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Page last updated at 11:23 GMT, Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 2nd Test day one as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1050: Right, we're going to wrap things up. Please give generously to Sport Relief if you haven't already - and stay tuned on the BBC for today's football and rugby extravaganza - Sam Lyon will be your man for all things football, while Ben Dirs will be in the chair for the Six Nations denouement. I'll be back tomorrow morning in the bleary early hours to bring you day two (play starts 0330 GMT) - hope you can join us then.

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From Craig, Notts, via text: "Re: Alex in Notts (1020). England stealing our bowlers is a major thing, we'd have lost Samit Patel too if I hadn't been sneaking him pies!"

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1037: Simons Mann and Hughes are rounding up the day's play on TMS - this will soon be available as the TMS podcast. "The Analyst" thinks the game is in the balance.

1035: So, when did England last bowl 59 overs of spin in a day's play? Swann has figures of 30-4-94-3, the debutant Tredwell has 29-5-85-2.


1034 - Ban 330-8 (94 overs)
Swann wheels away for the last over of the day. Honestly. Naeem, on 32, will face - and just takes a single off the last ball. A day of contrasting fortunes - the morning session was an absolute belter, but both sides will have positives to take from the day.

1030 - Ban 329-8 (93 overs)
Tredwell to send down what we think will be the last over of the day. Just a single from Naeem, and we're through rapidly so there will be one more. I make it 1030 but they may be working on a different clock...

From Peter, TMS inbox: "Re: your Hampshire rant! (0928) One of my team members told me he had played with Butch White in a Combined Services team at Portsmouth and he was very quick indeed. I saw him at Scarborough as a lad, he hit someone on the thigh and we all thought his leg was broken. He ran from the boundary there and justified every inch of the distance with frightening speed. Quicker than Tyson?"

Far too young to have seen him play... but renowned by older fans as the fastest English bowler to have ever played for Hants.

1027 - Ban 328-8 (92 overs)
Shafiul cuts loose against Swann, belting a four through the covers - a great shot for a number 10. We should get one more over in tonight. (I say "tonight", you know what I mean).

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From Double O in the main stand, via text: "There's a crow at third slip, is he trying to tell Cap'n Cook something? Field looks a bit defensive already"

1024 - Ban 324-8 (91 overs)
Tredwell returns, Naeem dabs him for a well-run two to the point boundary. The appearance of a spinner might allow an extra over... but it then may be cancelled out by the appearance of the Bangladesh 12th man with a drink for Naeem.

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From bigallyd1985 on 606: "Flat batting pitch, you lose toss and bowl. Standard wisdom says 300/6 is about par at close. Think England will be reasonably pleased to have knocked eight over on what is a slow low pitch"

1020 - Ban 322-8 (90 overs)
I can't remember the last time England completed their 90 overs for the day this early when they've been in the field... we're going to continue until 1030 GMT so we'll get a couple of extra overs in. But we're now past the point where if Bangladesh were to lose two wickets, England would have to go in tonight, as there's a 10-minute break for change of innings. Naeem forces Swann for a single past mid-wicket

From Alex, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "I'm pretty sure there's an anti-Notts thing going on too - Swann and Sidey were cast aside by England at their previous counties before they came to us, and now we barely ever see them! Add to that the loss of Broad and the fact that even Darren Pattinson was called up despite being Australian and having only played a handful of first-class games! It's no wonder we've only finished 2nd in the County Championship when England are stealing all our bowlers!"

1017 - Ban 321-8 (89 overs)
Bresnan to manfully battle on, Naeem is playing for stumps here and looking to protect his partner. He takes a single off the fourth ball, Shafiul opens the face to tickle a two to third man.

1010 - Ban 318-8 (88 overs)
New batsman is the right-handed Shafiul Islam, he's off the mark with a couple but then swings and misses, there's a chance of a stumping but he slides his back foot back into the crease. Or does he? It's sent upstairs to the third umpire Nadir Shah... who gives him the benefit of the doubt. A leg bye rotates the strike, then Naeem steers a single to keep the strike.

Wicket falls
1007 - WICKET - Razzak lbw b Swann 3 - Ban 314-8 (87.1 overs)
Razzak heaves and misses, and it may be the first over of a spell rather than first of an innings, but the Swann magic strikes again!

1005 - Ban 314-7 (87 overs)
Razzak straight-drives at Bresnan and scmpers two to long-off. A single helps him farm the strike, Bresnan looks to be tiring too.

1000 - Ban 311-7 (86 overs)
While Simon Mann and Corky on TMS discuss how Kevin Pietersen will fly out to join his IPL team on the evening of the fifth day of this game, and then play for Bangalore the following day, Broad is looking weary as Naeem steers a couple through the covers and then is stout in defence.

From Ben Hunt, TMS inbox: "On the anyone but Kent theme (0928), let's not forget that this is the county that brought us Martin McCague, Alan Igglesden, Martin Saggers, Chris Cowdrey... For every player who may have missed a chance, there is another who never should have played Test cricket"

0956 - Ban 309-7 (85 overs)
Bresnan to Razzak, he shoulders arms to one which sails through and would have been a one-day wide. A maiden, but the number nine hardly had to play at anything.

0953 - Ban 309-7 (84 overs)
More responsibility on Naeem now as England may feel they have "one end open". Broad keeps it tight, Naeem gets an inside edge and profits from a streaky four to fine leg - then Broad overpitches and Naeem slots it through extra cover for four. Little margin for error in line and length here - but persistence may be rewarded, as it was for Bresnan last over.

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From Will in London, via text: "To be fair there's only one county getting a look in the England team these days... South Africa!"

