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England v Netherlands as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Group B, Lord's:
Netherlands 163-6 (20 overs) beat England 162-5 (20 overs) by four wickets


By Mark Mitchener


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2123: Right, that's about it from us - if you want to pick the bones out of that one, you can watch highlights on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website (UK users only) tonight at 2345 BST - then, the highlights will be available on the site tomorrow morning.

We'll be back tomorrow with a triple-header of games - I hope you'll join Anna Thompson for New Zealand v Scotland (play starts 1000), then I'll be back to take on Australia v West Indies and India v Bangladesh. Until then, it's goodbye from me and it could be goodbye for England in 48 hours' time...

From Brian Cain, a Brit in North Carolina, TMS inbox: "I have to say that I'm disgusted with that result. Underarm shies missing stumps is almost excusable, but not backing up at the wicket is such an elementary mistake. Smacks of arrogance, which is wholly inappropriate given we've only beaten the Windies in any recent competitions"

2114: Tom de Grooth is man of the match - well played, sir.

England captain Paul Collingwood on TMS: "All the credit goes to the Netherlands - I thought we had enough runs on the board, and Ravi and Wrighty gave us a fantastic platform at the top of the order. With 160-odd, it should be enough to beat a team like the Netherlands. But they put us under pressure and seemed to score boundary after boundary. We just weren't good enough, and sometimes you've got to give credit to the opposition. We believe we can beat Pakistan, and we've got to show that on Sunday."

From Lewis Connell, TMS inbox: "Only England could throw away a 162 lead to a team like the Netherlands, who to be fair played very well. But seriously, only England"

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Surely the lowest point in England's cricket history?"

Dutch batsman Daan van Bunge on TMS: "It doesn't get any better than this - we needed one guy to go big and De Grooth got to 49 for us. To win like this at Lord's is history for us"

Dutch match-winner Edgar Schiferli on TMS: "I was a bit nervous before the game, but we've done very, very well. I was looking to hit the last ball to cow corner, but from the moment England finished their innings, we believed in ourselves from ball one. We never dreamt of winning this game, but we knew we could do it"

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "Already, England's place in the next round is in serious doubt. What it needed was for one of the infielders to shout to Broad to 'hold the ball' and take it to the super-over"

Simon Mann

Simon Mann on TMS: "That was a remarkable opening match of the tournament. The Dutch can't contain themselves, and they deserve it - this is the biggest win in the history of Dutch cricket"


20th over - Ned 163-6
Broad runs in, Schiferli on strike, they run one, Broad shies at the stumps but no-one backs up the throw at the bowler's end and the Dutch run an overthrow! NETHERLANDS WIN!

2100: So, it all comes to one ball. A dot ball and England win. One run and we go to a super-over, two or more and the Dutch win.

19.5 overs - Ned 161-6
Simon on TMS thinks England would take the super-over at this stage. RTD hits a single to mid-on, two needed to win from the final ball!

19.4 overs - Ned 160-6
Broad is holding his hand, looks as if it stung his fingers. Can Schiferli find the rope? He swings and misses, Foster's underarm throw misses the stumps and they run a bye. Three from two!

19.3 overs - Ned 159-6
RTD back on strike and the Dutch fans are on their feet. RTD aims another lofted drive, Broad gets a hand to it in the follow-through but can't prevent the single. Four from three.

19.2 overs - Ned 158-6
Schiferli facing, what can he do? Hits it back past the bowler, Broad grabs the ball and goes for a Jonty Rhodes-style flying demolition of the stumps - it goes to the third umpire. Did Broad drop the ball as he breaks the stumps? Yes - the ball doesn't touch the stumps until Broad has already broken the stumps with his hand! Third ump says not out! Five from four needed!

19.1 overs - Ned 157-6
Stuart Broad to bowl the last over, fast and straight Colly probably tells him. Goes round the wicket to bowl across the right-handed RTD. There are three men on the off-side boundary at third man, wide third man and cover sweeper. RTD hits a bump ball into the ground, Broad takes the "catch" but his underarm throw misses from four yards. Six from five needed.

19th over - Ned 156-6
Could we have a one-over super-over eliminator here? Last ball of Sidey's over, full toss, Schiferli chips him over backward point and they run two. Seven needed from the last over.

18.5 overs - Ned 154-6
Schiferli facing, hit on the pad, the ball ricochets to third man and they come back for two leg byes. Nine from seven.

18.4 overs - Ned 152-6
RTD blasts to Jimmy at long-off, just the single. 11 from eight.

18.3 overs - DROPPED CATCH - Ned 151-6
RTD back on strike. Full toss, dropped on the cover boundary by Morgan, four runs! Went through his hands. 12 from nine.

18.2 overs - Ned 147-6
Schiferli is struck on the pad, the batsmen collide in mid-pitch but the throw is wide and they run a leg bye! 16 from 10.

