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England v Australia: 1st ODI as it happened

First one-day international, The Oval:


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By Mark Mitchener

2104: Right, while the dust settles I'm going to leave you to pick the bones out of that one on 606. Apologies for the technical problems we had in the early part of the day, fingers crossed everything will be working in time for Sunday's second ODI. Lord's is the venue, play starts at 1015 BST and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Ben Dirs is back in the live text seat - make sure you join him then. Thanks for all your emails and texts (particularly the "cricketers as theme parks") - it's TTFN from me.

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From poban_utd on 606: "Three silly(unlucky) moments cost England the match. Colly's catch, Wright's run-out and Shah's hit wicket"

2050: Callum Ferguson is man of the match for his unbeaten 71.

Australia captain Michael Clarke: "A very good start for us - I thought we were 10-15 runs short which was mainly my fault as I was a bit slow, but we bowled and fielded very well. The powerplay adds a new dimension to one-day cricket so we've got to keep working on that."

Australia top scorer Callum Ferguson on TMS: "It's nice to get the win on the board early in the series - the pitch was slow and their spinners bowled well, so it was difficult in the middle of our innings. We set ourselves to have wickets in hand at the end and did that reasonably well. Hopefully we can continue with the momentum"

From Michael Uscroft, TMS inbox: "England lose by four, yet should have had two extra runs and two extra balls in that last over. Why aren't the third umpires monitoring the wides and no-balls, especially when the margins are that close?"

2043: Phew. A grandstand finish from England, both sides batted in a pedestrian manner at times but England may feel they paid the price for no-one hanging in there to see it through the way Ferguson did for Australia.

From JGF, TMS inbox: "We are paying the price for taking it too easy in the first 35 overs of our innings - there was no desire to chase down the total, seemingly preferring to stroll over the finish line at the death"

Phil Tufnell
Phil Tufnell on TMS: "Nobody came in and hit 80 or 90 to see it through for England. They really meandered along in those middle overs, but Australia played the better cricket"


50 overs - Eng 256-8
So, can Sidey earn immortality by hitting Bracken for six? The heave over mid-wicket? It's right up in the block-hole, Sidey can only straight-drive it for one and Australia win by four runs.

49.5 overs - Eng 255-8
Eight needed from two, Sidey swings, it flies into the air and they run two to long-off. Six to win!

49.4 overs - Eng 253-8
"Swing and hope" is the TMS crew's advice to Sidey. Eight to win, seven to tie. It's outrageously wide outside off stump, Sidey leaves it but it's not called wide!

49.3 overs - Eng 253-8
Rashid chops a single to third man - Sidey needs eight from three.

And that was arguably above waist height, should have been a no-ball!

49.2 overs - Eng 252-8
Rashid goes for the big one through square leg, that's four!

49.1 overs - Eng 248-8
Big Merv Hughes appears to be loosening up in the stands, but the last over of the experienced Bracken has been saved for the last over. Rashid to face, swings and misses. 13 from five.

49 overs - Eng 248-8
"This is the crucial over", notes Tuffers on TMS. Sidey swipes, gets a juicy top edge and it sails over the keeper for four! The next ball is a full toss, edged past the diving Paine, four more! 19 needed from 10. Game on?! Another edge through the slip region gives Sidey a single - 18 needed from nine. Rashid swings and misses again - 18 from eight. A handsome cover drive from Rashid, that's four! 14 from seven needed. A single keeps him on strike and leave 13 needed from six balls. And I'm going to see if auto-refreshing text can cope with ball-by-ball...

48 overs - Eng 234-8
Ryan Sidebottom strides to the crease with England, frankly, in dire straits. Helmet barely able to contain his dark curls, he pushes his first ball for a single to leg. Rashid chops the last ball towards third man, two men are after it, but Bracken's dive is too late... 27 needed from 12 balls.

Wicket falls
47.4 overs - WICKET - Swann c Paine b Watson 4 - Eng 229-8
Swann steers the recalled Watson for two to fine leg, then a village-style swing brings him a single to mid-on. Rashid seems to favour cross-batted baseball hits, but miscues and he can only manage a single. Swann swings... and Swann perishes as he gives the keeper a regulation edge. 32 needed off 14, and England are running out of recognised batsmen.

47 overs - Eng 225-7
So bizarrely, after that no-ball, Graeme Swann's first ball is a free hit, but he can't get a bouncer away, although he manages a single off the last ball. That's it for the powerplay - 36 needed from 18 balls.

Wicket falls
46.4 overs - WICKET - Wright run out (Paine) 38 - Eng 224-7
Lee to bowl the last powerplay over, Rashid steers it to point where a fumble by White allows them an overthrow. A good yorker is dug out by Rashid but they can only run one. Wright blasts an easy single to mid-on, Rashid steps back (again!) to steer one to mid-off. 38 needed from 20. Then, Wright tries another paddle at a no-ball, misses, Paine rolls the ball at the stumps and runs him out! There's a bit of a delay as the Laws state that a batsman may not be run out off a no-ball if he is not attempting to run. But umpire Llong informs Wright that he was attempting to run... and so his brave cameo is ended.

46 overs - Eng 218-6
Watson replaces Bracken, who only has one over left. Wright gives him the charge, misses and they run a bye. This stand is worth 31. The field is shuffled for Rashid - a long delay while Clarke and Watson argue about the field placings raises the hackles of the crowd. That's really wide from Watson... and it's rightly signalled as a wide. Rashid tips-and-runs a single, Wright steps across to the off-side and paddle-scoops him to long leg for four! Wright then slashes and misses outside off stump, that's another wide! Watson's rather losing the plot here - Clarke shuffles the field again. Another paddle-scoop earns Wright a single to short fine leg - Rashid steps back, cuts and misses. Stand still, son! Rashid carves the last ball over backward point but safely, they run one and that's 10 from the over - 43 needed from 24 balls.

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From Nick, via text on 81111: "My favourite ride at Graham Thorpe Park is the Dominic Cork-screw. For the Aussies there's always the Haunted Hilfenhaus"

45 overs - Eng 208-6
Wright aims an ungainly agricultural heave at Lee but miscues, it hits him on the ribs and Lee's throw breaks the stumps as Wright retreats into his ground. An attempted yorker is powered for two through the covers by Wright, who has 30 from 20 balls. A slower delivery is steered to extra cover for one. Rashid aims another cross-batted baseball blast, looking for a home run to centre field, but fails to connect. Swing-and-a-miss, should have been called as a strike. Next ball is a yorker, the Yorkshireman digs it out and scampers a single, Lee chases after the ball but his throw misses the stumps at the bowler's end. Wright manages to keep the strike with a single - 53 needed from 50 balls. Two more overs of the powerplay to come.

