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England v WI: 3rd ODI as it happened

Third one-day international, Edgbaston:
England v West Indies (1045 BST start)
Match scorecard


By Ben Dirs


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1851: Don't really know what to make of all that. Does that series win mean anything? Did the Test series win mean anything? Who knows, the tourists were so poor. But with the Ashes coming up, at least it's wins... sorry about the technical difficulties today and the lack of banter etc because of it, but thanks for sticking with it and will see you soon.

Wicket falls
50th over - WICKET - Benn b Anderson 31, WI 270
Here we go then, the final over. Benn picks up a single from Anderson's first ball before Edwards is beaten. Edwards picks up one with a smite to mid-off... and Benn's been cleaned up by a straight one. That's that, England win by 58 runs and they also take the series 2-0.

49th over - 268-9
West Indies now need 63 from nine balls. They're about as likely to do that than Susan Boyle is to become the sixth member of Girls Aloud. Edwards goes for some hammer and should be caught by Strauss at extra-cover, but I think the ball got mixed up in the sun and he shells it.

"Re Tony, Geordie in New York: Um, as one who was born and raised in the colonies (Maryland), Yankees-Phillies is not a rivalry at all. Different leagues, much like Hearts-Liverpool would be a rivalry. Yankees-Red Sox is the big rivalry. Quite right on all your other points though. I hope you enjoyed the Seventh Inning Stretch, with a rousing rendition of 'Take Me out to the Ballgame'."
John, Baltimore, in the TMS inbox

48th over - 264-9
Edwards survives Swann's over - just, that was an ugly old smite - and Benn moves to 20 with a push into the off-side. Here's Anderson to his old sparring partner Edwards, and Fidel is off the mark with a drive into the off-side. Benn runs up a quick two to beat the throw of Bresnan from out in the deep before tucking Anderson round the corner for two more. Anderson digs one in and Benn is through the shot too early and is struck in the guts. At least Benn is a little bit ballsy - he gives Anderson the charge and smears him over mid-wicket for four and he's now 28.

Wicket falls
47th over - WICKET - Rampaul b Swann 16, WI 254-9
It's Hammer Time as Ravi Rampaul swings Swann into the pavilion. Good shot that. Benn picks up a single with an ugly smear, but Rampaul's gone next ball, bowled through the gate.

"Was at the SBR on Saturday afternoon. Yankees v Phillies - SRB's version of Newcastle/Sunderland, Rangers/Celtic. Very civilised. No riot cops, no choppers circling overhead. Fans mingled freely and the abuse got no worse than 'Yo! Phillies suck', followed by cackles of satisfied laughter at the rapier wit of it all. Lots of scantily clad unaccompanied gals who were only too pleased to explain the finer points of SBR to this Englishman. Don't tell the wife."
Tony, a Geordie in New York, in the TMS inbox

46th over - 246-8
Ravi Rampaul is on the ruddy rampage. Sounded good, but it was actually Benn, pulling Bresnan for four. One more for Benn to extra-cover. THE COMEBACK'S ON! Short from Bresnan and this time Rampaul swings him away for four. Rampaul moves to nine with a nurdle to leg, before Bresnan gets one under the bat of the spread-eagled Benn.

45th over - 236-8
Swann is back into the attack and he gets one past the flashing blade of the left-handed Rampaul. Rampaul moves to four with a mis-timed drive and Benn moves to 13 with a smear to mid-wicket.

44th over - 233-8
Rampaul is next, nose twitching as he comes hopping out from the hutch, but he picks up runs with a chop through point... should have been one, but Strauss's throw is poor and they pick up an overthrow. Boom! Benn goes big, crashing Broad over deep backward-square for six.

Wicket falls
43rd over - WICKET - Taylor run out 18, 223-8
Bresnan, who's bowled superbly today, locates Taylor's inside edge and the ball races away for four. Bresnan with a slower ball and Taylor stays patient and glides him away for one. But that's the end of Taylor - Benn gets a thick outside edge into the covers, calls Taylor through, and then sends him back. Strauss it is with the throw, and Bresnan whips off the bails. This is going to be a convincing victory for England, but I can't help thinking, with the Ashes in mind, that it's like warming up for a match against Barcelona with a kickabout against Jossy's Giants.

42nd over - 218-7
Taylor swats a lifter from Broad and it carries to deep square-leg for one. Strangled appeal from Broad against Benn, but no-one else is much interested, before Benn picks up four with a thick outside-edge.

"I am being really cultured by trying to work in the BFI but am clearly just following the cricket. I think everyone here is judging me. Still, nice to see England not tarting away a match."
Nadia, in the BFI, not working, not even buying a tea because I'm too scared to leave my laptop unattended, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
42nd over - WICKET - Pollard run out 12, WI 212-7
Almost a run out - indeed it is a run out. Taylor sends Bollards back, he looks to have made his ground, but the bat bounces up off the turf and the hit from Prior is deadly. Initially a fumble from Prior, but he made up for it.

41st over - 211-6
Anderson with a bit of width and Pollard pushes him to mid-on for one. One for Taylor and one more for Pollard before Taylor just manages to jag down on an Anderson yorker. Fine shot from Taylor, latching onto a ball short and outside off from Anderson and fetching him to the mid-wicket fence. And another! Taylor moves to 12 from seven.

40th over - 200-6
Broad into Pollard's pads and is turned away to fine-leg for one. Taylor picks up a single with a drag round the corner before Pollard tucks Broad round the corner for one more. And there's a four for Pollard, who moves to nine with another tickle to the long-leg boundary. Broad has lost his line here, and Pollard brings up the 200 with a drop to fine-leg.

