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England v Australia 2nd ODI as it happened

Second one-day international, Lord's:


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By Ben Dirs


Wicket falls
46th over - WICKET - Collingwood b Lee 56 (Eng 210)
That's that, Collingwood misses a yorker from Lee and it's a thumping defeat for England. That was really very poor.

45th over - 210-9 Deary me, as if things weren't bad enough, Colly's taken one in the orchestras. A lapse in the field allows Jimmy Anderson to slide in for a second run, and Colly picks up another single with a clip to leg. Not much of a powerplay this, Anderson wafting outside off, and doing so again.

45th over - 207-9 IT'S OK! ENGLAND ARE TAKING THE POWERPLAY! With Jimmy Anderson in the middle... Lee bumps Collingwood and the all-rounder misses with an attempted hook, and Lee very nearly cleans him up with a yorker next ball, but Collingwood just manages to get something on it for two. A mixture of jeers and cheers from the crowd as Anderson takes his guard. Anderson, who bumped Lee when Australia were batting, backs away and is beaten outside off. Lee gets in Jimmy's face and gives him a look that says, "maybe you shouldn't have done that..."

44th over - 204-9 Jimmy Anderson blocks out the final ball of Bracken's over...

Wicket falls
44th over - WICKET - Sidebottom b Bracken 0 (Eng 204-9)
Sidebottom survives two balls before being cleaned up between bat and pad. Say night-night England...

Wicket falls
44th over - WICKET - Swann b Bracken 14 (Eng 204-8)
Four byes for England as Bracken scythes Swann in two, but Swanny's gone next ball, hitting across the line, furniture splattered.

That's 50
43rd over - 200-7 It's not all doom and gloom for England, they're currently 19 runs ahead of where Australia were. Tremendous running from Collingwood, nibbling to mid-on before steeping on the gas and diving full length. That's his fifty, from 74 balls, and his 22nd overall. And there's the England 200, 50 needed from 42 balls.

42nd over - 197-7 Bracken kicks off with three dot balls before Collingwood does manage to get him away for a single. Swann twiddles Bracken into the covers for one before Collingwood breaks the shackles with a shovelled drive to the long-leg boundary.

41st over - 191-7 Sorry Jayne (see below), not good enough... Collingwood steers Johnson to third-man for one and Swann squirts to the same region for one more. Collingwood leans back and shovels Johnson over his shoulder for a single before Swann picks up one with what looked like a leading edge. Hauritz the fielder, but he couldn't quite get a hand to it. A wide, before Collingwood swats Johnson to square-leg to steal the strike. A Curly Wurly for Carl Evans, for pointing out that Jonathan Trott doesn't play medium length cricket because "the selectors like to be consistent". Well done!

"If Trott was any good at medium cricket, he would have been called Canter..."
Jayne in the TMS inbox

40th over - 184-7 Hauritz back on, and he very nearly lures Swann into holing out to long-off, but the ball drops short of the fielder. Outrageous reverse sweep from Swann, and he bags one for the shot. Colly nibbles round the corner and Swann makes it six from the over with a sweep, and steals the strike. Sixty-six needed from 60...

39th over - 178-7 Neat little shot from Swann, waiting on one from Johnson and dabbing down to third-man for a couple. Swann skews a thick edge for one more and Colly adds one more for five in the over.

38th over - 173-7 Three singles and a bye from Bracken's over, England need rather more than that: 77 needed from 72 balls...

37th over - 169-7 Graeme Swann next in, and he's off the mark with a quick single. Swann had to travel there, Clarke just missed with his throw from the covers. Can anyone explain why Jonathan Trott is apparently good at really short cricket and really long cricket, but is apparently not good enough for medium length cricket? A Curly Wurly in the post for the first person who can answer satisfactorily...

Wicket falls
37th over - WICKET - Bresnan c Paine b Johnson 5 (Aus 165-6)
Collingwood looks to pull, misses and the ball loops off his thigh and drops just short of wicket-keeper Paine. Bizarrely, if Paine had got there, Umpire Hill reckons that would have been out as he's given runs, despite the fact it was about three feet from his bat. One for Colly, but down goes Bresnan, flashing wildly outside off.

36th over - 165-6 Collingwood thrashes across the line and is rapped on the pads by Bracken, but the batsman got wood on it. England now need a run a ball... Carole from Maidenhead, she'd understand, her hoovering hasn't been up to scratch for years, you can almost see your footprints in the dust in that house.