44 overs - Eng 203-6
Keeper Paine will stand up to the recalled Bracken, who's got two overs left in his allocation. Wright blasts a quick single, while TMS summariser Rodney Hogg admires Rashid's speed between the wickets. The Yorkshire youngster has trouble getting the canny Bracken away before he powerfully cover-drives for three. Then Wright hoists over mid-on, is that four or six? Four - bounced just in front of the rope. The Sussex man reaches out to carve a single through the covers, then Rashid threads a brilliantly-timed four, which has the crowd on their feet cheering and some Gwen Stefani music belting out of the PA speakers... this game ain't over yet!

43 overs - Eng 190-6
England have taken their batting powerplay - though they may regret having delayed doing so. Brett Lee returns in place of Watson - Wright tries to hit him back down the ground like a baseball player, but smashes the ball first bounce to mid-on and there's no run. A slow bouncer is hoisted through mid-wicket for four by the Sussex man, then Wright backs away and gets a very streaky four runs off an inside edge. Still, they all count. Wright pushes-and-runs a quick single into the covers. Rashid tries to swat Lee over mid-off, his cross-batted hit falls safely but they run two, so he's off the mark.

From Nick White, TMS inbox: "The England fans can take credit for the Colly wicket. The England boo boys popped up the delivery before after Colly sent Wright (correctly) back. That played on Colly's mind and he chucked his bat at the next delivery! There were no need for the boos; England were par up to that wicket"

42 overs - Eng 179-6
New batsman is Adil Rashid, whose recent first-class batting form is preferred to Swann's experience - they crossed on the catch, so it's Wright to carve a single into the covers. Rashid's two international innings are a nine not out in Twenty20 and a seven against Ireland - he can't get his first two balls away.

Wicket falls
41.3 overs - WICKET - Broad c Clarke b Johnson 2 - Eng 178-6
No powerplay. Bad times. Johnson begins a new over and Broad swats a single to third man. Wright chops one through the covers, then Broad backs away at a slower bouncer, it looks like he's trying to force the ball over the infield but he can only spoon a catch to backward point.

41 overs - Eng 176-5
England finally cut loose as Wright hoists a slower ball from Watson high over long-off for six! First maximum of the day. He then forces one off his legs, sends Broad back and the lanky Broad has to dive full-length to regain his ground at the bowler's end. Wright bashes a single to long-off, Broad forces one to point. Eight off the over, but that's still behind the required rate. Time for a powerplay, anyone?

40 overs - Eng 168-5
A huge roar goes out as Stuart Broad strides to the crease, following his Ashes heroics. The left-hander is tucked up by his first ball - England need 93 from 10 overs, and even John Dyson could probably tell you the required run-rate from there.

Wicket falls
39.5 overs - WICKET - Collingwood c Watson b Johnson 23 - Eng 168-5
Colly carves Johnson for a single to the cover sweeper, Wright jabs a single off his legs. We need boundaries, folks! Colly keeps hitting the ball to fielders, and a few boos ring out around The Oval. But it's all over for the Durham man as he swats through mid-wicket and Watson leaps through the air like, well, like Paul Collingwood to take a stunning catch!

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "As soon as they think Wright is seeing the ball reasonably well, England should take the batting powerplay"

39 overs - Eng 166-4
Wright drives Watson for a single to long-off, Colly nurdles another and Wright prods another. But despite Colly reaching 22 with a single from the last ball, that's just four from the over and the run rate is up to 8.63.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "I think as it stands, Australia are favourites. It's not going to rain, but the Duckworth-Lewis score is always a pretty good indicator of where you're at in the game - and England are behind. Someone's got to do something quite special at this stage for England to win - and by their own choice, they're batting in this period where the light is changing"

38 overs - Eng 162-4
Luke Wright is the new batsman, coming out under the lights and flashing and missing at his first ball. The Sussex man is off the mark with a dabbed single to third man

Wicket falls
37.3 overs - WICKET - Shah hit wicket b Johnson 40 - Eng 161-4
Mitchell Johnson replaces fellow left-armer Bracken - Vic Marks reckons he may try the "cutter" tactic too. Shah finally breaks the deadlock when he gets up on one leg to pull a shorter ball through mid-wicket for four. Then, unbelievably, trying to force Johnson to leg again, he steps back and treads on his stumps as he sets off for a run!

37th over - Eng 157-3
Colly plunders another single from Watson, Shah bunts one to mid-wicket and they run another. Colly dabs a single into the covers, Shah heaves one down the ground to long-on - Cap'n Clarke seems happy with the way his side are suffocating England. Colly smears a well-run two off his legs, but England need 104 from 78 balls - the required rate is more than eight an over. Aussies were 160-3 at this stage.

From Matt Simpson, TMS inbox: "A trip to the Vettori and Albert museum might be worthwhile"

36th over - Eng 151-3
Jim Maxwell on TMS points out that although Australia would like a wicket, slowing England's run-rate in the way they have done may work just as well. After a single from Shah, Bracken is mostly bowling cutters to Colly (a well-known purveyor of cutters himself) but he can't beat the man at short fine leg. Colly straight-drives and it ricochets off Bracken for a single to mid-on. Just those two singles from the over, and somehow the players have earned a drinks break... it can't be through excessive physical tiredness...

From Mike, Manchester, TMS inbox: "The approach by England here may or may not be right, but people will only base their opinion on the result. If we win, then it'll be 'a masterstroke in conservative play' but if we lose, we'll get 'why do England always play conservatively?' It's an impossible situation for the team, whether this approach is the right one or not"

35th over - Eng 148-3
Shane Watson comes on as Australia's seventh bowler and is handed the "new" (old) ball - England will hope he serves up a few of the right-arm medium-paced pies he bowled at Flintoff in the Edgbaston Test. Colly drives him for a single to long-off, Shah angles one to third man. Two more singles, England still trying to fly under the radar at this stage.

34th over - Eng 145-3
Shah steers Bracken for a single, Colly is hit on the pad trying to paddle-sweep but it hit him well outside the line of off stump. He manages just one more single from the over - and now we have the compulsory ODI change of ball, with 34 overs having been completed.

33rd over - Eng 143-3
Shah knocks Hauritz for a single, the Aussie tweaker sends down a wide before Colly and Shah add more singles, with the required rate approaching seven an over. Still pretty pedestrian at this stage.

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From Whatnext on 606: "What's with all this rubbish about the lack of runs? Viv Richards would struggle to get a boundary on this surface. The pitch has been fixed to make it two paced. It's impossible to time the ball"

32nd over - Eng 137-3
Colly smears Bracken for a single, Shah manages another but that's well bowled by the left-armer, who has 0-23 from six overs.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Latest: car in Loughborough. Me in the Vale. Talk of £5000 bill. Thank God for insurance. Lord's on Sunday!"

31st over - Eng 135-3
Colly sweeps Hauritz, and it just beats Bracken to the long leg boundary. The Durham man then cover-drives, but it takes an astonishing stop by Callum Ferguson on the extra cover boundary to turn four into three. Shah steers a jogged single to long-on, Colly keeps the strike.