"Re: Burner. I think you're being a little harsh about the 'huh'. Mr Dirs may be many things but he's not a cartoon character just yet. You'll be saying next he swivels his head to and fro in a blurry 270 degrees when doing a double take and runs in mid air for a few steps when making a bolt for it. Mind you, I do think he is Shaggy in many ways. But that's another story."
The Panjam in the TMS inbox

39th over - 189-6
Taylor saunters out to the middle and clips his first ball from Anderson straight down the ground for one.

Wicket falls
39th over - WICKET - Ramdin c Prior b Anderson 45, WI 189-6
Anderson's suddenly developed a rather sadistic sense of humour - a couple of wides to extend our agony. Ramdin picks up two more with a work through point... and Praise the Lord - Ramdin swishes outside off and Prior takes the edge diving one-handed to his right.

"Got a Grifter as a Christmas present in 1982 and got it nicked from underneath the steps at Whitley Bay Leisure Pool the Saturday before we went back to school. My friend passed the security test by showing my Mum the biggest bike chain in the known world so off we went. Now if only he could have remembered the combination then we might have employed its full abilities rather than trying to hide two Grifters under an old Prestos placky bag..."
Mark, still marking in Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

38th over - 183-5
Pollard is next up the ramp, and he's off the mark with a single. And that's Broad's over finished.

Wicket falls
38th over - WICKET - Chanderpaul c Bopara b Broad 68, WI 181-5
Ramdin steers Broad into the covers for a single as West Indies take the batting powerplay. A couple for Chanderpaul before he jumps all over a Broad short ball, heaving him through mid-wicket for four. But Shiv's out next ball, dragging Broad straight to Bopara at mid-wicket. That knock took 108 balls, which is a little bit odd when you consider his side are chasing 328.

"Regarding Math/Maths. As a Yorkshireman living in the States, I must comment on 'silly boys rounders'. 'tis a great way to spend 3+ hours imbibing weak beer and being surrounded by a great many hot women. Many wearing less than those on the beach at Bridlington…"
Brian in the TMS inbox

37th over - 174-4
Ramdin drives into the off-side for a couple before lashing at Collingwood outside off and under-edging for two more. Two more singles before Chanderpaul goes skyward and the ball lands just beyond the reach of Strauss in the covers. Matt (see below), I also go "WHOOOOOOOOOOA!" extremely loudly and make devil horns with my fingers whenever a camera's shoved in my face.

"I agree with Burner, I suppose you have also adopted the American mannerism of not being able to think quietly, but rather grunting a loud 'huh' whenever you consider and/or are surprised by something."
Matt in the TMS inbox

36th over - 165-4
Mascarenhas is run down to third-man for one before Chanderpaul drops to one knee and shovels the bowler over his shoulder for a couple. There's a man down there at fine-leg. Ramdin makes room and cuts for one and he'll take the strike. This pair have at least changed gear, but it's all relative... even my old Grifter had a couple of gears...

"Ah - dags. Brings back beautiful memories. Some of the best days of my life were spend dag-picking in a shearing shed in Tasmania - does nasty things to your fingers though..."
Charlie in the TMS inbox

35th over - 158-4
Chanderpaul moves to 50 with a nurdle to leg - that's his 54th in ODIs, and he's received by the crowd as if he's just come in 300th in the Brentwood Fun Run. Ramdin has a go at one and the ball drops in no-man's land in the leg-side. One run. Chanderpaul, like a stunned bird springing back into life, heaves Collingwood over mid-wicket for a couple before larruping him through wide mid-on for four.

34th over - 150-4
Mascarenhas is back on and Chanderpaul plays a shot so wooden, Professor Yaffle would have disowned it. Chanderpaul, like a man trying to squeeze some juice out of a shrivelled lemon, is unable to score from Mascarenhas' first four balls, but picks up a single from the fifth. That's an extraordinary stroke from Ramdin, who genuflects and scoops the Hampshire man over his shoulder for four.

33rd over - 145-4
Burner (see below), I have no idea what you're talking about, but by Major League Baseball I assume you mean Silly Boys Rounders? Chanderpaul and Ramdin really going after the bowling there, three from Collingwood's over... in singles...

"May I chide you for using the Americanism 'Math' in place of the correct 'Maths'. If you like their foolishness so much go and commentate on Major League Baseball in the USA where you can enjoy doing the 'Math' and saying 'Can I get' where you should be saying 'May I have' - doubtless you already use 'Can I get'."
Burner in the TMS inbox

32nd over - WI 142-4 (target 329)
This pair dealing almost exclusively in singles, with Ramdin flipping Swann straight down the ground for one and Chanderpaul picking up one to mid-wicket. Ramdin breaks the sequence of singles with a drive through point, and the tourists now need around 10 runs an over. Ian Bishop on TMS sounds like he's falling asleep on his porch while someone is massaging his feet - this game needs a rocket up its backside, what it's got is Shiv Chanderpaul clinging to the crease like a matted dag of wool to the hind legs of a sheep.

32nd over - WI 142-4 (target 329)
This pair dealing almost exclusively in singles, with Ramdin flipping Swann straight down the ground for one and Chanderpaul picking up one to mid-wicket. Ramdin breaks the sequence of singles with a drive through point, and the tourists now need around 10 runs an over. Ian Bishop on TMS sounds like he's falling asleep on his porch while someone is massaging his feet - this game needs a rocket up its backside, what it's got is Shiv Chanderpaul clinging to the crease like a matted dag of wool to the hind legs of a sheep.

