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Bangladesh v England - 2nd ODI as it happened

Second one-day international, Mirpur:


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By Mark Mitchener

1548: Well, how do you follow that? There's no rest for the wicked - the good news is that there's another one-dayer in Chittagong on Friday, the bad news (for those of us in the UK) is that it's not a day-nighter, so play will be getting under way at the dastardly hour of 0300 GMT. Any of you who are insomniacs or working nights will be very, very welcome to join me on the live text (which should be starting up just before the toss at 0230), while TMS will also be on air at 0245. Until then, get some sleep, reflect on a thrilling finish and I'll hope to see you on Friday. TTFN.

Man-of-the-match Eoin Morgan: "I didn't know I'd reached my hundred as the scoreboard was a bit slow, but we intended to take it to the last over and use the short boundary in our favour. It's all about sticking to your plan, knowing your areas and being confident in them. Treddy wasn't nervous at all, he got me on strike and I took advantage. Conditions are difficult here with the spinners they've got and the lack of bounce, but that's right up there with my best innings."

England captain Alastair Cook (who also receives US$1,000 for the fastest fifty of the day): "It got a bit close, but it was a fantastic knock from Eoin Morgan, he was calm under pressure and dominated during the powerplay. I was disappointed to get out when I did - 60s don't win games, hundreds win games as we saw today. Broady had a stiff back so couldn't complete his 10 overs but we'll see how he is tomorrow, and with Siddy [Ryan Sidebottom] we'll have to evaluate him over the next 24 hours."

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "I thought we batted really well, Morgan played really well and used the conditions well but I'm really happy with the way the boys played. When they lost the eighth wicket we thought it was our best chance to win, but Morgan stood tall and batted well. We just need to step up and win some games - maybe on Friday."

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From addicted_7 on 606: "I am a Bangladeshi - good game... wasn't it? Great innings from Morgan - but was OUT - TWICE - PLUMB LBWs - NOT GIVEN. Morgan can't do anything about it... so can't BD. But Test series won't be a walk in the park either!"

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From Martyn, not working but at my desk, Preston, via text: "My heart is in my mouth here. Phenomenal batting from Morgan!"

1530: The breathless TMS crew are off the air, and I think most of us following the end of that game are going to need to take a few deep breaths ourselves. Tredwell looked nervous but did well to keep his end up - while if you weren't around for the Bangladesh innings, the reason why Stuart Broad didn't bat (and was down at 11) was because he went off with a back problem after only bowling six overs. He was padded up and ready to come in, but may have had to bat with a runner (Colly?).


48.5 overs - Eng 261-8 (TARGET 261)
Morgan, now the only man to score ODI centuries for two countries, hoists the ball over mid-wicket and wins the game with an incredible six into the stands! What an unbelievable finish!

48.4 overs - Eng 255-8 (TARGET 261)
Morgan hits in the air wide of mid-off, that's four more. 6 needed from 8.

48.3 overs - Eng 251-8 (TARGET 261)
Big appeal for a catch behind, not out. Dot ball. 10 needed from 9.

He's reached 100
48.2 overs - Eng 251-8 (TARGET 261)
Morgan, on 98 from 100 balls, on-drives, they come back for two and that's his ton. 10 needed from 10.

48.1 overs - Eng 249-8 (TARGET 261)
Morgan smashes Shafiul through square leg for four - 12 needed from 11.

48th over - Eng 245-8
Abdur Razzak's slow left-arm to bowl the antepenultimate over - the last of his spell. Can Morgan see England home? He smacks the first ball to mid-off, no run. A full toss is punched to wide long-on for two. A reverse sweep is spanked for four past backward point to take him to 91. Then he finds the gap through the covers, it's cut off and they run three. Tredwell can't get the fifth ball past mid-wicket, and can't force the last one away - 16 needed from 12 balls, and I'm going ball-by-ball!

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From Anon, via text: "Listening to TMS in Amman, Jordan in my juggernaut heading for Iraq with a supply of tyres - have to stop in the middle of the desert now it's all getting rather nerve jangling!"

47th over - Eng 236-8
The Tigers switch from spin to seam, with Shafiul back in the attack - a gamble, according to TMS summariser Athar Ali Khan. Morgan gets the over off to a good start by belting the ball back down the ground for four. He then drives to cover, dot ball. A single off his leg brings Tredders back on strike - there's only one man back on the leg side. He nervously prods to mid-off, fielder and bowler converge and there's no chance of a run there. The Kent man is off the mark as he slices a two to third man, but he can't get the last ball away. 25 needed from 18 balls.

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From Spinks in Sunderland, via text: "Going to go to last ball!"

46th over - Eng 229-8
New batsman is debutant James Tredwell, who's left-handed. No pressure on your debut, Tredders - just 32 needed from 26 balls. He defends his first ball ("crab-like", says Simon Mann on TMS), and the last ball can't beat Aftab at cover. Shakib, who has bowled beautifully, retires with figures of 10-2-32-3. England need 32 runs from 24 balls.

Wicket falls
45.4 overs - WICKET - Swann b Shakib 2 - Eng 229-8
Captain Shakib to bowl his final over - he swaps over a couple of his fielders as Naeem Islam is despatched to the long-on boundary. Morgan reverse-sweeps, they run a risky quick single, Swann would have struggled against a direct hit from backward point but makes his ground. Swann uses his experience to turn the ball off his legs for a single. Morgan steers a single to mid-wicket, and they decide against a second despite a fielding fumble from Shuvo. Swann goes down the pitch for a big hit... and is bowled! The crowd are absolutely loving this.

45th over - Eng 226-7
Graeme Swann is the new batsman, and the king of Twitter is off the mark straight away with a push into the off side for a single. Morgan, on 77, sweeps and misses, and can only manage a single to long-on off the last ball. 35 needed from 30 balls - and having delayed (again), England must take their batting powerplay for the last five overs.

Out for a duck
44.3 overs - WICKET - Bresnan lbw b Mahmudullah 0 - Eng 224-7
Morgan steers Mahmudullah for a single, Bangladesh won't mind as that brings junior partner Bresnan on strike. The Yorkshireman can't beat the infield off his first delivery, then he sweeps and misses and he's leg before as well... the fourth of the innings, but there could have been more! [FX: Sound of wheels falling off]

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From Stephen, via text: "Morgan is the key now, if he goes then so do England's chances! Keep up the good work boys - listening to TMS and viewing BBC website whilst meant to be working down here in Kosovo"

44th over - Eng 223-6
To England's credit, they bat right the way down to number 11 and could probably send in any of their four remaining batsmen now... Tim Bresnan gets the nod. 38 needed from 36 balls.

