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Page last updated at 11:56 GMT, Friday, 12 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 1st Test day one as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1046: TMS have gone off air - and we're going to pack up Bangladesh's troubles in our old kit bag until tomorrow morning while England smile, smile, smile. An interesting day's cricket - especially if you're an England fan - but rest assured, we'll be back bright and early to bring you all the action from day two. Play starts at 0330 GMT, we'll be up and running about half-an-hour or so beforehand. In the meantime, one piece of advice (in the manner of Jerry Springer's "Final Thought") - it's Mothering Sunday this weekend, so if you haven't sorted out a card yet, get it in the post today. Hope you can join us tomorrow morning - until then, take care of yourselves and each other. TTFN.

From Jonny G, mildly fuming, in Bournemouth, TMS inbox: "One of the reasons I've never been enamoured of Pietersen is that, however well he bats, he's all anyone talks about. If he does badly it's news, if he does well it's news, and if he nearly does well but doesn't quite it's news. Cricket is a team game, there are 10 other players in the team. How about a few more plaudits for Cook, who is capataining the side for the first time in Tests and scoring a century"

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From Sportsfan87 on 606: "Good day's work from England, Cooky should be eyeing up a double ton and then some against this bowling attack, both it and the fielding has been dreadful today from the Tigers"

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1036: The "Two Simons" - Mann and Hughes - are discussing the day's play on TMS, and you'll shortly be able to download them at your leisure on the TMS podcast which will be available later.


1034 - Eng 374-3 (90 overs)
Some even more bizarre scenes as opener Tamim Iqbal is brought on to bowl the last ball of the day. He's generously listed on the TV as right-arm "medium pace" but he looks to be pretty much a declaration bowler - his medium pace is slower than quicker spinners like Monty Panesar. (And not unlike the buffet bowling Cook and Carberry served up to prompt a declaration in the warm-up game). But Tamim hits Cook on the pad and appeals for lbw, not once but twice! However, it pitched miles outside leg stump, despite Tamim's pleading face - you've just missed the Oscars, buddy. (And Cricinfo lists his bowling style as alow left-arm - is he ambidextrous?!) Cook adds two more runs to ensure he finishes the day unbeaten on 158. Colly has 32. That's all for today, folks.

1030 - Eng 372-3 (89 overs)
Rubel is taken off after just the one over as the Tigers turn to Aftab Ahmed's occasional medium pace. From Collingwood's point of view, it's someone bowling in a similar pace and style to himself... but it nearly produces a wicket as Colly gets an inside edge, it just misses the stumps and shoots between the keeper's legs for two. Too harsh for it to be called a chance. Colly seems to then adopt the "well, I'm not getting out to HIM" mentality that has brought me the odd wicket in my time, as he blocks out Aftab's grubbers.

1026 - Eng 370-3 (88 overs)
The game grinds towards the close of play - Razzak sends down a maiden to Cook, who's playing for stumps. The sixth maiden of the day.

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From Chris in Wimbledon, via text: "I wonder if Bob in Bath (1006) remembers Ian Bell's great fighting innings not that long ago, and also if he realised that it is extraordinarily hard to get those late runs, as you're overly confident and the bowlers want some kind of vengeance after being embarrassed"

Ah, "The Bell Debate" is as alive and well as ever, I see...

1024 - Eng 370-3 (87 overs)
After Shahadat went round the park for 12 in his last over, Bangladesh's other seamer Rubel Hossain will bowl the last two overs from his end. After a single from Cook, Rubel strays short and wide and Colly punishes him with a swashbuckling Robin Smith-style square cut. The Durham man adds a couple more - that's the fifty stand up between this pair already.

1018 - Eng 363-3 (86 overs)
Five overs left today, and with close of play scheduled for 1030 GMT we should be almost dead-on time for the finish unless Bangladesh bowl too many more no-balls. Razzak's economical chess-knight run-up means he's quickly through his over, although Colly leans forward to blast a loose delivery through the covers for four. Razzak serves up an almost identical offering, and Colly helps himself to an almost identical shot.

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From Adam, pretending to work, via text: "Well played KP. Excellent innings. Regardless of some recent poor form Pietersen is still BY FAR the best batsman to don an England shirt in a long long time"

1015 - Eng 355-3 (85 overs)
Shahadat bangs in a no-ball which Colly pulls for two, then the Durham man powerfully square-cuts for four. The ones and twos are coming increasingly easily against some clearly tired fielders - Cook moves up to 155, five short of his highest Test score.

1011: Sorry, forgot the score that over, it's 343-3...

From Ian, Brentford (and not the Ian from Brentford who works here), TMS inbox: "I must have had a late night, but every time I picture in my mind Cap'n Cook and his long mane of hair, the image keeps morphing into Sebastian Chabal. Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together?"

He's reached 150
1010 - Eng 343-3 (84 overs)
Having taken the new ball, Razzak will continue with left-arm spin. Strange. Anyway, Cap'n Cook steers him for four past backward point to bring up his 150.

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From Double O on the pavilion roof, via text: "KP's face was indeed thunderous as he walked off. But he had the grace to acknowledge the crowd before slinging his helmet and gloves down"

1006 - NEW BALL TAKEN - Eng 339-3 (83 overs)
New ball produced and brandished by the umpire, paceman Shahadat Hossain to have a trundle - his first since tea. His first ball is so wide, it should be worth two runs - it barely hits the cut strip. Collingwood works a single to leg, another takes Cook to 147.

From Bob in Bath, TMS inbox: "Now that Cook has a hundred, Bell is sure to score one too, getting those difficult runs between 400 and 600"

0959 - Eng 336-3 (82 overs)
Colly and Cook continue to play sensibly against Razzak, whose tail is up after he ensnared KP. Just a single apiece added.

0957 - Eng 334-3 (81 overs)
No sign of the new cherry yet as a pulled four and another easy single mean Cook moves on to 144, this is now his second highest Test score after the 160 against West Indies in Chester-le-Street last year.

