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World Twenty20 final as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Final, Lord's:
Pakistan 139-2 (18.3 overs) beat Sri Lanka 138-6 (20 overs) by eight wickets


By Mark Mitchener


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1834: Younus lifts the World Twenty20 trophy that eluded Pakistan by a whisker two years ago - their players and fans are elated. Well done to both sets of champions - England's women join the Pakistan team for a joint photograph, then Pakistan are off for a lap of honour around the home of cricket. Look out for Oliver Brett's "team of the tournament" appearing shortly on the TMS Blog - and the highlights are on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website (UK only) tonight at 2305 BST.
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Anyway, that's it from us - thank you for your company, texts and e-mails both today and throughout the tournament. "I'm happy, hope you're happy too", as the song went. And from "Ashes to Ashes" to, well, the Ashes... we'll be back to bring you every minute of the Ashes series, which begins on 8 July. Until then, it's goodbye.

Pakistan captain Younus Khan: "It was fantastic as we were the underdog and suddenly turning it on in the big games. We knew we had some imaginative players. We knew if we restricted them to 140 or 150 it would be chaseable. Afridi's a match-winner and he was fantastic for us in the last two innings"

1829: A huge roar goes up as Pakistan's players get their medals.

Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara: "I'm very proud, I can't ask for a better team and I'm very proud of the way they played throughout the tournament. It was always tough after that start when we could have scored 20 runs more, but we'll grow stronger and come back. I think we've got the best bowling unit in the world, but we can learn and toughen ourselves up both mentally and physically"

1825: Sri Lanka get their losing finalists' medals.

Player of the tournament Tillakaratne Dilshan: "We've played good cricket in the last three weeks but it didn't click today and Pakistan did well. Having Sanath as an opening partner is great as he's an outstanding one-day player"

1823: The player of the tournament is... Tillakaratne Dilshan.

Man of the match Shahid Afridi: "I told Younus Khan I wanted to bat at number three and he had confidence in me. They told me to go out and enjoy it"

1820: Whew, an exciting finish. Time for the presentations - umps and referee up first. The man of the match is... Shahid Afridi.

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From Stretford_red on 606: "So proud of the whole team, really gelled when it mattered. It will mean so much for the people of Pakistan who have had a awful time of late"
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Pakistan batsman Shoaib Malik: "When I was on my way out to bat, I kept thinking I had to stay out there until the 20th over, but Shahid played an awesome innings and credit goes to him. I told him 'stay at the wicket and we'd finish the game'"

Pakistan keeper Kamran Akmal: "I'm so happy, it was a great knock by Shahid Afridi. We played positively"

1809: The Pakistan players and coaches run on to the field to congratulate Afridi and Malik. Several of them get on their knees and kiss the turf.


18.4 overs - Pkn 139-2
I'm told Afridi was quoted as saying "I'd win it on my own if I could" before the game - he may well do this. With only seven needed, Sri Lanka have to turn to The Slinger - he needs to bowl the sort of devastating over he did against South Africa in the 2007 World Cup when he took four wickets in four balls. Afridi guides the first ball for a single, then Malinga strays down the leg side and Malik clips it off his legs for four. A single to fine leg draws the scores level, the Pakistan dug-out occupants are on their feet. Will Afridi finish it in style? There's a lbw appeal, the ball dribbles out into the leg side but they run a leg bye and Pakistan have won!

That's 50

18th over - Pkn 132-2
Left-arm seamer Udana is entrusted with the 18th over, his first ball is guided for two by Afridi as Malik shows his speed between the wickets. A cross-batted hoick brings one run to the mid-wicket boundary, then Daryl Harper belatedly signals a wide as Malik swings and misses. Malik hoists it over Udana's head and they run a single - 21 needed from 15. The next ball is tight in the blockhole, but Afridi digs it out well and that's another well-run two to long-on. Afridi then hoists Udana miles into the St John's Wood stratosphere, that looks like it's gone into the back rows of the Tavern! Then a waist-high full toss (which will be called a no-ball for that) is helped on its way for four - that's Afridi's fifty and it may be game over. A single off the last ball means it's only seven needed from two overs.