Wicket falls
43.5 overs - WICKET - Wright b Shakib 7 - Eng 223-6
Shakib reintroduces himself into the attack for his penultimate over, Morgan and Wright continue to push the singles... but then Wright sweeps, misses and is clean bowled by the canny slow left-armer.

43rd over - Eng 220-5
Morgan opens up with a single - can Bangladesh keep Wright on strike? He forces a single through mid-wicket, Morgan guides one to long-on, and Wright curbs his natural attacking instincts by rotating the strike intelligently. Morgan helps himself to an easy two, then sweeps for a leg bye off the last ball. 41 needed off 42 balls... Morgan wants a change of gloves.

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From Ed, hard at work (honest), via text: "Isn't it time for an England collapse?"

42nd over - Eng 213-5
Morgan intelligently reverse-sweeps Razzak to the vacant third man boundary for four. A two and a single take England past their target for the over - after a wide from Razzak, Wright guides a single and Morgan scampers through for one from a miscued reverse sweep that trickles off a bottom edge. 48 needed from 48 balls.

41st over - Eng 203-5
Morgan carves Mahmudullah for a single to long-off. Now, can Bangladesh turn the screw on the new batsman? Wright is known more as a big hitter rather than a "finisher" - he guides a single to long leg. Morgan keeps the strike, but that was a better over for the Tigers. 58 needed from 54 balls.

40th over - Eng 200-5
New batsman is Luke Wright - he's off the mark by forcing a well-run two off his legs to bring up the 200 for England. 61 needed from 60 balls.

Wicket falls
39.3 overs - WICKET - Prior lbw b Razzak 42 - Eng 198-5
After a single from Morgan, Razzak traps Prior in front of all three, and to his credit, the Sussex man is walking off almost before Umpire Tucker raises his finger.

39th over - Eng 197-4
Naeem is quickly through his over, but Morgan and Prior plunder a single and a boundary apiece, with Prior whacking a powerful cover-driven four. 64 needed from 66 balls - the first time for ages that the required rate has dropped under six an over.

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From Aled in Warwick, via text: "Kieswetter has not been picked on the back of a couple of good games for the Lions, but three good seasons of county cricket (especially last year). Stick with him for half-a-dozen games and let him find his feet in international cricket before judging him"

38th over - Eng 187-4
Prior tries to punch the recalled Razzak through the covers, but can only manage a trotted single to long-off. A single takes Morgan to 54, then Prior powerfully sweeps for four. A fumble at cover point by Mahmudullah, who's had a pretty bad day in the field, allows him a single off the last ball - 74 needed from 72 balls.

37th over - Eng 180-4
This game seems more evenly poised than ever. Prior helps a loose delivery from Naeem down the leg side for two, and they're happy to take ones and twos from the off-spinner, who has 0-31 from five overs. 81 needed from 78 balls.

That's 50
36th over - Eng 173-4
Right - 94 needed from 90 balls. If Bangladesh don't win from here, they may be very unhappy when they see the replays of those unsuccessful lbw appeals against Morgan (in particular) and Prior. Shuvo has changed ends, Morgan sweeps and they run two to the mid-wicket sweeper. More sweeping brings Morgan his ninth ODI fifty, but then he's playing and missing at the debutant. 88 needed from 84 balls.

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From yorker_129-7 on 606: "It has to be said, over the last two matches, Prior has batted much better than his much hyped rival"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Pete in Brum, via text: "Maybe the meeting is about you, Mark"

I would hazard a guess that it's about today's BBC announcement, but you never know.

35th over - Eng 167-4
Naeem back for his fourth over - keeper Mushfiqur lets a quicker one through his gloves and they run a couple of byes. Then it's the Sussex man's turn to whip out a reverse sweep, and he's all smiles as it sails away for four. The smile soon disappears when he plays and misses at the last ball. Drinks break.

34th over - Eng 161-4
Shakib in for his eighth over, Morgan pokes a quick single to bring up the fifty partnership. Morgan has 46, Prior has 21. Four singles off the over means the required rate is still above six an over.

33rd over - Eng 157-4
Shuvo takes a break after two overs and Shafiul returns for a rare sight of pace. But Morgan responds by swatting the right-armer powerfully over mid-wicket for six. Three singles are added and this is England's highest fifth-wicket ODI partnership against Bangladesh but frankly, they may not have needed this many batsmen on every occasion... Meanwhile, our department get called into a meeting next door by our boss - but I'm still here to keep you all posted...

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From Barry Labs in Basildon, via text: "He wouldn't be the first Captain Cook to perish on a voyage of world discovery"

32nd over - Eng 148-4
The singles keep flowing, Morgan lifts one over the infield to get the crowd interested but it's a carefully-timed shot that drops halfway between the fielding circle and the man on the boundary. Then Prior goes aerial, will he be caught at long-off? Tamim has to dive in to try to take the chance, but fortune favours Prior as the ball bounces just in front of the fielder.

Derek Pringle
Derek Pringle on TMS: "Morgan is batting well here, so he needs to keep going - Prior should be the one taking the risks"

31st over - Eng 141-4
With 124 needed from 20 overs, the required rate is up to 6.2 - it's Shuvo to continue. Prior drives, Shuvo swoops but only succeeds in deflecting the ball away as Prior trots through for the single. They add three more singletons but Shuvo, who's 21 and from Rajshahi, is quickly through his over. Morgan is taking singles at will now, but Prior is finding it more difficult against the spinners.

30th over - Eng 137-4
England finally find the boundary as Prior steps back and bludgeons Shakib wide of long-off for four. After a single apiece, Prior tries to repeat that inside-out stroke that brought him the boundary, but he doesn't get hold of it as well and they can only run one.

Monty Panesar
From Kerry, via text: "Is this really the best we could do? I'm starting to wish Monty was out there!"

29th over - Eng 130-4
Time for Bangladesh Spinner #5 - debutant Suhrawadi "Showaddywaddy" Shuvo, who's the third slow left-armer. His first over in international cricket yields four singles, the last of them decidedly risky as a direct hit may have seen Morgan run out.

28th over - Eng 126-4
Morgan helps a wide one down to fine leg and they scamper three - Captain Shakib has six men in the circle for Prior rather than the minimum four. (Prior's switch of ODI shirt number from 13 to the 23 formerly worn by Trescothick doesn't seem to have helped so far). Shakib keeps it tight, only two more singles are added.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Van de Helma in Amsterdam, via text: "Is Cook really just cricket's Tim Henman? Just when he momentarily lifts our spirits he then brings them crushing back down"

27th over - Eng 121-4
Razzak in for his sixth over after another ball change, Morgan is restricted to a single by some tigerish (Tigerish?) fielding and Prior, playing forward, gets an inside edge for a single to fine leg which is curiously signalled as a leg bye! Morgan rotates the strike, Prior sweeps and misses and there's another huge lbw shout... that looked out (Hawk-Eye agrees) but isn't given. This pair are certainly living dangerously.

