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Page last updated at 08:03 GMT, Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 1st Test day five as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

0800: Right, after a marathon four and nearly-two-thirds-days, we're going to wrap things up from Chittagong. Do have a read of Harry's match report, and listen to the TMS podcast in a little while. Once I've got my head together, I'll be posting some player ratings on 606 later too, so you can all hop on the messageboard and tell me how little I know about cricket... And any of you who are missing the Brettmeister General, stay tuned this afternoon as he'll be doing live text commentary on the Cheltenham Festival.

But seriously, many thanks for your company over the last five mornings, I'd have felt very lonely without you. England are next in action on Saturday at 0330 GMT when the Second Test begins in Mirpur - and I'm back in the live text chair once more. Hope you can join me then - thank you and good morning.

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From Will PW, via text: "Imagine a Swann/Lake(r) combination..."

Man-of-the-match Graeme Swann: "Like Cooky said, it's been a good 12 months - he forgot to mention the support we've had from the Barmy Army here which was exceptional. It's a long way to come from England and their singing to keep us going was great. I think Cooky was fully justified in not enforcing the follow-on as we were tired. We were really struggling at one point this morning to make the breakthrough, but we're delighted to get the win"

England captain Alastair Cook: "Full credit to the way Bangladesh fought over the last two days, but our three seamers and Swanny really battled well. The follow-on was an easy decision as we'd bowled 90 overs in the heat and the bowlers needed a rest. Swanny's been unbelievable in the last 12 months, winning us games, and his 10 wickets were fully deserved. The seamers kept running in on an unresponsive pitch and backed up Swanny well"

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "It was a very good Test wicket throughout the five days, every time we've been scoring runs but not enough. We need to work on our fielding too. We'll give it our very best in the second Test and look forward to Dhaka"

0741: Mark Butcher brings up another England left-arm spinner who took a 10-for overseas - Nick Cook, who took 11-83 against Pakistan in Karachi in 1984. Would you believe, about a week ago I had a dream involving Nick Cook? I was late to arrive at a cricket match, and eventually had to sit next to Cook in the press box. He was making lots of jokes, but the most interesting action on the pitch was a very economical spell from Princess Leia, who bowled seven overs, seven maidens, no runs and no wickets - almost as good as Brian Langford's famous 8-8-0-0 spell in the JPL.

From Tim (working hard or hardly working) in the office in Dubai, TMS inbox: "When was the last time England won a Test match in which some of the lower order did not bat in either innings?"

0738: Still waiting on the presentation... and I'll be hanging around to bring you some reaction from the skippers too.

From Peter in London, TMS inbox: "Ok, he's left arm, but I can remember Phil Tufnell taking 11 for in NZ. As for right arm offies, what about John Emburey?"

You're right - Tuffers took 11-147 in Christchurch in 1992 - I've corrected the correction. But Emburey never took more than seven in a match for England.

0733: And a correction to the Swann/Laker stat - GPS is the first England off-spinner ever to take a 10-for on the subcontinent, and the first off-spinner to take one anywhere since Laker.

0731: Needless to say, manually refresh the page to remove the Bangladesh victory target, while we wait for the presentations!

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "That was harder for England than they thought - as well as Swann, I was impressed with Bresnan who looked the fittest of the three seam bowlers, and Finn who only came off the plane about 11 days ago"

Shamim Chowdhury
Shamim Chowdhury on TMS: "On this kind of wicket, getting 10 wickets is an incredible achievement. Swann should get man of the match"

0727: So, England have a 1-0 lead in the series, while Swann finishes with innings figures of 49-11-127-5 - match figures of 10-217, his first 10-wicket match haul for England. He's also apparently the first English off-spinner to take a 10-for on the subcontinent since Jim Laker.


Wicket falls
0726 - WICKET - Naeem c Carberry b Swann 36 - Ban 331 all out (124 overs)
Now joined by last man Rubel Hossain, Naeem may go out in a blaze of glory here. He goes inside-out, smashing it for a second-bounce four wide of long-off. And a heave into the air at mid-wicket is grasped by the safe hands of Michael Carberry running in from the boundary - England have won.