0949 - Ban 301-7 (83 overs)
Bresnan's tail is up as new batsman Abdur Razzak defends his first ball.

From Chris Krishnan, TMS inbox: "Tamim and Mahmudullah ideally suited for IPL? How come none of the Pakistan or Bangladesh cricketers selected for IPL?"

A very good question - which I suspect has an element of politics behind it. But it may be too complicated a situation to get into here...

Wicket falls
0946 - WICKET - Mushfiqur c Prior b Bresnan 30 - Ban 301-7 (82.5 overs)
Please sir, can we have a run? Or a wicket would do... great line and length from Brezza as he finds Mushfiqur's edge and even Prior can't miss that one...

0943 - Ban 301-6 (82 overs)
Colly's off after that one token over and Broad's back. (Colly is in the outfield, not the slips, with his finger still heavily strapped and looking like he's been in the wars). Naeem is totally becalmed, having taken 51 balls to score 16 - another maiden.

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From yeboahsvolley on 606: "This is good batting by Bangladesh and making for an interesting Test match. I still think England will make more than 200 more than whatever Bangladesh manage and will win the series 2-0"

0939 - NEW BALL TAKEN - Ban 301-6 (81 overs)
Tim Bresnan is handed the new cherry, bur Mushfiqur doesn't look in much trouble.

From Guy, Coventry, TMS inbox: "Re: Twenty20 batting, bring back Chris Tavare!"

Now there's a Bring Back... TV show I don't think Justin Lee Collins will be queuing up to do. Apparently his next task is to reunite the cast of "The Goonies" - good times!

0932 - Ban 301-6 (80 overs)
With then new ball (and the drinks cart) poised for action, Paul Collingwood will have his first bowl of the series with his military medium pace and slow off-cutters. Naeem edges a four through the empty slip cordon and then pushes another through the covers. This stand has sneaked its way up to 47 as the Tigers pass 300.

0928 - Ban 293-6 (79 overs)
Tredwell to Mushy. Maiden. Nothing to report.

From Keith in Kent, TMS inbox: "Is there an anti-Kent thing going about... Fulton never got a chance, Key hardly much of one and Jones dropped, and now I'm reading complants about Tredwell playing... sounds like an 'Anyone But Kent' feeling going on!"

Keith, I'm sure fans of every county could have similar complaints if they put their mind to it. As a Hampshire fan, I could cite Carberry dropped after one Test, Mascarenhas dropped from ODI squad despite star performances in IPL, Chris Tremlett reduced to drinks-carrying for several years, Udal ignored for over a decade (then dropped after bowling England to victory in India and never picked again), Robin Smith discarded far too prematurely by Illingworth regime despite excellent international record, Adrian Aymes and Trevor Jesty ignored completely, and I'm sure my dad could pick up the baton and moan about the lack of international opportunities given to Derek Shackleton and Butch White...

0924 - Ban 293-6 (78 overs)
Finn to Mushfiqur, resolute in defence, until he scampers a single to mid-off.

0921 - Ban 292-6 (77 overs)
Tredwell to Naeem. Maiden. Nowt else to report, both sides treading water will the new ball is taken.

0918 - Ban 292-6 (76 overs)
Steve Finn's back, he's very much been the fifth bowler today as he's only sent down five overs before this one. Replays from the last over show Prior will probably be rueing an edge from Mushfiqur which he was unable to hold on to. Anyway, a maiden from the Middlesex man to Mushfiqur. New ball available after four more overs - and you sense one wicket for England could see them wrap up the rest of the tail quickly.

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From Rob in Manchester, via text: "Fair play to the Bangladesh team. Be it Twenty20, one-day or a Test match, they tend to go for it and get as many on the board [as they can] before the big crash"

0914 - Ban 292-6 (75 overs)
The game has come off the boil a little as Mushy edges Tredwell to third man for a couple. A legside bye ensures he keeps the strike again.

From Andy, ex Hampshire Altonian now in Bangkok, TMS inbox: "Re: Richard in Phuket (0844) - yes, shot from Shakib was typical T20 - diabolical. Just like T20 is to all genuine cricket lovers. Re: RG in York (0834) - Tredwell was selected, as was Rashid, as a member of the touring party and was entitled to the same consideration for this Test as Rashid - and found favour. Perhaps one for more for Plunkett and co who were in the original squad and have lost to a late replacement brought in as 'cover' (and presumably was seventh choice originally)"

0911 - Ban 289-6 (74 overs)
Mushfiqur tries to flick Broad off his legs, that's away for four leg byes. He finally succeeds, and a single allows him to keep the bowling.

0906 - Ban 284-6 (73 overs)
Mushfiqur on-drives at Tredwell and his little legs scamper a single to long-on. Admirable over-rate from England today, we should be easily past 90 overs by the scheduled finish time of 1030 GMT.

0904 - Ban 283-6 (72 overs)
Naeem is watchful against Broad, no sign of the big hitting he displayed in Chittagong just yet. Maiden over.

From Dan in Beckenham, TMS inbox: "Working on a Saturday should be illegal... at least I have TMS to keep me company. All out by the end of the day?"

0900 - Ban 283-6 (71 overs)
Naeem works a single, more good footwork from Mushy gives himself room for another lofted straight drive, this time for four.