26th over - Eng 116-4
Morgan miscues a reverse sweep and two byes are the results. The Middlesex man adds a single... there's a bit of hesitancy between the wickets and Derek Pringle on TMS speaks for us all when he says the last thing we need here is a crazy run-out.

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From dyrewolfe on 606: "Good to see Bangladesh put up a sterner fight this time... let's hope we can up our performance accordingly"

25th over - Eng 113-4
Simon Mann on TMS has spotted a conga taking place around the ground as Morgan and Prior desperately try to wrest the advantage against the recalled Razzak, but all they can manage are five singles as the required rate approaches a run a ball.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Snowy, via text: "Can I just remind readers of the adage 'If at first you don't succeed, get a new crew' (Captain Pugwash, 1975)"

24th over - Eng 108-4
Shakib goes round the wicket to the right-handed Matt Prior, and there's a noticeable spring in his step. (Shakib's that is, not Prior's). Prior shows Shakib the straightest of straight bats as the Bangladesh fans in the crowd go absolutely potty. A wicket maiden - Shakib's figures are 3-2-2-1.

Wicket falls
23.1 overs - WICKET - Cook c Mushfiqur b Shakib 60 - Eng 108-4
Shakib pushes through a quicker one, Cook feathers a catch through to the little keeper and Bangladesh go wild!

23rd over - Eng 108-3
Mahmudullah has switched ends as Shakib rotates his spinners. Cook then absolutely launches one over the cow corner boundary! Yes, you read it right - ALASTAIR COOK HAS JUST HIT HIS FIRST SIX IN LIMITED-OVERS INTERNATIONAL CRICKET! (He's only managed two in Tests - one of those was in Barbados a year ago, I was there and couldn't believe my eyes). He adds a couple more, while Morgan manages a leg bye.

22nd over - Eng 99-3
The wily Shakib reintroduces himself into the attack, Morgan tries one of his trademark reverse sweeps but can't connect. The crowd are cheering every dot ball here, and in particular the sixth as Shakib keeps Morgan tied down and completes an excellent maiden over, the first of the match.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Steven, Leeds, via text: "The Australians have been known to pick players after two performances. David Warner was picked before he even played a first-class game!"

That's 50
21st over - Eng 99-3
Cook hooks Rubel and misses, and is struck squarely in the unmentionables... but he can wipe away the tears after helping a looser delivery away for four through mid-wicket to bring up his second consecutive half century.

20th over - Eng 93-3
Another huge appeal from Mahmudullah against Morgan, he's down on his knees again but England's Irishman is reprieved again, before steering a single to the cover sweeper. (Hawk-Eye thinks this one was hitting the middle of middle!) Mahmudullah advances the score with a wide, Cook guides a single to long-on then Morgan goes for a lofted drive which drops safely between three fielders. They run two - Bangladesh were 85-2 at this stage.

19th over - Eng 88-3
The slingy Rubel Hossain returns for his third spell - Shamim and Corky on TMS think Shakib is trying to sneak through the occasional over of seam here and there. Cook and Morgan can only manage one single each as the Tigers turn the screw.

And if you didn't see me mention it earlier, I'm afraid our e-mails here (including the TMS inbox) have been down for much of the day now - but keep your comments coming in on texts and 606. (And please put your name on your texts - otherwise everyone will think this "Anon" bloke keeps getting published far too often!)

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Matt, London, via text: "The Aussies don't PICK players after two GOOD performances"

18th over - Eng 86-3
Left-handers Cook and Morgan find it difficult against Mahmudullah, whose stock delivery turns the ball away from their outside edges - with the required run rate approaching five-and-a-half runs an over, Bangladesh are fairly happy to concede three pedestrian singles this over.

Get involved on 606
From hopeforthebest on 606: "Dreadful shot from Collingwood to a straight full delivery"

17th over - Eng 83-3
Mr Morgan is a lucky man according to Hawk-Eye, which suggests that lbw shout from Mahmudullah in the last over should not have been in vain. Morgan hoists a full delivery from Naeem through mid-wicket - and as the TMS commentators have observed, the silence around the ground (aside from the occasional England fan) indicates it went for four. A couple of singles round off the over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Carl, Sheffield, via text: "Mark, can I just remind all readers of the adage, "Form is temporary, class is permanent". Can we please support rather then chastise?"

16th over - Eng 76-3
Time for Bangladesh Spinner #4 - Mahmudullah's off-breaks. His run-up is quite fast and straight for a spinner (compared to, say, Razzak who skips in at an angle almost perpendicular to the wicket). There's a huge shout for lbw against Morgan, Mahmudullah is down on his knees giving an Oscar-winning performance but Umpire Tucker isn't convinced. Just a Cook single from the over - time for a drinks break, and time for England to regroup.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Danny, Manchester, via text: "Re: Jonboy (8th over). Yes, the Aussies do [drop players after two poor performances]. His name is Phil Hughes!"

15th over - Eng 75-3
A change of ends for Naeem Islam, and a single from Cook brings fellow left-hander Eoin Morgan on strike against the right-arm off-spinner. Morgan fluently off-drives for four (which momentarily silences the lively, partisan crowd). And if you think we're singling out KP and/or Kieswetter (or indeed anyone), the texts and 606s are merely reflecting the balance of opinion you guys are sending in to us. At the moment, that opinion is hugely against KP.

Wicket falls
14th over - WICKET - Collingwood lbw b Razzak 7 - Eng 68-3
Razzak in for his fourth over, tossing it up to Cook who aims for the mid-wicket fence again, and watches the shot like a golfer seeing if he's found the fairway... and it falls safely as they run two. The ones and twos are starting to come easily - but then Colly sweeps a straight one, misses and it's one of the more straightforward lbw decisions you've ever seen. Bangladesh are cock-a-hoop.

Get involved on 606
From Atomic on 606: "Anyone else think it's time to drop KP?"

13th over - Eng 61-2
Rubel returns for a burst of pace, Cook and Colly need to rebuild here, but they're having trouble beating the infield. Just three singles from the over, Colly rashly gives Rubel the charge but completely misses the ball and has to dive back into his crease.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Martin, Tamworth, via text: "Send Pietersen on paternity leave now!"

12th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 58-2
Colly and Cook manage two singles apiece from Razzak, but it's more poor fielding from Mahmudullah as Colly hits the ball straight at him at shoulder height, but he can only push it up into the air and the chance is put down.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Ramesh, London, via text: "Drop Kieswetter and Pietersen! We will play with just 9 players!"

11th over - Eng 54-2
Umpire Nadir Shah gives the Mick Channon-style whirling arm signal to indicate Bangladesh have taken the fielding powerplay straight away. But it's a change of bowling with slow left-armer Shakib Al Hasan, the skipper, bowling to his opposite number Cook, who forces a single off his legs. Bangladesh all appeal for a catch behind when one sails down the leg side... but that was nowhere near Colly's bat and should have been called as a wide. Colly's off the mark with a single.

