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England v Australia fifth one-dayer as it happened

Fifth one-day international, Trent Bridge:


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By Pranav Soneji

2233: When will this series end? We still have another match at Trent Bridge before the finale at the Riverside on Sunday. Thank you for all your goth contributions, Mark Mitch is back in the hotseat on Thursday, join him then.

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From thewholehog on 606: "The inquest starts now. That's twice Dimi has been guilty of horrendous misfields, and Broad's been at it as well. Sidebottom keeps leaking twos when other fielders would restrict them to one. If we're going to ever compete, then we need to get this aspect of the game right."

2225: Extraordinary. A man in a white jacket who likes he's just rushed off the set of Brideshead Revisited presents Ricky Ponting with a bottle of champers. The last time I saw a man wear a snow-white blazer was Daniel san in the Karate Kid.

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Joe, Oldham, text 81111: "Nothing like a hopeless England attempt to draw me away from doing my uni personal statement."

AUSTRALIA 302-6 (48.2 ovs) BEAT ENGLAND 299 (50 ovs) BY FOUR WICKETS

2217: 48.2 overs - Australia 302-6
Classy - Mitchell Johnson seals the four-wicket victory with a mammoth six over long-on off Ryan Sidebottom's second ball. So there it is, although nice to see a bit of fight from England. But the Goldwash is still on - Australia lead the seven-match series 5-0.

2214: 48 overs - Australia 296-6
Shocker from Dimi Mascarenhas, who gets a little overexcited attempting a shy at the stumps from a quick single, but fundamentally forgets to gather the ball as the Aussie duo collect two Brucie Bonus runs off Tim Bresnan. Cool head from White, who tucks a couple off his toes before lofting an off-drive through the vacant mid-off area for four. Game over.

2210: 47 overs - Australia 284-6
A Kangaroo-sized reprieve for Mitchell Johnson, whose aerial drive drops just inches in front of Adil Rashid's dive at cover. Ryan Sidebottom spears two magnificent yorkers in the blockhole in quick succession, which the left-hander just about manages to keep out, much to the delight of the tense crowd. But Johnson alleviates the mounting pressure, stepping back to leg before creaming a hefty drive through cover for four. A tidy slide from Eoin Morgan on the deep mid-wicket boundary ensures Johnson doesn't collect his second successive boundary, picking up two instead.

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Anon, text 81111: "It's always good to see the word 'marmalise', but twice in one day?! Keep it up!"

2204: 46 overs - Australia 278-6
A length ball is punched through the covers from White, collecting four runs to the total. Not sensible bowling - and Broad wears the expression of a man who knows it. Nice riposte from Broad, opting for short of a length on off stump which White can only fend for a dot ball. Two well-judged singles and Australia need 22 from 24 balls.

Steve Moore, TMS inbox: "England's one-day strip is not kind to Ryan Sidebottom. He looks like a man who has just escaped a house fire in his pyjamas."

2159: 45 overs - Australia 272-6
The crowd awake from their slumber as White whips a stray delivery from Bresnan off his toes for four before Prior is nutmegged by an awkward bouncing ball in front of his gloves, rolling away for four painful byes. New man Mitchell Johnson - a lusty hitter - gets off the mark with a tidy single while White steals the strike to face the first ball of the 46th over. England need wickets. It's that balance between men saving runs in catching positions and fielders on the boundary. Captaincy at its most spikiest.

Wicket falls
2152: 44 overs - Australia 261-6 Wicket Ponting ct Shah b Broad 126
Despite a procession of quick wickets, Ponting remains unmoved, opening up the face of his blade to guide a Stuart Broad delivery outside off stump down to the vacant deep point boundary for four. But he's on his way back to the pavilion as he attempts his fourth six, but doesn't get enough willow to clear the straight boundary as Owais Shah takes a very good catch just inches from the rope at long-off to give England a huge opportunity to finally dislodge that bagel from the series score.

Wicket falls
2148: 43.3 overs - Australia 255-5 Wicket Ferguson lbw Broad 17
Full and straight from Broad as Ferguson attempts to hit across the line. He's absolutely bang in front, giving Richard Kettleborough one of the easier decisions of his umpiring career. It's all about dislodging Ponting though. In comes Cameron White, who has a ton in this series already.

2144: 43 overs - Australia 253-4
Taxi for Broad! The ball is following the Notts seamer all over the park, this time dragging the ball over the boundary rope attempting a full-length dive to prevent a Callum Ferguson flick off his hips for four. The South Australian adds a couple more off the returning Tim Bresnan, albeit slightly more agriculturally with a off-side heave. 47 needed from 42 balls. Swift wickets and we're in for a ripper of a finish. Hang on, umpire Asad Rauf has indicated the batting powerplay. Hold that thought about a tight finish for now.

2140: 42 overs - Australia 244-4
Sorry about the flurry of wickets next to the score, a typing error. Hope I haven't caused too many cardiac arrests out there... Refresh your page and they'll be banished. Keen to make amends for his under-11s-style fielding horror the over before, Stuart Broad bowls a tidy over, conceding four, including a front-foot drive from Ponting which lands just short of Owais Shah at long-off.

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Dave, Derby, text 81111: "Re 2041 - don't forget Captain Scarlet!"

2136: 41 overs - Australia 240-4
Earth, swallow up Stuart Broad right now. The fast bowler concedes a needless boundary fielding at short fine leg as the ball bisects his gangly legs. Strauss could bore holes through brick walls with that stare - Stu, just don't look at your captain. It gets worse for England as an awful Bopara long hop is marmalised behind square for four by Ponting. The wheels are perilously close to falling off.

2136: 41 overs - Australia 240-4 Wicket
Earth, swallow up Stuart Broad right now. The fast bowler concedes a needless boundary fielding at short fine leg as the ball bisects his gangly legs. Strauss could bore holes through brick walls with that stare - Stu, just don't look at your captain. It gets worse for England as an awful Bopara long hop is marmalised behind square for four by Ponting. The wheels are perilously close to falling off.

2132: 40 overs - Australia 230-4
Poor shot from Hussey, who fails to follow through with his drive, looping a simple catch which Ryan Sidebottom takes in front of face. New man Callum Ferguson is a whisker away from joining Mr Cricket back in the hutch as his mis-timed cover drive just about evades the outstretched diving right hand of Sidebottom as the ball rolls away to the boundary for four. Good over for England.