17th over - Pkn 113-2
33 needed from 24 balls, and Mendis to bowl his last over. Afridi flicks a single off his legs, Malik adds another - two more singles are added and it's 29 from 20. Mendis serves up a full toss which Dilshan cuts off at long-on in front of the Compton Stand and they run two. Mendis's last ball is blasted for one to the tumbling extra cover fielder - that's the fifty stand and 26 needed from 18 balls.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "The countdown is on for Pakistan's fans. They can smell the win in their nostrils - denied two years ago in the last over of the final by arch-rivals India, they now know only a calamitous collapse can now stand in their way this time"

16th over - Pkn 106-2
Five overs left, but two of them will be bowled by The Slinger, who's back at the Pavilion End. Afridi on-drives and they run one, Malik plays and misses at a slower ball before pushing a single off his legs. Afridi swipes and misses before digging out a yorker, while Aggers and Tuffers are joined on TMS by England women's star player Claire Taylor, who helped England win the Women's World Twenty20 final earlier today and was voted as player of the tournament. A fumble by Mathews on the edge of the circle allows Afridi a single off the last ball. Just three from Malinga's over.

From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "Is it me or does it look like this is going to be won by the only side England were convincingly better than?"

15th over - Pkn 103-2
Mendis fizzes one past Malik's outside edge, a couple of singles keep the scoreboard ticking but Afridi dawdles when Malik pushes one to short fine leg and has to dive full-length for the crease. Afridi jabs a single to leg, Malik steers a two to long-on and it's looking like advantage Pakistan.

From Sarah A Malik, TMS inbox: "Afridi's going to bring it. We need the swashbuckling style of a devil-may-care Afridi right now to spice up this game"

14th over - Pkn 97-2
Afridi clearly eyes up the Tavern boundary at cow corner, and then hoists Murali for six there! He smacks a four through the covers before nudging a single off his legs. Malik clubs a two through the leg side, then a single - 14 from Murali's over.

13th over - Pkn 83-2
Udana (the only man to bowl a two-over spell in this innings) returns in place of Malinga. Malik runs a single to third man, it's been 21 balls since the last boundary. Afridi tries an unorthodox shovel from outside off stump to leg (Tuffers thinks it's a "cross-court" tennis stroke) for two. An on-drive brings a well-run two, then Afridi flicks a single off his legs. The ones and twos keep flowing, but not the boundaries. It's now 56 needed from 42 balls.

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From Waqas Kiani, via text on 81111: "Come on Pakistan, we badly need to win this final for our nation!"

12th over - Pkn 75-2
Jayasuriya to have another go with his left-arm darts from the Pavilion End - can he ensnare "Boom Boom" Afridi? The latter smashes a single to long-on, Malik steps to leg and helps himself to a single through the huge gap in the legside field. Afridi does likewise. Malik is restricted to singles at this stage, Afridi aims another big hit but can only guide it to long-on for one. Malik sweeps the last ball - so six singles from the over. Intriguingly, the Duckworth-Lewis par score at this stage would be 83-2.

11th over - Pkn 69-2
Sangakkara continues his "one-over bowling spells" policy as Malinga replaces Mendis. Malik steers another single to long-on, Afridi digs out a yorker and they scamper one. Malik dinks a single to third man, Afridi has to weave out of the way of a fierce bouncer which he nearly gloves to the keeper. A slower ball is clubbed to mid-on for one. Suddenly, the required run-rate jumps sharply to 7.78 after two tight overs.

10th over - Pkn 65-2
Afridi sweeps to short fine leg, old man Jayasuriya's fizzing throw hits the stumps as he decides against a run. But a single brings new batsman Shoaib Malik on strike - his first ball is steered to long-on for a single.

Wicket falls

9.1 overs - WICKET - Shahzaib c Jayasuriya b Muralitharan 19 - Pkn 63-2
Jayasuriya takes a rest, Shahzaib tries to hoist Murali to leg - but pops up a catch into the grateful hands of Jayasuriya at short fine leg. Who can take a wicket when no-one else can? The Kandy man can!