10th over - Eng 52-2
New batsman is Paul Collingwood - to clarify something from Sunday, by taking his 100th ODI catch on that day he became the 12th player to score 4,000 ODI runs, take 100 wickets and 100 catches. He sees off the over.

Wicket falls
9.4 overs - WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Razzak 18 - Eng 52-2
After a single from Cook, KP is trapped plumb in front when he plays and misses (although slip took the catch anyway just in case he'd hit it) - the crowd are on their feet and England are in trouble.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Drop Mark Mitchener. I don't recall him having a big innings for us since the summer of 08. I think he needs some time in the middle without the extra pressure of an international match"

People have short memories... I refer you to the final Ashes Test at The Oval last year when I was in this seat!

9th over - Eng 51-1
Off-spinner Naeem Islam comes on to make it spin from both ends. He's pretty much bowling wicket to wicket, Cook and KP manage three singles between them, while KP aims a savage square cut but misses - although he finally connects with a powerful steer past the bowler for four.

8th over - Eng 44-1
Bangladesh turn to the first of their five spin options - and it's Abdur Razzak, one of their trio of slow left-armers. KP pushes a single to long-off, while Simon Mann and Corky on TMS agree that KP has struggled against left-arm spinners like Daniel Vettori or even Yuvraj Singh (who KP famously labelled a "pie-chucker"). Cook adds a single but that's a good over from Razzak to put the brakes on.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Jonboy, via text: "Keep Kieswetter, he is a good looking player and can clear the ropes. Do you see the Aussies drop a player on two bad performances?"

7th over - Eng 42-1
No spin just yet, it's still Shafiul but some more exquisite timing from Cook allows him to guide a four past the man at short cover. Then Cook heaves towards the mid-wicket fence, gets a top edge, it looks like it's going down Mahmudullah's throat on the boundary but he's come in too far and it bounces over his head for four. Had he stayed on the boundary, he'd have caught that. Glad of the reprieve, Cook blasts another cover drive for his third four of the over. Shafiul goes round the wicket, a leg-glance almost brings him a fourth successive boundary but the man at leg slip dives very well to cut it off.

Get involved on 606
From hopeforthebest on 606: "Cook so far hasn't put a foot wrong. That's because he hasn't moved his feet an inch. He is flashing away from his body and is fortunate to be still there"

6th over - Eng 30-1
KP carves a single off his legs, Cook shows his prowess on the leg side by flicking a rising delivery off his hips, wide of the man at leg slip and away for four. The Essex man then picks out the man on the mid-wicket boundary (one of only two boundary riders allowed during this opening powerplay) and they run a comfortable single.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "When I was here before on an England A tour, I went to a great place in Dhaka called Bongo Bazaar, where I bought a suit, as did Glenn Chapple and Michael Vaughan"

5th over - Eng 24-1
KP starts to walk down the wicket to Shafiul but can't get the right-arm seamer away. The Mirpur scoreboard may be short of space (or letters) as in the space where Kieswetter's name should be, it simply calls him "CRAIG". KP plays out five dot balls before pushing a well-run two through mid-wicket. He then appears to call for some fresh gloves, or something similar from the dressing-room.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Mike Bell, Ashford, via text: "Re: Test cricketers in Oscar-winning films. 'Annie Hall' won the Oscar for Best Movie in 1977, and I seem to recall it starred Gubby Allen?"

It did indeed win 1977's Best Picture Oscar that deservedly should have gone to "Star Wars"...

4th over - Eng 21-1
Rubel the Slinger has KP on the defensive, he then tries to work it to leg but gets an inside edge down to fine leg for four. The Hampshire batsman (well, he makes the occasional guest appearance in one-day cricket) tips-and-runs a single to mid-on, then Cook punishes a poor delivery with a fierce square-driven four. A good stop in the field by Tamim Iqbal prevents another quick single.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "I suggest we leave KP out of the Twenty20 squad altogether. If he has to leave the tournament he can't be replaced, and if the sprog is imminent his mind won't be on the cricket anyway. In fact, why not let him start the leave now? He's no asset at present"

3rd over - Eng 12-1
As usual, KP is fretting until he gets off the mark, steering Shafiul through the covers for three. It'll be interesting to see how long Bangladesh leave it before turning to their five-pronged spin attack - Shakib brought himself on for the fourth over on Sunday. Cook sees off the rest of the over.

2nd over - Eng 9-1
Rubel Hossain takes the second over, and he already has Cook playing and missing as Rubel hits the deck well with his slingy action. He looks like sending down a maiden until Cook threads the last ball of the over through cover for four. Make no mistake, England are in a match here.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "So much for the new hope of English cricket! Bring back Denly? Trott? Strauss? Lumb?"

1st over - Eng 5-1
TMS commentator Shamim Chowdhury is surprised not to see a second slip in, considering the amount of movement away from the right-hander Shafiul has got so far... Kevin Pietersen prods his first ball to mid-on, then he nearly edges the next one which has him playing and missing as he's deceived by the swing. He can't beat the infield off the final delivery... what an opening over!

Wicket falls
0.3 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter c Kayes b Shafiul 4 - Eng 5-1
Shafiul Islam begins proceedings from the Southern End against the left-handed Cap'n Cook, with a slip and a short mid-wicket in. The England skipper is off the mark straight away with a push to mid-off. Kieswetter edges his first ball... just out of the reach of keeper Mushfiqur Rahim and away for four! But his second ball is edged straight to Imrul Kayes the solitary slip! I can predict lots of "Drop Kieswetter!" texts and 606 chat no doubt...

1200: We're nearly ready to resume. If you missed the team news from earlier, Bangladesh have no fewer than five spinning options - Shakib Al Hasan, Abdur Razzak and Suhrwadi Shuvo (slow left-arm), as well as Mahmudullah and Naeem Islam (off-spin). Shafiul Islam and Rubel Hossain are the only front-line seamers. Alastair Cook and Craig Kieswetter walk out to begin England's innings.

From Anon, via text: "Spooky - Bresnan, Swann, Tredwell and Collingwood all went for 5.2 an over, the exact run rate"

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From bigallyd1985 on 606: "Let's hope England knock the runs off in 20 overs for 0 down, with Cook scoring 201* (including 36 off an over twice) then instead. That'll put the cat among the pigeons"

But would it get him in the T20 squad?!

1150: If you missed the story from earlier, England national selector Geoff Miller has confirmed that Kevin Pietersen would be granted paternity leave to miss games in the ICC World Twenty20 if his wife Jessica gives birth to their first child, which is due in mid-May, on time.

