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Second Test, Riverside (day five):
England 569-6 dec bt West Indies 310 & 176 by an innings and 83 runs

England completed a 2-0 series victory against West Indies and regained the Wisden Trophy after winning the second Test by an innings and 83 runs.

After two breaks for rain at the Riverside, Lendl Simmons steered James Anderson to substitute Scott Borthwick.

Seamer Tim Bresnan then picked up his first Test wickets, removing Brendan Nash and Denesh Ramdin.

Anderson then bowled Jerome Taylor and Sulieman Benn, while Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Fidel Edwards followed.



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By Ben Dirs


"Preparing for the Ashes by playing the West Indies is a bit like preparing for a marathon by walking the dog..."
Simon Mann on TMS

1406: Right, that was short and sweet. The presentation of the Wisden Trophy about to be made, I'll leave you all to it. Thanks for the chat... bye...

"Personally, I'm neither a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek. However, when asked, I think I'd much rather watch a film based around a war than a trek (though being a Southampton graduate, I would need to be asked in multiple choice format)."
Alex in the TMS inbox

"Just wanted to say what an accomplished performance by England - especially Mr Anderson - take a bow that man."
Tina - totally fed up with the rain - Shrewsbury in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls

1356 - WICKET - Edwards c sub b Bresnan 4, WI 176

Edwards piles into a short one from Bresnan, hooking down to fine-leg and the ball bouncing past the advancing Broad and away for four. Another short one from Bresnan, Edwards has a go at it... and sub fielder Karl Turner takes a steepler down at fine-leg. And that's that. England regain the Wisden Trophy with an innings and 83 run victory and a 2-0 series win.

"I reckon Blake's 7 must be Black Lace and Metal Mickey is Joe Dolce. The Matrix series would be something like Oasis - good early on then fell away…"
Robert , London, watching the building work outside, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls

1349 - WICKET - Chanderpaul c Collingwood b Anderson 47, WI 168-9

One man on the on-side as Anderson steams in to Chanderpaul - four slips, a gully... and Chanderpaul's a goner. He looks to guide the ball down to third-man and feathers one behind for Collingwood's first catch as a wicketkeeper. Anderson needs one more wicket for his first Test match 10-fer, but he strays onto Baker's pads and is nibbled away for four.

"Tell all those university students to stop sweating over their exams. Unlike schools, universities are paid per student who passes so it's against their interests to fail anyone even if you're really stupid. "
Becky, university lecturer (she really is, I've seen her email address) in the TMS inbox

1345 - 168-8 We're back out - England need two more scalps, this shouldn't take long... Bresnan takes the first over after lunch and that's a very late stroke from Chanderpaul, moving to 47 with a turn down to fine-leg. That gets Fidel on strike, and Bresnan immediately has him ducking with a bumper.

"Regarding John Hughlings Jackson (Sarah 1143) drinking an eight pack of Watneys Red Barrel. As I remember these came as Party Fours in the 60's and Party Sevens in the 70's. I still have fond memories of parties in the 70's, as the last acoholic drink to be opened was usually Watney's Red Barrel, usually with a nail, spraying the contents over all and sundry."
Nick Winchester, Northants, in the TMS inbox

"Blake's 7 must be the Ramones - rubbish but we keep watching/listening for the self parody, and line-up changes that we pretend never happened whilst keeping the same name."
Paul in Gloucester in the TMS inbox

"Please don't open up a Star Wars v Star Trek debate Ben, there's enough of that on t'internet as it is. Plus Star Wars is clearly better, I can't see that spanner Kirk dealing with Darth Vader."
Mark trying to ignore his illnesses in the hell hole of Swindon in the TMS inbox

"I love the fact that all these students are getting offended that you're accusing them of not studying... whilst they're reading the live updates on BBC Sport. The irony is brightening up my day!"
Richard in Sheffield in the TMS inbox

"Blake's 7 = Slade (enjoyable but cheesy - definitely a guilty pleasure). Metal Mickey = Black Lace (pure comedy value with minimal musical merit). Doctor Who = Emerson Lake & Palmer (magnificent in places, appalling in others)."
Nick Kirby in the TMS inbox

"My neuroscientist of choice would have to be Charles-Edouard Brown-Sequard. Not only does he have a fantastic name, but he swore by the juice from guinea pigs' testicles as a means of prolonging human life. Fantastic."
Sarah in Cambridge in the TMS inbox

Out for a duck

1302 - Benn b Anderson 0, WI 167-8

Chanderpaul is beaten by another Anderson away-swinger, but Chanderpaul does pick up a single with a nurdle round the corner. And down goes Benn! Last ball before lunch and Anderson castles him with another plum of a delivery that swings away. That's lunch, see you back here in 40.