31st over - WI 137-4 (target 329)
Colly over-pitches and Ramdin flicks him off his toes for one before Chanderpaul moves to 44 with a flick to mid-wicket.

30th over - WI 134-4 (target 329)
Swann lobs one up outside off and Chanderpaul knifes him behind square for one. Inside out from Ramdin, who goes over the covers for a couple. Ramdin lunges forward to the final ball of the over and is beaten.

29th over - WI 129-4 (target 329)
Ramdin moves to 16 with a clip to long-on before Collingwood strangles an lbw appeal against Chanderpaul. Chanderpaul looks in dreadful nick here, he's looked very much like a boxer who's grown old overnight in this innings. He does pick up one with a leg-side half-bunger, Ramdin pushes to long-on for one, and Chanderpaul picks up one more with a nudge into the leg-side.

"My friend and I made a giant Battenburg once. Playfully named bat-ton-burg, it was eight times the volume of the standard store-bought Battenburg. I miss student summer holidays."
Nick Blair in the TMS inbox

28th over - WI 124-4 (target 329)
Chanderpaul and Ramdin exchange a couple of singles, and Shiv now has 17 singles out of his score of 37. Ramdin cuts just wide of the diving Shah at gully and the ball races away for four.

27th over - WI 117-4 (target 329)
That's a neat shot from Ramdin, waiting on a ball from Bresnan and gliding him to fine-leg for one. West Indies need 213 from 140 balls now, as Chanderpaul is beaten by a fine ball that holds its line from Bresnan. England really cranking up the pressure in the field as well, Collingwood diving to his left at backward-point and stopping Shiv from taking a run.

26th over - WI 114-4 (target 329)
Ramdin nudges a single, but I'm not really sure what Shiv's up to out there, an old crone appears to have put a spell on him and turned him into Chris Tavare. A single into the leg-side, before Ramdin shows a bit more urgency, picking up a couple with a twirl into the covers.

25th over - WI 110-4 (target 329)
This game meandering towards its denouement now with grim inevitability, as some brollies are unfurled in the stands. Strangely, it seems pretty bright up above, as Chanderpaul steers Bresnan through the covers for a couple.

24th over - WI 105-4 (target 329)
Ramdin bags a couple before making room, looking to cut and being beaten by one from Swann that fizzes through. I like the look of Swann, he could be a potent weapon in the Ashes. Specks of rain as Ramdin twirls Swann through the covers for one.

23rd over - WI 102-4 (target 329)
A controlled edge from Ramdin and that's the hundred up. But if West Indies win this from here, I'll fillet my keyboard and eat it for supper. Bresnan gets one to hoop into Ramdin, and Ramdin just manages to root it out for one run.

Wicket falls
23rd over WICKET - Bravo lbw b Bresnan 26, WI 99-4 (target 329)
Bresnan slides down Bravo's leg-side and that's a wide. West Indies require more than eight an over, and their task has just grown more monumental - Bravo moves a long way across his stumps and is trapped in front. Bravo's not happy, but that was probably hitting leg.

22nd over - 98-3 (target 329)
Time for a bit of spin, on comes Swanny. There's Belly up there with the ball that's just been found on the roof, before Swann goes straight through Bravo like a dodgy Pot Noodle - the ball misses the stumps... and Prior's gloves... should have been a stumping, the questions remain. Bravo in a pointless ODI, never mind... Ponting in a deciding Ashes Test, you do the math... two byes, and Bravo picks up one more with a flick down the ground

21st over - 93-3 (target 329)
Bravo's not hanging about though, and there's four more with a tickle off his pads. Blowers on TMS is convinced Brian Lara is out there in the middle, and how everyone in the Caribbean must wish he was. Beefy from Bravo - straight bat, arched back, elbow so 'high' it's facing directly behind him, and that's a maximum. One more for Bravo with a nurdle to leg.

20th over - 81-3 (target 329)
Bresnan to continue, and Bravo crouches and steers him to third-man for one. Chanderpaul is floating about out there like a ship with a busted sail - he blocks out the final three balls from Bresnan, and the task for the tourists is snowballing. Fast.

19th over - 81-3 (target 329)
Mascarenhas offers some width and Chanderpaul slashes through point to moves to 28. That ball from the Hampshire all-rounder will know exactly which knife and fork it's supposed to be using from now on, Bravo has put some serious manners on it - out of the ground, and it's too scared to come back for more - new ball required. Another good stroke from Bravo, whipping Mascar off his pads for four, and he picks up one more with an on-drive.

18th over - 67-3 (target 329)
Chanderpaul seems to think this is a timeless Test, although the low scoring rate is also down to some pretty tight bowling from this England attack. Shiv does pick up one with a work to deep mid-wicket, before Bresnan reckons he's got Bravo leg before, but it was straying down leg.

17th over - 67-3 (target 329)
Mascarenhas into Chanderpaul, and the tourists are now down to around four runs an over, needing more than six - they've managed 11 from the last five. One for Chanderpaul, and West Indies are playing with all the intensity of a gang of fifth-formers being made to resit their mock GCSE exams.

16th over - 67-3 (target 329)
Bravo is the new batter, Collingwood it was with the throw from deep cover. Chanderpaul picks up a single with a drop into the on-side.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Morton run out 21, WI 66-3 (target 329)
Bresnan switches to round the wicket to Chanderpaul, and Edgbaston is now bathed in sunlight. Chanderpaul moves to 24 with a nurdle to leg before Morton crashes Bresnan through the covers... Morton goes back for the second, is sent back, the throw comes in, Bresnan whips off the bails... and the Man Upstairs says he's out.

