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Page last updated at 11:33 GMT, Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 2nd Test day two as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1058: TMS are preparing to go off air - and it's time for me to bid farewell until tomorrow morning. Stick around on the BBC Sport website where Paul Fletcher will be your genial guide to the afternoon's football (including Manchester United v Liverpool), and I'll be back tomorrow to bring you day three from Mirpur - play starts at 0330 GMT again. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday - TTFN.

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From seeYouIndia on 606: "If Trott gets out soon and then the others score freely, England might end up scoring 350 tomorrow. But even then they would have got a lead of just about 100. Then Bangladesh manage to put their head down and bat, they might just be able to put a total beyond England's reach. and even a draw would be a wonderful result for England"

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1041: "The Two Simons" are about to discuss the day's action from Mirpur - you can download it later as the TMS podcast.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I think England showed Bangladesh too much respect when they didn't enforce the follow-on in Chittagong. Since then, Bangladesh have been positive and shown themselves to be the more confident side"

1039: Well, not often you can say this during a game against England - but that was definitely Bangladesh's day.


1037 - Eng 171-3 (64 overs)
Corky on TMS wonders who England's nightwatchman may be - but whoever he is, he can take his pads off now as Shafiul Islam, who's not bowled since the 13th over, prepares to send down the last over of day two. First ball is way down the leg side, and that's rather harsh on the keeper that it's given as four byes - it would have been wides in limited-overs cricket. Trott sees off the rest of the over, including ducking a short ball, and he finishes for the day on 64 - Bell has 25.

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From bigallyd1985 on 606: "England will not lose this Test match - Bangladesh do not have enough about their attack to knock us over on the final day on a pitch this flat, no matter what we need to score"

1032 - Eng 167-3 (63 overs)
Razzak to bowl the penultimate over of the day - with Bell not looking to attack so near to the close of play, Shakib brings in another couple of close fielders - but Razzak lets down the plan by firing in one far too short and Bell helps himself to an easy four through wide mid-on.

1028 - Eng 163-3 (62 overs)
Can Rubel make the breakthrough for Bangladesh? Well, not if he keeps bowling no-balls, that's a huge overstep. A couple of singles added - Trott has 64, Bell's on 21.

From Mark Sumner, TMS inbox: "I think Christopher Pinder (1019) needs to be reminded that it was the 1965 Gillette Cup final..."

1023 - Eng 160-3 (61 overs)
Shakib retires from the attack with wonderful figures of 24-15-26-1 as off-spinner Naeem Islam is handed his first bowling opportunity of the match on a day when he has already compiled his highest Test score with the bat. Trott helps himself to a couple of twos and a single - three overs left today.

1019 - Eng 155-3 (60 overs)
Mahmudullah's off as Rubel will have another burst before the close. After a single from Bell, Trott has to dig out an absolute beauty of an inswinging yorker. A single off the last ball takes him to 58.

From Christopher Pinder, TMS inbox: "I think Mr Wilson (0842) needs to be reminded of a certain Geoffrey Boycott's 146 in the 1964 Gillette Cup Final..."

1014 - Eng 153-3 (59 overs)
Shakib is keeping it tight at his end as he sends down an unfathomable 15th maiden over, although some of his fellow bowlers are allowing England to relieve the pressure. We're winding towards the close now, but it's certainly been Bangaldesh's day.

1011 - Eng 153-3 (58 overs)
Bell and Trott knock Mahmudullah for a couple of singles apiece. Six more overs to get in tonight. Meanwhile, Simon Mann mentions that during Doug "The Rug" Bollinger's bowling heroics in the current New Zealand-Australia Test in Wellington, he tried to kiss the Aussie badge on his shirt but kissed the sponsor's logo instead. Those Aussies, it's all about the baggy green of course...

From Tom, Gloucester, TMS inbox: "Considering people were saying KP should no longer be in the England team, to be the quickest player to reach 5,000 runs is quite a feat"

1007 - Eng 149-3 (57 overs)
Shakib comes over the wicket in the manner of Ashley Giles, Trott whips it through mid-wicket for four.

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From Anon, via text: "Surely we can't lose to Bangladesh! What is Finn like at blocking out?"

1004 - Eng 145-3 (56 overs)
A rapid Mahmudullah over yields just a single to Trott. This stand is now worth 38.

1002 - Eng 144-3 (55 overs)
Maiden from Shakib to Bell. His bowling's been peerless today - figures are 22-14-22-1.

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From rich1uk on 606: "Will be a completely different game when Bangladesh come to England. I just can't see Bangladesh doing well on early season seam-friendly pitches, their batsmen won't cope with the extra movement and their seamers aren't good enough"

That's 50
0958 - Eng 144-3 (54 overs)
Razzak's off after those hammer blows from Trott in the last over, and it's time for Mahmudullah, who bowled just one solitary over before lunch. After a single from Bell, Trott guides a single off his legs so that's a half century for him from 147 balls. Bell nicks the strike.

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From Kev, Newcastle, via text: "Is it time yet to start discussing the merits of Bangladesh enforcing the follow-on? My fancy is that they will, just to amuse themselves?"

0954 - Eng 141-3 (53 overs)
Shakib to Bell who opens the face to tickle a single, England can probably afford to see off the Bangladesh captain if they can continue to plunder runs from the other bowlers. Shakib has 1-22 from 21 overs. With 13 maidens.