0954 - Eng 327-3 (80 overs)
Colly clubs Razzak over mid-on for four with plenty of bottom hand - he used that shot rather successfully in the one-day internationals. Time for the new ball?

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From TheLongHop on 606: "The irony of that. For most of his career he would have gone for a big 6 to get over 100, and if he had got out would have been demonised. For once he tries to be watchful and carefully go to a much needed 100 and he still gets out on 99. Tough luck KP, the form and luck will hopefully return before next winter"

0951 - Eng 323-3 (79 overs)
Shahadat Hossain is loosening up in the field, which hints that Bangladesh may well take the new ball when it's available shortly, now they've got a new batsman to aim at. Naeem sends down a maiden to a watchful Cook.

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From Anon, via text: "Good on KP, what difference does the 1 extra run make anyway?! He's clearly back on form... I was at Edgbaston when Collywolly got his hundred against SA amid calls for him to be cut, he got there with a six, I nearly wept (but didn't)... best innings I've seen"

0949 - Eng 322-3 (78 overs)
Cook and Colly continue to push the singles aganist Naeem's off-spin, but the atmosphere around the ground has completely deflated with Pietersen's exit.

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From Jim in Exeter, reading all 75 overs in one go having just got up, via text: "Iain (0931) surely you mean, what with T20, 'Baseball is what cricket will eventually regress into'"

0947 - Eng 321-3 (77 overs)
Cook pushes a quick single, Colly is off the mark with a single through mid-wicket.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "The whole stadium is in shock after that wicket - it was the first time in the innings Pietersen tried to play a negative shot, he was just trying to work it into the off side"

0943 - Eng 319-3 (76 overs)
My colleague Harry, preparing his match report, asks me: "Is 'heartbreaking' one word or two?". I can't add any more - KP looked absolutely livid, Corky on TMS noticed him throw his helmet and gloves away as he stalked off. New batsman is Paul Collingwood, suddenly the close fielders have returned.

Wicket falls
0940 - WICKET - Pietersen b Razzak 99 - Eng 319-3 (75.4 overs)
KP doesn't look in a hurry - he hasn't all day. A single to the cover sweeper takes him to 99. Cook whips a single through mid-wicket, is this the big man's time? Certainly not - as he's then clean bowled trying to play defensively off the back foot! Aaaarrggh!

0934 - Eng 317-2 (75 overs)
Shakib's off, Naeem has changed ends. This is only his eighth over, he didn't bowl between lunch and tea. A well-run three from Cook brings KP back on strike. 97. He rolls the wrists well but can't get it past the man at short fine leg. Eventually he forces one off his legs - up to 98.

From Iain in Scotland, TMS inbox: "My approach to the Americans (see 0843) - 'Cricket is what baseball will eventually evolve into'"

0931 - Eng 313-2 (74 overs)
Razzak replaces Naeem, KP works a single to leg. Cook rotates the strike, KP forces a two to the cover sweeper - he's up to 97. And with an hour of play remaining, it's time for a drinks break - hope he doesn't lose concentration...

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From Ian in Stockton, via text: "Liam 'Plunkers' Plunkett? It's 'Pudsey' to everyone at Durham"

0927 - Eng 309-2 (73 overs)
Shakib takes more punishment as Cook rifles another four. New ball is available in seven overs, though it didn't really move around at all for the seamers earlier.

0924 - Eng 305-2 (72 overs)
Cook nudges Naeem for a single, KP is on 94 and there are men back on the fence for the big hit. He's perished going for his hundred with a six before in these circumstances... but then again his captain (who could barely hit a six for toffee before this tour) did it earlier today! KP doesn't take the bait and plays out the over.

From Stuart Underwood, Godstone, Surrey, TMS inbox: "I am kicking myself. I said to a colleague yesterday 'I fancy a tenner on Pietersen to get a double hundred in the first innings'. I could have made Rod Marsh look like an amateur!"

0922 - Eng 304-2 (71 overs)
KP goes aerial against Shakib, that's a huge hit over the bowler's head for six. The Tigers captain doesn't really know where to turn. Then he aims the same shot, it's flatter and bounces just in front of the rope, but that's four and brings up the 300. The Hampshire man (well, he makes the occasional guest appearance for us in one-dayers) then thumps Shakib along the ground, again straight, and that's four more.

From Alex in Bristol, TMS inbox: "If Cook does take over the captaincy on a full time basis after Strauss he can wave goodbye to those flowing locks (if previous captains are anything to go by). Maybe he's just making the most of having a full head of hair while he can!"

0918 - Eng 288-2 (70 overs)
Cook steers Naeem for two and a single, KP moves on up to 79. This is now the highest third-wicket stand for England against Bangladesh in Bangladesh - mind you, they've only played each other in a handful of Tests so it's hardly surprising.

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From Jobson15 on 606: "Can't see why Bangladesh put England in. I can't see why Tredwell isn't playing either. Doubles for Cook and KP by this time tomorrow"

0916 - Eng 284-2 (69 overs)
Cook steers Shakib for a single past mid-on, and frankly the Bangladesh fielding has become a bit scrappy. Coach Jamie Siddons, in the manner of Duncan Fletcher, is impassive as ever behind his shades. KP lofts the Tigers skipper back over his head for four. And 606 is open for business - hooray.

From Dave, TMS inbox: "Sehwag to Northants? Has he suddenly attained their county criteria of becoming available for South Africa?"

0912 - Eng 279-2 (68 overs)
Off-spinner Naeem Islam returns to the attack, but not until after the umpires have checked he's allowed to bowl, having been off the field earlier for a spell. Anyway, after a single from Cook, KP lashes Naeem through the covers for four. He has 74, Cook has 122.

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From Sir Don in Hong Kong, via text: "Great to see KP getting a decent score! Hopefully get the ton"

0908 - Eng 274-2 (67 overs)
Shakib sends down a maiden to KP, who calls for the 12th man. It's very experienced drinks-carrier Liam "Plunkers" Plunkett, who brings on a large orange towel for KP to wipe his face and hair on.