From Greg in Swan(n)age, Dorset, TMS inbox: "Re: Richard in Phuket (0847). That's a good point. Look at the Bangles' captain in this innings: 40 of his 49 off boundaries, the other nine coming off 69 deliveries, so no running singles doubles etc... and out to a slog sweep in the first over after tea"

0858 - Ban 278-6 (70 overs)
Broad replaces Swann - he's only bowled eight overs all day, six with the new ball and two early in the afternoon session. There's a new ball available after 80 overs but he's going to have a blast with the old ball. But rather like bowling to Tim Ambrose, you don't bowl short and wide of off stump to Mushfiqur... as he flays a cut shot for four, just as Tiny Tim would.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "I don't think the sweep shot is a particularly good option on this pitch - we've had a few top edges fly around"

0853 - Ban 273-6 (69 overs)
Dropped after his Test debut, the lightning-quick Michael Carberry is on the field for some sub-fielding as Mushfiqur dances down the track and hoists Tredwell over his head for six! A powerful square cut brings him four more.

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From Jon, Dhaka, via text: "Enjoying England plough through the Bangla order. Feel for the boys in the middle though - it's hot as hell in the city today!"

0850 - Ban 263-6 (68 overs)
Naeem works Swann through point, a great stop on the rope from Bresnan denies the boundary - they run three. Mushfiqur nicks the strike with a single.

0847 - Ban 259-6 (67 overs)
Tredwell gets a bit of turn against Naeem, but there are still just the two close fielders - slip and short leg - at this stage. Naeem flicks a single to deep mid-on.

From Richard in Phuket, TMS inbox: "Are we witnessing the effects of the Twenty20 game on Test match cricket?"

0844 - Ban 258-6 (66 overs)
Mushy pushes Swann for a single, Naeem steers another, and the TMS crew want to see another close fielder in.

0842 - Ban 256-6 (65 overs)
With spin on from both ends, Naeem is taking the opportunity to bat in a cap rather than a helmet. He's off the mark with a two,

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From Double O in the main stand, via text: "If Ian Smith were commentating, would he describe our new lad from Yorkshire as 'Finn-tastic'?"

0840 - Ban 254-6 (64 overs)
Swann replaces Finn so we have spin from both ends again. He sends down a maiden to Mushfiqur.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "That wasn't a controlled sweep shot, just a hack across the line. Horrible, horrible"

0836 - Ban 254-6 (63 overs)
New batsman is Naeem Islam. Difficult to dislodge, and capable of producing plenty of fireworks of his own, if past form is anything to go by.

Wicket falls
0834 - WICKET - Shakib lbw b Tredwell 49 - Ban (62.5 overs)
HUGE appeal from Tredwell and especially Prior against Shakib, but umpire Tucker (who's come in for some stick from a couple of Bangladesh fans on the emails for giving Tamim out) is unmoved. Shakib goes for a big heave which brings him four over mid-off - but eventually his luck runs out when he sweeps, misses, is hit high on the thigh pad and is out leg before. Irresponsible shot, on 49, in the first over after tea, perhaps?

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From RG, York, via text: "Re: Rashid. Having spent the last couple of seasons watching him bowl well, not to mention bat brilliantly, for Yorkshire it's very frustrating to see him picked for Test series and never used. Now it seems he's dropped out of contention altogether! He'll never get the experience he needs if they don't select him for tours like Bangladesh which would give him invaluable experience on the subcontinent. Just another example of the England selectors taking a retrograde step"

0815: Keep an ear on TMS - England managing director Hugh Morris is the teatime guest, speaking about (among other things) why the England players still haven't signed the central contracts they were supposed to sign in October...


0810 - Ban 248-5 (62 overs)
Shakib beautifully cover-drives Finn for four twice, the second one is a real "shot of the day" contender, then the Tigers skipper rolls the wrists well to flick a three off his legs. Mushfiqur opens the face to run a couple to third man - that'll be tea. Fairly even session by my reckoning.

From Henry Portman, TMS inbox: "I think Rashid should be playing for Tredwell, because this is where Rashid can get experience. If he doesn't get experience here he won't get it anywhere"

0806 - Ban 237-5 (61 overs)
Tredwell replaces Bresnan, but feeds Mushfiqur's favoured cut stroke and the little keeper steers him for two to get off the mark.

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From Dave, Liverpool, via text: "Re Jim how can you say Monty can't bowl. He has won England games in the past, and over his batting he is a number 11 so what do you expect?"

And I recall a certain Ashes Test in Cardiff where his much-maligned batting held up long enough to secure a draw which was crucial to England's Ashes victory?

0803 - Ban 235-5 (60 overs)
Shakib stands up well to steer Finn through third man for four, then flicks one off his legs for four more - the skipper moves on to 34.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "There's potential here for an opportunity to be squandered if Bangladesh don't make 350 plus on an easy-paced pitch. Mushfiqur and his captain need to dig in"

0758 - Ban 227-5 (59 overs)
Bresnan keeps it tight against Shakib, who eventually pokes a quick single to mid-off.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Tim from Maidenhead (again), via text: "Oh the joys of travel. Sitting here in an airport lounge having to put up with the loud-mouthed mate of the chief mechanic of a certain F1 team as he blathers on in Mockney into his mobile about being delayed getting to Melbourne"

0754 - Ban 226-5 (58 overs)
Interestingly, Colly was presumably NOT fielding in the slips because of his finger injury. New batsman is the diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim, he's another one who really impressed with the bat (if not when keeping wicket) in the first Test. He's more than a foot shorter than Finn, who completes a wicket maiden.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "This is the advantage of having five bowlers - Alastair Cook can throw the ball to Finn and he can bowl knowing it's going to be a short, sharp spell and he can give it everything"

Wicket falls
0749 - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Collingwood b Finn 59 - Ban 226-5 (57.1 overs)
Time for Steve Finn - he only bowled two overs in the morning session - and he makes an immediate breakthrough as Mahmudullah cuts his first ball straight to Colly at backward point!

