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Page last updated at 15:17 GMT, Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bangladesh v England - 1st ODI as it happened

First one-day international, Mirpur:


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By Mark Mitchener

1514: Right, that's it from us - thanks for your company, I hope you'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enough to join me on Tuesday morning for the second ODI from the same ground - it's another day-nighter. Until then - same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

England captain Alastair Cook: "Tamim took the game away from us, but we did well to get back in it, the bowlers stuck at their task and Swann and Colly got some control back. We thought three quicks was the way to go and that proved correct today. It was nice to score a few runs as the powerplay overs are crucial but Colly showed his class to see us home"

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "We should have scored 270-280 but lost wickets in the middle. Tamim has been our best batsman but we need to support him. Cook and Collingwood played well against our spinners but we need to work on our batting more than our bowling"

Tamim Iqbal: "There are lots of things to work on in my batting, but I'm happy with my century and hopefully there will be more to come"

1507: Tamim Iqbal gets a cheque for US$1,000 for the fastest fifty of the day, then US$1,000 more for winning the man of the match prize.

1506: Get ready for the MOM announcement...

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From dyrewolfe on 606: "Well done lads. There were a few poor decisions on both sides, so I don't think England or Bangladesh should feel too hard done by"

1458: Well, that was fairly straightforward for England in the end - a situation which didn't look likely when Tamim Iqbal was going great guns this morning. If you can't get enough of your live sport this afternoon, I can direct you to Caroline Cheese's live text commentary of the Carling Cup final which is just about to kick off. You can also watch the game live on BBC One, BBC HD and the BBC Sport website (if you're in the UK), I'm going to hang on here to see if Tamim gets man of the match.

From Jonathan, TMS inbox: "It is crazy that some Test series are able to have the benefit of the Umpire Review System and others (because of finance) can't. Test cricket should not be about 'haves and have nots'. Every series should be on an equal footing with the latest technology available. Surely the ICC should fund this, rather than it being dependent upon individual cricket boards'"



46th over - Eng 229-4
England take the batting powerplay... because they have to, as they haven't chosen to take it any earlier. (I recall a West Indies game during the last World Cup which involved a powerplay starting in the 46th over, amid suspicions that fielding captain Brian Lara had forgotten about it). Prior straight-drives Mortaza for four, Razzak makes a half-hearted attempt to stop it at long-off but doesn't fully bend down. ("We'd call him a milkman in England - he's just bent down and left two pints on the front step", quips Corky). Prior drives for two, then steers a single to long-on to level the scores. Can Colly finish it in style? He clubs a quick single to cover, and England have won with exactly four overs to spare.

45th over - Eng 221-4
Prior forces Mahmudullah through the off side for a single as Simon and Corky debate the choice for man of the match. Tamim Iqbal may be on the losing side, but without his century we wouldn't really have had a game today. Colly should get a mention in dispatches though. Or do you give the MOM award to Morgan for dropping Tamim on 10 and therefore making a game of it?! A couple more singles are added, England need eight runs from five overs.

44th over - Eng 218-4
England could do this in three big hits now... Dominic Cork, no stranger to knee problems himself, has sympathy for Mortaza who's having to chug in, in front of a dwindling crowd, as Prior and Colly ease the visitors towards victory. Can England win before the Carling Cup final kicks off at 1500 GMT? They've got 13 minutes to score 11 runs...

From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "There was not even a ripple [of applause] when Collingwood reached his 50. We all want our team to win but surely cricket fans all over have the love of the game foremost in common? Hey, I've even applauded a certain Mr Ponting, albeit with gritted teeth'"

43rd over - Eng 215-4
Mahmudullah returns to the attack, while Simon Mann returns to the TMS box for some more cake-related banter with Corky (see 38th over). Prior and Colly, in identical helmets, push the score along as Prior guides the off-spinner for a four through the covers.

42nd over - Eng 208-4
Back in the attack comes Mashrafe Mortaza, and he's not even taking his full run-up - clearly finding his way back after returning after seven months out following knee surgery. He may also need a bit of fitness work after all that time out, as he's not looking as trim as he normally does. Prior negotiates the first half of the over before straight-driving past the bowler for a single, Colly adds another and Prior works a single into the covers to nick the strike.

41st over - Eng 205-4
A great stat from Cricinfo: Razzak's last 44 overs in international cricket have failed to produce a wicket. Prior fancies some easy runs to get his eye in on the tour, clipping Naeem off his legs well as the off-spinner finishes with figures of 3-49 from 10 overs. Bangladesh's three main spinners have now completed their allocation.

40th over - Eng 198-4
Razzak in for his last over, Bangladesh will have to go back to seam soon... or are they saving it for England's batting powerplay, whenever that may be? Colly and Prior continue to pick off singles at will, Razzak finishes with 0-41 from his 10 overs and the result of this match is fast becoming a foregone conclusion. Even the TMS crew are pondering possible Bangladesh team changes for Tuesday's second ODI.

39th over - Eng 196-4
Colly has been all bottom hand when he's been on the attack today, and he forces a two through mid-on. The Durham man chips a two and steers a single to reach 68 not out - England need 33 from 66 balls.

From Steve, Germany, TMS inbox: "Stargazer (30th over) is right, but he forgot to mention Ian Bell. Didn't he save the team in South Africa?'"

I'm sure we've not heard the last of "The Bell Debate"...

38th over - Eng 191-4
Razzak returns for his ninth over, while Corky on TMS reports that the TMS chocolate cake (see 6th over of Bangladesh innings) has almost entirely disappeared - he's cheekily accusing Simon Mann of having eaten most of it. Colly and Prior farm Razzak's left-arm darts for three singles, and even some of the crowd have started to leave.

37th over - Eng 188-4
New batsman is Matt Prior, who comes in ahead of Luke Wright who was on the card at six. Prior played his first few ODIs years ago as a specialist batsman, so has he gone all the way from being a specialist batsman to a specialist keeper now Kieswetter is opening?! Prior slog-sweeps for four to get off the mark, a passing bird has to fly out of the way sharpish and the boundary fielder can't stop it either.