9th over - Pkn 63-1
More bowler rotation, Afridi jabs Mendis for a single, then there's a big appeal for a stumping against Shahzaib. Daryl Harper sends it up to the third umpire... the verdict is not out. Shahzaib finally cuts loose when he bashes Mendis back past the stumps for four, then cracking him through the covers for four more. An attempted paddle-sweep brings a scurried single, then Afridi dinks a well-run two into the vacant mid-on area. 76 needed from 66 balls, and Mr Mendis is strangely expensive.

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "On this matter of keeping an eye on TMS Live Text at work, the most straightforward solution is to invoke the Human Rights Act 1998, and in particular 'freedom of thought, conscience and religion (article 9), having first carefully recorded your religion as 'cricket' with personnel the day you start. This is a fail safe method of preserving your right to F5 TMS all day"

8th over - Pkn 51-1
New batsman is Shahid Afridi, to the delight of Pakistan's fans. "If he gets going, this game could be over in 20 minutes", notes Aggers on TMS. He's off the mark with a single off his legs, Shahzaib adds one to bring up his side's fifty. Afridi, calm at this stage, adds another but that's a great over by the veteran.

Wicket falls

7.1 overs - WICKET - Akmal st Sangakkara b Jayasuriya 37 - Pkn 48-1
Eighth over, sixth bowler used as left-arm spinner Sanath Jayasuriya tempts Akmal down the pitch and has him stumped by Sanga off his first ball! (It's a wide, but he won't mind).

7th over - Pkn 47-0
More rotation of the bowlers as the fielding restrictions end, as Mathews replaces Murali. Akmal carves a single to third man, Shahzaib reaches double figures with another. Then Akmal goes aerial again, shovelling another six over mid-wicket (from a ball outside off stump) and into the Grandstand! A single takes him to 37.

6th over - Pkn 39-0
More spin from Sri Lanka (who seem to have no fear about bowling their spinners in powerplays) as "mystery spinner" Ajantha Mendis turns his arm over for the first time. But Akmal is not fazed - after taking a look at the first couple of deliveries, he bends down to hoist a six towards cow corner! A paddle-sweep brings two to fine leg, another attempted sweep allows them to run a leg bye.

From Aaron from London, TMS inbox: "Come on Pakistan... Do it for Bob Woolmer"

A celebrity has been spotted

5th over - Pkn 30-0
Cap'n Sanga rotates his bowlers as spinner Muttiah Muralitharan arrives to bewitch the Pakistanis. India star Sachin Tendulkar looks on from the stands as Shahzaib jabs a single - Murali goes round the wicket to Akmal, who heaves him over mid-off as they run two. Just one more is added - 109 runs are needed from 90 balls. At this stage, Sri Lanka were 31-3.

4th over - Pkn 26-0
With the Slinger having done Pakistan up like a kipper in the last over, they may feel the need to attack Udana - Akmal jabs the first ball for a couple. A single brings Shahzaib on strike - he skies one into the air towards the Grandstand, Mathews races after it and his diving effort falls just short. They run two. Shahzaib's luck continues as he gets an inside edge to a yorker which squirms past the stumps and away for four. A single takes his score to eight - the last ball is a slower ball which Akmal hoists over the bowler's head towards the Pavilion and that's four more. 14 from the over.

3rd over - Pkn 12-0
Bring On The Slinger! Lasith Malinga replaces Mathews at the Nursery End, he immediately has Akmal on the back foot and slings in three dot balls before Akmal can work him away for a single. Shahzaib is surprised by an absolute snorter which tucks him up for room and hits him on the forearm. Just one from the over.

2nd over - Pkn 11-0
Isuru Udana to take the second over as Sri Lanka keep the rest of their "M's" (Malinga, Muralitharan and Mendis) in reserve. His first ball is a wide outside Shahzaib's leg stump, the right-hander then guides a single to third man. Akmal clips a single off his hip, but it's a fairly tidy over.