From Will from Essex, TMS inbox: "I think the bigger question is why Tredwell is picked ahead of Rashid. It's clear Monty is out of form, but we need to give guys like Rashid a chance to get experience"

0747 - Ban 226-4 (57 overs)
Bresnan finally finds the edge but Mahmudullah rides his luck as it sails past the solitary slip for four. A bouncer is despatched through mid-wicket, Finn and Trott give chase and the Tigers pair run three.

From Welsh Jim in Melbourne, TMS inbox: "In response to Will from Swindon (0738), simple to answer, Monty can't bat, can't bowl, can't run, can't throw, can't catch and would probably struggle to carry the drinks"

Very harsh on the bowling front there, Jim...

0742 - Ban 219-4 (56 overs)
Just under half-an-hour until tea, which is due at 0810 GMT. Swann, in his sunglasses as per usual, tosses it up and varies his pace intelligently to Shakib who is careful in defence before guiding a powerful square cut for four to bring up the fifty stand.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "This used to be a soccer stadium, which is why the grandstand is side-on to the pitch"

0738 - Ban 215-4 (55 overs)
A fairly uneventful over from Bresnan, just one single to Shakib. He has 21, Mahmudullah has 52 and this stand is now worth 48.

Monty Panesar
From Will from Swindon, via text: "Can anyone explain why Tredwell is ahead of Panesar in the pecking order?"

0734 - Ban 214-4 (54 overs)
Swann goes round the wicket to the right-handed Mahmudullah, who pushes a two through extra cover.

From Sachin in San Francisco, TMS inbox: "Alex in Holland (0726): The timing of your question could not have been more accurate. I just opened the IPL site for the first time since it began a week ago, to see what happened to the Mumbai-Bangalore match. (It's scheduled for later today.) All this time my wife, who is in Bombay (Mumbai) right now, was informing me of the IPL scores. I, myself was in Mumbai just last month and am back to my job here in SF"

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes, aka "The Analyst", on TMS: "When Bresnan fields off his own bowling, he throws the ball straight to Alastair Cook, who has the driest hands on the team as you need to keep the ball dry to get reverse swing. Those with the sweatiest hands - often the bowlers - hold the ball for the shortest time possible"

0731 - Ban 212-4 (53 overs)
An optimistic lbw shout from Bresnan as he angles one in to Shakib, but it hit him well outside the line of off stump, though there's a hint of reverse swing. Maiden over.

That's 50
0726 - Ban 212-4 (52 overs)
KP redeems himself (from the last over) with a good stop in the covers, then un-redeems himself with a wild throw that allows Shakib a single. Mahmudullah carefully guides another four through the covers to bring up his fourth Test fifty (he has one hundred) in only his seventh Test.

From Alex, Holland, TMS inbox: "Fair point from Sachin in SanFran (0658). But isn't he supposed to be in India at the moment, for the IPL?"

0722 - Ban 207-4 (51 overs)
Tredwell takes a rest after a 17-over spell (he has 1-54), and Bresnan returns - he's only bowled three overs with the new ball today. A fumble in the covers from KP allows Mahmudullah to run two.

0719 - Ban 205-4 (50 overs)
That's a crazy shot to play first ball after the drinks break, Swann bowls and Shakib tries a "Dilscoop" over the keeper's head, misses and nearly takes one in the chops! A more orthodox sweep brings him four.

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From Anon, via text: "The crowd seems to cheer when an England player is hit! Is the Test played on the movie set for Gladiator part deux - revenge of the underdog?"

I can imagine it - cricketer removes his helmet and announces: "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, and I will have my vengeance, in this series or in the one-day internationals!" If they were looking for casting the part, they could do worse than ask the match referee's cousin...

0712 - Ban 201-4 (49 overs)
Mahmudullah pushes forward at Tredwell and scampers a single past mid-on, Shakib tips-and-runs another. Mahmudullah rotates the strike, Shakib goes for the slog-sweep and it brings him one. A single by Mahmudullah brings up the 200 for the Tigers, and another sweep brings the skipper another single. Time for the wobbly blue drinks cart to come on again.

0709 - Ban 195-4 (48 overs)
The Tigers remain becalmed as Mahmudullah steers Swann for a single. All pretty quiet in the stands too.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "David Boon was good at taking bat-pad catches like that, but he used to give himself a little bit of distance"

0706 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 194-4 (47 overs)
A member of England's support staff offers Stuart Broad a selection of cold drinks on the boundary as Mahmudullah steps miles outside off stump to try to sweep Tredwell but can't connect properly. The tall right-hander gives himself some room to guide a single through the covers, then Shakib prods forward and it goes through the fingers of Captain Cook at silly point... a harsh chance, but a chance nevertheless.

0703 - Ban 193-4 (46 overs)
Shakib has to be careful against Swann, jamming his bat down to smother the spin. A square drive is cut off by Kevin Pietersen at backward point. Another maiden - "It's stalemate at the moment", says Simon Mann on TMS.

0700 - Ban 193-4 (45 overs)
Mahmudullah aims another of his powerful square cuts at Tredwell, but it strikes Captain Cook who will have to wear a big bruise on his leg. A rapid maiden over.

0658 - Ban 193-4 (44 overs)
Swann's over yields just a single - he has 2-63 from 17 overs, his figures rather distorted by Tamim's early assault.