Wicket falls
2129: 39.3 overs - Australia 226-4 Wicket Hussey ct Sidebottom b Mascarenhas 6
Another wicket purchased as Hussey meekly drives to Ryan Sidebottom at mid-off.

2127: 39 overs - Australia 226-3
Rashid drops short, allowing Ponting to rock back and lift the ball high over mid-wicket for his 11th boundary. This is car-crash viewing, although I can't type with my hands across my face. Three more runs for Ponting before Hussey nicks the strike from the final ball of the leg-spinner's seventh over, taking his figures to 1-55.

2123: 38 overs - Australia 218-3
Ponting eases two more runs with a clip to mid-wicket off Mascarenhas before pushing a calm single behind square - so, so easy.

2120: 37 overs - Australia 213-3
Fresh from buying a cheap wicket even Aldi could not match, Adil tosses up another pie for Mike Hussey, who smashes the ball right out of the middle of the bat through mid-wicket for four.

Wicket falls
He's reached 100
2116: 36.3 overs - Australia 209-3 Wicket Clarke ct Shah b Rashid 52
Ponting brings up his 26th one-day career hundred - an astonishing stat - with a simple push off his hips for a single. But Michael Clarke has just hammered a leg-side pie into the hands of Owais Shah on the deep mid-wicket boundary for a vital breakthrough.

Steve, Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Re 2041 - whilst not a person I believe 'Black' Beauty was responsible for a fair number of rescues in its time."

2115: 36 overs - Australia 208-2
SiBo goes over the wicket as Ponting moves to 99 with a push into the covers.

Derren Brown (possibly), TMS inbox: "I may be able to predict Saturday's six lottery numbers, but even I can't predict when/how the next Aussie wicket will materialise."

That's 50
2109: 35 overs - Australia 204-2
More dainty footwork from Michael Clarke off Rashid sees Michael Clarke bring up his 50 from 59 deliveries. Meanwhile Ponting opens a can of whoop ass and spanks the leg-spinner's confidence towards Ursula Minor with two successive sixes, both beautifully struck with the first sailing high over the bowler's head into the pavilion while the second is stroked over the long-off boundary. Apologies for video scorecard users, the scorecard has disappeared. Hopefully it should be back working soon, a bit like England's one-day team.

2103: 34 overs - Australia 189-2
I think I just heard someone open a bag of Wotsits in the stands, it's that quiet out there in Nottingham, maybe they're all watching the football like everyone else in my office. I've just heard strains of "uuurrrrrrgggghhh", dunno what that's about. In comes Sidebottom, who grimaces like a crocodile wrestler after taking his cap from umpire Richard Kettleborough after conceding five runs from his seventh over. Maybe the compulsory ball change can bring a fresh new batch of luck.

2058: 33 overs - Australia 184-2
Adil Rashid returns but cannot force either Clarke nor Ponting into a false stroke as both batsmen caress simple singles off all six deliveries.

Simon, Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Re. Mick and his Ceredigion pub crawl, he should always look for The Ship (in Tresaith, in Llangrannog, and in Aberystwyth). Don't know about traffic jams - there are only 8 cars in the whole county, and I have one of them in Cardiff."

2055: 32 overs - Australia 178-2
Stuart Broad opts to go around the wicket to the right-handers, temporarily stemming the flow of runs before excellent running sees the Aussie duo convert a single in a well-judged double. A single follows as Clarke moves to 44 but more pressingly for the England captain, where is this elusive wicket going to come from? If Derren Brown is reading, please email in as soon as possible so we can relay the message to Andrew Strauss.

2051: 31 overs - Australia 175-2
This is just deflating - having presided over England Saturday's shambles at Lord's, the same feeling is suddenly coursing through my veins watching Bresnan concede seven simple runs around the park. The class divide is bigger than the government's public sector borrowing requirement.

2045: 29 overs - Australia 168-2
Broad returns at the Radcliffe Road End, but with the field spread and two batsmen set for bed and breakfast, five singles are easily chopped around the park. Most of Trent Bridge has either fallen asleep or drowning their sorrows at the nearest beer pump.

2041: 28 overs - Australia 163-2
Strauss turns to Tim Bresnan as he desperately searches for a breakthrough to haul his side back into this game, but sees Ponting and Clarke exchange simple singles while Clarke doubles up with a cut through point. Who will be England's Red Adair? And what sort of name is Red? Any other international rescuers who have colours as a first name?

Mick, Wales, TMS inbox: "My mate and I are on a pub crawl near Ceredigion, and he swears he just saw the famous Siouxsie Sioux sitting in a traffic jam here. Have despatched him home before he kicks off any serious trouble."

2037: 27 overs - Australia 158-2
Broad chases an upward strike from Ponting and falls over in comedy style as the ball clatters into the boundary. Smiles all round. A slower bowl doesn't fox Ponting as he calmly strike a cracker for another four. Sweet sweet. That's 19 off the last two overs from Mascarenhas.

2034: 26 overs - Australia 147-2
Australia continue with another steady over and keep the scorers busy. Ponting smacks Bopara for four and a whole gaggle of singles (five of them in fact - is that a gaggle?) and the partnership goes to 71 off 73 balls.

2030: 25 overs - Australia 138-2
A man standing behind me describes Mascarenhas as a pirate. The Hampshire captain sees Clarke glean a streaky edge past gloves of Matt Prior to roll fine for four runs before the next ball is dispatched beyond extra cover for a second successive boundary. Frustration is setting in for the men in red.

2027: 24 overs - Australia 129-2
Here comes Ravi Bopara, a man who should have "potential partnership breaker" tattooed into his forearms with his brand of skiddy medium pacers, a Sourav Ganguly for the late noughties. Decent start, with two singles leaked.

That's 50
2024: 23 overs - Australia 127-2
Ponting lofts Mascarenhas high over mid-on for a lusty boundary to bring up yet another one-day half century. It's looking a bit too easy for the Aussie duo right now, England need to go shopping for wickets. And right on cue...

2020: 23 overs - Australia 121-2
Clarke dances down the track like a matador and punches a gorgeous drive off Rashid over mid-off for four, with Ponting replicating the stroke two balls later, only this time stinging the hands of Andrew Strauss before the ball crosses the ropes. It would be slightly harsh to adjudge that a dropped catch, although Strauss has some seriously sore fingertips to soothe.