18.1 overs - Ned 146-6
Edgar Schiferli is the new batsman. He pokes Sidebottom to cover, dot ball. 17 needed from 11.

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET - Van Bunge c Wright b Anderson 8 - Ned 146-6
Anderson to bowl his last over as England go for broke. DVB smears a single, RTD steers a single to long-on. DVB heaves another one to mid-on to keep rotating the strike, England desperately need a wicket. RTD digs out a full-Bunge (sorry, had to get it in) to nurdle another single to leg, then Anderson deceives Van Bunge with a clever slower ball, like a slow off-spinner. Dot ball. DVB then swings for the boundary - and is caught on the cover fence! 17 needed from 12 balls - and I'm going ball-by-ball!

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From Chris in Storrington, via text on 81111: "I don't know much about cricket, but I'm pretty sure that this would be a big upset if England lost this"


17th over - Ned 142-5 (D/L par score 136-5)
New batsman is Daan van Bunge and the England fans are now cheering every dot ball from Rashid in the rain. DVB clubs a single to mid-off, then RTD smears the ball through third man as the ball squirms out of the reach of the diving Rob Key. Is that four? The Dutch thought so, but the third ump's replay is inconclusive so it's three. DVB executes a magnificent cover-driven four, and at this rate they won't need Duckworth or Lewis. DVB ("a big hitter", says Alec Stewart) steers a single through mid-on but RTD can't get the last ball away. 21 needed from three overs.

From Chris, TMS inbox: "A random fact about De Grooth. his dad has his own private ground in Essex and I have played against Tom and his sister on it. All very nice people who made us feel thoroughly welcome in their house afterwards."

Wicket falls

16th over - WICKET - Borren c Shah b Anderson 30 - Ned 133-5 (D/L par score 128-5)
35 needed from 30 balls as England recall James Anderson. A brilliant piece of fielding from Colly at extra cover leaves Borren in danger of a run-out but the throw is wild and Foster can't take it cleanly. Ten Doeschate takes the pace off the ball with an easy single - Alec Stewart reiterates that all the Dutch have to do is aim to get a single off every ball against England's main seamers. And Simon Mann on TMS notices there's rain in the air - where are those Duckworth-Lewis sheets? The rain is now streaming down, but Borren departs when he skies Anderson's last ball of his over to mid-on! The wicket increases the D/L par score - but Netherlands are still five runs ahead at this stage. 30 needed from 24 balls.

15th over - Ned 128-4
Rashid tosses the ball up, Borren swings and misses. He then steers a single to mid-wicket, then we have an interesting passage of play when RTD goes down the pitch, looking for a leg bye and is sent back by the umpire for not trying to play a shot. However, unbowed, Ten Doeschate can wait for the bad ball and late-cuts a shorter delivery for four through third man.

From Hugh Springbok, TMS inbox: "Maybe you should change 'England' to 'Scottish, Irish, South African XI' Is this a national team or an international invitation team? Who's running the game, the ECB or Poachers R Us?"

14th over - Ned 122-4
New batsman is Ryan Ten Doeschate - Broad returns and bowls round the wicket, as he did at times in the warm-up games, and Borren is nearly involved in a mix-up between the wickets but they come back safely for a second run. After a single from RTD, England nearly give away a no-ball as Sidey has to come in to make up the fourth fielder in the circle. Broad sends down one that's short and wide of off stump, and isn't impressed as Umpire De Silva extends his arms to signal a wide. Borren then steps across his stumps with an unorthodox flick off his legs, and runs a single as Shah makes a slight fumble at short fine leg.

Wicket falls

13th over - WICKET - De Grooth c Key b Collingwood 49 - Ned 116-4
Colly has long-off and long-on back, Borren is struck on the pad but scuttles back for two leg byes. Borren then gets down on one knee and has a wild swing, Foster crashes the bails off but Borren's right foot was expertly grounded. Borren then pushes a quick single to the edge of the circle at mid-wicket, they come back for two, four fielders converge on the ball but Bopara fails to field Sidey's throw cleanly. Then, it's a candidate for "shot of the day" as Borren launches an absolutely enormous, Albie Morkel-style six over mid-wicket and into an executive box in the middle tier of the Grandstand which is measured at 94 metres. A huge hit! But after Borren rotates the strike, De Grooth's brave effort is ended one short of his half century when he gets a leading edge and Rob Key comes in to take the catch.

12th over - Ned 105-3
A change of tactics as Wright takes a rest and Sidey switches back to the Pavilion End, where he will bowl round the wicket to tuck De Grooth up. A single brings up three figures for the Dutch, Colly rotates his field and will be happy not to concede a boundary this over. Borren blasts a two to Morgan at wide long-on, then keeps the strike with a single. But that's six from the over - 58 needed from 48 balls.