Wicket falls
36.1 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Aftab b Naeem 33 - Eng 184-4
Naeem returns, and Morgan spoons his first ball to Aftab Ahmed in the covers. Glimmer for the Tigers?

36th over - Eng 184-3
Shakib wheels away for his last over, England look happy to see him off as only a two and two singles are added. Shakib takes his cap with figures of 10-1-42-1.

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From Jamie, Somerset, via text: "Re: Gil from Dartmoor (21st over). Kieswetter has been batting with Tresser at Somerset so I'm sure he's more than used to being outscored. He at least brings something different to a one-dimensional England batting line-up. We are lucky we have got him before SA did!"

35th over - Eng 180-3
We've had the compulsory ball change... and a few Bangladesh heads are starting to drop as Colly carves a four to third man. Some more comfortable singles mean he has 58, Morgan has 32 and this stand is worth 84.

34th over - Eng 173-3
Colly and Morgan add some more singles before Morgan sweeps for four, while Corky on TMS wants England to take the batting powerplay so they can practise batting under more pressure...

That's 50
33rd over - Eng 166-3
After a single from Morgan, Colly aims another big blast towards wide long-on, taking Mahmudullah for another boundary four. A single brings up his 25th ODI fifty from 64 balls.

32nd over - Eng 160-3
Oh, the umpire's had a shocker there... there's a huge appeal for a catch behind, Morgan stands his ground, Umpire Tucker shakes his head but replays show a huge inside edge onto his pad and into the keeper's gloves. Reprieved, England continue to push the singles and twos. Simon Mann on TMS believes the Umpire Review System won't be used in the Test series because of a lack of finance, so I can keep my red and green "R" graphics in hibernation until the summer.

31st over - MISSED STUMPING - Eng 155-3
Morgan goes down the pitch to Mahmudullah, smacking through the covers for his third four but then missing the ball and allowing poor old Mushfiqur another fumble behind the stumps. By comparison, if any England wicketkeeper (and we've had a few) missed a stumping chance like that, there would be calls from everyone on 606, the texts and the e-mails for him to be returned to county cricket forthwith.

30th over - Eng 149-3
Shakib brings himself back into the attack, Morgan and Colly are restricted to singles (bringing up the fifty stand) but with the asking rate only four an over, that's all they need... Bangladesh really need a breakthrough sooner rather than later.

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From Stargazer on 606: "Over the years on 606 I have seen the 'Trescothick/Collingwood/Pietersen/ Strauss/Cook/Broad/ Anderson/Flintoff/Prior should never play for England again because he's just not good enough' campaigns. It's just par for the course. There wouldn't be many players left if all of these players had been consigned to the outer darkness"

29th over - Eng 144-3
Colly looks on song, he clubs Mahmudullah for a couple of twos and it looks easy pickings against the tall all-rounder.

From Alex, Holland, TMS inbox: "Totally agree with Gil from Dartmoor (21st over). To add to that, he was being outscored by Cook, which must be like being overtaken by James May on the Autobahn...'"

28th over - Eng 140-3
Colly is loving this mid-wicket boundary, and after an exchange of singles he heaves another four off his legs ("his get-out-of-jail shot", notes Simon on TMS). Razzak's run-up is rather curious, he runs laterally from behind the non-striker before finally turning right as he reaches the crease in order to bowl. Colly adds a two and a single, he's suddenly up to 37 from 48 balls and is clearly taking up the anchor role for England.

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From yorker on 606: "I'm more than happy to say that in this situation, there is no-one I'd rather have to keep a cool head and know exactly what needs doing than Paul Collingwood."

Me too.

27th over - Eng 131-3
Simon Mann mentions how a mosquito-killing spray has had to be deployed in the TMS box as Mahmudullah continues, Colly pushes a single. Morgan guides a two behind square, then unleashes an exquisite cover-driven four.

26th over - Eng 124-3
Collingwood goes aerial again, Umpire Tucker has to consult with his TV colleague over whether it was four or six as the ball disappeared into the Dhaka night air - and it's four. Colly rotates the strike, Morgan unleashes one of his trademark reverse sweeps and powers his first four through third man.

25th over - Eng 115-3
With the fielding powerplay having been concluded, Mahmudullah comes on as Bangladesh's sixth bowler (and fourth spinner) - he's another right-arm off-break merchant. Colly and Morgan manage three singles between them - England are halfway to their total, halfway through their innings.

Stephen Brenkley on TMS: "Collingwood is smart enough to know it's only four an over needed - if England bat the overs out, they'll win"

24th over - Eng 112-3
Morgan hasn't quite got going yet, a single doubles his score while Colly hits one off his legs to get England off "Nelson" (111) as soon as possible.

From Daz, Widnes, TMS inbox: "What a shame there's no halfway line in cricket, as all I can think of is the old Tottenham chant 'Naeem from the halfway line...'"

23rd over - Eng 110-3
Interesting bowling change - Naeem Islam takes a rest after seven overs and we go back to seam with his namesake Shafiul Islam. Colly looks for a quick single but Morgan has to turn back quickly to make his ground as Tamim's throw just misses the stumps. But Colly then has a big heave, all bottom hand and no backlift, hoisting Shafiul to long-on for a first-bounce four. That's the only scoring stroke from the over.

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From Anon, via text: "Why not just send the batsman after KP out and stand him next to the square leg umpire... that way it's not so far for them to walk to the crease when KP gets out after his three-ball innings!? What a joke"

22nd over - Eng 106-3
Razzak is bowling his slow left-armers quite flat, he keeps it tight against Morgan and his fielders back him up well as he completes a maiden over.

21st over - Eng 106-3
Morgan to face for the first time, Naeem strays with a legside wide but the Middlesex man is off the mark with a single. Colly relieves the pressure by leaning back to smack a square cut for four, in the manner of Robin Smith.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Gil, Dartmoor, via text: "I don't want to appear to be leading a lynch mob against Kieswetter but should we really be surprised he failed today? His debut last week had four chances in - so it could be said he simply got lucky, and did twice today as well - and his call-up was based on a few T20s and press pressure. On top of that you have the fact that he was being outscored, which he can't be used to!"