15th over - 64-2 (target 329)
Morton swings Mascarenhas for a four to move to 20 and stop the England bowler recording a maiden over but it's pretty quiet out there at the moment.

14th over - 60-2 (target 329)
Play resumes. Keeper Prior dives forward and catches what he thinks is a chance but bowler Bresnan is not interested.

Rain delay
14th over - 59-2 (target 329)
Bresnan is going to have a bowl... one ball, and we're off for more rain... Carole in Maidenhead (see below), I'm thinking about switching to Cafe Cremes... or maybe super-glue... and that email you just sent me was really rather disturbing!

13th over - 54-2 (target 329)
Strauss turns to Mascarenhas and his medium-fast stuff. Morton turns him away for one before Chanderpaul cuts, only for Colly to field at point. Misfield from Broad at mid-off and Shiv nicks a run before Morton glides a slower ball from Broad to third-man for a single.

"Well Ben, I don't know how you have been getting on with this giving up tabs malarky, but these glitches are enough to send the most iron-willed fellow over the edge. I have this image of you biting the keyboard in frustration…"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox

12th over - 56-2 (target 329)
Anderson, striving for a yorker, serves up a full-toss and is glides away by Chanderpaul - sharp fielding though by Morgan, who prevents a run. Morton gets a little bit cramped, but just manages to divert the ball into the leg-side for one.

11th over - 54-2 (target 329)
Chanderpaul looks to chop through point and is beaten by a rising delivery from Broad. Shiv nicks the strike with a single from the final ball of the over.

10th over - 53-2 (target 329)
Good ball from Anderson, getting the ball to nip back at Morton and rap him on the thigh. But that's not so good, Anderson angling the ball across and Morton helping it on its way to the fence. Morton lunges forward and Anderson and Co appeal for just about everything - decent lbw appeal, and Swann sticks out his right hand to take the catch, but the umpire was right on both counts.

9th over - 47-2 (target 329)
Morton square-drives for a single, and we appear to have a communication problem between these two - Morton wants one after Shiv plays into the covers, he's sent back and just makes his ground with a dive. Peach of a ball from Broad, beating the lunging Chanderpaul.

"I'm on my own at work and incredibly bored. Could you get rid of this auto update thing so I have to press F5 again... it'll give me something more interesting to do."
Neil Foster in the TMS inbox

8th over - 46-2 (target 329)
Anderson gets half-forward to Anderson and gets a thick inside edge which just misses his leg stump. Four for Chanderpaul with an ease on the walk through the covers.

7th over - 39-2 (target 329)
More apologies, another missed over there because of technical problems - Broad bowled it, three runs from it...

6th over - 36-2 (target 329)
Morton flashes hard and thick-edges four a couple. I might be wrong, but I can't see Runako lasting too long. The West Indies players are lined up by the boundary, draped in blankets, they look like they're in a queue waiting to be crucified. Chanderpaul shimmies across his stumps and drags Anderson down to long-leg for four.

5th over - 29-2 (target 329)
Sorry folks, more problems - six from Broad's over, including a well-played edge past imaginary fourth slip for four.

"Gigantification of confectionery? You are joking, right? Have you seen the size of a Curly Wurly these days? Pitiful. And Wagon Wheels are more like pram wheels. Surely you mean Shrinkification. Saying that, my hands were smaller back then…" Mick, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

4th over - 23-2 (target 329)
Dear old Chanderpaul is the next man in, and once again he's charged with saving an almost impossible situation. He's off the mark with a clip to mid-wicket for one.

Wicket falls
4th over - WICKET - Sarwan c Strauss b Anderson 9, WI 22-2
I have been asked that you dust off your F5 key - you'll need to refresh the page to get rid of some glitches. AND A WICKET! Sarwan slathers a half-bunger from Anderson into the covers and Strauss, who momentarily looked as if he was velcroed to the pitch, recovers, sends out his left mitt and it sticks.

3rd over - 22-1
Broad has four balls left to bowl, and it's Sarwan on strike. Clearly he's suffering no ill-effects from that hand injury he picked up while fielding - he's onto a short one from Broad in a flash and lacing him through mid-wicket for four, before tickling him to the long-leg fence. Sarwan's spurs are jingle-jangling - a dirty great heave outside off and he's beaten, before he very nearly chops on. One for the shot.

1517: The break gives us a chance to discuss the gigantification of confectionery. Giant Buttons they've got now. What's wrong with this country? My mother and father stopped eating sweets and the like when they reached 40, I think it was the law back then. And we're back out...

Rain delay
1511: We're off - a squally shower scuttles across Edgbaston and everyone follows Gayle into the pavilion. Bit of sun still about, however, they should be back out again in a moment.

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET - Gayle c Bopara b Broad 11, WI 13-1
Gayle pings Broad through the covers for his second four, but he's a goner next ball - the Windies skipper spies a short ball and splices it to Bopara at mid-wicket. And there ends a miserable tour for Gayle...

1st and 2nd overs - 8-0
Sorry about this, more technical troubles - Broad it was with the first over, and there was one thumping four from it from Gayle, all the way along the carpet through cover-point. Anderson took the second and there were four runs from it...

1458: Here's the England fielders, we'll have some play in a couple of minutes... and here come Gayle and Morton...