2017: 22 overs - Australia 111-2
Ponting works a single square to deep point, while Mascarenhas has Clarke groping like man searching for the bathroom light switch for a midnight leak. The shackles have been applied, albeit temporarily.

2014: 21 overs - Australia 108-2
Sharp turn for Rashid, but a little too short to cause Clarke any issues. Good pace from the Yorkshire leggie, hitting the late 40s, giving the ball plenty of flight to loop above the batsman's eyes. Both Ponting and Clarke look to get inside the line of the ball and hit through extra cover, but cannot fathom a scoring stroke. Excellent comeback from the Yorkshireman after a dire start.

2010: 20 overs - Australia 107-2
More fluid driving from Clarke, who plays a flowing drive off Mascarenhas through the covers for four, but survives a very sharp stumping chance from the next delivery as Matt Prior fails to snaffle a tough gather outside off stump.

Siouxie, TMS inbox: "Can you please ask anyone following the cricket if they know why the B4459 in Ceredigion is closed between County Gate & Capel Dewi Square?"
Surely not, the arch Goth asking for Welsh road assistance? On my watch?

2007: 19 overs - Australia 100-2
This could be the potential turning point in this evenly-contested game as Adil Rashid blazes in for his first over of the night, only to concede two wides with his first two deliveries, although Asad Rauf takes an iron age to indicate his signal to the scorers. After a shifty start, Clarke finally manages to find the middle of the bat with a cut/drive on the back foot through the covers for four. Ten runs from the over says not the best start from the Yorkshire tyro - and the ton's up for Australia.

Beth, on the Metrolink in Manchester, text 81111: "Surely no one has forgotten 'slips'knot. I've already got my coat."

2003: 18 overs - Australia 90-2
Smart glovework from Matt Prior, who whips the bails off as Ricky Ponting is drawn into a play and miss to Dimi Mascarenhas outside off stump, but the Aussie skipper just - and I really do mean just - drags his foot back inside his crease when the bails are whipped off. Smart fielding off his own bowling ensures a solitary single is conceded from a frugal over.

Graham, Barcelona, TMS inbox: "How about re-naming the England side 'Chaotic Sorrow' after the Goth group. Don't need a coat here, so I'll quietly slip away."

1956: 17 overs - Australia 89-2
Another Koh-i-Noor straight drive from Ponting, nonchalantly pushing the ball with minimum fuss back past Bresnan's right foot for another delicious four. Having a brief look at the Trent Bridge faithful and most of them have layers as thick as a car tyre on to banish the Nottingham chill. Time for a beverage.

1952: 16 overs - Australia 82-2
Tight lines - a possible Grand Master Flash opus in honour of line and length bowling perhaps? - from DiMa, who concedes a solitary single from his second over.

1952: 16 overs - Australia 82-2
Tight lines - a possible Grand Master Flash opus in honour of line and length bowling perhaps? - from DiMa, who concedes a solitary single from his second over.

1949: 15 overs - Australia 81-2
New man Michael Clarke takes his place at the non-striker's end after Ponting crossed with Watson in the previous delivery. The Tasmanian screams a vicious aerial cut the diving right hand of Ravi Bopara at backward point for four. Clarke's first delivery is memorable - for all the wrong reasons. An inside edge cannons into his crown jewels and the Aussie vice-captain takes a moment or two to regain his composure after ensuring no long-term damage has been caused.

Wicket falls
1945: 14.4 overs - Australia 76-2 Wicket Watson ct Mascarenhas b Bresnan 36
Tidy fielding from Eoin Morgan on the long-off boundary to prevent a boundary as Punter doubles up off Bresnan. But Watson completely mis-times a mooey over mid-wicket, hitting high on his bat as the ball falls into the vault-like mitts of Dimi Mascarenhas at mid-off.

1942: 14 overs - Australia 72-1
Dimitri Mascarenhas has his first taster with the ball and almost snares Ponting as the Aussie captain spoons a loopy glance over mid-wicket's head to safety. Punter then has another fortunate escape as he attempts to pull a ball too full to pull, but bottom edges on to his pad to safety.

1938: 13 overs - Australia 70-1
Mellifluous batting from Ponting, who eases a front-foot punch past a rather rubbish dive from Stuart Broad for four off Brez. The Aussies are 13 runs better off than England were after 13 overs in their innings. An ominous sign? No idea.

Neil, from Mordor -in-Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Me & my mates used to play cricket in a park in Liverpool in the 90's. We were a rag tag crew of hippies, Goths and metal fans. We even brought our own mower & roller to prepare a wicket. Happy days."

Text in your views on 81111
TC, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, text 81111: "The Scottish village club Preston (Div III, East) play their home games at the Polwarth Gothenburg Oval, known fondly to all as The Goth. Anorak already to hand."

1934: 12 overs - Australia 64-1
If anyone sees a white missile coming towards them at an alarming rate in the West Bridgeford area of Nottingham, it's only Ricky Ponting's enormous six which he has just hit straight back over Sidebottom's head. Once again there was little leverage, just Swiss-like timing and a huge follow through. The maximum dents what had been a tidy SiBo over.

1930: 11 overs - Australia 57-1
A huge Buster Bloodvessel-like slice of luck for Ponting, who sees a genuine outside edge fly past a vacant slip area for four, a development which doesn't best please bowler Tim Bresnan. The chunky Yorkshireman drops short and Ponting tucks into a pull, but cannot beat the man stationed on the deep mid-wicket boundary.

1927: 10 overs - Australia 50-1
Huge round of applause for Ricky Ponting, nice to see the booing which marred the Tests well and truly kicked to the kerb. Fittingly, a world-class front-foot straight drive from one of the very best players to wield the willow races away for four, just a feather-like push with no elaborate follow through. Say whatever you want about Ricky Ponting, but the man bats like hot butter off the knife at times...

John, Exeter, TMS inbox: "Could you please confirm that the name of one of the umpires is Asif Rauf, and not 'Acid Ralph' as my American wife thinks it sounds when the commentators mention him."

Wicket falls
1920: 9 overs - Australia 45-1 Wicket Paine ct Rashid b Bresnan 16 Tim Bresnan's turn at the ramp now and his first delivery goes for four - but what an ugly shot from Paine, the kind of strokeplay that makes your top lip curl in disgust as a bottom-edge hoik runs fine beyond Matt Prior. However, Bres earns his revenge with a sharp bouncer which Paine meekly pulls into the hands of Adil Rashid at short fine leg.