20th over - Eng 100-3
After an impromptu drinks break at the fall of that wicket, new batsman Eoin Morgan is ready to join Colly at the crease. Simon Mann points out that Morgan has already played three ODIs for Ireland on this ground - scoring 35, four and 12. Bangladesh also take the fielding powerplay, which might be a canny move by Shakib. But with the field up, Colly has a big heave and hoists Razzak down towards cow corner for four, to bring up England's hundred. Having taken his 100th ODI catch today, Colly is now one of nine ODI players to complete the "all-round treble" of 4,000 runs, 100 wickets and 100 catches.

Stephen Brenkley on TMS: "Ireland's loss has very definitely been England's gain with Eoin Morgan - he can adapt well and make any pitch his kind of pitch"

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Cook lbw b Naeem 64 - Eng 96-3
Colly runs a quick single to backward point, Cook knocks an easy one to short fine leg. Naeem apparently has a doosra up his sleeve, but England seem quite comfortable so far - Cook powers his sixth four of the innings through the covers, but then he prods forward, there's a big appeal and umpire Nadir Shah sends him on his way. Hawk-Eye reckons it was going down leg by a couple of inches... where's the Umpire Review System when you need it?!

18th over - Eng 91-2
Mushfiqur Rahim isn't having his best day behind the timbers, Razzak spins one in which beats Cook and slides past the keeper for four byes. Cook and Colly are easily able to push the singles - they need another 138 from 32 overs.

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From murtini on 606: "This is now when Bangladesh come good... in the middle overs with their spinners on. If they can pick up another two in the next 10 to 15 overs, they are right back in this"

17th over - Eng 83-2
Naeem is swiftly through his fifth over, which only yields a three which Colly pulls through mid-wicket, and a single to Cap'n Cook.

Henry Blofeld
From William Symonds, West Java, TMS inbox: "Are we by any chance listening to Henry Blofeld's long lost Bangladeshi cousin in the TMS box?"

I think William is referring to Bangladeshi broadcaster Shamim Chowdhury who will be with TMS throughout the ODIs and Tests!

16th over - Eng 79-2
Cook keeps pushing the singles, Colly uses his feet well against Shakib and steers one to long-on. Cook aims a fierce back-foot drive but a great stop by Naeem at backward point denies what looked a certain four.

15th over - Eng 77-2
A single takes Cook to 55, Colly is off the mark with a single as they take it steady against Naeem's off-spin.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Kieswetter got out! Sack him right now and bring back Jackie Russell!"

14th over - Eng 74-2
Here's a man for this sort of situation - Paul Collingwood, who sees off the over. Bangladesh's tails are certainly up.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Pietersen c Siddique b Shakib 1 - Eng 74-2
Shakib teases Pietersen with flight and guile, KP tries to force it off his legs but gets an inside edge onto his pad and is caught at slip! Cue the inevitable 606 debate over whether KP should be dropped...

13th over - Eng 74-1
Shamim Chowdhury and Dominic Cork on TMS wonder whether Bangladesh will try to stifle Kevin Pietersen early on, considering his characteristic need to get off the mark as soon as possible. But he's under way with a single to long-on.

Wicket falls
12.4 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter st Mushfiqur b Naeem 19 - Eng 73-1
After the England openers plunder three singles, fortune then finally favours Bangladesh when Kieswetter tries to hit out - the Somerset man charges down the track and is easily stumped by Mushfiqur.

Get involved on 606
From StarGazer on 606: "Alastair Cook seems determined to ensure that the chase gets off to the right start. He has set the tone well, scoring quickly and calming any early nerves"

That's 50
12th over - Eng 70-0
Cook reaches his fourth ODI fifty with a two off his legs - he's only got the one century, and I'm proud to say I was there (Rose Bowl v India, 2007). He gets another slice of luck when Shakib gets some turn, Cook plays forward, the ball pops up but loops over the bowler's head. The singles keep flowing.

11th over - Eng 65-0
Such is England's early dominance is that Bangladesh have decided not to take the fielding powerplay, which most teams do from overs 11-15 unless they're really under the cosh. So it's just four fielders in the circle as Naeem replaces Razzak. Kieswetter drives down the ground for a single, Cook rides his luck with another lbw shout which Hawk-Eye suggests may have hit, and he steers a single to nick the strike again.

10th over - Eng 61-0
Shakib is back into the attack (Shak Attack?!) and Cook is on fire here - it's as if he woke up this morning determined to bat like Marcus Trescothick. He and Kieswetter plunder a single apiece. And if you missed Kevin Howells' profile of Alastair Cook during the interval, you can listen to it on the BBC Sport website. Website users may even see it appear embedded on the page here - manually refresh the page if you don't.

9th over - Eng 59-0
Cook is looking to score at every opportunity - as if he's daring the selectors to leave him out of the one-day side when Andrew Strauss returns. Kieswetter biffs his third four of the innings back past the bowler - England are flying.

8th over - Eng 54-0
Bangladesh turn to their fifth bowler as early as the eighth over, in the person of Naeem Islam. He bowls right-arm off-spin, but Cook clips another two before slog-sweeping him for four to bring up the fifty stand. Naeem, bowling round the wicket to the left-handed England skipper, yells an lbw appeal at one which was going down leg. Cook plays the ball back to the bowler, who rather rashly throws it straight back at the stumps at the striker's end - and skids away for a couple of needless overthrows. A single sees Captain Cook nick the strike again (captain's prerogative?) - he has 43 from 35 balls, Kieswetter has 11 from 13. At this stage, Bangladesh were 54-0

7th over - Eng 45-0
We have left-arm spin from both ends as Abdur Razzak enters the attack - this may worry England after their recent defeat at the hands of Pakistan's similarly-named Abdul Razzaq. Kieswetter guides a single off his legs, Cook looks to blast a four through mid-wicket but an astonishing diving stop by Mortaza on the boundary stops the ball from going for four, even as the paceman himself tumbles over the rope. A "Boundary Fox" moment indeed. More good fielding in the deep, this time from Imrul Kayes, restricts the England skipper to a single - he has 34, Kieswetter has 11.