0951 - Eng 140-3 (52 overs)
Trott guides Razzak for four through mid-wicket, then short-arm-jabs another to the same area - and turns the last ball off his legs for his third four of the over, to the same region. Having been in his shell since tea, suddenly he's got 12 in one over and he's up to 49.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "I picked up Jonathan Trott's bat this morning, and it's like a railway sleeper - not heavy, but there's a lot of wood in it"

0947 - Eng 128-3 (51 overs)
Another rapid Shakib over, one single apiece from the Warwickshire pair.

From Jason in windy Japan, TMS inbox: "I just used the football predictor function on the BBC website to see what will happen in this Test... it told me 'Bangladesh will stuff England if they don't pull their fingers out'. Don't think I used it correctly"

0943 - Eng 126-3 (50 overs)
Bell pushes Razzak for a single, Trott (36 from 134 balls) is on the defensive. And if you're a Sussex fan who didn't hear Kevin Howells' feature during the lunchtime interval, you can listen to it again on the BBC Sport website.

0940 - Eng 125-3 (49 overs)
After what seems to be a slightly longer drinks break than usual, Shakib sends down an almost-predictable maiden to Trott, who really has retreated into his shell here.

0932 - Eng 125-3 (48 overs)
Bell whips Razzak off his legs for four, then lofts a drive over mid-on for another boundary. He then adds two more with another lofted shot, this time over mid-off - time for a drinks break ahead of the final hour.

From Paul in Spain, TMS inbox: "It doesn't seem fair to criticise an umpire for not giving an lbw decision when Hawk-Eye shows that it would have hit the top of the leg stump! Precision of that type just isn't possible. I remember Graeme Hick going round the wicket to Brian Lara and bowling him behind his legs after the great man went too far across for an airy legside waft. The ball hit the top of the leg stump and I doubt if there would even have been an appeal if the ball had caught his pad, certainly no umpire would have given it"

0928 - Eng 115-3 (47 overs)
I might have to start using the "copy and paste" function on these Shakib overs as he sends down his 12th maiden of the day to Trott.

0925 - Eng 115-3 (46 overs)
It's slow left-arm from both ends as Abdur Razzak replaces Rubel. There's a big lbw appeal against Trott, but the ball was well outside leg stump and almost on its way past leg stump when it hit his leg. Trott, who has scored at a very pedestrian pace but kept his wicket intact, threads a single through the covers.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "Shakib has been very attacking with his captaincy - there's not a single fielder on the boundary here"

0921 - Eng 114-3 (45 overs)
Shakib has bowled beautifully today, Bell is on the defensive. I know I keep mentioning Shakib's bowling figures, but they really are worth repeating - 17-11-19-1.

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From catches_win_matches on 606: "Looks like the debate about the balance of the team will continue for some time"

0917 - Eng 114-3 (44 overs)
This is a long spell for a seamer from Rubel, his eighth over, although the first three were before tea. Bell rotates the strike, Trott hits it in the air - but safely - for four through mid-wicket.

From Stephen Smith, Dover, TMS inbox: "I too would like to defend Chris Tavare. I once watched him score 122 not out in a Sunday League (40 overs) match against Warwickshire, Bob Willis and all. He played many stylish, free-scoring knocks for Kent, and one or two for England, as well. When he batted slowly and defensively, it was under orders from the England management. He was pretty effective, but it's a shame that these days he is remembered only for his obduracy"

0912 - Eng 109-3 (43 overs)
Trott prods Shakib off his legs and the Warwickshire pair scamper through for a single. Bell nudges one to fine leg to open his account.

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I think the England team's performance has been more in keeping with that of BA management. They've spent ages looking down on the opposition, been profligate with their own resources, and are now being properly taken to task for their failure to come to terms with the conditions. Well, Terry in Romania (0814) started it"

0908 - Eng 107-3 (42 overs)
New batsman Ian Bell defends his first ball, which is a full toss. He's got a great record against Bangladesh - averaging 350, having only been dismissed by them once in four innings...

Out for a duck
0905 - WICKET - Collingwood lbw b Rubel 0 - Eng 107-3 (41.5 overs)
Trott has only scored one run in the half-hour since tea - Rubel strays with another no-ball, then Trott helps a loose delivery down to fine leg for one - he has 30 from 105 balls. But Rubel has his reward when he slings in one which nips back and Colly is caught on the crease. After the big build-up I gave him last over, he's out for a duck...

From Adrian Phillips, TMS inbox (though Giles Falconer also made a very similar point): "When not playing for England, Chris Tavare could be a very fast scorer. Have a look at his Kent and Somerset one-day stats"

0900 - Eng 105-2 (41 overs)
New batsman is Paul Collingwood - always a good man to come to the crease when England are under the cosh. That was a wicket maiden - Shakib has excellent figures of 15-10-17-1.

Wicket falls
0858 - WICKET - Pietersen c Kayes b Shakib 45 - Eng 105-2 (40.4 overs)
Pietersen charges down the wicket to Shakib, who sees him coming and spears it in short down the off side - and KP can only spoon it to short extra cover. He stands there for a few seconds as if he can't accept he's just played such a false stroke. But yet again, he's fallen to left-arm spin...

0855 - Eng 105-1 (40 overs)
Rubel has a gully but no slips in for Pietersen, who whips the last ball of the over through mid-wicket for a single - that's 5,000 Test runs up for KP. He's the fastest (in terms of matches) England player to reach that landmark, beating Marcus Trescothick's record.