From Simon English, TMS inbox: "I prefer a quiet weekend camping in the Ag-New Forest"

30th over - Eng 126-3
Clarke's one-over-per-bowler rotation is relaxed as Bracken continues to Collingwood and keeps it tight against the new batsman. It even looks like a maiden until Colly forces the last ball for a single to long-on.

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From Kev, Newcastle, via text on 81111: "I'm not sure about all this theme park stuff but didn't Tim Ambrose resemble something akin to a Smurf in the old blue one-day kit?"

29th over - Eng 125-3
Crazy mix-up as new batsman Paul Collingwood goes for a run, pauses, he and Shah are both trapped in mid-pitch but manage to get back in time when a run-out looked almost certain. Colly then tries to sweep, but seems to forget to run, and belatedly scampers through for a bye.

Wicket falls
28.3 overs - WICKET - Bopara st Paine b Hauritz 49 - Eng 124-3
More rotation as Hauritz replaces Clarke, his first ball is nicked by Shah but it beats keeper Paine standing up and shoots through for four! I'll leave you to consider whether that's a dropped catch, it was a very hard chance. A wide increases England's score, Shah dabs a single but then Bopara's troubled stay at the crease is ended after 88 balls when he's beaten outside off stump, can't quite slide his back foot back into the crease, and walks off presuming he's out stumped - but he then pauses on the edge of the outfield when the third ump's verdict is announced. He's out.

28th over - Eng 118-2
Lee's off after losing that duel with Shah, and Bracken returns, bowling round the wicket and mixing up his pace well. Bopara drives for a single, Shah carves a two to third man before guiding a single off his legs. Bopara, on 49, can't get the last ball away.

Phil Tufnell
A possibly bored Phil Tufnell on TMS: "I've got a good idea for a game - all the fielders have to stay in the circle for then entire 50 overs. If you hit it for four, you get two - but if you hit it over the boundary for six, you get eight. And every so often, a big inflatable policeman comes up in the middle of the wicket!"

27th over - Eng 114-2
The Aussie physio comes on to give keeper Tim Paine the quick once-over. Australia will hope he's all right, given that Brad Haddin's injured and Graham Manou has apparently gone back home too. After a single from Bopara, Shah lets a wide pass him by before guiding Clarke (who's replaced Hauritz) for a single. A single takes Bopara to 48, but he's still not really timing the ball well.

26th over - Eng 110-2
This should liven up the game if nothing else - Brett Lee's back at the Pavilion End. Shah has the crowd on their feet with a perfectly-timed cover drive for his first boundary, and then a well-guided pull to fine leg for four more. That's more like it!

From Martin MJS in Herefordshire, TMS inbox: "Bopara has something to prove. But he is far, far too slow"

25th over - Eng 102-2
Two more singles off Hauritz at little more than walking pace bring up three figures for England, which briefly wakes the crowd up. There's a half-hearted stumping appeal against Bopara, which the third umpire rightly rules "not out". And for the second consecutive over, the two batsmen score two singles each. Bopara has 46, Shah has eight.

24th over - Eng 98-2
Shah knocks a single to long-on, and Simon Mann on TMS is vastly impressed by Johnson's throw from the boundary which comes straight back in to the far end, over the stumps. Again, it's just the singles from England - 163 needed from 26 overs at a rate of 6.26 runs per over.

23rd over - Eng 94-2
Bopara whips Hauritz off his legs for two, before carving a two to long-off.

22nd over - Eng 90-2
(And this is the 22nd over, I got my overs in a mess just now - please manually refresh if you like). Shah pushes Clarke through the covers for a single, the Aussie captain is swiftly through his over at the cost of four inoffensive singles. Bopara has 38 from 68 balls.

21st over - Eng 86-2
Hauritz has a slip in for new batsman Owais Shah, who's off the mark with a single. Another very wide delivery is steered through cover by Bopara. A colleague here sums up this session by declaring that "Australia are bowling wides, which England are hitting for singles because they know if they leave them, they won't be called wide". Harsh? Not very. Shah steers another single, Hauritz appears to have hurt his spinning finger but completes his over.

Wicket falls
20.1 overs - WICKET - Prior c Johnson b Hauritz 28 - Eng 83-2
A bizarre dismissal ends a pretty turgid passage of play - Prior reverse-sweeps and it sails straight to Johnson at short third man!

20th over - Eng 83-1
As Australia persist with the tactic of bowling as wide as they think they can get away with without being called "wide", Prior steps back and square-cuts Clarke for four before paddle-sweeping (from outside off stump) for one.

From Laurie Marshall, Corfe Mullen, TMS inbox: "Outdoor fitness equipment has been installed in some of our local recs... Does that make them Gym Parks?"

And if they have policemen on patrol, they'd also be Bobby Parks...

19th over - Eng 77-1
That explains it - Hauritz is on from the other end. Prior cuts and misses, then he can't beat the man at short cover. The England pair are really dawdling here, just a single each from this over.

18th over - Eng 75-1
Well, Clarke's on straight away, more surprising is that Hauritz has been taken off after one over. Bopara prods a single, Prior sweeps another and Bopara works one off his legs. Prior again sweeps fluently to fine leg - four singles from the over.

17th over - Eng 71-1
Hopes continues for his fifth over, Prior knocks a single to the cover sweeper. Bopara still seems tied down before dabbing the last ball for a single, he's faced 56 balls now to score 31... And Cap'n Clarke is warming up, will he get on with his left-arm spin?

From Nigel Croft, TMS inbox: "The Ashes had me jumping up and down with every delivery - now that England have them back where they belong I find it difficult to get excited over ODIs and Twenty20s. Should the ODIs and Twenty20s have been done before the Ashes series?"

16th over - Eng 69-1
Let there be spin. Johnson is replaced by off-spinner Nathan Hauritz, who finally gets the chance to bowl at The Oval a week or two after he might have done... There's a slip in for Prior, who carves a single to deep point, while Hauritz spears in a wide outside off stump. The next ball is almost as wide, but Bopara reaches to steer it behind point for two. Two more singles precede a drinks break.

From Dave Thomas, Farnham, TMS inbox: "For those interested in student sport, a trip to the (Chaminda) Vaas-ity Match at Twickenham is a must"

15th over - Eng 63-1
Still no sign of any spinners, but England look fairly becalmed at this stage. Prior steers a single, while Bopara is fencing and missing at a rate which even has one of this office's Essex fans turning on one of their own. Just two more singles round off the over. The game needs a spark.

14th over - Eng 60-1
Johnson strays down the leg side again, another wide pushes England's total along, as do two more singles. It's still pretty bright at The Oval, considering it's a day-night match. Meanwhile, I can tell you that New Zealand have beaten Sri Lanka by 22 runs in a Twenty20 international - Shane Bond marked his return to international cricket with three wickets, while Brendon McCullum and Big Jesse Ryder made hay early on for the Kiwis.

From Poppy, Kent, TMS inbox: "Ever been to the Bracken Beacons National Park - free Alice Band with every entry!"