"Just a nudge to the bowlers to get their skates on in skittling out the Windies. I'm at work in Portishead and have just watched in horror as the murkiest of murky clouds has rolled up the Bristol Channel. I predict it will be hitting Birmingham within a couple of hours!"
Simon, gazing out the office window in Portishead, in the TMS inbox

"If I had to play Death I'd choose Subbuteo. Without fingernails he'd have no directional control when flicking and he'd continually commit fouls by dragging his robe on the pitch."
Paul Thurston, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

Why not listen to Test Match Special for the next 40 minutes or have a look at 606 during the break?

50th over - 328-7
Sorry about the delays, think we had some more coding problems... Morgan picked up a couple at the back-end of Pollard's last over and Broad is off the mark with an ease to extra-cover. Extraordinary shot from Morgan, who steps away and looks to scoop over the wicketkeeper's head - he locates his own chin and picks up one. Back of a length from Taylor and Broad clips him down to long-leg for three. The final ball and Broad sways back and clouts Taylor over cover for a couple. And that's that, West Indies need 329 to win the match and level the series. I'm off for lunch.

Wicket falls
49th over - Bresnan c Rampaul b Pollard 9, Eng 317-7
Yorkshire's Bresnan survived the rest of that over from Taylor, and here he is moving to five - dreadful leg-side full-bunger at medium pace from Pollard and Bresnan nibbles him to the long-leg boundary. Low full-toss from Pollard and Bresnan carts him over deep mid-wicket, where Chanderpaul makes a rather tame effort to snaffle a catch. The ball dribbles away for four. But Bresnan's blacksmith's cameo is over, the all-rounder clumping straight to Rampaul, diving forward at mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
48th over - Collingwood b Taylor 23, Eng 308-6
The West Indies bowlers just aren't learning - short from Taylor and Collingwood crashes him over mid-wicket for four to bring up England's 22nd score of over 300 in ODIs. Short again from Taylor! Really not very clever this, he may as well tie a bow round the ball and sprinkle it with glitter - short again and the birthday boy murders him over mid-wicket for six. But he's gone two balls later! Colly steps outside leg and finds his leg-stump uprooted.

47th over - 298-5
Collingwood has a sashay down the wicket and finds the gap between long-on and mid-wicket - two runs. One more for Colly with a tuck to mid-wicket before Morgan runs Pollard to third-man for one. Collingwood drives to Benn at long-off for a couple.

46th over - 291-5
Morgan is the new man in the middle and he's off the mark in cheeky fashion, diverting a slow off-cutter down to third-man for one. Collingwood nicks the strike with a single from the final ball of Taylor's over.

Wicket falls
46th over - WICKET - Prior b Taylor 87, Eng 289-5
Three runs for Prior, shovelling Taylor over his shoulder from outside off. Colly picks up a single, but Prior is gone next ball, looking to mow Taylor through mid-wicket only to look back and find his timbers rearranged. Good knock from Prior, his 87 came from just 86 balls.

45th over - 285-4
Collingwood, on his 33rd birthday, is off the mark with a nurdle to leg before the Durham nugget scoops Pollard to the long-leg fence for four.

Out for a duck
45th over - WICKET - Mascarenhas c&b Pollard 0, Eng 279-4
Prior moves to 83 with a clip to long-off, but Mascarenhas' stay at the crease is a short one - nothing shot and Pollard pouches a very straightforward caught and bowled.

"I'm not sure I'd take Ed Scott from London's tack when dealing with death. Admittedly he doesn't speak, however, in all the films I've seen him in he's able to communicate very effectively with a wave of his bony finger. I'm sure he'd be able to convey his questions well enough in such a manner. However, I've a feeling he'd struggle with French Cricket. Having to hold onto that scythe all the time is going to put him at a distinct disadvantage - though I suppose he could still get you 'one-hand-one-bounce'."
Fergus, in Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
44th over - WICKET - Shah c Morton b Taylor 75, Eng 278-3
Shah shows the maker's name and pushes Taylor, who is back into the attack, down the ground for a couple. That's wayward from Taylor, straying down leg, and England pick up four leg-byes off Prior's hip. No-ball from Taylor, and Shah flogs the free-hit, a decent enough ball outside off, over mid-wicket for six. But he's gone next ball! Shah goes for hoick over Moo Corner, doesn't quite get it and is snaffled by Morton at deep mid-wicket. Still, very healthy knock from Shah.

42nd over - 262-2
Six runs from Pollard's over, including a delicious steer to long-off from Shah. And that's a record third-wicket England stand at Edgbaston, beating Hick and Knight against South Africa back in the day. Exactly when that day was, I'm not entirely sure.

"I note that everybody refers to Death as a 'he'. Clearly not everyone has met my mother-in-law. Still, whatever gender, I'm not sure Death can be 'mortally' afraid of anything?"
Ian in the TMS inbox

42nd over - 256-2
That's the 250 up courtesy of a Shah single, and Shah heaves Benn down to long-on to move to 62. That's well-fielded by Sammy in saving four. Shah nicks one more run to long-off, and that's 51 runs from that powerplay.

41st over - 249-2
Pollard angles into Shah's pads and is whipped away for a single before Prior drives to wide mid-on for a couple. That's a grim old delivery from Pollard and Prior lets his shoulders go and swats him over cover for four. Prior squeezes out a yorker and picks up one for the shot and Shah bags a brace with a flip off his pads.