Wicket falls
0721 - WICKET - Shahadat c Prior b Bresnan 12 - Ban 327-9 (123 overs)
Shahadat aims a couple of wild wafts at Bresnan, then punches one back past the bowler for four - but he's on his way after a faint edge to the keeper. Well-deserved for Bresnan, who's bowled tirelessly for two days. Start the car!

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I think Alastair Cook got a message at the drinks interval, as mid-off and mid-on have come up, which I think is the right approach"

0717 - Ban 323-8 (122 overs)
Another fielding fumble from Trott allows Shahadat a single against Swann. He has eight from 16 balls.

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From Double O in Dhaka, via text: "Re: Keith Mullan (0657), mate - you are wearing a Bangladesh shirt, so no beers for you! Will treat you to a Bagha Special if you're good!"

0711 - Ban 322-8 (121 overs)
Broad takes a rest after a seven-over spell - his longest of the innings - and Tim Bresnan returns. Naeem pokes a couple through mid-wicket, Broad's the boundary fielder (and a little weary from bowling) and that's easily two runs. Time for the drinks cart again.

From Roger in East Timor, TMS inbox: "It looks like Cook's decision not to enforce the follow-on has been vindicated"

0707 - Ban 320-8 (120 overs)
Shahadat steers Swann for a single to KP at long-off. Naeem turns down a couple of singles to protect his tail-end partner, before sweeping an easy single off the penultimate ball to keep the strike. 45 overs remaining - so Bangladesh have made it halfway through the final day.

From John Jaques in New York City, TMS inbox: "Bangladesh might have some surprises for us (and the vacationing Strauss) when they visit this summer. At least, they will be far more competitive than we had imagined. Great for cricket! PS Mark, that sausage sandwich sounded so darn good. Reminded me how much I used to love Wall's pork pies at Waterloo Station when I came home on leave from the Royal Marines in the late fifties!"

Other pies are of course available...

0704 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 318-8 (119 overs)
Bangladesh are less than 200 runs away from their potential victory... and there's another chance put down as Shahadat has a wild swing, it goes to the left of Colly at second slip, he gets his left hand to it but can't hold on. They run a single. Naeem then nearly plays on, having to kick the ball away to stop it rolling onto his stumps.

0700 - Ban 317-8 (118 overs)
So, will Shahadat go for another big heave-ho against Swann, who's looking for his 10th wicket of the match? Not just yet, he pokes a single through the covers. Then, Swann lobs up a rare full toss and Naeem takes the bait, smashing another six over long-on.

0657 - Ban 310-8 (117 overs)
Broad goes round the wicket to Naeem, who clips a four past the rather heavy-legged Bresnan at mid-wicket. Shahadat, meanwhile, calls for a replacement bat.

From Keith Mullan, Bangladesh, TMS inbox: "The lucky 'Bangla' shirt (see 0610 and 0625) is working a treat. Should I wear it to the game on Saturday? I think Ali Cook owes me a pint. Don't you all?"

0653 - Ban 306-8 (116 overs)
New batsman Shahadat Hossain, who was nightwatchman in the first innings but connected with a few lusty blows, is at the non-striker's end as Swann tries to ensnare the big-hitting Naeem. He steers one to long-on and walks through for a single. Shahadat, clearly batting in the style of an old-fashioned fast bowler, has a big mow and belts a four over the top! This is now Bangladesh's second highest fourth-innings Test total.

From John, Jo'burg, TMS inbox: "Please change the header you have there - BANGLADESH VICTORY - I know that it's setting their target but gives me a heart attack every time I see it"

Wicket falls
0648 - WICKET - Razzak lbw b Broad 1 - Ban 301-8 (115 overs)
Broad to continue for the fifth over of his spell, it's predictably some short stuff to the left-handed Razzak... setting him up before firing in a slower ball from round the wicket which traps him lbw. Great delivery. You sense a "domino effect" in action here.