Daniel Beckell, TMS inbox: "Surely goths cannot be that interested in cricket? They are only happy when it rains."

1916: 8 overs - Australia 41-0 Sidebottom rolls his fingers over the seam to take the pace off a delivery, but Watson's seen that from a distance and casually waits on his back foot before a perfect pick-up over mid-wicket races away for four to move to 29.

1912: 7 overs - Australia 35-0
Stuart Broad rattles Watson with a swift bouncer towards the helmet grill as the all-rounder unconvincingly fends aerially, just short of the diving Andrew Strauss running in from slip. A thick inside edge from Watson sees a ball destined for a huge lbw shout eked away for another flukey boundary, followed up with a clattering square cut into the ground, which bounces high over Eoin Morgan's head at backward point for a second successive four.

1908: 6 overs - Australia 26-0
Excellent riposte from SiBo, eschewing the all-you-can-eat buffet in favour of lean calorie-free, line and length stodge, leaking just two from the over.

1904: 5 overs - Australia 24-0
Stuart Broad covers his eyes after watching Dimitri Mascarenhas make an absolute horlicks of stopping a Tim Paine straight drive as the ball evades his slide and down to the boundary for four. This is made the more unbearable after Paine flicks a boundary down past fine leg off the second ball of the day.

DJ, TMS inbox: "The Half Man Half Biscuit cannon of songs includes one called 'Joy Division Oven Gloves' which contains the immortal line "I keep wicket for the Quakers, in my Joy Division Oven Gloves."

1900: 4 overs - Australia 14-0
Streakier than a bag of Frazzles from Watson, who attempts to drive a short-of-a-length delivery but manages to squeeze a thick outside edge to safety down to third man. Tim Paine continues his struggle, like a lone protester outside the House of Commons, but still can't make any decent contact with the white compound of leather.

1856: 3 overs - Australia 13-0
Broad drops a foot too short and Watson pounces on his error, arrogantly pulling the ball high over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four. Brutal. Paine eventually gets off the mark, forcing a couple to third man behind square, but he fails to capitalise on a gimme wide outside off stump.

1852: 2 overs - Australia 6-0
An all-Nottinghamshire attack at Trent Bridge with Ryan Sidebottom taking the new ball alongside county team-mate Broad. Watson turns the left-arm seamer's first ball into the leg side for a single while Tim Paine cannot penetrate the infield. Decent start.

1848: 1 over - Australia 5-0
Shane Watson gets Australia off with a streaky four, edging Stuart Broad high above second slip for four. Broad tips the speedgun at 90.2mph as Tim Paine judiciously opts to shoulder arms. The natural light is fading faster than an English summer tan as the floodlights begin to take over.

1844: My colleague Oliver Brett has just told me that this total is England's second-highest total against Australia. Shocking. Out come the England boys, along with Aussie openers Tim Paine and Shane Watson, the latter who will take strike against Stuart Broad for the first ball of the innings.

1817: Aggers on Test Match Special has Michael Vaughan, Peter Moores and Graham Gooch as guests during the interval. They are discussing Andrew Flintoff's decision to reject an incremental England contract and the team's inconsistent one-day performances.

1813: So at the fifth time of asking, England finally manage to set Australia a decent total to chase down. I'll be back in 30 mins, see you then.


Wicket falls
1810: 50 overs - England 299 all out Wicket Rashid run out 18
Mitchell Johnson is entrusted with the final over and is smeared for successive boundaries by Adil Rashid. He offers width for Rashid to swing his arms and cut down to deep point before a thick outside edge flies high over Tim Paine's head. Sloppy fielding from the Aussies sees Rashid steal a bonus single following a wild throw. Johnson is steaming - and a bouncer is once again edged high over Paine's head for the third boundary of the over. Johnson's final over is fast turning into a farce as his final ball is called a wide as England scramble an additional run. But Rashid is run out off the final ball of the over as Sidebottom swings and misses, only for wicketkeeper Tim Paine to hit the stumps as the young leg-spinner pushes for the single to take England to 300. Breezy innings from the Yorkshireman, hitting an enterprising 18 from just nine deliveries.

1805: 49 overs - England 281-9
Ryan Sidebottom maintains a 100% scoring record with two singles from his two deliveries, while Adil Rashid squirts a single to take England towards the 290-mark.

Wicket falls
1801: 48.3 overs - England 278-9 Wicket Bresnan ct Bracken b Siddle 4
Tim Bresnan attempts a bit of welly, makes decent contact with the ball - but guides the ball straight into Nathan Bracken's breadbasket. In comes last man Ryan Sidebottom.

1759: 48 overs - England 273-8
If Eoin Morgan took his reverse paddle sweep/chip into the Dragons' Den, it would have Theo Paphitis purring and willing to pump millions after a one-bounce four over point's head. The former Millwall chairman would probably withdraw his offer soon after watching Morgan do exactly the same again, only to find the hands of Peter Siddle. New man Tim Bresnan is at the crease.

Wicket falls
1756: 47.3 overs - England 272-8 Wicket Morgan ct Siddle b Bracken 58

Wicket falls
1754: 47 overs - England 267-7 Wicket Broad run out 22
Filth from Siddle first up, presenting Stuart Broad with a long hop on leg stump which the left-hander tucks into with gusto, pulling the ball down to the vacant deep square boundary for four. Good riposte from the Victorian though, firing yorkers right at Broad's toes but there's enough willow on the ball to speed through for singles. Over on TMS, Jonathan Agnew has compared Siddle with former Leicestershire stalwart Gordon Parsons, I like that a lot. Broad pushes a drive to Ricky Ponting at mid-off and the Aussie captain rattles the stumps with a whippy sidethrow and Broad looks in serious danger of losing his wicket. Umpire Richard Kettleborough goes upstairs and third umpire Nigel Llong confirms the lanky fast bowler is a good foot outside of his ground. Off he trudges.

Sally, Southampton, TMS inbox: "Marcus TresGothick anyone?"

1747: 46 overs - England 259-6
It took Morgan just 37 deliveries to bring up his 50. The left-hander attempts a bit of invention with what I can only describe as an attempted reverse Dilscoop, but unsurprisingly, fails to put the ball where he wants it. Stuart Broad, however, manages to do exactly that as he smears Shane Watson for four down past deep point as England post their best score of this NatWest Series.