6th over - Eng 41-0
Kieswetter drives Shakib to long-off for a single, Cook steers a two through the covers and then edges one past slip for four. But Cook then looks for a single that isn't there and has to scamper back into his ground. Or, as you might put it, it shows Kieswetter's confidence that he's not afraid to send his captain back!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From T, via text: "Penny, being Bengali myself and travelling back there every few years things have changed so much over the years. As long it's not something very revealing (although you should see some of the women in the nightclubs out there) you'll be fine in most western clothes. You might actually enjoy picking out some traditional outfits though... it would definitely be an experience!"

5th over - Eng 34-0
After a single from Cook, Kieswetter uses his feet well and executes a textbook cover drive for four. He guides Mortaza for a single to third man, then it's Cook's turn for a well-timed cover-driven four. Will Bangladesh go with spinners from both ends? They can certainly bowl at least 40 overs of spin here.

4th over - Eng 20-0
...and it will be bowled by captain Shakib Al Hasan, who removes Shafiul from the attack after one over and comes on to bowl his own left-arm spin. Interesting move - do they think Kieswetter will be vulnerable to spin early on? He drives his first ball to Mahmudullah at short cover, the crowd cheer for a catch but it was clearly a bump ball. The wily Shakib (still the world's number one ODI all-rounder according to the ICC rankings) keeps it tight... then Kieswetter gets a left-off when he edges behind, the ball goes through Mushfiqur's legs (below his gloves) and sails away for four! A small man like Mushfiqur surely should have had his gloves lower to catch that... then, off the last ball, Shakib has a huge lbw shout against Kieswetter. Umpire Tucker shakes his head, and Hawk-Eye suggests it would have hit the stumps. So England's great new opening batsman should arguably have been out twice already...

3rd over - Eng 16-0
Cook takes another fresh guard (strange, given that his partner hasn't faced yet), and TMS are back on after another interruption in their broadcast line to Mirpur. Mortaza keeps it tight until the last ball when Cook guides a two. So Kieswetter will face the next over...

2nd over - Eng 14-0
Shafiul Islam takes the second over, he's only played five ODIs compared to Mortaza's 103, but Cook is still right on the money, carving him for four through mid-wicket. Give Cook any room on the leg side, and you'll regret it. He guides a two and a single to take his score to 14 - all scored off his legs. I suppose as captain he's entitled to farm the strike, but Kieswetter hasn't faced a ball yet!

1st over - Eng 7-0
Mashrafe Mortaza takes the new ball (and have yourself a merry little manual refresh to see England's target appear above). Captain Cook gets his side under way with a two off the first ball from the right-arm paceman, and adds another two off his legs before guiding the last ball for three as Mortaza strays down the leg side again. Seven off the over, is this the same Alastair Cook?

1204: England ready to resume. Let's see what you've got, Mr Kieswetter!

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From Roushan, via text: "Wouldn't be surprised if Bangladesh open the bowling with a spinner, they've done it before and it has worked!"
From JJ in Blackpool, TMS inbox: "Is it me, or are there some nasty looking 'flying things' buzzing around the players. I for one wouldn't like a bite from one of them bad boys from the look of them"

Anyone remember the flying ants which terrorised England and Australia at Centurion during the Champions Trophy?

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Saleha, via text: "Penny, jeans and a top is fine. A 'Kurta' style top over jeans is a cool trend with flat sandals in the Indian subcontinent"
1155: While my sympathies are with the Milky Bar Kid (below), while we're waiting for the England innings to begin, I can tell you that you can also check out Mark Orlovac's text commentary on the last day of pre-season Formula 1 testing, while Caroline Cheese is also limbering up for live text duties on the afternoon's football, which includes the Carling Cup final between Aston Villa and Manchester United (at 1500 GMT) which you can also watch on BBC One, BBC HD and the BBC Sport website if you're in the UK. And north of the border, Keir Murray is your man for the Old Firm derby between Rangers and Celtic.

Get involved on 606
From milkybar63 on 606 "Grrrrr, my mum turns the telly off and tells me to start revising literally when Broad was running up to take a wicket. I come upstairs to find Iqbal has been bowled by the ball I just missed. Some parents..."

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Having lived in Bangladesh for a few years, I'd say it is perfectly culturally acceptable for Western women to wear normal Western dress, although the buying the donning of a salwar kameez can also be both fun down the tailors and a pleasant means of initial engagement with Bangladeshi women, who might be pleased to see you make the effort. Whatever you choose, of course the obvious rules about not exposing too much flesh - shorts and bikini absolute no nos - apply"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Tom, Cambridge, via text: "What an innings from Iqbal. He really frustrated the England bowlers, but it seems to be their frustration that got them back in it"

1123: And to answer John in Manchester (42nd over) by taking that last wicket, England have saved themselves an over-rate fine as they'd have struggled to bowl four more overs by 1130 GMT. We're going to take a quick break while the players take a rest - but keep listening to TMS to listen to Kevin Howells' profile of Alastair Cook - including hearing from his teachers at Bedford School.


Wicket falls
45.4 overs - WICKET - Razzak c Cook b Sidebottom 2 - Ban 228 all out
Bangladesh's last pair continue to plunder singles against Sidebottom, but Razzak eventually holes out to Captain Cook at mid-off to end the innings - Sidey finally has a wicket, and raises both arms in celebration.

45th over - Ban 226-9
Every single could be vital for Bangladesh here against Broad. Shafiul and Razzak manage one apiece, before Shafiul crashes the last ball of the over back over the bowler's head for four. Meanwhile, the camera lingers on a section of female England supporters. For Penny's benefit (see earlier), they were all dressed as we'd expect them to be if they were watching from the stands at Lord's. So no Lady GaGa outfits - casual but smart.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "England have been energetic and up for the fight today"

44th over - Ban 220-9
Bresnan returns - England will hope to take this last wicket as quickly as they can - Razzak guides a leg bye down the leg side, then Shafiul skilfully steers a four past the diving Sidey at third man before pinching the strike from his fellow tail-ender.

43rd over - Ban 214-9
Broad gives last man Shafiul Islam some chin music with his first delivery - why not stick a slip (or two) in? But it's a wicket maiden for Broad.