"What does you real mum think about you wanting to replace her years of Sunday roasts and selfless hoovering for Miss Allen? Eh? Eh? How good do you feel now Benjamin?"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox

35th over - 163-6 Bresnan wafts outside off and is beaten by the pace of Lee. Nice on-drive from Bresnan, but it's fielded, and Lee follows up with a well-directed bouncer. Good luck scoring runs off that... Bresnan does pick up one with a push to mid-off.

34th over - 162-6 Bresnan cracks Hauritz to mid-off for one, before Collingwood plays an awkward-looking reverse-sweep but misses. England need a few boundaries here, it's trickling away from them...

33rd over - 160-6 Bresnan is the new man in the middle and he's beaten outside off first ball. But the chunky Yorkshireman is off the mark with a clip to mid-wicket. Lee in the groove here, and Bresnan wears a 93mph bouncer on the biceps. Dicey for England now, if Collingwood falls, you can't see them getting home.

Wicket falls
33rd over WICKET - Wright c Paine b Lee 25 (Eng 157-5)
Lee with some chin music and Collingwood tugs him away for one. But that's another one down, Wright flashing outside off and feathering to Paine behind the sticks. England in a bit of bother now, Australia favourites now?

32nd over - 156-5 The 150 comes up as Collingwood nibbles a single, before Wright pushes to point for one. A single for Collingwood, and Wright weighs in with a much-needed boundary, fetching Hauritz from outside off. Drinks.

31st over - 149-5 Lee gets one to shape back into Wright, and there's a strangled appeal as the ball squirts into the leg-side for one. Collingwood clips Lee through point for one, before the floodlights come to life and Clarke calls for Hauritz.

30th over - 147-5 Soporific atmosphere at Lord's, it sounds like the South Terminal at Gatwick. That's livened things up a bit, Wright climbing into an over-pitched delivery from Bracken and picking up four over extra-cover.

29th over - 141-5 Johnson short, and clobbered through the covers for four by Wright. One more for Wright, before Colly steals the strike with a shovel to mid-wicket.

"Ah Ben, you might think the idea of Lily being your mum is great just now but just think how embarrassing it's going to be when..." hang on a minute, I can't use this! Filthy...
Jayne in the TMS inbox

28th over - 135-5 Collingwood keeps things ticking over with a single into the off-side, as replays show that Morgan lbw was only just clipping leg-stump. Wright's off the mark with an outside edge for two and that's another brace courtesy of a glide to point - good running from this England pair. Fine fielding from Clarke at backward-point, but Wright still adds one.

27th over - 129-5 Luke Wright now, this is all horribly predictable as an England fan. Awful stroke from Wright, fencing at a Johnson delivery outside off, but he survives...

Wicket falls
27th over - WICKET - Morgan lbw b Johnson 15 (Eng 129-5)
Good rebuilding job this, although if Collingwood was a builder, he'd be one of those blokes who droned on about different types of ceiling tiles over the afternoon cup of tea... Morgan gone, beaten for pace by Johnson...

26th over - 129-4 Collingwood with a couple for a dab to third-man before the Durham nugget nicks the strike. Jagger and Watts up in the pavilion, and Lily Allen ferrying teas. Allen looking a little bit mumsy there... I sometimes wish she was my mum...

25th over - 127-4 Johnson back on and he serves Morgan up a short one, but that's well-played from the little left-hander, rolling the wrists on it and picking up a couple. Iffy four from Morgan, Chinese cutting and the ball just evading Paine behind the stumps. Cheeky single from Morgan to mid-on, no mix-ups there, and Collingwood picks up a single with a flick to mid-wicket. Lee misfields, but England don't risk it. Australia were 103-3 at this stage in their innings, so runs not a problem...

24th over - 117-4 Bracken draws Morgan into a nibble, but there's no edge. Morgan ricochets onto his pads and picks up a streaky single, before Collingwood nudges down to third-man for two more.

23rd over - 113-4 I should mention that Paul Collingwood has just reached 4,000 runs in ODIs - he's the fifth highest English run-scorer in history after Stewart, Trescothick, Gooch and Lamb. Watson digs one in and Morgan gives it the treatment, carting the ball to the deep mid-wicket fence. Another nice stroke to follow, Morgan carving Watson through point for one more.

22nd over - 107-4 Morgan is off the mark with a single and Colly clips to mid-wicket for one more. One more for Morgan with a carve to point before Colly fetches from outside off to move to 14.

21st over - 103-4 Dreadful stuff from Shah, England had already gleaned six runs from that over. Collingwood pushed into the covers, called, and Shah accepted the run before checking his run and coming up six feet short. Eoin Morgan is next up the ramp. Collingwood tucks Watson to mid-wicket for a couple before giving a short one from Watson what it deserves, swivelling and helping the ball to the square-leg boundary. That's England's ton.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Shah run out 12 (Eng 97-4)
Collingwood with his first four, coming down the pitch and clipping Hauritz over the top through wide long-on. Tremendous fielding from Ferguson to restrict Collingwood to one, before Shah does it again folks, and is run out by miles...