From Stephen Hipkin, TMS inbox: "From a hot and sunny Jakarta, Indonesia... Can't wait for Steve Finn to get involved. He's from Watford, my name's Steve, my son's name is Finn... all the omens for a 'five for' on debut"

0905 - Eng 274-2 (66 overs)
Rubel's over is delayed by some twiddling with the field, he oversteps again with a no-ball - the fifth of the innings - and then KP swipes a four through third man. That's a no-ball too, so the marathon over is extended further.

From Brucie, TMS inbox: "It may be my early morning bleary eyes playing tricks, but I couldn't help noticing Cook's striking resemblence to one of the Osmond brothers when he celebrated his century"

0858 - Eng 267-2 (65 overs)
There's a sense of weariness from Bangladesh now as England continue their slow but steady progress. Only some smart fielding restricts them to just a single.

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From Pete, via text: "It's cold, dark and overcast here in London, feels like the season has already begun"

0856 - Eng 266-2 (64 overs)
So, having bowled that maiden, can Bangladesh continue to turn the screw? No, they can't - Rubel drifts wide, Cook gets an edge and it's fumbled by the solitary slip (who's standing almost where orthodox second slip would normally stand). They run one. KP straight-drives, the umpire neatly side-steps and the ball rattles away for four.

0851 - Eng 260-2 (63 overs)
KP even seems to have (temporarily at least) overcome his awkwardness against left-arm spin - although he plays out a maiden over from Shakib, he looks totally in control.

0848 - Eng 260-2 (62 overs)
"Things are warming up for the Bangladeshis there in the middle", notes Shamim Chowdhury on TMS, and he's not talking about the fierce temperature. Cook pulls a single to the square leg boundary, KP blasts a no-ball through mid-wicket for four - his ninth. He strides forward to power another single - without wanting to commentator's-curse him, this is as fluent as he's looked in months.

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From Tony at work in Jakarta, via text: "Need to toss a coin here - heads to follow the cricket, tails the F1, and landing on the edge doing more work. Tough choice"

0843 - Eng 253-2 (61 overs)
Shakib returns with his slow left-arm, two singles are added and oh, how he must be agonising over that decision to field first.

From Paul Starrs, TMS inbox: "For the last two hours I have been training some overseas staff on what the sport of cricket actually is. This has consisted us watching the afternoon session and them getting very bored! When I said this goes on for five days they practically fell off their chairs. On Monday (hopefully) we will be concentrating on what happens during the second innings. My kind of day at the office!"

Sounds like the reaction I've had when I've been in America and tried to explain exactly how cricket's different from baseball...

0840 - Eng 251-2 (60 overs)
As at the start of the second session, Bangladesh return to seam as Rubel Hossain charges in, only for Pietersen and Cook to keep plugging the singles. There's an lbw shout against KP as he plays across the line, but that was clearly heading down the leg side - and Cook pokes another four through third man to bring up the century stand.

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From Jim Clark, York (remembering Surrey glory days), via text: "Sehwag, Dilshan, Tait, Afridi, Pollard, Gilchrist... This is going to be a great Twenty20 tournament. I wish Surrey would bring in a star player for it!"

0831: The players have finished their tucker break - and appropriately it's Umpire Tucker leading them back onto the field for the evening session.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Martin from Mangawhai, New Zealand, via text: "Loving this double header - TMS and Bahrain F1. Test cricket and the first F1 race of the year, great job team. Was at the NZ v Aus one-dayer yesterday and saw my first 6 hat trick with Tuffey smacking Hauritz for three in a row over the fence, great stuff"

From Ian Hudson, TMS inbox: "It is good to see that, the burden of captaincy is not affecting his game, do we have in Cook the future England captain once Strauss vacates the job?"

0814: And if you keep listening to TMS, they've just started an interview with Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons. He's had a lot to cope with over the last few days - including Raqibul Hasan's shock decision to retire from international cricket at the age of 22.

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From Double O on the pavilion roof, via text: "Re: haircuts (0750). Mark, worth recalling that Broad and Sidebottom have both had severe haircuts, and both have been crocked. Let Cap'n Cook's stay flowing like the runs!"


That's 50
0811 - Eng 243-2 (59 overs)
Cook drives Mahmudullah for an easy single to long-off... now, will Pietersen go for his fifty before the interval? Well, in the end he's rather helped by some careless fielding by the man at mid-off, who allows the ball to squirm through his fingers and away for four. It's KP's 17th Test fifty (he also has 16 hundreds, so a good conversion rate). And that's tea, ladies and gents.

0808 - Eng 237-2 (58 overs)
KP fluently steps back to drive Shakib through the covers for four, and a single takes him to 46, within a boundary of a much-needed half century. Cook moves on to 112. One more over before tea. And in a cracking bit of county cricket news, Northants have signed Virender Sehwag for the Twenty20 Cup... A much more exciting signing than some of those Kolpak players who've been at Wantage Road in recent years.

0805 - Eng 230-2 (57 overs)
Mahmudullah keeps his line a little tighter against Pietersen, only two runs are added.

From Martin Harrison, TMS inbox: "Good morning from an overcast Windhoek, Namibia. Ministry of Health offices here, don't run to flat screen live TV coverage, so grateful thanks to TMS text commentary via a somewhat temperamental network. Still it beats following by teletext, as we used to do in Ilford before Captain Cook was born"

Never been to Windhoek, but I had some of the beer of that name in Cape Town in January when our hotel unbelievably ran out of Castle... (Other lagers are available)

0801 - Eng 228-2 (56 overs)
If England's innings were a roast dinner, it would be turning nicely golden brown at this stage. (The same can be said for many of their fans in the crowd, although a few of them are going down the pink lobster route). Three more singles are added - and continuing the vague oven theme, it's now the hottest part of the day for the batsmen and fielders, Corky points out.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I'm not a fan of glove-punching by batsmen. The only person I've ever glove-punched in my life was Carl Hooper"

0757 - Eng 225-2 (55 overs)
Mahmudullah is effortlessly milked for more singles by AC and KP, before Cook finishes the over with a flourish, off-driving for four.