0644 - Ban 301-7 (114 overs)
Just when Bangladesh were looking well set, that rush of blood to the head could have dire consequences for the Tigers. New batsman Abdur Razzak is off the mark with a single, then Naeem - who clearly doesn't appreciate the idea of playing out for a draw - dances forward and hoists Swann for another straight six!

Wicket falls
0640 - WICKET - Mushfiqur b Swann 95 - Ban 294-7 (113.3 overs)
Captain Cook earns the wrath of Corky on TMS by sending mid-on back to long-on for Naeem (who's only just come in), who steers an easy single to that very fielder - then bringing him back to mid-on for Mushy, who has 95. But the little keeper's long period of defiance is ended as he dances down the track going for a big hit to bring up his century, and is bowled!

0639 - Ban 293-6 (113 overs)
Mushfiqur is edging towards a second Test century, pushing Broad for a couple to reach 95.

0635 - Ban 291-6 (112 overs)
A single takes Mushy to 93, then Naeem boldly dances down the track to Swann and powerfully straight-drives a four. Then he's down the pitch again and lofts it over mid-on for six! The Tigers fans go wild, although the jury's out over whether this is the right approach by Naeem in these circumstances. Bangladesh need 222 more, does he think they can still win it?

0632 - Ban 280-6 (111 overs)
Naeem is off the mark with a single, Captain Cook is furiously polishing the ball between deliveries. Broad plunks Mushfiqur on the helmet (well, it wasn't much of a bouncer, he's only a little guy) and they trot through for a leg bye.

From Richard, Willesden Green, TMS inbox: "The criticism of Cook is unwarranted. He is young and this is his first Test as captain. Surely the whole bank of coaches and advisers, who have experience, should have given Cook five bowlers at the outset. After all we talk so much about Broad as an all-rounder, Swann's batting prowess etc"

0627 - Ban 278-6 (110 overs)
It's cat and mouse here - Mushy goes down the pitch, but checks his shot as Swann tries to zip one through. Maiden over.

0625 - Ban 278-6 (109 overs)
Mushfiqur Rahim now has even more responsibility on his little shoulders, he ducks a bouncer from Broad. Bell has moved from forward short leg to a backward short leg/leg gully position, but keeps his helmet on. And the field placing nearly works as Mushfiqur fends off another lifter, and that's not far wide of Bell as they run one.

From Keith Mullan, Bangladesh, TMS inbox: "Don't worry guys. The lucky Bangla shirt is working and I will keep it on til the end"

0621 - Ban 277-6 (108 overs)
So, can one wicket bring two? New batsman is Naeem Islam, who began his cricket career as an opener, and certainly showed strong crease-occupation ability in the first innings. He sees off the over - it's a wicket maiden and Swanny has 3-89 in the innings, 8-179 in the match.

Wicket falls
0618 - WICKET - Siddique c Collingwood b Swann 106 - Ban 277-6 (107.4 overs)
Graeme Swann to wheel away again for his 41st over - and England FINALLY have the breakthrough when Siddique plays a forward defensive and the edge just carries to Paul Collingwood at slip. Siddique trudges off after an excellent maiden Test century.

0616 - Ban 277-5 (107 overs)
Broad to have first go after lunch, and sends down a maiden to Mushfiqur, who looks as secure as he did this morning.

0610: If you're just getting up, welcome to the live text. Unfortunately, not only are we still going (when I'm sure a few of you hoped England would have won by now), they haven't taken a wicket yet. Time for the afternoon session to begin...

From Keith Mullan, Bangladesh, TMS inbox: "Sat in Dhaka and decided to join the boys, just had my lunch. I am up and ready to get going again. Donned the Bangladesh shirt as I had no luck wearing my England shirt. Lets hope it works! If we don't win this I am off to the pub"

0559: Another superb BBC sausage sandwich has been confirmed (and indeed consumed) - and the scorecard has "caught up". But I've not had much other good news to report from an England point of view.

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From Will PW, via text: "Thanks for the explanation of why the scorecard has gone back in time (see 0534). It seems that a Tardis, screwdriver and Doctor must be around which might explain why Bangladesh have batted so well and England failed to take a wicket! Are there any other unexplained events?"