From Rob, Manchester, TMS inbox: "Re: Shoura (0817) - I don't think it's anything to do with bias against lower-ranked teams, KP should have gone but I think the umpire was taking 40 winks due to the slow nature of this innings"

0850 - Eng 104-1 (39 overs)
The miserly Captain Shakib sends down a maiden to Trott - nine of his 14 overs have been maidens. He's clearly putting the brakes on at this end, so why does he persist with the somewhat wayward Rubel at the other end?

0847 - Eng 104-1 (38 overs)
Trott guides Rubel for a single through mid-wicket to bring up three figures for England, KP off-drives for four, he's up to 4,999 Test runs now. I wonder if he knows...

From Paul, Saddleworth, TMS inbox: "I would like to formally retract my assertion of 0338 - must have been that midnight oil messing with my brain. I still expect England to get a first-innings lead, though, and maybe even only bat once. Still working on this pesky assignment, by the way; might pop for a power nap before the footy..."

0842 - Eng 99-1 (37 overs)
KP is watchful against Shakib, waiting for the bad ball and when Shakib spears in a wide one, KP flays it through extra cover for four.

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From Matt Wilson. Kigali, Rwanda, via text: "Veterans Twenty20? Boycott and Tavare to open?"

0840 - Eng 95-1 (36 overs)
Rubel Hossain was a little erratic before tea but was unlucky not to have Pietersen lbw - so he's going to continue with his slingy right-arm seam. KP, on, 35, is 10 short of 5,000 Test runs - he keeps the strike with a single. Despite the fact we've only just had tea, Trott calls for a drink from 12th man Luke Wright.

0835 - Eng 94-1 (35 overs)
Shakib, whose shuffling run-up is likened to that of former Glamorgan slow left-armer John Steele, begins the evening session to Trott... and sends down another maiden. He has figures of 12-8-13-0.

0830: Players ready to resume - let's hope for a more entertaining final session. By the way, if you're only just joining us and wondering why many England fans in the crowd are wearing Australian colours, it's part of the "Shirt of Hurt" campaign, recently launched by Danny Baker on BBC Radio 5 live, which has seen celebrities and fans wear the shirt of their fiercest rivals to raise money for Sport Relief.

From Paul Pennock, Basingstoke, TMS inbox: "Re: Richard Hewett (0803) - How right you are. I was a perfectly reasonable fast bowler with a 'whippy' shoulder action and compact run-up, until a coach got hold of me and tried to get me bowling with a longer run-up and 'refined' shoulder action. He ruined me! I was never the same again. Even now 35 years later I get the yips every now and again"

IPL logo
0817: Meanwhile, if you're a fan of the Indian Premier League, you may be interested to know that two new IPL franchises have been announced for 2011 - and the lucky winners are Pune and Kochi.

From Shouro, USA, TMS inbox: "Pietersen was clearly lbw. The umpires were more than willing to give them when Bangladesh were batting. As evident from the 1st match and the first five sessions here, there seems to be a bias against lower ranked teams"

0814: Surrey, Sussex (and possibly Derbyshire) fans may want to keep listening to TMS during the interval to hear an interview with Chris Adams...

From Terry, Brasov, Romania, TMS inbox: "England already playing for the draw here? Or maybe (a) they are trying to demonstrate to Bangladesh how to play Test cricket 'properly', (b) they are on a 'go slow' in sympathy with the BA cabin staff, (c) Bangladesh are simply proving to be better at both batting and bowling in this Test"


0810 - Eng 94-1 (34 overs)
Rubel the Slinger yells an lbw appeal against KP, it hits him just above the knee-roll as he gets half-forward. That's very close... but Umpire Hill gives KP the benefit of the doubt as the ball sails away for four leg byes. Hawk-Eye has a look... and suggests it would have hit the top of leg stump. Mark Butcher on TMS is convinced it was out... KP and Trott exchange singles, Rubel slings in the first no-ball of the innings, allowing KP to despatch the extra ball for four - while the extra ball also takes us past the scheduled tea interval time, so the players walk off.

0803 - Eng 83-1 (33 overs)
Rapid maiden from Cap'n Shak to Trott. Both sides playing for tea, which is due at 0810.

From Richard Hewett, TMS inbox: "I feel I must jump to the defence of Chris Tavare here. Many moons ago I played with him at U19 level and he was one of the best attacking batmen I ever played with. It wasn't until the 'county' got hold of him that he changed, and through no fault of his own. The the words dry and paint spring to mind"

0759 - Eng 83-1 (32 overs)
KP and Trott find it much easier against the slingy Rubel, who's leaking singles so far. KP steers a two through the covers, then crouches down on his haunches as though he's pulled a muscle or something... he seems OK though.

0755 - Eng 79-1 (31 overs)
Trott looks increasingly assured against Shakib, having taken absolutely ages to get going, he jabs a single to fine leg. Pietersen sweeps through square leg and despite an attempted stop by Razzak on the rope, the ball loops onto the rope. A single takes him to 27 and brings up the fifty partnership - Trott has 26, the England pair are neck and neck.

0751 - Eng 73-1 (30 overs)
Right-arm seamer Rubel Hossain gets his first bowl of the innings as Razzak takes a rest with figures of 14-3-41-1. His first ball is wild and woolly down the leg side and Trott helps it to fine leg for a single. KP prods a quick one to mid-on, then Trott shows immaculate placement to guide a four off his legs, bisecting the two men fielding in the short mid-wicket area. A single makes that an expensive first over for Rubel.