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From kiki1875 on 606: "Pakistan need to target Mathews and Udana because Mendis, Murali and Malinga aren't going to give them anything"
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1st over - Pkn 8-0
It's all go for Mathews - after that whirlwind innings, he's taking the new ball for Sri Lanka from the Nursery End. Akmal gets Pakistan under way with a firm cover-driven four and a clubbed two through mid-wicket. The Pakistan keeper blasts the last ball towards the mid-wicket fence, but it's cut off and they run two.

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From Doz in Winchester, via text on 81111: "For Anonymous (see earlier), take the job and buy a portable digital radio or happen be outside Currys a lot. Or am I showing my age?"

1639: As ever, these breaks between innings don't seem long enough - Kamran Akmal and Shahzaib Hasan are walking out to begin the reply for Pakistan.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Now that makes it interesting.... That 68-run partnership between Skipper Sanga and Mower Mathews has given Sri Lanka a fighting chance. At 70-6 they seemed finished, but now Murali, Mendis and Malinga have something to get their teeth into. For the first time all afternoon it's the Sri Lankan fans who are noisiest"

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From super_stevie_f on 606: "Mathews might have just won it for Sri Lanka there. Sri Lanka will fancy themselves to defend this - but Pakistan's hopes will depend on if Afridi at three will score, and if Younus Khan and Misbah get enough time to bat"
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1629: Well, what a good stand by Sangakkara and Mathews - 68 runs from seven overs - I can tell you it's the second highest seventh-wicket stand in any Twenty20 international. The record-holders are Paul Collingwood and Michael Yardy (remember him?), who added 91 for England against West Indies at The Oval in 2007. Mathews must wonder why he's batting below Udana.


20th over - SL 138-6
So, 17-year-old Mohammad Aamir to take the last over, Mathews hoists the ball high into the air, Younus Khan dashes back but can't get his hands to it as they run two. Mathews steps back to the second ball and swipes it over the vacant slip cordon for four. The third ball is a good length too, but Mathews opens his shoulders and marmalises it into the Grandstand for six! The fourth ball is hammered past the bowler and they run two, he can only bludgeon the fifth for a single. Sanga whacks the last ball to the mid-wicket boundary, but there's a fielder there and they run two. Sri Lanka finish with 138-6 - an eminently defendable total.

19th over - SL 121-6
Sanga steps back so he's nearly two yards outside leg stump as Gul runs up, but Gul keeps his nerve and he can only prod a single. Mathews then whips another four through mid-wicket before jabbing a single to square leg. Sanga opens the face but picks out the man at short third man for a single - that's the fifty stand from 35 balls. Who'd have thought it at 2-2? Mathews completes the over with a single, so Gul finishes with a very un-Gul-like 1-29.

From Olu Falola, TMS inbox: "Anonymous (see earlier), take the job! Just use the extra cash to buy a decent phone with internet capability!"
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18th over - SL 113-6
Ajmal to complete his spell, Mathews aims a big heave but swishes and misses. He eventually dribbles a single to fine leg, and Sanga profits by blasting a four through cow corner. Ajmal switches to round the wicket and Sanga carves a single to the mid-wicket sweeper. Mathews finds the boundary for the first time with a hammer-blow, straight-driven four past the bowler.

That's 50

17th over - SL 103-6
A classic Gul v. Sangakkara duel - Sanga takes first blood as he whips Gul through mid-wicket to bring up his fifty from 44 balls. He can't time the next ball but they scuttle through for a leg bye. Mathews smears one over point and that's excellent running to come back for a second. He then knocks a single off his legs, Sanga chips a full toss (called a no-ball as it's above waist high) for a single through the covers. Gul digs in a bouncer, Mathews fends it off for a single, then Sanga hooks the last ball for four through long leg. 15 from the over - expensive by Gul's high standards.

16th over - SL 88-6
After Ajmal yields two singles, Sanga advances down the track and blasts a well-run two. Two more twos, both driven down the ground, take Sanga to 45 from 42 balls before he nurdles a single to keep on strike.