Mark Butcher
From Anon, via text: "Get a better picture of Mark. He looks like a mean butcher there"

0536: If you keep listening to TMS, you'll hear an interview with England's wicketkeeping coach Bruce French, amongst other goodies. We're going to grab some lunch while England digest their morning's performance - while I'd love to drop in on Grahame in the Dominican Republic (see below), I'll have to try the BBC canteen. Back with you soon.

From Grahame Bush - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, TMS inbox: "Just tuned in hoping to see some wickets had fallen but as they have not (YET) I will go congratulate She Who must be Obeyed on our 20 years of UN-wedded bliss! She makes smashing sausage sandwiches Mark - call by at today's lunch break!"

0534: A quick parish notice - for those of you who asked about the non-functioning live-updating scorecard, PA have been on the case and it initially went "back in time" to England's first innings on Friday, but is now moving rapidly forward in time again, it's now in England's second innings and will hopefully catch up with current events during the lunch interval.


0532 - Ban 277-5 (106 overs)
Mushy is on the defensive against Swann, with the scent of lunch no doubt in his nostrils, he guides a single off his legs. And that's lunch - we really don't want to sound patronising towards the Tigers, but well played Bangladesh - they've had a brilliant session. This pair have now batted for more than two sessions - two more and they'll have saved the Test.

0529 - Ban 276-5 (105 overs)
KP rattles through his over quickly, some more superb fielding from Carberry turns four into two as Mushfiqur eyes up the cover boundary again. A single takes the little keeper to 90, and we'll have one more over before lunch.

From Michael, Liverpool, waiting for a suitable hour to have breakfast, TMS inbox: "Fair play to Siddique, impressive knock considering the circumstances. Fully expected their heads to drop when set such a large total to chase... if they manage to pick up the run rate it'll stop my head from dropping off too!"

0526 - Ban 273-5 (104 overs)
Mushfiqur steps back and cuts Swann to the cover sweeper for two, then forces a single through backward point. "England look completely out of ideas if you look at their body language," observes my match-report "wing-man" Harry Reekie, and I can't disagree.

0524 - Ban 270-5 (103 overs)
England often give Kevin Pietersen a little trundle before an interval - and here he is again. But Bangladesh are in no danger as Mushfiqur carves a single to take his score to 84.

0520 - Ban 269-5 (102 overs)
The England fans are still in good voice, among those cheering is a lookalike for the character of Charlie from TV show "Lost". Maybe he could get his guitar out and give England a tune to lift their spirits? They're hardly lifted by another Swann maiden over to Siddique. (Or, is his appearance a bad omen for England considering his character was killed off at the end of series 3?)

0517 - Ban 269-5 (101 overs)
A huge roar from the Tigers fans as Mushfiqur lofts Bresnan over his head for four. Lunch is in 13 minutes' time.

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Cook and Bell have been getting closer and closer at silly point and short leg - if Bell had been back in his original position rather than trying to move in, he might have had a catch there"

0513 - Ban 265-5 (100 overs)
Swann has four close fielders in place, but Siddique guides one to leg which cannons off the shins of Bell at short leg. Maiden over.

From DMC, TMS inbox: "When is Cook going to give Colly a bowl and try Swann with a hard ball?"

0510 - Ban 265-5 (99 overs)
Mushfiqur flashes a Tim Ambrose-style cut shot at Bresnan, that's just past gully for four. Bangladesh now need fewer than 250 more, theoretically, to win...

From James, TMS inbox: "I'm on an all nighter to get my dissertation in by Friday (still got 10,000 more words to write!) and so hope the Tigers put up some resistance to keep TMS on... Also, can you ask whoever stole our mascot Marilyn (a lifesize figure of the woman herself) from Castle Bar in Durham to give her back? She misses her watching her cricket there"

0506 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 261-5 (98 overs)
Finn takes a break to cool off (in all senses of the word) as Swann has changed ends. (The towel-wielding Liam Plunkett also brings a drink on for someone). The new centurion Siddique pushes a two past slip, then tries a forceful drive which flies off the edge for four. England bring in a second slip, but then Prior puts a chance down when Siddique cuts, gets a faint edge and it bounces out of the Sussex man's gloves.