0746 - Eng 66-1 (29 overs)
Shakib carefully adjusts his field before sending down his sixth maiden in nine overs.

0742 - Eng 66-1 (28 overs)
This is a bit of an attritional period of the game as both sides try to wear each other down. Trott sizes up Razzak before guiding a careful three through the covers, KP adds a single.

0738 - Eng 62-1 (27 overs)
Trott nudges Shakib for a single, the Bangladesh skipper is still keeping it tight.

Dominic Cork
From Si, TMS inbox: "Currently multi-tasking here, TMS on the radio perfectly complementing the text. Just had to do a spot of research to see whether Corky is a fellow Yorkshireman, with his outspoken views, it's like having Boycs with us! Turns out he's from Staffordshire"

Indeed - and Corky's a big Stoke City fan too. Geoff Boycott, as a Yorkshireman, naturally supports... Manchester United.

0734 - Eng 61-1 (26 overs)
Razzak's line strays as he spears it down the leg side to KP, who helps himself to a couple of twos and then a four - he's now overtaken Trott, and calls for some fresh gloves.

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From Anon, via text: "Is Jonathan Trott some distant relative of Chris Tavare?"

0730 - Eng 53-1 (25 overs)
A lone jet plane flies over the ground (practising for a fly-past on Bangladesh's annual independence celebrations on 26 March, explains Shamim Chowdhury) as KP steers Shakib for a couple to bring up England's fifty. Another plane (or possibly the same one) noisily swoops over - I remember my dad telling me about watching Hampshire playing Lancashire at the Aigburth ground in Liverpool, and a magnificent Gordon Greenidge innings kept being interrupted by the Red Arrows practising nearby. The exasperated West Indian eventually held his bat up like a machine-gun, pretending to shoot them down as they zoomed over! Meanwhile, back in Mirpur, KP adds a single and Trott pushes the last ball for two.

0726 - Eng 48-1 (24 overs)
KP is down the wicket to Razzak, hoisting a four over mid-off - that's the most positive we've seen him all day. He then forces a three through mid-wicket.

From Terry, TMS inbox: "I hope the deal for Shakib to come to my county Worcestershire for a spell is still going to happen this summer"

Should do, as far as I know...

0722 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 41-1 (23 overs)
Trott prods forward at Shakib, it comes off a combination of bat and pad but just through the hands of the helmeted Jahurul Islam at short leg. He can also keep wicket, "so you'd expect him to have better reflexes," notes Shamim Chowdhury on TMS. Maiden - but it could have been a wicket maiden. Shakib has figures of 6-5-1-0.

0719 - Eng 41-1 (22 overs)
Razzak, who's bowled unchanged throughout the innings, wheels away to KP - who can't have had any of his favoured energy drinks during the break as he languidly plays out a maiden.

From Terry, Brasov, Romania, TMS inbox: "With our scoring rate of less than two runs per over and Bangladesh with over 400 on the board, this could be developing into Collingwood territory where he finds himself having to bat for three days to save the Test"

0712 - Eng 41-1 (21 overs)
KP spoils Shakib's perfect figures with a single, Trott plays out the over and it's time for drinks.

From David, Spain, TMS inbox: "I've just found out from Wikipedia that the original Captain Cook married Elizabeth Batts. Just thought I'd mention it"

I believe I'm distantly related to the original Captain Cook - I seem to recall my mother telling me we were descended from one of his first cousins. (I don't think she was having me on, it would be rather a strange thing to claim).

0709 - Eng 40-1 (20 overs)
Trott nurdles a three to fine leg, KP sweeps a single to the same man but doesn't make contact and it's signalled as a leg bye.

0705 - Eng 36-1 (19 overs)
Pietersen prods forward at Shakib, the ball rebounds to Imrul Kayes at silly point and Bangladesh celebrate wildly with Monty Panesar-style high fives... but KP stands his ground and umpire Rod Tucker shakes his head. Replays show it's an excellent decision, as it hit pad rather than bat - and Shakib may be in trouble if the match referee notices that he went to celebrate the wicket without looking round to see if the umpire gives it out or not - Stuart Broad got into trouble for that recently. But consolation for Shakib is that it's another maiden - his bowling figures are 4-4-0-0, he's halfway towards becoming the new Brian Langford.

0702 - Eng 36-1 (18 overs)
Trott steps back in front of his stumps and delicately swats Razzak through square leg for four. Big roar from the crowd as Razzak appeals for lbw, nothing doing from umpire Tony Hill. Ooh, Hawk-Eye thinks it may have hit pad before bat, so might have hit the stumps...

0658 - Eng 32-1 (17 overs)
Shakib to KP - all the Bangladesh spinners have rather idiosyncratic bowling actions and the skipper runs in rather delicately on his toes, like a burglar trying not to disturb a snoozing security guard as he crosses a marble hall. But KP is secure as a bank vault in defence, that's a maiden over.

0655 - Eng 32-1 (16 overs)
Razzak to Trott, now there's a third close catcher in for the fidgety Warwickshire man, as well as a man slightly further away from the bat in the position I like to call Reasonably Short Extra Cover. Trotty forces a two through mid-wicket.