"Given the paucity of people at the Riverside, might I suggest hosting the next Test match in my back garden? I concede that the boundary is somewhat short, and the water obstacle might prove a problem for the shorter chaps to wade through, but I can guarantee a crowd comprising of me, my cat, and several goldfish. Perhaps even a few frogs and an intrepid squirrel. Would easily be a better atmosphere and double the current crowd."
Steve, Warrington, in the TMS inbox

1257 - 166-7 Bit of chin music from Bresnan to Benn, and the amiable Benn is hurried and forced to pull out of the hook shot. Benn is struck on the pad, but that was too high for a decent appeal. Aah, Andy, always good to hear from Hoxton. Of course, it's changed a bit down the years: if you'd walked into a Hoxton pub wearing skinny jeans and a mullet back in the 60s, you'd have been chivved up by 'The Twins' and buried under a flyover in Essex.

"Why don't you lot just shut up?"
Andy, Hoxton, in the TMS inbox

1254 - 165-7 Chanderpaul beaten by Anderson, the Guyanese tempted to play at it and beaten by the hoop. Chanderpaul nudges into the off-side for one before Benn is beaten by an absolute rip-snorter. Anderson is beginning to look like perhaps the key member of England's Ashes team, and that's one thing I never thought I'd say.

"You learn everything you need to know at the University of Life. That way I'm not disappointed I'm in a dead-end job, as I can play Pac Man and read about the Test match all day long, and get paid for it."
David Divvy Evans, Poole, in the TMS inbox

"I never went to university. Probably why I am working in a sales job, where the highlight of my day is when the office kitchen runs out of sugar, allowing me to go down the shop and have a crafty fag. I did get an A in Law AS Level though... Oh Delegated Legislation exams..."
Will M, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

1250 - That's a decent delivery from Bresnan, getting Chanderpaul to fence outside off-stump. Chanderpaul dabs Bresnan through point for one to bring Benn strike. Bresnan digs one in and Benn, who can give it some serious clatter, attempts an uppercut, but misses. decent yorker from Bresnan, but Benn does well to dig it out.

"Oxford Brookes has been the Times' Best New University nine years in a row and far outranks Southampton in most subjects. Not even a Southampton student's vomit would be worthy of attending Brookes."
Max Klatt (Brookes Graduate) in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls

1245 - WICKET - Taylor b Anderson 5, WI 163-7

Another Anderson away-swinger and once again Taylor has a wild and windy woosh at it. Anderson just misses Taylor's off-peg, before Taylor once again flaps outside off. But that's a magnificent piece of bowling from Anderson - he angles one into Taylor and the ball straightens and rips out the batsman's off-stump. Sulieman Benn is next out of the hutch, and he survives the final two balls of Anderson's over.

1239 - 163-6 Bresnan drops short and Chanderpaul drags him away for four. Chanderpaul is the Joe Orton of the cricket world, he positively thrives on misery. Indeed, if anyone ever decides to nuke this place, only cockroaches and Chanderpaul would survive. Bresnan short again and Shiv twirls him through point for four and he picks up two more from the final ball of the over.

1236 - 153-6 Chanderpaul nurdles to leg for one, but that's a wicked ball from Anderson to Taylor - Taylor shapes for a big one and is very nearly cleaned up by an in-ducker. Chanderpaul nibbles another single, before Taylor comes over all Hollywood again and is beaten by an outswinger. Anderson is bowling beautifully here, and Taylor is beaten again by one that arcs away.

"Got to be Michael Martin to go before Shiv today. If Nick Clegg had come out saying Shiv had to go then it'd be a different story, it's hard enough batting in these conditions, but when the leader of a minor party comes out against you..."
Russell, at work in Nottingham, in the TMS inbox

Out for a duck

1230 - WICKET - Ramdin c Anderson b Bresnan 146-6

Bresnan's got another! Ramdin is gone for a big fat duck, prodding at an away-swinger and Anderson pouching a simple catch at third slip. Chanderpaul leans on his bat as Ramdin tramps off, the little left-hander has seen all this happen far too many times before. Taylor is the new batsman and he's off the mark with a corker of a straight drive for four.

1228 - 146-5 Peach from Anderson, the ball swinging in before nipping away off the seam. Chanderpaul plays it late and well, and continues to do so for the rest of the over. Four runs from it, leg-byes.

Wicket falls

1223 - WICKET - Nash c Borthwick b Bresnan 1, WI 142-5

Bresnan casting bait outside off-stump and Nash refusing to bite. But Bresnan has got him! Very casual stroke from Nash, flipping the ball off his pads and straight to Borthwick at square-leg. That's Bresnan's maiden Test wicket, and he's congratulated as if he's just discovered a cure for Aids.