From Sachin in San Francisco, TMS inbox: "Bangladesh have lost four wickets inside 40 overs. The run rate is good but won't be surprised if they are all out today"

0655 - Ban 192-4 (43 overs)
Cap'n Shakib takes on Tredders on both sides of the wicket - square-cutting and sweeping for boundaries off successive balls.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "It's been a whirlwind start to this second Test - fantastic if you're a lover of cricket - and the first time England have played two off-spinners together since Mike Watkinson and John Emburey in 1995"

0652 - Ban 184-4 (42 overs)
Swann still has three close fielders in for Mahmudullah, who plays out a maiden.

From Alister, Canberra, Australia, TMS inbox: "Lost in the semi finals for college cricket this morning, so it's good to be able to see England doing the same to Bangladesh as happened to us. A few more wickets before tea boys?"

0649 - Ban 184-4 (41 overs)
Mahmudullah helps himself to his seventh boundary when Tredwell floats one in short and wide, a single takes him to 38.

0646 - Ban 179-4 (40 overs)
Shakib is off the mark with a four past point, then there's a burst of excitement from the England fielders as he steps forward to drive, it hits silly point Alastair Cook on the foot and pops up for keeper Prior to take the "catch". Wasn't it against Australia in 1985 when Wayne Phillips was caught by David Gower, via Allan Lamb's heel, in similar circumstances? Predictably, the third umpire is consulted - the main bone of contention is whether it hit the ground before hitting Cook's foot. The third ump has Hotspot available for this Test (unlike the first) - "it always looks like 1940s TV to me," notes Simon Hughes on TMS. And at length, the verdict is... not out. Enough doubt to reprieve the Tigers skipper.

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From Tim from Maidenhead, via text: "Mark, what do you think my chances are of getting score updates from American Airlines cabin crew as I head to Dallas and on to San Francisco? Curse the BA strike for denying me a reliable source of Test match news for a whole 16 hours!"

Low to non-existent I'd reckon. The only in-flight sports news I've ever received was on a flight to Majorca where we were told Kevin Keegan had resigned as England manager. Can't remember which airline, but it was a British pilot. So keep your mobile handy while you're waiting in the terminal between flights!

0639 - Ban 175-4 (39 overs)
New batsman is skipper Shakib Al Hasan, so it's one leftie replacing another. He looks on as non-striker as Mahmudullah reaches out to square-cut Tredwell for four. The next ball is similarly loose, and Mahmudullah waits to bash another four to the same area.

Wicket falls
0635 - WICKET - Siddique lbw b Swann 39 - Ban 167-4 (38 overs)
A checked cover drive brings Mahmudullah a couple, he turns a careful single off his legs. But Swann strikes again when he traps Siddique lbw with one that straightens, though there's an anxious wait for the umpire's finger.

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From Ramesh, London, via text: "Has anyone told Bangladesh, there are four more days in this Test - so they can take it a little easy today"

0633 - Ban 164-3 (37 overs)
Siddique pushes Tredwell back past the non-striker for two, Finn gets involved in some relay throw action. Siddique tries to force the last ball off his legs but is hit on the pad - another tidy over from Ashford's finest.

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From Mohammed, Al Ain, UAE, via text: "Wish dad was awake in Birmingham, he'd have enjoyed the first session - his name's Iqbal!"

0630 - Ban 162-3 (36 overs)
Looks like Broad's been hit out of the attack after those three fours by Siddique - Swann returns. Mahmudullah gets forward well to smother the spin, that's a maiden over.

From Ben in Leeds, TMS inbox: "Just rolled in from a night out, perfect excuse to listen to the cricket till daybreak - gotta love the student life"

0626 - Ban 162-3 (35 overs)
Mahmudullah sweeps Tredwell - that's four more - and pokes a single through the covers.

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From Matt Wilson, listening in Kigali, Rwanda, via text: "Bangladesh have inproved but if they keep producing such docile pitches their bowlers will learn little. I fear for their batsmen in England later this summer"

0622 - Ban 157-3 (34 overs)
While Mark Butcher regales TMS listeners with tales of the excellent hospitality the BBC team were treated to by commentator Shamim Chowdhury last night, Paul Collingwood nips off the field to have some physio attention on his finger, which is already heavily strapped. Siddique elegantly off-drives Broad for four, then has the crowd on their feet with a powerful push through mid-wicket which earns him four more and brings up the 150. A nasty full toss outside off stump is blasted for yet another boundary by the left-hander, who has 37. Colly's back on.

0619 - Ban 145-3 (33 overs)
Tredwell to continue with the ninth over of his spell, but Mahmudullah may have had three Shredded Wheat at lunch as he picks the ball up from outside off stump and hoists it towards cow corner for four! A two off his legs takes his score to 17, then the tall all-rounder pads up again outside off stump - "he's playing a dangerous game there," notes Mark Butcher on TMS as England's lbw appeal is turned down.

0615 - Ban 139-3 (32 overs)
Stuart Broad returns as England end their twin-spin assault. A faint inside edge saves Siddique from falling lbw, he also has to dig out a clever slower ball and Broad opens with a maiden.

From Chris, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "I've thought better than to request (insert name of rival broadcaster and channel) to be installed at work. God bless TMS and the cricket vidiprinter!"

0610: We're almost ready to resume. And if you're only just getting up, where have you been? You've missed the Tamim Iqbal Firework Display already...

From Dan, Selby, TMS inbox: "Gotta love 11-week-old babies - perfect excuse to sit up watching cricket all night"

0555: There's nothing like a wicket just before lunch to perk up one's spirits - and the same goes for a BBC sausage sandwich during said interval. Play has finished for the day at the Basin Reserve - New Zealand are 108-4 in reply to Australia's 459-5. Meanwhile, on TMS, head of England's women's cricket Clare Connor is reviewing their winter season in conversation with Alison Mitchell.