From Neil Fenwick, TMS inbox: "Dreamt that Pietersen knocked 190 and Collingwood 153, with Cook gone I hope for a dream come true"

0651 - Eng 30-1 (15 overs)
Although KP coped slightly better against spin in Chittagong (despite being dismissed twice by slow left-armers), Captain Shakib may be trying to play with the England man's mind by bringing himself on so we have slow left-arm from both ends. KP sees off a maiden over.

0648 - Eng 30-1 (14 overs)
New batsman Kevin Pietersen, in the unfamiliar position of number three (and batting there for the first time in a Test), is off the mark with one of his trademark borderline-suicidal-help-I've-got-to-get-off-the-mark quick singles.

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes, aka "The Analyst", on TMS: "That was an abysmal way to get out - but good field placing from Bangladesh"

Wicket falls
0644 - WICKET - Cook c Kayes b Razzak 21 - Eng 29-1 (13.4 overs)
Cook perishes as he tries to unleash the slog-sweep he utilised well in the first innings - but there's a man on the cow corner boundary and that's straight down his throat. Ouch. Not a good day for the skipper.

0641 - Eng 28-0 (13 overs)
Trott forces Shafiul for three through mid-wicket, while Corky and Simon Hughes on TMS ponder the make-up of England's backroom staff, which currently lacks a full-time batting or bowling coach (Graham Gooch having recently helped out on the batting front as a consultant, while bowling coach Ottis Gibson recently became West Indies coach).

0637 - Eng 25-0 (12 overs)
Cook turns Razzak off his legs, they surprisingly come back for two but make their ground just in time. A single takes the skipper to 17, Trott's finally off the mark as he pushes a quick single to mid-off. Cook adds four more with a fierce cut shot.

0632 - Eng 17-0 (11 overs)
History repeats itself from earlier today as Cook gets an edge between two of the slips and it sails through the vacant third man area for four. A single brings the fidgety Trott on strike, but he is still yet to open his account from 31 balls.

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From Steve Wilson, expat living in Dhaka, via text: "What looks like a solid first innings tally from the Tigers probably has as much to do with the wicket as their ability. England now need to keep their heads down and concentrate on not doing anything silly. Heading for Heathrow to fly back to Dhaka for what I hope will be an exciting last two (or maybe three) days. Come on England!"

0628 - Eng 12-0 (10 overs)
Razzak has a slip and a short leg in for Trott, who gets forward well to smother the spin. That's three maidens on the trot/Trott.

0625 - Eng 12-0 (9 overs)
Shafiul keeps it tight against Cook, that's another maiden as Bangladesh try to build the pressure.

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From Rob in Manchester, via text: "Good start to this second Test from Bangladesh but let's not forget it's a very slow, dry, flat wicket with very little movement. England's downfall could be the tempo at which they go at, do they attack the spin or build up innings slowly? My thoughts are we attack and make it a good spectacle all round"

0621 - Eng 12-0 (8 overs)
Trott, still yet to score, he can't quite time it well as Razzak rattles through his over and keeps hitting the ball to fielders. Maiden.

0618 - Eng 12-0 (7 overs)
Cap'n Shak rotates his bowlers as paceman Shafiul Islam returns, having bowled the first over of the innings. Cook whips a long-hop off his legs for four, that's meat and drink to the Essex opener.

0614 - Eng 8-0 (6 overs)
Razzak resumes proceedings against Trott, he picks up three leg byes down the leg side but is yet to score.

From Andy - ex Hampshire Altonian now in Bangkok, TMS inbox: "Enjoyed your list yesterday of former Hampshire players overlooked and under-used by England, and fortunate to see every one of them actually play - including the late great 'Shack' and Butch White. Consider - 1st Test: England have four-man attack and Bangladesh score 296 and 331. 2nd Test: England have five front liners and Bangladesh score 419... four of those bowlers bowl over 90% of the overs and the fifth goes for more than six an over... a case for an extra batsman, perhaps?"

0601: Simon Mann on TMS reveals why you may have seen some England fans wearing bright yellow shirts at the ground in Mirpur - it's part of the "Shirt of Hurt" campaign, recently launched by Danny Baker on BBC Radio 5 live, which has seen celebrities and fans wear the shirt of their fiercest rivals to raise money for Sport Relief. So, today, many of the Barmies are wearing some canary yellow shirts provided by their rivals, Australia's "Fanatics". They've raised just over £1,000 at the ground today - well done them. ("Canary yellow? That's Australian gold my friend, and don't you forget it!")

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From Tony in Jakarta, via text: "BlackBerry has been on the blink for two days. Went to church this morning and it came back to life just as the cricket was starting. Now if that isn't divine intervention I don't know what is. Despite the temptation I did not include any mention of the England cricket team in my prayers!"

0534: Right - to keep you up to date with events in Wellington, New Zealand are 187-5 following on against Australia at the close of day three of the first Test. Keep an ear on TMS - especially if you're a Sussex fan, as there's a special feature on their last 10 years coming up - while TMS will also discover how the Barmy Army in Bangladesh have been raising money for Sport Relief. I'm off for a sarnie - back with you soon.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "If Bangladesh can get some early wickets and put the England middle-order under pressure, I think they can take a first-innings lead. In my heart I don't think they'll win, but they've played well and it's good for cricket"

From Annie P, Morioka, TMS inbox: "Have just said goodbye to one of my closest friends here in Japanland as she's returning to the UK next week. Not even an excellent night's karaoke followed by bacon butties this morning can heal the pain so am relying on England, TMS, high school baseball and a good showing by Kotuoshu in the sumo later to cheer me up!"