40th over - 238-2
Shah with a single courtesy of a drive through the covers before Prior steps away to a ball from Bravo but is unable to get him away. Low full-toss from Bravo and Prior squeezes him into the leg-side for one before Shah absolutely marmalises Bravo over mid-wicket for the first maximum of the day. Bone-shaking stuff from the Middlesex man, that's his 10th one-day fifty from just 51 deliveries. One more run from Shah before Prior drops to one knee and shovels Bravo over his shoulder for four.

39th over - 225-2
Slower ball from Pollard and Prior waits on it and flogs it over the top for four. Two more for Prior with a chip to wide of mid-wicket before Shah moves to 47 with a single to mid-wicket. Nice judgement from Prior, just easing Pollard to deep mid-wicket with the minimum of power for an easy two.

"I wouldn't like to play Death at Operation..."
Pinky, London, in the TMS inbox

38th over - 214-2
This is Prior's highest ODI score, which is rather surprising given that it's his 41st match. Edwards is back into the attack and Shah turns him round the corner for two. Low full-bunger from Edwards and Shah misses out, hoicking him to mid-wicket for one. Edwards having trouble controlling this new ball, and that's another wide that goes hooping down the leg-side. Prior perhaps should have got something on that, but he picks up one next ball with a flick to mid-wicket. Shah comes over all Barry Bonds, opening up his stance and hammering Edwards through mid-wicket for four - it was a chance for Sarwan, but it looked to come off his wrist. Off goes Sarwan, before Shah check-drives Edwards down the ground for four.

"Obviously, the very last game you should play with Death is Cluedo. He will have been there at each of the murders and will therefore know all of the answers."
Roger in the TMS inbox

37th over - 201-2
Shah opens the face and hesitates, and that should have been a run-out - however, Benn, so upset with Sarwan in the previous over, misfields and Prior easily makes his ground. Prior brings up England's 200 with a single, and you'd got to expect him to start giving it some hammer from here. Only 14 boundaries so far, but here's the new pill...

"In the 1970s my Dad, who was prone to such things, responded to my brother's request for 'Hungry Hippos' for his birthday by bringing home 'Ravenous Rhinos', an appallingly cheap imitation of the real thing. It broke within hours, and remains to this day as a reliable stick with which to beat our father at family gatherings if required."
Mike Bell, Ashford, in the TMS inbox

36th over - 197-2
Benn lobs one up outside off-stump and Prior makes room and cracks him through the covers for one. One more for Prior before Shah back-drives again for four. A misfield at backward-point by Sarwan there, and Benn has got the raving hump.

"You should obviously play death at Monopoly as he has no concept of ownership. Also he is mortally afraid of small iron dogs."
Matt in the TMS inbox

35th over - 191-2
It's all about damage-limitation for the tourists now, and to that end Pollard looks the ideal man for the job. However, he strays onto Prior's pads and is feathered round the corner for a couple before Prior brings up his second ODI fifty with a simple push into the off-side. Shah opens the face for a single to third-man and there are four from that over.

34th over - 187-2
Quicker ball from Benn and Prior stays back and is very nearly castled. However, he picks up one before Shah is nearly cleaned up while playing a jerky old defensive stroke. Shah nibbles off his pads for one before Prior dabs Benn down to fine-leg for a single.

33rd over - 183-2
Kieron Pollard is on and Prior rocks back and cuts him away for one. But this is better from Pollard, limiting this pair to just three singles from the over. Players have a little drinky.

32nd over - 180-2
To add to my woes, my emails have now gone down... today's not getting any better... four singles from Benn's first four balls, make that five, before Prior makes room, opens the face and scythes Benn wide of the fielder on the deep backward-point boundary. Too much width from Benn, England bang on target for a massive total here.

31st over - 171-2
Three singles from Gayle's over before Prior moves to outside leg, almost before Gayle has released the ball, and reverse sweeps for three.

"If I remember rightly, Death didn't speak. As a result I would challenge him to a game of Guess Who, where you can only answer yes or no. Death could nod or shake his head when you ask a question; however, Death is incapable of actually asking anything, so you've got it in the bag."
Ed Scott, London, in the TMS inbox

30th over - 164-2
Prior drives to deep cover for two before he and Shah pick up four more singles from the over.

29th over - 158-2
Gayle drags one in short and Prior leans back and punches him to mid-on for one. Shah bags a single and Prior nabs one of his own with a steer into the covers. England dealing in singles here, and easy ones to - Shah waits on a Gayle delivery and jabs him through point.

28th over - 153-2
Very sorry to all those emailing in, or indeed texting, but I've barely got time to keep up with play what with this auto-refresh gubbins and am unable to publish any entries. Two singles from Shah and Prior before Shah picks up a couple with an angle down to third-man.

27th over - 148-2
Shah and Prior exchange a couple of singles apiece before Shah plays a dreamy shot, back-driving Gayle for four.

26th over - 140-2
Prior skews a drive to just short of the man at backward-point before picking up a couple with a paddle round the corner. Prior moves to 25 with a flip to short fine-leg before Shah jams down on a fuller ball from Benn. Shah picks up a single from the final ball of the over, and Gayle and Benn are really steaming through these overs...

25th over - 136-2
Shah with an extraordinary-looking chop-drive for one before Prior is onto a wide one from Gayle in a flash and he picks up a few with a dab to third-man. Shah thrusts forward rather woodenly and picks up one for a thick outside edge and Prior steals the strike with a steer into the covers.

24th over - 130-2
Shah is the new man at the crease, and what a bizarre dismissal that was - Strauss seemed to have an age to slide back in, but he clearly thought he didn't need to. Shah off the mark with an easy single.