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From Julian, Winchester, via text: "Re: Test cricketers in Oscar-winning movies (45th over). I give you C. Aubrey Smith in 1935 film 'The Lives of a Bengal Lancer'"

From SwamyCricketAnanda on 606: "Bangladesh's highest score against England... could well be a winning total"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Curto, Sao Paulo, Brazil, via text: "I'm intrigued by Bresnan's 'earlier fielding laps' (see 41st over). Is this a new way for him to keep the weight off?"

That was a fielding lapse by Bresnan - and a spelling lapse by me! Sorry!

1121: Right, we're going to take a break while the players prepare for England's innings. I'm afraid our e-mail system (including the TMS inbox) has been on the fritz for some of the morning and now appears to have given up the ghost completely, so keep your views coming on the texts (81111 in the UK, +44 7786200666 worldwide) and on 606. We'll be back soon.

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From bigallyd1985 on 606: "Tredwell 0-52 from 10. Anyone explain to me at all why Rashid's not in the squad?"


50th over - Ban 260-6
Luke Wright is entrusted with the final over - and as they have 15 minutes before the cut-off time when an over-rate fine would fall due, England take absolutely ages to set the field. After Shuvo and Naeem manage a single apiece, Shuvo goes for the big one over mid-wicket, that's six or out... and it's six! A single brings Naeem back on strike, he carves one to get Shuvo facing the final delivery. Shuvo takes another big swing to cow corner... and that's four. A final flourish means England need 261 to win.

49th over - Ban 246-6
New batsman is all-rounder Suhrawadi Shuvo, who's making his international debut. (His first name is pronounced similar to Showaddywaddy, except without the second "waddy"). He knocks his first ball away for a single, then Naeem blasts a four through the covers - and after an exchange of singles, Naeem carves another four to the same area as Plunkers can't quite cut it off. This is now Bangladesh's highest ODI total against England.

Wicket falls
48.1 overs - WICKET - Mahmudullah b Bresnan 28 - Ban 235-6
Mahmudullah takes an ungainly swipe and is clean bowled - cricket was the winner there.

48th over - Ban 235-5
Mahmudullah reverse-sweeps Swann for two, the pair rotate the strike well and then Mahmudullah bashes one through mid-wicket, the diving Wright just can't get a hand to it. He eventually finds the boundary with a smash through extra cover for four - Swann takes his sunhat, finishing with 2-52 from 10 overs.

47th over - Ban 226-5
Bresnan has changed ends and returns for his ninth over. Naeem tickles a single, Mahmudullah firmly clubs Bresnan down to long-on for two where Liam Plunkett, still on the field for Broad, does the fielding. He then steers a slower ball for a single to mid-wicket. Bresnan has had trouble with his line today, another wild wide down the leg side, two more singles round off the over.

From Andy, Oxford, TMS inbox: "To defend Rob Key not looking comfortable in sports gear (34th over)- I'd suggest he still looks a little more comfortable than Michael Caine in his tracksuit during 'Escape to Victory'."

46th over - Ban 219-5
Umpire Nadir Shah signals the batting powerplay - for it can be delayed no longer. Graeme Swann returns to the attack, and the Notts man keeps it very tight - two singles apiece for the batsmen.

45th over - Ban 215-5
For the second successive ODI, Bangladesh have delayed taking their batting powerplay - and may regret that decision after losing a recognised batsman who looked well set. The new man is Naeem Islam, and we're back to a pedestrian scoring pace as Wright's over yields only four singles.

Derek Pringle
From Thomas Moffatt, Douglas, Isle of Man, TMS inbox: "Here's an interesting question - is TMS summariser Derek Pringle the only Test cricketer to have appeared in an Oscar-winning movie? As I recall he was an extra in Chariots of Fire and can be clearly identified in a number of scenes!"

Indeed - he's most noticeable as "tall student with glasses" at the Freshers Fair scene if I recall correctly.

Wicket falls
44th over - WICKET - Mushfiqur c Wright b Bresnan 76 - Ban 211-5
Bresnan is back, England are going to have to shuffle their bowlers for the last few overs as it looks like Broad won't be able to return. Mushfiqur manages a single, Bresnan pings a wide down the leg side and a single takes Mahmudullah to 12. Then, it's a big breakthrough for England as Mushy goes aerial again, and Wright scampers round to wide mid-on to take a good catch.

From Simon, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, TMS inbox: "I think England have been watching the archive tapes of Littleport Town 2nds from last season this tour - we dropped 5 catches in our second game of the season and still won the match (due to the opposition insisting on continuing to hit the ball in the air). How many more are England going to drop this tour before Bangladesh catch on and punish us?"

43rd over - Ban 208-4
Simon Mann on TMS notes that England have bowled their overs much quicker than they did on Sunday - as well they might with two front-line spinners. Luke Wright, who bowled well earlier, returns for his seventh over, Mahmudullah can only manage a two and a single off the first four balls, Mushy pushes for a quick single off the last ball but looks to be in some discomfort - having had a bit of treatment before this over, he has to dive full-length for the crease.

From Gina in Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "Re: KP's paternity leave (see 25th over) - this leaves the door open for Michael Lumb to step into the breach and play a starring role in the World Twenty20 in my opinion. He is fully qualified after all - big hitter, great fielder, and yes, South African-born, although to be fair he doesn't have the accent. Also better looking than KP, but that's probably not an official consideration"

42nd over - Ban 204-4
No powerplay yet as Tredwell begins his last over, but Mushfiqur opens his shoulders to smack him for four over his head. A couple of singles rotate the strike (and bring up the 200), while another slog-sweep on one knee from the Tigers keeper bounces just inside the rope when the fans thought it had gone for six. Tredders finishes with 0-52 from his 10 overs.

41st over - Ban 194-4
Bresnan redeems himself for an earlier fielding lapse with a good tumbling stop on the cover boundary as Mushfiqur tries to take Colly on, and they run three. Bangladesh are looking for singles off nearly every ball, if I were them I'd definitely be thinking of taking that powerplay while they're in this form...

From Chris in Dartford, TMS inbox: "Re: Andy in Tooting (23rd over) - Kent players have long been getting the international recognition they deserve... just usually for countries other than England!"

40th over - Ban 187-4
Mushy adds another single, then Mahmudullah reverse-sweeps fluently and they run two. The Tigers pair take singles and twos at will, getting the crowd excited, while Broad is still off the field with his back problem.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Usually the calls to drop KP don't start until we are batting. How many will he have to score today to shut people up?"