"Ben, as you have noted below, my future husband (Alastair Cook) has scored two consecutive tons in Pro40 cricket - hopefully Strauss will see sense and put him in later on in the series."
Victoria in the TMS inbox

19th over - 91-3 Classic Shah, creaming Watson on the up for four, and Colly is off the mark with a nurdle to leg...

18th over - 85-3 Now don't get me wrong, I love a Lancaster Bomber fly-past as much as the next man, but I'm not sure having an extremely loud Second World War plane is likely to do much for the concentration. Collingwood survives the over. Oh, and apparently you spell 'terradactyl' 'pterodactyl'... I don't tend to write it much...

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Strauss c&b Hauritz 47 (85-3)
We've got a Lancaster Bomber fly-past, I can see the first one coming in now, looking like some hulking metal terradactyl. Lancaster Bomber stops play! The crowd rises, the players look up, and Clarke will probably get done for a slow over-rate. Nice shot from Shah when we get back under way, twirling round the corner for one, but down goes Strauss, chipping a leading edge back to the bowler.

17th over - 78-2 Owais Shah, Strauss's Middlesex colleague, is the next batsman, and I should just point out that Strauss did not dismiss his opening partner, that should have read Watson... sorry, although I wouldn't put it past England... A slip in for Shah, who plays a confident forward defensive to his first ball faced, and he slashes a Watson full-bunger square to get off the mark. One more for Strauss with a glide to third-man.

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET - Prior c Paine b Watson 1 (Eng 76-2)
And another, Prior flashing outside off and Paine doing the honours behind the stumps. Hmmm...

16th over - 74-0 Prior moves across his stumps and is beaten by one that goes straight on from Hauritz. Prior does get off the mark with an inside edge for one, before Hauritz has a leg before against Strauss rejected by Umpire Gould.

15th over - 74-0 Ravi still looks a bit out of sorts to me, looks like these Aussies have done a number on him this summer. Matt Prior the next batter and he blocks out the one remaining delivery.

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Bopara lbw b Watson 27 (Eng 74-1)
Clarke turns to his sixth bowler, and the innings is only 15 overs old. Shane Watson now, and he's almost got Bopara second ball, the Essex opener coming down the track and very nearly playing on. And Ravi's a goner, playing all round one and getting himself trapped in front.

14th over - 74-0 Cheeky single from Strauss and Bopara moves to 25 with a clip to mid-wicket. This is far too easy for England at the moment, Strauss happy to just clip Hauritz to leg almost every ball he faces.

13th over - 70-0 England all over Hopes like a cheap suit now - Strauss deflects the Queenslander for four, before latching onto a rank long-hop and yanking him away for four more. That could be that for Hopes...

12th over - 61-0 Hauritz into the attack and Bopara has a flash at his first ball, tossed up, and misses. Bopara uses his feet and nudges Hauritz into the covers, and Strauss does well to scamper a run. Strauss waits on one and dabs to leg before setting off for two more, and the England captain moves to 33 with another tickle. Cracking shot from Bopara, who looks like he's got his mojo back, dropping to one knee and flicking the ball to the mid-wicket fence.

11th over - 53-0 Powerplay now, as Hopes sends down a wide, and Strauss cuts for four two balls later. Short from Hopes again, but this time Strauss mistimes a pull shot and picks up only one. Hopes all over the place so far, and Bopara raises the fifty with a tickle round the corner for four. Has anyone ever known a man with a lower hairline than Hopes? Oddbod off of Carry On Screaming perhaps? Sorry, I'm just jealous.

10th over - 42-0 Whip-crack away, Bopara slams Johnson through the covers for four off the back foot. One more for the Forest Gate native and Strauss adds one. Nice stroke from Bopara, just spooning Johnson into the leg-side for one, and Strauss steals the strike with a nurdles to square-leg.

9th over - 34-0 Here's James Hopes now, who Langer describes as the Luke Wright of Australian cricket. Strauss moves to 23 with a nurdled single before Bopara gives Hopes the charge, but is unable to get the ball away. Tim Paine immediately chucks the lid on and moves up to the stumps, and Bopara moves to nine with a horrible smear to mid-wicket. This wicket looks a little bit sticky, Bopara, certainly, really struggling with his timing.