From Jason Cole, TMS inbox: "Insomnia is a terrible thing, but at least there's the cricket. Murphy's law - I woke up and came down to watch; Tamim immediately got out, so I missed the wham-bam innings..."

0538: Right, keep listening to TMS for their interval chat (including the latest from the Pakistan soap opera) - it's time for us to hunt down some breakfast, and see if the Sport Relief celebrities from last night have left any food and drink in the building.


0532 - Ban 139-3 (31 overs)
Despite it being the last over before lunch, Mahmudullah strides down the pitch to Tredwell and punches a four through mid-off. Tredders has another lbw shout, that's not out but it's time for lunch - a very successful first Test bowling spell from the debutant, who has figures of 8-2-13-1. Siddique has 25, Mahmudullah has 11 - what an intriguing session.

0529 - Ban 135-3 (30 overs)
Swann sends down a rapid over to Mahmudullah, just one run from it, and we'll have time for one more before lunch.

0526 - Ban 134-3 (29 overs)
Mahmudullah uses that big front pad against Tredwell, who's aiming well outside off stump when bowling to the right-hander, just one single from the over. The Kent man's figures are 7-2-9-1 (born in Ashford, well to the east of the River Medway, he's a Man of Kent rather than a Kentish Man).

0524 - Ban 133-3 (28 overs)
Siddique steps back and square-cuts Swann for four, the Notts man examines his sunglasses curiously as if they are to blame.

0521 - Ban 129-3 (27 overs)
At least the presence of two spinners bowling in tandem should improve England's occasionally disappointing over-rate. Mahmudullah steps forward and thrusts his front pad a couple of times at Tredwell, there are half-hearted lbw appeals but to no avail. Simon Hughes on TMS compares Tredwell's economical run-up to left-arm spinner Norman Gifford, ("who would occasionally sneak up and bowl off two paces"), the last ball is looser and Mahmudullah helps himself to an easy four with a square cut.

0517 - Ban 125-3 (26 overs)
Right-hander Mahmudullah clips Swann off his legs for a single to get off the mark.

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Tredwell has been one of the most consistent spinners in county cricket in the last few years - he has nice variations of flight and isn't flustered by batsmen going at him, which is why he bowled so well to Tamim. Rob Key, his Kent captain, can't praise him highly enough"

0515 - Ban 124-3 (25 overs)
Having lost two batting partners from successive overs, Siddique is back on the defensive with just over 15 minutes until lunch. He prods the last ball of Tredwell's over for two.

0512 - Ban 122-3 (24 overs)
New batsman is Mahmudullah, who protects his stumps for the rest of the over.

Out for a duck
0508 - WICKET - Jahurul lbw b Swann 0 - Ban 122-3 (23.3 overs)
Siddique pushes Swann for three, then it's a debut duck for Jahurul as he's trapped in front. Hawk-Eye suggests it would have hit the top of leg stump. And Geoff Boycott's famous "add two wickets to the score" maxim seems to have come true....

0506 - Ban 119-2 (23 overs)
It's one debutant to another as Jahurul Islam takes guard for the first time in a Test. He's the first right-hander we've seen again - and is not to be confused with rapper Ja Rule. Meanwhile, there are plenty of replays of Tamim's dismissal - some suggest the ball may have struck his forearm rather than his glove. But with no umpire reviews available in this series, it's all pretty academic. A wicket maiden for Tredders, who has begun his first spell with impressively economical figures of 4-2-2-1.

Wicket falls
0503 - WICKET - Tamim c Prior b Tredwell 85 - Ban 119-2 (22.1 overs)
Tamim sweeps, edges it into the air and Prior does well to scamper into the leg slip region and take the catch. A very entertaining innings is ended - and Tredwell has a big wicket for his first Test scalp.

0502 - Ban 119-1 (22 overs)
We've got around half-an-hour until lunch as Tamim guides another easy single to long-on. Swann gets one to turn well past Siddique's outside edge - we're developing a pattern here as Tamim takes a single off each over, with Siddique blocking out the rest.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Seb, Univ of Birmingham, via text: "I'm pulling an all-nighter trying to write 10,000 words. The cricket is all that is keeping me sane so thank you"

0458 - Ban 118-1 (21 overs)
Tamim sweeps Tredders, Bresnan gives chase to restrict them to a single. Captain Cook doesn't look happy with the condition of the ball - possibly because it's had seven bells knocked out of it by Tamim in the first 20 overs. The scoring rate has slowed, but at the expense of having five men on the boundary in the first session of a Test.

0456 - Ban 117-1 (20 overs)
With the field back, it's sensible accumulation of singles by Tamim - but just the one from this over as Siddique plays out the rest of the over from Swann.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "I wonder if this quick scoring might damage Bangladesh in the long run, if they end up batting to save the game again?"

0453 - Ban 116-1 (19 overs)
Tamim guides the balding Tredwell for a single to long-off, Siddique is happy to keep his end intact against the 28-year-old Kent twirler.

From Mike, TMS inbox: "Think the IPL teams have missed a trick here..."

0450 - Ban 115-1 (18 overs)
Swann is virtually bowling to an ODI field to Tamim - there's no slip, four men in the hypothetical fielding circle and the rest scattered to the boundary ropes. It means the aggressive opener, who as Corky mentioned is 21 today, can take a single anywhere he wants, and he does so. Siddique is happy to play the supporting role. "At least England have five bowlers - they'd really be under the pump if they only had four," notes Corky on TMS.