Wicket falls
42.4 overs - WICKET - Tamim b Broad 125 - Ban 214-9
Bangladesh belatedly take their batting powerplay with eight wickets down. England turn to Stuart Broad as Wright is removed from the attack with figures of 1-0-4-1. Tamim steps back to try a big heave, and it falls just short of a fielder as he takes one hand off the bat. But he turns down the chance of a single to stay on strike. He then tries to flick Broad to leg again and is bowled - but that's the end of a magnificent innings.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Penny (39th over), western-style clothes are fine as long as they are T-shirts and jeans as such. Or you can try some local fusion flavor by donning a 'fatua' which is basically a top"

42nd over - Ban 214-8
Swann comes round the wicket to the left-handed Abdur Razzak, one of Bangladesh's battery of spinners, and the Tigers must be kicking themselves not to have taken the batting powerplay by now. Swanny finishes with 3-32 from 10 overs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From John in Manchester, via text: "Why do the players get fined for having a slow over rate? Does the slow over rate matter if they bowl Bangladesh out?"

Wicket falls
41.3 overs - WICKET - Mortaza lbw b Swann 4 - Ban 214-8
Swann will be the first England bowler to complete his alloted 10 overs - Mortaza sweeps a straight one and misses, and that's the first lbw of the series.

41st over - Ban 213-7
New batsman is the fit-again Mashrafe Mortaza, who's very popular with the crowd, and he helps his first ball for four through fine leg. Prior stands up to the stumps to Wright's medium pace and they keep it tight for the rest of the over.

Wicket falls
40.1 overs - WICKET - Naeem c Morgan b Wright 25 - Ban 209-7
England turn to Luke Wright as their seventh bowler - and Naeem hits his first ball to cover where Eoin Morgan leaps to take the catch. But Morgan's dropped catch of Tamim earlier looks like being one of the most expensive in ODI history.

40th over - Ban 209-6
Lots of one-over spells from the England bowlers as Swann returns and Naeem guides him through the covers for one. Four more similar singles are added but still no sign of the batting powerplay, though. By the way, if you're texting us, please use "CRICKET" as the first word as the inbox is shared with other sports and other parts of the BBC - such as Mark Orlovac's text commentary on F1 testing which is battling with me for your affections today.

39th over - Ban 204-6
Tamim really gets hold of the recalled Colly, launching a huge six over his head. England are struggling to stem the flow of runs as Tamim fires two more to bring up the 200. His batting today has been rather like a concerto in three movements - fast, then slow, then fast. It's singles off nearly every ball now,

From Penny, TMS inbox: "Hi there Mark, I know you aren't our fashion correspondent usually but could you tell me what the women spectators in the stadium are wearing? I know we need to be reasonably respectful of course, so I won't be packing my Lady Gaga outfit - but is it saris and so on or is anyone female wearing western-style clothes? I'm asking as we're coming out to Dhaka to see the second Test next month"

Penny, we haven't seen too many females in the stadium, although the camera showed a couple wearing saris earlier. Can anyone out in Bangladesh, or who's been to a Test in Bangladesh, help out? (As for being a fashion correspondent, I tend to stick to commenting on headgear - caps, helmets and sunhats!)

38th over - Ban 192-6
Broad returns from the TMS commentary end as Captain Cook tries to rotate his seam bowlers. A couple of singles take Naeem's score to 20, while Tamim clips Broad to square leg for a single and then rocks back to guide one to third man. This stand is now worth 46.

37th over - Ban 188-6
The singles keep flowing, then Sidey pings in a bouncer at Naeem who top-edges over the keeper for four. "If you're going to flash, flash hard," agree Simon Mann and Athar Ali Khan on TMS. Tamim then shows his class by superbly cover-driving a slower ball to the extra cover boundary.

Get involved on 606
From TeleKemis on 606: "People need to stop staying England is a closed shop. Morgan, Kieswetter, Wright, Bresnan and even Swann have all become team members and most are consistent performers in the team. That's half the team. A closed shop it is not. If you're good enough, you'll play. Unless you are James Foster of course"

36th over - Ban 176-6
KP's second over yields a couple of leg byes down the leg side, while Tamim and Naeem punch three more singles. Tamim gets a fresh pair of gloves - and possibly some instructions from the dressing room.

Monty Panesar
From Mark from Clevedon, via text: "Monty under performing (see 606 comment, 32nd over)? His Test record compares with the best at similar times of their careers. England messed around with his action and ruined him"

35th over - Ban 171-6
Sidebottom returns - and now Tamim has his century, Mr Brett and I are wondering when Bangladesh will take their batting powerplay. Their fans will hope they've not adopted the tactics England had last year, when they often left it too late and we had James Anderson at the crease by the time the powerplay was taken. Some careful singles are taken by Naeem and Tamim, and Umpire Tucker stretches his arms to signal a wide.

From Martin, Dhaka, TMS inbox: "Nice atmosphere in the stadium with a Mexican wave going around. However my samosas have gone cold"

He's reached 100
34th over - Ban 166-6
New bowler, same action as Swann takes a rest and Kevin Pietersen into the attack with his part-time off-spin. But he's shown no respect by Tamim who blasts him over cow corner for six to take his score to 99 - then the crowd erupt with delight as he pushes a single through the off side to reach the magical three figures, off 94 deliveries. Naeem rotates the strike well.

From Daniel Tuite, TMS inbox: "Re: Craig Kieswetter, Somerset's finest. I would hazard a guess at Craig's choosing of the 87 shirt being informed by that being the year of his birth (as a product of '73 I feel old). England's gain is Somerset's loss. Will we ever win the Championship?"

33rd over - Ban 160-6
Naeem gets a lucky edge past the stumps for four, then an exchange of singles allows Tamim to reach 95 - this is now the highest individual ODI score by any Bangladesh player against England. Bresnan boosts the total with a legside wide, and TMS are back up and running, just in time for another drinks break as a blue drinks cart is pushed on.

32nd over - Ban 153-6
Tamim swipes at Swann and they run two - and as the TMS connection to Mirpur goes for a burton, the Tigers pair run a couple more singles.