13th over - Eng 57-1
Simon and Vic make an interesting point on TMS - curiously, this ODI series begins in the south (The Oval, Lord's twice and the Rose Bowl) before heading further and further north (Trent Bridge twice, then Durham) as September goes on... ominous when you consider the recent weather! Paine is standing up to Hopes' medium pace, keeping Prior in his crease until he jabs a quick single into the covers. More good running brings England some more quick singles.

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From Hardeep, via text on 81111: "Have you been to the Shaun Tait Modern gallery? It's better than the old one"

12th over - Eng 53-1
Simon Mann and Vic Marks on TMS muse over Australia's other bowling options - off-spinner Nathan Hauritz is the only remaining specialist bowler, while Watson, Clarke and White can all bowl with varying degrees of accuracy and injury-prone-ness. Hussey has two wickets in 108 ODIs, while Ferguson has never bowled for Australia and doesn't even have a single first-class wicket, so I think we can count him out. Bopara dabs a single off his legs, Johnson sends down a wide, then Prior swishes and misses, Paine fumbles behind the timbers and they run a bye. It's not Paine's day at all.

11th over - Eng 50-1
Australia take the fielding powerplay, but Bopara responds with a glorious cover-driven four, before a single brings up the fifty for England. It's clearly too much for my match-report colleague Oliver Brett, who dives to the stationery cupboard for a new ballpoint pen.

From Justin Cornell, Bermuda, TMS inbox: "On the subject of Dwayne Leverock, he's a national sporting hero here in Bermuda and lives above the only curry house on the island, which explains a lot"

As the man himself told us when we interviewed him in 2007, his favourite food is beef korma...

10th over - Eng 45-1
Australia have clearly done their homework on Prior, with two men descending on his favoured backward point area when he tries to square-cut Johnson. But a firm cover drive brings him four through the gap, and he garners two more with a confident pull which is stopped on the boundary by the diving Ferguson. That's the first powerplay completed.

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From Pete in Westerham, via text on 81111: "See off-spinning psychologists in their natural habitat at Whip-Snape Zoo"

9th over - Eng 39-1
Double change in the bowling as the burly James Hopes replaces Lee with his brisk medium pace. But it's effective for Hopes as he completes a maiden over to the becalmed Bopara, who has 17 from 33 balls.

8th over - Eng 39-1
New bowler, same action as Mitchell Johnson replaces fellow left-arm seamer Bracken. Bopara steers his first ball for two to mid-wicket before guiding a single to fine leg. Twelfth man Peter Siddle runs on with a boot-stud-tightening-gadget for Lee at the end of the over.

Text in your views on 81111
From Dai, via text on 81111: "England need two more specialist batsmen in this team, they have too many so-called all-rounders"

7th over - Eng 36-1
Bopara guides Lee for a single off his legs, Prior pulls one to long leg and Bopara steals the strike again. And an ICC press release informs us that Singapore and Bahrain have been promoted to ICC World Cricket League Division 5 - having seen off competition from Malaysia, Guernsey, Botswana and Norway. Former Hampshire player Lee Savident was playing for Guernsey.

Phil Tufnell
Former England left-arm spinner, TMS summariser and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Phil Tufnell: "My dancing is a bit like my fielding - occasional bits of brilliance, but with the odd bad mistake"

6th over - Eng 33-1
Prior dabs a quick single, there's a bit of hesitation as they take on the arm of Michael Clarke at backward point but Bopara is through for the single. Bopara gets a thick edge that sails wide of White at slip for four, and Bracken adjusts his hairband in frustration. Bopara then jabs a single to leg, turns blind for the second and has to dive back to regain his ground. Never been the best judge of a quick single in England covers, has Ravi. Prior drives, gets two to third man from where Lee's throw to the stumps is so wild it beats the keeper and two men backing up, only to be saved by the third! Prior clips a single off his legs, Bopara nicks the strike.

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From GB in Coventry, via text on 81111: "Have you been to the Hard Leverock Cafe? It's huge"

5th over - Eng 23-1
Matt Prior is the new man, his first ball is a bouncer which he can only just fend off with his gloves in front of his face. The pair exchange a few words and some wry smiles. Prior is off the mark with a single through the covers.

Wicket falls
4.3 overs - WICKET - Strauss c White b Lee 12 - Eng 22-1Strauss rides his luck with a big heave at Lee, getting an inside edge past the stumps for four. But his luck runs out next ball as he swings again, gets an edge and it goes straight to Cameron White at slip. Lee jumps up and down like he's won the World Cup. Which he should know all about.

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From Hampshirefanforlife (Tremlett for England) on 606: "With Lee conceding extras and having a long run-up and follow-hrough, the over-rate isn't going to be particularly good"

4th over - Eng 18-0
Bopara tries to flick Bracken but it's straight to Ferguson at short fine leg. A more confident jab brings him a single to square leg. Strauss guides a single off his legs - a better over for the tourists.

3rd over - Eng 16-0
Lee sends down a no-ball to Strauss, which he steers for a single to third man - and under ODI rules, that's a free hit. As there's a change of batsman, Australia can change the field - and Bopara steps back, has a big waft and misses. A slower ball down the leg side is signalled as a wide. Another no-ball is dabbed off his legs by Bopara, who takes a sneaky single but might have been run out if Nathan Hauritz's throw had hit. But the no-ball earns England a free hit, the "free hit" ball is a wide - which means another free hit! It's pitched up and Strauss smashes it back past the bowler for four. A long - and expensive - over finishes with a dot ball.

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "How about a spot of polo at Cowdrey Park?"

2nd over - Eng 6-0
Left-arm seamer and ODI specialist Nathan Bracken takes the second over, fair hair flowing behind his white hairband. But when he strays down the leg side, Bopara effortlessly helps the ball off his thigh for four.

From Keith, TMS inbox: "There's nothing wrong with playing football as a warm-up if the players know there shouldn't be any stupid tackles. Did someone not tell Shah that?"

1st over - Eng 2-0
Having spent the Ashes series carrying the drinks, Lee charges in to Strauss who leaves his first couple of deliveries. The third ball beats Strauss, Lee follows through nearly all the way down the pitch to give Strauss some "chat". Despite their new red ODI kit, England's batsmen are still wearing dark blue pads - a third coloured set of pads for each player probably being an expense too far. But Lee's long run-up and long follow-through won't do anything for the Aussie over-rate. Strauss gets England under way with a thick inside edge through mid-wicket for two, while the last ball beats his back-foot prod and has Lee licking his lips in anticipation.

1657: Right, after an interesting discussion between Simon Mann and some leading cricket writers on TMS, we're ready to resume. The floodlights are on - despite the bright sunshine - and Brett Lee is set to take the new ball for Australia against Andrew Strauss and Ravi Bopara.

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From Andy G on the DLR, via text on 81111: "For Disney fans how about "It's a Gladstone Small World""

1646: And reflecting on Joe Denly's footballing injury, you may not have seen Jonathan Agnew's column in which he puts the view that playing football in training is "bordering on irresponsibility on behalf of the coaching staff" - while TMS producer Adam Mountford has blogged about which special guests you can hear on TMS during the ODI series.