39th over - Ban 178-4
Mushfiqur dabs Colly for a hard-run two to third man, then he goes for the lofted slog-sweep again... but doesn't quite get hold of it and it falls safely. Had he middled it, he may have been caught on the deep backward square leg boundary. They run one. Then Colly sends one down which beats both batsman and keeper, and sails through Prior for four byes. Mahmudullah doubles his score with a single, Mushfiqur nicks the strike.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I played golf yesterday on a beautiful course near the army base - they had floodlights around the greens"

That's 50
38th over - Ban 169-4
Mushfiqur brings up his sixth ODI fifty from 66 balls with a single off Tredwell, but that's the only scoring stroke in a tidy over from the Kent offie. And if you've had problems with the page updating in the last couple of overs (such as missing the fourth wicket), please give it a manual refresh.

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From Tiger86 on 606: "They say you normally double your score from 30 to 50 overs. That would mean just over 250 for England to chase. Don't see that being a big enough total for Bangladesh"

37th over - Ban 168-4
New batsman Mahmudullah is off the mark with a wristy flick to leg for a single. Rahim adds another - he's on 49.

Shamim Chowdhury
Shamim Chowdhury on TMS: "This is a failing of Bangladesh batsmen - sometimes they give their wickets away by playing premeditated shots when they have a rush of blood"

Wicket falls
36.3 overs - WICKET - Shakib c & b Swann 14 - Ban 166-4
Shakib tries to force the pace against Swann, steering him for a two past point but then pops an easy catch back to the bowler while trying to hit him back over his head.

From Dave, Kent supporter in Redhill, TMS inbox: "Are there any Kent supporters actually left in Kent today?"

36th over - Ban 164-3
Shakib takes Tredwell on, smacking him for successive fours through cow corner and mid-wicket before steering a single through the covers. Mushy creeps up to 48, and the skipper makes it a very expensive over for Tredders with another single off the last ball.

From Cullo, TMS inbox: "Treddy's call-up is good news for me, he's always been ahead of me at our clubs, Brookland and Folkestone so surely a few years until I become England's second spinner!? C'mon Treddy for the Ferrets!"

35th over - Ban 152-3
Swann keeps Shakib tied down for a while before the captain smears a single. Mushfiqur guides the last ball for a single to square leg.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Charlie, London, via text: "I'm officiating a conference call and can confirm its life-sapping qualities. Pietersen should be dropped for a while, he's done nothing for a long time"

34th over - Ban 150-3
Tredwell continues for his sixth over, Mushfiqur manages a two and a single to bring captain Shakib Al Hasan on strike for the first time - Bangladesh still have a left-hand/right-hand combo at the crease, and the skipper steers a single to leg to bring up the 150 for his side.

From Dennis Kitchens, Loughton, TMS inbox: "Robert Key (see 23rd over) had a decent chance. Look at his career stats - 1 ton in 15 Tests (against a poor West Indies attack on a belting pitch) and poor ODI record. He just never looked comfortable at top level. In fact he never looks comfortable in sports gear"

Wicket falls
33rd over - WICKET - Kayes c Collingwood b Swann 63 - Ban 146-3
Finally England bowl their spinners in tandem as Swann returns - and finally Bangladesh find the boundary as Mushfiqur confidently and firmly sweeps through mid-wicket for four. The keeper smacks a two to long-on, then tickles another four which just beats Captain Cook to the third man boundary before a single takes him to 42. But just when Bangladesh look like taking off, Kayes aims a big hit through extra cover and smacks it straight into the safe hands of Colly, who's in a "shortstop"-style position on the off side. Kayes made 63... but took 113 balls to do so.

32nd over - Ban 135-2
Mushy sweeps Tredwell, Corky on TMS feels the expectation of the boundary-starved crowd is affecting the batsmen. Just two more singles, the Kent man has 0-16 from his first five overs in international cricket.

From Rob, Northants, TMS inbox: "Nice to see some action, I'm losing the will to live on a conference call. England should win at a canter"

31st over - Ban 132-2
After the batsmen grab a single apiece, Kayes guides Colly off his legs down to fine leg where Bresnan dives full-length to save the boundary as the Tigers pair scamper through for three. He has 62, a single takes Mushfiqur to 29. They've also got a batting powerplay up their sleeves.

30th over - Ban 126-2
The Tigers third-wicket pair tickle Tredwell for two singles apiece. It's 53 balls since the last boundary - nearly nine overs.

From Daniel Davies, TMS inbox: "Is it just me or can anyone else NOT see England getting anywhere near the worlds best in one-day cricket? I can't ever see England scoring 300+ in a game, a feat which is often achieved by the likes of Australia, India & South Africa. They should be putting Bangladesh to the sword, not reaching 230 with four overs to go! What about dropping KP...? He is in awful form!"

29th over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 122-2
The discoloured white ball is replaced by another, lighter one, just as it was in Sunday's first ODI - six overs before our mandatory ball change after 34 overs. Kayes drives Colly to long-on for a single, then Mushfiqur goes for a big slog-sweep, it's straight down the throat of Broad on the square leg boundary... but he juggles it and spills the chance! The reprieved Mushy trots through for a single.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Simon, working not very hard, Birmingham, via text: "Re: Carl Evans (21st over). If you check the shirts as you go down the batting order, you will also see shirts saying SLOGA, NURDLA and WAFTA"

28th over - Ban 120-2
Mushy sweeps Tredwell for a single, then Kayes sweeps and misses, there's a loud lbw appeal - more from keeper Matt Prior than the bowler, it has to be said - but that's not out, and it's a good decision as the ball was going over. Kayes adds a two and a single, Tredwell has a steady 0-9 from three overs.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Tredwell is used to bowling on quite dry tracks at Canterbury, so he should be familiar with these conditions"

That's 50
27th over - Ban 116-2
New bowler, same action as England turn to Paul Collingwood's medium pace - and after plodding along for much of the innings, Kayes reaches his second ODI fifty (he also has one hundred) from 94 balls. Mushfiqur steers a comfortable two to fine leg, then blasts a single to long-on. Kayes then smacks the last ball for two, they have to hurry but both make their ground.

Get involved on 606
From Jake on 606: "Cook needs to show some guts in his captaincy and bowl both the spinners at once. Stretching them out for 40 overs would just release the pressure at one end, especially if Wright's line goes awry"

26th over - Ban 110-2
A worry for England is that Stuart Broad is off the field with a sore back - Simon Mann on TMS teases summariser Dominic Cork that he may be called upon if England have too many more injuries. (They do also have Liam Plunkett and Ajmal Shahzad in the squad as seam bowling options). Meanwhile, Tredwell sends down another tidy over that yields four singles - what seasoned ODI-watchers call "middle overs syndrome" where the batting side are happy to plunder four or five runs an over while the fielding side have the minimum four men in the circle.

25th over - Ban 106-2
More ones and twos from Kayes and Mushy bring up their fifty partnership, just four runs off Wright's over as Bangladesh reach the halfway point of the innings. Meanwhile, you may not have seen a story in this morning's Daily Telegraph which claims that England are set to give Kevin Pietersen paternity leave during the World Twenty20 as his first child is due in mid-May.