0530 - Eng 4-0 (5 overs)
This must be a Test first - four different bowlers in the first five overs of the innings, as it's off-spinner Mahmudullah (replacing Shakib) in to bowl to Cook - but the England skipper defends well and walks off for lunch.

0527 - Eng 4-0 (4 overs)
Cook turns Razzak off his legs for a single, Shafiul hurls the ball in on the bounce - clearly indicating that Bangladesh want to work the shine off the ball. Trott sees off the over, stepping back right in front of his stumps to defend.

0524 - Eng 3-0 (3 overs)
And more spin! Captain Shakib Al Hasan to bowl to Trott, while lunch is clearly on the minds of the TMS crew. But the Warwickshire man isn't tempted to hit out, and plays out a maiden.

0521 - Eng 3-0 (2 overs)
We're going to have spin straight away, in the shape of slow left-armer Abdur Razzak. Cook edges a two to third man, but doesn't look particularly fluent so far.

0518 - Eng 1-0 (1 over)
Shafiul Islam, fresh from his maiden Test fifty, takes the first over - Captain Cook dabs a single, and as you might expect, Trott characteristically takes absolutely ages to get ready. Here's a question - who was the last right-hander to open for England in a Test? Possibly Michael Vaughan in New Zealand in 2008...

0512: Alastair Cook to open up for England - while opening for the first time in a Test is Jonathan Trott.

From Kamel Miah, TMS inbox: "Good effort lads, Bangladesh all the way! England are going to get bowled out today, our spinners are going to hurt you"

0511: So, England should have approximately 17 minutes to bat before lunch. Bet we see an over or two of spin before the interval.

From Alex, Holland, TMS inbox: "Finn made his debut last match. Why hasn't he got fancy schmancy numbers under the crest yet? Surely they can find an embroiderer somewhere?"

0505: Bangladesh's last two wicket partnerships added 105 there. Ulp.


Wicket falls
0503 - WICKET - Rubel c Prior b Swann 17 - Ban 419 all out (117.1 overs)
Finally the innings is over as Rubel prods forward to Swann's "slider" and is caught behind. Rubel departs with his highest first-class score, Swann has 4-114 from 36.1 overs.

0502 - Ban 419-9 (117 overs)
Tim Bresnan, England's workhorse, continues for the eighth over of this spell, Naeem is confident in his defensive technique to play out a maiden over and this is now Bangladesh's third highest Test score.

From Dave, TMS inbox: "I loved the explanation [on TMS] of a ball by Swann just now as an 'attempted leg break'. If we wanted 'attempted spin', Captain Cook would have come on, like in the warm-up game. The scorers will have their fingers crossed though - I don't think the scoreboard has enough room for those sort of figures"

0459 - Ban 419-9 (116 overs)
Swann replaces Finn as England desperately try to break this last-wicket stand, which is already worth 29. Rubel works a single off his legs, Naeem guides one to mid-on - we're half-an-hour from lunch, and this must be beyond Bangladesh's dreams...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "Can anyone bowl a yorker in this team? Straussy must be delighted, his apprentice is not up to it"

0454 - Ban 417-9 (115 overs)
Finally, Captain Cook sends Ian Bell to the third man boundary. In other news, a number of stable doors have been slammed following a number of escaped horses. Then, for no adequately explained reason, the third man is removed - and equally predictably, Bresnan finds the edge and Naeem profits from another four through third man! The TMS crew seem as exasperated by this as I am - Butch now estimates 50 runs have been leaked there this morning.

0450 - Ban 413-9 (114 overs)
Finn digs it in short to last man Rubel - clearly the fast bowlers' union, which used to ensure that number 11s didn't bowl bouncers to each other, is no longer in operation. But that's a lovely shot from Rubel, who confidently cover-drives for four - and holds the pose for ages in case any photographers missed it. Then, yet another edge shoots away for four - and England only have themselves to blame for their fielding positions. For there were two slips and a fourth slip in, and guess where the ball went? Where an orthodox third slip would have been. Third man would have cut it off, but there's still no third man - this is England, after all.

0446 - Ban 405-9 (113 overs)
Bresnan appeals for a catch behind as Naeem ducks a bouncer and the ball nearly hits his upturned bat as he takes evasive action. The watchful Naeem guides one through the covers but turns down a single - but then cuts for four through backward point. Not that there was anyone on the third man boundary who might have run round to cut it off. Not only is this Bangladesh's highest Test total against England, it's their sixth highest of all time.

From Professor Stat, TMS inbox: "A milestone - Naeem Islam became the fourth half-centurion in Bangladesh's innings. This is only the second time four Bangladeshis have reached 50 in a Test innings, in this their 66th Test. England's fast bowlers in this series currently average 41. No other seam-bowling attack against Bangladesh has previously averaged over 35"

0441 - Ban 401-9 (112 overs)
Still nothing in this slow pitch to aid even the 6ft 8ins Finn against last man Rubel, who defends his stumps soundly before cover-driving for four. Tigers captain Shakib Al Hasan, back in his whites in anticipation of having to field soon, applauds wildly from the dressing-room as his side passes 400. Rubel ducks away from a bouncer, although it doesn't really get up much. He averages 2.52 in first-class cricket, with a top score of 14, but has already scored eight.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher (a man after my own heart) on TMS: "We must have had 40 runs go through third man today - the ball has hardly come to mid-on and mid-off at all"

0437 - Ban 397-9 (111 overs)
Bresnan to continue to Naeem, who is on 46, and reaches his maiden Test fifty with a four through... which fielding position? Go on, have a guess? Not able to guess from the way it's been going today? OK then, I'll tell you - THIRD MAN. Grrr.