From Matt, TMS inbox: "Anyone logging in from the South West might want to nip across to (Umpire NJ) Llong-leat Safari Park and ask him why a certain Australian wasn't out lbw for a duck earlier"

Matt, he'd probably point out that it was the other umpire, Tony Hill, officiating for that decision...

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From Grant, Dorset, via text on 81111: "That rule of thumb about the final score being double the 30-over score always tends to be pretty accurate!"

1638: So, as I get stuck into a lemon and lime jelly from the BBC tea bar, thoughts turn to England's batting line-up. Given their plethora of bowling options (basically everyone except Strauss and Prior), I can't help thinking whether England are overloaded with all-rounders - could one of those nine bowlers be sacrificed for an out-and-out specialist batsman? Eoin Morgan must wonder what he's got to do to get in the side - learn to bowl?

From Duncan Cumberland, TMS inbox: "How about Dorset's favourite primate hot spot - Mon-Key World? Or (Umpire Dickie) Bird World just off the M3 near Farnham?"

From many, many people, in the TMS inbox, on 606 and via text: "How about Ponting's Holiday Camp?"


1616: That 71 not out from Ferguson could be invaluable for Australia. Even better, England bowled their overs very quickly so we get a full 45-minute interval. So, have yourself a merry little manual refresh for England's target to appear above - I'm going to grab a quick sandwich while the TMS and text inboxes collapse under the weight of your cricket/theme park-related banter. Back soon.

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From Pedro at work, via text on 81111: "I've heard the Jim Laker District is lovely this time of year."

50th over - Aus 260-5
Sidey to bowl the last over, his wild hair blowing in the breeze. He goes round the wicket to the right-handed Hopes, who smashes a straight-drive off the stumps for two. Another straight-drive to Colly at long-on, they go for two but Ferguson hustles well to get back for the second. Hopes takes one hand off the bat as he bashes a single to Anderson at long-off, Ferguson swings and misses but they scamper through for a cheeky leg bye. Hopes hoists a full toss into the air and it bounces just inside the rope at cow corner for four. The last ball is slower, Hopes can only take a single to backward point - Aussies finish with 260-5.

49th over - Aus 249-5
Colly's heroic spell is ended as Broad takes the penultimate over. An uncharacteristic fumble by Anderson at long-on sees Hopes call for a second run, but the throw comes in to the bowler's end, it's close... and the third ump says Ferguson is not out. Hopes guides a single to mid-off, Ferguson opens the face to force one to third man. Hopes takes a wild swing and gets a single to third man - two more singles leave them just short of 250.

And an emailed press release from the ECB reveals Joe Denly has been ruled out of the second ODI at Lord's on Sunday. "Further assessment of scans have revealed no major structural damage to Joe Denly's injured left knee. Joe has suffered a small sprain to the knee and will continue to receive treatment over the next 48 hours before undergoing a further assessment early next week which will determine a recovery timescale", it reads.

48th over - Aus 242-5
Hopes springs eternal for the Aussies - James Hopes in fact, who's the next man in. He averages 24.44 from 56 ODIs, and his nickname is intriguingly listed on Cricinfo as "Catfish". He purrs with delight as he forces his first ball through the covers and swims back for the second run. Hopes singles to cover, Sidey goes round the wicket to Ferguson and beats him with one which sails past his bat and past leg stump! Fergie steps forward to blast a double to long-on, and Hopes lands in a heap as he makes his ground at the bowler's end, crashing his face into his helmet.

Wicket falls
47.2 overs - WICKET - Hussey b Sidebottom 20 - Aus 237-5
The powerplays are over, but there's more bowler rotation as Sidey replaces Broad and Hussey beautifully paddle-sweeps him for four. But Sidey has his revenge as Hussey gives him the charge and is bowled!

A Monty Panesar mask
From Andy in Settle, North Yorks , via text on 81111: "I think a comedy theme park... Monty Panesar's Flying Circus"

47th over - Aus 232-7
More Colly - he has 2-34 from his first eight overs. Hussey jabs a single, Ferguson delicately reverse-sweeps (more of a reverse dab, really) for four. A single squirms into the covers, Hussey guides a three off his legs as Swann gives chase. Ferguson cover-drives, there's a spectacular stop by Broad but was he touching the rope? Yes, and he crashes into the advertising boards for his pains. A referral to the third ump, it's four.

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From Richard in St Neots, via text on 81111: "I'd recommend the Gower peninsula"

46th over - Aus 220-4
Ferguson steps back to leg, thwarting his attempt to get bat on ball as Broad continues to aim well outside off stump. He eventually manages a single, then it's a "shot of the day" contender from Hussey as an exquisite square cover drive brings him four. Hussey dabs a single to Sidey at short third man, then Ferguson helps a full toss through backward point for four.

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From alfie on 606: "Australia should have considered taking the powerplay at over 16 - they were going well at the time and it would have thwarted England's plan to bring on the spinners"

That's 50
45th over - Aus 210-4
So, can the Colly magic work for England again? Ferguson straight-drives him for two to bring up his fourth ODI fifty from 62 balls - having been lucky to survive that lbw shout while on nought. More ones and twos are added, TMS summariser Rodney Hogg is concerned that Australia haven't got out of third gear today. A fast pick-up-and-throw from Anderson prevents a quick single. Then, Hussey's hit on the pad by the last ball... a half-hearted lbw appeal but nothing doing.

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From Peter in Warrington, via text on 81111: "How about Trego Land? I will get my coat"

44th over - Aus 205-4
England continue to rotate their bowlers as Broad replaces Sidey. He's bowling round the wicket to a 6-3 off-side fielder with three men on the off-side boundary - Ferguson guides a single off his legs, Hussey adds another. Australia can only operate in singles at the moment - even the arrival of their score at 200 brings muted applause. Broad strays with the last ball, which Hussey helps down to fine leg for four.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "Sometimes when England play one-day cricket you can count the good fielders on one hand. Now, you look around and it's quicker to count the ordinary fielders, most of them are very good or much better than average"

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From Joe in York, via text on 81111: "Next time I'm in Rome I might suggest a game of Twenty20 in the Colly-sium"

43rd over - Aus 196-4
Left-handed Mike Hussey, he of the "Mr Cricket" nickname, enters the fray a little lower in the batting order than he's used to - he's opened in ODIs before now. Colly goes round the wicket to the southpaw Hussey, who chops his first ball for a single into the covers. Ferguson lofts a superbly-timed first-bounce four towards long-off - only his second four, he's on 44. He clips the last ball for a single to square leg.

Wicket falls
42.3 overs - WICKET - Clarke c Shah b Collingwood 45 - Aus 190-4
Umpire Llong signals the batting powerplay - and Cap'n Strauss sticks to his plan to turn to Paul Collingwood. In a powerplay? Well, fortune favours the bold. The three permitted boundary fielders are all on the leg side, Ferguson plunders a single to mid-wicket. Then, Clarke comes down the pitch and miscues one straight to cover! Colly, we take it all back.