8th over - 32-0 Strauss misses out a Johnson long-hop outside off, that's normally meat and drink for the England skipper. Strauss nibbles Johnson round the corner for one and Bopara uses his wrists to knife a single to point. England looking comfortable at the moment, with both batsmen happy to milk Johnson for ones, although as I write that Bopara chases a wide one. "Tufnell was without doubt the worst batsman I've ever seen, and he was without doubt the toughest cricketer I've ever had to skipper," says Justin Langer in the TMS inbox.

7th over - 29-0 Bopara looks to pull, but he's beaten for pace. Slower ball from Lee, and Bopara pats it gently back. Nice placement from Bopara, threading a back-foot drive into the covers for a few. More of a hubbub now at Lord's as the old claret starts to take effect, as Strauss has a heave at a free hit from Lee, but doesn't get hold of it and picks up just one. One more for Bopara with a push into the covers, before Strauss steals the strike.

"Whether or not Bopara is a class batsman or not, he simply doesn't score quickly enough to warrant his place in the ODI side. Strauss was dropped previously, because he didn't score quickly enough, even though we all knew he was a quality batsman. Yes, Bopara made 49 the other night, but took an age. Better to have a couple of cameos of 20 or 30 than a drawn-out Bopara knock."
Mike, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

6th over - 22-0 Bopara glides Johnson to third-man for a single before Strauss finds a gap in the leg-side for one more. A single for Bopara with a punch into the covers, before Strauss unfurls a little gem, clipping Johnson to the mid-wicket fence for four. Good shot that.

5th over - 15-0 A screech goes up from the Aussie fielders and Strauss shovels Lee round the corner and the ball lands just short of Bracken down at long-leg. Bopara still on nought, he hasn't had much strike, before Lee looks to test him out with a bumper, but it's called a wide. STREAKY! Bopara off the mark with a inside edge for one.

4th over - 12-0 Strauss plays a ragged stroke onto his boot, befoer Bracken gets too close to the England skipper's pads and is turned away for four. Strauss goes on the walk, but settles on a defensive stroke for no run, before nicking the strike with a nudge to point.

3rd over - 7-0 Strauss deflects Lee to square-leg for one, but otherwise that's tighter than a camel's backside in a sandstorm.

2nd over - 6-0 The left-handed Nathan Bracken shares the new ball, and he's got two slips in for Strauss. Bracken, who looks like he's inherited Farrah Fawcett's hair, offers some width and Strauss is onto it in a flash and twirls him away for four. Strauss turns Bracken off his hip for one more.

1st over - 1-0 Right, watery sunshine now at Lord's as England's openers, Strauss and Bopara, stroll out for a bat. Manually refresh the page and you'll see 'ENGLAND INNNGS' appear at the top of the page... Lee to bowl first, he'll fancy it on this deck, it's a bouncy one, but Strauss nibbles his first ball round the corner for one. Bopara is beaten outside off, Lee cranking it up to 93mph. A few words for Bopara in his follow-through, and Lee follows up with a bumper, which the Essex dasher ducks with ease.

"Crikey - 66 off the last 6 overs - the number of the beast! Could it be the Aussies are benefitting from satanic assistance? Or are England just as crumbly as an apple crumble?"
Blake W in the TMS inbox


Get involved on 606
From complicatedlysimple on 606: "Only England is capable of gifting away a match from such a potentially winning situation... aaaaaaghhh... How did Australia manage 249... England baffles me"

50th over - 249-8 Hauritz lofts Sidebottom, who's been charged with bowling the final over, over mid-off for one. Johnson backs daintily away, and Sidebottom, rather cleverly, chases him, but the batsman gets something on it and the ball races away for four. Remarkably, or maybe not, that wicket from Anderson was his first since the Ashes Test at Edgbaston. More innovation from Johnson, swapping hands and reverse-nurdling Sidebottom down to long-leg for a couple, and Johnson nicks two more from Sidebottom's final delivery. Well done England, that should be a very gettable target... although Johnson and Lee will have taken note of the pace and bounce...

49th over - 238-8 Sweet, sweet shot from Johnson, just dangling his bat and deflecting Anderson down to the long-leg boundary. Big man Johnson, that was like seeing a gorilla sipping tea from a bone china cup. Wide from Anderson outside off, before Johnson moves outside off and marmalises Anderson through mid-wicket for four more. Low full-bunger from Anderson and Johnson persuades the ball to long-off for two.

48th over - 224-8 Johnson squeezes a single into the off-side befoer Hauritz squirts a couple down to deep backward-point. That's not clever fielding from Collingwood, who's not his usual self in the field today, it's like he's been imbued with the spirit of Devon Malcolm. Johnson backs away and clubs into the covers for two, and he moves to 25 quick runs with a hoick round the corner for two more.