Phil Tufnell

Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS: "Sri Lanka have had too many bad overs, where they've played and missed a lot as well as losing wickets"

15th over - SL 79-6
Gul has changed ends, but strays with a wide before Mathews dinks a single to third man. Sanga can only dig out singles at the moment, while Mathews fences at a slow bouncer before paddling a single through square leg. Sanga carefully guides a single to long-off, Mathews can't get the last ball away.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Well well well. Almost exactly 10 years ago at Lord's, Pakistan were taken apart by Australia in the final of the 50-over World Cup. They're now doing exactly the same to today's favourites Sri Lanka. It's not over yet, but they have one hand on the precious trophy."

14th over - SL 74-6
New batsman is Angelo Mathews, while Ajmal's back on for Gul. Sanga rotates the strike with a single, Mathews eventually manages a single to long-on. A single takes Sanga to 36 from 36 balls, Mathews keeps the strike. Sri Lanka are rather tentative - but they ain't got a lot of batting after these two.

Wicket falls

13th over - WICKET - Udana b Afridi 1 - SL 70-6
Afridi to complete his spell from the Pavilion End, Sanga nudges a single but Udana can't seem to get the ball off the square. He eventually jabs a single, Sanga adds another, then there's a big lbw appeal from Afridi and keeper Akmal - but no need as he's bowled through the gate!

12th over - SL 67-5
New batsman is Isuru Udana - Pakistan will think they've got one end open here, and may be content to keep Sangakkara off strike. Udana swishes and misses, another great Gul over.

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From Dan, comatose in St Albans, via text on 81111: "Re: Anonymous (5th over) - you know it makes sense... To refuse the offer outright unless they buy you a DAB radio, or some tickets for the Lord's Test. That'll make them prove how much they want you (or not, as the case may be)"

Wicket falls

11.3 overs - WICKET - Silva c Ajmal b Gul 14 - SL 67-5
Time for Pakistan's specialist "death bowler", Umar Gul, who took an incredible 5-6 against New Zealand in the Super Eights. Sanga jabs a single before Gul strays with a wide. But when Silva tries to pull through mid-wicket, he knocks it straight into the hands of the grateful Saeed Ajmal.

11th over - SL 65-4
The bearded Afridi begins his third over and after a single from Sangakkara, Afridi has a big lbw shout, amplified by the crowd, as Silva comes forward and they run a leg bye. Sanga rocks back to power a four through extra cover - then there's another appeal as Sanga sweeps but there was a bit of bat on it and that's four more. A single ensures he keeps the strike - he has 31 from 28 balls.

10th over - SL 54-4
New bowler, same action as Shoaib Malik replaces fellow off-spinner Ajmal. Silva steers his first ball for one, Sanga prods a quick one through mid-wicket. Silva sweeps for four to bring up the fifty for his side, and two singles round off the over as we reach the halfway point of the innings.

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From nigeweir on 606: "Sangakkara has not played great for a while and today is his chance to show the world what he is capable of"
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9th over - SL 46-4
Sanga on-drives for a single as Afridi is quickly through his over - Silva prods a googly through the covers for one, but Sri Lanka are increasingly bogged down against the spinners.

Geoff Lawson

From Alistair, TMS inbox: "Credit where credit's due - Geoff 'Henry' Lawson should be congratulated for shaping Pakistan into the side they are today before he was unceremoniously dumped as coach"

8th over - SL 44-4
Spin from both ends as Saeed Ajmal, another candidate for 'team of the tournament' with Afridi, comes on at the Nursery End. (Watch out for Oliver Brett's 'team of the tournament' on the TMS Blog after the final). Sangakkara off-drives for a single, Ajmal lures Silva out by giving the ball some air and Silva has to keep his back foot grounded as Kamran Akmal whips off the bails. A thin edge brings Silva a sneaky four past the keeper.

7th over - SL 39-4
With the powerplay overs concluded, we have our first bowling change as Pakistan fans' favourite Shahid Afridi comes on, bowling his fast leg-breaks. Sanga and Silva push singles off each of the first five balls with some delicate dabs through the infield, while a quicker ball deceives Silva and just fails to beat the edge.

6th over - SL 34-4
Chamara Silva is facing a big rebuilding job here alongside his skipper, he can only clip a single off his legs. Sanga adds another, but Razzaq has Sri Lanka on the rack - he has 3-20 from three overs.