Get involved on 606
From Telekemis on 606: "Swann is probably the best spinning all-rounder in all forms of the game along with Vettori. An amazing rise. Makes you wonder why we put up with Underpar Monty for so long. Oh, and another thing, get Sidebottom out. He's lost his zip."

31st over - Ban 149-6
Bresnan returns in place of Colly, but the Durham man remains a live wire in the field, diving well to keep the Tigers on their toes. Naeem nurdles a single, Bresnan strays down the leg side and Tamim helps it down to fine leg for a single to take him to 91. (The nervous nineties?)

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Matt Prior and Paul Collingwood are helping Alastair Cook with some of the field placings here"

30th over - Ban 147-6
New batsman Naeem Islam is going to have to be careful here, or Tamim could be stranded on 90 not out. Naeem is off the mark with a single off the final delivery.

Out for a duck
29.4 overs - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Collingwood b Swann 0 - Ban 146-6
New batsman is Mohammad Mahmudullah, who's often just known by his surname - but I barely have the chance to type his name before he gets a leading edge to his first ball from Swann and it pops into the predatory hands of Colly at short mid-wicket!

Wicket falls
29.3 overs - WICKET - Mushfiqur run out (Pietersen) 22 - Ban 146-5
"Bangladesh push the self-destruct button again" says Dominic Cork on TMS as Mushfiqur pushes for a single that's never there, Tamim doesn't move and Kevin Pietersen swoops, running in to take off the bails for his second run-out as both batsmen end up at the same end.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that Bangladesh have beaten eight of the nine major cricketing countries in ODIs - aside from 25 wins against Zimbabwe, they've beaten India and Sri Lanka twice, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand once, and then racked up three wins against the West Indies (in effect Floyd Reifer's Volunteers XI) during the WI players' strike last year. The only country they haven't beaten is... England. Yet.

29th over - Ban 144-4
Although we don't get the compulsory ball change until after 34 overs, the white ball has become so discoloured that the umpires summon fourth ump Tanvir Ahmed with his black briefcase of replacement balls. The chosen replacement sphere is handed to Colly, and a rather slow bouncer, almost a long-hop, is hooked to long leg by Mushfiqur for a single. Finally we have the first boundary for 10 overs when Colly strays with his line and Mushfiqur hangs his bat out to guide a four through third man. The next ball is more of a yorker but the keeper digs it out well for a single to long-on. A better over for the hosts.

28th over - Ban 137-4
Swann continues for his sixth over, Mushfiqur tries to force the pace but can't connect with an attempted slog-sweep. Just a single apiece from a rapid over - England are trying to rush through the overs here.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Prior and Kieswetter are more than capable of playing in the same team. Prior has been excellent behind the stumps of late and after the years of practice with Mushtaq Ahmed at Hove you will not find a better keeper for stumpings which on a wicket like this would seem to be a big advantage, no?"

27th over - Ban 135-4
Mushfiqur and Tamim continue to push the singles against Colly, who's bowling round the wicket to southpaw Tamim and over the wicket to the right-handed wickie.

26th over - Ban 131-4
Simon Mann on TMS notes that the crowd - many of which have paid the equivalent of 50p to get into the ground, a far cry from international cricket ticket prices in England - have certainly had their money's worth. Three singles off Swann, pretty uneventful.

25th over - Ban 128-4
Mushfiqur nudges Colly for a single through mid-wicket, Tamim pushes another to take his score to 84. Mushfiqur nicks the stroke with another single - Bangladesh are very well placed at the halfway mark - the crowd are loving it.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Mark from Clevedon, via text: "(Re: Ben, 21st over) Tredwell is useless, that's why he doesn't play"

24th over - Ban 125-4
Tamim sweeps Swann and they run a single to Morgan on the square leg boundary. Then, Swann's not happy as they push for two to the dawdling Sidey in the deep. Mishfiqur sweeps, there's an appeal for leg before but umpire Nadir Shah's not interested.

23rd over - Ban 121-4
More quick singles as Mushfiqur and Tamim milk Colly for a single off ever ball.

22nd over - Ban 115-4
Mushfiqur is off the mark with a single, then Tamim dabs Swann for a quick single to Wright at short third man and Mushfiqur has to dive full-length to make his ground. The keeper, one of only two right-handers to bat so far today, wristily guides a single to square leg.

21st over - Ban 112-4
A correction to that wicket - it now appears that Shakib was caught, not stumped as he got a thin edge through to Prior, who took the bails off for good measure. Colly continues to Tamim, fielding well off his own bowling as you might expect, and it's a very welcome maiden over for the Durham man considering the fireworks we've seen from Tamim so far.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Ben in Kent, via text: "What on earth does Tredwell have to do to get a game? He is always being dragged on every tour with no reward whatsoever. The England team is a closed shop and it's beyond a joke!"

20th over - Ban 112-4
The new batsman is diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim - dubbed "The Mighty Atom" by Simon Mann on TMS, and also one of the Brettmeister General's six cricketers to watch in 2010. He sees off the rest of the over.

Wicket falls
19.2 overs - WICKET - Shakib st Prior b Swann 12 - Ban 112-4
Shakib steers Swann for two, then he advances down the track and quick as a flash, Prior whips the bails off and he's stumped. It all happened so quickly, we needed a replay to see whether he was stumped or bowled.

19th over - Ban 110-3
Captain Cook turns to the medium pace of Paul Collingwood (former ODI skipper and still Twenty20 captain) - his off-cutters could be more profitable for England than their earlier seam-bowling tactics which appeared to be "bang it in and hope for the best". After a single from Shakib, Tamim opens the face well to guide a four through third man. "At the moment, there are singles on offer just about everywhere", notes Simon Mann on TMS, and the ones keep flowing as a tumbling Captain Cook misfields. (He's England's second youngest ODI captain of all time - the youngest being a certain IT Botham). Colly goes round the wicket, and we're already a little concerned about England's over-rate - 19 overs in 90 minutes.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "Our driver taking us to the ground today tried to overtake a big jeep on the inside - I thought we were going to get squashed"

18th over - Ban 103-3
Finally we get some spin as Graeme Swann comes on at the end which is apparently sponsored by a local cement firm. Swann often seems to pick up a wicket in his first over, but a pair of singles from Shakib and Tamim (who moves on to 72) bring up three figures for the Tigers. Swann is usually more of a Tigger than a Tiger, but he doesn't quite seem his usual bouncy self today. However, he does get one to turn past Tamim's outside edge, Prior whips the bails off but the opener's back foot was securely grounded. More easy singles, these two will have had plenty of practice batting against spin and it looks like we're into those middle overs where the batsmen are happy to nurdle four or five singles each over against a defensive field.