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From Happy hippy, via text on 81111: "I always fancied the Monty Python theme tune as the national anthem"

Actually I heard the Python theme tune (its proper name is "The Liberty Bell", by Sousa) played last week... well I was visiting the actual Liberty Bell in Philadelphia!

11th over - Ned 99-3
Needing to rectify the damage, Captain Colly introduces his own military medium pace into the attack. Borren nearly decapitates De Grooth with a firm on-drive, but the singles keep flowing, and even a mix-up in mid-pitch does not worry the Netherlands pair. Colly's slower ball flies off an edge down to third man for one, then De Grooth's bottom hand dominates again as he clubs him through cow corner for four like a base hit to left field. The Dutch have a pretty decent baseball team, and Mr De Grooth could earn himself a call-up at this rate - he moves on to 47.

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "At this stage, the Dutch have got their noses in front"

10th over - Ned 91-3
Borren will be pleased to bring the free-hitting De Grooth back on strike with a single, Wright tries a slower ball but it's a low full toss which De Grooth bludgeons through backward point for four, to the delight of the orange-clad men and women in the stands. Another well-run two has Captain Colly wondering where to put the field next. Borren tries to pull Wright to leg but it's signalled as a wide by umpire Asoka de Silva. He completes the shot off the next ball, then De Grooth smears another well-run two to long-on. Just 72 needed from 60 balls now, and even I can work out the required run rate!

9th over - Ned 79-3
New batsman Peter Borren shows the class of his lookalike Marc Overmars by getting down on one knee and smashing his first ball through mid-wicket for four. A single brings De Grooth back on strike, but a superb diving stop by Broad at third man turns four into three. After another single from Borren, De Grooth confidently hoists Rashid through cow corner for another boundary. 84 needed from 66 balls - this game is not over!

Wicket falls

8.1 overs - WICKET - Zuiderent st Foster b Rashid 12 - Ned 66-3
What can Rashid do here? He deceives Zuiderent in the flight and Foster whips off the bails for a very smart stumping, that's what!

8th over - Ned 66-2
Luke Wright's medium pace yields more singles, although De Grooth rides his luck with an inside edge which Foster spectacularly stops down the leg side. Sidey is pushed back to long-off, De Groot chips Wright down to third man and they come back for a second, while he keeps the strike with another single. This stand is worth 43 off 27 balls.

7th over - Ned 60-2
Dermot Reeve on TMS says England need to bowl some dot balls, so they throw the ball to leg-spinner Adil Rashid from the Nursery End. Zuiderent shows the youngster no respect, clubbing his first ball for a single. De Grooth is even less respectful, reverse-sweeping Rashid down to the Tavern boundary for four! More singles, then Zuiderent pinches a two as England dawdle in the field.

6th over - Ned 52-2
Another confident pull from De Grooth evades the diving Morgan on the mid-wicket boundary, while Zuiderent rides his luck as an edge sails away for four. The former Sussex man then jabs a quick single, Broad follows through and tries to kick the ball onto the stumps but his football skills let him down. De Grooth responds by giving himself room and hoisting a huge six over Broad's head which nearly goes into the pavilion! At this stage, England were 51-0...

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From Anon, via text on 81111: "I think the balance of the team would be better with Rob Key opening and Wright coming in later to hit some big sixes when the shine comes off the ball. Who have we got to hit sixes? Our middle order are steady/weak/boring!"

What about that Mascarenhas bloke who hit five successive sixes in an ODI but seems to be back carrying the drinks again?!

5th over - Ned 36-2
Aggers continues to be impressed by the Lord's floodlights as Sidey switches to the Nursery End. Zuiderent tries to help the ball down to fine leg and they run two leg byes, before he dabs a single to leg. De Grooth is more cautious before nudging a single to Adil Rashid at third man. Sidey strays down the leg side and Zuiderent helps it on its way for four more. At least England are quickly through their overs here.

4th over - Ned 28-2
Zuiderent pushes a single, then new man Tom de Grooth uses the pace of the ball well to steer a four down to third man.

Wicket falls

3.3 overs - WICKET - Reekers c Shah b Broad 20 - Ned 23-2
Broad replaces Sidey as England look to stem the tide of runs from New Zealand-born Reekers. When Reekers steps away to leg, Broad sends down a ball wide of off stump, so we have a bit of cat and mouse here. Broad drops short, Reekers swings again and Shah at mid-wicket doesn't even have to move. 20 off 13 balls - an entertaining cameo from the big man. All the wickets today have fallen to catches.

3rd over - Ned 23-1
Jimmy strays with a half-volley and the powerfully-built Reekers smears him for four through the leg side, before digging out a yorker. But the Dutchman continues his unorthodox assault by flicking him over square leg for six with barely any backlift! Reekers jabs a two to third man, and this early flurry may have England looking nervously at the Duckworth-Lewis tables as a dark cloud approaches. Reekers trots through for a leg bye.