24th over - Ban 102-2
The cheers from Kent may be able to be heard in Mirpur as James Tredwell (England's 215th ODI player) enters the attack. He's very quickly through his over of off-spin, Kayes chops at one that bounces just out of the reach of the diving Captain Cook at point. Tredders, who looks a bit like a younger and shorter version of John Crawley, nearly begins with a maiden but Kayes forces the last ball past the bowler for a single.

23rd over - Ban 101-2
Mushfiqur has the Mirpur crowd on their feet when a single takes Bangladesh to three figures, while Kayes nurdles one to third man to take his score to 43 off 78 balls.

From Andy, Tooting, TMS inbox: "At long last an outstanding player for Kent in the last few years get the international recognition that he deserves! Come on Tredwell!"

Let's hope he gets more of a chance from the selectors than Rob Key ever did...

22nd over - Ban 99-2
Mushy looks good on the drive against Swann, lofting a four over the bowler's before reaching full-length to sweep him for two from outside the line of off-stump. Twice. A single then allows him to keep the strike.

From Andy Brown (trying to work at home in Tunbridge Wells), TMS inbox: "Luke Wright - under-rated bowler. Over-rated batsman. Thoroughly nice man. Still a potential solution for the all-rounder slot."

21st over - Ban 90-2
Kayes is still restricted to ones and twos by the newly-metronomic Wright, while he strays with a wide behind right-hander Mushfiqur's legs. A single takes the little fella to seven.

From Carl Evans, Crepy, France, TMS inbox: "Hello Mark, I hear that the Bangladesh players are wearing BATA shirts. Do they change them to FIELDA shirts after the innings break?"

20th over - Ban 85-2
Kayes eyes up the extra cover boundary as he aims a big heave off Swann but completely misses the ball. He then rocks back to guide a single to Eoin Morgan, who hasn't seen much of the ball in the field but is currently patrolling the point boundary.

19th over - Ban 84-2
Wright is bowling superbly here, keeping his line and length tighter than Dwayne Leverock's cricket shirt... until I type that, and he lets one fly down the leg side which Kayes tries to help on its way and they run through for two leg byes. The opener finally forces a two and a single to keep the strike, he has 38 but he's labouring, having taken 70 balls to reach that score.

18th over - Ban 79-2
Swann wheels away for his third over, Kayes sweeps him for four before the Tigers pair add a single apiece - this stand is now worth 22.

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From LTFC39 on 606: "The Bangladeshi batsmen look like they're applying themselves more than they were in the first game. Well, all of them with the exception of Aftab Ahmed that is. I honestly can't see Bangladesh getting anywhere near the England team in any of the Tests or ODIs"

17th over - Ban 72-2
Wright keeps it tight again, and is five-sixths of the way towards a maiden over when Kayes steers the last ball for a single through mid-wicket. Time for a drinks break - fourth umpire Anisur Rahman appears to be bringing on an armful of paper tissues.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Paul, via text: "What is the point of a 30-man squad? We are never going to take Saj or Belly, why not name my nan - she bowls left-arm over so at least it's different!"

16th over - Ban 71-2
Kayes and Mushfiqur push Swann for three singles, while England have Liam Plunkett on the field for some substitute fielding duties, though we're not sure who Plunkers is subbing for at this stage.

15th over - Ban 68-2
Medium-pacer Luke Wright replaces Bresnan - he's one of the players Simon Mann mentioned earlier that has changed his ODI shirt number, trading in his 45 and taking the number 6 previously under the ownership of Craig White and Darren Maddy. Kayes has trouble getting it off the square, then he forces one off his legs, goes for a "Pietersen-trying-to-get-off-the-mark" dodgy quick single but Tredwell again shows his sharpness in the field, flinging the ball to Prior who completely demolishes the stumps. Non-striker Mushfiqur has to wait on the third umpire's verdict... and the slow-motion replay shows he's in, but not by much. Good over by Wright.

14th over - Ban 67-2
Graeme Swann removes his large, broad-brimmed navy blue England sunhat but keeps his sunglasses on as we have our first sight of spin today. He's one of two front-line spin options (along with debutant James Tredwell) for England, while the Tigers have no fewer than five spinners available. And on Sunday, Zimbabwe bowled 18 overs of spin in a Twenty20 international to beat the West Indies - clearly spin is in vogue. The Tigers pair add a single apiece.

13th over - Ban 65-2
Mushfiqur looks quite tentative against Bresnan before steering a single to leg, then Kayes edges just short of Graeme Swann at slip and it sails away for four.

And if you didn't hear the news yesterday, England have announced their provisional 30-man squad for the ICC World Twenty20, which they must reduce to 15 players for the tournament itself. One significant omission was Alastair Cook, who captained England in a T20 international in South Africa but is "not seen as a T20 player" according to chief selector Geoff Miller. Some unfamiliar names in the 30 include Steven Finn and Peter Trego - and I can point you to my colleague Harry Reekie's feature on Messrs Finn and Trego if you want to find out about their hopes of being picked.

12th over - Ban 60-2
The diminuitive Aftab is replaced by the even more titchy wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim ("I remember meeting him on Bangladesh's tour of England in 2005, when he looked about 12", notes Derek Pringle on TMS). Kayes dabs a single, and Broad welcomes Mushfiqur to the game with a steepling bouncer. He's off the mark with a single to third man - it's quite pedestrian from the Tigers at this stage.

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - Aftab b Bresnan 4 - Ban 56-2
England take the fielding powerplay straight away, that'll be three fielders outside the circle for overs 11-15. Bresnan slings down another wide before Kayes and Aftab continue to push the singles. But Aftab goes for a big village-style heave off the last ball of the over and loses his off stump! Big rush of blood from the number three, and he's back in the hutch.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "The seamers are clearly getting nothing off this pitch so why do we always persist with them throughout the powerplays? It's so negative"

10th over - Ban 52-1
New batsman Aftab Ahmed (who's right-handed) defends his first ball from Broad, then whips one off his legs towards the square leg boundary... where James Tredwell gets into the game for the first time with a superbly-timed stop on the boundary to turn four into three, diving down and sticking his hand in the way of the ball and then pulling it out of the way just as he tumbles over the rope. The left-handed Kayes adds three more off the last ball of the over.

Wicket falls
9.2 overs - WICKET - Tamim c Cook b Broad 30 - Ban 46-1
Tamim smashes a short and wide delivery from Broad through the covers for four - but undaunted, Broad tries another slower ball and the opener skies it to the perfectly-placed Captain Cook on the edge of the circle at mid-wicket.