47th over - 216-8 A wide from Anderson before he misses with an attempted yorker which runs away for four byes. Hauritz is off the mark with a steer to mid-off, before Johnson nicks the strike with an easy single to long-off. "Just wondering at what point somebody might say, 'what a good performance this has been by England to restrict Australia's scoring rate and take wickets'," emails Paul in Spain. It's a very good point Paul, and I think you've stumbled upon the fundamental problem with the 50-over game - England have bowled well to restrict Australia, but it's the slow scoring rate that has made it a difficult game to engage with. Are you listening to this Lord's crowd? It's like they're watching someone filing down his bunions.

46th over - 209-8 Nathan Hauritz is the new man at the crease, and he's under way with a steer into the covers for one. Handy that, he's got the bowling.

Out for a duck
46th over - WICKET - Lee c Shah b Sidebottom 0 (Aus 208-8)
Johnson moves to 16 with a dismissive clip off his pads off the bowling of Sidebottom - four. Johnson swings Siders to long-on for two before adding a single, before Lee holes out to Shah at extra-cover. Paul in Lancs (see below), is it because they've been using the wrong kind of pesticide?

45th over - 201-7 Brett Lee in the middle now, and England will have to be careful here, him and Johnson can biff it a bit. RIPPER! Anderson digs one in, and Lee just manages to yank his head out of harm's way. The next ball is pitched up, and Lee has a dart and misses.

Wicket falls
45th over - WICKET - Ferguson b Anderson 55 (Aus 201-7)
Anderson back into the attack, he's been expensive so far. But that's a good yorker to start with, Ferguson just managing to squeeze it out for one. Johnson with single, before Anderson fields well to prevent a run. Leg-side wide, but Anderson's got his man next ball, Ferguson playing all round a straight one.

"As the cricket's a bit slow, Ben, would you do me a favour and just tell me again why the Japanese 10-year bond yield is staying so low? Is it simply because of reduced expectation of inflation growth in the medium term, or is it more linked to investors' continued use of government bonds in preference to riskier assets, and how does the election of the new 'Super Keynesian' government relate to this?"
Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

That's 50
44th over - 183-6 Mitchell Johnson makes room and carves Wright over the man at backward-point, but that's a magnificent stop from Morgan on the boundary rope to restrict the burly left-hander to three. Wright tests Ferguson out with a bumper, and Ferguson brings up his second successive fifty with a hook for four. Another good knock that, he looks a player. And here's Johnson, dragging Wright through mid-wicket for four. Two more from Johnson with a mis-timed pull, and that's chewed up Wright's figures a little bit. But he's still done a decent job - 2-52 off 10.

43rd over - 183-6 Johnson now and he'll be looking to block out a few balls before giving it the long handle. Johnson should have been gone there, but the throw from Anderson from short third-man was poor. Ferguson and Johnson exchange two more singles, there should be some fireworks from here on in.

Wicket falls
43rd over - WICKET - Hopes lbw b Swann 11 (Aus 179-6)
Another Aussie wicket goes down - fuller from Swann, Hopes misses with a swat, and Gunner Gould raises his pistol finger.

42nd over - 179-5 Ferguson goes for some heave-ho and misses, before Wright beats him again outside off. Good, bustling bowling this from Wright, but that's short and Ferguson swivels and yanks him away for four. Ferguson backs away and goes inside-out, but the ball lands in no-man's land at third-man. Two for the shot, and he picks up two more, digging out a yorker to square-leg.

41st over - 171-5 Hopes sweeps for a couple, the ball going straight through Anderson at square-leg...

40th over - 169-5 Wright back on and Hopes, perhaps surprised by the extra pace, is beaten outside off. Fine fielding from Wright to deny Hopes a single, but Hopes does find a gap at mid-on to move to eight. Pretty tasty day now at Lord's, as Ferguson creams Wright to mid-off for a crisp one. Single for Hopes to mid-wicket. Full crowd in, but not much noise...

39th over - 166-5 Hopes drops to one knee and plays an impudent little dab-sweep for four. Bit of risk in that, the ball just evading the man at square-leg, but Australia are in the rick business at this stage of the innings. Hopes with another single, before Ferguson picks up a brace to mid-wicket.

"Did Blowers go on the original 18-30 holiday in 1830?"
Neil Wells, Abu Dhabi, in the TMS inbox

38th over - 159-5 James Hopes is the next Australian batsman, but first it's Bopara to Ferguson. Hopes is off the mark with a steer to point and he picks up another with a gentle on-drive.