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From Andrew, Nuneaton, via text on 81111: "I'm worried Mark. We throw games away even at 162. C'mon England."

2nd over - Ned 10-1
Ryan Sidebottom takes the second over and his first ball goes straight through to Foster, who becomes the ninth man to keep wicket for England in just 16 completed T20 internationals (after messrs Jones, Read, Nixon, Prior, Solanki, Mustard, Ambrose and Davies - Solanki kept for a couple of games when Prior was injured in the last World T20). New batsman Bas Zuiderent is off the mark with a scything shot down to third man - then Reekers steers a remarkable six into the Tavern, which Aggers can only liken to a fierce tennis serve! First six of the tournament! Reekers keeps the strike.

1st over - Ned 2-1
Reekers is rapped on the pad, Anderson appeals, Umpire Davis shakes his head but that wasn't far away.

Wicket falls

0.5 overs - WICKET - Kervezee c Broad b Anderson 1 - Ned 2-1
Worcestershire teenager Kervezee opens with a single, Reekers gets a lucky edge down to third man, then Kervezee takes a wild, ugly swing towards the Grandstand and spoons an easy catch to mid-on.

From Neil, Southampton, TMS inbox: "PJ Bakker [see 15th over], what an absolute ledge. Along with Cardigan Connor one of my all time favourite Hampshire players"

1925: After nearly no time at all (as the Dutch were too slow bowling their overs), we've had a truncated interval and are ready to play again. James Anderson will bowl to Alexei Kervezee (pronounced "Kerr-vay-sea") and Darron Reekers ("Ray-kers").

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From Bellbeatsshah, via text on 81111: "Dimi had to be dropped. Against Scotland he promised to do some autographs for some children at the end of the over. He then ran off the pitch. Maybe he is on autograph duty today as punishment"

1920: England's women's team are parading around Lord's, clutching the World Cup. Aggers says this parade should have happened on the Saturday of the Lord's Test against the Windies, but the match didn't last that long."

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From worldaudience on 606: "Netherlands have a chance - 162-5 is a good score though. But the way England are batting in the death overs, even Bangladesh are better than them."
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Jonathan Agnew

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "This will still be a testing target for the Dutch, but they still have some capable batsmen"

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "The Dutch will be very, very happy with this performance - Paul Collingwood will think that England are about 30 runs light"


20th over - Eng 162-5
Foster prods his first ball from Nannes for a single, Key can only find the man at mid-off and they run another. Foster jabs another, and has to dive full-length to make his ground as Nannes's throw misses the stumps. Key strolls down the pitch as Nannes slings down a legside wide, then chops a single to third man. Foster can only steer a quick single straight to extra cover off the penultimate ball, and Key adds another single off the last ball.

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "Key is a largeish gentleman, but he's deceptively quick between the wickets"

19th over - Eng 155-5
New man is James Foster - Key prods Seelaar for a comfortable two. Last over coming up.

Wicket falls

18.5 overs - WICKET - Collingwood c Schiferli b Seelaar 11 - Eng 153-5
Singles from Colly and Key push England past the 150 mark, but Colly holes out going for another big shot through the leg side and picks out the man at long-on.

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From Leicestersaint on 606: "Leaving Mascarenhas out seems bonkers"
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This Hampshire fan agrees... I thought they'd learnt that lesson in the Stanford series?! You've got to have Dimi in there!

18th over - Eng 149-4
Finally, Rob Key joins the fray, he can't have batted as low as number six for ages... They crossed on the catch so Colly's on strike with a single before Key gets down the track and off-drives his first ball for two. Smits whips the bails off and appeals for a run-out, but Alec Stewart wonders if Key had grounded his bat. Umpire Davis doesn't bother to consult the third umpire, though. Key pushes a single, Colly heaves another through mid-wicket.

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET - Wright c Borren b Ten Doeschate 71 - Eng 144-4
Ten Doeschate returns - by the look of it, the Dutch don't have a sixth bowler they want (or trust) to use, not even Van Bunge. Wright tries an unorthodox shovel over his left shoulder and it sails away for four. Then, his luck finally runs out as he goes aerial again and Borren takes a well-judged catch running round the boundary at cow corner.

17th over - Eng 140-3
Seelaar returns - will we see the penguin celebration? Not yet, as Collingwood lofts him over extra cover for four before jabbing a single to fine leg. The Dutch will be happy to concede singles at this point, although Wright bisects the long-on and long-off fielders well with a lofted straight drive for four.

16th over - Eng 128-3
Still no Key for England, it's Captain Colly to step into the breach. He defends his first ball before forcing a single off his second.