From Louis Powell, TMS inbox: "How about The Prior(y)? I know it's not a theme park but celebrities queue up like it's one"

42nd over - Aus 189-3
Clarke keeping his trump card in reserve as there's still no sign of a powerplay. England recall Ryan Sidebottom, whose bowling was rather wayward earlier to say the least. Ferguson jabs a single, Clarke advances to 44, Ferguson tucks one to short fine leg. Clarke guides a single to third man, Ferguson follows up with a leg bye and that's better from Sidey.

From Josh Mackay, TMS inbox: "Why don't we set up our own Waterworld? A few rubber dinghies and some slides placed around the bowler's delivery stride at Old Trafford would be ideal!"

41st over - Aus 184-3
Clarke reaches 40 with a single off Swann, Ferguson guides another to leg. It's single-off-every-ball time as England continue to whip through with a very quick (and thus very admirable) over-rate.

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From Andy in Manchester, via text on 81111: "One for the Noel Edmonds fans - Crinkley-Botham Theme Park"

40th over - Aus 178-3
Remember, Australia still have a five-over batting powerplay up their sleeves, which they may be advised to take soon... Ferguson handsomely thumps a four through wide mid-off, and there's a bit more of a sense of urgency as the Aussie pair race through for more singles. Fergie clubs another two to wide long-on, then whacks one to long-off, Clarke turns blind and calls for two, but the ball is thrown to the bowler's end when a throw to the keeper's end might have left Fergusons truggling.

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "This has been quite an odd innings as England haven't taken many wickets, but they've slowed the run-rate well and stopped the boundaries - and will be feeling fairly happy"

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Next time I'm in Cornwall I'm thinking of popping to New-Rob-Quay Zoo to see the Swanns"

39th over - Aus 168-3
Swann continues from the Vauxhall End, and after a single from Ferguson, Clarke smashes him through the covers straight to Owais Shah patrolling the boundary. This stand is now worth 54 - but only three boundaries in that, all by Clarke. As two more singles are taken, England whistle through the over and the players take a drinks break.

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From Nick in Whitby, via text on 81111: "Was the Stanford Super Series the ECB's equivalent of Derbyshire's 'American Adventure' park? In my opinion both massively disappointing"

38th over - Aus 163-3
Anderson keeps Ferguson tied down as he keeps hitting the ball to fielders. Jimmy is right on the money with a yorker which Fergie can only hit back to the bowler. He eventually hangs his bat out to steer the last ball to backward point where Luke Wright's plunging stop turns four into three.

From Martin Webster, TMS inbox: "A favourite crickety theme park ride must be the Pirate (Jason) Gallian"

37th over - Aus 160-3
Swann keeps it tight against Clarke, spearing in three dot balls before the Aussie skipper can manage a single. Ferguson turns a quick one to leg, but a great over from the Notts twirler.

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From Ben, via text on 81111: "For fans of historical leg-spin, how about the Imperial Warne Museum?"

36th over - Aus 158-3
With Rashid's spell completed, England turn back to pace with Jimmy Anderson - and as Umpire Hill's white panama-style hat flies off (nearly causing chaos and a possible call of dead ball), Clarke guides him for a single. Ferguson chops one to point, Clarke smears a single to fine leg.

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From Peter, via text on 81111: "How about a visit to Collywood?"

35th over - Aus 155-3
Swann serves up a full toss but Clarke can't get it past the infield. However, he opens the face to run the next ball to third man for four. A single takes him to 33, Ferguson jabs one just wide of Colly at mid-on. Clarke uses his feet to steer the last ball past square leg for one.

34th over - Aus 148-3
Rashid's last over - Clarke looks for a quick single but is sent back to prevent a third calamitous run-out of the innings. (Paine was "barbecued" by Watson, according to Jim Maxwell on TMS). The Aussie skipper then cuts loose, going down the wicket to hoist him over extra cover for four - nearly six, it bounces just in front of the rope. Three more singles and a dot ball, and Rashid retires with figures of 10-0-37-0. Excellent spell.

33rd over - Aus 141-3
Clarke uses his feet well to Swann to steer a single through the covers, a Ferguson single takes him to 16. Clarke dabs a single to point.

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From MN at Uni in Leicester, via text on 81111: "Any cricket-loving Elvis fans fancy a trip to W G Grace-land?!"

32nd over - Aus 138-3
Another legside single from Ferguson, he and Clarke scamper a couple more. Clarke pulls a looser delivery to mid-wicket for one, then one fizzes part Ferguson's outside edge as he drives, Matt Prior whips the bails off but Fergie's back foot was sufficiently grounded. "As a spinner, don't be short on your last ball", Tuffers on TMS advises Rashid, and Ferguson can only defend. Rashid has 0-30, some very good control from him.

From Adam Pearson, Essex, TMS inbox: "How about an Inzamam theme park? The rides are brilliant, but they let you down by not running properly"

31st over - Aus 134-3
Ferguson pushes Swann for two - Swann has a glare and a couple of words to Rashid, who he clearly thought was dawdling in the field to allow two. Ferguson, who clearly favours the leg side, flicks another single off his legs.

30th over - Aus 131-3
Rashid wheels away for his eighth over, Fergie punches a single but the Yorkshire leggie keeps Clarke tied down extremely well until the last ball, when he tries to cut a shorter ball and edges it down to third man for four.

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Universal Stu(art Broad)dios. His bowling towards the end of the Ashes was like a Hollywood story anyway"

29th over - Aus 126-3
Graeme Swann, England's premier spinner, is belatedly introduced as their seventh bowler. The Aussie pair continue to push the singles, but Swann restricts them to just three runs from the six balls.

From Tim Haveron Jones, Maidenhead, TMS inbox: "Let's have a poll, please on the future of limited overs cricket. I say scrap the 50-over game completely and just have T20s from now on. A typical 50-over innings consists of 15 overs of fun at the beginning, 10 overs of fun at the end, and 25 overs of turgid nonsense in between. Who wants to watch two lots of 50 overs of nudging and nurdling in a typical day's play? Get rid of it and play T20 double-headers instead!"

28th over - Aus 123-3
Ferguson pushes and runs, Rashid's dive just misses the ball and the throw from mid-off misses the stumps. After an exchange of singles, Ferguson guides a googly to third man and they run three, although Broad looks to have taken a knock making the stop on the boundary. Let's hope his anointing as "The New Flintoff" won't see him in and out of the treatment room for the rest of his career.

27th over - Aus 117-3
It's still Colly for his sixth over, no sign of Graeme Swann to bowl yet. Ferguson takes another quick single, the Aussies aren't fazed by those two run-outs... Australia push more singles, but aren't hitting out just yet. Colly has 1-22 from six overs, Rashid has 0-15 from six.