Andrew, TMS inbox: "Celebrity truncating (with a bit of license) makes Eoin Morgan into Emo."

That's 50
1744: 45 overs - England 250-6
Eager to make amends for his last-over aberration, Broad scrambles a single off Nathan Bracken to hand Morgan the strike off the first ball of the over. Lovely shot from Broad, who punches a gorgeous drive through extra cover for three, with a brilliant one-handed stop from the sprawling Mike Hussey preventing the extra run. Oh my! Take a bow Eoin Morgan. He descends to one knee and absolutely hammers a slog sweep high over between deep mid-wicket and long-on for his third six, a maximum which also brings up a thoroughly entertaining half century.

1739: 44 overs - England 238-6
Watson goes around the wicket to Stuart Broad, who attempts a somewhat elaborate airy drive, nice-looking shot, same about forgetting to make contact with the ball. He eventually does manage to rotate the strike, but with a single off the last ball of the over. Not what England want at this stage.

1735: 43 overs - England 236-6
Nathan Bracken returns and immediately pins Eoin Morgan inside his crease with Tim Paine standing up to the stumps, but manages to pierce the field down to backward point for a couple, before turning a single into a double with a subtle flick around the corner. More astute batting from new man Stuart Broad, who rotates the strike with his first delivery. Oooh, interesting breaking news - Andrew Flintoff has rejected his ECB incremental contract.

Simon, London, TMS inbox: "My office mate, who professes to know nothing about cricket, wonders why no one has seen fit to mention Darren Goth?
Glad we're back to goths again, when did heavy metal become goth?

Text in your views on 81111
From Dave, via text on 81111:"It's a punxatawny of groundhogs"

Wicket falls
1730: 42 overs - England 230-6 Wicket Mascarenhas ct Johnson b Watson 19
Groundhog day - just as an England batsman threatens a big innings...Morgan goes and spoons a catch to Mike Hus...he's only gone and dropped it! Mr Cricket fumbles his initial attempt before a couple of comedy juggles on his way to the deck as the ball rolls hopelessly in front of him, much to the crowd's joy. A fortunate bottom edge squirts past Mascarenhas' off stump and Tim Paine down to the boundary for four. Another boundary - this time through point follows and the batting powerplay is really working for England right now. Lordy - Mascarenhas has only gone and scythed Shane Watson to mid-wicket.

1725: 41 overs - England 219-5
Johnson's line has been about as consistent as a tipsy angler as he strays on to Morgan's pads as the Dublin-born left-hander flicks his rubbery wrists to guide the ball past deep square leg for his third boundary. Intelligent batting from Mascarenhas, tipping a single to allow the former hurling player to take strike. Nice comeback from Johnson as a slower cutter squeezes between Morgan's front pad and bat into Tim Paine's gloves. Ponting calls his square leg inside the circle, only for Mascarenhas to put straight over that fielder's head for four. Good over for England.

1720: 40 overs - England 208-5
Shot of the day from Eoin Morgan, who absolutely marmalises a short Watson delivery high over mid-wicket for his second six of the innings. Some bloke in the stands has his thumb bent back in the wrong direction attempting to snaffle the catch with a pint in his hands. More brilliance from Morgan, using his strong bottom hand to lift the ball over mid-on for another leg-side boundary. More of this please.

1715: 39 overs - England 196-5
DiMa (sorry, I can't resist this celebrity truncating name trend, manna from heaven for my creaky fingers) is clattered flush on the side of the helmet by a vicious bouncer from MiJo and he fortuitously gleans a double down to fine leg attempting to withdraw his bat from another nasty bouncer - called a no-ball by umpire Asad Rauf. A huge ironic cheer erupts around the ground as Mascarenhas clips his first runs on the board through the leg side. But our Dimi knows how to hit sixes - just ask Yuvraj Singh. Who also knows how to hammer sixes. Just ask Stuart Broad. Who also knows how to...oh.

Text in your views on 81111
Rachel Tyrrell, Lincoln, text 81111: "How about 'A Hogwash?"

Wicket falls
1710: 38.1 overs - England 192-5 Wicket Shah ct Paine b Johnson 31
Oh dear, Shah's nibbled a tempter outside off stump from MiJo into the gloves of Tim Paine. In comes Dimi Mascarenhas.

1709: 38 overs - England 192-4
England opt to take the batting powerplay and immediately an aerial assault from Morgan, with Watson on the receiving end of the pasting as the flame-haired left-hander lofts a glorious off drive for a one-bounce four. Singles nurdled and three more to the total.

Text in your views on 81111
From Anon, via text on 81111:"It's a Murray of groundhogs, as in Bill."

1705: 37 overs - England 185-4
A languid flick off Morgan's pads clears the deep square leg boundary for the first six of the innings off Mitchell Johnson, only the fifth maximum of the series. Johnson once again strays on the leg side but Morgan fails to repeat his antics from earlier, although a diving one-handed stop from Tim Paine prevents the ball from going for five wides.

1658: 36 overs - England 178-4
A couple of cordon bleu strokes from the Middlesex duo, a checked drive from Shah and a tasty-looking cut from Morgan add two runs each, while three singles off the returning Shane Watson means the platform is well and truly set for a spot of pyrotechnics in the final 10 overs.

1654: 35 overs - England 171-4
Morgan is bisected by a brute of a Siddle delivery, but through divine intervention or a slight sub-particle change in the atmosphere, the ball contrives to miss his off stump. Undeterred, Morgan clips a double and a single to keep those hardly souls in the scorebox occupied while they pile into their fifth Melton Mowbray pork pie of the afternoon.

James, Jersey, text 81111: "With the last two England performances being, 'ground hog day' for Strauss, and this one heading in the same direction, I wonder whether anyone knows of a collective name for a group of groundhogs that we could use to describe this series? A herd of hog like performances perhaps?"

1651: 34 overs - England 168-4
New man Eoin Morgan gets off the mark with a conventional sweep for a double before stealing the strike with a single off the final ball of Hauritz's spell - 2-54 from his 10 overs.

Richard, Hartlepool, TMS inbox: "For keeping the scoring rate down, how about bowling some Iron Maiden overs ? I've already left the building."

