped leg stump halfway up. Rubel, who had another good appeal turned down yesterday, is out of luck. Prior looks all at sea as he swipes and misses at full stretch at one which swings away from him. Maiden over.

0351 - Eng 186-4 (69 overs)
Wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim has a quick visit from the physio to check on a finger problem, but Shakib is quickly through his over as Bell and Prior bag a single apiece.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From James Mcinnes, Surrey, via text: "Poker and cricket = great Sunday night! Anyone know any hard general knowledge/sports questions to entertain my boss today to sidetrack him from my tired state?"

I have no objections to poker, except for when certain TV channels (on both sides of the Atlantic) seem to regard it as "sport". It's a game. Like Monopoly or chess.

0346 - Eng 184-4 (68 overs)
Cap'n Shakib clearly has plans for the new batsman as Razzak's off after one over and right-arm paceman Rubel Hossain comes on with his slingy action. And he gets some reverse swing as Prior forces a two off his legs. But bizarrely, there are no slips in - just a gully - and the Tigers are made to pay as a thick edge sails away for four. A single takes Prior to eight, a no-ball keeps the scoreboard ticking and Bell, who's looking confident today, clips a single to square leg to retain the strike.

From Liam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, TMS inbox: "You say Monday mornings aren't everyone's cup of tea, but at least most people can get into the office and pretend to work while actually reading about the day's play. Instead I am in the office already, resenting the fact that it's Monday and eagerly anticipating reading about the day's play while pretending to work!"

0341 - Eng 175-4 (67 overs)
Matt Prior's not had much of a chance to bat in this series, but with England playing an extra bowler he's in at number six. He's off the mark with a single to fine leg - Shakib has 2-28 from 26 overs.

Wicket falls
0338 - WICKET - Trott b Shakib 64 - Eng 174-4 (66.3 overs)
Trott prods cautiously at Shakib, but the ball hits him on the pad and rolls towards the stumps, with just enough force to dislodge a bail. Trott tries to kick it away but he's not quite quick enough.

From Jules, TMS inbox: "Had a shocker Mark - mistook 1.45am for 1.45pm so missed my spring break flight to Nicaragua. Currently wasting the night in Venice LA, and only an England win can make up for the large wedge I had to use to get a new flight"

0336 - Eng 174-3 (66 overs)
It's slow left-arm from both ends as Abdur Razzak takes the second over - he proved expensive at times yesterday, and Bell is positive straight away, helping himself to two through mid-wicket.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Dave, London, via text: "I have two essays due for 5 this afternoon. Hoping Trott and Bell will at least see me to sunlight. Either way, this is excellent practice for the all-nighters for the Ashes in the winter"

0333 - Eng 172-3 (65 overs)
Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, who bowled beautifully yesterday for figures of 24-15-26-1, begins proceedings with his left-arm spin. After a short delay while the sightscreens are adjusted, Ian Bell guides the first ball of the day off his legs for a single - then we have another, longer, delay while Trott characteristically takes absolutely ages to get ready and take guard. Must wind the bowlers up something rotten, that - he plays out the rest of the over.

0328: After a not-particularly-tuneful rendition of "Jerusalem" by the Barmy Army, messrs Bell and Trott are ready to resume England's first innings.

0325: Elsewhere in the cricket world, the fourth day of the first Test in Wellington has been held up by bad light at the Basin Reserve. New Zealand are doing slightly better in their second innings, following on, and had reached 363-6 - 61 ahead of Australia - when the light failed. Brendon McCullum is 92 not out.

From Boris the Optimist in foggy Epping Forest, TMS inbox: "I'm with Pietersen, declare 650-7 at tea tomorrow and then skittle them for 120 before lunch on Wednesday"

0317: TMS is under way - and I'd like to alert you to some interesting guests they've lined up for the intervals today. At lunch (0530 GMT), they hope to speak to Bangladesh Cricket Board president Mustafa Kamal, while there's a special feature on the Indian Premier League following yesterday's announcement that Pune and Kochi have been handed the two new IPL franchises for 2011. TMS will be speaking to MCC president John Barclay about how close they were to bidding for a franchise. Meanwhile, the tea interval (due at 0810 GMT) will feature the first broadcast interview with new Professional Cricketers' Association chief executive Angus Porter.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Steve, Sheffield, via text: "I'm eight hours into a 12-hour night shift and hopeful that Trott and Bell can push on and keep me awake"

0305: Apart from his former county skipper Shane Warne, there aren't many cricketers as relentlessly optimistic about their chances of winning games as Kevin Pietersen - and if you haven't seen or heard it, in his post-match interview yesterday, he insists England can still win the Test - while Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons feels the game is "evenly poised". Don't forget, you can hear Simon Mann and the Test Match Special team's thoughts on each day's play via the TMS podcast, while if you want to listen back to any (or all) of the day's play from TMS, check out the BBC iPlayer if you're in the UK. Plenty to listen to, in other words.

0255: Morning, everyone - I know Monday mornings aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're up, I hope we can tempt you to stick with us for what could be an engrossing third day of the second Test from Mirpur, after Bangladesh had the better of day two. The match situation is that England are 171-3 in reply to Bangladesh's first-innings total of 419, and cynics may feel the tourists' first target will be to reach 220 to avoid the humilating prospect of a follow-on.

It's a Warwickshire combo at the crease - Jonathan Trott dug in yesterday to score 64 from 187 balls, while he's added 64 for the fourth wicket with county team-mate Ian Bell, who has 25. I recently heard the third day of Test matches described as "the moving day" - so let's see who can move the game in their favour.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 419 & 285 (102.0 overs)
  • England: 496 & 209-1 (44.0 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 209
Cook not out 109
Trott run out 19
Pietersen not out 74
Extras 1nb 2b 4lb 7

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