1219 - 142-4 Your man Brendan Nash is the next man in, and not since Nicolae Ceausescu and his missus has the world witnessed a more obdurate partnership than this. Anderson around the wicket to Nash, and the left-hander nurdles to cover for one.

Wicket falls

1213 - WICKET - Simmons c Sub b Anderson 10, WI 141-4

Simmons picks up a couple with a punch off the back foot, but that's an absolutely gimme for England - short and wide from Anderson and Simmons spoons a simple catch to sub fielder Scott Borthwick at point. Simmons looked as though he quit on the shot there, and that's a crucial scalp before lunch.

1212 - 139-3 Here come the players and here comes Bresnan. Two slips and a gully in for Chanderpaul, but the little left-hander leaves his first three balls well alone. Bresnan getting some nice shape away from the bat, but he gets the final ball of the over to jag back in - an appeal, but it was high and didn't come back enough.

"I hate students. Despite having been one less than a year ago."
Matt, Very bored in Howden, in the TMS inbox

1205: Looks smashing all of a sudden in Durham, Smurf blue skies, cotton wool clouds, we should have play in a few minutes. Bails are on...

1159: Oh my days, we're off again. Chanderpaul and Simmons charge from the pitch as if they've just landed at Normandy, but it's really not that bad. News on Michael Martin is that he'll be making a statement to the Commons this afternoon. If this weather carries on, he could be on his way before Shiv. The rain looks like it's ceased.

"Shiv is probably capable of hanging on by his fingernails against the combined fury of Warne, Lillee, Holding and Marshall for what amounts to 10 Test matches straight but I still think he'll be out a long time before Michael Martin does the decent thing."
Ted in Hatton in the TMS inbox

1155 - 139-3 That's a beauty from Anderson, the ball arcing into Simmons and scything him in half. Simmons is squared up and Anderson is getting plenty of hoop, but Simmons nicks a single before Chanderpaul steals the strike with a nibble into the leg-side.

"How about Fidel Castro as an opening batsmen in the mould of Geoff Boycott? Once he got in, you couldn't get him out."
Andrew revising in the UEA library in the TMS inbox

1152 - 137-3 Chanderpaul yanks Bresnan away for a couple, but follows up with a funny old stroke, getting half-forward and the ball clipping the top of his pad. Collingwood having a right old giggle behind the stumps, I'd like to know when the last time was he kept wicket.

1147 - 133-3 Bresnan finishes off the two balls of his over before Anderson goes up for lbw against Simmons, but that was drifting down leg. Booming inswinger from Anderson and the ball races away for four. Too much hoop for part-timer Collingwood, but Alan Knott might have struggled with that.

1143: Right, players are back out, I think the covers being dragged back on was purely precautionary. Sarah (see below), it has to be John Hughlings Jackson, apparently he could burp God Save The King after an eight-pack of Watney's Red Barrel.

"Re: studying for exams: I am also studying for two fourth year Neuroscience exams, although they are definitely not multiple choice, and if I fail either one I'll fail my whole degree. Although they might be a bit more arty-farty than you might expect, judging by this question from a past paper: 'If you could have dinner with any neuroscientist living or dead, who would it be and why?'"
Sarah, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

"Re 1117 - Ben, how dare you suggest that we're studying hard for 'multiple choice exams' and that we've 'already done 95% in course work'. I'll have you know this semester of my architecture degree is 100% coursework. Exams? Don't be ridiculous..."
Jon Rennison, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

1135: Deary me, the covers have gone back on again. Anyone seen the new Star Trek film? Not really my cup of tea, sci-fi, but the man a few chairs down from me informs me that Star Trek is to the Rolling Stones what Star Wars is to The Beatles. Does that mean you can't like both? And what band are Blake's Seven? Or Metal Mickey?

1134: Right, the bad news is I may have lost a few Southampton University stooodents, the good news is we'll have play at 1140.

"I am learning (not revising) for my three-hour exam this afternoon on the pathological response of cells which is worth 75% of this year. Stand corrected!"
Jonny, struggling in Bristol, in the TMS inbox

"I think you might mean Southampton Solent University. Imagine Oxford Brookes vomited on by a JJB store."
Max, Bucks, Southampton University Graduate, in the TMS inbox

"No you're right, it's not like it was in your day. We don't have to carve our answers into cave walls using hieroglyphics for a start. My exams aren't university ones, but professional exams, and I am more terrified than if Freddie Flintoff was standing ready to run in and bowl at me."
Allyd in Teesside in the TMS inbox

1128: Covers are coming off and we should have some play in a bit. Rich in Southampton has just pointed out that someone else in that South Pacific programme was wearing a Planet Hollywood T-shirt. Apparently there's a Planet Hollywood on Kiribati.