Wicket falls
1645: 33.3 overs - England 165-4 Wicket Prior st Paine b Hauritz 37
Fresh from a beautiful four through cover for four, Prior is stumped dancing down the track. Clever bowling from Hauritz in his final over, spotting Prior's intent early on and bamboozling England's wicketkeeper with a flatter delivery, with Tim Paine whipping off the bails faster than I can spell "convivial".

1643: 33 overs - England 161-3
The Siddler returns and keeps it tight as a flea's pocket until Prior gleans three from his last two deliveries. If your 31st over has disappeared, refresh your page and it will reappear - way too boring to explain the reasons why, unless HTML coding floats your boat.

1639: 32 overs - England 158-3
Hauritz bowling his ninth over now and up comes the fifty partnership as the sun, already low in the sky in these autumnal times, makes another appearance.

1639: 31 overs - England 154-3
Well who would have thought it? Some genuine fluency from two England batsmen, though the running between the wickets remains amateurish. Siddle is back and here's a quieter over, though Prior is a bit unlucky to pick out fine leg with a well-struck pull shot.

1633: 30 overs - England 149-3
Prior wields another cut down to deep point for a double, superbly prevented from rolling over the boundary by Mike Hussey. Four more singles and England maintain their almost five runs an over run-rate. I reckon they will need at 300 on this track against this batting line-up.

Benjamin Dirs, TMS inbox: "In my salad days at Campion School in Hornchurch, a man in the year above, who basically thought of himself as Robert Smith out of The Cure, once strolled out to bat wearing a pair of calf-length army surplus boots. When questioned by the umpire - one Terrence Lowther (where art thou now?) - and told to change into some trainers, the man replied: 'What do you think I am, a homeboy?'"

1630: 29 overs - England 143-3
Lovely shot from Matty P, cutting the ball right under his eyes to guide Michael Clarke down to deep point for four. Blimey, these spinners are rifling through their overs as Clarke concedes a wide for another decent over for England.

1627: 28 overs - England 136-3
Shah skips down the track and lofts Hauritz handsomely over his head for four. A couple more singles and it's all looking good. Again.

Text in your views on 81111
Kevin, Chester, TMS inbox: "If you're after cricketing band's There's none better than Nine Inch Bails - where are the coats kept again?"

1625: 27 overs - England 129-3
Decent partnership brewing between Shah and Prior as Michael Clarke and his brand of left-arm darts are introduced. He rifles through his six deliveries, while Shah gets hit with the ball taking a quick single as a shy at the stumps thuds into his back.

John Duncan, TMS inbox: "O Shah - just how many Irishmen are playing for England these days?"

1622: 26 overs - England 125-3
More boundaries as Prior plays a delicate late cut behind square past third man before capitalising on a Callum Ferguson misfield a deep mid-wicket to collect two.

1618: 25 overs - England 117-3
That's more like it as Shah pounces on some width outside off stump from Johnson, scything the ball behind square for four past third man before adding a second boundary with a thumping pull between mid-on and mid-wicket as MiJo looks for some menace with a short delivery outside off stick.

1614: 24 overs - England 108-3
Shah is stymied like a wasp caught in a spider's web, only this one is weaved by the tweak of Hauritz, who concedes three from another tidy over.

1612: 23 overs - England 105-3
New man Owais Shah wanders over to the non-striker's end as the batsmen crossed before the catch was taken. A bouncer goes over Matt Prior's head and the England wicketkeeper pleads with Asad Rauf to extend his arms for a wide, but the Pakistani official isn't having any of it.

Wicket falls
1608: 22.3 overs - England 105-3 Wicket Denly ct Hussey b Johnson 45
MiJo goes around the wicket to Denly, who plants his front foot down the track and hits over the top, but only to long-off for a single. But five runs short of a deserved half-ton and Denly chips up a simple catch for Mike Hussey to snaffle towards the deep mid-wicket boundary. Bit of a pointless stroke - if you're gonna play that shot, you might as well throw the industrial kitchen sink at the ball, rather than a lazy flick of the wrists.

Text in your views on 81111
Nigel, Manchester, text 81111: "re 1543: abject filth, now they are a great live act. Not sure what they are doing at Trent Bridge, they usually go to The Oval."

1605: 22 overs - England 103-2
Matt Prior elaborately opens up his body to cream Hauritz for a single into the off side, while Denly attempts to use his feet to hit over the top, but doesn't get enough willow to clear the fielder and the ropes.

Dan, Hants, TMS inbox: "It is even less well known that Manchester miserablist Morrissey attended the Old Trafford Test in 1980 with his band mates from The Smiths. Marr, et al did not know that Morrissey was friends with some of the English players. Upon Willis re-arranging the Aussie's stumps and victory being secured, he was seen to turn to Jonny Marr and say "Right, everyone Back To The (Chris) Old House..." I don't have a coat."

1601: 21 overs - England 100-2
Former England coach Peter Moores says Bracken is bowling like Derek Underwood with his run-stopping cutters. And just like Deadly, Bracks has really put the kybosh on England's promising start. Denly moves to 42 with a single to third man which also brings up three figures for the hosts.

Peter S, TMS inbox: "Re Paul, Steve, Darren and the the Goths: I'd always liked Siouxsie and Boundrees. Joy Division of course later changed ends and became New Over."

1557: 20 overs - England 97-2
A touch of inevitability about Bopara's dismise after the lack of runs in the powerplay. New man Matt Prior immdiately gets off the mark with a single, while Denly nicks the strike at the end of the over.

Wicket falls
1555: 19.4 overs - England 95-2 Wicket Bopara ct Hauritz b Watson 18
Bopara perishes attempting to hit over the top with the fielders inside the 30m circle, but succeeds in finding one of the two fielders stationed on the boundary as Nathan Hauritz takes a simple catch at deep square leg.

Get involved on 606

Pyattl01 on 606:

"I like Denly's approach. He looked to hit over the top straight from early on-hooked Siddle with style, hit Johnson over the top and looks a good runner always looking for twos and pressuring the fielders."

1552: 19 overs - England 93-1
Apologies, forget to mention the bowling powerplay has been taken as Bracken goes around the wicket with Tim Paine standing up. Denly attempts an almighty heave over the mid-off's head, but is fortunate to see the ball just evade his off stump. Bracken is mixing up his deliveries with cutters and slower balls, restricting Denly to just two from the over.