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From Craig, Notts, via text: "Sat at work, been up since three... might need a few strong teas to keep me up til 6pm! Let's hope Bangladesh don't have a Murali quietly getting ready!"

0752 - Eng 217-2 (54 overs)
Shakib trots in for his 12th over, the Tigers skipper is still wicketless and the singles are still flowing.

He's reached 100
0750 - Eng 215-2 (53 overs)
Captain Cook forces Mahmudullah for a well-run two - then off the last ball of the over, lofts a six over wide long-on (just over the rope) to bring up his 11th Test century in style! (It's also his 4th Test six - and second of the day). The Essex man throws his head back in celebration and rips his helmet off - it's somewhat churlish for me to mention he looks like he needs a haircut...

0745 - Eng 207-2 (52 overs)
KP inadvisedly tries to sweep one yards outside off stump, but rather fortunately edges to third man for four. He then connects in a much more orthodox manner, cover-driving fluently for four to take his total to 34.

From Thomas, TMS inbox: "Re: Bangladesh opting to bowl. I remember everyone smirking when Sri Lanka opted to bowl at the Oval (1998?), but it later turned out that they knew they needed a lot of time for Murali to bowl England out twice. Not sure whether Bangladesh have the batting to score 600 and a bowler like Murali though"

0742 - Eng 199-2 (51 overs)
Cook adds a couple more to bring up the fifty stand, while Simon Hughes momentarily channels Henry Blofeld by monitoring the progress of a nearby slow-moving freight train.

0739 - Eng 197-2 (50 overs)
Cap'n Cook is sneaking towards three figures, entering the nervous nineties with a two and a single off Shakib, while KP plunders two more and calls for a change of gloves. He can't have done that too often recently, Simon Hughes notes on TMS.

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From Double O on the pavilion roof, via text: "Interesting tactic by Bangladesh - pin your pace bowler with a careless and unnecessary shy at the stumps. So, have to bowl the slow lefties all day! We heard the shin crack from up here - ouch"

0736 - Eng 192-2 (49 overs)
A rapid Mahmudullah over, KP adds a single and Cook sweeps at full stretch to pick up three to fine leg as several Tigers fielders give chase.

0733 - Eng 188-2 (48 overs)
Cook continues his slow prodding progress, Pietersen carves a single to the cover sweeper.

From Andy Freeman, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Thanks to a poorly timed van door opening as I cycled past yesterday, (and despite much in the way of painkillers) me, my fractured elbow and the rest of my broken body have been up far too long. Just wanted to say thanks... sweet TMS reaches the parts conventional medicines can't! Also, what is all this KP number 4 century talk, England's Number 4 Du Jour, Tim Bresnan, will deliver a century!"

0729 - Eng 186-2 (47 overs)
Cook plunders a two and a couple of singles from Razzak, whose run-up is rather like a knight's move in chess - he runs in almost twice as far laterally (perpendicular to the wicket) as he does running towards the batsman, making a right turn as he passes the umpire to bowl round the wicket. If you get my drift. I wish I could draw diagrams. KP is looking increasingly comfortable, drilling the slow left-armer for his fourth four off his legs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Sam, from Wales, via text: "Just at Heathrow catching a flight to Abu Dhabi to work as a guitarist/singer for 5 months. TMS will be my cricket lifeline, let's hope the wifi is working, and let's hope KP shapes up soon!"

0726 - Eng 177-2 (46 overs)
Abdur Razzak makes a good sprawling stop in the covers to help fellow left-arm spinner Shakib - the pair are bowling in tandem at last. A single and a leg bye are added - Mark Butcher on TMS offers an eloquent explanation of KP's struggles against left-arm spin.

Frank Butcher of Eastenders (as played by the late Mike Reid)
Mark Butcher
From Ben, TMS inbox: "The co-commentator is speaking his mind, so why has no-one made the Frank Butcher joke yet?"

0723 - Eng 175-2 (45 overs)
Cook carefully steers Razzak through the gap at mid-on for four, the England pair pick up four more singles and that's a very profitable over for the tourists.

0719 - Eng 166-2 (44 overs)
Rubel seems to be limping his way back to his bowling mark after that Mahmudullah misadventure in the last over, but Cook is inching his way along - a single takes him to 74. KP adds another - he has 14.

From Fred, TMS inbox: "I'm currently checking updates from a cafe in Saigon, it's far too hot. I'm annoyed Carberry got out, it'll be interesting to see what happens to Strauss if Carberry, Cook, and Trott all get runs!"

0714 - Eng 164-2 (43 overs)
After a single from Cook, it's vintage Pietersen as he rocks back to blast Razzak for four through the covers, off the back foot.

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From Double O on the pavilion roof, via text: "Lovely aroma of sewage wafting up here. Oh dear, did that not hit Trott's arm?"

0711 - Eng 159-2 (42 overs)
Rubel is back on his feet, while the TMS crew are also suffering bad luck with the occasional power cut affecting them in Chittagong. KP whacks another four through mid-wicket.

From Ben Morgan, Hartley, Hants, TMS inbox: "20 minutes ago I desperately wanted to go to bed, but I was also really hungry. I ate a sandwich, four packets of crisps and a chocolate bar. Now I have to wait about 90 minutes before I can even consider lying down"

0706 - Eng 155-2 (41.3 overs)
KP prods the ball to mid-on, Mahmudullah needlessly throws the ball hard back in and bowler Rubel (who wasn't looking) is struck hard on the knee! That's gotta hurt! He collapses to the turf in pain and while the physio comes on, the umpires (in a rare outbreak of common sense) allow an impromptu drinks break. England's water-carrier is James Tredwell, who comes on with a towel for Cook.