Wicket falls

5.3 overs - WICKET - Jayawardene c Misbah b Razzaq 1 - SL 32-4
Sanga flicks Razzaq to deep square leg for one, then Jayawardene joins the procession of dismissed batsmen when he tries to run the ball to third man and nicks one to slip!

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Could that be Sanath Jayasuriya's last joust on the international stage? The old trooper's demise was met by horror by the Sri Lanka fans - he was there when they won the World Cup 13 years ago, but his team will have to do without him now as they seek to post a decent total"

From Anonymous (for fear of offer being retracted), TMS inbox: "I have been offer a new job with better pay, hours and holiday as well as many other fringe benefits. The down side is that it would mean a lot less 'desk' time and therefore less time looking at live text. As this is an Ashes summer would I be a fool to take it?"

5th over - SL 31-3
Sangakkara flicks the lively Aamir off his legs for two, then a single brings his predecessor as captain on strike. The right-handed Jayawardene dabs a single into the covers, and some alert running brings Sanga one more.

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From EdwardAllah on 606: "Bowlers and fielders will dominate this one. Perhaps it's just a matter of which batsmen can eke out enough to make a difference"
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4th over - SL 26-3
Former skipper Mahela Jayawardene defends his first ball. Pakistan, by contrast, are cock-a-hoop.

Wicket falls

3.5 overs - WICKET - Jayasuriya b Razzaq 17 - SL 26-3
Jayasuriya picks Razzaq up excellently and hoists him over mid-wicket for six, before punching him through the same region for four. That's vintage Sanath, as befits a man nine days short of his 40th birthday. But the old man's innings is ended when he drags the ball onto his stumps!

Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "The closest game Sri Lanka have had so far was the Ireland game, where they only won by nine runs"

3rd over - SL 16-2
Sangakkara facing for the first time, flat-bats a shortish delivery from Aamir through mid-wicket for four before a beautiful front-foot cover drive brings him four more. Aamir is banging everything in short-pitched so far, that's clearly their plan - the only one he's strayed with was the cover-driven four.

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From Karl, Manchester, via text on 81111: "Why is this form of the game called Twenty20? Just because both teams have 20 overs? Isn't that like calling football 'FootballFootball' just because there are two halves?"

2nd over - SL 8-2
New batsman is Kumar Sangakkara but the batsmen crossed again, so it's Jayasuriya facing again with his side in dire straits. There's a big gap in the legside field, which the veteran exploits by steering a two and then blasting a four through mid-wicket.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Delirium in the stands after Dilshan's shock early dismissal. The Pakistani hordes are cavorting around with flags, banners and random sponsors' freebies. Utter shock on Sri Lankan faces."

Wicket falls

1.3 overs - WICKET - Mubarak c Shahzaib b Razzaq 0 - SL 2-2
Abdul Razzaq, recently returned to the fold after playing in the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League, takes the second over and Mubarak opens the scoring with a leg bye. Jayasuriya steers the first single off the bat, then Mubarak skies the ball into the air but picks out Shahzaib again, this time at mid-off!

1st over - SL 0-1
Here's a change in the batting order - Sri Lanka send Jehan Mubarak out at first drop. They ran on the catch, Jayasuriya defends his first ball and we've begun with a wicket maiden to the delight of the Pakistan fans.

Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "Shahzaib Hasan is listed as the worst fielder in the Pakistan side but he did well to take that one to his left"

Out for a duck

0.5 overs - WICKET - Dilshan c Shahzaib b Aamir 0 - SL 0-1
Dilshan ducks Aamir's first ball, then tries to steer a short-pitched delivery away with an open face but Shoaib Malik is swiftly in at short third man. Dilshan tries an aggressive pull shot but his timing is way off at the moment - after four dot balls, he tries to hook Aamir and lofts the ball straight to short fine leg!

1459: Tillakaratne Dilshan and Sanath Jayasuriya to open up against teenage left-arm seamer Mohammad Aamir. Game on!