0447 - Ban 114-1 (17 overs)
It's Tredders Time! England debutant James Tredwell is brought on for his first over - I can hear the cheers from Kent even at this distance. He bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Siddique, who is initially on the defensive - and Tredwell completes a tidy maiden over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ian, Bishop Auckland, via text: "Is Cooky wearing a Graeme Swann mask and revisiting the warm-up game bowling?"

0443 - Ban 114-1 (16 overs)
Tamim pushes Swann for a couple, that Sir Viv-speed century may be out of his range now but he's looking very well set, paddle-sweeping for two twice (off successive balls) to take his score to 80.

From Joss in Perpignan, TMS inbox: "Tamim Iqbal, better than Sehwag?"

0440 - Ban 108-1 (15 overs)
Siddique joins in the fun by off-driving a length ball from Finn for four. The Middlesex man strays with a no-ball to bring up three figures for Bangladesh, then a fluent square-driven four from Siddique increases England's misery. Any lapses in line and length by the bowlers are getting punished to the fullest extent here - Finn drops one in shorter and Siddique stands-and-delivers, rocking back and punching his third boundary of the over past Trott at point.

From Simon Hitchens, TMS inbox: "I seem to have tuned in for a one-dayer by mistake. Anyone know where the Bangladesh Test team are?"

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "I've never seen a field this defensive this early in a Test. Only four men have ever scored a century in the first session of a Test - the last was Majid Khan in 1976/77. It's Tamim's 21st birthday, but England have given him a couple of presents already"

0431 - Ban 95-1 (14 overs)
Having gone for 20 in his last over, Swann has four men on the fence for Tamim, who's going absolutely mental here. The left-hander crashes another four through mid-wicket, then hoists one towards the same fence for another four! He has 74 from 47 balls, England post a fifth man back on the fence, and time for a drinks break. An incredible start by the Tigers.

0428 - Ban 86-1 (13 overs)
England turn to the flying Finn - it's only Steve Finn's second Test, the right-arm seamer bowled quite well on his debut in Mirpur. But Tamim carves another four through mid-wicket, just beating Cap'n Cook's dive to the rope - then blasts four more through the covers. (Does he realise it's not a one-dayer?) Simon Mann on TMS is already reaching for the record books - the fastest Test century on record is Viv Richards' from 56 balls, and Tamim has 65 from his first 40. He flicks the last ball off his legs for a single to keep the strike, and who can blame him?

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Matt, University of Warwick men's cricket team en route to Barbados, via text: "Loving Tamin Iqbal's calypso cricket!"

That's 50
0422 - Ban 78-1 (12 overs)
Captain Cook dons a helmet and shin pads at silly point as Siddique pushes Swann for a single off his legs, then Tamim punches one back past the bowler for four. He unleashes a powerful slog-sweep, that bounces just twice on its way to the cow-corner boundary. And the next ball is crashed through mid-on for four more, those three successive boundaries bring up his sixth Test fifty from 34 balls. And the next ball... is slogged over mid-on for six! 18 off four balls! The last ball is an anti-climax, an inside edge trickles past the stumps for a single. A mere 20 from that over... Tamim has 57 from 36 balls.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Jeff at work, via text: "Worried about our batting line-up already - at this rate we'll need Ian Bell to maintain his average of 350 against Bangladesh!"

0418 - Ban 58-1 (11 overs)
Tamim tucks a single off his legs, Siddique continues the defiance he showed against England in the second innings in Chittagong, where he compiled an excellent maiden Test century. He's off the mark with a fluent straight-driven three.

From Tim in Putney, TMS inbox: "Re: Matt from Hants' concern about the balance of the side (0350): if Broad were to go in at six (with a fairly respectable Test average of 26) and push Prior down to seven, the balance of the team looks much prettier. Does anyone else remember when England used to have an all-rounder? If only we could persuade Broad to shave less and drink more... PS I hadn't noticed before but should we be at all worried that both England's openers are namesakes of pantomime dames - (Dame) Trott and (Sarah the) Cook?"

0413 - Ban 54-1 (10 overs)
Swann gets a bit of turn against Tamim, who pushes a single off his legs and turn down a second run, despite a bit of juggling by Finn at wide mid-on. Fellow left-hander Siddique is on the defensive at this stage.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ben, Bath, via text: "After a long week doing nothing at school, I was looking forward to an early night. I haven't slept a wink, so your live text needs to keep me company until daybreak"

0409 - Ban 53-1 (9 overs)
Finn has some running repairs from the England physio as he appeared to graze his arm on the turf while takign that catch. New batsman is Junaid Siddique (and you haven't missed an over, this is the ninth not the 10th - mea culpa, please manually refresh the page).

Wicket falls
0407 - WICKET - Kayes c Finn b Broad 12 - Ban 53-1 (8.5 overs)
Kayes pushes another single, Bresnan fields but retains his dignity this time. Tamim tries a lofted drive at a slower ball, Captain Cook leaps at mid-on... but completely mistimes his leap and the ball bounces out of his hands. They run one, and I've got to put that down as a drop - but Kayes doesn't learn the lesson from his partner as he mistimes a drive and spoons a catch to cover, where the lanky Steve Finn dives full-length to take a good catch.

From Scott in Dubai, TMS inbox: "Big difference between being dropped on performance versus dropped due to change of team balance. Carberry hasn't done anything wrong but was always the most likely to be dropped if we went with five bowlers. Interested to see how the specialist batsmen get on with a bit more responsibility"

0403 - Ban 51-0 (8 overs)
As predicted on TMS, England turn to spin - can Graeme Swann continue his remarkable record of getting a wicket in his first over? Not this time - Tamim punishes the in-form off-spinner with two magnificent cover-driven fours. This is marvellous batting from the Tigers, they'd be happy with this score after eight overs in a one-day international.