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From ijf1968 on 606: "Interesting batting order. I'm guessing Rob Key thought the openers were going to bat through and popped out for a bag of chips"
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Wicket falls

15.4 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Zuiderent b Borren 6 - Eng 127-3
Borren, who was born in New Zealand, is back for his final over. After a single from Wright, Smits (still in his mask) approaches his bowler like a catcher approaching the mound and telling his pitcher to try a curve ball or a slider. Borren fields well off his own bowling, then feeling tied down, Morgan tries an ambitious reverse sweep and hits the ball straight to backward point - who looked to have been placed there for that shot.

15th over - Eng 124-2
Time for good old Dirk Nannes to return. He's had an interesting sporting career, representing Australia at downhill skiing before making his first-class debut at 29. (My favourite Dutch cricketer, ex-Hampshire seamer PJ Bakker, was also a ski instructor, despite looking more like a Viking than a Dutchman with a blond moustache and straggly flaxen hair). After a couple of singles, Morgan is nearly cut in half by a shorter ball which hits him on the wrist. But the singles keep flowing, and Wright steps down the pitch to hammer Nannes over extra cover for four. First boundary for 23 balls, says TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton, and buoyed by that, Wright keeps the strike with a single. he has 60.

From Jez, TMS inbox: "Re: the national anthem for the West Indies, after their recent displays in England, maybe Send In The Clowns?"

14th over - Eng 116-2
It's a Middlesex revolving door as the left-handed Eoin Morgan replaces Shah. Have they forgotten poor old Bob Key? Three singles ensue from the last three balls.

Wicket falls

13.3 overs - WICKET - Shah c de Grooth b Schiferli 5 - Eng 113-2
Wright continues to ride his luck as he skies an ugly swipe into the air off Schiferli, but once more it lands short of a fielder. The Sussex biffer swipes a single to leg, but then Shah tries to smash a legside half-volley and just picks out the man running in from deep square leg.

That's 50

13th over - Eng 110-1
Van Bunge redeems himself in the field with a good stop to deny Shah. Wonder if he'll bowl? Some careful singles from Shah and Wright, who brings up his fifty with a firm push through mid-wicket.

From Steve, Kiel, Germany, TMS inbox: "The Dutch national anthem is a gas - changes from 2/4 to 3/4 time at will!"

12th over - Eng 106-1
Interesting move from England - Rob Key was in at three on the card, but instead it's Middlesex's Owais Shah who strides out on his home ground. Wright nurdles a single, Shah pushes a sharp two and Bopara hasn't even taken his pads off yet, sitting in the England dug-out in front of the pavilion.

Alec Stewart

Former England skipper Alec Stewart on TMS: "When you're batting with Owais Shah, if you're non-striker you should make sure you call as well"

Wicket falls

11.1 overs - WICKET - Bopara c Seelaar b Ten Doeschate 46 - Eng 102-1
Cap'n Smits dons a lightweight face mask in the style of a baseball catcher to stand behind the timbers for RTD's next over, but after another confident two, Bopara's fluent innings is finally ended when he goes for the big one and lofts an easy catch to long-on.

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From Steve, via text on 81111: "Never mind KP and GS not playing, Alesha Dixon's absence is more of an issue."

11th over - Eng 100-0
Overmars/Borren has switched ends but the singles keep flowing. Alec Stewart on TMS estimates Lord's is now three-quarters full, but two bad misfields from Daan "six sixes" van Bunge in the covers - off successive balls - keep the runs flowing. A delicate dab from Ravi B flips the ball softly into the leg side for two, then Wright hoists Borren back over his head for four. Hundred up.

10th over - Eng 89-0
Borren's off, Ten Doeschate returns in an attempt to dislodge his Chelmsford team-mate, but Bopara looks "in the zone". Wright gives himself room and almost launches a six into the Grandstand, but it falls just short for four. A couple of well-run twos take the score to 87, while Smits stands up to the stumps to keep the free-swinging Wright back in his crease. But he works another two down to third man, and it's a solid total from England at the halfway mark.

BBC Sport

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's: "There are two trios of cheerleaders on two corners of the grounds. Of the six girls, two of them are bravely wearing hotpants. The other four are wisely sticking to full tracksuit mode"

9th over - Eng 78-0
Bopara still can't find the boundary against Seelaar's spin, as the singles and twos keep coming, but eventually the first boundary off the bat for 17 balls comes with a beautiful cover-driven four. He has 39, Wright has 30.

From Tom, London, TMS inbox: "A shame about the opening ceremony, but it was a bit of a wasted opportunity anyway. Wouldn't it be better to have featured Mark Ramprakash dancing with Darren Gough? I'd pay money just to see that!"

8th over - Eng 67-0
Cap'n Smits rotates his bowlers as Peter Borren comes on with some right-arm medium pace - Bopara lifts an attempted yorker over the bowler's head for one. Facially, Borren reminds me of former Dutch footballer Marc Overmars, but he mixes up his pace well and Wright can't time the ball, smearing a single to mid-off. Bopara keeps it moving with a single, but when Wright tries an unorthodox sweep to a straight ball he is nearly bowled leg stump, and Borren is unfortunate to be debited with a wide which runs away for four - an inch to the left and Wright would have been bowled.