From James, TMS inbox: "Sitting in a factory in Shenzhen, China enjoying the live updates on the cricket. Two and a half more hours, then back to Hong Kong and a few beers while I enjoy the rest of the day's play"

0702 - Eng 155-2 (41 overs)
A Cook single brings KP on strike against slow left-armer Razzak, but he shows no sign of his poor form as he powerfully off-drives for four - so no need for any of his "must get off the mark at all costs" crazy singles. A confident single means he keeps the strike.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Andrew, Luton, via text: "Delighted that my three-week-old boy has decided to keep abreast with our first innings after my 'volunteering' to cover the night shift. Gladly, his sleep patterns aren't as erratic as the Bangladesh attack. I'll contemplate going to work once Cook has chalked up his century"

0658 - Eng 149-2 (40 overs)
Kevin Pietersen survives his first ball, will this be the cue for left-arm spin from both ends? Meanwhile, further slow-motion replays show Trott may have been hit on the helmet rather than the bat.

Wicket falls
0657 - WICKET - Trott c Mushfiqur b Rubel 39 - Eng 149-2 (39.5 overs)
Trott steers Rubel for a single. (A quick parish notice - now the F1 is up and running, it's more important than ever for you to put "CRICKET" as the first word of your texts.) Cook rotates the strike, but then Trott tries to hook the slingy paceman, it loops into the air behind the keeper and just for once, Mushfiqur Rahim holds on to one! Umpire Hill takes a long time to raise his finger. Trott doesn't look happy, did it hit him somewhere on the body? Replays aren't conclusive...

0651 - Eng 147-1 (39 overs)
A rapid over from Razzak, who (to continue the general lookalike theme) my colleague Harry (the Will Greenwood lookalike, as I mentioned earlier) thinks looks a bit like India's angry young pace bowler Sreesanth. Two singles added.

0647 - Eng 145-1 (38 overs)
For the first time in 30 overs, we have pace operating in tandem as Rubel Hossain returns. Trott and Cook rapidly rotate the strike with two singles apiece. Meanwhile, for those of you who are more comfortable with double-diffusers than Duckworth-Lewis and favour Bahrain over Bangladesh, I can point you in the direction of our star petrolhead Mark Orlovac, who's standing by in the pit lane to bring you text commentary on today's practice for the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season. (Mr Orlovac is a bit of a lookalike for Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn, who sent me an e-mail during last summer's Ashes when England were about to win at The Oval, despite there being a GP going on at the same time!)

From Richy, TMS inbox: "Just got home from a hard day at work in Honolulu. Feet up now with a lager and TMS on the screen. We have a very active cricket club out here and play all year round (well, who wouldn't in this climate!)"

0642 - Eng 141-1 (37 overs)
Cook elegantly swipes a long-hop from Shahadat through cow corner for four, Bangladesh aren't doing themselves any favours here. Another four, this time a careful caress through the covers, is the skipper's eighth four. "I think you and I could bowl faster than this," Corky tells Simon Hughes on TMS.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Shahadat Hossain may run in to bowl like Dean Headley, I just hope he doesn't talk like Dean Headley as he really can send you to sleep"

0637 - Eng 133-1 (36 overs)
Razzak has kept it tight so far, just six runs conceded from three overs, but Trott guides him for a well-run three to the long boundary at long leg. Cook guides a single off his legs, while Dominic Cork on TMS continues his cake-related banter with Simon Mann, implying that his colleague is a bit of a cake fan on the sly. The singles keep flowing easily, and it's still all England at this stage.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Nick, via text: "Thought I was going to miss the start of the next session, but now that my Eurostar train is sitting outside the tunnel for an extra one and a half hours I won't! Hurray!"

0632 - Eng 125-1 (35 overs)
Trott is still way out of his crease to Shahadat, it's a bit of cat and mouse out there but the England man is prevailing at the moment, adding two more to his score. Shahadat bangs in a no-ball, what's more it's a half-volley which Trott brutally despatches for four through the covers, and the paceman literally kicks the turf in frustration. Another single takes him to 29.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "As a seam bowler it's awful to run in when it's 35 degrees out there, but it's amazing how a breeze can get the air back in your lungs"

0627 - Eng 117-1 (34 overs)
Trott nudges Razzak to fine leg, it's a leg bye. The singles are coming easily for Captain Cook, and Trott nicks the strike after he is momentarily distracted by what appears to be a goods train moving behind the bowler's arm. The TMS guys think Graeme Swann will love bowling on this track, and express sympathy for James Tredwell who took eight wickets in the warm-up game but was left out of the side this morning (and was last night apparently certain to play, according to a national newspaper "exclusive").

From Sam, TMS inbox: "Sitting here in New Zealand 6pm local time wishing I was in Bangladesh with the warmer climate. It's not exactly cricket weather in Wellington with current temperature around 11 Celsius, rain and southerlies! Hoping that Finn goes well in his 1st Test"

0622 - Eng 114-1 (33 overs)
The Barmy Army are basking in the sun as Trott whips a two and a single off his legs, there's still no pace in the pitch for Shahadat. (And I missed the score off the last over - manually refresh the page and it'll fix itself)

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "It's nearly clocking off time here in Sydney. Looking forward to a few centuries and some firepower"

0618 - Eng 111-1 (32 overs)
Razzak to continue with slow left-arm from the other end, Cook steers a single to leg and Trott guides one through backward point to bring up 111 - Nelson.