1548: 18 overs - England 91-1
Good over from Shane Watson, with his last delivery squaring up RaBo with a beaut outside off stump. Atmos-wise, it's all a bit subdued at Trent Bridge. Even a brace of Pryda's housey hit "Pjanooo" cannot get the faithful to rave with their thermoses.

Text in your views on 81111
Auntie anon, text 81111: "I went to uni with a Welsh goth called Dai Young. He could bowl a decent wrong'un that he seemed able to disguise behind his long dark locks."
Surely not the former Wales front-row legend Dai Young? A goth prop, now there's something you will never see...

Text in your views on 81111
Steve, York, text 81111: "It isn't that well known that Joy Division wrote a classic about when they all went to watch Yorkshire play Lancashire at Old Trafford in 1980. After a couple of extravagant cover drives from Boycott's opening partner Ian Curtis turned to his band mates and uttered the immortal line '(Jim) Love Will Tear Us Apart' I've already got my coat..."

1543: 17 overs - England 89-1
MiJo serves up some abject filth wide outside off stump which Denly dispatches to the boundary, but not quite where he wanted to as a thick outside edge squirts past third man. Bopara stylishly turns his wrist to guide the ball over short fine leg for his first genuine boundary before adding a couple with a tightly run double which would have been very close had the throw from the deep been returned into Tim Paine's gloves. Bopara adds another streaky run, playing with soft hands and dropping the ball at his feet to leave Denly scrambling for his ground in a straight race with Johnson. Fortunately Denly wins and MiJo's underarm throw misses the stumps. Healthy over for England with 12 runs added to the total. Time for beverages.

Paul, Birmingham, TMS inbox: "RE: Darren, Cambs (15:15) - the Neph were OK, but I always preferred the Sisters of MCC. I also will get my coat..."

1537: 16 overs - England 77-1
Hauritz blitzes through his six deliveries, leaking four runs - all singles - as RaBo and JoDe add a couple to their respective tallies.

1534: 15 overs - England 73-1
Denly picks up a brace with a fluid square cut to point off Johnson, who peppers Bopara with a few deliveries around the ribcage. But RaBo (if only for an M...) clips a single to leg before Denly larrups the Queenslander straight back over his head for a one-bounce four, confirmed by third umpire Nigel Llong. The Kent man is batting with purpose and poise not seen at the top of the order since Marcus Trescothick.

1529: 14 overs - England 66-1
Fresh from lumping Nathan Hauritz straight back over his head for four, umpire Rauf's finger points skywards as the England captain attempts an injudicious reverse sweep. Totally needless shot, especially after playing such a classy conventional shot the delivery before. In comes Ravi Bopara, who gets off the mark with a juicy five as Mitchell Johnson's wayward throw is way beyond the despairing dive of Tim Paine and flies down to the boundary. TV replays suggest Strauss feathered a bit of glove before the pad, but really, no need to play the stroke.

Wicket falls
1524: 13.2 overs - England 61-1 WICKET Strauss lbw Hauritz 35

1523: 12 overs - England 57-0
Strauss, who has been nominated as one of the ICC's player of the year award can't find the necessary width to extend his arms, but manages a few singles instead.

Rob Lowery, TMS inbox: "I played a 30 over game against the Heavy Metal band Thunder in 1993. I actually got 3 of the 4 band members out, only the drummer escaped me. Was a cracking game in which Thunder triumphed by one wicket. Although the fact they were only chasing 53 for victory may give you an idea of the quality of the encounter!"

1520: 12 overs - England 54-0
TfT - time for tweak with Nathan Hauritz introduced for his first joust of the day. His first ball is turned around the corner for two by Denly to bring up England's 50, while his second ball is called a wide by umpire Asad Rauf, much to the Queenslander's bemusement. JoDe punches a single off his back foot to long-on, while Strauss skips down the track to hit Hauritz back over his head, but the ball is too full to smash and the England skipper squirts a single to long-on.

Get involved on 606
From nigeweir on 606: "It's actually amazing that we won back the Ashes. We are an utterly pathetic cricket team. As was expected without KP to be honest."

Text in your views on 81111
John in Reading, text 81111: "Goths playing cricket. The Oxfordshire village of Stonor has two goths currently playing for their cricket team. One of whom was described on BBC Radio 6 as the smartest goth in Britain. Strange but true."

1515: 11 overs - England 49-0
Shane Watson and his brand of non-threatening seamers are introduced, allowing both openers to glean singles but nothing more.

Darren, Cambs, TMS inbox: "Fielders of the Nephilim" anyone? Anyone?? I'll get my coat..."

1511: 10 overs - England 47-0
MiJo attempts a yorker at Strauss' pads, but errs just outside on the full, allowing Strauss to clip it off his pads for a single. Lovely shot from Denly, who takes a couple of steps down the track, opens up his body and clubs the ball through cover for four. Excellent running from the openers, who turn a single into a double to give England another decent platform to make an absolute pig's ear of, errr, I mean build an intimidating total for the Aussies to chase.

Text in your views on 81111
From Tony in the middle of a forest, via text on 81111: "Something you may not know but Hugh Cornwell once of The Stranglers played in a cricket match in the 70s wearing all black with black pads and black gloves."

1506: 9 overs - England 40-0
Strauss, Yoda-like, is playing with Force right now, dabbing a nonchalant single behind square for a simple single off Siddle. Denly isn't finding it quite as simple, bust still manages to dig out a yorker for a single.

Adam, Auchterhouse, Angus, TMS inbox:

"Re. 1427, I remember seeing Lemmy, Jet Black, Hugh Cornwell and Eddie Grant playing cricket in west London a number of years ago. A roasting hot day with the muso's playing against the music media. The muso's were all in black, as befits The Stranglers of the day. Jean Jacques Burnel was out, I recall, for a primary and to say he disputed the decision is an understatement. There was certainly not much cricket played after he was out."

1502: 8 overs - England 37-0
Punter hauls the profligate Nathan Bracken off with Mitchell Johnson, or MiJo in today's celebrity abbreviation parlance, rocking up for his first wang of the day. Denly spoons up a loopy backward defence, but well clear of any fielders, while he plays and misses to a ball that does absolutely nothing slanted across him outside off stump. Couple of singles though.