From Sachin in San Francisco, TMS inbox: "Umar Gul is definitely the man. My point was, why hasn't anyone bowled yorkers to Bangladesh's tail-enders? They continue to score with boundaries"

And the lack of a fielder at third man has allowed plenty of those boundaries to be scored...

0430 - Ban 393-9 (110 overs)
Tredwell off, Steve Finn - who bowled only eight overs yesterday - is on as England look to prise apart Bangladesh's last pair. There are four men back on the rope, but Naeem declines a single to protect last man Rubel, eventually taking one from the fourth ball of the over. And the last man... edges for four through the vacant third man boundary. Time for a drinks break, England would surely have hoped to be batting by this time.

From Mark, Shropshire, TMS inbox: "350+ is a very good score for Bangladesh... Hopefully when I wake up around midday England will have produced a solid batting display on a pitch that is obviously good for batting, followed by a great victory for Man United against Liverpool in the 1330 kick-off."

0425 - Ban 388-9 (109 overs)
Bresnan deserved that wicket, ending a stand of 74, but it was a good catch by the sometimes-maligned Sussex gloveman Prior. Here comes last man Rubel Hossain... he plays and misses, but eventually gets bat on ball to see off the over.

Wicket falls
0421 - WICKET - Shafiul c Prior b Bresnan 53 - Ban 388-9 (108.2 overs)
Naeem guides Bresnan through backward point for a single, the crowd cheer as Shafiul is back on strike. But the tail-ender's entertaining innings is ended as he hangs hit bat out and is well caught by the diving Prior behind the stumps.

That's 50
0419 - Ban 387-8 (108 overs)
Shafiul brings up his first Test fifty with a confident biff through extra cover for four - he looks rather bemused, not knowing quite how to celebrate. He dabs Tredwell for two to third man where the tireless Bresnan fields.

0417 - Ban 381-8 (107 overs)
This is comfortably Bangladesh's highest score against England. Bresnan keeps it tight against Naeem, that's a maiden. He's easily England's most economical bowler, having figures of 1-44 from 16 overs, with six maidens.

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From Anon, via text: "Home after Ireland game watching this. Far more interesting than the rugby"

0414 - Ban 381-8 (106 overs)
It's a case of "new bowler, same action" as Swann - whose last over was pretty rank - is replaced by James Tredwell. Shafiul has a big heave against the Kent spinner, but the ball sails over mid-off and that's four. Another agricultural slog is just as effective, that's four more over mid-on and Shafiul has now overtaken his partner - he has 47 from 44 balls. Naeem, by comparison, has 44 from 134.

0410 - Ban 373-8 (105 overs)
More good line and length from Bresnan - my match-report colleague Jamie Lillywhite feels he's increasingly "more of a stock bowler than a stocky bowler", while I've been increasingly impressed by him on this tour. Another thick edge brings Naeem four more, that serves England right for taking away the fielder at third man. Meanwhile, TMS scorer Danny points out that 39 is Shafiul's highest first-class score, never mind Tests.

0406 - Ban 369-8 (104 overs)
Shafiul takes a big swing at Swann, and powerfully guides him for four through extra cover, to the delight of the crowd. A long-hop is emphatically blasted through square leg for four, that's the fifty stand which has been dominated by the number 10. Two more take his score to 39, he's only one behind Naeem now.

From Sachin in San Francisco, TMS inbox: "Nearly 250 of Bangladesh's runs have come off boundaries. Either England have underperformed and allowed too many runs or Bangladesh are in the midst of a surge of improvement. On a different subject, doesn't anyone bowl yorkers nowadays?"

One of the best yorker-bowlers around is Pakistan's Umar Gul, who was pretty much unhittable in last year's World Twenty20.

0402 - Ban 359-8 (103 overs)
With Broad off the field, it's our first sight of Tim Bresnan today as the hard-working Yorkshire seamer takes over, and he sends down a tight maiden over to Naeem.

0358 - Ban 359-8 (102 overs)
Broad leaves the field, Michael Carberry is on for a spot of sub-fielding - John (below) will be pleased, at least. Swann tries to ensnare Shafiul, but the number 10 reaches well to steer a half-volley through the covers for four as Captain Cook at silly point takes evasive action.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From John, via text: "Wishful thinking with Carberry [see 0326]... I knew I had one too many"

0355 - Ban 355-8 (101 overs)
Broad has just one slip in for Naeem now, so inevitably he edges one through the second/third slip area. No run - and a tighter line from Broad means it's a maiden over.

0351 - Ban 355-8 (100 overs)
Naeem is more careful against Swann than against Broad, driving to long-on and trotting through for a single.