From Rasheed in the Kongkers, TMS inbox: "I've heard of a bore draw but this last innings, even if it ends in an England win as it should do, should be classed a bore score… Maybe Cookie knew something about the pitch that we didn't when deciding to continue through the morning yesterday. Could Bangladesh actually have chased down 400 here with four bowlers to contend with, a dead pan pitch, extreme heat and home advantage?"

0502 - Ban 255-5 (97 overs)
Bresnan replaces Swann, there's an appeal for a catch behind down the leg side as Mushfiqur attempts a leg-glance, but that was miles away from the bat. Maiden over, and England's frustration is growing.

He's reached 100
0457 - Ban 255-5 (96 overs)
Finn into the fifth over of his spell, Mushfiqur looks in no trouble at all as he prods a single. Siddique looks even better as he caresses a lovely Gower-esque cover drive for four. He's four short of a maiden Test century, he straight-drives firmly but Finn stops it with his foot. Batsman and bowler exchange a few words - Finn switches to bowling round the wicket. But that doesn't faze Siddique, who punches another straight drive back past the bowler for four, that's his ton! He knows he doesn't need to run for it, he jumps for joy and then removes his helmet to kiss the pitch in celebration. He's applauded by his team-mates, the delighted Bangladesh fans and the Barmy Army, who know when to applaud a very hard-fought hundred. Finn's a bit angry, the umpire has a quiet "calm down" word with him.

0451 - Ban 246-5 (95 overs)
Mushfiqur tries to sweep Swann, gets an edge but it pops safely between short leg and fine leg, and they run two. A single takes him to 74.

0448 - Ban 243-5 (94 overs)
Siddique fends off a lifter from Finn for two, he's up into the nervous nineties. I wonder how England's minds must be racing, the longer they go on without taking a wicket...

0444 - Ban 241-5 (93 overs)
Mushfiqur cuts loose against Swann, lofting a four over mid-on and then powerfully sweeping four more through square leg. Then it's head-in-hands time as the Notts twirler rips one past Mushy's forward prod.

0441 - Ban 233-5 (92 overs)
Finn to Mushfiqur who prods past point, but Carberry earns the praise of his team-mates for an unbelievably good stop, diving full length. Finn then gets a bit of movement away from Mushy, earning an "ooh" from the crowd. A single off the last ball takes the little fella to 63 from 155 balls (Siddique has 90 from 251).

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From Anon, should be working, Singapore, via text: "This is great, sitting in my office following the cricket - for once the time difference is on our side in Singapore! The beeb website coverage is great, I just wish I could see some pictures of our seamers wilting in the sun"

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork (with his tongue slightly in his cheek) on TMS: "If I were match referee Jeff Crowe, I'd have the whole England team in for that. You'd never catch me standing there appealing for that long - I'd just get on with it"

0434 - Ban 232-5 (91 overs)
Big appeal for leg before from Swann and Prior, Swann is jumping up and down but may need to curb his enthusiasm as the umpire shakes his head. Replays show it hit Siddique on the knee outside the line of off stump. A random thought passes through my mind - even if Bangladesh bat out the day, the scoring rate means they're unlikely to threaten the 513 victory target. So, if this pair are still together with an hour or so of play left, should Captain Cook put himself and Carberry on to serve up some "pies", giving Bangladesh some easy runs so they have the temptation to "go for the win" and risk losing wickets? After a wicketless first hour, it's time for a drinks break.

From Dave, Australia, TMS inbox: "Re: Peter (0407). I would dare say that the pitches we will face in Oz will be somewhat livelier than this one. Also, I'm hoping that next time we go touring, we remember to pack some front line bowlers - this line-up is like opening your case and finding you left your pants at home! With all due respect to Bresnan, Finn etc I'm yet to be convinced that they are ready for Test cricket at the highest level"

0430 - Ban 231-5 (90 overs)
Finn to Siddique, thank goodness England have three "proper" slips and two gullys in now. (Stable door after horse has bolted, anyone?) That's a maiden for the youngster.