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From Sgt Wilko, via text on 81111: "Good to see England finally getting off the Cameron White water rapids ride, it thrashed us about a bit but at least it didn't last too long"

26th over - Aus 113-3
Clarke, now facing a rebuilding job, steers Rashid for a single, then there's a huge lbw appeal from Rashid against Ferguson! Umpire Tony Hill shakes his head, but looking at the replay, that was pitching middle and hitting, erm, middle? The reprieved Ferguson is off the mark with a single.

From Martin Jourdain, Leeds, TMS inbox: "How about a trip to Umar Gul-livers World near Warrington?"

25th over - Aus 111-3
Callum Ferguson is the new batsman, he's played 14 ODIs and averages 47.25 with a top score of 63. He sees off the rest of Colly's over.

Wicket falls
24.2 overs - WICKET - White run out (Swann/Prior) 53 - Aus 111-3
White pushes Colly to square leg, they come back for two, Graeme Swann's throw from the boundary is gathered by Matt Prior and is that out? It's referred to third umpire Peter Hartley - and it's out! Nelson strikes!

24th over - Aus 110-2
Rashid is quickly through his overs - this is his fifth - as Clarke pushes a single and White, who's also a leg-spinner himself (though some would say not of international class), fails to pick a googly. But when he hoists the last ball to long-off, it falls just short of Graeme Swann running round.

A Kevin Pietersen mask
From Matt, Ohio, TMS inbox: "How about the Kevin Pietersen Theme Park? Rides would include the 'Sui-Single', where you are propelled at 120mph along a cricket pitch in a desparate attempt to take that first run. You'd also have the 'Extreme Reverser (Sweep)' ride, which is supposed to suddenly shoot you off to the left or right with no prior warning. Unfortunately, most people can see which way they're going to be hit way before the ride starts"

23rd over - Aus 108-2
White dabs Colly for a single off his legs, Clarke clips a well-run two to the mid-wicket boundary and then steals the strike again.

From Lloyd in Tiree, TMS inbox: "How about a trip to Paine-ton Zoo in South Devon, for those out early and with some time on their hands?"

That's 50
22nd over - Aus 104-2
Clarke tips-and-runs a quick single, White casually pushes one past the bowler and that's his maiden ODI fifty. Do commentators' curses work on Aussies? White has looked very assured so far, and we know from his T20 form that he's got another gear or two.

From Dan, TMS inbox: "When I was a kid I always used to enjoy a trip to Stephen Fleming-o Land"

21st over - Aus 102-2
White plunders Colly for a single, Clarke is off the mark with another and then the blond-haired White rocks back to hammer Colly through the covers for four to reach 48. That's his highest ODI score, beating his 45 against New Zealand in Hobart in January 2007 - it's also the hundred up for Australia. Two more singles and Cap'n Clarke is smiling like Carol Smilie, absolutely beaming. As well he might, given the score.

20th over - Aus 94-2
Rashid continues - his ODI shirt number on his back is 95, while he's England's ODI player number 210 so will have 210 under the three lions on his shirt. (Player 211, Jonathan Trott, was dropped after the Ireland game!) Just one single from White as 21-year-old Rashid is quickly through his over.

Get involved on 606
From eirebilly on 606: "Wow, that was a shocker by Watson. Good wicket for Collingwood though. Involved in both wickets so far"

19th over - Aus 93-2
New batsman is acting Aussie captain Michael Clarke, Colly fields his first ball off his own bowling.

From Robert Walker, TMS inbox: "Re: Graham Thorpe Park having technical problems (17th over), you could always go to Drayton Manou Park and zoo instead"

Go on then, any other theme parks or zoos named after cricketers?

Wicket falls
18.5 overs - WICKET - Watson c & b Collingwood 46 - Aus 93-2
With spin and Colly in tandem, White forsakes his helmet for a bright yellow Australia cap but continues to push the singles - then Watson falls prey to a soft dismissal as he pops an easy return catch back to the delighted Colly!

18th over - Aus 92-1
Watson drives Rashid for a single, then White carves him for two through the covers. A single to long-off takes him to 40, Watson smears one to long-on to reach 46 before White nicks the strike. Six off the over, and Aussies are sitting pretty as several non-combatant players scamper on to officiate in a drinks break.

A pie
From Michael (at work with lovely pie smells wafting throughout the office), TMS inbox: "Speaking of pies, have just had pleasure of buying an Aussie colleague lunch from a well known retailer. A variety they have concocted with kangaroo meat called Humble Pie. Can't think why. Bought myself one just in case"

17th over - Aus 86-1
Cap'n Strauss shuffles his bowlers as Sidey is put out of his misery and Paul Collingwood comes on with his military medium Colly-wobblers. With five men on the boundary, White and Watson dab a couple of inoffensive singles apiece.

Text in your views on 81111
From Toby, via text on 81111: "Been queuing for 45 minutes for Colossus at Thorpe Park and now it's having technical problems! Live text is the only thing keeping me from going mad!"

You see, it's not just us that have technical problems. Graham Thorpe Park has them too.

16th over - Aus 82-1
With the fielding powerplay over, England turn straight away to Adil Rashid's leg-spin. With apologies to Ireland (or the organisers of the World Twenty20), this is the young Yorkshireman's biggest game for England so far - and this series may also be an audition for Rashid's chance to swipe Monty Panesar's South African Airways boarding pass for this winter's Test series. Watson carves a single to mid-wicket, White off-drives another and it's just two runs from the over.

15th over - Aus 80-1
Another wide from the wayward Sidebottom, before Watson opens the face to dab a single to third man. Rashid's warming up, though... White smears a two to long-on, and Sidey holds his hands up in despair. It's really not been his day. White jabs a single to leg, Watson adds another through the covers. England will be relieved the fielding restrictions are over.

From Gina in Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "As hard as I try, just finding it hard to get excited about this one-day series. So much so that I forgot we were playing at all this morning and therefore forgot to put on one of my two 'good luck' skirts that I normally wear on Test or one-day matches. Apologies therefore if we lose - it would clearly be all my fault"

14th over - Aus 74-1
New bowler, same action and hairstyle as the fair-haired Luke Wright replaces Broad. I saw him bowl very well (albeit in a losing cause) in the Friends Provident Trophy final at Lord's, he seemed to have added half a yard of pace. Watson guides him to leg, but a brilliant diving stop by Ravi Bopara brings a round of applause as they run one. White powerfully straight-drives for four, then a short-arm punch brings him four more through mid-wicket.

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From trebell on 606: "These two look good for getting Oz a few hundred. Then Lee gets Eng out for 50... job done."

13th over - Aus 65-1
England persist with Sidey, who's misfiring worse than Aggers' car at the moment. Vic Marks on TMS wonders whether Sidey would do better from the Pavilion End as the singles continue to flow. Watson nicks the bowling as his score moves to 38 - White has 23, and that crazy run-out suddenly seems a long time ago.

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From Paul, working from home, via text on 81111: "Could you ask my mate Ed to get me a steak and ale pasty at lunchtime, the ones at The Oval are the best"

Other pies and pasties are, of course, available. Now stop making me hungry.