Gina, Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "In an effort to try and get excited about yet another of these dull ODI's, my work mate Sarah and I were musing, or is fantasising, about how much more attractive and colourful it would would be if we had Mediterranean/south American teams as well. For example, stealing some tennis names. it could be - 'Opening the batting is Juan Martin del Potro and Fernando Verdasco'. Sounds good eh? Sarah and I also conclude that they would be very attractive to watch."

1458: 7 overs - England 35-0
Wallop! Denly rocks back and punches Peter Siddle through mid-wicket for four - and it wasn't even that short a delivery. Umpire Richard Kettleborough signals a no-ball as Siddle oversteps - the replays suggest Siddle's upraised heel would have touched on the line - and Denly smears a single to mid-off for a single.

Michael Platten, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Robert Smith with eyeshadow substituted for Siddlesque quantities of sunblock. I'd pay to see that."

1453: 6 overs - England 29-0
Oh I see, lull the Aussies into a false sense of security by batting like an under-11 in the first three overs before lump seven bales around the park. Joe Denly takes two strides down the pitch and wellies a Bracken slower ball straight back over the bowler's head for four. Strauss crunches one of his favourite square cuts just - and I really do mean just - past the diving hands of Michael Clarke at backward point for his fourth boundary. Tim Paine opts to stand up to the wicket to pin the batsmen back in their crease, but Strauss guides another cut - along the carpet this time - past Clarke for another boundary. It's all kicking off. Wahoo!

Michael Platten, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "You could instantly increase the crowd capacity for one-dayers by having "Goth only" enclosures behind the bowler's arm instead of sight screens. For tests, they could be 70's BeeGees and Elvis impersonator enclosures. Do I win £5?" Yes. I mean no.

1448: 5 overs - England 16-0
Finally, Strauss makes a bit of room to cut Siddle between the two point fielders and register England's first boundary. He can't beat mid-off with a big drive from the the next ball, but another full-pitched ball is despatched behind square-leg for four more. Ooh this is more like it, Siddle's radar remains wonky, Strauss clatters him through midwicket and the last ball of the over is thick-edged to second slip, but in controlled fashion. Grey clouds overhead.

1444: 4 overs - England 4-0
Denly squirts a tickle off the hips to get off the mark with a single, while Strauss plays an ugly cover drive, which rattles off the bottom edge of his bat through to mid-on for a single.

Ryan, Exeter, TMS inbox: "I understand Rammstein form a pretty intimidating looking batting line-up. Which all seems rather unlikely given their German roots, but this is one of the mysteries of life I guess."

1440: 3 overs - England 2-0
After 14 dot balls, Straussy finally gets England's first runs of the over with a paddle pull off Siddle for two. Couple of nice shot-for-no-runs from the England captain, but nothing to penetrate the 30m infield. On a complete tangent, some water has just gushed out of my ear following a pre-work swim.

1437: 2 overs - England 0-0
Ah the nascent confidence of youth. Joe Denly takes a couple of strides down the track to hump Nathan Bracken over mid-off, but the wily left-arm seamer spears the ball right at the Kent opener's toe, forcing the batsman to jam his bat down to prevent any sort of early embarrassment. He attempts to do exactly the same again with the last ball of the over, but like his captain in the over before, completely misses the ball attempting an agricultural off-side swipe. Tight lines from the Aussies.

Steven Lowther, TMS inbox:

"Re: Luke Wright's injury. Seemingly he was struck on the toe by an inswinging yorker from a Bowling Machine. Surely Strauss should offer a starting place to Mr B Machine - stick some white's on him, a cap and shades - the Aussies won't notice. Probably."

1433: 1 over - England 0-0
Tidy opening over from the Siddler, forcing Strauss to nibble at a couple of deliveries outside off stump, the last of which Strauss attempts to flash through cover without moving his feet, but completely misses the ball as it sails straight into Tim Paine's glove. Maiden over.

1429: The teams:

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Joe Denly, Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Eoin Morgan, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Stuart Broad, Adil Rashid, Tim Bresnan, Ryan Sidebottom

Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Callum Ferguson, Michael Hussey, Cameron White, Mitchell Johnson, Nathan Hauritz, Peter Siddle, Nathan Bracken

1429: England openers Joe Denly and Andrew Strauss walk purposely out to the middle, with Peter Siddle to bowl the first over.

1427: I was listening to Danny Wallace sitting in for George Lamb on 6 Music this morning when the subject of Goths was brought up and in particular, things you would never see a Goth do. One suggestion was play cricket, which I must admit, I have never seen. Has anyone ever seen Andrew Eldritch of the Sisters of Mercy play with a high elbow through the covers? Or Bauhaus form a menacing slip cordon in a Hampshire village? Answers via the 606 website, text 81111 or emails via the TMS inbox.

1420: Oooof! Luke Wright took a toe-cruncher in the nets yesterday (the assailant has not been revealed by Strauss) and now boasts four stitches for his efforts. Wonder if his big toe throbbed like it does in the cartoons when someone drops an anvil or a grand piano on Wile E. Coyote's foot...

Rob Amos, London, TMS inbox: "Not enough changes for me. Wright is one of the few players who has the right attitude to one-day cricket and will be missed. There is a place for Wright and Dimi if both fit. Lets see the likes of Phil Mustard in the side. Will England change their approach in the middle overs? I hope so..."

1413: It's murkier than Mordor at Trent Bridge, but despite the skies above threatening a Biblical downpour, the ground below remains dry - for now. As for the pitch, it looks like a belting batting pitch, not that it means anything judging by England's performances in the previous four matches. Their last effort was about as much fun to watch as root canal surgery.

1404: Pack down those brollies, Andrew Strauss has won the toss again - making it five out of five - so England will bat first. One change for the men in red with Dimitri Mascarenhas replacing Luke Wright while the Aussies opt to rest the sizzling Brett Lee with the snarling Peter Siddle taking his place in the starting XI.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • Australia beat England by 4 wickets
  • England: 299 (50.0 overs)
  • Australia: 302-6 (48.2 overs)

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 302
Watson c Mascarenhas b Bresnan 36
Paine c Rashid b Bresnan 16
Ponting c Shah b Broad 126
Clarke c Shah b Rashid 52
Hussey c Sidebottom b Mascarenhas 6
Ferguson lbw b Broad 17
White not out 20
Johnson not out 18
Extras 6w 5b 11

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