From Paul, Suva, Fiji Islands, TMS inbox: "It's knock-off time Friday evening here in Fiji and we're heading for a few before preparing for the arrival of tropical cyclone Tomas. Just hoping communications remain intact so I can follow what will surely be an arduous yet comfortable England victory"

0615 - Eng 109-1 (31 overs)
After a session dominated by spin, Bangladesh resume proceedings with pace in the form of Shahadat. (You can bet if England lose a wicket and Kevin Pietersen comes in, it'll be left-arm spin, left-arm spin and more left-arm spin!). The opening bowler strays with a wild wide to Trott, who is batting well out of his crease and square-drives for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Jake, Hatfield, via text: "Half the fun of staying up to watch cricket is the text updates. People in tropical locations mixed with people at work and random puns. Brilliant"

From Colin Finch, Leeds, TMS inbox: "Samit Patel must be cursing himself for not addressing his poor fitness levels; the conditions today are crying out for a specialist batsman who can bowl left-arm spin"

0602: Plenty of chat on TMS about the Indian Premier League, which starts later today with a match between Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders in Mumbai. But it's all under the cloak of intense security - Kolkata's hotel has two large armoured personnel carriers keeping guard outside. By the way, if you ever miss anything on TMS, you can listen to it on the BBC iPlayer for the next seven days if you're in the UK. So if you've missed any interval chat, or want to listen to your favourite bits again, (or you're naughty enough to have dozed off), check out the iPlayer.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Keith, Leeds, thinking about getting up, via text: "KP is going to make all you doubting Thomases eat your words"

0534: Right - now Mark Butcher and Mark on the e-mails (below) have had their say, this particular Mark is going to take a short break to hunt down some breakfast - keep listening to TMS for the interval chat, we'll be back soon.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "There's no such thing as easy runs in Test cricket, but this must be one of the simplest fifties Alastair Cook has scored"

From Mark, TMS inbox: "I know how the English batsmen feel under their helmets. Enjoying the coverage here in a hot and sticky Singapore. Come on England"


0530 - Eng 104-1 (30 overs)
Left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak comes on as Bangladesh's sixth bowler - Cook and Trott manage a single each, and Trott's fidgeting at the crease means there's no time for another over, and that's lunch.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon (tired, eyes sore), via text: "Good moaning from sunny South Wales. Night shift drawing to a close. 20 mile drive home to nod off listening to Aggers and co. Hmmm... bed and dreams of a KP century"

0525 - Eng 102-1 (29 overs)
Two or three overs left before lunch - Mahmudullah wheels away for his eighth over which yields just a single to the skipper.

From Al in Vredenberg Hospital, South Africa, TMS inbox: "Thank God for TMS updates - in bed having had my knee reconstructed in a blank room with only my Blackberry"

That's 50
0523 - Eng 101-1 (28 overs)
Trott scampers a single, and Captain Cook reaches his 23rd Test fifty (he has 10 centuries) as he belts a poor ball through the covers for four, also bringing up the hundred for his country.

From Scott in Dubai, TMS inbox: "Mark, is Steve Finn in a similar mode to Chris Tremlett? ie very tall, lots of bounce (though not in Bangladesh) and quick but not express? I always thought Tremlett had all the attributes but it never really happened for him because of injuries. Can Finn succeed where Tremlett did not?"

I've never seen Finn play - so I await with baited breath!

0519 - Eng 95-1 (27 overs)
Some England fans are already starting to catch the sun - remember the sun cream, folks - as Trott nudges Mahmudullah for a single. There's been plenty of turn for the spinners - and we haven't even seen Abdur Razzak yet.

Crystal Palace
Mark Butcher
From Paul Rhoades, TMS inbox: "Good to hear a Crystal Palace fan in the box in Mr Butcher. Could he get some mates together to save our club?"

0516 - Eng 94-1 (26 overs)
Trott is watchful against Shakib and his posse of close fielders, eventually tickling a single off his legs. Simon Mann on TMS is pleased to report that their first cake of the Test has arrived - a banana cake. Cook steers the last ball for two to take his score to 48.

From Neil Hudson, TMS inbox: "Going in with six batsman and only three and a half bowlers suggests to me that England are more worried about KP's batting form than they are letting on"

0512 - Eng 91-1 (25 overs)
As Simon Hughes and Mark Butcher discuss how sweaty England's batsmen must be under their helmets (and expect them to be batting in caps at some point), Cook fluently sweeps Mahmudullah for four and can probably start thinking about his lunch.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ali in Birmingham, via text: "After struggling to get to back sleep with a poorly baby keeping me up, I now have an excuse to stay awake even longer and be completely useless at work! Good luck Cookie and time for KP to find form"

0509 - Eng 85-1 (24 overs)
A single takes Cook to 41, Shakib has four predatory fielders around the bat for Trott but he survives.

From Mark, TMS inbox: "Am waiting for a connecting flight in Dubai airport, always chaos, never a joy. Good news is wireless is working and cricket seems to be going well"

0506 - Eng 84-1 (23 overs)
Cook sweeps and misses, there's a half-hearted lbw shout from Mahmudullah but nowhere near as loud as the successive appeals which ended Carberry's stay at the crease. The skipper turns a quick single off his legs, Trott is slow to respond and the throw to the striker's end hits the stumps - but the Warwickshire man is safely home.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Will, in Boise, via text: "Re: Alex in Devon (0442); how come you're making cheese while you're at work? If I did that, and my boss found out, I'd be toast"

0501 - Eng 83-1 (22 overs)
Trott gets a leading edge, Shakib signals to the dressing-room for a second fielding helmet and brings in a silly point. Trott gets another leading edge and Shakib shuffles his close fielders. Trott finally connects properly and it's a glorious cover-driven four. ("That'll make him feel better", notes Simon Hughes on TMS).

From Stewart Flaherty, TMS inbox: "Looks like England will have to complete this innings Atkins Diet style. Carb free. I'll get my coat!"

0457 - Eng 79-1 (21 overs)
Mahmudullah is quickly through his over, the England pair manage a single apiece.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Pete, Shenfield, via text: "Morning Mark, on the train to work for a 13 and a half hour shift - you are my sole source of sanity today. Swann to get a maiden century this Test!"

0454 - Eng 77-1 (20 overs)
With a right-hander at the crease, Shakib reintroduces his own left-arm spin - and he bowls round the wicket to both batsmen as Cook guides a single to leg and Trott pokes a two to third man.

From Nick, TMS inbox: "I'm currently offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. 6 hours behind the UK, not sure how many behind Bangladesh, but it's late Thursday still here! TMS keeping me going over a long & boring night shift! Looking forward to a couple of solid batting performances & maybe a return to form for KP?"

0450 - Eng 74-1 (19 overs)
New man is Jonathan Trott, who characteristically takes absolutely ages to take guard. The right-hander is off the mark with a single to fine leg, Cook adds another.