Wicket falls
37th over - WICKET - Hussey b Swann 8 (Aus 155-5)
Hussey flips Swann to long-on for one and Ferguson picks up a single. And Hussey's gone next ball - nice flight, pitched on middle, turned a touch and took Hussey's off-peg.

36th over - 153-4 Bopara keeping it tight, Australia ticking over, three from that over...

35th over - 150-4 Swann has switched ends now, which suggests Bopara was only on for that purpose. Hussey steers Swann through point for one. Easy single for Ferguson with a clip to square-leg, before Swann goes up for lbw against Hussey, but that may have been sliding down leg. Thick inside edge for Hussey for one, as Blowers reveals on TMS that he has, in the past, patronised Stringfellows. Next he'll be telling us he's holidaying at the Playboy Mansion.

"Kev (see below), which friendly in 2001 was more exciting than this mythical washing machine?"
James in the TMS inbox

34th over - 147-4 Mike Hussey scampers to the middle, and he's off the mark with a nervy-looking single. Ferguson with those rubber wrists of his turns Bopara to leg for one, before Hussey pushes into the covers for a single. Two more singles, Australia on for 260?

Wicket falls
34th over - WICKET - White c Prior b Bopara 42 (Aus 142-4)
WHAT A CHANGE! White nibbles at Bopara's first ball, and Prior takes another very smart catch standing up. Prior's gone from Henry Blofeld to Alan Knott behind the timbers in the space of a few months.

33rd over - 142-3 White nudges Colly to cover for one before Ferguson goes inside-out and lofts over the top for four. Looks like a very handy player this Ferguson, time for some dibbly-dobblies from Bopara...

32nd over - 135-3 White shuffles down the pitch to Swann, the ball balloons up and Prior snaffles, but it came off the pad. Swann pushes one through and White tucks him away for one. Milk, milk, milk, four singles from that ove. It's like sitting on a sofa in your living room with the lights out, staring and some indoor fireworks and desperately hoping, at some point, they're going to go off.

31st over - 131-3 White moves to 36 with a punch into the covers for one. Ferguson picks up an easy one, before Collingwood allows a back-foot steer to trickle between his legs for a single. Ferguson fetches from outside off, doesn't quite get it, but picks up a single nevertheless.

30th over - 127-3 Ferguson with a single before White drops to one knee and clumps Swann into the square-leg fence. One more for White before Ferguson uses his wrists to turn Swann round the corner for one.

"Ben, just to correct both you and Carole from Maidenhead, the sporting equivalent of a top-loading washing machine has, for the last eight years, been England international football friendlies."
Regards, Kev, Newcastle in the TMS inbox

29th over - 119-3 Collingwood tries an off-cutter and Ferguson laces him through the covers for four. Lovely sound there, like biting into a Granny Smith straight from the fridge. One more for Ferguson with an on-drive.

28th over - 113-3 Here is Swann and he's clipped round the corner for one by Ferguson. Ugly old hoick from White and he gets a thick inside edge. Swann chucks down a flat one, but White spots it and works it to leg for a single. It's at times like this that you realise why they play this game in pyjamas.

27th over - 111-3 Paul Collingwood's going to have a bowl, just when I was wondering if Swanny might get the call. A ball of 60mph from Colly, and White tips him down to leg for one. One for Ferguson, before Collingwood fields well off his own bowling to prevent White from nicking a single. My colleague has just informed me that saying something is the new something (ie. Broad is the new Flintoff) has a name, neophilia. That's the most exciting thing I've seen or heard all day, and I read The Independent on Sunday on the way in.

26th over - 109-3 Four more, the acceleration is on, this time Ferguson driving Wright straight down the ground. Bit of juice in this pitch, I imagine Brett Lee will be licking his chops up in the Aussie dressing room. Wright looking a bit spent now, as White easily turns him to mid-wicket for one.

25th over - 103-3 Good shot for one from White, arching his back and whip-cracking Anderson through the covers. White looks in some good nick here - Anderson over-pitches and the Victorian shows the maker's name and picks up four, And there's four more, driven on the up through the covers. Stephen F emails in to inform me that, no, Luke Wright isn't the new Malcolm Marshall. Didn't think so.

24th over - 93-3 Wright to continue and Ferguson steers into the covers for one. Wright bangs one in, but this time it sticks and White tugs him away for four. One more for White with a deflection to square-leg.

23rd over - 86-3 Anderson back into the attack and White drives him into the covers for a couple. One for White to deep cover before Ferguson nicks the strike with a nurdle to mid-wicket.