0426 - Ban 231-5 (89 overs)
Siddique leans forward to push-drive back past Broad for four, lifting his score to 87. Another well-timed cover drive brings him a couple more after Michael Carberry gives chase and picks up just inside the rope.

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From Andy the night porter, via text: "Just as I was thinking about cracking on with my jobs, the cricket comes on. Oh well who needs a clean hotel anyway!"

0421 - Ban 224-5 (88 overs)
Finn replaces Bresnan, his line and length is tight and that's a maiden over. And thanks to those of you who have pointed out that the live-updating scorecard on the website (which has worked perfectly well for four days) isn't working. I've fired off an e-mail to the Press Association (who supply all our stats feeds) - you'll have to stick with following the live text for the meantime.

0416 - Ban 224-5 (87 overs)
Mushfiqur prods forward to Broad, Prior and Broad appeal, I can't tell at first whether they're appealing for a catch behind or lbw. Either way, Umpire Tucker shakes his head. Replays clearly show it flicked the top of his left pad, Hawk-Eye suggests it may have just flicked the very top of the stumps... but clearly enough doubt for Mushy to get the benefit of the doubt. He chops a single. Then, England are made to pay for their tactic of having two slips, a fourth slip and a gully when a Siddique edge sails through the gap, exactly where third slip would have been standing and away for four. Mind you, the way Trott (who's at fourth slip) has fielded today, it wouldn't be a foregone conclusion that he'd have held on to it...

0412 - Ban 219-5 (86 overs)
Siddique tries to duck a bouncer from Bresnan, it hits him on the shoulder-blade and it bounces over Prior for four "leg" byes.

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From Tom Outen, sleepy Bedfordshire, via text: "Woke up at 0200 for some unknown reason. I'm still awake and can't decide if I'd rather fall back to sleep and be in some sort of fit state for work later on or stay awake and follow the cricket"

Stay with us, Tom! What are energy drinks for, after all?!

0407 - Ban 215-5 (85 overs)
A fluent cover drive brings Mushfiqur his eighth four, then Captain Cook shows Trott how to field with an excellent stop at mid-on.

From Peter, TMS inbox: "If we are struggling to bowl out Bangladesh... what are we going to do down under against the Aussies in their own back yard?"

0403 - Ban 211-5 (84 overs)
Trotty lets another one through - to be fair, he's not the greatest fielder in the side, should he really be at fourth slip/gully? That's four, and that's Siddique's highest Test score (79 not out), beating 78 against West Indies at Kingstown last year. It's also the century partnership.

0359 - Ban 207-5 (83 overs)
Siddique nudges a single to fine leg, Mushy pushes one which Jonathan Trott fumbles at gully and they scamper three runs to third man. Siddique nicks the strike.

0355 - Ban 202-5 (82 overs)
Tim Bresnan to share the new ball (and it really is Bresnan this time, I can stake my reputation on it). A genuine edge from Mushfiqur, but the ball just dies and it reaches Paul Collingwood at second slip on the bounce. Simon Hughes and Corky on TMS are scathing about the pitch (see below) - they think a genuine edge with the new ball should be carrying to the slips.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "I think groundsmen who prepare pitches like this should be made to sleep on them. It's depressing to watch when there's no spin, movement or excessive bounce - the IPL is all over the television yet this Test match is going to sleep. Pitches need more life"

0352 - NEW BALL TAKEN - Ban 202-5 (81 overs)
Stuart Broad, who struggled a bit in the heat yesterday, will take charge of the new cherry for England. Two slips and two gullys in for Mushfiqur, who favours the cut shot almost as much as his fellow diminutive wicketkeeper Tim Ambrose. But he knocks a single off his legs.

From Rich, TMS inbox: "It's quiet in Ambulance control too, I suspect an easy England win but please boys drag it out in true in England fashion til 6am when I finish work to keep me awake!"