1455: Teams out for the anthems. Sri Lanka's first, then Pakistan's. Both get a loud round of applause.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "With 10 minutes to go until the start, there are still a few empty seats around Lord's - but not many. The touts were doing a roarer of a trade around the ground and recession-busting cash was changing hands - expect the white gaps in the stands to be plugged with green and blue shirts before the Sri Lanka openers come jogging out of the dug-out."

Geoff Lawson
Arlo White

Arlo White on TMS: "I was on a Tube train with Geoff Lawson after a Pakistan game once - he was treated like royalty by the fans"

From Ian, Hackney, London, TMS inbox: "It's great to see the Aussies in the World Twenty20 Final - umpiring!"

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From Pompey_Canuck on 606: "Cricket, Football, Golf, & F1 - looks like the sporting world was thinking of their Dads today"
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1447: I wonder how Pakistan all-rounder Fawad Alam will get on in today's final. He played in five of their six games so far, yet has only been asked to bat twice (scoring 15 runs in two innings) and has only bowled one over (yielding 15 runs). So, a lot of fielding for not much batting and bowling - but does scoring 15 and conceding 15 make him the cricketing equivalent of "carbon neutral" for the tournament?

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Huge excitement from both sets of fans as the Sri Lanka and Pakistan players jog from the Nursery Ground round to the pavilion. No question who gets the biggest cheers - it's a Boom-Boom sort of afternoon, isn't it?"

1439: If you weren't with us for the women's final, then shame on you, you missed an exciting game - but we mentioned at the start of play that it's Father's Day today, and I hope you've all been waiting on your cricket-loving dads hand and foot.

And as with the women's final, we want you involved today. E-mail us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - this is extra-important today as we're deluged with Formula 1 texts too) or use 606.

1435: OK, here are the full teams:

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara (capt & wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Chamara Silva, Jehan Mubarak, Angelo Mathews, Isuru Udana, Lasith Malinga, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis.

Pakistan: Kamran Akmal (wk), Shahzaib Hasan, Shoaib Malik, Younus Khan (capt), Misbah-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq, Fawad Alam, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Aamir.

Umpires are a trio of Aussies - Simon Taufel and Daryl Harper on the field, with Steve Davis on TV replays. Fourth umpire, ready to rush on with any replacement balls, is New Zealand's Billy Bowden, while as mentioned earlier, England's Chris Broad is match referee.

1430: Pakistan's Younus Khan tosses the coin, Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara calls "heads" correctly and Sri Lanka will bat first. Both teams are unchanged from the semi-finals.

1425: No news on the teams yet - 10 of Sri Lanka's players are ever-present in the tournament.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Lord's: "Happy mayhem in the streets as thousands of horn-tooting Pakistan supporters and chanting Sri Lankan fans descend on Lord's for the biggee. Humid conditions overhead which should see Umar Gul licking his lips but the Sri Lankans are confident that their spin threat can see them win a world tournament for the first time since their World Cup triumph in 1996"

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From kentcricketfan on 606: "Sri Lanka would undoubtedly be worthy winners as they will then have won every match. If Pakistan pull it off then surely with what has gone on in recent months then it would surely be one of the greatest "fairy tales" ever in sport. Good luck to both sides - may the best team win."
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1415: Afternoon, everyone. After England's victory over New Zealand in the women's final this morning, it's now time for the men to take centre stage at the home of cricket.
Women's World Twenty20 final as it happened

With Pakistan locking horns with Sri Lanka, we're hoping for a thrilling climax to an exciting tournament. (Personally, I'm hoping for a super-over eliminator as I've not seen one of those yet). However, the game will have poignancy when you remember the terrorist attacks in March when Sri Lanka's team bus came under fire as they travelled to play Pakistan.

Appropriately, ICC match referee Chris Broad, who was also caught up in the incident, has been named as referee for this final. Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara, who was among the players injured in the Lahore incident, said: "I think what Lahore really brought home to us was that we are the same as everyone else - it can happen to anyone, and it happed to us."

Meanwhile, Pakistan - losing finalists in the inaugural World Twenty20 in 2007 - have pledged to win the final in memory of their former coach Bob Woolmer, who died during the 2007 World Cup and who had starred at Lord's for England during his playing career.

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