22nd over - 82-3 Almost halfway through their innings now, Australia, and they've scored 82. They need to get a wriggle on, and these two can give it some hammer. Three singles from Wright's over.

21st over - 79-3 Bresnan loses his line and White cuts hard to third-man for one. Bresnan attempts a yorker, but Ferguson jams down on it and picks up two.

20th over - 75-3 Callum Ferguson, man of the match at The Oval, is next out of the hutch, and he gets a stinker first-up, ducking into a skidder from Wright. A leg-bye for the stroke, a good over from Wright. Wright, not that tall, skiddy, deceptively fast - is he the new Malcolm Marshall?

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Clarke c Prior b Wright 4 (73-3)
And another wicket! Good bumper from Wright, Clarke goes for the hook, and gloves to Prior behind the timbers before walking.

19th over - 73-2 Clarke drops the ball down and scampers one. Nice fielding from Morgan in the covers, skating to his right before tipping the ball round the corner to limit White to a single. Clarke stands tall and steers past Strauss at short extra-cover for one.

18th over - 70-2 Clarke twirls Wright to mid-wicket for one before White edges for four...

"Indeed Ben, the sporting equivalent of a top-loading washing machine filled with John Major's grey Y-fronts."
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox

17th over - 65-2 Skipper Michael Clarke is next up the ramp. We've got a problem with the sight-screen I think, and Umpire Gould goes to investigate. No idea what was going on there, but we've got some cricket again... bit of nip there from Bresnan, plenty of bounce and Clarke eschews the pull shot. Seam-up from Bresnan and Clarke is beaten by a ball that nibbles away. Good ball that. Clarke does get off the mark with a flick off his pads for one.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Paine c Morgan b Wright 26 (Aus 64-2)
Paine nurdles Wright to mid-wicket for one before White is off the mark with a tuck round the corner. And England have another wicket, Paine spooning a lob wedge to deep mid-wicket, where Morgan takes the catch.

15th over - 62-1 Cameron White is the new batsman, and England post a slip. Thin sun out now as Lord's begins to fill up, and White survives the over.

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Watson c Wright b Bresnan 34 (Aus 62-1)
Bresnan gun-barrel straight so far and this Aussie pair are having no difficulty patting him about. Two singles before Paine gives him the charge and skews him into the covers for an iffy single. AND WE'VE GOT A WICKET! Another star for Watson, but he's holed out at short extra-cover, Wright diving high to his right and snaffling a peach of a catch.

"The excitement of this is doing nothing to help my recent ACL reconstruction recuperation. Although is it preparing me for the ecstasy that is Songs of Praise later."
Simon in the TMS inbox

14th over - 59-0 Luke Wright into the attack, and his first ball is a half-bunger which Paine opts to block. Paine drives to mid-off for an easy single, before Watson goes inside out and rather mis-times an ugly stroke to mid-wicket for a couple. Bit of in-swing from Wright and a strangled lbw appeal, but that was sliding down leg. Decent first over from Wright.

13th over - 56-0 Paine waggles Bresnan to fine-leg for a quick one, as the cameraman flits to former Aussie terror Jeff Thomson, furtively glancing at a blonde lady sat in front of him. AND SHE'S CAUGHT HIM OUT! Lovely stuff. Watson dabs to third-man for a single, before Paine takes a risky single, Collingwood probably throwing to the wrong end.

12th over - 53-0 Watson and Paine exchange singles, before Sidebottom raps Watson on the gloves with a ball that gets up higher than expected. Short outside off-stump from Siders and Watson piles into that, crashing him through point for four. Watson looking in ominous nick here, 30 from 41 balls, and that's the Australian fifty.

11th over - 47-0 Bresnan offers some width and Paine dabs him to backward-point for a couple. Two more singles from the over, England will be disappointed with this, Australia are looking pretty comfortable.

10th over - 43-0 Watson drops the ball down and completes a tight run, but it was pretty well-judged. Widish from Anderson and Paine flashes him through the covers for a few. Watson flicks Sidebottom off his pads for a couple.

9th over - 37-0 Tim Bresnan given his head, and his first ball is short and flogged savagely to the mid-wicket fence. Two more for Watson with a push into the off-side. Carole from Maidenhead (see below), I've got to be honest and say "not really". This England one-day side is the sporting equivalent of a top-loading washing machine.

8th over - 30-0 Two leg-side wides from Sidebottom, but he gets it right with a ball that comes back in to Paine and just misses the top of off. Fine piece of wicket-keeping from Prior, scurrying across and saving four down the leg-side. Alastair Cook's scored two consecutive tons for Essex in the Pro40, just thought I'd mention that.