Wicket falls
0446 - WICKET - Carberry lbw b Mahmudullah 30 - Eng 72-1 (18.2 overs)
Mahmudullah is down on his knees to appeal for lbw against Carberry as he pushes forward, but Umpire Tucker is unmoved. But he misses the next ball trying to sweep, there's another appeal and Tucker lifts the finger - Carbs' entertaining debut innings is over.

0444 - Eng 72-0 (18 overs)
Cook square-cuts Naeem, that's four all the way and they didn't need to run. He then gets a thickish edge when trying to play against the spin, but it trundles along the ground to backward point.

From Brian Atkins, Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark, I woke to several inches of snow this morning on Vancouver Island (more than we had during the Olympics!). The top branch of my willow tree had snapped off with the weight, anyone offering to buy the rest of the tree to make a few bats?"

0442 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 68-0 (17 overs)
First proper "life" for England as Carberry gloves one from Mahmudullah, it goes through the keeper's glove and falls safely. Mushfiqur didn't have a good ODI series behind the timbers, and the Tigers need to take every chance they can get. Maiden over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Alex in Devon, via text: "At work making cheese, hoping Carberry can stay in till 6 o'clock so I can watch some of these beautiful shots I am reading about!"

0439 - Eng 68-0 (16 overs)
Cook overtakes Carberry for the first time as Naeem's first ball after the drinks break is a ropey full toss which the England skipper helps through the leg side for four. That decision to field first by Shakib is looking even more ropey as the day goes one - it may yet go down in the cricketing annals along with Ponting at Edgbaston in 2005, and Nasser at Brisbane in 2002...

From Paul Kilby, TMS inbox: "Mark, I'm hanging on your every word here in Kuwait! It's the only way I can hear what's going on!"

0433 - Eng 64-0 (15 overs)
Mahmudullah enters the attack so we have off-spin from both ends. Carbs and Cook help themselves to a couple more singles, and then the players can help themselves to a drink as the bright blue drinks cart is wheeled on.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Stuart on the night shift in Barnsley, via text: "Looking forward to Steve Finn's debut, bet he's glad he can put his feet up for a while and just get used to the Test match atmosphere"

As a fellow number 11, if I were Finn I'd be hoping not even to have to get changed for a day and a half at least...

0429 - Eng 60-0 (14 overs)
The singles keep flowing, then Naeem gets some turn past Carberry's outside edge, but it beats Mushfiqur behind the stumps and scuttles away for four byes.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "This is poor from Bangladesh - they're bowling too short and wide, they need to exert some pressure"

0425 - Eng 52-0 (13 overs)
A double change in the attack as Rubel the Slinger returns, Carberry steers an easy single to the cover sweeper. Cook flicks a couple off his hip, then blasts a four past mid-on. Rubel slings down the last ball but Cook stands-and-delivers, punching a four past a despairing dive at mid-off to bring up the fifty stand. Meanwhile the eccentric scoreboard, as well as Tim Bresnan at four, has "Steven" at number 11 for England. Was "Finn" too difficult to spell?

From James McQuaid, Watford, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark, I'm on board... been celebrating the last birthday of my 20s so particularly bleary-eyed today but will see how long I can last watching the cricket"

0420 - Eng 41-0 (12 overs)
Shakib takes a rest after just two overs as he throws the ball to off-spinner Naeem Islam. Cook aims another big heave to leg but completely misses the ball. The skipper adds a couple of twos - he has 14, Carbs has 27.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Bangladesh have won three Test matches - if they want to win more, they need to be more positive and bat first in these circumstances"

Shamim Chowdhury
Shamim Chowdhury on TMS: "This Chittagong pitch has a tendency to get flatter as the game goes on, so maybe that's why Bangladesh wanted to bat fourth"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Double O at the Pavilion End, via text: "According to the scoreboard, Tim Bresnan is due to bat at 4. Is that why Shakib put us in? Or did he just fancy bowling himself all day at one end? Carberry's elegant boundaries were played out to a backdrop of sawing bamboo as the stand here is completed. The Barmy Army lot at square leg will be toast by 1030 local if they don't get under cover. Hardy lot!"

0416 - Eng 37-0 (11 overs)
It's already very hot and sweaty out in the middle in Chittagong, Carberry gets up on one leg to flick a rare loose delivery from Shahadat through square leg for four. ("Calypso-style", notes Shamim on TMS.

From Baz in Chicago, TMS inbox: "Morning Mitch, I've heard of buffet bowling but this is turning into Carbvery bowling"

0412 - Eng 33-0 (10 overs)
Shamim Chowdhury takes over on TMS as Cook cuts loose for the first time, getting down on one knee and slog-sweeping Shakib for six over mid-wicket! That's only his third six in 53 Tests - I saw the last one, at the Kensington Oval in Barbados just under a year ago.

0409 - Eng 27-0 (9 overs)
Cook is content to play the supporting role, steering a single past mid-off as Carberry isn't troubled by Shahadat, who has only conceded seven runs in five overs.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder (and Michael Carberry's current Hampshire team-mate) Dominic Cork on TMS: "Carberry is one of the best fielders in the world, he's very fit, likes to use his feet to the spinners and hopefully this is the start of a good international career for him"

0404 - Eng 26-0 (8 overs)
I wish I'd posted earlier that I said to my colleague Harry before play that I thought Bangladesh could turn to spin as early as the eighth over... as here comes captain Shakib Al Hasan with his orthodox left-arm twirlers. (I'd have looked annoyingly smug, though). Cook prods Shakib for a single, Carberry is careful in defence.

0401 - Eng 25-0 (7 overs)
Another four for Carberry, his least convincing as he nicks one which bounces short of second slip and scurries away for four. Hardly any bounce at all here.

Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex seamer Simon Hughes, aka "The Analyst", on TMS: "I played at Middlesex with a lot of cricketers from a Caribbean background, but I think perhaps some of the West Indies players became less of a role model to young black men in the 1990s, as football became more popular. Having spoken to people like [ex-Gloucestershire and England pace bowler] Syd Lawrence about it, Syd reckoned many of them were more keen on music and becoming DJs than getting into cricket. But Carberry's flying the flag for them today"

0356 - Eng 21-0 (6 overs)
Rubel, his face nearly covered with white sun cream, isn't getting much change out of Carberry as he guides another four past second slip, before a single sees the batsmen change ends for the first time.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Steph, too annoyed to get back to sleep in Liverpool, via text: "Got to wonder what more Tredwell has to do, exactly. Four bowlers with one barely fit is a huge gamble"

0353 - Eng 16-0 (5 overs)
It's already looking like a long day in the field for Bangladesh as Shahadat charges in to Cook, it's a maiden but there's nothing really in it for the fast men - no swing or early movement. The England skipper is happy to occupy the crease at this stage.

0349 - Eng 16-0 (4 overs)
Rubel strays with his length, and Carberry powerfully punches him through the covers for four, before more delicately cover-driving the next ball to the boundary. And off the last ball, the Hampshire man again has the off-side fielders scampering away as he solidly drives a four through mid-off. A great over for the debutant.

Mark Butcher
Former England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Hampshire did a calendar a couple of years ago with the players with their clothes off - Carberry looked like a middleweight"

0344 - Eng 8-0 (3 overs)
Cook looks to glance Shahadat off his hip, Bangladesh appeal for a catch behind... but Umpire Tucker, who gave one or two curious decisions in the ODIs, is unmoved. Replays aren't particularly conclusive, although Simon Mann on TMS thinks he hit it. And of course, there's no umpire review system in place in this series - so Cap'n Cook continues to sail on his merry way as Shahadat completes a maiden over.

From Charles from Toronto, TMS inbox: "Evening Mark! Surely an England batting masterclass coming today, although stranger things have happened. I predict 400 England runs with a KP failure on day one!"

0339 - Eng 4-0 (2 overs)
Slingy right-armer Rubel Hossain (no relation to his new-ball partner) takes the second over, and Michael Carberry's first ball in Test cricket is an easy leave outside off-stump. (A far cry from one of his predecessors opening for Hampshire, Chris "brother of Robin" Smith, whose first ball saw him trapped lbw by Richard Hadlee). And Carbs follows his skipper by leg-glancing for two to get off the mark. Well done him.

0334 - Eng 2-0 (1 over)
Shahadat Hossain takes the new ball - rather predictably, as one of only two front-line seamers in the Bangladesh side. (TMS summariser Mark Butcher thinks he runs in rather like Dean Headley). Cook gets England under way with a characteristic prod off his legs for two, while a wild throw high over the head of diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim nearly gives them an overthrow. (And give this page a manual refresh, the "play to begin at 0330" line will disappear!)

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Nigel in Wolverhampton, via text: "All the best to Michael Carberry on a very deserved debut"

0328: Polite applause greets the arrival of England's opening pair - Alastair Cook, who becomes England's 79th Test captain, and Michael Carberry - as a Hampshire fan myself, I'm pleased he wasn't left carrying the drinks. Here we go.

0324: But whatever your feelings on the game, and whether you're rooting for England, Bangladesh or the noble game of cricket in general, we want to hear from you. I'm afraid 606 isn't open for business until 0900 GMT - but you can get in touch via e-mail on (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line) or text on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide). By the way, it's very important on the texts today that you include "CRICKET" as the first word, as we share the text number with Formula 1, whose season begins today. (You'll be charged at your standard operator rate).

0321: There seems to be general surprise from the TMS crew at Shakib's decision to field first - but back here in W12, I'm also a little concerned at England's team selection. Given that Broad was a major fitness doubt right up until the last minute, are England making themselves a hostage to fortune by only playing four specialist bowlers, in case Broad breaks down? And with Graeme Swann the only front-line spinner selected (three fewer than Bangladesh's four), I guess we'll see a fair bit of KP and Colly (who was practically bowling spin in the third ODI, sending down slow off-cutters).

0312: Here are the full teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Aftab Ahmed, Mohammad Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Naeem Islam, Abdur Razzak, Rubel Hossain, Shahadat Hossain.

England: Alastair Cook (capt), Michael Carberry, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Ian Bell, Matt Prior (wk), Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, Steve Finn.

Umpires are both Antipodean - New Zealand's Tony Hill and Australia's Rod Tucker. Third ump is Enamul Haque, who stood in the ODIs, fourth ump is the intriguingly-named Sharfuddoula, and their "crew" is completed by match referee Jeff Crowe. Alongside me on match-report duties is another debutant - making his BBC live cricket debut is Harry Reekie. Think of a ginger version of ex-England rugby player Will Greenwood, and you won't be far wrong.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Andy, making lasers in Southampton, via text: "Good morning - three hours left till the weekend and what better way to start it"

0305: Oh, and Stuart Broad's been declared fit.

0300: Toss news - Bangladesh have won the toss and have elected to field first. England give debuts to Michael Carberry and Steve Finn, but are only playing four specialist bowlers (including one spinner).

0255: Morning, everyone. I say "everyone", I'm not sure how many of you are out there - but you're very welcome. Bleary-eyed or not, we're ready to bring you the opening day of the first Test between Bangladesh and England in Chittagong. England's seam bowling resources have been stretched by injuries - which has forced them to delay team selection.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 181 runs
  • Bangladesh: 296 & 331 (124.0 overs)
  • England: 599-6 & 209-7 (49.3 overs)

Bangladesh 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 331
Iqbal b Swann 14
Kayes c Prior b Finn 23
Siddique c Collingwood b Swann 106
Aftab Ahmed c Prior b Bresnan 26
Mahmudullah b Bresnan 5
Al Hasan lbw b Swann 4
Mushfiqur Rahim b Swann 95
Naeem c Carberry b Swann 36
Razzak lbw b Broad 1
Hossain c Prior b Bresnan 12
Hossain not out 0
Extras 2b 7lb 9

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