"This has been a good game of cricket on a decent pitch at a very good ground. I feel very sorry for Durham, who seem have been blamed for the bad weather and low turnout when the weather has been poor all over the country and the crowds were low at Lord's as well. In my view, Durham deserved to have been given an Ashes Test, then you would have seen the ground full in probably better weather conditions."
Mark in Chipping Sodbury in the TMS inbox

"Great shout on South Pacific! Although when I said I was going to watch it my dad thought I meant the old musical and gave me a very strange look!"
Gemma in the TMS inbox

Rain delay


Freddie, I'm going for Hazel Blears at short-leg. Roman Empire? Having read a copy of the Daily Mail last week, I was under the impression people only study things like handbag house at Southampton University nowadays. Must be a lot of you studying for exams at the moment? Wouldn't worry too much about it - they're probably all multiple choice, and you've probably already done 95% in course work. Not like in my day.

"Have just settled into some revision on the Roman Empire and can't help myself trying to fit leaders from history into cricketing roles, and also cricketers into historical roles. Any ideas on how successful the role reversals would be?"
Freddie in Edinburgh in the TMS inbox

1115 - 129-3 Bresnan, battling into a strong breeze, digs one in and Chanderpaul's on it in a flash, rolling him to the mid-wicket boundary. Bresnan gets one to nip away from Chanderpaul, and we're off after a brief chat between the umpires. There would be boos, if there was anyone there...

1111 - 123-3 Simmons angles Anderson to mid-wicket and strolls down the pitch for one. Brollies unfurl like mushrooms on a dewy lawn, and we could be off in a minute. One more single for Chanderpaul and this is all pretty miserable to be honest, there's probably more people in your office than at the cricket.

"Re 1044 - I think one of them will obstinately refuse to budge, staring his opponents down, ignoring all the attempts to distract him, the collective will-power of those gathered around him baying for his blood and trying to force him into a mistake that will mean curtains for him and he will stay there all day. Chanderpaul might last till the drinks break."
Ian, Muscat, in the TMS inbox

1105 - 121-3 Lendl Simmons pushes Bresnan into the covers for two. The Yorkshire all-rounder could do with a couple of wickets this morning, just to prove he can hack it at this level. One more for Simmons, and we've got spots of rain. A remarkable "style point" argument has erupted in the office - journalists get very passionate about them and it all got a little bit embarrassing to be honest.

"Shiv will go first, from a thundering out-swinger from Anderson, whilst Michael Martin will get a nasty bouncer straight to the head around lunch time that will force him to retire."
Nick Clegg in the TMS inbox

1102 - 117-3 Right, Jimmy Anderson's got the nut in his hand and here he comes steaming in to Chanderpaul. Stiff loosener and Chanderpaul drives for no run. Local boys Scott Borthwick and Karl Turner are the sub fielders, on for Prior and Ravi Bopara, who is resting an injured knee. Shiv picks up a couple with a prod into the covers, and there's barely a ripple in the crowd, The Riverside has all the atmos of Chernobyl this morning.

Alec Stewart

"Matt Prior gave it a good go this morning but couldn't do the job to the best of his ability and the pain is too bad for him to do a good job for England."
Alec Stewart on TMS

1052: I'm not normally one to trumpet the greatness of the BBC, but has anyone been watching that South Pacific programme on TV? Best thing I've seen for ages, although does anyone else get a bit disheartened to see some chap wearing a Joe Bloggs T-shirt in "the most isolated place on earth"?

1049: It may be dry up in Durham, but it's certainly not sunny. Plenty of dirty cloud cover and Jimmy and Co should be hooping it all over the oche. Simon Mann on 5 Live reckons we've got rain sweeping in, Beefy on the TV reckons we've got blue sky on its way. If Beefy said there was likely to be a shower of frogs at Chester-le-Street today, I wouldn't want to disagree with him.

1044: You have to think that if England can get rid of Shiv Chanderpaul at some point today, then they've got this match in the bag. But that's easier said than done. In fact, who does everyone think will go first today - Chanderpaul or Michael Martin?

1037: Morning all. The good news, for England anyway, is that it's dry up at Chester-le-Street, although I've just heard on the wireless that we could be in for "hit and miss showers for the rest of the day". Seven wickets required by England, and they'll have Paul Collingwood behind the timbers today - Matt Prior is resting that injured finger.

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