Wicket falls
24th over - WICKET - Strauss st Ramdin b Benn 52, Eng 129-2 There's Strauss's fifty courtesy of a gossamer leg-glance, and that came from 65 deliveries. Three runs for the shot, but he's gone two balls later - Strauss reaches for one and misses, fails to slide his foot back, Ramdin has a look, takes an age to whip his bails off, and the third umpire says the England skipper has gone.

23rd over - 125-1 Windies skipper Gayle is going to turn his arm over, and Strauss picks up a single with a turn to mid-wicket. Prior steps away and twirls Gayle through point for a couple, before Gayle has a strangled lbw appeal turned down by the umpire, but that hit Prior outside the line.

22nd over - 120-1 Strauss lunges forward and is beaten by Benn by a flat one that finds a way under his bat. Strauss does pick up a single to nick the strike.

"Hungry Hippos is far from a game of 'chance' when my dad gets involved. A sly thumb pressing down on his side of the board always brings a few more titbits for the hippo to scoff and thus a fairly guaranteed outcome."
Chris Owen in the TMS inbox

21st over - 119-1 England should be looking to get 300 here - they're rocking and rolling along very nicely and they've got plenty of wickets in hand. That's a dozy old ball from Bravo, short and leg-side and Strauss stamps all over it, rolling him away for four. Matt in Stoke - Bill and Ted references?! That's Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal my friend, and don't you forget it. Super shot from Prior, threading Bravo through third-man for a few.

20th over - 110-1 Benn into the attack with his willowy left-arm spin, and he has Strauss playing and missing. Strauss, undeterred, reverse-sweeps Benn for four to move to 39 before following up with a single.

"I reckon Bravo would opt to take on Death in a round of The Game of Life. Surely that would be an act of idiocy?"
Matt, Howden, in the TMS inbox

19th over - 103-1 Slower ball from Bravo, cutting his fingers across the seam, and Prior reaches and misses, only for Ramdin to fluff behind the stumps and give up a bye. That said, that could have been a run-out - Strauss comes haring down the pitch and he would have been well-out had that hit. Strauss leans back and drills Bravo into the off-side for one.

18th over - 99-1 Sorry folks, really struggling to keep up here with this new auto-refresh thingy - it's good for you, it's a ruddy nightmare for me - six runs from that over, including a edge wide of slip for two for Prior.

17th over - 93-1 Bravo beats Strauss outside off-stump with one that hold its line. Yes, yes, yes, I made a mistake down below - England are 80-1. Alas, with the new system, you'll have to manual refresh that for it to update... Bravo angles one into Stauss's pads and the England skipper walks across and flips the ball down to fine-leg for one. Two more for Strauss with a glide to third-man. Strauss works into leg-side for one.

16th over - 88-1
Matt Prior is the next man in. Strauss nibbles off his pads for one before Edwards invites Prior up to the buffet and the England keeper carves him through point for four. Two more for Prior with a punch to wide mid-off.

"Something fiddly would work best in a game with Death - with his bony digits it would be like trying to play Jenga with a pair of chopsticks"
David in London in the TMS inbox

"The Grim Reaper would probably be hopeless at Hungry Hippos too - a certain amount of manual dexterity is required, and that big scythe can only be a burdensome nuisance when it comes to the all-important marble guzzling."
David Whitley, Mission Beach, Australia, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Bopara b Bravo 49, Eng 81-1
Bravo drops short again, and dropping short on this pitch is the stag weekend equivalent of dressing up as a 'sexy' nun in Greece, you're not going to get away with it - Bopara lashes him through the covers for a couple. One more for Bopara, and he's so scary at the moment, I reckon Chris Gayle has started checking his wardrobe for the Essex man before he goes to bed. BUT THEY'VE GOT HIM! Bravo gets one to nip back and Bopara gets an inside-edge onto his stumps.

14th over - 76-0
Bopara is handing this Windies attack their backside at the moment - that was handsome, standing tall again and driving Edwards through point for four. Oooh, that's dreamy - Edwards over-pitches and Bopara flashes him through the covers for another boundary. Edwards gets angry, digging one in, and Bopara misses with an attempted hook. Wide from Edwards and Bopara reaches and flaps him into the off-side for one.

13th over - 67-0
Bravo into the attack and that's a peach of a stroke from Bopara, standing tall and square-driving for four. Bravo short again and this time Bopara steers into the off-side for one, before Strauss picks up a single with a clip to mid-wicket. One more for Bopara and this couldn't be more comfortable for England at the moment.

12th over - 53-0
Edwards over-pitches and that's bread and butter for Bopara, who whips him away for four. Cheeky run from Bopara, easing Edwards into the off-side for one, but Edwards, really bending his back, does get one to leave Strauss off the pitch. Bit of improv from Strauss, muscling Edwards to leg for a single. The sun high overheard at Edgbaston now... we've got a problem with the video scorecard apparently, we've got our boffins on it.

"Playing Hungry Hippos with the Grim Reaper seems far more sensible than playing Chess with him. Chess is a game of skill, whilst Hungry Hippos relies more on chance. In my book, that seems like the move of a genius."
Ash, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

11th over - 53-0
Blowers is on TMS, haven't heard him in ages. Getting very excited about cranes at the moment, no idea why. Bopara piles into a cover-drive, but that's well-fielded by Gayle at short extra-cover. The Essex right-hander does pick up one with a clip off his pads and Strauss plays a similar stroke for one run of his own. I can't work out whether Taylor is bowling a lot of slow balls or whether he's just slow - another ball of 70mph and Bopara waits on it and tucks it away for one.