0400 - Ban 43-0 (7 overs)
Prior dives well down the leg side to stop a wideish delivery from Broad, then Kayes tries to clip one off his legs and not only does it evade Bresnan's full-length dive at long leg, the Yorkshire seamer's trousers come down as the ball sails over the boundary for four leg byes. (He appears to be wearing dark blue footballer-style cycle shorts underneath - surely it's too hot for them to be long-johns?!)

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Chalks in foggy Devon, via text: "If Treds is our new spinner does that make Swanny our new opening bat!?"

0355 - Ban 38-0 (6 overs)
Better over from Bresnan, although one loose delivery is punished as Kayes, with no footwork, swipes one over mid-off for four!

0350 - Ban 33-0 (5 overs)
Kayes is off the mark by guiding a loose delivery from Broad through mid-wicket for four. Kayes and Tamim seem to be taking ones and twos at will, and the TMS commentators are already pondering when England will turn to spin - not something you often hear in the fifth over of a Test. Meanwhile, over at the Basin Reserve in Wellington - one of my favourite grounds in the world - New Zealand are struggling at 43-3 after Australia declared on 459-5 on day two of their first Test.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Matt, Hants, via text: "Harsh exclusion for Carberry, the balance of the side looks worrying!"

I agree with your first point - but not with your second, the team were crying out for a fifth bowler (especially a second spinner) in Chittagong, while they had more than enough batting.

0345 - Ban 25-0 (4 overs)
Bresnan strays with his line again and Tamim powers him through the covers for his fourth four, before helping a lifter down to long leg for two. Another easy two through the covers means he's scored all of Bangladesh's first 25 runs - and he forces a field change as England respond by removing their third slip.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Sank the Tank in Wigan, via text: "Unlucky for Carberry. Horses for courses... guarantee Tredwell never plays again"

0341 - Ban 17-0 (3 overs)
Broad sends down a maiden over to the watchful Imrul Kayes, who may be a trifle fortunate to have kept his place after the last Test.

From Tim in Putney, TMS inbox: "Re: Carberry's omission after just the one outing: very unlucky for the lad but 'twould have been madness not to play the second spinner, so someone had to make way (and he has got the daftest name, so fair's fair)."

0337 - Ban 17-0 (2 overs)
Tim Bresnan's first ball is short and wide, and Tamim crashes it for four through the covers. Next ball, he gets a thick edge and it sails just over Paul Collingwood at second slip for four. He may just have got a fingertip to that, like a goalkeeper tipping the ball over the bar. Tamim turns a couple off his legs, he's off to a flier.

0333 - Ban 7-0 (1 over)
Broad's first ball is edged by Tamim, and it races along the ground between gully and point for four. A firm straight drive past the non-striker brings him a well-run three, and the Tigers are well under way. "Absolutely no swing", notes Mark Butcher on TMS.

0329: Stuart Broad taking the new ball... please manually refresh the page to remove the "play due to start at 0330" line. I thank you.

0325: Right, England are ready to unleash their howie-zowie five-man attack. Opening for Bangladesh are Tamim Iqbal, who's impressed many observers on this tour, and Imrul Kayes, who... to put it bluntly... hasn't!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From James, Portsmouth, via text: "England to wrap up the series by the fourth day, with KP man of the match"

The sun is out
0316: TMS are up and running - "it's burning hot and there's not a cloud in the sky", reports Simon Mann.

From Laurie Sephton, TMS inbox: "Not going to do Carberry's confidence much good. Maybe if Bangladesh are one short we can lend him to them?"

0309: OK, here are the full teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Jahurul Islam, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Naeem Islam, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam, Rubel Hossain.

England: Alastair Cook (capt), Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Ian Bell, Matt Prior (wk), Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, James Tredwell, Steve Finn.

On-field umpires are the same as the first Test - Tony Hill (Kiwi) and Rod Tucker (Aussie). Nadir Shah is on TV replays, Enamul Haque is fourth ump and Jeff Crowe remains match referee, while I'm joined on match-report duties by Jamie Lillywhite.

0305: Bangladesh also make two changes - batsman Jahurul Islam makes his Test debut in place of Aftab Ahmed, while Shafiul Islam replaces Shahadat Hossain in the pace attack.

0300: Toss news - Alastair Cook calls incorrectly for the second successive Test as skipper, but this time Bangladesh have elected to bat first. And what's more, England have a second spinner in their ranks - James Tredwell - but the unlucky man left out is Michael Carberry, dropped after one Test. (Thought we didn't do that any more? Consistency of selection and all that?)

0250: Morning, everyone. They're still packing up after Sport Relief downstairs (and if you haven't donated yet, you've got plenty of time before play starts - check out the website), but we're here reasonably bright-eyed to take up the baton from yesterday's Cheltenham Festival action and kick off a jam-packed day of sport. Plenty of football and rugby on later - but our focus is on the second Test in Mirpur. No team news just yet. (Oh, and my favourite Sport Relief moment was the brilliantly funny "Ashes to Ashes" sketch, set in 1983 and featuring a suave David Gower turning on the charm with D.I. Drake).

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 419 & 285 (102.0 overs)
  • England: 496 & 209-1 (44.0 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 209
Cook not out 109
Trott run out 19
Pietersen not out 74
Extras 1nb 2b 4lb 7

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