17th over - Ban 98-3
After the players break for drinks, Broad continues for his sixth over - and then there's a delay while ground staff have to fiddle with a large, billowing black sheet behind the bowler's arm. Tamim, who's only 20 but is already playing his 74th ODI, really isn't happy with it and play is held up. He tries to dab another single but daren't risk taking on Colly at backward point. Four singles off the over.

Get involved on 606
From Tom Smith For England! on 606: "Terrible bowling, but Bangladesh as usual throwing away their wickets"

16th over - Ban 94-3
Tamim immediately rotates the strike with a single. A Tigers fan in the crowd is holding up a sign saying "Boom Boom Shakib", but he's far from emulating Shahid Afridi here, just steering a single. Then, when Tamim hits a single to mid-off, although a wild throw from KP allows them an overthrow. TMS summariser Stephen Brenkley (from the Independent newspaper), himself a wicketkeeper, insists "my sympathies are entirely with Prior there", as the Sussex gloveman is let down by KP.

From Paul Wilce, TMS inbox: "How long before before they bring on Kieswetter to bowl? He bats, keeps wicket, fields anywhere... Perhaps his tricky, mystery 'off breaks' occasionally seen in the nets at Taunton are the trick up Cook's sleeve... Remember A C Smith"

15th over - Ban 89-3
Still no sign of spin from England - Bangladesh have the capability of bowling up to 40 overs of spin, whereas England only have Graeme Swann and possibly part-timer Kevin Pietersen. It's still Broad, who's pretty accurate against Shakib and sends down a maiden - England could do worse than keep the skipper on strike, and let Tamim stew at the non-striker's end.

14th over - Ban 89-3
Sidebottom returns in place of Bresnan, he keeps it tight against Shakib who seems to keep hitting the ball straight to Kieswetter in the covers. It even looks like being a maiden over until he finally pierces the infield with a single off the last delivery.

From a tired Alex in Tokyo, TMS inbox: "Just finished the Tokyo Marathon in 3 hours 53 mins and back in the hostel just in time for a Kieswetter-led demolition... perfect!"

13th over - Ban 88-3
New batsman is Tigers captain Shakib Al Hasan, he watches as Broad feeds Tamim some more easy runs with a four-ball on leg stump, which the opener steers through square leg. A single brings the skipper on strike, he's off the mark with a single past mid-on. Tamim has 65 of Bangladesh's 88 runs.

Wicket falls
12.1 overs - WICKET - Aftab run out (Pietersen direct hit) 2 - Ban 82-3
New over from Broad, Aftab pushes a quick single to mid-on where Kevin Pietersen throws the stumps down underarm as Aftab dives for the crease. It's referred to the third ump Sharfuddoula... and he's out!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan, via text: "Broad 8, Rashid 9, would balance this team better than two keepers..."

12th over - Ban 82-2
After Tamim dabs a single to third man, Bresnan sends in a high full toss to Aftab, who's not the tallest, and it's adjudged to be a beamer and called as a no-ball. They run one. Tamim laces another well-placed four through the covers and a half-hearted lbw appeal sees a leg bye signalled.

11th over - Ban 73-2
New batsman is Aftab Ahmed, who's back in international cricket following a spell in the "unofficial" Indian Cricket League. He's off the mark with a single - England will be pleased to have taken those two wickets, but the danger man Tamim is making them pay for dropping him earlier.

Out for a duck
10.3 overs - WICKET - Siddique c Kieswetter b Broad 0 - Ban 71-2
England take the second powerplay, Tamim jabs a two and a single to bring new man Junaid Siddique on strike - and off only his second ball (having played out a dot ball at the end of Bresnan's over), he guides an easy catch into the hands of that man Kieswetter, leaning back at square leg.

From Adam Pembrey, TMS inbox: "For those of us who only follow Tests is there anything you can tell us about Craig Kieswetter?"

Adam, I can point you in the direction of an excellent feature on the BBC Sport website by my colleague Sam "Scaramanga" Sheringham, which gives you the lowdown on all England's new boys for this tour - Kieswetter, Ajmal Shahzad and James Tredwell as well as Michael Carberry, who's in the Test squad.

10th over - Ban 68-1
That's 50
Tamim effortlessly pulls Bresnan through mid-wicket for four, then brings up a 32-ball half century with a single to third man. It's his 14th ODI fifty, and first against England.

Wicket falls
9.2 overs - WICKET - Kayes c Wright b Bresnan 15 - Ban 63-1
Finally, England have a wicket... but not the one they wanted. Imrul Kayes, whose 15 from 27 balls is positively pedestrian compared to Tamim's 45 from 29, tries to force the pace and skies a catch which Luke Wright takes with aplomb at wide mid-on.

9th over - Ban 63-0
Dominic Cork on TMS reveals that he's been asked to bowl in the nets against England, in addition to his TMS duties. Simon Mann questions whether a couple of tummy upsets could see the Hampshire man recalled to the national colours... Tamim continues his assault on the England attack, with a baseball-style blast to cow corner off Broad bringing up the fifty partnership. Another short ball is despatched to the long leg boundary - this tactic clearly isn't working. And the last ball of the over is lifted over mid-wicket for six by Tamim, who's in Jayasuriya (circa 1996) mode. Plenty of questions for England captain Alastair Cook - and if you're a Cook fan, I can alert you to a special profile feature on the Essex man on TMS today, during the interval between innings, which features interviews from people who've known him throughout his career, from Bedford School to Essex.