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From Worzel58 on 606: "Any T20 game with England in is going to be boring, there is nobody in the team like Chris Gayle, Adam Gilchrist or Sanath Jayasuriya who can hit sixes whenever they want."
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7th over - Eng 55-0
With the fielding restrictions over, it's time for some spin as slow left-armer Pieter Seelaar enters the attack. Apparently his party piece is celebrating a wicket by waddling like a penguin! England's initial burst of boundaries is halted as Seelaar's over yields just two singles to each batsman.

6th over - Eng 51-0
Schiferli continues for his third over, Wright smears him back over his head for four down to the Pavilion before steering a comfortable two towards cow corner. Wright clearly has no fear about hitting the ball in the air, he's riding his luck but doesn't fortune favour the bold? Another lofted stroke brings two to mid-wicket, then a fearsome square-cut for four brings up the fifty for England, and gives us our first look at the podium dancers, who wear blue and white tracksuits. One has a red headband, but they're not as striking as those at the last World T20 in 2007, whose berets and combat trousers (coupled with some energetic dance moves) made them resemble the military wing of the Goombay Dance Band.

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From whatever on 606: "The English seem to have lost all interest in cricket - very thin crowd for a home match."
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5th over - Eng 38-0
Nannes takes a rest as Essex's Ryan ten Doeschate comes on, and slides a wide down the leg side. The next ball is straighter, Wright takes a big swing but RTD dives to his right to field well off his own bowling. After another wild legside wide, Wright opens his shoulders again and hoists RTD into the evening sky... just out of the reach of the chasing Nannes at mid-on. They run two. Wright then has to block a straight one and is foxed by a slower ball as RTD varies his pace well. A single brings Bopara back on strike, and he blasts his Essex team-mate for a square-driven four.

From Peter in Rotterdam, TMS inbox: "A Dutch friend of mine is there today. I have never been to Lord's for a cricket match. My jealousy cannot be expressed in words. Ultimate revenge would be to get tickets for the Ashes but sadly, only Day Five available, and given we'll crush them in four days in every Test, that makes them worthless! Anyone able to help out?"

4th over - Eng 29-0
Bopara is in Neil Fairbrother mode, now looking to take a minimum of one run off every ball faced. Wright, who's barely faced a ball, digs out a yorker. But he keeps the scoreboard ticking with a single, and Bopara heaves confidently over the mid-wicket fielder for four.

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From shivfan on 606: "What anthem are they going to play when the West Indies play?"
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3rd over - Eng 23-0
Bopara clips the bearded Nannes for a single, Wright bunts one down to fine leg. Nannes is then penalised for an aerial wide which keeper Smits takes above his head, but then Nannes beats Bopara with a beauty. Undaunted, Ravi flicks a two off his legs and is denied a boundary by the tumbling Schiferli - and then he nicks the strike again!

2nd over - Eng 17-0
The second over goes to Edgar Schiferli (pronounced "Shiffer-lee"), whose first ball strays down leg and is flicked off his legs by Wright. Schiferli bowls right-arm medium-fast, and has taken four wickets in his previous four T20 internationals. After a single from Wright, Ravi wristily steers him through mid-wicket for a well-run two before nicking the strike off the last ball.

1st over - Eng 9-0
Nannes charges in from the Nursery End, bowling left-arm over the wicket with two slips in... and Bopara steers the first ball, a full toss, past backward point for four! The Essex man pierces the infield again with a firm cover-driven four towards the Mound Stand, but there's a hint of some seam movement for Nannes, despite a legside wide, and some smart fielding by Essex's Ryan ten Doeschate in the covers prevents any more runs.

Text in your views on 81111

From Alan in Surrey, via text on 81111: "Disgraceful! Only three of the England squad sang the national anthem"

1748: The Netherlands are clearly big fans of Michael Vaughan - they start with a huddle. Ravi Bopara and Luke Wright will open up for England, with Dirk Nannes (who's familiar with Lord's and its notorious slope from his Middlesex days) taking the new ball. Here we go, folks, hold on to your hats 'cos this is the wildest ride in the West!

1744: For possibly the first time at Lord's, the umpires are preceded out of the Long Room by a couple of air hostesses (presumably for sponsorship reasons). Then the umps, then the Dutch and finally England - both teams come out clutching the arm of a mascot. The national anthems are sung - Luke Wright and Graeme Swann get the Tony Adams/Stuart Pearce award for the most heartfelt singing.

1740: The Dutch looked pumped-up as they descend the steps from the Long Room, led by captain (and wicketkeeper) Smits... only to be sent back into the Long Room! Here's the Dutch team by the way (not necessarily in batting order):

Netherlands: Jeroen Smits (capt & wk), Darron Reekers, Alexei Kervezee, Ryan ten Doeschate, Bas Zuiderent, Daan van Bunge, Tom de Grooth, Peter Borren, Edgar Schiferli, Pieter Seelaar, Dirk Nannes.