9th over - Ban 42-0
Kayes and Tamim help themselves to a couple of singles apiece off Bresnan's fifth over, while Tamim guides a two through the leg side despite dropping his bat while running. Brezza has 0-22 from five overs, Broad has 0-20 from four.

Derek Pringle
Former England all-rounder Derek Pringle on TMS: "You've got to have the option of two spinners at the World Cup on the subcontinent - I remember from playing in the 1987 World Cup there"

8th over - Ban 36-0
Tamim takes aim at the mid-wicket fence, but doesn't quite middle it - it falls safely and they run two as the Mirpur crowd find their voice. KP and Cook both come over to have a word with Broad, and the two compulsory close catchers are changed - there are men at short fine leg and short mid-wicket. Tamim responds by swipe-cutting a four as he takes one hand off the bat - a slightly fortunate edge but the crowd don't mind.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Jack, at a standstill outside Balham station, via text: "So glad to see Tredders finally getting the call-up he deserves! Kent's most consistent performer last season. Spin to win son, spin to win!"

7th over - Ban 30-0
Derek Pringle replaces Corky in the TMS summariser's chair, and agrees that players' names are very useful on shirts, even in county cricket, but he isn't bothered about numbers. After a single takes Tamim to 16, Bresnan sends down a wide one to Kayes who blasts it through backward point for four.

6th over - Ban 25-0
Tamim leg-glances again for two, then he looks to add a single through square leg but is aided by some comedy fielding from Tim Bresnan, who over-runs the ball, sticks out his left hand to pick it up and it squirms over the boundary. Simon Mann on TMS notes how several England players have taken the chance (because of the change of sponsor) to change their ODI shirt numbers. Dominic Cork, clearly a traditionalist, asks "why can't they just wear 1-11?" Meanwhile, Tamim turns another one off his legs and then Kayes finds the boundary for the first time, forcing Broad through the leg side for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan, Littlehampton, via text: "Hate to disappoint but feel as much excitement about Tredwell playing as watching Bolton v Stoke. However Tamim Iqbal looks great again after the India series"

5th over - Ban 14-0
Tamim gets up on one leg to hook Bresnan down to fine leg, where Broad shuffles round the boundary to restrict them to two. A single rotates the strike, it's a cautious start by the Tigers compared to Sunday when Tamim was teeing off straight away.

4th over - Ban 11-0
Tamim, whose fluent century was the batting highlight on Sunday, turns Broad off his legs for a single. And apologies to web users if you've been awaiting the auto-updating scorecard on the right of this page - I've finally got it working, please manually refresh the page and all will be well.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From John, Gloucester, via text: "At last England have picked their 2nd best spinner! Come on JT"

3rd over - Ban 10-0
A young Bangladesh fan waves an inflatable tiger in front of a couple of England supporters in the crowd. Like Broad, Bresnan is bowling quite short against the left-handed pair, and Kayes glances a two off his legs.

2nd over - Ban 8-0
Stuart Broad takes the second over - without the injured Sidey, England have just two front-line seamers, plus the medium pace of all-rounders Paul Collingwood (who bowled well on Sunday) and Luke Wright (who was only given the one over). Will be interesting to see if Swann and Tredwell are deployed in tandem for any length of time. Anyway, Broad - in sympathy with Bresnan - opens up with a wide against Imrul Kayes, who's off the mark as he knocks a short ball off his legs past Craig Kieswetter at square leg.

1st over - Ban 6-0
Bresnan gets Bangladesh ticking straight away - his first ball is a legside wide. Tamim Iqbal gets off the mark exactly the same way as he did in the first ODI, with a snick past the solitary slip for four. Another legside wide, and a decent start for the Tigers.

And I should have mentioned, we do want you to get involved as ever via the usual trusted methods of e-mails and texts (right now) and 606 (after it opens at 0900 GMT). There must be plenty of Tredwell fans out there basking in his selection...

0757: Some breaking news from Simon Mann on TMS - Ryan Sidebottom is not only out of this match, he's out of the rest of the series (ie the third ODI) too. Tim Bresnan will take the new ball for England - here we go.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "When you're making your debut like Tredwell is, you want to field first - you don't want to be stuck in the dressing-room, you want to be straight out there enjoying it"

0744: As TMS warm up their collective larynxes, let me give you the full teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Aftab Ahmed, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Suhrawadi Shuvo, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam, Rubel Hossain.

England: Alastair Cook (capt), Craig Kieswetter, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Matt Prior (wk), Luke Wright, Stuart Broad, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, James Tredwell.

Umpires are unchanged - it's Nadir Shah and Rod Tucker again, while here in London W12 we've made one change, with Jamie Lillywhite in for Oliver Brett on match-report duties.

From Barry, France, TMS inbox: "Mark, I thought they had already had two spinners in their team for the last match, KP was surely there for that purpose as he clearly cannot bat at the moment, either that or for his comedy running. I am sure that crazy first single always makes his team-mates chuckle!"

0736: What can I tell you about Tredwell? He toured New Zealand with the one-day squad two years ago, but carried the drinks for the entire ODI series as England started by playing one spinner, and finished without playing any spinners. He has 133 one-day wickets for Kent at an average of 32.59 (see Cricinfo for his full career statistics) and although he's down on the card at number 11, has two first-class centuries to his name. He's very popular down at Canterbury... oh, and he goes to the same hairdressers as Jonathan Trott.

0734: Bangladesh make a couple of changes - batsman Junaid Siddique has been dropped and paceman Mashrafe Mortaza, who struggled on his comeback from injury on Sunday, has also been left out - Rubel Hossain and Suhrawadi Shuvo come in.

0731: England have won the toss (again) and will field first (again) - and I can chastise myself as they've picked a second spinner. However, it's an enforced change as Ryan Sidebottom is nursing a thigh injury - off-spinner James Tredwell makes his England debut.

0725: Morning, everyone. As dawn breaks over the UK, it's eyes down for another day-nighter from Mipur. Can Bangladesh break their "duck" against England - the only major cricketing nation they've never beaten in a one-day international? Can England captain Alastair Cook show the sparkling form he produced at the top of the order in Sunday's first ODI, finally showing the attacking mindset he employs in limited-overs cricket for Essex? And as this is England's penultimate ODI on the subcontinent before next year's World Cup, will they possibly contemplate fielding a second spinner? (Sorry, got a bit carried away with that last one).

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 2 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 260-6 (50.0 overs)
  • England: 261-8 (48.5 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 261
Cook c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al Hasan 60
Kieswetter c Kayes b Shafiul 4
Pietersen lbw b Razzak 18
Collingwood lbw b Razzak 7
Morgan not out 110
Prior lbw b Razzak 42
L Wright b Al Hasan 7
Bresnan lbw b Mahmudullah 0
Swann b Al Hasan 2
Tredwell not out 2
Extras 2w 4b 3lb 9

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