10th over - 50-0
Here's Fidel Edwards, and he kicks off with a ball that angles across the left-handed Strauss, and the England skipper almost has a nibble. Strauss follows with a wild, leaden-footed drive, before very nearly slicing to Pollard at gully. That was a pretty good effort by Pollard, although on another day it may have stuck. This is much more like it from Edwards, the little man showing a bit of mongrel and at least attempting to squeeze some juice out of this pitch. Strauss cuts unconvincingly again, and this time he picks up a couple to third-man.

9th over - 48-0
Ugly old heave from Bopara to a straight one from Taylor. If that shot was a person, they'd have to stick a bag over its head. Taylor suddenly sends down an 89mph yorker which Bopara just manages to dig out, before the two England openers exchange singles. Another slower ball from Taylor and Bopara thinks about a risky single on a Benn misfield, but thinks better of it. Taylor drags one down and Bopara rocks back and slaps him to the mid-wicket fence.

8th over - 41-0
Rampaul strays onto Bopara's legs and the batsman picks up three. Dopey fielding from West Indies - Bravo picks the ball up and lobs it to someone else when he could have just thrown it in himself and restricted England to two. I'm not saying Bravo is stupid, but if Death ever approaches him on a beach and asks him for a game of chess, he'd insist on playing Hungry Hippos instead. Short and wide from Rampaul and Strauss whip-cracks him away for four through point, and the England skipper yanks the next delivery away for another boundary.

7th over - 30-0
Still two slips in for Strauss, but Taylor loses his line and that's a wide down leg-side. Strauss picks up an easy single before Bopara clips Taylor away for one. Taylor really is nothing more than medium at the moment, and Strauss carves him away for one. Still punters coming in in dribs and drabs, as Bopara drops into the off-side and nicks a quick single, despite some coltish fielding by Pollard in the covers.

6th over - 25-0
Rampaul is tucked away by Bopara for a couple before the Essex man creams an over-pitched delivery through extra-cover for four. Peche de la peche. Gayle the lone slip now, looking as if he's just been dragged out of his tent after a particularly inclement night at Glastonbury.

5th over - 19-0
Fans snaking through the car park - looks like we might get a full house after all. Strauss makes room and cuts for one before Bopara drives elegantly for a single of his own.

4th over - 17-0
Strauss moves to four with a mis-timed pull shot before Bopara, looking to flick Rampaul down the leg-side, comes down the pitch and very nearly diverts the ball onto his stumps. Lucky boy.

3rd over - 16-0
Taylor kicks off with another slower delivery - the last four balls have all been at a leisurely 75mph. Strauss is late on the shot next up, but the England skipper does move to two with a nudge to point. Taylor onto Bopara's legs and he's whipped away for a couple. No dramas so far for this England opening pair.

"Those silly chaps at the ECB & SKY probably forgot that most people have to go back to work the day after a Bank Holiday - Doh! Also just the small matter of a Twenty20 World Cup starting at the end of the week that people bought tickets to instead."
Baz, London, in the TMS inbox

2nd over - 11-0
Rampaul has the second over, and his first delivery is given as five wides, although it appeared to clip Bopara's hip. Rampaul too straight and Bopara picks up four from a tickle off his pads. Rampaul digs one into Bopara's ribs and the Essex all-rounder picks up one with a nudge to leg-side. Bright sunshine now in Birmingham as Strauss nicks an easy single with a nurdle to leg.

"With reference to the empty seats, why play on a Sunday and Tuesday when the matches could have been played on Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday when people were not at work, also the weather was much nicer yesterday!"
Tim Eaton in the TMS inbox

1st over - 0-0
Right, players are out, Andrew Strauss to take strike, and it's Jerome Taylor with the new pill in his hand. "Why do they have to change things?" is the mantra of one of my colleagues at work, and at the moment I understand why - bear with me, this auto refresh thingy might force the odd mistake... two slips and a gully in for Strauss, but Taylor's barely getting it through to Ramdin behind the stumps. The pitch appears to have the consistency of a vanilla cheesecake. Maiden over to start.

Former England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon on TMS:
"I think it will be slightly slower today, but it will seam about a bit later. Stuart Broad is coming on leaps and bounds, he strikes me as a future England captain."

1035: More grist for the mill for those who have been criticising the early start to this series - Edgbaston about a quarter full, if that, and we're only 10 minutes from lift-off. Actually looks pretty nice up in Birmingham as well, although Aggers has just been on TMS complaining about the cold, so who knows who to believe...

1030: As you've probably noticed, we're using auto refresh for pretty much all our lives now, and today is no exception. But if you manually refresh the page you will find Test Match Special's video scorecard at the top of the page, if you're in the UK that is.

1025: Despite the grey weather, we should be in for plenty of cricket today, although there is some talk of some showers around the 1600 BST mark. News just in that Windies skipper Chris Gayle has chosen correctly and put England into bat.

1014: England are unchanged from the side which thumped West Indies in Bristol on Sunday, which means Warwickshire batsman Ian Bell misses out:
England - Strauss, JM Anderson, RS Bopara, TT Bresnan, SCJ Broad, PD Collingwood, AD Mascarenhas, EJG Morgan, MJ Prior, OA Shah, GP Swann

1010: Morning all. England looking to wrap up this ODI series in Birmingham today, and one look out of the window suggests they're red hot favourites - murky all over England this morning, and Chris Gayle and his boys don't like it murky...

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