1738: The tournament is now officially open. Still plenty of empty seats though, especially in the Pavilion and Grandstand.

Text in your views on 81111

From Richard, London, via text on 81111: "Why is the Netherlands playing the opening game? England v Pakistan would be a competitive match and a full house. Makes no sense"

1735: The tournament is going to be officially opened by... the Duke of Kent. (That's the real Duke of Kent, not Rob Key, you understand).

1732: Here is the England team:

England: Ravi Bopara, Luke Wright, Rob Key, Owais Shah, 5 Paul Collingwood (capt), Eoin Morgan, James Foster (wk), Adil Rashid, Stuart Broad, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson.

1730: Here's the toss, won by... the Netherlands. They will field first. Captain Jeroen Smits says his team "can't wait to get going" and have a full side out. England captain Paul Collingwood confirms KP's absence. "I'd have had a bowl first if I'd won the toss, but I never win the toss," admits the Durham man.

Text in your views on 81111

From Jan, via text on 81111: "No Swann, no KP? Run in the park for Ten Doeschate, Zuiderent and Nannes. They're certainly not worse than Wright, Morgan or Rashid!"

1726: Covers being retracted again. We're going to toss in five minutes and start at 1750 BST, reveals TMS's Simon Mann who's pitchside.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's: "It looks like the opening ceremony might be abandoned. I was looking forward to how it would compare to the 1999 World Cup one at Lord's (which Wisden called "quite pathetic"). Inevitably, it was raining then, as it is now."

1725: While we're waiting, you may also want to have a look at BBC sports editor Mihir Bose's latest blog about the tournament - it includes video interviews with ECB chairman Giles Clarke and one of his predecessors, Lord MacLaurin. Have a butchers.
Mihir Bose blog: Faster, shorter, harder, revolutionary?

ICC general manager David Richardson on TMS: "It would be wrong if we had too many IPLs, too many World Twenty20s and not leave enough room for Test cricket"

Alesha Dixon

1717: For those of you waiting for Alesha Dixon's dance routines in the opening ceremony, don't hold your breath as the dance floor is being disassembled. Looks like the opening ceremony has gone west (and I don't mean restaged in Taunton).

Rain delay

1712: Aggers on TMS reports that the umbrellas are going back up, the toss is being delayed again. Basically, we won't start on time - the covers are being rolled out across the entire square. The latest we can start is 2010 BST for a five-overs-per-side thrash, for it to constitute a match.

From Stuart, Dubai, TMS inbox: "To my mate from Devon at 1642 - I've got Booker T's Soul Limbo as my mobile tone. When it rings people don't know whether to answer it or put their pads on"

Like a true saddo, Stuart, my ringtone is the "Imperial March" from Star Wars, but I doubt my colleagues ever look round and expect to see Darth Vader stalking the corridors of power at the BBC. Probably.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's: "I don't normally trade in rumours, but with all the machinations down the road at Westminster, it seems appropriate to continue the theme. The latest is this: if Swann IS OUT, it will be nothing to do with fitness. Two giant inflatable bars with flags of tonight's competing teams are hanging mournfully around the outfield, each held in position by a team of six kite-bearers. The whole opening ceremony situation is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Only in cricket, only in England..."

1705: The TMS crew are up and running - Alec Stewart is already practising the Netherlands players' name pronounciations.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook at Lord's: "In the very noisy family stand. No rain but all the kids, including mine, have plastic noisemakers to hit together and they are using them!"

1702: Still no sign of the toss - the Brettmeister General reports that it will take place at 1710.

A celebrity has been spotted

1659: I've never used it before - but here's the "celebrity spot" graphic. Some of the England women's team, including seamer Isa Guha, are watching the game today. And they are world champions, lest we forget! The Women's World Twenty20 begins on 11 June, with the group matches down in Taunton, and runs parallel with the men's competition. The semi-finals and final will be played on the same day and on the grounds as the men's.
Women's World Twenty20 2009 - full fixtures

From Jesse, TMS inbox: "Loyal Dutch BBC fan reporting in. Normally I cheer for England, but on this day the orange army shall emerge victorious! Right? RIGHT? Actually, my mates are in the ground and left me behind to work. Let it rain, the scabrous dogs!"

1652: I've also been asked to mention that if you can't make it to a telly tonight (the highlights have now been put back to 2345 BST because of election coverage), our highlights shows will be screened here on the BBC Sport website, and you will also be able to watch on-demand highlights the morning after each match. UK users only I'm afraid.

1650: It's official - KP is out. Here's England medical officer Nick Peirce to explain:

"Kevin had been making excellent progress with the management of his right Achilles injury and had shown substantial improvement. However today he has experienced a degree of pain which medical assessments have suggested may be related to some aggravation from his lower back.