"Ben, apart from Strauss's excellent tossing, what else excites you about the England team today?"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox

7th over - 28-0 Watson plays an ugly old stroke, and it looks like he's feathered that, but Anderson doesn't appeal and makes the umpire's job very easy. Bizarre fielding from England, Watson punching through point and Collingwood wrong-footing Morgan with a fingertip touch and the ball dribbling away for four. Not much for Jimmy so far, he'll be disappointed given the conditions.

6th over - 21-0 Sidebottom's 'cluster' is something to behold, almost every delivery would fit onto a small handkerchief. Watson does manage to nibble his last ball to third-man for one.

5th over - 20-0 Just seen a replay of that Anderson lbw shout, and I don't think Watson did get any wood on that, that was ripping out middle and leg. Poor ball from Anderson, short and wide, and Paine carves him through the covers for four. And that's four more for Paine, fiddling Anderson to the long-leg fence.

"What a joke. Once again the England 'management' have managed to baffle everyone with the selection of the team this morning. Adil Rashid must be wondering what on earth he has to do to get into this side on a regular basis after being our best player the other day. Which other country would leave out a player who has just performed so well and whose confidence must be at an all-time high, it's ridiculous. It wouldn't be so bad if there was an exceptional player taking his place!"
Steve Wright in the TMS inbox

4th over - 12-0 Another leg before shout from Sidebottom, who's got it going on at the moment. Big nick on that though, from Watson again. Watson mis-times a cover-drive, and that's well-fielded by Anderson in the covers, diving to his left. Paine nicks a risky single, before Watson shoulders arms to another tempter outside off.

3rd over - 9-0 Paine with a single to square-leg, as a man in a fluorescent tank-top pops his head round the corner and assures me it's a fire drill, which is a relief. Big lbw shout from Anderson against Watson, but I think he got a bit of bat on that, before Watson persuades Anderson to the extra-cover boundary.

2nd over - 4-0 Sidebottom of Nottinghamshire to bowl first from the Pavilion End. Michael Lynagh up in said pavilion, the former Wallaby fly-half, that boy knew how to skewer the English. Sidebottom with a bit of movement coming back in to Paine, and the young wicket-keeper is scythed in two. Interesting... more swing back in to Paine, and using the slope, and the ball skims the top of of middle stump. Paine picks up a single with a twirl round the corner, but that was a testy over from Sidebottom.

1st over - 3-0 It's Jimmy Anderson to bowl first for England, Shane Watson on strike... and Anderson's already complaining about the ball! Come on Jimmy, have a day off... straight one to kick off, and Watson chops into the off-side for no run. Thick outside edge for Watson and that's a single. FIRE ALARM IN WHITE CITY! Don't worry, I'm a ruddy hero, I'm staying at my desk, I'm throwing myself on the barbeque for your sake... one more run for a no-ball before Paine gets off the mark with a glide to third-man.

1013: Here come the umpires, we'll have some play in a couple of minutes... and here come England. A smattering in at Lord's, which is one of the down-sides of starting at 1015. Oh well, they know best...

"Can't believe they're dropping Rashid! He was our best player in the last match!"
Aneesh In a Bar in Brussels in the TMS inbox

1010: No Voges for Australia, Hopes keeps his place. Green wicket at Lord's, England will be expecting it to nibble around a bit, especially at this un-Godly hour in the morning.

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wkt), Owais Shah, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson

Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wkt), Cameron White, Michael Clarke (capt), Callum Ferguson, Michael Hussey, James Hopes, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken

1002: England skipper Andrew Strauss has won the toss and his boys will field first. Strauss is some tosser - that's four out of five in the Ashes, and two in a row in the ODI series. Adam Voges, we think, is in for James Hopes for Australia.

0959: Hello! Stuart Broad has been ruled out of the second one-dayer against Australia because of a neck strain. Yorkshire's Tim Bresnan comes in, while Eoin Morgan, whose last game for England was the defeat to Holland in the World Twenty20, takes Adil Rashid's spot. Shame for Rashid, he bowled well at The Oval, but presumably it's not a spinners' paradise at Lord's...

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • Australia beat England by 39 runs
  • England: 210 (46.1 overs)
  • Australia: 249-8 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 210
Strauss c and b Hauritz 47
Bopara lbw b Watson 27
Prior c Paine b Watson 1
Shah run out 12
Collingwood b Lee 56
Morgan lbw b Johnson 14
L Wright c Paine b Lee 20
Bresnan c Paine b Johnson 5
Swann b Bracken 14
Sidebottom b Bracken 0
Anderson not out 0
Extras 1nb 6w 5b 2lb 14

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