12th over - Aus 60-1
More clean hitting from Watson as he moves to 31 with a well-timed pull off Broad, then bludgeons four more with a textbook hook. After an exchange of singles, the tourists are sitting pretty at this stage.

11th over - Aus 51-1
Uumpire Lllong rrotates hhis aarms to signal that England have taken the fielding powerplay immediately - there will be a maximum of three men outside the circle for the next five overs. Sidebottom remains a little wayward, White crashes him for two fours - one each side of the wicket. Two wides follow, which bring up Australia's fifty - Sidey doesn't look happy at all.

10th over - Aus 41-1
White brutally square-cuts Broad for four, then runs a single to third man. That's it for the first (compulsory) powerplay.

And apologies if the live text is only now cranking into gear. We've had system-wide problems which have affected both the News and Sport websites - News are livid too as they were trying to cover a Gordon Brown speech live.

9th over - Aus 36-1
Tuffers briefly forgets the name of the Vauxhall End, which is where Ryan Sidebottom replaces Anderson. While Tuffers unashamedly asks TMS listeners for support in his forthcoming appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, Sidey's first ball is wide outside off stump and Watson bashes it for a square-driven four. The right-hander steers a single to leg as the Notts swinger struggles with his line, then White guides another one through the covers.

8th over - Aus 30-1
Watson tries to pull a short ball from Broad but can't really get hold of it and it dribbles through mid-wicket for a single to Rashid, who's out on the boundary and biting his nails. White weaves out of the way of a bouncer then guides Broad for two to leg.

7th over - Aus 27-1
Watson plays and misses at Jimmy again, before dabbing a single to mid-off. White beautifully cover-drives the last ball for four, his first boundary. The game's still waiting to really catch fire, though.

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From Mike, via text on 81111: "Re: Aggers' Dieselgate: He'll be in a replacement car tomorrow as putting the wrong fuel in is pretty catastrophic, once it gets into the system you have to take it all apart to decontaminate. Not nice"

6th over - Aus 22-1
Watson keeps the scoreboard ticking, Broad has White nibbling at one which just misses the edge of his blade as he plays a not-quite-forward-not-quite-back defensive stroke. Broad is "right on the money" according to Tuffers, just one single from the over.

From Ken in Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Any truth in the rumour that they are planning to stage bog-snorkelling at Old Trafford as a 'fill in' between now and their next Test match?"

5th over - Aus 21-1
If you haven't heard, England are missing opener Joe Denly today because he was injured when he was tackled by Owais Shah during a warm-up game of football. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened - as far as I know, the England football team have never opted to play cricket in the warm-up for their World Cup qualifiers. Would be fun to watch, though. A Watson single brings White on strike for the first time, he tips-and-runs a quick single to mid-on and Watson rotates the strike again.

4th over - Aus 18-1
The guilty man in that dismissal was certainly Watson, who called for a run that was never there in a month of Sundays... He's been joined by Cameron White, who's been an effective biffer for Australia and Somerset in Twenty20 cricket. Watson steers Broad for two through mid-wicket before opening the face of the bat to dab one through the vacant second slip area for four. He also knocks the last ball off his legs for one to nick the strike.

Out for a duck
3rd over - WICKET - Paine run out (Collingwood) 0 - Aus 11-1
Anderson beats Watson's outside edge with a corker that zips through Geoff Boycott's beloved "corridor of uncertainty". Watson steers a two to Adil Rashid (playing his second ODI today after his debut in Ireland) at third man, then straight-drives, Anderson gets a hand to it but can't prevent it sailing past him for four. Then, it's a horror dismissal for Paine as Watson takes an absolutely ludicrous signal to Paul Collingwood at backward point, his throw hits the stumps and Paine is barely halfway down the track as he is out for a duck. Australia made to feel the, er, Paine...

2nd over - Aus 5-0
Stuart Broad to take the second over, and I get to take my first look at new Aussie keeper/batsman Tim Paine, who's wearing ODI shirt number 36 for those of you who note such ephemera. The Tasmanian can't get his first few deliveries away, and nearly chops the last ball onto his stumps as Broad completes a maiden over. And our computer system seems to be working as well as Aggers' petrol/diesel tank at the moment... it currently looks as though I haven't done any updates since 1235 but I have. Honest, guv.

1st over - Aus 5-0
James Anderson takes the new ball, the first ball is short and wide, Shane Watson slashes at it and Umpire Llong extends his arms to signal a wide. First runs off the bat come when Jimmy fires another wide one in, Watson carves it through the covers for four and my match-report colleague Oliver Brett is already chuntering about Anderson's bowling...

1255: A few gremlins with the auto-refreshing text today, but hopefully it should work now... England run out to field in their new (only to be used this season as far as I know) red ODI kit.

From Angry Dan, Lancashire, TMS inbox: "Got to wonder if Agnew will keep his place in the squad after this latest blunder. Petrol into a diesel? I don't think he cuts it at the highest level"

Vic Marks
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "I look down at the line-ups and think 'who will hit the ball out of the ground?' Cameron White may, but I'm not sure about England - without Pietersen and Flintoff, I'm not sure it's a batting line-up that would terrify you"

1250: Aggers may not have made it to The Oval, but Simon Mann assures TMS listeners that the rain's stayed away too. Much debate over Australia's rather unusual batting line-up.

England spinner Graeme Swann on Twitter: "Oh, if anyone could find the broken down Aggers on the M1 and laugh at him for putting petrol in his diesel for me and Jimmy, priceless!"

1245: It's manual refresh time to get the video scorecard to appear at the top...

1241: Here are the full teams in we-think-this-is-batting-order:

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Paul Collingwood, Luke Wright, Stuart Broad, Adil Rashid, Graeme Swann, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson.

Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wk), Cameron White, Michael Clarke (capt), Callum Ferguson, Mike Hussey, James Hopes, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken.

Umpires are New Zealand's Tony Hull and England's Nigel Llong, Peter Hartley's on TV replays and Ian "Gunner" Gould is fourth ump. Completing the complement of officials is match referee Roshan Mahanama, the former Sri Lanka opener.

1235: So, England bring captain Andrew Strauss back in at the top of the order in place of Joe Denly, but have also omitted Tim Bresnan and Eoin Morgan from their 14-man squad. Australia, with captain Ricky Ponting sitting out the first few ODIs, are led by Michael Clarke who says he'd have batted anyway. Their side is packed with all-rounders - they've left out seamers Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus, and batsman Adam Voges.

1233: Toss news - England win the toss and will field first. And they're playing two spinners. (Yes, you've read that right, TWO SPINNERS. Woo hoo.)

1225: Morning, everyone. Or is that afternoon? One of my teachers at school would say that "it is not afternoon until a gentleman has had his luncheon", but you're very welcome in any event. But never mind Joe Denly's injury news, there's already been another big-hitter ruled out of the game...

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Put wrong fuel in car - petrol into diesel. Broken down on M1. In tow truck heading north. No chance of getting to The Oval"

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