0346 - Ban 201-5 (80 overs)
Last over with the old ball? Siddique on the defensive against Swann, Bell at short leg and Cook at silly point are grasping for catches but Siddique finds the gap at square leg, and a single brings up 200 for the Tigers. Mushfiqur dabs a gentle single off his legs, and the new ball is available.

0344 - Ban 199-5 (79 overs)
Finn to continue (sorry, mistook him for Bresnan last over - how bad am I? Manually refresh the page), Mushy leaves anything he doesn't have to play and that's another maiden.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "Bangladesh should drop Imrul Kayes, put Siddique up to open, move Mushfiqur up to three, take the gloves away from him and pick another keeper"

0340 - Ban 199-5 (78 overs)
New ball available after 80 overs, remember. Swann has a half-hearted lbw appeal against Siddique, but that was going way down the leg side. Maiden over - three overs gone, 87 remaining in the day.

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From Anon, via text: "Mark, is it me or does this not feel like a proper Test match even though there's still a game to win? Anyway you'll keep me going until home"

That's 50
0337 - Ban 199-5 (77 overs)
Steve Finn takes the second over of the day. A fine cover drive for four brings Mushfiqur his second fifty of the match - a great performance by the little wicketkeeper.

0333 - Ban 195-5 (76 overs)
Siddique is surrounded by three close fielders as England's loyal supporters lustily sing "Jerusalem". The left-hander square-cuts a wide delivery for four - give the page a manual refresh, and the "play to start at 0330" will disappear...

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes, aka "The Analyst", on TMS: "If this finishes as a Bangladesh victory, I'll be suspecting match-fixing"

0329: Here we go. Graeme Swann to take the first over of the day to Junaid Siddique, who's taken 199 balls to score 68. His partner Mushfiqur Rahim has 47 from 105.

0324: A correction to note about the aforementioned young Steve Finn - he told yesterday's press conference that his height (previously reported as 6ft 7ins) has been under-reported - he is in fact 6ft 8ins. (And this makes him England's tallest ever player!)

From TrickieDickie, Monday evening, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Sorry you've lost your day off, but hopefully an England win will make up for it. Anyway, things I don't understand: 1. Why did England only pack four bowlers? 2. Why didn't we enforce the follow-on? These questions both point to a worrying lack of confidence in the England locker room"

The sun is out
0317: TMS have started up - Simon Mann hopes to dispel any rumours of rain. Although it's been raining in Dhaka, it's hot and sunny in Chittagong - and even the BBC weather forecast for Chittagong, which was predicting "drizzle" yesterday, has gone back to "scorchio".

0311: England have never failed to win a Test against Bangladesh, and pace bowler Steve Finn thinks England are sure to wrap up victory today. He thinks two wickets should see them into the tail - and I'd agree as these two currently at the crease can clearly bat, Naeem Islam showed in the first innings that he can hold an end up, although I'm not sure England have much to fear from the final three batsmen.

From Chrissy, Lincolnshire, TMS inbox: "Hi Mark, a much quieter night here on the labour ward, last night no sooner had I e-mailed you, then we had four babies born in quick succession, and now nothing, a bit like England's bowling yesterday!"

0255: Morning, everyone. I wish I could promise you "adventure, excitement and really wild things" - but we could still be in for a gripping final day's play. Bangladesh are 191-5 in their second innings, chasing an unlikely victory target of 513 - but the resistance shown by the current partnership of Junaid Siddique and Mushfiqur Rahim shows it will be far from straightforward for England as they press for victory.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 181 runs
  • Bangladesh: 296 & 331 (124.0 overs)
  • England: 599-6 & 209-7 (49.3 overs)

Bangladesh 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 331
Iqbal b Swann 14
Kayes c Prior b Finn 23
Siddique c Collingwood b Swann 106
Aftab Ahmed c Prior b Bresnan 26
Mahmudullah b Bresnan 5
Al Hasan lbw b Swann 4
Mushfiqur Rahim b Swann 95
Naeem c Carberry b Swann 36
Razzak lbw b Broad 1
Hossain c Prior b Bresnan 12
Hossain not out 0
Extras 2b 7lb 9

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