8th over - Ban 47-0
Tamim pulls away from a Bresnan bouncer, and it's signalled as an aerial wide after reference to the square leg umpire. He has a big slog through mid-wicket for four, then pokes a quick single to Paul Collingwood at backward point - England are looking a bit rattled here. Kayes carves his second four through the covers before pinching the strike off the last ball. "We've lost this match," notes the ever-optimistic Brettmeister General, who's already cursing England's decision to only play one spinner... I sense a few of you may feel the same. Kiwis have won the super-over after Shaun Tait bowled a couple of wides.

7th over - Ban 36-0
After the pasting Sidey got in the last over, it's no surprise to see Stuart Broad (sporting more of a short back and sides these days) into the attack - he also bangs in a short ball, but Tamim once more hooks it over keeper Prior's head for four. A single takes him to 26.

From Robert, TMS inbox: "Good morning Mark. Now I don't know what Kieswetter is like in the field but he is first and foremost a keeper. Fielding is a specialism. Why play him out of position? Should we not be taking the opportunity to play him as a keeper and include either an extra specialist batter or bowler? A bit tough on Prior perhaps but that's life buddy"

6th over - Ban 31-0
Sidebottom trots down to third man where he is offered a towel by one of England's non-combatant squad members - while it's clearly the season of goodwill in Mirpur as Simon Mann and the TMS team have just received their first chocolate cake of the series. "Not sure Hampshire will be pleased when I put on three stone," notes summariser Dominic Cork. Kayes and Tamim milk Bresnan for singles and twos. Meanwhile, in Christchurch, Tim Southee restricted the Aussies to six runs off their super-over.

5th over - Ban 27-0
Tamim tries another expansive hook but it just trickles to Kiesswetter at short fine leg. Somerset's finest, England's 214th ODI player, has chosen ODI shirt number 87, for those of you who note such things (and I know there are some of you who do, even from Somerset). When Tamim finally connects he blasts Sidey through extra cover where Graeme Swann gets a hand to it but can't stop it going for four. Let's hope it doesn't damage Swann's spinning finger (or Twittering thumb). Sidey drops the last ball short, and Tamim imperiously hoists him over long-on for six! He's on fire so far.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Ellie, via text: "Looks like a second spinner may have been more useful than two wicketkeeper-batsmen"

4th over - Ban 16-0
Kayes is more watchful than his partner, dabbing Bresnan for a single as the Yorkshireman keeps it tight. And if you're a fan of the "popup" Desktop Scorewatch, we've finally got it to work after it refused to do so during the UAE T20s. Manually refresh your page to see it appear.

3rd over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 15-0
Sidey strays with a legside wide, and Cap'n Cook sends his second slip to short mid-wicket. Tamim crashes another four through extra cover, and then English (and Irish) hearts are in mouths as the opener smacks it straight to Eoin Morgan at cover and he can't hold on to a fairly straightforward chance. And as Alistair from Dar-es-Salaam tells me on the text, they're going to a super-over in Christchurch...

2nd over - Ban 10-0
A slight surprise as Tim Bresnan is handed the new ball ahead of Stuart Broad, and Tamim pushes the burly Yorkshire right-arm seamer for an easy single. Kayes hooks a short ball over the keeper's head for four, and the Brettmeister General informs me of a thrilling Twenty20 tie between Australia and New Zealand. Michael Clarke needed three off the last ball, and was run out going for the third!

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "In these conditions, England's seamers have got to bowl good line and length, looking to hit the top of off stump."

1st over - Ban 5-0
Tamim has a wild slash at Sidey's second delivery and it sails past the slips for four, before a single brings fellow left-hander Imrul Kayes on strike. Some of the chat on TMS - and in this office - is already questioning that because these are England's last ODIs on the subcontinent before next year's World Cup, shouldn't they be fielding two spinners (as most other teams will)?

0759: Right, here we go. Ryan Sidebottom takes the first over to Tamim Iqbal.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anonymous, via text: "Keeping Prior as wicketkeeper over Kieswetter seems to be an odd decision, Craig is a much more natural keeper. Probably because Prior's batting has been iffy as late and he's probably not worth his place if he doesn't have a dual role"

0753: Here are the full teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Aftab Ahmed, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Mashrafe Mortaza, Shafiul Islam, Abdur Razzak.

England: Alastair Cook (capt), Craig Kieswetter, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Matt Prior (wk), Stuart Broad, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ryan Sidebottom.

Umpires are local man Nadir Shah and Rod Tucker from Australia, while my partner-in-crime on match report duties is Oliver Brett.

0740: But of course, it wouldn't be BBC live cricket text without you guys getting involved. Whether you're anywhere from Dundee to Dhaka, do e-mail us at (with 'For Mark Mitchener' in the subject line), text us on 81111 (from the UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), or join the debate on 606 when it opens for business at 0900 GMT.

0735: News from the middle is that England have won the toss and elected to field. As we told you yesterday on the BBC, Craig Kieswetter makes his England debut - and it will be as a specialist opening batsman, with Matt Prior keeping the gloves and batting at seven. There's no place for either Joe Denly or Jonathan Trott, who were England's opening partnership in the Twenty20s against Pakistan. A "slow, flat" pitch looks tailor-made for the Bangladesh spin attack, although paceman Mashrafe Mortaza is back after a long spell out injured.

0725: Ahoy there. The good ship England has set sail for the East, and weighed anchor in Bangladesh. Captain Strauss may be giving this voyage a miss, but First Mate Cook has been elevated to the rank of Captain, and they've picked up a useful-looking cabin boy called Kieswetter on their travels, who'll get his chance to shiver his timbers today. (OK, I hear you cry, it's Sunday morning and probably too early to keep going on the nautical metaphors). It may be a day-nighter in Bangladesh, but that means it's slightly more sociable hours for those of us back in the UK. We're set to get under way at 0800 GMT - while the TMS crew will be on air from 0745.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 6 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 228 (45.4 overs)
  • England: 229-4 (46.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 229
Cook lbw b Naeem 64
Kieswetter st Mushfiqur Rahim b Naeem 19
Pietersen c Siddique b Al Hasan 1
Collingwood not out 75
Morgan c Aftab Ahmed b Naeem 33
Prior not out 30
Extras 2w 4b 1lb 7

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