"In order to continue maximising his recovery for the remainder of the tournament and the summer ahead, he will undergo a scan and an injection today.

"Provided this injection has the expected result Kevin may well be available for selection for England's match against Pakistan on Sunday. He will continue to be assessed and receive treatment over the next 48 hours before a decision is made."

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's: "The rumours are that Graeme Swann is out too with a back problem: If so, England will play like this: Bopara, Wright, Key, Shah, Morgan, Collingwood, Rashid, Foster, Anderson, Sidebottom, Broad. Oh and after an encouraging 10 minutes in which the covers were all removed, the umbrellas are out again. And what's more, the opening ceremony has, I think, been delayed. It's all a bit chaotic at the moment."

1647: The ground staff are busy around the covers, which remain on - it now looks as though the opening ceremony has been delayed too. Hope this doesn't start the tournament off with a damp squib - anyone else remember how Chris Gayle and Herschelle Gibbs' fireworks got the last World T20 off to a flier two years ago?

From Mark Evans, TMS inbox: "Looking forward to a seriously good summer of cricket. Just passing some time before heading home and wondered where the likes of Kenya and Canada are this year?"

It was all decided by a six-team qualifying tournament last August, Mark. Ireland and the Dutch won through, while Scotland got through as a lucky loser - in one sense - when Zimbabwe withdrew.
ICC World Twenty20 qualifier 2008 - reports and scorecards

1642: Another dribble of unconfirmed team news - Sky seem to think Adil Rashid will make his competitive England debut in place of fellow spinner Graeme Swann.

Text in your views on 81111

From an anxious Ryan in Devon, via text on 81111: "Looking forward to hearing the classic Soul Limbo theme music on BBC highlights tonight. It's been too long. They are using that tune still aren't they?"

You'd hope so, Ryan! Highlights are on BBC Two at 2335 tonight.

1637: As Oliver Brett reported earlier, it looks like Kevin Pietersen will indeed miss out - some media reports have claimed that Kent's Rob Key will take his place, despite not having played in any of the warm-up games. We'll let you know as soon as we know anything official - after all, the sides do not need to be named until the toss (due at 1700) anyway.

1633: Now, you would be forgiven for not knowing too much about the Dutch stars on view today - but I can recommend a look at our team-by-team guide. You can find out more about the powerful six-hitters and canny "death" bowlers on each side.
ICC World Twenty20: Teams guide

Get involved on 606

From Keynotespeaker on 606: "Our (Dutch) bowling attack is stronger than our batting, so if we bat first, we're likely to post a modest score that England may not be too worried about chasing down. On the other hand, if we bowl first and restrict England to somewhere in the 140s, the pressure will be on their attack and we all know how England deals with pressure"
Join the debate on 606

1624: The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed the absence of auto-updating text here, which we've gradually been rolling out across various sports. There were a few problems when we used it on cricket - such as the system taking two or three overs to update at times. Clearly in a fast-moving game like Twenty20 that's too long - and so I'm afraid you'll have to re-engage your F5 refresh keys for the duration of this tournament while we try to smooth out the problems. Hopefully it'll be sorted for the Ashes - so think of it like England giving Andrew Flintoff more time to get himself in working order before the big one.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's: "Let's start with this yucky weather. Signs of improvement, but there's no certainty that the covers are going to come off in a hurry. It's still spitting intermittently out there. You'd almost prefer it to chuck down for half-an-hour and then stop for the night. Lots of orange around - the stewards, the photographers and of course the Dutch fans, with the Netherlands playing their first official fixture in NW8 since the 19th century. Some rumours about KEVIN PIETERSEN BEING OUT INJURED. We'll keep you posted."

1615: Afternoon, everyone. Well, it's here at last - even though it's only been staged once before, it's already arguably the most eagerly anticipated one-day international cricket tournament on the planet: the ICC World Twenty20.

The inaugural competition was staged in South Africa in September 2007, and immediately banished memories of the 50-over World Cup staged earlier in the year as we saw some thrilling cricket played in front of packed houses (thanks to a sensible pricing strategy). Both India-Pakistan games in particular were among the most exciting games of cricket I've been lucky enough to do live text commentary on - the first-round game finished in a tie and a bowl-out, while the final swung both ways and went to the last over.
REPORT (September 2007): India win dramatic Twenty20 final

But now it's England's turn to be "mine host" - and where better than the home of cricket, Lord's, to kick off proceedings? And you can follow it all here on the BBC - every game will have live ball-by-ball commentary on BBC Radio (with games shared between Five Live, Five Live Sports Extra and Radio 4 LW), we'll have text commentary on all the major matches here too, and you can see highlights every evening on BBC Television. Sit back and enjoy.
ICC World Twenty20: BBC TV and Radio coverage details

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