From Graham in Barcelona, where there's a 12-side cricket league now, TMS inbox: "With the rest of my family over in the UK for a wedding next week (I can't get the time off and can only do a quick 'in' and 'out' on the day of the ceremony, at least I don't have to argue/negotiate/explain getting up in the early hours to follow the cricket). Here's hoping the Banger wickets go down quick and I can have an early breakfast while England build up a big score"

0349 - Ban 354-8 (99 overs)
Short from Broad, Shafiul guides two successive fours wide of gully. Simon Mann and Mark Butcher on TMS wonder why, if England have a man on the cover boundary, why not a third man (considering how often tail-enders hit the ball there)? Have to say I agree. Shafiul swipes a single to fine leg, Naeem works one off his body - both these batsmen now have their highest scores in Tests. That's 39 for Naeem, 25 for Shafiul.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "Good morning everyone, working nights in police control room on a very wet and wild night. Hundreds of calls ranging from fights to raves. Biggest challenge, explaining the importance of getting your front foot forward to a very bored co-worker. Thank heavens for TMS!"

0343 - Ban 344-8 (98 overs)
Swann sends down the first maiden over of the day, Naeem is taking no risks against the number two Test bowler in the world (according to the ICC rankings).

From Darren, Vietnam, TMS inbox: "Sitting on a large bean cushion in HCMC, drinking a pint of coffee, switching TV channels between the rugby 7's tournament in Australia (a number of big upsets by the way) & the Aussie domination of the Kiwis in their Test (they still trail by nearly 200 runs in their follow on). Life is good… all I need now is for England to swiftly bowl out Bangladesh within 10 overs"

0341 - Ban 344-8 (97 overs)
The TMS commentators sense conservatism in Cook's field placings as there are several men back on the boundary for Naeem. "It's not Don Bradman, it's Naeem Islam," notes Simon Mann. The Don dabs a single, Shafiul shows his competence with the bat by flashing a powerful cut stroke for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From John, Calgary, Canada, via text: "Boo Hoo to the ECB, here in Canada we've had free-to-air ice hockey for 50 years on CBC and the sky hasn't collapsed... unfortunately cricket doesn't have exactly the same hold on England like hockey has on Canada, so what's wrong with letting some East End lad see a Test or two a year without Sky Sports? He could turn out to be the next Gayle or Vettori or Collingwood or Ponting for all we know, just by being inspired"

0338 - Ban 339-8 (96 overs)
Seam is paired with spin in these early stages as off-spinner Graeme Swann continues for his 31st over. Lovely little shot from Naeem, who opens the face to delicately tickle a three to third man, ensuring he keeps the strike.

From Paul, Saddleworth, TMS inbox: "Heyup MM, I'm trying to get my uni assignment done and dusted before the United-Liverpool match at lunchtime... expect frequent flicks across to your commentary will reduce my productivity almost as much as my sleep deprivation! I reckon we'll polish them off for 350, then surpass the Bangladesh total by CoP"

0334 - Ban 336-8 (95 overs)
Stuart Broad's first ball of the day is a bouncer, ducked by Naeem - who then flicks a no-ball away for a single. Shafiul gets a short ball first up too, then he gets an edge past the slips for four.

0328: Here come the Tigers batsmen - Naeem Islam (who has 33) and Shafiul Islam (who has eight). They're not related. And if you manually refresh the page, the "play to start at 0330" will disappear...

0326: So, as Mark Butcher has noted, England will hope to rip out the Tigers' tail as soon as possible. Judging by how their tail-enders batted in Chittagong, Bangladesh may feel that every run they pick up here is a bonus. England's fielders troop out, led by Captain Cook.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From John, via text: "Just got back from an absolutely rubbish night out, so hoping England finish off Bangladesh early so I can get some sleep knowing I will wake up with Cook, Carberry or Pietersen with a big big century on such a rubbish, boring pitch"

You're out of luck if you're hoping for a Carberry ton, he was left out of the side yesterday morning...

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "England will hope they can wrap up this Bangladesh innings without too much trouble, and get out there to bat"

The sun is out
0316: TMS are up and running - Simon Mann's weather report is "the same as yesterday - dry, sunny and hot".

From Kevin, TMS inbox: "Night shift with Alex from Latvia, has not got a clue about cricket so I have four more hours to explain how great England are (compared to Latvia)"

0309: And bringing it back to England, it seems the Twitter Wars have claimed another victim (following Phil Hughes' inadvertent revelation of Australia's team selection during last year's Ashes) - breaking news from the Tweetsphere (or whatever it's called) is that Paul Collingwood's page is now coming up as "sorry, that page doesn't exist". Lamenting his fallen comrade, star Tweeter Graeme Swann comments: "Sad to see the back of Colly on twitter, was enjoying the banter. Will try and get someone else on here".

0302: Meanwhile, over in Wellington, they've reached tea on day three of the first Test - and New Zealand are following on against Australia at the Basin Reserve. After the Aussies declared on 459-5 yesterday, the Kiwis collapsed from 108-4 overnight to 157. Following on, they're 87-2 - Doug "The Rug" Bollinger is having a storming match, taking 2-18 to add to his 5-28 from the first innings.

0255: Morning, everyone. Whether you're a cricket devotee up well before the lark to follow the action from Bangladesh, or a 24-hour party person passing through between drinking engagements, your company is most welcome. We're all set for the second day of the second Test from Mirpur, after some rapid scoring helped Bangladesh rack up 330-8 on day one. Meanwhile, a news story that may be of interest to you - the ECB has published a press release predicting "a devastating collapse in the entire fabric of cricket in England and Wales from the playground to the Test match arena" if Ashes Tests are returned to free-to-air television. Their words. Ho hum.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 419 & 285 (102.0 overs)
  • England: 496 & 209-1 (44.0 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 209
Cook not out 109
Trott run out 19
Pietersen not out 74
Extras 1nb 2b 4lb 7

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